The Emergence of Multiple Chaotic Nodes – A Hathor Planetary Message – Tom Kenyon


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The Emergence of Multiple Chaotic Nodes

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

Your planet is entering a critical transition
, characterized by a multiplicity of Chaotic Nodes.

In our previous communications we
have discussed the changes taking place on your Earth in the context of a
single Chaotic Node. But from our viewpoint, multiple Chaotic Nodes are now
emerging. These complex interacting nodes involve such things as radical
weather anomalies, increases in earthquake and volcanic activity, critical
challenges to the planet’s eco-systems, challenges to agriculture and food
sources, as well as political and economic volatility.

In addition to these planetary
Chaotic Nodes, the sun of your solar system is entering a greater level of
volatility and unpredictability as well. It is entering into multiple Chaotic
Nodes itself, driven by its own internal cycles, but also greatly impacted, as
we have said in previous messages, by the galactic center.

The physical challenges you will
face in the near future are many, but our message at this time does not concern
the physical dimension of these difficulties. These changes, and their
resulting challenges, will be apparent to anyone who looks beneath the surface
of current events.

Our focus in this communication is
on the emotional and spiritual crisis you are facing.

When a system enters multiple
Chaotic Nodes there is increased stress on those elements or beings that reside
in the vibratory level of existence where the Chaotic Nodes are taking place.

Let us speak to this for a moment in
terms other than human existence. From our experience, other dimensions of
consciousness and existence are also experiencing their own version of multiple
Chaotic Nodes. Thus, the energetic challenges you are facing are not limited
just to Earth, but extend to all dimensions of consciousness and all beings,
including non-corporeal (energy beings without bodies), who are related to
Earth and this galaxy.

But let us come down to Earth, to
the nexus point of your existence in time and space.

As we said earlier, beings living in
a realm of existence undergoing multiple Chaotic Nodes will be inevitably
stressed by increases in chaotic events.

As chaotic elements within planetary
weather patterns increase, as challenges to agriculture multiply, and as
economic problems grow, there will be an increase in global human anxiety.

This type of anxiety tends to center
around physical survival, and while anxiety about survival can drive human
beings into a type of madness and irrationality, there is something more
insidious and hidden in the current transition state you are now entering.

This hidden danger has to do with
thought forms perpetuated by some of your major religions and spiritual
traditions. These thought forms and belief systems maintain the notion that
there is a separation between the physical and the interdimensional (spiritual)
aspects of your existence. The physical world is viewed as tainted; nature is
seen as something to be subdued and dominated (as opposed to co-creating with
the natural world), and in essence, the world is viewed as something to be
escaped from.

We do not share this belief. Our
experience is that consciousness is one continuum from the highest vibrations
of light into the lowest vibrations of matter and that the very atoms and
subatomic particles that comprise your world are, by their very nature,
sacred—if by sacred you mean related to the whole.

As the stresses generated by
multiple Chaotic Nodes increase, there will be a tendency for many humans to
enter delusional and dissociative states of consciousness.

Those who adhere to the thought form
that there is an eternal schism between the realms of matter and those of
spirit will be most prone to this aberration in consciousness. And as stresses
increase, due to the complex interaction of multiple Chaotic Nodes, there will
be a marked tendency for some of these individuals to be separated further and
further from the realities of the physical dimension. This type of communal
dissociation will be further driven by religious and spiritual thought forms
regarding “the End Times,” “the Day of Judgment,” and the “Purification of
Earth.” This delusional state of mind will become a type of collective mental/emotional
as whole groups of individuals succumb to stress and overwhelm as
they struggle to deal with the global effects of multiple Chaotic Nodes.

Lines in the sand

From our perspective, a line is
being drawn in the sands of human consciousness. And this line is nothing less
than the demarcation between those who uphold the schism between matter and
spirit as perpetuated by the world’s major religions and those who don’t.

What side of this line you stand on
will determine to a great extent what you are open to, in terms of planetary
and personal transformation.

