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Bashar – Densities of body, Ascension


Ascension Q and A – Steve Beckow

Who AM I ? – Info – Transform – Life – How to – Self – Soul – Spirit – Mind – Personal – Spiritual – Growth – Help – Awareness – Discovery – Realization – Motivation – Thoughts – Teaching – Inspiration – Information – God – Angel – Ascended – Masters – Enlightenment – Love – Meditation – Rebirth – How to –




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Ascension Q and A, R. 2

2012 December 18
Posted by Steve Beckow

What follows are common questions about Ascension and their answers. This is a dynamic document. We’ll keep adding to this collection and keep it posted here, changing the number with each new revision.

For Bibliography, see end of document.

Q: When will Ascension occur?

A: There is an influx of supreme energy that will light and ignite your planet during this period. Now, it began on 12/12 and it is growing. So what you are saying is, “Will we get the full fireworks display on December 21st, 2012?” And I say, yes, there will be fireworks, and they will continue through the rest of the year. This is a-building.

Now, for some of you it is immediate because you have done all your work, all your preparations, and you have grounded deep in the heart of One and deep in the heart of Gaia.

For others, it will be more like an awakening and thinking, “Oh, my gosh, everything has changed! I’d better start adjusting.” So it will be more of a slower process rather than a snap, which we have referred to many, many times, again, through the end of the year, as you begin the new.

So are you asking, on this day, are the energies there and sent to Earth for everyone to awaken? And I say, yes. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

The date 21st of December 2012 is on the minds of many as the moment for humanity’s awakening approaches. Expectations are high as much has been promised, and there is anxiety that what is to be delivered will not live up to your expectations. Do not worry.

“What is to be delivered is far beyond any of your expectations. There will be no disappointments as a New Age is delivered, bringing with it enormous improvements in the living standards of those who presently live in dire poverty, enabling them to live in the comfort and safety that is the unalienable right of every human being. (Saul, Dec., 16, 2012.)

At the time of the 21st December 2012, the high energy influx due to the alignment of your Sun and the Great Central Sun is going to ‘separate’ those who are ready to ascend, and those who are not. (SaLuSa, May 23, 2012.)

Q: At what time on Dec. 21 will we ascend?

A: AAM: I am telling you, do not focus on a time. Focus on a day. But for some of you, it will be more slow because of where you are emotionally, spiritually, physically. For some of you it will be rapid. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

So if you must focus on a time, again, go to the 11:11s or the 10:10s, or meditate from 10:10 to 11:11. We bring you back to the one. We bring you back and we bring you forward.

SB: Is this local time, Lord? Or Greenwich Mean Time?

AAM: Make it your local time. We do not wish to cause mayhem and panic with people trying to figure out Greenwich Mean Time. Now, because you think that some have said that it will take three days, this is part of simply the cycle of the global clock. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

Q: What shall we do on Dec. 21 to prepare ourselves for Ascension?

A: On the day in question, yes, and I do refer to the 21st for you and for your family, I wish you to relax, and I wish you to be as much as possible in a state of meditation, not deep meditation, but a state of alignment, where you are aware of what is transpiring around you, but that you are also aware of what is transpiring within your field, within your being, meaning your body, and within your heart.

So what I am suggesting to thee is that it is not a day for a great deal of external distraction. To be in sacred space, either by yourself or with your beloved, or with a circle, a small circle, of your beloved friends, but it is need to be in a situation where you are able to sit down, lie down, do what you need to do. We would ask you to pay attention. If you are going to do the specific deeper meditations, this is what I am asking.

From 10:01 to 11:11, in the morning, your time, lie or sit in meditation position so your chakras are all opened and aligned. Feel and see, visualize — it does not matter; it will come — that the beam of white light directly from the heart of the Mother/Father/One is coming down right through the central sun, down through your crown, right through your body, exploding in your heart and opening your true heart awareness.

And when that is happening, you wish to keep it open. Now, in the days that you are preparing for this, you are also allowing your grid to become lighter, more ignited, more connected, more united with everything, which is instructions I have given you in other conversations. But for you, for your personal practice, because you are ready to receive this in a very conscious kind of way, that is my instruction.

Eat very light that day. I do not mean don’t eat, but simply eat in ways that are not challenging to your physical body, to your digestion. Green is always the color of choice, because it is of the love. …

Now, you may feel the 20th, the 21st, the 22nd, you may feel some sense — well, you will feel, and we have not talked a great deal about this in the public forums, but perhaps we should — you will feel a sense of disconnection and disassociation. Not severe, not “Where am I? Who am I? What am I doing?” but certainly a sense of disassociation, almost as if you have taken either some plant or chemical hallucinogen, not that severe, but a sense of, “Oh, I am seeing things very differently. I am in a different process.”

Even your movements, you may feel like you’re moving through air as if you are moving through water. Do not worry about it. It is the adjustments and attunements, as you are firmly anchoring in a different dimension. (“Archangel Michael: Detailed Instructions for Dec. 21, 2012 and After,” at

Q: Where will we go?

A: It is not where you are going to, it is not that your physical — although you will choose to change your physical situation very quickly — but it is not so much that you are going anywhere as the merger of dimensions, the raising of the vibration in what you think of as your existing now will be a conjunction point. So you are not going anywhere. You are simply receiving the higher frequencies of awareness in terms of who you are.

So we do not lift you up out of your apartment. We do not take you anywhere, because the whole Earth is going. So it would be not feasible — well, we could do it, but it is not the way it is planned — that we would take people one by one by one and reposition them. (“Archangel Michael: Detailed Instructions for Dec. 21, 2012 and After,” at

Q: What would we notice if we looked around?

A: that you can see into energy patterns, colors in the air…. We are not going to… you may see it, but many people will not notice how full the energy is with other beings. So for example, many people believe that they live alone or they live on a quiet street. But when they shift dimensions, they will be able to see the presence of other beings.

You will be able to see the molecules that form, say, your books or your dresser drawer or your desk. And you will have the ability to know, yes, we have decided that this is a firm construct, but I am able to witness and to really see the mixture of rays and energies and colors that go to formulate what we have agreed upon as a solid form.

You will have a sensation of deeper connection, of what you think of as euphoria. Understand what is taking place. Your heart awareness, your knowing, is wide open. (“Archangel Michael: Detailed Instructions for Dec. 21, 2012 and After,” at

Q: What will it feel like in our new physical bodies?

A: The sense of physicality and being in physical body, when you are in the fifth dimension, is very different insofar as so many of you have been exhausted. And it is because you have been getting used to holding these vibrations and frequencies.

And you have done a good job, by the way. All of you have done a magnificent job. Your determination has been very impressive. But when you are in the fifth, you will feel… so full of vibrant energy. You will feel that you could go for days without sleeping, and just go on sheer energy.

There will be a greater sense of well-being, that your body is humming, that finally, not only — because every person is progressing at a different point, this is an individual process. But the general statement is your organs, your brain, your functions, your bodily functions, your circulation begin to function in alignment with the perfection of your design.

Now, if you were to take [the chemical] Speed, you would think, “Oh, I can go for days, and I don’t need to sleep.” What we are offering as brotherly advice, when we said you need a holiday, we meant it. So take time to sleep, to rest, because what you also will experience in a rest state and in dream state is very conscious sleeping and expansion and what we would call exaltation.

So don’t skip sleep. As your body is adjusting, even though you think you are in the fifth, you are home, your new home, and you can go forever, be gentle with your bodies.

So take time to rest. Take time to lie — yes, even at this time, bring a blanket, lie on the beach, stare at the stars, feel the sun on your face and the magnificence of the blue sky.

And also note, I have not spoken of this… The sky will appear and feel different. I will not explain how, because you will discover how. I am not planting the seed to give you the impression, just pay attention to the sky. It will appear and feel different. (“Archangel Michael: Detailed Instructions for Dec. 21, 2012 and After,” at

Q: Will all of us ascend in the same manner?

A: Each of you do this process of Ascension in a different way. That is what the channel [Linda Dillon] has meant when she has said that it is private and individual and public. So you do it on an individual soul basis, but you also do this as a collective. We have been very emphatic that everybody, even those who think that they are not part of this, all are welcome, and all are being penetrated. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

It is very different for each and every single human being upon the planet, the same way it has been different for every dog, every cat, every giraffe, every whale, every tree, every plant, every elemental.

You are unique. So I am asking you to go into — and this is pivotal for the shift that is taking place already — the place of allowing. Shifting Ascension, Descension [of bliss, heaven, etc.], is not a struggle. And it is not proving anything to yourself. So let it be. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

Q: What will the experience of Ascension be like?

A: The sense will be that you are flying upward. It is a physical sensation of movement. And a remembering, or a sensation of remembering, that you have wings, or the ability to fly. So that is the feeling of ascending up the sacred spiral.

There will also be in that period, which can be moments or a few hours, [a sensation] of feeling disassociated, that even if you were to open your eyes, even if you were to look at a floor, you would see that it is simply made of particles, subatomic particles, quantum particles, that it is not solid. So you have begun immediately to have the real sensation or vision of how things can be seen, and how they are seen, maybe, from this side.

So there is a sense of unreality. Now, if you wish to make things solid, you will just simply say that you want that, and it will appear. But the knowing that that is simply a construct that you are creating already is there in full consciousness. When you decide to open your eyes, how you see the colors, the textures, the richness, the air, will be very different. What you think of as your senses will be heightened, oh, at least a thousand-fold.

So, there is a little adjustment. And we are with you, and we obviously take care of that, because this is completely a joyous situation to be in. Think of it as being spiritually orgasmic. It is the union of all.

Then, you will settle into this knowing, and of course that choice of physicality. But also know that if you choose to keep physicality, immediately what you have noted as, what we would call human aches and pains are gone. But the biggest shift is you no longer live or exist — you can visit, you can exhibit, but you do not live — within the third dimension, where you are in that movement of what you think of as going up the sacred spiral.

That is the best analogy I can give you. It is the elevator to the Fifth [Notice that AA Michael says here the Fifth Dimension]. And further, there will be some who simply choose to keep going [to dimensions higher than the Fifth]. But as a collective, that is the plan.

And it will be the place of love. It will be all of a sudden that the decisions, the actions, the existence, the form is love, and is from love, and is of love. So that sense of either/or, of what you traditionally have thought of as yes or no, of duality, of polarity, is gone. It is the alignment. The entire journey in this third-dimensional existence is reaching this place of alignment, of placing yourself beyond the either/or. And when you are doing that in this ascension process, it is like a Roman candle: off you go. (“Archangel Michael on NESARA, Opposing the Cabal, and Ascension – Part 2/3,” Oct. 3, 2011, at

Q: When people become aware that something is happening, what should they do at that moment?

A: Relax. Lie down, if possible. Stay still. Go into your heart. Open it even wider. Anchor, feel that you are anchored firmly through the bed or the floor into Gaia, and just allow this transition to take place. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

But it is also the cycle of significant change that you are feeling within yourself. It is a time to be quiet. It is not a time to be necessarily out and about. Yes, if you must be, then of course we protect you; we guide you. We are with you, as we have said. Your star brothers and sisters and all of us are on full active duty. But if you can, remain at home. Remain quiet with your loved ones in your sacred space. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

Q: For how long with the door to Ascension remain open?

A: The door is being kept ajar by those of the collective of humanity — and your star brothers and sisters, actually — who have diligently worked, both consciously, unconsciously, and subconsciously, to keep this door open so that as many may ascend into the new realm as possible. …

At this point in your time, and in the convergence of the Divine Convergence, the door will be kept open for those who are diligently — and diligently is described and defined by yourselves — working on Ascension, the door will be kept open … for the duration of, shall we say, a lifetime. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

Let go of the fear. And it is not just discouragement that I am talking about; it is also anger. There is this collective feeling, “Oh, we have been duped!” Let it go. The key, the key to the kingdom, the key to love, the key to your heart is to keep coming back to the love. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

Q: What allows a person to ascend?

A: It is the light within a body that transforms its carbon-based cellular structure into the crystalline form that enables the body to live in the high vibrations of energy planes beyond third density. (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 4, 2012.)

Only those of you who have lifted your vibrations sufficiently, will be able to join those energies. Thereby lies the outworking of a truth, that only those of the Light can exist in the new dimension. (SaLuSa, Jan. 9, 2012.)

Q: Is there any possibility that I will be in the wrong place at the wrong time for Ascension?

A: Be assured that you will all be in the right place for the end times, and follow your prompting if you feel a strong urge to re-locate yourself. At such times it is quite likely that you will feel a desire to be close to your family, and if so follow it through if you can. (SaLuSa, Aug. 5, 2011.)

