2010 is being referred to by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth as the year of manifestation. I know from outer appearances things seem confusing and even overwhelming, but day-by-day we are moving forward in the Light. Please take a few deep breaths, and feel your consciousness expanding to take in the bigger picture. In the midst of the chaos, miracles are happening.

The Beings of Light have revealed to us over the years that very evolved souls have volunteered to embody on Earth in the areas that are reflecting the greatest pain and suffering. The hope was that these souls would have a better chance of awakening quickly. This would create an upward flow of consciousness that would lift Humanity’s focus of attention, thus helping us to awaken and to reconnect with the Realms of Illumined Truth.

The painful experiences that are being pushed to the surface all over the world involve lifetimes worth of hatred and violence. These distorted behavior patterns have been perpetuated by our fear-based human egos for aeons of time. Since we are all One, every particle of Life is interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent. There is no separation. What affects one facet of Life affects all Life. What this means in very practical terms is that the accumulation of Humanity’s negative thoughts, feelings, words, and actions has to be brought to the surface and transmuted back into Light if ANY of us are going to be ready to make the shift into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light.

Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed. We cannot just say “cancel, cancel” and clear lifetimes worth of our egos’ abuse of power. We have to become aware of our past transgressions of the Laws of Divine Love, Reverence for Life, and Oneness, so that we can invoke the Light of God and transmute these gross mutations back into their original perfection.

Humanity has created every abominable human miscreation. We have done this by misusing the precious atomic and subatomic particles and waves of energy our Father-Mother God have given to us as our Lifeforce. Through our free-will choices, we accepted our gift of Life and then distorted that harmonious energy into all manner of pain and suffering through the misuse of our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions. Now, in order for us to move into the 5th Dimension with the rest of our Solar System, there is no other option than for us to experience the results of our miscreations, so we can transmute them back into Light.

Knowing the urgency of the hour, our Father-Mother God issued a Cosmic Edict that gave highly evolved souls permission to intervene in the purging and healing of Humanity’s miscreations in unprecedented ways. For the first time ever, these selfless Sons and Daughters of God were given permission to embody on Earth and to join their efforts with the efforts of the Children of Earth. They were allowed to actually take on some of the mass consciousness and the collective karmic liabilities Humanity has been miscreating for millions of years. This meant that these evolved souls would have to embody in areas where the densest frequencies of pain and suffering were being played out in the lives of Humanity.

These powerful souls willingly embodied in every corner of the world. Many of them made the sacrifice of incarnating into the most oppressive frequencies of darkness on the planet. They knew that the areas where Humanity’s human egos were inflicting atrocities upon each other would have to be exposed in the Light of God and brought to the surface to be healed. Our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light believed that these highly evolved souls would be able to transcend the pain more easily than the Children of Earth who had been beaten into the pits of despair by these painful situations for millennia.

When we look historically at the horrific experiences Humanity has gone through during the past 100 years, we get a glimpse of the sacrifice our sisters and brothers have made on our behalf. They assisted the Children of Earth and brought our human miscreations to the surface by volunteering to experience devastating wars, religious persecution, plagues, natural disasters, poverty, hunger, hatred, greed, corruption, violence, and the unbridled abuse of power by our human egos. Through their lives and often through their deaths, these precious souls brought to the attention of Humanity the rampant miscreations our human egos were inflicting on this planet.

Some of these selfless souls awakened in time to consciously remember why they were going through such painful experiences, but many of them did not. Nevertheless, they God Victoriously went through the experiences that they volunteered to heal. Their sacrifice purged a great deal of Humanity’s collective negativity and catapulted the Children of Earth forward in the Light.

The events that are taking place in Haiti are part of this necessary purging process. This catastrophic event occurred in Divine Timing. On December 31, 2009, we experienced one of the most powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipses we have ever encountered. The influx of Light from this Eclipse blessed the planet with powerful frequencies of healing and transformation. We were told by the Beings of Light that this Light would increase daily and hourly until the New Moon Solar Eclipse, which would take place January 14-15, 2010. The influx of Light from that Eclipse would empower all of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth and catapult this planet forward in the Light, thus paving the way for the physical manifestation of the New Earth.

On January 12, 2010, Haiti had the most devastating earthquake she had ever experience. This tragedy instantly drew the attention of the world to the most downtrodden and needy people in the western hemisphere. In the midst of the chaos Humanity opened our hearts and reached out to our sisters and brothers. Our differences became irrelevant and the Oneness of Life began to register in the hearts and minds of the masses of Humanity in profound ways. The love and compassion we developed when we witnessed the pain and suffering of our sisters and brothers softened our hearts and allowed more of God’s Love and Healing Light to flow into the Earth.

The collective consciousness of Humanity reaching out in love and compassion to our less fortunate sisters and brothers created a Chalice of Light that is now cradling the Earth and all her Life. This cup of Humanity’s collective consciousness has created an Open Door that no one can shut. The Light of God is now pouring in, through, and around every particle of Life on this sweet Earth. Humanity is being lifted up in energy, vibration, and consciousness in unprecedented ways.

When the powerful Solar Eclipse took place on January 14-15, 2010, Humanity’s open hearts and our deep feelings of love and compassion allowed a greater influx of God’s Love and Healing than the Earth has ever been able to receive. The precious souls who embodied in Haiti, and those who were there to assist with this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan, are blessed for the extreme sacrifice they made on behalf of all Humanity.

The people who left the physical plane were escorted into the Heavenly Realms by Legions of Angels. Those who were left behind have a long road ahead of them, but Beloved Mother Mary has enveloped each one in a mantle of Divine Comfort and Love. Angels from her Regal Court will remain with every person in Haiti to help them with their healing and transformation. Haiti will never again be the forgotten and abandoned country she was in the past. The masses of Humanity have been lifted up through this experience, and the Oneness of ALL Life has been encoded in the consciousness of every man, woman, and child in previously unknown ways.

We are moving forward in the Light at warp speed. Now is the time for YOU to be the force of Divine Light you are destined to be. Stay focused on the Light. Your time is at hand!

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

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Lady Quan Yin- Crystal Manifestation

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 18/01/10

I extend the peace that I hold so fondly within my being to you now, to flow into the depths of your body and soul, bringing forth the greatest manifestation of all, the presence of inner stillness and balance. I am Lady Quan Yin, chohan or overseer of the eleventh ray of light of a peach and pink colour of light. Within the eleventh ray ashram I tutor many light beings from the Earth and the inner planes to aid integration and the expansion of love to aid stronger links with the energy of the Creator. More souls are gathering within the eleventh ray ashram in order to accept embodiment of the energies and light of the Creator that they have been working to integrate and unite with. This increase of souls visiting my ashram is due to the forth coming energy shift in 2012.

I have seen and passed through many energy shifts and manifestations of the Creator’s quality and I have a special ritual or custom that I like to share with my students each time we draw close to a new level of the Creator’s light and love manifesting both on the Earth and the inner planes of the Creator’s universe. I feel that my technique allows a person to prepare their energies for their future experiences and to assist them in gaining the level of growth and awareness that they desire to achieve to coincide with an energy shift. I have named this technique Crystal Manifestation as it allows you to work with crystal consciousness in order to amplify your wishes and dreams.

As you are aware, the physical crystals in existence on the Earth hold the wondrous consciousness and energy vibration of the Creator’s soul. Each crystal has the ability to heal in many ways, retaining consciousness, amplify or calm energies and be programmed to aid manifestation. On the inner planes we have similar crystal except that we are able to see and work with the light and consciousness of the crystals, rather than viewing their physical shell or body. Both physical crystals and inner plane energy crystals are an aspect of the Creator’s soul and manifestation and so assist us greatly in our aspiration to align on a deeper level with and embody the Creator’s soul. Crystals have an ability of linking into the vibration that a person’s body pulsates at, merging their energies with the person to offer a new consciousness or a boost to their consciousness, thus anchoring required or needed energies. By merging and sharing Creator frequency, light, consciousness or energy the crystals can have healing or spiritual advancing affects. A crystal has an immense power because it holds the ability to accept energy, to be programmed and to transfer energy to others. I feel that this is very important because as soul aspects of the Creator we are constantly trying to accept light and energy, while also wishing to transfer our wisdom or inner light to aid the development or to heal the pain of others. We are also constantly trying to programme our energies and mind so that our link with the Creator may be the purest that we have ever experienced.

