The Group Steve Rother

From Steve:

So, what will it be like living in the Age of Empowerment? In this channel the group

talks about some of the important points we will be seeing right away as we reach this

next level of evolution. One of the points they made in this channel was that the original

500 templates of humanity can no longer contain the energy. In the beginning of

humanity in the physical form there were only 500 beings who took physical bubbles of

biology to populate Earth. Until now each one of us has been a direct descendant of

one of these templates. The problem came with our evolution, as we outgrew these

original templates long ago. The group even indicated that much of the weight problem

on Earth may be partly due to this one issue. The good news is that now thousands of

new Human templates will now find their way onto planet Earth, and we are not

restricted to keeping the template we currently have. The basic idea is that the new

templates give the spirit a lot more room to stretch out in the body.

Hang on. . . here we go!

Have a great October!

Steve Rother

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From the group:

Dear creators of planet Earth, we bring you Greetings from Home.

Moving at the Speed of Love

You have journeyed such a long way through many different forms throughout the

universe to be here at this critical juncture for mankind. We wish to address today what

that looks like to us, so you can see the larger vision of what we see happening on

planet Earth right now. We tell you that you are moving at the speed of love, which is

actually a little bit faster than the speed of light. The reality of it is that you are changing

so rapidly now that many of the challenges or problems that you experience in your life

are related to the speed of the growth that Is occurring. We see it happening all over the

planet and yes,, it is raising you to a higher vibrational state. It is very common among

humans that every time you grow you experience some pain, but we tell you that the

misery part is entirely an optional experience because you do not need to stay in that

pain. Allowing it to flow completely through you and move to the next level is one of the

most important traits you can acquire. Also, we wish to share that you are not alone on

this planet. You will find your connection to other people and the other aspects of

yourselves and this will start dissolving some of the internal struggles that many of you

experience on planet Earth.

What we tell you is that every person on this planet carries a different ray of god. Just

imagine that god is a great light shining out into the universe. The light travels through a

prism and breaks up into small vibrational ranges which you call colors. Yet if you look

at the larger picture, each one of you is a unique color. Each one of you has a unique

expression of the god within you. That uniqueness is your gift. If you can find that

expression, if you can find any portion of that in another person, you enlighten,

empower, and strengthen them. If you can do this with the people around you, guess

what happens to your own life? It magically starts to be on track and you become

empowered, because you are helping others to step up at the same time.

Energy Vampires and Inner Beauty

It is very challenging sometimes, for there are people who certainly aggravate you.

There are people who do not vibrationally match you, or sometimes drain your energy.

All of you have known such people in your lives that we refer to as energy vampires. It

is not something they are doing intentionally, but sometimes they feel as if they need

energy so much that every time they are around you they must drain your energy. They

take as much as they can because they may not have another chance. We tell you,

dear ones, that is starting to shift. It is changing now because energy is not transferred

in the same way. If you can ever find that inner beauty inside of them, that is all it takes

to break down the barriers and work through this energy field.

We also wish to repeat something that we brought through in another channel recently.

It is very important to understand what is taking place on planet Earth. We have told you

about the re-wire of humanity. The short version is that the two halves of your brain are

eventually growing back together as one. That will also dissolve the separation you see

with each other and yourselves. It will dissolve much of the illusion of polarity on the

gameboard and help you to react much faster as it happens. It is not just happening in

the brain, but is also occurring energetically throughout the whole body. The pineal

gland is certainly being activated in many people on planet Earth as we speak; it is done

through intention. Your thoughts will activate it, and as you evolve your own perception

of the world around you will continue to change.

Releasing the Old Templates

As humans, you were here from the very beginning of Earth but you did not have

physical bodies. You had ethereal bodies much like what you consider angels to be

today. The bodies had no density, and as the Earth began to cool over a very long

period of time you began to lose your connection to her because she was gaining

density. Your advancement in those days was actually lowering your vibration, not

raising it. Today you think higher vibrations are better than lower vibrations. However,

there was a time when you were striving to lower your vibration to stay in connection

with planet Earth and that was when you first took the physical bodies. If you look at the

timeline of Earth, it was only in the very last seconds that you took these physical

bodies. When you took the physical form, there was a separation that had to happen

because there were only 500 souls that adapted 500 physical bodies with a tremendous

connection throughout the universe. Six primary parental races came to planet Earth to

help adapt the physical bodies of the apes to house your spirit for what was expected to

be a short duration on the gameboard of planet Earth. You have done very well with

that, although there were only 500 templates. Even today, each and every one of you is

a direct descendant of one of those original 500 templates. This is part of the reason

that you can see someone walking down the street and you could swear it is your

brother, but it is not. This also explains why someone may act exactly like or says the

same thing as your aunt or your grandmother. You re-member these people as they are

reflected through the other prototypes of those same templates that each of you can be

traced back to.

These templates have also caused challenges. Many times, especially in recent years,

your energy field has outgrown its template. This is one of the major causes for weight

gain on planet Earth and it has happened in many areas. We are not speaking just of

people that have gained weight beyond their expectations, but of those who can actually

stop eating and still gain weight. We can now share this process with you, because you

are no longer limited to the templates. The templates are beginning to change as

humanity transitions through this re-wire. Not only do you have the capability of

changing the template that you are already in, but the children being born are bringing

in a whole new series of templates-a wide variety of possible templates that humans

can take when they come into these physical bodies. The possibilities of this are very

exciting. We will share with you how you can change your own templates. You can

change how your body holds your energy, because the physical bubbles of biology are

only temporary containers to hold your energy and they are always, at every moment,

the perfect container for your energy. If you have a sick body, you have sick energy. If

you have other things that are transforming, you have a body that is growing and you

have growing energy. It is literally a perfect reflection. However, the limitations that you

have always had with the physical body on planet Earth are starting to lessen, and will

eventually go away as these new templates become in process. Of course, if you were

born into a new template it would be no problem. Changing the old template into the

new possibilities is going to be more work and take a little bit more energy. It is only a

question until one or two of you start mastering the process and teach it to others. This

can happen on planet Earth now more than ever before.

On Purpose

It is a critical juncture of time and space that you are in. You have placed yourself here

quite on purpose, dear ones, and you have made it to the junction you were trying to

make. Welcome Home! You are creating it on Earth right now. That is what is taking

place. You have the help of the universe, for the six parental races are back on Earth

trying to help you change. You have a tremendous amount of help-ambassadors from

all over the universe, on planet Earth right now just to help you to move to this next

level. You made it!

Many of you are in back up plans, because your timing on planet Earth was more

important than your surroundings or even your parental structures. What you have done

is to set up a lot of your life to be able to be in a key place at a key time. The key time is

now. It has finally happened. What you will find is that as you start stretching your own

energetics and energetic container, you will find new ways to run energy through the

body. The moment that you do this, turn around and share it with someone else. Give it

so someone else and do with it whatever you need to do, but get it out. Share it

because this is the information that is going to be incredibly important on planet Earth.

We see that many of you are discouraged about what you watch on your news. We

have the Keeper watching the news regularly, even though sometimes he does not like

to do so. When something comes up on the news we are able to share with him how it

ties in with what is happening in the overall picture. Let us explain what is happening

now, because he is very frustrated with what he sees on the television. There are huge

advancements taking place in the collective vibration. Recently, you reflected your

hope in a person who was elected to a very important position. Now you are starting to

take your own power back and that is very appropriate. It is no longer appropriate to

give your hope to anyone, because that is exactly what humans did with Adolf Hitler.

That is exactly what humans have done over and over, and over again. What you are

seeing is that all of humanity was becoming excited about the new possibilities. Now

after moving two steps forward, you are taking an entire step back. There is confusion,

anger, frustration and a lot of negative energies coming up. Although a lot is taking

place it is simply a venting process, because much of what you have set into motion is

well underway and moving in the direction you are going. Please do not get discouraged

when you look at all the evidence to the contrary. When everything appears to be the

opposite and seems to be getting worse rather than better, it is because there will be no

more secrets on planet Earth. This is happening already. It is happening in Iran, in the

United States, and it is happening all over this planet. Those are the things to celebrate,

because never again will humans follow the leader in the way you have always done


Empowerment 101

Now is your opportunity to take your true empowerment. Empower yourselves first by

taking as much responsibility for your own life as you can. It is not a race, and you are

not ahead of or behind another person. Everyone has his own path to follow. It is not

possible to compare the paths of two spirits on planet Earth, so stop trying and embrace

what satisfies you. What brings you joy? What makes your eyes light up when you talk

about it? What makes your heart sing? What is it you would do if you had nothing else

concerning you? If you had all the money in the world and no other cares, what would

you do? It is time to step into that in any way you can…now. Move in those directions

and let your light shine and be seen. Stop looking at all the reasons why it will not work,

and know that it is already yours to claim. That will change planet Earth very quickly and

you will witness less fear over the next six months than ever before.

Right now, you are still experiencing the backlash in the energy field. You are still

feeling the one step back. For the most part you will see your recovery from this

economic squeeze, and it will follow a very similar path of three steps forward and one

step back. But it is still moving forward and that is the most important part. Do not doubt

yourselves. Just let it go. Let yourselves feel the energy come through. When you see

another human being, try to find god in their eyes, even if only for a split second. Try to

find that spark that lights them up, so that you can reflect it back to them. That is the key

to finding inner beauty. That will be the most empowering part on planet Earth, and the

next five years will be very critical in everything you do. The nice part is that you are on

a very beautiful path, so enjoy the ride.

We ask you to simply treat each other with the greatest respect. Nurture one another

every chance you get and play well together.


The group

Barbara sends her love and say she will see you all next month.

Lightworker is a non-profit conscious corporation dedicated to spreading Light through empowerment.



Message from Archangel Michael
Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, it is important for you to remember that “service” is an integral part of the ascension process. Many of you came to Earth from far-distant Star Systems as cosmic messengers. Time and time again, you have been bearers of truth and cosmic wisdom; however, the task you agreed to for this lifetime is more important than any other you have ever experienced since you came into your individualized consciousness as an aware Spark of Divinity. Much of what you are learning as you traverse the path of ascension is a remembrance of what you already have experienced. We have stressed the fact that what we are asking of you, you have done many times before, so that it will not seem so unattainable. That is why so much of the history and the details of the past we relay to you seem so familiar.

