Lord Hilarion – The Passion of Christ

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

** ** **
I am Hilarion.

I am the one they refer to also as the good-news prophet and thus this day I have stepped forth to bring my energy field as a part of yours forward so that we may be in this time of transmission and hopefully the time to follow beyond this be as one in true understanding, in true giving and true living. I bless you with abundant prosperity, perfect health, absolute knowing and I bless you with a true understanding of the unfolding light energies that now more than ever is a part of your daily reality and as time unfolds for you dear ones will become an even greater part of your daily reality, a reality that you as Christed Beings will have absolutely no choice but to receive as part of your life, greetings to you.

The journey of one’s life takes one on many different traveling routes and excursions and explorations from the day of your birth unto this plane until the day of your transition, your exit point from this plane, you are faced with many different challenges and you are faced with many different choices. Often the challenges you are faced with is not quit congruent with the end result of the choices that you end up making, so you think anyway at the time. Yet as time goes by you begin to realise that indeed for this particular period of being here in incarnated force field the experiences that you have come to play out very much has to follow its own course which you know is a set out program that you have agreed upon prior to your visitation here.

Humanity often has a problem with the choices they make in life and the only reason that this comes to surface is due to insecurity when it comes to making decisions and choices for at the end of the day if you relinquish and surrender into the Powers that Be, you will come to know that your process on this planet as an earthling at this time is very much about staying in the flow of your growth and if you have it cushy as you say all of the time, growth wont be possible, you will not grow and evolve as a person. Through the challenges you were faced with and are still facing and choices and decisions that you make in this lifetime, according to these energies you pass through a process of growth where you very much mature from the unknown into the known. The unknown to light beings is the known and visa versa because at the time of your birth unto this plane and through your growing years, your adolescent years, teenage and young adulthood you are often faced with the unknown and uncertainty whereas in fact if you could reverse the process back as far as you can, you will come to the realization that the further back you go, the more you know and infact even though you know what is awaiting you at the end of your lifetime the passion that is within your inner self as Christed Beings allows you to step out of the cold into the warmth, out of the danger in safety by embracing the unknown to such an extend that the issues of trust will never create a insecurity loop within the aspects of your personalities. The reason why I saying this is when you reach the end of your lifetime and you take on the exit through the portals of transition moving from this world into the beyond, your consciousness which very much is an accumulation of all that you were exposed to throughout this and to a great extend effects that have rolled on or mushroomed over from previous lifetimes, and this culmination which blends once again the soul and the spirit aspect of your beingness transcending you into the divine consciousness of your eternal ascension path, that, through the trust in your heart and the love that you have for yourself, for The Creator and all of the beings of light that you work with as well as The Christed One, these energies should be strong enough for you to simply surrender into the unknown, knowing that you will always be fine, knowing that you will always be blessed indeed.

So the known and the unknown are the energies that you as Christed beings now also have to place within the scales of your own balance allowing these to truly deliver unto you new balanced processes and therefore see these energies as one, the known and unknown and thus it matters not on which side of the scale you place which energy, but make sure dear ones that 50% of one along with 50% of the other is present, for this always creates divine balance for you.

You are at the moment being prepared to embrace a process of inner being. Now I know that perhaps you will say ‘Lord Hilarion we have been facing this process for some time, we have been given information on this for some time’ and I shall say to you: Dear one, this is quite correct but clearly see it the way it is, see it in the sense that you haven’t as yet reached full maturity in your ability to embrace yourself into your own blissful state of being (Lord Hilarion referring to messages being repeated). This is why we are here, indeed why we are here, to bring the good news, to prophesize the good news which is done through your process of awaking to your sacred ego, in other words the acknowledgement of your soul-spirit-personality, thus within the heightened awareness of your Christ Consciousness lies the truth dear one that whether energy is known or unknown it must serve you in scales of divine balance. The process of walking through or gliding through or evolving through portals of divine light, is a process dear one of taking on energies to help you sustain yourself within a healthy balanced spiritual experience. Now as you were recently told, many still have quite an imbalance because of personal inability in grasping the individual part of the earth experience as living a lifetime, celebrating that lifetime in the name of who you are. The question is who are you?
You are indeed a spark of The Divine. You are indeed a carrier of the Christ Flame. You as a Christed being have taken on this time, to come forth and be the prophets of the good news, each of you have agreed to come and spread the good news sharing your light with the world, which is all about spreading the good news. The good news at this time is the same news you were sharing within every other time (incarnation) within the past 2000 years or so.

