SANANDA – 19th August 2013 – Louise James

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SANANDA – 19th August 2013
Via Louise James
© Ascension Explorers 2013
Greetings dear children, greetings into this most wonderful blessed place. A place that is saturated with the Universal Love. I am Sananda and I greet you with the love and the light that is embodied and imbued within my own energy. I resonate it out for you to take what you desire, what you need at this time. For this is indeed a glorious moment to breathe and acknowledge that which is the changes of the cycles of life.
For many things have been happening around the planet, many things have been drawing your attentions here and there. Is the world about to end? Is it being birthed? What about such and such and how do we proceed with preparations that we have been shown need to be done?
And I would say, dear ones, be at peace. Speak to the elements and allow them to hear your words of peace, allow them to hear you words of guidance and love. For when you are in balance within yourself, when you are a master of all that is within you then it is easy to be master within the elements so that they may respond and to resonate with you.
Remember, dear ones, you are the first step that you need to take. You are also your own master. There is none who can be master over you unless you choose to disempower yourself and place yourself within the arena of being under. But this night I am coming to bring a celebratory news. A time of that which is the great changes of life, the great changes of your planet, the great changes of all that is occurring.
Oh, many are waiting for the epiphany, many are excited for the end of this time that they call life because they so desire to step into the new world, the new Earth, the new life, that they forget that whilst they are here there is much to be done, many to be spoken to, many to be bathed, anointed with the love, the tenderness of caring, of compassion.
Many that need to have their words listened to. Similarly many that need to be told it is time to be silent. Dear ones, in the greatest of all loves of the greatest of all compassions I have come many times to speak to the human population, to my brethren, to those that I have communicated in lives past, those who I have walked with in lives past.
My message has not changed, my message is not any different to when I first walked amongst you. Oh it has been changed, it has been altered to suit the requirements of a given age of a given time by those who believe that they know best. But that is not what I am going to be speaking on tonight. Tonight is a night of true energy connection on doorways opening.
In many ways you are in the midst of a great planetary opening and I say it this way to bring to your conscious awareness the enormity of what is occurring. You see, I could give you parables, I could give you stories about the what if’s, the why’s and the how comes, but truly it would not make an iota of difference to you because it would be hypothetical.
So what I will do is I will say to you that at this moment around your galaxy, around your solar system, there are many turnings, many stars are beginning to fluctuate in their energy attracting to them similar star energy.
As they line up, as they come into the quadrants and as they come into the geometrical patternings of sacred geometry, what begins to happen is that which you call the life cycle begins to change. And this is the exciting thing because now is back to the originalities of frequency.
Now you are beginning to feel within yourselves the knowings and the understandings of why you entered into this arena, this place, this Earth. Why you came into this time of forgetfulness only to remember parts and parcels of why you are standing where you are standing, why you are sitting where you are sitting.
And to those that are physically not present but will be hearing this at a later time, I speak to you, I speak to you because your timing to hear this is perfect. You are in the exact moment of when your ears need to be touched by the words, and the compassion, the love that is here for you.
Your lives have brought you to a place of standing of observation and you are in crossroads, you are in moments of change, it is no strange thing that you are listening to my voice. Do not give up for you are on the brink of great discovery for self. Those who are present hearing my voice at this moment know that you are in a moment of change, a moment of expansion and a moment of acknowledgement.
You are in your perfect place. Because within the perfection of your creation of being so it is that you are able to observe all that is going on in and around you. And just like in the days of old where you had governments coming up against you and you had belief systems being rocked and had riots happening in the market square and oh, all sorts of things, taxes.
And yes my dears, even in the days when I walked upon your planet as one of you they had their own dilemmas, questions. And it is such that the questions have not so much changed it is just how often and how differently they are being asked. But look around you, dear ones. The sun still rises and then it sets. The moon comes up in the beauty that she is and then there are days that she hides from you.
The flowers in your gardens and in the fields and in the forests, do they concern themselves on how they will find nourishment and warmth? No. Do the birds as they travel from tree to tree, from field to field, from nation to nation, do they burden themselves with navigational properties? Do they burden themselves with baggage and luggage?
Do they burden themselves with even the thought, ‘where is my next meal?’ No they do not for is it not provided for them? Is not nature ensuring that it is looked after? Likewise dear ones, I would remind you that you have been given multiple, multiple ways and truths within yourselves to know that beyond a shadow of a doubt you will be provided for and you will be in the right place at the right time.
You are in a time of learning, a time of exchange where you are exchanging the old ways of your heart, the old ways of your memories, of your behaviours, of your thoughts, and you are taking into yourself new patternings, new designs.
You are creating for yourselves an awareness of new concepts of love, new concepts of acceptance, of being in the moment of bliss. Never doubt the love that I Sananda have for you.

Never doubt the love that I have for this planet. For as she goes through her shifts and changes she will, no matter where you are upon her surface, she will go through what she needs to do.
This then releases you from the Earthly realm in a manner of speaking, to transcend and to connect at the energy level that you need to connect to so that you are able to be free at that moment of the density that is occurring so you can connect to the energy of the esoteric that is waiting for you to take you into the next level of understanding for your own growth.
Do you believe that she shakes and quivers and explodes for the fun of it? No, dear ones. The fun, the joy comes when you and your energy come to the realisation that the quivering and the shaking of the surface of the planet of this Nation is only to bring you to an awareness of release that you can breathe out that which is forever troubling you and then breathe in that which is the new patterning, the new way of being.
‘But that is too simple, Sananda, surely that is too simple’. This is what they said when I said ‘love your brother as you love yourself. Do unto others as you would have done to by yourself’.. If I were to ask you dear ones would you slap your own face in anger, would you berate yourself and strike your chest with a implement to inflict pain upon yourself because you were distressed with yourself?
Would you do it? No. No you would find some other way to release the tension and the stress and the distress. So why would you raise a hand against another that is distressed even if it is your distress with them or their distress with you.
Treat them, love them as you love yourself, just as you would ensure that you are nourished, warmthed, covered, your thirst quenched, so you should look to the others and see how it is that you may assist them. Am I saying that you should all now run out to the streets and ensure that everyone is clothed and warmthed?
No no I am not saying that. But when the situation arises, when you find yourself in a situation, do not turn the other way and say ‘I do not see it’. This is the old paradigm, this is the old way, you are moving more and more into a new paradigm, a new way of being where it is the heart energy co-joined with that which is the balance within that you will find your love, your compassion comes naturally, flowing. Energies all around are connecting at this time.
Energies are coming in from many, many dimensions. They are being magnetised to this planet for the sole purpose of observation, encouragement, teaching, and challenge at times of Gaia and the Human race as you process and progress through this next period of time. ‘Sananda, I heard that we were done with the challenges, I heard that this was the easy time, I heard, I heard, I heard’.
Yes, you heard right, and yes, the big challenges are over but you will still face your own challenges within yourself so that you know that you are constantly evolving, constantly changing, constantly rising above the paradigm, coming above the markers, coming above that which is your connections. Because dear ones, you are indeed chosen.
Chosen by many and more importantly chosen by yourselves to rise above that which is, shall we say, mulling around and dirtying the water. You have chosen to experience what it is to be in a density, you have chosen to experience what it is to be loveless and not receive the compassion and the love that is for you.
You have also chosen to be in relationships and situations where you have given love, you have received love, but that love has been become wearisome due to circumstances and situations that you are now and have been in. It is time to release this, it is time to allow the Universe to open up the star portals and the energy connections to bring to you that which is the sweetness of this moment.
Oh, my dear friend of the Ascended Masters of the week previous, the Quan Yin, spoke of gathering the fragments, the parts of you, bringing it back in that you may integrate. Dear ones, it is time to expand the virtue of looking for the parts, it is now time to say ‘I welcome all the parts, from wherever they are, let them come. I welcome the completion, I welcome the wholeness’.
And then, do not hold your breath expecting it to come in front of you, but have an expectation from that moment on that you will be faced with circumstance and situation where you will be shown yourself to yourself by yourself and by the Universe that you may integrate, marry up and bring into completion the parts of your energy, of your soul family, of your soul being.
‘Sananda you sound as if there is an agenda, Sananda you sound as if there is a timing issue here?’ Yes, I have an agenda, the agenda is love. The agenda is love yourselves dear ones that you may be whole, that you may teach others to be whole so that when the transition of energy and physicality comes you are in a place of receiving, you are in a place of balance, a place of completion.
So when the time comes for this old Earth to literally roll away you will be ready to step into the new Earth, the new dimension and the experiences there. I have an agenda of love, I have an agenda of assistance, I have a plan and a purpose to bring to as many who will hear the voice of my voice, the knowing and the idea and the understanding that they are indeed competent beings, well able to achieve whatever they set their minds and hearts upon.
Dear ones, far too often in this community of humanity many are knocked down by words that they hear from others around them.. It is time to start speaking words of positivity, compassion, consciousness into the Universe, into your own energies and into all that is around you. Oh there will be times when it is necessary and it is required that a harsh word may be used to bring guidance and to bring correction.
But it should become less and less and less because when you come from a balanced place then ones who come to you will find that balance and want to emulate it and want to have what you have and you then have a workshop, you then have a carpentry space to begin to whittle and to fine tune and to dove-lock and dovetail the pieces together.
For as you begin to work within your own energy understanding that you are your own master designer, you are your healer, you are the surgeon of your own soul, your own life, so it is that you will realise that the parts of you that you’ve been trying to remove actually fit, you just need to integrate them and be grateful. You need to realise dear ones, that Gaia is in flux, she is in change, her cycle of life is indeed being altered.
Not just here in your community but around the world there are changes happening on her surface and under her surface. And those that are affected by her in the regions that she is changing are undergoing lifecycle changes, molecular structure, DNA structure, heart structure.
Dear ones, it is with the utmost compassion and love that I speak with you to bring to your awareness the great changes that are happening. And oh yes, many will say look to the stars there are many things happening in the planetary systems and the night sky.
There is this emblem and there is this emblem and there is this symbol and there is that symbol, and they will try to pull you to look and to follow. If it resonates not with what is in your own truth, do not allow it to pull you to the side. And there will be many that will say that ‘this is the only solution, and this is the only way over here’.
For more and more desperation dear ones, is coming through within humanity. Desperation because they see what they perceive the end, wars and famines and all sorts of things. And I would say to you, is it not exciting that the birth pangs are becoming a little more frequent which means that there is a new beginning, there is a new time coming and you are invited in the light of the Universe to be part of the great change. ‘Sananda, when will this be, tomorrow?’
No, no, It is already now, it is already now happening and yet the culmination, in many ways even I cannot give you a date but it is soon and yet it is sooner than later and later than sooner!! Am I now being a little paradoxical? (laughs) Dear ones, do not be so worried about the end time of date, rather rejoice that you are here experiencing, that you are here releasing and integrating, teaching.
You are here in this moment of greatness with Gaia of change, in this small pocket of her planetary experience. Oh it may not seem at times to the humanity, pleasant and rejoicing and full of excitement, but if you can look beyond that which is the fear and the discomfort you will see and sense the joy of Gaia that is seeping out into the changed people and there is much laughter, much excitement about the changes that are occurring, unity is coming, community is being reborn into the lives of humanity.
For it is only in community that you will find the strength to go forward. It is only in community and in balance that strength is unified. It is not through the muscle of an individual. It is like I have always said, if you take a stick it is easily snapped.
If you take another stick and lay it next to the first stick and you try to break that it is still maybe a little difficult but it is still easier to break that as well. But if you lay a third and you try to break the three at the same time, now, now there is more resistance on the sticks’ side and now it is more difficult on your side to break it.
What am I saying? When you join your energies with ones who are of like mind and heart. When you interweave the connection of the compassion of love, when you connect to your own true centre, you become strong. Strength is within the community, within self, of knowing that you are part of something that is unique, very individual but un-isolated.
Dear ones, you are in the golden time. Oh it has been referred to in many different ways and many different lifetimes, the Golden Age, the missing Golden Age, the lost age, yet this is the Golden Age. Golden because it is a very unique signature, a very unique time.
The Golden Age because it is not going to end at the year 2014, it is going to continue for generations. And as it continues, so you will find, believe it or not, that peace will come, that peace will reign, that people will forget the wars, they will live in harmony. This is not a dream, this is your reality, this is where you will find yourselves. Do not give up dear ones, continue.

I walk with you, I am with you, I love you, I am Sananda.
*Brought through by Louise James
© Ascension Explorers 2009 – 2013
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The Master Secret – Jeshua – Judith Coates

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Jeshua via Judith Coates: The Master Secret

Jeshua As channeled by Judith Coates, April 18, 2013

Beloved one, down through the ages ones have wanted to know, “Who is God? What is God?” There have been definitions; wise ones have come up with an explanation, a description of God, and yet that is not God. They may describe an aspect of God, but not all of God, for to describe and to define God is to limit It.

God is not a him or a her, not even an It as in gender, but an ongoing infinite Energy which is forever expanding from before time began. And after the purpose of time has been fulfilled—believe it or not, there is purpose to time—after that purpose has been fulfilled, you as the one Mind, the extension and expression of the one Mind, will keep on expanding, forever asking—not in words, but in the Beingness of energy—“What more can I experience? What more can I create? Where can I express?”

You will keep on creating universes upon universes within universes, physical and spiritual, to the place where you know yourself truly as spirit; not defined by anything; not limited by anything. And yet you have chosen, volunteered to be within this incarnation to take form, to coalesce the Light and the energy that you are, to take form and to walk with other brothers and sisters who yet believe that there has to be a form that they can reach out and touch, a form that they can see, a form that they can speak with.

