“Trust And Let Go”

Lady Quan Shih Yin

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

During this session Lady Kwan Yin shared some profound wisdom on the
inner child as well as a most powerful initiation balancing the
masculine/feminine aspects of our inner child amongst other energies,
we are invited into her Ashram on the inner planes of Shamballah
within the etheric energy of the Himalayas

At the end of the transmission we had a surprise super quick visit
from Lord Kuthumi sharing briefly his decision to momentarily withdraw
his energy from the channelling earth frequencies, for a short

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be
made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not
add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations,
simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be
undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for
your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by
your higher self for your greater good.

**** **** ****

I am Kwan Shih Yin; I come to you in love this day, greetings to you.
It may take some time to come into a perfect frequency of love for as
you know this is to be the first time that I am working with the
frequency of this being, in this way (conscious chanelling)

Dear ones I am Kwan shih yin, I am a mother of this planet serving
alongside all of the other mothers of this planet, your planet. We
serve in a weave of love to create for you a whole new structure which
serves as a blanket of Light for humanity. Great changes are taking
place at this time on many and every level of this world and because
of these intense changes it has become really and truly important to
bring in new support for the Blanket of Light. The blanket I am
referring to is as always the Breath of Creation.

Every one of you has an inner journey to fulfill. You have by choice
of self taken on an experience called humanness and through this
experience of bringing your heart energy to this planet in this way at
this time, you have come to serve each other by reminding one another
of eons that many of you have shared, spending time together in many
ways, many lifetimes, and also shared energy as part of the elemental
energies of your planet. At this time the elements of this planet are
facing extreme challenges which is the very reason why these beings
that oversee this energy have been extremely active. Each of you here
and many not present know inertly the feeling of being part of the
elements of creation, for you have served within the inner worlds
creating the rain, the sun, you have served within the realms of light
which supports the etheric structures that keeps all of life together.
You have also served as the passion and the flames of this planet. You
have served as the light, the night and day which is also another
reason why many of you feel a particular energy towards a specific
expression of nature for instance some feel that you are unable to
cope with strong or excessive winds, others unable to cope with
extreme and strong heat of the sun, many of you still carry memories
of the service that you played a great part in creating, the great
elemental energy.

Lightworkers such as yourself have come now this time in this awakened
consciousness to support your fellow man and ancestors here upon this
plane in creating a whole new world, and because of this history and
your understanding of the elemental energies you have chosen to bring
your part in creating balance on this plane at this time for much of
the work is being done on elemental levels. You know the erraticness
of your weather patterns, and I Kwan shih yin are one of the major
overseers of these weather patterns, I am part of a huge group, many
millions infact that assists me in this project. I am like a powerful
wind, I am hot like your sun, I work very gently through the power of
your waters to help bring emotion and to sustain this emotion in a
balanced way.

You have come this time as lightworkers not only to create for
yourself a life that you are dreaming about, a life that you know you
were promised all along. You not only came because of your power to
serve humanity and the earth, but you very much came also because of
your incredible connection to the elements, and the elementals really
can do with the support that you can give them for these beings use
their energies as support to assist in the massive changes, some done
and much more to come, that shall deliver the power of
transformational change. Before you can go too far, before you allow
all of this to run away with you, it is first asked of you to be small
in yourself, meaning to withdraw your energy from being active in too
many directions restructuring your light allowing it to come together
as one. In this oneness restructuring of life you shall find yourself
as part of the one that is innocent and gentle, one that cares and is
constantly kind. For you to find direction and a deeper understanding
of your divine support as part of the cosmic plan of divine fusion and
divine beingness, you need to now find within you first an element
that shall allow you to be truly great friends with yourself, which is
for the average not an easy task at all, for most of humanity find it
extremely challenging to be in a position of great friendship with
themselves. Do you follow me?

A: Yes

QY: Are you friendly with yourself?

A; Silence, someone says yes.

This essence lies within the awakening child within. Before the child
awake within (which delivers unto you much blessings and an
understanding of the deeper aspects of the self) you always have to
come to meet the erratic child without. You have first to know the
personality of the child without to discover remotely that perhaps the
truth exists that there is a child within after all. One that plays
constant games be that with the self or others. The outer plays games
without rules, often being childish and unable to shift to the new
creating set ways oppose to understanding the self in a more profound
and symbolic way.