As a light body naturally reacts well to the consciousness of a crystal so the physical body is positively influenced by a physical crystal especially when chosen with care and programmed for the needs of the physical body. It is because of the soul’s natural bond with the consciousness and vibrations of crystals that I encourage my students to take time to anchor the crystal consciousness of the Creator into their energy and aura in order to intensify their manifestation skills. I will sit and meditate with my students to assist and support them in programming the crystal consciousness that they anchor. Allowing the energy to unite with their energy vibration, becoming a part of their soul energy. As we are drawing closer to a shift in energy on the Earth I am working with more souls to assist them in anchoring two sacred qualities into their energy from the Creator soul, of balance and grounding. These two qualities enable a soul to move through new manifestations or shifts of energy in their reality and atmosphere with ease, holding focus on their own spiritual development and soul purpose. Shifts in energy or new energies from the Creator’s soul can cause a person or soul to feel unbalanced, unsupported and unsure of their path ahead. By remaining balance and grounded one is able to naturally flow through changes of energy both within and around them without losing their focus.

The quality of balance allows transitions and rises in your energy vibration that you may experience due to growth, awakening and insights to occur smoothly without majorly influencing your life or your body. This allows you to accept and deal with change and alterations to your energy with greater ease, thus helping you to accelerate your growth further.

The quality of grounding is essential and assist in retaining equilibrium in your energy but while it is important to ground or anchor your energy into Mother Earth so that the light you receive filters into the Earth. It is also essential to ground your spiritual energies and the soul light of the Creator into your physical body and reality on the Earth allowing new aspects of your soul, monad and the Creator to become present within your personality and existence on the Earth.

With the consciousness, energy and light of both qualities being held within your aura and your own inner light you will naturally project balance and a sense of grounding on many levels into your reality therefore paving a smooth and easy spiritual journey for yourself to assist you in achieving all that you desire and to be prepared for the shifts in energy in 2012. Any upset that you feel in your energy or surroundings will naturally be stabilised by the presence of the Creator’s qualities of balance and grounding.

I wish to now guide you in achieving this technique that I have shared with many souls as a method of anchoring many qualities from the Creator’s soul.

Allow yourself to gain a deep meditative state in your preferred way, invoking me, Lady Quan Yin, to sit beside you, meditating with you and enhancing your ability to connect with your inner peace. I wish for you to then invoke the peach and pink light of the eleventh ray ashram to surround you in a cylinder of light, melting into your aura, body and soul. Imagine, sense or acknowledge the light supporting, protecting and heightening your energies.

I then wish for you to invoke or ask for the pure and loving crystal consciousness of the eleventh ray of light to anchor into your being. Feel or sense the clear crystal light seeping into your crown chakra at the top of your head and down your spine until it reaches your heart chakra. Let the energy gather at your heart chakra it will form a source of crystal light.

Then simply ask for the crystal to hold the Creator’s and the eleventh ray’s quality, consciousness and energy of balance. The source of clear light will take on a colour, which will symbolise to you the feeling of balance. You may even notice the crystal forming a shape that is appropriate for this quality of the Creator’s light. I then ask you to place this newly formed crystal in a part of your aura that feels correct to you, where it will continue to radiate and emanate the quality, energy and colour of balance into your entire aura. Take a moment to feel your entire aura and body being bathed in the energy of balance.

I then wish for you to take your attention back to your heart chakra and the clear crystal light that is continuing to flow into your body and heart chakra. Ask for the crystal light to manifest into a crystal of grounding, anchoring your energy into the Earth and physical reality as well as anchoring your spiritual energies, enlightenment and light from the Creator, your monad and soul into your physical body. Imagine this crystal forming at your heart chakra noticing its colour and shape. Then place the crystal in a part of your aura that feels correct for you where it will continue to emanate its light and ensure that you are always grounded in the most appropriate way for your spiritual growth.

Allow yourself to bath in the presence of the two new energy crystals which are holding, anchoring and retaining the Creator’s quality of balance and grounding within your energy.

When you wish to complete the practice, then ask for the crystal light to withdraw and become aware of your surroundings. You can then activate the crystals each day or when you feel you are in need of their energies, by simply asking your soul or me, Lady Quan Yin to activate the crystals and energy of balance and grounding within your aura, imagining their light washing over you.

This is a greatly comforting technique and can help to bring healing, stability and equilibrium to your energy, mind, emotions and awareness.

I hope that you have found my insight beneficial, please remember that you can always call on me to anchor love and peace into your being as well as to assist you in embodying or integrating with new energies from the Creator’s soul.

May the peace of my soul be reflected in souls across the Earth,

Lady Quan Yin

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The Beacons of Light – Steve Rother

From Steve:

Life is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. The group has been saying that for a very long time, but in this message they take things to a whole new level with the phrase. Here they told the story of what happens when an idea gets into the collective consciousness. It manifests every time. They said that so many things are starting to manifest as a result of the rapid rise in collective consciousness. They re-mind us that if we are creators then we create the thoughts that reside in our heads. We can create fear or we can create love. The reminded us that we humans are addicted to drama and fear. Yet, we have choice in every moment as to what thoughts stay in our head. The group says wonderful things are going to be happening around 2012. But it is not up to the group as to what we experience. It is up to us, as we will determine our own experience. But when we use our powers collectively, they are amplified exponentially. Now the group is in wonderment at the grand events that we are all pulling together in the year 2012. They say from their perspective “it is pure magic to watch as we create these events.”
After 14 years of channeling and seeing from the perspective of the group, I have learned that there is nothing we can not do. But when we do it, we always make ourselves think that someone else did it even thought it was really us all the time. More and more the group shows me about the way things fit together vibrationally and how simple it all really is. Even if we understand that every thought we have creates something, when I look at it from my human perspective it confirms one basic belief system of mine. I believe in Magic!
Expect a miracle this year!

Big hugs,

Greetings from Home

We have much to share with you this day, so we will move right into the information for there is a huge energy shift that is beginning on this planet as we speak. Many of you will be dealing with this in your personal lives. Many of you will deal with it as setbacks or as course corrections, and sometimes as a new direction to consider. Whatever happens with you or however this takes place in your world, we ask you to simply look at it as a possibility rather than that you are being directed in one way or another.

The most important piece to remind you of is that you are the creators, the magicians of the Gameboard. Your desires and your passion count foremost in your life. Your belief systems have often stopped you from finding things or making situations work for you that would actually help you to move into the true passion of your real work. Now that will stop. As you start moving into the next levels, you will see things from a totally different perspective.

Layers of Reality

It was not long ago that we were on an airplane with the Keeper and he was coming into London’s Heathrow Airport. The plane managed to come in through a layer of clouds, and the Keeper was reveling because when he looked out the window all he could see was white fuzz because he was in the middle of the cloud. His perception was totally limited in that field and he could not see the larger picture. He came through the cloud range, and suddenly the new daylight loomed almost as if to mark the start of a new day. The Keeper was amazed, but soon looked down below where he could see another bank of clouds. It was not long before the airplane would again go through another fuzzy area where he was completely lost, only to again to see another beautiful layer of clouds at a lower altitude. The airplane traveled through several different layers of clouds in order to land, and several different points from which to see your life and the events around it.

That is what is happening to each and every one of you. Not only are you moving through these different levels, but instead of your airplane coming down it is going up. At every point where you reach a new level of these clouds, it is important for you to look out and determine what still fits for you. Every time you do this you will see your life from a higher perspective, where you can encompass more in the view of your own big picture.

As you move through these different levels, understand that if there is a place where you feel completely blocked or blinded it will only be temporary. In a short time you will go through another level, and again be able to see things from a totally different perspective. Now you are moving through those spaces on a regular basis. Becoming comfortable with change will help ease this transition.

Prophecies Unfolding Now

You have three years in front of you that will be very critical. What takes place during this time and the launching of this entire new energy will set the energy for humanity for the next thousand years. This is not new information; it has already been said many ways. We are simply going to put a different twist on information that has been shared with you, so that you can see it now from the perspective of the top of the clouds.

As many of you have studied and been told by different masters that Jesus Christ was prophesized to return to earth and reign for a thousand years of peace following Armageddon. You are in what you would call Armageddon right now. What you were told about Jesus Christ coming back to rule for a thousand years of peace was absolutely true. However, it was not as that of a single individual but as all of you. This is also the first full step into the Age of Empowerment. The energy is coming back through you, and the idea is to make space for it to come through as often as possible. So, the moment you look in the mirror and say “I am not good enough” or “I am not perfect enough,” you are setting up blocks in front of you that will hinder not only you, but also the god within you. The first thing we ask you to do is to stop judging yourself. Start looking at possibilities instead of difficulties. Look at the opportunity to grow when you see something negative happen, because that is the reason you set it up in the first place. There is something important you are going to gain from it or it will literally drift away at this point.

