ArchAngel Michael – Nancy Tate – Dec 30, 10

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I am Archangel Michael, and I wish to tell you of something that is taking place in the skies around your planet. There has been an ongoing tirade of energy taking place in the cosmos. With this tirade has been an ongoing example of what it will be like on earth in the coming months. Look to this winter to be one of cleansing and movements within earth’s crust that will dispel any lost incidences of old negativity that may be trapped within the regions in the crust that have sealed over.

This will continue to take place, for within the confines of Gaia’s equilibrium comes the totality of what is bringing about the continuance of the turmoil on her surface. As these pockets of negative energy disband and release themselves to the winds they will be filled with the light of the Creator. This will bring about the kind of freedom that is referred to as the one that is forever and always. There will be no turning back from this release, for the energies that added to the negativity are leaving the planet and the hearts and souls of all life on Gaia.

This is a revolution in love and peace for all of you. Through the eons of life on planet earth there has been a great deal of stored up energy that has been relegated to places that have been opened to the negativity. With this dissipated and gone forever, there will be no more of that kind of energy to draw upon itself. That means that as Gaia is cleared and as all of you are as well, there will be a freedom that you have not in your time on earth experienced before.

I tell you this because as you are going through the clearing yourselves you are experiencing much turmoil and an elevation of expectation as to who will come and help you through it. That is because we are here, all of us, to stand by you and to assist you through the worst of it. Without your permission in this we would only be able to stand by and watch as you experience the release. Because you saw on a soul level what you would be doing at this point in your evolution, you agreed as a whole body that it would be necessary for our assistance when called for at the time.

We are here now beaming out love brightly to you. We apply to that light our love and our energy of being able to interpret your own ability to rise above what is taking place within each and every one of your physicalness. This is enabling you to determine how much to release at any given time, and in what way. Yes, you are the setters of the map to your freedom. We supply the necessary energies that are not accessible to you at this time.

Realize that before too much longer you will be able to access those energies within you, for they are inherent with you since the beginning of your existence. With so much of that energy lying dormant for so long, we are helping you to energize that very seed that has been with you forever. Now you are reawakening that seed of creation within and in that awakening you are remembering bits and pieces of what it is that you are endowed with.

That will be the creation energy with which you carry through the next phase of your lives on earth. You will be recreating your life on Gaia’s surface and you will be doing it in harmony and co-operation with her. It will be a majestic and incredible happening, for nothing like this has taken place in this universe before. You are the keepers of the flame of re-creation and as you run with the flame of truth you will express in so many ways how it is and what it takes to be who you are, and to live in peace, joy and love forevermore.

I entrust my sword of light to all of you as you come down through the ages of history on planet earth and wipe clean the slate of indecision and futility. You will fill the spaces with all of the love and creativity in the harmony and balance that you are capable of, and that is an infinite amount. So be happy dear ones and experience these next few months with the knowledge that as you clear out all that has been accumulated you are making your way toward the destined outcome that you are sensing now is in your favor.

See all that comes about in the coming months as the celebration of the house and body clearing that exemplifies all that you have been preparing for and will live in a way that is so refreshing as to topple even the worst towers of forbidden fruits there could ever be. You are on the homestretch, and we are here with you all the way to the Promised Land. It is of your making. Celebrate this New Year from this moment on. It will enable you to flow through what is ahead, for you’ll know that at the end of the rainbow is the pot of gold that surpasses all others.

I leave you now to your day, and I encourage you to sing your hearts out and dance to the winds of change for they are your creation and heaven applauds your ingenuity, for the potential expresses in the name of destiny.

Thank you dear Archangel Michael,
Love, Nancy Tate

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SaLuSa 29-December-2010

As you approach the New Year, you are to all intents and purposes bidding goodbye to the old systems of control and containment. They are about to collapse, as they no longer carry the power to sustain them for much longer. You are therefore looking back on the last year of duality as you have experienced it for millennia of time. Some how and at some time it had to end to make way for the new energies, that are bursting to come forth and cannot be held back indefinitely. In so doing the chaos may grow but see beyond it to your release from the veil of darkness, so that you may invite the Light to be firmly established upon Earth. We are fully supporting you in these momentous changes and you will soon see a new direction for the better enter your lives. You will not and cannot be denied your victory over the dark Ones, as the Light is the most powerful energy upon Earth.

Looking ahead 2011 is to be most memorable and will eventually re-write the history of the Earth. The truth will come out from all quarters, and your understanding will be such that you will not tolerate any attempt to return to the old ways. As a collective, Humanity has inordinate power through the higher levels of consciousness, and what you have achieved so far is a credit to you all. The awakening is well under way and will continue at an ever increasing speed, and is resulting in the opening of more people’s eyes to where they should be placing their focus. It is the peaceful revolution that was always going to come about, and it is far too late for those who oppose it and would stop its rapid progress. The changes will really commence in 2011 and your path to Ascension will gradually unfold, so that you are prepared for the final year of 2012 when a great uplifting will occur. Then and only then will you have put behind you any remaining vestiges of the hold duality had upon you.

Already the higher vibrations are affecting many of you and on reflection you will find that you are now all the much calmer, and more able to keep your focus than you were previously. The vibrations will continue to increase in intensity, and as the year progresses you will find it becomes easier to assimilate them. They will carry you forward when the times become very testing, when physical changes to the Earth are going to take place out of necessity. Mother Earth must complete her own cleansing in good time and it will unavoidably cause some disruption. However, we will as always be monitoring your Earth’s activities, and just as we have in the past will lessen the effects it has upon you. Whilst it is all happening, the important issues of your financial problems will be addressed, and your life patterns will begin to change. You will be the eager participants in many schemes, which will help overcome the past lack of progress where your everyday living is concerned. We will ensure that you leap into the new paradigm and benefit from all those advantages you have been denied. In the midst of change your lives will become much easier as the standards will be substantially increased.

Bear in mind that whatever your coming experiences you will have known in advance what life opportunities were planned for you. Each of you has a role to play and is equally important to the whole, even although only some can take the centre stage. Your success in having come this far and defeating the dark Ones, is more remarkable inasmuch that not too long ago, you were in danger of being completely overrun by them. You are now seeing the tail end of attempts to take away your faith in those that are supporting you that also includes us. However, in spite of such action your intentions remain strong to achieve the results that will restore your sovereignty. You are as much responsible for the outcome as we are, indeed if not more as we have not come to do it all for you. It is your future that is being created and whether you fully realize it or not, you can exercise your power to create it in the manner you desire. Ascension is your goal, but many potential pathways can be taken to achieve it.

So you will see that 2011 will be a mixed bag, but the overall result will be your greater preparation not just for the end times, but the continuing upward path to even higher dimensions. It may be seen that the upliftment from the 3rd. dimension of duality, to the 4th/5th dimensions of greater Light is a milestone in your evolution. Also as you will ascend in your physical bodies Ascension is as told to you previously, a unique occurrence in your Universe. It follows that you have much to experience that will be very fulfilling and satisfying. There is so much to look forward to, that the changes should be seen as merely stepping stones that take you to your promised land. The Creator’s word carries the powerful energy of fulfillment, and nothing can therefore prevent the end times from passing as given to you.

We can promise you that 2011 will be the year of action and 2012 will be all the more calmer for it, and once the stage is set the whole process of getting you in full readiness for Ascension will move very fast. Also once the truth of your past history is revealed you will feel more attracted to us, because we have had a hand in your genetic development. It enabled you to grow in consciousness to levels that awakened you to your true selves. You also began to find that you had all knowledge within, and could take personal responsibility for your spiritual development. That also will go forward with leaps and bounds in the latter part of this cycle. Many institutions are having to reappraise their position in this changing world, and one thing is certain that if they do not go with the flow they will stagnate and eventually implode. This is one reason why the dark Ones have no way out, because they cannot or will not change. Eventually only that which is of the Light will remain, and all else will disappear as nothing of the lower vibrations will have any place on the new uplifted Earth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can assure you that the Galactic Federation is keen to open up an official first contact with you. Everything is in place for such an occasion, and we can adjust to any last minute requirements. The deadline for it is almost here, so in one way or another we will expect disclosure to become worldwide within the first quarter of this coming year. Go forward in full confidence, as we are fully with you in this final stage of your journey.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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Kuthumi – Michelle Eloff (old channel 2007)

