Chakra 11 “The Diamond Flame Starseed” Part 11

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Chakra 11 “The Diamond Flame Starseed” Part 11
Ascended Master Kuthumi

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be
made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not
add, change or alter any of its contents
Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations,
simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be
undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for
your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by
your higher self for your greater good.

*** *** ***
I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to
greet thee at this time, and to gift unto thee a blessing of peace, a
blessing of tranquility, a blessing of divine understanding, and a
blessing, beloved ones, of a most joyous awakening of the reality and
the truth of your divineness which we so often bless you with.
Greetings, it is with great joy that we are here. Beloved ones it is
indeed with great joy and with great pleasure that we hold you within
the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
It is indeed a most joyous time upon your planet, for here at the turn
of the energy that you term the Age of Aquarius, we share with you a
celebration of light and love and understanding that is a gift for
you, for you to be able to share out with others, which is often why
in my particular greeting with this group I gift unto you a blessing
and an understanding of your magnificence, and for you to be able to
share that out with others. Therefore we wish for you to take a small
amount of time this day and understand what we wish to share with you.
As we hold you firmly, firmly within the heart of the Christ and
securely upon the hands of God. Would you give that just a little
thought please? Pause.
The too can you imagine for a moment to be held upon the Hands of the
Christ? And so can you imagine being held within the Heart of
humanity, which is God? For that is what God is, everything.
Beloved ones, God is not an entity that is sep-a-rate from you. God is
in fact an entity that is everywhere and anywhere at any and all given
times. Therefore we cannot underline and stress enough the importance
of your understanding of the God within you, for that is what prepares
you ultimately, within all of these and other teachings, for you to
embrace an understanding of the reality that is you.
It is indeed a blessing of such supreme divineness and love, to be
able to celebrate coming forth this way, celebrate the joyous time
that now will begin to usher in a whole new energy of laughter and
light and divine being-ness. You indeed enjoy laughter don’t you?
A. Yes
MK. Yes, very much. You indeed enjoy joy, don’t you?
A. Yes
MK. Very much, and therefore it is really important for you to begin
to create a wondrous and magical energy for yourself all around you
serving too as a protective bubble. Beloved ones, we have shared with
you on numerous occasions the very importance of grounding and
bringing the energy of your fragments into one. Once again we will ask
you to underline and highlight this in such a way with the most
wonderful golden sparkles, so that even in the darkest hour of your
existence you will never forget how divinely guided and protected you
are, for that is true.
We understand that, at this current time, within your earth reality
there is much confusion as the energies are playing themselves out on
many different levels which can be confusing. A lot of the energies
that is expressing from the arena of the political person, or the
arena of the financial person, or the arena of the nature loving
person, all are facing much conflict. Beloved ones, the reason why
much of this has to now be brought into fuller alignment is to prepare
you for a whole new shift in vibration, and this shift in vibration is
an energy that has been introduced into your plane in bits and pieces.
To give you more of an example that you can relate to, let us give you
the metaphor of the baker. Let us say that you are in your kitchen and
you are baking some wonderful cupcakes. You desire for these cup cakes
to be emerald green, and you would like for these cup cakes to have a
pure white icing. Now doesn’t that sound delicious? Yummy! Yes?
Especially the pure white icing covering this cup cake. You will not
be able to create the most beautiful emerald colored cup cake by
adding too much of your colorants all at once. It would be better for
you to add it little bit by little bit, not so? We shall ask our
master baker.
A. Laughter
MK. Mistress baker? (more laughter) oh she’s a master indeed. (Kuthumi
having fun with one of the sisters in the group). Drop by drop you add
the colorant so that you are able to see the transformation of your
dough, and heaven forbid, should you want to make green cupcakes, you
will not go overboard initially with the coloring especially not since
it becomes so complicated to want to have a pure white icing…not so?
So, taking that example: we are adding information a drop at a time
into your bubbles of light so that you are able to be transformed one
drop at a time, thus to importantly understand much of what you have
to integrate, over a period of time, not so? And I am not just
addressing specifically this group here that is present, I am very
much addressing humanity as a whole in explaining this.
Beloved ones, through the awakening of the earth time and your time as
humans upon this planet, many of you have had much communication with
those from the realms of the star energy, and realms of enlightenment
that is way beyond the earth plane and its immediate and galactic
fields of gravity. Many of you have experienced many different
experiences, be that in your awakened or sleep states which often
allows you a communication opening, so to speak, with these beings of
light. Many of you have turned away from this communication and at the
same time there is internal warfare at hand due to your ever
increasing desire to see, your desire to know, and your desire to
understand. That is beside the fact that you are incredibly nosy!
(Laughter) But let that it be as it may. At times that is not such a
bad idea; it obviously just depends on you knowing where you’re going
to, which is also a great confusion at times for many upon your plane.
Therefore, what we have done is, we have taken you very gently on a
wonderful walk through your own mind, through your own imagination, so
that you are able to create for yourself a new understanding of your
magnificence, until eventually, hopefully, you will be fulfilled
without turning green.
A. Great laughter.
MK. Not that there’s anything wrong with being green….more laughter…
not so? Yes? Well perhaps green is not a bad thing after all because
of the abundance that is attached to it (laughter).
Beloved ones, in the Age of Aquarius in time to come, over the next
couple of years, and in fact not that many, many of you will come to
realize that you have a divine connection with the star realms, you
have a divine connection to your heritage which stems from the star
realms. Many of you have your origins sewn within the Sirius star
seeds, many of you are from the Andromeda’s, many of you from the
Pleiades, and then of course a lot of you have a very deep connection
with the planet systems found in Orion…not Orion’s Belt…but rather
The Orion Constellation.
Beloved ones, through these awakenings and these understandings you
will begin to knit a wonderfully close relationship with yourself in a
different way, so to speak. Therefore what we wish for you to do is to
begin by connecting with yourself from an advantage point of
understanding that your origins are not from here. Your origin as star
seeds are not from planet Earth, you’ve come here creating a wonderful
life experience for you to be able to impart your wisdom and your
knowledge and your gifts and talents to everyone that you meet, and
you do, even though I can hear some of you saying “No Lord Kuthumi,
what in the world could possibly be my talent!” Well they are there
dear ones, they are there. Your talents are there and they are
multiple. They are not single, they are multiple, and each and every
one of the light workers, the light bearers and the light beings upon
this planet, just by being in contact and communicating with others
are passing off a spark of their divine light, and in that way many of
the light workers that are currently on the planet have come forward
this time to be able to work as intermediate, interlocking energies,
in other words as diffusers. Diffusing what? Diffusing anger and fear,
diffusing the unknown for you are the ones that came to do this, the
earthlings and incidentally, every one that is on this planet is from
somewhere else…yes…even though some of you may think because you were
born here you are from this planet and you probably think that I have
lost it…no I haven’t…not yet.
