Lord Buddha “Death and Rebirth”

Greetings I am Buddha


Humanity needs to be in a position of oneness which is my message to you not only this day, but every other day, as the message of light I have shared with you over eons has never changed. The only thing that perhaps may have changed in some way is the love that I have for you have grown immensely in your terms           , within every moment I feel a far greater wave of love in the acknowledgement that I give unto you as humans.


The current awakening that¡¯s taking place within you as human-spirit beings is for you to embrace yourself within the oneness frame of thinking which is the true place of being at one with the self, thus to be at one with all of life. The realizations that needs facing dear beautiful children beings and I am not only referring to you here but also those that may read my story some time later, certainly to everyone within breathing consciousness, you need come to the realization that even though you play an important part to the self as part of the personality aspect of your energy that you came to fulfill, you are also part of the changing energy or shifting of mass consciousness as it is known, thus realise that the bigger part of your commitment within this energy is to see yourself as part of we and not me, and us instead of I, indeed this is of course by far one of the greatest challenges for many to live through and to realise, of course the greater part of this challenge is to face your ego side, and saying this there is absolutely no judgments in these words, but rather for you to love yourself to such an extend accepting your truth, expressing this in the way that you love all others. There is no other way, reflective love. The realization now is very much your part as part of the oneness. In this energy, the vibrations that you feel all around is what allows you to explore all around yet without interfering in another¡¯s, here it is you that live as the observer, integrating that which you believe in, sharing all that is close to you. The closeness that you feel is firstly greeted by your acceptance of the earth as a being as you are, as you are working on par with all the other energies containing within, upon and around her bodies as these energies are ever present within and around your bodies.


Dear beautiful children beings I come forth this day, as I Buddha share some enlightened thoughts on understanding the self a little better and why this is so important for you. You see humanity still struggles with awareness and thus still unable to understand the self as part of all that is, which is due to the long term effects of energy and thought and vibrations which relays messages preventing you from seeing the self as important as everyone else, or the opposite of this which has the same effect, you seeing yourself as more important than anyone else, but of course we do not support either, the lack or the over ego, but rather to embrace these truths from a higher aspect of being. Indeed the time you are within, is a much needed quiet time for you to explore the understanding of the human aspects of life, very much to also understand all of the surrounding energies to life. My visit with you this afternoon also share some on this, like the changes within the earth¡¯s magnetics when it comes to the human mental field for you are required now more than ever to focus on that which your thoughts are expressed through. Focus on the energy you allow your own mind to entertain, or entertaining another. The amplification as you very much know of the crystalline structures within your earth helps in changing your way of thinking. We have shared many messages from the Realms of Light on the importance of changing your way of thinking and thus doing, for you see beautiful children the teachings of Buddha is always about love, the inner mind and the teachings of divine understanding of the simplicity of life and your being. Humanity as you know always tends to want to complicate things to enable giving it some thought or form, but we urge you to go with the world of simplicity and with that embrace within yourself the most humble aspects of all that you reflect out to others, and to do this in such a way that you start and end each day in the divine knowing of your own ability to transcend your own shortcomings, do this by loving the self into a new way of being, also forgive all that have angered you or that are not too happy with you, thus every day come to some self agreement to allow your heart process instead of your mental process to guide you. Dear beautiful beings of the lady Gaia planet, now is a very important time to understand that every single thing that you are exposing yourself to is important. Like all words these are not new, but the urgency of this matter is what is new for you see throughout many years you have walked through fluctuating states of unconsciousness and consciousness until eventually you arrived at such deep unconsciousness that the consciousness of that which you strived for is what haunted your waking hours and slowly with time you began the self forgiveness process extending this to others, and now within this lifetime you know that this is the living out of that which you have planned to do, its here now. You have now put this in action, the very process you planned over many lifetimes, many will admit to the inner drive to do things differently this time around, to speak, do and be different and with this you have now come to this stage of very important changes where you can relate to this, but many still prefer to have a flashy experience, well spirit is not flashy, Spirit is unending love which has no end. Flash is an explosion of Light which is short lived for there has to be no light for you to see the process of the flash kick start itself building its crescendo to deliver a flash explosion lighting all in its way after which then there is the lack of the flashlight again, spirit is unending light, no flashes of light. You too are of the same spirit the unending love. It is only the mental aspect of the self that convinces the self otherwise. All of you are beautiful spirit beings and all needs doing is for you to find a way of releasing the self from your flashy expectations that you place upon your spirit self having a human experience. Perhaps you are waiting to awake one day to amazing flash-works within your skies changing the colour of your skies to bright green or something quite ridiculous for you to have the acknowledgment of the great change, embracing that indeed something true transpired as your skies became green.