Symbolism plays a major part in your energy field and all that you
represent, in fact if you allow the inner aspect, the sincere innocent
part of the self to guide you, you will find dear light friends
symbolism in everything all around, and through this you will find
guidance and messages should you but just observe and look deeper into

Most beings are incredibly busy trying to create life and ‘love’ for
themselves which leaves us completely dumbfounded for they always run
in the opposite direction to that which the symbolism guides. How many
times do you need to have a certain message spelled out for you to
understand it and with that bring this symbolism to life. Now with
your knowledge dear light friends, with your understanding of the self
along this pathway that you have ventured, and now understanding your
divine inner connection to the elements that keeps all in life,
understand too your inner divine symbolism, it is this divine
perfection that we always somehow introduce to you in some way or
another. We give this to you in messages, in visions, we show you
flashes of light, we bring you winds of change, we give you waters to
wake you up, yet you never look to see beyond that which you prefer to
see and at the very same time you fall down on your knees praying for
guidance. Humanity loves to contradict themselves as they love leaving
their options open either way.

My work as kwan shih yin on the inner planes of divine compassion
serves to bring each of you to this inner guidance of understanding
the self, into the understanding of your own divine perfection
contained in the symbolism that carries you, that guides you, for the
visions and guidance and all of that which was and is very much part
of your life from birth to this day, all of the invisible beings that
took care of you, are still very much part of you. They never went
away, your imaginary friends are still waiting for you, it is only you
that need to recall them, for it is part of the set plan of this game
that the older you get the more you for-get, forget about the
invisible forces of light and love and support that is there for you
thus the more go with that which is tangible oppose to with that which
creates all that even dares to become tangible.

For all is spirit, can one even dare to say that two atoms that
combine to create another which you can absorb with your six senses
including your intuition is not spiritual, it is not possible for in
the beginning there was nothing and now there is all this and where
did it all come from, from you, throughout time and space in the same
way dear ones that you supported life in all of its facets, in its
flame energy, water, air, earth and ether. You supported as part of
the Concept that gives life to all that is, and you shall return to
that Concept by releasing your divine inner blueprint, which is your
symbolism that keeps you anchored to a world of sanity and the world I
refer to is not the one that you find all around you tangibly. This
world dear ones of the light is a world that is recreated the moment
you close your eyes and dare to dream. A word manifest so real and
truly tangible if you would but allow the inner divine symbolism to
guide the outer child in having fun and joy whilst playing in the
playground called life. This is the purpose of your being here mainly,
to be able to live out your dreams through the innocence of the inner
child allowing the outer child to grow up, older, mature yet never
loose the inner zest for living. The moment life becomes too serious
for you and unable to create for the self joy, harmony, fun and
laughter, this is when you adhere to the outer aspect that strives to
live ‘in security’ thus being insecure, thus you experience this
aspect of the self that need you to live within the lower part of your
energy field for you to ‘feel safe’, whereas we are always urging you
to allow the higher aspects of the self to teach you by guiding you
along the passion of fun and joy.

At the moment, the weather patterns across this planet are
tremendously erratic, one of the reasons being the earth’s tremendous
sadness that she carries within her womb, for too many of her beings
are blindfolded so busy scurrying around like enormous ants creating
little factories for themselves to live in and live through and live
by, that they completely miss the greater aspect of the new energy
which now is so important; which is all about going back to the inner
love and innocent aspect by allowing the inner sense to emerge, to
release from yourself a symbolic energy creating innocence in
everything that you do, creating a beautiful pattern in your lives, so
no matter what you do, do it to the best of your ability instead of
just doing it for the sake of it.

Dear ones of the light, you are asked now at this time to communicate
your love to the elements of this plane. There is a calling for you
lightworkers to become much more in touch with the elements within
you, and to do so by communicating your internal symbolism to the
external symbolisms, the elements, overseen by the elementals. The
secure child within has no fears of the elements, it knows how to
communicate with the external elements for it is very important as
many of you tend to overlook and some forget about these aspects of
communication, the connection between the internal and external thus
that which create the moods in you, and that which creates the moods
out side of you all around the planet. Nature is natural thus it has
become extremely important for you to be in touch with nature without
and the way to do this easily is to find the origin of your nature