A. Laughter
MK. Not yet…even though you are born here and you will say: “but Lord
Kuthumi I was seeded here by my mother and father from their seed” –
no you were not! You were conceived here, but seeded elsewhere. Seeded
even in another Universe, even in another Galaxy, and therefore many
of you have another aspect of being almost unable to cope with your
physicality and your lives upon this planet because you are not
congruent with this energy…are you? No….it is strange…it is especially
strange when you think of the emotional make up of this planet. It is
rather confusing and very contradicting…not so? Yes. Yes…that is the
passing energy of planet earth.
As I was saying, you’ve come to create diffusion, so to speak, of the
energy between those that refuse to see and those that see it all. In
other words, you’ve come to create a soft band of lightness of being.
You’ve come to be the cotton wool, the shock absorbers for the shift
and the change by inspiring your fellow man – those that refuse to see
– to open themselves up to the reality that they too are part of those
who see everything, that being your star families not so.
Beloved ones it is for many a subject that they at most times are
unable to grasp, unable to understand, and certainly for many of you,
unable to integrate and to work with and to share, for the very idea
of your origins being not from the earth realms is preposterous for
most of you. Not so? Yet, it’s true. It’s true. Your world as a
planet, the planet Earth is so enlightened and so wise and so
incredibly creative and imaginative where humans would never have been
able to imagine most of the fantasies that your movies conjure hadn’t
they had some idea of life off planet Earth…do you follow me?
A. Uhuh
MK. The very themes that are used in many of your movie cycles and
here we speak also of those that were recorded and played in your
cinemas in the very early years, not just the recent Star Wars
effects, no we speak also of the very old cinema movies. Those
directors had visionary experiences to be able to bring forth and play
out a role and an imagination that is just so incredible to include
those that are not from this stellar system. How else would they have
done it? You had no imagination to begin with- you have lost all of
that through the years of keeping yourself behind the veils of
forgetfulness. Also forgetting not only what we are trying to bring
back to you at this particular time, in other words your magnificence,
but also forgetting that which inspires you, which makes you creative,
which gives unto you internal vision.
Beloved ones, do you know why you get so addicted to your movies? Can
anyone share with me?
A. Mumbling
MK. Do you know why you get so addicted to your movies?
A. They remind us of home.
MK. They maybe – a more specific answer
A. They spark our imagination
MK. Yes – and why? Why do you like the movies so much?
A. Unintelligible….inaudible……….
MK. Absolutely – but why?
Mk. Because it creates dreams for you.
You do not have to sit and visualise yourself in an imaginary field,
it does it for you. That is why it is also very important to allow
this to expand your vision, and how wonderful it is for you to escape
into your cinema, because you are escaping into an imaginary world
that is not part of your current consciousness. So it takes the mind
away, and that is what your imagination does. That is what your
creativity does, as I have explained previously when it climbs up the
ladder of divine creation and expression (Kuthumi explaining the path
of creativity during one of the pervious Flame Initiations). So your
imagination is what paints the picture of that which you need to see
or be within, and that is exactly what your cinema does, for it tells
you the story of someone or something, it plays out an imaginary part
for you and all you have to do is be there. That is if you do not fall
asleep. And if you fall asleep what happens then?
A. You still recording it
MK. You still recording that. Your subconscious mind never sleeps, as
you know. So if you fall asleep the subconscious mind still takes in
that information which is why, as I have shared with previously, it is
so very, very dangerous for you to fall asleep in front of your
television sets, because you are no longer able to decipher between
that which you wish to hear (absorb) and that which you don’t, because
the subconscious mind as you very well know cannot decipher between
right and wrong and good and bad. It does not know or have a sense of
humor to separate the wicked from the wickedly funny. It does not
understand these concepts. It simply absorbs. So therefore one of the
probably (besides your horror movies and your cruel gaming movies and
your movies of creating warfare within the Cosmos and within the
Galaxy), it is probably the most terrible time for you to fall asleep
during is whilst your local news is on not so?
A. Great laughter
MK. That’s scary! (more laughter)
That’s scary. And the scariest part of it all, beloved ones, is the
fact that only 40% of the truth is revealed to you at this time. How
sad is that? But it will change. Let us not go there. It will change.
Beloved ones, the energy of the 11th chakra is about your
understanding of you galactic heritage. It is about understanding the
words I have shared on your origins amongst the stars thus the truth
that your origin that may or may not be from this particular galaxy or
Universe or Cosmic Lattice for that matter, yet at the same time
understand that it matters not where your origin is from, whether you
are indeed from the Pleiades or from Sirius, or you are indeed from
Andromeda or Betelgeuse or Regal, it matters not. What matters is the
truth and the understanding that as a divine enlightened, magical,
mystical being you are here NOW on Earth. Also take heed that some of
the information shared by some may become distorted and some even
misinforms when it comes to this energy. Humanity runs away within
their own imagination so fast, that they simply choose to read over
certain parts of information shared with them and skim over the rest
of what is truly going on.
Beloved ones, one of the greatest problems that humanity is facing at
this particular time, apart from your conscious connection to
interacting interstellar civilizations that are currently playing out,
is the fact that because of denial and because of the inability to
understand your cosmic origins and with that understand your cosmic
relation to being an earthling, many of you actually wish to wish
yourselves out of your physical reality. You find you feel unable to
cope, you find yourselves unable to be here for many a reason at many
a time and that is partly because a) there is a deep memory within
your cell tissue of your origin which is not from here and b) because
there’s a lack in the understanding of your current reality, in other
words, there’s gaps within the communication grids within the
collective conscious and unconscious thus between many a being upon
the planet, because of fear, because of insecurity and at the same
time the off-earth-beings are unable to communicate with you just like
you are unable to communicate with each other on the reality of your
far distant origins.
Beloved ones, whether you belong to the systems of Sirius or not, you
have taken a vow to be here, you have taken a vow to take on the life
of an earthling yet again. You have asked to come here into this star
system of the Milky Way, many a time. Some of you have even had
hundreds of incarnations. Some even thousands of incarnations in many
ways on may planes, and for this particular one you have requested to
come through here, and come hell or high water, be able to be in your
present self when the awakening of your consciousness steps forth. In
other words, in simple words put, you’ve asked to be here in this
space. You’ve asked to sit here within this circle of light. You have
asked to be in your life, just who you are. You’ve asked to have the
challenges face you, one at a time, so that you may be able to learn
through these challenges, and get through these challenges, by giving
of your energy field to ease the discomfort and the disease that is
caused by these challenges so that you can go forth and help others,
and help humanity and you do this by sharing your light. Therefore as
a star seed of cosmic origin truly understand your duty towards the
planet first of all, and your first duty towards this planet is to
live your life as an earthling and not as a Martian.
