Archangel Metatron – Earth-Keeper Chronicles – SANTA FE – Vortex of the Golden Pax – James Tyberonn

Greeting Beloved, I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I greet you all in Unconditional Love!!

The world quickens and reforms itself now . All is quickening, time is accelerating as the Ascension draws nigh. So as time reshapes itself it will also reshape the consciousness of humanity, of tangible and intangible forces of nature and that of the face of the Earth itself.

This is indeed the epoch of miracles within the age of radical transformation, and whether or not humanity en masse are supportive of expansive change or against it, it is truly a non- issue as the effusion of progressive evolution speeds past more quickly today than it did yesterday. For the heralded Ascension is now imminent.

And so Masters, as the Earth transforms itself so then will certain areas on the earth become specialized portals of prominence. Santa Fe is one such area.

This area has long been recognized for its unique and potent energy. It is enabled within a very unique grid. It is why the areas between Santa Fe and Crestone have drawn spiritual groups and guardians for centuries, including Buddhist, Carmelite and Hindu monasteries, as well as several Tibetan and Zen centres and an array of spiritual communities.

The significant Powernodes are Crestone Needle, Mt Trucha, Mt Wheeler and indeed the sacred springs of Ojo Caliente. Yet the grid of place is evolving, changing into greater complexity. The energy is transforming into the Golden Pax.

The PAX, as we will describe in this assay, is then a vortexial portal of extremely high ‘life force’, exponentially more potent than even the most potent of Powernodes on the planet. An area of ‘Akashic Force’ so concentrated that unified thought within its parameter is capable of changing, of creating, of manifesting chosen reality thru combined theta thought. That termed a PAX is a creation point. And they have been absent on your planet for many millennia. The last PAXIAL Point was removed aeons ago by the Syrian-Pleadean Alliance of Ascended Masters, as the light quotient of the planet sadly declined. But we tell you, in joy, that the energies of the Ascension will soon reactivate the Golden PAX. Indeed another milepost in the graduation of humanity and of the beloved Earth. The Golden Pax of Santa Fe is the first to be reactivated.

Renewal: The Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation

In the Golden Age of Atlantis, approximately 25,000 years ago as measured in linear time, an enormous Pyramidal complex was erected in the region of Santa Fe, near the base of present day Mount Trucha. It was of Syrian and Atlantean construct as were so many others in that prolific era of Pyramids. It was called the ‘Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation.

It was constructed in this precise location due to the unusual crystalline mineralogy of di- octahedronal and tri-octahedron 8-layered mica, pegmatite quartz and crystalline gold that remains indigenous to this area of the Sangre de Cristos Mountains.

The octahedronal Mica is mineralogically and geometrically quite unique, it is a silicate with highly perfected basal cleavage forming hexahedronal and octahedronal crystals. Sacred geometry indeed.

This living geometry combined synergistically with the Pyramid to create a dynamic earth grid, or Metatronic Reshel that is cyclic in nature….something of a moving kaleidoscope.

The Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation served the purpose of receiving and amplifying crystalline harmonics in synergy with the rare octahedronal crystals. The complex technology of the Pyramid enabled an emission of refracted light from the octahedronal mica to form a pulsing grid matrix.

Golden-Rhombic Lens

It created a rhombic lens over the area that when paired with concentrated theta thought vibrations altered the very density of both earth and mankind within its scope of influence. It communicated with other Pyramidal Paxial Points in order on the planet at that time to control the harmonic resonance and desired manifestation of humanity thru what is termed the eighth octave wave.

An amber golden light pervaded the rhombic grid. It was called the Golden Pax.

(As we have told you previously Pyramids are eternal, once constructed in place they exist in all dimensions relative to the area of their etheric placement. They serve to stabilize higher energies and feed them into the physical dimensions.)

The Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation is now reactivating and reforming the Golden Pax in New Mexico and Colorado, just as the Toltec Mound Pyramids are etherically reforming the PAX in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas and other key locations on the planet for similar purpose.

Accordingly Santa Fe is the first, and is now being juxtaposed into great and greater frequencial relevance. It is a Vortex-Portal complex that is changing and quickening in greater aspect and purpose as the Ascension approaches. It is the Golden PAX. It is quickening to become a point of extreme manifestation of thought, and an area of crucible cleansing. It will activate, over the next 3 years, all the others in sequence, one by one.

Santa Fe is Replacing Sedona

Now, in a manner of speaking we can tell you that the living sentient vortexial-portal complex of the area of the Golden PAX ( Santa Fe) is assuming some of the responsibilities that were previously held by the Sedona complex.

