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The Heartcenter and the Ego

Dear Ones, I impart my very best wishes and love for all of you during these intense shifts and manifestations occuring on your Earth. Much clarity and lucidity will ensue within humanity and within each of your hearts, because a lot of energies are laying the foundation for renewal and manifestation of your personal life and your Self as well as of the collective world and Being.

What is crucially paramount nowadays is to continue staying in your heartcenter and even though you all are duly in the know through countless messages pointing out to that fact, it cannot be stressed enough as it is of the utmost importance to be able to cope with the upcoming energies and times with as little difficulties and emotional upheavals as possible.

What we mean by staying in your heartcenter is to ground yourself as much as possible and to feel and see yourself through your heart, to have only loving thoughts and to respond in a loving way to yourself and to others. One single negative thought, one negative word or criticism, one judgment is sufficient to pull you straight out of your heartcenter, catapulting you in your ego involvement.

Lightworkers often have the intention to stay in the heart and mean well with everyone, but it is sometimes forgotten that negative comments or thoughts such as judgments (whether it refers to a personal opinion or not) are not part of your light but belong to the ego. Do not stray off in such thoughts or situations, but respect everyone’s work and energy, respect what they bring forth. Judging has a negative connotation. Rather, it’s better to release everyone in his/her essence and to show respect for each heart.

This attitude is an intrinsic part of the entire process of staying in the heartcenter, operating only from your heart. There are countless attempts to try and keep you in your ego and hence it is your task and responsibility to handle and circumvent those, to go through them without responding at all and to just stay who you are in your essence which is Love.

When a heart dwells only in Love and service, it cannot be influenced as it will in essence only attract love and it will repel everything of a negative disposition. You can only attract what you are in essence, my dear ones. There are sometimes exceptions in the guise of souls who continue to stick to being manipulative, who continue sending out negativity to Loving souls. Even that is OK as it contains lessons for both parties involved and that is what it is ultimately all about. Expressed negativity will simply turn and fall back to the one that sent it out, where as a result Love will be the only thing one is wishing for and what is wished for will be accomplished in every loving context and manner.

Let’s transmute the very last negativity from this beautiful Gaia and let’s convert it into only Love. The time for turning the tide is now and that’s why you are present here, to contribute your part and to anchor your Light. The more there are loving souls, the more joy will prevail and the more joy that prevails, the more intense the Love and the Light will become. Hold a focus these coming days to think in loving terms about someone you have issues with or who you have to forgive or receive forgiveness from, acting that way will effectuate a lot due to the current energies. Apply this principle also to the dark facets within yourself as well as within others who have treated you unlovingly for lifetimes. The time to transmute this all and to convert it into Light is here and now! Leave it all behind you and forgive everyone and everything including yourself for all the deeds, words and thoughts that were unloving.

The upcoming energies will only intensify and only the ones who have achieved Mastery over themselves will go through this and will become even stronger because of it. On the other hand, those who have not yet reached that state will be severely tested but will nevertheless receive the chance to reach Mastery and the only ingredient for success for those ones is Love and the respect from the heart.

Now is the time to leave duality and her polarity behind and all it entails, such as negativity and the ego. The time for enlightenment and for unconditional Love from the heart has arrived, the time for truth and for liberation and, most important of all, the time for your own insights and your deliverance from illusion.

With the utmost of respect and Love, I am residing within your hearts lighting up the threefold flame located there and I keep it burning with my almighty Violet Flame and my essence of Being.

I AM that I AM, Master Saint Germain, your friend and Master of the Light.

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The Magic of Mount Shasta – AA Metatron – James Tyberonn

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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The Magic of Mount Shasta

AA Metatron – via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you in Unconditional Love ! Dear Ones, the most powerful vortexial point in North America, is Mt Shasta. Shasta exists in 44 Dimensions and that will soon expand. From the period of June 19-25 in your year 2012, an omnipotent event occurs. It is a benchmark of the Ascension, and many are called to join the Beloved Sainte Germaine and the Ascended Masters. It is the OM Completion!

Let us speak of Shasta.

Now the greater massif, the greater parameter of the Shasta mega vortex-portal complex is capable of folding space and time within its field. It condenses and ‘zips’ space more potently than any other area in North America. Its capacity in doing so will expand as the Om Crystal goes into activation.

You see, currently a cubic measure of space in the upper meadows of Mount Shasta holds upward of 36 dimensional frequencies, at certain times as many as 44. It is the blend of folded energy, varied by celestial alignments and terrestrial magnetics that trigger the variation. Shasta is far more active in some periods than others for this reason. Dimensional gates open and narrow accordingly. When one learns through intent and determination to increase vibrational frequency into the Mer-Ka-Na realm of crystal resonance, then the doorway is open, or accessible, in your terms. Do you see?

Not everyone who visits Shasta will access these portals and doorways, but all those who are capable of increasing their vibratory rate to that of the crystalline frequency, will indeed. It has always been such in infinity points, stargates, if you will.

Now, Mt Shasta anchors a very complex multi-dimensional over- fold, and does so through its very conscious geometric grid, complex frequencies & unique crysto-electromagnetic field. These allow light portals from many higher dimensions to coexist within the Earth dimensions precisely in the massif of Mount Shasta. Among those are the ones from Sirius A & B, the Pleades, Arcturius as well as many others, and we repeat, many others. That is correct. Mount Shasta is quite prolific in the higher dimensional communities that are accessible to seekers, you see.

And indeed during the 5-Days of the June 2012 Solstice, this expansion will be more prolific than at any previous time on your planet. It is the unique energy of the June 2012 Solstice that allows for this vast opening.

Now, Mount Shasta, as all with all infinity points upon the planet, has a geometric projection, that defines, to a degree its nature and purpose. The overlay of Mount Shasta is an octahedron, the double pyramid: “As Above, so Below”. This is the geometric crystallization found in many of your diamonds. Understanding this can assist you in the experience you seek at Shasta.

So you see, if you seek to communicate with the infinite nature of sacred sites. Then it is suggested that you make an effort to understand the multidimensional, geometric and geological aspects of them. You must understand and accept that each infinity point is aware of itself, fully conscious, in your terms. Your indigenous people always asked permission to enter such places, sang songs of prayer and made offerings. And Dear Ones, we tell you, it was appropriate. The Earth will respond.

The Spirit of Place will open itself to you. Now truly, the Living Earth does not necessarily need the offering you bring in a material sense, but the very spirit of giving you thus demonstrate is one that opens you and creates the resonance of the gifts the higher Consciousness of Place, will return to you in kind. Do you understand? Make it known why you are here, and what you seek, and you will indeed feel a tingling of energy rise up your spine, and a direct connection will occur.

The resulting experiences will open to you in ways that are beyond, perhaps, what you expect. Trust them. They are perhaps far more valid, far more revealing than you even imagine. Bring forth your greater awareness to the forefront, quiet the questioning mind.

The channel has spoken of many incredible experiences and visions he expereinced within the energy of Mount Shasta in his numerous quests to Mt Shasta. We say to the channel, “Do not doubt your experiences. For the expereince of Sainte Germaine, the initiation into the Council of Crystalline Light, and the later experience aboard the Ashstar Ship did indeed occur.” These were indeed, quite real.

We tell you dreams and visions are indeed actual, they are valid, and often the catalytic means for dimensional travel. and spiritual growth. Do not doubt them, rather learn to further navigate within them in lucidity.

You see most experiences in such dimensional doorways at Mount Shasta will occur in one of two ways. Either one passes thru the doorway that reveals itself into other dimensions, to see and feel what is on the otherside of the gateway…or one simply waits at the threshold for manifestations of ‘the other side’ to appear. The former seems to be a vision, held in the mental eye, the latter an incredible manifestation of a Teacher or Master into what you would term the physical world, albeit for a brief period. In both cases, the initial tendency among humans is to dismiss the valid reality of what occurs.

Dear Ones, you must allow the expanded paradigm to exist as more than simply a possibility. You must allow it as a valid expression of multi dimensional reality. As REAL! There are far more parts to you, Dear Human, than you truly realize, and upon the Earth Plane, you are far far more than the sum total of your parts! Allowing yourself to expand is only a piece of what Shasta gifts to you, Dear Seeker, the other part is up to you, and that is to accept and believe what has occurred.

When Mount Shasta offers you an experience that is far removed from your daily accepted reality, you are simply being shown a piece of the greater reality. It is understandable that you might initially doubt it, but you were shown the greater truth because you expanded, through greater effort than you may realize, to the point where you could perceive it.

What does that tell you? It tells you that within your expanded perception lays the field of all probability, of all possibility, some you inhabit, and some you do not. Some of the realities have never known biological life as you know it, some contain more advanced life beings, etheric in nature, but not physical, yet human in heart. There are no regimented rules that will limit the potential of such travel, other than the blockages you would create for yourself in non acceptance. In truth many of these realities are closer to your true home than is your physical experience upon the Earth. That is why the removal of fear is an essential graduation to the higher dimensional reality validity of what one experiences in this very real system of growth potential.

Now, we will add, that often is the case where when humans first step into this wider reality, that they temporarily or permanently, can lose their ‘grounding’ on the Earth Plane. To remain grounded, the human must learn to manage the integrity of the Human CEF ( Crysto-Electromagnetic field). One must learn how to open and to close the awareness centers, the chakras. Was this not the lesson of the LeMurians? Having an out of body experience may not be appropriate when one is being chased by a tiger, or setting in an office doing accounting work! Learn to manage the system, as you are on the Earth for certain valid purposes of the Earth, and through discernment utilize your ability for chakric, Mer-Ka-Na travel, when it is appropriate to do so. Do you understand?

Do not become so ungrounded that you are not capable of operating within physical dimensions. There are times when it is appropriate to have both feet solidly on the ground, even in this Ascending New Age of the Earth.

Now, the channel asks of the origin and significance of the energy body of Mount Shasta. We confirm that he, Mount Shasta, is Lemurian, but also Atlantean. And although the volcano itself is somewhat dormant at this time, in terms of what you consider volcanic activity, in dimensional terms it is very expansive, very active. Currently, Shasta is in commissioned transition, in the task of balancing energy harmonics that exists between Atlantis and Lemuria. And for that reason it is a Lemurian area and yet an Atlantean, masculine volcano, twinned with parity to the feminine.

Do you understand? It is significant for both Atlantis & LeMuria. You see Mount Shasta transfers energetic excesses from one to the other, seeking equilibrium within integral dimension. That is what creates such dynamic charge in this area. It is why one becomes dimensionally enabled & energized upon that mountain, you see?

Now while the lands of LeMuria and Atlantis co existed for over 800,000 years, in your terms of time measurement, their civilizations co existed only some 50,000 years. One projected heart the other mind.

One was excessively male one excessively female, in a manner of speaking. Can you see why these must be brought into BALANCED alignment for the Ascension? Do you understand that in a very valid sense, all time on your planet co exists in multi dimension? So we tell you that Mount Shasta is in a special role to blend these, to attune these in multi dimensionality, and accordingly Shasta is very specifically in harmonic oscillation with your islands of Hawaii, and Mount Fuji in the Pacific areas, and with Santorini in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic, the former hold aspects of LeMuria, the latter of Atlantis.

