Back To Basics

Ascended Master Kuthumi
Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

This channel includes some personal information thus due to the
content the names are not disclosed, yet many might find solace in the
answers as many lightworkers share the same personal trauma.
Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be
made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not
add, change or alter any of its contents
Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations,
simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be
undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for
your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by
your higher self for your greater good.

*** *** ***
I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to
greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of
surrender, integrity, inner truth, and the blessing beloved ones of
keeping yourself constantly within the heart space that connects your
heart to the heart of mother earth.
Greetings beloved ones,
Greetings Lord Kuthumi,
It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we
gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you here firmly
within the Heart of Christ, and securely upon the Hands of God.
Beloved ones of the earth, the stars, the moon and the Sun, you have
faced tremendous challenges within the self over many lifetimes, some
consciously and some unconsciously. Throughout all of the lives that
you have lived there was one general repeated key that carried you
throughout all of your vibrations into an aspired state of being and
what I mean by this is that throughout all of your lifetimes no matter
how trivial it may have seemed to some at times from your own
perspective, you have always had your eyes fixed on one united goal
and that is to one day walk with yourselves as one, not only be one
with your land and people, but at one most definitely with the inner
part of the self which always very gently guide the ways of the self
should you listen to the whisper of the winds, should you but take one
moment of time stepping back from the controlling aspects of the self
by gently allowing the self simply to be. We do understand that for
many of you this is almost an impossibility not so, said without
Deep rooted within the personality types touching the soul or life
cord there is stored a vibration that activates a specific message at
intervals which infiltrate the human mind released from the memory of
your soul aspect, a message which may either bring fear or support
confusion at times which unbeknown to you create a need for you not to
want to let go and surrender, this reaction stems from your birth.
Your birth is often the most traumatic soul experience at earth
arrival. The birth of you stepping from the world of spirit into the
world of matter through is exhausting to say the least and this may
cause memory scars within the aspects of the personality types, and it
is usually the archetypes that support insecurity that deals with
this. Thus recorded within these archetypes you may find fragments of
messages which continuously send impulses from the brain to the
nervous system about being in control, the silent need for control.
For this reason if you find that you are the kind of person that don’t
easily let go of your reigns allowing someone else take the lead, or
if you find that you always have to make sure that your wall-pictures
are inline (who cares if they’re not), or if you find that that you
are not able to leave the used toothpaste without squeezing it into
perfection, then perhaps you might want to look back and do some
releasing, do this by allowing your birth trauma to be healed. Lots of
children, who experience trauma during birth, be that physical trauma
due to biological conditions or mental trauma due to psychological
exposure, often due to the mother’s mental conditioning during
pregnancy or the time of labor and giving birth). Perhaps her anger
towards the child that doesn’t want to come into the word, her anger
towards her husband that ‘made her pregnant’ (laughter) she had
nothing to do with this of course naturally (laughter).
Beloved ones, one need to take a good look, at all of the aspects of
the self, for very often you may find that throughout your lifetime
you may have worked very hard at the issues within these aspects but
inevitably there may be one or two, or three hundred that you
overlooked (laughter)
The question is why? Yes many avoid the aspects of the self that
brings anger and frustration or a sparked reaction. The answer you all
know which is?
A; To release?
MK: Yes, to evolve – thus to release all of the attachments to the
issues that keep you back so that you can evolve as a being and with
that step out of the limitations of your lower thought forms excelling
the self into something that you have been inspired to become lifetime
after lifetime. Each time that you leave at the end of that lifetime
returning to the cosmic sea of spirit consciousness you say ‘next time
I shall remember why I came, why I set before myself these tasks’ and
although most times thus far you failed in many ways, this time around
because of the immense awakening and stirring within your
consciousness you very much came to awaken these aspects of the self
as a beloved sister or brother to acknowledge yourself for exactly who
you are, to carry no shame, yet many due to the filters of fear are
still unable to let go, as mentioned which often may have been caused
by the memory of birth trauma, be that physical or emotional.
Emotional trauma, I mentioned one small aspect of, can be indirectly
caused by the emotional state of the body plasma which includes the
amniotic fluid and your physical link through the umbilical cord
feeding off the mother, and physically you felt her vibrations
recoding these at a mental level as the subconscious simply records
and stores. Trauma at birth can cause more destruction than most are
aware of therefore it is extremely important to understand that for
many the issues that you are facing doesn’t necessarily come from the
recollective past, but also from the unknown. Even those that proclaim
to have had the most exhilarating childhood, do have some trauma
recorded there within the many aspects, some dormant, some unknown, as
these weren’t shared (childhood traumas/childbirth traumas). Many
parents don’t share the history with their children, some not meaning
to intentionally keep a secret as such, for what is a secret but that
which is not shared. So many don’t intentionally tell their children
(even when grown up) of the trauma experienced at birth (especially
that which involves the mother) or other infant experiences.
Beloved ones, to look at the grander or greater aspect of the self in
such a way that allow you to embrace yourself as a magnificent divine
being, you have to now start to put certain things to bed; thus to
shift your personality vibrations by looking at the self in a complete
and differently light and here I mean for you to see the self in a
validating and worthiness light. Now to see the self within this light
requires of you to let go of judgment. First and foremost your
judgment against yourself, and then towards others, and usually it
hits closes to home thus for many judgment towards parents, and then
there is the rest of the family and friends, from closest to distant,
the colleagues, then ex-colleagues and ex friends, and then of course
what is judgment without resentment? Not much for there has to be
resentment for you to be able to judge not the other way around as
many like to think are you with me?