Beautiful beings the act of belief is so dear to everyone within the world of spirit for all of us had to at some stage break through barriers of belief to be able to extend ourselves into a whole new process of being without any expectation of flashes, without expecting a ¡®Aha!¡¯ without expecting a change in the colour of the skies to confirm our doubts. Each of you has this too, the need not to validate for we are all the same, even me and you, we are just the same. There is nothing greater about me than you, there is nothing grander about you than your neighbor, in fact you may drive a smarter car but that is about as far as it goes and incidentally all of the synthetic man-made materials of your world can and will too disintegrate in just a flash of your time so take heed and keep your hands upon your heart, keep your mind on your heart and share with your fellow man everything that you are, kindness, devotion to light and love, and with each new day the understanding that the only way you can truly grow, evolve and move on as a being is to allow yourself to blossom naturally like a flower and in this process of allowing your flower essence to bloom to trust that somehow your energy is part of above, below, all that is. This is the trust consciousness that most of humanity now truly needs to pay attention to.


Perhaps also you need to remember the importance of taking a deep sigh which releases energy allowing you to be within the presence you find yourself within. The only thing that will help you to propel yourself from your current situation into another is acceptance. Non-acceptance is about denial. Acceptance is awareness even if it is accepting that you are where you are not wanting to be for this can take you into a whole new vibration which lies in the fact that you are within that which you do not want, which creates flow. The more unsteady vibrations and frictions you radiate out, the more you attract this to yourself, for this is what forms the basis between the two ends, that which you want and don¡¯t have. To change your way into someone of lighter thought accept yourself for who you are, and be in your present moment even if you feel yourself analyzing your current situation to make changes which will push you forward into a new direction, embrace within the here and now moment your full love particle and with that give a great big sigh. (Buddha Sighs, asking all to do so).


This makes you feel at ease and at peace with who you are now, which is what is needed, the acceptance, for very often humanity is so busy focusing on that which they want to become, that they are no-where near the realization of their God-given gift of simply being, in fact in many sad cases many are unable to see themselves as that which is good and kind. Indeed our beloved Creator extends beautiful love to you all of the time. Our beloved Creator the Principle of all Light, the ORIGIN OF ALL LIGHT, the Beingness of all Light, loves you and everyone and everything on your planet very deeply, and this love is continuously being send forth emanating from The Source of all power towards you. It is truly up to you to embrace this love, allowing this love to become you.


Becoming love, and being the Love of God in expression is about being in a place of absolute no judgment, pointing no fingers not even at the self, it is finding complacency within every word expressed, 24/7. It is unconditional place of divine love that share with every man, woman, and child a beautiful energy of self acceptance and self love for indeed the realization is in the knowing that you cannot pass on or share this love with another if you are not sure of its meaning yourself and therefore it truly brings us great pleasure indeed to note your love for your animal kingdom and your love shared with the bees from your planet (We did a special pre-mediation for the bees, having a shortage of honey in SA due to illness amongst the bees here) you are experiencing the effect due to some illnesses amongst these and many other colonies thus share the power of your intent with all that is, and all that is starts with you which means instead of allowing energy to be ruled through the centre of the self (solar plexus ego), you must allow the energy to be ruled through the centre of All That Is (the heart) for this is the difference between humbleness and ego nature. The human man is such a beautiful blessed being, the Holy God so love each of you, and the essence of the One that you term the Supreme Enlightened One absolutely and completely adores it when you recognize yourself as this love coming to the understanding of your God-Self, as part of the Creator God of Love. The Creator created all as you are part creator in everything. The most beautiful thing happens when you learn to create from nothing, this is most powerful place for you to be in.