You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of serenity, integration, synchronicity and divine vision. Greetings beloved ones.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this fantastic day of universal awakening as we, all of the co-creators within the Universe unite with you, a Universal Co-creator, and celebrate this day of the Universal Solstice Beloved ones you have reached a point upon your journey where you are moving into a new set of initiations. Let us call it this for now. This set of initiations will unfold rapidly, each of them challenging you to a degree to turn and look at the inner qualities of your inner light and how those qualities serve your greatest and highest good and that of
The 12:12 celebration is linked to the Alchemy Consciousness as well as the Alchemy of Consciousness. The days of blindly living your life have long ago ceased. You are living in a state of higher awareness within a world embodying great potential. I, Kuthumi, stand in front of you today, my energy graces the presence of your planet and I challenge you to stand up and say no to the old ways of reacting to life and the old ways of creating the limitations of your past.
The 12:12 vibration is one of the most powerful in existence relating specifically to human consciousness. The reason why I say this is because on the 12th of December every year the attention of the entire universe is turned to Mother Earth, it is the universal solstice, the celebration of the light soul that exists within every soul currently inhabiting earth. You inhabit earth for a purpose. The purpose is not to be inhibited. The lessons that have presented themselves to you on your earth journey have inhibited certain aspects of you.
That time has ended. It is in your past, gone. You have entered a world where you have to truly understand what it means for light to reflect light. If you have been one of those who have bought into the idea that light and dark need to stand in equal amounts in order for one to truly learn and master the lessons of light and balance, then I must ask you now to immediately erase that from your consciousness. The choices that you have made are presenting you with this opportunity, the opportunity to live your life expressing and reflecting light and in so doing attracting every aspect of light that exists within you into your physical reality and having it reflected back at you. This may challenge many of your belief systems especially when there are so many people out there telling you that if you do not experience darkness you cannot continue to grow, I tell you rubbish! That is over, I will repeat it over and over again if I have to.
Your choice to move into vibrations of today’s Universal Solstice is activating the memory within your cells which is triggered by the light within your DNA reminding you that light reflects light, that you are a powerful enough master to ensure that everything that you experience and that you express in life embodies light. How is darkness to be transmuted if light does not become the presence of majority? Think about it. The 12:12 vibration is presenting humanity with a remarkable opportunity of accelerated growth. You have heard of the 144,000 volunteers of the light, these are in fact Lightworkers, you, who have agreed to return at this time to anchor light, to be the ones who live life with light reflecting light. That is the theme of the Golden Age and in order for you to fully embrace, to integrate, understand and live within Alchemy Consciousness you need to grasp the Alchemy of Consciousness and this is something that will happen rapidly for you by embracing the knowing that light reflects light and no longer do you need to have equal amounts of darkness so that you can appreciate your light.
As a result of this accelerated development we are able now to expand the energy of the volunteers and awaken more and more of you and even those of you who are awake, you will experience awakening on deeper and deeper levels. So we have had 144,000 Lightworkers and instead of us now moving to 288,000 Lightworkers and then awakening another aspect of that and manifesting 432,000 Lightworkers we have been able to, with your assistance, double it to 288,000. When we move through this key activation of the 12:12 universal solstice today in the next year, twelve months, we will have doubled that to 576,000 Lightworkers fully active, fully awake and by this I mean 576,000 Lightworkers who have consciously embraced the knowing
that light reflects light, 576,000 Lightworkers who have fully embraced Alchemy Consciousness, the Alchemy of Consciousness and are actively living their life abundantly, manifesting wealth, creating wealth, experiencing health, truth and the joy of life.
Once we have anchored the energy of the 576,000 Lightworkers by the end of 2008, during the year of 2009 to the end of 2010 we will have manifested the awakening of 2,304,000 Lightworkers just as we have explained a moment ago. When I say WE will have manifested the awakening of, I include you in the WE, this means you are becoming more and more active in your role as a creator, an alchemist, a being of immense power living within a human form.
It is vital that I remind everyone of you that living within victim consciousness, poverty consciousness and conditional love consciousness deprives you of the essence of Mother/Father God’s love. You block it. They do not withhold it. We do not withhold anything from you ever. You determine what you are able and ready to accept, to integrate and attract into your life. Again this puts the ball in your court beloved one. This is the reason why I always say everything in life begins and ends with you. You are the Alchemist of your life. You have the power to turn all those base dense aspects of yourself into golden light, golden consciousness by using the Alchemy of Consciousness.
Today is the fantastic day where the Ascension Flame of the Divine Mother will increase it’s light from inside of you. As this happens there are powerful encodings, which have to do with new hydrogen matrices with amazing bonding potential inside of you awakening, this means that you are able to merge with light in an extraordinary way. This sets in motion the full activation of all the biological keys to mastery, to freedom and to full awakening inside of you. As this Master Light bursts to life inside of you, you will experience that it is possible for you to accelerate your growth like never before. In order for this to happen you need to bear in mind everything that I have said to you this day so far, to remind yourself of it daily. We also suggest that you redo the process that we are about to take you through at least once a day for a period of twelve days or once a week for a period of twelve weeks depending on how you feel about it. For some of you, you may feel that you are not able to do it once a day for twelve days. If you feel the energy is too intense then do it once a week for twelve weeks. Those of you who are ultra daring you can do it for twelve consecutive days for twelve months. Hold onto your bootstraps if that is your choice!
Having said that beloved ones let us now move into the energy flow of the 12:12. Shut your eyes if you have not already, make yourself comfortable and begin to focus on breathing in deeply and exhaling fully. Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold to the count of four and breathe out slowly to the count of six, hold to the count of two. Breathe in deeply to the count of eight, hold to the count of six. Breathe out to the count of eight, hold for the count of two. Breathe in deeply to the count of eight, hold to the count of six. Breathe out slowly to the count of eight and now allow yourself to breathe rhythmically, always ensuring that you are breathing in deeply and exhaling fully.
Imagine the presence of all the beings of this Universe gathering around you. The vibrations of their presence penetrating all your defences, the masks you wear, and the veils of illusion that float within the vision of the old way of living life. Consciously open your being and all your chakras to receive the blessing of the light of the Almighty Divine Presence of All That Is. Allow it to seep in through every pore of your skin to become one with you.
While this energy seeps into your being the biology of your body begins responding. This response initiates the changes from the very core of your inner self. Firstly the atoms of your body begin emanating higher frequencies of light. Your atomic structure is now able to absorb light from the core of the cosmos. As it brings that light into the atoms of your body new life is awakened, and new light bursts forth inside of you. The sound of that light travels into the molecules of your body activating yet another level of new life. This light I speak of embodies Alchemy and it embodies consciousness. These frequencies empower you to truly understand the Alchemy of Consciousness. Try and imagine this whole new super nova exploding inside of you, the sound of that light seeps into your DNA and all twelve strands begin vibrating, responding to the quickening of new life. This automatically activates the twelve strands of its Divine Complement and the Twin Grid of Divine Service.
Alchemy Consciousness and the Alchemy of Consciousness explodes into a new form of energy, this energy is fed by the New Flower of Life that is now beginning to create itself around you and your Divine Complement, in other words, your Twin Self. Your Divine Complement, this Twin Self or Divine Counterpart if you like, is not the part of you that reflects your darkness, it is not the so-called “evil twin”. Remember what I said earlier on, you have moved beyond that. This Twin Self is the reflection of all of the Light inside of you and the same applies to the Twin Self. You are the reflection of his or her Inherent Light. As this exquisite New Flower of Life forms around the two of you, I want you to imagine yourself standing in front of your Divine Complement. Raise your hands so that your palms touch those of your Twin Self. Imagine the powerful life-force being transported through you, through the palm chakras of your hands into that of your Divine Complement, and the same happens with this powerful Light moving through your Divine Complement and into your body, and now see your heart chakra and that of your Twin opening and as you look closer you see the Flower of Life.
The exquisite beauty and magnetic energy of that Flower of Life is the exact reflection of the Flower of Life inside your heart chakra. It is the exact replica of the Flower of Life that is being created around the two of you. Even though it may appear that this Flower of Life looks like any other one you have seen, I ask you to feel it’s energy. You will notice it’s vibration is unique, a signature, a sound never expressed through any other ever before, a vibration as unique as your fingerprints.
Breathe the vibrations of this unique tone into your body and surrender as the cells of your body respond to its powerful vibration. Fall into the love within this sound as the both of you are transported to Zero Point.
This Flower of Life begins to become a crystalline sacred geometric Merkaba vehicle around the both of you. This is the unique Merkaba vehicle of the Twin Light. It is the Light Vehicle of the Divine Complements, two unique vibrations merged as one. The powerful gift that you are receiving through this, beloved ones, is that your unique vibration and that of your Divine Complement were originally created to fit together. That vibration will not fit together with any other vibration other than that of your Divine Complement, and when these two energies unite at Zero Point this powerful new sacred geometric Merkaba vehicle of light is born. I ask you now to open every fibre of your being to absorb this powerful light as it seeps into your being, and this is what accelerates the upcoming initiations I briefly mentioned at the beginning of today’s message. This light is a light you have never experienced before, a frequency never experienced before, it is this frequency that ensures that this Sacred Mergence at Zero Point becomes the Marriage of Light, the Marriage of Light that allows Alchemy Consciousness to embrace the collective consciousness, planetary consciousness, solar consciousness and galactic consciousness. These rings of consciousness are being penetrated because our goal is 2,304,000 fully active Alchemists by the end of 2010. You are a key component in making that a reality. Movement into a Golden Age requires Alchemy Consciousness and it is this gift that you are receiving by merging at Zero Point with your Twin.
Now we take it a step further and I want you to visualise the twelve strands of your DNA connecting with the twelve strands of your Twin’s DNA. Just be aware of the vibrations of these Twin Strands of DNA. Take a deep breath in and as you slowly exhale notice how the twenty-four strands of DNA begin to merge with one another until there are just twelve strands of DNA again.
The Vibration of Light, the frequencies emitted from these twelve strands will never be the same again for they embody the Twin Consciousness of Androgyny and Alchemy Consciousness. Your DNA has merged with it’s Divine Complement, this means God and Goddess as one, masculine and feminine married and the sacredness of the power of that combined consciousness enables Alchemy to weave Powerful Magic.
Continue to breathe in deeply exhaling fully as this exquisite energy pulsates through your physiology, through your anatomy, through your biology and into all the subtle frequencies of your emotional, your mental, your intellectual and causal bodies.
Take a deep breath in and as you do this a powerful ray of light comes from the very core of the cosmos. This light filters through all the higher levels of your being, seeping into your causal body, penetrating your intellectual body, your mental, your emotional and your physical body merging with Mother Earth’s body.
Beloved one this two-way flow of energy is going to continue flowing and pulsating in this manner for the next ninety-nine days. The reason for this is that at the end of those ninetynine you will have completed a powerful stage of understanding the alchemy of consciousness. It is a time where you will have completed the initiations I spoke of earlier and you will have embodied a new lease on life, a new ability to truly see what you are capable of by allowing your light to shine through, by allowing the light and support that comes from your Twin Self regardless of whether that person/soul is a physical part of your life or not doesn’t matter, you are still connected.
Take a deep breath in now and as you exhale we transport you through space, through time and we take you beloved ones to the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
Just open your energy, relaxing, surrendering. Egypt is one of the ancient heart chakras reflecting the Love and Divinity of the Divine Cosmic Mother. This is where the Christ Egg of Peace was anchored on the 9th of September of the year 2007. It is one of the highest altars, so to speak, of Gratitude and this is why we have brought you into this space now. The energy within the Kings Chamber has access to many portals of light and as the sound of the Twin Connection expands and increases in frequency your unique sound, the Twin Sound, of your Twin Soul, your Divine Complement, your Divine Counterpart begins to strengthen. This sound begins filling up the atoms, the molecules, the DNA and cells of your body. Surrender to this unique sound, it is beginning to activate the portal of the 12:12 gateway.
While that is taking place you will notice that the twelve strands of DNA that have been hovering between you and your Twin stretches as the both of you breathe it in. They do not separate. They are bonded within and between the both of you and that Sacred Grid of the New Flower of Life, that unique Divine Complement Merkaba Vehicle of Life is now divinely secure and crystallised within the Cosmic Grid of New Life. Surrender all your fears, surrender all of your concerns, your anxiety, any sadness or grief you may embody, any other negative emotion, feeling or thought and allow the Sacred Sound to transmute
all of it.
With every breath you take the 12:12 Gate expands opening to welcome you, to welcome your Divine Complement, to welcome two expressions of Sacred, Divine, Exquisite and Powerful Light.
When you are ready remove your palms from that of your Twin Self and take each other by the hand, both of you facing the 12:12 Gateway. By choosing to walk through this gate you are choosing and committing to the Pathway of the Twin Flame and I must emphasise at this point that when I speak of the Twin Flame in this context I am speaking of the Twin Self in the form of the Divine Counterpart, Divine Complement, the Divine Expression of self that reflects light. You are also committing to the Pathway of Service as Divine Complements carrying out your role to serve together and to bring the same Alchemy Consciousness to the rest of humanity. This will contribute to manifesting the 2,304,000 fully awakened Lightworkers in all walks of life.
So take a deep breath and when you are ready take the first step in the direction of this new world, walk through the 12:12 Gate into Golden Age consciousness, in other words Alchemy Consciousness and the Alchemy of Consciousness. The Zero Point energy you have touched upon will continue to fuel you, by this I mean it’s energy will motivate you to be aware of what your motivation is. Zero Point represents zero tolerance of anything embodying fear, poverty consciousness, victim consciousness or conditional love consciousness. Be aware of the Golden Energy of the Golden World filling the Merkaba Vehicle of you and your Twin Self, and be aware of this Golden Light filling the Flower of Life within your heart chakra.
You now stand within the presence of the Universal Lords and Ladies of the Light and the Great Celebration of the Universal Solstice is now taken to another level as we all celebrate your Unified Coming of Age, stepping into the Golden Age, embracing the Rays of Life that liberate you. We ask you now to stop, to turn and face your Twin Self again and this time we ask you to embrace one another so that the Flower of Life on your heart chakras merge and become One.
This Flower of Life now becomes a three-dimensional spinning ball of light. This spinning ball has magnetic qualities to it ensuring that the two of you are always drawn together and if you are both in physical form this vibration will ensure that the two of you unite and live your life together as one if you have not already.
Continue to breathe as we complete the activation. We will remain with each of you until midnight at which time the Universal Solstice Celebration comes to its end, however the energies that have been activated will continue for as long as you allow it to. Remember what you have stepped into, remind yourself of who you are, of what you emanate and allow yourself to choose a life of light reflecting light.
Take another deep breath in and as you exhale gently begin drawing your awareness back into your physical reality. Become aware of the sounds around you. Become aware of the feelings inside your body and know that even though you are returning to physical life, to physical consciousness and awareness that what you have experienced today will remain with you. Every single one of you who have experienced this activation today, you will continue to emanate that light through you for the rest of your existence. The Sacred Sound that exists inside of you held within that Flower of Life, will facilitate the emergence of the same process for the planet and for every willing soul who chooses to become an active One within the 2,304,000.
Never underestimate your ability to make a change. Never underestimate your ability and power to change your own life. You are now at Zero Point where zero tolerance exists, therefore no room for excuses. There is only room for action. Even when you are being passive you are being active, it is the active act of being passive, the active act of being still, of being creative. Everything embodies an action and the universe supports action.
Beloved ones we celebrate the journey you have chosen. We honour you for making the choice you did today and for allowing yourself to become one with your Twin, that Flame of Life that reveals to you your light within everything around you. Celebrate your life, give thanks for everything you have, give thanks for every journey you have embarked upon, every lesson you have learnt. Give thanks for every day of your life and you will see how an attitude of gratitude is in itself one of the most important keys of Alchemy Consciousness. May each of you fully recognise the gifts that lie within gratitude. May each of you feel the presence of the divine inside of you expressed outside of you and may all always be well in your world.
I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.