A: Yes
MK: Any questions so far?
MK: So resentment then wouldn’t you say is what we should look at
first. To resent something means being uncomfortable in it’s presence.
Not being comfortable means you are not on par, or you feel
inadequate. So you are feeling inadequate because you are not
comfortable with it, hence your resentment renders you extremely
insecure about the self for what it does is it actually shows the self
that you are unable to come within a current situation for whatever
number of reasons and therefore you have to resent thus reject the
situation or being, all which plays out through the format called
You have a well used cliché which says ‘you haven’t walked in their
shoes’ well let us remember in life that no matter the experience it
is your own journey, meant for YOUR shoes, with you walking in them,
not someone else. Therefore if you own your own life experience, then
what do you want to do in another’s? So if you own your own life
experience what do you benefit from walking in the experience of
another? None but judging it, and let me say that even if you have so
much as walked in a similar experience as theirs for a moment, the
judgment is what delivers to you limitations as it clouds your outcome
which naturally is supported by resentment and bringing this back to
basics, all because you feel inadequate.
Beloved ones, it is really important for you to make a point of seeing
the lighter and greater side in everyone. Even thought the average
limited human prefers to see the negative in many, do try.
Kuthumi here shared some examples of our ‘frivolous judgment’ caused
by envy.
Beloved ones through all of the teachings of light, all of the
journeys explored you have now come to realize that this is the time
where true inner work is needed and if you have no time, make time. It
takes a mere minute a day for your to connect with inner consciousness
and trust from one minute a day it will grow into more until
eventually you will reward yourself within inner quality time be that
5, 10, 15, 20 minutes a day it matter not. When suggesting this we are
not implying for you to create a shrine and fall down in front of it
(laughter) but to merely make a point at some stage during your busy
day to be quiet, anywhere. If you are able to create a meditation
corner or sanctuary of sorts for the self then this will be the
ultimate, but should you not be able then simply make an effort for a
mere minute to connect to your inner stillness. The inner quietness
which is the essence of the soul truly knows no judgment as it knocks
on your consciousness doors asking you to return to love. The essence
of life or the truth of living is to be still and know that you are
(part of) God. To get yourself to that stage would require of you to
be still therefore the suggestion for you to get back to basics at the
break of your day preferably, get into the stillness of your beautiful
mind. Create time within this stillness to create for yourself a
beautiful space wandering away from restrictions thus move away from
structural influence becoming more flexible.
Structure gives form to force thus manipulating energy to set into
form for a given time depending on the value of the structure. Some of
your sacred sites are very long standing structures that were created
through the force of love, can you see some of your new high-rise
structures last that long?
A: No
MK: What is then wrong with their structure?
A: There are no good foundations
MK: in some way physically, yet not other wise, for they hold no
integrity towards the earth. Having integrity towards the earth is a
commitment that you make at soul level. The ancient sites of sacred
origin and meaning were all constructed with the workers in a semi or
full transcended state, transwork, and in this state of respect the
agreement that was made between the workers and the earth in setting
this structure was of the highest integrity, infact the integrity so
fine you cant even slide in a hair into the grooves that separates
these building blocks of integrity. This is what are very much
happening to many of you at present, this group and many that are
reading these words, are now busy converting yourself from flashy
buildings to sacred sites. So you are now converting the integrity of
the self thus instead of the self being structurally unsafe you rather
become joyously flexible. Now is this not amazing? Beloved ones,
structure need’nt be set in stone, and even if it is, it should have
room for movement as the earth supports a constant ebb and flow, there
is constant movement, a in and outbreath, a constant energy exchange.
Because of the setout changes and constant flow of energy many have
discovered that they are no longer happy, not that they ever fully
were, so to speak. Not happy in this case scenario doesn’t mean
depressed, but rather being unsatisfied with the quality of your being
and the reason why is because of your inert knowing that you deserve
more, better. I mentioned previously that from now until the month of
September/October or so, many will come to face some of their greatest
personality challenges – which are usually caused either by an
insecure innerchild and/or overactive lower ego (insecure outer
child). These are the two main arenas that represent the plays playing
out the dramas of your life, or shall we say ‘the days of your
lives’ (laughter)
Beloved ones, what prevent you from claiming your magnificence but
your worthiness, then so what prevents you from wishing your greatest
enemy your best?
A; Unforgiveness
MK: Jealousy, for you don’t want them to have what you have not, or
you imagine them to have what you have not, but yet you don’t know
what they have (laughter) you think you know, but you don’t, you make
assumptions of what you think they have, but you have no proof. The
reason why you think you know what they have is because of the victim
for this is the part of you that always believe everyone else has
better than you not so? “They must have more money than me? They must
have a better life than me? She has grander children than me? They
have a fancier car than we do?” Much of this you don’t know, and with
that the nosy part of you that always ‘wants to know’ moves into
‘control mode’ of making up your mind of that which transpires in
another’s because of your own insecurity and need for victim mode, yet
you truly have no ‘real’ idea, thus you slide deeper into feeling
The key here is to bring the mind into a complete loving state, thus
you feel so good, great, yet humble that you can almost imagine that
you are god. In this Godliness of the self, within the high-heart
presence when you absorb all of the light particles that makes you
feel so loving and god-like so much so that you can feel the Breath of
God within, then this is the space that you use to reflect love from,
unto all. Begin to train your mind to rather send out these Godliness
Rays instead of judging them, instead of being jealous of what they
have, instead of being victimized by what you feel you don’t have,
instead of assuming because of your lack of worthiness, rather bless
all with the God Rays that you bathe within, and without. You will
recall many images being depicted of these Rays flowing from the Heart
of Christ especially prominent within many of the Christian church
representations, thus use this image and send out from your sacred
heart thus the higher aspect which fills the unconditional part of
your reality, reflecting these Rays of Light unto those you envy,
those that bring fear and intimidation into your lives, those who
control you, those whom you control.