A. Chuckling
MK. So be in touch with your earth body first before you attempt to
fly away and unless there’s a very strong current you don’t have much
chance you know, unless of course you have your light bodies
activated, which very, very few people upon this planet actually have
been able to fully manifest 24/7 up to now…very few in fact.
Beloved ones, as time unfolds for you, in due time, I can hear that
wing wang –(laughter), in due time you will come to realize that you
have been blessed with the most incredible and the most sophisticated
equipment you can ever imagine, being your mind. You will come to
realize that the planet earth is the only planet within this system
that you are given the free choice of being able to think freely for
the self and therefore use the power of your mind to create what you
wish for.
As we have shared with you previously many beings do have blockages
when it comes to your create-ability and in manifesting what you wish
for, but taking into consideration the journey you have travelled, the
earth experiences that you have had and the awakening star memory
within your divine mind, what you have created first and foremost is
an awakening of higher realities within your conscious mind. If you
hadn’t you wouldn’t have been present here. That is for sure. And that
first of all is the first level manifestation on your canvas of
creation, being able to manifest from a free thinking cosmic brain
wave which is now triggering the inner knowing that its due time to
wake up. It is now time to realize the origin of the cosmic self. It
is now time to understand the relation that you have with life and
with your cosmic origins and very much with your return into the
cosmic seas and heavenly bodies.
You will come to understand that all of that which you have been
blessed with previously and all of that that you are able to carry
with you into the time that is to come, is already within you. It is
already there. All that needs be is for you to activate the
understanding of your possibilities which for humanity is usually a
very trying experiment of stretching their imagination so far to be
able to think for themselves that they are able to create just about
anything, co-create anything they want.
A wonderful visualization for you to do in activating the creative
side of your mind is to visualise you are staring at a beautiful, big
yellow flower – the colour yellow – would you like to do this…while
I’m explaining?
A. Yes
MK. Then close your eyes. A sunflower if you like…a yellow flower…a
big yellow flower. Concentrate with the left hand side of your brain –
see if you are able to send a trigger from the left hand side of your
brain…to see this yellow flower. Are you able to see it?
A. Yes
MK. Yes. Very easy for some not so?
A. Yes
MK. Now I want you to see if you can use the right hand side of your
brain to create a yellow flower. Yes?
A. Yes
MK. Yes, easy not so? Now I want you to go back to the left hand side
of your brain – in other words visualise an energy flowing out of the
left hand side of your brain and I want you to convert that yellow
flower into an indigo flower. Can you manage that?
A. Yes
MK. Is there anyone who has a problem with that?
A: No.
Mk: The way to use colour to stimulate your creative mind is to use
various colours and then switching the colours flowing from the one
side of the brain to the other, thus visualise from the creative mind,
visualise from the conscious mind, once comfortable with the colour,
transforming them into complimentary and new colours. You will often
find that there are specific colours within the right hand side of the
brain which you are easily able to convert into the new colour and
then there are specific colours which the left hand side of the brain
find more difficult or is unable to transform at first. If you have a
problem with one of these colours in doing this visualization it would
be advisable for you to go back into the history of that colour energy
and perhaps find out where that blockage lies for you, creatively. Do
you understand?
A. Yes
MK. Is there anyone that did not understand?
A. No
MK. Very good. Beloved ones, the human mind or the human brain is the
most complex and the most magnificently designed instrument ever in
creation. There is nothing that exists out of the human mind that is
greater than that which is within the human mind. In fact the
complexities and the true blessings of this instrument of thinking, of
creating, of imagining, will never truly be discover upon this plane
and within this consciousness…although some come close to discovering
many an avenue in which the brain works, in which it expresses, yet
they will never be able to truly grasp the truth of the magnificence
of the human brain, the intricacies, the intensities, and of course
its full ability which is so vast beyond words, especially in creating
as part of creation.
The imagination which we have shared, is the very energy that will
bring to you a connection to your star seed origin. Your imagination
which is very much part of the visual aspect of the human brain for it
gives you clear pictures, flashes of your past, flashes of your
future. What happens is the visual part of the brain that works
unconsciously with these flashes, or cosmic triggers of thought, sends
the message into the pineal gland within the brain, the pineal then
creates, instead of sending a triggering message into the endocrine
side of the body, a actual metaphoric message is triggered into the
third eye, for the pineal gland very much is the receptor in the body
in bringing in light and seeing light. So the pineal instead of
sending a hormonal pulse to the rest of the body, sends to the body a
pulse of light which brings through a picture.
Beloved ones, the third eye, many people seem to think that the third
eye has a beam of light that is switched on opening up a dark passage
or a road ahead by allowing you to see. It is not like that in fact,
the third eye delivers or sends you impulses of pictures and messages
that you receive appearing to ‘apparently’ just flying by. It is like
taking your hand and reaching into clear space and simply taking hold
of a photograph and placing it into your mind and then out again. Do
you follow me? Have you ever had flashes like that?
A. Yes
MK. This is the third eye in activity, in action. So the third eye
creates, as we have explained previously through one of the most
powerful geometries which is your biggest communication tool you can
ever imagine called a pyramid. This particular pyramid is being
activated between the pineal, the pituitary and the carotid plexus
which also includes the thalamus and the hypothalamus connected to the
pituitary. The thalamus and the hypothalamus (3D) also in many ways
separate your visual capacity through repetitive thought. Your
hypothalamus is your gland that works with your addictions. Why are
you so not able to give up that which you are so comfortable with? Do
you know why? Because you are comfortable in that energy thus why give
it up? Yes. So you enjoy that. It makes you feel good. Whether it
makes you feel good all the time that is disputable, but it certainly
gives you a sense of comfort at the time. The thalamus works together
with the thymus energy which then creates a fifth dimensional
consciousness for you, many of you are aware of this not so?
A. Yes
MK. Therefore understand that if you want to create anything that will
help you transcend your consciousness begin to work with and create
pyramids. If you truly want to transcend consciousness, you need to
begin to use the energy of the Merkabah, the interlocking tetrahedrons
or triangles. Now the pyramid, also within the human body there are
two pyramids that interlock etherically creating an energy for you to
connect to your off earth experiences. The one which is contained
within the area that creates your third eye and the other is the
pyramid that is found within the medulla oblongata. Now these two
pyramids also interlock in a metaphoric way opening a wonderful way
for you to begin to imagine yourself wherever you want to be, thus
through the understanding of your cosmic origins it will be revealed
to you, the place that you feel most comfortable in and most
comfortable with, and inevitably that is where you are at, where you
find yourselves. That is where your origin is from, for you are drawn
towards that energy, you have a natural inclination towards it and you
have an unconscious or subconscious yearning for this energy. Are you
following me?