Now, understand that the ‘Golden Age’ of the Law of One of Atlantis was indeed a society of balance. It was a period of what may be termed Matriarchal Energy, or better said, the energy of pure nurturing harmony, the perfect balance of the attributes you term in duality as male/ female. It was the final stage of Atlantis that was overly aggressive and power-seeking, not the Golden Age of the Law of One.

Now, Dear Human, do you understand why it is volcanoes, specific ones, that are capable of such commissioned undertaking on your planet? We tell you it is because of the dimensional expansion capabilities of their electromagnetic fields.

Now it is not every volcano that is so endowed, we will say that this varies according to their placement, geo magnetics and consciousness embellishment. There must of course, first be the correct frequencial potential of sufficient raw energy there, and it must be of a specific blend. Now, as the channel has an affinity for gems, we use this analogy: one can find a rough diamond that appears to be a mere carbon deposit, but if it is burnished, and proves to contain clarity and symmetry, it can be polished and faceted into a gem of luminous beauty that refracts light and energy in wondrous ways. As such do volcanoes and other sourced power points evolve into the awareness of dimensionally expanded sacred sites. But the energy potential was there first.

Now indeed when what you might refer to as a great historic event occurs in a field or valley or mountain, and multitudes of people are thereafter drawn there to visit the location of the great event, the energy they amass can also polish the location to a higher frequency, and a sacred site of sorts will evolve by amplification.

But it is not just the raw telluric energy, not just the geometry, it must also be embellished with the sacred. And that is so misunderstood. Your mainstream physists, mathematicians and scientist currently have many concepts, many systems of thought, of belief, of paradigm that are being applied to physics as simply a complex mathematical challenge, but they omit the sacred. The two must be coupled for human kind to truly understand the nature of the living Earth and consciousness of the Cosmos.

Now, many have experienced the inner dimensional, etheric city located within Mount Shasta that is referred to as Telos. Dear Ones, we tell you it is indeed real. It is inhabited by an advanced cycle of those you term LeMurians, the blue skinned, ones who have obtained full consciousness. Some of your explorers and writers have experienced this inner world and referred to it as Agartha. These beings originally escaped into the inner hollow chasms of your planet some 25,000 years ago, in your measurement. Indeed, these beings of LeMurian descent are far more highly evolved in spirit than you are at this time. There bodies are, as I have said, less dense, but are indeed physical. Their skin has taken on the hue of green and in some cases a green blue, because the water they drink is highly mineral in content, containing oxidized copper and other metals in a higher concentration. These beings are peaceful, knowing no religion other than the love of source, and an understanding of what is termed great tranquility.

They are quite aware of you, but have no desire to intermingle with the masses of humanity. Why you may ask? Because of several reasons, the most prevalent is that they are aware of your violent nature, your fear and your lack of mass spiritual development. They are aware of your physical diseases that would infect them, and are quite unable to sustain your solar rays. Let us say they have evolved into beings that have set a unique course, and are close to completing their sojourn. There bodies are sustained by a crystalline magnetic force, and of a light source that is emitted from your planetary core. Their mental capacities have allowed them to harness these force fields and adapt them to their physical and spiritual sustenance. Their mental capacities have adapted to emit an internal light into the external, and as such the chasms they create are as bountiful in beauty and light, etheric light, as the most beautiful of your mountain valleys on the exterior.

In dimensional terms the Agarthan city of Telos has its existence in both the physical and etherical realm. In physical it exists just above the level of the third, and measures some 20 miles in length, 3 to five miles in width, with a ceiling of approximately 2 miles. Thus it has been experienced by many of your adepts in human biology, through the mechanism we will refer to as ‘lucid dreaming’. We will add that such experience is by invitation only.

There has indeed been contact between the inhabitants of the inner world and your governments, but not an intermingling. There have been messages of the need for the human race on the surface to be aware of the coming changes. Those of the inner world are primarily on a set course, a different cycle, and one that is close to completion.

Now above the dimension of four exist the light city above Mount Shasta. Within this realm are many of those you refer to as the Ascended Masters and certain of the benevolent extra terrestrial beings, such as the Pleadeans and those of Sirius B. Now would it surprise you to know that many of you have co existing lives within all of these realms? Would it surprise and overwhelm you to know that many of you are extensions of omnipotent consciousnesses that you call the Ascended Masters. Your biology in its dual nature separates you from this knowledge until you learn to operate the ‘back brain’ or subconscious nature of your being. Has this not been the way taught by your Buddhist and other adepts for millennia, to quiet the conscious mind and thus find your true nature? Those of you that have chosen to evolve with the planet in human biology have done so on an exercise of choice, to fully grow and master the experience of Planet Earth. You are much closer to do so than you truly realize. And when you pass into higher dimension, you understand that a physical existence upon the Earth is just a heartbeat of time from the higher realm.

Beloved Saint Germain has chosen Mount Shasta as one of his homes of interface with your planet. His presence is easily accessed upon the peaks and in the Valley of Upper Panther Meadows and surrounding slopes. He is indeed an Ascended Master, and one who can be termed as ‘modern’ in many of his expressions. Modern in that he has had a variety of lifetimes manifested on your planet within the past centuries. Some known as such, and others not. The Ascended Masters of the Crystalline Council are a group dedicated to assisting humankind achieve Mastery on the Earth, and have anchored light cities in specific points on the Earth Plane for the dissemination of their energies. Mount Shasta is one such point. As we have said in the beginning of this communication, it is the magnetic nature of Mount Shasta that provided the raw template to enable the dimensional fold for higher dimensional influx into your terrestrial template.

The channel has asked if it is necessary to physically be in such infinity points on your planet to access these Masters. We tell you that it is not. The most potent infinity point you carry within your heart Dear Ones. But let us say, that access can be more easily obtained within these points.

So you see, what is made available to you on Mount Shasta is a glimpse into the infinity of who you really are. Shasta opens the dimensions as a peacock opens its fan of blue green feathers, and for an eternal moment shows you the depth of your true beingness, at the time you are ready to see it. And Dear Ones, it takes desire, desire and work to truly see who you are. You chose to Master the experience of Planet Earth, and you are well on your way to doing so. Open you heart to what it can reveal to you.

We tell you that Mount Shasta is among the most powerful sacred site, the most omnipotent vortex-portal complex in North America. Few locations on your planet have equal capacity of multi dimensional expansion alloyed in divine synergy. In the 5-Day Solstice Energy of 2012 Shasta will pulse into exqusite magnificence!! I am Metatron and share with you, these Truths. You are Beloved”

…and so it is…and it is so…


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Merddyn (Merlin): 2012 Message – Susan Elsa

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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Channeler: Susan Elsa

Merddyn (Merlin)

Greetings dear beloved Ones!

Usually, I am not to be disturbed in my Peace in the Afterlife, but this is an extraordinary Time on Earth and I speak to you today a few words. Surprise!

All of your Dreams, especially, the good, wonderful Ones, are REAL. The fantasies you had when you were children, is more real than you would expect. The Druids always started teaching their Children at a very small age, about the Knowledge of the Tree.

My Name was Merddyn on Earth, but a more famous and known Name you might recognize correctly and associate with me, is Merlin, the Druid.

We are in a Time, I personally have envisioned coming, when I was living in my human Body. I knew, we all knew, the Time would come, when the Light wins over the Shadow. Shadow should not be underestimated and can be very strong, I cannot lie to you, my dear Ones.

The Druids were worried back in our Time already, that much Truth would be locked away and some even lost. We rarely kept our Knowledge in Writing, and in the last Phase of the Druids, we did not note anything at all, we carried the Knowledge to each other by Word only. Luckily we did so, and the Knowledge stayed safe.

It wasn’t enough. There came a Time, when many of us were being hunted down, and so we took the Knowledge into Spirit. Now, this Knowledge, is still accessible, but not through physical, only through the spiritual and only for the chosen few, mostly Druids of our own Circles, incarnated once again to bring the Knowledge back- starting from 2012.

If only you could see through my Eyes! I recall walking through the Forests and sensing every Tree, smelling every note of smell, and putting my hands on beautifully rounded stones by the water, which were warm from the Sun’s warmth. I could feel how they “tanked” light-energy from the Sun. It was one of many beautiful Days, of my Life on Earth, where I daily connected to Nature. To have Light in your Soul, helps you walk faster, light and arrive faster.

To be living, in the Embrace of all the Magic surrounding you, Mother Nature, Friends, Family and loved Ones, is a great feeling and way of life.

Some truths are not easy to face. I have seen many druid students give up, or run away, because they could not finish the teachings of druidism, they didn’t find enough courage or strength, to face their biggest fears. It is a daring challenge and definitely not easy, but all the effort is worth it.

To be a druid means just that. To become a real Druid, one must master full of Knowledge of Nature and it’s laws, Spirit and it’s laws as well as finally master yourself.

Whoever masters THE SELF, masters everything else.

Men are different in energy than women. Women are like the Moon, while Men are like the Sun. A Druid would most live without having physical contact with a woman, sensually speaking. A man gets weaker, and especially his spiritual energy, when he GIVES his energy to the woman.

The Witches of Avalon, is how you call them today, which could be also called the female Druids, had the complete opposite situation. To become a full Master, they would perform sensual acts in celebrative Form. Because it gives the woman power over the man, energetically. Specifically, women who know to use the energy in purpose in such way.

This was only in our Circles due to us fully dedicating ourselves to spiritual Growth, and opening up our full potential, so losing any energy or being distracted by passion and focus on desire, would weaken us for our high goals of full self-mastery. Mastery of spiritual matter was for us like weight-lifting today- we focused our energy to be as strong as possible.

Love, is a different topic. When two love each other for real, it is a balanced act.

I am only mentioning this specific point, to clarify how energy works between men and women. It is a very intense energetic act, most are unaware of today on Earth, and one shouldn’t go around merging physically without love, trust and the true feeling of being Soulmates. For women, it can even “infect” their spirit and aura, if the man has a bad energy or spirit sitting in his aura, for he gives energy from himself to the woman during such act. And a man can literally be drained of his life energy, if merging with a very dark minded woman. Think about it and let your Heart lead you, and your Spirit, not your Body.

I could say many, many more important Teachings in this Message, and go on and on, but this is how you “learn” today. We Druids always believed, that Knowledge CANNOT be told nor shared via telling or teaching directly. Even so, you should never even take on another’s path of Learning. Knowledge can only be attained THROUGH EXPERIENCE.

A Druid Teacher would only give Inspiration, point toward the right Direction his student, but then the student must walk the Path individually and experience for himself/herself to really understand the Lesson at hand.

If you never ate an apple, I cannot give you my experience of it’s taste and fresh juice, it’s color and shape, mild sweet smell, no matter how I would try. I can tell you a story about apples, but you must TRY IT to KNOW what I know.

Discover yourself- and you will discover a whole World.

Your Merddyn

This Text can be shared and distributed with Credit to Susan Elsa & Merlin for the channeled work.


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December 21, 2010 – A POWERFUL OPPORTUNITY! – Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

December 21, 2010 – A POWERFUL OPPORTUNITY!
By Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

We are in the midst of an incredible influx of Light. The Internet is buzzing with the fact that tonight we will experience not only the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, but also a very rare Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This eclipse takes place within 2 degrees of the Galactic Center which will open a mighty portal from the Core of Creation. The Light of God will flow through this portal and initiate pivotal changes that will affect all Life evolving on this planet.