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The End Of History – Lee Carroll – Kryon

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service… and I say that every time. It means that which is multidimensional, for still misunderstood on this planet is magnetics.
Not understood is one term; misunderstood is another. For it is a
quantum attribute of your reality and one of the few that spills over
into your life in an everyday way, just like me. For I am in service in
a quantum way to you, but available just as much as Spirit is

Relax for a moment. The message this day is multifaceted and it’s one of power. It’s one of history, and there are
many things to read into this even beyond the words that will
be spoken this day. I speak to an audience who is larger than that
which is in the room. There are many who are listening now and reading.
I know the potential of the eyes on the page, the ears that are here.
And although there may be a hundred or so of you here, there’s
thousands who are listening. To me, they are listening now. To me, they
are reading now.

I call the message this day, “The End of History,” and it’s not a message of doom. Take it in a linear fashion
or take it in a quantum fashion. If you take the title in a linear
fashion, you might be frightened, for it sounds like the end of time.
If you take the title in a quantum fashion, we are saying it is the end of historic energy.
There’s a shift happening on the planet, and we are going to come back
to that very statement at the end of this message. For me to do this
correctly and appropriately, I may offend some because of the history
energy that is inbred in some of you who have been taught a certain
way. So I ask you to be patient with this, my message, and to become
unified with me as I give it.

I wish to take you back and explain some things to you, to paint a picture moving around in
historic times. I want to go back to Abraham, the father of monotheism.
Abraham is where we like to actually look at the history of what you
would say is modern spiritual belief, for it is the way the world
thinks. Oh, there were many before him. Some of you are Lemurian and
you know what I mean. But Abraham represents to the earth the beginning
of what you would call the father of the major religions on the
planet. So I want to give you the history of what happened, and I want
you to look at it carefully.

Abraham, Father of the Jews
I want to honor Abraham [Abram], born in Ur, which is now part of modern Iraq, and I want to honor his sons, not all born of Sara. The one I
wish to speak of is Ishmael. Abraham is Jewish… the great Jewish
prophet. Ishmael is his son. There’s no way that you could say Ishmael
was not Jewish, and he is even to this day. Ishmael was born in Hebron.
So in addition, he is very Israeli. Ishmael is a Jew.

Now some would argue, due to how the Jewish lineage is computed by men
[mother’s side]. But Spirit looks at the DNA and the Akashic lineage, so
spiritually, Ishmael is a Jew. He came in to be part of the lineage of
the Jews.

He fell from favor even with the Jewish people early on for political reasons. Then Ishmael went on to become that
which is the ancestor of all Arabs… the father of Arabia. Therefore,
you could say that the Arabs are with Jewish blood, that of Abraham
flowing through them. But early on, the Jews cast Ishmael out. So
although you have the one God and monotheism, and you have the
principle of the love of God and the unity of God, there was a split.
The truth was mixed with untruths and, even to this day, there would be
a billion Human Beings who would say it was Ishmael and not Isaac who
was almost sacrificed at the Temple Mount. They would also say that he
is not a Jew.

So what is the truth here? Human Beings were not built to unify. In an older energy on the planet from those days, and even the
days that you were born in, the energy laid upon you is for you to
separate, not unify. And that is why we call it the old energy.
Oh, they were wise men and women who knew better, but it is the old
energy that separates and divides, and it is the old energy that has
created the divisions of hatred within millions of those who are
actually “all Jews.”

Muhammad’s Beautiful Message of Unity
Let me tell you about Muhammad, the prophet. Muhammad is of the lineage of Ishmael, who is of the lineage of Abraham. Therefore, Muhammad had
Jewish blood, so that was his lineage but not necessarily his culture.
But his Akashic lineage was from Abraham. [Abraham is the founder of
Islam, according to the Quran.]

Muhammad had a beautiful meeting, more than one, with an angelic presence. The angels talked to
humanity back then in basic 3D ways. But how many of you have put
together that most of the angels in that time who spoke to Human Beings
talked to those of Jewish lineage? Like Muhammad, like Moses, like
Jesus, like Abraham. For this was part of a set-up of history, part of
what makes the Jewish lineage important to the core Akash of humanity,
and we have spoken before, “As go the Jews, go Earth.” Indeed, there is
something there to look at which is important, and it is going to
change soon. For in our eyes, the “Jews” are all those in the Middle

Muhammad’s information from the angel was this: “Unify the Arabs and give them the God of Israel.” And he did! The information he had was beautiful and was written down
later for his followers. It was all about the incredible love of God and
the unity of man. Muhammad the prophet was a unifier, not a

Long before Muhammad, there came Jesus – Jesus the Jew. He became responsible for what you would call Christianity today.
All of his disciples were Jewish. The Rock, Peter the fisherman, who
started the Christian church, was Jewish. And we tell you these things
to remind you that there’s a unity here. Perhaps there is a reason,
dear ones, why the 12 layers of DNA have Hebrew names? Indeed, it’s in
honor of the masters and the lineage, including that of Muhammad, of
Ishmael, of Isaac, of Abraham and of Jesus. All of them, part of the original spiritual language [Hebrew].

“Oh,” you might say, “there was Sumerian and before that there was Lemurian. There was Sanskrit and Tamil, and many other older languages.” Correct, but we’re speaking of a language of today – one that you can
relate to, that has power, and that is spoken today by the pure lineage
of the masters who walked the planet.

So what did humanity do with all this? What did they do with all this sacred information from
these Jewish masters? They went to war, because Humans separate things.
They don’t put them together. So here we are with one beautiful God,
creator of all there is, and millions who believe that very thing, yet
they are going to war with each other over ideology about what God
said, which prophet was best, and which group is in God’s favor. That’s
ancient history, thousands of years old. But it shows exactly what the
old energy is all about.

Human Nature?
Now, it would occur to some to say, “It is Human nature.” Therefore, this is what happens with Humans and it will repeat itself over and over and that is the energy of history, bathed in the soup
of Human nature that some say never changes. Therefore, [they say] it
will happen yet again and again and again. I’m here to tell you, dear
one, that it isn’t because something is happening on this planet that
will end history. It’s going to end the old energy of history. It’s going to end the old Human nature, for it’s evolutionary.

Taught to Hate From Birth
On this earth today, many who are born in Israel are taught from birth how to dislike and distrust all those around them. At this time in
history on this earth, those around them from birth are taught how to
hate the Jews. Carefully taught, they are. Against all odds, they are
proud of this separation because it is the lineage of their ancestors
that is at stake, and they want to follow historic protocol. They want
to stay separate. Yet I want to tell you that’s what is changing. Oh,
it’s really changing! It’s changing in the places you don’t expect.
It’s changing in Jerusalem. It’s changing in Iran. And the children are
waking up and saying, “Tell me again why I should hate them? They
did what, when? That wasn’t them. It was their ancestors. The ones here
now are current and didn’t participate in history. Tell me again,
because I don’t feel it.”

The parents are shaking their heads, and saying, “Do as we say, for tradition and history tells us that they are our enemy and always will be.” And the children are saying, “No. I am not going to do this, and neither are those around me.” This is slowly making a difference on this planet and it is not being
recorded. For your worldwide media has no idea what to do with this new
energy and it doesn’t seem to even be news to them. They are steeped in
the old Human nature, where things that separate are news, and things
that unify are not. Yet it is one of the greatest energies this planet
is seeing today. I’m here to tell you it’s real and it’s happening under the hood, you might say. Oh, there are other things I’d like to report to you.

The Mold is Set – Unity Works
Let’s talk about Europe – Eastern and Western Europe. Look at the history. I want you to look at the history of the Europeans. What do you know
about them? What did you study in school about them, American? You had
to learn all those dates and facts. You sit in a country that’s barely
200 years old and you had to memorize all the battles and all those
conquerors and all those army specifics for hundreds of years! Fourteen
hundreds, 1300s – all the way to the present century they seemed to be
conquering each other on a regular basis. They warred with each other
like the tides of the ocean, constant and predictable. When they got
tired of that, they conquered other continents. The small country of
Spain alone is responsible for conquering all of South America, middle
America and well up into North America. Millions today are speaking
their language who never did before they arrived.

The armies of Napoleon spread across parts of Europe like water flowing in a
river, conquering everything in its path. There are some cities today
in Europe that still don’t know which country they belong to! This is
because their borders kept changing so often! Now, that’s history. I
want you to look at it carefully. Still, there would be those who say, “This is just what men do. They create borders and cultures and they go to war. That’s Human nature.”

Fifty years ago, this new energy started to arrive. Oh, the alignments go
slow, dear Human Being, but it was here. It was starting; it was
beginning. Fifty years ago, something happened in Europe and you didn’t
hear much about it back then. Some very clear thinkers got together
after World War II and said, “If we don’t do something different and
out of the box of today’s thinking, it’s all going to happen again
because this is what we do. Men make war.” Even the young country
called America was involved in war. America itself almost split apart
before that, because that’s what men do. They split good things apart.
It was obvious to these wise men that they could try something,
something that might work – a uniting instead of separation. And so they
formed an idea. Let me tell you what it was.

They said to themselves, “What if we could get as many countries as we can to agree to become a
collection of ‘country states’? If we start this now and go at it
slowly, we could eventually have a system where we would trade together
to the point where the borders come down, no checkpoints and no
passports. All these cultures and former enemy countries would all trade
evenly together, and for that to happen we might even have a common
currency. Look at the United States, for this is how it works there.
Europe would never go to war with itself again. It couldn’t, since it
would be allied financially.”

Of course, they were laughed at! Everyone who heard it said it couldn’t’ be done and that
there were just too many issues to solve. Those who objected said, “No,
no, no. That’s not what we do. We have too many different cultures.
There’s some with strong currencies, there’s some with weak currencies.
There are too many objections. Imagine going from one country to
another without being inspected at the border? That won’t work. Who are
you to suggest something of this nature?” And the forward thinkers said, “We are unifiers. And we think it’s a good idea so we will have strength and will never war again.” That was two generations ago, 50 years.