You have said, “I will go one more time as the Light and the Love of the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is and I will speak with my brothers and sisters, but more than that, I will be with them in the essence of All, in the essence of One.

You are a master. We have spoken of this in other days, in other times. You, because you are a master, before this incarnation and before many other incarnations, have looked upon what was happening in the 3D reality—or sometimes 2D—and you have said, “I will go and bring my Light and my wisdom, as much as will be acceptable, into the experience of the whole.” And so, as the master that you are, you have come one more time to serve the Awakening.

I know that you question this. You say, “Well, if I’m here to serve the Awakening and I can see all these issues that are going on, not only in the collective but also in my individual life, how can I be a master? Why, if I am a master, would I ever choose to come into such an experience?”

Well, it is because you are a master that you did choose, and every day you choose. The overall master secret—and it is not a secret; it is for everyone to know—the master secret is choice, the fact that you have choice. You can choose to abide with the news media and say, “Oh, my God, it is so bad. I don’t know how this is ever going to work out. I feel so bad for my brothers and sisters who have to go through the wars and the violence that the news media reports. How is that ever going to lead to an awakening?”

In that moment you have the most wonderful gift: the gift of choice. You can choose to stay in that place where you say how bad it is, or you can say it is completion and demonstration, which truly it is. It is completion, sometimes on the individual level. And many times it is a demonstration for the brothers and sisters to see and to have opportunity to feel empathy, Oneness. Many times ones of the brothers and sisters who are going through great disasters, violence, having all of the family members perhaps giving up the body in most torturous ways, are masters who have volunteered to play that part.

Now, I am not saying that it is easy and I am not saying that they do not suffer, because they do. They know human body experience. They know human emotion. But above and beyond that, the soul of them, the true being of them, is a master who has agreed to play the part so that others can look upon it and see that what is happening is not loving, that it is not of Oneness. It is of division and the un-Truth of separation.

And so when you look upon what your news media will bring to you, you have the moment of identification with what is going on. You understand the appearance. You know what is going on. Then you move into the place, as a conscious choice, to thank them for what they are doing to bring you to the place where you can say, “I am complete with it. I want to be in love. I want to greet everyone in love, and I want to have all misunderstandings resolved to the place of understanding Oneness.”

And when ones will come and bring you an example where there is opportunity to look with human emotion on something, you have the most wonderful master tool of choice. It is so simple that it is overlooked many times. It is simplicity itself to choose; not to react, not to judge, not even to see that there would be something to judge; but to be thankful that they are completing and showing the completion of man’s/woman’s inhumanity to man and woman.

Even on a more personal scale, when you have friends who perhaps see things differently than you do and they bring up the opportunity where you could see divisiveness, you have choice. You can look beyond what they are saying—as you have done—and love them as the being, the true being that they are. The words do not matter.

You do not realize the great power of choice, because separated ego will bring to you the possibility that you could look at this in judgment, saying, “Ah, but it feels so good to stand in judgment because I am superior. I don’t know why they are doing what they are doing, so I’m going to judge,” and so you do, for a moment or so, and that is okay, because now you know you do not have to stay there. You recognize, “I am standing in a place where I don’t have to be. I have the power of choice, of moving out of whatever I have thought the truth—lower case ‘t’—of this situation is, and I have the power of choice to know the Truth—capital ‘T’—of this situation.”

Whether it has to do with relationships and the healing thereof or if it has to do with the body and the healing of the body, you have choice as to how you will look upon it—the healing of the planet, the healing of all of the knowledge that you have brought to this incarnation. You have choice.

Now, as I have said, it is simplicity itself; it is so simple that separated ego often downplays it and says, “Ah, yes, but you know, it really feels good to get a little bit of anger going here. I can spend a minute or two with a few choice words.” And you can. But the wonderful part that I want you to understand is that you have and you do use the power of choice, whether to abide there or to choose to let it go.

I watch you; I see you as you are letting it go more and more quickly as you are choosing to be in a place that says, “I know love. I feel love. This other is only drama. This other is passing,” and it is. “I know the feeling of expansiveness of love, and that is where I choose to abide.”

And once you choose to abide in the space of love, you find yourself laughing at the other part of you that has gotten so worked up about something. There is a quotation in another treatise I have authored that says, “I could choose peace instead of this.”

But this lifetime you have feelings of judgment. You know human emotions. You know how it feels to have judgment, but you also know how to step out of that space. Your beloved friends, the four-footed ones, your beloved pets do not spend much time in judgment. They can have reaction but then it passes very quickly.

Everything that you call forth is there because you have called it forth to give you opportunity to choose, to give you opportunity to have the human emotion that is quite well-trained because of many, many lifetimes, and then to have the power of choice to say, “Well, I can stay really angry at this situation,” or “I don’t think it’s worth the energy.”

Other ones’ judgments, even other ones’ facial expressions belong to them, and if they have certain facial expression that you could interpret as being rather down-putting, you can laugh. They may wonder what you are laughing at, and you can say, “Well, I just remembered something funny,” and you can go on. It changes the whole energy.

The master knows the secret. The secret is choice as to where you will abide. There is no judgment in it: you do not judge yourself for spending a minute, five minutes, five days in a certain place of judgment. And sooner or later—sometimes later—you move out of that space as you have choice and you have power.

That is your power, the power of choice, which you have built into this reality. As I have said, it is so simple that it is often overlooked. And we have spoken many times of the power of the smile. When you are toe to toe with someone and you feel really strongly about what he/she said to you, all of a sudden the idea may come, “I don’t have to resist this. I can smile.” Then you smile, and the other one will ask himself/herself, “What page are they on? They’re not on the same page of the script as I am. They must have skipped forward somewhere.” And then the energy changes.

Try that. The next time when you have a person who is perhaps wanting to give you a hard time, you do not have to take it. You can smile. You can choose to be in the space of true communication—common union—which a smile can bring forth. Or perhaps you can choose to walk away in love.

You do not have to abide in the place of judgment. You do not have to abide in the place that is unpleasant — even a physical place; you can walk away from it. You can speak your truth, knowing that perhaps another one will not hear it quite the way that you are wanting them to hear it. That does not matter. You smile and you walk away from it, sometimes physically, always emotionally.

Many, many lifetimes you have embroiled yourself in drama—heavy, heavy drama—not knowing that there was any other alternative to it. Many lifetimes you have acted according to habitual generational teaching that says if someone throws a stone at you, you have to throw one back at him/her, whether it be physical or whether it be a mental judgment or a word. But now you know you have the power of choice. You can smile with your bright eyes and move on to something that is more pleasant.

You are a great master who is remembering the simplicity of choice, of the power of choice. You can choose where you want to be. You can change your world by your choice as to where you will abide. That is your power.

Abide with me. Laugh often. In the lifetime that is so famous and written about, I laughed often with you, my disciple. For, truly, life can be heavy, but it does not have to be. It can be light and taken lightly, and I chose — as I choose in this day and time as I walk with you and as you — I choose to walk lightly and to laugh often, because the drama is just that, and it is passing and it is evolving.

Choose to look on the bright side of things. Choose to look for the light. Choose ye where you will abide—in light, in love, and with me, always.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith


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Birth and Rebirth – Ascended Master Kuthumi – Master Jesus – Chanel Lingenfelder

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The Master’s Sacred Knowledge E-Book or Paperback



A beautiful comment that I recieved and would like to share with you about

“The Master’s Sacred Knowledge”

“The Master’s Sacred Knowledge is a must read for anyone that is genuinely seeking real, lasting and quantifiable “change” in their personal lives. True, there may already an abundance of self help books out there at the moment. But rarely have I read one as insightful or plainly written as the ‘Master’s Sacred Knowledge’. Not only is it a great introduction to some of the core principles of spirituality and living a simpler, better life, it’s very words seems to speak to a deeper part of “self” that needs to be nurtured and cared for. A real gem of a book and one that I am sure to read over and over! I’m glad it found its way to me.” Charles McFaulds

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The Easter Channelling 2013 – 03

Ascended Master Kuthumi, Master Jesus (& Celestial Companions)

Birth and Rebirth

23 March 2013

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder
Durban – KwaZulu Natal
South Africa