You now have greater and greater amounts of Cosmic Life Force Energy available to you; however, you are responsible for how you utilize that energy. You must stay firmly grounded upon the Earth as you reach higher and higher into the refined dimensions of expression, and it is of vast importance to your physical well-being that you learn to balance and harmonize your energetic grid system (called your auric field or Adam/Eve Kadmon perfected body of Light). You may draw forth as much of the Essence of Divinity as you can hold; however, after integrating that which you need personally, you must radiate forth the remainder out into the world of form. You cannot hoard God Light, dear ones; it is meant to be used and shared for the benefit of all.

Please be aware that there is limited access to the power and magical transformative properties of the Violet Flame within the push/pull duality of the third- / lower fourth-dimensional environment. However, when you attain a level of harmonious vibrational patterns that attune you to the mid-fourth dimension, you gain access to the Divine alchemy of the Violet Flame, and you also have the ability to draw forth the transforming Adamantine Particles of Creator Consciousness. While existing within the lower dimensions of limitation and chaos, it is almost impossible to consistently radiate unconditional love from your heart center. As you have learned, the Creator Particles of life must be activated via your altruistic, loving intention. Be aware, beloveds, that at each higher level of God Light you attain, the power of the Violet Flame and the quantity of White Fire Particles of Creation increase exponentially.

There are two streams of collective-consciousness thought forms surrounding the Earth at this time, instead of one swirling maelstrom of negative thought patterns that has, up until now, made up the aura of the Earth. The negative band of distorted energy is an accumulation of many thousands of years of fear, hate, self-serving interests and actions. It has created the shadow-side of the broad spectrum of Light and Shadow: the illusional world in which humanity has existed since the fall into what could be termed a semi-conscious state of awareness.

Most of humanity has been caught up and stuck in a third- / fourth-dimensional form of mind control throughout their many lifetimes, for they have been ensnared in the beliefs of their forefathers, both racial, political, cultural and religious. Many dear souls have hardly ever had any original thoughts of their own. The negative mass consciousness belief system is all about doom and gloom, unworthiness, strict rules and dogma that discourages original, independent thinking, which has kept everyone in a state of guilt, fear and inertia. This has been called the “Herd State,” wherein everyone looked to their religious and ruling leaders to tell them what to do, think and be.

Every great religion began with inspired teachings from a great Master who was given specific wisdom teachings to impart to humanity. They were Over-Lighted by and under the direction of our Father/Mother God, and during their lifetime the concepts were adhered to and remained pure. However, upon the transition of the Master, over time, the teachings became distorted and were changed to suit the selfish interests of those in charge. They veered from the inspired truth and wisdom teachings, which were designed for the particular era to assist the masses in developing a personal relationship with our Father/Mother God as they strove to attain a certain level of Self-mastery and en-Lighten-ment.

We have said before, “You are very brave to step outside of the popular belief system, the collective consciousness of humanity, which has been a prison of sorts for so long.” We know you have been criticized, scoffed at, ostracized, and maligned in this and many other lifetimes, beloveds. However, we wish you to know that even though you may presently be in a minority, your numbers are growing by leaps and bounds. Many of what has been called “New Age concepts” are filtering into the minds and conversations of the masses, and the belief in angels and interaction with the Beings of Light from the higher realms is no longer totally discounted as it has been in the past.

The good news is that there is a new band of higher frequency emotional patterns and thought forms circling the Earth above the negative band. This band of energy is filled with Light, hope and a strong desire for self-expression and mastery. Gradually, the Crystalline Grid System is encompassing the Earth, and the Creator-Consciousness Band of Light is growing stronger every day as more and more of you access the Cities of Light and become conveyers of the Adamantine Particles of Creation. The masses are beginning to question their leaders and are holding them accountable for their actions. More and more people are beginning to question the dogmatic rules and restrictions of organized religion and are seeking their own higher truth by alternative means.

We understand that a great majority of earthly Souls are in the throes of pain, suffering and uncertainty. Unfortunately, those who are caught up in the collective consciousness belief system do not learn the lessons of turbulent times. They do not understand that the painful situations they are experiencing have been created by excessive and imbalanced thoughts and actions. The Karmic laws of cause and effect are returning to the “senders” that which has been created much more quickly than in the past, so that it can be rectified and re-qualified. For every Soul on Earth at this time, the most important life task is to strive to return to balance and harmony within both the inner and outer worlds of existence.

Those of you who agreed to come into physical incarnation at this particular time brought with you the major lessons or imbalances in your physical/mental/emotional bodies that needed to be harmonized so that you could begin to work compatibly with your Soul or Higher Self. You have come into this lifetime to balance your masculine and feminine natures: using the Divine will, power and authority of the Father Creator, but also to integrate the love/wisdom, compassion, nurturing, creative aspects of the Mother Creator. You came to experience the Earth and being fully in the physical body, while integrating Spirit into your physical Being and consciousness. You are here to balance knowledge and communications; to learn through intuition what your own truths are and to live those truths as an example for others; to learn the balance of communication skills, when to speak and when to hold your silence; to be non-judgmental, learning that each person is on their own individual path and have their own lessons to learn.

For those of you who have listened to the whisperings of Spirit and who have stepped onto the path of En-Lighten-ment, it is time for each of you to remember that the Earth is not your home; you are on assignment here. You are from far-distant star systems and galaxies and possibly even other universes. It is time for you and the many faithful warriors of Peace/Light to know how magnificent you are, and how brave you were to answer the clarion call to descend into the density of this earthly experiment. The events in your galaxy, solar system and on Earth are quickly moving forward and great change is in the offing. Therefore, it is important that you focus on what is right in your world and not get caught up in all the negativity and fear that is spewing out into the ethers. Remember, you give energy to that on which you focus your attention.

It is time for you to step fully into Self-mastery and reclaim your Divine Birthright. What would you like to become? What would you like to do? You have the ability to become or create anything you can envision, as long as it is in harmony with your Divine Blueprint. You have wondrous Light packets of information stored within your Sacred Mind, just waiting to be called forth. As you build and perfect your Pyramid of Light in the Fifth Dimension, you will find that your creations will manifest more and more quickly. Teaching by example is one of the most effective ways to show others how to become masters of their own destiny. Always ask for the highest outcome and for the good of all—you will not be led astray. We know it is not easy to step out of your comfort zone, for you have allowed others to make you doubt yourself and your abilities. We ask you to be a brave example to those around you, those who are stuck in cultural beliefs and limitations of the collective consciousness of humanity.

Each of you has experienced life many times in either a male or a female body. You have also experienced the physical vessel in a great variety of races, forms and cultures. Beloveds, when you judge others, you are really only judging yourself, for you have experienced most all of the many facets of earthly existence. It is a great privilege to be allowed to incarnate on Earth, and there has always been a list of millions upon millions of Souls waiting to experience the physical reality that the Earth has to offer. You are no exception, for you were anxious to experience earthly creation in as many ways and expressions as possible. Therefore, as the veil of illusion is gradually lifted, you will develop great understanding and compassion for those who are stuck in the pain and suffering of the Third- / Fourth-Dimensional distorted reality. We are asking you to become a brave example for those around you. As you dare to step out and claim your mastery, others will follow your example.

Many of you are experiencing a Divine discontent, as well as dramatic life changes at this time. Things that used to bring you pleasure no longer satisfy, and you may have lost any common interest with many of your friends. This is because your Soul-Self is nudging you to move forward, to expand your vision and to take control of your destiny. You must let go of preconceived ideas about the structure of your life. You must let go of beliefs that keep you stuck in a “binding” set of structural boundaries. “Letting go” gives you the power to expand your consciousness and your picture of reality. The higher your vibrational patterns become, the more fluid the time/space continuum, or the sequence and timing of events become. Structures become habits which bind you to the illusion of the Third/Fourth Dimensions. Do not become attached to the “structured life” you have created. It is important that you are willing to change your life to include new concepts as you expand your vision and awareness of the potential of the future. Never forget, you are cocreators, either of pain, suffering and limitation, or of love, joy peace and abundance. The choice is yours.

It is not by coincidence that so many brave souls chose the Seventh Ray of Transformation as their Soul Ray for this lifetime. See this blessed Sacred Fire blazing up and around you and radiating out in ever-widening circles as you join others in helping to lift the consciousness of humanity back into the frequencies of Love/Light. Remember, during these times when the evolution of the Earth and humanity are being accelerated, you can make a difference. We are aware that many of you are disturbed by all the negativity and injustice around you. However, deep within, you know that the great changes taking place will eventually be for the betterment of all. Be assured that you can be an instrument for change. Allow us to send forth the love of our Father/Mother God to and through you, filling you to overflowing. Dear ones, your radiance and Love/Light, added to that of other Light Warriors, will assist humanity and the Earth to move gracefully into the wondrous New Age of tomorrow. Know that you are dearly loved and you are under my protection.


SaLuSa 30-October-2009

Is there not a distinct feeling amongst more and more people that time is speeding up, as here you are already approaching the end of the year? If you ever needed confirmation that changes were taking place, you could hardly find better. The vibrations continue to increase and you are being lifted up into a higher dimension. It will rapidly reach a point where anything of the lower vibrations, will no longer be able to remain within them, and for the souls involved everything of a higher vibration will disappear from their view. This is a natural result of such a change, and ensures that only the more evolved souls move into the 4th. Dimension. This continues to happen as you move even further into the next dimension. It is a beautiful experience to find your selves with like kinds, and there is a great coming together in purpose and understanding.

Knowing what is to come which will transform your society, so take everything in your stride and you will sail through the last months of chaotic happenings. Outwardly you are beginning to see some pointers that are emerging, and are showing that the new plans for you and Earth are in place. Together we are a formidable force for good, and we have not followed your progress for millennia of time to fail at the crucial point of change. Indeed, we cannot fail and whatever we need to do to adjust to changes on Earth is carried out immediately. Like you, we await the developments that will indicate it is time for us to make our move, and to set a whole sequence of events into motion. Be assured you are looked upon as most precious and loved as the beautiful souls that you are, and we wish you would accept your high status as gods in the making. You are very special and you have a wondrous future before you, as you take your place in the cosmos.

