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Inspire and uplift your own life with this simplistic yet life changing Positive Power and Motivational book.


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by Patricia Cota-Robles

January 2013


Congratulations! Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, we have God Victoriously Birthed the New Earth in the 5th-Dimensional Realms of CAUSE. During the unprecedented celestial alignment that took place on December 21st and 22nd, 2012, our Father-Mother God Inbreathed the Earth and ALL Creation up the Spiral of Evolution into the next octave of our learning experiences. This event, which was called the Shift of the Ages, is a natural part of our evolutionary experience that occurs only once every so many million years.

This shift involved not only the Sons and Daughters of God evolving on Earth, but also the Sons and Daughters of God throughout Infinity. Each and every Child of God is now in position to cocreate with our God Parents the next phase of our journey back to the Heart of our Father-Mother God. This will be a unique process for every Child of God throughout the Universe, but on Earth it will be glorious beyond our wildest imagination.

In order to grasp the magnitude of what the Birth of the New Earth in the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Cause means for each of us, we must understand that the 5th Dimension is a frequency of Light that transcends separation and duality. Within this higher frequency of vibration the gross mutations of disease, poverty, hunger, war, greed, hatred, or pain and suffering of any kind cannot be sustained. The 5th Dimension is a timeless, spaceless frequency of God’s Infinite Light and Perfection. It is the frequency that we have always known as the Heavenly Realms. Now with the Shift of the Ages God Victoriously accomplished, the Heavenly Realms have Ascended up the Spiral of Evolution into the 6th-Dimensional Realms of Light.

Within the 5th Dimension Divine Love and the consciousness of Oneness and Reverence for Life are the ONLY reality. The Sons and Daughters of God abiding in the 5th Dimension are destined to cocreate experiences that enhance life with every thought, word, action, feeling, and belief we express. We will cocreate win-win situations for everybody as we perpetually focus on Love, Light, and the highest good for ALL concerned. This may sound too good to be true, but actually it does not even begin to describe the wonders and joyous things we will be cocreating once we accept that the New Earth has been Birthed, and we daily and hourly live out of that profound Truth.

I know the events of the 2012 December Solstice have created a lot of confusion. That is because of people’s expectations, and because it is difficult for people to step back and see the bigger picture. For aeons of time our fragmented, fear-based human egos have manipulated us into believing that our physical body is who we are and that the physical plane is our only reality. Nothing could be further from the Truth, but that illusion is a hard habit to break. We look at the outer world and come to erroneous conclusions about events that have taken place in multidimensional levels of our existence. Our conclusions are wrong because we are multidimensional Beings of Light abiding within many dimensions simultaneously. The physical plane is the least real of all of the dimensions we abide in, and it is the very last dimension to reflect the changes that have taken place in the Realms of Cause.

The Company of Heaven is very aware of the challenge we have with our egos, and they are doing everything they can to help us perceive the Truth of the miraculous Birth of the New Earth. Ask your I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven for clarity as you take the following information into your heart of hearts. You are already aware of the wonders that have transpired. That is true even if you do not remember these events on a conscious level. You have been an instrument of God during this Cosmic Moment, and you were an intricate part in the fulfillment of this important part of the Divine Plan.

On December 21, 2012, during the moments of Earth’s alignment with the Galactic Core of the Milky Way, our Father-Mother God Inbreathed this planet and all Life evolving upon her up the Spiral of Evolution. During that Cosmic Moment, this precious planet reclaimed her rightful place in our Solar System. That sacred event paved the way for another activity of Light that had to be victoriously accomplished in order for the New Earth and ALL Humanity to be successfully Birthed into the full embrace of the 5th Dimension.

Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus, the Avatar of the Piscean Age, revealed an activity of Light that would take place during these “end times” which would serve as a catalyst for returning the fallen Sons and Daughters of God on Earth to Christ Consciousness. The event he revealed was a Baptism by Sacred Fire that would be initiated by our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, on behalf of awakening Humanity. This miraculous event was God Victoriously accomplished on December 22, 2012, thus paving the way for the successful Birth of the New Earth in the 5th Dimension.

In order for us to comprehend the enormity of what has occurred for Humanity and the Earth, the Company of Heaven asked me to reiterate some important information they gave to us about events that paved the way for the wondrous Birth of the New Earth. There are thousands of new people on our newsletter list, and this background is very important. This article is a little long, but I promise you it is well worth your time.

Baptism by Sacred Fire

In the beginning, we were a full-grown Being of Light, and an Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame enveloped our Earthly bodies. The Blue Flame of our Father God’s Power activated our left-brain hemisphere and the rational, logical portion of our brain. It also activated the masculine power center within our Throat Chakra. The Pink Flame of our Mother God’s Love activated our right-brain hemisphere and the creative, intuitive portion of our brain. This Sacred Fire also activated the feminine love center within our Heart Chakra. Our Mother God is the feminine polarity of God. She is the Holy Comforter and expresses the Love Nature of God. She is the Being we came to know as the Holy Spirit within the Holy Trinity.

Initially, the masculine and the feminine polarities of our Father-Mother God were perfectly balanced within us. This allowed our Father God’s Blue Flame of Power and our Mother God’s Pink Flame of Love to merge into the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

This perfectly balanced Violet Flame activated our spiritual brain centers, which are our pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus glands, and the ganglionic centers at the base of our brain. When these spiritual brain centers were activated, our Crown Chakra of Enlightenment opened to full breadth allowing the Yellow-gold Flame of Christ Consciousness to Birth the Child of God that we are into the physical plane of Earth. This Yellow-gold Flame completed our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame and the manifestation of the Holy Trinity within us.

After our fall from Grace, we created overwhelming pain and suffering for ourselves. We used our gift of free will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling to create patterns of imperfection that resulted in all of the maladies that are now existing on Earth. When we began experiencing pain for the first time we were afraid, and we had no idea how to cope with what was happening in our lives. We were so buried in our self-inflicted strife that we could not raise our heads above the mud puddle of our miscreations enough to see the Light. This prevented us from communicating with our God Self or from perceiving viable solutions to our problems through Christ Consciousness. All we wanted to do was make the pain stop.

We knew that our Heart Chakra was the portal through which our feelings were expressed in the physical plane. We thought that maybe if we blocked this portal, the pain would stop. So the Children of Earth, in a desperate attempt to stop our pain, made the fateful decision to close our Heart Chakras.

The Beings of Light revealed that when we closed our Heart Chakras, we blocked the portal through which our Mother God’s Love entered the physical plane of Earth. This catastrophic occurrence forced our Mother God to withdraw her Love to a mere trickle of its original intensity. This created monumental problems that catapulted the Earth and all her Life into a downward spiral of darkness, pain, and suffering.

Once we closed our Heart Chakras, the infinitesimal amount of Divine Love our Mother God was able to project through our right-brain hemispheres, was barely enough to sustain brain consciousness. This caused our right brains to became almost dormant. When that occurred, the Blue Flame of Power from our Father God and the Pink Flame of Love from our Mother God no longer merged into the perfectly balanced Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

Our Father-Mother God’s balanced Violet Flame was the catalyst that activated our spiritual brain centers and opened our Crown Chakra. Without the support of the Violet Flame, our spiritual brain centers began to atrophy. This forced our Crown Chakra to close, which prevented us from communicating with our God Self and the Company of Heaven. We were no longer able to maintain Christ Consciousness.

When we lost conscious awareness of our God Self and the Company of Heaven, we started to perceive the physical plane as our only reality. We came to the distorted conclusion that our physical body is all that we are and that the gratification of our physical senses is our purpose and reason for being. As we plodded through our Earthly existence making choices that took us further into separation and darkness, we developed a fear-based alter ego. This fragmented aspect of our personality is known as our human ego. Our human ego usurped the control our God Self was supposed to have over our Earthly bodies.

Without the balance of our Mother God’s Love, we began abusing our masculine power. We made power-oriented decisions that did not take into consideration how our choices would affect other people, or if they reflected Love or a Reverence for Life. When we were in male bodies we abused our power by being violent and aggressive. When we were in female bodies, we abused our power by suppressing it and allowing ourselves to be dominated and oppressed. The more we abused our power, the deeper we fell into the abyss of our human miscreations. As time went on, our plight became much worse.

Then, 2,000 years ago, during the dawn of the Piscean Age, an evaluation was made by our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven to see what the greatest need of the hour was for Humanity. The Shift of the Ages was coming and our hearts were still closed. We were oblivious about the Love of our Mother God, and we no longer functioned with Christ Consciousness. It was clear that without powerful Divine Intervention Humanity would not be ready to make the shift into the 5th Dimension.

The Children of God on Earth had fallen into an abusive and power-oriented patriarchal consciousness. We were being totally manipulated by the “dog eat dog” attitude of our fragmented and fear-based human egos. We were oblivious of our Mother God and her Divine Love. We knew that there was only One God and that we are all Children of God, but it did not occur to us that this all-encompassing Presence of God was both masculine and feminine. Amazingly, we assumed that as Children of God we had a single parent, and we believed that parent was male-a Father God. What child is ever birthed without a Mother? “As above, so below.”

During Earth’s evaluation by our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven at the inception of the Piscean Age, it was clear that the greatest need of the hour was for Humanity to reclaim our Divine Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God. The only way to accomplish that goal was for us to return to Christ Consciousness. And the ONLY way to return to Christ Consciousness, was for us to open our Heart Chakras and the portal within our right-brain hemispheres through which our Mother God could return to Earth. In other words, without the Love of our Mother God there was no way to regain Christ Consciousness. Humanity would have to open our Heart Chakras and balance our Mother God’s Flame of Divine Love within our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame. Only then could our right and left brain hemispheres become balanced, and our spiritual brain centers reactivated, thus opening our Crown Chakra and returning us to Christ Consciousness.