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

**** **** ****

Easter Channelling 2013
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a divine blessing of rebirth, greetings beloved ones,
A: Greetings
It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you here firmly within the Heart of Christ and securely upon the Hands of God, Greetings once again.
A: Thank you
MK: You are welcome! Beloved ones again you come together in the presence of spirit and Light creating a most divine and sublime frequency of Light, a divine frequency of unconditional love made tangible which is exactly what is created here at this time. The truth of this picture from an inner or deeper or higher perspective creates for itself a magnificent reflection within the ethers all around, one of realisation. Now the essence of realisation is the most powerful birth and rebirth that you can experience as a being. To be in a state of divine realisation demands of you an understanding that stretches beyond the norm, it demands of you a process of all of that which we have taken you through over the last number of years for in that state of realising this or that comes too new wisdom new teachings and certainly a brand new understanding of many of the concepts that perhaps you find challenging, that perhaps you do no quite sort of get, that perhaps you need a little help with or details on. Now the grandest realisation of all of that is to understand that as you come together in group essence creating this most divine flow of unconditional love here in your midst you carry this with you wherever you go, and that is what we refer to as placing your divine imprints on the world out there for that in truth is who you are. You are a divine…come on! (to all) magnificent authentic magnetic being! (laughter) not so! Correct!
You are a multidimensional magnificent being, morning sister ( a sister yawns) (laughter) to realise the part that you play in this world as an individual being and part of the group energy is a wonderful awakening in itself, for as you have had a desire to bring your presence forth this day or during times of perhaps introspection meditation and soul search, so too do you have a commitment in spending time with those within your immediate family or friend circle and it is of course ultimately the balancing of these (family/friends & spiritual circle) where you fail so horrible (Kuthumi laughs) it is in balancing these divine aspects that true realisation comes forth. It is in balancing the process of your humanness with the truth of your spiritness that the realisation of the balanced being comes forward and beloved ones it is entirely a process that only you can work with and shift and of course alters to the extent that it pleasures you.
It is not I Kuthumi or any other masterful being that can shift this process for you. Henceforth it is truly up to you as to what you want to do with this energy which was the reason why I asked this channel to ask everyone to work with their energy fields prior to this initiation and to tap into the new frequencies that you have been initiated into prior to this gathering so that when it comes to the activation of this energy (which I am going to be taking you through in a little while from now) it is up to you how far you can push this frequency, for you see dear ones as you know this is a learning experience – and talking about life in general if you cannot and do not learn something new every so often, best you take a good look in the mirror for it is not so, you are stagnant thus your life has become totally and utterly boring in my words and in Jesus’s words; what good is there in having if there is none in giving, correct. In Kuthumi’s words why are you blessed with all of these true gifts of divine awakening and introspection if you cannot work with them therefore if you do not learn something new every so often (I could be very bold and say every day) which will really push your human barriers now wouldn’t it? (mumble) yes how on earth could you learn something new every day? I can tell you very easily, has anyone got an answer for me? You are all square telly boxes aren’t you? It’s called national geographic! (Laughter) Learn something new every day; if you always do what you always did you are always going to get what you always got! Not so? (yes) therefore expand your horizons expand your mind and as this channel explained a while ago expand your energy field by working with it one step at a time and believe me we have been through the crawling stages I mentioned this about 3 decades ago (laughter) we have been through the infant stages, yes! I held your hand we spoon fed you we even gave you a golden spoon, we then tried levitating this nourishment into your being and still there is no mirror to be seen anywhere, come on, come on!
Beloved ones now is the time for each of you to sit up and take note of my words.
That is, live! For God’s sake… How many of you are living? Silence…Are you really alive? Are you?
A: I’d like to think so…
MK: Are you enjoying your life? (mumble) – if it is NO then this is certainly time for a mirror, it is so funny within the higher dimensions, when I say funny I do not express this in any way from a self-gain egotistical energy as you know as an Ascended master I am unable to think along those lines but it is rather humorous to see the whole process of humanity and what you have been through these last couple of years and believe me the joke is not on you although some of you have thought like that, it is not. It is quite funny or should I say humorous rather to observe through the years how all of you have work diligently to get where you were supposed to be on the 12 12 12 and the 21 12 2012 and then to see the anti-climax that followed after these events, yes, yet all along you have been taught that the Essence of the living Christ is within, the kingdom and the glory of God is within you, so if you know that why look for it outside? Why did you think for a minute the happenings that took you through the end of one calendar into the beginning of another had anything to do with anything outside of yourself, come on, come on beloved ones, listen to my words that is the very reason why I explained to this being to send that that electronic mail to each of you to say that “as the earth is still in reboot so are you”. Now what does that mean, anyone of you bright sparks?
A: mumble
MK: Reboot, what does this mean?
A: Inaudible.
MK: Prepare, reboot means prepare to start afresh, prepare to recreate. In rebooting it actually takes on the vibration of a birth of something new, to be rebirthed, reborn, rewired, recreated, re-manifest and therefore this is a very, very important time to actually celebrate life by living it!
For each of you have through many, now I am going to ask you something else. Whether you are ready for this on not, hold on to your bootstraps! Throughout your life and I am addressing Lightworkers in this group and those that may come to read or hear these words beyond this circle of light. Lightworkers have for lifetimes created and planned a divine specific pathway of birth and rebirth to be able to be every so divinely present at this particular time on this planet.
You have just experienced the triple date portals for the last 12 years with each year an increased frequency being activated on your planet and within your energy field with all of you serving as divine surrogates in spreading this energy and sharing this energy, you then came to what you perceived to be the alpha and omega of all events 12 12 12 & 21 12 and thereafter the rest is history. Now from that ‘high’ in searching and yearning outside of yourself for something phenomenal and not even for one minute being still and knowing that you are god. In finding that inner, inner Christ energy within your heart, and being part of the new world as a light worker as a bearer of light grounding the Christ Consciousness unto this planet in a new and upshifted frequency unlike ever felted before, have you for a minute sat still and actually acknowledged that? And now I am going to spin you, I am going to ask you, so beautiful beings, what is so divinely special in each of you NOW this day in this lifetime that you have waited aeons for to come to discover?
And further more I want an answer from each and every one of you.
I do not want the answer now. That is what your mission statement is about. It is an acknowledgement of who you are: NO ego. Using the keys that we have given you, the divine frequency of unconditional love and Christ Consciousness that oversees every single aspect of this entire teaching and through that nobly yet humbly to acknowledge your gifts.
Now each of you has a divine gift, you know that, yes. And that is the gift I wish for you to give birth to at this time. Do you understand me or would you like me to explain it in Latin? (Laughter) yes, any questions on that?
For that is your ‘homework’. You love being in classrooms, we’ll I am going to give you homework for if I am not going to give you homework you are not going to do anything and if you recall my words a number of years ago I said by God if I have to drag you across the crystalline end line I will! (laughter). Now your homework is to find that gift within you and the secret to that is to acknowledge that that gift is multiple it is not a single gift its multiple and that is the gratitude list that I spoke about for if you acknowledge that gratitude list and you begin to create a frequency on paper of what which you need to be grateful for you will discover within there the gifts of yourself being revealed to you as a person and as a being, and believe me they are multiple they are not single there is not just one gift, there are many, many gifts and talents blessed within each and every one of you and us from the higher realms it is up to you to now go forward and the find the glory within. Get it?
Any questions on that?
Very long Silence…
** * **
(Distinct intense gentle shift in energy)
Greetings dear one, it is I Jeshua Ben Joseph.
All gently answer softly: Greetings
I come forward this day to affirm every vibration that my brother Kuthumi has shared with you.
At this time each of you celebrate the passing of my time on your planet where I lived the life as the one known as Jesus. It is indeed a very special time (emotional tenderness energy) it is not only a time that I chose to create a teaching that since many celebrate in their lives in the understanding of birth and rebirth, it is a time where each of you are asked to find the stillness within your hearts and to remember the question posed by Kuthumi for my dearest children as your Master I am imploring you to find that gift within, for you see each and every one of those gifts that you have been blessed with in this lifetime is what creates that beautiful sparkle in your eyes. And as one that comes to be born and yet again, now is the time for you to claim the gifts of Creation and there is no better way than to acknowledge the creative gifts extended to you.
Dearest children, my life as Jesus is for many still a great mystical experience, it’s a mystery. And I ask not that any emphasis be placed on any particular aspect of that which I represented physically and still represents etherically, but the act of LOVE.
It is therefore imperative for each of you that choose to move into a higher frequency to begin doing so by embracing the act of LOVE in all of that which you stand for and to do all you can in your living power to recreate this in every aspect of that which life presents to you.
Beautiful children, acknowledging your gifts and talents, are acts of LOVE which activates a love frequency within the Heart of the Creator unlike anything. For it is in itself acknowledging the power in create ability thus that which you truly give out – frequencies of unconditional LOVE, and that is what the shift of energy on this plane is about. And as I have done, I am asking each of you to do. To love your neighbour as you love yourself, but to first understand that if you cannot love yourself, you certainly wouldn’t know how to love your neighbour. To pardon those that have done you wrong, and to forgive all of the aspects of the experiences that you have endured or remember by releasing these imbalances into the Cosmic Seas into the Womb of our Mother God, into the Hands and the Will of our Father God. Release all of the fears and the angers the frustrations into the Essence of the Holy Spirit and through the innocence of the Christ Child within claim for yourself a new beginning.
I am not asking you to hang your life on a cross, and be crucified for you to be acknowledged into that which you are. Neither was that asked or expected of me in any unreasonable way it was part of the Divine Plan. I am setting your divine plan before you this day by asking you to release yourself from the clutches of all of that which brings to you instability and unhappiness and in so doing to focus only upon that which brings good which brings LOVE, healing and peace into your worlds.
I cannot underline the importance of posing this question of your personal gifts and talents enough and especially at this time, the first of the rebirth celebrations within your new world, your new earth, in her baby years to now be aware of your own personal rebirth, a change and a shift in your own energy vibration which will help you gather your wits around and about and in so doing to stand tall in who you are.
At times of a passing, sadden yourself not for the departed but rather excite yourself by celebrating the life they lived.
Sadden yourself not with emotional turbulence emotional strain, sorrow, sadness, for the loss or the lack in physicality, but rather celebrate their life.
Give yourself time to mourn, and then let the celebrations begin.
In the life that you have lived in this current lifetime, each of you has reached the end in some way towards the end of 2012. Over the last number of months (2013) you have been in mourning in many ways f0r the loss of that which is gone and now at the first celebration of true rebirth and transition (Easter) celebrate your life by living it excitedly. For it is a gift dear beautiful children beyond any. And as with all gifts, it needs to be nurtured and cared for.
I give my LOVE to each of you as I connect my heart with yours. Absorb the rays of Christ Light into your being, allow your heart to swell with happiness with beauty and tenderness, and KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED.
Understand that as the ever Living Christ I am with you always. Adonai.
All: Adonai.
Very Long Pause
** * **
Beloved ones it is I Kuthumi
I sincerely hope that each of you understand the intensity of the message that was shared with you at this time. Who better than from the “horse’s mouth” Itself (laughter)
Beloved ones the gifts that I speak of for each of you to acknowledge and realise at this time is the gifts of LOVE that is within you, each of you. And thus you are asked to unveil the Kingdom within and live it without.
Believe me I do understand as I too have walked the journey of humanity and living life many a times on your plane as I said I do understand and with that I am being reminded that all of us from the higher realms do understand the complexities and the challenges that you are faced with, but as lightworkers you are now asked to look beyond that for you see you would like to increase your energy field and we have given a step-by-step set plan on how to do that and where to begin but as I made mention of earlier it is not up to me as an Ascended master to teach each of you how to do that for if you apply and you work with your energy field it will happen to you. As you very well know in the teachings of the consciousness cord and the Antakarana it is truly up to you as to how far are you going to push it? For you see I can sit with each of you for days and months and lifetimes on end helping you and teaching you how to create a shift in your energy field, but it is only you that can through your own personal experience celebrate an “aha” moment for only you can do that, I cannot creep inside of your head and your heart and tickle you with my crystalline wand and go ‘aha! Did you get that? No only you can. Perhaps I can go ‘boooo’ (laughter) depending of course on the day’s humour but the “aha”, that can only be experienced by you. As with the consciousness cord in creating a connection with your higher self you can stand on your head and you can hum yourself into a coma for years and years and years, and nothing will happen and then one fine day your higher self will go ‘aha’ and you probably will go ‘boo’ (crying) – laughter – it is a connection only you can work with and that is what we are preparing you for. Is there anyone here that did not get that?
What are these teachings for?
A: Progress, mumble, higher self….
MK: cay se ra se ra whatever will be will be! These teachings are given to you at an individual level yet as a group though it is totally dependent on you as to how far you will take it to have that ‘aha’
Beloved ones there are many groups such as this all over the world. I Kuthumi channel my energy through every language spoken on this plane and a number of them at this very time, how multidimensional of me not so (laughter). Each of you has the same ability. Now in this lifetime you are asked to enjoy and live, live your life to the fullest and begin to work on all of the smaller aspects of yourself that still niggles you, hurts you, brings in some form of sadness or lack, or limitation in any way what so ever and to override that it is very important for you to become still in acknowledging your gifts and talents and to give thanks for these. That is why the act of gratitude is the easiest way for you to shift any vibrations that may be in some way not as acceptable or friendly as others. You feeling sad, you feel depressed, you feel you believe your life is completely worthless it’s no good, I am then inviting you to take a glance at those less fortunate and say it again. It matters not if that is their life choice at this time, you must remember when you are ready the opportunities for you to evolve will present themselves to you. It is not a mistake that you are here. Not? Uhmmm..did anyone of you stumble upon this house and wondered what was going on inside? (Mutter)…(place where the circle is held)
Correct, now those less fortunate may be in their current situation because that is what their lives require of them, it is lifetimes you have lived before. The nicest and easiest and quickest way for each of you to embrace the act of gratitude is go and stare into the eyes of obliviousness and know that you are loved, all of you, and as those beings have taken on this journey to still be in deep slumber, thank the heavens above that you have set through intent with emotion for you to be a light worker to birth and rebirth yourself in a new way and now we are asking you to acknowledge your gifts and talents. I am going to ask you to view this. To find this and dot it down and whenever you are feeling not so good read over that and rejoice!
Beloved ones, there are many groups across your globe that gathers together in the same way communicating through the art and act of channelling. There are many groups who with the assistance of ascended masters and light beings are doing a lot of work physically and etherically as you have done as a group and believe me the time for celebration is upon you! You have in many ways built an idol around that which you expected at the end of 2012. Then through the act of every challenge that you can imagine you had to as master Jesus said faced a time of mourning the last 3 months. Mourning, moping, crying, some even depressed, have you?
A: Yes
Yes, each and every one of you, and therefore what you are asked through the gift of the Easter energy is instead of focusing your energy on the chocolates to focus your energy on that which is within, and as Master Jeshua said, love your neighbour but first: Love yourself, for if you cannot love yourself how on God’s green earth are you going to be able to love someone else, how will you know the joy of love, how will you know the feeling of love and how it feels? Yes, therefore if you believe that that love can only exist with the help of a partner think again. A partner is there to compliment your love but your love should first and foremost be an acknowledgement, a realisation within the self, of the self, and once that is done then surely you may run around and love the world. But you see because of indoctrination and because of certain teachings that went a little wonky along the way shall we say, you were taught that love exists “out there” somewhere beloved ones, you want to know love, does your mother love you, does your father love you, if they don’t love you, you must be a misfit? Yes that is what you were brought up with not so?
A: yes
Mk: we are now asking you to change that to love yourself first, it is the love within you, in other words the acknowledgement of the God within, the acknowledgement of the Christ and the Holy Spirit within, the divine masculine feminine of ALL THAT IS – was and ever can be, that makes you realise that love, that allows you to switch that light bulb on and through that ‘aha’ say – now I know what love is for I am that! That is what we are asking of you, so put aside what you ‘believe’ should be when it comes to love, thus this fist celebration is not a time of sadness, not a time moaning, mourning, crying, depression, sadness, anger etc be it for the life of Jeshua Ben Joseph be it for yourself let it be a celebration, celebrate your life, for life is for the living and remember life is ever lasting and the tiny, tiny experience that you experience within every lifetime is but a drop in the ocean of what life truly is about therefore do not put off this day that which you can celebrate. Find within yourself the gifts given to you and live it, enjoy it, understand that when it comes to giftedness the only one that confuses it all by judging is you. When we say creativity you think of drawing don’t you? Yes. That is kindergarten indoctrination – creativity is everything. If you didn’t experience an ounce of creativity this morning you probably would’ve rocked up here in your sleep wear, your sleep garments, thus through the act of creativity you felt like making yourself look better didn’t you? Yes. And enjoy it! You know what I always say: There are many gifts to enjoy in life but it is when those gifts enjoy you that you have to watch out (laughter). Everything in moderation…
Beloved ones, we urge you at this time to take up your bed and walk.
We understand that which you feel and which you have experienced but please understand that that which life gifts to you is beyond anything that you can ever imagine if you allow it to, that is the question: Are you allowing it? Are you so focused on that which you do not have that you cannot enjoy that which you do have? That is my question to you. All of you, all of you have the answers to these questions. And now At the rebirth of the new earth, the first year of the new celebration of the awakening of the Christ Consciousness on your plane understand that each of you are a great part of this and that is your first gift not so, it if was not for you then who would be doing this?
Therefore dust yourself off, and move along, move along swiftly! Have a hop and a skip in your jump as you do so.
Long pause….
You are standing facing a beautiful Cathedral.
For a moment remove every preconceived idea that you have ever been indoctrinated with when it comes to any religious teachings or set spiritual formats. Pause.
Stand facing this beautiful cathedral. For a moment allow this to come to life in any which way you wish to, paint a grand picture in your minds beloved ones, allow the world of grandiose to come to life, push it, extend it, let it be over the top. Pause
You are standing at the very entrance of this massive cathedral with the most exquisite doors, hand-carved intricate detail, big brass doorknobs, for a moment feel what this feels like. Pause
In the grandiose of this picture I want you to discover the simplicity. In the massive austere ostentatiousness of this grand cathedral, find the humbleness within. Now begin to softly hear the tuning of the bells, and then the beautiful sounds of the bells ringing. Pause.
Hear the different octaves it presents to you. Some loud, some soft, some high pitched some not. Life is as such. It is a presentation of a grand Pandora’s Box of experiences, which one will it be today?
Long pause
In the back of your mind deep within your soul hear the heavenly orchestras play; hear the angelic choirs reach out for you as they sing Praise to Creation. Pause
Now gently bring your attention back to your hands on the doorknobs, focus on the humbleness in your heart and the simplicity yet complexity of who you are, very gently push these doors open and enter into the cathedral.
You are standing with the main isle leading up to the front of the Cathedral to the grand pulpit ahead of you in rather ornate fashion, vast. You have seated on either side a cathedral jammed packed with beings. Now gently walk forward and come to stand where the very first row of seating begins.
You notice ahead of you in the far distance as this a massive cathedral a divine Being presents itself in the front standing on the pulpit. Pause
Again feel the vibration of the church bells and the music the orchestra of the heavenly realms fill your cathedral with the most exquisite angelic sounds with heavenly acoustics creating a tender vibration within. Pause
Now you are going to make your way very slowly towards the front of the cathedral where this higher being awaits you, and as you walk, as if being married, very gently in your mind’s eye connect with every one seated on the left and right, become aware of the many faces and characters that are there to celebrate this day, this day of marriage, this day of rebirth. Walking down that beautiful isle give thanks to every one of these beings that have stepped forward to celebrate this part of your life, all sitting to the side and ahead of you, feel the love emitted by them and at the same time return their love.
As you walk closer to the front acknowledge the emotion that you feel towards these people these beings that have come forward to attend your celebration this day.
The masterful being now steps down from the pulpit and comes to stand in front of you at your level.
Simply feel the vibration of love between you as you once again connect with the Essence of your Higher Self standing before you. Pause
This magnificent being connects their energy field with yours, and with that allow streams and vibrations of unconditional love and forgiveness and gratitude fill your being. Pause
Now manifesting behind you is the Presence of Master Jesus. Pause
He places both His hands on your back, flat, in the area of the heart slightly higher, as He asks you to stir into manifestation the feeling of unconditional love into your sacred heart, towards the back and slightly higher than the heart. You are now asked to relate to this physically by feeling an increase in body temperature in that area, a warm glow, a tingling feeling, are you with me?
If you are not able to feel this as yet work on it. Now He moves His hands both palms down over the back of your head over the Medulla Oblongata with the fingers reaching towards the crown and the palms over the Medulla Oblongata at the base of the skull, again become aware of the increase in temperature a frequency tingling in that area.
Master Jesus releases a divine frequency of unconditional love and divine wisdom into that area as we stir into awaking your sacred mind. Pause.
He now keeps His left hand on the area of the sacred mind and gently slides his hand with his palm over the area of the sacred heart. Pause
Now feel the vibrational frequency of these two areas begin a dance of divine communication with each another. Feel the free flow of the love frequency that flows between these two areas awakening all of the dormant strands of DNA that you have been waiting so long to awaken. Pause.
With your energy field activated prior to my visitation I now ask of you to activate your divine golden cocoon all around you and if you can make it a double cocoon spinning in opposite directions sliding over one another one clockwise the other counter.
Master Jesus now releases His hands bringing them together as in prayer fashion as He communicate to you to create a divine connection with your higher self through your 3rd eye as you stand looking at the higher aspect of yourself and should you find this challenging set the intent for this awakening to greet you in good spirit, set the intent for this realisation to come to you.
Now turn around with your back to your higher self and your front facing Master Jesus, looking deeply into His eyes, FEEL the LOVE He has for you. Pause
Beloved ones feel the love that we all have for you as you activate your sacred mind and heart stirring these into realisation. Pause
Master Jesus now separates His hands opening His palms placing both firstly on your 3rd eye, feel the heat, the energy and tingling in the 3rd eye, and there after He releases that and He places both His palms on your heart centre. Pause
He releases the energy, turns and come to stand behind you next to your higher self with all of you facing in the direction of your entry, and of course you have facing back at you hundreds and more different faces of all of those that have come together to witness this celebration of life. Pause
Master Jesus and your higher self now merges into one energy and as you give thanks for their presence this day they encapsulate this protective cocoon all around you.
Beloved ones, now visualise the most magnificent sun rays beam through the magnificent cut glass windows of this cathedral in a multitude multiple multicolour explosion of the most exquisite iridescent most beautiful colour rays you have ever seen shining down upon you from all directions possible. See these magnificent reflections coming from these stained glass windows creating a beam unconditional love and divine wisdom which is the advance frequency of the second ray of Love and Wisdom. Feel these colours tingling all over. Feel how this kaleidoscope of iridescent uncountable multifaceted colour explosions charges your auric field healing every aspect of you still imbalanced. Feel the heat all around in your energy auric field. Pause
Again bring your attention back to the spinning of the energy fields that surrounds you spinning in the opposite directions. Pause. Bring your attention to your divine crystalline new personal being birthed at this time, new, as if by marriage. Pause.
With that in your mind’s eye, open your eyes and look at every single being that have come to gather this day to honour you in this activation, there are so many, you are not able to count them at a glance if by chance, men, women, children, boys, girls, black white of all races and colours beings from all walks of life there are the noble ones and then there are the other ones.
Beloved ones each and every one of these beings is you. What you see in this sea of love around you are all of the aspects that together form your soul signature that together with the divine harmonics sings your soul song. In this blaze of coloured bliss slowly make your way out of the cathedral back into the direction that you entered and as you do so each and every one of these beings get up and exist with you clearing the cathedral as you walk though it as if by marriage. By the time you reached the doors you entered into all these beings are on their feet excitedly behind you waiting for you to exit. Pause
Goddess Diana now manifest before you in front of the exit. She hands to you a crystalline coat bejewelled with the most jewels you have ever known. She places upon your crown a crown covered with the most exquisite jewels of iridescent colours and she hands you your crystalline wand of pure crystalline consciousness and you see reflected within that an iridescent sparking mother of pearl energy that represents a world of possibilities beyond anything that you can imagine. Give thanks to her for these gifts, allow her to step aside.
With that you hear a little voice on the other side of these beautiful doors whispering to you ‘close your eyes’ and recognising the frequency of your inner child you step back into the womb of trust and you do so. Pause.
Your inner child whispers to you to open the doors yet keep your eyes close, thus do so step out on this massive, massive terrace, a magnificent crystalline platform of light and with that all that you represent and stand for exit and stands with you. Pause
Your inner child come to stand next to you and asks you to bring a divine frequency of love into your heart, to fill your sacred heart and mind, your heart and 3rd eye at a lower level thus your sacred heart and sacred mind at a higher level with love, loving the self beyond any limitations to bring that divine frequency of unconditional love into your heart, feel the love that you are.
And now, your inner child comes to stand facing you, your eyes are still closed and your inner child indicates for you to bring to mind that love in your heart, as what you wish to project for yourself within your tangible reality – in simple English paint the picture of how you see your life, not the doom and the gloom, but that which you want in your life, but then again want is a 4 letter word that you now need to let go of thus that which you accept in your life. So for a moment, bring your attention to this and through the love vibration feel what that feels like thus smell what it smells like, taste what it taste like, see what it looks like, hear what it presents to you, feel the inspiration around that, know what it is yours, be connected to it, feel that connection to it, feel what it feels like to be in service through it, feel the euphoria that surrounds it, feel how exhilarating it is to feel this, be aware of your passion, your creative expression by surrendering into it. Tap into it with all of your senses and give thanks for it.
Your inner child now takes both your hands into theirs as it hands you a golden key. Pause.
Now take that golden key and place it etherically into the golden rose in your heart, the key that etherically overlays the already present golden key in your heart. Pause. In your mind’s eye feel the vibration of this key come to life, and with that your inner child and all the beings that surround you releases themselves from your vision as they remain part of your energy field no matter what.
Now physically take your hands and place them on your heart, cusp them both over your heart connect to the gifts of unconditional love and all of that which I have shared. Pause.
Feel in your heart the gifts that you have been given. Pause
If you are uncertain ask for these gifts to be revealed to you in a divine and orderly way so that it will only be of the highest and purest vibration for the greatest good of yourself and those that you share your lives with. Pause
Beloved ones, now very gently open your eyes and look at your candle in front of you, physically open your eyes. Now draw forth from your heart all of the gifts and treasures you have been blessed with placing these with a gesture of love into your candle. Pause.
With that you may light your candles.
Long pause.
As the gifts of that which you have been blessed with stares you in the face, as you are left on this grand crystalline platform to realise the manifestation of that which you believe you are; I am asking you to celebrate life by using these very candles as a symbol throughout this time, good. If your candle comes to an end continue with another. I wish for you to take this process of acknowledging the gifts of the inner self to another level. I wish for you to burn your Easter candle, which could be this candle and any other candle that you wish during this time until the celebration of Wesak greets you in May in fact is that not a wonderful way of saying burn your candles every day anyway?
Beloved ones as you have entered into these physical candles the desire of that which you want (a 4 letter word no longer in use) but AM rather, I am asking each of you to give my words some serious thought over this time, to celebrate the birth and rebirth and instead of focusing on that which is no longer there rather have a joyous celebration of that which was.
Beloved ones, each of you are being trained on many levels to embrace a new reality, it is therefore that we decided to (as you need time to rebirth and reboot yourself) use this time to gently begin to swing your direction into a whole new focus of being and that is what we are doing, step by step, gently, through that which you entertain yourself with, through that which you empower yourself with.
The golden key as always is to let go of judgment and as I explained the importance you heard Master Jesus speak, loving the self, for God’s sake let go of judgment. That time will come, but it will serve an entirely different purpose, as your judgment is causing tremendous cracks and fissures in your energy field because of current low frequencies of guilt shame pain sorrow anger depression and so forth. Understand that you are living your life, that the frequency that you are doing it ‘according to’ is entirely your choice. So if you don’t make the finishing line this time around, I don’t have a stopwatch? But being Lightworkers you are being groomed to move on and see things in a totally different light to that which you have been indoctrinated with and that’s truth.
Are any questions I can assist with?
MK: Please don’t all shout at once (giggles)
Sister: We have a question, Pope St Francis and the energy that he is coming with?
MK: And your question?