Often in life one gets to face tremendous upheavals and challenges and
in your particular world it is mostly related to insecurity issues
being unsure and fearful the latter often from an individual aspect of
being alone or without abundance. There are in most cases these
fearful attachments which prevents you from going within, and should
you be able to go just beyond that, you will come to know that by
allowing the innocence within to communicate to the innocence without
which is the nature of the earth and the nature of your moods, you
will come to such a divine balanced state of knowing your divinity and
when this occurs it will release for you a clear and conclusive
vision, a picture of the symbolism of your divinity and through this
vision you will inertly know that you are always divinely cared for
and loved. You will rest in tranquil knowing thus your part as the
greatness of this earth along with everyone else, and so the time has
come now not only for you as workers for the Light Energy but for all
to work together, stand together not only as you come to man the plan
of light enfoldment, but also to allow your innocence to connect, to
create a wonderful eternal energy of love, compassion and care.

Gone are the days of being in conflict with another, of always needing
to be more secure and better than another for only the fittest shall
survive this and the fittest in this plan never need rely on the power
generated within your gymnasiums, but more so be fittest in faith,
compassion, kindness and care. The way to do this is to surrender to
the child within.

Everyone of you have been a child at some stage, you had your
imaginary friends, the ones that took care of you by sweeping you out
of the way as the motorcar came streaming down the way, well they are
still here. Internally contained is still a presence from those days
back, the innocent aspect of yourself, the inner child. It is awaiting
your call. This inner aspect which knows infinitely that anything is
possible beloved dear ones of a light vibration is still there,
active, waiting for you. It is this aspect of the self that asks “when
last did you have fun”. When last did you take a paper and scissors
creating objects that fly through the air? When last did you cut out
symbols and stuck them to your plants pretending it to be an early
Xmas? The outer aspect of the inner child prevents this for this is
the ego aspect that always demands. It is also this outer ego that
won’t allow you a tree without a gift, for there is always the need to
have and the expectancy of supply.

Dear friends of the light, the greater part of my visit to you this
day as Quan Shih Yin, is to remind you to go within and draw without
the innocent parts from these areas.

It is the innocence within the inner aspect that allow you to dare
breaking free from restraints and restrictions, allowing to explore
for the insecure aspects of the self lurks in the shadow side asking
you ‘when will things go wrong’ always expecting this. So in tapping
into your inner nature and being completely at ease with your outer
nature by communicating your connection to the elemental energies you
are asked to create a whole new visible pathway of light sharing with
others along the way, creating great excitement again within your
existence and your being. It is very important for you as a being to
now release from your energy field the limitations that prevents you
from going ahead and believe us there are many. You are on the brink
of a massive shift, a planetary shift. There may be a physical
reaction, in fact by merely observing the elements without one cannot
help by registering these changes already taking place, and therefore
with these changes and shifts within the inner earth plates you need
to be as comfortable with the self as possible, as balanced as you can
possibly be, and in this way you will be part of the support energy
for these changes as you will create the inner feelings without
amongst all, wherever you go. Humanity always expects the worst, many
times with the outcome in question. Many of you have experienced
previous mass exists, and still carries this memory, now it is time to
let it go.

There are many changes ahead for you, for the planet, for everyone of
you, therefore now tune in the fine strings of your soul instrument to
bring to you clarity, a new harmonic vibration and resonance, as you
too are experiencing a restringing within, facing internal avalanches
of change. Each of you, not simply those of you whom kindly came to
meet with me in this physicality, but many out there in your world are
facing avalanches of all proportions that shall bring change and the
major reason being the inner child is yearning to be without. It no
longer wants to hide behind the pillars created in the shadows of your
time but rather wants to go out into the public playground called
life, and be authentically itself, and such a time is it now where you
have to gently take the little one by the hand and go all out to show
them the world without, allow them to give to you the pleasure of
knowing how you are so loved all around, how you are so cared for all
around. So the key here is to allow the giant within (your mind) to
become gentle, thus tame the human mind by allowing your cosmic
(sacred) heart to awaken. Tame your inner fears by following your
internal map of unconditional love and divine beingness where no
direction is ever needed bar knowing. This knowing is what shall
awaken within you every aspect of completely surrendering into the
light; by completely surrendering into the innocence of the self and
for you to then take your grand egos and pack them in tiny little
boxes and place them on the shelves of forgetfulness.

When last have you listened to a child or rather truly listened to a
child? But Kwan Yin, why would I, grand me, listen to a little one?