Your presence on Earth at this time is important to those who flounder in the darkness, and your Light will bring a clearer vision to them. It will also give them a lift and a feeling of hope in the midst of their confusion. Caring for others is a sign of spiritual maturity, and an inner knowingness that you are all One. Treat others as yourself, and Humanity would change overnight into one that acknowledged the god in each other. Without that understanding, you tend to judge others by outer appearances which can be totally misleading. Remember that each one of you is equipped to play out your roles in life, and therefore wealth or position does not make anyone a better person than another. You all have your own challenges to deal with yet you cannot help but mix with all types, and often you have no idea where their soul evolution has reached. Trust is therefore a matter of intuition that is your personal protection.

Every one of you is on Earth at this time by freewill choice, and you are privileged to be present at such a momentous time. You have chosen which side you wish to be on, and so the Light and dark play out their last roles to see out the final days of duality in this cycle. The result has always been known as the Light is supreme, but it is up to you as to exactly how it achieves its victory. If for example you did not welcome the Galactic Federation, then by Universal Law we could not force ourselves upon you, and your final days would be vastly different to what you envisage. Fortunately you have made it clear that you desire our presence, and that is what we have worked for over many, many years. We have gradually eased our way into your consciousness, and in such a manner that you have accepted us as your friends and fellow travelers of the Universe. You were never going to be bound to Earth in the lower dimensions indefinitely, and you are already cutting your ties and releasing all that no longer serves you. The cleansing affects everyone and everything, and you could view it as the great sorting out of souls and all life forms.

When you think about how well and orderly the Universe runs, you can hardly fail to appreciate the magnificence and power of the intelligence behind it. It operates on a scale unbelievably large, and you have galaxies and solar systems all moving in absolute perfect cohesion. Even we are ever in awe of such powers of creation. We naturally understand the greater picture and it is far ahead of yours. That is not meant to be boastful and is simply how it is for us, whereas your consciousness levels do not allow for such depth of understanding. Wisdom is acquired as you evolve, and it would achieve little if you were brought on too quickly. One of our first tasks is to set you right where your spiritual origins are concerned, and remove the dogma that clouds your ability to see true. Once you all know the truth, it will clearly be easier for people to come together and have respect for the different cultures. You can learn from each other as all experience carries its own lessons.

We notice that because of the imminent changes, you have become bold and confident about speaking your truth. We applaud those of you who feel that the time is right to do so. As long as it is spoken in kindness and not forced onto people, it will ignite a new level of thinking that will light up their minds. It will be extremely hard for some people to change their rigid thinking that has become a way of life, but the truth must fully come out before Ascension takes place. You are the most important part of the plan for your upliftment. Mother Earth could if necessary take care of herself, but the transition and cleansing will be far easier if all participate in it. If Mother Earth started now you could not remain on Earth, as there would be changes of enormous magnitude threatening your existence. However, that is not in the plan as there is co-operation between us all to make the passing as gentle as possible.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bid you all well with blessings for your well-being. Whatever happens you will be safe, and our ships are ready to aid you should you be in danger. It does not mean in all circumstances, as some relatively minor changes will see souls leaving Earth and this will be in their life plan. You have to get used to the idea that death itself is nothing to fear, and once in the higher levels you will quickly throw off any vestiges of trauma. The vibrations alone are healing, but you will be attended by those who know how to help you quickly recover. We are all love and it is our way of life, and if you can do the same you are leading the way for others.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa 26-October-2009

We know that some of you still cannot understand how God allows the suffering that you experience, or see around you. It brings us to remind you that the wheels of fate were set in motion from the time this solar cycle commenced some 26,000 years ago. Regardless of when each civilization has come and gone, the consciousness levels have remained. In other words, you do not start with a clean sheet when a new one is born, but you do have the opportunity to create something different to what preceded it. You will know that there were two earlier civilizations that reached great heights, yet there is little evidence of their existence today. However, the souls that experienced lifetimes in Lemuria and Atlantis carried forward those experiences at subconsciousness levels. You have therefore created your present reality as a result of them, and is it not surprising that you often find yourselves repeating the same experiences again. Each cycle gives you the opportunity to further evolve, and avoid the mistakes that resulted in the demise of the previous civilizations.

Dear Ones, God has given you freewill and therefore “allows” whatever you choose to experience. With the benefit of incarnation you will understand that you frequently come back to participate in what you have created. This way you see and experience the results first hand, and how else would you know the value or otherwise of your creations. Therefore when you look around you and observe the actions of the dark Ones, it is because you have “allowed” them to create their reality without opposing it. We do not mean that you should take up arms against them, as that would not solve the problem. Instead you should project a new scenario, and through your powers of creation visualize what it is you want to replace the old one. This is why there is much emphasis upon holding your vision of the future. Thoughts attract the energy that will manifest a result, and this is happening now. Out of the chaos which is the cleansing taking place, you will see the first signs of a new path being created that fulfils your dreams of a peaceful and happy existence. It is only time that stands between you and its emergence, as it already exists in the higher dimensions.

You attract all situations to yourself, and that goes for friends and family who become part of your life plan. In small groups you act out your karmic responsibilities, and it relates to what you call both good and bad experiences. The nature of duality allows for both the Light and darkness to descend upon Earth. Although you have periods of spiritual enlightenment and life is pleasant and agreeable, as your true history will show it is never maintained indefinitely as the dark Ones plot to seize your power and rule in your place. However, this present period is resulting in an upturn that will complete the cycle on what you would call a “high”, and you will ascend if that is your desire. The dark Ones have run out of time to continue challenging the Light, and they have had their chance and failed to defeat it. Victory was always going to be yours, and all that was uncertain was how it would be achieved.

At no time can the dark Ones defeat the Light, providing you wake up to your innate powers and use them. Of course you have fallen asleep in the darkness of the lower vibrations, and such times are indeed the Dark Ages. However, the Light is always there to help your awakening once you stir from your dream world. Now it is growing so rapidly that events are speeding up, and once you can see the new pathway coming into manifestation you will know for certain that you are at your journeys end. Everything is set for a series of dramatic events, but we ask you to continue exercising you patience and accept that all is well. To turn around a situation that has been created over hundreds of years does not happen overnight, but with our help you will see incredibly fast changes. That it is at all possible is great a credit to those Lightworkers who have paved the way over the last hundred years or more.

Can you see that you have never been left to rot in the prison that your Earth has been made into? There has never been a time when you have had to face the darkness by yourselves. Always Spiritual Beings have followed your progress, and as far as possible guided you to the Light. We too as the Galactic Federation are part of that family, as our membership is only open to those who have ascended. This is why you shall soon join us and proudly work alongside your brothers and sisters. The Creator has made the Universal Laws and they allow for help to come to you from all over the Universe. Your success in grounding the Light upon Earth, has led to higher vibrations attracting the attention of other Beings of Light. There is a wonderful feeling amongst them of the Oneness of all life, and it is quite natural to want to join up with you. For too long you have lived in a state of separation, and you have lost that natural feeling that desires to recognize the soul within each other regardless of outer appearances.

Dear Ones, we seem to preach to you but we only place before you the truth, as for too long you have been brought under the control of those who have dictated what you should believe. Look within if you are in any doubt and follow your intuition, and above all be prepared to change your most sacred beliefs if you feel it is right to do so. There are so many revelations going to come out, at times your minds will be overflowing with questions. Answers will be provided and we will follow those up with whatever proof you require. We know already what your concerns are, but hitherto you have had to source your own answers. Carry on seeking, as many Lighted Ones are on Earth specifically to help you find the truth. Where you find conflict between one version to another, take out of them what feels right to you and in time all will slot into place. As you know by now, your history bears little resemblance to the official records, and it is more a matter of hiding the past from your eyes. However, the truth cannot be hidden, and every event that has ever occurred is held within the Hall of Records.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel your rising energies that reach up to us and we are overjoyed at your response to our messages. There are many such as us who wait to arrive on Earth, and they represent your families from the higher dimensions from whence you came. Keep on keeping on, is good advice in these turbulent times and know we are always near to you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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SaLuSa 28-October-2009

The vibrations are lifting up so quickly that many of you are noticing changes in the people around you. Consciousness levels are such that there is now a clearer perception as to what is happening, and a realization that it is you the people who hold the answers to the problems that confront you. You are collectively capable of just anything that you set your minds on, and it will be this conscious coming together that will ensure your success. Your potential is unlimited and as you project your heartfelt vision of what you see as your future, so it begins to take form. You can hardly have failed to notice how many people are coming forward with demands that changes take place. They do so without fear and hold the flag of freedom high in the air, knowing that theirs is a divine mission. However, they do need support and every sympathetic soul that sends them Light is strengthening their efforts. As such actions grow so others also take strength from them, and a powerful thought form for change takes on its own energy.

Be assured that no matter how little you feel you can contribute to Light upon Earth, it will expand as a result. Light comes to you from all quarters, but none more powerful than the Central Sun of your Universe. The set up is too complex for you to grasp just now, and words would fail from being inadequate. Just know that within that Sun are the most wonderful Beings of Light, whose magnificence is beyond description. Their consciousness fills the Universe and provides the energy upon which all depends on its existence. The Universe is totally organized and answers to the Laws of the Creator, and all life has to conform to them. There would otherwise be chaos and evolution would be impossible.

The vast size of the Universe is another matter that you have little idea of, and again it so difficult to give you an adequate description. It contains millions of Star Suns each with its own complimentary planets in systems similar to yours. The Galactic Federation membership is by comparison quite small in numbers, yet even so it has millions of personal and Spaceships at its disposal. They serve throughout the Cosmos, and where the Earth is concerned the tasks that lay ahead are also let to those civilizations that mirror Man. That is why you invariably see human like Beings where contact is made. It is not to say that the Federation has no other types because they do, however they are nevertheless Humanoid in appearance.