The only increased difference this time is as you evolve and grow you consciously shift energy dramatically. Energy cannot be destroyed but merely redistributed into other areas giving birth to ‘new’ processes, many which may not be new so to speak yet the experience surrounding the event certainly is what we term as new. In the Piscean age you experienced very powerfully within your religious denominations and spiritual denominations the energy that came to sew the seeds of passion unto your plane.

He is indeed the Son of Man, will always be referred to as such and even though some of the Energies of the Christ Consciousness may be refracted and shared with others within the cloak of Divinity, the one that you call Jeshua Ben Joseph will always carry the Christ Energy.

In His time of being upon this planet, however short or long it may have been He came to deliver a definite message of hope, peace, a message of a united understanding of God’s love, of course at that time it was truly unable for just anyone unless ordained through higher energies to understand most of this love I speak of, for you see humanity after the ‘fall from grace’ so to speak still suffered for many thousands of years the after effects of the disappointment of man. You can relate to this energy as ‘jetlag’ when you cross continents. Now for 1000’s of years humanity was in deep jetlag from the shift of energies which took place within the times towards the end of the 1st, 2nd and then the final fall of Atlantis. The preparation for the man Jeshua went back since the beginning of time where it was decided upon that He will come as the Son of Man to deliver a message of Light, bringing the good news to everyone on this plane of their presence within the Christed Light, to bring the good news of their divinity and thus to bring about a shifting that would form a brotherhood of man here on your planet, yet as you know things went shall we say in a different direction as projected, not ‘wrong’ as we cannot go into directions of right and wrong, but things went in a different direction as rules changed and therefore know that no thing is set in stone. Even if you may come across someone that has taken through divine understanding a mere feather and through the passion of their own intention inscribed into stone their own commitment, through the weathering of time and the changing of the seasons and tides, this too can change.

Many of you whom are so drawn to these circles of light are the very ones that walked next to Jeshua. Many of you that right now feel a tear in your heart are the very ones that was there when I walked with you alongside the Son of Man. We tried hard in those days, in fact our lives consisted of spreading the good news and here you are dear ones back in embodiment back doing it again. For many it was a commitment you made back then, infact it was a commitment made before you took on your first incarnation for some even hundreds of years ago, some many thousands of years ago, for some hundreds of thousands. I know it can be a lot to put your mind through in understanding, it may be too much to wrap your head around, but it’s true for the lifetime that you live out upon this plane is but a true speck as part of a fraction divided and squared by that which you know as a mere moment.

The Christ Consciousness is an energy of Supernal Supreme unconditional love. Each and every one of you are currently facing a process of discovering your sacred heart, the process of unconditional love that unfolds for you like a beautiful flower. One petal at a time, revealing to you a new focus on yourself as each of those petals unfold, and so as it must be with nature and evolution as petals unfold so some succumb coming to the end of their time.

Dear ones, each of you are in my own personal opinion as Lord Hilarion, a rose of God’s. It matters not how many petals you loose along the way for whatever reason, know there is an unending supply awaiting you and therefore as a prophet of the good news still (in a different capacity though these days) with each of you being prophets too, the harbingers of the good news, understand if you stub your toe, if it becomes bad you may need it bandaged, perhaps you may need your leg rest on high to improve the circulation, but it does pass and thus embrace the beauty inside of you as Christed beings and prove this to the One you carry this fragmented Energy from, the One that created you and me in the likes of Him, by letting go of the past hurt and pain, by healing the cellular memory that continuously takes you back to the injury of that toe, for I tell you dear ones, every one of those that you refer to as the lightworkers which you are a part of has stubbed your toes along the way, some more than others, every single one of you in this circle of Light stubbed toes being the messengers of the Good News of Christ and therefore each of you has this time around in your prime incarnation taken on that responsibility and ownership to spread the goods news and being the light, no matter how many cobble stones are ahead, visible and invisible, known and unknown and thus when one of your petals leads you to feel dismay and sadness in some way, know that another is about to come in its place and with that let go of the old, allow that petal that served you for how ever many years, months, days, lifetimes, fall to become as part of the ashes of the earth so that as the phoenix rises from these, so does life and thus truly allow that which you have transcended through to in some small way become the fertilizer for another. it is for this very simple reason that you cannot live the life experiences for another and dear one we understand the sadness and compassion in the heart of a mother or father wanting to prevent their offspring from stubbing their toe, wanting to share with them a wondrous pathway through a beautiful journey of clarity and joy and happiness preventing this stubbing. But is it not through the perseverance of your own cosmic awareness that you as beings have become your ultimate self by stubbing and healing your toes, indeed that is so.

