The Crystal Rose of Peace : The Energies for January 2010 and the Coming Year – Celia Fenn

Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene through Celia Fenn

Light over the Sea of Galilee, Israel, January 2010

Beloved Lightworkers, we welcome you to this New Year of 2010, and

we are a little late this month as the Channel has been in her own

changes and transformations. Indeed, we can say that with this year of

2010 you are now fully in the New Earth energy and you are creating

the New Earth through every choice and decision that you make!

We call this the Year of the Crystal Rose of Peace, for the newly

activated Rose Grids are providing the acceleration into Planetary

Peace that will be the Foundation of the Golden Age of Peace. In the

last decade, you have worked to lay down the New Earth crystalline

grid system and to activate the Sacred Geometries of Light and the New

Light Codes for the New Earth. Now, with the Sacred Rose Grids

transmitting the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness to the

Planet, the Collective Consciousness has accelerated greatly in the

last few months. Many more souls are awakening and seeking to join in

this wonderful new creation of Peace and Love.

So it is that after the activations of the 11:11 and the 12:12 of

2009, the Planetary Hologram accelerated into a new level or frequency

of Divine Consciousness, creating much turbulence in its wake. Those

of you who are awakened are asked to keep holding your inner light and

truth and to provide the foundation of Peace and Love that will be the

basis for the New Earth.

The Acceleration will provide opportunities for great changes and

the creation of Miracles of Love. There will also be great challenges

as you learn to release the old energies and focus on the new ways of

Being. The most important skill that you can learn now is to Flow with

the energies. Things will move so swiftly that unless you are flexible

and able to flow with the changes, you will find great difficulty in

accepting what is. The characteristics of Higher Dimensional

Consciousness are Movement, Creation, Change and Flow. The way to be

in Higher Consciousness is to surrender to the Flow and allow Spirit

and your Higher Self to direct your course. The Mind cannot direct

your course now, as it does not have the ability to function within

multidimensionality. Only the Higher Self or I AM can do that. The

Function of the Mind is to make choices according to what is offered

by Spirit and to discern what pathways open before you.

Beloved Family of Light, this is a time of great blessings as you

learn how powerful you are. Sometimes, power is experienced simply by

releasing and letting go and allowing Spirit to be your guide. Indeed,

in this year of 2010, you will be challenged to release all

expectations and attachments to outcomes and allow what is to unfold

in your life, knowing that your I AM presence and Spirit will deliver

to you exactly what you desire and what is for your highest good and


Beloved Ones, in the process of Flow, remember always to align with

Love, for Love expresses Divine Will. Be drawn to Love and express

Love. Where there is no Love, then do not be there, remove yourself

and go to those places and people where the Love is. The time for

struggle and pain is over. Be drawn to Love and allow Love to be your

guide and support. And know that as you offer Love and Support, so

will it be returned to you.

As we have said before, Beloved Ones, Live in the Present moment, in

the Now. If you try to attach to the past or future, you will be

disoriented and out of flow, and things will not go well. If you focus

into what is given through Grace in the Present Moment, you will align

with the Flow of Divine Will and Divine Grace and you will experience

Abundance and Joy.

In this Acceleration and Alignment with Divine Will, you will

release all that is not necessary for your path, and you will be drawn

to those who are your Soul Family. You will, in this year, truly

understand who are your Soul Family. You will truly understand what it

means to be Family of Light and to be fully awakened and in communion

with Soul Family. This will be a great blessing. You will learn to

create together, to play together and to shape the future of the

Planet in Peace through Loving Intention right now.

Beloved Ones, in this year that comes you will learn to perfect your

skills of manifestation. What you desire and ask for will come to you

with great speed, and you will learn to accept, integrate and express

gratitude at the accelerated creation of all that you desire. You will

indeed be greatly blessed in this coming year, but it will require

inner strength and trust to handle the power of the energy of 2010.

We say to you also that there will be many challenges in this time.

As you create Peace and Abundance, you will need to confront all that

is not Peace and Abundance so that it may be released and transformed

in the Light. So, it may seem to you that “difficult” situations will

arrive to test your mastery of the light. At these times, hold to your

truth and hold the Peace in your heart, and move through these

situations by asking for guidance and holding your own inner Peace,

knowing that all will be well.

Where there is conflict, Beloved Ones, let there be resolutions,

where there are problems, let there be solutions. Where you are

challenged, look always for the highest good of all concerned at all


Remember too that the Diamond Light will flood all situations with

the Light of Absolute Clarity. Nothing can be hidden from the Light

now, and the Truth will always be seen and felt by those who are

awakened and whose hearts are open to Peace and Truth. This too is a

blessing, for your path will be open to Light and Radiance and

supported by Love. And so, as you pass through the month of January

with its powerful shifts and accelerations, we wish you Grace, Peace,

Love and the Power of your Divine Inner Being!

**The Crystal Rose of Peace by Mary Magdalene**

Beloved Children of the Light

Now in this year of the Rose

The Crystal Light of the Christ

Unfolds in your Hearts.

I am Here

With You

To support you and Love You As you learn to be Free.

The Sacred Energy of the Divine Feminine

That will Love you and Support you

As you learn to be Free.

I am with you

Yeshua is with you

Together we are the Christ Light

Living infinitely in your hearts


You were born free and you are free.

Embrace the Crystal Rose of Peace

In your Heart

Its Translucent Light will radiate Peace

Its Crystal Clarity will provide Luminous Love

For All.

In this year

I will be with you

I am the Magdalene

I am the Light of the Rose

The Light of the Goddess

The Light of your Feminine Being

I bring you Love

To support you

As you embrace your freedom


Yeshua and myself

We came to show you

How to be Free!

And now we say

You are Free

You are the Crystal Rose of Peace

Translucent and Beautiful

Angelic and filled with Grace

You are the Crystal Rose of Peace!

**Gathering of Family of Light in Israel January 2010, Living the New

Earth energies**

© 2010-11 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

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