In order to accomplish this mighty feat, a Divine Plan was set into motion. Our Father-Mother God summoned a Beloved Son and Daughter of God from the Great Silence. These precious Beings were Twin Flames who had been in the Great Silence for a very long time learning how to anchor the archetypes for both the return of our Mother God and Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness. They are the ones we have known as Jesus the Christ and Mary Magdalene. These selfless Beings of Light volunteered to embody on Planet Earth to demonstrate to the fallen Children of God the reality of our Mother God, and the path of Divine Love Humanity must follow in order to return to Christ Consciousness.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene knew that because of Humanity’s ingrained belief in the patriarchal authority of a single Father God, Mary’s role would initially be as a silent partner. Her part of the Divine Plan was cloaked in secrecy to prevent the plan from being blocked through the abuse of power being wielded by Humanity’s patriarchal human egos at the time. Jesus and Mary Magdalene were equal partners, and together they God Victoriously accomplished the Immaculate Concept of their Divine Missions.

During what is referred to as “the lost 18 years,” Jesus and Mary Magdalene studied in the mystery schools of India, Tibet, and Egypt. When it was time to begin their mission of anchoring the archetypes for the return of our Mother God and Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness, Jesus demonstrated for all the world to see the imperative first step-the return of the Divine Feminine, our Mother God, the Holy Spirit.

At the age of 30, Jesus and Mary Magdalene came to the banks of the Jordan River, where Jesus immersed himself in the sacred water element. Water represents the emotional strata for the Earth as well as the emotional bodies for Humanity. Once Jesus was in the water, he participated in a Divine Ceremony that anchored the archetype for the return of our Mother God. In that ceremony, John the Baptist washed away the sins of the world by Baptizing Jesus with the Love of our Mother God-the Holy Spirit.

We have all seen pictures of Jesus standing in the Jordan River with the Dove of the Holy Spirit descending into his Crown Chakra. In that moment, Jesus’ right-brain hemisphere was brought into perfect balance with his left-brain hemisphere. His spiritual brain centers were activated, and his Crown Chakra was opened to full breadth. When this occurred, Jesus became the Christ grown to full stature and his mission of modeling Humanity’s Divine Potential as a Beloved Child of God began in earnest. Simultaneously, Mary Magdalene experienced the same anointing through a Baptism of the Holy Spirit. At that moment, Jesus and Mary Magdalene became the Avatars of the Piscean Age.

For the next three years Jesus modeled to the world the path of Oneness and Divine Love that each of us must follow in order to regain Christ Consciousness. Day in and day out, Mary Magdalene supported Jesus with her love, and held the sacred space for the fulfillment of their Divine Missions.

The path of Oneness and Divine Love is the only way the Children of God will return, through Christ Consciousness, to the Heart of our Divine Father and Mother. Jesus demonstrated this path and our Divine Potential through various activities of Light and the miracles he performed. Both he and Mary Magdalene clearly revealed the Oneness of Life through their dedication to each other and their reverence for ALL Life.

At the age of 33 Jesus accomplished the final facets of his Divine Mission. Thirty-three is the master number that reflects the Christ made manifest. There is a lot of discussion at this time as to whether Jesus was actually crucified and whether or not he resurrected his body. The Company of Heaven has confirmed that both of these events were vitally important to the fulfillment of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s Divine Plan.

Contrary to the guilt-inducing things we are often told, the reason Jesus was tortured and crucified was not to atone for Humanity’s sins because we are such worthless sinners and worms in the dust that someone had to save us. In Truth, our Father-Mother God gave each of us the gift of free will and NO ONE is allowed to interfere with Humanity’s experience, or the ramifications, of our free-will choices. We are responsible for how we have used our gift of Life, and we must experience the consequences of our thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and beliefs whether they were positive or negative.

Jesus agreed to be crucified because he wanted to prove to the world that there is nothing the fallen human ego can do to the physical body that will destroy the Divinity within us. His crucifixion and resurrection proved that even if one’s body is reviled, tortured, and crucified, the Divinity within is eternal and lives on in our Light Body.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene came to anchor the archetypes for the return of our Mother God and to demonstrate the path of Oneness and Divine Love that each of us must follow in order to return to Christ Consciousness. Jesus knew, however, that our human egos were powerful and that our lack of trust in ourselves was overwhelming. He was very aware that the potential was great that we would misunderstand his mission. After all, many Avatars had come and gone since Humanity’s fall from Grace, each one with the intent of teaching Humanity the path of Divine Love that would lead to Christ Consciousness. In every attempt, Humanity separated ourselves from the Avatars and Deified them with the hope that they would save us. Jesus was determined to not let that happen this time, so he created a plan that would clearly demonstrate to Humanity that we are each responsible for our individual return to Christ Consciousness.

In the final act of Beloved Jesus’ mission he wanted to clearly reveal to Humanity that he cannot do this for us and that we are not saved simply because he was here. Jesus left a powerful archetype to prove that no matter how dedicated we are to him, we are each responsible for our return to Christ Consciousness. In order to create this archetype, Jesus invoked the assistance of his Beloved Disciples.

After Jesus’ resurrection in his Light Body, he remained on Earth for 40 days. During that time he expanded his Light Body and lifted the Disciples into Christ Consciousness, so that they could experience the return of our Mother God and what it was like to reconnect with their God Selves. In Christ Consciousness the Disciples were able to perform all of the miracles Jesus performed. They quickly learned the lessons that would enable them to continue the mission that had been started by their beloved brother, Jesus. They prepared to spread the Truth of our Mother God, the reality of Humanity’s Divinity, and the Path of Oneness and Divine Love that would lead to Christ Consciousness for every evolving soul.

At the end of the 40 days, it was time for Jesus to Ascend into the next phase of his mission. When the Heavens opened and Jesus Ascended into the Realms of Illumined Truth, he withdrew his Light Body from the Disciples. Since the Disciples had not attained Christ Consciousness through their own endeavors they began to falter and they lost the ability to sustain Christ Consciousness.

The Disciples realized that in spite of their great love for Jesus and their dedication to him and his mission, he could not save them or sustain them in Christ Consciousness. It was not enough for them to love him, or for them to accept him as their personal savior. Reaching Christ Consciousness was something each of them would have to accomplish on his own. The most Jesus and Mary Magdalene could do was anchor the archetypes for the return of our Mother God, and demonstrate the path of Oneness and Divine Love that we must each follow in order to return to Christ Consciousness.

For ten days the Disciples struggled with their predicament. On the 50th day after Jesus’ resurrection, the day we now call Pentecost, the Disciples realized what they must do in order to attain and sustain Christ Consciousness. On that day the Disciples entered what was called the Upper Room. This was a higher state of consciousness that they each attained by consecrating their lives to the path of Oneness and Divine Love. In that elevated state of consciousness, each of the Disciples opened his heart and from the depths of his Being invoked the return of our Mother God through a Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This time the Baptism was by Sacred Fire instead of water.

In that instant, the Disciples’ right-brain hemispheres were brought into perfect balance with their left-brain hemispheres. Their spiritual brain centers were activated, and their Crown Chakras were opened to full breadth. This allowed the Disciples to regain Christ Consciousness and to reconnect with their God Selves. We have all seen depictions of the Disciples after their Baptism with Sacred Fire by the Holy Spirit. They are shown with a Flame pulsating from their Crown Chakras indicating that they had regained Christ Consciousness.

Even with all of the archetypes that were carefully anchored during the Piscean Age, Jesus and Mary Magdalene knew that it would be millennia before Humanity would really understand their message and reclaim our Divine Birthright as Beloved Children of God. It was obvious that our human egos were not going to relinquish their patriarchal control easily. The resistance would be great, and every possible effort would be made to suppress the role of Mary Magdalene and the Truth of our Mother God. Jesus confirmed this knowing in Revelations when he stated, “In the Day of the Seventh Angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God will be fulfilled and time will be no more.” He said this would involve the Second Coming of the Christ through a Baptism by Sacred Fire.

The Piscean Age was the Day of the Sixth Angel. Jesus is known as the Prince of Peace because of the Divine Qualities associated with the Sixth Solar Aspect of Deity, which was the predominant influence during the 2,000-year cycle of the Piscean Age. Jesus’ symbol is the fish, because he and Mary Magdalene were the Avatars of the Piscean Age, which is represented by the symbol of the fish.

The Shift of the Ages and the Birth of the New Earth.

Now we have entered the Age of Aquarius and the 7th Angel is beginning to sound. During the next 2,000 years, the 7th Solar Aspect of Deity which pulsates with the Violet Flame will be the predominant influence on Earth.

During the past 25 years, Humanity en masse reached a tipping point that allowed for the return of our Mother God in profound and unprecedented ways. The I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth has made the choice to reclaim our Divine Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God and to return to Christ Consciousness. On December 21, 2012, we God Victoriously passed through the Shift of the Ages. On December 22, 2012, Humanity received a Baptism from our Mother God-the Holy Spirit-that bathed Humanity and the Earth in 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Sacred Fire. This paved the way for the God Victorious Birth of the New Earth into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Cause.

On December 22, 2012 literally millions of awakened Humanity around the world focused the power of our attention on the Birth of the New Earth. Together we created a Forcefield of Divine Light that moved the Earth and ALL her Life through an unstoppable shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness. Now every particle of Life on Earth is abiding in frequencies of Divine Light that will transform this blessed planet into the patterns of perfection for our new Planetary Cause of Divine Love as we focus on them through our thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and beliefs. This is the beginning of the Renaissance of Divine Love Humanity is destined to cocreate in the physical world of form as we live, move, breathe, and act out of this new reality. Pay attention. Focus ONLY on what you want to cocreate on the New Earth through Love and Reverence for ALL Life.