The essence here is to love and to be.
Some personal exchange between a lady and Kuthumi on this (inaudible
from her side)
For this reason sister it is very important to understand where you
are coming from and as you say ‘fake it until you make
it’ (laughter).
Beloved ones it is very important for you to claim yourself in your
divine beingness and the only and best way to achieve this is, is to
be your authentic self, which means you are actually taking on a
certain label for the self which you and only you designed and set out
instead of following the mass-produced ways such as another, thus
instead you created your own, you designed yourself an amazing and
unique personality, for you did so far.
The next step on your evolutionary journey is to live this fully, thus
shatter and the shed the mould of having, needing and wanting to fit
in. The only thing you would need to fit into is your clothing
(screeches of laughter) and if not then make them bigger or smaller
and with that love yourself through this, not resent the self because
you’ve had that extra cake, or you have to move the notch of your belt
one up (laughter) and even for those that have expanded in seize in
deep slumber as with this channel (screeches of laughter) – I have
gained quite some weight over the years “not wanting to realize it –
Chanel” Do not resent yourself for where you are suddenly at just
because you dared to look in the mirror for the first time in a while,
the secret is to love yourself through it, admittedly there is more to
love (laughter).
Dear ones, it is important to bring little issues such as these to the
fore to realize how deep your resentment is, and you will find that
most of your resentment known or unknown is towards the self,
therefore most of the judgment is in a roundabout way aimed at the
self even if you for some peculiar reason find something that you lay
against another I Kuthumi guarantee you that should we sit down and
chat about it for a while you too will come to this deep realization,
most of which is recorded at such an unconscious level it will blow
your own hair back! (Laughter)
The key to expanding your consciousness is to love what is – Love from
within all this is without, love from without all that creates
One of the most treacherous ways of bringing harm to the self, or
damaging the self is wishing for another’s life thus wishing you were
someone else. Wishing you were someone else in any way actually create
a damaging force which destructs the mind for it believes it is
greater than the heart which is the engine of the soul therefore great
conflict arises. Now is this not scoffing sand into God’s eyes? Does
this not say I cannot appreciate and Grace Your Creations Divine One?
This also causes a breakdown of happy memories thus you prevent the
release of endomorphins, the happy hormone that makes you feel good.
Are you all who you want to be?
A: Yes
MK: But you want to be a millionaire not so (laughter)
When you are able to be in the discussed quiet God-Space and able to
send to another your love without needing or expecting it’s return,
even one that does not share your favor, then the next step for you is
to become joy, joy and happiness, fun and laughter this means
transcending your seriousness and the only way to seriously find out
what life is about, is to have some fun for this is meant to be a
Universal playground as you go about having fun whilst learning and
experiencing. You are meant to be in joy, to live in happiness, for if
you do this you will not only inspire the self, but all others.
Beloved ones it is better to instead of judging and resenting keep
your focus on inspiration for this can get you places, as it will
support your transition from the limited to the freeway of life.
By being inspired, thus IN SPIRITED as you know, means that the lower
aspects of the self which fuels doubt and limitation is out of the way
thus the spirit can then come through without restriction thus the
higher aspect, the master self or even aspects of the Monadic self can
infiltrate your beingness thus ideas out of nowhere come into your
head, meaning your usual guards are out of the way and the clearer all
knowing spirit self can communicate clearly with the soul self by
inspiring you, and in the same way when you inspire others it means
that your spirit self awakens this magic in their soul self. Thus
there are no limits, and as you say the sky is the limit and you can
achieve anything, and in this space you are able to create just about
ANYTHING and the easiest to bring this into fruition from this
uncontaminated space is to share it with others, purely from your
heart to theirs, no ego.
Beloved ones during the month of May you will be working very intently
with the inner child, and may I add from the viewpoint of a very soft,
gentle and feminine energy. During this time you shall once again have
the opportunity to address many aspects, most, that you have as yet
overlooked or were unable to face by choice. You shall learn to grow
through these limitations discovering happiness, laughter and joy, to
the extend of having fun discovering these hidden aspects so that you
can expand these boarders that keeps you limited, thus that which
keeps the lower ego aglow, the eternal questioning of the doubting
thomas, the need to know of the insecure personality and so on and so
forth thus eliminating the “vacuum effect” within the throat chakra
which one experiences when this centre is overactive or being
scrutinized (which is also to a large extend responsible for free
flowing air) which often results in being unable to swallow,
physically and psychologically.
Here one needs to address the control aspects within the throat to
allow healing to occur, thus remove the need to control (or be
controlled) and with that you are finally able to embrace the self in
a finer and much gentler way.
Beloved ones, can any conflict within your lives be so powerful that
you cannot give your hand to your neighbor, and being the one of
greater knowledge don’t you think that perhaps you are to take the
lead in this?