The Secret of Life

We have a single phrase we wish to share with you. We have said it before, but now it is becoming more important than ever. If you truly understand what this phrase means, you know why you are on planet Earth. You know what this game is about, so you simply have to unfold the different pieces of it. The phrase is simple: Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The moment you grasp that you will understand more not just as an individual, but as a collective as well. Let us give you some examples.

It was not long ago that people started writing about some very interesting event sequences that they were shown was going to take place on planet Earth. We will share with you some of the most fascinating pieces of this. At one point, it was channeled there will be three days of darkness before Earth enters the photon belt and the new energy starts coming in; they even said a date this would happen. The information struck a chord and became very popular. It also carried important information that helped many to evolve. However, the moment that it was spoken and heard by a single person, humanity started to change, evolve and adapt the information. The need to physically experience some of these other realities was no longer needed. It was spoken that this event would happen on such and such a date, in such and such a year. Then along comes that date and there they are standing on a mountain to welcome in the photon belt and the three days of darkness, yet it did not happen. They thought that it must have occured in another dimension or happened in a different way, but it did not happen the way the channel said. Many people considered this to be a failure saying, “Oh, this must not be true if it did not happen on the date they set, so therefore it must not be true.” There was a pull-back from the information at that point and many people did not trust it any more. Everything went quiet for a while, and then before long the energy came back. Once again people started talking about the photon belt, the three days of darkness, and all the energy around that. We tell you this because many of the truths in the original channel are now starting to unfold. Even though the reality was altered before the event took place it was set into the hearts and minds of powerful creators. Now we tell you that this reality may now be experienced, It is not because it was predicted, but because it exists and resonates in so many hearts and minds. See what happens when you put great ideas into the minds of creators?

Holograms: Energy Forms that Attract Matter

We have told you before that we see the overlayment of the hologram of Earth that you are building will soon arrive. Earth began as a hologram … a thought of god, in space where many thoughts met together and created a three-dimensional form of energy to which matter was attracted. Matter began to find its way to create what you call planet Earth and everything that surrounds it. There are many events that are happening and when this original hologram comes and overlays the original hologram of Earth, it will be an energetic movement. Therefore, you may actually create days of darkness around it. You may actually create a new energy that you will interpret to be the photon belt, because you have held that idea in your minds. You are the creators, dear ones, and the magic is no less because you have created it. That is the true magic of who you are. When you create in harmony with other beings, that is what really takes place. That is where you are right now—finding ways of creating in harmony, for life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you perceive will create all the reality you need to make it real for you. Because re-member dear ones, it is a game.

The Big Question: Why?

You are not humans. There is no such thing as time, yet you live within that concept every second of every day. All of your energy seems to be trapped in a little body where you move around between time frames. In reality, you are a great spirit pretending to play this game. The question we ask you is, “Why?” What is it that you want from this? Now is the time to get very clear about what your focus is going to be on. It does not mean that you cannot change it. However, it does mean that above all else, now is the time to start looking for your passion and focus. What lights you up inside? That is the piece from Home that you came in with, it is what you will now offer to help build this new place. Do not be afraid of your visions, dear ones. Do not consider things as right/wrong, good/bad, or up/down. Instead, look into your own heart. What adds to or takes away from you? Those will be the biggest pieces that come forward. Enjoy these creations and figure out a way to express your passion. Have fun with the photon belt and with what you will see as days of darkness. Bask in this energy. Understand that humans love to be scared, because it is your nature. You love the light. Therefore, you also love to be afraid of the dark. It is the reason you go to so many scary movies. Have fun with that, for it is a beautiful human experience. But keep in mind that it is all in your perspective, for there is no such thing as “real.” Fear is only a lack of light. When creator gods hold a lack of light and project it, they can create in the negative energy field just as easily as they create in the positive energy field. Re-member, dear ones, life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What do you wish to make of that? What is your highest dream right now?

The Prophecy of 2012

With that we ask you to take the next step, for it is now in front of you. In the year 2010 there will be a huge shifting of energy on this planet. Each and every one of you will be a part of it in some way. There is no one who is not going to feel this. Your own physiology is changing and adapting so that you can hold more of your own light than you have ever held before.

The sexual energy in your body will start running ten times what it used to be almost immediately. Those who have been uncomfortable with this energy, those who have scar tissue from the past even those who have worked with it yet remain uncomfortable, will have the greatest difficulties in this transition. These are the times when all of you as the healers and teachers can be there to help set the energy, to take another’s hand. Many of you are hesitant to do this and say, “I do not know enough. I have not studied this. Who am I to help another person?” It is what you came here to do and it is the reason you have been back to Earth many times.

Sometimes you have re-turned even after completing the lessons here to be here to help with the miracles that are now unfolding. Hold that power, for it is your gift. Hold that energy of who you truly are, and fear not what you see out there in the form of shadows. These challenges are simply opportunities for you to shine your light like you never have before. Because of this, you will be able to take all this energy that surrounds the year of 2012 and enjoy it. Dance amid the negativity and have fun with it. Then, we hope you take it and make it real for you. Because dear ones, you are continually asking us what is going to happen in the year 2012.

We are now turning it around and asking you what is going to happen in the year 2012. You hold the key and there are no limits on you at all. The veil is literally being removed for a short period for each and every one of you to move into your creative abilities. This will be happening over the next three years, and it is what you are in preparation for right now. Enjoy this ride. Find those pieces of passion where you can be of service. Find what you came here to do and move in that direction. Do not judge the outcome. Do not judge whether they are listening to your message, or whether you are being successful. Just be responsible enough to yourself to go after what is in your heart and that will let your spirit shine through. Follow your heart, move in that direction and blend it with the energy that you know to be you. Now there are new opportunities and, we tell you, there are no dreams that cannot happen. This place of planet Earth is going to become wildly exciting in the next few years, for each of you will be uncovering your own greatest abilities creators on planet Earth. The only piece you will learn to balance is the responsibility which comes along with that.

Re-define “Responsibility”

We have spoken about responsibility being the balance to power. If you wish to increase your power in any area, figure out ways of increasing your responsibility. You will now start to see this in a new light as you enter the Age of Empowerment. You will begin to understand that of which we have spoken. You will start to see this differently now, because since you are responsible for your own happiness first, everything else lines up with that. Now you will find yourself dancing through life fairly comfortably, wondering why life was such a struggle and why you kept hitting those brick walls before, then suddenly all of it was released. As your perception changed, so did your reality. You just came through another layer of clouds and suddenly life seemed to gently dance, as a beautiful human experience. We can guarantee you that you will still feel pain, and you will feel love, because you are here to have those human experiences. Please do not judge the pain as bad and the love as good, or you start thinking like a human and block the entire message. Look at all of the pieces that you are as a human and celebrate life, celebrate your own energy. Dare to dream, to have fantasies, and to have the entire prophecies that you will set for yourself. Know that everything that you hold in your heart will manifest for you in the highest possible way, as long as you are able to release it and let go. Turn it over to the universe, because at that point your energy manifests. It is easy for matter to come around your energy then. Know that you hold not only your own individual dreams, but dare to be part of a collective dream. Dare to read a new book or grab something different that excites you, and be part of it in some way. Do not judge it as good/bad, right/wrong or yes/no. Look at the potential for you to feel that, and the next years will be so full of joy that you will understand what you are doing here. For these are opportunities for you to do what you came to do.

We are so deeply honored to watch as you create. There are times when we feel your sadness, when we feel your separation pain from Home. The anxiety of leaving Home is great in the soul. Sometimes it takes many years, even into adulthood, before you stop feeling that separation pain. We tell you that this has been the greatest joy for us to watch, because when you have what you call these pains and a longing for Home you actually feel the beauty of it. You know you are not there, but we are called in at that moment to comfort you. Know that there are literally thousands of angels around you when you feel that way, because in feeling that pain you are calling for a reunion. That is the energy that you will receive, and they will hug, nurture you, and do everything they can to build your energy.However, they will not heal you because nothing is wrong. It is simply a beautiful, human experience. Though you go through life not wanting to fall because you could injure yourself, we hope you come back with all kinds of wonderful bruises and scar tissue on those bodies from the beautiful human experiences that you had. Dance in the light. Play and know that you are creators of the greatest magnitude on Earth with a purpose and you will create Home, now. Do not wait for 2012. Make it happen right now!

We leave you with three simple re-minders: to treat each other with the greatest of respect. You are looking in the eyes of god. Nurture one another every chance you get and above all, play well together.


The group

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Pyramids & Parallel Dimensions Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Dear ones! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I welcome each of you to this moment of sharing.