To take nothing and turn it into something, thus to use your mind or mental field now requires of you the understanding that you can take from that nothingness a serene picture and by giving it thought, thus energy, thus charging it with electrical impulses of thought you are able to make this thought come alive, and once life comes into this thought, you are able to take this and create from it by allowing it to create from itself as you have given it the intended power to do so therefore the most powerful tool you as humans can ever have is your mind, we so wish you could see that, the light could go on, and we so wish for it to be a very bright light for you are bright beings, it is only to convince you of this that at times can be challenging, but not too much for nothing can ever be too tiresome for us, every day that we share with you in your living ways of thinking and being is a celebration of sharing, to be here with you, to guide you, to hear your prayers, as we serve alongside you as the conductors of the Essence of The One who Created all that is. Each moment in our time which has no time is indeed a celebration of Light, a celebration of Love as we dance with happiness, singing with joy, as we see the same characteristics in you for when you are happy and you are dancing and you are joyful you are like a little child, purity in expression, which is similar to the vibrations of Supreme Enlightened Divine Thought which is emanated by the Supreme Consciousness of All That Is, thus I delight in bringing to you this message, supporting you to enable the self to change or tap into the most powerful tool that you have (your mental field), you need to become like a child, not childish, but child-like, to play, have fun and laughter, have joy and beauty in your life and thus it matters not how often but at least try to take yourself out of your homes at least once a day allowing your eyes to rest on the beauty of Creation all around you, be still within these moments absorbing this, reflecting your own gratitude and being grateful for your understanding of this beauty.


Those who dwell in anger finds it impossible to absorb beauty for with every new day the one that is nervous becomes more nervous, more unhappy more insecure and so on, which is as a result of the extreme ease at which negative consciousness takes you on a wild goose chase, so once you are within this process, with each day it is far easier to convince yourself of your unhappiness than to convince youreslf of the happiness that awaits you, thus even thought you may not see the happiness up-close or stares you in the face so close that you can smell your own breath, you can acknowledge that indeed this awaits you should you but try. The hard part is trying to convince someone in this state of the probable changes ¡°Today is going to be a nice day¡±. Have you ever tried telling the self this? It works ¡°Today I am going to have a day filled with sweet love¡±. If you tell yourself the world is crazy and mad then each day this increases for you and so does your anger – now is the time that everyone needs to change this.


You will come to a time, and many already are within, when all you need to do change something: is to be within its vibration for the thought that you carry within your current mental state carries a vibration which actually transfers either the manifestation or dematerialization of that which you want in your life which underlines the importance of shifting thought processes if I can share this in another way you go to sleep at night burning a blue night which is still burning blue when you awake. What many people do is they don¡¯t change the blue even thought they crave another colour because of complacency and many other reasons, thus each day they continue within the same thought waves they shared previously thus nothing ever shifts, thus instead of changing their insecurity into a positive new day, they cant for they left the blue light on, being too fearful of other colours. The example of the blue light here represents the unconscious and subconscious mind that you fall asleep with which confirms that your life is miserable, it wont change, you will always be unhappy, and so you continue. There is a great difference between moments of being unhappy and periods of imbalance, experiencing it oppose to living it, and you will find this great sadness (which brings a tear to my eye) within some beings who are truly unable to go beyond this reality, unable to step out of this because of their fear of shifting their own light from blue to green. You can change this.


My message to you today is if you can do something that can help someone else to lighten their day, don¡¯t stop. Do all that you can to enlighten yourself, to expand your mental field so instead of it restricting you, allow it to work through the heart energy thus be part of your own angelic team work with them, know how to use one of your most powerful gifts, your mind.


The mind is such a powerful tool; it is able to help transform your existence with a mere thought. When you are feeling not too good, somewhat unhappy and sad and you close your eyes and feel something real nice you feel this changing vibration don¡¯t you? You actually feel a bit better don¡¯t you?

A: Yes

LB: But once you let go of that vision the sadness returns not so? This is the power of thought, I will tell in truth a story although you probably wont believe me and that is that with every powerful thought you can create volumes of intentions which eventually will become your manifested reality so if you can create with your thoughts a powerful happier world than the one around you, eventually this is what becomes you. Do you follow me?

A: Yes

LB: The hind part of the brain, the unconscious or subconscious part is the part of the self that usually expands from itself to bring about the impossible, to bring about miracles, to bring about your magic and it is the front part of the brain that usually tries to convince you otherwise so these two parts of the brain always work with antagonizing differences to either convince you that you will or wont do it, can or cant.