Geoff Chester of the U.S. Naval Observatory inspected a list of eclipses going back 2,000 years for NASA, and he reports, “Since Year 1, I can only find ONE previous instance of an eclipse matching the same calendar date as the Solstice, and that is 1638, Dec. 21.”

According to the Company of Heaven, it is impossible to over estimate the potential for positive change that Humanity will cocreate by taking advantage of this Cosmic Moment. There are myriad activities of Light taking place all over the world during the next 48 hours. ALL of them are very important.

In addition to these events, the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are asking us to empower the CAUSE of Divine Love that has recently been established on Earth. We can assist in this vitally important Divine Plan by participating in the powerful meditation and invocation that was given to Humanity by our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven.

Through the wondrous Gift of this powerful meditation, every person on the planet is initiated into a Higher Order of Service to Humanity and the Light. This will greatly enhance our ability to cocreate the patterns of perfection for the New Earth in the physical world form. This meditation is available on the following link:

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The Light of God that will flow to Earth through this newly opened portal will build in momentum until the New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 4, 2011. This will catapult the Earth and ALL her Life up the Spiral of Evolution and pave the way for a God Victorious 2011. Fasten your seatbelts, you are in for the ride of your life! 2011 is going to be a year of monumental change and rebirth.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will take 3 hours and 38 minutes. The Eclipse begins on Tuesday December 21, at 1:33 a.m. EST. It will take about an hour for the shadow of the Earth to cover the entire moon. Totality begins at 2:41 a.m. EST and will lasts for 72 minutes. At 3:17 a.m. EST, the Eclipse will reach its peak and the moon will be fully covered in amber Light.

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A THOUGHT…. A WAY OF LIFE – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Part 2

JULY 2010

I AM truly honored that Ariel Spilsbury allowed me to use these excerpts from her book to explain the upcoming Mayan cycle.
These excerpts were taken from the book, “The Mayan Oracle – Return Path to the Stars” by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner go to

13 Moon Calendar
The first day of the 13 Moon Calendar, Mayan New Year, begins on July 26. This date originally correlated to the heliacal rising of Sirius.
Red Overtone Moon Year
July 26, 2010 – July 25, 2011
“awakened awareness … recurrence of
great cycles and great teachers”
Yellow Self-Existing Star (7/25/2010)
Day Out of Time
Annually July 25th. This is the last day of the galactic year
in the Mayan and Galactic calendar.
(13 moons of 28 days = 364 days ~
the extra day, the 365th day, is July 25,
the “Day Out Of Time”) This is a special
day for ritual, meditation and prayer.
Yellow Self-Existing Star (7/25/2010)
’Day Out of Time’
Yellow Star is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming.
You are a starseed! You contain a holographic ‘seed packet’ of your evolution into the Mind of Light and the energy that directs you toward wholeness. This resonance offers an expanded view of the larger self and new ways of perceiving reality. Through self-acceptance, you are gifted with this journey. Yellow Star is ignition, like a cosmic milkweed explosion of resonant sparks. It is the launching pad from which you can hear the rumble of the rocket of your accelerated evolution.
The energy of Yellow Star may be experienced, as a gentle rocking that becomes a floating and spiraling sensation, ending in a rush of feeling as you move into expanded reality. This sensation has been described as gently cascading fireworks, shimmering burst on the tapestry of Creation. Cascade into this uncharted perspective. Flow on the cosmic winds wherever Divinity directs, arching back to this reality with a new experience of self. Yellow Star’s star seeded gift is the revelation of the harmony that unites all things. Instead of just aspiring to be harmonious, become harmony. Practice harmony not just as an abstraction, but as a living reality. This practice blends different energies, thoughts, people, and processes. Act on intuitive guidance as to what to combine and when. As you begin to follow your heart, you will know the feeling of being on the return path to the stars.
On a spiritual level, Yellow Star begins the development of higher being. The fundamental tones that occur in this series are of a more expanded frequency than those of the preceding seven tones. In this new octave, there is alignment in the harmonies of Earth and the harmonies of the stars that are now being sounded on Earth. Yellow Star evokes accelerated growth of the starseed potential within you.
Yellow Seed is your Higher Self & Guide. Yellow Seed is the ordered pattern of growth. You and your life are the fertile soil, and the mystery blooms within you through the power of your intention or seed thoughts. Just as a seed contains the hologram of its completion, the process of manifestation follows a natural order. In this gestation process, your intention is quickened by Spirit. The charged seed, your true desire or vision, becomes the focus for germination. Envision the seed receiving the invitation to grow in the openness of your world. Viscerally feel the possibility of your heart’s dream emerging. Your true desires and dreams contain an innate intelligence that can break through even the rigidity of fixed expectations. Planting a new seed, even in the hard soil of old belief systems, can bring unexpected magic and growth.
Be willing to break open the constraining shells of past patterns, the shackles of belief structures. Call forth your creative involvement with life. This involvement frees and awakens the powerful energy of the life force, shifting your perceptions and experience, catalyzing the manifestation of your dreams. Participate spontaneously in your growth, unrestricted by the illusion of old structures that once provided safety. Move forward into the light of new possibilities. Offer your dream-seed to the universe. In the ordered patterning of the light, align with your heart’s greater purpose. In gratitude, surrender and release the seed to the benefit of your growth and its own pattern of perfection.

Red Overtone Moon Year
July 26, 2010 – July 25, 2011
“awakened awareness … recurrence of
great cycles and great teachers

Red Skywalker is your Subconscious Self and Hidden Helper

Red Skywalker is the sky walker, the time/space traveler who can jump dimensions to assist you in realizing heaven on Earth. Red Skywalker is unlimited in form but often chooses the form of the angelic messenger. A person who embodies cosmic wisdom may be known as a sky-walker, sage or bodhisattva. When others see such light in human form, they feel the vibration of heaven. This vibration may be embodied by you or experienced with a guru, master, an energy such as Red Skywalker, or in a ‘chance’ encounter with an extraordinary person.

An encounter with the energy of Red Skywalker can spark a deep yearning within you for reunion with the Source. Yet from this place of love and compassion, you also have a desire (embodied in physical form) to serve the light. This is the place in you that has the courage to fully express unconditional love, the depths of your being. Red Skywalker asks you to live the new myth by bringing this heaven to Earth in your daily life. As this reality is lived, it touches and awakens the same truth in others: “They kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.” Red Skywalker represents balance in your life – not static balance, but a dynamic equilibrium that includes both your present expression and your starseeded self. In Red Skywalker’s star-glyph you see that the pillars of heaven don’t appear to touch the Earth. You are the element that appears to be missing in the star-glyph. You are the one whose expression of the light assists in drawing the pillars of heaven to Earth. Joining these pillars in yourself can be viewed as reuniting your male and female aspects. Together, in balance, we create the pillars of the etheric temples of heaven on Earth.

Your Tone is Tone 4 – Self-Existing
Order, definition, discrimination, natural cycles, meaningful alignment.
Four is the ray of measure, the alignment with natural cycles. It is the square, the base of the pyramid, the solid foundation that unifies the lines of directional force. Four is the diamond asking you to utilize tools of discrimination. Now is the time to manifest your dream or vision. Look to natural logic, order and definition – these gifts support the whisperings of your creative spirit. You are the architect who manifests your dreams! Open the door and call forth the sacred Four. You are being brought into meaningful alignment, bringing healing into this cycle of your life. The four directions offer you assistance in understanding universal physical laws. Use measure as a tool of consciousness to mold time, form and space. Now is the time to focus, to connect tangibly with the undefined. Take your ideas and give them discipline and form. Develop the ability to discriminate without creating separation or judgment. Channel your creative energy constructively, generating the power for practical manifestation!
Red Moon is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming.
Red Moon is the cosmic seed of awakened awareness. Consume it like a fruit, and let it blossom within you. You are on the quest of self-remembrance, of God seed. If you work with the energy of Red Moon with clear awareness and attention, an awakened state of remembrance will naturally blossom within you. Remembrance means having direct access to your expanded presence through an intrinsic perception of unity. Remembrance is your recognition of the larger pattern and your connection to it, often facilitated through dreams, art, music, colors and creative pursuits. With focused attention, meditate on Red Moon and you will receive help with self-remembrance. Red Moon is also a beacon or transmitting station. As you open to self-remembrance, you become a beacon and receiver for cosmic consciousness. This communication creates the gradual opening of the third eye, the eye within the monolith of self. As this eye opens and your communication becomes more refined, you will notice more signs, signals and understanding coming to you. These are all for your growth and evolution – a feedback system from which you can gain insight about your journey.

The number for Red Moon is 9, which symbolizes the recurrence of great cycles. An example of such recurrence is the periodic return of master teachers to help awaken human beings on Earth. Nine is the number of Quetzalcoatl, Buddha, and Christ. Red Moon is a symbol for great teachers who have come to translate universal wisdom to humanity, to embody the awakened state of consciousness that is accessible to all. Such teachers serve as a connection to the Divine and hold the promise of full self-mastery. Take off the veil of forgetfulness. Become the beacon of awakened awareness. As you open to self-remembrance, you will freely receive divine guidance. Be with others who support your fullest expression.
Red Earth is your Higher Self & Guide.
Red Earth is the access point to your natural alignment with Earth force. It is the unis mundi, the point of perfect centeredness in the eternal present from which all alignment and magic manifest. Your center, the Earth center, is the secret of gravity’s magnetizing force. Red Earth is the channel of harmonic synchronization that is aligned with the galactic heart. From the center point within eslf, you align with this galactic center and connect through your own crystalline structure to the larger crystal grid network. To keep this channel of synchronization open, connect to the elemental energies of earth, air, fire and water, and the seven directional guardians. Cosmic consciousness is not just ‘out there’; it is also resonating within you. Be rooted where you are. You are made of the Earth! Look through the ‘eyes’ in your feet. Your body is the present focus of your consciousness – through it all gifts are received. Remember, too, that your environment is alive and reacts to your awareness of it; therefore, the way you perceive the Earth and your physical form affects the information you receive.

Red Earth is the Earth keeper, the keeper of the garden, the shaman/healer who, through reverence for all life, heals and sanctifies the Earth. Earth keepers preserve the harmonic relationship with nature by connecting to the wisdom held in matter. In Latin, mater means “mother”. As you bring light into yourself, you bring light into matter. You and the Earth both contain the holographic seed of the new consciousness emerging. Center yourself in the present moment! This is where you can most beneficially observe the synchronicities and revelations about your personal pattern and larger purpose. From here your mind can learn to be keenly observant, allowing the larger pattern to take shape as naturally as the small brushstrokes that eventually complete a beautiful painting.
Sit in simple relationship to the Earth, like a poet enraptured in a forest. Be rooted where you are now. Out of synergistic centeredness, you will receive your greatest desires and open to the full flowering of the mystic power of the universe. This synchronization can be seen as the alignment of your personal myth with the greater myth of our times. Myth is the framework or “story” in which the truth of the cosmos is revealed in symbolic form. Utilize it to catalyze your unfolding alignment. By accepting your physical form and your growth process in this world, you access the hub of centeredness out of which all the truth and magic of the universe unfold.
Red Earth also represents the synergistic workings of destiny that bring people together for common spiritual purposes, as well as the synergy that becomes possible through shared intent. Synergy is the collective expression of individual harmony, the union of different parts in which the whole is exponentially greater than the sum of its parts. When two or more come together in synergy, the resonant vortices between the Earth, the galaxies, and divine archetypal energies are aligned, and all things become possible.
These excerpts were taken from the book, “The Mayan Oracle – Return Path to the Stars” by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner go to

Angel Wing Phantom Crystals

These crystal beauties are very rare and much sought after as healing crystals. They have a wonderful, powerful energy and are said to put one in touch with the Angelic realm. These unique crystals are found only in one mine in Minas Gerias, Brazil. These little beauties radiate tranquil energy to soothe every day stresses. They help us forgive our mistake from the past, fall back in love with ourselves and connect us to the Angelic Being that is our personal Guardian of Light. These sweet crystalline beings promote a state of grace and comfort; provide mental protection, shielding one from muddy thinking and psychic attack.