Today, you have the European Union of States. There are more all the
time, way past the original number of countries. Some are “standing in
line” to be accepted! The borders are gone and the checkpoints are
missing and the currency called the Euro is the strongest currency on
Earth – stronger even than yours [the USA]. Now, let me tell you what
did that. It’s a consciousness shift that even 50 years ago was
developing. Through two generations, it slowly allowed for free
thinkers to unify things that had never been unified before. The
result? These countries will never conquer each other again, because
“history” ended at that moment. They started a new paradigm for Europe
and one that has no historic profile known to man. The old history of
the area is gone, and it will not repeat itself.

Those in the old Eastern Bloc of Europe, where there is still to this day very little unity, will still say, “History will again repeat itself. We are victims of it. It’s only a matter of time.” But not all of them feel this way. There are some who are starting to
feel a unity of spirituality within their own cultures that they were
never allowed to speak of before. So they are free thinking, out of the
box of the old paradigm. It’s new.

There are those who are standing on podiums and in pulpits and are proclaiming, “History is ended. It’s the end of suffering. It’s the end of dictatorships.
It’s the end of those who would put us in a low place. Instead, it’s the
beginning of discovering who we are.” And although they don’t say it in these exact words, they are discovering the creator inside – that
which is the unity of God. So it’s a full circle back to what the
Angel told Muhammad, isn’t it? For unity was the key to peace, and
still is. It is a sacred principle and will never change.

Who would have thought this would have happened? The United States is what it is because 200 years ago the founders said, “Let us make a group of state countries without physical borders in a
system that’s never been tried. It’s one of unity – the UNITED States
of America.” Oh, it had its tests, but the unifiers won. And it is
why this country is what it is and is seen and respected for what it
is and for what it’s done. So young, it is, but representing the new
energy, it is.

Your Declaration of Independence was channelled. Did you know that? It was collective effort channelling by
those who had asked God for help. Go read it and feel that which is
sacred inside, for it unifies and does not separate.

South America and the New Energy
South America is starting to consider the same thing. My partner was just there and I allowed him to see the energy of the potential future in
that land.

I would like to paint history for you regarding South America. There was a time when every single country had a
dictator. Less than 15 years ago, they had failing economies and
currencies that were worthless. Trouble and strife and killings were
the norm. Marauding drug lords openly killed in the streets and
corruption was everywhere. Even the politicians created fear and many
disappeared overnight, never to be seen again. Today it isn’t that way.
Today, there is an ongoing stability as one country after another
brings a new, positive, stable energy to their cultures. So, without a
concentrated effort by any kind of multi-national leadership or
direction, how could this have changed in only 15 years?

Within the entire continent, there’s only one dictator left. What’s
happening? If you think that’s amazing, there is a move afoot that
you’re not going to hear about yet. But they’re discussing it right
now, so let me tell you what they’re thinking. “What would happen if we took these countries and eliminated the borders?” Sound familiar? They’re talking about it. In back rooms where nobody is reporting it, they’re saying, “What
about a plan of eventually having one currency from the top of
Columbia to the bottom of Chile? And we would be strong and we would be
unified.” And dear ones, I’m here to tell you, that it’s going to
work, and it might not take 50 years. Soon the one dictator will be
gone, and the unification can begin.

There’s a shift happening on this planet.

Let me tell you where else it’s happening that you are unaware – that which is the beginning of the unity of the African states. Soon the
continent will have what they never had before, and when that continent
is healed and there is no AIDS and no major disease, they’re going to
want what you have. They’re going to want houses and schools and an
economy that works without corruption. They will be done with
small-minded leaders who kill their populations for power in what has
been called for generations “The History of Africa.” Soon it will be
the end of history in Africa, and a new continent will emerge.

Be aware that the strength may not come from the expected areas, for
new leadership is brewing. There is so much land there and the
population is so ready there, it will be one of the strongest economies
on the planet within two generations plus 20 years. And it’s going to
happen because of a unifying idea put together by a few. These are the
potentials of the planet, and the end of history as you know it.

In approximately 70 years, there will be a black man who leads this
African continent into affluence and peace. He won’t be a president,
but rather a planner and a revolutionary economic thinker. He, and a
strong woman with him, will implement the plan continent-wide. They
will unite. This is the potential and this is the plan. Africa will
arise out the ashes of centuries of disease and despair and create a
viable economic force with workers who can create good products for the
day. You think China is economically strong? China must do what it
does, hobbled by the secrecy and bias of the old ways of its own
history. As large as it is, it will have to eventually compete with
Africa, a land of free thinkers and fast change. China will have a
major competitor, one that doesn’t have any cultural barriers to the
advancement of the free Human spirit.

It is the old souls who are here who again will change the planet’s future, just as you are
doing in your own way today. Today you fight the darkness of
consciousness with your light and one of the last battles that religion
will place upon you. This is why you are here, to put light on the
planet by your very compassionate thoughts. This is the “work” of the

Spirituality in North America
In this place you call America, there are more than 350 kinds of Christianity. There is the story of one Savior, but many ideas about
what he said, what he meant, and who he was. Every single one of those
ideas seems to branch off and create a new church. A monotheistic God is
suffering being compartmentalized into hundreds of pieces.

The history of the church hasn’t been all that marvelous either, and
Peter, the Rock, would turn in his grave if he knew what history had
given his church. There was a time when Christians visited villages and
burned them and pillaged because the village didn’t believe in their
savior. It was during the Spanish Inquisition. They were terrorists!
You should hear this, dear ones, and I don’t mean to stir your emotions
but I will say this: Before you label any spiritual belief something
that is evil, you should take a look at history. Christians did it,
too, very early on. The Jews did it, too, and so did early Muslims. The
radical fundamentalist children of Abraham warred with each other for
centuries. It’s what Humans do.

Humanity does this. It separates. It goes to war over God. It even separates itself into boxes
when the creative energy is one energy! I’m here to tell you this
discourse of history is ending, because that parameter of Human nature
is beginning to shift and the children know it! And they’re starting to
see it and put it together. You see, there’s a shift happening on this

The Internet – The first Worldwide Tool of Unification
Now I give you something that few think about: What do you think the Internet is all about, historically? Citizens of all the countries on
Earth can talk to one another without electronic borders. The young
people of those nations can all see each other, talk to each other, and
express opinions. No matter what the country does to suppress it,
they’re doing it anyway. They are putting together a network of
consciousness, of oneness, a multicultural consciousness. It’s here to
stay. It’s part of the new energy. The young people know it and are
leading the way.

I gave you a prophecy more than 10 years ago. I told you there would come a day when “everyone could talk to
everyone and, therefore, there could be no conspiracy.” For conspiracy
depends on separation and secrecy – something hiding in the dark that
only a few know about. Seen the news lately? What is happening? Could
it be that there is a new paradigm happening that seems to go against

The New Age
Then there’s the New Age. Let me tell you something that happened 20 years ago. It’s something I had to get my partner through: There were those in one of
your western areas [of the USA] who labeled Kryon as the evil of the century.
My partner was attacked by some of those in the New Age who were
respected and well thought of. It was an energy that wanted to stop him,
before he wrote too many books, or went to the United Nations with his
message. He was in his third year of channelling and there were many
involved, an organized effort to discount his message. My partner was on
his knees asking me, “Why? Why would those who write books about love then try to kill the work of another? And I told him, “That’s what Humans do. They conquer and divide and feel it’s part of survival of their own work.”
Then I told him they wouldn’t always do it and there would come a time
when that was not in the consciousness of Humanity to ever do that.
That’s why he was here, to help facilitate the new energy.

If an Arab and a Jew can look at one another and see the Akashic lineage
and see the one family, there is hope. If they can see that their
differences no longer require that they kill one another, then there is a
beginning of a change in history. And that’s what is happening now.
All of humanity, no matter what the spiritual belief, has been guilty
of falling into the historic trap of separating instead of unifying.
Now it’s starting to change. There’s a shift happening.

The Wise King
I want to take you back to Solomon, a very wise king. It’s a very famous story, when the two mothers claimed the same child. They both pleaded
with Solomon to give them the single baby, and it landed in the king’s
lap to solve this issue. The wise king, who knew the outcome before he
made his decision, ordered the child cut in half. Each woman would
receive half a child. He knew what would happen and it did. One mother
immediately turned white and said, “Give the other woman the child.”
Then Solomon knew who the child belonged to instantly. It was the one
who gave up the child. That was the real mother. How did he know?
Because compassion is the wisest thing on the planet and is filled with
solution and unification. That says it all. It is the compassion of the
wise, divine, feminine mother that is sweeping this earth and
literally the Kundalini moves from one continent to another as the
earth is feeling the shift.

Some are feeling desperately alone in the process and not understanding. If a computer had consciousness, imagine what it would feel like if you turned it off and then rebooted
it. It would lose its memory of everything that had happened. It is the
same now with Human consciousness as it reboots itself into another
paradigm where history is not going to control what happens next. And
that’s what you’re feeling – alone with a potential reboot into a
paradigm that doesn’t have any kind of Human nature history.

Compassion and Unity are the New Energy
The energy of 2012 has been with you for 16 years as I sit here, and will be with you 20 more [as computed by the Mayan calendar]. That is how
the alignment works as it moves literally through the center of the
galaxy equator. As the precession of the equinoxes [wobble of the
earth] takes its effect and you move into the middle of the alignment,
it’s a 36 year window of experience, not a crosshair on some winter
solstice date. You are living within this energy and you have been for
some years, New Ager.

Now, let’s speak only to those in this room; not the listener, not the reader. I want to talk to the room. I
want to talk to those who sit in this energy. I want you to go away
differently than you came in today. I want you to go away with an
activation of that which is angelic and that which is creator energy
inside, which is going to give you wisdom.

Not all of you here believe as the channeller does, and it doesn’t matter. So here is your
test, your instructions for the day. Can you look at those here as
family, even if you don’t agree with them? Can you love them? You have a
choice to leave this place and say, “Well, I’m not going to go to a meeting like that again! They’re crazy.” Or you can say, “I’m
not going to go to a meeting like that again because I don’t
necessarily agree with them. But I love them and they’re welcome in my
house anytime. If they want to come to dinner with me, it’s OK. And I
can joke with them and be with them and shake their hands. I might even
marry one of them, because I recognize that there is one God, and
there’s one Creator, and we all have it inside of us. I don’t agree, but
I can unify myself.”

So you get to an understanding that your ideas and differences don’t separate you anymore. Human
Beings can exist together just like the countries that exist next to
each other without borders. Their cultures are still unique, and they
still have their own country. But now they’re together in a larger
plan, one where they are never going to war with each other again. They
can’t. They’re existence is tied to each other. Unification does that.
Solomon knew it, and the secret is compassion.

Dear ones, leave this place compassionate for one another. When you get home and
you turn on your television and see someone you don’t agree with
because they’re politically not in step with you, can you love them? Can
you see the creator inside anyway? Can you see them playing out a game
of how things will settle in this country so that you’re forced to
work together in unity? Did any of you see that? Forced to work
together. Forced to compromise. Forced to unify and not separate. When
you see it in politics, you’ll know it’s real.