So in that way understand, beloved ones, as with the activation of the
eighth chakra and as with the activation of the star tetrahedron
within the ninth chakra, the pyramid energy is the energy that shifts
consciousness quickest. And that is why, for you to bring your
imagination into a faster state of creative energy to visualise from
the right and the left hand sides of the brain the various colours
transforming, be that a flower visualization as I have shared, or any
other energy then to promote the activation of your internal creative
pyramids visualise from the right hand side of the brain and the left
hand side of the brain these colours changing at random combining
these two exercises, thus from the right hand side of your brain you
visualise in your mind’s eye a yellow flower, from the left hand side
of your brain you visualise in your mind’s eye an indigo flower, and
then you take these bringing them together reducing the density of the
veil of forgetfulness, visualizing these two flowers becoming one. So,
then, what colour will the petals be, and inner core?
A. Mumbling
MK. It matters not, it really doesn’t matter. How will you create a
combined energy of these two flowers? Are you able to with the left
hand side of the brain see the indigo flower within the right as
yellow and visa versa? Do you follow me? Are you able to bring these
two flowers together into a whole new magical creation and with that
see how many combinations you can think up or dream up for yourself?
Also bring into your visualization from an etheric aspect the pyramid
of light that is formed within the third eye. Also bring into your
mind from a creative aspect the pyramid of light that is formed within
the medulla oblongata, and then link these two energies together and
begin to create a star tetrahedron energy within your body, within
your physical body and then breathe light in to that expanding it.
Many of you have quite a problem to visualise yourself inside a star
tetrahedron energy not so? Therefore we have always suggested
continuing with the cocoon energy for that is what most feel more
comfortable in, although because of the shifting of the energy fields
most enlightened beings of human form that journeys towards their
personal and planetary ascension no longer hosts an egg-shaped auric
field. Your auric field begins to automatically shift into the
pyramidal shape first of all, secondly creating an upside down
replica, and then of course eventually it is the aim for you to be
able to activate your Merkabah light body, and in so doing connect
yourself truly to your star origins, as a star seed, as a being of
light that can communicate to your past, to your future, and the only
way you can do that quite successfully is by actively being in your
present, the now time.
Beloved ones, it is time for humanity to pull up their socks. You do
not like hearing that, do you? No, not quite. But it is time. The fat
lady has sung.
A. Laughter
MK. It is the last hour, or the final hour where there is a transition
between the old and the new, between the limiting and the not, between
the finite and the infinite. It is during this last hour that we now
come forth assisting in activating a lot of this energy for you,
energy that has always been present, although many were unable to
communicate with, or relate to let alone cope with this. You are now
being asked to expand your mind, to expand the borders and the
boundaries of your mind, to let go of being in a complete limited
space by having always to call the shots of your lives. In other words
as I have shared with you previously to let go of the control during
the last gathering of light, we asked you towards the very end of the
transmission, perhaps you had a bit of tiredness by then or
experienced a bit of fatigue, but if you could remember we asked you
to keep the borders of your mind open, to draw your boundaries and
know what they are about but at the same time do not allow yourself to
be restricted by creating set-out borders. We asked you in fact to
keep an open mind and with that to be part of the new evolution, shall
we say, of humanity climbing ladders of supreme consciousness by
letting go of control. Control is another one of the reasons why many
beings upon your plane are finding it extremely difficult to be
creative and to do visualizations for that matter. They are too
controlling. When you control everything, beloved ones, you control
your mind. How do you allow your mind to wander? How do you create an
imagination? I’ve just shared with you at the very beginning of this
transmission that you go into your cinemas and for that hour and
twenty or thirty or forty of your minutes your mind is transported
into the cinematic world of fantasy, and the reason why you love it so
much is because no one controls you during that movie. Your mind is
able to think for itself by just being in the moment that is created
for it by the movie. Some minds don’t even react to the movie for they
know it is just a play, they don’t allow themselves to be part of the
play. Well that happens within one level of the mind and then of
course the moment you react to anything in a movie, that is when your
control slackens off. Should you choose not to react to any absurd
scene, that is when the creative side of the mind decides it will no
longer entertain this nonsense, non-sense, thus making its own
judgment of a fantasy world that is not even true. How ridiculous!
When you refuse to react to the beautiful emotions on display this is
when your control won’t allow you the luxury of your own fantasy. And
you know what is the biggest fantasy of it all? Your reality as
A. Nervous laughter
MK. It is the greatest fantasy that you as a spirit being ever dreamed
up and here you are living it. So very importantly, and you’ve heard
these words before, but I cannot emphasize the truth and the power
behind this enough, have some fun. It is a game, this is a game. What
is the essence behind the game?
A. To play
MK. To play – yes, but what is the deeper essence behind this game?
A. To enjoy
MK. To enjoy – and what is an even deeper essence behind this sister?
What is the true essence and the only rule of this game?
A. Experience
MK. To remember the God spark in you and you do this by shining it out
to the world earning brownie points by reminding others of theirs.
Well in your case you probably want dollars not so?
A. Hoots of laughter
MK. Well given the situation of your financial world – chuckles
A. More laughter – we want Euros not dollars
MK. Euros – is that a better exchange?
A. More laughter – safer.
MK. Beloved sister as far as the world of finances are concerned on
your planet – nothing is safe.
A. Laughter
MK. Probably Zimbabwean dollar would have been the better choice.
A. Laughter erupts!
MK. You would have been given a lot more dollars (more laughter) if
you could just hang on a little.
Beloved ones, so by sharing this information with you, can you now
begin to understand that you are causing your own creative blockages
Do you?
A. Yes
MK. Or do you not?
A. I do.
MK. Is there anyone here that disagrees or wish me to explain anything
that we have shared with you so far?
A: No
MK: Very good then. To get yourself in a situation of being able to
expand your mind of you beginning to grasp the ungraspable, what you
need to do is to put down a piece of paper in front of you, and then
begin to give an aspect of yourself onto the paper. In other words, if
you truly want to know what a relation, a friend, or even you look
like within the star realms, set the intent to see it, disperse of the
control, open your mind and from within see it by feeling it. With
that intent visualise the pyramid being created within the third eye,
creating the third eye rather should I say. Visualise yourself sitting
inside a massive pyramid, and for the moment pointing upwards, and
then close your eyes, put your hands on the paper and begin to draw,
and first of all, always begin to draw the eyes. Draw the eyes, draw
the rest of the nose, draw the mouth, draw the cheekbones, draw the
jaw bone, draw the ears, the hair and see what you come up with, and
ask for a vision to be downloaded of whoever you wish. The brain has
this ability (Hyper-Spatial) Doing this along with the exercises of
colour crossing the thought patterns of the brain will aid in
awakening your inner creative aspects, by relinquishing control.