Angel Wing Phantom Crystals are really Amphibole Phantom Quartz which contains beautiful internal ‘phantom’ formations, which are mostly white. Angel Phantoms got their name because of the powerful energies of the angelic realm that they emanate and the angel-wing-white formations inside them. These crystals resonate with the higher mind centers, including the third eye and crown charka and assist in clairaudient pursuits.

Angel Phantom Quartz can open the inner doors to expanded awareness and the manifestation of our higher selves. An excellent mineral to use in lucid dreaming, as it navigates one thru the dream-landscape and helps us to remember our dreams. Angel Quartz is said to shield one from the abrasiveness of others. This is especially helpful to those that have been emotionally or verbally abused.

Phantom Crystals stimulate the third eye and crown chakra they are considered to be useful for connecting to the higher self, for astral travel, to promote lucid dreaming and to facilitate inter-dimensional communication.

The phantom crystal has experienced numerous lifetimes, of learning, and “being”, while continuing in the same physical configuration; the crystal represents the many phases of life, which may be experienced simultaneously. The structure within the crystal exhibits triangular and pyramidal formations, that emanate the energy to shift and awaken the light within.

Phantom crystals are excellent crystals for inner child and past life work. They aid in understanding the many phases of one experiences. Phantom crystals are a direct link to one’s spiritual guides. White phantoms also aid intuition, open us up to universal love and acceptance.

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As the memory of what was, seems to drift like a dream in the morning, we continue to move quickly down the corridor of time. We are being ushered into time doors that swing both ways. Down hallways that never end into a place that has not been created yet. All of us have seen and felt the difference and the trail of chaos it leaves behind. Time is like a wild horse that bucks the 24 hr system and continues to look for a way out of the dimensional corral.

We all run like hamsters in a clear ball bumping into walls paddling our little feet as fast as we can. Not getting anywhere and exhausted by all the energy it took just to get this far. Time brushes past us like a gust of wind, not asking our permission to do what it was born to do. Life pushes us harder into a corner of limited choices or so it seems, but it is us that has painted ourselves into that corner by our limited thinking. We can just as easily paint a way out if we choose.

Time has shifted as of the last quakes. It has quickened its pace, and all past alignments have shifted as well. Longitudes and latitudes dance to a new beat. Leylines and time markers are off line, sacred geometries are reset. An actual cog in time has been felt as the worlds walk into a new wavelength of Light.

We still biologically walk to the beat of the old drum when the band plays on in a different octave of time and light. Our perceptions are enhanced and we see in and out of time but are still not sure where to place each thought. Seeing between the worlds is not a place for those weak of purpose. One must hold tightly to the tight wire as time doors are opened and possibilities present themselves in a new array of colors. The unexpected is to be expected on a daily basis. People do there best to hide what ails them but actions are louder than any words.

This year of time asks one to get down to the business of picking up the shattered glass and like Alice, going into all facets and fractures of self. Mirrors are a portal of transport to places that can not be seen with the naked eye. The place of mirrors comes to reflect what needs to be seen as one crosses the timelines into places that have not been created and await your first thought as seed.

Seeing into the future is not a place for those weak of heart or knee. As one walks thru the time doors many trap doors make themselves know. Dimensional black holes to other places of parallel time loops can create a dizzying effect in most unexpected places.. Time doors open and close faster than the blink of an eye. Truth and time are individual, and do not present a singular vow..

The unknowable becomes seen in the halls of time. That which has appeared emptied now becomes full, freeing itself from definition. A shift of realm awakens from a long sleep to escort you into the nexus cornerstone where time and space meet. All limitations are transformed in this expanded version of reality. Do you have the courage to leap open-eyed into this fluid point of possibility? Your vessel of eternal self is being purified for the expanded energies and truths of the upcoming shifts from now to 2012. You are an instrument of light that is being fine-tuned to play a new octave. Relax into the Shifts, look them in the eye seeing with the wisdom of a thousand angels. See beyond what you deem humanely possible. Look at all that happens to you in a deeper perspective and with such a deep seeing that you understand the totality of what comes to past before it has happened. Each situation has a million outcomes. It is up to the individual to pick energetically. From that point of wisdom create from your heart in a freeform energy allowing the higher elements of light to take the form they seek to become.

Portal Of Choice

As received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We are connected to everything in the Universe; everything flows through us and to us. Our energies, our thoughts, and our words flow through all of life, on Earth and elsewhere. There is not an end to us, or a beginning, but a continual flow of life, changing form over and over again. We are continually perfecting our form in each and every incarnation, whether that is as an element, plant animal, human, star, or galaxy. We deliberately challenge ourselves to become all we can become. There is no failure in this type of existence only evolution.

You are in a time of birthing yourself into higher light at a different octave of truth. As you sit in the womb of No-time, No-space, you try to stretch, but the walls of illusion, keep you confined in an invisible prison. You push and push but you are not able to stretch into the vastness you innately know yourself to be. When a child is in the mothers womb, the child’s spirit has the ability to reach out past the limitations of the physical womb, skirting about in the parent’s lives, reaching into the past, and future, overcoming space and time.

Your life is similar to that of the unborn child. You feel limitations, as if the very walls of your life grow steeper and steeper each time you try to scale them. You grunt, you groan, you complain as the limitations become more and more animated. You have the same innate abilities as the unborn child. You are living in this dimension of matter and yet you are also living in spirit, in the light on a multitude of levels. Your body seems limited and vulnerable, yet the spirit and light-force that inhabits that vehicle has magnificent and never-ending capabilities.

You enter a promised time where the limited perception of your humanness merges with the vast and all-knowing Spirit of Light. Coming together Merging and then EMERGING into something much more.

Right now you all feel like a caterpillar, in early cocoon stage. You know that you are destined to become more, YET EVERYTHING IN YOUR WORLD POINTS TO LESS THAN !! You feel deep within your being that if you tried, you could fly. Then you take another look at yourself and see only the reflection of density, and human limitation. Yet in your heart you know you can fly past all these earthly limitations.

The Chrysalis shifts and the Cocoon around you thickens and hardens like the crust of earth. There seems no way out! Keeping you confined in a prison of your own thinking. One day out of the blue a small light appears on the horizon coming from a minute hole within the cocoon. Your heart races with possibilities as the illusion of limitation begins to crumble right in front of your eyes.

You all are just now seeing that small point of light, Showing you the way out, the way up and the way home. The caterpillar looks at itself and says “how am I going to get through that small opening’? The caterpillar must walk into a time of surrendering! Surrendering his limitations to the divine spark within him. Surrendering is accepting in the divine process that knows your every whim and need before even you desire it. it is trusting! It is knowing what is truth, when everything else reflects illusion. The hole is small only in the mind of the caterpillar, not in the mind of God. In the mind of God it is large enough to accommodate all the future butterflies of earth.

It is a time of surrendering and trusting your process. The butterfly that you are inside this human caterpillar, is far greater than any illusion. Let go and know that the divine plan will work no matter what. The caterpillar is destined to become a butterfly it can be no other way!

The cocoon would never ever allow the caterpillar to be released, because that is what a cocoon does. it protects, it keeps bound. Earth keeps you as a cocoon until you are ready to set yourself free. The caterpillar knows that it must try, and try again, or it will die. That is the point of reference that each and everyone of you sit at. You feel you must try, or perish in the process.

Your Soul pushes you through that tiny hole into a Higher Light, just like the caterpillar is pushed by instinct. You push back, saying ‘ No, I can’t fit, No I can’t jump, No, I can’t fly, NO I CAN’T !’ Spirit says, “ You can, you must, or you will perish.” Earth is at a portal of choice, there will be a decision made by the mass consciousness. All of God’s creations sit upon this fence of decision. All of life is “in decision”.

As we reach an apex in this level of evolution, we begin to realize just what the effects of our words; thoughts and fears have on this turning point of humanity. We speak haphazardly, we create on a whim, and we prophesize out of fear. We speak like our words don’t mean a darn thing. Seeing them just as words and not realizing that worlds were created by a word, a thought a decree. Seeing not the power we have available to us, to destroy everything or create a utopia, a paradise, a heaven on earth. Sabotaging our own lives, our finances, our health, our marriages, and our futures.

Every thought you have is alive. Every word you speak is birthed into existence. You free it from its internal domain. Just like letting a Genie out of a bottle, your words, your thoughts wait for your command to come into the world of matter and do what they do best, create! All creation is by you, for you, and through you!

The time between thought, and manifestation grows shorter and shorter, forcing everyone’s attention into the mirrored hallway of responsibility. It is there that the reflections shout, “look at what you have created, look at what you have birthed!” We give ourselves wondrous magical gifts every minute of every day just by the very words we speak. No one is out to get us nothing is out to destroy us, every situation is of our own making, a divine creation, a tool to escort us into a higher place of knowing.

We not only do this as individuals, but as countries, families, continents, and also as a world. So many opportunities to learn and evolve and love. It is as children playing with nuclear weapons, not knowing the power of the instrument at hand. We do our best to fulfill ancient and biblical prophecy. Believing on some level that those of the past knew more than we do. Giving our power and our world away to the dried bones of the past. If those same people prophesied today, we would laugh at them as eccentrics, or cult members. Not honoring there words, or there fears.

The external world but mirrors our internal thoughts and dialogue. Life is not something that happens to us it is something that we create, continuously. Knowing that we can and do collectively create everything and anything, lets get busy and create a world of love, of peace, of joy. Where every child goes to bed with a full tummy, and every homeless person cashes in their cardboard home, for a real home. Lets look at our world glass as always full instead of half-empty and halfhearted. All livingness responds to your thoughts and your desires, especially a casual thought, or decree.

Knowing how powerful ours words are 24 hours a day for all eternity, puts a bit of a damper on our joking around. What we may say even in play will ripple out through all space and time. What we decree for another we gift to our self. Our angers, our fears, our jealousies are becoming animated alive and kicking us back to get our attention.

As you love, you attract. You are today where your thoughts have brought you;
you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. You cannot escape the result of your thoughts; but you can endure and learn, accept and be glad.
You will realize the vision of your heart, not the idle wish. You will gravitate toward that which you secretly most love. In to your hands will be placed the exact result you earn no more, no less. Whatever your present environment may be, you will fall, remain, or rise with your thoughts…your vision… your ideal.


As received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We come forth from the watery depths of the river of your souls and the inner abyss of your being. We come forth to help you breathe deep. Forget about your humanness and breathe deep with your heart entering a place of pure joy. you sit upon the shoreline watching the other aspects of yourself play, For too long you keep yourself in suits and zippers and shoes when the very Being within you just wants to be set free.

