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Inspire and uplift your own life with this simplistic yet life changing Positive Power and Motivational book.


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Book – The Master’s Sacred Knowledge by Allan Rufus


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Greetings My Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Planet Earth!

I greet you in the Light of Our Most Radiant One Lord Jesus-Sananda!

I AM Ashtar.

I come early with a message for you on this Earth morning, on the day which is celebrated in some places on your Earth as Halloween or All Hallows Eve. In the spirit of the day, I INTEND that my words will prove to be a “treat” for all of you, with no “tricks” involved!

It is always the practice of those of us who speak to you from the realms of the Ascended Masters of Earth, working in conjunction with those of us of the Ashtar Command, the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds and all Commands working in the Light, to speak plainly to you and in words that, hopefully, are easy to understand. We tend to be “plain speakers” because the messages we bring to you are straightforward, Truth and basically unchanging through time, simply because Truth is unchanging. Details of plans for what you might call “operations in the Light” may be modified as we proceed along what appears to Earth humans as a linear time line. However, Dear Ones, the basic Truths we have shared with you, our reasons for being here on Earth assignment and the plans we implement under the Guidance and Authority of Lord Jesus-Sananda and the Councils of Light are as they have always been since first I, Ashtar, was privileged to speak with you, my Brothers and Sisters of Planet Earth for the first time in your earth year of 1952., through George Van Tassel, my first Earth channel.

Throughout the years since then, I have been very blessed to be able to send my messages through a number of extremely dedicated channels who are, of course, members of the Commands of Light serving there embodied on Earth assignments. I believe you will find, upon reading the messages of myself and others from the etherian realms of Light, through our dedicated channels on Earth, that the style of speaking, the use of certain phrases and “modernisms,” etc., has changed through the years as the speaking style changes on the planet. The speaking and writing style of the channel will also affect how a message sounds through any given channel, as we work through the consciousness and in cooperation with the channel. For example, much of what I was able to impart through George Van Tassel was of a scientific nature. Due to his own background and education, he was able to clearly write or speak of what I and others had shared with him regarding our science. Through a slightly later channel, the Lady Tuella, my words often came across as philosophical and inspirational, as these were areas of great ability with this particular channel. Each of my (true) channels has been extremely carefully chosen and has, in fact, volunteered even before going into Earth incarnation, to serve in this capacity as part of their Earth assignment. Each of my true channels has also undergone a training process for this part of their mission, both pre-incarnation here in the ships and later, on Earth, as they prepared to act a channel for myself and others from these Realms of the Light.

I am making these points today for a few very specific reasons. Thus, I wish you to know:

1. Due to their specific selection, true channels for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Ashtar Command and other Commands of Light are highly trained and always practice pristine discipline in their channeling, using techniques designed to make sure they are reaching the highest dimensions of Light at all times. In regard to “discipline,” let me say this also includes discipline over one’s human body, mind and emotions.

If one tells you they are receiving channeled messages from these Realms and they are engaging in the use of any kind of “substance,” i.e. recreational drugs, many kinds of prescription drugs, marijuana (YES! Marijuana opens your aura to astral entities!) or alcohol, or if they are eating in such a way that their physical vehicles are blocked by consuming lower-frequency, non-healthy foods, then…..I would say to be at least suspicious that perhaps this person is not channeling from the highest levels of Light.

In regard to emotions, let me say that ALL of us, whether in etherian HU-man form or Earth-embodied human form, we all have emotions and we all have our “moments of angst,” yours truly included. However, one who would be in Mastery learns how to recognize their lower-level emotions and quickly transmute that energy to a higher-level, more useful form. One who serves as a pure and clear channel, then, will be marked by their ability to also be in control of their emotions, not to be controlled by their emotions. Given a situation where such a One has a time of lower-level emotions in their life…and it happens to everybody….emotions which they are not able to transmute right away, then at that time, it is best that they refrain from channeling until the situation has passed. So, if you know somebody who tells you they are channeling Ascended Masters or Space Brothers (and Sisters), yet they are most often an “emotional basket case” in their own lives, please be very careful in accepting as highest Truth what that One is bringing through.

2. In consideration of point #1 above, be aware that a person whose discipline is not pristine might actually be channeling, but receiving messages from a lower-level entity, either not of the Light, or of a lower vibrational level of consciousness or, perhaps most insidious, from a lower-level Being whose specific intent is to cause confusion, fear, chaos and/or deception.

3. There are those in human incarnation as well, from what I would call “the loyal opposition.” They are not from the realms of Light and their mission is also to “channel,” but to receive messages from their own “leaders,” specifically from leaders of the forces opposed to the Light and opposed to the evolution of Planet Earth and her inhabitants.

