From Russia the Hope – Archangel Metatron – James Tyberonn

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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Archangel Channel
From Russia the Hope
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings, Beloved! I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I embrace each of you, individually
in a field of unconditional love.

And so we speak in this hour of Russia, and indeed it is a vast land of a deep history
within your past centuries. That energy that we find around what the channel terms
as the Golden Ring of Moscow is an exceptionally clear energy, one that heightens
what you term the intellect. The great channel you referred to, Edgar Cayce, foresaw
the emergence of a new application of this ancient portal.

Dear Ones, we tell you that Moscow, and indeed Russia, will be the cradle of the
renewed application of spiritual principle as applied in the lives of humanity.

Now, what we see occurring in Russia is a new influx of evolved souls in mass carrying
the crystalline frequency, with a culture whose common man has for two generations
lived in more unity, in greater equality, we would say.

And, as the channel has mentioned, are not largely divided or controlled by organized
religious dogma or creed. That is the energy of the Golden Ring. It is an insert,
a hologramic frequency that can offer the potential for the rebirth of true application
of human experience.

Those called the Meruvians, the 6th race, are in fact the crystalline vibration.
The Meruvian is not a racial façade or grouping, rather it is the 12 stand DNA
that can and is occurring in all physical biology forms. As such there is an influx
of the Meruvian crystalline frequency or better stated, Crystalline Children, within
this area.

As we have said, the Meruvian-Crystalline frequency influx is also occurring in
South America, Scandinavia, Canada, Japan, and parts of the United States, most
specifically in the Crystal Vortex.

The major influx is in Russia and South America at this time, of souls in mass from
the family of evolved souls, those of the ‘Law of One,’ those of Mu, those of Tibet,
those of the golden era of Greece. These souls have accepted a specific mission
and will potentially become majority forces of like ideology within these frequencial

Lake Baikal

Now, the channel asks about the energy termed Lake Baikal. We tell you it is a massive
vortex and chakric center for humankind as well as for the body of the planet. Its
ovaline circumference extends for over one thousand miles, and its energetic influence
is global. It is one of the rare vortexial sites on the planet with a reverse spin
in terms of its relation to intra-dimensional light. We will speak more on this
later in this channel.

Lake Baikal has been recognized for millennia and has always had etheric as well
as human guardians along its shores. You see, Baikal carries the energy of Mu and
of Lord Buddha. It was recognized in the

time of LeMuria and holds that peaceful energy as a placeholder for the planet,
we will say. It has long been protected by its very remoteness.

The gems from this area are extremely potent, they are imbued with its tranquil
energy, its balance.

The gemstones of the Ural Mountains are also of key importance at this time. That
of the blue

lapis lazuli and the lavender charoite of Baikal, and that of the amethyst, aquamarine,
topaz and

demantoid garnet of the Ural Mountains are most beneficial to those that wear them.
The vibration

of these unique areas within Russia is of the higher activation and harmonious frequency

this time, you see.

Three potent energy vortex-portal complexes exist and triangulate in Russia’s geometric

the Golden Ring, The Ural Mountains and Lake Baikal. The most powerful of these,
and understand, Dear Ones, that all three are omnificently potent, is Lake Baikal.

Lake Baikal is indeed global in proportion and vibrates in harmonic oscillation
with many other parts of the world, including Lake Titicaca, both LeMurian you see.

Now certain areas of Russia carry a reverse field of energy that is quite interesting
in its relation to the Crystalline-Electric Cosmic Pulse.

The Cosmic Pulse is an omnipotent source and force of energy that is Intra-dimensional
and in your current technology, immeasurable. The energy of the Cosmic Pulse occurs
in two formats, one as a conduit of current, and the other as a lattice work, a
living sentient grid.

In Russia, two of these reverse helitropical fields occur. The largest is in Lake
Baikal, the other in the Ural Mountains. These two triangulate with the Golden Ring
Vortex centered in Moscow.