Q: Will families ascend together?

A: Many families will ascend together although it will not apply to everyone, as there must be allowance made for each soul’s freewill choice. Bear in mind we are referring to groups of different souls, that come together for the purpose of furthering their evolution.

There will always be comings and goings within them, and very few souls will stay permanently for life after life. Be pleased for all those contacts you have made whether they were brief or otherwise, as they were intended as part of your experience, and each valuable in their own way. (SaLuSa, Aug. 5, 2011.)

Q: Will the family’s pets ascend and ascend with the family?

A: Earth’s animal and plant life automatically will go along with the planet and as she ascends, the animal kingdom once again will become peaceable. (Matthew’s Message, March 13, 2005.)

The innocence of her animal souls automatically lets them journey with [Gaia]. (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 8, 2004)

Animals who are loved and cared for automatically will travel along with their families. (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 8, 2004)

Q: Are the animals ready?

Everybody has been positioned — Gaia, the kingdoms, the plants, the animals, the elementals, the rivers, the streams, the mountains. They are all ready.

It is just human beings, the human collective that is doing some last-minute preparation. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

Q: can you describe to us the new shape of relationships in the Fifth Dimension?

AAM: Do you mean sacred union relationships? Or do you just mean relationships with your friends, with your family, with your colleagues?

SB: Oh, sacred union relationships, I think there’s a lot of people out there who want to know what relationships, sacred relations, will be like.

AAM: They will be sublime. Now, one of the things that you have been doing in this, what we would call, process, is you have been letting go of many of your karmic ties, imagined hurts, real hurts, historical hurts, past life belief systems, paradigms that have shackled you and limited you in, from our perspective, strange and unusual ways.

Think of a relationship where the vulnerability is present, but also the truth of love, without any of the masks. Now, will this happen instantaneously? You will take a few days.

Maybe some will take weeks or months, but I am speaking to you, my brother, and to you, sweet angel. The masks are gone. And so there is a new paradigm that I am rather preferential to, and it is called truth.

It is the way to be able to fully love and engage another because finally you love and engage with yourself. So that wondrous mirror and that complement that you have chosen for this life is available. Now, I am not referring to your relationship, let me be clear about this; your relationship has full potential to flourish in ways that both of you have dreamt of.

But in other relationships, what you will see, without rancor, without, hmm, devastation, that there will be a parting of the ways, because the choice will be seen as not accurate or not correct, for lack of a better word.

So there may be some separations, because the heart and the consciousness of the heart truly seeks something that is a closer blend and a match, a complement. For those who are alone, there will be a coming together, because there is the ability to truly see another.

Now, I am not saying this will happen overnight, because, do not forget to add into the mix new missions, new assignments, star brothers and sisters, a unified planet. These are the things that we are so excited about! [laugh]

So sacred union will in fact be very much the norm. What you think of as dysfunctional relationships — and this does extend to friendships or family or colleagues — they simply dissipate. Not immediately, but they do dissipate.

And of course everybody is given the opportunity to course-correct, as it were. Because, again, you can see who the truth of that person is. And for many they are seeing the truth of who they are for the very first time.

So this is, this is big, and that is why some will adjust at a slower pace. But relationships takes on a different form. They are more endearing, they are more cherished. They are stronger. They are more supportive. They are more unified. They are more connected. They are more co-creative. It is what we have waited for for so long. (“Archangel Michael: Detailed Instructions for Dec. 21, 2012 and After,” at

Q: Will our present partners be displaced by our twin flames?

AAM: Well, first of all, the twin flames are not being activated to come forward as partners. In many ways, they will remain, yes, more consciously attached, shall we say, but they will remain more as guardians and advisers.

But you have to remember, husbands and wives, that out, if you have been honest in your relationship, if you have been in truth, if you have looked out of the entire planet, and for some cases even beyond, your beloved’s twin flame chose your partner as the perfect person to journey with for this lifetime that is so spectacular.

So you are the chosen one. You’re not about to be displaced.

And it is true for both sides! So yes. It is, if you are to meet, for example, your wife’s twin flame or your husband’s twin flame, you are meeting someone who already thinks you are incredible, that you are so incredible that you are worthy of traveling with their beloved other. This is a compliment, not a challenge. (“Archangel Michael: Detailed Instructions for Dec. 21, 2012 and After,” at

Q: Must I at least know a great deal about Ascension to ascend?

A: It is not even necessary to be fully enlightened about Ascension to ascend, but simply to be of good intent and live the love that is inside your heart for all life forms. (SaLuSa, July 5, 2011.)

Q: What do you say to those who can’t feel anything happening?

A: For those who feel that they do not sense or are not experiencing anything since the 12/12 opening of the unity portal, I would suggest that you are not building it on a minute-to-minute, hourly basis. What you have done is you have sat in meditation, and then you have said, “Oh, this isn’t working,” and then basically backed up.

And so I would ask you to continue to build, to build, to build. To, first, ignite your grid. Then, connecting and igniting the grid of Gaia. Then, igniting and connecting with the grid of humanity. Then igniting with your star brothers and sisters, and then with us, with One, with All.

And there is a part of you — yes, I will be the blunt archangel — that may well be — not consciously — fighting it; that you feel that it had need to be a very explosive feeling rather than the creeping of the dawn. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

Steve: If somebody wakes up on the 22nd and they’re still here [in 3D], and Gaia is still here and they believe that they’ve done all their work and they were ready for Ascension, what do you say to them?

AAM: I say go still and allow the adjustment to take place. This is not about going or not going, because you are already most of the way up the spiral. In physical form, of course Gaia will continue on, and so will you. That is what is unique about this process. That is what is delightfully unique about this process.

But if you think — and I use the word “think” — that you wake up on the 22nd and that nothing has changed, rather than embracing the old and becoming reactive, because that is immediately reconnecting with the old third, go into your heart and allow the love and the shift to fully present itself. That is all you have to do. Just allow it to present itself. Allow your eyes to go out of focus, your body to relax, and receive. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

If they wake up and they think that they are still on the same old planet, then they have need immediately to attach to the new energy and allow that to flood them. Because all they are doing is carrying a wisp of historic information, and they can let it go. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

Q: Where will people go who are not quite ready to ascend?

A: There are also those who are still clinging — and we do include the lightholder, loveholder community who are still clinging to some fear, to some anger, to some reticence.

You need to let go of this, my friends. This is the last push. We have been flooding you with energy, but we cannot do this completely to you. This is a joint undertaking. This is the creative partnership.

When you have said, for example, if you wake up on the 22nd of December and it seems like you are in the same old same old, then you will be angry – then you WILL be angry, because you are holding onto anger. It has no place! It cannot exist, within your heart, within your being, within your essence, and it cannot exist in the air you breathe and the vibration of New Gaia, of Nova Earth.

So if you are holding on to it, if you are sitting there with your arms folded and saying, “If this doesn’t happen I am going to be furious,” I am begging you, let go of the fury. Let go of the fear. Let go of the reticence. This is a co-creation with you. It is the only reason you came to Earth at this time. “Transcript of Archangel Michael on Persistent Questions Relating to Ascension and a Roundtable – Part 1/2″ at

If you are determined that you still are requiring [a 3D experience] in terms of your own soul journey, for a very brief period of time, there will be a window open — and this has been a part of our work – if you are choosing to still have partial, and I do mean partial, experiences of what you consider to be the 3rd dimension, then you can do so. But the reality is not going to be there. You will experience a hologram.

Now, I am talking about the portion of the human race — not those who absolutely refuse to go and therefore have chosen reassignment — that is ready to go, holding love, but still clinging to some false belief systems. Now, I do not mean the false belief systems that are of the lower vibration, such as control, greed, death, destruction, despair.

So there will be some who find themselves in an intermediary position. But for the majority of those who have said yes, you will find yourself in very rapid transition into the 5th dimension. And perhaps even higher, for some of you….

By and large, that is not the people who are listening to this program tonight. (“Transcript of Archangel Michael on Persistent Questions Relating to Ascension and a Roundtable – Part 1/2″ at

Q: Can you describe this holographic world?

A: Well, they do not know it is a holographic world. There are many holographs that are presented already upon your planet that do not appear as if they are simply holographs. They are taken as substantial, or having form.

So when one goes to a holographic situation, it will appear as if everything is exactly the same, and that you are continuing to work on whatever your issues or your vasanas are and getting ready to continue on. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

Q: Will Gaia be in the Third Dimension after Dec. 21?

Archangel Michael: She will not be there. She is already just brushing the third reality of physicality, and she does so that you are all getting ready. So, no, we do not mean that Gaia will still be in the old third dimension. Let us be very clear about that. …

She is anchored firmly in the fifth dimension; and she has the capacity also to continue on, and for some of you to even go through to the seventh.

Steve: So just to confirm, because, again, people will want very, very clear statements: On the 22nd, it is not possible to wake up on this planet as it was, say, on the 19th of December. It will be in the fifth. People who have not gone to the fifth will wake up either in the holographic world you talked about or else in another universe, I presume.

AAM: That is correct. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

Q: Will the process end for the people who ascend on Dec. 21 or will there be more to the Ascension process?

A: Archangel Michael: [The Ascension process will continue] through to the end of the year, keep going.

Steve: Through to the end of the year?

AAM: If you sit down to dinner and dinner starts as it did, actually, on 12/12 or 11/11, but say you have had your appetizers in another room and you are sitting down to dinner on December 21st, 2012, well, you are going to be at the table through the end of the year. There are many courses, many expansions, many new experiences, many new tastes, many adjustments. Is that clear?

SB: But they will be on the fifth dimension?

AAM: Yes. That is correct. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

Now I have said that this is a process and not quite a snap. And what do we mean in terms of divine understanding when we say that? Because when we say [it is not quite a] snap, we mean that it is not completely instantaneous. So for example, there are many, many, many upon your planet who have no idea about such a shift occurring. We are not trying, nor do we wish to set up a situation where people wake up and feel that they are psychotic. So for them, there will be a transition, somewhat of an incubation, while they attune themselves to the new reality. (“Transcript of Archangel Michael on Persistent Questions Relating to Ascension and a Roundtable – Part 1/2″ at

Q: Will everyone ascend?

A: Are we working on everybody coming? Yes. Will everybody come? Not necessarily. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

Q: What will Ascension bring?

A: God’s love for His creation is infinite and the magnificent events that He will bring about very shortly now are, of course, unstoppable. It is His desire and intent that humanity move into its natural divine state of full consciousness – and so it will, at exactly the appropriate moment.

When this happens, immeasurable quantities of divine energies of healing, compassion, peace, harmony, and love will immerse your solar system.

All who wish it will become instantly aware of their divine God-given heritage and will move to renew their relationship with these energies, which will then flow freely through them.

The consequent change of perception that all will experience will lead to an immediate laying down of weapons, as all celebrate this wonderful release from the treadmill of karma.

The energy signature of humanity and of planet Earth will change instantly from its present one of anger, fear, hate, and confrontation to one of love, acceptance, compassion, and renewal, which will shine with such incredible brilliance that it will be clearly visible throughout the galaxy and will demonstrate the completion of this stage of the divine plan of creation.

Boundless joy is shortly to envelop you all, so during these last moments of the old matrix, hold the vision of the new Golden Age that is about to dawn for you. All is precisely on schedule, the countdown is almost complete, and Heaven on Earth will very soon be yours. (Saul, May 31, 2009.)

The date 21st of December 2012 is on the minds of many as the moment for humanity’s awakening approaches. Expectations are high as much has been promised, and there is anxiety that what is to be delivered will not live up to your expectations. Do not worry.

What is to be delivered is far beyond any of your expectations. There will be no disappointments as a New Age is delivered, bringing with it enormous improvements in the living standards of those who presently live in dire poverty, enabling them to live in the comfort and safety that is the unalienable right of every human being. …

Love is permeating each one of you to tease out the negative aspects that encourage you to see yourselves as unworthy of knowing God, and that make you feel fearful and tempt you to continue hiding from the warmth and acceptance His all-encompassing embrace. You are, each and every one of you, beginning to feel that loving embrace, and for some of you it is shocking, for others exhausting, and yet others terrifying, because you are still identifying with the little self that you made and hid within.

Those unreal feelings and fears are in the process of being completely dissolved so that any remaining sense of unacceptability or unworthiness will just dissipate, allowing you to understand your utter and unchanging acceptability in God’s eyes, so that you can fearlessly choose to open yourselves fully to Him in complete trust. When you do that, very shortly now, you will awaken, and eternal bliss will be yours. (Saul, Dec., 16, 2012.)

