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2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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Your Ascension Angel By Archangel Michael

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 14-05-12

With the deepest of love I extend my energy to younow, I am Archangel Michael and I come forward with an important message thatwill assist and aid your Ascension process, allowing for certain preparationsto take place.

You have a community of guides who walk with you asyou exist on the Earth, remaining continuously connected to your energy andconsciousness. Within your community of guides you have a number of Angelicbeings guiding and supporting you. Each Angelic being holds qualities from theCreator’s soul which they wish and have been guided to share with you, so thatyou may adopt and activate from within you the same energy. It is often awonderful process to understand the quality that each Angel connected to you inthis lifetime holds, as it offers you a focus to your spiritual growth. You candevote yourself to learning about these qualities and embodying the qualitiesas your Angel does. It is often that your community of guides travel with youthrough your many lifetimes on the Earth, although some may step forward atcertain times while others withdraw slightly. Essentially your community of guidesremains the same even though you may perceive that as you evolve so your guideschange. They always remain with you; it is just that sometimes they take lessof a role in your reality and spiritual path.

It is important at this time of tremendous transitionand growth that you draw your community of guides close to you, gathering theirenergies around you and within you. This will mean that you will be constantlyconnected to your community of guides, being able to access their reassurance,confirmation and advice. If you build their energy around you as a tight circleand begin to understand, connect with and resonate with your guides you willfind that you experience a greater sense of security and the transitions inyour Ascension process will flow with greater ease.

If you connect with your community of guides withgreater depth then you will begin to understand that one of your Angelic guideshas been appointed by your soul to oversee all transitions of Ascension at thistime. This Angel is trusted most by your soul and has most likely assisted youwith each stage of your Ascension in past lifetimes and also on the innerplanes. The knowledge and understanding that this Angel holds about you is theequivalent of your soul’s understanding. You could say that this Angel is yoursoul’s best Ascension friend. I wish to make you aware of your Ascension Angelbecause when you work together you are able to accelerate your Ascension andwill always achieve what is needed. Your Ascension Angel holds the divine planof the Creator for the Earth, the divine plan for your country and the divineplan for your soul group, the divine plan for your soul, the divine plan foryour interaction with your family and friends, the divine plan for yourindividual reality on the Earth as well as understanding your purpose. YourAscension Angel is able to weave these all together to ensure that everythingis in divine perfection in according to each will as well as ensuring that youreceive all that you need in your reality and spiritual growth. If you imaginea plant and someone caring lovingly for the plant, offering it all that itneeds, you are the plant and your Angel is the carer.

Your Ascension Angel first wishes to encourage youto maintain a high vibration over the coming months so that you understand yourown energy and vibration, feeling a greater sense of clarity and comfort inyour vibrations. You can ask your Ascension Angel to share the appropriatevolumes of Angelic light especially from their soul with your being as youallow yourself to accept and bathe in their light. Not only will your AscensionAngel be giving you valuable energy like minerals and vitamins for your lightbody and soul but you will also be able to recognise yourself and soul withinyour Ascension Angel because this Angel understands you and your entirespiritual path with great detail. So your Ascension Angel will be ableto helpyou understand more about your past and how you have come to exist in yourcurrent reality, recognising the purpose of everything that you are and do.

By maintaining your energy at a high vibration yourAngel is assisting you and your soul to remain balancedat these times of transition. With balance you are able to remain alert, clearand aware of what is occurring with each stage of your spiritual transition.With a strong balance and comfort in your own energy you will then be ready toaccept new energies and prepared for activation of light wisdom within yourbeing. Your Angel will be able to support you tremendously as new vibrations oflight anchor and your entire being is magnified. There is a need for eachperson to have this support available to them as it will dissolve any confusionand fear that may arise in the coming transitions.

Your Ascension Angel already knows what will occurto you, the energies that will be anchored, activated and experienced and thewisdom that will evolve. You have practices and experienced the transitions,however small, already on the inner planes during your sleep state so that onsome level you and your Angel are always aware of the transitions of growththat you are experiencing even when on a physical level you may have nounderstanding. There will be many transitions and small processes oftransformation from now until the magnification process in December 2012 butthis will continue and intensify even beyond this time. On the inner planes youhave already experienced the magnification of December 2012, you understand itat a soul level and energetic level probably more than you may ever understandit on the Earth, but this is fine as it makes the transition experiencedphysically seem very small because all the preparation has been achieved on anenergetic level. I hope thatthis assists you in understanding how importantyour Ascension Angel is to you at this time. Remember also that your AscensionAngel may be an Angelic guide that you have been long aware of, it doesn’tnecessarily have to be a new Angel for you to become aware of.

Your Ascension Angel has the ability of opening up yourenergies, giving to you special codes and energetic patterns, reactivatingancient connections, inviting essential guides to step forward and support youas well as generally overseeing your wellbeing and assisting you in playingyour divine role. All you need to do is ask for the assistance, guidance anddivine intervention of your Ascension Angel at sacred times and everyappropriate moment of your reality.

Let yourself make a connection with your AscensionAngel, discover the energy, the name, the qualities, the sound vibration andyour feeling of your Ascension Angel. As if you are discovering a new friendenjoy this process of connection and friendship, it is as if you are building apartnership to support your transformation on the Earth.

Of course, you can call upon my energies to be ofassistance to you at any time, I also wish to share with you an invocation thatwill support your connection with your Ascension Angel.


‘I open my energies to the process of accepting andacknowledging my Ascension Angel. I ask my soul to step forward and tointegrate into my entire being to support my acceptance of and connection withmy Ascension Angel. With the energy of my soul flowing from my heart chakra Iask that my soul’s energy creates a sacred space around me and for me to existwithin.

I allow and ask my soul to clear my mind of alldoubts, fears or disbelief in my abilities, encouraging my mind to be open andreceptive to the energy of my Ascension Angel.

I now call forward my Ascension Angel to standbefore me and to send energy from their essence into my being; I open my heartin loving receptiveness. Allow us to connect our energy and to exchangeenergy.’

(Allow time to experience this for as long as youwish)

‘Please energetically share with me your name, thecolours of light that you exude and the qualities that you hold that I need toadopt. Energetically share this information with me now so that I may sense orfeel the information and understand it when I am ready.

It is a great occasion of celebration as we connectour energies as one. I am aware now of the work that we have already achievedtogether on the inner planes and ask that this information flows into my beingwith divine timing. I love you unconditionally and ask that you assist me in myAscension process on the Earth in all ways that are possible and guided by thedivine will of the Creator.

Thank you’

I hope you will find this connection of greatassistance in your reality, I also wish to add that some of you may have twoAscension Angels.

With Angelic Unconditional Love,

Archangel Michael


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