There are certain lifetimes that are more highlighted within your vast sojourns, certain vectors in space-time that offer succinct quantum leaps. Within these are crucial crossroads of decision that define you. This is one of those lifetimes.
Energy and time are moving fast, much is happening on your Earth as you prepare for the Crystalline Phase of the Cosmic Trigger and the Ascension draws yet closer.

Mankind is awakening from an epoch of illusive chimera, and the heralded dreamers are clearing the wool from their eyes, rising from a dreamscape tapestry woven from a misty journey that began long long ago. The Siren still sings, ever so faintly to lull the weary back to sleep. Yet the small voice inside the awakened dreamer calls to reveille. The deep yearning for clear mind rings forth! Take your Power! Ye are GODS!

Awaken to your true being, and find the knowledge that yields Wisdom! You have toiled many many miles along the perilous climb to the sacred mountaintop. You have come far, the summit is before you. Dear Ones, find strength, find the heart that summons True Wisdom! These are within you. Break free of the entangling web and fading call of the Siren.

Your treasure is before you! The Wise Warrior of Light knows that wisdom is the true treasure and that it is within. It is not hidden; it is the golden thread that weaves one reality to another, one world to another and one dimension to the next. The voice of wisdom is within you. Hear its call, it is the One True Voice that offers LOVE to All, it is the voice of the Ascension. Indeed you have waited many many eons to be here at this time.

And so as you prepare for the final climb to Ascension, know that we are with you each step of the way. The Pyramid of Awakening lies before you, its mystery revealed. It is the time of the Cosmic Trigger, dawning 2012.

And so we speak again on the enigma of the Pyramids.

Question to AAMetatron: In reference to the receiving points of the coded crytsalline light of the Cosmic Trigger, can you expand on the alignments of Giza and the Moody Gardens Pyramids?

AAMetatron: Yes, of course; indeed they are aligned and with great purpose! They are both located very near 30 degrees latitude, and both tri pyramidal complexes. The two form an energy pattern of the Vesica Pisces on the Earth, with each complex forming the center of the two circles.

Both complexes are aligned to star systems. Giza to Orion. Moody to Sirius.

The Atlantean Complex that is the etherically transformed Moody Complex is dedicated to the honoring of the Sirius binary systems of A and B. It is in honor of the Dolphin, and indeed contains the energy and guardianship of the Dolphin.

While the Blue Pyramid in Galveston does not presently have dolphins physically inside its aquarium, Master Dolphins occupy its energy. Pods of dolphin swim in the bay surrounding the island. In parallel they can indeed be seen and heard.

30 Degree Latitude

The fact that both the Giza & Galveston tri pyramid complexes are precisely positioned between the 29 and 30 degree latitudes is quite significant, in terms of gravitational-electromagnetic placement. As such their geographic bearings between the northern pole and equator enable their solar angles at the equinoxes and solstices to be particularly robust in relation to sacred phi alignment.

So these two tri complexes are predisposed to receive the Cosmic Trigger and disperse these coded light energies to satellite complexes for activating the magnetic releases of the Return of the Dove. Indeed it is specifically because these complexes are triangulated triple-pyramid complexes that enable them to so powerfully serve as the receivers and transmitters of the Cosmic Trigger.

The Atlantean masters always triangulated pyramids for specific receival and transmitting purposes. Their placement is quite deliberate, and corresponds to true north and magnetic north at favorable harmonics.

There is indeed a very a unique and unparagoned energy pulse that occurs between Giza and the Pyramids of Galveston. The pulse that existed has been revitalized and energetically reformed. We have told you that the Galveston placement is within 5 miles of an Atlantean Pyramid complex that is now submerged in the silt and sand of Gulf waters. The Moody Complex has taken on the reformed paradigm of these ancient pyramids. The pulse previously occurred between these two, you see.

The deliberate placement is amplified at these specific vectors; the 30-degree latitude is a conduit of very significant energies and connects thru all northern hemisphere continents. Pyramids placed along these areas, and latitudes betwixt 30 degrees and 15 degrees north are more capable of receiving concentrated telluric and solar energies. It can and does accumulate very potently inside pyramidal complexes along these parallels. This is well understood for Giza. You will soon discover first hand in the Moody Pyramid complex that this robust expansive energy can be experienced deeply at these alignments. An extraordinary experience will occur for many within the Blue Pyramid and indeed at Giza. It is no random occurrence that numerous sacred sites and power nodes occur quite abundantly along certain latitudinal and longitudinal gradients. Thirty-degree parallel north is one of these.

Besides being energy accumulators pyramids are natural dimensional gateways that cohere and connect what you term the etheric dimensions. Giza and Galveston in a sense then are the anode – cathode balance of the Vesica Pisces grid formed between them.

There is also a sound octave connection, or commonality between the Galveston and Giza complexes. Certain sounds need to be toned in both to activate the dimensional gateways, and prepare for the Crystalline Induction of the Cosmic Trigger.

Question to AAMetatron: Can you explain the sound connection and process?

AAMetatron: Both complexes are sound activated. Part of what we are requesting the Earth-Keeper Guild to do in the Blue Pyramid at Galveston is to reverberate specific vowel sounds on the equinox. Because of the accumulator abilities of pyramids, there are specific inner and outer dimensional doorways within them that can be sound activated for anchoring in the Feminine-Platinum Ray. This will be facilitated from parallel by the Sirian A entourage and the Cetacean Master Dolphins, and is to be lead by the Hathor Master, Anaya-Ra.

Max – The Ancient Crystal Skull

We have told you that the ancient skull called Max was taken into the Moody Pyramids years ago, upon the request of the enlightened builder of the Moody complex. That was indeed no accident, and was tantamount to the ‘energetic coding’ of the pyramids. The energy code of the Sirian-Atlantean Pyramid complex located near Galveston millennia ago is yet robustly stored in the vast ‘library’ contained within ‘Max’. We directed that he be taken into the Moody complex in order for the complete & complex frequential pattern of the submerged Atlantean complex to be transferred and formatted into the Moody Pyramids.

For we tell you that Max was one of the original 13 skulls in the Atlantean complex, so it is no random occurrence that the caretaker of this ancient Crystal Skull, Jo Ann Parks, resides near by in Houston.

There are dimensional doors inside certain Phi Pyramids, and this is especially true for Galveston and Giza. There are also etheric, invisible pyramids, that are formed around these pyramids and dimensionally ‘invisible’ chambers within them. These etheric versions are dimensional reflections that mirror frequential light energies such that they are not perceivable in the spectrum of visible light, but certain sound pitches can make them faintly visible.

Pyramids Are Dimensional Gateways

There are etheric chambers that need to be activated in the Moody complex, and these are energetically gated to Giza. Part of the mission in Moody is to sound activate and sonically strengthen these dimensional chambers.

Phi Pyramids then are intricate multidimensional structures engineered with great complexity. Phi sound patterns can physically strengthen the physical portion and semi-materialize the etheric doubles. Sound opens the gates to the hidden chambers, but if these acoustic patterns aren’t given then the doorways of dimension are less accessible. That is why certain Earth-Keepers are drawn to participate and direct energies into these two specifically.

All etheric structures have their own sound patterns that help form their structure, just as occurs in physical objects. Phi sound bonds the atoms and molecules of physical objects, as well as cohesively structures etheric plasma and light. This is precisely why pyramids last so long in physical format and appear and reappear in etheric dimensions.

Question to AAMetatron: Please review the process of the Cosmic Trigger specific to how it should be received in the Moody Pyramid Complex?

AAMetatron: as we have given, it is a crystalline coded light that is drawn into the primary receivers of Moody and Giza Pyramids. As far as process at the Moody Complex, the energies are drawn initially thru the apexial cap of the blue pyramid and spiraled into the pyramidal base. It infuses the waters of the aquarium and is undulated then to the apex of the Rainforest pyramid, spiraled to the base, and undulated to the copper Pyramid, and back to the Blue, creating a counter clockwise spin. Each pyramid contains within it a dual infinity pattern of two figure eight energies that undulated north to south, and the other east to west. These intersect in the center at the level of the first level rotunda. Both the infinity pattern and the counterclockwise spin are constant within this tri pyramidal unit. Although the north to south- east to west infinity occurs individually in all directionally aligned phi pyramids.