[Ascension] is a tremendous change of scope beyond your imagination, and involves Beings of unlimited power and love. They carry out the Will of God and in that lies your assurance that all will proceed according to the Divine Plan. (SaLuSa, April 13, 2012.)

Q: Will Ascension be delayed?

A: [Ascension is] happening by divine decree, … we can confidently assure you that it will not be delayed. Why otherwise would we of the Galactic Federation be encircling your Earth, with millions of craft in readiness for First Contact and the restoration of Mother Earth. (Atmos, Jan. 18, 2009.)

This is the Mother’s Plan … [and] there is no plan for postponement or delay. (Reading with Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 17, 2012.)

[Ascension] is my plan. It is the Divine Plan and it is what we have waited for. Your countdown is on and so is ours. Every day we take the measure of the quotient of light and love on this planet and in the collective, and, dear hearts, it is growing.

It is not growing so that you will reach a tipping point. You are already there. You are all ready to come home. No, not to what to what you think of as the outer realms or Nirvana.

You are ready to come home to your Fifth Dimension, to your Nova Earth, to your nova self in your magnificent form of crystalline, diamonds under pressure. That is what we have worked so diligently with you for so long. Oh, long before you were born. (The Divine Mother in Handbook on Ascension, at

Q: I’m having issues with members of my family. Must I stay with them?

A: There is no time like the present to review your relationships with friends or family. Often when you incarnate you are placed with souls you have known in previous lives, and it is for the reason that you are likely to have issues between you that need facing again.

Because there is a block between you it carries forward to each life until it is resolved. When you are placed together again in a family you do not know why, but you may have antagonism for each other. Because family members are expected to try and get on with each other, it would be hoped that differences could be more easily overcome. However, that is not always the case and they can become worse.

So if you recognise yourself as being in such a situation, realise how it has come about and make a move to repair the damage to your relationship. Sometimes the hardest part is being able to forgive and it is not a sign of weakness on your part. Be the first one to offer the olive branch and it will release the negative emotions that you hold within.

It will be better to have addressed the problem now rather than let it fester and remain with you. Those who hold on to the idea that they are the victim, should understand that karma is the outworking of problems between two people and both are equally involved. (SaLuSa, July 11, 2012.)

You are your first responsibility. This is not selfishness or egotism, nor is it lack of love and caring for others. It is that only you can make decisions that are in line with your instincts and intuition, your soul’s guidance to your consciousness that nudges you into avenues that in your soul contract you chose to experience during this lifetime. This may include changes in relationships, employment, location, group affiliation or other interests and activities. (Matthew’s Message, July 4, 2012)

Q: What if a loved one does not want to ascend?

A: All is planned to ensure that as many souls as possible are ready to ascend. However no pressure whatsoever is placed upon those who choose to remain in the third dimension, but to continue that experience they will move elsewhere.

Neither is it considered a failure not to have reached Ascension, as you have infinite life and absolute freedom to take as long as you wish in the lower vibrations. Eventually every soul will rise up, as it is impossible to continue resisting the higher vibrations for any great length of time. (SaLuSa, April 18, 2012.)

Q: Is ascension sudden or is it gradual?

A: It is incremental. But let us be very clear, people will disappear. Now, in conjunction with that, they will also become a dim memory. You’ve had situations like this where you have had a pain or a bad habit or something that used to bother you very deeply, and you let it go. And then a year or two later, this situation will arise again and in a very vague way, you will say, “Oh, … yeah, that used to bother me,” and then you will continue with your day.

The shifting can be incremental. [Depending] on the readiness of the population, what we are seeing right now is that it will be in shifts. And there will be steps and doorways where some will simply go through and anchor for the whole, and then more will go through and anchor for the whole, until the entire process is completed.

Now there still will be those unfortunately, (or fortunately for they are doing what they wish, although it is not my desire), that will choose to continue on in this type of a reality, of the Third as you could think of it as … and they will be shifted to an alternate situation. The people, say, who are sitting there, may blink and not even remember … or have dim sense, ‘I wonder where so and so went?’

People will disappear. It will not be cause for trauma or mayhem. It will not be the same grieving as someone in the physical realm dying. It will just be a slight shift in the case of friends. But, in the case of husbands and wives, parents and children, there would be a knowing. (“Archangel Michael on Ascension” at

Q: What can we tell young children whose parents choose to die rather than change their religious beliefs, and who will care for all the children who are orphaned?

A: Many whose religious or scientific beliefs are the foundation of their lives will choose to depart rather than accept the forthcoming truths that differ profoundly from what they were taught. (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 4, 2012.)

The choice about when to leave this lifetime is made at soul level in original or amended contracts, and no one knows even his own contract, much less anyone else’s. All you can know about someone’s death is that the cause was a vehicle crash, for example, or cancer, heart failure, aneurism or any other medical diagnosis. So it is foolhardy to think, much less assume, that religiously-devout people who die when their children are young chose to do that rather alter their beliefs.

Overt devotion to religion is not the same as what is in one’s heart and mind. Persons you may think never would believe anything that conflicts with teachings of their church may be listening to soul-level messages; conversely, some of the darkest individuals among you attend church services or even hold high offices. …

If both parents die, their children will be cared for by the same family members, friends or legal guardians who would step in just as happens now. With consciousness increasing just as vibratory levels are, children are much more aware and resilient than you may think, and when telepathic connections open, they and their parents may discuss whatever they wish. (Matthew’s Message, Mar. 1, 2012.)

Q: Will many be departing at this time?

A: Many are choosing to leave at this time. Do not mourn them, but wish them well in their journey back home, for each and every one of you has been given the choice of staying or leaving for the dimensional shift. You know there is no death, no reason to sink into fear and sadness for those choosing to leave for they are simply moving to another place. Those on the other side can always hear you. Send them love and light, but do not consistently engage them, for that serves to hold them in bondage to the earth and the energy they have chosen to leave. It holds them back from proceeding with their own journey.

If someone leaves you with unfinished business, it is appropriate for you to remove any energetic cords, forgive if needed, send love, and consider the issue closed. Unfinished business involving forgiveness can often hold the loved one back because they need closure as much as those left behind. Closure is always possible whether both are in body or not. (The Arcturian Group, June 3, 2012)

Q: What is the situation of those who awaken at this late date; i.e., that is, around about now?

A: For some souls who have only just awakened, their reality has been shattered. And for a while, they will cling to what they believed to be the truth.

It is important that they realize that the coming changes are not to be feared. Also, that it is not too late to alter their pattern of thinking to allow their consciousness levels to be lifted and place themselves on the path to Ascension. (SaLuSa, May 28, 2012.)

Q: Where is the Light coming from that is causing Ascension?

A: Many higher Beings are … focusing their Light upon Earth. (SaLuSa, Apr. 16, 2010.)

There is so much help coming to you from many quarters, as the Universe follows the events upon Earth very closely. Your evolution is viewed as being most important, and a successful outcome is essential to the future of Mankind. (SaLuSa, March 22, 2010.)

[That light] is beamed to Earth from many different sources. The Universe is playing its part in ensuring your successful completion of this cycle, and continues to send ever-increasingly powerful rays of Light. (Ker-On of Venus, Aug. 5, 2009.)

Behind everything that occurs is the motivating force of Light that comes from your Central Sun. The God Force is being given to you at such levels as you can accommodate, and your power is increasing tenfold. I see the wonderful Light that encircles the Earth, and it grows faster than ever as more souls respond to its call. (Saint Germain, 26 Sept. 2008, at

Q: What is a gate-keeper?

A: Many have already ascended, you know. But they come back to help. They are the way-showers. Your gate-keepers are all in place. So, they have also ascended and come back. Well, they are at the doorway. They are really straddling multidimensional reality. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

The time for the physical anchoring of Mother’s promise is upon us. And you, dear heart, it is why you have come. It is why this channel has come. It is why this circle has come. If one forgets that, that is very sad. But it is not a situation any longer, where the entire circle hangs back to bring others along. Now they will have to decide. Because you are holding open the doors.

It is not just metaphorically. You are holding open the doors. That is why all of you are so excited, anxious, tired. You are holding open the doors. We have not talked about this role of this circle of gatekeepers. It is a sacred trust and it is a sacred trust that you will never break. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 12, 2012.)

Some of the galactics are gate-keepers. Some of the angelics are gate-keepers. Some of the humans are gate-keepers. You do not need to know them. They will be there. You may well recognize many of them as you arrive. But no, you do not need to know them. They know themselves. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 17, 2012, at

Q: What is a pillar?

A: You are a Pillar. And what does this mean? It means sweet angel that you are steadfast, that you are responsible and accountable and, a misunderstood word — reliable. I can rely on you to make sure that none are left behind. That the corners are swept clean with love. That where somebody needs a hand outstretched, a heart outstretched, that you will be there.

You are holding up the temple so that all can exit, and so yes, when you exit what you think of as old reality — it collapses and disappears and returns dust to dust. But, not you. I will not leave you behind. Quite the contary. Do not forget that there is also another message [I received this in 2009] That the last shall be first and the meek will inherit the Earth.

Do not worry, you are a sacred pillar and you are an observer. That is also what a pillar does, it holds up the energy, and it is solid, it does not move, it does not waiver. You have been given many challenges to see if this woul! d stand true and you have held firm and you have been stalwart and you have allowed the enfoldment around you. (Personal reading between LM and the Divine Mother through Linda Dillon, Nov. 7, 2012.)

Q: What level of enlightenment does Ascension corresponds to. I think it’s beyond the normal seventh-chakra enlightenment. I think it is what is called Sahaja Samadhi. Am I correct?

Yes, it is. (“Archangel Michael: Detailed Instructions for Dec. 21, 2012 and After,” at

Divine Mother: Yes, it is beyond what you think of with your seven chakras. It is beyond, because what you are doing with the chakra system, even with the thirteen, we have emerged from the Third-dimensional realm, which is that reference point for the chakra system, into the new. So yes, you are correct, in this question and in this statement.

Steve Beckow: It’s wonderful to have that confirmed. Thank you very much, Mother.

DM: It is wonderful for us as well, you know! … Now, you understand that most people – and yes, you will do a good job of explaining – have no conception of what this really means.

SB: Well, you know that I have a website that discusses Sahaja Samadhi at length. … If I take that material and present it to readers, would that be adequate?

DM: That will help. (“The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part ½,” Oct. 17, 2012, at The website is From Darkness Unto Light and the particular page on which this information can be found is

Many people consider that [Kevalya] Nirvikalpa Samadhi [or Brahmajnana] is final, and once having attained it seek to progress no further.

[But] Sahaja [Nirvikalpa] Samadhi is the final and most blessed state, the goal of all Yogis. In this state the individual has become completely merged in the Supreme Self. His identity which became lost in Nirvikalpa Samadhi has become enlarged and is now the Supreme Self and knows itself as such.

Trances are no longer necessary, a person can still carry on with the ordinary day to day business but he no longer identifies himself with the activities, but watches them like a dreamer watching a dream.

There is no more to do, and no more to be attained. This is the Supreme State of Absolute Bliss. But in the words of Bhagavan, it is the SELF and it can be realized by one and all by Self-enquiry. ( Sadhu Arunachala [A.W. Chadwick], A Sadhu’s Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1961, 47-8.)

By repeated practice one can become accustomed to turning inwards and finding the Self. One must always and constantly make an effort, until one has permanently realized. Once the effort ceases, the state becomes natural and the Supreme takes possession of the person with an unbroken current. Until it has become permanently natural and your habitual state, know that you have not realized the Self, only glimpsed it. (Ramana Maharshi in Paul Brunton and Munagala Venkataramaiah. Conscious Immortality. Conversations with Sri Ramana Maharshi. Rev. ed. 1996. , n.p.)



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The Movements of Time by Master Djwhal Khul – Natalie Glasson

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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The Movements of Time by Master Djwhal Khul

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 17/05/12

View online at

With the brightness of love I movecloser to your energy to be of service, I am Master Djwhal Khul, it is thedeepest honour to share my wisdom with you. I, Master Djwhal Khul, bring a great source of energy to the Earth andyour being as I step forward to share mywisdom. It is my wish that my sourceof light offers to you the strength that you need to continue along yourspiritual path. Breathe the energy of strength into your being, a strength thatsupports your inner core energies.

