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Inspire and uplift your own life with this simplistic yet life changing Positive Power and Motivational book.


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Book – The Master’s Sacred Knowledge by Allan Rufus


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THE QUANTUM AWAKENING – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

APRIL 2010 ISSUE 134


*** You Need To Keep Believing That Peace Comes One Person At A Time,That Light Is Birthed One Thought At A Time, That The Heart Heals One Love At A Time

as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As spring pushes her way into every pore of our being, we feel a sense of expectancy like a pregnant woman in her 9th month. The need to birth another level of our own being kicks and prods at us from the inside out. Making life uncomfortable and tempers flair. All of earth mirrors this urge to move forward out of the long winter of waiting into a place that can only be seen by the beholder.

We look at ourselves seeing a newness that has not made its way to the surface as of yet. We feel compelled and driven to move out of our winter blues searching blindly for those rose tinted glasses we once wore. We are seasoned like a good wine that seeks a crystal goblet to fill. Every day life gives us another morsel to digest, an appetizer that keeps us from our intended destination.

People we know and love pass from the earth leaving a little hole in our heart. Regrets pile up like laundry that needs to be tended to, as we cling to what was and what could have been. We mourn for easier times and reflect upon what once was.

The element of time itself has quickened our pulse and our desires. like a speedway driver we go around and around never seeing the exit of our maze.

People are innately angry with themselves, the world, their choices and their governments. Earth herself heaves with fault lines as she points fingers at her stewards. Everything comes to the surface just in time to be fed by the solar emanations and gamma bursts from deep space. We are all changed; we are all becoming the galactic human that was talked about so many years ago. Many will want to leave the earth and not stay for the curtain call of 2012. Those of us that signed on for the duration do our best to inform those that still sleep, but it seems they have all pushed the mute button and do not hear or adhere to any information that will allow them to move thru these energetic minefields easier.

This energy is not about doomsday it is about a promise we made long before we came to earth. Within us lives a single rose, around it lives many weeds, do we focus on the rose or waste our time pulling up the weeds forgetting all about the sweet scent of the rose? More and more situations will unexpectedly rise like a full moon that faces the early sun. More and more interruptions of our well intended plans taking us off the path we are destined to walk. Everyday something will try to steal our light and our joy. Everyday we will stray from the course of light that we set sail upon. Everyday we will ask for forgiveness as we try harder and harder to become that divine being in human form.

When God created humans, he stretched creation, pushing himself to be more, allowing himself growing room, to love more and to become more. The Universe sees the whole picture and stays the course without accountability. We the mere mortals have a much tougher job of it. As soon as we see the future, we change it. Every time we look at the future, even for just for a fleeting second, we change it. The future changed because it was seen. As seers, we are all destined to shift the outcome everyday. It is not fate versus freewill, it is fate and freewill. A vision is just a snap shot of a possible future.

The energies coming from deep space via the portal of our sun are photonic of nature. Solar winds (The outward flow of solar particles and magnetic fields from the Sun) blow us hither and yon as the solar limbs reach out and touch us. The geomagnetic field of the earth shifts as geomagnetic time is accelerated. A light bridge is formed as the solar noise storms (A transient enhancement of solar radio emission, consisting of elevated background emissions. These storms may last hours to days.) increase in strength. The energies around earth look as if phantom commands drive the wheel of the universe deeming a plasma pause. (A gas that is ionized sufficiently to be a good electrical conductor and be affected by magnetic fields) The sun is crowned with polar plumes as a proton event of unexpected proportion enters the field of earth. Solar constant is reached (The total radiant energy received vertically from the Sun) much quicker than expected.

As the solar winds raise the neck hairs of all mankind, two-ribbon flares (A flare that has developed as a pair of bright strands (ribbons) on both sides of the solar magnetic field) are tied around the old Akashic oak tree. Event horizons schedule themselves without asking permission (an event horizon is a boundary in spacetime most often an area surrounding a blackhole) rearranging the hologram of earth into a place that will assist with the solar creational flux that is inflencing all of mankind.

The playing field of earth will be changed forever. A “field” is a matrix, or region of influence, that connects two or more points in space or time, usually by means of a force or energy. In other words, a field is held together by something capable of manifesting a noticeable change.

The Akashic field is presumed to exist in physical reality even though it usually cannot be observed directly. The Akashic field is like the universe’s super computer system. It is a system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. the Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world.

The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul since the dawn of Creation. These records connect each one of us to one another. They mold and shape human consciousness. They are a portion of Divine Mind. They are the unbiased judge and jury that attempts to guide and transform every person to become the very best they can be. They embody an ever-changing fluid array of possible futures that are called into potential as we humans interact and learn from the data that has already been accumulated.

Akasha is a light carrying “ether,” It is the medium that carries the “zero-point field,” a field in which energies appear to be present even when all known forms of energy vanish. The zero-point field is a “unified vacuum an “energy sea.” this vacuum transports light, and sound and generates the holographic field that is the memory of the universe which is a sea of collective information. The Akashic Field holds everything that we are. Our energy is never destroyed. Nor is any thought or possible future destroyed.