Sister: Well we are wanting to know…
MK: You are Inquisitive?
Sister: Laugh yeah we are
MK: Its human (laughter)
Sister: So we heard that an ascended master had walked in to change things.
MK: Beloved sister understand that all ascended masters are just that, ASCENDED! Why would they want to come back here? There are many, many masterful beings in incarnation on this plane at this time but that does not necessarily mean that they are ascended masters do you follow me?
A: Yes
Mk: But indeed the new Pope, Pope St Francis is overseen and I will confirm this through the energy of St Germain, St Francis (Of Assisi) and all the new African, American and European ascended masters, many new masters for the African, American and European continents have come together to hold this divine frequency for you see the Pope or the Catholic church as it is known commonly has more of an influence over that part of the globe than the other, the East. Therefore these continents have come together and all of the new ascended masters and masters that are working with this energy have come together as one frequency to oversee the new Pope St Francis. But as I said St Germain, St Francis of Assisi which you must know is an aspect of me Kuthumi oversee the Pope directly in his endeavours
A: Thank you
MK: Beloved ones on that subject you will see more and more in your daily life how life begins to crumble at the seams beautifully and the new Pope indeed has taken on the role of shifting that frequency. The new pope was chosen by the hierarchy to shift a new frequency of Christ Consciousness in the Catholic church for you all must know the major role that that particular institution plays when it comes to religion on your plane not so, the great influence. He was already a humble St Francis long before his inauguration, no one knew. He has humbled himself for many years to make a difference in one of the richest and grandest operations on your planet, the Vatican. He has set a task of shifting that no matter what. He is also assisted in the over lit energy as I said St Francis, St Germain, but is also assisted very closely by a being who is now an ascended master that once walked your plane and you know her as Mother Theresa.
Another sister: may I ask about the Jesuits collection?
MK: What about it?

Sister: I don’t know very much about it but in history it was their business section that went around the earth.
MK: Sister I prefer not to address that at this time I prefer to leave it in this frequency of LOVE. Anyone else?
Beloved ones the world as you knew it has ended and the new pope is a manifestation of that truth and as he is out in the front line, setting an example for millions to follow understand there are many others ‘under cover’ doing just that and each of you are a part of that, each of you – for what you see in the physical manifestation of your Easter is just that, a betterment for all not so. And therefore as with this, keep shining your light, be as bright as bold as beautiful as you can be. Sing out loud; embrace the heavens that love you so dear. Accept and trust that it is a new world frequency that YOU are a part of and as the earth now reboots herself into her stardom embrace the changes in you without shooting yourself in the foot but rather so to love yourself through it. For by loving yourself through any challenge, that challenge is none.
Until we meet again I wish you a most blessed passing, from the old into the new, from sadness into joy, from anger into complete peace. May the Force of the living Christ be with you, within you, always, in all ways.
I am Kuthumi. I am the Lord and Master Cohan of the golden rays of love and wisdom and I greet and I bless thee with love, Adonai.
A: Adonai, thank you lord Kuthumi.


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The Great Invocation

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men-
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

“By using the Invocation and encouraging others to use it,

no particular group or organisation is sponsored.

It belongs to all humanity.”

