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Greetings from Home

Stepping into Empowerment

There is a word that was used in this room today that has echoed and reverberated very strongly throughout every single person each time you heard it. The word is empowerment. It is basically the energy all humans are stepping into right now. We have mentioned that the Age of E, the Age of Empowerment, is beginning now. This is actually the new energy entering that allows humans to carry more of their own spirit.  The illusion of separation was needed to play this game of pretending to be a human. Here you are now making a new body, a new energetic system which will hold more of your light. It will allow you to connect to each other in a more direct way, and over a period of time you will move into what we call deep contact communication. This is simply eliminating much of the fluff and getting down to a deep level of communication. You will soon be able to live in that level of communication every day using fewer words and having a deeper, stronger meaning with all of your communication.

This is happening as a result of human evolution. The collective vibration of all of humanity is moving extremely fast right now and is helping to change this planet every day. The connections now being made are energetically mimicking what we told you would happen with deep contact, only now you have the opportunity of reaching this deep contact level energetically even without the words. This is what is taking place because humans everywhere are starting to communicate on an energetic level. You in this room or watching these shows, you are the ones that have been teaching this for many years. So, this does not surprise you nor will you see much of a change in what we are talking about. We are telling you that every person on this planet is feeling this energy now. They do not always know how to acclimate to it, and they do not always understand what is going on with their world. What typically happens is that when new energy enters their world, their world becomes very small. Any type of a crisis and your world becomes very small. You do not think about things five years down the road, for you are dealing with any issue that is immediately in your face as all of your consciousness jumps into present moment.  The problem with that is that you come into complete present time, but you lose scope of everything that is happening, especially the bigger picture.

There are some keys that can help you tremendously to hold the larger vision of where you are going, and one of the biggest is empowerment. You are all moving into a stage of life where every human on this planet can carry at least 80% of their own true, natural creative power that they have always had. Since you love numbers so much, we will tell you that you have been carrying less than 3%. You are now starting to see the vast amount of change that can start to take place very rapidly on this planet, and it will happen in a lot of different ways.

Re-positioning for the Shift

It will happen in ways that allow you to see yourself change, as you move and elevate through experiences sometimes even through difficult experiences that come into your lives. Many of you are being re-positioned on this planet in order for this magic to happen in 2012, which is when you have decided it will happen. This is your miracle and it is well underway. You are creating magic. For this to happen, you must be in the place both energetically and physically in order to engage the energy.

Many are currently experiencing events that they view as setbacks. Some are finding relationship difficulties, while some are finding themselves moving without knowing why. If you are being re-positioned, please do not think of this as a negative. Even though it may be a negative step to put you in that position, it very well may be placing you at the highest potential for what you came to do.

As humans continue to re-move the veil it becomes apparent that you are all part of each other, that you are all connected. You are so accustomed to saying, “Oh, I do not like that energy. I do not like that person so I will just ignore that person. I just will not be around them and then I do not have to deal with them.” What we tell you is that you will soon find ways to harmonize even the most discordant energy in your field, because you have come from Home with a very sacred piece of the puzzle. This person who is bothering you also came from Home with a very sacred piece of the puzzle and the problem is that you are trying to fit together in a way that the puzzle does not fit. It is not until you start to move the puzzle pieces and rotate them around, looking at them from different perspectives, that you can see where these two pieces fit together. That is where you can see the harmony in all situations.

Empowerment Techniques

Let us go back to this word, empowerment, for just a moment. How does one become empowered?  We have talked many times of what it is about and what it will feel like carrying more of your own light, but let us talk specifically about how it happens. There is a trick for this.  As you start re-moving the veil and as you reach a higher vibration, you immediately become aware of the connection with other people…the easiest way to become empowered is to empower the people around you. It is very simple; it is not complicated at all. The challenge is that many times you cannot see where that will get you. It is not an action that humanity has been dealing with so far. Your usual tendency is to try and help another person. If a person comes to you with a problem or a situation where they just need a little push, absolutely you are right there to help them to go in the direction that will be the highest for them. What about true empowerment? What if you empowered that person so they could leave you? What if you empowered that person so they could go against the work that you were doing? How much do you trust humanity? How much do you trust your spirit? That is what this is going to come down to. If you trust the process, you will begin empowering everyone every chance you get because even if they leave you, even if they are not in your field, even if there is no connection whatsoever, that has changed your energy more than it has changed theirs. This is the key that most of you will find will bring you to that part you brought from Home, that piece of the puzzle that all of you have been looking for that you call your passion, your purpose, your intent and your path. All of those pieces are now coming to light but they will come through the people around you. How much light can you place in the eyes and hearts of the people around you every single day?