Some of the greatest problems occur when having a child bringing it
into this world and not allowing that child to show you its world. You
don’t allow this world to show you the world of make belief for how
utterly ridiculous not so, yet should you but take a moment in time
and become aware of the child within you would gladly sit up and
listen to other children without, saying “now can you tell me about
your world?” Take some time from your incredibly busy important and
supposedly perfect lives and listen to some that you believe not to be
so. The reason why as you know, is by simply hearing a few little
words dear ones expressed by the innocence of your nation, you will
again come to face yourself finding what went wrong within, why you
mistrusted that child so, why you find yourself to be so all important
never to even give a simple moment of your time to one that is
supposedly not of your emotional standing, I ask you!

At this time you are being prepared to awaken within to the
compassionate feminine goddess of the self. This aspect of femininity
brings to you ways of being perfectly flexible, and is unable to fully
cope or blossom unless accompanied by the innocence of your inner
child. It is the child and the mother within that combines and through
this energy allow you to bring true balance within, thus without. The
child always dares, the mother nurtures no matter what, so here you
are asked to live and dare!

Don’t think that if you play it safe all the time it will remain so,
thus dare by allowing the inner aspect of innocence to follow its
guidance thus truth through its connection with nature, the nature of
the self which is represented by the elements – within as without, and
then surrender to allow the inner femininity thus the compassionate
aspect of the self to bring to the self ways of flexibility thus
working with the energetic life springs or coils called surrender.

Surrender is an energy that everyone some time in your lives has to
face, which is often with great effort and impossibility unless you
allow the inner child and inner goddess to gently guide you though
this process for the masculine aspect of the self usually finds it
extremely trying to let go trusting the internal aspects of
flexibility. The masculine aspect relates to the outer child, the
erratic child for you never know what to expect from its behavior
being ego drive.

So the outer part of the nature of the planet as with your personal
outer child’s nature is much the same, unpredictable acting on its
wounds. Nature in its natural sense carry, care, nurture, protects and
guide if you will. To create a link between your inner and outer parts
thus the way for you to find a way of creating bridges that connect
every aspect of yourself allowing yourself to blossom, is to face the
act of surrender.

The inner child understands that no matter what unfolds for you during
this lifetime that all is a part of your outset growth plan. The inner
child is the appreciative side of the self that has respect and lives
in integrity, that blesses all, and dares ultimately to be different.

With these words of wisdom being shared with you this day, you are
asked; you are urged in fact to connect to the nature of your being by
being in nature.

You are asked to begin a divine communication with your elements, and
also to understand what part you play as a divine innocent being in
the creation of your own nature as well as the reality of nature
unfolding around the planet as we speak. Do not simply accept all as
it is, set it into new directions by changing its cause. Do not be
forced to into a certain direction if you prefer not to be along that
way, change your course into another direction, and as you know to
begin with, it is done by changing the way that you think for what you
think is ultimately what you become.

In the quiet stillness of your being, thus in the nature of your
existence allow this innocence within to reveal to you a wonderful new
pathway of light, a journey or happiness, wholeness and love, where
you feel compassion towards all, and to do all that you do with
kindness and care and understand that in every moment exists an
opportunity to serve the self henceforth the light, inevitably all
that is. Within every one of life’s moments there are opportunities to
sparkle and glitter you light, and in doing so think but for just a
moment to share and pass this on to all around. Should you come to one
that may not be as excited as you about your excitement, simply
sprinkle them with the energy of laughter and compassion, glitter and
sparkle them with delight and then run and hide within nature as you
playfully inspire all around. When they come looking for you and
forces down the shrubs to find the one that forces them to acknowledge
excitement, jump out and give them a big innocent fright, love them,
and then run some more. Allow the innocence within to bring to you a
new-found happiness without.

Follow your hearts, listen to the children, and know the only
difference between you and them is the fact that they still know where
their imaginary friends are.

You possibly wouldn’t be seen dead with them not so (laughter) no you
are all grown up not so? So pack those egos away, and have some fun.
Be in touch with yourself by being in touch with your nature, and with
that allow your inner guidance to deliver to you your innocence of
being, being the best that you can be.

Dear friends of the light and so to welcome you in my paradise and in
my world, I would like to personally escort you, each and every one of
you, to my inner planes, would you like to come?

A: All shouts yes!

QY: The dragon’s await, let us go!

All get ready for energy activation & initiation.

Do be comfortable; drink some water if you need to, as there is no
stopping along this way. Pause.