Discussion Concerning Guides _ Master Kuthumi

Discussion Concerning Guides by Master Kuthumi
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 08/11/10
The love of your guides can be present and powerfully supportive in your life or it can be absent from your conscious awareness, this doesn’t mean that you are not loved completely and absolutely by your guides. Whether you believe you have guides or not and connect with them daily or never, your guides are present and by your side always. They never leave you and are always observant of your life, experiences and existence on the Earth. Their mission and devotion is to love you always and to steer you as much as they are able to through your spiritual journey on the Earth. There are many light workers who do not believe in guides or their significance on their spiritual paths, their belief is that there is only one energy to connect with and this is the light of the Creator, all other energies or souls on the inner planes are simply distractions from the truth. There is some truth in this belief. As a light worker on the Earth it is your purpose and need to connect with the light of the Creator, to embody and work with the vibration of the Creator in your physical reality. In truth there is nothing that is more important than this, to feel the light of the Creator around you and within you brings great comfort but with practice it allows you to exist as your truth on the Earth.
When we speak of guides we are not speaking of distractions but of gathering different aspects and qualities of the Creator around you. Your guides have a consciousness that is purer than your current consciousness; their energy is currently higher, quicker and finer. Your guides are able to see through boundaries and limitations that baffle you in your life to perceive the larger picture of your experiences on the Earth. They are friends who are there to support and guide you whenever you need assistance, to energise and enhance your abilities and manifestations. They are friends who are always positive, loving and generous with their energies and wisdom, whatever you do or say your guides will never turn their backs on you and will never leave you alone. As light workers on the Earth seeking ascension, a oneness with the Creator and a manifestation of the truth, love and sacred abilities of your soul, your path can at times feel lonely and difficult as you strive to achieve something that at some times can feel impossible to your physical mind. Your guides are there to make your journey easier to assist and enhance your alignment with the Creator and to love you unconditionally. When we are growing spiritually, discovering our inner energies and dissolving the darkness within us, to be loved unconditionally and to feel love around you is essential as it allows you to remain focused upon your goals. When you become aware of the love that surrounds you then this becomes extremely powerful in your reality and spiritual development as it allows you to feel the network or platform of support that surrounds you and is cheering you on to achieve your goals.
Your guides are energies that you can speak with in your mind or out loud, who you can share your deepest feelings with, most importantly you can ask of them anything and they will assist you in the most appropriate way as long as it abides by the will of the Creator and aids your spiritual development.
When we think of our guides we must realise that they are manifestations of the Creator, they are connections and bridges to the Creator’s light. The most important realisation to hold is that you are linked as one with the Creator and therefore your guides. There are no separations or differences between you and your guides and this is the same between you and the Creator. You are the Creator as are your guides. To link with and embody the energy of your guides not only supports and advises you tremendously in your reality but permits you to accept a new higher vibration of the Creator’s soul. It is important to dissolve the thought that your guides distract you from the Creator and to accept that your guides bind you on a deeper level with the Creator. Whether you work with your guides or not they will be there for you so it may be appropriate to begin to build a bond with your guides, being aware of any subtle changes this brings to your reality and experiences on the Earth. When you work with your guides you are bringing the energy of the Creator onto and into your path with greater intensity.
I, Master Kuthumi, act as a guide to many on the Earth; it is a delight and a privilege to openly and completely love so many souls with their acceptance of my presence and the Creator soul I wish to share with them. I wish to offer you a simple technique to improve the presence of your guides within your reality and to anchor greater Creator light, consciousness and awareness into your being to support the growth of your soul. This technique can be completed each day and by any person whether they work extensively with their guides or wish to begin.
I ask that you sit peacefully and focus on your breathing, allowing yourself to accept a deep meditative state of existence and mind, indulging in a deeper silence and stillness with every new moment.
First ask that your personal guides draw their energies closer to your being with the intention of protecting you completely in love and making you aware of their pure and devoted presence.
Be aware of your body, feelings and any sensations that occur.
Take a few deep breaths and release, as you exhale, any fears or blockages that you may be holding concerning connecting with your guides. It is important to practice this even if you are accustomed to connecting with your guides as it may enhance your connection.
Ask your guides to pour a crystal clear white energy into your entire being through your crown chakra at the top of your head. Feel the energy particularly flowing into your mind clearing all thoughts and allowing your mind to rest in peace with a simple practice of observing your experiences.
Ask that your soul aligns itself completely with the light and soul of the Creator. Ask your guides to increase this alignment by ensuring that every aspect of your being is linked with the soul of the Creator and that the Creator’s light flows with ease, power and precision into your entire being. Hold within your mind the ability of observing the whole process.
When you are ready ask that your guides to merge their energies of the most appropriate vibration and qualities with you. This may result in a feeling of energy or light flowing into your being. Their energies are merging with your energies as your energies are integrating with theirs. This is a process where all are equal beacons of light sharing their energy to become and experience a greater oneness with the Creator. You may be aware of colours, visions, words or feels, simply observe these. Allow this process of integration to complete and then sit in the energies for a while to allow the light to settle and anchor within you.
The purpose of this practice is to aid your connection with your guides, to dissolve any barriers, to boost your light quotient and to allow you to learn to communicate with your guides, releasing their presence around you.
When you are sitting embodying the complete energy of your community of guides you can then begin to ask for their help in your reality and spiritual growth, speaking to them from your heart, holding faith that they will assist, support and aid you. When you ask them for their help and guidance they are always listening, but with a strong and powerful integration with their energy your requests will hold greater power and their ability to assist you will be greater also. Then simply be aware of any changes or experiences in your reality and hold faith that you are loved completely by your guides and the Creator. This practice will allow you to voice your feelings and desires as well as helping you to have more confidence in yourself and connections.
Remember that in order to receive you must first ask, in order to ask you must understand your desire, when the desire comes from the truth within you then you will always be granted the abundance of the Creator. You must then be open to receiving. Your guides will teach you that the energy of the Creator is all around and within you and that you are one with everything. Separation is an illusion; integration is the process of accepting your true existence as the Creator. Allow yourself to accept this process of integration viewing it as a stepping stone closer to the Creator’s light emerging from within you.
With sacred bliss,
I am Master Kuthumi

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Archangel Michael – “YOU ARE IN THE PORTAL OF A NEW EPOCH” – Ronna Herman

Message from Archangel Michael LM-8-2010
Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, the stage is set and the curtain is about to rise on the new dawn of tomorrow. There are cells/areas of higher consciousness manifesting all over the world, and the ascension columns of Light from the great Cities of Light in the higher realms are being anchored at an ever-increasing pace. The great infusions of Creator Light are building in strength and momentum and they are making a greater and greater impact upon the minds of the masses.
It is very apparent that there is still much violence, resistance and negativity in the world. However, the World Servers’ influence of balance, peace and harmony is gaining momentum, and more and more beloved Souls are awakening as they begin to heed the nudgings of their Soul-self. Because of you, the tireless wayshowers who have prepared the way, those who are now heeding the call are moving onto and progressing much more quickly along the path of illumination.
During these accelerated times of epoch-making change, it is more important than ever that you strive to increase your radiance quotient and to Shine your Light. You must endeavor to combine the vibrations of unconditional love with the desire for active service. Remember: harmonious, focused thought leads to ever-expanding pathways of higher consciousness. You must develop and perfect your power of conscious selection within the accepted, narrowed spectrum of Light and the density of the shadowlands. In the refined reality of humanity’s future, peace will prevail and conflict will be resolved via diplomacy as everyone learns to focus on the greatest good for all and seek the most benevolent solutions. Each of you is composed of units of energy which create your Soul Song / Energetic Signature. To attain Self-mastery, you must learn to control your thoughts and focus your God-given power. You are learning to be a director of the higher forces of Creation. You must strive for continuity in consciousness as you endeavor to become a divinely inspired observer of life and a master of detachment. You must disengage from the mass consciousness belief structure in order to begin the process of becoming a Self-master, a unique and Soul-inspired spiritual human Being. The path to higher consciousness will, in the distant future, result in directly experiencing your God Self/I AM Presence and the splendor and majesty of the Creator in a variety of ITS many forms.
You may wonder why you have been subjected to so many tests and seemingly negative situations. We tell you, brave Souls, you are in the midst of an intense initiation/transformation process that is all a part of the ascension process. Many of you have been on the path of initiation for many lifetimes and are well on your way to Self-mastery. When you first step onto the probationary path of ascension, the personality/ego becomes aware of the Soul’s nudgings. Soul Fire or quickening higher vibrational patterns begin to burn off the negative energy that rises to the surface to be addressed. The purification fires eventually become the Light of Illumination as the process is repeated over and over until facets of the Higher Self begin to merge with the Soul and the process of ascension is accelerated.
One of the major obstacles you must overcome is to take back the power you have given to others. Also, consciously releasing the energy everyone else has placed in your auric field or attached to your Solar Plexus over the many past ages is a primary phase of reclaiming your sovereignty, which is required in order to once more become a master of Self. You will find that gradually the stressful situations in your life will become pleasant and harmonious, for you will no longer be feeding energy to the unfavorable time-lines of the future. You must contemplate, discern and claim that which will be your blueprint for expansion. Be mindful and aware every moment so that your focus becomes one-pointed and clear. You will gradually develop a sense of self-assurance and security, a knowing that all is well and will remain so. With new Self-awareness, you will actively initiate the step-by-step process of creating your new reality.
You must be aware that the Path of Soul illumination creates a dramatic upheaval of inner life. You must still experience and diligently strive to return to harmony any trying, challenging relationships. It will take time; however, when you gain access to your Sacred Heart, you will slowly develop heartfelt sensitivity and serenity along with purity in thought and actions. We tell you that there are multitudes of brave Souls in this world who are well on their way to Self-mastery, and who are honored disciples on the Path who will one day become the Ascended Masters of the fifth-dimensional Earth of the future.
The next phase of the forthcoming Divine Plan is now in place, and many of you, the faithful Starseed on the Path, are being prepared to become members of the swiftly growing group of World Servers. In the past, the wisdom schools and esoteric teachings were kept secret and reserved for the few who were advanced enough to understand and pass the stringent tests in order to become initiates and Self-masters. Those times are now in the past and you, as the vanguard and wayshowers, are to be the visible examples of the new wisdom teachings as you show the way and assist those following behind you to become aspirants and initiates on the Path. You are to become intermediaries between those seeking en-LIGHTEN-ment and a reunion with their Divine Self and the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Cosmic Council of Light. You are also being encouraged to take an active role in anchoring the Ascension Columns of Light in your local areas. What better way to serve than to be an anchor for the ever-increasing infusions of Creator Light which are being showered down upon the Earth. It is vital that you understand: this rarified Light must have an anchoring source on Earth, for it cannot be disseminated in a blanket effect as the preparatory, lower-frequency waves of Light were during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. The present century is the pivotal era of Cosmic change throughout this universe.
One of the most dramatic changes that is taking place on Earth at this time is that there will no longer be a great diversity in the universal teachings sent forth to humanity. All wisdom teachings brought forth from the Cosmic Council of Light will be from a unified Source and will be composed of the same basic spiritual philosophy with only slight variations. In past ages, the great Avatars and Christed Beings were infused with the maximum amount of Creator Fire/Light that they could contain, and were then sent forth with specifically designed teachings/messages for each era and for each Race. You must understand that in the beginning each Race was infused with specific qualities, attributes and talents; however, over time they developed deep unconscious weaknesses, negative traits, habits and imbalances which were then stored within the DNA of the future members of each Race. It is time for those negative attributes, traits and imperfections to be healed and harmonized so that the unity process of returning to ONENESS can proceed. This means you will still be known for your uniqueness, for after all, this universe was designed as an experiment in diversity. However, you will admire and respect all others for their uniqueness; for each of you will have originally developed talents, abilities and virtues to present to our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator as your gift to the Whole. Nonjudgment, compassion, gratitude and a heartfelt love for all humanity are the most important attributes you are to strive to develop at this time.

Beloveds, the Cosmic Council of Light is in the process of making the advanced wisdom teachings available in every way possible so that all of those who wish to do so will have the opportunity to join the ranks of ascending humanity. Previously known as The Great White Brotherhood, the Cosmic Council is a division of the Order of Melchizedek. It is composed of highly evolved, non-physical Spiritual Beings from all areas of this universe along with select members of the angelic Kingdom, many Ascended Masters of the Earth, and also many advanced Initiates of the Earth who represent the masses. Whether you accept it as your truth or not, you are in the process of becoming galactic citizens, and one of the future steps of cosmic awareness will be the reunion with many members of your solar and galactic family of Light. At a future time, be assured that some of you will be asked to join the Council of Light as representatives of ascending humanity and the Earth.
We know that many of you wonder why your personal world is not changing for the better, and why you are not receiving some of the many gifts and benefits of mastership that we have promised. It is being said by some discouraged Souls that we are conveying to you a vision of the future that is impossible to attain, that we are making promises to you that will be impossible to manifest, and that life for the average person is as difficult or more so than in the past. We tell you that we do not make false promises; and we would not be spending such a vast amount of our time and that of our blessed, dedicated messengers that it has taken to convey the advanced cosmic wisdom teachings if what we are telling you were not true. Teachings that are vital to the ascension process, information that has never before been available to humanity. In fact, humanity could not possibly have reached the stage of evolution that is now prevalent on Earth without the tireless, constant service and assistance of the Cosmic Council of Light and the angelic realm. You are in the midst of an evolutionary process that was initiated by the Supreme Creator and is fueled with the Essence of Life, Adamantine Particles, which is being radiated throughout the Omniverse, as well as to and through our beloved Mother/Father God to all Creation within this universe. You must understand that the ascension process is a joint endeavor. We are showing you the way and giving you needed instruction; however, it is you who must take the steps and make the needed changes in your lifestyle and belief structure. Beloveds, we ask you to rise above the fear and sense of helplessness that are rampant around the world. Call on us and we will assist you in bolstering your resolve. Know that we are always with you and we radiate to you the healing, inspiring love of our Mother/Father God.

I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.

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The Crystal Rose of Peace : The Energies for January 2010 and the Coming Year

Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene through Celia Fenn

Light over the Sea of Galilee, Israel, January 2010

Beloved Lightworkers, we welcome you to this New Year of 2010, and

we are a little late this month as the Channel has been in her own

changes and transformations. Indeed, we can say that with this year of

2010 you are now fully in the New Earth energy and you are creating

the New Earth through every choice and decision that you make!