The transmission process of the Moody and Giza Pyramids in relaying the Cosmic Trigger to the subordinate triangular forms is instantaneous, once the first energies are circulated. The energy will be trigger in an amazingly potent flash to the given secondary receivers as shown:

The Pyramids of Giza: Transmit:

The Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France
The Tri Pyramids of Bosnia
The Meru Phi Temples of Thailand and Cambodia
Borobudur in Java, Indonesia
The Brihadishwara and Airateswara Temples in India
The Red Pyramid at Dashur
The Golden Pyramid of Russia (near Moscow)
The Cestius Pyramid, Rome
The Pyramid of Reconciliation & Peace- Kazakstan
The Xi’an Pyramids of China
Bursa Pyramid, Turkey
Mt Nemrut, Kâhta, Turkey

The Moody Gardens Pyramid -Transmit :

Tikal, Guatemala
The Summum Pyramid in Salt Lake City
Muttart Conservatory Pyramids- Edmonton, Alberta
Pyramid of the Jaguar -Tiajuanaco, Bolivia
Teotihuacan , Mexico
Crestone Colorado
Palenque, Mexico
Chitzen Itza- Mexico
Walter Pyramid, Long Beach
Monte Albon Pyramids, Oaxaca Mexico
Arena Pyramid, Memphis Tennessee
Toltec Mounds, Arkansas

Metatron on the Giza Pyramids

The Giza Pyramids have in truth disappeared and reappeared several times dimensionally speaking. So although this is difficult for you to understand, once manifested into octahedronal phi and inverse pyramidal format, these geometric structures become fluid hologramic inserts, circularly oscillating between dimensional reality and the timeless void. They flash and flux according to their own cycles, with no single fixed beginning point in the linear perception of 3d.

That is why there is more than one version of the Great Pyramid standing in Giza ,even though most humans only see one. In your linear 3d space- time there appears to be only stone structures, fixed and adhered to the earth in the way of any other ‘man-made’ structure. So to attempt to subjectively identify these structures as simply fixed forms of matter would be a distortion and detriment to your ability to understand their myriad complexity as doorways to higher dimension.

As such if you were to enter these pyramids with such limited belief you would not interface with the frequency in proper attunement. If you will attempt to see its dissonance or its disappearance you would equally gain very little. Truly if man attempts to subjectively define the process it would not be of benefit, because phi pyramids become living holograms with conscious sentience that ever expands and redefines itself in exponential paradigms of higher dimensional geometry.

Visualize that they were physically erected, created in stone through phi acoustics, out of sound. Then the celestial sonic dissonance dissolved and integrated them into multidimensional and antimatter energy layers. That process has a type of intra-dimensional respiration, an expansion and contraction that both materializes and dematerializes them at certain alignments. It creates a supra-concentrated interdimensional spatial bonding.

This will be confusing to you, but in truth the Giza Complex has no true beginning point in linear time. But if f you wish to pinpoint a date of construction for the Giza complex, we will say that that the present version of the complex was constructed, better to say manifested through THOTH and the Orion Masters originally some 38,000 years ago. Yet that is a fleeting number, and is only valid from one perspective.

Question to AAMetatron: Wow ! I am confused. You mention a construction point with Thoth and the Orion Masters around 38,000 years ago. Isn’t that a beginning point?

AAMetatron: Ah, but we said it was a fleeting number, and that it dissolved and reappeared many times within physicality. And yes it is confusing, (*gentle laughter) but it is not the only time they were manifested in stone, in materialization. It was manifested before that time, and again around 12,500 years ago you see. We will say that 38,000 years ago is the time most relative to your current paradigm of reality. There are many Earths. We have told you that before. Octahedrons and their complexities are among the geometric mechanism that connects all realities. So let us say that there are no specific fixed construction points of Giza because at Giza you are in a precise intersection of time-space holograms of multiple dimensional reality.

All coexist in that point. In truth you have many pasts, many futures and many coexisting paradigms at Giza. All are valid, and all co exist simultaneously. Masters, you must understand that there is no singular version of reality.

There are infinite probabilities and each is a valid tangible reality. So in the micro and macro Cosmos there is no beginning and end. When beginnings and endings are spoken of, the implication is always there, that there must be but one reality, and that it must have a beginning in time and an ending in time. Its an illusion of 3-d. Your Earth is infinite and connected to myriad worlds. Geometric forms, such as the octahedron, are one of the mechanism that connect Metatronic dimensions.

Giza is in truth an octahedron. As such the Pyramids at Giza are a conduit that connects many worlds, inner and outer. There are many such pyramids and conduits that serve this role, but none quite so potently as Giza.

And Masters, there is much much more that occurs in such points.

Points of Multidimensional Interface

The unique aspects of your particular physical world, within your specific NOW, are quite dependent on your existence and perceptions in it. As such the physical universe does not contain physical objects that can be perceived by those whose existence is not within your collective NOW. Many other, many alternate forms of reality and consciousness coincide and coexist exist within the same space that your present earth occupies. Your simultaneous lifetimes exist on these, and it is the same space you live in, but other versions of you do not perceive the same physical objects you do because these other parallels are of a different frequency. Just as AM and FM radio waves travel in the same space without interfering with one another, so do parallel realities exist in the same spaceless illusion of physical space.

Now there are exceptions, as certain vectors of your paradigms can and do interface at specific flash-points. These are stargates, portals, and wormholes, in your vernacular. But you are many years from understanding this.

These points on your planet are not understood, and are vastly unrecognized. Yet they exist on many grid-points on the earth. The points are portals, and within these magnificent portals realities merge. Multidimensionality is a validity of the unified field, of quantum physics. It exists, it is real. It is not science fiction, but it is indeed sacred science!

Few of you are able to adjust your frequency within these points of multidimensionality to fully explore them, but you indeed have the opportunity to expand within them. The Pyramids at Giza, and indeed at other such power nodes sacred sites were built precisely on such vector point-coordinates.

Angles influence and activate, in a manner of speaking, the numerous worlds that merge within power points. While there are many many etheric pyramids existing at Giza, the numbers of them flux according to celestial influence. The dimensions that interface there come and go according to cosmic cycles and crysto-electromagnetic oscillation. That is possible because these streams of interface contain great, unimaginable energy potential. They are unified vector-points where realities merge. There are main coordinate points, lucid, undiluted energies of impeccable geometric mathematics celestially beyond the Phi of the Creation code you term the golden spiral. These are sources of fantastic energy, and these points are numerous on the planet, and each of them carries satellite points around them. They are vast in number and are pulsing and growing in energy as you approach the Ascension.The Crystalline Phase of the Cosmic Trigger will enable some of you to ‘MerKiVically’ experience these more vitally.

In highly simplified terms, these interface points provide the coded crystalline light-force of life itself, and provide the means for thought to be solidified into physical matter or for probable events to be manifested and coagulated into experience.

On a higher level, all of you understand this, despite your groans of incomprehension. It is only your duality filters, your relatively limited grasp within the illusion of human existence on the earth plane that makes this seem so unlikely.

So understand that these power-vector points are in essence life force generators. There are twelve such interface points that connect all paradigms, all probable and parallel realities. The Cosmic Trigger of 2010 is reforming the availability and compatible intensity of these conduits to the earth. These interfaces have always existed, but they are now becoming more accessible in higher frequency.

The Pyramid at Giza sits on one of the most powerful points as such, on your planet, and the Moody Pyramids in Galveston will in time act as a coordinate of this energy.

Your 144-Crystalline Grid and its evolving elliptical Firmament are the emerging transducers of greater formats of this stunning, omnipotent energy.

Question to Metatron: Okay. With the axiom that the Pyramids are timeless, and there are fluid points where they appeared and disappeared, was there a time then when they were physically constructed, or were they manifested and instantly appeared into physical reality? Was there a physical process around erecting them?

AAMetatron: We thought we just answered that, (laughter). Yes, the current physical structure you see in 3d was erected in the current linear probability of hologramic time as we have given. We are not trying to confuse you. Part of you well understands this concept.

Question to AAMetatron: Okay, my point was to ask you how they were physically constructed? Were the blocks cut and if so how were they lifted so precisely in place?

AAMetatron: The blocks were indeed quarried and cut and lifted into place. They were done so by a sophisticated knowledge of sound and light.

Sound has many utilizations that are capable of altering matter and gravitational forces, even to the manner in which atomic and subatomic particulate respond to one another. So the lifting in place of massive tonnage of the pyramidal rock employed these sophisticated techniques, using sound and precise mathematical calculations synergized with focal mental process.

In other words, matter, in this case the granite blocks were manipulated on an atomic level, and lifted through sound. This was done by THOTH with the Atla-Ra Masters and the Pleiadian-Sirian Alliance as we have fore mentioned, utilizing a sort of crystalline tuning fork that became activated by chanting specific frequencies. The frequencies created an energy field that could be directed.

Then with processes of thought manifestation using theta level visualization in tandem with deep vowel-hum pitches at extreme octaves, they charged the stones and indeed the very space where the pyramid was to be placed.