Our lives have become very complex, causing the Akashic Field to reach a critical mass. We are continuously storing information in the Akashic Field, as we are not able to hold and process all the incoming energy and information and shifts we are destined to experience. The Akashic field is like a “vibratory cocoon, which turns at a speed seven times that of light. This cocoon acts as a blotter, absorbing and remembering every event. The Akashic Field stores every single thought and response we have regarding all life situations in all lifetimes. They are like the DNA of the universe, they are the soul’s journey thru time.

As we enter these emancipated solar vibrations, we as a planet will have access to this field of inquiry. Quantum Entanglement will become a way of life. Slipping in and out of time and memory may become an Olympic sport sooner than we think. All episodes of solar activity influence time and how we perceive it. The past present and future meet for a daily latte in our every experience. There is no getting away from the great solar OZ that knows all and sees all. As you sail thru these sees of self be sure to offer the ferryman fare payment as you dock at multiple timeslips.


As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We are one with all that has ever been created. We are one with all that has ever been thought. We are one with all that has ever been made manifest. We are inherent within all spectrums of the earth, of the sky, of the water, of the air, of the stars and beyond. We are inherent within aspects of yourself that you have thrown away and discarded. We are inherent in future selves and probabilities that have not yet been birthed or sensed.

We exist existentially throughout time and space, light and thought, body and mind. We are the molecules that were birthed in the beginning of the Light taking form. We are the molecules that exist in the future and we are every layer of essence in-between. We live within the dimensional portals that you seek, that you have walked through, that you have created, that you were birthed from. We are the light beyond the light. We are what instructs what is yet to be formed, what is yet to be birthed, and what is yet to be seen and felt per thought, per action, and per sequence of events. We are unknown until we are felt. We are unseen until we are heard. We are the directors, the creators, the righters of what you experience.

And yet you are the co-producers. You are who instructs us as to what the event shall undertake, intake, retake and remake of itself. We switch the scenarios of your daily events in accordance with the essence that you call creation and manifestation. As you are well aware of, we are busy and we number in innumerable measure. We are at an intersection of your light and your holiness 15 realms below Original Creation. You can refer to us as the Righters as we assist you in re-righting and editing your life to create a performance of an academy acknowledgment. We are the inklings in-between each thought. We are the signs that your eyes see as you look out on your day. We are inherent within every paper clip that you have found when you have needed one, a rubber band that manifested in your purse when there was none. We are instructs and we are instructions. We are dwell within each level of your thought and being. We live within the nucleus of the cellular content of your thoughts, of your body, and of your light vibration.

We are righting what went wrong by the last thought you had. We are righting what is an upheaval as you pray. We are righting what has tripped you up and made you eat humble pie in your daily events and manifestations. We are righting per instructions by you. When you do not instruct us to re-right (rewrite) then we do not. Then we allow those underwritten creations to follow the sequence of events that they are destined to flow through. You ask for divine intervention, but you realize not that you are the divine intervention that you seek, that you do have say-so in the curriculum of events that unfold by your own making and un-making. By your thoughts of healing, by your thoughts of love, by your thoughts of re-instructing circumstances in your life, we are awakened to perform for you. We are the puppets and your are the puppeteer in reality for we adhere closely and only to how you instruct the molecules of your creation. We are not a star being, nor a light master. We can not be described by vocabulary and vernacular that you speak, but we can certainly describe you. When we looked at you in the beginning when you were first birthed onto form, we described you in all of your perfection. We described you in your longings and your wantings to grow, to become more. We hinted to your parents that you were wet, you were dry, you were hungry, you could not hear, your tummy hurt. We worked for you day and night as you moved into the fullness of your being instructing those around how to care for you, how to love you, how to touch you, how to hold you because you were a God in swaddling clothes.

We listen to your declarations your decrees and your instruct-ions. As you unfold from the tightness of your manifestation and creation ability and allow yourself to be stretched out as a roll of beautiful silk. You will understand as that beautiful silk that you can move with waves of time, with waves of thought, with waves of light, and with waves of creation. You are a natural commodity that the universe has invested in and you can look at us as your stockbrokers. For we are in charge of what you take stock of. We follow you around obediently, assisting you to re-do, un-do, pre-do, and release what serves you or what no longer serves you. We are a short thought with no form. We have no home, no direction except to be birthed to assist you. We assisted original creation per the Creator, the Source, the All That Is’ instructions. As you were birthed from the Home Light, the Source was so worried about these beautiful creations that he so loved, that he created us. Some see us as angels, but we are way beyond that framework of thought. We have followed each creation throughout time obediently as we were created and designed to do. Not to intervene, not to interfere, but to whisper nuances of creative suggestions to you. Showing you outcomes of your creations before they were finished. Using the vehicles of dreams, visions, inter-thoughts and inter- inklings, vibrating through the words and actions of others.