You often see Space Beings pictured from the many contacts made over the years. Yet they can in no way convey to you the beautiful emanations that are given out, that are so powerful they engulf you when you come near. It is their highly vibrating energy that is received by you, as a wonderfully loving experience that is most uplifting. It is a peace that knows no equal and enfolds you in its love. Your earthly experience of the energy of love is in no way comparable, but it does place thoughts in your mind as to what it is like to be in an absolute state ecstasy.

The Earth is your school playground, and like young children you love to play games. However, they are not just childish fun, but very serious lessons in being responsible. Each soul is thrust into a physical experience that is meaningful and gives opportunities to evolve spiritually. You create your societies and the rules, and Man endeavors to live within them. They do not always reflect spiritual wisdom, and are often intended to serve the dark Ones and their plans for control. These are situations where you have to exercise your freewill rights and claim your sovereignty. Governance should be by the people for the people, and not to enrich those who represent you. Your Constitution makes these points quite clearly, and if your representatives have failed you by not complying with them, they have broken their oaths. The time is not too far away when those politicians who have let you down, will be removed from their posts. Instead you will have people with the desire to serve for the good of all.

Many beneficial changes are on the horizon, and they will lift your quality of life very quickly. Our allies are already primed for their various responsibilities, and indeed have been working towards their objectives for many years. The foundation for the changes has been laid down, and co-operation has extended as far as some leaders in other countries. President Obama will lead the plan that releases you from the dark Ones, and his true colors will be seen once he can fully establish his authority. He has his critics and that is to be expected, but his hands are tied until he can muster the support he needs to go surging ahead. Our presence will enable that to happen, which is one of the reasons the dark Ones try to prevent disclosure of our existence. That is quite impossible as it has been decreed that it is now time for you to meet us, but first the disclosure must be made so that we are officially recognized. You will feel more comfortable about us and our appearance when the nature of our mission is given, and you will find that the plan is for your upliftment to higher levels of existence.

We ask you many times not to be fearful, and we shall continue to do so as that would be playing into the hands of those who would keep you in the dark. Certainly be aware of events that are taking place, but do not emotionally become involved. By all means make others aware, as many people are oblivious of the battle that is being played out between the dark and the Light. It is nothing new, as duality allows for either one to capture your minds and souls. The power swings from one side to the other, but no matter how long it takes the Light will always emerge the victor.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and just one of many representatives of the Galactic Federation that have regular contact with you. Humans talk about keeping their chins up and it is exactly what you should be doing, as your success in overcoming the dark on the higher levels, has ensured it will also manifest on Earth. A few weeks or months are neither here or there in the whole scheme of things. Keep smiling and that alone will imbue others with happiness and joy. We never stop projecting our joy and love to you, and if you sit back and think of us, it will come to you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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Anchoring Peace

Planetary Logos Lord Buddha-

Channelled through Natalie Glasson-26 /10/09

Greetings to all souls of the Creator on the Earth, I extend a wealth of love to you my friends as I come forth to share with you this week’s message from the spiritual planes.
I, Lord Buddha, oversee the Earth and unite with the souls of humanity and Mother Earth; I am working within you, alongside you and leading you to access your truth and inner body or realisation of enlightenment. It is my mission and purpose to share the sacred energies and qualities of the Creator with you to ignite the all knowing, wise and loving aspect of the Creator within you. I am integrated as one with all and so experience your existence on the Earth as well as the situations and circumstances of every soul on the Earth. I understand the uncertainty and fear that some of you are experiencing due to the powerful energies of love surging onto the Earth at this time of the Earth’s evolution. I also understand that many people feel a renewed determination to achieve discipline and mastery over their being but I feel that there is one quality from the Creator that needs to be anchored in greater abundance into every soul on the Earth. This quality is the energy and vibration or intention of peace. The quality and light of peace will bring forth a renewed connection for all with the Creator, while acting as an immensely supporting and balancing, activating an ability to see and view your reality and actions with greater clarity. The teachings of the Creator for 2009 and 2010 are to hold the discipline of remaining balanced and focused in your own sacred energies whatever occurs around you. This may sound difficult but it is almost like detaching from the influence of your situation in your reality and holding faith in the energy of the Creator that everything in your reality will always flow with ease and precision, so that you may walk a positive path of love on the Earth. The Creator is asking you to practice remaining balanced and at peace with yourself and your reality so that you can aspect a lesson and level of mastery, progressing to understand greater teachings to aid growth and ascension. Remaining balanced is to not succumb to fear, worry or negative emotions and to exist in the middle of the extremes of happiness and depression so that you are content, stable and at peace.
It is my belief that the quality of peace needs to be anchored into the souls of humanity to assist in soothing their energies which may seem a little turbulent at the moment as old energy patterns, situations and blockages are coming to the surface to be released. To assist in a greater wealth of peace anchoring into humanity and into your being I wish to share with you an Ascended Master practice that I teach to all who visit and study within my Planetary Logos Ashram at the planetary white level of the Creator’s universe. This practice is not usually taught on the Earth but I feel that it may benefit many people in accepting a greater stillness, tranquillity and equilibrium to aid their acceptance of the Creator and comprehension of their existence on the Earth. I will now take time to guide you through this process of anchoring and accepting peace.
I ask that you sit peacefully, focus on your breathing to gain a deep meditative state of being.
Say ‘I invoke my divine guiding light and overseer Planetary Logos Lord Buddha to embrace me in your sacred and pure soul light charged with enlightenment and a wealth of spiritual inspiration. Let your loving planetary white light surround my entire being, protecting me and awakening my energies so that I may be open and receptive to your light and the vibrations that you share with me. Please prepare my energy for anchoring a greater wealth of peace. Let it be.’
Imagine that you are surrounded in pure white light, creating a sacred sanctuary of light for you to exist within.
‘Overseen by Lord Buddha I ask for a divine alignment to the energy of peace within the soul of the Creator and ask that the circular lattice of peace descends from the soul of the Creator to exist around me.’
Imagine a peach ball of light descending from the soul of the Creator and forming around you, the lattice of peach light encapsulating your body and aura. You can see the light and quality of peace from the Creator’s soul flowing continuously through the network of light manifested around you.
Imagine a beam of light descending from the soul of the Creator and travelling directly through the centre of your body, anchoring the peach lattice of peace into your energy and the Earth. As the beam of light flows from the soul of the Creator into the top of body it will draw on the light held within the circular lattice permitting it to flow down the centre of your being. Some of the light will then continue to anchor into the Earth while the rest of the light of peace will integrate with the bottom of the circular lattice of peace, creating a continuous flow of light anchoring into your body and flowing up from below your feet around and through your aura, until it reaches the top of your head. This means that the consciousness and qualities of peace are penetrating your entire being and are continuously renewing and building in vibration within your person.
The energy of peace is centring and balancing your being while increasing the flow of the Creator’s light into your energy systems and physical body. Allow yourself to experience the continuous flow of peace that the circular lattice manifests.
‘I ask for the Creator and the planetary level to integrate the energy of peace from the Angelic Kingdom, Ascended Masters, Venusians, Sirians and Andromedans into the sacred light of peace held within my circular lattice. Assist me in accepting the most appropriate consciousness of peace for me now.’
Feel the energy and light of peace intensifying and flowing with a quicker vibration and speed as it circulates through the centre of your body and into your aura. Relax and enjoy this integration and repeat to yourself for as long as you wish,
‘I am peace.’
When you wish to complete the process of anchoring and accepting peace imagine the energy you have absorbed descending down into the Earth almost like roots or a ship’s anchor grounding your energies into the physical planes and your current reality.
Throughout your day when you feel as if you are unbalanced or if your emotions are going to extremes or your mind is not acting in a productive way, take a moment to imagine or acknowledge the lattice of peace and the energy flowing around and within you. The lattice of peace will remain with you always and will hold a greater influence if you remind yourself of its presence each day. This is a practice that many Ascended Masters within the Planetary Level Ashram sit and experience for hours on end, but you need only experience this practice for as long as is appropriate for you.
I hope that you will find this exercise from the Planetary Logos Ashram beneficial and helpful.
With the love of my soul, I am united as one with you now and eternally,
Planetary Logos Lord Buddha

Best wishes and blessings, Natalie

Its time to Shine!

Saint Germain
Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

** ** **

I am Saint Germain, I am the king and Lord of the Violet flame and I extend to you, to each of you this violet flame energy for you to integrate as part of my energy and to embrace the understanding of this energy and power and with that to allow yourself some leeway in some small way to be human and in that humanness to claim your divinity as you have been trained to do and with that to have a powerful insight not only into the world of spirituality but very much into the world of materiality for that is very much a word that most of humanity finds quite challenging to perform within, and with the new energies, with the king of the golden energy that creates a spark within the flame I saint Germain alongside my brother Lord Kuthumi bring forth a new energy unto this plane, blazing forth from the golden rays and the violet rays, a new energy to light up the lives of humanity, to create sparks within, so that you may blast yourself forth into a wondrous and most exciting journey – awakened each day – as part of this exciting energy and thus as Saint Germain, the King of the Violet flame and Lord that reigns supremely over the Amethyst and Violet rays I welcome you, greetings!