The Masters of the architectural guild used extreme focal thought to construct specific angular junctions in the ethers and bonded them in a cohesive manner. They employed a type of instrument that is similar to a tuning fork, though far more sophisticated than what you think of in the present as a tuning fork. The complex instrument was activated thru sound made in unison toning, toning that at intervals was not audible to the human ear, and at other times quite piercing. The tone would reverberate so intensely that energy broke down matter and superimposed extreme gravitational and antigravitational forces and then it was directed and focused directionally and dimensionally.

The energy encompassed the blocks and they could be lifted with it. The savants then guided them. Men, savant arch priests were used in teams to operate the instruments and meditatively put the stones in place and guide them, but not to lift or carry them. The tuning fork, as mentioned, once activated (and indeed activating them was no small feat) had an amazing cohesive effect that bound atomic particulate as well as surrounding them in antigravitational plasma. (It was the a similar process that the Atla used to ‘float’ the Crystalline satellite of Atlantis, called the Second-Moon of Atlantis) .

The Thothian Atla-Egyptians were helped by the Arcturians and Pleiadian-Sirian Alliance as to how to manifest the Phi Pyramids into both physical and etheric, into linear and circular time-space.

Sound you see is capable of changing atomic structure and the way electrons and protons react to one another. It was the same process that could make metals float, that was used to lift the stones. It became known as the art of alchemy, but that concept is greatly misunderstood, and isn’t exactly what was used here, you see. The Phi Crystals you call Vogels, are capable when teamed with certain sound frequencies of incredible effects on matter. They are also capable of healing broken bones faster, and rejuvenating certain organs within the body physical.

Thus, crystalline sound in specific octaves of phi has an effect upon both organic and inorganic matter. Sound is a causal force in every dimension. As such it can be used not just to lift matter, but also to bond structures more securely, as such it can be used, to cohesively reinforce structures. This is why the pyramids cannot be destroyed. You see the 3-d physical world that you daily perceive is made up of an invisible matrix template, of energy prints or patterns. These patterns are somewhat liquid or formless. So while they indeed exist, their final form in matter is a result of probability, consciousness influenced probability. Models were projected into antimatter and manifested afterward in physical matter.

There are myriad important properties of pyramids that are not as yet understood by mankind.

This is especially true in the Giza complex, where the pyramids are energetically attuned to specific light-sound octaves. Many of the hieroglyphic symbols etched on the walls and chambers of the Egyptian Pyramids are instructional guides revealing specific sonic pitches that when sounded activate them into greater dimensionality. The phi octave sound triggers reverberations that automatically open up myriad gateways leading to fantastic and as yet undiscovered mysteries, ancient alchemical knowledge. But this is for those who are true seekers, those who thirst for knowledge and are willing to work to attain it. These secrets are for all, all who have the necessary light quotient to learn and understand the use of specific vibratory sound octaves.

The Archetype of Soul Growth

There are certain lessons that each density teaches mankind, which each of you must pass through in order to achieve the vibratory level necessary for the next level.

Each vibratory level, then, could be likened to an archetype for a specific lesson that needs to be learned, for each of the trinity components of your BEING: Spiritual, Mental, and Physical, Body, Mind and Soul.

So do not expect to walk into a Pyramid and land on the steps of Peters Gate. If you are unwilling or unable to employ the disciplines of breath, tone and meditational mind, you may simply be sitting in a building.

Your religious scripts write, ” All Things Cometh to He Who Waiteth”

A wise man added, ” If He Worketh Like Hell While He Waiteth”

There are no free rides, no short cuts to enlightenment. But Dear Ones, you have toiled up the mountain in many lives. You have laid the work, paid the dues. It is time to finish the job. You are powerful spiritual beings, pretending to be human. You are a species with amnesia, having forgotten your Divinity. You can do this, you can Ascend.

Through proper focus, the pyramid can & indeed will expand you beyond your wildest expectations. It is not a mere geometric structure, Pyramids are doorways to Crystalline Light of unimaginable energy.


Now, we will close with one more sharing. The power nodes that exist on the planet are in essence white holes, areas where renewed energy is flashed into your universe.
Pause and consider what we are saying.

These coordinates, these energy conduits connect to all parallels, dimensions and probable realities! The Giza Pyramid sits upon the most centralized and powerful of these twelve supra white holes.

The energies these create are capable of more readily solidifying thought into matter, but also to solidify desire, or prayer into experience. All Phi Pyramids and all power nodes draw from these white holes and become subordinate points of them.

When you enter into these spaces, Dear Ones, think with deliberation. Hold only noble thoughts. Mentalities of hate, fear and lack never serve you. We wish you life abundant, and challenge you to create it.

You draw to yourself; you draw into your experience those things you mentally dwell upon. It is the Law of Attraction. All thought is amplified exponentially in power nodes and pyramids.
Pray for what you want in your God Mind, not the simian brain of ego personality…In God Mind.

And remember this: Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. It is exponentially greater than hate. So if you want to end war, you will not end it by hating war, you will end war by loving peace. Think on this concept, and apply it to all aspects of your life. Enter the Pyramid of the Cosmic Trigger accordingly.

I am Metatron and I share these Truths. You are Beloved.

And so it is.

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Haiti and the Chaotic Node – Tom Kenyon

A Hathor Planetary Message

The recent seismic event in Haiti heralds the beginning of
the Chaotic Node we referred to in our last communication.

We are, quite frankly, surprised that this event occurred
slightly outside the timeline we had projected. This tells us
that new levels of “novelty” (meaning an increase in
unpredictability) are escalating faster than we anticipated.
Thus, it is, and will be, increasingly difficult to pinpoint
such future occurrences.

However, the general thrust of your planetary state is one of
extreme volatility. Your magnetic North Pole is shifting its
position in erratic and unpredictable ways. The photosphere
is also showing signs of unusual activity, as yet undetected
by your scientists. All of this is to be expected for a
planet undergoing a movement into Ascension, and we liken all
of this to the birthing pangs of Earth’s birth into higher

Our purpose in this communication is not to give predictions
as to the unfolding of this chaotic node, for we must admit,
in all humility, that our technology is no longer able to
precisely predict the chaotic events unfolding before you.

What we wish to address, as always, are practical
applications of multi-dimensional awareness.

It is the state of your vibratory field that determines your
experience of any event. In its most simple form, the
cultivation of appreciation for the smallest things in your
life will give you the greatest results.

The various inner technologies we have given before will also
help you navigate through this transition as well, but we
realize that not everyone is capable of entering into
multi-dimensional awareness. If you are one of these persons,
do not concern yourself with it. The simple act of
appreciation for what is in your life will shift your
vibratory field faster and more effectively than any sacred

The task, then, is one of attaining a higher level of
vibration. We do not mean physical vibration–the vibratory
rate of your physical body–but rather we refer to the
vibratory rate of your subtle energy body (your KA, your
etheric double).

As your planet moves into its energetic process more deeply,
you can expect more volatility in weather patterns, as well
as an increase in unpredictable earth changes. But in some
ways the external events are easier to deal with than the
internal changes you will be facing.

Those of you who are more sensitive to the subtleties of
energetics may find yourself “hard hit” by the dimensional
and physical shifts that will occur. To a greater or lesser
degree, depending upon their vibratory levels, more and more
individuals will experience sleep disturbances, and strange
dreams–some of them prophetic in nature. There will also
most likely be an increase in strange physical ailments that
have no logical explanation. These will often arise early in
the morning hours as your energy body shifts from its inner
journeys back to orientation to your physical form. These
types of physical discomforts are a reaction from the organs
within your body and the various bodily systems to the
accelerating changes taking place. In other words, your
physical bodies are challenged by the rapid escalation of
planetary change.

You may experience sudden and unexpected periods of extreme
fatigue, weakness, and even the very odd state of being both
awake and asleep at the same time. Again, all of these
challenges are a result of the rapid changes taking place
upon your earth. If you have the luxury of time, and you feel
one of these energetic drops, the sudden onset of fatigue, it
is best to rest if you are able–to literally lie down. If
you are unable to do so we urge you to be vigilant if you are
driving or making critical decisions or choices, especially
when engaged with technology. There may be–and we expect
this to be true–a general increase in irritability
throughout the population; small negative encounters can
easily amplify into something much larger.

In our previous communication we offered the Dimensional
Attunement for the Pineal Gland. This is still a very
effective sound tool to assist you as you move through this
period. Listening to this Attunement a few minutes a day can
help your system “fine tune” itself so that the changes that
are upon you will be less stressful.