You draw to you activation’s of your internal creations before they are ever birthed. You see them within a telecast, a movie, through a loved one, through a friend. Your world is always acting, re-acting, and inter-acting to show you how your thoughts will play out if continued down the same highway and byway of creation. We are the instructs within that linkage of manifestation. We come to assist you in a fullness of understanding. As your world creates stages and outcomes of situations that you feel are not for your souls growth, then at that moment of seeing your creation played out in your world (somehow somewhere) you must shift. To avoid world disasters, movies are created that show these biological upheavals, asteroids earthquakes and other planetary and human disasters. When humanity views such events, they no longer need to be created because the outcome shifts by the viewing of such things. And thus it is ended and there is no longer a need to manifest it outwardly in the physical.

Your everyday world plays out the same type of events in a personal universe. These personal universes, previews of upcoming events, or trailers as you call them are there to help you decide whether you want to fully invest in that outcome or another. You have learned about creation, conversion and pulling sequence of events out of one format and placing them into another dialogue of light. You have that same ability in all abstract events of your life. Divine intervention is yours. All things, believe it or not, are at your beck and call and creation.

Humanity appears to be on the lowest rung of the ladder of Creation, but if the universe is circular and you are the lowest rung, the highest rung is within your grasp; it is the next step, the next sequence. Many species in the universe believe you are beneath them –they see you as less. But we come to tell you that within your grasp, a breath, a thought, and a light vibration away, you are at the top of the ladder. That is why, what you do, what you think, what you create is so important. You will move through that portal. The buck stops with you. The future begins with you. Whatever you create in this place, in this time is sculpting the next universe.

You are in charge of birthing through your beliefs, through your engagements of energy action and thought and through your heart. Many are angry that humanity has been given the ultimate gift to birth a universe. That is why every single person that is on the earth is a Master and an Ascended Master of Light and of Time and of Space and of the Stars. There is deliberate placement of who is here in the flesh – it is not haphazard. The good guys and the bad guys and the guys that do not give a hoot are all here with you. They will try and trip you. They will try and trick you for all is fair in this game.

You will succeed and we will assist you. You will succeed from the earth into a new universe. You will succeed in birthing and seeding the future, not upward and outward as you so think, but inward and onward. That is why it is so important that you give the Temple of your body clear. This happens from the inside out. The seed that will birth the new universe is inherent within you. You hold it. We are the Righters and we are always with you. We look for the sequential events that unfold. They are dogged-eared pages that you are to look at

You Need To Keep Believing That Peace Comes One Person at a Time,

That Light Is Birthed One Thought at a Time,

That The Heart Heals One Love at a Time

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

You hold the key to every doorway within all existences. You hold the key to all the gifts that the Gods yearn to bring to you. You hold the key to all the distress that you yearn to receive. You hold the keys to the hard learning’s, the easy learning’s, the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens of the staircase of self. It is you dear ones that procreate, recreate, un-create, and create for yourself on all levels of time, of thought, and of experience. Within the realm of all possibilities is where you sit, where you weave, where you sculpt, where you pre-design, and re-design. Within the realm of all probabilities is where you breathe, where you think, where you believe

You are the grand design that you yearn for, you are the prosperity that you seek, and you are the love in your life that you pray for. Only then will you come into the fulfillment of a promise to all levels of self, probable, dimensional, past, present, and future.

Underlining all of the design that you have sculpted for yourself are reasons. Reasons that you create chaotic relationships. Reasons that you limit your receiving, and your spending. Reasons that serve you as you create the offering of being healthfully challenged. Until you understand the reasons that you do to yourself what you do, you will continue in the cycles of destruction and disruption.

Understand that your design is holy and hope-fully created. You are not designed on the whim of a Creator that knows not what it is weaving. You are designed creatively and create-fully on purpose, with purpose, in purpose. There is nothing about you that is haphazard. You sat with the Creator of All That Is and you designed this life, this body, this hair color, this face, these organs, this illness, this desire, this love, and this sadness.

As you stepped into the physical body, birthed through the tunnel of Love within your Mother, you stood wide-eyed at this conjunction of time and space looking at everything with delight, not censoring your experience until you were told “NO” over and over again. Believing in the magic of life until you were told that you could not fly, you could not swim as a dolphin. Until you were told you were not invisible, that you could be seen. Until you were told love hurts, life disappoints. Then you looked at this beautiful world with tears in your eyes and you cried. You proclaimed, “why am I here if I cannot do any of these things that I KNOW I can do?” In sadness you then turned away from the harsh world of reality and sculpted your truths in silence. You sculpted your imagination; you sculpted time, you swam in and out of daydreams, and fanciful thoughts. You told no one about the visions, the visitations, the fairies, the angels, the aliens, or the giants. Some of you gave in to the world and lost hope, telling your little brother or sister, “Santa does not exist. Christmas is a lie. Fairies are not real.” Popping the bubble of everyone that still believed. As you spoke these things you felt a pain in your heart that went deep into your soul, because you remembered when your bubble of believing in the same was popped.