I Quan Shin Yin invite you to venture with me into my ashram as I ask
you to walk with me experiencing a wonder world of laughter, joy and
happiness. Imagine yourself walking along a cobble pathway, with the
most lush and splendid gardens on either side, trees, flowers, animals
of all kinds in the nature of your vision. Pause. As we venture deep
into this beautiful imaginary world visualize that the cobblestones
beneath your feet are being transformed into gold, so you are walking
along this golden pathway with the magnificent and immaculate gardens
on either side, nature sounding all around. Pause.

In the far distance you will come to notice massive golden walls
stretching to either side as far as the eye can see; pure gold as the
pathway you are walking upon. As you get closer to the wall you notice
an entrance with massive gates, and once you are much closer you
recognize my personal entrance into my Temples in Shamballah. Pause.

I invite you now to follow me into the gardens but first come to stand
on the outside of this massive golden gate and notice outstretched on
the walls on either side of these gates are my own two personal golden
dragons blazing their fire of compassion towards the gate entrance.
Pause. Now come to stand facing this gate and in the knowing that you
are about to enter my personal entrance into sacred Shamballah, I want
you in the stillness of your nature to ask the innocent aspect of the
self to awake within a wonderful vision of your inner child and then
through the innocence of this energy I wish for you now to request
entry into my Ashram, the Temples of The Lady Quan Yin. Very long

Once permission is granted the gates will automatically open, enter,
the gates close, the two dragons again lie down resting, basking in
The Light, the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom. Pause.

Now walk deeper through the sacred gardens of Shamballah, towards the
Temples of Lady Quan Shihn Yin, or Kwan Yin which ever you prefer as
you come to face your initiation temples for this purpose (Inner Child
Initiation), these are very tall ostentatious temples set in a
peculiar Chinese fashion. Pause. Visualize the Chinese architecture,
the varied roof levels, and the chimes and ringing bells, also see the
immaculately painted scenes covering the walls with the ruling colour
red, representing the power of the earth dragons. Pause.

Before you enter this temple I wish for you to make clear contact with
your inner child, receiving pure visions of the expression of your
inner child. If anyone prefers not to have this meeting with their
inner child we suggest for you to sit here on the steps leading into
the temple and wait for our return. Pause. As for the rest of you, now
enter the temple, you will see the lower inner structure is square
shaped with its 4 definite side walls, with set arches everywhere, and
as it stretches up you will notice many levels, with many interrupted
walls and arches as it ascends towering into the heavens, set in a
typically Chinese fashion. Pause. Be still and hear the bells and
chimes softly playing. Pause.

Now as you enter the temple you will notice painted on the tiled floor
within the centre a golden sphere, make you way towards it and come to
sit in the very centre of this golden circle, on the floor, make
yourself comfortable. Very long pause.

Now within your mind, bring a vision of how you would prefer to see me
Quan Yin, visualize me entering the temple from the opposite side to
where you entered, making my way towards you as I come to sit facing
you, so close our knees almost touching. Pause. I now ask you to place
your hands palms open facing up resting on your thigh’s in the lotus
position. Pause. I now place my open palms over yours with my right
palm over your left and visa versa. Now feel a connection creating a
link between my 3rd eye and yours, with my palm chakras connecting
with yours, my masculine aspect charging your feminine aspect and your
masculine aspect connecting with my feminine aspect. Pause. Feel the
power of knowing and releasing creating a flow of energy between your
3rd eye and mine. Pause.

I now ask of you dear one of the light, to close your eyes gently and
be still within this vibration of love that is transferred from my
energy field as Quan Yin to yours as truly magnificent. Pause.

Now visualise for yourself: If you could create a female vision of
your inner child no matter your sex what she would look like. Pause.
Without any energy disturbance now visualize from your left of this
inner temple appears this little girl, she makes her way towards us
taking a seat on your left thus my right. Pause. Once her energy is
settled I am asking you to create another vision by repeating this
process, see a little boy, the masculine side of your inner child, and
with that he enters coming to life, as you invite him to join us,
sitting on your right side thus my left. Pause.

I now let go of your palm chakras as we all join hands, with you
joining hands to your right with the masculine aspect of your inner
boy child connecting you to his feminine aspect (his left hand with
your right) and you take with your left hand the right hand of the
feminine representation of your inner girl child, thus your feminine
side joining with the masculine aspect of your inner girl child (your
left hand with her right). Pause. I duplicate this by joining the
masculine side of myself with her feminine side and my feminine side
joining hands with your inner boy child’s masculine side. Pause.