This kindness and gentleness is what you are being asked to live by,
in honor and humbleness without expectation, for this ultimately leads
to disappointment not so. Thus remove this expectancy by living each
day as it is your last, why not? There are no guarantees that you will
be here tomorrow? Live your dreams in heart space within your quiet
moments this day. The paradox is in the cliché ‘why leave that which
can be done today for tomorrow’ but if it is not life-threateningly-
important then why kill yourself today to fit in all that which could
easily be done tomorrow. The important thing is to expand your
consciousness and with that the awareness of the mind by integrating
the heart-consciousness, to expand your vibrations daily, to live your
life according to YOU not another. This is why expectation writes the
false aspect of the law of accordance – because you are expected to
this or that according to ‘them’. You are in charge of your lives,
your truth, and your time; therefore make sure to embrace each day as
if it is your last. Live your lives, have fun and joy, be exited even
for just a moment at a time (you can always be miserable later –
laughter) not so? If you insist and believe me there are many people
out there that are not happy unless they are completely unhappy
(laughter). Some have to intervene in another’s way to fuel their own
victimhood and for many of you, and the likes of you, you have now
reached the lifetime you have looked forward to, to put this all
behind you and with that stand tall and be free. You have now arrived
at this time, and within this awakening grand lifetime you are able to
integrate everything according to what YOU desire. The universal laws
support a balanced cosmic reality, put in place to fulfill the wishes
of the Creator. These laws supports a natural state of healing, growth
and evolution yet to support each of you to awake into a state of love
so great that to claim your authenticness is inevitable for this is
all that is expected of you, to be divinely uniquely yourself for if
you cannot be yourself then what does this mean, anyone?
A: Can’t accept yourself
MK: Think more
A: Inaudible
MK: If you cannot be yourself does this not mean that then you are
someone else?
Do you recall a mere 20 minutes ago I expressed the misfortune of
wanting to be someone else so if you are not yourself then won’t you
agree that you aught to be someone else?
Do you understand the deep underlying unconscious conflict that can
arise by not being authentically who you are?
Anyone has a problem with this?
A: No
MK: Beloved ones, what we are aiming at, at the end of the day with
all our visitations here within the realm of physicality is for all of
you bright sparks to glow so brightly beautiful for you to feel proud
of yourself. Not run around with pride wanting to control the world
because of your own insecurity, but to be proud of yourself, thus to
be a lightworker, strong individualistic and beautiful. To say to
another ‘I am beautiful like you, for we are as one’. This is to walk
your walk and talk your talk. Be honest about the love you have for
the self by showing others how you care for them, this means not being
superfluously ‘in love’ with the self as then you would be stuck glued
to a mirror all day not so (heaps of laughter), this is no good, but
certainly to love the self unconditionally and to do so by removing
bit by bit the obstacles that bites created by blame. The only reason
why you entertain blame is because you do not take responsibility for
the self thus you feel inadequate thus far easier to put the
responsibility on another than to carry it yourself “I did not do this
or that because he or she said so”
Beloved ones when looking at the key issues of judgment hence
resentment, there is so much that fuels this energy, so much that is
overlooked, and then so much that is so deeply ingrained within the
personality, completely unaware. Now is the time to rise from the
ashes, to be your authentic self, to be victorious, to claim your
divine love and to do so in a gentle kind way. Being assertive is
good, but being over assertiveness is controlling thus insecure.
Petty controlling habits are just the same as any. One of the ways of
going into the core of these issues is to communicate directly with
the solar plexus. Think of the habit or issue, place your hands (on
top of each other) over the solar plexus and feel where the control
dramas originated from.
Lord Kuthumi took everyone through a practical exercise doing this,
working with judgment and resentment.
Doing this you address your ego which is usually the hurt culprit
which deters your growth. When did hurt cause you such pain for you to
judge another on that which you never healed?
We now will ask if anyone wants to share with us their experiences on
judgment or resentment or any similar issue that they need guidance
Q: My child nearly died last night, because her husband doesn’t
understand her, he is psychic yet he doesn’t use his ability, he knows
when things are going to happen yet he doesn’t do anything about it.
last night my daughter suffered a culmination of many issues having a
heart attack I resent him…(The lady continued sharing personal details
on this for quite some time about her son-in-law treating her daughter
unjustly – Lord Kuthumi shared some personal information with her)
MK: beloved sister firstly when he confronts you or you are faced with
a experience like yesterday you are asked to call upon Lord
Melchizedeck, then visualise a 6 pointed star in the colour violet
surrounding this man, place him within the star of David, then
visualize him being calmed down as you call upon Melchizedeck to bring
peace and healing. There is a karmic issue here, between yourself,
your daughter and him that during a past life faced a triangle of
conflict that you now once again came to serve to release these
powers. Certainly you must address him, and confront him with love,
which is the difficult part for at these times the natural reaction in
anger and with resentment is so strong that it takes a very wise and
humble person (she is) to express and confront this with love, the key
is to love, put your point forward assertively with love. You cannot
kill fire with fire, thus ease his anger with love for this is the
third lifetime that the three of you have been together within this
same triangle of conflict. Remember the God within knows only love.
Blessings be with you.
Q: I have a great resentment towards my sister. She took a boyfriend
away from me when we were much younger, someone I loved very deeply.
MK: The resentment of love, the reason why you feel so angry towards
her at a very deep level is because you feel you are not or at the
time were not able to love yourself more than you love that man. This
love-loss is still creating blockages within your life, even now, thus
at the time of your anger or resentment visualize yourself held within
the most magnificent pink cloud of unconditional love, and I would
like for you to call upon me Kuthumi who will come to love and embrace
you with this unconditional love holding your hand so that you can
clear this anger and bitterness from your chest, due to the fact that
you never loved yourself more than you loved him which you inertly
knew, and felt personally disappointed about, by entrusting him with
more than you did to yourself, and with that let yourself down, or it
seems so, disappointing your self for your inability at the time to
love you more. Sister, at a deep seated level your anger is not
directed at her although it seems that way, but rather at yourself for
what you perceived at the time to be your weakness of not loving the
self more, and then there is the anger towards this man whom at the
time blind-folded you with his charm to such an extend that you could
not embrace your own love, thus you rejected it. Are you with me?