We call this the Year of the Crystal Rose of Peace, for the newly

activated Rose Grids are providing the acceleration into Planetary

Peace that will be the Foundation of the Golden Age of Peace. In the

last decade, you have worked to lay down the New Earth crystalline

grid system and to activate the Sacred Geometries of Light and the New

Light Codes for the New Earth. Now, with the Sacred Rose Grids

transmitting the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness to the

Planet, the Collective Consciousness has accelerated greatly in the

last few months. Many more souls are awakening and seeking to join in

this wonderful new creation of Peace and Love.

So it is that after the activations of the 11:11 and the 12:12 of

2009, the Planetary Hologram accelerated into a new level or frequency

of Divine Consciousness, creating much turbulence in its wake. Those

of you who are awakened are asked to keep holding your inner light and

truth and to provide the foundation of Peace and Love that will be the

basis for the New Earth.

The Acceleration will provide opportunities for great changes and

the creation of Miracles of Love. There will also be great challenges

as you learn to release the old energies and focus on the new ways of

Being. The most important skill that you can learn now is to Flow with

the energies. Things will move so swiftly that unless you are flexible

and able to flow with the changes, you will find great difficulty in

accepting what is. The characteristics of Higher Dimensional

Consciousness are Movement, Creation, Change and Flow. The way to be

in Higher Consciousness is to surrender to the Flow and allow Spirit

and your Higher Self to direct your course. The Mind cannot direct

your course now, as it does not have the ability to function within

multidimensionality. Only the Higher Self or I AM can do that. The

Function of the Mind is to make choices according to what is offered

by Spirit and to discern what pathways open before you.

Beloved Family of Light, this is a time of great blessings as you

learn how powerful you are. Sometimes, power is experienced simply by

releasing and letting go and allowing Spirit to be your guide. Indeed,

in this year of 2010, you will be challenged to release all

expectations and attachments to outcomes and allow what is to unfold

in your life, knowing that your I AM presence and Spirit will deliver

to you exactly what you desire and what is for your highest good and


Beloved Ones, in the process of Flow, remember always to align with

Love, for Love expresses Divine Will. Be drawn to Love and express

Love. Where there is no Love, then do not be there, remove yourself

and go to those places and people where the Love is. The time for

struggle and pain is over. Be drawn to Love and allow Love to be your

guide and support. And know that as you offer Love and Support, so

will it be returned to you.

As we have said before, Beloved Ones, Live in the Present moment, in

the Now. If you try to attach to the past or future, you will be

disoriented and out of flow, and things will not go well. If you focus

into what is given through Grace in the Present Moment, you will align

with the Flow of Divine Will and Divine Grace and you will experience

Abundance and Joy.

In this Acceleration and Alignment with Divine Will, you will

release all that is not necessary for your path, and you will be drawn

to those who are your Soul Family. You will, in this year, truly

understand who are your Soul Family. You will truly understand what it

means to be Family of Light and to be fully awakened and in communion

with Soul Family. This will be a great blessing. You will learn to

create together, to play together and to shape the future of the

Planet in Peace through Loving Intention right now.

Beloved Ones, in this year that comes you will learn to perfect your

skills of manifestation. What you desire and ask for will come to you

with great speed, and you will learn to accept, integrate and express

gratitude at the accelerated creation of all that you desire. You will

indeed be greatly blessed in this coming year, but it will require

inner strength and trust to handle the power of the energy of 2010.

We say to you also that there will be many challenges in this time.

As you create Peace and Abundance, you will need to confront all that

is not Peace and Abundance so that it may be released and transformed

in the Light. So, it may seem to you that “difficult” situations will

arrive to test your mastery of the light. At these times, hold to your

truth and hold the Peace in your heart, and move through these

situations by asking for guidance and holding your own inner Peace,

knowing that all will be well.

Where there is conflict, Beloved Ones, let there be resolutions,

where there are problems, let there be solutions. Where you are

challenged, look always for the highest good of all concerned at all


Remember too that the Diamond Light will flood all situations with

the Light of Absolute Clarity. Nothing can be hidden from the Light

now, and the Truth will always be seen and felt by those who are

awakened and whose hearts are open to Peace and Truth. This too is a

blessing, for your path will be open to Light and Radiance and

supported by Love. And so, as you pass through the month of January

with its powerful shifts and accelerations, we wish you Grace, Peace,

Love and the Power of your Divine Inner Being!

**The Crystal Rose of Peace by Mary Magdalene**

Beloved Children of the Light

Now in this year of the Rose

The Crystal Light of the Christ

Unfolds in your Hearts.

I am Here

With You

To support you and Love You As you learn to be Free.

The Sacred Energy of the Divine Feminine

That will Love you and Support you

As you learn to be Free.

I am with you

Yeshua is with you

Together we are the Christ Light

Living infinitely in your hearts


You were born free and you are free.

Embrace the Crystal Rose of Peace

In your Heart

Its Translucent Light will radiate Peace

Its Crystal Clarity will provide Luminous Love

For All.

In this year

I will be with you

I am the Magdalene

I am the Light of the Rose

The Light of the Goddess

The Light of your Feminine Being

I bring you Love

To support you

As you embrace your freedom


Yeshua and myself

We came to show you

How to be Free!

And now we say

You are Free

You are the Crystal Rose of Peace

Translucent and Beautiful

Angelic and filled with Grace

You are the Crystal Rose of Peace!

**Gathering of Family of Light in Israel January 2010, Living the New

Earth energies**

© 2010-11 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

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SaLuSa 30-December- 2009

There is an air of expectation as you move through the last days of this year on to 2010. You are finding that many sources agree that it will be one of completion. What started many years ago and promised major changes within your civilization, is bearing fruit. No longer is it a question of whether they will take place but when, and 2010 will quickly see the first of many changes. Our allies are fully prepared to carry out their part, and are primed as to their role in the coming months. There are whole sequences of events that will gradually fulfill the plan for your upliftment. Changes within your Universe are as ever moving ahead with Ascension in mind, and on an energy level will also continue to affect your Earth. You will understand Dear Ones, that changes of such a magnitude cannot be delayed by the actions of Man.

As you look back at the events of 2009, it may be difficult to highlight many positive ones. However, for us the election of Barack Obama as President of U.S. was a major victory for the Light. His influences and desires for world peace are bringing in important changes, but the path is by no means easy. There are many who oppose his authority, and a difficult job is being made even harder. No President has served his term without contact from us and we are delighted to work with Obama, who is one of the few that have put world peace at the front of their agenda. Everything revolves around this issue, and eventually other countries will work together to forge a united plan that achieves success. Currently there are too many people in places of influence, that are making progress painfully slow. That will be changed in the near future, and you will see a great outflow of energy that will galvanize many groups into action.

Fortunately everything is being held in balance by the forces of Light, and thus your victory over the dark Ones is assured. Already there is confusion and infighting amongst their ranks, and this will add to their demise. As always we carefully monitor what is happening on and off Earth. We control the extent to which adverse conditions are created, whether by deliberate intent or through natural causes. We have to allow changes that are necessary for Mother Earth’s cleansing, but again we can direct energies in such away as to avoid massive destruction. It is also our responsibility to minimize the extent of personal injury and loss of life. We do not however have a total free hand, as there are many factors involving karma and the greater plan for Mankind. We serve those who oversee the Creator’s Plan for your Universe. Upliftment is to take place with the end of this cycle, and it will occur quite naturally and in accordance with Universal Law.

Meantime we see that so many of you have awakened, and are opening your consciousness to new levels of understanding. This coming year will enable even greater advances, as the incoming energies are rapidly increasing in their levels of power. It will give everyone the opportunity to join in Ascension if they so desire. It is your choice and your freewill is respected and honored as always. Life is infinite and the soul indestructible, so there is no necessity to force the issue. Your evolution will progress at a pace that suits you, and you can extend your experience in the 3rd. dimension if that is what you wish. However, as the existing Earth is to ascend it would be on another planet prepared for such experiences.

You have achieved so much in a relatively short time, and now you have reached that point where your endeavors are to be rewarded. What was considered to be unobtainable a few decades ago is now within your sights. Instead of heading for oblivion you have risen above the lower energies, and reached a plateau where you are beyond the interference of the dark forces. The Light is supreme and will continue to create a gulf between it and them, who will find that their main weapon of fear is becoming less effective. People are much wiser and more aware than they have ever been before, and know that all they need to do is keep focused upon the Light. It is your protection and at the same time is lifting up your consciousness, and you are perhaps for the first time seeing more clearly. Through intuitive thinking the truth is becoming apparent, and you have realized that all knowledge is within.

Soon the event of Disclosure will start a series of revelations, that will inform everyone of the truth as to what has been carried out in their name. There will be no hiding place for those who have deliberately mislead the people, and their deeds will be uncovered. The truth will come out in such a way that it will be impossible for it to be manipulated or distorted, to protect those who have deceived you. Irrefutable evidence already exists that will be produced to substantiate all charges, that are for treasonable acts against the people. As we have explained previously and will repeat again, our intent is not to punish them. Our purpose is but to establish where criminal acts have taken place, for higher authorities to handle. We carry no hatred or desire vengeance, and in fact we see all souls as Ones carrying the Light. We know that given time even the most godless souls will return to the Source, and it simply has to be that way. Souls may be re-absorbed but in no way are they destroyed, as some believe. Consider Dear Ones, would the Creator destroy his own creations, that are part of the Creator’s Love and Light. We of the Galactic Federation have a love for all life, and uphold its right to live out its planned evolution.

Man has been evolving very quickly which is to be anticipated, as the cycle of duality creates the ideal conditions for rapid progress. Again Dear Ones, realize that without the dark Ones you would have had no measure of how far you could evolve. They have presented the challenges that have made you respond, or go down with them. Now that you have reached a certain level, duality has little more to offer and it is time to move on. We are here to ensure that you take the opportunity to do so. Therefore, Ascension is the focus of all of our efforts, and are creating a pathway to it that will reflect your higher consciousness. You are moving into the new expression of Earth, and together we will all take part in that process.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, wishing you every success in carrying your seasonal goodwill and compassion into the New Year.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa 20-November-2009

Whatever action is taken against you to keep you down, it will be to no avail as there is a crescendo of demanding voices that seek justice and truth. Your faith in those who were elected to provide for you and uphold the law, has reached an all time low. You are wiser now and cannot be fooled by the devious plans that were always intended to enslave you. You are ready to question what is given to you as the reason for overriding your rights, and yet you get little response from those in authority. The so-called “ flu pandemic” is the current example of where those in power should be protecting you, but instead avoid their responsibility. However, there are brave souls who will so to say, “stick their neck out”, and follow their conscience that drives them on in the name of justice. Be assured that we are aware of these Dear Ones, and we follow their progress and give protection as far as we are allowed. You will recognize such souls by their dedication to their cause, and your support will help strengthen their resolve to see it through. The general awareness that you the people have not lost your freedom of speech, is helping spread the truth about what is happening in your name. Your collective consciousness is becoming such that is causing the dark Ones much concern, as they see their attempts to accelerate their plan being prevented.

From hereon you will find that those people who have given little thought as to what has been happening around them, will experience a shift in consciousness and become more aware of outer events. This is largely the result of the new higher energies that continue to be beamed to Earth. They are subtle yet potent, inasmuch that they are lifting up Mankind at a pace that is not too overwhelming. It will continue and take you all of the way to Ascension, when it will have reached levels that will enable it to take place. For some the new energies are difficult to accept, as they tug at their hearts seeking a response that they are not yet prepared for. However, it is hoped that many will awaken to them and will join those who are destined to ascend.

There is no doubt in our minds that you will overcome the limitations and obstacles that are placed on your paths. The truth when held is a powerful energy that cannot be affected by the dark energies, unless you start to hold doubts and allow them to creep in. Regardless of what is thrown at you, stick to your truth until you have good reason to move in another direction. No one else knows exactly where you are along the path you have chosen, and are not entitled to make a judgement of you. All experience is chosen for a reason that is for your own personal lessons, and it is to do with those who are directly involved with them. Love each other regardless of what you see from the outside, and in so doing you will quickly help further raise the energies upon Earth.

Those of you who have found your inner soul have progressed beyond the ego self, It is not that your ego is other than yourself, but it is your programmed self that has been built from your outer experiences. The balance comes when both work from your Higher Self, and become as One. Then you will assuredly be working at a Light level that recognizes the Light in all other souls. Unconditional Love is not easy to attain whilst on Earth, but nevertheless it should be set as your goal. It will come when you realize that you are One, and there is no separation between you except that which you have made yourself. Your evolution is on track for a wonderful upliftment into the higher levels of consciousness. Take it by living to the highest ideals you can and maintaining them in all circumstances. If you err do not worry, as every souls experiences will have their ups and downs. You are not expected to become perfect overnight, but do try to live up to the highest vision you have of yourself.

As we so often remind you and will mention again, you are not alone on your journey so if the going gets tough call on your Guides, or whomever you believe is with you. You would be surprised if you knew how much is done for you. Sometimes you put experiences down to luck or coincidence, and that is often the result of “intervention” by those who travel with you. Tune in to your Higher Self, and in quiet moments you may register answers to whatever problems assail you. Those periods of absolute stillness and peace are essential to your well-being, and time should be set aside for them if possible. The stress of modern living is unhealthy and will cease in the course of time, as you will eventually be released from the pressures of having to work to provide for a living. A day will come when your work will be in pleasurable pursuits, and by your choice.