The Piscean age carried with it rather a heavy energy. Once the Son of man lifted His energy field from this plane transcending Himself from mortal man into ever living Christ seated at the right hand of The Father, each being that knew Him, that was a part of His life lesson with him being a part of theirs and in this particular instance all of you that are here and perhaps many that may come to read these words feeling a stir within your being, each one of you and me, went through times of tremendous turmoil having to come to grips with the reality that was playing out and if you thought people were scattered in the time of Babel then this too was much the same, every one, even though they spoke the same language and could understand each other experienced turmoil and inner fragments in the process of putting together the puzzle as their aspects of faith, of belief systems, the known and unknown, created within man the huge controversy causing a further split within the energy fields of man and instead of focusing on the oneness of the truth of the Teachings of Christ, all focused on the polarity opposites the teachings of indoctrination which in many ways created great confusion for many and no matter how many times you stubbed your toe, you still weren’t able to get across the powerful words of Christ, the true words of passion and compassion of Christ, being able to share these with others then was in many cases very challenging, indeed it was.

The earth then fell into a time period where lust and greed and choices of conditions ruled. For some time after those days and the years to come the essence of the consciousness of man just fell into density day by day creating a truly heavy burden for most to carry and the unknown imbalanced aspects of the human scale seemed more tempting for most as man then preferred to rather live through the abyss than to step through the unknown for within deepest recesses of the unknown there is knowing, there has always been, will always be, it is only because of the partial experience of man as human that many experience the limitations of what is referred to as the human consciousness abyss instead of spiraling with faith into the unknown. So in that understanding of your inner Christ consciousness of the divine seed that you have carried forever comes the news, the good news that the end time of your struggle is on the horizon, to end this and to step forth into a whole new way of being and living. You have planned and tried to move into directions of growth as a spirit human being over many lifetimes which has now reached the peak for you have never, ever, in any lifetime in any situation ever been challenged as currently when it comes to your perception of the fragments of your personality and indeed the good news is this will never happen again so even if you decide to take on a future life on this planet as a spirit human being you will indeed step forth as just that, a spirit human being having a soul journey for you will come through with the knowing of your divinity, your multidimensional activated aspects and you will come to embrace the matters of science and spirit to be as one which is part of the major aspect of my teachings as Hilarion bringing through a balance of science and spirit and therefore dear ones if you ever hear in conversation or made mention of the melding of science and spirit, know that I am there in presence. Humanity will soon come to face new discoveries so much so they will not be able to turn away from the factual reality that they are spirit human souls, discoveries where they will come to know their power as energetic expressions carriers of the Christ Flame, for they will come to realise that it is absolutely impossible to separate these worlds in fact it was only through many frustrating dualistic experiences of man wanting to polarize certain ideas that they became so frustrated. When the fall of man fell upon the earth so to speak and the separation of the right and the left brain occurred as the fissures within the corpus callosum created splits in such a way that it formed veils of unconsciousness, man took it upon himself to continually fight against the choices of the known and the unknown which you also term as good/bad/day/night/known/unknown but as I explained during my opening greeting this day the only way you can truly come to embrace the understanding of your Christedness, is to embrace that within every unknown is the known and to have such trust, faith, belief, to know that within every known there must be an unknown, and through the essence held within the higher heart that carries no conditions allow this into being.