The energy within the portal of the Golden Pax is even more embellished in its etheric geometric complexities than that of the magnificent Sedona Vortex. Until the present, both Sedona and Santa Fe have spun in a counterclockwise pattern.

Santa Fe is now transitioning within the Golden Pax to induce dual vortexial spins of both clockwise and counterclockwise torque. This adds a much lighter density, something of an anti-gravitational attribute. The energy effect is a pulsing of octahedronal light that forces the visitor and resident alike to find healing thru harmony. It is quite impossible to remain in this energy unless equilibrium is found by the individual within this energy.

So we tell you that a ‘Golden Pax’ is formulating over the rhombic region centered around Santa Fe. It is finalizing in 2010, and is evolving into an extraordinary energy amplifier with concentrated dimensional influx that is transforming the very density of the earth within its sphere of influence, and in so doing becomes a point of manifest creation.

The Golden Pax

Now, as we have explained, the Golden Pax of Santa Fe has occurred in this region previously. It is now being reactivated into physicality again, through the Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation. It has been in preparation phase since the Harmonic Convergence. It is being assisted, monitored and regulated thru the Syrian-Pleadean Alliance in combination with the Blue Race LeMurians, both of whom exist in hyper-dimensionality below the area within the vast labyrinth of tunnels and chasms of the Intra-Earth networked intricately below the areas between Mt Trucha, Santa Fe and Crestone Needle.

The more sensitive in this area often hear a barely audible humming or more precisely an ‘Omming’ sound throughout this region. This is because crystalline harmonic octaves are emitted from the Pyramid and regulated purposefully by the Syrians as the Pax and Pyramid become more tangibly functional.

Points of Concentrated Life Force

The functional application of the Golden Pax is, among other utilities, is an accelerator of Crystalline thought manifestation within Mer-Ka-Na development. It functions in two primary modes : (1) An antennae, a receiver and amplifier of life force pixel, of that termed AKASH or consciousness units. Theta thought in this concentrated matrix is quite capable of altering reality, of manifesting chosen probability. (2) As a hologramic multidimensional insert, in an anti-gravitational field within a golden rhombus that enables an atypically accelerated access to simultaneous time holograms and parallels of Omni Earth.

Yet it is a double edged sword. It is literally the ‘Forbidden Planet’ scenario, where thought is manifested into reality. But fear not, it comes with a safety feature. Those not in Mer-Ka-Na will not be able to achieve the harmonic required to manifest, and no one can achieve Mer-Ka-Na who has not purified the multidimensional thought-wave resonance of the oversoul. Do you understand?

The Pax enables an accelerated access into Mer-Ka-Na thru intense ‘crucible’ clearing. It is why some who reside in the area will now chose to either clear into Mer-Ka-Na or (if not) will be forced into such a state of imbalance, they will chose to vacate to another locale. The extraordinary energy in the PAX is extremely powerful , and intensely so…yet within its robust fortitude, is yet deceptively subtle.

So what does all of this mean? In lay terms, this vortexial PAX can allow a human seeker to of sufficient light quotient, within Mer-Ka-Na field, to proactively choose and more readily manifest the life and attributes desired, via clear theta thought octave.

In prerequisite the PAX also allows for fast track into Crystalline Light Body. How ? By forcing up all remaining issues much faster than might occur in a lesser embellished area. And for the many of you seekers who want to clear the remaining obstacles before 2012, this is a profound asset. Yet be informed…it can be quite a roller-coaster ride in process.

It is a vividly clear example of the Living Earth reforming to assist humanity.

Power-Nodes Are Cyclic

You see vortex-portal complexes are dynamic, they are cyclic and are ever changing, shifting in accord with the requisite needs of the Earth and Humanity to retain equilibrium, expansion and greater creative control of destiny in micro and macro.

Masters, there is a constant communication, a give and take shifting between the power centers of the planet. By way of further description we tell you that Earthen Cosmic Powernodes are defined to a large degree by the mineralogy present above and below them.

Vortex-Portal complexes are a network of tonal energetic movements joined into symphonies and not separated by silence. They overlap and border each other in the succinct waves and distinct cyclic seasons, in the same ways that nature presents the seasons to you. Accordingly such Vortex-Portal complexes operate in recurring cycles according to the crysto-electric dynamics of the planet and the light quotient requisites of mankind.

Thought Wave Accelerators

Within the next three centuries humankind will learn how to consciously alter their own ‘density’ as well as actively influence the relative dimensional density of specific Powernodes on the planet. And in the creation of Paxial fields, have a proactive role in manifesting their chosen reality and destiny.