Dear beautiful beings, with the energy changing the understanding is for you to bring this compassion of thought and place it in your heart for the new energy of your planet works directly through the heart, it connects first through the heart, from whence it is beamed out. It is integrated into the crown and heart chakra¡¯s first, and from there emitted and because of this you will find that with the current energy being amplified on the planet (after 999) it is really important for you to restructure your imaginary world in such a way that you can live it out within a flexible mind and in this way feed your subconscious with that which it loves the most: Images, visualisations, affirmations, magic, feed it with all of this energy so it can be beautiful and proud, not egotistical, feed it until it gives birth releasing from the birth centre, the Sacral, all that you have truly put into it, all of this information is not new to you, but what is new is the urgency that we share this with.


It is very important for you to understand that now it is up to you to amplify your world, good or bad. In my world there is only good, love, care, tenderness for I in my visionary mind created this many of your years ago, when I was embodied as you are now. I created this beautiful world, the world that I prefer to see, the world that I prefer to belong to, the world that I prefer to adhere to until eventually that world became me. In the same way if you give yourself the same energy that you prefer to be within, to belong to, to adhere to, eventually this too will become you and thus with the increased energy remanifesting that which is already there in a greater form thus implied, the question is for you to be still to know that you are god, and in this God Consciousness to bring an awareness to all around of their divinity and to do it in such a way that no matter where you go in life, and what you do, you will be humbled by the experience of being, within each and every day, within each and every breath and in this way to live with simplicity the way it was intended to be.


The human mind will revert back to some of the older times long gone, being attracted to true kindness and true beauty and true love and the beautiful thing about it all is, that you are now (at this time) easily able to reach towards the aspects of the self that knows only beauty, love, wonderment and care. The beauty inside the self unconsciously and totally strives for the paradise within and it is this paradise within that will bring to you a clearer awareness and understanding of your total beauty, this will come to you in such ways that it shall surprise you at every turn of your time, just how amazingly incredible you are and to acknowledge this in such a loving, kind and humble way so that all you do is inturn reflect unto all that is, beginning with those closest, gravitating out to those furthest away from you, and then by doing it in such a beautiful way you are influencing every other energy in-between and thus with every one of your breaths know that you have the ability as creator gods to manifest light and love and beauty from every thought, use this, as humble beautiful human beings, as aspects of the most Divine of all, aspects of the most Supreme Enlightened One, understand your power, understand the power behind thoughts and then do all within your given power to make everyone else aware of this and with this understand too that by supporting your friend for them to grow in themselves not only materially but very much with a spiritual undertone and end result indeed is such a achievement for you as a human, to embrace the humbleness within you and then from this, support all that is beyond you, as it is these energies that I am sharing with you that helps you in creating self confidence and it is only this humble divine confidence that allows you to become a truly masterful being. If you cannot take this within, live within the humbleness of life without harming or effecting everyone else, then you will not be able to manifest that which you so masterfully desire in a masterful way as a master in training, a master in making, for everyone is the same, I have said this before, and in the same way everyone has the same ability and thus for each of you who wish to become masters be that a master to oversee, a master to guide, a master to materialism overseeing someone in your office or a spiritual path you need to first of all become a master to the self whom is totally subservient when it comes to the humility of the human mind, and this is only done through the opening of the heart energy and this heart energy I refer to is the oneness heart, which is the heart and higher heart combined for you see once you come into mastering energy and you have an expression of heart, you have a insight of heart or a change of heart there is only one energy you are working with, you no longer wish or need to work though the higher aspect of the heart which seems more pure and able, no indeed at this time there is only one heart energy and it is for this very reason that humanity will begin finding the energy between the base, sacral and aspects of the solar plexus melding, becoming as one, the ones that find themselves in great conflict are the ones that never changed the colour of their light bulb while they were sleeping, if you know of such ones, guide them through change, give them a few hints, loving hints, tell them instead of burning the light of anger, negativity and disappointment to find the magic inside the heart so that they too can unleash all they dream and desire of, for they know they too have the ability to create, to be at one within. Once they are able to work with themselves on these various levels they too will see themselves as masters in training which is very much what most of you are currently experiencing, some of you in this group, and many that will come to read these words.


The master is the one that knows only love.