As an adult you allow the corporations and the conglomerations of your world to pop your bubbles. You allow declarations of government and people that are supposedly in charge to pop your bubbles. Deep inside your heart you still believe in the magic of life. Do not believe in what is external for it is fleeting, and momentarily will be gone. One day your news announces this and the next day it becomes invisible to be found no where in paper or print. Where has it gone? Did it un-create itself in the night?

You are a being of such vast power beyond your ability to remember. Each thought that you have represents a nuclear explosion of self. Seventeen (17) seconds of that thought gives to you a new creation that you are designing specifically for yourself. Do not worry if no one chooses to create a place of harmony and love and opulence. They will when their eyes are opened from the long sleep of denial. They will when they are ready to change their world of hate into a world of love.

Keep designing and sculpting a world that you believe in, a world that is full of love, a world that is full of medical miracles, a world where all people tell the truth even if it is not comfortable. A world that is filled with possibilities and probabilities that goes beyond your imagination. That world begins with your thoughts and your belief. When you believe there is a cure for cancer, there is. When you believe there is world peace, there is. It does not matter if you see it just believe it, no matter what.

A camera is but a single focal point. It can take one picture per moment. what is happening in the background of the other 59 seconds in that one-minute of time? There are 359 degrees of happenings all around that camera/camera man. Is someone helping someone away from danger, is a solider feeding a starving child behind that cameraman? Is someone falling in love for the first time? All cameras point to a single event and capture that moment, but what about all the rest of that minute? It is up to you to believe that each time you see a dramatic event on your media that something wonderful is happening around the corner around the bend behind the cameraman. For human nature is inherently good and kind do not let anything take that away from you.

You need to keep believing that peace comes one person at a time, that light is birthed one thought at a time, that the heart heals one love at a time. LOVE just for the heck it. LOVE just because you can. Dissolve all the chaotic patterns and violence of what has been shown to you by every picture on every TV screen as world upheaval. You have the ability to shift the future and focus on the good in the world instead of the media captured darkness.

Release all that does not serve Love. Release all that does not fit into the future that you seek from the bottom, the top, and the center of your heart for you must believe for it to be birthed. Start this belief within yourself and your patterns of thinking and then as an ocean that knows no beach, it will loose it boundaries, it will loose its shores and it will become more.

We are a Council of Light We live on the other side of the super galactic center within a Black Hole. We move through these black holes and use them as mouth pieces to amplify what we know to be truth. We broadcast this truth throughout your Milky Way into the cells and the solar sun that lives within each one of you. Names do not describe what our event is for we are an event that believes in itself as you are destined to be an event that believes in yourself. We leave you at this point and intersection of time and space and thought.


As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As we finally enter our next destination of scheduled time, we all seem to be stuck at the stoplight, waiting for the light to turn green and give us the go-ahead. Holding our breath, our tempers, and our expectations we wait on the sidelines for the universe to wave us forward. Stopping only to hone our desires, our wants and our needs we constantly look for the sign, the sky writing, that says, ‘thumbs up, the water is safe come on in, you can now cross the street of your life to the next phase of your journey.’

Eagerly we await what we feel in the pit of our stomach is big, really big! Searching our world, our reflections, and our intuitions for the cosmic directional. Feeling as if our legs are leaden, immovable keeping us in the land of the void, the unformed and uninformed. A place of no words, no actions, no foresight. Licking our wounds, feeling like a trapped animal in a place of no escape. Looking around us at the economy, the government, the world, and seeing that everyone is parked at the stoplight in a long line waiting for a sign. Misery often loves company but there is no comfort in this get together .

Many get tired of waiting and venture out on their own into the void the unknown. coming back torn and tattered and even more confused telling us all of earth is stuck and appears immobile. Our hearts sink deeper into the pits of our stomach.

Who will save us, who will lead us, who will be our messiah our president our commander and chief ? We feel as if we are held captive within space and time, sitting in the place between breaths, between heartbeats and between thoughts. The silence is loud; the energy of the soundless void is thunderous. We stick our fingers in our ears to stop the pain of silence, and as we do we hear a faint, but familiar voice. A wee voice that says listen to me, I am hear (here) for you. We strain ourselves listening to the one familiar soothing sound in the void, the voice of our true self, our soul, and our divinity.

The voice continues to melodiously speak,” Wait my dear, wait. All is invisible and embryonic of state at this time. Wait until the tide changes and finally reaches the seashore of your heart. Do not rush into dangerous waters, out of boredom, out of fear, out of need. Wait for life to unveil itself, the new is not fully formed. Hold onto the seed dreams within your soul heart. They will be the fruit of the future. The fragrance of the 21st century bloom. You walk into/unto a new level of life/light that has not ever been experienced. Lovingly wait until your soul announces to you that the bridge is safe to cross.

Do not use excuses to become lethargic depressed and complacent. In this place that you temporarily sit, weave the longings of your heart into a vibratory tapestry of sub atomic particles that are destined to find their way into physical form. Do not sit as a passenger in your life. Looking at it pass by the window.