We ask you, when you go to sleep at night, if you will just stop for a moment and ask yourself, “Who did I empower today? What did I do today that was in the direction of selflessly empowering other people to find their own light?” Even if you believe that their piece did not fit with yours or has no connection to yours at all, if you empower them they put their piece in the puzzle where it belongs and it lets everything fit in your world as well. So, even if there is not a direct connection, the secret of life will become about empowering the people around you.

It is not easy to do because sometimes you just give them permission to be who they are. You give them confidence and encouragement, you give them a push to take that first step knowing it is then up to them. They have to go through that process, but it does not make any difference what the outcome of their life is. The action was that you empowered them in some way. Your first thought is that this is great because their light will get a little brighter, but we tell you that is pale in comparison to how much your light has increased because of the empowerment. If you wish to keep it, figure out a way to give it away as much as you can.

This is going to be the key to helping every person on this planet take this next step. We do not have all the answers as to how it is going to fit into your world. We can tell you the larger energy and some of the challenges we see currently, but we are counting on you to find ways of empowering other people.  We are counting on you to figure out ways that you can express your light every day of your life, in every hour, second and moment. This piece is going to be the next cornerstone of all of humanity; yes, you will have your power struggles, because power was always measured on a scale and that is not appropriate any more. The person who is most empowered is not always the happiest person. Just because you have been empowered does not necessarily mean that you are taking your power or acting upon it.

Giving the Gift of the Opportunity to Shine

It simply means that people are giving you the opportunity in their world to shine very brightly. Every chance you get, give that same opportunity every chance you get to the people around you. Try to help them become the people that they want to be. That changes the focus from, “What is wrong with me?” or “What am I doing wrong?” or “What is the next step that I need to take?” Figure out a way to empower even one person just a little bit every day, and your life will change overnight. You will see the reaction and  the magnetism that will naturally bring everything to you that you have been struggling for so long and so hard. It seems to be polarized sometimes where it starts moving toward you and just before it gets to you it moves off to the side, just out of reach. It is about empowering yourselves. So, how do you do that?

You do it two ways: figure out a way to empower everyone around you and then when somebody empowers you, take it, step into it and own it. You have egos and you will be dealing with those egos the rest of your lives. It is about the balance and knowing that the more you own who you truly are, the more that everyone can see your real light. It is not about if you are better than they are or good enough, or any other comparison. It is about you finding your light. That is what makes your eyes light up when you smile. That is what gives you the opportunity to change hearts and lives just by walking through them and smiling. You are the angels of the New Earth. You are the Human Angels that have dared to come in with a body and make this incredible transition into a beam of light while still in physical form. We know it is difficult. We have seen your reactions. We have seen your testimony and we have seen your difficulties, but we tell you that it is not only possible, it is happening every single day. The question is how far do you want to take it? How far do you want to step into it? How comfortable are you at claiming and owning your light?

Help From the Other Side

Dear ones, it is not an easy decision but you are up for it. Humans are receiving a tremendous amount of energy from the other side of the veil. All those beings who stepped aside so that you could be here right now, are ready and waiting to help. They are there to send you energy and to help you magnetize your world, re-set your energy and re-take your power if only you ask. You have no idea what it is like on this side of the veil. We tell you that any time a human thinks about us, it lights us up from the inside out. It is an energy that has no comparison in the human world and we tell you that you do it all the time. It is not about us, it is not about thinking about us or worshiping us or putting us on a pedestal of any kind. We live in a different dimension than you do. We can see things a little bit differently than you, but we are not better than you. We are here to serve you. We are here to help re-mind you of your magnificence of who you really are. When you dare to carry that, when you dare to put your ego aside enough to own your magnificence, we shine, we smile, we become empowered at that point for this is a universal concept. The empowerment of all humanity will take place very quickly. Yes, there will be struggles about it. And yes, there will be a lot of fun about it as well, but how you decide to take this in your individual life will be entirely up to you. We challenge you: Empower at least one human every day and watch the magic unfold.

We have watched your journey and know how much you struggle with being a human. We understand how difficult it is to have that veil that keeps you from remembering who you are. We are here for that reason. We are here to help you know how truly magnificent you are.

Dear ones, you are the greatest angels that have ever lived. You have dared to take off your wings and come and play this magical game. Now that you have won the game, you are taking it to the next level. Do so by holding hands and watch the magic.

It is with the greatest of honor that we leave you with three little reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect for you are looking in the eyes of god. Nurture one another every chance you get and re-member that it is a game and play well together.


The group

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