The only way for many to find that aspect of ¡®only love¡¯ is to experience the duality exercise of love, of course the key here is to experience it in such a way that you are using this to the best of your ability instead of it controlling you, for when it uses you, influences you to change and shift your mood that is when you know that your mental field (protection) is not strong enough to withstand all the bombarding, usually from the external world to try convince you otherwise or attempt to change you into that which you truly are not. Perhaps it needs to be experienced but once this is done you call it a day and move on, do not hang on to experiences thus now the importance is to let go, to surrender, to leave it behind. At this current time upon your planet you are facing tremendous cleansing much of which has already been done on many levels, yet there is still much to come.


The cleansing we are referring to is a polarity cleanse that occurs between the body of earth and her people, so between these two bodies and other earth energies there is a constant motion of cleansing therefore we have asked you recently to become very aware of your ability to communicate to the nature forces and this is becoming extremely powerful for you see beautiful beings you are the nature forces in physical expression for many of you on return to the world of spirit serve also as the spiritual aspect of the nature forces. That force or energy that you are as spirit, is what carries the memory of your internal knowing, your God Aspect. That is the understanding internally of your divinity, your unending divinity like spirit, it is that essence that serves as a subconscious link that tells you that you are divinely guided and that essence whether you are spirit or matter is always an essence or fluidity of Source, it never changes, it cant go away and therefore it is the memory matrixes within this energy that always inspire you to stay in touch with reality as it truly is, whether you are in a supposed reality, or non reality or truly in a reality of not being part of The One Reality, it makes no difference. The importance is to let go allowing this energy link (that knows your connection of spiritedness) to bring to you the true understanding of your Godliness, and in this way for you to embrace all possibilities and probabilities made available to you, and within this to live your life out as humbly and as beautifully as you can.


Long pause.


From the beginning of time there was never intended to be any energies creating conflicting situations within you. It changed as times changed and now the true key here is for you to revert to ¡®all is as one¡¯ and if this is so, then truly the spider in the bush understand that there is no need for it to give you a fright or a bite. If all is as one then truly there is no need for you to be frightened at all. Communicate with all energy from the wonderful balanced understanding of your true divinity, indeed this is what is required of you as a being, to bring yourself into such a space to share your energy and love with all around and even if you believe them to be not on the same thought wave process as you, nonetheless know that love has no opposites for it knows no difference between one thought and another, it knows only love. Therefore create with love a new energy that will bring much understanding and will help shift your vibrations and through outer awareness and your internal inner awareness you will bring on a planetary and universal shift that starts with humanitarian work. Intention, as you know, is everything therefore make sure that the intentions that you keep and entertain and shine out to others is the intentions that you truly wish to share.


Unconditional love is the energy of the new world order; it is the true understanding of love from the point of no expectancy. For when you expect you are bound to be disappointed which leads to anger and when you are angry you are not in your present frame of mind for if you were you would be joyful, embracing the truth and reality of your now living moment for it is only within this moment that you come to the understanding that in the Essence of Creation, it is all that you have.


To create for yourself an energy, a place of peace and understanding or to shape for yourself from the worlds of the etheric realms an energy to keep you, you firstly create this within your heart-mind. Thus know as a master in training the first step in creating your own ascension seat is to bring your mind into total peace and balance which truly means being able to communicate with the self on every level of the self without disappointment, judgment, blame and without the expectancy to be different, to be better, greater and finer, therefore the first step you need to embrace to bring yourself into a tranquil state of carving your own ascension seat which is the process we are taking you trough (not only me Buddha, but many other masters of Light, known or unbeknown) is all about carving your own ascension seat. It does not mean that you will physically be part of the etheric world using a hammer and chisel to do so (laughter) but what it does mean is to use your energy to chisel away the stubborn part of your mind so that you are able to create for yourself a peaceful aspect of being within your current consciousness for you see the power of the unconscious or subconscious mind which now importantly is coming to the fore teaches that every thought that you entertain eventually entertains you. Therefore you need to come to the truth and awareness that you cannot afford to give yourself a negative thought and if you do, then work with this process of thought in such a way that you are able to clear it instead of sweeping it under the carpet for this only causes re-absorption of this into the subconscious. So to create an ascension seat for yourself in your minds and in your hearts dear beautiful ones, dear beautiful earthling beings, is to become very, very aware of where your mind is at, your thinking process and then to bring an awareness into your heart and mind at a permanent level of the importance of you sharing your light with everyone else exactly and identically as you are, and not from what you want to be or want to create trying to be someone else for this truly is not you, it is a state of denial. So move from your state of denial and the constant yearning that you seem to be so engrossed with and rather guide the self into your present situation and from this now in this moment in time carve for yourself a new way of thinking and by doing this consciously every day training with conscious awareness within your thinking, you are bound to set shifts into your consciousness, and when each of you are set to shift your consciousness even by 1.1¢ª in time many of you will create a even more massive shift together by many degrees.