You inhale unfamiliar energies that seem not to fit your life, your body, or your thinking. Hold tight as you paddle through the breakers of your life to the calm yet powerful waters of the New. Let go of the fear of falling off of your flat life and being eaten by sea (see) monsters. Sail fully without fear of failure. Follow the star chart of your destination with precision and then expect to land on new land that will provide even more than you imagined.

Your waiting within the void is but an elevator ride from one floor of light to another. In all of life it is but a wink, a blink and a nod. Now sail on your beautiful boat into your unknown, unformed future. Allow your internal divine compass to innately sail you in the direction of your destiny.

The illusion of stillness seems hauntingly alive, and you fear being devoured by its vastness, as one who sails to the rivers end only to find a great waterfall. Let go and allow the divinity within you to drive. It is older and wiser and has driven since the beginning of time. Allow the true self, the soul, the God within to move you in a direction of completeness. The void has the ability to extract what is in your heart and assist you in birthing it into manifestation.”


These beautiful ‘Sword of Michael’ Crystals come as a gift of Light from Archangel Michael. They are directional beams of light that cannot be interrupted or reprogrammed by that which is not Light.

Lately many of you have emailed about ways to protect yourself from what appears to be darkness. Within the universe there is a light and a dark that balances as the day and night. They each hold a space that was created by Source. There is always a light that divides but on occasion and during universal shifts the shadow strays outside the lines of its own boundaries and enters forbidden territories. When this happens galactic change is issued and the light comes up in arms. The powerful angel that is commissioned to take care of this situation is the Archangel Michael. He is a no nonsense energy that demands the balance to be retained and will willingly escort any darkness back into its proper place or dissolve it back into nothingness with his Sword of Light. Either way balance will be attained in this universe.

No matter the situation, no matter the challenge, Michael stands ready with his sword and host of Angels to protect and serve all who call upon him for assistance. He clears the path of obstacles, he gives us strength and courage to carry on during the dark times in our lives. He fills us with hope, inspiration, and faith that the Universe is always on our side. Michael protects against negative or psychic attack and astral debris that can cling to our energy fields. Archangel Michael stands first and foremost for protection and assistance in times of stress and need. Archangel Michael is often pictured with a sword and shield to represent his ability to protect as well as to cut away that which is no longer serves us. There is no concern or problem that Michael cannot and will not address when he is called upon to do so. This makes Michael what I call “all purpose” archangel as he appears when needed.

Hold the crystal as an actual sword of light, for this crystalline child was born to do battle for all that is right and of light. As a light holder/light worker one does not seek to do battle, one only seeks to hold a pattern of indestructible light. As the energies of all worlds change a new definition of light is announced. No more sitting upon ones laurels waiting for the darkness to just go away. Battlements surround those of a peaceful heart and a holy intent. One is asked to stand their ground of integrity no matter what is flung upon their shores. Turning the other cheek no matter how many times it is slapped not responding to the darkness with darkness, for it is there that it sups and gets its power. Standing in the Gap of circumstance demands one to focus all of their intentions into a fractal pattern of fearlessness instead of wasting all of their life force trying to figure things out. These crystals ask to be used as a directional, held and acknowledged as the powerful tool they are. Archangel Michael has blessed all that these crystals represent.

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Wake up Call: Mushaba Council, April 16,10 – Nancy Tate

This is a time to remember dear ones. This is a time to cherish, for this is the time in which you all make history in the celestial realms. It is a time for celebration, for with the joy comes the peace of mind that you can keep throughout what is going to happen in the next months. With no doubt you are saying, “But I have heard of chaos coming, of disaster and hard times.” You are saying, “But what about the earthquakes that have already come and the ones to follow? Are we not to be sad for those who suffer and for those who leave the planet?”

What we say to that dear ones is that it is all in order. It is all according to the plans of every soul on this planet. It is all in the energy of cleansing and restoring our dear Gaia to her rightful stance and for all of you to honor and send her love as she undergoes the changes that she must endure. We encourage you; we understand; shed your tears, wash away the sorrow and allow the joy expression, for when you do, you join those who returned home, who have found their chair in heaven and are encouraging you, and sending you all love. They are awaiting their return to be among all of you who will be celebrating the final curtain.

You are part of dear Gaia. You are all undergoing the times of change and the upheavals of varying degree and nature in your lives. This is all as you have ordered it dear ones, for you have seen the other side of this time, and you glory in the pristine beauty and the tremendous amount of joy that is represented from what you endure now. It is a vision that you all hold steady in your hearts and souls, and as you do it is held steadfast in the solar system, the galaxy and the universe as it too undergoes all its changes collectively through all the aspects of this Universal order.

What brought all this about, you wonder? Why did this all have to be? Why did we volunteer to go through all of this madness and discontent? What was wrong with us that we would undergo such a journey that has brought us through such turmoil and separation from who we really are and from whence we came?