That’s what we’re telling you. Look for it. The old energy leaves slowly, but
there’ll come a day when the old energy is gone. This could take a
generation! Some of you say, “I won’t be here then.” I tell
you, “Oh, yes you will!” Because you’re not going to miss the finale!
Not the energy of home or any angelic energy will be able to hold you
back. Back you will come and there will be a turnaround time that is
faster than anything in your spiritual history, because history doesn’t
matter, even spiritual history. You’re going to arrive and leave
quickly. You have always come back to Earth, old soul. That’s why we
love you the way we do.

I want to wash your feet now for what you’re doing with the planet, old soul. Take the opportunity to love
someone, to see them quantumly, to see them as many, not one. Look at
all Humans in light of their lineage to the planet. See them as
important, like you. Unify with them. You see, there is a shift
happening on this planet and you represent it.

When I say the words, “And so it is,” hold the energy. Leave at your own pace. Stay
seated if you wish for a little while, then leave in quietness. Let
this place remain a sanctuary until you return again. So there is no
applause, there’s no noise – only unity, only a love for one another,
only quantum thinking about what is before this planet if you wish it,
dear one.

Do you feel different about the puzzles before you now? I hope you do. Solvable, every single one.

And so it is.


The information is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits its sale in
any form except by the publisher.

Lee Carroll

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December 21, 2010 – A POWERFUL OPPORTUNITY! – Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

December 21, 2010 – A POWERFUL OPPORTUNITY!
By Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

We are in the midst of an incredible influx of Light. The Internet is buzzing with the fact that tonight we will experience not only the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, but also a very rare Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This eclipse takes place within 2 degrees of the Galactic Center which will open a mighty portal from the Core of Creation. The Light of God will flow through this portal and initiate pivotal changes that will affect all Life evolving on this planet.

Geoff Chester of the U.S. Naval Observatory inspected a list of eclipses going back 2,000 years for NASA, and he reports, “Since Year 1, I can only find ONE previous instance of an eclipse matching the same calendar date as the Solstice, and that is 1638, Dec. 21.”

According to the Company of Heaven, it is impossible to over estimate the potential for positive change that Humanity will cocreate by taking advantage of this Cosmic Moment. There are myriad activities of Light taking place all over the world during the next 48 hours. ALL of them are very important.

In addition to these events, the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are asking us to empower the CAUSE of Divine Love that has recently been established on Earth. We can assist in this vitally important Divine Plan by participating in the powerful meditation and invocation that was given to Humanity by our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven.

Through the wondrous Gift of this powerful meditation, every person on the planet is initiated into a Higher Order of Service to Humanity and the Light. This will greatly enhance our ability to cocreate the patterns of perfection for the New Earth in the physical world form. This meditation is available on the following link:

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The Light of God that will flow to Earth through this newly opened portal will build in momentum until the New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 4, 2011. This will catapult the Earth and ALL her Life up the Spiral of Evolution and pave the way for a God Victorious 2011. Fasten your seatbelts, you are in for the ride of your life! 2011 is going to be a year of monumental change and rebirth.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will take 3 hours and 38 minutes. The Eclipse begins on Tuesday December 21, at 1:33 a.m. EST. It will take about an hour for the shadow of the Earth to cover the entire moon. Totality begins at 2:41 a.m. EST and will lasts for 72 minutes. At 3:17 a.m. EST, the Eclipse will reach its peak and the moon will be fully covered in amber Light.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
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SaLuSa – Mike Quinsey.

We are pleased for you all that as the festive spirit grows, it is bringing to you a much needed break from the rigors and demands of everyday life. It proves that if you so desire, you can create an energy around you that is unaffected by the lower vibrations. How nice it would be if you could maintain that higher level well into the New Year. However we know that similar messages and ours do not reach everyone, and as the changes develop many are fearful of the future. This is where as informed Lightworkers you can help others, if in no other way than to make sure that they understand that it is only a temporary condition. That the outcome will lift your whole civilization up to higher levels not experienced previously.

The old ways are no longer appropriate for ascending souls that have chosen to take the path to Ascension. By and large you have learnt whatever lessons you came to experience. You can therefore apply yourself to making the necessary break with all that is associated with duality. Move fully into the point of your focus, and by centering yourself you will become less inhibited or distracted by what is going on around you. Just let events find their own level and provide the opportunity for our allies to move in. A number of outcomes are drawing nearer, and disclosure still looks likely to be the first one to manifest.

Certainly the general atmosphere now is one where it has become commonplace to find articles and messages about us. We are no longer viewed as aliens, but rather your Space Friends and that has been one of our objectives for a long time. We have had to overcome prejudice and deliberate misinformation about us, and confusion with the activities of the Greys that are not members of the Galactic Federation. We have some sympathy with them as to the plight of their civilization that was in danger of dying out. However, in their desperation they have made agreements that have not been in the highest interests of your evolution. On Earth intelligence or the understanding of advanced technologies does not necessarily make for its correct application. The greed for power has been paramount on Earth and it is only through the intervention of Divine Beings, that you have been saved from total destruction.

Having at times felt that you were neglected and left to fend for yourselves, you would be amazed if you really knew how the forces of Light have closely accompanied you through duality. They have come from many different levels and also advanced civilizations such as those like us, who have been closer to you than most have. Furthermore, on a personal level you have always had your Guides and Angelic Guardians present, and where necessary they have protected you through each lifetime. Call on them if you need help, and be sure that they will hear you. Help often comes in unexpected ways so do not specifically demand one way to another, but leave all possibilities open. Remember also that time is not an issue away from Earth, so responses can occur at anytime and when they do they will be right for whatever needs you have.

The last word in all of your activities and experiences is whatever you planned to do. Even those so-called negative ones are learning experiences that you agreed to before incarnating. It is why on another level that concerns your civilization; we would not interfere unless given divine permission. You might therefore understand why we sometimes have to stand back, and allow your creations to work out. What would indeed be the point if you did not see the full affect of your desires and intentions. The final closing of the cycle of duality, will be the end of an era of many battles between the dark and the Light forces. Yet you have subconsciously been aware that regardless of how low the vibrations fell, you would still be victorious. Now you are about to experience the last days that are opening you up to the Light very rapidly.

Still be on your guard as the final acts of the dark Ones play themselves out, and as we so often implore you, do not give in to fear. All of the time you hold the Light whether you realize it or not, you are transmuting the lower energies wherever you go. When thousands and thousands of you do so, the affect is tremendously greater and that alone is a way of serving the Light. You can all play a part and believe us that every contribution is as valuable as any other. You may be individuals with a mind of your own, but you are nevertheless an important part of the whole and what you do affects everyone else. Therefore how fast you progress is down to all of you.

There is no denying that hard times are still going to occur, as you cannot otherwise experience the decline and fall of your civilization. Yet your reward by being here to experience it, is that you will also be part of the changes by serving your traveling companions. One day you will look back and feel so privileged to have been part of it. By then you will have forgotten the hardships and challenges you had to face. It will all come under the heading of “experience” and you will have risen to high levels of consciousness as a result. It is why many other souls would have gladly joined you, but were not ready for such a tough challenge. You are special whether you believe it or not, and soon you will return to those levels that are your real home. Are you now beginning to grasp the magnificence of the Light that permeates everything That Is, and the Love that the Creator has expressed in all that has been created for your experiences. Your finite minds would understandably have difficulty in total comprehension, but as you grow into the Light it will expand.

I am SaLuSa, and I can tell you Dear Ones, that we like you are getting excited that the end times are approaching very quickly. How time has gathered speed, and you have only to consider how the years have been passing quicker than ever since the Millennium. But for your expanding consciousness you might not have experienced it in this way. They are all part of the signs that dramatic changes are taking place, and none are greater than those happening because of your Sun. It is increasingly conveying to you more energy than ever, and it is helping you to expand your levels of consciousness. We are All One and share our love with you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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Utilizing the Solstice – Archangel Metatron – James Tyberonn

Utilizing the Solstice

Potent Entry into 2011

Greetings All !

On December 21st of 2010, a full moon total lunar eclipse will occur on the Solstice.
This extreme double edged surge will be the entry into 2011 and is a taste of what
is to come in the year ahead! This will create a mighty blast of high frequency
energy that will span the planet and carry forward into a solar eclipse occurring
on January 4th of 2011.

This will be a powerful intense field, but we tell you is also a supremely benevolent
energy. This solstice of December 21st is a remarkable day for meditation and resolve,
and indeed a day to combine your energies to create the year ahead and bath the
planet in the impeccability of the powerful OMM-Wave. Seek and you will find ! We
ask you to seek joy, kindness and abundance of life. Indeed create a combined Wave
of Unconditional Love !

Masters, the energy that is circumventing the planet right now is among the most
intense energies of 2010, and indeed 2010 has been a roller coastal of frequencial

The Energy that culminates on December 21st is in fact the apexial fulcrum of energies
that began 2 weeks ago. It is an energy of creation. But Dear Ones, what will you
create? We cannot over stress the dichotomy of this rare frequency blend. It is
an energy that combines myriad gravities. As such it is truly the double-edged sword,
cutting the direction in which it is employed. Therefore it is imperative to remain
positive during this resonance.

This full moon solstice eclipse is indeed a rare phenomenon, having not occurred
on the Earth for more than 4 centuries. So we again re-emphasize that this potent
energy can be of great and greater benefit if properly utilized in positive intent.
It is indeed a superb time for manifestation. But this requires of you to stay
in the ‘higher frequencies’. The surface reaction to the robust force of the astrological
and astronomical gravities surrounding you just now must not be to fall into depression
or anxiety.

Dear Ones, if you allow the intensities to frustrate you that will indeed be amplified
in the current energy of Full-Moon Eclipse, Solstice and Mercury retrograde.

This can combine either way with the subtle energies of your ‘Holidays’. On the
surface this holiday season is seen as a festive time of happiness and family celebration.
It is a time of lights, of gifts and gatherings. While indeed this can be a truly
wonderful holiday, it is also a time of memories and reflection as another year
comes to an end. And in truth for a great many the holiday season can bring a tenuous,
unspoken sadness of years gone by. This especially for those who are alone at this
time of year. For many ’empty nesters’ of middle years and beyond, Christmas has
underpinnings of melancholy and loneliness.

And so we ask you to remain in higher chakric vibration. Count your blessings, express
love to one another, nurture your neighbor and reach out to family. And Dear Ones
all Humanity is truly Family.

On the December 21st Solstice, the veil will be opened wide, and the

Cosmic Council of Light will return in close and closer presence through the Beloved
Sainte Germaine to assist the Family of Man in the Global OMM-Wave meditation.
This energy will be Omni Present on the Earth. It will be a time of manifestation
and healing. It will create, collate and disseminate the energy of Hope within an
amplified wave of Unconditional Love.

We ask each of you to meditate on the intent of joyful abundance, and send a wave
of beautiful love, unconditional love across the planet.

From higher perspective this Solstice and its ‘collective resonances’ are indeed
tools of magnification that the wise human can harness for release, purification
and manifestation.

So we offer suggestions on how to joyously utilize the energies of the Dec 21st
Stargate of 2010.

* Gather in Groups on the Dec 21st Solstice and project Joy & Unconditional Love

* Focus on well being, remain positive, be the change you want to see.

* Nurture one another

* Count your blessings for life is a gift

* Script the Solstice with Intent for Highest Good

* Remember whatever you feel is magnified in the Solstice energy

* Guard against negative emotions

Masters, as we have previously shared, most of you think of a ‘negative’ emotion
as fear, hate, anger, jealousy and such. While these emotions are indeed detrimental
and rupture auric fields, sadness and depression are electrically just as destructive
to the human aura. Perhaps even more so, because many tend to accept their sadness
far more readily than other toxic feelings, and rather than recognizing the harm
and combating it, tend to fall into a seasonal melancholy. This especially occurs
at Christmas and New Years for those that are alone and in middle years and beyond.