So once again if you could but release the control that you have over
yourself at all times, over everything in your lives at all times,
over your friends and family and over your husband and your animals
and your children and simply be in a space of being, you will begin to
tap into the artistic side of the self – and what does the artist do?
It stretches the boundaries of its mind, not so? It does not lay
strict foundational walls saying I cannot be an artist beyond those
borders – does it? It simply accepts that it can do anything- whatever
it pleases. And that, beloved ones, is exactly how the human mind
works in creating links and communications, where you will begin to
sit and communicate with anyone on a level that is different to your
own way of thinking or thought.
We have mentioned before that anyone and everyone has the same
ability, although no two of you are quite alike you are all the same.
Very contradicting not so? But the fact remains that many of you may
share the same habits, many of you may share the same personality
traits, yet within the framework of your mental capacity no two of you
could ever be the same or even remotely alike, and that is the most
blessed part of creation. It is so intricate… it is so intricate.
Now the human mind knows all these things, even though some of you may
never have heard of this, even though some of you do not understand
and others consciously admit your confusion, yet inertly you do. You
relate to it and you re-so-nate to it, therefore it is very important
for you to give yourself time to get creative and to be creative. Why
don’t you give yourself some incredible creative time but simply
making an appointment with yourselves, since you have to make an
appointment with yourselves to spend some time with yourselves – you
do don’t you?
A. Laughter
MK. You are so busy with everyone else that you are unable to take
care of yourself unless you make an appointment with yourself –yes? We
are on the same wavelength?
A. Yes
MK. Very good then. Make a creative appointment with yourself and say
to yourself – on Wednesday afternoon at half past the hour of four or
on Tuesday evening at seven, or Monday morning at three, it matters
not – I am going to spend some time with my creative self. Give
yourself a set time limit. In other words give yourself a periodic
energy of an hour or two or three to be creative in, obviously
depending your schedule in other words how much value do you give to
yourself, but let’s not go there!
A. Laughter
MK. And in that time-frame visualise yourself inside a pyramid, set
the intent to be within a energy pyramid, a four sided pyramid, set
the intent to have your creative energy being activated by activating
the two internal pyramids of light within the structures that create
the symbolism behind your third eye and the other within the power
that creates support for you etherically held within your medulla
oblongata. Why the medulla oblongata? Well naturally because that is
the other place within the human body that contains a natural pyramid
energy first of all and secondly because that is where your ascension
chakras are connected deep into the skull – the medulla oblongata is
situated at the base of the brain at the back. Your ascension chakras
are the chakras that connect the medulla oblongata area with that of
the crown centre. It’s an energy that begins from here (indicates) and
it extends itself over the hind brain connecting to the crown centre.
Set the intent and then get creative – do anything that you can that
is creative.
Now creativity is a vast subject. I’m going to ask you randomly what
do you think creativity means to you? Creativity sister, what does it
mean to you?
A. A part of your soul
MK. But what do you do when you get creative?
A. Express yourself…I make things.
MK. Express … you make things Yes sister?
A. Gardening
MK. Gardening – very good – sister?
A. Painting
MK. Painting – very good – painting the house
A. Pictures
MK. Pictures – very good – sister?
A. Baking
MK. Baking – oh our master or mistress baker, and you young man?
A. Art
MK. Art – what art?
A. Drawing
MK. Drawing – very good – will you come and present us with some of
these drawings?
A. Yes
MK. I do have a good eye for art you know although my art is words.
Beloved ones, it matters not what you do. Creativity is doing anything
in a way that brings you out of the norm hum-drum-boredom. So, that
leaves the area wide open doesn’t it? Very wide open in fact. Love
making is creativity in action be that physically or within your
minds. Remember the power of the mind. Visualization is creativity, in
actual fact the more you can visualise the better it would be for you
to expand your imaginary consciousness. And your imaginary
consciousness is what allows you to tap into a true cosmic
understanding of the worlds beyond this one. Express, create by doing
something out of the ordinary. Creative writing, creative reading-
studying can be creative.
Beloved ones what we are trying to share with you is, that for you to
be able to stretch the borders of your mind, tapping into the cosmic
reality beyond this one, you need to begin to push your creative
boundaries, and you do that by relinquishing control. Let go of
wanting to control yourself and your world and allow the universal
energies of love, of compassion, of understanding, of passion to give
to you the way of creating new exciting links within your creative
chain that will eventually give to you the power and the grace to
extend your mind beyond all limitations, all that you ‘thought’ to
have kept you so limited.
Beloved ones, there is a world out there that is vast, beyond all
vastness. There is a universe, cosmos and Multiverses out there that
is far greater than anything I can put into words, therefore I would
inspire you to get to know yourself as you are the future planets, you
carry aspects of the energy of every single planet within this star
system, and as we have previously expressed your earth is in the
process of taking on star energy in other words by integrating all of
the knowledge and understandings that are presented to you through the
teachings of enlightenment not only though me as Kuthumi through this
or any other channels of light, but through any of the Light Teachings
that are presented to you in a truthful manner delivered to you from a
space of integrity, stirred for you by the golden spoon of
unconditional love, fed to you from the crystalline dropper that will
allow you to shift the boarders of your mind beautifully, you need to
understand that as an Energy that grounds light upon this plane and as
I have said a future planetary keeper, in other words as a future
being that may be working off the planetary boundaries behind its
cosmic screens working with and overseeing energy light and evolvement
on various planets, you will be giving of your consciousness to enable
this. This is in many ways what you are doing now, yet at present
integrating and giving of your consciousness to facilitate shifts that
supports your planet’s journey into its stardom, becoming a star,
transcending its own planetary wisdom as a being in such grand style
that her knowledge and wisdom is being transferred into a brand new
energy of Light which is what is forming the 3rd holographic imprint
overlaying to old energy, this is what is being termed the Golden Age
of the New Earth. As you evolve in consciousness and she as a planet
takes on the energy of being a star, and you as a human transcend from
singular individual consciousness to planetary awareness, and as you
truly begin to understand your close relation, infact I have shared
this previously but I will repeat it, if you could take a microscope
and scrutinize everyone’s DNA you will find a replica of cosmic
origins duplicated within every macro-plasmic part of your biology.
Therefore as planets of the new universe, as anchoring planetary
representatives, grid keepers, light workers, claim all this by
applying the self to the teachings and information being shared with
you. Beloved ones, it is not going to happen to you, you have to make
it happen by wanting it for it is not going to simply fall into your
lap, you have to apply by integrating it, by sharing it. How does one
become a scientist but through studying, applying researching. How
does one become a conscious human being?
A; studying, applying, researching.
MK: I rest my case.