There are some whose devotion totheir spiritual path is waning at this time, the pressure and procedure of transformation is becoming a heavy burden. I wish for each of you to understand that we, the Ascended Masters, and your soul do not hold any expectations of you or your reality on the Earth.There is no pressure for you to achieve or even walk along your spiritual path upon the Earth. Our greatest desire is not that you achieve your ascension but that you follow the feelings of joy and inspiration that exist within yourbeing. Rather than putting stress upon yourself to achieve your ascension, follow your inner guidance, the feelings and desires of your soul and intuition. This will lead you further along your path than any demands or you project onto yourself. We wish for you to know that we hold no expectations for your current reality, physical and spiritual and we wish for you to also dissolve all expectation that you have for your spiritual development and growth at this time. Expectation will only create limitations and block your expansive expression of yourself. Let yourself drop all expectation that you may have of yourself for 12-12-12 and 21-12-12, let all expectations fall away and allow yourself to exist as love and in love.

As we are moving ever closer to ascension there is an air of panic that is arising within the minds and emotions of manyas to whether they will be ready, have they done enough, why can’t they overcome small challenges and how can they exist as love. You may always have these questions and there is always a period of growth that needs to be addressed existing before you as you are ascending because ascension is continuous and one could say eternal. It is important to realise the more pressure you put yourself under and the more demands you make of yourself the more you are limiting your growth. I am not saying that you shouldn’t have any aspirations or dreams these will always exist in your heart but allow yourself a certain freedom from expectation.

Existing as your loving energy and focusing upon your intuition will access a greater liberation for yourself thus allowing further expansion and ascension. In truth at this time I am asking youto be at one with your own energies, to be at peace, to be at one with your inner guidance, therefore you will allow yourself to be at one with the energy of the Creator within you and all around your being. Take some time to rest as you allow yourself to be at one and to integrate with your own energies. With this understanding you will allow many shifts and integrations to occur naturally and easily with little focus.

The action of being at one with your own energies is the action of self-observation, self-awareness, innerpeace and a feeling of being comfortable in your own energy; it is akin to approaching many situations in your reality from a meditative state. Remember that the body doesn’t have to be in meditation for the mind to adopt a meditative state of awareness. It is to observe, to adopt peace and that everything as it is in the present is the perfection of the Creator. To understand that you are love and you are completely and absolutely surrounded in love, there is just a need to let it enter more fully into your being foryour more complete experience. I realise that what I am suggesting may sound even more challenging than your current goals in your spiritual reality and practices.

Simply ask that you are aligned to the energy of the Creator to be at one or united with your own energies and that of the Creator, then simply sit in peace, experiencing, observing and absorbing.

I believe that the panic concerning many people’s spiritual evolution on the Earth is due to the movement of time. Time seems to be quickening so drastically that it may feel as if time is running away with you and that you now have less time than before to achieve what you feel is needed in your reality. It is true that time has quickened and all experiences, situations and developments are moving at a quicker pace. It is your understanding of time that allows for it to quicken or slow and in truth it is your understanding of yourself that creates the experience of a faster pace. Due to time being created by humanity in order to understand their reality, to distinguish between what they have experienced, are currently experiencing and are waiting to experience. At humanity’s creation of time there was an understanding of existing in the present but also the mind was limited in its acceptance of the reality being experience on the Earth. Time was created as an idea to document and explore everything that was being experienced in a physical reality but in truth it rides as a wave above the experience of reality on the Earth. Time seems so integrated with your reality and yet it is a false perception that is simply no more than idea. Time seems to run alongside you, being influenced by no one and yet because it is an idea that you have absorbed you are influencing time at all stages of your reality. The vibration that you exist as is akin to a rhythm that beats softly and slowly when you are not conscious of yourself as a spiritual light being and aspect of the Creator, but when you are conscious this rhythm beats with accelerating speed and pronounced sound. It is not time that is quickening and causing a panic that there isn’t enough time to achieve your ascension or that you are running out of time. Time will always be there as long as you accept it as an idea but your vibration is quickening with each step you take along your spiritual path and so the quickening of your vibration accelerates you forward.

In many ways we are observing the movements of your ascension and the quickening of your vibration rather than the movement of time.

I wish to share with you a tool that will assist you in being at one with your energy, remaining in your present and even assist you in perceiving that you are slowing down time even through your energy vibration will continue to quicken as will all vibrations upon and as the Earth. Throughout your day if you focus upon your alignment with the Creator taking time to understand your experience of the energy of the Creator this will allow for you to exist in your present. When I speak of existing in your present I am not necessarily speaking of being alert and present within your physical reality but being present within your energies and inner being. It is to be aware of how you feel energetically throughout different moments in your reality as you unite with the energy of the Creator. It is enjoying a moment of connection, unity and being at one with the Creator that will allow for you to exist in the very centre of your spiritual growth, understanding and the shifts that are occurring. By acknowledging your alignment with the energy of the Creator you are allowing yourself to realise the changes, shifts and growth that you are achieving. As you recognise each with peace so you recognise how much you are actually achieving and so the perspective of time quickening dissolves.

With this tool you are also allowing yourself to be at one, to follow your intuition and to realise that you can take your time, we are not putting any pressure on you and you may enjoy your growth at a speed that is appropriate for you. Please know that the movements of time is the movements of your vibration, just because your vibration quickens doesn’t mean that there is less time for you to experience your spiritual development. Everything is perfect at this very moment, the more conscious you become of yourself and your reality you may find that it is as if everything slows down drastically. This is simply because you are processing more feelings, understandings, experiences and situations. The more conscious that you can become of yourself and your reality the easier it will be for you to navigate through time and you will find that you are able to remain in your present with greater ease rather than allowing yourself to be carried away with the quickening of your vibration.

Allow yourself time to be at one and experience the energy of the Creator knowing that this energy is the same as you hold and exist as within your being.

Know that the energies are most divine and sacred at this moment and by being at one with your being you will gain a true experience.

Let your vibration soar and ground yourself into your reality by focusing upon your alignment and experience of the energy of the Creator. Ask to experience a greater alignment and oneness with the Creator, then allowing yourself to bathe in these energies.

With love

Master Djwhal Khul


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“THE VOICE OF SPIRIT IS CALLING” – Archangel Michael – Ronna Herman

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Message from Archangel Michael LM-9-2011

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman


Beloved masters, as the Light Cells of God Consciousness infiltrate deeper and deeper into the physical structure, the membranes of Light surrounding the DNA begin to dissolve. As part of this Sub-Universal experience, this was programmed into the Adam/Eve Kadmon Light Body blueprint so that the activation of the DNA strands would take place two at a time. The DNA strands are attuned to the different dimensional levels. The two strands which are now available and active in the physical vessel are attuned to the first-, second- and third- dimensional levels. As we have told you before, as you sank into the density of the lower dimensions, two by two, your DNA strands were encased in membranes of Light and placed in reserve until the time you were ready to begin your journey back into the higher dimensions of Light.

First, second and third dimensions: Two Strands of DNA

Fourth and fifth dimensions: Four Strands of DNA

Sixth and seventh dimensions: Six Strands of DNA

Eighth and ninth dimensions: Eight Strands of DNA

Tenth and eleventh dimensions: Ten Strands of DNA

Twelfth dimension: Twelve Strands of DNA

For clarity and to help you understand the sequence of Higher Self/OverSoul integration, let us assign numbers to each facet of your Higher Self. You were born with a facet of your God Self enclosed within a Sphere of Light. Encoded within your DNA, your auric field and the memory Cells throughout your body were the frequencies you were to experience in the beginning stages of your life. If everything went according to plan, sometime in your early years of life you awakened to the nudging /whisperings of your Soul Self, and a Soul/personality merge process began. We will call this your number One Soul Self. Your number Two Soul Self, which we will call your OverSoul, took up residency within your Soul Star, the Eighth Chakra, at the time of your birth. If you heed the “Voice of Spirit,” gradually, over time, this higher dimensional facet of your Soul OverLights you and radiates Its refined Light frequencies into your chakra system and auric field. When the integration of this facet of your higher consciousness is complete, at the appropriate time your number Three Soul Self, the next more advanced Spark of your multi-dimensional Being, moves down into the Eighth Chakra position and becomes your OverSoul consciousness. This process will be repeated over and over again until, sometime in the far distant future, you will be reunited with your Divine I AM Presence / your God Self.

When you began your adventure into the physical realms of materiality, you slowly built a garment of flesh around your shining, crystalline Light Body. A Sphere of Light was placed in the back area of the body behind your physical heart. This Light Sphere, which would be called your Sacred Heart, became the home of your Soul/Higher Self, and your Diamond Core God Cell was also placed within this Sacred Chamber.

The qualities, attributes and virtues of the Seven Rays of God Consciousness were also placed within Spheres of Light. These spheres, known as chakras, were designed to spin at a very high velocity, which made them appear to be spinning cones of Light radiating from the front and back of the physical body.

Now you are striving to reverse the process as you seek to eliminate all the discordant frequencies you have created down through the ages, thereby purifying your four-lower bodily systems, physical, mental, emotional and astral, so that you can move beyond your physiological limitations.

You must move from a self-centered attitude; however, this does not occur until you are well on the path of ascension. Remember, we have told you there is a virtue in “selfishness” or a time of intense self-absorption when you are endeavoring to heal/balance your human bodily vessel in preparation for an infusion of higher frequency Light. This preparatory stage is important for each higher level of Light infusion; otherwise it would be like inserting a 110 volt electrical plug into a 220 volt outlet, which would result in an instant shock and, most likely, the destruction of the appliance (physical vessel).

It is extremely important that you focus on refining the seven chakras of the bodily form, thereby creating /activating your Pillar of Light that runs in front of the spinal column. This Pillar of Light must reestablish its connection to the Heart Core Center of the Earth and to your Star Tetrahedron, your Soul Star, which is eight to twelve inches above the crown of your head. When this is accomplished, you will gradually gain access to the five higher Rays of Creator Light, which will complete your Divine imprint for this particular Round of Evolution.

We must explain, however, that during your journey back into the higher dimensions, you will be asked to accept many special missions and you will usually agree; for this is the way the ascension process was designed. You will forever seek to return to the fullness of your God Consciousness, but you will also maintain a burning desire to serve in some way; for deep within your Sacred Heart there is a Seed Crystal that pulsates with pure love and an inborn desire to serve.

It was ordained that many facets/Sparks of the angelic kingdom and of other great Beings of Light would incarnate on Earth and follow the path of humans. Portals of initiation were opened and have remained open down through the Ages. However, in the past, only a few brave Souls made it past the gateway of illumination and gained Self-mastery.

Conscious awareness is developed through gradual stages of awakening and understanding more complex and refined concepts. As you progress, you will gradually gain access to higher and higher dimensional-levels of consciousness during your nightly Astral Body travels. You are taken to halls of learning and eventually into halls of wisdom. Over time, you will join World Server Groups who breathe in and radiate forth waves of Adamantine Particles of Creator Light to be used for the greatest good.

How will you know when you are eligible to join members of your Soul group in the World Server Pyramid? You will automatically be taken there when your Soul Song resonates to the mid-fourth dimensions and above. You will go there when you have balanced 51% of your karma, and are truly making an effort to control your emotional nature. You will go there when you begin to see the best in those around you, and you are endeavoring to move out of judgment as you learn to view life and the world through eyes filtered with compassion.

Allow us to explain to you the makeup of the World Server Pyramid. Envision a gigantic crystal pyramid in the fifth dimension, with the peak and the double-terminated crystal extending up into the first level of the sixth dimension. Within this wondrous edifice are graduated levels of the fifth- and lower sixth-dimensional frequency patterns. There are thousands of smaller pyramids, each of which resonate to particular harmonic frequencies of Light. You might equate these pyramids to small cities of Light. When the time arrives that you are qualified to join the group of World Servers, you will be taken into the Light pyramid that is attuned to your particular vibrational patterns. As you advance in Light resonance, you will move ever upward into higher and higher stations of Light within the World Server Pyramid. This too is an integral part of the ascension process.

The focused gaze of humanity is being lifted out of the stifling quagmire of earthly existence onto the far-distant horizon of the future. Desire for material riches is being replaced with a yearning for Soul consciousness. World Servers will be held together by a strong Soul connection: a remembrance of a solemn oath to serve humanity, with a common goal of ascending in consciousness.

The Divine Blueprint for this Sub-Universe was created as a twelve-dimensional experience. There are other Sub-Universes that were created to experience a greater number of dimensions and some others with fewer dimensions. The Earth and the solar system of which it is a part, are in the process of reintegrating all of the attributes, qualities and virtues of the twelve Rays of God Consciousness in order to be eligible to join in the next higher degree of the Divine Plan for the expansion of this Sub-Universe.