A; Yes this makes so much sense (Lady in deep emotion)
MK: Think pink, see yourself in this unconditional love, now come give
us a smile, no man wants to look at a lady with red eyes (some
laughter from her and others) so you better go along and make yourself
very pretty before you call me (laughter) call upon my energy field
and I will support you through loving yourself.
A: Thank you, I have carried this all my life (she’s now in her mid-
life age)
MK: Sister remember at a unconscious level the anger and the hatred is
not really towards your sister but rather a spin-off of self blame and
disappointment for your inability to love yourself more than you loved
him, then there is the anger towards him, using your sister as a
scapegoat for it seemed that she took away your power, but in reality
it wasn’t even your power, as you gave yours to him. Think deeply of
this, blessings be with you.
A: Thank you so much, I will.
Q: I have two or three
MK: Oh bless you sister, you with your inner peace (screeches of
A: The first one has to do with my staff; we can’t get on the same
wave length.
MK: Here there is a definite lack of communication to begin with,
there is a break here and what is creating this is there are issues
relating to courage in one form or another, think about it, and then
there are issues relating to respectability.
A: how do I get through this, love?
MK: Yes by communicating at a gentle level, also use specifically the
vibration of the colour orange to help with this for the frequency of
Orange creates social links, thus communication ability or the feeling
of being ‘in reach’, opening up pathways for you to meet halfway thus
set up a bridge for communication. You aren’t able to get yourself
across to them and they feel they are not able to get to you. Perhaps
there is an envy of courage here.
A: Envy on my side
MK: No they see you as a very strong person, one with great courage
which means strength. You encourage people, you carry great personal
courage, this can be seen as power and extremely intimidating
especially for this male energy.
A: Yes they are male.
Mk: So the males may see your courage as a great threat whereas the
female energy would see this as a sisterhood of strength. Do you
follow? Orange is the colour to use, be honest and open, and stand
your man so to speak with love, treat all with love. There is no
reason why anyone should treat another like an imbecile. Even when one
sees another that hasn’t had a meal in days, that hasn’t bathed in
weeks, from your point of view, they too carry the Grace of God within
(even though they are not fully connected to it at present) they too
support a silver cord just like yours, so what makes you different,
the fact that you smell nice? It’s your rules as their reality is
theirs, and the second?
Q: Sister shares with Kuthumi personal relationship that’s not doing
well at the moment.
MK: Sister you are probably going to laugh at this, but you still need
time out. You still need time alone to get to know yourself a little
better, without control, you the world, the world you. Control comes
up big here, and thus my suggestion for you is to spend a little more
time with the self, have some fun, get to know you, get to love you
some more. Blessings be with you.
A: Thank you, I thought this.
Q: My Father died when I was twelve
Mk: Well sister at present we are clearing away much male-dominant
controlling energy that latches unto energy fields, so fathers are
good throw him this way (screeches of laughter)
A: He was 50 when I was born, I was the youngest, he idolized me, I
was his princess, and then he died when I was 12.
MK: You certainly feel abandonment; you resented him at the time for
leaving you, he hardly made you feel comfortable wearing your tiara
then took it away (laughter)
A: I didn’t realise just how I feel.
MK: It caused great bitterness within your life, especially with some
of the men in your life
A: Yes and I realise now I never really processed it which holds me
Mk: correct sister these are the kind of issues which you need to work
with, releasing it into the crystalline clearing bubble which allows
this Higher self to support you with this as we have done during the
last transmission, this energy that you describe you will release
through the sacral for although the male energy is expressed through
the base and the female through the sacral, it is the attachment to
his spirit aspect that you need to let go of, to let him go. I suggest
for you to take some time, invite your father into your space and
communicate with him. Make a cup and tea, sit and chat with him in a
relaxed manner, call upon your and his higher selves to aid you in
this communication, and this will be even though he has already
reincarnated for there are 12 direct links to his monadic self, which
then subdivides into another 12 which gives way for the 144 aspects of
the self all on various paths and levels of consciousness. His Monadic
origin will always have a connecting link with you, which allows your
eternal connection to him in some way.
A: so can I do this with my husband as well.
MK: sure, use the same principle, and communicate your disappointment
in them taking their leave. Be open, honest and non judgmental. Once
you have done this, and are done with licking your own wounds, then
you will have to come to let go of your own victimhood not so.
A; Yes, is there a colour I can use and work with?
MK: Green, also use some green crystals for these are in some way
connected to the heart energy with the most powerful general charger
being Malachite. Malachite is wonderful to work with and often set in
jewelry which makes it easy to have close. It is also suggested for
you when you are in contact with their energy fields during your
visualizations or tea-party’s to call upon your inner child aspect
(which you will work with very closely during the month of May) then
ask this inner aspect of you to hand to their higher self a gift of
Malachite or Jade to be passed on to them, the heart energies
A; I have beautiful Jade (which she apparently purchased just before
the meeting). Green heals the heart which is the envy, jealousy and
malice that you need to heal.
Further personal words were shared between the lady and Kuthumi.
Q: I was adopted when I was nine months old….(personal information)
unfortunately it has turned me into the type of person that has no
patience with anyone that’s slow and weak..