So this is how it will end up in your lap as there is no other short
cuts though I am pretty sure Merlin could have a few tricks up his
sleeve (laughter) but not you. Beloved ones, in embracing this
consciousness, in understanding who you are, in understanding your
cosmic heritage birthed within your starseed origins found within the
various star systems, some close by and others many thousands and
millions of your light years away, I want you to understand that you
have within your energy field two very important energies that helps
you connect to your star energy.
Besides the active pyramidal and tetrahedron energies you have active
within your energy field, you have 48 star chakras which serves as
your cosmic trigger points thus serve by allowing you your
interpersonal connection to the star energy beyond your world. You
also have within your immediate energy field 24 earth chakras which
are located at the bottom area of your energy field closer to the
earth. The earth chakras serve as your connection, as a star being, to
the various bodies that surround your physicality as well as the
energy that is contained within and beyond the exterior of this
planet, serving as a grounding energy. Even though the base chakra is
used for grounding as your major grounding facilitator, the 24 earth
chakras are also able to facilitate your grounding often naturally at
an even faster rate. The star chakras serve as conductors that
facilitate your connection to the various star systems. These
immediate or intermediate star systems then facilitate a further
connection or link with star systems way beyond this galaxy and
universe. You know the expression “one energy that fits into another
facilitating another” thus one vision within another within yet
another (tree within a tree, within a tree) therefore you have one
star system that remains interconnected with another communicating yet
with some other which are facilitated through star conductor energies
which is the link up of cosmic pyramidal signals contained within the
cosmic seas which then relays this information to your energy field
yet again facilitated through your pyramidal conducting ability
contained within your immediate energy field. These star triggers are
first beamed into your star chakras and from there transferred into
the higher chakras from whence it is gently released into your various
systems of Light (chakras and chakric points).
As we have explained the 9th chakra is the over ruling energy that
connects you to the possibility of all this, the 8th chakra is your
connection to the great white brotherhood as it hosts your most
powerful singular personal etheric pyramid (4-sided) which delivers to
you the ability to connect to various other centres and in the same
way connects your lower seals of consciousness to your interstellar
reality. The 9th chakra serves as a multi-dimensional conductor as
well as an ascended Master and Angelic/Archangelic conductor and then
within the 10th chakra you have the awakening reality of your life
here as part of the angelic team as part of the ascended master energy
which is anchored through the gold/masculine, silver/feminine, and
Pearlescent flame which is your sacred connection to Divine Oneness.
The 9th chakra facilitates your connection to the grids and the grids
at the end of the day is what TRULY serve as a “service provider”
making all this a reality thus the more you can formulate
visualizations of your own personal grid energy, the easier you will
be able to connect to the functionality of the grids surrounding your
planet and in the same way facilitate transmitting energy signals
beyond this plane into the next and beyond that.
Beloved ones as you apply in life so you will prosper, and move on
with experience. In the 11th chakra is contained the reality of your
starseed origin through your understanding of your connection to The
Divine, and the fact that all is divine, here also lies the truth of
your creative self and how you often create a blockage to this energy
though the act of control, being controlling, thus doubting all the
energies that asks you to be, to accept. So here at the 11th level of
your energy field is where you truly have to realise that for you to
embrace the energy contained within this amplified centre you need to
know: What is the underlying energy that you entertain within your
crown centre? What are you entertaining within your 8th and 9th
centre. The 3rd eye as we mentioned connects very powerfully with the
10th chakra, yet it also connects to every one of the other centres.
The crown energy connects very powerfully to the 11th chakra which is
your master vibration chakra for here you come to face the challenges
of your deep seated belief systems at a brand new level, just when you
thought you were able to understand yourself you were told you are not
who you are (laughter) well at least who you thought you were yet you
don’t know who you are (laughter). This in itself is challenging so in
your starseed chakra or 11th chakra you anchor the Christ
Consciousness Diamond Flame very powerfully, and with that know that
Christ Consciousness is everywhere as you are not the only planet that
holds the Christ Consciousness. In fact Christ Consciousness is
everywhere and therefore many of you have come this time around to sew
the seeds within the reality of your friends that perhaps you are not
the only one within this space. Perhaps you are not the only living
This reality has created blockages for many, the reality that God
could’ve been so kind to have created everyone and not simply the
human-man. Interesting, entertaining for sure (laughter)
Beloved ones so the invitation is for you to go back into your crown
energy and to really dissect your belief-systems. What do you believe
to be the truth of your star origins? What do you believe to be your
connection to other galaxies and cosmic worlds? We invite you to
venture down that lane rekindling the memory of your own stardom, we
invite you to sit down and physically draw the faces that come to
mind. Giving the hour of creativity didn’t you see the forming of
particular faces, didn’t you see the reflection within the eyes
staring back at you? Yes you did, thus allow your mind to wonder
creating an amazing world that you are very much a part of, yet simply
need to recall that memory so that you can begin to expose yourself to
some powerful information that shall come your way in time to come,
and with that we invite you on a journey within your mind by asking
you to imagine the most beautiful sparkling diamond flame flickering
at the very top of your energy field above the 10th chakra, if you
All get ready for the energy activation. Pause.
Beloved ones, I want you to imagine that you are in the midst of a
most blessed Cathedral energy, held in the core of this energy. There
are massive windows all around with the beautiful bright sunlight
pouring in beaming towards you from all around as you are sitting in
the lotus position in the very centre core of this cathedral. Pause.
I now want you to imagine 24 angels entering this cathedral from all
around walking forward forming a circle around you, keeping a distance
of about 2-3mts between you and them with you sitting quietly facing
the east and all of them come to rest forming a circle around you
facing you. Long pause.
Now become aware that another 48 angelic beings eneters this space
forming another circle beyond the first one with the same distancing
of 2-3mts between them and the first row of angel beings, they too
face you. Long Pause.
Now imagine beyond that forming the next row are 144 ascended masters
who all work specifically with your energy field forming a circle
beyond the last row with the same distancing between. Long Pause.
Next imagine 12 archangelic beings thus the main archangels form a
circle within your immediate vicinity surrounding you closely. So you
are sitting within the very core of this beautiful temple with the
sunlight streaming towards you from all angles, facing east,
surrounded by the 12 Archangels overseeing your experience from a
archangelic level, then beyond them 2-3mts away you have 24 angels
that are directly supporting your energy field, 2-3mts beyond that you
have another 48 angels supporting your various projects and beyond
them with a 2-3mt distance between you have 144 ascended masters all
working with you on various levels, in various ways, all helping and
assisting your earth experience as part of your ascension team.
Now directly ahead of you as you face east a most beautiful and
beloved Being that you know as The Christ Jeshua enters this Temple.
The Lord Jesus makes His way towards you and as His energy field
passes all the beings that surrounds you He blesses all, and with that
these beings passes this blessing on to all other beings that they are
affiliated with be that within the immediate earth vicinity or not, be
that their connection to star realms and cosmic worlds. Pause.