Now you have been taken through processes of manifestation in fact if you think back especially so over the last 4 years many beings have delivered unto humanity many different tools on manifesting so now with my transmission this day humbly sharing some time with each of you and those that may come to read these words, come the understanding dear ones that to enable you to manifest that which you desire you need to balance the known and unknown. Through the trust and faith of your being and by embracing the Christed aspect of yourself as a lightworker as a carrier of the Christ Flame, allow the processes of the known and unknown into being in such a way that the unknown reveals to you every known situation, which can only occur once you relinquish control, surrender into the Heart of God and understand if there is any true purpose that you came for it certainly is to shine your light out into all flows of direction beaming your Christ light from your heart, never being shy about it, afraid of stubbing your toes again for as you walked with Him then, you are still walking with Him now. In fact back then there was the reality of being with Him in the physical sharing experiences, but now after hundreds of incarnations you have truly come to understand what it means to carry the inner Christ Flame within your being and thus you are now even closer to Him than then.

Join hands with the people of your world, join hearts with all that is, and share the good news – the good news of the awakening Christ within every single being. The good news of the Golden age, the good news of the future of your planet as you project it, in other words as you see it, share these, do not be shy about these for in the power of your words come true expression of your beliefs. Share it out loud, in letters (writing), in visualisation, in wishes.

Dear ones, my message to you this day is – in the space of the understanding of the melding of spirit and science comes too the space of acceptance.

You have been given many teachings on acceptance and thus understand that within the microscopic fragments of a blurred mind too comes the balance of acceptance and that which I speak of is the acceptance of all as one. In this process lies too the acceptance of your brother and sister no matter how they may differ from you, even if they are unable to embrace the truth and light of the One Christ, the One God, through your years and multiple incarnations and thus invaluable experience you should know that within all of that which is unknown to you lies truth, passion, understanding and trust and through these divine elements by using your creativity you expand your sacred heart or the higher or as I prefer to refer to it your Christ Heart, and within the Christ Heart there is almost as if a complete recalibration of every individual soul where each of you without any physical, verbal or visual communication of any kind share in the essence of One Truth. It is within the Christ Heart that you come to know the passion of Christ within, which you must share without and thus should your fellow brother or sister be unable to share in your divine excitement the good news, understand that they are still working through the lower aspects of the heart energy where they still fall pray to the poisons of polarity for they know no other way and thus in these times no matter how challenging it may prove to be, ascend from this by transcending into your Christ Heart and from this essence in times of shriveling petals take heed of these words, take a break, have a rest, take all your things pack them away, get out your crayons, water colours, clay, cook, garden, get out a creative tool for this is what will assist you in letting go of your poisons of polarity so that you may see yourself as a Christ child living a true reflected aspect of Christ Consciousness the way it was implanted within you since the beginning, the way it has been rekindled within you throughout time, thus no matter the challenges I ask each of you to support one another through the awakening. Take care of each other and through the act of awareness (which you will be shared on during your next transmission) bring yourself back into an aligned state of being and know that the only way for you to receive ultimate balance is to embrace the known within the unknown and the unknown within the known allowing this to give you peace so that you may spread with peace the gospel of your spirit-human-soul and through these truths extend a hand to everyone else no matter which part of their journey they still feel entrapped within.

Before I continue asking you to join me in the activation of this energy I need to share with you very briefly that through the power and the process of the known and unknown carried by the Christ Light within, to have come all this far carrying this torch of divinity understand that your part in this journey is in the role of supporter, healer, the one with the insight, wisdom, knowledge and understanding of many experiences which has brought you into your current understanding, being, and way of life, and through this as with the essence of science and spirit and combining these into what is known as The Divine Truth Flame, the flame which I Hilarion also support burning within many cosmic experiences lighting the way for The Christ, the One that carries this Essence of which you carry the seeds, also comes the divine understanding that you are not here to carry another’s processes. It is not your journey to carry another’s because of past guilt and your inability to balance the unknown and the known. Many of you still carry fragments of this pain, the pain that you were unable to heal, the excess that you were unable to sweep under divine rugs and thus because this is your primal lifetime being the highlight of all your experiences in fact even though you may return in time to come to live very exciting lives, none will be as fulfilling at the end of its time as this one and thus do understand that the archetype of ‘doormat’ is not yours to live through this time.