Good questions, dear ones, and you have the answers, every single one of you. You have the questions, and you have the answers, because you stood in council with all of the Light beings as the die was cast and the decision to take this tremendous journey was brought into being. It was found to be something that resonated in each and every field of the ones who volunteered to come to earth and finish what had been started. It was to be the final journey in a string of journeys that took you all from the original seed, to the place where you took the idea of separation from the Oneness to the extremes and were still be able to remain in the light and return from whence you came. You chose to do this without having to begin anew as an original spark of Light born from The Source and created in the Light of expression.

Yes, my dear ones. You have come from the original in order to take another step into the realms of expression. You first saw that you had to set the ground for the beginning and the end while still in body, and then to be able to take that body and render it Light, then continue on with it in whatever form, shape, color, frequency expression that you desired and intended in the moment. You have been able to see that this is possible. It is not only possible, it is proven, and you have gone beyond the question of whether, or not it is possible.

You have done it, and now is the wrapping up of the final stages that prepare you for the new journey into the total expression of your connection with and in harmony with the Source, the ultimate Creator from which you have gained such wisdom, and knowledge. You are grand students and in so doing you have become the teachers as well. You are marching down the road of discovery with your heads high and your soul and spirit intact. It doesn’t matter who you are, or the roles you have played in this glorious last curtain call of the final stage of the play. You have created in the original energy from which you have sprouted your wings of glory and flown into the new beyond.

We welcome you back to our energies and our extended family of Light and Love, and we anoint you in the highest way that can be expressed with the original Energy of the Creator and the seed from which you sprouted and spread forth your beauty. We have been with you since before time began, since before this the second universe was created and we are with you now, for always and forever; in peace, joy, love and the expression of the Source within all of you. Welcome back! We are honored and most delighted with your return. We are the Mushaba Council.

Thank you Dear Mushaba Council,

Love, Nancy Tate

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Tree Consciousness – Natalie Glasson


We stand in your presence, so peaceful and strong, no words pass between us, very few acknowledgements are made and yet we stand as a supportive energy for all on the Earth. We are the energy of the Creator in manifestation on the Earth; we are the aspects, consciousness and qualities of the Creator, standing tall, ever growing and evolving, holding all that is sacred and holy from the Creator’s soul. We are akin to pillars of light nurturing and maintaining the vibration of Mother Earth but we are also here to assist humanity and hold a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to share with you. We are the tree consciousness with the prominent presence of the mighty oak consciousness. We honour you dear friends of the Earth and ask that you devote a small amount of your time to listen to us now as we share with you our energy and love.

Within every manifestation of a tree on a physical level you will discover different vibrations and consciousness of the Creator’s soul. In different areas on the Earth you will notice our energies vary in order to support our surroundings and maintain a balance in the Earth’s energy. If you were to hold in your hands a branch, leaf or touch our trunks or roots you would feel a current of Creator energy flowing into your being from our manifestation. By learning to notice and sense our current of energy you will then be able to access the consciousness and wisdom that we each hold, linking directly into the energy of the Creator. You may discover that our energy feels rich in wisdom as if it is from a period on the Earth that was long before you placed your feet on the soil of the Earth. The tree consciousness which is integrated with the Creator’s light holds wisdom and insights which extend from the birth of the Earth and hold the numerous truths of the universe and the mighty Creator’s soul. By connecting with our energies you can grasp and accept these truths in order to expand your awareness and develop your understanding of the larger picture of the Earth, your soul and the Creator’s soul. You will discover within our energy and light a map of the Creator’s universe and that we are able to transport you to different realities, dimensions and civilisations. We have so much to share with you and yet we feel that although each person understands this deep within them they do not have the courage to step forward and connect with our energies. We must explain that in order to connect with the pure and truthful consciousness of our energy you must come to us with an open heart and mind that is filled with love and a radiant peace. We have many levels to our energy as do you, this is because we are in physical form; the lowest or slowest vibration of our manifestation can be noticeable as the lower or sometimes negative qualities of the Earth. This is not our truth nor is it yours, we are each high vibrational pure beings of love but when energy is slowed it can become stagnant and so create the appearance of negative qualities, but these are simply extreme or exaggerated energies. When one is able to find their centre then they are able to connect with the truth of their being and the truth of the Creator, bringing forth peace, love and joy.

We are asking you to come to us with your truth so that we may share our truth with you, come to us in a state of peace and love and we will open our peaceful, loving and wise energies to you. Let us link on a level that allows us to unite our Creator’s energies, heightening our vibration and ascending to greater states of freedom, expansiveness and bliss. We are here to assist you in any way that we can and to share with you the ways and methods that you can help in the positive development of the Earth and ascension of humanity. There are many methods that can be placed into action by humanity in order to bring peace, harmony, balance and love to the Earth and this can be accessed from our energy, because in truth these ideas have been in the consciousness of the Earth for much time, it is just that humanity is choosing to ignore what is essential and needed on the Earth. We, the tree consciousness are calling you to connect with our energy either in meditation in your own space or to go forth and connect with us physically by touching or linking with a tree of your choice. We wish to prepare you for the changes that will and need to occur within you and on the Earth. We wish to enhance your connection with the Earth and the Creator so that you may exist in a similar way to us; as holders, beacons and anchors of the sacred light manifestations that exist on the Earth and the Creator’s universe. We wish to act as a support network, as anchors of the Creator’s light and as healers to all.