With all our palm chakra’s joining we are all interconnected as one.

Kwan Yin repeats this connection for those that didn’t get it.

Dear friends of the light, I now wish for you within this meditation
to ask the masculine aspect of your inner child for a direct answer
and guidance that will allow you to become more secure within yourself
thus now take this time to address the masculine aspect of your inner
child to communicate to you, with clarity, what is needed for you to
learn, to experience and let go of, that will enable you to grow up in
such a way where you can now finally make peace with and let go of all
of that which you fear so much. Very long pause.

Have you all got an answer?

A; Yes

QY: Anyone need more time? Anyone not hearing anything?

A; I don’t

QY: Beloved sister with this exercise the intent is not to wave a
magic stick allowing you to wake up in your magnificence by giving you
the answers to that which you inertly know, but rather for you to wake
up in your magnificence letting go of the stubbornness of always
having to have some flashy visual proof of everything in your life
(Doubting Thomas) so here and now, ask the masculine aspect of your
inner child, what creates an insecurity within your beliefs and life
that always breeds fear into your being. Do you follow me?

A; Yes

QY: Now ask the question, connect and hear the call. Can you hear the

A: No

QY: The answer is as I told you, you need’nt always have grand flashy
experiences to validate their existence waiting for these to wake you
into your magnificence, sister why not TRUST AND LET GO! What is the
issue surrounding this that keeps you trapped?

A: I don’t know what the issue is I just feel there is this pulling
that won’t let go

QY: Exactly! Now this is what we are asking you, ask your masculine
inner child to give to you the answer to this, and find it you will
providing you allow the innocence within to bring this without. Do you
follow me?

A: I do

QY: although I can, it is not for me to wave a magic wand and reveal
these fears to you in this exercise, for this will defeat the process
of getting you to let go of your male stubborn side which only feels
comfort when it controls. Do this by allowing the secure inert knowing
to come to the fore through the energy of the masculine inner child.
Anyone else needing help?

Did all of you connect to an answer to your fears?

A: Yes

As long as you can address this, heal it by brining it to the fore.

Now to get back, turn to the female aspect of your innocence and
request for her to reveal to you ways and what is needed from you to
have more direction in your beliefs and understanding your life and
evolution. In others words now ask this flexible aspect of the self to
give you guidance when it comes to bringing more flexibility to the
inflexible side of the self. Ask the little girl what is there that
you need to apply to bring more stability for the self when it comes
to your beliefs and supporting your evolution. Our sister, are you
with us?

A; I am Trying

QY: That’s all that’s required of you, well done.

Very long pause.

Please remain seated as I get up indicating for the two little ones to
follow me with us standing and you still sitting on the floor. I now
whisper to these two little ones to one at a time embrace you with a
warm hug, and share with you the love they feel for you, and then for
the two of them to join hands and walk off the centre core in the
direction that I came in and to wait for me at the entrance where I
entered from. Now also if there is anything else that you as an
individual need help with, need support with, then now is the time to
ask this of them. Very long pause.

Once done they leave the centre with joined hands waiting for me on
the outside of this inner temple sacred space. I indicate for you to
stand, again taking your hands in mine holding them lightly, as I now
communicate to you a specific symbol, from my 3rd eye to yours, a
symbol which I suggest you work with at all times to help you connect
with your inner child. So now again close your eyes and feel the
energy of this imprint between my 3rd eye and yours until eventually
this symbol become so clear and imprinted in your 3rd eye that it no
longer needs the imprint from my 3rd eye to imprint this into yours
and thus the energy between our 3rd eye’s start to dissipate until the
connection is completely halted. Now again open your eyes, embrace my
smile as I give your hands a gentle squeeze with the assurance that
you are now fully on a path of inner recovery.

You are now on a clearer pathway where you will come to meet other
aspects of yourself you never knew existed and henceforth you are now
in the healing process of putting to bed many of the unfinished
supposed errors, the errands you never stopped running, the messages
which never came to completion. You are now enroute to bringing all of
the unfinished aspects and issues to a rest by integrating the inner
masculine/feminine innocence, allowing this presence within to awaken
to all that’s without and visa versa. Pause.

I let go of your hands, I thank you for allowing me into this very
personal space of yours, Namaste` as I bring to you an awareness of
your beauty. I now leave, joining the little ones waiting for me as we
join hands with them on either side of me turning to face you from a
distance. Pause.