Being humble, being kind and embracing truth in such a divine way doesn’t mean that you have to take on the processes of another therefore let go of the guilt that you carry. Let go of the desire for eternal peace rather embrace it as if it’s here. Let go of having to make everyone connect and be as one, for those processes are also already there but rather concentrate on your own divinity sharing this with others and in so doing through the mirroring of your own beauty see only in others that which you reflect and in this way as our beloved Kuthumi always teach, become your own best teacher by living the example especially if you expect another to follow.

Now, if you would like journey with my for a brief moment of your time. Long pause.

I want you to imagine that you are inside a beautiful temple of light. See this temple in which ever way or form you feel comfortable with though I will describe a little of it yet there is no need for all of you to see it the same. Pause.

The temple I am within is in the shape of a hexagon which has 6 sides, 6 equilateral walls creating the outer ring of the temple grounds. These walls are all constructed by interlinking arches in other words even though this is the borderline or periphery of the grounds these are not closed walls but rather arches forming the walls. Pause.

The courtyard of this temple has the most exquisite gardens, lush vegetation, a powerfully strong smell of roses everywhere as the rose is one of my all time favorites on your plane. The rose energy carries the stamp of Mary Magdalene and she in those days was very much an example of the rose. With every fading petal she knew of another’s replacement which is my quest for you to do the same. I have back then and always will an indescribable bond with the woman that you know as Mary Magdalene for in the times when we walked this plane together, us and you, we all shared in the crimson essence (referring to unconditional love) of the Christ Heart. Yes there were times some of us stubbed our toes, got despondent and may-be instead of facing forward turned our vision to the side, but each time this happened and dear ones as a reminder even before it happened the Masterful Christ Jeshua opened His etheric wings wrapping them around us no matter the conflicting energies of our choices or our perceptions of the known and unknown – He only loved us more, He cared more for us with each day. No-one before Him, and no-one after Him ever could’ve carried the essence of the Christ Consciousness as was reflected within the Piscean age. Now in the age of Aquarius many including some I have made mention of are stepping forward from the veils beyond your time and through many a seeker-trainer-disciple channel our energies in the way I am currently doing to bring forth explanations that many still require for them to step forward into their own balance and thus form a link between the supernal supreme divine consciousness and that of spirit-human-soul consciousness, dear ones you form the link as a light worker between the essence of truth and that of perceived happenings and thus as I welcome you in my Ashram of light here in the Temple of Truth standing on my beautiful lawns surrounding the temple with the lush vegetation, trees and shrubs and overpowering rose fragrance with roses everywhere, I ask you to embrace within yourself every divine aspect that you have worked for in fact that you have lived for, lived to integrate, for now this is your time as you are the prophets of the good news and thus enjoy the journey, enjoy the experience and create your own magical mystery as you go along for indeed your invisible wings are still with you, and He who carries the Essence of The Christ still loves you more each day no matter your experiences. Those are your own personal issues to work with, live with, work through, to grow through, to transcend and evolve through. It by no means carry a morsel of judgment from anyone of us that carries spears of light in our hearts and so too will you become like this, this is what your current frustrations is about to finally relinquish control to the old ways by simply being in the power of your current divinity.

And so beyond these walls and gardens is a beautiful temple looking from the outside you will see a massive, massive temple of light as if by fairytale existence, a typically eastern shaped dome curved upwards with a massive big golden star at the tip of the dome. This serves as a reminder of the star of life which forms part of all existence which is the Breath of Christ that is within me, serving as a reminder to everyone that enters this sacred space that they too carry this internal star light, the Flame of Christ Consciousness.

Once entering you will realise the colours green and red to be the most predominant within the upholstery of the temple, the seating, arm rests, circular chairs, and the drapes all around and also within the exquisite imprint of the velvet roses evident within the walls of the inner court of the Temple of Light.