With the Birth of the New Earth we have moved into a Higher Order of Being. Love is the Order of the New Day on Planet Earth. This is not just a lofty platitude or wishful thinking. This is the reality of the New Earth we are now living upon. A supreme consciousness of Love is filtering into the heart and mind of every person on the planet. The masses of Humanity will soon “see with new eyes and hear with new ears.” Daily and hourly keep this inner knowing in your heart and mind. Pay attention to the Loving experiences manifesting all around you. You will be amazed at the things that are happening within Humanity that reflect a new consciousness of Love, Oneness, and Reverence for ALL Life.

Just for a moment, take a deep breath and enter the Divinity of your heart. Feel the elation pouring forth from our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven in response to the unprecedented Victory in the Light the I AM Presences of Humanity have cocreated. Never in the history of time has the collective energy, vibration, and consciousness of Humanity taken such a quantum leap into the frequencies of Light.

Throughout 2013, 2014, and 2015 the Company of Heaven will guide us through amazing opportunities that will accelerate the process of our tangible manifestation of the New Earth. All we have to do is ask. Those patterns of perfection exist right here, right now. These are wondrous times. Stay focused in the Light and pay attention. This is the beginning of our glorious New Reality. And so it is!

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New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
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“the way” – Heavenly Blessings with Lao Tzu

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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The following is an excerpt from Heavenly Blessings, May 17, 2012, with Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu is the author of the Tao Teh Ching and Hua Hu Ching. His simple, unfrilled explication of “the Way” has proven itself a classic of spirituality and won him countless adherents over centuries, well beyond the boundaries of what might be considered Taoism.

The reference to the stick alludes to Lao Tzu’s first appearance to Linda in which he showed her a gnarled upright stick in perfect balance on his hand. Linda discussed the incident in the preamble. The sage is that gnarled stick in perfect balance.

My favorite image of Lao Tzu is one that he gave of himself sitting at the roadside, across from a popular noodle stand. The hot steam is rising from the noodle pots across the way and travellers gather to eat and trade animated gossip. Meanwhile, no one comes to partake of the weak meat soup that Lao Tzu has prepared in silence and dispenses from a pot by his side. To the worldly what Lao Tzu purveys is “weak meat soup.”

One of the surprising admissions he makes is that it was he who incarnated as Djwhal Khul. Thanks to Mary for the transcript.

Heavenly Blessings, May 17, 2012, with Lao Tzu

Graham Dewyea: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, I’m Graham Dewyea. Our guest today is Lao Tzu.

Lao Tzu: Greetings I am Lao Tzu.

GD: Welcome.

LT: And welcome to you and do not worry, you are in the stillness and you are balancing on the stick and you are balancing within and without. There are many challenges upon your planet at this time and the key is to stay within the stillness and the balance of your heart and in that to stay in the balance and the stillness of your mind and your emotion. When you are in this place, you are also in the place of receptivity and you are able to bring forward what you need, what you desire, what you anticipate and what you are here to do. So, yes, I have asked this channel for the opportunity to speak to all of you and I welcome you.

We have traveled together for a long time and we do so yet again. I have taken many forms in many incarnations but I wish to come to you this way as ancient teacher and ancient friend. I always am willing to give you my stick, that you may carry it with you, that you may treasure it and you say to me “But Master, what is so special about an old gnarled stick that is crooked and bent?” Well, first of all it teaches you, reminds you to honor the wisdom of the elders, the wisdom that has been gathered and that I come to share with you.

But it is also a symbol of your life; it is a symbol of what each of you go through in your journey. There are very few beings and particularly on earth, whose life is straightforward. There are always bends in the road. There are always unexpected detours. There are always bumps and perhaps gnarls. I ask you to take this stick and carry it and to practice balancing it that you may honor your journey. Do not strip it down, do not take the bark off it, do not polish it. Look at it in its perfect, natural form and appreciate it and then appreciate your life.

It is a time when many of you are going through a period of reflection, of life review, of examination of what you have done and not done, accomplished and for many of you this is tinged a little with judgment and sometimes disappointment, feelings of what might have been. My friends, this is not the purpose of this examination and reflection, quite the contrary. The purpose is to see and to exclaim and to claim everything you have done, everything you have come to know, everything that you have experienced. Not judging it as good, bad, or indifferent but simply embracing it for the journey it has been.

When I have walked the world as teacher and healer I would travel to the villages and I would share the secrets of the healing and the chi, for it was really no secret at all. But when I would travel to the poorest village and still I would be honored to share a rice bowl and people would say to me “Master, what is it like in the palace of the emperor? Is it not grand? Do you not wish you were there? I wish I could go.” And I would look at these beings, my fellow villagers, my fellow travelers and I would say to them “Look at the riches that surround you, for your feet are on the ground, they are in the soil all day long. You feel the heartbeat of the Mother, you awaken to the song of the birds as the sun rises in the sky, you feel the warmth of the day and the gifts of the breeze, you drink the fresh water with your hands, your children surround you, your grandchildren honor you. These are the riches.”

For the emperor was always sick. He was always out of balance. And so, yes, he would beckon to me and like any who would beckon to me I would respond and go, often with some of you in tow for you are my students, my friends, my followers, my journeyers. And we would work our healing and restore the balance and chi flow within those of the palace walls and the emperor himself. And he would say to me “What must I do to maintain this balance, to maintain my flow and why can you not simply stay here and tend to me?” And I would always just smile and look at him and I would say to him “What you must do is put your feet on the earth and raise your face to the sun and give thanks for the riches, for you are the son of heaven and this is much to be grateful for.”

And so I say to you, my dear friends, my children, be grateful for your stick; be grateful for what you have, for even the hardships. The hardships have come to you because you are strong enough to walk through them, to reveal the inner meaning, to share with others. When you do not know sorrow, when you have not experienced any of the old realm, then how do you know how others feel, what they experience and challenge. So bless the hardships that you have faced and the victories both large and small, for there are times in each of your lives when simply opening your eyes and choosing to go forward another day is a victory.

But I do not simply leave you with empty reassurances. I have brought the LaHoChi back that you would have the tools to restore, not only your sacred self but all of humanity and all of Gaia; that you would have in your hands, at your fingertips what is necessary to obtain, maintain and retain the balance in all things for this healing is not simply for the body, the mind, the spirit, the soul, it is also for situations, environments, and for the planet we love, sweet Gaia.

But I have other gifts that I also wish to gift to you this day and I know that you have been gifted and blessed with the Silver Flame of Archangel Uriel. Is he not magnificent? My gift to you is more humble than that, it is my cup, my small oil cup, my light, for we simply place a wick as you would think of it in some oil and I give you this, I give you my light that burns deep orange, that it will light your way. You are courageous; you are the adventurers, that is why St. Germaine and I have called to you.

But I want you to have this light as you travel into unknown territory so that you may feel reassured, that you may see into situations that seem to be unclear or that you are uncertain of. You are breaking new ground, you are ascending into new territory, you are receiving the qualities of your inter-dimensional self during this time of transition.

But I am not a foolish old man; I know there will be moments when you will feel a little nervous. And so I ask for you to use this light that you will see your way and if you are still nervous, if you are still anxious as many of you are, ‘will this happen? will I make it?’, then turn to me. There is nothing frail about me; I am very strong and I will offer you my arm or my shoulder to lean upon for I want you to find your way. And if you need guidance I will help you. I do not run ahead of you. No, I want you to be able to find your way for that is your joy and your journey but any assistance you need I am right there.

I also gift to you, my beloved friends, fellow journeyers, I give to you a ball of twine. Yes, it is the old fashioned twine that you have not seen in a long time. But I always carry this with me, I travel very light and my sack holds very little, but these are essential tools and it is what I have to share with you and so I do so joyfully; I do so in gratitude that you will accept these humble gifts from me. “Why the twine?” you say. It is very useful, it is useful in a number of ways; first of all if you think you are running out of wicks for the oil simply cut a piece, it will burn brightly and show the way. But primarily I give it to you that you may lay it down around you and form boundaries.

It is a time of unity and this has been always what I have taught. I have taught it in ancient China, I have taught it in Atlantis, I have taught it in Tibet as my incarnation as Djwhal Khul, I have taught the importance of unity. But the comfort level of unity, for you see that I tend to your comfort this night, is knowing your boundaries. If you do not feel safe and secure and if you do not feel within your safety and secure your sacred space which grows daily, my dear hearts, if you do not feel this sense of boundary, of the wonder, the beauty, the magnificence of your sacred self, the divine expression of who you are in every dimension, in every reality, then it becomes frightening for you when we say to you, “Join as one, acknowledge that you are one heart, part of one mind, one energy.” The fear will rise up because you think “I will lose myself in this sea”.

And of course ultimately that is the goal, but not at this stage, not at this stage of your journey. And so I give you this twine that you may lay down a border, a boundary to define your beautiful self my sweet child and healer, my teachers, my gatekeepers, my showers of the way. So use this twine to outline what defines you and that you may feel safe in inviting people in or opening the door.

And if you feel that you are going in this journey from the 3rd to the 5th dimension, to the 7th, to the 9th, and you are afraid that you will not know your way back home, that you will somehow lose your way, then simply unravel the twine, anchor it, anchor it to your alter, to your bed, to your chair, anchor it within your home. And as you travel simply allow the ball of twine, it is much better than bird crumbs for our experience is the birds are a hungry group and they believe that you do this for them not for you, so use the twine in this way that you may always find your way home.

And it does not matter whether it is home to your own home where you think your family lives, where your children reside and love you, or home to the 5th dimension, or home to the 7th, or home to the heart of One. So I give this to you in this way that you may keep it with you always; my gifts are always multi-purpose and then you may also use it however you wish. But I want you to know, although I am silent, I am always present. I am the observer, I am the watcher, I am the teacher as well.