Over time, evolution of consciousness is followed by stages of evolution within the physical vessel. Form always follows thought. The human body is being prepared to receive the higher frequencies of Creator Light, the Adamantine Particles of Sacred Fire Light. You must evolve from a passive mode of Being into a newly refined State of Being as an action-oriented, expansive Bearer of Light if you are to become a COCREATIVE MASTER OF LIGHT.

As you turn inward and reach upward for higher frequency concepts and information, you will automatically begin to withdraw from the astral plane, collective consciousness belief system. From a spiritual viewpoint, evolution means a steadily increasing sensitivity to vibrational frequencies and an ability to integrate more Creator Essence, which results in greater illumination and a more compassionate nature. The intuition of an intelligent, awakened person leads to a greater understanding of the Divine Plan for humanity and the part he/she is to play. Focused intelligence is necessary to successfully enter the fifth dimension and, then, to tap into the vast storehouse of wisdom and advanced abilities available therein. Meditation and a strong Soul-consciousness open the portal to cosmic revelation.

When needed, appropriate, expanded information will always be supplied to the aspirant on the path of Light. Your next step and the action needed are revealed one level at a time. Think of telepathic communication with the Beings of the Higher Realms as receiving Light cells of thought/information. You must practice to perfect the ability to create a vivid picture of your ideas, and to hold them long enough until they register within your brain and the Ethers. Remember, energy follows thought.

Light is both energy and matter. Electrification or conversion of matter / energy happens when energy is processed through a Pyramid of Light; as the human mind reaches out to the en-Lighten-ed Beings of the higher realms, it results in an energy conversion. Gradually, using these advanced techniques and perfecting them release you from the laws of entropy / decay, and you slowly begin the process of rejuvenation.

You are also gradually moving from one type of visibility to a more advanced state. You will be moving beyond the ultraviolet spectrum of color and Light into the many higher frequency, electromagnetic spectrums of Light. You are also being prepared to work on many levels of intelligence.

You cannot escape the streams of energy that are constantly bombarding the Earth and humanity. The life-giving energy of the great Rays radiates forth from our Father/Mother God via the Great Central Sun of this universe throughout the myriad suns of the Sub-Universes, galaxies and solar systems. There are also specialized frequencies of cosmic energy pulsating throughout this Sub-Universe from the many constellations and other solar systems, as well as the pulse and heartbeat of your Mother Earth, which has a direct influence upon all living things.

Many of the cosmic forces of the higher dimensional frequencies are beneficial, life-sustaining and enhancing, while those of the lower, discordant frequencies of the third / fourth dimensions are detrimental and limiting. Every Soul determines which of the multitude of frequencies they will respond to via their Energetic Signature. In doing so, they either create their personal heaven on Earth or their private hell.

Your brain is a magnificent organ and contains a vast number of “consciousness-frequency Life Codes.” Most of your genius potential has been stored away in the higher-dimensional levels of your Sacred Mind, which is located at the back of the head near the crown chakra. Your Soul Song contains the frequencies which will assist you in accessing this rich storehouse of knowledge. Every octave of frequency acceleration gives you access to a higher level of God Consciousness. Your brain/mind holds the keys to mastership and illumination.

Dear hearts, remember, if you are focused only on your personal ascension, you are misinterpreting our messages. As you tread the high road that leads to illumination, you must reach out and touch the hearts of others through your words, actions and deeds. A true disciple on the Path leads a life of service.

A disciple on the Path gradually moves beyond physical family duties and responsibilities as his/her consciousness, wisdom and Light magnify. Gradually, the aspirant’s influence expands, and his / her opportunity to become a true wayshower increases. It takes constant and deliberate effort to tame the ego, and to gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to become a World Server. You must be an outstanding example and have the ability to excite and stimulate desire for spiritual wisdom in order to serve humanity as a guiding Light.

My brave friends, we know how it feels to bask in the perfection of Creator Love/Light. You are just beginning to understand, and the yearning within will grow stronger and more compelling as you reach higher and higher into the illumined realms of existence. In the beginning we were in perfect rapport and finely attuned, one with another. Together, we are slowly but surely returning to that beautiful state of unity.

I am forever your friend and constant companion,

I AM Archangel Michael.


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Goddess Diana and Pallas Athena – The Crown Centre Doorway to Mastery – Chanel Lingenfelder

Self – Personal – Spiritual – Growth – Help – Awareness – Discovery – Realization – Motivation – Teaching – Information – Angels – Ascended – Masters – Enlightenment – Love – Rebirth 

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder


Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not add, change or alter any of its contents

 Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

*** *** ***

Greetings to you I AM Diana, I AM the Goddess of Light, I AM the Goddess of Love.

A: Greetings.

GD: Many of you are quite aware that I am also known very powerfully as a Goddess of war, but as you understand, war has many facets, war has many faces and certainly perhaps the most comfortable of these expressions for me is not be known as a war Goddess but rather as a warrioress.

We are currently creating tremendous grid systems around your planet and when I say we I am referring to many beings of light that have come to gather at this time, creating a symphony of beauty, of splendour, of love. Creating a symphony of the most astounding colour and sound frequencies humanity has ever been exposed to, shall we say. Or rather not, being exposed to is perhaps too critical, being comfortable with integrating that is another story altogether, so little by little we introduce to you wonderful ways of integrating more frequency and more light in such a way that you are able to embrace the self from a pure divine level, from a pure divine aspect of seeing creation as that which you are, which of course you know.

The time grids being placed around your planet are certainly creating a new divine frequency. As many of you know much is taking place behind the scenes and behind the curtains so to speak of this show, the drama of your life, in fact there is very little that humanity knows for sure about, that humanity is able to understand from the aspect of the reality of this creation. The lightworkers as you refer to yourselves, you understand this, you know about this, yet there is also a level of concern, perhaps quite an alarming concern in many ways as many of the lightworkers at the moment are facing tremendous challenges, tremendous conflict within themselves, within their lives and within the general outplay of that which they have set aside for them to come to experience this time around.

We the Goddesses of Light and the Lords of Light together with the Cosmic Council and all of the Ascended Masters, the Ladies and the Lords of Light from all of the various levels, the most intriguing levels, we are all in some way currently joining together in heart to support you for you need it. For you see the time zone that is being altered at this time is the one that will determine the outcome of all of this, which has already been predecided. It is a done deal, it is now purely for you to get through this final stage of this most magnificent unfolding plan and if you could relate it perhaps to a race then you will know that you are now in the last stretch, in the straight and you can see the end is there, the end is of course for you the beginning of something brand new not so. So now is really the time that you must hold your energies together, that you must hold yourself to be powerful within yourself, to support and to love each other, rather than to create dismay or perhaps negativity amongst one another. There has been a call and it has been heard within the Realms of Light for the lightworkers around your planet to begin to become friends, to come together, to work together, for you are all working for the same cause aren’t you?

A: Yes.

GD: So get out of your ego self and get into your beautiful self and from that platform hold hands, share and care and be as one. Now that which I have just described to you of course is the New Energy that is contained within the evolved Crown Chakra, the lower Crown Chakra was still very much about the individual, very much about you, the person and what your experiences was and of course the more you evolved through that the less you become interested in the self judgement and the more you allow yourself to express more freely, creating a wonderful way of connecting with your friends in not only in higher places but everywhere. The new vibration for the Crown that humanity is now integrating and becoming completely at one with is quite a refined energy in the sense that word service is what will be repeated very often, very often you will come to hear about service.

Now there are very many ways in which you can actually steer yourself from a service point to become more enlightened but of course the ultimate for you is to begin to see the service of the self as that which it should be, in service, and not asking on the one hand in service and asking on the other hand ‘ so what is the reward’, for that is truly, truly time of the old energies that plays out now, the reward is good, it is great, and it is divinely abundant and prosperous, but the reward that you will receive in this new vibration is an automatic acceptance and claiming of your own divine abundance, being abundantly blessed yourself and claim that, and moving away from placing a restriction such as a price tag onto your services, do you understand?

A: Yes.

GD: So your service orientated energies will create a new flow of light for you to teach through, to weave and work through and to experience, in which you will be rewarded in many, many ways, but not necessarily like in the old energy according to a singular price tag, it could be a multiple price tag. It could be something far greater than you expected. If you think back to all of the teachings that you have received over the many, many years through many, many beings you will remember that you have always been asked to expand yourself to such an extent that you can not place a limitation to your worth, you remember that?

A: Yes.

GD: Yes, so I am going to repeat that. The new energy of abundance asks you to leave your worth open and abundantly challenging to receive as much as you deserve, as much as you thought you deserve and therefore it is very important to raise your own level of self worth and to claim for yourself this divine energy, far greater than that which you have actually placed yourself within in times gone by, for the value of yourself is what allows you to release the power of the judgement that holds you by the neck. It is the value of yourself that will now finally bring to you a wonderful way of understanding yourself which is what most or majority of the teachings have been about, to bring about a wonderful way of seeing the self without judgement.

Now that, that is a very, very difficult one, trust me on that. For you to be able to stand and face the mirror of your consequence and not judge yourself, that is truly quite a journey, but nonetheless it is a journey that each and every one of you is already on. It is a journey of self realisation, of understanding the self from the point of divine be-ing-ness in such a way that your worth now almost becomes an open ended possibility, so the essence of this energy is truly asking you now to remove the price tag from your individuality and rather to place yourself in a divine category of authenticness, that is where you are going. And humanity although there are many, many lightworkers on your planet that work very diligently with themselves, they too reach a stage where they feel that they have somehow misjudged themselves. First of all they have misjudged themselves from the point that they should have never had judged themselves about for that brings down the value of the self and secondly they misjudge themselves because often the value that somebody else places on your reality seems to be supersede that which is within the individual thought process, especially those that have been suffering from the lack of energy, those that have been suffering from depression, those that have been suffering from all sorts of illnesses that urges them to create a even greater barrier for themselves called loneliness.

Now retracting into your shell, shall we say, is good in many ways, but you have had many a lifetimes of this, you have had many times that you have actually spent in recluse situations, lifetimes, and this one I am sorry to tell you is not going to be like that and every time you try to create that what happens?

A: Silence.

GD: Anyone?……….oh get on with yourselves.

A: Giggles.

GD: You failed didn’t you, yes. What happened…….you lost value didn’t you? You lost connection didn’t you and every time you tried to crawl into your shell you just become more unhappy didn’t you, yes.

So unfortunately the lightworker journey you have chosen for yourself this time around is going to be (and is) one that is out there and certainly not hiding away. Hiding away in the bushes as I said can be a wonderful pleasant experience in the sense of finding that quite interconnectedness with the self connecting the self with the higher aspect of the self which is very much needed, but from a far grander and greater aspect you are now to step out of that and as you do so, get rid of all of all of your war games, get rid of all your price tags and give yourself that much credit to be able to leave an open ended value to that which you contribute to yourself, to your life and of course the lives of others, that is not to even mention the great part that you play in Creation and of course the great part that all of you play in this unfolding reality as you come to face the final stretch as the end or the new beginning is in sight, so now it is time for you to actually sprint and the only difference is, do it in such a way that you are comfortable at your own speed, meaning your own frequency. Do it in such a way that you are able to hold hands as you cross the finishing or beginning line without having to win or be faster or be better or be brighter or higher it matters not. So now the frequency of this energy that takes you into a more refined vibration is asking you to truly allow yourself to get in touch with your own soul in such a way that you are able to assist and create a wonderful supporting pathway for yourself, your friends and of course your enemies. For where you are off too, heading towards, I am afraid the only enemy that you will have is perhaps your waist line, you are not going to do anymore than that, you are not going to experience anymore than that.

When it comes to the belief systems of your world, you have experienced this energy in many ways. You were introduced to the very bottom level or the lower vibrational energy of this first of all in the base chakra where you are asked to actually label for yourself some beliefs and of course you know what is the easiest way to raise the frequency of the base chakra, yes, what it is, anyone?

A: Silence.

GD: You increase the frequency in the Crown. These energies always work together. In the lower Crown energy you were asked, in the third dimensional Crown energy, you were asked to actually define your belief systems, to understand what they are, and to know them, and practice them and to do so diligently. Then in the second frequency, the second layer of this energy as you raised your divine self into a more magnificent state you were asked to now try and let go of the judgement of your belief systems in trying to impound this onto another, trying to hit them over the head, trying to force this issue into them and now in a new frequencial vibration within the Crown centre as you make this transition from raising your crown vibration from purple to violet and going into a golden frequency as you know, you are asked to actually understand your belief systems in such a way that you no longer need to execute them. In other words this is where the vibration of your crown will bring for you such peace and such calm and such tranquillity that you no longer need to defend your offence. You no longer need to make somebody else understand and make them aware of how you feel about your belief systems, you need not even defend this for you will never be offended by anyone that imposes anything that may or may not be true to you when it comes to that which you believe. For you see at this level this is when you begin to live your reality in a new dimensional frequency. This is when you begin to understand yourself so well that you can actually befriend the various aspects of yourself which obviously as many of you may or may not know is reflected through the Eighth Chakra.