I indicate for these two little angels to now move coming to stand in
front of me with all of us facing you. Pause. Now the intent is set
for an internal transition to take place within you, blending these
two little one’s energy fields to become one, please allow this now
(pause), once completed I gently rest my hands on the shoulders of
your inner child facing you, be it a boy or girl, it matters not, the
connection is yours. Pause.

I ask you now as with this to trust the transformation within by
allowing 4 golden dragons to join us, to breathe their fire aspect
into yours (Solar Plexus), thus they take their positions representing
the 4 different directions (North, South, East, West) – also
representing the 4 lower bodily aspects of your being (physical,
mental emotional and spiritual), allowing them to also bless you with
the elements of air, water, fire, earth aspect of your nature by
awakening the etheric thus the 5th element ether within you. Pause.
Thus allow these golden blazing dragons to wake your full fire aspect
by lighting all of the chakric flames that you have been initiated
into thus far. If you can recall these light them individually from
the base up, and for those that don’t recall these or haven’t
experienced this, simply allow these golden dragons to breathe life
into the aspects of the self that still carry the memory of your
connection to the nature of life, the elements. Very long pause.

Whilst this continues we simply stand by observing; you feeling the
passion and the love of these dragons blazing compassion and life into
your being. Long pause.

Once your energy field is sufficiently charged with your inner flames
burning brightly, the dragons slowly withdraw their power leaving you
enveloped, surrounded by a golden cocoon of light or a golden star
tetrahedron of light which ever you prefer. Pause. Connect again with
the inner flames, and with the protection of the divine golden
masculine energy surrounding you, and now I want you to visualise the
exact energy field (be it a cocoon or star tetrahedron which ever you
are comfortable with) duplicated in silver to seal your energy with
the blessing of the divine feminine. Long pause.

Within your minds eye, now bend down balancing on bended knees, call
your inner child to leave my presence and come to you to stand in
front of you, with you on bended knee making you the same height.

Now I want you, within the presence and the light of this most
precious and blessed temple of mine, to communicate to this innocent
aspect of the self that which you intend doing to allow yourself to
grow beyond the insecurity of the outer insecure child and to do so by
allowing the inner child to show you the journey of trust and letting
go, surrender.

Also communicate to this child all that you feel you still need help
with, look into his/her eyes, ask for his/her help, and once done
become aware that the symbol I transferred into your 3rd eye is also
firmly implanted and very evident within the 3rd eye of your inner
child, can you relate to it? Pause.

A: Yes

The key here is to trust – allowing the inner self to guide you on
journeys unknown to the self. Pause. With that give your child a
little hug, look up and feel my energy of love and compassion that I
bless you with as I return your look with laughing eyes, then stand
up, take your inner child by the hand, give thanks to my presence by
acknowledging my Temples and the scared dragons, also give thanks to
my Ashram within Shamballah accommodating you, inviting you into its
present state of being. Now turn and make your way (with your inner
child safely holding your hand), pass the inner sacred gardens, when
you reach the golden dragon gates for a moment recall the experience
you felt this day, give thanks to the dragons for entering, remember
your innocence, remember your inner bliss, request for the gates to
open allowing you to exit, and once done, leave, give thanks again, in
your own time make your way through the entry gardens until eventually
the golden pathway transforms into cobblestone and once you feel fine
to return, find yourself back in my midst speaking through this being
as Quan Shihn Yin, right here, right now. Long pause.

Ground yourself into your present physicality, anchor your energy
firmly into the earth, take your time, take in some liquid, ground
yourself from your base chakra into the earth, bring back into your
vision the symbol you were given not to forget this. If you tend to
forget these take your pointing finger and draw this symbol over your
heart chakra and ask your body to absorb this. Also draw it on your
third eye, even draw it on your leg for once you state with intent for
your DNA to remember this, then so shall it be. The key here is for
you to call upon these symbols at times of great stubbornness, at
times when you need to be more flexible, at times when you need a way
forward through the mists that may cloud your visions.

Do you have any questions for me?

A: I have a son and daughter and there is much strife between them, is
this a reflection of my inner strife?

QY: How would you relate to this?
A: I did have inner strife in the old days, did I pass it on to them?