Certain cultures in the past, inclusive of the Atla-Ra, Egyptians, and Tibetans were aware of how to directly influence further transformation of that you term Powernodes into specific radiant energy fields that became something of metamorphose acceleration generator. This was termed, as described as a PAX.

Several of these are being formed now. It is for this reason that we direct the channel to specific areas for gatherings. One such is the area of Emerald Mountain in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, the Moody Pyramids of Galveston Island, and indeed the rhombic area of the Golden Pax in New Mexico.

Masters, the very density of all things and beings can be physically measured, but mankind en masse, as we have stated, have forgotten how to influentially transfigure and morph dimensional density in order to benefit itself and its very future.

The importance of this is that the stimulus of pure-theta thought upon your physical matter and etheric matter is what closes the consciousness chasm betwixt your existence in matter and the much wider realm of antimatter and etheric matter. This is indeed crystalline Mer-Ka-Nic in function, and is the crystalline distillation of pure thought pattern.

It is the final step. It is a quantum leap, and it is the ‘magic wand’ that requires great and greater responsibility.

Alchemy of Ascension

This level of thought is the Alchemy of your Ascension. It occurs in clear mind, and indeed accelerated by the PAX construct of both the Mer-Ka-Na and of Mer-Ka-Nic Powernodes.

All Vortex-Portal complexes operate in somewhat similar function ,but not in the same mechanics. This is primarily due to the living earth that defines them and the cycle of the succinct mineralogy within certain Powernodes or earth chakras. You see, there is an additional synergy dynamic between mineralogical density and the light energy received within from without them, and it would be helpful to understand this as well.

And so then the Golden Pax is entering a cycle of renewed vigor and the very dimensional densities of the mentioned mineralogical receptors are the receiving and transmitting catalysts of this metamorphisis. Just as light exist on a spectrum, so does matter.

Matter has vibrational layers that can be cyclic and these cycles can be activated into higher spectra by theta- thought. This is occurring NOW, and will culminate in the ceremonies we have directed in Santa Fe, in May of 2010.

Yet we must acknowledge that many that reside in the areas of Creston and Santa Fe, have been knowingly and unknowingly working with and preparing these energies for many years. Indeed the Golden Pax Vortex-Portal extends through the Sangre de Cristos Mountains of New Mexico into Colorado to the parallel apex center of Crestone Peak.

OJO Caliente Springs

A major node of the Golden Pax is its living waters.The quad-springs at OJO Caliente are quite unique in their role. When all 4 are utilized a very beneficial clearing and expansion of the auric field occurs that in fact reinforces the 13-20-33 circuitry of the field. Attachments are removed and optimal energy flow is obtained. Energy is amped to its highest potential.

These assist greatly in allowing the auric field to maintain integrity within the increased energies of the Paxial Points.

The very energy received has the ability to heal illnesses and rejuvenate the body physical. The waters are alive, carrying extraordinary life force or ‘Akash’ . The waters flow in excess of 100,000 gallons per day in 4 distinct geothermal mineral pools from an ancient subterranean volcanic aquifer that was indeed known to the Atlanteans, and is utilized beneath the surface by the blue bodied LeMurians.

The indigenous and the pre-descendent Explorers recognized the revitalizing and healing effects for those who soak in the sacred living waters.

The subterranean civilizations in the area are indeed, as mentioned, very aware and quite active in their utilization and indeed maintenance of the springs. We will tell you that the Atla-Ra initiates utilized the springs in Auric fortification and for ceremonial cleansing before visiting the Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation located near present day Mt Trucha.

The areas of the Golden Pax are teeming with subterranean tunnels and life. Within this area the lauded and mythical labyrinth of the Atlantean age are still quite functional within the hyper-dimensional inserts of this area. The benevolent blue-skinned beings and those of Sirius A are based below this area and are indeed involved in the reconfiguration of the Golden Pax. This is why so many sense a ‘hum’ vibration in the regions near Santa Fe, Trucha, Crestone and Ojo.

The combination of a quadro-plex of iron springs, arsenic bearing springs, sodium springs and lithium springs is extremely rare and mutually synergistic in their effect. There is no other such mineral combination of geo-thermal natural living springs on the planet. The waters are thermal, between 85 and 108 degrees and this is also an important factor, indeed the temperature increases the absorption both physically and etherically These then to be taken in a spirit of reverence, honoring the living spirit of place and the living spirit of the waters. Go into the waters only after seeking permission , in quiet meditation and not as a splash in the pool or spa, but rather in honored ceremony and prayer. Ask for that that is desired, for that needed in highest good, for you are indeed in as Living Cathedral, the ritual cleansing of sacred baptism.