So much awaits you that will lift you up out of the old ways that have enslaved you, and have deliberately made you subservient to the powerbrokers that have controlled your world. Their time is all but finished, but they still refuse to give up their ambitions to totally control the world population. You are getting wise to what has been taking place and your questions are as you say “rattling their cages” and they are running scared. All great empires founded and maintained by force eventually collapse as your history shows. They have nowhere to go, although their plans were to leave the planet and escape the consequences of their actions, You may be sure there is no way of escaping justice, and that applies to everyone.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feel honored to be a spokesman on behalf of the Galactic Federation. You are looked upon as most adventurous and deserving souls of our help. What you have undertaken not just for yourselves is a great trial and experience to come through duality and return to the Light. So many have achieved it and now time is called, as this cycle is being drawn to its conclusion. The cleansing period that has commenced is unsettling, and requires your sights to be firmly set upon the end times. Ascension is an absolute certainty, and evidence of its manifestation comes with the ever-increasing levels of consciousness, and the speeding up of time. So many of you are now grounded in the Light, and with positive intent are part of the grand movement bringing about the physical changes upon Earth. What you are holding in your vision for the future, is enabling its manifestation now and you have much evidence of such changes. We love you for you are, and our blessings are showered upon you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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Goddess Ishtar – The Art of Being

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder
7 November 2009 – Durban – South Africa.

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

*** *** ***

Please Note: This channel was done on the 7th of November, anchoring the 11:11:11 Stargate. She also shared some on 2010. Her energy was as always most sensual, vivacious and very entertaining.

*** *** **

I am Ishtar goddess of the sun, of the moon and all of your beautiful stars, greetings!

A: Greetings

I have returned this day to bring to you a reminder shall we say of many of the previous messages that I have shared with you in the past. I not only will give you a wonderful and shall I say rather overdue reminder of who I am but shall also remind you very gently and beautifully who you are for the truth is as I am, so are you.

Beautiful beloved friends, daughters and sons of light, lovers of the earthly plane, how delighted I am to give you a presentation on light this day. I am Ishtar, I am a goddess of love, of enlightenment, beauty and care, I am also a very powerful survival goddess, when I was invited to be here with you this day I thought how appropriate for humanity really is at wits end at this time, I am not sure if you are aware of this?

A: yes

GI: Indeed, the most powerful aspect of anyone of the messages that we share with you that comes through is to bring to yourself an underlining and supreme divine understanding of your own beauty, your own love, your own energy as a being on this plane. As some of you might recall the very first time I Ishtar addressed this group was about 2 years in the past of your time, since I have addressed or rather let me rephrase had the pleasure of addressing you several times, each time delighted to be here. It is a great honor and marvellous pleasure to bring forth my energy field, to not only remind you of your roots as beautiful souls but to also bring to you the understanding of your human form and how that has come to play out its own dramas within your field of life and indeed it has. Each and everyone on this planet at some stage of their development are very in-tune with their bodies aren’t they, even the ones that say they are not are, only they don’t want to be in-tune with their bodies, in fact there is no such thing of not being in-tune with your body, you know what you look like and who you are yet the message that I have come to deliver reminds you it matters not what your shape is like, it is the soul within that will always endure the path of awaking consciousness.

Dear beautiful friends we have told you 2-3 years ago of the changes that will take place within the templates of what you believe yourself to be. I explained to you at that time and after of the dramatic changes that will take place within majority’s lives when it comes to the moulds that you have found yourself based upon. I told you 18 months or so ago that your beautiful mould of the ‘Ken and Barbie’ will fold didn’t I?



Plenty of laughter.

Well now I am here to tell you the process that you are facing as beautiful beings on this planet is to awaken to that beauty inside, embrace the goddess within.

(Ishtar stops and looks at the men in group) – Silence –

Gentlemen (laughter) that goes for you too. To embrace the passion inside of you, to embrace the calm passion, compassion, to be yourself. My job as a goddess in the times of Babylon was to bring an awareness to the folk, the ordinary folk, about the fact that they are not so ordinary after all (laughter). Some grasped it, some well it went over their heads, but indeed we did some amazing tasks integrating energy fields amongst many, you see I can hear what you are thinking (silence) you’ve heard all the stories, well you have only heard one side of the story, you haven’t heard my side of the story…am I going to tell you the story today? Who knows…if you are good… (laughter)

Dear friends the new energy being anchored…..(Silence – Ishtar stops sharing)…..pause.

Forgive me I have been ‘knocked over the knuckles’ so to speak reminding me that this is not about me, it is however about you (laughter) so the new energy that you will be facing on the 11th (November), the week to follow, first of all you need to understand that 11 in numerology is your first master number, so you have been blessed with 2 of these celebrating 11th day of the 11th month and to take this one step further 2009 also is a 11, thus you have triple 11 code and if you take this one step further at 11am and 11pm you have another two 11 vibrations, do you know what this means?…. Power (whispers)…Great power. 11 being the first entry into the world of divine manifestation for this is your first opportunity to break through the limitations or boarders created by the lower set numbers (1 – 9) for number 10 as you know even though it carries tremendous loving processes it very much reverts back to 1, new beginnings and create. By having two number ones next to each other (11), it says “I have the ability to create all that I want”. So number one is new beginning and create, by adding another to it means gutspa (laughter) so by carrying the 11 vibration master number means this portal will give you incredible power like your own personal jet-fuel to take you flying wherever you want to go as long as you have directions (laughter) do you? Yes you do! Do you have direction?

A: Yes we do!

GI: do you know where you are going to?


GI: I am not going with you! (laughter) you are unsure so I won’t venture with you, but I will take you with me (laughter)

The opening of this stargate on the 11th is truly about recognising the self as a ,masterful individual, yet to support each other as part of the divine whole so what this does is it creates incredibly powerful energy influxes that will help you transform your life which is why we have asked (through this channel also) to bring an awareness of that which you still need to overcome, need to deal with, have dealt with, to bring some organisational skills into the heart for that is truly what it is all about and these are the energies that you truly will come to face between now and the end of this year. Dear ones, beautiful friends, 2010 is a magnificent divine forcefield that truly asks of you to love yourself in the skin that you are in. Loving the self in the skin that you are in no matter how you may perceive yourself to be or how you would like to project yourself physically, this is because the energies of transformation now moves on exceeding all previous expectations when it comes to divine bliss and manifesting that which you desire because it is yours for the taking. Over the last number of years many a lightworker being have found it rather challenging to manifest, which is because most times they are not quite comfortable with the skin they are in projecting to be someone else, claiming to be someone else, not being who they are thus find it very difficult to be the presence of their own light, in the now.

Now next year the energy that will come to embrace your planet with major influxes and extreme upliftment will be a lot more powerful than anything you have ever experienced before. But you dear friends, you here and those that may come to read these words you are the ones that have been trained for this work, you have been prepared for this, your energy field protected, your frequency raised and aligned and therefore do not expect 2010 to blow your fuses for it wont, but rather you be careful that you do not blow everyone else’s fuses around you (laughter)

For the excitement of life in the 5th dimension really and truly becomes overpowering for a lot of individuals and therefore I am asking you to take things easy, be kind, take all in your stride and share your light and love with the world and if you thought (Ishtar laughs) that in the past you faced issues of forgiveness, wait until you embrace next year, I’ll leave it at that (laughter)

A: Someone says “oh no’

GI: Oh yes (laughter)

Dear ones, beautiful light beings, the energy vortex that you are facing with 11:11 is very much preparing you for this new energy, which is the reason why throughout the many teachings this energy is being infiltrated unto your planet at this time, and believe me there are many speakers for many sections or departments we call dimensions, you see within your office space you have an entrance area (reception), the secretary and the waiting area, then you have the accounts, communications and marketing sections – we simply have dimensions and through the various dimensions various tasks are being dispatched and infiltrated unto your planet in many different ways, some will boggle your mind yet I tell you it is so. Thus your earth is being worked on 24/7, and so it is with most of you. The process of ascension, and realignment and recalibration which leads you through the process of ascension, this is what is playing out at the moment and because of these most powerful energies you are asked to very intently and very quietly spend some quality time with yourself be that in meditation be that in prayer, be that being creative, doing something that you enjoy doing. Now on the others side of this cosmic scale (as you know there has to be balance in everything that you do not so) there you find group consciousness. We have spoken of this before, but you will hear more and more messages or information coming through various channels of transmitters of the process of group energy that now needs looking at therefore we cannot stress or reiterate enough the importance of group consciousness.

Dear beautiful friends, you planet is beautiful! You look around you, open up to the gardens open towards the windows (pointing) open towards the sunshine, open towards animals, as you traverse through all the portals of light you just find beauty everywhere which is why it is so important you realise your part in all this. Each of you are just as beautiful as your planet, you are a reflection of her which is why when she is not well some are so close they feel unwell and this energy is what most groups share. There is an energy I cannot even begin to tell you how powerful, the thought energy, you know all about this, we have shared extensively on it, the energy of thought, are you with me?
A: Yes

GI: The reason why I am sharing this again is because of the incredibly powerful energies that play out within various group consciousness. As much as you as a group and many other 1000’s come together as one to rewrite history, changing your future’s past, doing such a wonderful job of it, thus you direct all around (like directing a movie) you now need to understand that in the same way there are still other group consciousness that are not so positive. Many are, many aren’t, but I did mention the word forgiveness for 2010 didn’t I? Underline it now we are bound to highlight it in a moment (laughter).

Next year you will truly come to face any and every aspect of yourself that still harbours ill feelings towards anyone no matter what they have done. No matter. Even these very groups that I speak of that entertain lower vibrational thought forms, even them too, all you can do is to give them love. But you here as a group that has a most powerful energy to create a most wondrous amazing energy filing your world with love, light, peace, joy, harmony and bliss, you only concentrate on these. As you know all of these energies has taken years to get to this stage, hadn’t we started years ago with the foundational aspect of you as a being you would not be able to now as a being sit back and plan the design of what you think you are, you would not have. So even though as we say some information or energy might repeat itself, some of the teachings being repeated, it certainly is for very clear reasons that this happens. Now discussing all of this with you this day, discussing your new flow of energy within the next matrix of life and the new earth is all about being at peace which is the most important thing. Now dear friends I would like you to briefly bring into your mind any conflicting situation that you find difficult to deal with.

Close your eyes and bring into your mind any conflicting situation you find difficult it matters not what it is. Pause. Feel the emotion of the situation, the anger and pain, go into your mind and feel what it feels like to be in that reality, get the emotion out, feel it, grounding the emotions. Long pause.

Now without hesitation let that thought go, open your eyes, shake your head a bit, and again close your eyes immediately. Now I want you to imagine you are on the most beautiful tropical beach, feel the cool wind in your hair, tap into the wind, feel the breeze, and feel the moisture in the air as the light mist sweeps off the ocean blessing all with its tropical juices. Pause. Visualise yourself lying on a beach-bed, feel what it feels like to gently run your fingers through the sand your arms relaxed, feel the texture of the sand, now get up and make your way into the water, feeling the temperature of the water, is it warm, cool, cold? Walk deeper into the water with the level rising to your knees, up your legs to your waist; enjoy the still beautiful tranquil water on this most exquisite deserted beach on this blissful tropical island. Pause. Now lunge forward into the deeper waters and swim in the ocean. Pause. Open your eyes, did you enjoy that?

A: Yes!

GI: so much so you are all still swimming aren’t you?

A; Yes (laughter)…we don’t want to come back

Now what is the difference between the two emotions?

A: some answers

GI: nothing, they are both only emotions. They are emotions that you created through the power of your mind thus why pay attention to that which destroys you when you can instead pay attention to all that uplifts and enlighten you. Why pay for another minute attention to that which does not support you if you could spend a lifetime on that which is wonderful, makes sense doesn’t it?

Now, if you really and truly felt pain, hurt and anger during the first emotion my suggestion to you is to get a journal if you haven’t one as yet. I want all of you to have journals if for none other than to write to yourself how gorgeous you are (laughter). A journal is going to give you an opportunity to put things into divine perspective such as which ever thought you entertain through the journey of the disturbed emotions that I first took you through, put this down on paper and analyse it in such a way that it makes absolute and complete perfect sense for you in any which way you can imagine. What is needed is to create flow within emotional conflict creating conversation with the self for that is truly what a journal is all about, when you are unable to speak or converse with someone else you are able to take up your journal do some writing or journaling any time you desire. The wonderful thing about a journal is it brings out opposing energies which you normally are so very good at sweeping under your carpets. In a journal you are dealing with yourself, you know your archetypes don’t you? You know your personality traits don’t you?

You know every aspect of yourself but what you need to do is get to know them as friends, you know of them, you know they exist but you shy away from them. In your journal you are able to address all these aspects or fragments of your personality as they occur in your mind, one at a time, and they are not able to fight you back for aren’t you all one and the same person, one with a huge fragmented personality I might add (heaps of laughter). Now is this not wonderful, the complexity of The Creator

The preparation for the new energy which you have already entered into and will come to face in a big way on the 11th, especially with influxes throughout the planet at 11am and 11pm, is a new presentation of Light that the lords and masters of divinity hands to each of you therefore if you would like to take my advise on that day find a way of being with your journal, if you can even have your journal with you for the day and simply be aware of the thoughts that comes up during the powerful 11;11 master energy or shall we say triple 11 which adding comes to a masterful 33 which carries the Energy of The Christ Jesus. Now the Christ grids on this day anchors its energy powerfully into the planet, into your energy field, extending into the planetary leylines and cosmic rivers that floats beyond this, the energy of the Christ 11:11:11 is what helps you as an individual master (11) on this day to claim your double mastery 11:11 thus the double ‘I Am’ (I am that I am) to integrate a sublime and different level of this energy for now you are asked to let the defence go that is why in time to come if you have not dealt with every single aspect of forgiveness you will come to face it again in the year to come.