Now when it comes to the power that propels your “need for judgement”, you need to understand the personalities of the self in such a beautiful way that you now truly no longer need to defend any one of them but instead be congruent with yourself. Everyone in the human vibration comes to face many different challenges when it comes to the understanding of the self in the sense of the archetypes, the personalities that it has to face, but now in the new increased frequency within the crown you are asked to let go of the insecure self, the one that always had to place a price tag on everything but rather to embrace that in such a way that you can actually almost not give a price to your value for you are too valuable, you are too magnificent, you are divinely magical, mystical and multi dimensional of course.

In realising these things comes too a reality that asks you to get to the peace stage in your life, to be able to actually simply align yourself and bring yourself into such a state of divine peace and divine tranquillity, so that from that level (this new increased frequency) you can claim all of that which you need to, to be able to integrate this energy, to be able to understand it and most importantly to be able to live it, for you see the way to dream yourself into a new and altered dimension is to live it and what you are being shown through these energies is to raise your frequency to such an extent that you are able to share this with others so when you come around the bend and you have your mates on the left and the right of you and they want to sprint away from you because of their own need to be heard, to be felt, to be reckoned with it is then truly up to you to say, no brother, no sister, come hold my hand and let us journey together to the stars, let us hold this new frequency that we are given in such a way that we and our family and our friends, our light communities can increase the frequency and vibration of those that are unaware of this in such a way, that they too will one day wake up miraculously, reflecting back from the mirror of their own divine reflection there true worth.

You are asked to join hands and hearts, you are asked to support each other and you are asked to now claim for yourself that beauty and that love as the true being that you are. Hold your eyes on the focus of your heart and don’t waver from that, don’t waver from that for in the new vibrational energy of the extended Crown centre once again you will come to face the reality of your beliefs in your heart for as you know it is ultimately the heart that decides, that makes the decision for you, which way to go, when to stay, when to sleep, when to rest and to remind you that you cannot hide yourself away from the world and expect no one to see you.

In your mind I want you to visualise yourself in a beautiful energy of love, visualise yourself surrounded by a most magnificent pink energy, a beautiful soft pink cloud, soft and gentle.


Now visualise yourself standing in front of a beautiful magnificent Temple of Light and from the very tip of the roof, extended is a magnificent Violet flame.


Now in your mind enter into this Temple of light. Take some time to discover for yourself what it is like, how do you see this Temple?


The Temple we describe for you now is a massive round Temple with a huge golden dome in the inside with a very powerful Violet Flame extended from the very core of the Temple blazing through the open roof of the dome and as the power of this violet flame is released into the atmosphere around visualise how the particles of light that is released from this magnificent flame travels inter-dimensionally connecting to the collective unconscious.

And then visualise these beautiful particles of light simply multiplying from themselves extending the original core energy into All That Is.

Now for a moment bring your attention to your planet and from exactly where you are sitting now see how these violet particles of light coming from the violet flame travels through the atmosphere in through and into the planetary atmosphere, penetrating the stratosphere, bringing in multiple particles of light. See how these guided particles of light grow in size as they multiply from themselves and now visualise for yourself how these beautiful particles of love come to rest within the ethers of your planet. Visualise these Violet energies becoming part of the air, the oxygen of your planet, visualise your planet breathing in this violet energy and how everyone, every human on your planet over time become transformed through this light. How everyone over time as they are more comfortable with these high frequencies are able to expand their lungs in a better way to integrate the reality of the shifting consciousness. How they too, even the ones that you once judged becomes a pillar of light, becomes a sound frequency of love and how they alongside yourself form part of the new energy, truly understanding the reality of what it means to be at One.

Now stretch your multi dimensional wings as we ask you to be transported back into the Violet Temple in the Etheric realms, standing in this Temple again, bringing your focus onto the Violet Flame coming from the very core of this Temple, through the earth of this Temple, into the air of this Temple, blazing the fire of this Temple, into the ethers beyond the Temple and being absorbed as liquid particles of love back onto the earth plane.

Now stand in this light and see this magnificent violet flame blazing forth in front of you as I Diana come to stand in front of you and I ask you to hold out your hand, your right hand. I then place within your hand a very special gift, a crystal, and I want you to bring to your mind the crystal that I am giving you and as you all have information about that crystal I want you to be aware of the energies of that crystal and then to find some creative time so that you may research a bit of information on that crystal and find out what this crystal is revealing to you about your crown. Do you follow that, does anyone have a problem with this? Are you all happy with this?

A: Yes.

GD: Can you do this?

A: Yes.

GD: Yes, Very good then.

I close your hands; you have your crystal gift, I now place my right hand on your heart chakra and I gift to you a most beautiful vibration of pure divine love, untainted love, as I Diana transfer into your body all of the energy and the love that you need to claim yourself true also as a divine warrior or warrioress of the light.


Behind you the energy of our beloved Pallas Athena appears and as I give you my love and bid you goodbye I ask you to keep shining your light and don’t be tempted to see the reflection of your heart in your armour.

I AM Diana and until we meet again I greet you.

A: Thank you.

Greetings to you, I AM Pallas Athena, greetings to you.

A: Greetings.

PA: Again we meet, and we meet in such divine circumstances aren’t we?

So to continue with the initiation for you I want you to turn around and look at me in your mind.

Yes I am a little taller sure!

I place upon your crown a beautiful etheric crown, this crown is a resemblance of yourself for here you come to meet the energy of the twelve golden flames within the Crown energy. Some of you may recall the past experience we have had with these flames, if you haven’t it truly doesn’t matter. The twelve golden flames within the Crown is what comes to greet you now as all of the wonderful aspects of yourself in expression and just for fun, just for fun I wish for you to create an exercise where you will come to meet and greet the twelve aspects of yourself in your crown, the archetype that gives to you the power to claim yourself as a personality for you see the true essence now as we stand together in this beautiful vibration of love is for you to come to the final understanding that it matters not which vibration you take on of the twelve aspects of the Crown, of the flames within the Crown but more so rather to be friends with these aspects, to be a type of friend and connection to the various aspects of your personality self, for you see now in this new vibration of light we are as you know letting go of the judgement and of course understanding that as you, as 3rd dimensional human had so far express yourself in judgement, as a fifth dimensional aspirant and initiate the only thing that you have to concentrate on is to be in a Oneness space of your own divinity and here as you have heard through my beautiful sister Diana, there is no judgement, there is only love.

So now lift up your pretty chin. In your imagination look at me in my eyes and let me feel your soul.


You are beautiful beyond words, your eyes are so magnificent, they truly are the window to your soul.


I take both my hands now away from your head as I rest upon your head a magnificent crown with twelve golden flames extended from beyond it. And as my sister Diana asked that you do some research on the crystal that was handed to you, and in saying research we by no means you need to go and stay over in a library, it is just some fun way to understand some of the blockages that this gift gives to you. I ask of you now in the times to come be aware of the different aspects of your personality and befriend them and get away from the constant strive for perfection for it does not exist, you are already in a perfected state, get away from the old world desire of having to be placed within a specific vibration of value, get away from that, increase your value, multiply it in ways that you don’t even understand at present. Give to yourself the greatest value you can give anything and that is to get out of the proverbial box when it comes to your worth, to open that and to become as free as the vibration within this increased frequency truly is, free and light and joyful and easy and peaceful and tranquil.


I now come to stand next to you and we both face this beautiful Violet Flame, blazing from the very core of this Temple into the atmosphere, into the ethers of your time, of your Earth, of your planet, through the galaxy, through the star ways.


I now ask you to bring into your mind one of the most challenging aspects of your personality.


In your mind visualise this in a bubble placing that limitation of what you thought was restrictive and restricting you in a bubble of light and then when you are ready, in your imagination blow it into the Violet Flame of transmutation.


So each of you at this time, can in your mind visualise all of you sitting around this Violet Flame in this Temple. Now bring to your understanding an aspect of yourself that you feel is challenging when it comes to your ego.


And look as I Pallas Athena, am one of the greatest Goddesses of your time when it comes to facing truths, as I have my own personal relations with the Temples of Truth, I ask you to become daring in yourself and to bring into your mind, into your protective bubble an aspect of yourself you are not quite excited about and then release it into the Violet Flame.


Now, here comes the tricky part.

I want you to visualise an aspect of yourself that you desire most and then visualise this being, brought into your reality the other way around, descending down through the Violet Flame from the cosmos, and allow this vibration that you desire of yourself and you feel you have not quite manifested hover in the Violet Flame ahead of you in the very centre of this Temple, in the very core centre of this Temple. Do you follow what I am saying?

A: Yes.

PA: Very good, are you all able to relate to this?

A: Yes.

PA: Are you?

A: Yes.

PA: The gentlemen, are you?

The gentlemen: Yes.

PA: Yes, very good. Now allow that vibration of yourself that you feel you have not quite integrated yet hover there in the flame.

And now, just to burst your bubble, allow the previous limited aspect of yourself to break out of its bubble to become one with the new energy in, let us say, the golden bubble. And see how you may find a way to transform the limitations of your life, of your mind and your time into all of the aspirations that you so desire and yearn for.


Find a way of visualising within that flame in the distance a magnificent transformation of that which limited you previously into that which will bless you eternally, now and in time to come.


I now want you to visualise these energies in a more shall we say relatable way, manifesting on the outside of this magnificent Violet Flame is a man and a woman for now. The woman carries the aspect of that which you have been blessed with and the man carries the aspect of that which you initially wanted to release and together they hold hands. And through their energy of their fingers intertwined and holding hands they now become very much the same energy. Let us now transform this masculine and feminine, the gold and the silver into a crystalline frequency.


They now come slowly walking towards you, this divine masculine/feminine aspect of yourself, also representing the limitations of your mind and the expansiveness of your imagination. They come to stand in front of you, facing you; you are on my right and directly in front of you are these two beautiful beings. The one aspect of your personality self that you find very difficult to be with, the one aspect of your personality self that at times has given you great frustration and sadness, despondence and crying and even loneliness and depression, allowing you to descend into isolation almost retracting into your hermit, and perhaps even for some gone further than that, even bordering on dementia, losing complete track of your mind, this is side of yourself that to you is one of the destructive forces of yourself which we have brought through the male representation, and believe me I am not sexiest.

And then you have on the other side opposite you the female representation here, and we truly only give this example because of the innate ability of the birth and rebirth of creativity through the female aspect, the great giver, the multiplier. So here you have in the Goddess stature of your imagination everything that you think that you can be, everything that you wish to be and every desire that you so much yearn for, and these two energies are facing you. Now having released these initial challenging aspects of the stubborn masculine pattern into the Violet Flame you have released or transmuted all of the sharp or cutting energies that is contained within the archetype of self destruction of conflicting inner pain, hurt, and not being in harmony with the self. That energy, the bubble being burst and becoming one with the blessed golden aspect and then once stepped out of the flame of transmutation that means now that through this new integration of energy that you have been blessed with, you truly have the power to be your expansive self and to know that these previous aspects no longer has any particular hold on you, in fact not much more than you are prepared to give it, so the power is ultimately in your hands.


Now, visualise these two divine aspects of yourself which creates the androgynous beauty in the Crown, which transforms the limitations of the lower Crown into the limitedness of the higher crown, these two energies, this divine masculine/feminine challenge of your magnificent androgyny hold out their hands, both their hands over each other and they ask you to place on top of their hands the crystal that you have been gifted with from Diana.


Now I ask you to take both your hands and to cusp it over theirs and then I Pallas Athena step forward. I come to stand on the side and I hold my hands above and below around all of yours.


I now want you in your mind to see a transformation taking place in the crystal. I want you to see this crystal being transformed into another. For example previously you could’ve had smokey quartz and now you have the amethyst, see the crystal being transformed. And make sure you know what the name of this crystal is and remember this for I too would like for you to go from here and perhaps do some research and have some fun with yourself and believe me fun in the new crown energy takes on a whole new dimensional feel. Have some fun with yourself and then find the characteristic in that second crystal and then bring into relation the first crystal and what that means and then the second crystal and what that means also relate these two transforming crystals to the masculine limitation and the female limitedness that you have been represented with this day.