Now before we go any further, dear Graham of the inter-dimensional reality, do you have any questions of me?

GD: Well firstly, thank you for your wisdom and your gifts and your peaceful messages. Can you hear me ok?

LT: Yes, I can. And I think everybody else can as well. And I am not just speaking about the radio.

GD: Well, your message and your visit with us today is so timely and one of the things that strike me…[at this point he was having technical difficulties again and I could not piece together his questions]…

LT: I believe you have some further technical difficulties, but I want to talk, and that is why today I chose to speak of these messages of comfort. Like you I have lived as a human being and my journey has been long and there have been times of ups and downs. Many of you are feeling the penetration of the energy directly from the heart of Mother/Father/One and it is bringing up for you all kind of things including what I have called ‘insecurities’. And you can also use this ball of twine you know as a buoy, it will float even in the roughest seas.

But how do you navigate, how do you navigate first of all when you know that you are walking in areas that have not been walked by the general population of earth, by humanity, ever? And how do you deal with the peaks, the troughs, the waves, the emotional challenges?, and I would be remiss, it is also one of the reasons I asked to speak to you because I have wandered the village, I have wandered the rice fields, I have seen children die of hunger, I know what it is to be in poverty, and I have seen the riches of those who rule, let us say through arrogance, believing it is divine right; the only divine right is unity and equality and freedom.

That is why I chose to go from village to village to heal my people, to allow the force of love and light to move through them rapidly; not that it would take years to heal, but moments, it is instantaneous. And I ask each of you to remember and to learn if you cannot remember, learn my LaHoChi because it is important especially now we have amplified it. And if you say “Lord, I don’t know what to do with this”, I say “Take your hands and put them on your heart and stay still.” Too many of you so often you are running, you are leaning right, you are leaning left, you are leaning forward, you are leaning back, and you are not learning to stay still, in balance. And once you have this, yes what the channel has called ‘stillpoint’ when you have the balance, when you can be the stick in perfect balance, then you can move.

It would be absurd, ridiculous and a form of denial for us to say to you “Everything is fine.” Everything is fine in divine timing and right and process and what you are being gifted with, but we do not pretend that there is not inner turmoil. That is why I speak to you of ‘choice’ and sometimes the choice, the decision, the biggest decision is just to keep going, to get out of bed. Sometimes the biggest choice and the wisest course of action is to sit, to be still, to simply be and know that you will be nudged by appropriate action, by appropriate inspiration. When it is time to move you will jump as if your feet are on fire and you are filled with the spirit of action. But the balance is the movement and the stillness.

But when you are feeling tossed by the waves, by the trough, by your emotions, by what you think and let go of judgment please, it is very old 3rd dimension, it has no place in your life, it never has. It is judgment that has gotten you, the collective of humanity, into this mess so let it go and when you feel that you are indecisive then be still. Your reaction and your reaction particularly in the west is “Oh I have to do something.” And I ask of you “Why?” Sometimes the wisest action is no action; it is tending to your self.

We bring this healing forward now because it can work the miracles of clearing, of uniting, of honoring your boundaries and helping you feel safe of letting them go. We bring this forward to you, and I do not do so alone, I do so with my beloved St. Germaine and Archangel Raphael, Metatron, Jesus Sananda, the Mother, the Divine Mother and yes as Mary, as Quan Yin, El Morya, Serapis Bey, Sanat Kumara. All of these beings join with me in this healing that I offer you, not at some future date but right now.

We are also joined by my dear friend and ally Grener of Ashira of Neptune. (1) Yes, your star brothers and sisters have brought this healing to you in the first place. They have not forgotten it and so they bring it to you once again. We all do, not on a golden platter but in our hands and in the activation of your hands, of your light, of your God force divinity, of Love. So often I hear you say “Master, how can we heal the world? How can we do this when time is running short?” And this is how you may do it.

What this chi, the LaHoChi, does for you is also allows you to direct and to work more clearly with this energy that is this love, the laser beam of light that is being sent to you directly from the heart of the Source One. It helps you to direct it into yourself, into others, into your political situations, your financial situations, into the environment where many are still living in the 3rd dimensional reality, so that they may be penetrated and wake up in time to claim their sovereignty. Yes, this journey of Ascension is about Gaia and her reclaiming her rightful place, her journey of light and love. But dear friends, make no mistake it is also about each of you claiming and reclaiming your rightful place as well. The great awakening is upon you, it is not coming in future times. It is here and it is yours and I am here to help. I will share my rice bowl, I will share my twine, I will share my light. I will share my wisdom and I will give you my stick.

I ask of you not to doubt yourself. I know what doubt is. There were times that I would go to the palace and I would worry. I would worry not because I couldn’t heal the emperor but because I would doubt and worry about whether he would accept the healing. But that was futile and of course that was part of my learning, my journey in that lifetime. It was part of finding the middle way and staying in the middle way, the Tao. It is none of my business whether the emperor wishes to accept healing. If it is requested it is given. And so it is with you. If people request your help, do not wait one moment to judge or to think ‘will it work?’ Simply proceed. Proceed from balance and stillness into the action, into the flow of love through you to them and I guarantee you, my dear hearts, it will work each and every time. So acknowledge your doubt, acknowledge the worry and then let it be gone. Do not carry it with you. Make sure your sack is as light as mine. Go with peace and go with my love.

GD: Thank you.


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The Movements of Time by Master Djwhal Khul – Natalie Glasson

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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The Movements of Time by Master Djwhal Khul

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 17/05/12

View online at http://www.omna.org/17-05-12-Djwhal_Khul.html

With the brightness of love I movecloser to your energy to be of service, I am Master Djwhal Khul, it is thedeepest honour to share my wisdom with you. I, Master Djwhal Khul, bring a great source of energy to the Earth andyour being as I step forward to share mywisdom. It is my wish that my sourceof light offers to you the strength that you need to continue along yourspiritual path. Breathe the energy of strength into your being, a strength thatsupports your inner core energies.

There are some whose devotion totheir spiritual path is waning at this time, the pressure and procedure of transformation is becoming a heavy burden. I wish for each of you to understand that we, the Ascended Masters, and your soul do not hold any expectations of you or your reality on the Earth.There is no pressure for you to achieve or even walk along your spiritual path upon the Earth. Our greatest desire is not that you achieve your ascension but that you follow the feelings of joy and inspiration that exist within yourbeing. Rather than putting stress upon yourself to achieve your ascension, follow your inner guidance, the feelings and desires of your soul and intuition. This will lead you further along your path than any demands or you project onto yourself. We wish for you to know that we hold no expectations for your current reality, physical and spiritual and we wish for you to also dissolve all expectation that you have for your spiritual development and growth at this time. Expectation will only create limitations and block your expansive expression of yourself. Let yourself drop all expectation that you may have of yourself for 12-12-12 and 21-12-12, let all expectations fall away and allow yourself to exist as love and in love.

As we are moving ever closer to ascension there is an air of panic that is arising within the minds and emotions of manyas to whether they will be ready, have they done enough, why can’t they overcome small challenges and how can they exist as love. You may always have these questions and there is always a period of growth that needs to be addressed existing before you as you are ascending because ascension is continuous and one could say eternal. It is important to realise the more pressure you put yourself under and the more demands you make of yourself the more you are limiting your growth. I am not saying that you shouldn’t have any aspirations or dreams these will always exist in your heart but allow yourself a certain freedom from expectation.

Existing as your loving energy and focusing upon your intuition will access a greater liberation for yourself thus allowing further expansion and ascension. In truth at this time I am asking youto be at one with your own energies, to be at peace, to be at one with your inner guidance, therefore you will allow yourself to be at one with the energy of the Creator within you and all around your being. Take some time to rest as you allow yourself to be at one and to integrate with your own energies. With this understanding you will allow many shifts and integrations to occur naturally and easily with little focus.

The action of being at one with your own energies is the action of self-observation, self-awareness, innerpeace and a feeling of being comfortable in your own energy; it is akin to approaching many situations in your reality from a meditative state. Remember that the body doesn’t have to be in meditation for the mind to adopt a meditative state of awareness. It is to observe, to adopt peace and that everything as it is in the present is the perfection of the Creator. To understand that you are love and you are completely and absolutely surrounded in love, there is just a need to let it enter more fully into your being foryour more complete experience. I realise that what I am suggesting may sound even more challenging than your current goals in your spiritual reality and practices.

Simply ask that you are aligned to the energy of the Creator to be at one or united with your own energies and that of the Creator, then simply sit in peace, experiencing, observing and absorbing.

I believe that the panic concerning many people’s spiritual evolution on the Earth is due to the movement of time. Time seems to be quickening so drastically that it may feel as if time is running away with you and that you now have less time than before to achieve what you feel is needed in your reality. It is true that time has quickened and all experiences, situations and developments are moving at a quicker pace. It is your understanding of time that allows for it to quicken or slow and in truth it is your understanding of yourself that creates the experience of a faster pace. Due to time being created by humanity in order to understand their reality, to distinguish between what they have experienced, are currently experiencing and are waiting to experience. At humanity’s creation of time there was an understanding of existing in the present but also the mind was limited in its acceptance of the reality being experience on the Earth. Time was created as an idea to document and explore everything that was being experienced in a physical reality but in truth it rides as a wave above the experience of reality on the Earth. Time seems so integrated with your reality and yet it is a false perception that is simply no more than idea. Time seems to run alongside you, being influenced by no one and yet because it is an idea that you have absorbed you are influencing time at all stages of your reality. The vibration that you exist as is akin to a rhythm that beats softly and slowly when you are not conscious of yourself as a spiritual light being and aspect of the Creator, but when you are conscious this rhythm beats with accelerating speed and pronounced sound. It is not time that is quickening and causing a panic that there isn’t enough time to achieve your ascension or that you are running out of time. Time will always be there as long as you accept it as an idea but your vibration is quickening with each step you take along your spiritual path and so the quickening of your vibration accelerates you forward.