A: Greetings

It is for you and for me very much a process of understanding and being; do not think this only goes for you only it is indeed for me just the same. I too am learning, in process of transcending energies extending limitations. Each one of us from the higher realms are extending thus ascending our energy fields into much more powerful expanding energies, far more powerful and greater than ever and because of this each of you are also undergoing the process of transformation and therefore it is a learning experience for all of us, it is certainly a learning experience for all of you, and this brings forth the celebration of light unto this plane bringing new magnificent rays and flames that will assist you in transcending lower energies and limitations, and information of some of the teachings up to now have for some of you, for many of you infact, been a challenge to understand, some may understand about the energy but in general many are struggling to understand the true meaning of the path of ascension. Many a being feel that the pathway of ascension that you are now within is a physical transcendence but in fact it is very much an eternal process that you have to work through bringing change and the only way many of these changes are actually able to come about is for you to find within yourself a quiet time and for this very reason myself Saint Germain and my brother Kuthumi have been in retreat for us to find a whole new reconditioning and strengthening of our existing energy fields so that we too can move on beyond the levels we previously preferred to entertain ourselves and others within. With that comes new experiences and as life should be for you truly exiting each day must give to you a new experience, indeed life is a celebration whether you want to celebrate it or not you certainly should get out your Champis (Champagne) and flip your corks (laughter) yes it is indeed a joyous celebration of light, we on the inner planes of spirituality existing and living within the inner octaves of higher energy, light and sound, we prefer to do a spiritual champagne cork popping (laughter)

Dear ones the vibrations of your planet and of your energy fields is now increasing to such an extend that you truly have to come into your own power by realising your strengths, many are able to do this, many aren’t able to truly understand the true bliss and power of your own divinity which perhaps for many (in some instances) is not a bad thing (for the moment) especially those with an altered ego that runs away with them, though the time is now for you to ‘rise and shine’ with your honored ego creating a magnificent balance for your lower ego and soul ego to be together as one functioning with unity. For no longer can you say ‘this aspect of myself is entertaining that, but today I prefer to entertain this’ for in truth and reality you are only one, as we are all one so then if you are only one living within one unity consciousness then how can you split yourself for your own convenience? You cannot do this, so with the new energy the true power lies in embracing it therefore for this group in specifically (and those following this work) and the energy shared through this particular channel we have been asked to explain some about energy and how the human bio-fields come together as one creating a magnificent symphony of light where everyone of the octaves created within this composition creates a magnificent cord call a human being, a human being created through the music of God.

Now with the new energy you need to begin to understand yourself as a musical instrument, you will find more and more information coming through currently and in the not too distant future about relating yourself the reality of colour and sound for that is truly one of the easiest and simplest ways for you to understand yourself as a multi complex being that truly has to adhere to the laws of simplicity for you to be able to make any sense of yourself, a mouthful?

A: Yes (laughter)

SG: But it’s true so now through the new octaves of sound and frequencies of light and colour you will begin to understand that you have as part of the greater whole magnificent complex energy every right to every thing of life. You indeed have, you have claimed the right for this energy, you have worked for this energy, and now is the time for you to step forward, step off your complacency protective boards and take a very deep dive into the crystalline waters of mysticism and love and with that to embrace yourself as a wondrous new being. The earth as you know her, needs all of the love and support that you can give her. The earth or lady Gaia needs all the love and support that we from the ascended realms as well as those from the star realms as well as those from extended light energy pockets are able to give her, and for that very reason you will find that the energy of those that assist Creation within the world of manifestation, the Elohim, are coming closer, moving forward towards the earth plane at an increasing rate infusing their energy very closely into the earth plane, to help each of you and all of us to create for ourselves all of the divinity that we desire and is rightfully ours.

The essence of the earth is currently shall we say not completely imbalanced or balanced but very much in transition and it is also for this very reason that the powerful violet flame is becoming such a powerful tool for you to use and utilize for many reasons or purposes for in the philosophy of the new world order it is only light and love that shall prevail so therefore if you try to use the powerful energy of the violet flame for the purpose of self absorbance I am afraid it will fail.

The new world order which I Saint Germain am heading as the king of the violet flame and overseeing lord of the violet and amethyst rays brings with it a tantalizing new energy which is the very reason why I have asked this woman to describe my gathering or visitation here with you today in a light way so that you may be able to lighten up a little and shine your way unto the world instead of being miserable, down, limiting and the ever questioning, will it ever end the ever questioning? You tell me

A: Yes

SG: You have the answers powerful young lady (SG address lady in circle) yes the questioning must end.

Synchronicity is one of the most powerful aspects of intuition. Intuition brings forth a way for you to find a unexplainable road or journey along a pathway that you don’t quite understand yet once you are there, are able to realise when back tracking your thoughts, that the awareness of the moment on the journey that you did or were supposed to take is what enables you to reach your destination. Now synchronicity is one of the most powerful energies that can transmute the lower thought forms of fear and guilt and the forever questioning that’s currently playing out (quite predominantly on the earth plane) therefore for you will find that a lot of the information coming through not only through known but also unknown avenues is to diffuse fear and to finally release guilt from the clutches of the inner darkness afraid to truly face the self as an extension of light. Therefore synchronicity is the energy that you must watch out for everywhere you go, you will find that those previously opposed or unable to converse with you in some way about beliefs and understandings will come forward and now unmistakably share with you their experiences of synchronicity out of the blue. This one of the subtle ways in which we bring energy through as we awake new energies stirring the pots of divinity until such time that each is ready to come forward magically taking a sip from the potion of love called Creation for that is when humanity will be able to claim themselves as powerful creators and instead of many of the thought-waves or religions or institutions or teachings keeping their followers thinking along a one track mind of fear rendering themselves unable to embrace their right as powerful creators they will be served with the horse-d’-oeuvre of synchronicity, which is one of the tools through which we are directing much of the new thought waves. So when your friends or neighbor is excited to share with you their experience of this to their own shock, then get excited with joy for the new energy is here.

It is part of the tools of the new world, all part of the ingredients as we brew a magnificent broth stirring the pots of divinity and when the time is right whomever is ready to move on steps forward to share in the joy. So there is no need for you to go out to create wars of light, with the new energy you allow energy to unfold and you do this best by shining your light, lighting up your own wisdom, sharing your own inner self in such a way that every one of your friends and family knows of your shift. They may not be able to place their finger on it, but they will know the shift in the look in your eye and the smile on your lips, the look of insight, the smile of knowing, this is the energy that is now unfolding, gently, for you see the forces of light is without pressure, the only force that is possible is love.

Love is an energy very powerful, so powerful it’s best you don’t oppose it. It conquers all releasing all fears and attachments to fear and it is for this very reason many like to prefer to think of the opposite of love as fear or hate, but infact as you know love has no opposites for nothing, no thing can come against it.

So what you are now beginning to work with, and to face in your personal life on a daily basis is the questions of the mind that dares to ask you within each minute of the day who you are. If you have thought previously this to be intimidating and boggling then you better think again for in time to come this energy shall increase tenfold. And each of you that has an idea of your existence, each of you that has some understanding of your background you will not be hammered and dampened by that question at all, for all you will answer is ‘I AM’ and the new energy that now extends from this ask you that each time you have the power within your heart and mind to actually expel from your lungs the oxygenated ‘I AM!” to have some compassion by allowing some of this energy for your neighbor so that they, your brother or sister that feels round in darkness for their history and existence will benefit from your wisdom allowing them to embrace who they are, God Beings, Christed Beings, Light Beings, beautiful beings, no matter the expression of the preference of your current life experiences, everyone is beautiful, everyone is special. Of course then there are those that may feel themselves not to be beautiful and special in another’s eyes, but the key to this is what brings me to my next point. This is the other energy that you now need to actively work with and I know that you have been presented with these energies previously but because I have come to give it to you today I want you to take in seriously! (Laughter), and this is forgiveness. Forgiveness is the key that will unlock every unconditional aspect you could ever need to transcend yourself from this universe into any other in any way you wish. No longer are you able to walk about judging another no matter what they have done in your eyes for it is not up to you, it is not your business to say what another has done or not and favor your likes or love accordingly. So forgiveness is another powerful aspect of the new energy force of light that is beamed towards the planet and how is this done, through light rays. Are you with me?

A: Yes

Unconsciously or subconsciously these energies are being beamed towards the planet through the filters of your time and the filters of your time is found within the world of your science, and in your world of science you have what is referred to as protons neutrons electrons and atoms, so the filters within your time that is also found in some of the many grid structures that surrounds your planet is what actually physically carries the vibration of this energy. Metaphysically and of course scientifically in a spiritually advance way that energy simply travels through the string theory of thought projection. These energies are finally integrated into the human bio force field which is then absorbed into human consciousness as it is beamed back from the level collective unconscious. This creates a blanket of light that eventually allows this energy to be pushed down ( compressed) as it descends, in the energy of conversation you enter a room and you feel perhaps you have been discussed, perhaps this is, probably is, for the energy of thought hangs around the room and in the same way the energy of negativity can ‘hang around’ so can the energy of positivity. So in your world of animation perhaps see these energies being beamed down towards your planet via light refractors, using light rays being beamed towards the collective unconscious being programmed by many beings such as myself and many other beings from the hierarchy of light that all come together to be able to bring through a whole new influx of light and much like you create energy that ‘hangs around’ so do we, which is dispersed through the collective unconscious into areas of light, and as you say in a light-bulb moment the light goes on you think of your friend and she/he appears or calls. What actually happens is you were receptive towards the world of unseen plasma where we gravitate towards you new light influx which improves your ability to experience synchronicity, intuition, change, and you are absorbing all of this using of course your full spectrum senses not only your earth senses as has been recently shared with you (See Pallas Athena 26 October).

So while humanity for many reasons may seem to be despondent in many ways there is an unfolding light energy that is almost unbelievable to try and explain or understand, new powerful rays beamed towards your planet for you to integrate and make part of your life and believe me not only the spiritual or light workers benefit from this but everyone. Even your brother or sister that you believe is so wrong, from where does this come if not judgment. Even they have the same access to the same power and the same love perhaps they have more cloudiness to break through to be able to allow it to transform them or integrate it, which they can only do once they are prepared to cross the bridges of fear, which as you know is the one energy that can truly limit and debilitate you. although there are other aspects of this energy that can result in inspiration in some way, the limitation overrules.