Dear friends all of you are on a magnificent energy crash-course aren’t you? Bit of a roller coaster ride, isn’t it exciting?

A: Yes

GI: We find it extremely exciting, we find it entertaining (laughter), we are honest, no judgement, we simply love. So in the masterful energy of the 11th the ascended masters and lords of light steps forward to present to each of you a new opportunity of embracing the self warts and all. As I said we have abolished the Ken and Barbie mould, now it’s about you, and me (laughter).

On the eve of the 11th I would invite each of you to spend gentle time with yourself, light a candle, bring out your journal and bring on a refined communication with your higher self, you see 11 is the first master number, now which is the aspect of the self that always oversees you, your mastered self. Are you with me?

A: Yes

So the 11:11 also brings to you the opportunity of connecting with your mastered self at a better level, with clearer understanding as this energy clears the waves of communication which is why around this time each and everyone that you may receive information from (shall I add information with great integrity based on unwavering love) explains about the powerful detoxification taking place. Now etherically within the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies there are massive detoxing taking place. The physical also needs to find a way of realigning itself and I understand how difficult it may be for some to give up your ‘tit-bits’ your little luxuries, chocolate cake, your wine, champagne, and so on and believe me there is no restriction against these unless they cause internal toxicity, then you become toxic towards others, which means you have been etherically toxic for a long time. This energy also asks you to go through a clearing of sorts bring some organisation in your lives clearing out many personal items that you hang on, or hoard, clear these as well, thus what we are doing from the higher realms is to support each of you during this process of transition to transcend yourself from as we always say the limited to the divine. It is my personal role to oversee each and everyone claiming their gorgeous self; being your magnificent self hence I always ask ‘when last did you touch yourself’?

When last did you use emotion to apply a beautiful moisturiser to your skin? When did you last feel the shape of your body, your bones, when did you last Thank God for your beautiful complexion no matter the time it endured creating the history that is written (aging), that is why it is so important for me as a Goddess of immense power and Light to remind each of you to love yourself, to touch yourself with meaning. When you had your shower to love the way you apply your moisturisers, creams, oils and lotions. To touch your physicality understanding its divinity for this is the process of 2010, for this year (2010) will show you how to treat your body like a temple, why your body is a temple revealing all in a way that you can understand it all working through it so that when the time comes for 2011 you are able to embrace the ascended master aspect of the self fully which will take you through to the greatest shift in human history in 2012, the biggest shift this planet has ever seen in its 5/6 or so billion year history.

Dear friends beautiful beings, the other energy that is coming powerfully to the fore is to be aware…(Ishtar addressing the group – “are you all falling asleep do you want to open some windows”?)…..Group says no.

2012 will take you through amazing quantum shifts of getting to know the true advance energy that you carry which is why as mentioned you have been taken through the process of laying your energy foundations through many years, and now you are experiencing the process of laying the foundation of your pure light and which you can only experience by first doing the clearing or detoxification process so it is important for you to now integrate all of the energies needed for you to be the pillar of strength that you are. Once you get through this into 2010 you will suddenly begin to realise the truth behind the teachings when it comes to your body being a temple of Light. You will awake one day and as you say ‘the light will be on’.

Dear beautiful friends, in the preparation of all this, in all that I have shared so far that I made mention of, lies the powerful energy of the divine scales. On this scale for this particular teaching this day you have your individual essence on the one hand and group energy or consciousness on the other. Now in this energy lies the true understanding of being- as I said it is very important for you to spend time with the self, as with group consciousness. The balance of the energy that brings these two energies together is asking you to centralise yourself, thus be powerfully in a position to claim yourself as a beautiful being whom gets its power through the act of ‘just being’. By be-ing alive in every moment means acknowledging the powerful energies behind ‘the now’ which means claiming for the self true consciousness. Now the consciousness journey I guided you through a while ago, thus the turmoil of your own trauma and the most wonderful explanation of my imagination, there lies two different answers which leads to one focused understanding which says be aware of where your thoughts are at for if your thoughts entertain that which becomes angry, sad and expresses malice in some way then certainly your energy field will deteriorate to the extend that you have to go back to the beginning to restructure or revive your own evolving consciousness. On the other hand within a group the answer is to be powerfully yourself as an individual carrying group consciousness. We don’t desire all as part of flock consciousness but rather individuals as part of a powerful group. We don’t desire for you buckets of stale water but rather fresh ideas with new inspiration, determined understanding, individualistically powerful yet part of the whole serving as one. Being in a group by no means mean giving your energy over to flock consciousness, not at all. Being part of the group means taking responsibility for the link you create or represent within the strength of the chain for this is where your energy is needed, and you need to carry this, and why do so with misfortune, why be the link that weakens simply because you can’t get over your old stuff. I say get over it, and get on with it. Life is too beautiful to miss out on thus forget about that which you were suppose to follow in which ever way for you to fit in with the rest of society why not create your own society? Create your own mould, beautify yourself, make yourself look gorgeous if that’s your desire, treat yourself, when have you last treated yourself to a wonderful oil bath? Filled with aromas or picked a beautiful flower and placed its petals in your tub? You don’t think you deserve it? If I am not mistaken you are very quick to open up a magazine paying someone else some 700 of your dear Rands to do so (70 USD) calling it a “spa experience” you could have this in your home. When last have you opened your kitchen cupboards to see if you can utilise it the best you can? When did you last love your own cooking? When last did you embrace your creative aromas?

Sister we are not discussing you (heaps of laughter as the sister next to Ishtar (me) is a most blessed cook). Sure there are few of you culinary ones we are not discussing (laughter), the queens of the mouth (laughter).

The awareness now is for you to bring your senses home, to smell how beautiful you are, to taste how beautiful you are, to hear your beautiful voice, see what is around you, and bring this appreciation into your life and the moment you find that you are distracted cut down the excess, make your load lighter, take away the complications making an absolute point of embracing yourself as a exquisite god/goddess embracing yourself as a human angel coming through this experience of life as a soul. The emphasis especially after the powerful triple 11 is very much on awareness, which will be with you throughout every second of your days and dear ones the only way you overcome many of the obstacles within your path is to love them, and by loving them means accepting where you are at. If you do not like where you are at then be in this acceptance by projecting to achieve that which you desire, do this by controlling your thoughts instead of thinking Aunty Martha didn’t leave you in her will rather think of the beach. The will is done, Aunty Martha is gone and no-one put your name on the will, the tax agents have already made out the payments and nothing that you can do can change this, but what you can do is to think of something else embracing it. So if you do not get on with anyone, be that family or within your social environment or professional environment get it in order, get it into your journal, dissect it, heal it, and if you can’t simply demand for it to leave, let it go, move on. Moving on means letting go, letting go means embracing the situation by being comfortable in it, by being comfortable in it means you enjoy the awareness of your current state or NOW. This Be-in-ness (Being-ness) says if you cannot change the forces then why go against the flow, rather let it go and move with the flow. Burn your candles, place whatever energy you wish to transmute into the candle, blow this out, call upon the Masters of Light to take this energy and transmute it then let it go. You do all this by accepting your I Am, thus acceptance is what truly brings you into the now moment, be-in-(the) moment.

We have indeed a most wonderful talented and blessed group of lightworkers here, have you ever truly thought how amazing you are? Why don’t you take a while and discuss this amongst each other, I find this tremendously entertaining (Screeches of laughter). Go on don’t be shy, turn to each other, talk to each other, tell each other how wonderful they are, you are.

All share with great enthusiasm.

Goddess Ishtar share some humour and great laughs with the group.

Dear beautiful friends and wondrous light workers, for the energy activation today I would like for you not to close your eyes following a visualisation but rather in a state of divine awareness embrace your own beauty therefore I want you to acknowledge to yourself how much you love yourself for just who you are, so gently close your eyes for a few minutes to integrate this. Think of anything in your world that is physical that you do for example relate to the way that you cook, clean, drive, work in your gardens, take care of another, bring into your mind any physical action that you know you are good at, the way you handle a computer, fine tune the radio receiver when no-one else can, the cup of tea you are so good at making – any physical relation, if you are good at a specific deed bring this into your mind. Pause. Are you good at your job? In fact now I want you to give thanks for every physical energy you can relate to that you feel OK about. Long pause.

Now in your heart, the same gratitude that you feel towards the self, make sure that you communicate this energy to the planet, the physical togetherness. Long pause.

Now bring into your mind all that you can truly compliment the self about when it comes to putting plans together creating a way of bringing energy across understandably, if you feel you have a problem within this arena ask for this to be balanced so that each of you are able to bring messages across the way it is intended, the way they are suppose to be. Pause.

Give thanks for your visualisation ability, give thanks for your ability to visualise giving life to the visual cortex within the brain. Thank yourself for allowing your third eye essence to open, allowing your pineal gland together with your pituitary gland to create the link that allows you to transcend your limited vision. Long pause.

Now bring into your mind anyone that is close to you or that you feel close to, bring them into your mind, all of them, 1 or 100, then give thanks to yourself for allowing yourself to create such a wonderful open close emotional link with these people, thank yourself for allowing the self in opening up an emotional pathway between you and other parties. Pause. If you have a partner, now give thanks for having a partner in your life and even though at times there may be thunder and lightning (laughter) that you have for the most times someone to be close to, to be with, this is such an incredible gift even if you find it a bit topsy-turvy at times, to have that some you want to be with, and visa versa, it truly is a great blessing dear one. Pause.

Bring into your mind an act of true gratitude towards your spiritual growth. Think back to your life 10 years ago, where were you? Then think back 5 years ago, then one year ago, then 9 months, 6 and 3 months ago, where were you? In this short period you will come to know how you as a being have grown, have you not? Give thanks for this growth, the evolution of your soul awakening to the contracts made prior to this incarnation. Pause.

Bring into your mind all of your teachers you have worked with, some you may feel very close to, bring them into your mind, and then from your heart give thanks to everyone of these beings for being present in your life, for being part of your journey, your journey of resurrecting yourself into a whole new conscious way of BE-ING (BE IN).

Bring briefly into your mind the ones that you have opposed or that have opposed you, all you have conflict with, aggravation, non positive stimulation, those you aren’t able to allow possible discernment when it comes to judgment, bring all of this imbalanced energy into your mind. Pause. Now I want you to place all of these beings and their energies into a collective golden bubble. Now place your hands over your heart (all do) the divine masculine and feminine of your directing ways (the hands), now bless these beings that are within this golden bubble in your heart feeling the emotion of your blessing. Long pause. Now release your hands as you release this golden bubble within the heart through the throat, third eye, crown up and gone. Long pause. Now call upon the presence of AA Michael asking him to use his Excalibur cutting any strings that you may still have attached to anyone of these beings within this golden bubble and those you may have overlooked. Very long pause. Cut yourself from those that cause havoc within your energy field irregardless of the reasons, for reasons takes you into judgment whereas acceptance allows you to discern.

Dear beautiful beings of the light, ground yourself into the earth, be back into now consciousness and through this powerful short initiation of light the aim is to bring to you an awareness this day of your capability and what you are capable of, if but only through the power of your emotions, your physical relation, your mental understanding, and your spiritual connection. That is why it is important for you to be connected to the 4 lower aspects of the self and in this process of connection begin to claim your own qualities as deserving and wonderful and with that to move beyond all that holds you back that prevents you from spreading your wings and fly. You have beautiful wings, open them up, and fly. Why put yourself in a gilded cage when you can free yourself from every obstacle that has ever prevented you from going ahead, just because of the past, just because you believe she can bake better than I can, she probably can (Laughter), not that I have an issue with baking (Ishtar jokes with lady that’s a master baker) we have heavenly delights where I come from (laughter).

Friends beautiful friends, the essence of this energy is to bring an enlightened state to each of you of your divinity to instead of moaning and groping believing that you have not and she has more, instead of watching the new neighbours moving in to see what created their energy fields, their furniture, their carpets, their beautiful pictures…”did you see what they have?”

Yes, we have love, and delights (laughter)

Although I didn’t take you this day to one of my magnificent Temples, which I might do next time, introducing you to the exotic aspect of the self, your own journey through Quantum Tantra the sensuality of the soul, for the soul is the most sensual aspect of the self, it is about you. So when you are sensual you certainly are soul enriched. Hold on to your energy by claiming yourself to powerfully be a master, certainly in the making. Therefore be aware of entry portals such as the one you are facing (11:11). Utilise this energy to the best of its ability not only for the betterment of the self but everyone that you come into contact with. So instead of judging another bless them with love for as I said forgiveness is one of the major keys you will come to face next year, and when I say you, don’t all throw daggers at me (laughter) I mean everyone, there is a mass of unaware emotions ‘out there’ – next year every aspect of forgiveness must be faced to move on transcending into a more divinely balanced state of consciousness, it is this awaking consciousness that we are now sharing with you in various ways through various channels introducing new frequencies of light unto this plane so that you can embrace yourself as a individual part of a group knowing in your heart that you truly are divine mystery in expression. I am Ishtar, I will greet you for the moment, I am extremely delighted that you came to see me today to spend some real quality time together, and I must say even though I haven’t quite left yet, I miss you already (laughter) Arevoir!
A: Thank you


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