Find the joy that is around you, and amplify that joy. We tell you there are many
across the planet at this time, that do not know joy, that do not know love. So
take a moment to recognize the blessings in your life, and be thankful. Then make
a concerted effort to nurture those around you.

Use the OMM- Wave to reboot, to strengthen self and share love, Unconditional Love,
across the planet and to all of the Family of Mankind.

I, Metatron, and the Legion of Angelicas will indeed combine with the Cosmic Council
of Light and assist in amplification of the Love you intently project. The Cosmos
is open, the veil is thinned.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved!

And so it is…

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2011- Mid Point of Trinity Triad – Archangel Metatron – James Tyberonn

“In the next two years, the love of power will begin to be displaced by the Power of Love. It will take time, but do not doubt it, for it is already in motion. It
begins initially inside each of your hearts, and Dear Ones, that is happening now”.
Archangel Metatron

The Year Ahead

2011- Mid Point of Trinity Triad

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters, I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I greet each of you, individually,
lovingly, in a vector of timeless space. I embrace you in the Now time that you
read these words, and surround you in an energy of Unconditional Love.

Dear Ones, as we have told you, the world remakes itself now and whether or not
humanity in micro or macro is supportive of expansive change or against it, it is
truly a moot point as the inertia of time-chronology speeds past more quickly today
than it did yesterday in linear sequence. Accordingly will 2011 impel the expedition
of light acceleration and your lucid interpretation of consciousness. With this
surge your cognitive expression of life, will in-kind shift into higher tempo.
You see, all is quickening, time is accelerating as the Ascension draws nigh. So
as time reshapes itself it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of visible
and invisible forces of nature and that of the face of the Earth itself.

Each Moment Matters

Masters, it is so important that each of you understand and fully realize how truly
important each moment you live in these accelerated energies is to the Cosmos, the
New Earth and to you. Indeed there is a new energy on this planet, and this energy
seeks to now further activate your awareness and light quotient. And Dear Ones,
your ability to hold greater light embellishes you ability to express love. That
Love begins with not only accepting , but truly loving the Divine Self.

You are beginning to understand how beautiful you truly are, and that Dear Humans,
is so important in these Ascending times. You all have within you the power of God,
and we call upon you to allow that recognition, that renewed self acceptance, that
immaculate LOVE to wash over you. It is your calibrated birthright and it is beautiful.
You are rediscovering this ecstasy of Immaculate Love in your meditations, for
a transitional expansion is occurring in this new energy. You are now opening to
more clearly see how important your lives are, not just to the Earth but to the
grand Cosmos as well. Oh yes, this is so true!

You see the vibrations of this deep meditative expansion is over-flowing into the
physical realms that you live in…and YOU made that happen. The veil between dimensions
has thinned, and the part of you that is on ‘the other side’ of the veil is tenderly
reaching through to touch your heart. And the part of you in higher dimension is
the quantum you, the real ‘you’ that is dreaming this profound experience of life.
That higher self wants you to know, as do we of the Angelic Realm, how much you
are loved, how important and magnificent you truly are. Dear Humans can you fathom

You Are On Path

You so often have doubted yourselves. So often felt your lives were headed nowhere.
Oh Dear Ones, if you only knew and will accept the truth of what a difference you
have made and are continuing to make. There have always been the doubters, the naysayers
that said the Ascension would never occur, that humanity would not consummate this
sacred graduation into higher consciousness. But you have effectuated that achievement,
the Ascension is now an absolute certainty. It is manifesting! Indeed it has been
for two decades, and most of you do not credit yourselves for navigating it into
reality. Many of you still do not realize that the work you have done on both
sides of the veil over the past 25 years has changed the earth you were born on
into a completely different frequency and paradigm.

You are responsible for it, and mankind does not yet comprehend what you have
done or own the credit of this achievement. Masters what you have done is the very
reason many of you are now reading these words that are sent from another dimension.

And so allow me to honor you as we speak of the coming year, for you have grown
much stronger than you realize. You have taken a quantum leap….and regardless
of the calendar days of 2011, what lies ahead of you is indeed a leap year! It is
a year of Quantum-Leap !

2011 The Year Ahead

And so we speak of 2011. Indeed it is an exciting year of invigorated time, and
will be a period of quickening.

But we tell you Dear Ones, 2011 will not be a less intense energy than was 2010,
in fact it will be amped a notch or two higher. But fear not, most of you on the
path, will none the less find it much easier to manage. Is this not a testament
to your frequencial growth?

Now, 2011 contains within it 12 of the extremely potent energy amplifications phases
that you are becoming more accustomed to, but understand that these magnifications
are part and parcel of your accelerated growth process.

Indeed you must learn to operate at higher frequency, and so the years of the Trinity
Triad, 2010, 2011 and 2012, are in a sense a rigorous training program that will
allow you to strengthen and increase your auric fields as the ground-zero of the
Ascension nears.

Trinity Triad – Jacobs Ladder

In truth the energies of the Trinity Triad are merged in one program, and as such
from our perspective the events of 2010, 2011, and 2012 are part of the same process
of the Ascension. It is our purpose here to focus on the aspects of 2011 that lie
so near to your unfolding.
Masters, the heralded Ascension it is not an abstruse complexity of prophetic biblical
script, but rather a natural and requisite expression of accelerating planetary
It is Jacobs’s Ladder, and Dear Ones, when you are on a ladder; you are ascending,
descending or standing still. It is one of the three you see. It is always so. And
I Metatron tell you that you are moving up, whether you see it or not, mankind is

As such, all of you on the earth-plane are now within the field of an incredible
crystalline energy. The result is that your own auric fields and Mer-Ka-Na Light
Bodies are, through induction, becoming extreme energy in motion. It is energy as
desire expressing itself and so your work calls forth now an even finer frequency.
Imagine that if you will take vitamins for your physical body they must be such
that they can be absorbed by the body to generate wellness, well being, and better
health. And so it is the same with the Crystalline Transition, its frequencies and
energies are indeed vitamins of light expansion for the light body.

The crystalline resonance now surrounds you in ways that allow you to absorb their
pristine symmetries into your energy fields, transferring them, converting them,
and amplifying them into your own work, into your desires, into your fulfillment
and into all ways that touch earth and humanity.

Alpha & Omega

So these words are brought to you from the alpha and omega into the center of your
new being. These symmetries of crystalline coherent light are expressed to you,
projected for you from the center of my being so that they will touch you energetically
and so re-create themselves fortuitously in the days and weeks that come forward
in 2011 and 2012. All is indeed, in perfections pathway.

For within these time-sequences the 144-Grid completes into full conscious projection,
and that projection is indeed a tool of and for your own expansion. Such it is
with the crystalline grid you see, it too is a system that will allow your nurturing
into a higher resonance, a higher more fulfilling expression.

For that you call the Ascension is upon you, and in but a wink of the cosmic eye
it will be done! In my realm it has been done already you see, and indeed it is
a wondrous event. One heralded throughout the Universe and observed by many on
this realm and others.

Ascension Triggers

What then remains for the Ascension program in 2011 and 2012 are specific astrological
gravitation refinements and frequencial boosts needed to complete & polish the Crystalline
Grid and refine the Crystalline Transformation of the Earth as it reinforces the
spanning of humanity into great and greater dimensionality consciousness, and that
is indeed Crystalline Consciousness.

And so we will speak of these frequencial events as they unfold in 2011.

Equinoxes of 2011

The Equinoxes and Solstices of 2011 are exceptional powerful and multi purposed.
These are in fact Ascension catalyst and triggers. These potent days should be
used for group prayer and meditation and indeed deep self review. The solstices
and equinoxes remaining in the next two years are complex and flamed with multiple
hologramic inserts for the Ascension of both mankind and the planet. We assure you
that these astrological events are infinitely more powerful than the equinoxes and
solstices in the past several millennia. We urge each of you to discern and utilize
them as suggested. Gather on these days, and the power of Group Consciousness will
flower exponentially.

Eclipses of 2011

In addition, 2011 will have an extremely rare aggregation of complex coded eclipses.
There will be a total of 6 eclipses in 2011, and 3 of these will occur in a 30 day
phase between May 30- 1 July 1st. This period will be punctuated with the June
Solstice. This 4:2 combination of solar and lunar eclipses in a single year is quite
rare, only occurring about once each generation. We tell you that Eclipses are opportunities
for energizing change. Masters the eclipses of 2011 are an offering to make any
necessary shifts that you discern appropriate in your individual and collective
life stream. These are best afforded by synergizing them through the contemplation
and review that are available on equinoxes and solstices.

2011 Jan 04: Partial Solar Eclipse

2011 Jun 01: Partial Solar Eclipse

2011 Jun 15: Total Lunar Eclipse []

2011 Jul 01: Partial Solar Eclipse []

2011 Nov 25: Partial Solar Eclipse []

2011 Dec 10: Total Lunar Eclipse []

The ancient savants of enlightened eras always recognized such power-filled events
and utilized them as days of prayer, meditation, and inward search and mobilized
the eclipses to turbo-charge the changes they desired toward higher good.

Between the period of November 25th and December 21st will be a solar eclipse, a
total lunar eclipse and the December solstice. This will be extremely intense.


Vernal Equinox

Mar 20 2011

23:31 UT

Summer Solstice

Jun 21 2011

17:16 UT

Autumnal Equinox

Sep 23 2011

09:04 UT

Winter Solstice

Dec 22 2011

05:30 UT

The March Equinox of 2011 will create an incredibly powerful energy that will feel
like a full moon X10. It will enter through crystalline portals and be triggered
to the Pyramid bases built on grid points across the Omni-Earth. Within this energy
will be the continuation of the coded activation termed the ‘Cosmic Trigger’.

The Ascension of the planet is around the Crystalline Transformation of the planet.
And by crystalline, we are referring to a greater clarity, a pristine frequencial
order that is coherent. It is the frequency of impeccability. It is the crystalline
transformation that allows for the dimensional access expansion of the planet above
the level of the third dimension. The crystalline transformation truly only begins
at the initial level of the 5th dimension, and continues to the 12th dimension.

The Cosmic Trigger occurring on the March 20, 2011 Equinox furthers the transformation
of the planet and in addition further activates the functionality of the Crystalline
Light body emitted from the 144-Crystalline Grid.

The most aligned receival point of the Cosmic Trigger to activate myriad crystalline
points in the Americas is Galveston Island, within the Moody Pyramid Complex. The
Moody Pyramids will be aligned to Giza, which is the primary receival point in the
eastern hemisphere. Both Giza and Moody are tri-pyramid complexes, and the two are
in direct latitudinal alignment ( 29 degrees latitude) . Both are triangulated in
correlation to magnetic north. It is the combination of the three pyramids in-situ
within a synergistic tri-harmonic alignment that allows their greater facility and
power. As the Atlanteans and Orion Masters knew, pyramids in specific triangulation
are extremely potent when celestially aligned and carefully placed in relation to
one another.

2011- Sacred Sites as Tuning Forks
During the Equinoxes of 2011, specific points on the Earth will be portals of Transduction,
indeed these will become instruments of transducing the faster speed of light into
quickening time on the Earth. The Grid Points, power nodes, sacred sites, phi complexes
and portals that dot the planet in specific patterns and specific purpose are the
distribution mechanisms of the higher energy required to up shift the resonant frequency
pulse of your planet.