In many ways we are observing the movements of your ascension and the quickening of your vibration rather than the movement of time.

I wish to share with you a tool that will assist you in being at one with your energy, remaining in your present and even assist you in perceiving that you are slowing down time even through your energy vibration will continue to quicken as will all vibrations upon and as the Earth. Throughout your day if you focus upon your alignment with the Creator taking time to understand your experience of the energy of the Creator this will allow for you to exist in your present. When I speak of existing in your present I am not necessarily speaking of being alert and present within your physical reality but being present within your energies and inner being. It is to be aware of how you feel energetically throughout different moments in your reality as you unite with the energy of the Creator. It is enjoying a moment of connection, unity and being at one with the Creator that will allow for you to exist in the very centre of your spiritual growth, understanding and the shifts that are occurring. By acknowledging your alignment with the energy of the Creator you are allowing yourself to realise the changes, shifts and growth that you are achieving. As you recognise each with peace so you recognise how much you are actually achieving and so the perspective of time quickening dissolves.

With this tool you are also allowing yourself to be at one, to follow your intuition and to realise that you can take your time, we are not putting any pressure on you and you may enjoy your growth at a speed that is appropriate for you. Please know that the movements of time is the movements of your vibration, just because your vibration quickens doesn’t mean that there is less time for you to experience your spiritual development. Everything is perfect at this very moment, the more conscious you become of yourself and your reality you may find that it is as if everything slows down drastically. This is simply because you are processing more feelings, understandings, experiences and situations. The more conscious that you can become of yourself and your reality the easier it will be for you to navigate through time and you will find that you are able to remain in your present with greater ease rather than allowing yourself to be carried away with the quickening of your vibration.

Allow yourself time to be at one and experience the energy of the Creator knowing that this energy is the same as you hold and exist as within your being.

Know that the energies are most divine and sacred at this moment and by being at one with your being you will gain a true experience.

Let your vibration soar and ground yourself into your reality by focusing upon your alignment and experience of the energy of the Creator. Ask to experience a greater alignment and oneness with the Creator, then allowing yourself to bathe in these energies.

With love

Master Djwhal Khul


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Your Ascension Angel – Archangel Michael – Natalie Glasson

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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Your Ascension Angel By Archangel Michael

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 14-05-12

With the deepest of love I extend my energy to younow, I am Archangel Michael and I come forward with an important message thatwill assist and aid your Ascension process, allowing for certain preparationsto take place.

You have a community of guides who walk with you asyou exist on the Earth, remaining continuously connected to your energy andconsciousness. Within your community of guides you have a number of Angelicbeings guiding and supporting you. Each Angelic being holds qualities from theCreator’s soul which they wish and have been guided to share with you, so thatyou may adopt and activate from within you the same energy. It is often awonderful process to understand the quality that each Angel connected to you inthis lifetime holds, as it offers you a focus to your spiritual growth. You candevote yourself to learning about these qualities and embodying the qualitiesas your Angel does. It is often that your community of guides travel with youthrough your many lifetimes on the Earth, although some may step forward atcertain times while others withdraw slightly. Essentially your community of guidesremains the same even though you may perceive that as you evolve so your guideschange. They always remain with you; it is just that sometimes they take lessof a role in your reality and spiritual path.

It is important at this time of tremendous transitionand growth that you draw your community of guides close to you, gathering theirenergies around you and within you. This will mean that you will be constantlyconnected to your community of guides, being able to access their reassurance,confirmation and advice. If you build their energy around you as a tight circleand begin to understand, connect with and resonate with your guides you willfind that you experience a greater sense of security and the transitions inyour Ascension process will flow with greater ease.

If you connect with your community of guides withgreater depth then you will begin to understand that one of your Angelic guideshas been appointed by your soul to oversee all transitions of Ascension at thistime. This Angel is trusted most by your soul and has most likely assisted youwith each stage of your Ascension in past lifetimes and also on the innerplanes. The knowledge and understanding that this Angel holds about you is theequivalent of your soul’s understanding. You could say that this Angel is yoursoul’s best Ascension friend. I wish to make you aware of your Ascension Angelbecause when you work together you are able to accelerate your Ascension andwill always achieve what is needed. Your Ascension Angel holds the divine planof the Creator for the Earth, the divine plan for your country and the divineplan for your soul group, the divine plan for your soul, the divine plan foryour interaction with your family and friends, the divine plan for yourindividual reality on the Earth as well as understanding your purpose. YourAscension Angel is able to weave these all together to ensure that everythingis in divine perfection in according to each will as well as ensuring that youreceive all that you need in your reality and spiritual growth. If you imaginea plant and someone caring lovingly for the plant, offering it all that itneeds, you are the plant and your Angel is the carer.

Your Ascension Angel first wishes to encourage youto maintain a high vibration over the coming months so that you understand yourown energy and vibration, feeling a greater sense of clarity and comfort inyour vibrations. You can ask your Ascension Angel to share the appropriatevolumes of Angelic light especially from their soul with your being as youallow yourself to accept and bathe in their light. Not only will your AscensionAngel be giving you valuable energy like minerals and vitamins for your lightbody and soul but you will also be able to recognise yourself and soul withinyour Ascension Angel because this Angel understands you and your entirespiritual path with great detail. So your Ascension Angel will be ableto helpyou understand more about your past and how you have come to exist in yourcurrent reality, recognising the purpose of everything that you are and do.

By maintaining your energy at a high vibration yourAngel is assisting you and your soul to remain balancedat these times of transition. With balance you are able to remain alert, clearand aware of what is occurring with each stage of your spiritual transition.With a strong balance and comfort in your own energy you will then be ready toaccept new energies and prepared for activation of light wisdom within yourbeing. Your Angel will be able to support you tremendously as new vibrations oflight anchor and your entire being is magnified. There is a need for eachperson to have this support available to them as it will dissolve any confusionand fear that may arise in the coming transitions.

Your Ascension Angel already knows what will occurto you, the energies that will be anchored, activated and experienced and thewisdom that will evolve. You have practices and experienced the transitions,however small, already on the inner planes during your sleep state so that onsome level you and your Angel are always aware of the transitions of growththat you are experiencing even when on a physical level you may have nounderstanding. There will be many transitions and small processes oftransformation from now until the magnification process in December 2012 butthis will continue and intensify even beyond this time. On the inner planes youhave already experienced the magnification of December 2012, you understand itat a soul level and energetic level probably more than you may ever understandit on the Earth, but this is fine as it makes the transition experiencedphysically seem very small because all the preparation has been achieved on anenergetic level. I hope thatthis assists you in understanding how importantyour Ascension Angel is to you at this time. Remember also that your AscensionAngel may be an Angelic guide that you have been long aware of, it doesn’tnecessarily have to be a new Angel for you to become aware of.

Your Ascension Angel has the ability of opening up yourenergies, giving to you special codes and energetic patterns, reactivatingancient connections, inviting essential guides to step forward and support youas well as generally overseeing your wellbeing and assisting you in playingyour divine role. All you need to do is ask for the assistance, guidance anddivine intervention of your Ascension Angel at sacred times and everyappropriate moment of your reality.

Let yourself make a connection with your AscensionAngel, discover the energy, the name, the qualities, the sound vibration andyour feeling of your Ascension Angel. As if you are discovering a new friendenjoy this process of connection and friendship, it is as if you are building apartnership to support your transformation on the Earth.

Of course, you can call upon my energies to be ofassistance to you at any time, I also wish to share with you an invocation thatwill support your connection with your Ascension Angel.


‘I open my energies to the process of accepting andacknowledging my Ascension Angel. I ask my soul to step forward and tointegrate into my entire being to support my acceptance of and connection withmy Ascension Angel. With the energy of my soul flowing from my heart chakra Iask that my soul’s energy creates a sacred space around me and for me to existwithin.

I allow and ask my soul to clear my mind of alldoubts, fears or disbelief in my abilities, encouraging my mind to be open andreceptive to the energy of my Ascension Angel.

I now call forward my Ascension Angel to standbefore me and to send energy from their essence into my being; I open my heartin loving receptiveness. Allow us to connect our energy and to exchangeenergy.’

(Allow time to experience this for as long as youwish)

‘Please energetically share with me your name, thecolours of light that you exude and the qualities that you hold that I need toadopt. Energetically share this information with me now so that I may sense orfeel the information and understand it when I am ready.

It is a great occasion of celebration as we connectour energies as one. I am aware now of the work that we have already achievedtogether on the inner planes and ask that this information flows into my beingwith divine timing. I love you unconditionally and ask that you assist me in myAscension process on the Earth in all ways that are possible and guided by thedivine will of the Creator.

Thank you’

I hope you will find this connection of greatassistance in your reality, I also wish to add that some of you may have twoAscension Angels.

With Angelic Unconditional Love,

Archangel Michael


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The Eyes of Wisdom Within the Intensities and Magnificence of – Germaine – Lord Metatron – J Tyberonn

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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Sainte Germaine & Lord Metatron via J Tyberonn

The Eyes of Wisdom

Within the Intensities & Magnificence of 2012


Greetings Human Angels ! I Am That I Am. I Am the Keeper of the Violet Flame. I, Sainte Germaine greet you warmly !

It is my grand pleasure and honour to be with you this moment of our 2012. I acknowledge the great presence of Lord Metatron within this field, and offer my deepest gratitude for this invitation to speak with you. For I along with the Family of the Beloved Ascended Masters of the Crystalline Light Council are anxiously awaiting the OM-Wave. It will be directed from our Mt Shasta retreat on June 25th. We encourage and invite all of you, wherever you are to tune in, for it is a gifted celebration of LOVE ! It is a re-charging and re-balancing. For indeed the very tone of OM creates a coded sound that balances every nunace of your Beingness. Reforms every atom of your physical body and every unit of your consciousness field.