Iron Red Springs:

The iron rich thermal iron springs is the blood essence of that termed the Sacred and Divine Feminine energies. Indeed the red spring is in axialtonal alignment with the Chalice Well Red Springs, and the Mt Shasta (Stewart Mineral) Red Springs of the ‘Goddess’. The energies are magnetic and carry the crystalline essence of the ruby. Assistance is given in strengthening of the immune systems, of enriching the magnetic balance within the circular system and blood stream. It is especially effective in restoring auric and hormonal balance to post menopausal women, and injecting feminine balance in over masculine expressions within those in male biology.

Soda White Springs:

The sodium springs represent and carry the energy of the balanced ‘Divine Masculine’ and work in harmony with the red springs. In fact it can be said that these two are in divine union within blending the male and female aspects into whole integration. The ionic characterization of the white springs is also very beneficial in removing auric attachments and reducing emotional imbalance. The sodium waters are also capable of aiding stomach maladies, digestive issues and hormonal imbalances. An axialtonal connection here is to the Swan springs of Glastonbury and to the Silicate White springs of Mt Shasta.

Arsenic Springs:

The arsenic water works in the removal of negative or toxic characteristics that are projected within the mental bodies of the individual seeker. The arsenic is also very physically benevolent in the healing of skin conditions such as lesions, eczema and skin irritations. Additionally helpful in the long term utilization of the waters are issues of rheumatism, joint inflammation and arthritis. Lubricity thru its electrical properties is added to the muscular and skeletal frame of the body physical.

Lithium Spring:

This spring is in axialtonal alignment with the Lithia waters of Delphi in Greece. These waters open the 3rd Eye and increase that termed ‘psychic awareness. The lithium waters clear and open the heart, throat and 3rd Eye centers. The waters assist in development of well-being, serenity and tranquility within the individual.

The Cumulative effect of all 4:

As the minerals blend to various degrees between the 4 pools, the order of utilization is best in the following sequence. Those in female biology shud begin with the red springs, and follow with the white, arsenic and finish with lithium. A minimum then of 30 minutes in each pool, with a 5 to 15 minute wind/sun drying between each is recommended. Do not dry with a towel, rather allow the wind and sun to dry for better absorption of the minerals. The opposite for male biology, begin in the white (sodium) pool and follow with the red, arsenic and lithium. The cumulative benefits are clearing, re-stabilization and balancing of all 12 chakric centers, and the optimal adjustment of 13-20-33 circuitry. The integral wholeness of male-female balance is obtained within the water rituals. A sense of calmness, serenity and balance is obtained from the bathing ceremony.

Masters, this process indeed will heal and rejuvenate in triad, physically, mentally and spiritually. One ritual cycle will indeed assist, but we recommend repeating the process twice to thrice times daily for a period of three to five days for optimal effect. And that this regime be enacted 3 to 4 visits per year for those seeking increased vitality and rejuvenation. Such optimal and repeated utilization can remove illness and indeed prolong and enrich life in bodies physical and spiritual. The regular use of these springs will also assist residents of the area to better incorporate balance and harmonize into the subtly intense energies of the crucible PAX.

The PAX as an Earthen Light Body

Just as mankind is moving into crystalline Mer-Ka-Na structure, in kind the Earth moves into similar cycles of crystalline structure as well. Accordingly the PAXIAL grid-matrix is also forming in key areas that were not as recognized yesterday as today, and today not as much as tomorrow.

These for the North American regions are the areas of Santa Fe, Asheville, Lake O’Hara, Herkimer NY, Galveston, Mount Alban-Oaxaca (Mexico) and Mt Maga in Arkansas. These then become dynamic PAX structures that will draw certain seekers to their energies and accelerate the Mer-Ka-Na process in all its preparatory complexities.

Many others are emerging globally within the areas previously noted for the crystalline phase of the recent Cosmic Trigger. All are Mer-Ka-Nic in construct, as a key matrix of the crystalline age. And keep in mind, the Mer-Ka-Na energies & portals are enabled and activated thru the 144 Crystalline Grid. This is one of the attributes of the ‘Triple Date’ portals.