The Cosmos contains within it what may be termed a Crysto-Electrical circuitry within
the active plasma of the galaxies and intra-space. This circuitry feeds the core
of your galaxy. This ‘active’ plasma is in many forms, both hot and cold, and it
is coherent and conscious. This plasma is not fixed in one dimension or in only
one Universe. You see this plasma operates in a spectrum, not unlike light. It fluctuates
and fades in an out of both dimensional realities and into other Universes. It is
in fact the glue that binds them together.

This intradimensional plasma produces a multi braided helixed current that is crystalline.
But how can a crystalline substance have ionic polarity attributes in a zero-point
field? Because it is produced by the Crystalline structure of the geometric Cosmic
Lattice, the Galactic Grid. It becomes coherent, through the ‘pinch’ of its attraction
and compression. Just as certain piezoelectric crystals on your planet release electrical
charge when mechanical pressure is applied, this plasma is released through something
akin to what is termed the ‘z-pinch’ effect of compression exerted on the piezo
crystalline matrix of the Cosmic Grid.

As you approach the Ascension, this crysto-electrical current is poised to play
a major role in the Crystalline Frequencial Upshift of your Earth, and indeed humanity.
It is part of the crystalline portion of the Cosmic Trigger. We tell you this current
is being coded with an inverse spiral that is requisite not only to the planet but
to the quintessential upshift to Mer-Ka-Na.

Your planetary grids and magnetospheres act as double layered surge protectors,
but occasionally this charge overloads. There is evidence of this, unrecognized,
in your solar system, and indeed on the Earth. Each planet has a specific parameter
of electrical charge it carries. When this charge is overloaded in a surge, a form
of internal electricity will burst out in potent arcs that create implosion effects
both on the physical planet and its intra-dimensional aspect. This has occurred
on your earth after the breakup of the initial Firmament. This is in fact what formed
the Grand Canyon !

Indeed over-surge implosion of arc-lightening not only formed the Grand Canyon,
but also Meteor Crater in Arizona, and the Tungstoy Crater in Siberia. It is the
Tungstoy implosion that emiited the secondary arcs that created the reverse spins
in both Lake Baikal and the Ural Mountain region.

The Tungstoy crater has not revealed iron-nickel meteorite fragments within its
crater, and that is because it was not a meteor explosion. It was created by arc
lightening implosion release. Evidence of this is also on the moon and all of
your planets. Jupiter’s Fourth Moon and the Valle Marinera Canyon on Mars are other
enigmatic examples of Arc Implosions. Indeed these are understood and recognized
by some of your maverick scientist.

Baikal & Ural: The Reverse Spin of Implosion Fields

Now, to relate this to your earth, we will tell you that the arc lightening emitted
from within the earth that created the implosion scars of the Grand Canyon, Meteor
Crater and Tungstoy, Siberia have created a unique energy field. A reverse spin
of intra-dimensional light occurs here, and as such a unique balance-counter balance
occurs that spins light in helical and anti-helical spins.

As we have stated, Gemstones and minerals found within these areas have unique properties
as a result that can be very balancing and beneficial in auric expansion. One of
the interesting effects within these areas is the presence of a very beneficial
energy resulting from a unique anti-gravitational field that occurred from the
Electro-Arc implosion.

This field has periods of intra-dimensional openings that enable time-program anomalies
at specific astronomical gravity phases. This benevolent energy is very unique on
your planet, and allows multidimensional awareness and experiences of bi-location
more easily in certain vectors within it.

There are other areas where this has occurred on the planet, and one of these is
the Andara region of California, the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas and the mid south
central section of the Ural Mountains, along the 51st latitude north.


Russia is an area of incredible energies, and one of the major influx areas of the
coming of the Crystal-vibration humans of the full strand 12-DNA.

Russia houses 3 incredible vortexes, the most powerful is Lake Baikal.

The presence of higher realm geometries and higher dimensional light is quickened
above and within Lake Baikal, and its energy affects the entire planet Earth. Above
it is a precious diamond dome. This concentrated geometric sphere contains the dodecahedron
and octahedron. It is irradiated with those energies of the Pleiades and Sirius
B, and uniquely aligned to same. We say to the channel, you were fortunate indeed
to visit this place; its energies are now within you. And so it is for all who visit
there, either in body or spirit, yet both are indeed blessed. You are beloved.”

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths.

And so it is…


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