Such excitement , we are packing our etheric bags, and will soon be boarding the Train of Love ! So much to share. Joy is in the air !

The Eyes of Wisdom are yours Dear Friends, and in this amazing time, wisdom is received, for it has been earned…by you. You have come so far, and the lights of your true home are shining.

What follows is a message from Lord Metatron and I, a melange of beautiful and meaningful information we wish to share….

A Magnificent Year is unfolding ! So many wonderful occurrences are sparking in radiance ! You are now ready for the Ascension… and Human Angels, you will see many changes from within and without! Clarity is the prize. Sure it has taken effort, but what a noble aspiration you have achieved.

2012 will begin to pull the rug out from under those hidden & rigid beliefs have been the most cumbersome to release, and difficult to discover. Obstruction knows no prejudice, it moves across all divides. Humanity will soon begin to rediscover its clarity as a prerequisite to full consciousness before it can begin to remove fear and cynicism. Be willing to travel through the places in your interior belief-scape that are strewn with the debris of old energies and tired obstacles that no longer serve you. This year of 2012 is designed for such release, for some reservoirs are dug deeper than others and you will need to stretch a bit further to get to the clear waters of true wisdom.

In 2012 the inner self releases into the New Mer-Ka-Na by moving through intensities. Each coronal mass ejection, solar wind and astrological gravity opens up a new pulsation fervency. These extremes within the potent crysto-electrical field in 2012 may feel like taking one step backward before taking two steps forward. But understand that there is great purpose in these difficult phases of resonate up-shift. Within these are unique apertures to discover & recreate the New Human on the New Earth. That in shadow will be revealed and afforded release. The energy Triad facilitates such lucidities of clarity on the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and June Solstice.

The Om Wave

The OM Wave brings the Pleiadean Opening, and the opening of enlightenment. Dimensionality will shift. The end of ignorance and innocence will mark the beginning of the end of the third dimension, but only in terms of the third dimension being the exterior boundary of dimensional access on the New Earth. The first three dimensions will not disappear, how could they? Rather they will be reformatted as the base of the new dimensions 4-12.

Consider these words a gentle nudge from Spirit. Look deeply within and without, and permit this loving reminder a place in your thoughts and heart. Reflect upon the compassion and comprehension within your life, and measure how far it reaches. Do you find that you have traveled so very far, tried so very hard only to find yourself in the same place from whence you started?

Ascension Symptoms

The energy as we have said of 2012 is extremely intense. Every week, every month between now and the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 is engineered with such up-shifts that you can become overwhelmed. 2012 is exponentially more so than 2011. For what is happening on the 2012 Triad is a great and greater influx of non-physical awareness, awareness in the full 33 Chakra Mer-Ka-Na. Remaining grounded , with an intact Aura is essential, but you have the knowledge of how to manage the new frequencies. The old-energy myth that all perception and knowledge must come to you through your physical senses is well past, now you must coordinate the full 33 chakra influx…and you can.

As such, your creatorship is going into high gear. The manifestation of your beliefs will be exponentially amplified. That is why the remaining time before the 12-12-12 is especially geared for yourself examination and programming. The old adage of “be careful what you wish for is going into over-drive. As we have told you before, you are given the gifts of gods. Your beliefs become reality. What you believe becomes real in your experience. There is no area in your life to which this does not apply, especially in 33 chakra field of 2012! Thus the obstacle course before you in the months ahead. The ‘Ascension Symptoms’ are there for you to polish the preparation and are the final exam.

The intensities of 2012 are real, but these pressures are benevolent in purpose. Do not be discouraged, the Ascension is at hand.

Dear Human Angel, you need NOT be mired or discouraged in these energies, in fact the opposite will occur in the OM Wave. Yu can indeed receive an influx support, of renewed charging, courage and resolve. If you remove your human mask within this moment of clarity termed the Ring of Fire and OM Wave. you will sense a new light, a light of crystalline clarity is touching you, re-energizing you in preparation for the remainder of 2012. It is final transformation, for you have indeed come far! We honor you and say well done, we encourage you to keep moving ahead. You are closer to a quantum leap, a magnificent Transformation than you may realize. Far closer.

Belief Changes the Paradigm

Masters, the work of transformation springs from a commitment to a particular context of belief, this kind of belief allows for well-being, and well being opens the door to happiness.

The astrological pattern of 2012 is designed to allow you final releases. The easier changes have been made, what remains requires a deeper dig.

What you think upon, what you believe is projected more powerfully in 2012. Therefore in this year, you will find that all untoward beliefs will bubble to the top for you to deal with.

This is why we are dedicating the remainder of this channel to the importance of self examination, and the importance of being the Master of your thoughts. Many of you, in the intensities of 2012 may experience emotional despair, worry and depression. This can be dealt with, and in fact is being shown to you in order to let it go.

We tell you that your human emotions are to a large degree directed by your personal beliefs. By being fully aware of your fundamental life beliefs, and recognizing that you are ever at the effect of core belief you can and will form a new world. And that is exactly what you are here to do.

At this Triad conjunction, you must consciously and intentionally, select the direction and purpose for your lives. If you mundanely extend your­selves from the past, from what you unconsciously accept through default, there is no trans­formation, only more of the same. You see, not everyone will choose to Ascend. But those of you that are the Pathfinders must shine the light. Do not become discouraged or mired in the intensities of 2012.

Reminders of Requisite Understandings

Let us tap your shoulder, in the weeks before the Triad, and remind you of certain requisite understandings.

Many of you humans have based your happiness on achieving a certain goal, on having certain things. Yet in such objective orientated achievement, you often find a time line in which you discover happiness that comes from these things is only temporary, and soon fades….and you still sense something is lacking, something is missing. You are not experiencing joy.

Many of you humans feel that life is successful only when you get what you want. But many of your life set-ups deliberately place you outside your ‘comfort zone’ in order for you to grow.

Such ‘life-contract challenges’ or ‘ set ups’ are chosen by the higher self and cannot be wished away or ignored. That is why it is important to face your circumstances as a selected set up, and take responsibility for it. Then and only then can you transcend it. There is no situation you are in that you have not created, have not chosen. To deny that truth does not serve you. In saying that, we are not saying you surrender to them, rather that you face them.

The Happiness Paradox

So here is the happiness paradox. Do you live without joy until you meet the challenge?

Masters, there is joy in being ‘fully present and fully engaged in the present and fully accepting the challenges before you in the ‘Now’. That is a great truth.

Happiness, in wide terms, can be understood in 3 aspects. : pleasure, engagement, and meaning. Pleasure is the “feel good” part of happiness. Engagement refers to living a “good life” of interactive harmonics, in balancing work, family, friends, and hobbies. Meaning refers to using our strengths to contribute to a larger spiritual or philanthropic purpose. And keep in mind, that of the three, engagement and meaning make the most difference to living a happy life. We will also add that many who chose lives of service and focal spiritual development do achieve happiness, in the sense of this vernacular and aspect, in lives solely devoted to achieving Mastery.

Genuine happiness is a decision. A state of mind that is earned by living a spiritual harmonic life. It is not the satisfaction of irrational wishes for pleasure. True happiness is a state of non-contradictory joy, a joy without penalty or guilt that is experienced in well being, in peace, in understanding.

Very often the inability of advanced Souls to sense the well-being & experience happiness, even when living in impeccability is because of past life over-bleeds. Not loving the self due to lifetimes of being programmed with erroneous concepts of ‘Original Sin’. These can be dealt with, must be dealt with by, ‘changing the past’ in Mer-Ka-Na (as taught in the Metatronic Keys). At the core of this is usually a feeling of low self worth, an inability to love Self.

The Happiness Exercise

When these feeling come in, work on changing them. One exercise is to shift the perspective from living your life to being an actor playing the lead role in a play called your life. A role in in which you are confident, happy and able to give, receive and love the Divinity within you. By ‘acting out these attributes, you can learn to pull in these frequencies. It works much in the same way, as replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. One frequency of happiness, of positive energy, will attract in the next. But you must in the process of this exercise, genuinely learn to love self and such an exercise will assist in re-programming the removal of erroneous belief from past life (or present) life. Do you understand?

Life flows more effectively when you decide to accept the challenge of what you have, because actually what you have is what you have chosen, what you created. To move on, choose it, and be at peace and find happiness in knowing you are facing what is presented to you in this ‘Now’. This is a powerful transformational truth that allows you to learn what you scripted by transcending, by solving the puzzle.

Being a Master does not mean you do not face challenges, it simply means you have the resolve and wisdom to resolve them. That does not mean it is easy. And this process continues beyond the Earth experience, albeit in different formats. Such is the expansion of life, of consciousness.

Dear Ones, LOVE is a frequency, a beautiful science, a divine context, a declaration…it is an aperture that allows for LIFE, for Supreme Consciousness in Cosmic Gestalt.

Living in the NOW Moment

Now, the truth itself is not found in a different set of circumstances, avoidance or a new environment. The truth is only found in the ‘now’ circumstance you are in.

There are of course certain scenarios when you are in conflict with the self, in which happiness cannot truly occur. Your life will work to the degree in which you know your mind, find wisdom and walk your talk in impeccability and grace. Make agreements and keep them.

This is a distinct way of being with life. Transformation does not merely change our actions, does not merely give you new options from which to consciously choose. Rather it uncovers the structural mechanics of being and interpretation on which you are grounded, even if you at times unaware of your purposed grounding within them.

The New Earth Begins with the New You

The nuances of transition, of scripting your life, does involve discovering your core belief – struggling to figure out “who you are” , and in transformation, you transcend and bring forth the endless potential of creating yourselves, so that life is a creative and meaningful expression of you in fulfillment.