Mk: Sergeant Major in other words (laughter)
A: Yes
MK: At least you have good rank sister (laughter) here you need to
find your quiet heart space, it is suggested for you to work with
moonstone, even Opalite, working with these energies you will become
much more gentler especially during upheaval times, as it will awaken
within you a gentle goddess. You see beloved sister during your young
years major events took place which created a sea of conflict around
you, subconsciously or unconsciously you resented every other happy
family that you saw
A: I felt abandoned
Mk: So within this abandonment and resentment because you wouldn’t
acknowledge another’s happiness you inertly thought your own
worthiness to be inadequate therefore unable to render yourself as
happy. This resentment was truly aimed at the self, which made you act
very harsh, which inturn made you very angry with the men in your life
at some level, all of them, not one was left unturned (laughter). Now
at this beautiful time in your life, where you can release and work
with these energies, do you not realise how fantastic it must make you
A: Yes
MK: Being able to admit who you are, as you are, there is nothing
wrong with it, not even your rank, simply don’t confuse them
(laughter). It may prove to be very frustrating, why? There’s a
yearning towards peace and happiness, joy and content which is a very
unfamiliar place for you
A: Yes
Mk: therefore you have to encourage yourself to love yourself more
than anything, to care for the self more than anything, and the more
you love and care for yourself, the easier your will accept others to
be the same. When last did you allow anyone to spoil you?
A: silence
MK: Want me to mention the year (laughter) so why don’t you change
this, try it, and if there is no-one within your immediate life that
can do so what stops you from spoiling yourself other than your own
unworthiness? The unworthiness that you feel in many ways stem from
your younger years where the relationships that you had (with anyone)
never felt as ‘balanced’ as the Jones’s, for as far as you were
concerned everyone was functional and your life dysfunctional. Keep
doing your visualizations to support your healing, bring flowers into
your visions, also buy yourself some flowers, all the time, even one,
place some into a lovely vase where you can observe and appreciate
them. The key here is because you live in your mind you overlook many
physical aspects so with this we support your return to being in touch
with the physical, having a flower to look at, to smell, to water, to
observe to care for and nurture.
A: I do buy a flower every week
Mk: Do you pay it attention?
A: Silence
MK: Dear sister, be aware of this, and connect with it, the fragrance,
the colour and texture. Any one specific colour here is not important,
all colours are. Allow colour to bring a vibrancy to you, run a
beautiful pamper bath, listen to some lovely music, take yourself into
your dream life, don’t not base your life on another’s mistakes which
is what you are currently doing once again not so?
A: Yes
MK: Therefore you do not exists in some way, this is a repeated
patterns thus now allow the presence of flowers to help you appreciate
the now, absorb the fragrance or if not then mix your own and use it,
spray it in the air and connect with it, feel the love in your heart
and understand that your part in the process of being within your
current situation is because of choice, not torment, so use it to the
best of your ability, will this assist you in some way?
A: Yes, very much Thank you.
MK: blessings be with you.
MK: We shall pop in and check on your flowers
A: Someone from audience says “we’ll all bring you a flower”
MK: (Turn to sister that spoke) sister I couldn’t have said it better
myself, I am speechless for a change (laughter).
Some personal sharing between the group and Kuthumi and the lady.
A: It is my birthday at the next meeting and I will bring some cake
MK: so you all bring her a flower and she will bring the cake, so you
can have your cake and eat it (laughter). Blessings be with you.
Q:I have a question, I have been married for 23 years my husband has
been married before and he has a daughter with her, his ex wife has
been giving us uphill for 25 years and after a couple of years I just
walked away from the ex wife and the daughter, was this the right
thing to do?
MK: Beloved sister how do you feel?
A: I forgive them but I don’t want any dealings with them
MK: so this is perfectly fine, do you have an acidic feeling within
your solar plexus when you think of them?
A: Sometimes I do
MK: then you have to find out where this originate from, would you
like to do this now, place your hands on your solar plexus for those
that wants to join us again, please do. This time go deeper and find
this resentment, where did it get stuck for you? Where did something
go wrong in your life so badly that you cannot forgive them of
A: I get a feeling of not being good enough, especially with my sister
being the favorite.
Mk: sister what comes to mind is, some trauma caused this between or
during the ages of 4/5/6 where you were rejected, neglected and
feeling not good enough. Ever since then you have stepped back not
fully expressing yourself in ways that you should, which is why your
anger towards your husband is not directly aimed at him, but in a much
deeper way rather related to the self for not being good enough when
you were little
A: Yes
MK: if it your choice, go back and work with this energy by releasing
it, should you prefer not to, then that too is your prerogative. It is
the slow release of poison which infiltrates your systems through
repetitive thoughts that are most dangerous, like an unending bad
It is for all of you to now find a way of communicating with the self
and know that 9 times out of 10 your physical body will give you
warning of that which slumbers within your unconsciousness. You might
experience a sharp pain somewhere and by asking where this is located
you will be given an idea of where to start delving into, which chakra
and why.
Healing occurs when one finds the truth within. Inner conflict arises
due to one’s inability to nurture and love the self on every level,
thus fuels resentment and anger towards others. The key is to follow
the mirror effect thus that which makes you angry towards another is
inevitably something about the self you aren’t able to swallow or
Our dear sister, does this help you in some way?
A: Yes
MK: Create within your mind a star of David, with an inner circle and
a triangle within that, visualize yourself within this geometry and
from that inner space ask for assistance to be released from this
inner anguish, pain and resentment towards this being and her
siblings, and towards your husband for this situation, a situation
that truly should be no concern of yours, blessings be with you.