Many of you have worked in the ‘Temples of the Dolphins in ancient Lemurian and Atlantis. The sea is a part of the very fabric of your being it lives within you. Your blood and glands pulse with the Sea from time immortal. Listen within for the Ancient Ocean breaking on the walls beneath the cliffs Hear the sound of the birds and your heartbeat as we (the dolphins) escort you back into time, a time when you were more fluid, a time when you were bendable, more pliable. Let us swim you into a time when you enjoyed every inch of your body and your life.

The energy of play is something that you have forgotten as you are so busy being grown up, so busy being official, so busy acting the title of your job, the title of your name, but not the ‘title of your soul’. We ask you to strip down and let the glistening essence of your celestial Dolphin come out. Do not come out in fear of being slaughtered or being made into tuna, do not come out in fear of being in toxic waters or toxic shame. Do not come out unless you are willing to be free, free of what haunts you, free of what burdens you, free of what keeps you in between the lines of your life.

Open up your chakras allow us to align them. Imagine one of us from your dolphin star family, standing in front of you, body to body, chakra to chakra, heart to heart, as we blend and become One you are set free from your human constraints. You have forgotten how simple life is, you have forgotten that all of your needs will and shall be met when you fully believe it is so. You have forgotten about all the original love that birthed you, This love is fluid and free moving as are we; it is not to be locked away or boxed up kept on a shelf for a rainy day. It is to be shared with everyone and anyone. You have forgotten to acknowledge your brethren in the same part of the sea that you live, in your neighborhood, in your city in your country, they too are your family.

In Mother Ocean there are no fences, no walls nor doors to keep anything out or anyone in, everything is a part of the One Ocean. We have no enemies in the ocean because we believe it is so. Even those that would like to make us prey, do not – because our intention is as such. We believe we are not endangered from man, from sharks, from the larger members of our own families. And it is so.

We are not here for ourselves, nor have we ever been. We are here for you. Eventually (sooner than you realize) you will come to a point of realization that you are within all species and all species are within you, then there will be no need for us to continue our teachings in physical form. The evolutionary patterns will shift into the next notch. We are the dolphins. We leave from this body, but we stay with you. Remember our words.

A Great Void Buffers Our Energies

As received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As more and more demands are placed upon us we seem to have little time to sit fully in our light and do what our hearts desire. We miss us. we lie stretched out to the limits. So many strings tie us down emotionally and financially as we struggle to keep our heads above the incoming tide. We miss our connection with the Universe/God as we see less and less of who we are and more and more of who we are not. A great void buffers our energies as we try so hard to be seen thru the soupy fog. Everything shouts a different demand Our senses are muddled as if we were sailing thru the Bermuda triangle on a ship of hematite.

The hours of the day seem to plot against us as we seek to spend some time with the person we believe ourselves to be. Demands have stretched our capabilities to a point of almost breaking. Thinking one has a choice seems to be of little value as the choices change their address daily. Life herself is demanding, commander and chief and louder than ever. You are pulled kicking and screaming into other’s worlds and dramas. You shout ‘this is not my karma, my drama, my creation or my responsibility.’ The shouts fall upon deaf ears as the black hole of change pulls you into another universe pushing you past any previous limited thinking.

You look at your life as time unravels dimensionally showing you all of its ebb and flow. Your inner beat yearns to be heard but the band plays on without you. Your light that was once so big has condensed into pinpoint laser precision. Within that pinpoint precision time does not exist.

You are learning how to exist in several layers of yourself simultaneously. The break between time experiences in human form has quickened and there is no parking space in-between. You are being asked to allow this energy to unfold into its own potential. All is happening at once and there is no longer a dividing line. Instead of being beat up by these energies learn to surf them and ride these time waves of change into a new Destination.

More Defined Lines of Manifestation

As received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The financial consciousness of planet earth changes into a higher brighter light exhibiting finer more defined lines of manifestation. In the past you have always looked to others for support and a foot up – now as the worlds face confusion you worry like an old woman, who asks, ‘Who will be there if I fall?’ Fear lines your thoughts.

The question, little ones, is why do you want to fall at all? Are you or are you not in charge of creating your life? Or you just a victim of happenstance? Why do you want to fuel your life stream with such down trodden thoughts and creations? You are just learning to fly, leaving the nest of what was your safe space and building a place even the Angels would be jealous of.

So many of you are ready to leap and risk leaving the nest; so many of you are ready to really learn to fly. No more straddling the razor blade fence of indecision. Grasp what is golden about you and your world and your decisions. Hold on for dear life and swing into a bright shiny future.

Many have learned to play the part of martyr and savior, whipping post and slave – now its time to try on the costume of Deserving. We see within the souls of so many of you how life has hurt you, how you’ve been raked over the coals and burnt. With a higher thought you can whitewash the broken fence of your heart. You have the ability to the heal past all soul scars.

Your Universe, your God does not hold you to your past. the universe lives in the present moment. It is time for you to release your past, for even the very Gods themselves do not hold it against you. Your past is held in a holy repository and you have the only key to open that drawer- even the Creator does not go there. Nothing of divine holy light will ever point out the past to you. Move up and out of what has caused you pain and sadness and anger. Do it thought by thought, decree by decree.

With a flip of a switch in your next thought you can either turn on the light or continue to sit in the dark room developing negatives. If your heart truly desires something, just give it to yourself. First with a thought, a permission and a deserving to have it and then allow the rest to follow. If you want a new car, give it yourself first verbally, out loud. Whatever you speak, the Universe hears and mirrors back to you.


TimeSlip Spiral Selenite Crystals are a quickening device. A crystalline Fibonacci Spiral. Time has shifted as of the last earthquakes. It has quickened its pace, and all past alignments have shifted as well. Longitudes and latitudes dance to a new beat. Leylines and time markers are off line, sacred geometries are reset. An actual cog in time has been issued as the worlds walk into a new wavelength of Light.

Use these hand held crystal devices as you would any tool of light. The spiral is the directional. The selenite is the guardian between the place of light and matter where both peace and chaos dwell. These are natural harmonizers bringing both harmony to the user and the situation the user is pointing the energy toward.

How to use these Crystal devices

1. First, think of a situation that seems all upside-down, a problem you seem not to have any control over. (for me lately that would be the Post office and all the glitches with packages and mailing)
2. Hold the TimeSlip spiral crystal with point out and see a beautiful soft healing harmonizing light going into the chaos/ problem. When the problem seems saturated with light stop and let the energies, begin to do their job.
3. You can use the device as a healing vortex and point it towards the problem area in your body and ask that Divine healing light enter via the crystal into your body dissolving all dis-ease. Stop when you feel saturated with light.
4. you can use this crystal device for sending healing and loving thoughts to another/ person ./place/ situation

Properties of Selenite: Selenite is an ancient stone, a calm stone that instills deep peace. It has an ethereal quality and is said to inhabit the place between light and matter. Selenite wands can detach entities from the aura or preventing anything external from influencing the mind. They can be used for scrying to see the future or to view what has happened in the past. Selenite clears confusion and a powerful disperser and stabilizer for erratic emotions. They help with relief of stress, enhancing power. Can be used to clear and cut releasing one form the connections to people or events past. Often used in relationships to heal a rift, and allow more peaceable end. Selenite is the key that unlocks the doorway to other places and times. To be Posted soon.

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Matthew – Suzanne Ward

Earthquake in Haiti – cause, effects; sending light to dark-hearted individuals; power of negative thoughts; global economy, debts; answers within; vegetarian diets; stargates; no “second Earth”; reincarnation

1. This is Matthew with loving greetings from all souls at this station. As Earth’s ever-accelerating ascension pace takes her into progressively lighter energy planes, we see more and more hearts and minds opening to the light even as turmoil continues. Unwilling to accept that their efforts will end in utter futility, those with negativity at their core still are fighting tenaciously to keep their dwindling strength from disappearing entirely.

2. We see the widespread grief, confusion and massive destruction in Haiti, and we weep. Not for the tens of thousands who died, as those who need special care are receiving personalized attention from dedicated souls in Nirvana, and others are joyful about returning to that wondrous spirit world. No, our sadness is for the millions whose lives are even more desperate now, far worse than their family elders who have endured the pain of impoverishment for many decades. Knowing their soul contracts does not render us immune to sadness about the personal tragedies still unfolding for our brothers and sisters in Haiti, where the starkest evidence of the best and the worst in humankind exemplifies the extremes of duality.

3. The earthquake was not of Mother Nature’s making. It was the intentional work of those among you who have the technology to create such catastrophic planetary upheavals. In this case, it was to cover an attempt to move through Haiti a vast fortune from its discovered hiding place to a secret destination. If there can be a sliver of a silver lining in that diabolical act, it is that no longer is the truth hidden about weather control technology and its wicked uses—the information is on your Internet for all to see. The use of this kind of “weapon of mass destruction” cannot be prevented, and once set in motion, only softening, or leveling out, steps can be taken. As devastating as the earthquake was, without our space family’s intervention that lessened the impact on Port-au-Prince, the death toll and destruction would have been even greater.

4. The best in humankind was the instantaneous compassion throughout your world and the outpouring of assistance. This is creating light to help rid Haiti’s soil, water and air of the negativity that caused it to become the poorest of countries. Despotic dictators who lived in opulence denied their countrymen even basic living standards, thus consigning them to debilitating diseases and virtually no healthcare, educational opportunity or source of livable income. Loans that could have alleviated those conditions and the suffering they caused instead went into the pockets of the dictators, and the peoples felt helpless to improve their lives or their children’s. When those decades of fear and oppression ended a few short years ago, the country was beset with political turmoil, and soon the Haitians’ hopes of betterment were dashed.

5. The souls who chose to embody in those harsh circumstances known of Haiti did so willingly to balance other lifetimes so they could evolve spiritually, the goal of every soul. Many who recently transitioned to spirit life had fulfilled their soul contract choices to complete third density experiencing, and in time they will reincarnate in a fourth density world of their choice. Those who died before completing their soul contracts have the same opportunities to do this in Nirvana, where they have help in accomplishing their karmic lessons and prepare to evolve out of third density.

6. In all instances, these souls are serving their families and friends in two ways: Their leaving reduced the amount of negativity caused by their former wretched living conditions and also prevented the negativity that living in even worse circumstances would have generated; and those souls are beaming light from their spirit home to all on Earth with whom they are bonded in love, and to Earth herself.

7. A positive aspect of the quake and the tremors that followed is that even with “softened” destructive capability, they released a mammoth amount of negativity from this small half-island nation. That reduction in negativity will allow the beaming-in and anchoring of light to facilitate the Haitian peoples in rebuilding their lives and their country.

8. Despite everything they have experienced in the past weeks—grief, injuries, traumatized psyches and desperate circumstances they still are encountering—a resilient spirit still shines brightly. With medical teams and other helpers from many nations coming to their aid, albeit insufficient to relieve much of the suffering or supply all basic needs, the peoples of Haiti know the world has not forgotten them. The light in their newfound hope added to the light of all who are helping—whether directly by their side or prayers or donations from around the world—is far greater than the negativity of combined grief and trauma.

9. The darkest of hearts that created the earthquake have no light except the spark of viability, the life force that is every soul’s eternal connection to God and Creator Source. Their conscience has atrophied from lack of use, and now that their corruption and unfathomable fortunes are being uncovered, they commit heinous deeds to hold onto what they feel is their rightful power and possessions. The dark-hearted ones cause massive harm to produce fear and agony because the energy of those emotions refuels them. We and other messengers of the light have urged you to send light to those perpetrators of unconscionable acts because only light can heal their damaged souls and thus change their deeds. You can send them light by imagining yourselves holding a candle or a flashlight to guide a lost soul onto an illumined pathway.