I now step away, I release my hands.


I ask you to take your new crystal in your hands as your divine masculine/feminine warrior/warrioress self that brings to you a new dimensional frequency, removes their hands too from this. They ask you to now in your minds eye take your crystal, raise your hand and place it in your crown chakra from the top. You have on your head a beautiful crown with twelve golden flames as we have started out, now place that crystal vibration into your crown and then see how your crown is being transformed, carrying the vibration of that crystal, still glowing the twelve golden flames. These twelve golden flames is what will prepare you also now to integrate the twelve major aspects of your personality self which will in time prepare you to embrace the different meanings of your expression in such a new that you never need to judge yourself again.


I ask you now to release the divine masculine/feminine from this initiation and as these two beings turn around and disappear within the Violet Flame of transmutation I want you to turn around in your mind, knowing that, that Flame is ever burning, ever increasing and to become aware of its power by being aware of the transformations taking place in the world around you. To be aware of the transformations taking place in humanity and to allow this to support your new foundations in such a way that you can only do everything that you do for the greater good of doing it and you do it by being it.

So now release from your mind this vision of the Transmutation Temple, bring yourself back into your body, ground yourself nicely, extend from your chakras the energy to ground you into the planet, open your heart to embrace the world around you without judgement, without blame but so too without criticism and shame. Bring yourself back into this timeline, open your eyes and be in your body.


If you need to perhaps take down the information for the crystals if you are going to forget then please do so. I will give you some time to reconcile with yourself.

Also if you want to describe for yourself what your experience was in meeting the opposing male and complimentary female on that level or in this frequency.

Long pause.

As you come closer to the time of the great shift in evolution, as you approach this, with each new day you will see major things happening and shifting and if you thought that your world is being stirred by the recent upheavals on your planet (Egypt), as you say, you ain’t seen nothing yet! The challenge here is to serve through the heart for you see the lower vibrational man almost touch on a barbaric energy, who does not see beyond the immediate needs of the self and even though it is truly a magnificent gift to stand up and fight for your authentic self surely you too should know where to draw the line. Destruction is not good in any form for the easiest way for you to actually rid yourself of any destruction or destructive behaviour is to integrate it with divine new frequencies of light for you see to be able to rid yourself of something that is challenging, you need to integrate something else that is complimenting and although we from the Realms of Light are watching your plane, without judgement of course, we too are intrigued by the constant reoccurrence and flashbacks of some of your barbaric experiences. Of course if there are no injuries then it is quite amusing.

In wanting to acknowledge the self as victorious, as limitless, one needs to let go of the limitations and the restrictions. One needs to let go of the power of judgement and even further and deeper than that as you descend into your own personal making of the pits of despair that contains your limitations you need to understand that there is only one to blame for your situation, AS IT IS, and that is you.

So the message that I am going to leave with you before I take my leave as one of the greatest Goddesses of your time, Pallas Athena, is to not base your own life upon the projections of another but rather to steer clear from all those interferences and you do so by letting go of your desire to control, by relinquishing your will into the divine, by not judging that which limits you but rather allow this to be transformed into that which serve you as you serve others and to remember that at the end of all of this there is no need for you to limit your worth, claim it, expand it and when you think from a most supreme, sublime and eternal love aspect that your worth is so good, is so great, is so big, then step back and quadruple that.

I AM Pallas Athena and I will see you again really shortly, but until then embrace that which limits you allowing that to do the dance of time with that which absolutely supports you as you support each other, so as you come around the final bend of this race, see the new beginning in sight, and know that this certainly is not the end of the road.

Until we meet again, so long.


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SaLuSa 5-January-2011 – Mike Quinsey

Self – Personal – Spiritual – Growth – Help – Awareness – Discovery – Realization – Motivation – Teaching – Information – Angels – Ascended – Masters – Enlightenment – Love – Rebirth

Like you we wait and hold our breathe, knowing that the old system is creaking at the joints and cannot hold together much longer. We can see the domino effect taking place once the first part falls, and there will no shortage of people coming forward to support the Light. Once it commences we can see quite clearly that there will be no shortage of people coming forward to support the Light. You are spread across the globe, and your persistence in pushing for change is about to pay off. Clearly it cannot all happen at once, and some will by the nature of what is involved take many months to complete. The important thing is that you the people see the beginning of real action, and know that it cannot be interfered with. For our part we are involved because you have so often pleaded for help, and we have been given the necessary authority to do so.

We often speak of justice and refer not to Man’s but that which respects Universal Laws. Absolutely no one gets away with a single act that causes any harm to another, and you will be the sternest judge of your own misdemeanors. You will agree to what is needed to overcome any weakness that you may have had, and set up another challenge in this or a subsequent life. Each time you will expect to achieve success, but will try yet again if necessary. You agree to such testing through your Higher Self, and are aware of the need to progress spiritually. Because of duality and your many lives experiencing the dark side you constantly experience so many different challenges, that often you can face the same problems several times in any one lifetime.

You surely know by now that “like attracts like” and when you question why certain things happen in your life, you may trace it back to your own desires. It may also be the “mirror effect” where you attract to yourself exactly what you despise or hate because of the energies you give out. The Law of Attraction does not qualify or filter your energies to determine whether or not they are of the Light or dark. Where your thoughts and actions are directed to is exactly what you get back. Think for a moment if you supported hanging for some crimes, would you not conversely attract violence to yourself? To take the life of another soul in any circumstances is a violation of spiritual laws that clearly state “thou shalt not kill”. You will of course come up with situations where it happens in the defense of yours or another ones life, and we would say that the Law of Grace can be exercised in some such circumstances.

You come to Earth to experience according to your spiritual needs and the goal is to evolve, and with Ascension within your reach there is an added prize for those who are successful. How else Dear Ones would you know whether you were ready to ascend, without facing yourself and your ego. The question is whether you are prepared to change the direction of your life, or are you so enamored with materialism that you cannot let go. Having abundance is not the same, as it fulfils the promise of equality and sharing in a fair way that covers all of your needs. This is quite different from the unabated drive to acquire as much material wealth as possible, often at the expense of others. Spirituality does not however require that you live as a pauper or give up all of your possessions.

However, in any event not one person can take their wealth or possessions with them into the higher dimensions. Firstly it is unnecessary as everything you need is provided for, and secondly you can create whatever you desire for your personal pleasure and enjoyment. For example if on Earth you have a cherished painting, you will only have to visualize it to re-produce it. It will be of light energy and be more alluring and “alive”, just as the original artist tried to interpret and paint what was in his vision. Enjoy what you have and realize that you have much more to gain through rising up into the higher dimensions.

The lower vibrations are continually assailing you, and your protection is your own energies of Light. Keep calm and hold your focus at all times, and you will be beyond the reach of the dark Ones. Where you meet them face-to-face you have nothing to fear, providing you maintain your position centered within your Light. Continue spreading your love far and wide and you will do all that can be asked of you. As more of you do so, you create a thoughtform of Light that becomes exceptionally powerful. Your energy feeds into the grids of Light and these help keep the balance upon Earth. You are a steadying influence that can lessen the potential of the changes to create major disturbances.

We of the Galactic Federation are still surrounding your Earth, and nothing that happens escapes our notice. We are particularly aware of the attempts to place weaponry in Space, and it has been planned and attempted for quite some time. We have foiled such attempts and have warned your military and government representatives that it will not be allowed. Even so, we can neutralize any nuclear weapons wherever they are, and it is pointless in attempts being made to deceive us. You are therefore perfectly safe and guaranteed to see out the last two years of this cycle, without any major incident. It really is time that the dark Ones admitted that their plans have been foiled, and allowed you to fully focus on your Ascension.

President Obama is surrounded by the dark Ones but nevertheless able to make some progress, and will continue to lay down the foundation for his final years of office. His best work is still to come and he is well aware of his destiny to lead the people out of the darkness. He is a highly spiritual soul, and will with our help and protection work with us to speedily transform your experiences, into ones of happiness and release from the draconian laws that rule your lives.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see our coming together getting nearer as each day passes. Our presence continues to come to your notice, and we shall keep up our plan to open the awareness of as many people as possible. The attempts to make you fearful of us can no longer hide the truth of our peaceful intentions. We wish you to share the joy and happiness that we bring for you.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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SaLuSa 29-December-2010

As you approach the New Year, you are to all intents and purposes bidding goodbye to the old systems of control and containment. They are about to collapse, as they no longer carry the power to sustain them for much longer. You are therefore looking back on the last year of duality as you have experienced it for millennia of time. Some how and at some time it had to end to make way for the new energies, that are bursting to come forth and cannot be held back indefinitely. In so doing the chaos may grow but see beyond it to your release from the veil of darkness, so that you may invite the Light to be firmly established upon Earth. We are fully supporting you in these momentous changes and you will soon see a new direction for the better enter your lives. You will not and cannot be denied your victory over the dark Ones, as the Light is the most powerful energy upon Earth.

Looking ahead 2011 is to be most memorable and will eventually re-write the history of the Earth. The truth will come out from all quarters, and your understanding will be such that you will not tolerate any attempt to return to the old ways. As a collective, Humanity has inordinate power through the higher levels of consciousness, and what you have achieved so far is a credit to you all. The awakening is well under way and will continue at an ever increasing speed, and is resulting in the opening of more people’s eyes to where they should be placing their focus. It is the peaceful revolution that was always going to come about, and it is far too late for those who oppose it and would stop its rapid progress. The changes will really commence in 2011 and your path to Ascension will gradually unfold, so that you are prepared for the final year of 2012 when a great uplifting will occur. Then and only then will you have put behind you any remaining vestiges of the hold duality had upon you.

Already the higher vibrations are affecting many of you and on reflection you will find that you are now all the much calmer, and more able to keep your focus than you were previously. The vibrations will continue to increase in intensity, and as the year progresses you will find it becomes easier to assimilate them. They will carry you forward when the times become very testing, when physical changes to the Earth are going to take place out of necessity. Mother Earth must complete her own cleansing in good time and it will unavoidably cause some disruption. However, we will as always be monitoring your Earth’s activities, and just as we have in the past will lessen the effects it has upon you. Whilst it is all happening, the important issues of your financial problems will be addressed, and your life patterns will begin to change. You will be the eager participants in many schemes, which will help overcome the past lack of progress where your everyday living is concerned. We will ensure that you leap into the new paradigm and benefit from all those advantages you have been denied. In the midst of change your lives will become much easier as the standards will be substantially increased.

Bear in mind that whatever your coming experiences you will have known in advance what life opportunities were planned for you. Each of you has a role to play and is equally important to the whole, even although only some can take the centre stage. Your success in having come this far and defeating the dark Ones, is more remarkable inasmuch that not too long ago, you were in danger of being completely overrun by them. You are now seeing the tail end of attempts to take away your faith in those that are supporting you that also includes us. However, in spite of such action your intentions remain strong to achieve the results that will restore your sovereignty. You are as much responsible for the outcome as we are, indeed if not more as we have not come to do it all for you. It is your future that is being created and whether you fully realize it or not, you can exercise your power to create it in the manner you desire. Ascension is your goal, but many potential pathways can be taken to achieve it.

So you will see that 2011 will be a mixed bag, but the overall result will be your greater preparation not just for the end times, but the continuing upward path to even higher dimensions. It may be seen that the upliftment from the 3rd. dimension of duality, to the 4th/5th dimensions of greater Light is a milestone in your evolution. Also as you will ascend in your physical bodies Ascension is as told to you previously, a unique occurrence in your Universe. It follows that you have much to experience that will be very fulfilling and satisfying. There is so much to look forward to, that the changes should be seen as merely stepping stones that take you to your promised land. The Creator’s word carries the powerful energy of fulfillment, and nothing can therefore prevent the end times from passing as given to you.