Q: I have a situation, when I was a child my father loved alcohol more
than his family resulting in me being the oldest becoming earlier
responsible than I should have, I think I have worked through most of
it, but it seems to crop up every now and then, and also the fact that
in a way I became like him to forgive him, which I think I have,
although I am not so sure, also listening to him, I don’t speak much
to him, its almost an anger that grows, like a worn-out tape
MK: Like a stuck record
A: Correct, he’s stuck, I moved on, now how to I tame this?
MK: Beloved brother first of all you need to know that much transpired
at the age of 13 which created a huge stabbing effect within your
heart, so we would like for you to go back into this time, the age of
your becoming, something happened within your family that created a
huge resentment between you and your father, the rest is history as
you say for you have just shared it with us. Understand that you need
not have any guilt in any way towards yourself for not taking care of
him, thus don’t be upset with yourself for your inability to express
love towards him, to accept him, to care for him and be connected to
him in some way or another. Because of the way you were brought up,
and that goes for most indoctrinated ones, you were told to care for
the elderly, to respect your parents all which is true, but also then
be aware that you as a young man, right now are living yourself out
authentically as a unique individual and so if in this new package of
living your truth your parent is unable to respect you in any way,
then the greatest of respect that you owe to them is their part in
your making. You need not drag him along with you simply because you
feel guilty that he didn’t get it in some way, simply you feel in some
way you need to make up for his ‘losses’ for this need’nt be, this
truly is an old way of thinking.
Beloved ones you will come to realise that on the new planet earth
there is an exchange of integrity, honesty, trust, understanding,
simplicity, care and in amongst all this, you are asked to take care
of the self, and to love all others as the self. So if you are faced
with one that is unable to do this, then dear brother, cut your
losses, heal your wounds, and bless him with love. The resentment is
where you need to go back to, thus for you the time when the anger
within were greater than the love without, for that is what you need
to heal, and as I explained one of the biggest events that caused this
is something that happened during your 13th year, so with this clue,
unravel this, heal it. Be your powerful self, and love. Do not blame,
judge, resent for this is none of your business, but what is your
business is to love him as he loves you, and if this love exchange is
not balanced then what is the point to force it. The guilt is what you
need to let go of, guilt is what makes you feel uncomfortable for deep
within you feel responsible and there truly is no need for you to feel
this way. The only one that you should feel responsible towards is the
self, and should there be anyone that you feel towards in this way,
then lucky them! (Laughter). Your first responsibility is towards the
self, then to love all others as the self. So the end result of this,
is for you to be in a space of loving him as a being and not through
the guilt of him being your father. See him is a God-Being, and not
father-son-being, let the resentment go and just be, blessings be with
A: Thank you
It is important for you to see and respect the self as an energy of
love and that is why for the energy activation part of this meeting we
would like for you to repeat this as often as you can which is to be
quiet and connect to the inner Goddess energy. This energy is mainly
anchored within the sun chakra which is also the activating point of
your major creative energy. Just above the sun is the female sacral,
and below the sun chakra are your stubborn roots, the male dominant
root or base chakra. Now within your meditations visualise yourself as
a fountain of love. Visualise this love which we shall ask you to name
crystalline squirting up from the sun chakra up into all of the other
centres and all around you. This will aid in awakening and empowering
the goddess within. The key is to live it, see it often. See this
crystalline fountain of love traveling up through the sacral, then
solar plexus and once it reaches the heart see it increasing in power
and cascading like a massive fountain. Continue until all you see is
this inner crystalline fountain cascading into a fantasy of light
originating from the sun chakra. Feel the gentleness of this energy.
Straighten your spines and let us do it together. Bring the colour of
crystalline into your mind, now from your sun chakra allow it to
explode up into the rest of your chakras and then see it cascading
from the heart into a massive fountain of love. Feel its power, feel
its gentleness.
Kuthumi made sure all connects with this energy.
So next you are tempted to play your games of judgment, resentment and
so on, rather use this template to transform your energy. The reason
why we suggest crystalline is because of your current shift from
carbon to crystalline based you will feel very comfortable with this
energy, vibrate in love, be in love with the self, thus share the love
of the self, with the self, for the self, awaken your inner goddess.
The sun chakra should in a way also be seen as your ‘inner art’
centre, not trading but rather feeling by expressing.
You may even see this cascading fountain as a sparkle of light that
explodes all around you, illuminating you with its gentle beingness.
Now simply close your eyes for a few seconds, gently rest your hands
on your lap, you are within the most beautiful garden, all around you
are beautiful trees, some may see flowers, some may smell them, see
this beautiful garden in any way, see the flowers all around then
become aware that there are fountains everywhere, see them in any way
you please.
Walk deeper into the garden until eventually you reach the end of the
garden overlooking a massive tranquil lake, now sit down on the soft
grass and simply observe this beautiful lake.
Now become aware that woman of great importance in your lives come to
sit down next to you, you will know her as Mary Magdalene. Now simply
connect with her energy and just be, feel her power, gentle but
assertive. There are no words exchanged between the two of you, simply
a state of being. Now without looking at you she hands you a scroll,
take this and place it unopened at your side. Pause. She now passes
you another gift, a precious sun stone, she indicates for you to hold
this stone and with that feel how all of the words of wisdom contained
within this scroll are being transferred into the stone, all the
wisdom of the laws of life thus love, given to you to help you regain
your feminine side through the goddess power no matter your sex.
Now take this stone and place this sun stone into your sun chakra.