10. Messengers of the light have told you about those who act in darkness so as to help you break any hold they may have in your lives and beliefs, and the same information will be revealed to the public to serve in that same way. As those truths come forth incrementally, please help others understand that they need not condone any action that causes atrocities and agony, but the light in forgiveness will serve all of you far, far better than the negativity of demanding punishment for the perpetrators. A part of third density mentality is the refusal to forgive individuals who are considered “evil,” and it isn’t consciously known that as equal parts of God, every soul in this universe is eternally interconnected with all others, or that the darkness in any one dims the collective light in the “universal heart,” or that one’s own light is dimmed by judgment and condemnation of those who are bereft of light.

11. Individuals acting with dark intent don’t remember that when Earth life ends, every soul will have to review every minute of it—not only watching everything they did throughout the lifetime, but feeling every emotion exactly as it was felt by every person whose life they touched in any way. The next lifetime of those ones who are lost in darkness will be a hell of their own creation—a punishment, if you will, that is far more severe than any you could ever conceive—and until they accept the light constantly beamed into those dense placements where their lifetime energy output consigned them, there they will remain.

12. We ask that you please keep in mind what is in store for those lost souls as we address other issues in which you have expressed interest. Yes, the recent snowstorms in the eastern parts of the United States are another incidence of manmade technology used for self-serving purposes. Virtually closing down the US government was the main intent because so doing also impacts many other countries. The snowstorms— just like the clumsy “Black Ops” attempt on Christmas Day to explode an airplane by means of a very confused individual operating under mind control, then the devastation in Haiti—are intended to disrupt actions underway to remove the Illuminati’s tentacles on untold wealth and their toehold on the global economy.

13. Previous messages have identified many disparate groups under the Illuminati “umbrella,” the pyramid organizational structure that keeps lower ranking members uninformed about the intentions of those at the peak, and the powerful global network that for centuries has controlled everything that influences life on your planet. We know of the opinions that US President Obama is leading his country in the wrong direction, and we tell you that if only you could know how prudently and wisely he is moving behind the scenes to upset the entire Illuminati apple cart, instead of concerns about his direction, there would be rousing cheers.

14. The larger purpose to be served by assuring you that Obama’s intentions are aligned with the light is of utmost importance. The energy of negative thoughts about his leadership and all other situations anywhere on Earth that are seen as worrisome is flowing out into your world and delaying effective resolutions to tumultuous happenings everywhere. It is the energy of love-light that motivates the spirit of cooperation among peoples and brings an end to conflicts, violence, deception and unjustness. Some of you say, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” YES! The truth in that expression of personal responsibility derives from soul-level awareness that you chose this lifetime specifically to help speed Earth along her ascension pathway.

15. So the individuals who propose that a collective will to make your world a better place will achieve that without extraterrestrial help do make a good point—absolutely you must act, must set the pace toward world transformation, because it is your world. But those individuals are way off track by not acknowledging that without many other civilizations’ immeasurable help that started about seventy years ago, none of you would be where you are because the planet would have died. And we assure you, your space family’s continued help will be welcomed by all except the ones who are fighting mightily to prevent reforms anywhere.

16. We can tell you what is fomenting behind the scenes regarding the truth about the global economy, but because Earth’s energy field of potential is in such wild commotion, we cannot discern what information will emerge first or the order in which other facts will follow. We can say, though, that it cannot be much longer before the “first spill” because all the corruption must be exposed so it can be eliminated and an honorable system implemented. It is possible that the end of the Federal Reserve in its present form will be the first public “news,” and it seems likely that close on its heels will be a new and much fairer system of taxation. The disclosure that the United States’ unmanageable debt is due to the owners of the Federal Reserve banks very likely will include that the system was slyly established a century ago along with a corporate structure that fundamentally has kept the country under England’s dictate. However, because United States’ chaotic economy was the first domino to fall, so to say, and the line of dominoes around the globe swiftly followed, the long history of corruption within all major banking and lending institutions worldwide could be disclosed first. Somewhere along the way will emerge the Bush and Clinton families’ involvement with the Rockefeller Illuminati faction that helped to mortally bleed the coffers of the United States. Did you think it rather ironic that both of those former US presidents rushed to show their keen interest in what was going on in Haiti?

17. Regardless of the order in which that information becomes public, it appears that delaying the televised acknowledgement of extraterrestrial civilizations’ presence until after current upheavals settle down is unavoidable. An announcement of such extremely critical and sensitive nature requires the intricate planning that Hatonn explained [November 19, 2009], and due to the serious matters that have required focused attention and disrupted program planning sessions, final decisions have yet to be made by participating countries’ representatives. Much to the distress of the ones who caused the disruptions via their strategic upheavals, the announcement program will only be postponed, not cancelled as they intended.

18. An issue of great importance being considered by light-filled leaders is: How much shocking information can people assimilate before it starts wreaking havoc within the collective consciousness? You will greet each revelation with rejoicing, knowing that it is a step closer to world transformation and Earth’s Golden Age. But ignorance of that and many other truths—like the various kinds of mind control to “dumb down” your brain functions, and the vast underground laboratories and living accommodations for the “Little Grays” that are funded by the Illuminati’s illegal drug industry—is the lot of most people. Many may indeed be living in honorable ways, but they are asleep insofar as heightened consciousness and spiritual awakening, and those cannot come to traumatized psyches. So truths of startling nature must be an unfolding to the populace, not a bombardment.

19. We must tell you that it is with mixed feelings that we address these issues of most interest as indicated in emails sent to my mother. We do want to dispel the negativity generated by your concerns about information you have heard or read, but we do not want to sabotage one of the primary aims of these messages: That you learn to communicate with your soul-self; ask questions and be still and listen to the answers that come intuitively. Because hearing and heeding the messages from your soul to your consciousness is an essential step in soul evolution and the purpose of our messages is to offer enlightenment and guidance to assist you in evolving, once again we urge you: Seek answers within!

20. Furthermore, even truthful information from external sources can err in omission of some facts, thereby unintentionally conveying incomplete data that readers can assume is the entire story. Let me cite an example that in the Tapestry of Life is insignificant, but still I gave a flawed bit of information. With thanks to all who wrote about the medicinal effects of marijuana, I see the error in my reply [in the January 11, 2010 message] to readers who asked if certain enjoyments, including “social drugs,” could delay spiritual evolution or prevent physical ascension with Earth. In my “Yes” answer, I was thinking of heroin, cocaine and the assortment of synthetic drugs that cause adverse effects on body, mind and spirit. Marijuana does indeed offer medical benefits, and there are no damaging effects from its moderate use in a social setting. Legal consequences, yes, so I surely am not encouraging its use without medical prescription! I am simply stating that with the sensible use I mentioned, marijuana is not among the drugs that form a barrier between the consciousness and the soul and prevent the absorption of light.

21. Now then, animals becoming vegetarians will be a process of their choosing that kind of diet because it is more appealing, just as it will be for Earth’s human residents. As the light intensifies in all bodies at cellular level, humans and animals alike naturally will choose foods that have light properties, and severed animal flesh does not. Without the current food chain, animals will not overcrowd the planet; instead, they instinctively will reproduce more slowly or not at all. There absolutely is no “condemnation by God” for eating meat and seafood, but expressing gratitude for the animals that provide these foods is most appropriate. A strong immune system is the best defense against harmful substances in processed foods and seasonings, meat from animals injected with steroids, seafood contaminated with mercury or other toxins, and genetically altered foods; and the energy of light is the ultimate strengthener of immune systems.

22. We don’t know if a moratorium on all existing debt will be a blanket provision of the planned restructuring of the global economy, but it seems likely during the transition from the old systems to the new. What we do know is that debts incurred by countries due to loans at usurious rates of interest from the International Monetary Fund—money that went to those countries’ greedy leaders in exchange for Illuminati control of natural resources—will be forgiven, and it appears that adjustments in individuals’ debts will be in accordance with circumstances that caused the debts. The purpose of economic restructuring is to fairly distribute the wealth of your world so that no one lives in the poverty that enables others to live in luxury. And the idea that when the Illuminati’s illegal fortunes are recovered, a million or more dollars will be given to every person on the planet is pure fantasy. In Earth’s Golden Age, the trend will be away from money and toward systems of sharing and bartering—the light intensity in souls will let those means of remuneration for services and conduct of commerce become as satisfying between nations as between individuals.

23. No asteroids or comets are being aimed at Earth by powerful malevolent aliens. Even if this were the case, you are surrounded by thousands of spaceships and millions of light beings with the technology to steer away any celestial body that could collide with your planet. Another rumor to create fear, that “Planet X” is on a collision course with Earth, also is a falsehood.

24. What is your sun doing? It is responding to the rapid changes going on throughout your solar system. If your astrophysicists were aware of Earth’s ascension through the “universal time window,” they would know that stepped-up solar activity is a natural effect and that Sol poses no danger to your planet.

25. No civilizations will enter a stargate to take control and keep you from destroying your planet. Let us speak more of stargates, the various views about their purpose: Portals opened in antiquity by civilizations who came to Gaia; openings that motherships can pass through; areas where spacecraft crews observe happenings on the planet; channels through which our space family’s technology operates successfully; safety zones for “walk-ins” from other civilizations to enter; energy vortexes through which light from far distant sources is beamed to raise the vibrations of lands or seas dense with negativity; locations of intensified light that help to anchor light on the planet. There is some validity in each of those views, and we also see stargates as parts of the protective light grid surrounding your planet that serve like beacons for the souls in free spirit and astral travelers between Earth and Nirvana.

26. There will be no “jumping over 4th density and entering 5th”—the laws of the universe simply do not operate like that, and neither does the evolution of any soul. However, the time between Earth beginning ascension out of deep third density and reaching her destination in fifth will be universally unprecedented in its speed. The enormous energetic differences between third and fourth density make that trip unimaginably difficult, and overcoming the darkness that pervades a third density world can take eons.

27. It will not happen on December 21, 2012 or any other date that you will be standing beside two others and before your very eyes, they will disappear into their own “timelines.” Even the usual date of December 31, 2012, will be much like the previous and the following days—that is, except for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The differences between life in this moment and in the Golden Age will be amazing and magnificent, but life will not differ dramatically from one day to the next as Earth continues on her journey through fourth density and on into fifth.

28. Understandably, there is a great deal of speculation about what will happen to whom at the end of 2012. There is no definitive answer because what happens to each soul will be in accordance with the uniqueness of each soul. However, we can say with certainty that the theory of a celestial body appearing as a “second Earth” and becoming the third density home for souls who do not physically accompany the “first Earth” into fourth density is erroneous. You are a soul in a human body. Earth is a soul in a planetary body. Her soul remained in its fifth density origin while her body spiraled into deep third density during the millennia that her human residents were shedding each others’ blood, mass-slaughtering her animals and severely damaging her body. She could have chosen to let her assaulted body die, but instead she chose to have its health restored so all of her residents in their myriad life forms could continue. Moreover the “two Earths” theory accommodates only the people whose lifetime choices would place them in a different third density world. There will be souls whose lifetime choices automatically will take them to first or second density placements; and at the other end of the spectrum are the souls who came from fourth, fifth and higher density worlds specifically to assist Earth in her ascension—when their mission is completed, they will return to their homelands.