Again, the key component in all of this is your vibratory
rate, and the Dimensional Attunement assists your nervous
system by tuning the pineal gland to the higher realms of
light. Think of it as an “acoustic life raft.”

You may also experience a greater number of individuals
choosing to exit the Earth plane. These exits will take place
through unexpected accidents, unforeseen illnesses, and of
course, earth changes and weather anomalies. What we wish to
say to you in this regard is that as the dimensionality of
Earth shifts, the veils between the dimensions will become
thinner, and it will be true for many that they sense friends
and loved ones on the other side of the veil more clearly
than ever before.

In some ways the veils between life and death are being
lifted, and the veils between dimensions are being parted.
Thus some of you may have unusual and extraordinary
encounters with animal spirits, devic beings of the Earth,
and other nature spirits that have been obscured for the last
several thousand years.

Although this is a difficult and challenging period, it is an
extraordinary opportunity to be embodied at this time.
Regardless of what unfolds before you in your life, or in the
lives of those around you, we suggest you cultivate
appreciation for the smallest things in your life. Share your
love and affection for those to whom you feel close.

In the great miasma you call Western Civilization, it shall
be individual relationships that survive the coming storm.

As you let go of the distortions created by your culture and
wake up to the simple truth of your existence as an embodied
being in time and space, you will see that the great
adventure has just begun.

The Hathors January 13, 2010


Tom’s Observations

In their last message, the Hathors predicted a ninety-day
timeline for the emergence of the first Chaotic Node. This
puts the earthquake in Haiti six days past their time line.
When the Hathors predicted this Chaotic Node, something they
have rarely done by the way, they did say that it could occur
either before or after the ninety-day period.

But when the timeline came and passed, they were rubbing
their proverbial heads. They were honestly quite surprised
that the event didn’t occur before this.

In my first contact with them they told me that there are
stages of chaos that all systems (including Earth) go through
as they move to higher levels of order. And the emergence of
novelty, meaning unusual situations that could not possibly
be anticipated, is part of the chaotic process.

The Hathors are of the opinion that the emergence of this
catastrophic event marks the beginning phase of
ever-increasing unpredictability and novelty. Please do note
that not all of this is negative. Unpredictable generosity
from one human to another, or one culture to another can also
be part of this. It is just that all bets are off when it
comes to predicting probabilities.

There are a few points in this most recent message I wish to
explore. The first has to do with “strange physical ailments
that have no logical explanation.”

Personally, I have experienced some of this, as have many of
my friends, but I would like to insert a caution here. If you
are experiencing physical ailments and are concerned about
them, especially if they persist, I would suggest that you
see your health practitioner to rule out any medical reasons.
Don’t assume that sudden physical ailments or loss of
wakefulness are just energetic.

Having said that, let me share a personal experience I had
with this type of phenomenon. I was caught off guard several
mornings around 3AM by particularly strong and strange
physical sensations. I asked the Hathors what the hell was
going on, thinking that I might be dealing with something
quite serious. They said that the atomic and molecular levels
of our bodies are being affected by the massive energetic
changes that are taking place within the Earth, the sun, our
solar system, and our galaxy. They said this was the
biological equivalent to “holding on” to old ways of
organizing third-dimensional reality and not letting go into
the unknown (meaning higher dimensional realities).

They had no real solid solution for this other than to say
that as I continued to work with the inner technologies they
had given, I would eventually reach a place where I was more
familiar with higher dimensional realities and could let go
of my attachments to the third dimensional world more easily.
For the record, they were not talking about death, per se.
They believe that the shifting of dimensionality (Ascension)
ultimately means that those of us who are embodied will be
aware of both the third-dimensional world we live in and
other realms, simultaneously. But in the process of moving to
this expanded state of awareness, most of us tend to hold
onto the known.

I also find it interesting that they addressed the issue of
sleep by mentioning “the very odd state of being both awake
and asleep at the same time.” I am experiencing this on a
regular basis, as are many others. In this odd state of body
and mind, my body is asleep, as evidenced by the same type of
breathing patterns I experience when I am asleep, and my body
feels heavy as it does when I am asleep. But in these
peculiar bodily sleep-states my mind is quite awake.

I am personally finding that sleep is becoming more and more
of an art form. For those of us experiencing the simultaneity
of sleep and wakefulness during the night, it is sometimes
challenging to enter into the restorative state of deep REM
sleep. If you are one of these persons, may the farce be with
you. Perhaps think more in terms of catnaps than long
comfortable sleep. Take what you can get, and be thankful for

The Hathors also mentioned the Pineal Dimensional Attunement
in this message. When they originally gave me this sound
code, they indicated that they would give other Attunements
in the future. By the way, all of these Attunements will be
offered free of charge to the world community through this
website as they become available. For now, the Hathors are of
the opinion that listening to the Dimensional Attunement for
the Pineal Gland (on a regular basis) will continue to assist
those of us choosing the path of Ascension.

Personally, I sometimes think of the Hathor inner
technologies and the Attunements as energetic surfboards that
allow us to keep ahead of the evolutionary waves.

This brings me to one of their statements that I found both
illuminating and quite amusing: “The simple act of
appreciation for what is in your life will shift your
vibratory field faster and more effectively than any sacred

Mind you this is coming from a group of intelligences that
have given me volumes of information regarding geometry. And
I have no doubt that sacred geometry shapes the flow of
subtle energy. But when it comes down to it, the most
important thing here is to raise the vibratory rate of
your own subtle energy body (your KA) despite what may be
happening around you. If the use of sacred geometry assists
you in this, then so be it. It certainly does for me. But if
you are unable to engage such pyrotechnics of the mind, the
Hathors are saying don’t worry, be happy. Just appreciate the
smallest things in your life and your vibratory rate will
rise by itself. I applaud them for this simple statement for
I, too, have found appreciation to be the express elevator to
the upper floors of my own consciousness.

There is a tendency for many of us to get attached to our
little devices, whether physical or mental, thinking that
they will shift us into whatever version of paradise we
imagine. But this is, I think, just another type of
dogmatitis (an inflammatory condition of the soul).
Dogmatitis appears whenever there is a limiting idea or
belief. The most common form of this is the belief that you
cannot move upward in consciousness on your own, unless you
use some type of device and/or follow a certain path. The
Hathors are reminding us that we possess one of the greatest
tools for self-evolution within our emotional nature, the
simple act of appreciation.

This brings me to another one of their statements that occurs
toward the end of this message. “In the great miasma you call
Western Civilization, it shall be individual relationships
that survive the coming storm.”

Whatever comes down for humanity in terms of 3D realities, I
suspect that truthful and co-operative relationships with our
fellow humans may turn out to be our most reliable currency.

May you find both the small things and the big things that
bring you joy.

Tom Kenyon

For more information about the Pineal Attunement:

To listen to or download the Attunement:

C2009 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved.
You may make copies of this message, share and distribute
it in any media so long as you credit the author, include
this copyright notice, do not charge for it, and do not
alter its content in any way.

SaLuSa 18-January-2010

You are beautiful people beginning to realise your true potential, and as you accept your power you are helping to create a new reality. For too long you have been kept in the dark, but now you are rapidly growing in awareness. You are at last beginning to accept that the future lies in your own hands. All along it has been so, and you created your experiences in lower vibrations. Now you are intentionally directing your thoughts in such a way, that you are creating the conditions for your experience in the higher dimensions. It is sufficient that you concentrate your thoughts on all that is the creation of love.

Suddenly, and all in the space of a few years, you have increased the Light quotient upon Earth so that the outcome is assured. The pathway to Ascension is lit all the way to completion, and no attempts by the dark to prevent it will be successful. Therefore you can move through these last years, without feeling that your future is threatened. The dark Ones may cause minor problems, but they do not have much longer to remain in their positions of power. Their cycle of experience will also end, although like every other soul they will continue their evolution at levels consistent with their vibration.

When the changes are completed you will take nothing with you except your valuable experience. Because of your creative powers that are to increase tenfold, all of your needs will be satisfied. The high vibration of the 4/5th Dimension will enable you to manifest what you want instantly, and it will be a perfect expression of what you have visualised. Happiness and joy will accompany you wherever you go, and the harmony of all life forms will add to your enjoyment. The Oneness will be a sweetness that accompanies the Unconditional Love that all feel.

We want you to break your ties with the old where it no longer serves you, and it will allow you to walk free from its affect. With the Light as your protection the lower energies can no longer harm you, or deflect you from your path. Staying within your light is a discipline that you will come to learn, that will also keep you safe from psychic attacks. Be alert and you will not drop your guard in response to such attacks, and know that these can come from discarnate Beings. Your light attracts quite a lot of interest, and not always by the more evolved souls.