The Lord Jesus makes His way towards you and when reaching the inner
core the archangelic league of Light parts, allowing the Energy of The
Christ Jesus through as He takes a seat opposite you, sharing His core
Energy with you, facing you. Pause. The two of you are seated close,
with your knees touching your energy fields meeting simply looking at
each another with the most immense and intense love ever. Pause.
Now again become aware that more beings of Light enter this temple and
begin to fill the spaces between the initial circles, these are beings
from the galactic, intergalactic, universal and cosmic federations of
Light. Members from various star systems enter this sacred temple
taking their seats filling the spaces that separate the initial
circles, filling the spaces between the archangels and the 24 angels,
between them and 48 angels, between them and the 144 ascended masters.
Pause. Filling every one of these spaces you now have representatives
from the various cosmic legions of light, every one of them facing you
and the Lord Jesus. Pause.
Now in your mind see manifesting on the periphery of this energy thus
on the outside of this intense gathering you are joined by the 144 000
ascended masters who are assigned to oversee this universe as they all
come to take their place creating a protective boundary for this
energy. Pause.
Beloved ones, once again bring your attention back to the face of The
Christ Jeshua. Pause. Visualise his face, His hair, perhaps darkened
amber eyes, see His completion, be fully within this connection that
you have with This Man, feel the love that is being created here for
you. Pause.
Jesus now moves His hands resting the back of his open hands lightly
on his knees and with that indicates for you to place your hands upon
His with your palms touching, in other words place your palm chakras
above His, your right hand palm chakra above His Left, your left above
His right. Pause.
Beloved ones now please align your base centre with the base centre of
this Masterful Being. Pause. Feel a connecting energy vortex being
activated for you and the same with the sacral, and before we move on
visualize a golden thread of energy connecting the area that is half
way between your base and sacral chakras with Him activating a
creative awakening for you. Pause. Now visualise a vortex of Light
forming between His solar plexus and yours. Pause. Now visualise a
heart connection between your heart centre and his. Now again
visualise this heart connection between your higher or scared heart
centre and his heart centre which is still only one energy located in
the same place. Pause. Now visualise your and His throat centres
connecting etherically, visualise a vortex of Light forming between
your 3rd eye and His. Pause.
Visualise now an activating energy connecting your crown centre and
His. Pause. Now from His illuminated crown centre he looks you in the
eye and asks you to let go of the control of your lower thought forms
by embracing yourself as a balanced being and with that to visualise a
magnificent golden pyramid of Light in the level of your 8th chakra.
Pause. He then asks you to allow this energy to come alive by igniting
a magenta flame within the core of this golden pyramid of Light.
Pause. He suggest for you to let go of the control of your mind, which
always stirs you to refuse accepting yourself as a divinely blessed
flexible being and now visualise in the area of the 9th chakra a
interlocking star-tetrahedron in its 3 dimensional form, pause,
visualise two surrounding spherical energies, ignite into its very
core the platinum flame, pause, visualise these counter-rotating
spherical spheres spinning gently horizontally, one clockwise the
other counter-clockwise. Pause. Now if you can visualise the
vertically spinning star-tetrahedron and its subtle side to side tilt
creating a wonderful nature connection for you, pause, then from His
crown centre He asks for you to let go of wanting to control your
imagination by not accepting that you are divinely guided and
therefore your refusal to accept that indeed you are being guided by
the angelic, the archangelic as well as the ascended masters legions
of Light. Pause. He now asks you to allow your mind to create above
the 9th chakra a magnificent golden disc of Light with a liquid fluid-
love sphere within its centre and then ignite a Pearlescent mother of
pearl flame within the core of this liquid bubble of Light. Pause. Now
beloved ones He asks you to ignite within the 11th centre a
magnificent sparkling diamond flame which rests very gently above the
10th chakric disc. Pause. The Lord Jeshua asks you to give power and
Light to this flame by acknowledging your connection to the galactic
and intergalactic federations of Light, allow yourself to relinquish
control over your imagination and do this by allowing your mind to
embrace LOVE by filling up all of the empty spaces that you have
reserved in the hope of a vision to ‘appear’ to you one day, that
shall deliver to you confirmation of that which you truly inertly
already know. Pause.
Beloved ones, now give true spark to this diamond flame allowing it to
burn brighter and brighter more sparkling with each moment’s breath.
Visualise now within the upper part of you energy field a half-moon
energy which stretches from the top of your head to about the level of
your hips 24 silver or diamond-like flames then duplicate it on the
other side so that you have 48 silver diamond star energies from the
one side to the other stretching from the level of your hip on the
left forming a 180° half circle energy to the level of your hip on the
right side. Pause. Thus you have 24 sparkling diamond star energies on
either side of your body with the single most brilliant sparkling
Diamond flame separating these two sides at the very top of the half
circle within the area of the 11th chakra resting gently on the tip of
the 10th. These star chakras sparkle like miniature diamond flames.
Beloved ones, the Master Jesus now indicates for you to ignite the 24
Earth chakras within your energy field thus to complete the full
circle visualise the gold-like earth chakras completing the energy to
a 360° circle, 12 on either side of your energy field closing the
circle from the one side of the hip down below your feet up the other
side creating a complete sphere. Pause. See this circle about 1mt away
from your body at the periphery of your auric field. Pause.
You may recall we activated 12 of these earth chakras during the last
transmission of last year for this group, now we have the full 24
energies with their powerful golden sparkle alive within your energy
field. (See Channel – Masters in the Masking 6 December 2008)
You now have a complete circle of Light that surrounds you with the
golden chakras at the lower half and the silver chakras at the top
half with Lord Jesus still facing you as well as all of the many, many
beings of Light that surrounds you, all looking at the two of you,
with full intent filled with the greatest love.
The Lord Jesus reminds you beloved ones that you have these earth
chakras activated within your energy field for you to claim yourself
as an earth being, an earthling yet claiming your connection to the
planet as a divine star seed, and thus we have asked for the energy of
the 144 000 ascended masters to step forward to ground and seal this
platform of Light for you. Pause.
We now wish for you to transcend this energy into a multi-dimensional
state of being, with the Lord Jesus eyes still resting gently on your
focus, with the love emanating between your eyes and His, with you
fully absorbing this love. Now with your eyes still meeting, feel a
further connection between His 3rd eye and yours creating another
tetrahedron of Light supporting a further activation of your
enlightened and all seeing Christed Energy within the 11th centre,
which births a whole new realization of your ability to function as a
multi-dimensional being by embracing the truth contained within your
third eye, and the combination and relationship between your 3rd eye
and your two physical eyes creating a magnificent tetrahedron of light
connecting these energies (3rd eye and physical eyes) Pause.