29. It also is understandable that reincarnation can be an enigma. We know of your thoughts such as “In another life she was Joan of Arc” or “He was Abraham Lincoln in his last lifetime.” Persons who have the same wisdom, ideals and courage—or maybe the same skills and talents and personality traits—known of greatly respected, admired and loved individuals who lived many years ago in linear time, may be personages, or soul parts, of the cumulative soul that includes those others. The person with whom you “endow” a specific other lifetime may be deeply inspired by that same individual and emulate the qualities that made him or her great, or the person’s high aspirations may attract the powerful energy of souls you call “masters.” A family member may have chosen attributes very similar to those of a “departed” member. Perhaps because of shared lifetimes in the timelessness of the continuum, any person may seem remarkably like someone who lived long ago in your linear time. There are numerous sources of unseen and usually unrecognized influences in every life, but every one of you is and forever shall be an independent, inviolate, invaluable and unique soul even as you are an equally loved, integral part of the Oneness of All.

30. Beings of light throughout this universe are cheering you on during this time of transition into the Golden Age. Keep foremost in your vision the glories of that world that already IS and awaits your arrival!


Suzanne Ward

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Everything has a Purpose by Master El Morya – Natalie Glasson

In last week’s message, I spoke of your spiritual abilities and experiences acting as a pathway to lead you closer to the Creator’s soul. It was my wish to help people understand that their abilities as light workers do not define them but are simply stepping stones of learning and acceptance of the Creator. I reminded all that their ultimate goal and focus must be to embody the light of the Creator and to integrate with the soul of the Creator once more. I feel that this was a beneficial message that touched the hearts of many so I have been allowed to come forth once more with another realisation that I believe humanity should be aware of.

As chohan of the first ray of light of a red colour, translator and sharer of the will or divine plan of the Creator I feel a deep connection with the Creator soul, consciousness and thoughts. I strive to ensure that I decipher the will of the Creator in the purest way so that the truth of the Creator may be expressed to souls on the Earth and the inner planes, offering essential guidance. We have a team of light beings, angels and ascended masters working within the First Ray Ashram and the Planetary Logos Ashram of Lord Buddha to decipher the will and consciousness of the Creator as it flows within sacred and pure light from the higher planes and levels of the Creator’s universe.

The light flows from the solar level into the planetary level, anchoring into Lord Buddha’s ashram and the first ray ashram. Many souls gather to sit before this constant flow of light which is akin to a pillar of ever glowing light holding divine and new consciousness from the Creator’s soul. One can visit either Lord Buddha’s Planetary Logos Ashram of the first ray ashram to meditate before the will and guidance energy of the Creator to bring greater clarity and understanding to their current role, whether it is on the inner planes or the Earth and to guide their divine purpose forward. This is something that you may request to experience during your sleep state or meditation by simply asking and holding the intention of which ashram you wish to visit and allowing yourself to breathe in the light of the scared pillar of will from the Creator’s soul.

The Planetary Logos Team and First Ray Team who are appointed to decipher the will of the Creator and to distribute consciousness, enlightenment and guidance to where it is needed, have been working together for much time and understand the Creator’s energy to accept the truth. It is akin to taking messages from the Creator’s soul for humanity as a whole and individually. We then pass these messages onto the guides of the souls or the people they are intended for. Their guides accept the message and share it with the person they are assisting in the most appropriate way for them to understand and use as guidance to take action in their life. With this method you would perceive that every soul on the Earth and the inner planes would understand the message that they receive in the same way creating a united consciousness with a united understanding of all that is the Creator, whether the guidance flows from the Planetary or First Ray Team, through their guides or their divine connection with the Creator. There are so many aspects of the Creator’s soul which have extended from the Creator’s soul existing now as angels, ascended masters, light beings, humans and many more. Each aspect of the Creator is unique and different, meaning that they interpret the consciousness of the Creator differently. We alert souls to the will of the Creator, we are sharing information that is needed now that will make changes to the Earth and reality of many, information that aids the ascension and development process, but every soul has their own ability of accepting and deciphering the will of the Creator and are doing so constantly to carve their path forward. It is the acceptance and interpretation of the Creator’s consciousness that causes great controversy on the Earth, and you may not realise this, but also on the inner planes.

Controversy occurs on the Earth between religions, people’s beliefs and current understandings but this doesn’t mean that some beliefs are correct and others are false. We must realise that every belief or faith has a purpose of leading us along a path that will offer us greater understanding or clarity as to our path to the Creator. Numerous people channel every day or connect with the Creator’s soul bringing forth wisdom and enlightenment from the Creator’s soul to the Earth, each piece of information is needed on the Earth because every person’s needs are different. We must remember that the consciousness of the Creator is vast and many light beings on the inner planes align with the will and wisdom of the Creator, interpreting it in their own way then sharing the wisdom that they have understood with like minded people or souls on the Earth. It is akin to streams of energy and consciousness flowing through different routes into the Earth, in order for consciousness to be deciphered and united, assisting in the truth prevailing within all of us and creating a united consciousness that is so diverse and knowledgeable.

Many souls on the inner planes also have different beliefs and understandings of how they can help the Earth and its humanity, and how they can be of service for the greater integration of all with the Creator. This is because we hold different qualities of the Creator’s soul and have different backgrounds through past life times which shape our thoughts and understandings, as well as the way we convert the consciousness of the Creator into guidelines that we may use to help others. Some wish for all to take a simple path way of love while others wise for a diverse path way to the Creator that allows much growth and self realisation to occur. As guiding lights to the Earth, we then mentor souls who have similar believes to us but we all unite in our passion for the Creator’s soul, our ability to experience and accept the love and light of the Creator and our belief in the presence of the Creator. The way that we teach others to activate the Creator within them or to achieve their spiritual growth process doesn’t really matter because the truth of the Creator will always be shared, whatever path way we guide you to take to achieve unity with the Creator’s soul. What must be realised is that there are many staircases that lead from the Earth to the Creator and you will be guided to the most appropriate staircase to gain the most appropriate mentor, consciousness, inspiration and the most essential qualities of the Creator’s soul. If you choose a staircase and find that everyone else has chosen a different staircase or path to the Creator, you must continue with honour and bravery, knowing and understanding what is correct for you. It is essential to realise that while you are all on the Earth to learn and discover yourself and the Creator you are also learning the ability to accept the consciousness of the Creator.

Acceptance is a difficult lesson especially when there are so many people with different beliefs and faiths, but acceptance allows us to adopt the consciousness that we need from others and to let people and souls be; to allow them to exist as the Creator consciousness and link that they hold and represent. Even on the inner planes we are learning the ability to integrate with all aspects of the Creator, this takes time, patience and a strong inner faith, while ensuring that you are open minded and accepting of all Creator aspects, manifestations and souls. We must realise that every soul whether on the Earth or the inner planes is bringing forth a consciousness and understanding from the Creator that has a purpose and a meaning. Through our judgments, inability to accept or closed minds we are missing out on so many experiences of growth and integration with souls all around us. Remember that consciousness is not true or false, good or bad but it is needed, it has a purpose and allows us to discover more about ourselves and the Creator, through the process of understanding the wisdom that is needed and not needed in our reality. What you cast aside as unneeded understanding, beliefs or faith may be the truth to others and may allow many to Creator within them a complete quality from the Creator’s soul.

I hope that you are able to grasp the insights that I am sharing with you. Please realise that different teachings come from different inner plane souls, guides and mentors because every soul holds a different connection with the Creator and has a different interpretation of the Creator’s will. When we peel back the layers of all teachings we see the same glimmer of truth within all, this is the soul of the Creator. Both the Earth and the inner planes are working on achieving the same lessons of acceptance and integration, we are helping each other.

Let us take a moment to send a blessing of peace, harmony and integration for all on the Earth and the inner planes.

With many sacred blessings and the richly flowing will of the Creator extending to you,

I am Master El Morya

Natalie Glasson, Wisdom of the Light,

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Haiti and the Chaotic Node – Tom Kenyon

A Hathor Planetary Message

The recent seismic event in Haiti heralds the beginning of
the Chaotic Node we referred to in our last communication.

We are, quite frankly, surprised that this event occurred
slightly outside the timeline we had projected. This tells us
that new levels of “novelty” (meaning an increase in
unpredictability) are escalating faster than we anticipated.
Thus, it is, and will be, increasingly difficult to pinpoint
such future occurrences.

However, the general thrust of your planetary state is one of
extreme volatility. Your magnetic North Pole is shifting its
position in erratic and unpredictable ways. The photosphere
is also showing signs of unusual activity, as yet undetected
by your scientists. All of this is to be expected for a
planet undergoing a movement into Ascension, and we liken all
of this to the birthing pangs of Earth’s birth into higher

Our purpose in this communication is not to give predictions
as to the unfolding of this chaotic node, for we must admit,
in all humility, that our technology is no longer able to
precisely predict the chaotic events unfolding before you.

What we wish to address, as always, are practical
applications of multi-dimensional awareness.

It is the state of your vibratory field that determines your
experience of any event. In its most simple form, the
cultivation of appreciation for the smallest things in your
life will give you the greatest results.

The various inner technologies we have given before will also
help you navigate through this transition as well, but we
realize that not everyone is capable of entering into
multi-dimensional awareness. If you are one of these persons,
do not concern yourself with it. The simple act of
appreciation for what is in your life will shift your
vibratory field faster and more effectively than any sacred

The task, then, is one of attaining a higher level of
vibration. We do not mean physical vibration–the vibratory
rate of your physical body–but rather we refer to the
vibratory rate of your subtle energy body (your KA, your
etheric double).

As your planet moves into its energetic process more deeply,
you can expect more volatility in weather patterns, as well
as an increase in unpredictable earth changes. But in some
ways the external events are easier to deal with than the
internal changes you will be facing.

Those of you who are more sensitive to the subtleties of
energetics may find yourself “hard hit” by the dimensional
and physical shifts that will occur. To a greater or lesser
degree, depending upon their vibratory levels, more and more
individuals will experience sleep disturbances, and strange
dreams–some of them prophetic in nature. There will also
most likely be an increase in strange physical ailments that
have no logical explanation. These will often arise early in
the morning hours as your energy body shifts from its inner
journeys back to orientation to your physical form. These
types of physical discomforts are a reaction from the organs
within your body and the various bodily systems to the
accelerating changes taking place. In other words, your
physical bodies are challenged by the rapid escalation of
planetary change.

You may experience sudden and unexpected periods of extreme
fatigue, weakness, and even the very odd state of being both
awake and asleep at the same time. Again, all of these
challenges are a result of the rapid changes taking place
upon your earth. If you have the luxury of time, and you feel
one of these energetic drops, the sudden onset of fatigue, it
is best to rest if you are able–to literally lie down. If
you are unable to do so we urge you to be vigilant if you are
driving or making critical decisions or choices, especially
when engaged with technology. There may be–and we expect
this to be true–a general increase in irritability
throughout the population; small negative encounters can
easily amplify into something much larger.

In our previous communication we offered the Dimensional
Attunement for the Pineal Gland. This is still a very
effective sound tool to assist you as you move through this
period. Listening to this Attunement a few minutes a day can
help your system “fine tune” itself so that the changes that
are upon you will be less stressful.

