Archangel Metatron ~ Hope, being in peace and going with the flow ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

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Archangel Metatron ~ Hope, being in peace and going with the flow ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

AA Metatron

Dearest brothers and sisters of the Light, dearest incarnations of the God spark, dearest hearts of Love. It is I, Archangel Metatron, who has the pleasure to address all of you in order to incite your beloved hearts to express Love and joy. The aim of my message today is to bring enlightenment and to lead all of you to one and the same consensus in Love and peace.

Today we are going to discuss the topic of hope and peace. Hope is a beautiful thing as it procures a joyful feeling and an uplifting energy. Hope creates opportunities and manifests realities, that’s why we say that it is important to be hopeful as it stirs your ‘spirit’ and gives you the impetus to persevere because you feel something wonderful is coming your way.

It is all right to feed and share hope, my beloved friends. Don’t let anyone take away your hope, but simultaneously it is very important during the process of hoping, that you don’t place any expectations on the outcome, that you don’t fill in certain things or that you put certain charges on it. When hope goes hand in hand with uncertainty and the filling in of expectations, hope changes fundamentally in its totality and aspect of creation. Than hope will display a very different meaning and shape and will take on the form of a disturbance.

Disappointments and deep sorrow will ensue because the thing hoped for did not materialize just because expectations were placed on it with a charge of uncertainty and that uncertainty saddles it up with doubts. It is generally known that what one thinks follows along in creation and uncertainty interferes in the creations of what you want to have or to be.

That’s why I advise you my dear friends, to always be hopeful and at peace. Be at peace with all that you try to achieve and be hopeful in the sense that you know and have faith in all serenity that all will turn out all right and that all is well. Release and let go of the hold and the support in your life and go with the flow of renewal that your Being creates, that your Being is in essence. This flow can be turbulent at times leaving you guessing where it will lead you but have faith because you yourself create this flow, you Are this flow!

Spirit would never harm you or let you attract misfortunes; rather Spirit pours everything in the form that is for the highest good of your Being and your Spirit.

Experiencing misfortunes or difficulties does not mean that you were born under a bad star or that you are a victim of circumstances; quite the opposite. Consider it a blessing and an opportunity to work on eliminating your blocks, your karma, your experiences or your lessons. Doing so will bring you to enlightenment and will again liberate your Spirit. These things happen for a reason just because EVERYTHING contains a lesson or an experience which makes you stronger and brings you further along on your spiritual path.

The way you cope with this is utterly the lesson that can be learned from it. You all are aspects of the Source in incarnation who have chosen to split off in various forms, possibilities and incarnations to be able to experience it all, including the harsh difficulties. Be grateful for those experiences because they can give rise to a huge leap in growth and in consciousness, ultimately enriching and enlightening your spirit as essence.

Be at peace with everything that comes your way and remain hopeful in your heart, go with the flow of happiness, renewal and experiences. Spirit knows what you choose to experience in order to evolve further into who you really are. You are always surrounded and loved by all of us; you are not being thrown into a pit and left there without help. You have to climb out of this pit and that can be a bit of a strain but we stand next to you to assist you wherever things get tough and to cheer you on during your climb.

When heart and spirit are at peace with themselves and with all that comes their way, the situation will resolve itself as there is no opposition, no charge, enabling the free flow of energies and easing all to come to a breakthrough and to a fundamental change. However, never forget that you are doing and being all of this, so never look outside of yourself, do not view it as something that comes your way for you are the one doing this, you are the one attracting it for the highest good of you.

The best lessons and experiences are often the hardest nuts to crack but they are also the ones that will procure the greatest and strongest changes and progressions. You find yourselves now in a trimeframe in which all kinds of possibilities can become truths when you want them to and when you persevere. In order to get the best out of the can, a huge cleansing and transformation are required to transmute the still remaining darkness in yourself and in others, thereby only making use of the best and most appropriate energies.

Nowadays many souls choose to proceed with their evolution and that becomes quite obvious as many souls loose their partners, family and friends with whom they used to have such close connections. There is a conscious choice to go on in peace and in hope with the chosen path and often this goes hand in hand with the tearing down or with the fundamental change of connections which no longer resonate or serve the highest good of a soul. This often entails difficulties and sorrows for all parties involved, but it can also be viewed as a change in someone’s own consciousness and evolution.

Choices often trigger many hearts and souls; hence they are very important but in a way also very testing. The way a soul copes with these matters is its own responsibility and cannot be considered as an erroneous choice. The way someone copes with a choice or a decision is a completely personal responsibility and has to be carried out by the soul itself as it belongs to its own experience and lesson.

When you remain peaceful with all that comes on your path, with the choices you made and with the changes occurring in your life, there will always be a flow of energy you can make use of and that will assist you. When, on the other hand, there is no peace and everything is viewed outside of you, there will be a disturbance, there will be charges which will thwart the whole process. Dissociating yourself from this will only worsen the situation because it is considered as something odd and placed outside of yourself,and as everything is one and there is no separation, the lesson involved in such cases will become far worse.

You have evolved far enough to be able to understand this fully and to get the appropriate insights, dear friends, and those will lead you much further in a peaceful and easy way. This is my message and the love I share with all of you today. Know in your hearts that I am always at your disposal for we are all One.

With all my Love, my friendship and my gratitude.

Archangel Metatron.

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