In the very center or sacred inner circle of Christ energy there stands a massive marble pillar in your definition about 3-4mts high. On top of the pillar rests a much larger pure brass bowl, a shallow bowl with a diameter of about 50cm of your measurement burning from this an eternal flame that can never die. It is this eternal flame of Christ Light that I Hilarion hold here within my Ashram The Temple of Truth for each of you to come to, to journey to, to light your fires from for as then, so too now I will always remain the prophet of the good news I am now however overjoyed to be in eternal bliss alongside my brothers and sisters. I have a most profound and special connection with the one that you know as Saint Francis of Assisi. I have a most profound and dear connection with many other, Mary Magdalene and of course the One that I carry the Christ Flame for. Each one of us of the Ascended Light Realms no matter which dimension we work from or share our essence from is in permanent communication with one another it is through this invisible Creator Network of Light that each of us are also connected to each of you and therefore I invite you as a group today to take a step forward in your mind towards this inner flame held within this sanctuary for Christ, step towards this eternal Christ flame that carries the centre anchor known and unknown within my ashram of truth. Pause.

Simply allow your heart to connect to the golden and diamond Christ Flame bursting forth powerfully from this most exquisite brass holder. See the golden and diamond flame intermingled and then through the intent of your soul with all of you standing around this flame of light and passion bring into your hearts a sense of compassion by joining hands physically with me at this time. Pause. (All join hands)

Now close your eyes, bring into your mind this vision, open up your higher heart or Christ Heart and draw from the essence of the inner flame (from the eternal flame of Christ light) a energy of Light, of Christ, of The Creator into your being and then visualise within your sacred heart a magnificent diamond golden flame come to life. Pause.

Now from your reinforced diamond golden flame within your Christ Heart, for those unaware its location is between the Thymus and heart above the biological heart within the centre of the sternum, I want you to reflect your own energy into the flame in reverse, see the flame embracing this energy as it gave of itself for you and in turn you now support it.

Very Long Pause.

You may now relax let go of your hands. You will see the inner circle seating surrounding the inner core temple reflects an elaborate emerald green colour. These sacred seats are reserved for those I closely relate to and work with one such I made mention of is Saint Francis of Assisi but today I would like to extend to each of you an invitation to come take a seat here with me so that when ever you are in need of transformation, of a reminder of your divinity as a Christed being, when ever you need a gentle reminder of your own beauty and in great humbleness your divinity then I invite each of you to step forward to invoke to presence of my Ashram, to walk into the hexagonal grounds through the massive arched walls, into the exquisite rose gardens of my love, I invite you to spend time in these gardens relating to your own beauty by tapping into your own eternal fragrance as a divine rose and should you have problems in letting go of the petals that have lost their moisture come here and spend some time recharging yourself in this state of bliss. If need be go forth into the inner exquisite temple recharge yourself from the eternal Christ Flame that anchors the core of my home and heart. At times when you feel a little dusty and bruised wondering where the enthusiasm will come from to support your journey ahead I invite you to come take a seat here within the inner realms of my Ashram, come and take your emerald seat within the inner circle of my Christed Home to regenerate yourself, to recharge yourself, to revitalize yourself and recondition yourself so that you may awake each day being the all inspiring prophet that you came to be fulfilling your duty by spreading the good news.

You may now anchor yourself back into the reality of this room, make sure that you are grounded yet keep the Christ Flame burning within your heart. Keep the vision of my home which I am personally sharing with you today holding the experience of this day within your heart, yet share it out with the world if you so wish for soon you will see a new world has been born transformed, soon you will see new horizons have created Paradise beyond your current understanding. Soon you will see beauty, love and divinity in everything that you do, everything that you are, as you embrace the journey of the new way forward transcending the old, embracing the new and throughout all of this and many 1000’s of years of venturing you even more so claim yourself as an enlightened Christed being.

As I carry the flame of the Eternal One on High, I invite you to do the same. Thank you for being here this day, thank you for ever so kindly coming to share your time with me. I am Hilarion I am the Master Cohan of the Fifth Ray of Divine Consciousness, the Ray of Concrete Divine Knowledge and the Ray of Substantial Divine Science and through the balancing of my energy field becoming a true divine anchor of light by allowing balance within my scales of known and unknown, I greet thee. Good-Bye
Thank you

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