One of the greatest conflicting struggles amongst humanity is the comfort many feel within mass energy, in other words to come together to share good or bad, as you say ‘birds of a feather flock together’ and so it is with fear, as many feel comfort in shared fears feeling at ease with not being at ease, feeling fine to be unsure oppose to setting out to discover, feeling grounded to anchor their insecurities for this at least gives them an indication of where they are (not) at. For a short lived fraction its OK, this is in the acknowledgment of where you are at in the present moment if you are true to your fears and insecurities but let this be short lived. So in this lie the acknowledgement of the communication with the self which is a most powerful energy that the masses of your land are unable to relate to. So fear as a warm blanket is now being lifted from your planet, little by little. With each rise of energy or with each couple of degrees that the collective unconsciousness raises its own energy vibration, the lower frequency vibration is being pushed up shifting the high density of fear into the light allowing a whole new ray of light unto the planet. If you can imagine placing yourself into a thick and dense underground bunker with a movable cover, with each opportunity you join together every strength to lift this lid and with every push you see more and more light and so with every rise within the limitation of the collective energies more light is absorbed, the density is lifted and each of you within every moment of your life plays a very important part in this lifting of density and therefore you are the first ones to be preached to, to let go of your fear, judgment, the ever questioning mind and to reach a stage of finding that God Presence within. That is what you have been preached about or taught all of this time, this topic covers even more than 3 quarters of your transmitting messages and teachings to let go of this and now you are being asked again through the powerfully blazing violet flame to transmute all of this embracing yourself as most powerful creators for you are and with that to stand together as one united consciousness and through the power of your intent lift the density of everyone else’s for that’s why you came. You didn’t come here to have a jolly good time all the time did you?

A: Yes we did (Some sister reply) (laughter)

SG: At least we have one good sister of sanity here, of course you did, to rise and shine! (Laughter) Indeed you came to have fun, to have joy, to live, but because of the lower vibrations that creates a very intense density for you within your lower bodies many aren’t able to lift themselves up. That is why I am asking you today as Saint Germain to rise and shine, to become excited about your life and to be truly excited about the reality you are a part of and how are you going to do this? You are to with love, unconditional love, analyze every imbalanced part of your life and then fix it quickly, you are going to use the power of the violet flame to blaze it into accepted perfection.

I am asking that you persistently continue to be the most beautiful being that you are already (only you cant see this) for as you say love is blind, but know the new universal energies are the glasses (laughter) and through these energies you will come to see yourself as a brand new and beautiful being. A wonderful being, you will begin to see the excitement within your life no matter your exterior structure so in other words no matter how you may perceive yourself to be, you are just fine. No matter how you may perceive your lack, or carry too may curves (laughter) know you are just fine. You are beautiful, so now it is time for you to embrace that and each time you feel a vibration of energy that makes you feel a little uneasy note it down on paper or in your journal, analyze it and find out why you are not feeling good at that time. You will find that many of you have…I am not going to use the word predicted as we prefer not to although we love predicting we just don’t tell you about it (laughter) wil find that especially from now on and within the first 6-8 months of the Christed Year 2010 the masses will go through tremendous change when it comes to food, the way that you eat, what you eat and how you like to eat it. Humanity struggles with preconditioning, so you will come to understand that you will find your own way of eating breaking previous set ideas on food and the enjoyment thereof for as it is good to enjoy 3 balanced meals a day, it is also good to enjoy 6 balanced meals a day with different proportions and combinations. With the new energy comes a new way of eating as you will find that you will combine different foods that you previously didn’t entertain as you will find that you will combine foods in ways to benefit and charge your energy field. Therefore we cannot reiterate enough the power of prayer especially over that which you consume, be that in solids, liquids or light (energy/prana) thus allow yourself through the current transformation to become a little more flexible, wiggle your feathers (would you like to do that?)

A: Oh Yes

SG: open yourself up, get a little flexible, so instead of being staid, stale and transfixed in your personality, allow yourself to experience your own retreat and in that time embrace a true transformational wave of your own consciousness and accept that with each new day, you understand anew, you believe new, you embrace new, therefore share anew, share some of your life and wisdom, even share some of your money..

– Dead silence –

SG: No ?

A: (Shrieks of laughter)

SG: we have an unlimited supply within the world bank order up there, down here and everywhere (laughter).

Dear ones the energy of that which I am sharing with you today is to understand that for you to transform yourself, when you listen to the guidance that is coming for you, each one of these messages say to transform yourself you have to become lighter, not more dense. Does it say transform your life become heavier (laughter) does this sound right? No. So become lighter therefore my approach to you is light this day so you can lighten up, shine, and embrace your lightworker self, create a new energy for yourself in the lightness of your being. I understand that within statistics around 78% of all humans have in recent years set out a little haven’t you? Gained a little weight have they? (laughter) in some instances more than a little (laughter) now the lightness of being doesn’t necessarily mean lighter of figure, if you want by all means, but if not then certainly allow that energy of want because of beauty and the nagging voice about your appearance to be transmuted as you embrace yourself as beautiful, a wonderful divine entity of light for within this light entity lies the eternal knowing of your divinity and within this it truly doesn’t matter which form you have decided to carry during this or any other of your incarnations. This is your choice and according to that choice you are living out this life experience except that now you need to realise that the light switch is on, the pituitary is being resounded with sound and light frequencies. The pineal is being resounded through sound and light frequencies and if you allow yourself to become transcend now instead of continuously living within your current limitations and misery, thus you take on a exciting and jovial personality, you will see more than there is. Have you ever tried to see more than there is?

A: Some

SG: I am daring you, to go out and see even more than that, see colour and energy beyond your lower formational mind, even if you can’t comprehend what it means, only recognize it as beautiful. Listen to the sounds of your heart, open your sacred or higher aspects of the heart. Embrace the higher orchestral aspects of the heart, allow these compositions to play out your personal composures of music that only you can direct, orchestrate and vocalize. So in this excitement and most incredible awakening of love consciousness be kind, be gentle, be still and share with others. Forgive your neighbor, friend, and self, and finally transcend into a new light. You cannot take your energy field and light bodies and move these beyond 5th dimensional frequency if you can only relate to 3D. How are you going to embrace the true fluidity of the 6th Dimension, the true manifestation and ceremonial magical orders of the 7th dimension, the infinite of the 8th, the true understanding of the reality of divine beingness and completion of the 9th, the dimension of eternal creation of the 10th, the mastering dimensions of the 11th, the supernal service commitments of the 12th and beyond this dimension where the Ascended Master energy works from if you can only relate to yourself as a 3rd dimensional being? Your wings are going to be stuck. You need to transform your wings into energy and light to enable you to rise and fly, extending beyond this into the greatness of Creation and this will only be possible if you embrace your crystalline self. As humans you are quite set, I bet you can’t even fly from your chair?


SG: But I bet if you invoke your crystalline wings you could?

A: Yes

SG: Would you like to give this a try (Yes!) so then follow me!

All get ready for the activation.

Saint Germain takes the group through a process of scooping stagnant energy from close to the floor and lifting it up to transcend

Do you feel the change?

A; Yes!

Good if we continue like this we’ll have a whole new earth! (Laughter). The density of the negativity that you have come with has collected here, and you have been transmuting your own troubles by lifting them up. Shall we try that all together one last time?

A: Yes

All do this.

Let this go, make yourself anew, you have crystalline wings waiting to unfold.

Saint Germain shared personal humor with all on excess fat on the sides “Not these wings” you call these wings?

A: Love handles (laughter)

Close your eyes, be relaxed be at ease, be at peace, visualise yourself right where you are at in your own beauty sitting on this chair, in this space, and for a moment feel the lightness of the room, feel how the energy has lifted, feel how some energy that has brought life back into your veins allowing your blood to flow fresher gives unto you increased excitement and stimulation. Now being comfortable in your breathing I want you to visualise walking through a most magnificent forest with trees everywhere, see yourself walking without shoes along the beautifully laid out pathway pf cobblestones, feel the comfort of the stones beneath your feet, the natural stones from earth. See the pathway weaving itself into the forest weaving high up into the hills until eventually you reach the mountain top, you come to the end of the forest, ahead of you is a beautiful cave, mysterious, enter the cave, and see ahead of you in the cave streams and waterways and cave pools of water, its light inside as the sun streams in through portals into the cave. See many portals of light extending from the mountain top into the actual cave allowing light to fill the cave, see the turquoise waters everywhere. Pause.

Now step into the water, gently, and as you do so you realise it was not truly the reflection of the water that enticed you so, but all around the entire cave is laced with beautiful crystal structures growing from the floor, walls and rooftop of the cave, crystals everywhere. Pause. Feel yourself gliding over the crystals under the water as you gently touch these. Pause. Allow yourself to float into the centre of the pool where you come to float under one of the natural sky-light portals which allows entry of the sun which shines down unto the water lighting the cave. Pause. See the sunshine rays now shining down upon you aligning all of the chakras and energy bodies. Pause. Again look around and take in the splendor of this amazing cave. The water is about chest deep as you can still comfortably stand and float. Pause. The cave water is soft, crystal clear, warm, comforting, pause, now on the count of 3 I want you to gently slide deeper into the crevices of the cave until eventually your head is under water and you are able to breathe comfortably under the water, know that you are safe. Now in your mind, close your eyes and let go….one…two…three. Pause.

Slide deeper, simply allow yourself to drift off into a magical mystical dream…pause.

Now find yourself in a magical old temple of light, and everywhere you look you see massive structures of Amethyst quartz. Pause. See the light that eneters the temple refracting the amethyst rays giving off a most beautiful violet glow everywhere. Pause.

The temple floor is polished amethyst. I now invite you to walk across it and then jump on the amethyst slab in the shape of a narrow long bed, jump up and lie down on the slab, and the moment you do I want you to feel the connection of the violet flame within you communicating with the amethyst energy. Pause. Some time ago some of you felt the awakening of the violet flame activated through my counterpart Lady Portia (Channelling: 21 June 2009) you may recall this where she took you through a process of awakening the violet flame within yourself, your 12th chakric system, which she incorporated as 12 prayer candles. Now visualise within every one of your 12 chakras a glowing violet flame that comes to life, flickering gently, allowing all of the energies of the amethyst within this temple to recharge and recalibrate everyone of the chakric violet flames, so by the end of this time of healing your violet flames will be fully charged but for now simply relax on the amethyst slab seeing the violet flame flickering in all of your chakras. Long pause.

I now want you to visualise myself entering the healing temple, I come to stand next to you covering you with a beautiful blanket, a deep violet blanket, leaving your feet exposed at the bottom, with your hands hanging on either side, with the blanket covering you from under the arms to your ankles, a think soft wooly blanket in the most vivid violet you have ever imagined. Pause.