4. And, this is perhaps the most relevant point to the specific message I bring you today. A message which is truly from the Ascended Masters or from the Commands of Light will NEVER be designed to throw you into fear! (FEAR=False Evidence Appearing Real). Yes, there are times when I myself have told you things designed to bring to your awareness the presence of Beings or situations on your planet whose presence and agenda is NOT of the Light and whose purpose is involution rather than evolution. These Beings and situations exist and to deny their existence would not be telling you the Truth. HOWEVER, whenever such a Being or situation is brought to your attention from the Realms of Light, the purpose is always to bring that situation to Light, so that, together, we from these Realms with you in Earth embodiment, can join forces and energies to work on SOLUTIONS!

A Being from the Realms of Light will never channel through a message that offers you no hope, no possibility of transmuting a situation or is crafted (and I use this word very deliberately) to cause you a feeling of fear or hopelessness or resignation to a fate less than the glorious Ascension which is the Program of The Father for each and every one of you who chooses to do the work and accept the discipline to allow that to happen for you!

5. And, my last but not least “checklist point,” …….KISS! Keep it Simple, Sisters/Brothers!

I would advise you to read the labels on your prepared foods, and it there are words on there you can’t say and don’t know what they mean, the food is probably full of preservatives and artificial substances and is not good for you. In the same vein, if you read a channeled message that is full of twists, turns and convolutions and presents concepts in such confusing and unknown terms that you cannot understand, be VERY suspicious of the origins of this message, especially if the message also causes you to feel fearful, apprehensive or just plain solar-plexus queasy!

Referencing back to my first channel George Van Tassel, if you have read some of his writings, then you know that some of the scientific concepts presented in his work are quite a bit beyond the scope of what was scientifically known by even the Ph.D. scientists of planet Earth at that time. However, his writings are generally considered both very readable and very understandable even by the layman with little scientific training. Thus is illustrated that the INTENT of those of us from these Realms of Light is never to confuse you, certainly not to frighten you, but to make even complicated concepts as easy to understand as we possibly can for you.

By now, you are probably wondering where Ashtar is going with all of this and what any of this possibly has to do with the celebration of Halloween!

Within the past few days, through two of my clear channels (Michael Ellegion and Mari-el Novios), it was brought to my attention a specific piece of information which is now circulating out there on one of the many websites that purport to being messages from Higher Realms. Upon reading this last night together with Mari-el, one of my first remarks to her was that this particular piece brings together in one place most if not all the criteria I have just mentioned for bad, misleading, suspect so-called “channeling,” crafted to bring fear and cause loss of hope. As with all things, there is always some good in every situation. This one gave me impetus to send this message to you today.

It has not been, nor will it ever become, my practice to “name names” or give specifics as to a website where this piece is located. Doing that would then put me in a position of acting as a posse on everything which is out there which is lower-level, or only an unacceptably low level of Truth. I have neither the time nor the desire to add this to my already overflowing plate, so to speak. Last evening, I also advised these two channels Michael and Mari-el similarly, that they deal with “rebutting” this piece if it is brought to their attention by the many people with whom they network, but to not give it excessive time or energy, since they, too, both have quite full plates at this time.

Upon a bit of reflection, though, I decided to send through this message to you today, in general terms, with the INTENT of giving you a “heads-up” and some discernment tools, since it is not only the aforementioned misleading piece out there now, but quite a bit of misinformation that is being circulated in an attempt to de-rail the most amazing Planetary Awakening that is now in progress!

Since my devoted Mari-el had nothing else to do but sleep at 3:30 a.m. this morning, I decided to wake her up and ask her for a few hours of her time to send this through. Fortunately, she is used to this behavior on my part and only grumbles a little. J

So, Beloveds, the not-so-good news is that those forces who do not want to give up their control over the minds of Earth humans seem to re-doubling, or maybe even “re-tripling” their efforts to confuse and bring fear. Fortunately, that also implies the GOOD news! If they are getting this desperate, it has got to mean that the Forces of Light have got them on the run!

Thus, we have going on right now the dynamic of Trick or Treat! If you are aware and discerning and do not allow yourself to be TRICK-ed into falling into fear or hopelessness or a feeling of helplessness, then you will consistently experience the TREAT of watching these negative and lower-level forces finally losing the grip they have had over men and women of Earth for a very long time!

On this theme, I would also mention some of what is being put forth now by your cinema industry. As you may know, we out here in the ships are of course able to monitor what your entertainment industry is offering for your enjoyment…..and mind programming. At the moment, there does seem to be a rather excessive percentage of movies out there which portray human appearing extraterrestrials in a negative light or offer high-budget cataclysm end-of-the-world scenarios. With these, too, enjoy that bag of buttered popcorn and the titillation, but do so with DISCERNMENT please!

I would ask that you also share this message with others, as you are so guided. It is my INTENTION to empower as many of you as possible with this statement of Truth and a few tools of discernment.

It is my great honor to serve with each and all of you in this great mission in the Light!

My Love,

October 31, 2009

Anchorage , Alaska

4:07 a.m.



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