Key Factors of the Ascension

Many of you feel the Crystalline Age and its dimensional expansions are just around the corner. In fact, it has always been here, and you are not closer today in distance than you were a year ago. That is because distance is not a factor in dimensional reality. Masters, the energies of the Ascension Arc are in full dynamic swing. The Earth is being transformed at an incredible pace, and in kind the changes are affecting humanity en masse.

The Ascension is defined by two primary factors:

* 1) Expanded Dimensional Access
* 2) Transferral Into Unified Crystalline Field

Yet understand that the Ascension complexities are non linear realities that are received into the earth in linear time. In that context, the ‘Ascension’ is exactly where it has always been, figuratively and factually so. In terms of nonlinear movement it is not closer today than it was a decade ago. That is because the Ascension always has been and always will be. It is a Cosmic requisite for the Earth and thus for humanity. You pull this Omni Event into your reality at the time your collective vibration triggers it.

Within the Omniverse and Omni-Earth there have always been Ascended versions of the Earth, and indeed of humanity within the ‘Torus of Time, without bias to belief.

When the collective thought resonance of mankind en masse are inspired to the frequence of divinity the distance to Ascension becomes, in a manner of speech, closer to your physical reality. But again, the Ascension has ever been the ultimate inevitable reality, no closer now than from the beginning in Mer-Ka-Nic overview. Do you understand?

So the distance between the duality realms of the physical polarity dimensions (1 to 3) and the non-polar realms is without distance, without measure, yet the chasm can be traveled substantially faster than previously due to the integration of Crystalline thought.

In other words, dimensions are not fixed in physicality, rather they are bridged by and oscillate within defined frequency. The crystalline celestial frequency integrates into the Earth via the Crystalline Grid, and by the PAXIAL formation of earthen grid portals which allow for interpretations of crystalline portals upon the earth. Each within a cyclic mission to assist in the transformation of both Earth and Mankind.

Initial Pax Integration

The initial two such PAXIAL formations are the Golden Pax of Santa Fe and the Emerald Pax of Mt Maga in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas. These have existed in physicality before and are re-cycled now onto the Earth by the Cosmic Trigger and potency of Collective Akashic Thought. Theta thought in clear collective mind is your final step.

Santa Fe is juxtaposed into great and greater frequencial relevance. It is a Vortex-Portal complex that is changing and quickening in greater aspect and denotation as the Ascension approaches. Gather then in the PAX Grids and project the future you desire for this planet. Manifest your life!

Unity Consciousness

Mankind has ever pondered through the Ages, the purpose of Life. That purpose is to learn to responsibility create. You are here to learn how to be ‘Gods’. To create in LOVE! Unity Consciousness is the Key!

Unity Consciousness is the Key to managing PAXIAL creation points. When you gather in mass within these centres you will be able to exert a theta wave of creation thought that will alter the future in amazing measure. You will understand the higher purpose of the Earth and of your role therein. You will move Providence, as thousands become millions in creating collectively the higher purpose of duality life as it manifests into Crystalline zero field. It is time to join together and in doing so fulfillment of the cosmic plan will be initiated.

The baton is being passed to mankind, and indeed it is a wand, a magic one. Wield it well, Masters. It is your final step for Ascension. One of your wise sages stated “What so ever a man thinketh, he becomes”. That is the law of the PAX. Create well within them!

I am Metatron, and I share with you these TRUTHS. You are Beloved.

And so it is.

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2 Responses

  1. I have attained a state of beingness for hours and even days long being with a girl, where everytime we were together no matter how the weather was, the sun would come out and radiate, sooo bright.
    Where being with her, felt like I was in heaven, all time seemed to stop, where absolutely everything was going to be alright, and it appeared that situations in our lives would mold to our desires in such esoteric, mystical ways, it was absolutely mind blowing. Never have I ever imagined a state of existence to be possible, I felt like I was a gigantic being of many wings emanating the will of God unhindered, un yieldingly limitless in reach to bring a continued heavenly reality. I felt resonanting of love so intensly, outward it was an expectation thats things would collapse into order by whim of desired will and proper application, it was so incredibly God like, I can’t explain more how vast and awesome a state it was.
    But only with this one girl, and now we are separated, from that from forces unknown that keep us from unity. Its absolutely disasterous, i feel like my lack of a being is what caused this seperation. Physically the closer I am to her, the more intense the resonance of love just echoes outwards, like an silent earthquake only I was aware. And directing the quakeing from resonant love, to bring in happening the target intent.

  2. go to her and forget about the rest of this illusion we call the “world” as i too have encountered my girl and have exactly the feelings you are experiencing….

    take care of you and her and all else will become as you envision….

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