They are tuning forks, inspired by perfection of First Cause. These exude the energy
of ‘home’, of well-being, and those of you who enter into them in spiritual intent
recognize this immediately. Accordingly one cannot help but want to be within them
and absorb the pattern emitted within such areas in order to grow into and share
the expansion of perfection.

Those who dedicate themselves to this tuning can experience a nearness to Source
that they feel is less available to them elsewhere. But the truth is that these
fine-tuned energies are osmotic frequencial schools, and once absorbed, once matriculated,
the energy is retained within the established individuals Mer-Ka-Na.
Many areas on the planet have then already ascended, via portal-lattices that may
be called the stairways to heaven, and other areas require a bit more work. This
clearing and coding will be up shifted. Specific areas that are a bit denser now
require more work to clear, and as a tertiary effect of the March 2011 Cosmic Trigger
and harmonic crysto-magnetic code awakening, the pyramidal portals will bring in
the pristine lighter energy for that specific purpose. You see global frequencial
balance must be attained. Each of you Earth-Keepers plays a role in this. Indeed
you become portable resonators.

Potent Entry into 2011

Tighten you seat belts Masters! On December 21st of 2010, a full moon total lunar
eclipse will occur on the Solstice. This extreme double edged surge will be the
entry into 2011 and is a taste of what is to come in the year ahead! This will
create a mighty blast of high frequency energy that will span the planet and carry
forward into a solar eclipse occurring on January 4th of 2011. This will be a powerful
but supremely benevolent energy. This solstice of December 21st is a day for meditation
and resolve, and indeed a day to combine your energies to create the year ahead
and bath the planet in the impeccability of the powerful OMM-Wave.

The 11-11-11

The validity of the Triple Date Portals is evidenced in myriad ways. The TDP points,
which we first shared with you over a decade ago, are hologramic insertions that
effect the crystalline transformation of the planet through the crystalline grid.
The point of initial surge is the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas.

On the 9-9-9 your media reported via local radio that an unusual green fog had formed
over Mt Magazine as the Emerald Master Crystal flashed into activation from long
dormancy. The Crystal created the emerald mystic-mist, and it confused many because
it was not of water vapor, rather it was the green haze that naturally occurs in
the magnetics of trans-dimensional portal activity. It not only covered the mountain,
it was viewed from satellites. Its energy also short circuited the electrical grid
in the area for a short period.

Arkansas Earthquakes

On the 10-10-10 earthquakes took place in areas of Arkansas where they had not been
recorded before. Although one exceeded 4.1 on the Richter scale, no injuries or
real damage occurred. And these significant measured quakes were unique in other
ways, the usual ‘white-out’ in terms of the frequencial ‘song’ of the Schumann
Resonance that precedes seismic releases did not occur, the birds continued to sing
and the animals were not afraid. It was the Crystal Activations, Dear Ones, these
were caused by the pulse of the Master Crystal Activations beneath the massive chasms
of the Crystal Vortex. It is quite true, quite real. and their energy is magnificent.

Watch for these confirmations, for they will become more tangible and baffle your

We tell you that on the 11-11-11 another validation will occur.

The Triple-Date Portal of November 2011 will be perhaps the most potent singular
day of the year. Masses of humanity will form the human grid and tie into the Cosmic
Energy that is amassed in the final stages of activating the 144-Crystal Grid. On
the 11-11-11 the Atlantean Master Crystals will further activate with the initial
awakening of the Crystal of Multidimensional Communication in the Crystal Vortex.

This awakening will sequentially recode the 12 Golden Sun Disc around the planet.

These discs are being activated into twelve helix spirals. They are emitting a divine
energy of zero field, of pure love, unconditional love, and a light-code that can
only exist in the 5th dimension and above. On the 11-11-11 the Sun Disc of the Crystal
Vortex will be activated beneath the area of Pinnacle Mountain in Arkansas, and
this will complete the energy of the Arkansas Vortex and then network the new DNA
codes across the planet.

The Golden Sun Discs are the DNA, the blue print for the unified crystalline field
in the Crystalline Transition of the planet. Indeed these are being reprogrammed
by and within the Crystalline 144 Grid!

The Golden Sun Disc discs will emit a 12-strand helix, in a spiraling energy that
will serve, as the prototype of the DNA for the crystalline aspect through the 144-Grid.
Indeed, they are correspondences to the ability of the Earth to regenerate and
reform itself, becoming in aspect the DNA pattern or blueprint of the New Earth.
They are energetic spirals. They are truly more spiral than disc, but they do appear
disc- like when viewed.

Now as your Ascension completes itself, you will have greater access to the multi
dimensional aspects of yourselves. In truth, for some of you, the Ascension has,
for the most part, already occurred, in terms of multidimensionality. Do you understand?

The New Firmament Begins in the 2011 Trinity Triad

So we tell you that as the grids grow into completion that beyond the 144 Crystalline
Geometry will be the Polyhedron 120 Geodesic sphere. This begins formulating in
2011, initiates in 2012, and completes in the year of 2024. While multidimensional
access will be fully achieved within the 144- Crystalline grid in 2012, the new
firmament is spawned thru its completion.

Consider the geometric-crystalline completion of the geodesic grids as a flower
achieving full bloom, at which point a cosmic pollination will occur and an energetic
seed- field will come into effect. You see the very completion of the perfect geometric
form germinates a new field from its unified perfection…and that field may be
called the (new) Crystalline Firmament.

It will emerge as two great elliptical bands of energy that intersect at 90-degree
angles around the planet.

One will carry the color and essence of platinum, the other of gold. One will be
crysto- electrical in nature the other crysto-magnetic. Their energies will circulate
in modulated opposition, and the field between the two will encompass the planet
in a spherical manner.

And from this a conscious self-aware field of the OMM WAVE circumnavigates the planet
to allow for an even greater perfection of the Earth. This Crystalline Firmament
will allow for what was termed by the ancients as the 1000 years of peace.. The
crysto-electromagnetics of the planet will be in optimal balance.

Now the Earth and Human Kind will have need for the Crystalline Firmament, and will
call it forth. It will assist in many roles, perhaps more than you imagine.

It will change the way the human body receives sunlight. It will assist in the translucent
luminous transformation of the body physical. It will trigger the transition of
the human body from carbon to silicon base. It will in kind change the nutritional
needs of the human body physical. It will defend the earth’s magnetosphere by deflecting
meteorites and comets, it will lessen the effects of gamma rays into the Earth’s
atmosphere. It will come forth by a natural and scientific effort, it is the natural
offspring of the completed 144-crystalline grid. The New Firmament begins formulating
in 2011, and in the process the arc – swing of the pendulum of duality will begin
to drastically decrease.


Dear Ones, inclosing, let me express unequivocally that I and the Angelic Realm
are in a special role of supporting you far more than you may realize. For you too
are Gods in creation, sparks of the Divine becoming violet flames of the All That

We love each of you, all of you, and beyond the veils you are part of us.

We spin a light vortex of great honor and appreciation to you, We are sending this
energy to each one of you in the ‘NOW’ moment that you read these words, Can you
feel it, open your heart and receive what we send forth in love.

We sincerely honor you as you move into the final two years of Earths Crystalline
Ascension. And we tell you it is the Ascension of the Earth that will spawn the
critical mass movement of physical humanities Ascension in two to three centuries.
All in free will, all by choice. And in that time, there will be no global war,
no mass starvation.

You see on December 21, 2012, the Earth Ascends, and Ascension for Humanity is available.
But do not expect the 3d Earth you see around you now to instantly follow suit.
That will occur in two to three centuries, but it is the expanded energy of the
planetary Crystalline Transformation that you call the Ascension that will allow
for mankind’s transition…one heart at a time.

In the next two years, the love of power will begin to be displaced by the power
of love. Do not doubt it, for it is already in motion. This transformation occurs
one heart at a time, inside each of you. As such you must BE the change you want
to see!

It is a future of Ascension that you are creating…and we tell you that this period
of less than three centuries is the blink of an eye. We salute you. You are on the
appropriate path !

Before you lies an incredible awakening and completion. 2011 is the midpoint of
the Trinity Triad, and a time of omnipotent calibration, amplification and indeed
celebration. You each have made a difference, and you will depart this planet a
greater light, than from hence you entered. And you did it your way. In Love. I
invite you to feel joy, for you have earned it !

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved!

And so it is…

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Revisit to Universal Laws

Universal Laws

“The Lips Of Wisdom Are Closed Except To The Ears Of Understanding.” The Kybalion
The Seven Cosmic Laws were introduced to humanity over 4000 years ago by Hermes Trismegistus.

Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and many global luminaries throughout history have endorsed The Seven Cosmic Laws through metaphor, teaching, action and scientific validation.

In history, kings and pharos paid bricks of gold to learn the ancient wisdom and scientific facts you’ll discover here.

Hermes Trismegistus. The Ancient Egyptian Sage Master brought into Awareness Alchemy. He is the central figure of the ancient wisdom and is thought to have brought into being – The Hieroglyphic Alphabet, 365 Calander, Religion, Philosophy and Magic, Astronomy, Astrology, Science of Numbers, Mathematics, Geometry, Surveying, Medicine, Botony, theology and Civilized Goverments.

He was also known as :-

Egyptian God Thoth. god of Wisdom, learning and writing.
Thutmose III – Pharaoh, prophet, and high priest in the period of the New Kingdom c. 1460 B.C.
Pythagoras – Greek philosopher of the sixth century B.C.
Balthazar – One of the three Magi (astronomer/adepts) who followed the star (the I AM Presence) of the Manchild born to the Virgin Mary.
Saint Francis of Assisi – The divine poverello, who renounced family and wealth and embraced “Lady Poverty,” living among the poor and the lepers.
Shah Jahan – Mogul emperor of India in the sixteenth century (Built Taj Mahal, “the miracle of miracles).
Ascended Master Kuthumi – Formerly Chohan of the Second Ray of Divine Illumination, now serves with Jesus as World Teacher.
The Seven Cosmic Laws are timeless, and they are eternal and unchangeable. They apply to you and every person, race, nationality, thought, circumstance of humanity and the totality of life on Earth.

The Seven Cosmic Laws = “Laws Of Life.”

These laws are so subtle that most people foolishly overlook their concrete power (Hence the headline at the top of the page). Be wise and realize how they shape and influence every aspect of your.

Change and improve your life.

Pass this web site and this Wisdom to others, and together we can bring about GREAT CHANGE for the better.

* The Seven Cosmic Laws are adapted/copied from the ancient text, The Kybalion.

The Law Of Mentalism

“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”-The Kybalion.

This cosmic law embodies the truth that human reality is, in essence, mental. That rather than human minds being a property within a purely physical universe, the universe is itself an infinite mind (consciousness). The infinite universe is alive and intelligent. Science proves that the physical human brain doesn’t create consciousness (thinking), it simply channels it just as a radio/TV channels its programming.

You are a radiating bundle of consciousness (energy: EEG/EKG). Your thoughts are consciousness, and your thoughts spontaneously influence physical reality.

Every thought you have attracts the experience of its electromagnetic vibration.

By the Law of Cause and Effect: You think love and you attract love; you think happiness and you attract happiness; you think prosperity and you attract prosperity and conversely, you think hate and you attract hate; you think anger and you attract anger; and you think fear and you attract fear, and so forth.