Now become aware that a most powerful brother of mine lord Kuthumi comes to stand at your feet as he places the palms of the hands, his palm chakras on the soles of your feet connecting his palm chakras with your sole chakras. Pause.

Entering the room coming to stand at your crown is Archangel Michael. He places both his palms on your crown chakra connecting both his palm chakras with your crown chakra. Pause.

Opposite me the Energy of Master Jesus is manifesting, Master Jesus places his right hand on your base chakra and His left hand on your crown chakra. Pause.

With that I Saint Germain places my left hand on your base chakra and my right hand on your crown chakra, the opposite to Master Jesus. Long pause.

Now visualise how the energy of these 4 beings including myself creates a powerful influx of light that activates a most powerful amethyst ray of light into your energy field. Visualise this amethyst ray about 30-50 cm in diameter extending from the hands of Lord Kuthumi and AA Michael from your crown to your feet, the Master Jesus and myself supports this facilitation with our energy fields. Pause. Powerfully see this amethyst tube of light which further charges the violet flames within your 12 chakras. See every one of your chakras give full life to a very powerful violet flame. Pause.

Once this energy is anchored and powerfully in motion myself and Master Jesus lets go of your crown and base centres stepping back from your body taking your hand on either side stretching your arms out He holding your right and I holding your left stretching your arms like the shape of the cross with Lord Kuthumi and AA Michael continuing to ground the amethyst ray of light into your energy field. Pause. Master Jesus and I now place our hands on top of each other and lies your hand we are holing on top of ours, He holding your right, me holding your left. So you have your right palm chakra on top of his right and left, and you’re left on top of my right and left. Pause.

Together the 4 of us now sends a powerful ray of light into your heart chakra. Pause. Now from your heart chakra I want you to extend a most powerful energy emanating from your heart chakra allowing another magnificent violet flame to manifest on each of your palm chakras so use the love in your heart to light up each of your violet palm chakras. Pause.

Now see yourself lying down with the glowing 12 violet flames in each of your 12 direct chakras and also in your palm chakras. Pause.

Lord Kuthumi now asks that you release unto him everything that you feel unsettled about, unhappy about, and uneasy about, so allow his palm chakras to draw out from your energy field any energies that you still feel not good or at ease about. Pause. Visualise this energy leaving your body through your feet, traveling through Lord Kuthumi’s palm chakras into his energy field being transmuted into light released from his crown energy as beautiful violet flames of light into the atmosphere all around, with him transmuting all your lower discordant energies into higher octaves of light, allowing this to continue until you feel absolutely satisfied. Very long pause.

Once complete you will feel the energy slowing down with Lord Kuthumi sealing the energies of your sole chakras with two beautiful violet flames extended from his palms into your soles. Pause.

Now bring into your mind all of that which you unselfishly desire for the self in a un-egotistical way, all you desire to be brought into you energy field in the form of universal energy, universal prana or universal life-force energy, allowing all this to be integrated through the crown chakra of AA Michael being transmuted into personal life force energy which is being absorbed into your energy fields, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Visualise how this most powerful Archangel facilitates this process for you and see how your etheric energy is being filled with this light by creating a violet shield of light all around you, filling from your feet, into your legs, hips, arms, hands, shoulders, neck, over your face and head until eventually it seals the crown chakra so we shall give you a moment or two to make sure you have integrated full capacity transmuting ions of the violet flame with you embracing this energy or Chi into your body and light-bodies, your etheric bodies. Pause. Once you are happy communicate to the Archangel to seal off your crown energy by activating two additional violet flames in the area of your crown which he releases from his palms into your crown. Pause.

Archangel Michael now steps back from you about an arms length away from your head expanding your crown energies. Pause. Your crown chakra now fully integrates all of the other chakras 8-12 with the 13th being the complete integration of the system as a whole. Pause. Kuthumi now also steps back expanding the chakra energy of your feet to about an arms length away. Pause. I indicate now for you to stretch out your arms to the side as myself and the Master Jesus also steps away extending your energy about an arm’s length away from the tips of your fingers. Pause. Now in your mind, keep within this extended violet energy, sit up on the slab, and feel how this expanded new energy feels around you. Long pause. Can you relate to this?

A: Yes

SG: Now jump off the slab, stand next to it, feel how your energy extends in all directions. Pause. Again bring into your mind the 12 violet flames in the 12 chakras, the 2 flames in your palm chakra, the 2 in the soles, see 3 flames in the crown area. Long pause.

The four of us now hold hands, extending our arms to each other creating a ring of light with you standing in the centre with myself Saint Germain facing you, Master Jesus behind you, Lord Kuthumi to the right of you and AA Michael to the left of you. Pause. With us holding hands the 4 of us now emanate a most powerful vibration from our heart chakras to yours which reinforces a golden flame within your heart chakra allowing the golden and violet flames within the heart to be as one. Pause. See these two flames blazing as one within your heart. Pause.

Now from our throat chakras we blaze towards your throat chakra a powerful blue flame which activates within your throat a sapphire blue flame with the violet flame intermingling as one. Pause.

We blaze towards your base a powerful ruby flame so that the ruby and violet flame become as one. Pause

Finally we create a most beautiful translucent flame, a mother of pearl flame which reflects the Divine Feminine placing this into the crown which together with the violet flames transmute into a Diamond Violet Flame with your crown. Pause.

The 4 of us let go of our hands, now turn to your right and face Lord Kuthumi. The gift that lord Kuthumi today bestowed upon you is to truly help you release from yourself all of the limitations which still binds you in may ways to lower limiting thought forms. Vibrations and emanations of a lower energy are not necessarily bad but it could be un-grounding. Many of you need still need to ground yourself more fully into your planetary experience for many of you are truly at times unable to relate to yourself as the true human that you are. You see yourself within your spirit and light bodies and many times unable to relate yourself as part of the earth experience therefore releasing the negativity and uneasy vibrations from the soles of your feet not only helps you to transmute that which is limiting your own processes of being, thought and creating, but also helps you through the blazing violet ruby flame to ground your energy physically into the earth experience, which will also assist you in recognizing the irregularities in every unbalanced minute of your day, and with that to take yourself through transcendence, transmuting limiting energy being born from your limitations when it comes to your own values and inability to forgive yourself, transcending this through the intuition of your higher mind by allowing the violet diamond consciousness within this crown to balance this gift and with that give your thanks to Lord Kuthumi as you turn to face AA Michael on the opposite side of Lord Kuthumi. Pause.

AA Michael through the blazing crown violet diamond flame facilitated for you today the powerful activation of the sapphire violet flame within the throat. By allowing the energy to be transformed from universal to personal chi AA Michael facilitated a influx of energy which supports your dreams into reality allowing you to fill yourself with the amethyst consciousness into a lightness of being, this is not only for you to recognize the positive vibrations and integrating these but powerfully helping you to let go of the guilt of wanting to create in your life. It is a natural state of being; in fact it is very outdated to live in a world of lack. How else can you experience all of the most wondrous gifts and blessings that Creation offers you if you cannot be a part of this and integrate these? Yes sure, within the lower foundations of lust and greed discontent can breed the ever increasing desire to have more, but this is only fueled by insecurity and thus by lighting up this powerful blue flame within your throat AA Michael blesses you for you to go forth and express your desires with integrity and honesty and divine truth, the truth of your reality as a multidimensional blessed divine being, thus he facilitated the integration of light potions to fill up all of the empty pockets within your energy field, supporting you to slowly transform yourself to carry the power of the violet flame all around you, extend your gratitude towards him. Pause.

Turn now to face the Master Jesus. The master Jesus and I both from opposite sides infused you with light for you to embrace yourself as a super conscious divine being. These two energies were lodged within the heart and crown. The Energy of the heart is the combination of the violet and the gold and the crown the violet translucent mother or pearl energy which once melded and blended was transformed into the violet diamond flame. This serves as a reminder for you to stand tall within your masculine feminine processes of your divine mind and divine heart and to embrace through the love of The Christ within as without the truth of your incarnation at this time as a light worker, to expand your consciousness for you to be able to help others integrate the changes within this physical glandular reality, within their anatomy, helping them through the changes within their anatomy from lower limiting thought forms to extreme advance energies which will be medically proven by your medical scientists recording the changes within the Pineal gland, within the pituitary gland. By integrating these energies and shielding you with the total amethyst energies which carry through the amethyst rays a powerful yet gentle aspect of the violet flame serve to bring a true awakening within of your shifting DNA. You see for you to be able to transmute all of your lower realities in other words the limiting RNA/DNA into a unlimited cosmic DNA carrying cosmic consciousness you need to integrate all of the new aspects of yourself and truly for many of you one of the many avenues that you still lack integration is in absorbing your physical reality as a co-creator and thus give your thanks to Master Jesus for facilitating the Diamond consciousness within your violet-diamond flame within the crown, turn and face me now.

I gift to you the powerful essence of the violet flame amplified within your heart, where you already carry the Golden Flame of our Divine Creator within your heart. I now want you to give your thanks to me as I extend my appreciation to you for stepping forward this day wanting to be initiated or engineered into a conscious transition or transmutation inspiring you to embrace yourself as powerful energy of colour, light and sound, transmuting the old into the new. The 4 of us now make our way from your energy field as you are transformed back to the cave pools under the water. Pause. Now find you can walk beautifully under the water with the level just above your crow. Breathe comfortably, walking along I now want you to choose out specific crystals as you connect to on the side walls and bottom of this pool or cave river, connect with the intention to integrate these into your DNA structure and with that find for yourself one, two or more crystal vibrations that you feel connected to. Now place your sole chakras on these standing on these crystals embedded within the river bed, also place your two palm chakras also on the side walls on a preferred crystal or crystals, it can be one choice or you may choose 4 different crystals energies to integrate. This integration will aid shifting the density within the supposed junk DNA transforming any limitations into light DNA. Pause.

Visualise your violet flames on the soles and palms integrating the crystalline energies. Pause. Visualise in any way or form how this energy is integrated into your DNA until you feel very calm and beautiful. Feel your increased vibration rising in frequency feeling quite tantalizing according to the vibration you wish to integrate this day. Pause.