Dear beautiful beings in this time you are facing, be very aware of the beauty that resides in your heart, and if no beauty resides in your heart, find it, go out into your nature, communicate with your beautiful planet, communicate with your animals, communicate with your fellow man, even if you have to ask them to help you do this, say my brother my sister, please won¡¯t you help me find the beauty in my life, in my heart, in my being for you see sometimes it is difficult for many to see this for themselves especially those who are working quite intensely with themselves for often they think oh no let me not be so egotistical about my beauty, and the truth is to find a happy medium where you live beautifully in great humbleness and thus to love all just the same and when this happens and you are able to do this, this is when you make a true difference by changing your way of being. You have had so much information on this, and this can only come about by changing your way of thinking. For this change of thought is what eventually will give to you true enlightenment. Your change of thought will eventually lead to thought giving its control to the heart and when the heart leads your heart(s) beat as one (higher and lower) then there is no separation between higher and lower, inner and outer, this is when you can truly embrace yourself divine, a loving being, with One, At One, with all that is.


For the activation this afternoon we ask you to become at peace allowing all troubling thoughts to leave your mind. This is a very short activation, for the process of your energy creating an ascension seat for the self is indeed a lengthy process, and will not happen overnight. This is part of this process, parts which you have experienced many times, and thus without wasting any time visualise yourself sitting in a beautiful garden of your choice. Pause. See a true paradise indeed. Pause. Visualise now all that¡¯s within this paradise¡¦are there birds, bees, trees, flowers, rivers, streams, waterfalls, animals, sounds, smells, what can you see, feel, touch, taste and smell, what colours can you see, create a really beautiful picture for yourself in fact create a picture more beautiful than you even could imagine, a true paradise. Long pause.


Now imagine yourself as a master in training sitting inside a beautiful crystalline bubble of Light. Pause. Now visualise yourself floating away from this planet contained within your crystalline bubble of Light until eventually you are far enough to be able to see your planet in full in other words from where you are in space you can see your planet in its totality, see it rotating, quietly relate to all of the aspects of your planet. Pause.


Now I want you to recall the paradise picture again within your mind. Pause. Now place this paradise picture inside a beautiful bubble contained within your 3rd eye chakra thus in your 3rd eye see a miniature bubble of light containing the paradise picture you created. Pause.


Now with your earth rotating floating in space ahead of you, we remind you that you are able to do anything on an energetic level and this energetic level is able to shift any perception according to your belief and thus we are going to ask you to take the image within your 3rd eye, projecting this unto the land you know as Tibet. Pause.


In your own mind you may now choose your own location where you would like to anchor another hologram from your 3rd eye anchoring your paradise projection into the land. Pause. If you are not sure where you would like to do this, then release it into your oceans, anywhere. Pause.


Now from your sacral chakra we ask that you release an identical imprint of light into the country you know as India, thus as you are floating within your crystalline bubble see from your sacral chakra a bubble of light being released birthing itself unto the land of India. Pause. Again from your sacral you have your own choice of where you would like to also anchor this energy. Pause.


Now from your solar plexus release another aspect of Light to anchor within the land that you know as Venezuela allowing a paradise code to ground itself there, then also duplicate another anchoring it on your land of choice. Pause.


From your throat chakra visualise an energy anchoring itself on the country Brazil and then allow another to follow the course of your choice. Pause.


Use your base chakra to anchor another bubble of paradise Light unto any country on the African Continent that you feel needs it, but not on this country South Africa as yet, into any other country on this continent. Pause. Now from your base chakra release another paradise light code anchoring it into the heart of the place that you know as Johannesburg. Pause. Allow this paradise image that you conjured into life to anchor its Light into this place. Pause.


We are now asking that from your crown chakra you release a bubble of light into the land you know as Alaska. Pause. Again from your own free will allow a duplicate of this to anchor where ever intended. Pause.