But recognize the correct attitude is a journey and not a destination. Take time in 2012 to gather in group and solitary retreats for re-calibration, receiving downloads of the new codes and grounding.

In the moment of transformation, there is the presence of choice, as the phenomenon of creating new discerned possibilities. The actual choosing remains of your own making within wisdom. Yet, in the recognition and ownership of the choice appears true freedom of action – an action born solely of the courage to be, and the will to create. And 2012 is such a time.

Listen closely, for although we have shared this before, it is important to be reminded at this time, for you are on the cusp of Creating a New Earth. The new Earthy begins with the new you.

Dear Ones – YOU, Humanity in mass have created the Ascension. So often you do not credit yourself for that. So we reinforce that important Truth to you now. And we remind you there is much yet to be done. For your wisdom & creatorship is needed now more than ever.

Avoiding Depression

Dear Human, keep moving forward, do not slow down, and do not be discouraged. When emotions seem to overwhelm you without cause, or sweep over you without reason it is because you have not listened to the very feelings that upset you.

The core cause, speaking in broad terms, of depression and self pity is the base belief that you are powerless to change your circumstances or unable to face overwhelming emotional waves coming from deep within. This requires focus and effort. But by facing any challenge, and not avoiding it, you have the tools to transcend any situation, and by changing the attitudinal aspect, you fall into the law grace. True self-knowledge is indispensable. The recognition of the truth about the self simply means that you must first discover what you think about yourself, subconsciously.

Attitudinal Calibration

As we have said repeatedly, when you dwell on any negative thought, it magnetically attracts like thoughts. Negative attitudes expand.

That is the Law of Attraction. We tell you this indelible Truth. Your attitudes are self created, and you cannot escape them. You cannot move to avoid them, because attitudes create the nature of what you see. But you can, and eventually will, sooner or later, change them. In the Earth experience, you see what you create, there is no other rule. And you are here to learn how to Master creation responsibly. Your experiential landscape, your emotional horizons are the manifestations of belief projected… emotional attitudes materialized into physicality.

Masters, the thoughts you dwell on have a frequency. Those thought resonances that you habitually think are absorbed into the subconscious mind. The subconscious is the generator of your reality. It creates what you feed it. Period. The subconscious mind is the seat of the emotions and is a creative computer program. When subconscious is programmed with an idea, it becomes a belief, and it will without fail begins to generate it, execute it into manifestation. That is how it works.

Whatever you feel & truly beleive to be true is true, your subconscious will accept and bring forth into experience.

Accordingly, negative attitudes impede your path to Mastery. There are processes for you to protect yourself from your own negative errors and thoughts and those of others.

You must learn to erase a negative thought or picture by replacing it with its opposite. Then consciously remove what does not serve you. So when you feel the rise of negative feelings, thoughts and untoward emotions, make a concerted effort to identify their source. The answers that will be discovered will be given to you far easier than you may think. Make the effort. Take responsibility to own such feelings and try to understand where they are coming from. Then and only then remove them and replace them with better frequencies.

We tell you that the power of your subconscious is enormous. It is a universal truth that whatever you impress on your subconscious mind is expressed on the screen of time & space as condition, experience and event. Thought is incipient action. The reaction is a response from your subconscious mind which corresponds with the nature of your thought. As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.


Masters the time of the Guru has passed. You must discern your truth and follow it. Ye are Gods. Do not give your power away, do not choose to channel your power through another person, channel, teacher or Guide.

Use self discernment with our words, if they do not resonate with you, do not accept them.

No human can be greater than or wiser than their experience, for wisdom is only achieved through experience, it cannot be short cut or bought. Experiential wisdom does not, cannot leap-frog from novice to mastery in one leap. And indeed what has been learned in one sojourn must be recaptured, re-earned in the NOW. Edgar Cayce, who had experienced Ascended Mastery in ancient Egypt as the great Ra-Ta, shared that in his lifetime just before that of the prophet Edgar Cayce, he had a misguided sojourn as a rogue and gambler in the American West.

It takes effort and wisdom in each ‘Now’. Did not the Master Jesua ben Josef spend years of devoted study and preparation? It is so.

The world has never had a shortage of prophets. True teachers are few and far between, there is no deficiency of charlatans making grandiose claims. The onset of what you call the New Age brought its own share of teachers and teachings. Many purchase pseudo credentials and make grandiose claims of wisdom that has not been earned . Some who claim to be teachers have not done the requisite groundwork. They seek guruship for gain, claiming the work of others as their own, feeding off the energy of followers. Integrity is essential. It has always been so. Wisdom and Virtue are not begat in illusion, delusion, ego imbalance or self aggrandizement. Masters, use discernment.

Laughter & Joy

Dear Friends, before we close, please allow me to remind you to balance the incredible work you are doing, with laughter, with joy. Take time to smell the flowers, and acknowledge the beauty around you.

Reminder the I Am Energy is warm and nurturing, it is unconditional Love, and it is the Eye of Wisdom.

I thank you for your time, and Lord Metatron for the field that has been so generously and powerfully opened herein. We of the Ascended Masters and Crystalline Council are ever with you. We enter your plane even more closely in the coming Celebration of the OM-Wave. It is a time of joy.

I Am that I Am. I embrace you in Violet !
I am Sainte Germaine.


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The Magic of Mount Shasta – AA Metatron – James Tyberonn

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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The Magic of Mount Shasta

AA Metatron – via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you in Unconditional Love ! Dear Ones, the most powerful vortexial point in North America, is Mt Shasta. Shasta exists in 44 Dimensions and that will soon expand. From the period of June 19-25 in your year 2012, an omnipotent event occurs. It is a benchmark of the Ascension, and many are called to join the Beloved Sainte Germaine and the Ascended Masters. It is the OM Completion!

Let us speak of Shasta.

Now the greater massif, the greater parameter of the Shasta mega vortex-portal complex is capable of folding space and time within its field. It condenses and ‘zips’ space more potently than any other area in North America. Its capacity in doing so will expand as the Om Crystal goes into activation.

You see, currently a cubic measure of space in the upper meadows of Mount Shasta holds upward of 36 dimensional frequencies, at certain times as many as 44. It is the blend of folded energy, varied by celestial alignments and terrestrial magnetics that trigger the variation. Shasta is far more active in some periods than others for this reason. Dimensional gates open and narrow accordingly. When one learns through intent and determination to increase vibrational frequency into the Mer-Ka-Na realm of crystal resonance, then the doorway is open, or accessible, in your terms. Do you see?

Not everyone who visits Shasta will access these portals and doorways, but all those who are capable of increasing their vibratory rate to that of the crystalline frequency, will indeed. It has always been such in infinity points, stargates, if you will.

Now, Mt Shasta anchors a very complex multi-dimensional over- fold, and does so through its very conscious geometric grid, complex frequencies & unique crysto-electromagnetic field. These allow light portals from many higher dimensions to coexist within the Earth dimensions precisely in the massif of Mount Shasta. Among those are the ones from Sirius A & B, the Pleades, Arcturius as well as many others, and we repeat, many others. That is correct. Mount Shasta is quite prolific in the higher dimensional communities that are accessible to seekers, you see.

And indeed during the 5-Days of the June 2012 Solstice, this expansion will be more prolific than at any previous time on your planet. It is the unique energy of the June 2012 Solstice that allows for this vast opening.

Now, Mount Shasta, as all with all infinity points upon the planet, has a geometric projection, that defines, to a degree its nature and purpose. The overlay of Mount Shasta is an octahedron, the double pyramid: “As Above, so Below”. This is the geometric crystallization found in many of your diamonds. Understanding this can assist you in the experience you seek at Shasta.

So you see, if you seek to communicate with the infinite nature of sacred sites. Then it is suggested that you make an effort to understand the multidimensional, geometric and geological aspects of them. You must understand and accept that each infinity point is aware of itself, fully conscious, in your terms. Your indigenous people always asked permission to enter such places, sang songs of prayer and made offerings. And Dear Ones, we tell you, it was appropriate. The Earth will respond.

The Spirit of Place will open itself to you. Now truly, the Living Earth does not necessarily need the offering you bring in a material sense, but the very spirit of giving you thus demonstrate is one that opens you and creates the resonance of the gifts the higher Consciousness of Place, will return to you in kind. Do you understand? Make it known why you are here, and what you seek, and you will indeed feel a tingling of energy rise up your spine, and a direct connection will occur.

The resulting experiences will open to you in ways that are beyond, perhaps, what you expect. Trust them. They are perhaps far more valid, far more revealing than you even imagine. Bring forth your greater awareness to the forefront, quiet the questioning mind.

The channel has spoken of many incredible experiences and visions he expereinced within the energy of Mount Shasta in his numerous quests to Mt Shasta. We say to the channel, “Do not doubt your experiences. For the expereince of Sainte Germaine, the initiation into the Council of Crystalline Light, and the later experience aboard the Ashstar Ship did indeed occur.” These were indeed, quite real.

We tell you dreams and visions are indeed actual, they are valid, and often the catalytic means for dimensional travel. and spiritual growth. Do not doubt them, rather learn to further navigate within them in lucidity.

You see most experiences in such dimensional doorways at Mount Shasta will occur in one of two ways. Either one passes thru the doorway that reveals itself into other dimensions, to see and feel what is on the otherside of the gateway…or one simply waits at the threshold for manifestations of ‘the other side’ to appear. The former seems to be a vision, held in the mental eye, the latter an incredible manifestation of a Teacher or Master into what you would term the physical world, albeit for a brief period. In both cases, the initial tendency among humans is to dismiss the valid reality of what occurs.