All that we ask of you is that you take time to link with our energies and allow yourself to experience our light, sensing its influence on your being. Below is an invocation that can be stated if you wish to connect with the tree consciousness while not in nature.

‘I call upon the protection, light and love of my personal guides and the Creator; I ask that you assist me in gaining a state of love within my mind and heart while adopting an existence of peace. I am love, I am peace.

I now invoke the light, love and wisdom of the tree consciousness of the Earth and the Creator’s soul to anchor into my being allowing the most appropriate vibration and level of energy to flow through me. I ask that as I open my truth and love to the tree consciousness, that I am able to sense and experience the trust and love held within the tree consciousness. Allow me to receive the wisdom and energy that I need and is essential to my growth now on the Earth. Thank you and let it be.’

Then allow yourself to sit peacefully in a state of acceptance and peace.

If you wish to connect with our consciousness in nature then we ask that you first allow yourself to activate from within you a state of peace and love, radiating this abundantly from your being. Allow yourself to be drawn to a tree as each tree holds different vibrations and so you will feel a greater bond with some rather than others. Sit or stand near the tree sending your energy of peace and love and notice if you feel a bond or blending of energies building. You may find that the tree, experiencing your energies, extends its light to you. When you feel ready move forward and place a hand on the tree or lean up against it. Ask for your senses to be open to experiencing the light, energy, love and consciousness of the tree. It is important to follow your own guidance and to also be alert to any thoughts or insights that you gain from the tree. You may speak with the tree; trees are naturally receptive to the sound or vibration of your voice. Ask the tree to allow the united consciousness of the trees to flow through you or you can ask the tree to align you on a deeper level with the soul of the Creator. You may even ask the tree to assist you in connecting with the energies of your soul deep within you. With practice and dedication a connection will build and as a trust develops so you will receive needed wisdom and enlightenment to aid your connection with the Earth and the Creator and to assist you in supporting the ascension of the Earth and humanity.

We also wish to remind you that even when you hold within your hands a branch or leaf, dead or alive you will be able to access a certain level of consciousness during meditation.

We hope that we have inspired you to hold the courage to connect with our energies and to honour our presence as we stand alongside you.

With deep Creator love,

The Tree Consciousness

Natalie Glasson, Wisdom of the Light,

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“Love has many facets” – Kryon

Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown
27 February 2010 at Devon, England

Greetings Dear ones for I am Kryon of magnetic service.

We’d like to say how beautiful and wonderful it is to be here in Devon, England, this afternoon, for there is much love, softness and tenderness in the air. The energies are changing not only for you but for the entire planet and a new world is coming, and a fantastic new point of view. We tell you that you are only dreaming, there is a whole new world coming, a world filled with love and joy and freedom; it is an honest world filled with integrity. As you release whatever you need to release to set yourself free from whatever binds you, you come closer to the divine and you come closer to the very truth of who you are.

Allow the love to flow. Close your eyes and go inside and feel the love flowing through your hearts. Love is not a new energy, but to allow love to flow easily is quite a shift for humanity to make, and there are new varieties of love on the way and there will be love flowing through you and flowing into your inner child and family constellation. This will dissolve issues very quickly and the closer the planet gets to 2012 the easier and easier love will flow through you and dissolve whatever resistance you have to love.

Forgiveness will flow easily and you will let go of what you need to let go of, for clinging onto things is the root of all human suffering. If you cling onto something that is old and decaying it does not allow you to connect with the new you, the part of you that you came here to this earth to experience; to experience the truth of yourself, your authentic self, for that is what we are doing here today; allowing you to let go of what is not authentic and allowing you to connect with your Spirit guides and with the energies of love and deep divine connectedness. The more deeply you connect to the divine the easier you will find life; you will be guided more deeply, and at the same time that you the receive your guidance, the fear, the anger and the resentments will also be let go of and these feelings are what stop you going forward into your truth and into a new world.

As we have said before, Britain has a very divisive and colonial past within its psyche and Britain is moving towards a rebirth, a new way of living, a new state of being, but first of all come you who are here to do the work for your nation, not only for your nation but for the planet. To bring back ancient knowledge that was here two thousand years ago but has been lost; this wisdom is being reignited inside all of you here today this day, this wisdom is powerful, it is true Christ consciousness.
We are here to expand this energy, so we ask that you drop down deep within yourselves and look within yours hearts for that spark of Christ consciousness. We are here today to expand that consciousness and dissolve the fear and whatever stops this consciousness being acted upon. So just go to this space where you can see this spark of light, the love light, and the light of Christ within your hearts; and even if you can’t see it, just feel it. Feel the light and feel the love and stay connected with your circle, allowing love to flow from you to everybody in the circle, and receiving that love and channelling that love into Christ consciousness and into what blocks you seeing and what blocks Christ consciousness flowing in your life. Just allow yourselves to feel the love and feel the oneness and feel the connectedness. Feel the connectedness with Stonehenge, and allow the feeling of Stonehenge to flow through your hearts and into this Christ consciousness, allowing Christ consciousness to be energized within your bodies and dissolving any obstacles in its way. Christ consciousnesses will once again be on this green and pleasant land and that connectedness and that movement into Christ consciousness is happening here in Tinmouth in Devon. There are many portals and gateways into the new energies, here and in this moment these gateways and portals are open and you have the opportunity to walk through them and access more of the truth of who you are.