Again, the key component in all of this is your vibratory
rate, and the Dimensional Attunement assists your nervous
system by tuning the pineal gland to the higher realms of
light. Think of it as an “acoustic life raft.”

You may also experience a greater number of individuals
choosing to exit the Earth plane. These exits will take place
through unexpected accidents, unforeseen illnesses, and of
course, earth changes and weather anomalies. What we wish to
say to you in this regard is that as the dimensionality of
Earth shifts, the veils between the dimensions will become
thinner, and it will be true for many that they sense friends
and loved ones on the other side of the veil more clearly
than ever before.

In some ways the veils between life and death are being
lifted, and the veils between dimensions are being parted.
Thus some of you may have unusual and extraordinary
encounters with animal spirits, devic beings of the Earth,
and other nature spirits that have been obscured for the last
several thousand years.

Although this is a difficult and challenging period, it is an
extraordinary opportunity to be embodied at this time.
Regardless of what unfolds before you in your life, or in the
lives of those around you, we suggest you cultivate
appreciation for the smallest things in your life. Share your
love and affection for those to whom you feel close.

In the great miasma you call Western Civilization, it shall
be individual relationships that survive the coming storm.

As you let go of the distortions created by your culture and
wake up to the simple truth of your existence as an embodied
being in time and space, you will see that the great
adventure has just begun.

The Hathors January 13, 2010


Tom’s Observations

In their last message, the Hathors predicted a ninety-day
timeline for the emergence of the first Chaotic Node. This
puts the earthquake in Haiti six days past their time line.
When the Hathors predicted this Chaotic Node, something they
have rarely done by the way, they did say that it could occur
either before or after the ninety-day period.

But when the timeline came and passed, they were rubbing
their proverbial heads. They were honestly quite surprised
that the event didn’t occur before this.

In my first contact with them they told me that there are
stages of chaos that all systems (including Earth) go through
as they move to higher levels of order. And the emergence of
novelty, meaning unusual situations that could not possibly
be anticipated, is part of the chaotic process.

The Hathors are of the opinion that the emergence of this
catastrophic event marks the beginning phase of
ever-increasing unpredictability and novelty. Please do note
that not all of this is negative. Unpredictable generosity
from one human to another, or one culture to another can also
be part of this. It is just that all bets are off when it
comes to predicting probabilities.

There are a few points in this most recent message I wish to
explore. The first has to do with “strange physical ailments
that have no logical explanation.”

Personally, I have experienced some of this, as have many of
my friends, but I would like to insert a caution here. If you
are experiencing physical ailments and are concerned about
them, especially if they persist, I would suggest that you
see your health practitioner to rule out any medical reasons.
Don’t assume that sudden physical ailments or loss of
wakefulness are just energetic.

Having said that, let me share a personal experience I had
with this type of phenomenon. I was caught off guard several
mornings around 3AM by particularly strong and strange
physical sensations. I asked the Hathors what the hell was
going on, thinking that I might be dealing with something
quite serious. They said that the atomic and molecular levels
of our bodies are being affected by the massive energetic
changes that are taking place within the Earth, the sun, our
solar system, and our galaxy. They said this was the
biological equivalent to “holding on” to old ways of
organizing third-dimensional reality and not letting go into
the unknown (meaning higher dimensional realities).

They had no real solid solution for this other than to say
that as I continued to work with the inner technologies they
had given, I would eventually reach a place where I was more
familiar with higher dimensional realities and could let go
of my attachments to the third dimensional world more easily.
For the record, they were not talking about death, per se.
They believe that the shifting of dimensionality (Ascension)
ultimately means that those of us who are embodied will be
aware of both the third-dimensional world we live in and
other realms, simultaneously. But in the process of moving to
this expanded state of awareness, most of us tend to hold
onto the known.

I also find it interesting that they addressed the issue of
sleep by mentioning “the very odd state of being both awake
and asleep at the same time.” I am experiencing this on a
regular basis, as are many others. In this odd state of body
and mind, my body is asleep, as evidenced by the same type of
breathing patterns I experience when I am asleep, and my body
feels heavy as it does when I am asleep. But in these
peculiar bodily sleep-states my mind is quite awake.

I am personally finding that sleep is becoming more and more
of an art form. For those of us experiencing the simultaneity
of sleep and wakefulness during the night, it is sometimes
challenging to enter into the restorative state of deep REM
sleep. If you are one of these persons, may the farce be with
you. Perhaps think more in terms of catnaps than long
comfortable sleep. Take what you can get, and be thankful for

The Hathors also mentioned the Pineal Dimensional Attunement
in this message. When they originally gave me this sound
code, they indicated that they would give other Attunements
in the future. By the way, all of these Attunements will be
offered free of charge to the world community through this
website as they become available. For now, the Hathors are of
the opinion that listening to the Dimensional Attunement for
the Pineal Gland (on a regular basis) will continue to assist
those of us choosing the path of Ascension.

Personally, I sometimes think of the Hathor inner
technologies and the Attunements as energetic surfboards that
allow us to keep ahead of the evolutionary waves.

This brings me to one of their statements that I found both
illuminating and quite amusing: “The simple act of
appreciation for what is in your life will shift your
vibratory field faster and more effectively than any sacred

Mind you this is coming from a group of intelligences that
have given me volumes of information regarding geometry. And
I have no doubt that sacred geometry shapes the flow of
subtle energy. But when it comes down to it, the most
important thing here is to raise the vibratory rate of
your own subtle energy body (your KA) despite what may be
happening around you. If the use of sacred geometry assists
you in this, then so be it. It certainly does for me. But if
you are unable to engage such pyrotechnics of the mind, the
Hathors are saying don’t worry, be happy. Just appreciate the
smallest things in your life and your vibratory rate will
rise by itself. I applaud them for this simple statement for
I, too, have found appreciation to be the express elevator to
the upper floors of my own consciousness.

There is a tendency for many of us to get attached to our
little devices, whether physical or mental, thinking that
they will shift us into whatever version of paradise we
imagine. But this is, I think, just another type of
dogmatitis (an inflammatory condition of the soul).
Dogmatitis appears whenever there is a limiting idea or
belief. The most common form of this is the belief that you
cannot move upward in consciousness on your own, unless you
use some type of device and/or follow a certain path. The
Hathors are reminding us that we possess one of the greatest
tools for self-evolution within our emotional nature, the
simple act of appreciation.

This brings me to another one of their statements that occurs
toward the end of this message. “In the great miasma you call
Western Civilization, it shall be individual relationships
that survive the coming storm.”

Whatever comes down for humanity in terms of 3D realities, I
suspect that truthful and co-operative relationships with our
fellow humans may turn out to be our most reliable currency.

May you find both the small things and the big things that
bring you joy.

Tom Kenyon

For more information about the Pineal Attunement:

To listen to or download the Attunement:

C2009 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved.
You may make copies of this message, share and distribute
it in any media so long as you credit the author, include
this copyright notice, do not charge for it, and do not
alter its content in any way.

SaLuSa 18-January-2010

You are beautiful people beginning to realise your true potential, and as you accept your power you are helping to create a new reality. For too long you have been kept in the dark, but now you are rapidly growing in awareness. You are at last beginning to accept that the future lies in your own hands. All along it has been so, and you created your experiences in lower vibrations. Now you are intentionally directing your thoughts in such a way, that you are creating the conditions for your experience in the higher dimensions. It is sufficient that you concentrate your thoughts on all that is the creation of love.

Suddenly, and all in the space of a few years, you have increased the Light quotient upon Earth so that the outcome is assured. The pathway to Ascension is lit all the way to completion, and no attempts by the dark to prevent it will be successful. Therefore you can move through these last years, without feeling that your future is threatened. The dark Ones may cause minor problems, but they do not have much longer to remain in their positions of power. Their cycle of experience will also end, although like every other soul they will continue their evolution at levels consistent with their vibration.

When the changes are completed you will take nothing with you except your valuable experience. Because of your creative powers that are to increase tenfold, all of your needs will be satisfied. The high vibration of the 4/5th Dimension will enable you to manifest what you want instantly, and it will be a perfect expression of what you have visualised. Happiness and joy will accompany you wherever you go, and the harmony of all life forms will add to your enjoyment. The Oneness will be a sweetness that accompanies the Unconditional Love that all feel.

We want you to break your ties with the old where it no longer serves you, and it will allow you to walk free from its affect. With the Light as your protection the lower energies can no longer harm you, or deflect you from your path. Staying within your light is a discipline that you will come to learn, that will also keep you safe from psychic attacks. Be alert and you will not drop your guard in response to such attacks, and know that these can come from discarnate Beings. Your light attracts quite a lot of interest, and not always by the more evolved souls.

Dear Ones, for so long you have gradually been given more and more information to prepare you for the end times. There is little more to pass on to you, at least not until the conditions on Earth allow for the return of highly evolved beings such as the Masters. Then you shall be lifted up by having the truth revealed to you, so that you go through the end times fully aware and with a heightened consciousness. You are to become Masters in your own rights, and it will return to levels that you passed through to participate in duality. Each of you has such a capability, and will at some time in the future return to it. In your present lower vibrations it is hard to contemplate what it will be like, but we assure you it will seem quite natural to you.

Much is happening around you, even although it doesn’t seem to be contributing to the emergence of positive changes. However, there is always some progress being made by our allies, and it is a case of being slow but sure. Changes are gradually forcing the hand of the dark Ones, who are being kept occupied by them. As the Light continues to gain the upper hand so the opportunity for Disclosure grows ever stronger. It is the turning point that will give the Lightworkers the go ahead, and then you shall see so much come into the open. All activities that will bring peace and abundance to Earth are a priority and will occupy a lot of our time. That however presents no problem, as we are well prepared for whatever challenges that arise. Our resources are unlimited and speed will be our aim in whatever projects we tackle.

Over recent years that you have been prepared for these times, and you have responded extremely well to the call to play your part in bringing this cycle to its conclusion. What once seemed so far away from you is now about to burst upon the scene. Watch and listen carefully, and you will begin to pick out the indications that signal the beginning of end for the dark Ones. They know it to be so yet try to avoid the obvious end to their domination of the people of Earth. You are soon to released from their influences and how refreshing it will be for all of you, to have people in power who by their words and actions will be known to be true and trustworthy.

The Internet is proving to be a wonderful source of information, even if it is used by those supporting the dark agenda. You should be sufficiently well informed by now not to be mislead and able to trust your intuition. Remember that everything of the Light will resonate with you, and if it does not do so set it aside. This has been your means of evolving, and discovering through personal experience what can be trusted. Your spiritual understanding is gained in this most reliable way, as the beliefs of another may not be for you. After all, you are at different stages of evolution and have to seek out your own pathway.

Over a long period of time you have had some wonderful teachers that have come to Earth, so you have not been neglected or left entirely to your own devices. Progress is arranged so that the largest numbers of you can keep up with it, and bring understanding into your lives. What is heart warming is the great numbers of you who have found it possible to “Walk your Talk”, and live your lives as ones who have discovered how to walk in your Light. By doing so you have also helped others who have been touched by it, resulting in the upliftment of the mass consciousness.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that our efforts over the years have resulted in positive changes to your thinking. They were carried out very patiently to bring a new way of understanding to you because the old paradigm was proving inadequate. You had to start creating one more suitable, and you have been successful in doing so. We say “Well Done” because you are to be congratulated for your achievement.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

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