Dear Ones, for so long you have gradually been given more and more information to prepare you for the end times. There is little more to pass on to you, at least not until the conditions on Earth allow for the return of highly evolved beings such as the Masters. Then you shall be lifted up by having the truth revealed to you, so that you go through the end times fully aware and with a heightened consciousness. You are to become Masters in your own rights, and it will return to levels that you passed through to participate in duality. Each of you has such a capability, and will at some time in the future return to it. In your present lower vibrations it is hard to contemplate what it will be like, but we assure you it will seem quite natural to you.

Much is happening around you, even although it doesn’t seem to be contributing to the emergence of positive changes. However, there is always some progress being made by our allies, and it is a case of being slow but sure. Changes are gradually forcing the hand of the dark Ones, who are being kept occupied by them. As the Light continues to gain the upper hand so the opportunity for Disclosure grows ever stronger. It is the turning point that will give the Lightworkers the go ahead, and then you shall see so much come into the open. All activities that will bring peace and abundance to Earth are a priority and will occupy a lot of our time. That however presents no problem, as we are well prepared for whatever challenges that arise. Our resources are unlimited and speed will be our aim in whatever projects we tackle.

Over recent years that you have been prepared for these times, and you have responded extremely well to the call to play your part in bringing this cycle to its conclusion. What once seemed so far away from you is now about to burst upon the scene. Watch and listen carefully, and you will begin to pick out the indications that signal the beginning of end for the dark Ones. They know it to be so yet try to avoid the obvious end to their domination of the people of Earth. You are soon to released from their influences and how refreshing it will be for all of you, to have people in power who by their words and actions will be known to be true and trustworthy.

The Internet is proving to be a wonderful source of information, even if it is used by those supporting the dark agenda. You should be sufficiently well informed by now not to be mislead and able to trust your intuition. Remember that everything of the Light will resonate with you, and if it does not do so set it aside. This has been your means of evolving, and discovering through personal experience what can be trusted. Your spiritual understanding is gained in this most reliable way, as the beliefs of another may not be for you. After all, you are at different stages of evolution and have to seek out your own pathway.

Over a long period of time you have had some wonderful teachers that have come to Earth, so you have not been neglected or left entirely to your own devices. Progress is arranged so that the largest numbers of you can keep up with it, and bring understanding into your lives. What is heart warming is the great numbers of you who have found it possible to “Walk your Talk”, and live your lives as ones who have discovered how to walk in your Light. By doing so you have also helped others who have been touched by it, resulting in the upliftment of the mass consciousness.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that our efforts over the years have resulted in positive changes to your thinking. They were carried out very patiently to bring a new way of understanding to you because the old paradigm was proving inadequate. You had to start creating one more suitable, and you have been successful in doing so. We say “Well Done” because you are to be congratulated for your achievement.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

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The Crystal Rose of Peace : The Energies for January 2010 and the Coming Year

Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene through Celia Fenn

Light over the Sea of Galilee, Israel, January 2010

Beloved Lightworkers, we welcome you to this New Year of 2010, and

we are a little late this month as the Channel has been in her own

changes and transformations. Indeed, we can say that with this year of

2010 you are now fully in the New Earth energy and you are creating

the New Earth through every choice and decision that you make!

We call this the Year of the Crystal Rose of Peace, for the newly

activated Rose Grids are providing the acceleration into Planetary

Peace that will be the Foundation of the Golden Age of Peace. In the

last decade, you have worked to lay down the New Earth crystalline

grid system and to activate the Sacred Geometries of Light and the New

Light Codes for the New Earth. Now, with the Sacred Rose Grids

transmitting the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness to the

Planet, the Collective Consciousness has accelerated greatly in the

last few months. Many more souls are awakening and seeking to join in

this wonderful new creation of Peace and Love.

So it is that after the activations of the 11:11 and the 12:12 of

2009, the Planetary Hologram accelerated into a new level or frequency

of Divine Consciousness, creating much turbulence in its wake. Those

of you who are awakened are asked to keep holding your inner light and

truth and to provide the foundation of Peace and Love that will be the

basis for the New Earth.

The Acceleration will provide opportunities for great changes and

the creation of Miracles of Love. There will also be great challenges

as you learn to release the old energies and focus on the new ways of

Being. The most important skill that you can learn now is to Flow with

the energies. Things will move so swiftly that unless you are flexible

and able to flow with the changes, you will find great difficulty in

accepting what is. The characteristics of Higher Dimensional

Consciousness are Movement, Creation, Change and Flow. The way to be

in Higher Consciousness is to surrender to the Flow and allow Spirit

and your Higher Self to direct your course. The Mind cannot direct

your course now, as it does not have the ability to function within

multidimensionality. Only the Higher Self or I AM can do that. The

Function of the Mind is to make choices according to what is offered

by Spirit and to discern what pathways open before you.

Beloved Family of Light, this is a time of great blessings as you

learn how powerful you are. Sometimes, power is experienced simply by

releasing and letting go and allowing Spirit to be your guide. Indeed,

in this year of 2010, you will be challenged to release all

expectations and attachments to outcomes and allow what is to unfold

in your life, knowing that your I AM presence and Spirit will deliver

to you exactly what you desire and what is for your highest good and


Beloved Ones, in the process of Flow, remember always to align with

Love, for Love expresses Divine Will. Be drawn to Love and express

Love. Where there is no Love, then do not be there, remove yourself

and go to those places and people where the Love is. The time for

struggle and pain is over. Be drawn to Love and allow Love to be your

guide and support. And know that as you offer Love and Support, so

will it be returned to you.

As we have said before, Beloved Ones, Live in the Present moment, in

the Now. If you try to attach to the past or future, you will be

disoriented and out of flow, and things will not go well. If you focus

into what is given through Grace in the Present Moment, you will align

with the Flow of Divine Will and Divine Grace and you will experience

Abundance and Joy.

In this Acceleration and Alignment with Divine Will, you will

release all that is not necessary for your path, and you will be drawn

to those who are your Soul Family. You will, in this year, truly

understand who are your Soul Family. You will truly understand what it

means to be Family of Light and to be fully awakened and in communion

with Soul Family. This will be a great blessing. You will learn to

create together, to play together and to shape the future of the

Planet in Peace through Loving Intention right now.

Beloved Ones, in this year that comes you will learn to perfect your

skills of manifestation. What you desire and ask for will come to you

with great speed, and you will learn to accept, integrate and express

gratitude at the accelerated creation of all that you desire. You will

indeed be greatly blessed in this coming year, but it will require

inner strength and trust to handle the power of the energy of 2010.

We say to you also that there will be many challenges in this time.

As you create Peace and Abundance, you will need to confront all that

is not Peace and Abundance so that it may be released and transformed

in the Light. So, it may seem to you that “difficult” situations will

arrive to test your mastery of the light. At these times, hold to your

truth and hold the Peace in your heart, and move through these

situations by asking for guidance and holding your own inner Peace,

knowing that all will be well.

Where there is conflict, Beloved Ones, let there be resolutions,

where there are problems, let there be solutions. Where you are

challenged, look always for the highest good of all concerned at all


Remember too that the Diamond Light will flood all situations with

the Light of Absolute Clarity. Nothing can be hidden from the Light

now, and the Truth will always be seen and felt by those who are

awakened and whose hearts are open to Peace and Truth. This too is a

blessing, for your path will be open to Light and Radiance and

supported by Love. And so, as you pass through the month of January

with its powerful shifts and accelerations, we wish you Grace, Peace,

Love and the Power of your Divine Inner Being!

**The Crystal Rose of Peace by Mary Magdalene**

Beloved Children of the Light

Now in this year of the Rose

The Crystal Light of the Christ

Unfolds in your Hearts.

I am Here

With You

To support you and Love You As you learn to be Free.

The Sacred Energy of the Divine Feminine

That will Love you and Support you

As you learn to be Free.

I am with you

Yeshua is with you

Together we are the Christ Light

Living infinitely in your hearts


You were born free and you are free.

Embrace the Crystal Rose of Peace

In your Heart

Its Translucent Light will radiate Peace

Its Crystal Clarity will provide Luminous Love

For All.

In this year

I will be with you

I am the Magdalene

I am the Light of the Rose

The Light of the Goddess

The Light of your Feminine Being

I bring you Love

To support you

As you embrace your freedom


Yeshua and myself

We came to show you

How to be Free!

And now we say

You are Free

You are the Crystal Rose of Peace

Translucent and Beautiful

Angelic and filled with Grace

You are the Crystal Rose of Peace!

**Gathering of Family of Light in Israel January 2010, Living the New

Earth energies**

© 2010-11 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

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