Now from your heart chakra, visualise a beautiful golden light, extending itself via the golden rays of your heart, one heart, so that each of the rays penetrate every one of the continents on earth. Pause. Now see how each one of the rays connect to a major country on each of the continents, and from this country see how the golden rays fragment anchoring into the rest of the countries on the continents, from where it fragments being reflected into the capital city of each country on every continent, from the capital cities the rays are reflected into the rest of the cities, and into all. This way from your heart you create a golden beam of light which extends from your heart into every area, into every other heart sharing all that you truly are, extending a love ray to all that truly is. In this way, understand that you have a connection with every other heart; you are connected to all energy, upon, within, and around your planet and with that KNOW THAT YOU ARE PART OF THE PULSE OF ALL THAT IS. You are the inbreath, you are the outbreath. You are part of Mother/Father God. You are as a result of the Thought of Father God, you are as a result of the Love of Mother God and thus understand that in a simple way as I have shown you today with no great big flashes and splashes of explosions you have love within you.


Use the silver rays, use the platinum rays, use the crystalline rays, these are all the feminine rays, use the divine masculine rays, the golden rays, the current most prominent rays, the violet rays, the emerald rays, the magenta rays, beam these from your inner being towards every on your planet, people and animal, to every being that exists on and beyond your planet. Pay attention to yourself, pay attention to your heart and understand your power and now for once in your life come to terms with your ability to expand from that and create.


Now bring your awareness back into this time. We asked you to release from every one of your chakras into some of the earth chakras often overlooked, an energy referred to as the paradise codes. The codes of mental enlightenment which you have a part of in creating which is only one of many gifts that you possess, if you can only see this as part of the wonderment that you truly are. Pause. We asked you also to place your own stamp of beauty where ever you freely willed it, spreading your own energy where ever you feel attracted to do so. Pause. From your heart you connected with every other heart, linking continents, countries, cities, heart¡¯s all as one for you truly have the power to do so. Importantly now also use the power of the sapphire ray, use this as a subconscious filter which will help you to allow that which you need and want to be expressed, being beamed out to others, in the name of light, in the name of love, in the name of all that is. All of that which is is that which creates from it. It is the true essence of Supreme Divinity that created you, created me, and it is this very essence that will assist you to create from yourself expanding unto this world something that is beautiful, loving and kind, and humbly divine. Now please make sure you are back in the present time after gently showing you how powerful you truly are for in this short time you truly felt you were ¡®out there¡¯ yet you were here not so

A: Yes we did!

LB: Now you are back here wishing you were out there not so?

A: Yes (laughter)

LB: Indeed I know this is true.


The awareness here is for you to understand that as a magnetic being, a divine beautiful being, for you to begin carve or create your own ascension seat you need to become very familiar with your planet. Get to know parts of your planet you didn¡¯t even know existed; get to know their names and the energy they reflect. During your prayers and/or meditations do send energy to these places even though you may think they don¡¯t need it. Energy is always needed and most appreciated, become aware of that which has been unaware to you thus far, become aware of the major anchoring points or energy vortices and work with these, and as many of you work with your grid systems become aware of the immense power this energy entertains and how you as a beautiful being humbly are able to use the most divine gift ever bestowed upon you called your mind, to awaken to the truth about most incredible gift every created, called man. This is about the acknowledgement of the love in your heart, see this from one man to another.


I ask you to bring yourself into true awareness and refinement taking care of yourself and all others, taking care of your beautiful planet, all of the animals and plants, and understand that no matter how bad you may perceive a situation to be it, is never so bad that you cannot give back part of your heart to release this condition thus practice forgiveness, practice unconditional love, and know and understand that as you are a part of this – so is all that part of you. In this way honor yourself as man, woman and child, and never stray too far from that which is beamed from your heart, the truth and reality of the beauty and true wonderment of you, know that in true effect as I am so can you. For you to be within your Buddhic ways you too must acknowledge yourself as Buddha, as Christ, as wonder-beings, acknowledge the Christ aspects in you, and do all within your living and giving power to extend from yourself this beautiful awareness unto all that is, begin with the self extending out to those further from you allowing the love of the true Buddha to bring forth every possibility for you to BE in your own skin. I am Buddha; I greet you for this time. Namaste¡¯

A: Namaste¡¯ Thank you


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  1. its brilliant

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