Now release all the energies walking along the underwater path as the water become more shallow until eventually your head is above the water, again come to stand under the portal of light where you stared off as you feel the rays of this sun portal reflecting light into the water all around lighting up the turquoise water and cave all around. In your mind stretch out your arms and embrace the sun rays into your being. Feel yourself become lighter, and even more, until eventually you feel ready to leave the water, again standing on the side facing the cave river, and when you are ready make your way from the cave, back through the forest along the cobblestone pathway. Pause.

Just before you bring your energy fully back into this space, quickly remind yourself of all of the process of light you have experienced this day, integrated and shifted. Pause. Bring an awareness of that which you choose to integrate yourself through your chosen crystalline energies, slowly bring yourself back into your physical reality, back in your chair, move your arms and legs stretching these out, yes stretch your limbs, get some circulation flowing, and shine your light!

Very long pause.

Is there anyone here that needs to have some clarity or explanation on the crystals you have chosen?

A: No

A: My question is not so much the crystals but often I find in meditation especially during the gifting part I fall asleep through it.

SG: Beloved sister this takes place within the mental field, the sacred mind and sacred heart joins hands they override your questioning by allowing you to sleep to get you out of the way so they can fix you (laughter). While you are in activation you keep questioning asking can I feel this is this true (A: Yes – Laughter) and they are tired of the questioning (laughter)

A: Someone else: I had an experience at the back of my head a pull from the base to the top towards the crown, when you were talking about the pituitary could this be, for a long time today I felt this pull.

SG: Beloved sister this pulling energy is due to stimulation within your ascension chakras. The increased energy or new energy that shall soon be discovered and shall we say gazetted for a better word about this changes within the pineal, pituitary (and thymus) glands within your physiology shall reveal an increase of energy flow from the back of the head to the top of the crown. The pituitary and pineal are situated within the centre of the head connecting to the 3rd eye and crown energies which now also very much is forming a more noticeable bond, like you find the energies of the lower chakras bonding, also the middle chakras bonding and here you have the higher chakras bonding, with the throat being a portal of spiritual transition between the mid and higher energies, serving as a portal into the world of unconsciousness. The Medulla Oblongata which is situated at the base of skull is especially very vulnerable at this time, in fact has been for some time, and it is for this very reason that AA Michael initiates a special shield of protection over this area. When you are in a situation that you feel unsure or uneasy it won’t hurt or harm to ask AA Michael to place his shield of protection around this vulnerable area. Initially it was the energy of titanium and platinum which was introduced over that area as protection which is now being enforced by combing this energy with a pure crystalline sheath, it was sealed at first with the energy of mother of pearl over this area but now with the increased influx of Christ consciousness you have also a crystalline shield over that because of extreme vulnerability in this area because of your transcending consciousness so what you felt is real and true, take care of yourself have plenty of rest. So when you feel the increased vibrations from the neck up do not panic for the ascension chakras are being stimulated. These are a group of 44 chakras at the lower level increasing to 144 eventually within the crown area. Does this answer your question?

A: Thank you very much

SG: You can ask me anything except the results of your lottery (laughter)

A: May I ask are we likely to see physically changes with the new crystalline energies

SG: I am not sure of your question?
A: Are we likely to have physical experiences?
SG: Very much indeed, you will begin to see physically things are very different to what they were before and that is also why you need to integrate the understanding that within every complexity of existence and structure of life there is the resounding possibility of multiple bodies so there are these aspects also surrounding the planet that very much influences the energy and through these extended light body energies you will begin to tap into a multidimensional field of light which will look differently, you will see it differently, it will smell differently. We will give you a wonderful example of this we had quite a giggle as you say (smiles). In the afternoon of yesterday this particular lady I am communicating through (Chanel) was in her kitchen and she suddenly experienced a very strong smell of roses. She recently purchased roses and when she experienced the smell she went to make sure the roses has a smell she walked to the area where she kept them (far away from the kitchen) and viola no smell at all. She even tried to get close to the flowers nearly pricking herself to smell both the red and white, but there was no smell! This was a multidimensional experience because the roses were standing in her kitchen for some time before she moved them out and they choose to leave her through their own multidimensional aspect or etheric plasma a gift of their supposed smell (Commercial roses in SA don’t smell) this completely perplexed her mind which we found very humorous (laughter).

A: I would like to ask about protection because I am in a very vulnerable position and I have been told that I am to raise my vibration so that my energy field can’t be compromise by lower vibrations, but now after this I want you to tell me how do I do that.

SG: By using your energy field as it is now after this activation, place your energy field within the violet flame allowing the violet flame to transmute all of that which makes you feel uncomfortable. If you want to use a physical example you may create a picture, you can paint the violet flame on your wall and place etherically energy into this, you may place fears into this flame and invoke its protection or to transcend yourself or anyone that surrounds you into a different vibration of light by merely projecting this into the flames but whether you do it physically or metaphysically it matters not, doing it mentally it does not matter therefore create a metal picture of this placing a violet flame in a certain area or areas or on your altar or perhaps in a certain part of your house and then visualise the constant blazing of the violet flame placing firstly your own fears into that violet flame, secondly place forgiveness towards self and others into that violet flame, thirdly place absolute unconditional love to blaze through all discordant energies so that you may pass on only love and enlightenment to those that restricts your flow of energy, does this make sense to you?
A: Yes

A: Can I use the violet flame for when I am doing healing?

SG: Absolutely you may, I suggest for this purpose start off invoking the Amethyst Ray, then gently invoke the release if the violet flame through this ray and once you and the person are comfortable with this energy invoke the violet flame into full power according to the highest will of the individual you are working with in other words get permission from their higher self and then set the intent for them to only integrate levels which they can handle and in this way you may guide them into the introduction of the violet flame and perhaps for those of you that are in the healing profession when it comes to your time now for you to make all of your gift or Christmass Cards for your people why don’t you hand paint some violet flames and in this way hand them a gift of awareness. Give these gifts of transmutation to others for it is not often you are going to find a violet flame painted on commercial cards not so? (Laughter) not likely, so paint it yourself. Type the message if you wish, but paint the card. “Mary blessed friend, here is a gift of the violet flame” (Smiles). The violet flame will become extremely prominent, in fact humanity will realise it is already everywhere. Have you ever seen any institution of religion that does not in any small way contain the colour violet in any way? I haven’t, makes you think doesn’t it. It comes in may ways and forms but the vibration of the colour is what allows integration to a great degree in many ways, it is also for this reason many people harbors unknown fears towards this colour for they are unable to work through their own processes of limiting consciousness when it comes to their own fear of that which they may ‘see’ or ‘confront’ or ‘feel’ within the unknown. Some are very fearful and it is now time to heal this and let it go for balance is the most important energy now on this planet which is why it was agreed today to give you the blessings of the Master Jesus, AA Michael, my brother Kuthumi and of course myself, I cannot leave myself out of the picture (laughter) so we give you this gift of transmutation by flooding you with the amethyst and violet energy, for some serving as a reminder of what they have already experienced to a great degree through the lady Portia and myself some months ago, perhaps go back and read this, it is true I was there (laughter) and so to bring an understanding of love to you.

Through the act of forgiveness and transcendence, shifting your vibrational consciousness into a un-limiting form by claiming unconditional love in your heart and mind (even if it has to put you to sleep) {Saint Germain looks at lady asking the question – laughter} it must be so for the powerful rays of light of the new earth is here. It is now up to you to integrate these through a lightness of being and as I have made mention of earlier one of the difficult areas for many lightworkers is their inability to embrace the physical aspect of their earth reality for they are already up there (pointing up- laughter) perhaps that is why some of them are getting so wide to keep them down (Pointing out to the sides as in gaining weight – shrieks of laughter) I better not say too much now I do not want trouble (laughter) and so the lightness of being is what is needed now. To shine, to light up, rise and shine, to become light in energy, and if need be lighter in body too if you desire, but certainly in humor, in energy, to raise your vibrations as high as you can possible get it and how do you do that? Can anyone tell me?

A: Some answers: Let go / be joyful / connect / have fun /

SG: These are all good answers but by each day reaching for a higher potential in yourself, that’s how you do it. By aiming higher with intent, then so it must be. Aiming each day to raise yourself into a lighter state of being through the act of all that you made mention of, letting go becoming lighter, having fun, be jovial, laugh, doing all this indeed incorporates a lighter state, transcending you into divine oneness and this oneness is indeed what activates your ‘new’ DNA your crystalline DNA, the DNA that you have just a few moments ago asked to be further activated and charged. Are you with me?

A: Yes

SG: Are you happy?
A: Yes

SG: Very good.

The new energies being activated with increase influx through this divine portal of 10:10 on this day also ask that you begin your forgiveness by practicing it on the self, do not be so hard on yourself. Do not be too over perfect; this is not intended for if so how can you have room for improvement? (laughter) if you are over perfect overnight you might become completely bored with yourself (laughter) so keep reaching up integrating higher levels of consciousness for this is the way you expand your current sense of being.

I hoped through my message today to give you some enlightenment, some information on the self once again and with that I wish you a most splendid journey ahead until we meet again, until I am ready to speak with you, until you have some time to speak with me. The essence or focus rather here is to allow the inner violet flame to blaze towards others that surround you and in the process to bless all, your family, friends, neighbors even the ones you do not like with love. As you transmute yourself from limiting to limitless allow all those around you to face the same process within themselves for each of you are beautiful God Beings, God loves you, He cares for you, she cares for you, and I Saint Germain care for you, the Master Jesus cares for you, The Archangel Michael cares for you, the solar Lord and King he cares for you (Kuthumi), everyone of the light beings care for you, your guides and angels all care for you.

Begin this day on the 10:10, a masterful entry to new beginnings to love yourself no matter what, to forgive yourself no matter what, and thus to spread your light and your love unto others by staying focus on your own beauty, your own magnificence, embracing this HUMBLY and be gentle and kind to the earth and all of the beings that comes with her.

I am Saint Germain, I bless you as I give you from my heart to your heart a most beautiful gift, a very special violet flame which I place in a pure crystalline disc and I ask that you keep this hanging around your neck close to your heart. Arevoir

A: Thank you very much