Dear Ones, you must allow the expanded paradigm to exist as more than simply a possibility. You must allow it as a valid expression of multi dimensional reality. As REAL! There are far more parts to you, Dear Human, than you truly realize, and upon the Earth Plane, you are far far more than the sum total of your parts! Allowing yourself to expand is only a piece of what Shasta gifts to you, Dear Seeker, the other part is up to you, and that is to accept and believe what has occurred.

When Mount Shasta offers you an experience that is far removed from your daily accepted reality, you are simply being shown a piece of the greater reality. It is understandable that you might initially doubt it, but you were shown the greater truth because you expanded, through greater effort than you may realize, to the point where you could perceive it.

What does that tell you? It tells you that within your expanded perception lays the field of all probability, of all possibility, some you inhabit, and some you do not. Some of the realities have never known biological life as you know it, some contain more advanced life beings, etheric in nature, but not physical, yet human in heart. There are no regimented rules that will limit the potential of such travel, other than the blockages you would create for yourself in non acceptance. In truth many of these realities are closer to your true home than is your physical experience upon the Earth. That is why the removal of fear is an essential graduation to the higher dimensional reality validity of what one experiences in this very real system of growth potential.

Now, we will add, that often is the case where when humans first step into this wider reality, that they temporarily or permanently, can lose their ‘grounding’ on the Earth Plane. To remain grounded, the human must learn to manage the integrity of the Human CEF ( Crysto-Electromagnetic field). One must learn how to open and to close the awareness centers, the chakras. Was this not the lesson of the LeMurians? Having an out of body experience may not be appropriate when one is being chased by a tiger, or setting in an office doing accounting work! Learn to manage the system, as you are on the Earth for certain valid purposes of the Earth, and through discernment utilize your ability for chakric, Mer-Ka-Na travel, when it is appropriate to do so. Do you understand?

Do not become so ungrounded that you are not capable of operating within physical dimensions. There are times when it is appropriate to have both feet solidly on the ground, even in this Ascending New Age of the Earth.

Now, the channel asks of the origin and significance of the energy body of Mount Shasta. We confirm that he, Mount Shasta, is Lemurian, but also Atlantean. And although the volcano itself is somewhat dormant at this time, in terms of what you consider volcanic activity, in dimensional terms it is very expansive, very active. Currently, Shasta is in commissioned transition, in the task of balancing energy harmonics that exists between Atlantis and Lemuria. And for that reason it is a Lemurian area and yet an Atlantean, masculine volcano, twinned with parity to the feminine.

Do you understand? It is significant for both Atlantis & LeMuria. You see Mount Shasta transfers energetic excesses from one to the other, seeking equilibrium within integral dimension. That is what creates such dynamic charge in this area. It is why one becomes dimensionally enabled & energized upon that mountain, you see?

Now while the lands of LeMuria and Atlantis co existed for over 800,000 years, in your terms of time measurement, their civilizations co existed only some 50,000 years. One projected heart the other mind.

One was excessively male one excessively female, in a manner of speaking. Can you see why these must be brought into BALANCED alignment for the Ascension? Do you understand that in a very valid sense, all time on your planet co exists in multi dimension? So we tell you that Mount Shasta is in a special role to blend these, to attune these in multi dimensionality, and accordingly Shasta is very specifically in harmonic oscillation with your islands of Hawaii, and Mount Fuji in the Pacific areas, and with Santorini in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic, the former hold aspects of LeMuria, the latter of Atlantis.

Now, understand that the ‘Golden Age’ of the Law of One of Atlantis was indeed a society of balance. It was a period of what may be termed Matriarchal Energy, or better said, the energy of pure nurturing harmony, the perfect balance of the attributes you term in duality as male/ female. It was the final stage of Atlantis that was overly aggressive and power-seeking, not the Golden Age of the Law of One.

Now, Dear Human, do you understand why it is volcanoes, specific ones, that are capable of such commissioned undertaking on your planet? We tell you it is because of the dimensional expansion capabilities of their electromagnetic fields.

Now it is not every volcano that is so endowed, we will say that this varies according to their placement, geo magnetics and consciousness embellishment. There must of course, first be the correct frequencial potential of sufficient raw energy there, and it must be of a specific blend. Now, as the channel has an affinity for gems, we use this analogy: one can find a rough diamond that appears to be a mere carbon deposit, but if it is burnished, and proves to contain clarity and symmetry, it can be polished and faceted into a gem of luminous beauty that refracts light and energy in wondrous ways. As such do volcanoes and other sourced power points evolve into the awareness of dimensionally expanded sacred sites. But the energy potential was there first.

Now indeed when what you might refer to as a great historic event occurs in a field or valley or mountain, and multitudes of people are thereafter drawn there to visit the location of the great event, the energy they amass can also polish the location to a higher frequency, and a sacred site of sorts will evolve by amplification.

But it is not just the raw telluric energy, not just the geometry, it must also be embellished with the sacred. And that is so misunderstood. Your mainstream physists, mathematicians and scientist currently have many concepts, many systems of thought, of belief, of paradigm that are being applied to physics as simply a complex mathematical challenge, but they omit the sacred. The two must be coupled for human kind to truly understand the nature of the living Earth and consciousness of the Cosmos.

Now, many have experienced the inner dimensional, etheric city located within Mount Shasta that is referred to as Telos. Dear Ones, we tell you it is indeed real. It is inhabited by an advanced cycle of those you term LeMurians, the blue skinned, ones who have obtained full consciousness. Some of your explorers and writers have experienced this inner world and referred to it as Agartha. These beings originally escaped into the inner hollow chasms of your planet some 25,000 years ago, in your measurement. Indeed, these beings of LeMurian descent are far more highly evolved in spirit than you are at this time. There bodies are, as I have said, less dense, but are indeed physical. Their skin has taken on the hue of green and in some cases a green blue, because the water they drink is highly mineral in content, containing oxidized copper and other metals in a higher concentration. These beings are peaceful, knowing no religion other than the love of source, and an understanding of what is termed great tranquility.

They are quite aware of you, but have no desire to intermingle with the masses of humanity. Why you may ask? Because of several reasons, the most prevalent is that they are aware of your violent nature, your fear and your lack of mass spiritual development. They are aware of your physical diseases that would infect them, and are quite unable to sustain your solar rays. Let us say they have evolved into beings that have set a unique course, and are close to completing their sojourn. There bodies are sustained by a crystalline magnetic force, and of a light source that is emitted from your planetary core. Their mental capacities have allowed them to harness these force fields and adapt them to their physical and spiritual sustenance. Their mental capacities have adapted to emit an internal light into the external, and as such the chasms they create are as bountiful in beauty and light, etheric light, as the most beautiful of your mountain valleys on the exterior.

In dimensional terms the Agarthan city of Telos has its existence in both the physical and etherical realm. In physical it exists just above the level of the third, and measures some 20 miles in length, 3 to five miles in width, with a ceiling of approximately 2 miles. Thus it has been experienced by many of your adepts in human biology, through the mechanism we will refer to as ‘lucid dreaming’. We will add that such experience is by invitation only.

There has indeed been contact between the inhabitants of the inner world and your governments, but not an intermingling. There have been messages of the need for the human race on the surface to be aware of the coming changes. Those of the inner world are primarily on a set course, a different cycle, and one that is close to completion.

Now above the dimension of four exist the light city above Mount Shasta. Within this realm are many of those you refer to as the Ascended Masters and certain of the benevolent extra terrestrial beings, such as the Pleadeans and those of Sirius B. Now would it surprise you to know that many of you have co existing lives within all of these realms? Would it surprise and overwhelm you to know that many of you are extensions of omnipotent consciousnesses that you call the Ascended Masters. Your biology in its dual nature separates you from this knowledge until you learn to operate the ‘back brain’ or subconscious nature of your being. Has this not been the way taught by your Buddhist and other adepts for millennia, to quiet the conscious mind and thus find your true nature? Those of you that have chosen to evolve with the planet in human biology have done so on an exercise of choice, to fully grow and master the experience of Planet Earth. You are much closer to do so than you truly realize. And when you pass into higher dimension, you understand that a physical existence upon the Earth is just a heartbeat of time from the higher realm.

Beloved Saint Germain has chosen Mount Shasta as one of his homes of interface with your planet. His presence is easily accessed upon the peaks and in the Valley of Upper Panther Meadows and surrounding slopes. He is indeed an Ascended Master, and one who can be termed as ‘modern’ in many of his expressions. Modern in that he has had a variety of lifetimes manifested on your planet within the past centuries. Some known as such, and others not. The Ascended Masters of the Crystalline Council are a group dedicated to assisting humankind achieve Mastery on the Earth, and have anchored light cities in specific points on the Earth Plane for the dissemination of their energies. Mount Shasta is one such point. As we have said in the beginning of this communication, it is the magnetic nature of Mount Shasta that provided the raw template to enable the dimensional fold for higher dimensional influx into your terrestrial template.

The channel has asked if it is necessary to physically be in such infinity points on your planet to access these Masters. We tell you that it is not. The most potent infinity point you carry within your heart Dear Ones. But let us say, that access can be more easily obtained within these points.

So you see, what is made available to you on Mount Shasta is a glimpse into the infinity of who you really are. Shasta opens the dimensions as a peacock opens its fan of blue green feathers, and for an eternal moment shows you the depth of your true beingness, at the time you are ready to see it. And Dear Ones, it takes desire, desire and work to truly see who you are. You chose to Master the experience of Planet Earth, and you are well on your way to doing so. Open you heart to what it can reveal to you.

We tell you that Mount Shasta is among the most powerful sacred site, the most omnipotent vortex-portal complex in North America. Few locations on your planet have equal capacity of multi dimensional expansion alloyed in divine synergy. In the 5-Day Solstice Energy of 2012 Shasta will pulse into exqusite magnificence!! I am Metatron and share with you, these Truths. You are Beloved”

…and so it is…and it is so…


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