Because the universe is mental in nature, changing the conditions of the universe, life on Earth or the circumstances of your own life is done by the sheer will of your thoughts.

How To Apply This Cosmic Law: Your thoughts are magnetic and every thought you have is either creating/destroying and attracting/repelling your desires. What you desire (think) will manifest in your own life and your individual thoughts also contribute to the fabric of the collective human experience. We all paint the picture of our own lives, and we all contribute to the picture of humanity. Humanity is one and all, and all is one.

Your Environment Is Your Thinking Objectified.

The Law Of Correspondence

“As above, so below; as below, so above.”-The Kybalion

This cosmic law embodies the truth that there is an absolute correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various hierarchies of cosmology, consciousness and human life.

The Hermetic axiom is this: “As above, so below; as below, so above.”

And, the grasping of this cosmic law helps you to understand that humans and life on Earth are a reflection of the universe itself. What is on Earth is cosmic, and what is cosmic is on Earth.

You and Earth are a micro of the macro and vice versa.

Life on Earth is just one level of the hierarchy of the universe. Just as there are hierarchies on Earth: food chain, social structures, political structures, educational levels/distinctions and so forth, these hierarchies are simply a micro reflection of the macro order of the universe.

As there are degrees of being and life on Earth, the universe mirrors these degrees of being into infinity – beyond humanity and before humanity, there is higher than us and lower than us order of the universe.

Hierarchies are also true in human thinking. People will find the conditions of their life to match the hierarchy of thinking: Beggars on the streets and Millionaires in mansions. Remember the old cliche, “No matter who you think you are, there is always someone better (and worse).”

Realize that there are over 100 billion stars in our Milky Way Galaxy and there are over 100 billion galaxies in the universe. The world you see in front of your eyes is literally a spec of dust in the universe and what you know to be reality/truth is simply a reflection of a single (and miniscule) level in the cosmic hierarchy.

The cosmic hierarchy is infinite and your potential as a cosmic being is infinite, and when humans subscribe to the limitations of the fledgling human model of thinking/science/education/reality – they are bound by that model. There are no limitations in life and consciousness.

How To Apply This Cosmic Law:

Think without measure against the limitations of humanity. Since the day you were born you were taught what is and is not possible in your life experience. The limitations or possibilities of the hierarchy you accept will be true for you.

The Only Limitations You Have Are The Ones You Accept For Yourself.

The Law Of Vibration

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” – The Kybalion

This cosmic law embodies the truth that “everything is in motion”; “everything vibrates”; “nothing is at rest”; facts which modern science now endorse, and which each new scientific discovery verifies.

This law was spoken thousands of years ago by the masters of Ancient Egypt and before, and today physics finds it to be true.

This law explains that the differences between manifestations of matter, energy and mind result primarily from varying rates of vibration. From THE ALL, which is Cosmic Intelligence, down to the densest form of matter, all is in vibration and the higher the vibration, the higher the position in the scale of life.

Everything is vibration, including your thoughts. Your thought are scientifically classified as an EEG (Electroencephalogram, or electromagnetic vibrations.)

Leverage your thoughts, (higher vibration) against matter (lower vibrations.) Remember, thoughts are things.

Thoughts are energy and energy seeks its own vibration. This is why “water seeks its own level; every dog has its day, birds of a feather flock together and misery loves company.”

The vibration of Spirit (The Divine) is at such an infinite rate of intensity and rapidity that it is practically at rest – just as a rapidly moving wheel seems to be motionless.

And, at the other end of the scale, there are dense forms of matter whose vibrations are so low as to seem at rest. Between these poles, there are millions upon millions of varying degrees of vibration. From electron, atom and molecule, to worlds and universes, everything is in vibratory motion.

How To Apply This Cosmic Law:

Everything is a vibration within a vibration. The higher to the lower.

This is also true on the planes of energy and force (which are but varying degrees of vibration); and also on the mental planes (whose states depend upon vibrations); and even on to the spiritual planes. Control your vibrations of thought and you will control your physical experience. The Masters also apply this Principle to the conquering of natural phenomena, in various ways. “He who understands the Principle of Vibration, has grasped the sceptre of power,” says one of the old writers.

The Higher Your Vibration Of Thought, The Higher Your Scale In Life.

The Law Of Polarity

“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”- The Kybalion

This cosmic law embodies the ancient truths that have perplexed so many, which have been stated as follows: “Thesis and antithesis are identical in nature, but different in degree”; “opposites are the same, differing only in degree”; “the pairs of opposites may be reconciled”; “extremes meet”; “everything is and isn’t, at the same time”; “all truths are but half-truths”; “every truth is half the false”; “there are two sides to everything,” etc., etc., etc.

To illustrate: Heat and Cold, although “opposites,” are really the same thing, the differences consisting merely of degrees of the same thing. Look at your thermostat and see if you can determine where “heat” ends and “cold” begins.

Between noise and quiet? Between high and low? Between positive and negative?

Between a hateful and loving person? They both are the same, a human being, it’s just the polarity of their thinking that separates them.

The Principle of Polarity explains these paradoxes, and no other principle can supersede it. Everything is one in the same, just different. All humans are the same – just different.

“Good and Evil” are but the poles of the same thing, and the cosmologist understands the art of transmuting Evil into Good, by means of an application of the Principle of Polarity. In short, the “Art of Polarization” becomes a phase of “Mental Alchemy” known and practiced by the ancient and modern Hermetic Masters.

When you change your polarity, you change your vibration. When you change your vibration, you change what you attract.

How To Apply This Cosmic Law: Look beyond simple duel-distinctions (such as that something can only be one thing or another…or that things only mean this or that), because often we find that opposites are really an illusion and they are almost the same. One way to do this is to continually question your assumptions about what things are as polar as they appear. Often we limit ourselves in life by artificially assuming two things must be separate/different, when they really aren’t. Many assume that only one of two possibilities can be followed, and instead try looking for ways in which both possibilities can be allowed to co-exist.

Everything Is The Same – Just Different.

The Law Of Rhythm

“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”- The Kybalion.

This cosmic law embodies the truth that in everything there is manifested a measured motion, to and fro; a flow and inflow; a swing backward and forward; a pendulum-like movement; a tide-like ebb and flow; a high-tide and low-tide; life and death and between the two poles which exist in accordance with the Principle of Polarity described a moment ago.

There is always an action and a reaction; an advance and a retreat; a rising and a sinking. What goes up must come down.

This is in the affairs of the universe, suns, worlds, humans, animals, mind, energy and matter. This law is manifest in the creation and destruction of worlds; in the rise and fall of nations; in the life of all beings and relationships; and finally in the check books and mental states of all people.

Everything changes. How many situation/ideas have you clung to hoping they would “work out,” to find years later it was for naught? Job? Relationships? Old ideas?

Everything has a cycle, including your own life.

When you ‘attach’ to things, you impeded the natural flow of cycles and rhythms…and this is usually why people find life to be a struggle. They are ‘attached’ to old ideas that may be inaccurate and defeating.

How To Apply This Cosmic Law: If you are having a period of what you call depression/tragedy or pain, remember that eventually things will swing back in the opposite direction by their own rhythm. Also, be aware of when your own moods/thoughts/emotions and fortunes start to swing in the negative direction. The Kybalion teaches that if we become aware of our vibrations/moods we can consciously choose to create our experience by controlling the swing of the pendulum.

Change Is The Only Constant In The Universe.

The Law Of Cause And Effect

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”-The Kybalion.

This cosmic law embodies the truth that there is a Cause for every Effect and an Effect from every Cause. It explains that: EVERYTHING happens according to law; that nothing merely happens; that there is no such thing as chance or luck; that while there are various hierarchies of Cause and Effect, the higher dominating the lower planes, still nothing ever entirely escapes the Law.

Your life is a mirror. The external circumstances of your life (behavior-effect) are a mirror of your internal circumstance (thought-cause).

Everything you have or do not have is the effect of your causative thinking. No money? You caused it. Love? You caused it. Living paycheck to paycheck? You caused it. A life of joy and plenty? You caused it. The only way to have what you want in life is to cause it. You and only you are the cause of your life’s circumstances.

It’s this simple: Your circumstances in life are a reflection of what you’re giving. That’s it. Even if you can see no physical link between circumstances, physics proves you have caused them.

The masses of people are carried along, obedient to environment; the wills and desires of others stronger than themselves; heredity; suggestion; and other outward causes moving them about like pawns on the chessboard of life.

But the Masters, rising to the plane above (their thinking/vibration), dominate their moods, characters, qualities and powers, as well as the environment surrounding them, and become movers instead of pawns.

They help to play the game of life, instead of being played and moved about by other wills and environment. They USE the law of Cause and Effect instead of being its tools. The Masters obey the causation of the higher planes, and they help to rule on their own plane.

This law applies to all hierarchies. What nations give, they get. What races give, they get. What people give they get and so on.

How To Apply This Cosmic Law: In the confines of human thinking, most tend to only notice the links between cause and effect when the cause follows the effect quickly. It can be difficult for us to perceive how something that is happening today was directly caused by something that we did last month, last year, or even last decade. And, it can be tremendously rewarding to uncover these cause-and-effect links.

Why Do So Many People Not Have Money, Love, etc? Because these things are an effect, not a cause, and most people erroneously focus on things (the effect) they want. Reverse the process, think of the cause and the effect will appear. This is a Law of the Universe.

What One Gives Is What One Gets.

The Law Of Gender

“Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles; gender manifests on all planes.” – The Kybalion

This cosmic law embodies the truth that there is gender manifested in everything-the Masculine and Feminine Principles ever at work.

The principle of Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) is the foundation of the entire universe. It underlies everything in creation.

No creation – physical, mental or spiritual is possible without this Cosmic Law.

An understanding of this law will shed light on many a subject that has perplexed the minds of humans. The Law of Gender works always in the direction of generation, regeneration and creation. Everything and every person contains the two elements or properties of masculine and feminine energy.

Generation and regeneration; life and death; destruction and creation. All things (including your life) must run the full gamut of the cycle of creation.

Nothing cease to exist in the universe, it just changes form. Einstein’s Law of The Conservation of Energy and Matter demonstrates that neither matter nor energy can be destroyed, they just change form. The total quantity of matter and energy available in the universe is a fixed amount and never any more or less.

An oak tree drops an acorn that grows into an oak tree, which is then cut down and burned for fire wood which then generates heat. Non-matter (No acorn), to physical matter (Acorn/tree), back to non-matter (heat). Never a change of the amount of energy in the universe, just form.

Similarly, you were non-matter before birth, physical matter now, and by the cycle of creation, you’ll return to non-matter – yet, you’ll never cease to exist, you’ll just change form. In truth, you are now both physical and non-physical, though the depth of this is realized by few.

Everything “dies,” and then regenerates itself – it’s a cycle of life: Spring (life), to Summer, to Fall, to Winter (death).

Life and death, male and female are the process of life in the universe. To grow, a thing must first die, then regenerate. (To grow as a person, your old ways of thinking must die.)

How To Apply This Cosmic Law: You are a constant in the universe. You will not cease to exist, you will simply change form through your evolutionary journey. For you to have new things in your life, old things (habits/thoughts) must “die.”

Everything Is A Cycle Of Generation and Re Generation.

(Sources – Jim Fortin -

Wikipedia –


For indepth reading of the Kybalion

“Universal Laws and the Chakras

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