QY: If you feel that you had a hand in this then perhaps its best to
first bring balance into your own inner self, thus balance your own
inner masculine/feminine

A: This is what I feel happened today

QY: You also need to understand there is absolutely no guilt needed
from your side for you to carry because of their inability to
communicate because of their choice to have this conflicting
experience within this lifetime. There is no guilt for you to carry,
not even from a Karmic aspect, make this clear to them, with love, for
they need to now grow up, let go of the conflict, there is no need for
the strife.

There is no need for anyone to be bad friends if they can’t be any at
all. Share this with them.

Anyone else?


I will again give of my energy field to return to this group ion this
way, brining teachings and wisdom on compassion and love to you. I
shall again descend into this realm brining teachings of understanding
the innocence of the self, this is very important.

Long pause.

One of the most important realizations for you now to live through is
the importance of just being, simply living your life as an immaculate
being. To enable this you need to allow the innocent aspect of the
self in guiding you, the innocent aspect of the self is the part of
the self that never needs to be pardoned and it is this part of the
self that we of the ascended realms and those of other and higher
orders of light see when we observe you. We only relate to you as pure
and kind and beautiful, it is you that need to relate to the other
aspects of the self bringing these into balance as you created these
and therefore when your job is done or should you be (excuse the pun)
man-enough during your lifetime to want to look at yourself just the
way you are, and face all of this opposing energy, you will become
lighter in all ways and in so doing you too will come to see yourself
as we do.

What we see is your pure innocent and all knowing symbolism, the
symbolic reflection of your energy expressed in geometry as all of
life is about geometry, even you, therefore it is important for you to
draw on these geometric patterns, use these, especially at times when
you are searching for the needle in your haystack of insecurity,
anger, your ‘need’ to know and so on. With that call upon my energy,
Quan Shihn Yin, to serve you, to serve with you, and bring about a
balanced energy of fun and joy filled with creative awareness where
ever we may go. Call upon me at any time, when you are unable to find
peace within which prevent you from letting go to finally surrender.

Dear ones, after my greeting to you sit back for a while and relax and
recall the memory of the possibility of your innocence within you, and
just be. Is this good for you?

A: Thank you so much Lady Quan Yin, we so appreciate it.

QY: You are always so very welcome, Namaste` (all answer Namaste`)
until we shall meet again. Please be still, don’t disrupt the energy
here for just one moment, yes?

A: Yes


I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to
greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a blessing of divine
knowing. Greetings beloved ones.

A: Greetings Lord Kuthumi

Beloved ones I have taken this time which shall not be longer than a
minute of yours to gift to you a blessing of peace, understanding and
love in my absence. I Kuthumi shall move to the inner planes for my
own initiations and growth for a period of time, spending also time
within my Ashrams, some of which you are aware of and then there are
the new ones which we shall make you aware of when the time presents
itself. During this time, as many of you are aware, you need to
experience the inner search to observe yourself from the powerful
Goddess energy and to do so greatly. In this time, get to know these
aspects of the self which has been extremely dormant for most of you,
the urgency is here to let go of the conflict not only prevalent
within the self, but very much so between all others. There is a great
message of urgency here for all light workers on this plane to join
hands and thus hearts for when you are within this state of
togetherness conflict is out of the question. There is a great need
for everyone to support one another, to share laughter, joy and
happiness, to be your divine self working with the teachings that you
are given, and in this way for you to play your part in the outplaying
drama of this magnificent planet. So beloved ones the reason why I
have come to share this with you here personally is because of my own
personal interaction with this group through this channel over the
past number of years. (All say thank you). My energy field already
retracted 6 days ago (from the date of the channel 9 May)), I have
merely ‘popped in’ as you say (laughter) just to let you know I have
not forgotten you, I never will. Call upon me, and I shall be there. I
am working with these channels during this time; I am simply not
sharing my energy field in communicative channeling for this time. The
period will become known to you soon, and as these teachings of
enlightenment become more powerful for all of us that are moving on
within the inner planes we shall certainly pass on these vibrations of
love and wisdom to each and every one of you (all say thank you) and
thus in the time ahead of you, be strong, be firm yet flexible, care
for each other, be there for each other, reach out and give a helping
hand to another, stop the conflict and bickering, and be as you are as
one. I am Kuthumi, I am the Cohan of the golden rays of love and
wisdom and I greet and I personally bless thee with love, Adonai.

A: Thank you we so appreciate this.


Loadsa Love

Chanel Lingenfelder

Email: chanellingenfelder@telkomsa.net
Website: http://www.bodyandmind.co.za/chanel

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