Pause. Mary Magdalene now gets up and come to stand behind you placing
her right hand on your crown chakra and with that feel the immense
powerful projection flowing from her masculine side into your feminine
aspect. Pause. Simply allow this to flow and settle where ever it
must. She now withdraws her hand from your crown and gently taps unto
your crown with her pointing finger as to say ‘so long till we meet
again, turns and disappears’
Now get up, take another look at the lake, the flowers and trees all
around, hold the scroll in your hand and leave the garden the same way
you came in, again taking in all the beauty that’s all around.
This scroll beloved ones is a gift given to you for you to pass on to
another so that you may give to them all of that which you never had
whilst judging them for the lack of yours. You are asked to pass the
blessings of love contained within this unopened scroll to another to
awaken within them the sacred goddess, and to do so without
expectancy, with the greatest of love, a love of a crystalline
vibration implanted within their sun chakra, the holder of the sun
stone. Pause. Now gently come back into the here and now, ground
yourself properly and once done think who there might be within your
lives that you would like to pass on this beautiful gift of divine
femininity. Would you pass it on to some of your clients, or partners,
or perhaps in your meditations again pass it on to the self, from the
higher aspect of the self, or would you like to share this with
someone that has passed from this physicality where atoms meet to
create flesh and blood, or an animal, who would this be? Who would you
like to gift the gift of the inner goddess? Pass this to another as it
was given to you by the one that truly loves you.
Beloved ones, are the any other questions?
Q: Are all of the relationships that we are in and have had relating
to karma?
MK: No, not necessarily
A: It seems like it
MK: That could be a very good excuse “I do not want to look at these
issues as they must be karmic”
A: Yes this is true
MK: Not every one of your obstacles is karmic. Let me share this to
all; you are going through a process at the moment in clearing karmic
debt, this by no means mean that there is no karma left but what it
does mean is you have a great influence on ridding yourself of these
karmic debts at a conscious level, this has never happened before.
Thus by being consciously aware of your expectancies and judgments you
may intently let go of something that have been part of your life that
have caused you great hurt, and inevitably what happens in played out
situations is your realization of the blessing that accompanied the
discomfort as part of your evolution transforming your life. It is not
the complete end of the karmic wheel yet, but you certainly are at the
very end of this cycle, thus being karmically clean of all of your
debt. Some may already have reached this stage, others at the very end
of this cycle, the importance is to let go of guilt, any and all
guilt. By thinking you deserve whatever illness which may be in line
due to your past mistakes, you certainly support the process oppose to
clearing it. Let go of the guilt, all guilt, clear it, heal it, and
let it go.
Confirm that you can now forgive yourself for all that you may have
caused in creating misfortune for another. You create your own reality
and so did you create this when it comes to your karmic responsibility
so let go of that which you may have done wrong, ask forgiveness of
this from the self, then from all others and then let it go!
Q: I feel very judgmental and inadequate towards myself.
MK: Beloved sister these feelings, the resentment due to inadequacy is
because of inner worthiness so once again go back and start unraveling
the pathway that kept you trapped in your unworthiness, unravel your
past bit by bit, for example what comes immediately forward is an
image that happened when you were eight years old. Go back, if you can
remember that far back, or simply set the intent for this to come to
fore even unconsciously, then for it to be healed and released. You
can go to someone to help you back into this time, but truly you can
do this yourself, find out where the obstacles were placed back then
that still prevents this day you from being your magnificent self. The
age of 8 was one such time.
Kuthumi chats to the lady about her personal reaction to denial.
Embrace a ‘may-be, or perhaps let’s look at it’ instead of a firm ‘no’
and in this way shift the structural vibrations recorded within your
energy and anatomy to become more flexible. So open up, change your
personality type from ‘non budging’ to ‘flexible’, and you will
realise a new world of peace. Even name the different personalities
for example when confronted with the runaway mind address your
personalities and say to the self “Greta says perhaps we should look
at this so Rosemary get going with your no”. Beloved sister the answer
here is for you to create new vibrations within your personality that
will allow you to convert your structural inflexibility into something
where anything might happen and start doing this by letting go of
expectancy. Blessings be with you.
A: Thank you
Beloved ones we have come to the end of this afternoon’s transmission,
urging you to go ahead in your journeys finding ways of getting to
know yourself wonderfully, without judgment, without blame, without
victimization, just being at one with the self. Find the minutes of
stillness to be within the self, and with that open your wings and fly
reaching for new heights that shall take you into a wonderful
flexibility, a never-never land where everything so beautiful can
never be set in stone.
Allow your imaginations to run wild, open your hearts, gift unto those
that you oppose your love, never stop dreaming your dreams, of the
powerful goddess, the nurturing mother, never turn from your inner
child, open yourself to creativity, find something creative to do
every day, even cooking, baking, gardening or simply be within your
imagination which takes extreme creative energy. What do you think it
takes to dream up something but power, creative power.
This power of the mind is without structure therefore called your
imagination thus tap into your spirit; let your inspiration guide your
imagination to become even more flexible.
Expand your horizons, dream your dreams, and do all you can and smile
when you do so. Bless all even with your desires, and remind yourself
every day that this day is the most amazing, most incredible, most fun
celebration called life, meant for you to experience bit by bit,
moment by moment, thus when you awake each day, make sure to live it
out as if it is your last.
I am Kuthumi, I am the Lord and Master of the Golden Rays of Love and
Wisdom and I greet and bless thee in love, Adonai.
Loadsa Love
Chanel Lingenfelder


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