All Initiates must determine for
themselves, what is true and not true, especially when it comes to this
religiously perpetuated schism between matter and spirit. And by Initiates, we
simply mean those who strive to live upward in consciousness, regardless of the
method or spiritual traditions they follow.

The Path of the Heart

From our perspective, the threshold
for an Initiate from the lower vibrational worlds into the upper worlds is,
first and foremost, through the heart. This transit of consciousness is
essentially an inner journey from the lower chakras to the higher chakras. It
is only when an Initiate both transcends and transforms his or her personal
fixation on security, sex and power that the upward spiral opens. And the
entrance into this upward spiral of consciousness occurs when the heart chakra
becomes energetically open and permeable.

The paradox and the difficulty is
that you live in a dualistic universe, and virtually any action you take is met
by a counter-force. This paradox and difficulty is like a metaphorical grain of
sand in an oyster; it is irritating. But through the process of self-evolution,
the irritation (i.e. duality) becomes a pearl, and paradoxically, something of
value emerges from that which was problematic. But each Initiate must create
this pearl of self-transformation for him or herself. No religion, no master,
no teacher or guru can do it for you.

It may sound too simplistic but, in
our experience, the greatest evolutionary catalyst, and the greatest vibratory
field of safety to bridge transition states (such as the one you are
collectively entering), is through the heart, your heart.

Let us be more specific here. As the
number of Chaotic Nodes increases, the challenges to mental and emotional
stability will multiply. And as a result, increasing numbers of individuals
will enter irrational states of consciousness. There will be a tendency for
these individuals to act out in self-destructive ways. And because you are
connected to all life on this planet, you will be affected to some extent by
the emotional turmoil of others.

Thus it would be of great benefit to
you as an Initiate, to cultivate a coherent emotional state, something you
return to again and again, reinforcing what we call a positive attractor.

Then it will be as if you have an
energetic bubble of coherency around you. You will be able to see clearly and
respond to the dualistic world you live in, yet your vibratory essence will
remain protected from the increasing levels of chaos and irrationality of
others. How you do this is your choice. There are many ways to accomplish this.
We will simply offer two.

The first is the most basic and
fundamental but is the foundation for the more advanced. We are well aware that
many persons reading these messages are new to this type of information, while
others are very advanced, which is why we are offering two techniques.

The Basic Technique

This first method is for those
unfamiliar with the vastness of their own inner consciousness. It is simple but
highly effective.

We recommend you regularly cultivate
this coherent state in the garden of your mind.

To accomplish this, you simply
reside in the feelings of appreciation or gratitude, without any reason to do
so. In other words, you are not looking to something in your environment or
your life to feel appreciation or gratitude for. You simply enter into this
vibratory state for no other reason other than choosing to do so.

This vibratory state creates a
coherency in your body and mind, and it is a type of mental/emotional upliftment
that acts as a counter-balance to the downward spiral many humans will be

We recommend that you enter this
emotional state several times a day. Just a minute or two is all that is
needed, but by entering into this vibratory state throughout the day, you train
your brain/mind/body to enter into a coherent state at will. And this will be a
very helpful and important mind-skill as you enter further into this
planetary transition state (i.e. the emergence of multiple Chaotic Nodes).

One reason we say that this mind-skill
will be helpful to you is due to the inherent effects of multiple Chaotic

Many of you will find greater
opportunities for frustration in your daily life. This is because actions taken
will increasingly not lead to the result anticipated. Even those of you who are
intellectually gifted and masters of manifestation may find blocks and
unanticipated hindrances, due to no causation on your part, but rather due to
the actions or inactions of others, as well as unanticipated problems caused by
the increase of chaotic events in the world around you. Thus, when you find
yourself at your wit’s end, so to speak, if you have cultivated the positive
attractor of appreciation or gratitude you can use it to intervene into your
own emotional turmoil, for if you succumb to your own emotional stress the
contagion of mass hysteria is more likely to reach you.

Think of this simple technique as a
lifesaver. It’s something passive, you just rest in it, and it creates a
vibratory field that by its very nature protects your emotional and spiritual

The Advanced Technique

The second technique we wish to
share is for those of you who are more experienced with your inner worlds.