Beloved ones now allow these 24 earth chakras and 48 star chakras to
move around randomly yet not mixing the lower and the higher energies
of gold and silver. Thus allow these energies to freely and gently
move around within your energy field – up down, front, back, and sides
yet the upper and lower energies of gold and silver, of earth and star
remains within their designated zones with the level of the hip
forming an invisible boundary. Pause.
Visualize your Diamond flame just above the 10th chakra glow and
shimmers and glitters brighter and brighter. Pause.
The Lord Jesus now lets go of your hands, stands up and places both of
His hands with His palms facing down over the area your 11th chakra,
holding His hands about 30cm give or take above your head and with
that He fully ignites this magnificent diamond flame anchored within
your 11th chakra fully, increasing its brightness and sparkle,
allowing it to glow in the full essence of its truth. Long pause.
Beloved ones, now visualise how this beautiful sparkling diamond
within the 11th chakra increases the power within your star chakras
with them glittering even more radiantly within your energy field and
at the same time see how this energy is transferred into the earth
chakras rendering them with a golden glow of sparkling light, see this
golden and silver energy randomly sparkling increasing your Light.
Pause. Continue seeing yourself in this multi dimensional frame of
Light with 24 golden shimmering chakras within the lower part of your
auric field and 48 silver shimmering chakras within the upper part of
your auric field, anchored randomly and evenly to your front, back
sides, above as so below with the diamond flame ignited within the
11th chakra burning the most brightest of them all, sparkling alive
with Light. Pause.
The Lord Jesus now let go of His hands above your energy field
indicating for you to stand up so that you stand facing each other,
and with that everyone of these beings that surrounds you also stand
up still facing the two of you. Very Long Pause.
Beloved ones, Lord Jesus now places both His hands palms down on the
area of your sacred heart, above your heart centre. Long pause. As
with the energy that radiated from His palm chakras to yours, thus
from the masculine aspect of His Love to the feminine balance of
yours, and from the feminine balance of His into the masculine control
side of yours He now places His two hands flat on your chest and with
that feel the reverberation of this energy in your energy field, feel
how He passes on the Christ Consciousness within Him to come alive
within you and with that feel how all of your chakras comes alive,
feel how all of the flame energies that you have been initiated into
thus far comes alive, feel how the energy within your 8th chakra comes
alive with the golden sphere and the infinity energy with the magenta
flame comes to life, in the 9th chakra how the star-tetrahedron comes
to life within its actions with its two spheres serving as your
angelic antenna’s come alive, feel how the golden disc within the 10th
chakra for the very first time begins to spin very gently be that in a
clock or counter-clockwise direction it matters not with its silver
bubble of fluid love protecting the Pearlescent flame and then see the
sparking most brilliant diamond flame within your 11th chakra filled
exhilarating with life, feel the vibration of Christ Consciousness
reverberating through every part and particle of your being flooding
your DNA, feel how this energy now begins to connect you personally to
every single being within this scared space. Very Long Pause.
The Lord Jesus now removes His hands from your chest bringing them
together thanking you for taking on this journey of the 11th chakra,
and with that you do the same bringing your hands together in the
Namaste`or prayer position and give your sincere thanks for His
Presence in activating your Diamond Flame Consciousness so that you
may be able to master your thoughts beloved ones by letting go of
trying to control them and with that master the Christ Consciousness
within, embracing the reality of The Living Christ in everything and
everyone else. Long pause.
The Lord Jesus makes His way from the Temple and with that bring your
awareness for a moment back to your energy field, again bring into
your mind your activated chakras, the earth and star chakras, and with
that see how all this energy creates the most magnificent geometry all
around you within your auric field, with the golden aspect of this
geometry anchoring you into the earth and the silver aspect of this
geometry connecting you to your star origins. Pause.
Beloved ones, now within your mind give your thanks to everyone of
these beings that have come forth this day to assist your energy
activation, the 12 representatives of the archangelic league of Light
that now makes their way from your energy field. Next you have the 24
angelic beings who are the angelic representatives of your earth
connection, then the 48 angelic representatives of your star seed
origins, then the 144 ascended masters who helps you ground the
reality of your earth truths and star reality into one complex
lifetime, then beyond that you have the 144 000 ascended masters whom
are here to help you ground yourself into this physical reality as an
earthling with a star origin as they all make their way. Give your
thanks to the galactic and intergalactic, universal and cosmic
federations of Light from all leagues of light you may have
connections with as they all make their way from your energy field.
Long pause.
At last you are alone again standing in the centre of this massive
cathedral with the sun streaming in from all angles lighting your way.
Very long pause.
Visualise yourself sitting back this room, then be back in this room,
be back in your chairs, anchor your consciousness back into this room,
this now space and with that beloved ones, use the golden energy, the
24 earth chakras within the lower parts of your energy field to ground
you thoroughly into the planet, and if it is your will and your wish,
set the intent to remain connected to your star origins connecting you
via your 48 star chakras within the upper part of your energy field.
Take your time and ground yourself properly and thoroughly back into
your bodies, and into this space. Very long pause. Beloved ones please
MAKE SURE you are completely grounded back into your earth reality.
Long pause.
MK: Now say your name out loud (all do)…
Some are quiet
MK: Are you shy?
A: (laughter)
MK: By saying your name out loud at any given time it claims your
connection to your earth journey as you affirm this within the
Beloved ones, did you feel the intense powers within your energy
A: Yes
Mk: Anyone that didn’t?
A; No
Mk: are you more clear on visualizing?
A: Yes
Mk: Would you try, try being the golden key word to transformation?
A: Yes
MK: By saying no, you once again give in to the brat-child archetype
shouting ‘no I wont’ (laughter). By saying I will try you give in to
the adult archetype of ‘perhaps, may-be’.
Beloved ones extend your light field and expand your mind by embracing
your truth as a beautiful loving being. Embrace your love and your
light by acknowledging your Christed-Be-In-Ness (beingness). Embrace
the love extended to you from the One that came so magically to sew
the seeds of the Aquarian Times, who so magically came forth,
willingly, to help expand your beingness, your light and your mental
fields. Who so lovingly griped your own thoughts and imagination with
that which He manifested and who so humbly shared that you too can do
all that He did.
Be in the Light of The Christ, beloveds that awakens within you the
magic not only to see yourself as a blessed star being, but more so to
see yourself as a most gifted earthling. Do the visualizations,
stretch your minds, expand your hearts and share all of the joy and
compassion that you can imagine with all, all around.
May the Light of the Living Christ be within you, and may you go forth
and light up the Beingness in anyone, and everything. I am Kuthumi, I
am the Lord and the Master Cohan of The Golden Rays of Love and
Wisdom, and I greet and bless thee in love, Adonai.
A: Thank You.
Loadsa Love
Chanel Lingenfelder




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