We can promise you that 2011 will be the year of action and 2012 will be all the more calmer for it, and once the stage is set the whole process of getting you in full readiness for Ascension will move very fast. Also once the truth of your past history is revealed you will feel more attracted to us, because we have had a hand in your genetic development. It enabled you to grow in consciousness to levels that awakened you to your true selves. You also began to find that you had all knowledge within, and could take personal responsibility for your spiritual development. That also will go forward with leaps and bounds in the latter part of this cycle. Many institutions are having to reappraise their position in this changing world, and one thing is certain that if they do not go with the flow they will stagnate and eventually implode. This is one reason why the dark Ones have no way out, because they cannot or will not change. Eventually only that which is of the Light will remain, and all else will disappear as nothing of the lower vibrations will have any place on the new uplifted Earth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can assure you that the Galactic Federation is keen to open up an official first contact with you. Everything is in place for such an occasion, and we can adjust to any last minute requirements. The deadline for it is almost here, so in one way or another we will expect disclosure to become worldwide within the first quarter of this coming year. Go forward in full confidence, as we are fully with you in this final stage of your journey.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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An Insight into a New Reality – Lady Quan Yin – Natalie Glasson

An Insight into a New Reality
from Lady Quan Yin

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 29/11/10

Divine and sacred greetings are extended to all from the depths of my soul; I bring forth the energy of joy and bliss to lighten and brighten your day and energy. I ask you to look not to the heavens to view the Creator and mighty source of love but to send the focus of your entire being and senses into the depths of your soul. When you look with courage, an open and clear mind and with the power of intention you will notice the magical heaven and haven that exists within you.Many people are looking for beauty and inspiration in their physical reality to lift their hearts and manifest joy but the most beautiful and enlightening energy that you could ever come across is carried within you. This consciousness, vibration and energy runs through your blood, bones, skin and muscles. It is present within your mind and emotions and sings gently to you, this energy may sing loudly to you but if you are choosing to ignore its presence then you may never hear, see or feel its beauty. The energy that I am speaking of is the presence of God within you.
If you were to analyse every passionate desire that you have you would realise that the purest intention of this passion is to enhance your connection with the Creator. For example, you may desire to live in a beautiful home surrounded by abundance and splendour, could this not be a desire to be surrounded by the beauty and love of the Creator, to feel the security and protection that the love of the Creator offers? It is important to realise that sometimes our physical desires are actually describing many desires and needs that we have spiritually. Many desires extend back to wanting to feel a complete and absolute connection and alignment to the Creator. Humanity often plays out teachings, lessons and wisdom through their physical lives, when we begin to awaken to our thoughts, needs and desires we begin to discovery more about our habits, beliefs and understandings. To address our spiritual needs will actually bring balance, beauty, love and abundance into our physical reality with very little effort. This is essential to remind yourself of often, if you are struggling with a physical problem, allow yourself time to contemplate the spiritual cause or need of this problem. If you allow yourself to rectify this and to assist your spiritual being and soul in receiving what it desires, then most often the physical problem simply dissolves away, because the lesson has been understood and learnt. It is akin to going to the root of the problem.
Most people spend much of their time and efforts on nourishing their physical body and reality but now is the time to nourish your spiritual being and soul, to offer your sacred being the love and light that it requires, to support and love your sacred aspect, creatively exploring its energies and abilities. To do so will allow your spiritual self to blossom which will naturally nourish and cultivate your entire being and reality. It could be compared to having a garden before you that needs your attention, you also have a shed filled with all the garden tools and equipment that you could ever need but because you are fearful of going into the shed or you cannot find the will power to discover the key to unlock the shed door you potter around the garden using anything that you can find to assist you. Of course you could do so much more if you were able to use the tools available to you. When you begin to feed your spiritual being and soul it is as if you are going into the shed and picking the most appropriate tool and therefore allow the beauty of the garden to blossom beyond your imagination. When you were tending to the garden with scraps that you had found this is akin to trying to solve a physical problem without understanding its purpose and meaning in your reality, because you are not looking in the correct place (within you) you may never find the answer to physical problems.
I can imagine many people thinking that it is difficult for them to access their spiritual abilities and skills as they do not understand how to, but in truth all I am asking you to do is to realise that there is a spiritual meaning and purpose behind every physical experience, desire and need, addressing the spiritual aspect allows your physical life to adopt a new balance, through this process you begin to connect with your spiritual self, nurture your spiritual self and therefore allow your spiritual skills and abilities to flourish.
Acknowledging that our physical desires and needs can offer many spiritual teachings also allows us to begin to see a separation between the truth of the Creator and our physical realities, we may notice that some aspects of our life or beliefs are simply false or are irrational because of the fears that we hold. Humans place complete and absolute trust in their physical realities, they trust that the pavement they walk upon, the house they live in and the food they eat is real and solid; it is this belief that fuels their reality. If you begin to realise that your life and energy are limitless, that you are more than you currently see, you have immense powers and abilities and that there is a world and reality beyond the Earth then your consciousness will begin to shift. You will realise that when you believe that physical energies, experiences and situations can be altered by you and that you hold responsibility over your actions and mind then the reality around you begins to modify. The more that we can lift our consciousness away from the physicality of our reality the more we begin to see the truth, aligning to light and love and incorporating this into our reality, thus discovering a reality that is just as real beyond the physicality of the Earth, providing us with much nourishment and support. We begin to see a reality that is physical and spiritual or energy and feeling based, viewing them as separate realities. The separation that we understand allows us to understand many issues and habits, especially fears and negativity that we hold onto. Much work can be achieved by viewing the physical reality from a spiritual space and vice versa. There comes a time when the separation between the physical and spiritual self no longer serves a purpose and one must integrate both realities, this is when the spiritual being and soul comes into its own and manifests more fully to encourage and support new experiences and journeys of growth. When the soul is allowed to take a greater role this is actually the person allowing the Creator to be of greater presence within their reality and being while on the Earth. With the presence of the Creator more fully integrated the person’s view point is drastically different, the mind being more peaceful and the heart being loving allows a true perception of the reality that the Earth has to offer. This is something that I desire for all of you. In order to manifest as a greater Creator presence you can begin to realise the requirements of your spiritual being and soul, listening to your inner voice, nourishing this aspect of your being. Holding a belief that every physical action and experience has a physical meaning also allows the shift of your mind’s attention from the physicality of your reality to the spirituality of your reality.
This is something to contemplate and to sit with in order to allow it to settle into your consciousness and to be discovered more fully by your mind.
I offer this source of wisdom to you simply as a gift from one soul to another,
In the love of the Creator,
Lady Quan Yin

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Everything has a Purpose by Master El Morya – Natalie Glasson

In last week’s message, I spoke of your spiritual abilities and experiences acting as a pathway to lead you closer to the Creator’s soul. It was my wish to help people understand that their abilities as light workers do not define them but are simply stepping stones of learning and acceptance of the Creator. I reminded all that their ultimate goal and focus must be to embody the light of the Creator and to integrate with the soul of the Creator once more. I feel that this was a beneficial message that touched the hearts of many so I have been allowed to come forth once more with another realisation that I believe humanity should be aware of.

As chohan of the first ray of light of a red colour, translator and sharer of the will or divine plan of the Creator I feel a deep connection with the Creator soul, consciousness and thoughts. I strive to ensure that I decipher the will of the Creator in the purest way so that the truth of the Creator may be expressed to souls on the Earth and the inner planes, offering essential guidance. We have a team of light beings, angels and ascended masters working within the First Ray Ashram and the Planetary Logos Ashram of Lord Buddha to decipher the will and consciousness of the Creator as it flows within sacred and pure light from the higher planes and levels of the Creator’s universe.

The light flows from the solar level into the planetary level, anchoring into Lord Buddha’s ashram and the first ray ashram. Many souls gather to sit before this constant flow of light which is akin to a pillar of ever glowing light holding divine and new consciousness from the Creator’s soul. One can visit either Lord Buddha’s Planetary Logos Ashram of the first ray ashram to meditate before the will and guidance energy of the Creator to bring greater clarity and understanding to their current role, whether it is on the inner planes or the Earth and to guide their divine purpose forward. This is something that you may request to experience during your sleep state or meditation by simply asking and holding the intention of which ashram you wish to visit and allowing yourself to breathe in the light of the scared pillar of will from the Creator’s soul.

The Planetary Logos Team and First Ray Team who are appointed to decipher the will of the Creator and to distribute consciousness, enlightenment and guidance to where it is needed, have been working together for much time and understand the Creator’s energy to accept the truth. It is akin to taking messages from the Creator’s soul for humanity as a whole and individually. We then pass these messages onto the guides of the souls or the people they are intended for. Their guides accept the message and share it with the person they are assisting in the most appropriate way for them to understand and use as guidance to take action in their life. With this method you would perceive that every soul on the Earth and the inner planes would understand the message that they receive in the same way creating a united consciousness with a united understanding of all that is the Creator, whether the guidance flows from the Planetary or First Ray Team, through their guides or their divine connection with the Creator. There are so many aspects of the Creator’s soul which have extended from the Creator’s soul existing now as angels, ascended masters, light beings, humans and many more. Each aspect of the Creator is unique and different, meaning that they interpret the consciousness of the Creator differently. We alert souls to the will of the Creator, we are sharing information that is needed now that will make changes to the Earth and reality of many, information that aids the ascension and development process, but every soul has their own ability of accepting and deciphering the will of the Creator and are doing so constantly to carve their path forward. It is the acceptance and interpretation of the Creator’s consciousness that causes great controversy on the Earth, and you may not realise this, but also on the inner planes.

Controversy occurs on the Earth between religions, people’s beliefs and current understandings but this doesn’t mean that some beliefs are correct and others are false. We must realise that every belief or faith has a purpose of leading us along a path that will offer us greater understanding or clarity as to our path to the Creator. Numerous people channel every day or connect with the Creator’s soul bringing forth wisdom and enlightenment from the Creator’s soul to the Earth, each piece of information is needed on the Earth because every person’s needs are different. We must remember that the consciousness of the Creator is vast and many light beings on the inner planes align with the will and wisdom of the Creator, interpreting it in their own way then sharing the wisdom that they have understood with like minded people or souls on the Earth. It is akin to streams of energy and consciousness flowing through different routes into the Earth, in order for consciousness to be deciphered and united, assisting in the truth prevailing within all of us and creating a united consciousness that is so diverse and knowledgeable.

Many souls on the inner planes also have different beliefs and understandings of how they can help the Earth and its humanity, and how they can be of service for the greater integration of all with the Creator. This is because we hold different qualities of the Creator’s soul and have different backgrounds through past life times which shape our thoughts and understandings, as well as the way we convert the consciousness of the Creator into guidelines that we may use to help others. Some wish for all to take a simple path way of love while others wise for a diverse path way to the Creator that allows much growth and self realisation to occur. As guiding lights to the Earth, we then mentor souls who have similar believes to us but we all unite in our passion for the Creator’s soul, our ability to experience and accept the love and light of the Creator and our belief in the presence of the Creator. The way that we teach others to activate the Creator within them or to achieve their spiritual growth process doesn’t really matter because the truth of the Creator will always be shared, whatever path way we guide you to take to achieve unity with the Creator’s soul. What must be realised is that there are many staircases that lead from the Earth to the Creator and you will be guided to the most appropriate staircase to gain the most appropriate mentor, consciousness, inspiration and the most essential qualities of the Creator’s soul. If you choose a staircase and find that everyone else has chosen a different staircase or path to the Creator, you must continue with honour and bravery, knowing and understanding what is correct for you. It is essential to realise that while you are all on the Earth to learn and discover yourself and the Creator you are also learning the ability to accept the consciousness of the Creator.

Acceptance is a difficult lesson especially when there are so many people with different beliefs and faiths, but acceptance allows us to adopt the consciousness that we need from others and to let people and souls be; to allow them to exist as the Creator consciousness and link that they hold and represent. Even on the inner planes we are learning the ability to integrate with all aspects of the Creator, this takes time, patience and a strong inner faith, while ensuring that you are open minded and accepting of all Creator aspects, manifestations and souls. We must realise that every soul whether on the Earth or the inner planes is bringing forth a consciousness and understanding from the Creator that has a purpose and a meaning. Through our judgments, inability to accept or closed minds we are missing out on so many experiences of growth and integration with souls all around us. Remember that consciousness is not true or false, good or bad but it is needed, it has a purpose and allows us to discover more about ourselves and the Creator, through the process of understanding the wisdom that is needed and not needed in our reality. What you cast aside as unneeded understanding, beliefs or faith may be the truth to others and may allow many to Creator within them a complete quality from the Creator’s soul.

I hope that you are able to grasp the insights that I am sharing with you. Please realise that different teachings come from different inner plane souls, guides and mentors because every soul holds a different connection with the Creator and has a different interpretation of the Creator’s will. When we peel back the layers of all teachings we see the same glimmer of truth within all, this is the soul of the Creator. Both the Earth and the inner planes are working on achieving the same lessons of acceptance and integration, we are helping each other.

Let us take a moment to send a blessing of peace, harmony and integration for all on the Earth and the inner planes.

With many sacred blessings and the richly flowing will of the Creator extending to you,

I am Master El Morya

Natalie Glasson, Wisdom of the Light,

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