We discussed the first part of this
method in a previous message called Ecstasy and the Heart.

The technique involves focusing on
the physical heart, not the heart chakra, and while focusing your attention on
the physical heart you enter into the state of appreciation or gratitude (just
as with the simple method we gave earlier).

The effect of holding your awareness
in the physical heart while experiencing appreciation or gratitude creates
bliss or ecstasy if you hold the two together long enough.

Once you enter bliss or ecstasy you
become aware of the space between the atoms of your body and your environment.
This is a shift of mental attention and is based on the quantum reality that
physical matter is over 99% space.

Obviously, you do not perceive this
space between the atoms of your body and your immediate environment through
your physical senses due to the limitations of your nervous system. But the non-local
aspect of your consciousness that is unfettered by the limitations of your
physical reality can experience this space.

The final stage of this technique
involves a shifting of attention. As you become aware of this space in your
body and the space around you, you perform a paradoxical feat of consciousness.
You send the appreciation and gratitude you are experiencing, both to the space
within your body and to the space around you, as well to the particles of
matter that comprise your body and the world around you.

This “holding” of both space and
matter in the vibratory realm of appreciation or gratitude will eventually
reveal your nature as both an embodied and un-embodied being—as a being living
through a physical body or form and simultaneously as a consciousness unbounded
by form. If you persist with this method, it will eventually open a miraculous
doorway for you, a doorway that leads to profound insights regarding the nature
of ascension.

In regard to choosing which method
to use, we suggest you begin where you are.

The first method, though simple, is
highly effective at protecting you from the contagion of human irrationality
and will lift you upward into the currents of the upward spiral, even as those
around you spiral downward.

When you feel you are ready, you can
explore the advanced method. This is not a marathon race to see who can get to
the advanced method the quickest.

The only thing that is required is
that you reside in appreciation or gratitude as often as possible without
causation. This simple vibratory realm will be a great ally to you as you pass
through the current planetary transition state.

Another ally to you in this
transition is a meditation we gave in one of our previous communications. We
call it The Crystal Palace Within, and we encourage you to experiment
with it. If it speaks to you, use it often for it connects you to the wisdom of
Gaia (Earth) and enlivens a central conduit for the higher realms of your
existence known to your science as your pineal gland and known to us as the
jewel in the head.

For those of you planning to join us
for the World Meditation on November 11th of this year (11/11/11), we ask that
you work with The Crystal Palace Meditation as often as is convenient,
to prepare you for the next Dimensional Attunement, which will be used during
the World Meditation.

This Dimensional Attunement will be
a sound meditation created to transmit light into the pituitary gland, the
master regulator of your endocrine system. We will be giving instructions on
how to use this sound meditation on your own and for use during the world
meditation on 11/11/11.

We will post the Pituitary
Dimensional Attunement
(sound meditation) in the Sound Gifts section
of the website at the end of September or the beginning of October.


As we said at the beginning of this
message, you are entering a critical transition state. For those unfamiliar
with our previous message entitled Transition States of Consciousness, we
strongly suggest that you take a look at this communication.

Your Earth is entering a perilous
period in its upward movement. Many aspects of your reality will be changing
right before your eyes, more rapidly than you could ever have imagined.

Due to the acceleration of time, the
transformation of your civilization will increase exponentially. Your word
“transformation” literally means moving beyond form, thus the structures of
your reality (meaning the thought forms and beliefs as well as the external
realities of your life) will be undergoing rapid change.

A greater fluidity of consciousness
is required. Protection of your vibratory essence is vital. You are entering
harrowing times and yet in this complexity there are immense opportunities for
your own personal evolution.

We believe that there will be a
greater polarization between people as the Chaotic Nodes increase in number and
intensity. And yet even in the midst of that polarization, if your heart/mind
is open you will have moments of deep communion with others, even strangers,
whenever you look into the eyes of another human being who recognizes the
sacredness of this moment, the sacredness of life, and the sacredness of this

Our thoughts and blessings are with

The Hathors

August 12, 2011



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