The moon is almost full and the moon will take away what emotions do not serve you and allow you to connect deeper and deeper into your true self, into your masculine self and into your feminine self; healing the masculine and allowing the feminine to flow; allowing yourselves to be exactly who you are meant to be for in the darkness of your psyche live the gifts you have brought to this planet to be shared with the rest of the world. Allow yourselves to spend time in the darkness of your psyche, in the places that you’ve never ever been before, and just be inside yourselves, and feel where these gifts that you bring to this earth are. Allow yourselves to channel the love into dissolving the darkness around your gifts, around the success and joy that you seek for your life; as you unravel these gifts on the inside of yourself, that is where you will find your own joy, happiness and love.

Love is the only answer, love is the only way forward, love is the light that shines in the darkness, love is the light that dissolves your problems and love is the light that manifests your gifts. This part of the world is very old and has been known to man for a long long time, many things have happened here; many things have come and gone. Good things, bad things; but consciousness until now has been waning, consciousness will now begin to grow, to expand through your bodies and through this little town in Devon, a new consciousness is on its way and each one of you, as you manifest your gifts, will enhance the consciousness of this small town. You are moving away from mass consciousness into your own consciousness of Christ. There will be even more expanded consciousness to come, there is a completely new world of your own choosing to come.

We ask you to allow your vibrations to rise even more and absorb more and more of the love that is on offer here today, becoming like a sponge soaking up everything that belongs to you, that you need to make your life work, that you need to manifest these gifts here on earth to begin to make this place heaven on earth and to make this a part of the new world; a place of gentleness and kindness, a loving a place where the aggressive masculine is no longer dominant, a place where love an truth thrive, where they make the world a better place not only for yourselves and your children but for everyone in the community who will benefit as a result.

There is a new world coming, a world based in love and as you heal the inner mother, father and child, and you let the past loves come and go you will step into a world you never believed was possible; where you create purely out of love, love not only for yourself but for your fellowman, love is the only answer, love is the only way forward, love is love. Love has many facets but in its most powerful it is very gentle and very soft and very caring, like cotton wool. So we ask you to drop deeper and deeper into your bodies and allow yourselves to connect more strongly to Spirit. Allow the divine guidance to flow through you into your bodies allowing it to connect even deeper and deeper to mother earth and see under the soles of your feet the roots of connectedness going deep in to mother earth.

Feel the energy that surrounds you and observe what you are feeling. As these new energies come in the old ones must leave, and your cells will become more and more activated; your cells will face the light. The more that you face the light the easier your life will become, you will have the energy to do what you want to do with your life, you will have the energy to heal those karmic wounds of the past, and the wounds your families have carried for hundreds if not thousands of years; starting off in Africa and ending up in this lifetime. There is a new world coming and it is up to each individual to do his or her inner work to bring consciousness to their own bodies, to their own communities; but first it is healer heal thyself.

When you understand yourself you know yourself, and when you understand and know yourself, you understand the universe and the solar system and you will understand your neighbours and friends, and you will feel so much freer and more capable of living the life you have always dreamed of, in fact your life will go away and your life will become a dream. It will become like a river flowing into the ocean, your life will flow like a river, there will no longer be the wounded inner child to stop the flow, or your family karma getting in the way of the flow. Your lessons will get easier and easier, you will move into a completely new world taking yourselves into a very special place, feeling much love, your body feeling light and ecstatic as your thoughts will become your reality. Automatically your thoughts will begin got be more and more positive and more and more loving and your reality will become more and more loving. Whatever you give out you will receive back, so whenever you have the opportunity to give, give, for you can only truly give to yourself.

Continue to allow the love to flow; the energy of England doesn’t look too good on the economic front, but out of the chaos always comes order, there will always be somebody who will resolve the chaos and bring order. You have been tested an stretched and new ideas are coming of a new way of living, new ways to power the nation, new energies. This will all begin to happen and there will be a new order moving through England, a new way of government, a new way of understanding. The people and their needs and a recognition of the damage of the last two world wars to the psyche of Britain, this will also begin to be resolved.

Britain stands proud in this world, a solid masculine nation with a very strong structure and that structure is now to be used to allow a different kind of energy to flow through the nation and through the world and that is the energy of ethics and integrity. It will not devalue the nation in any way, in fact it will increase Britain’s power in the world for the divine requires receptive energies to be able to work through and these receptive energies will begin to manifest themselves in positions of power and in fact this has already been happening. These new energies will take the place of the old energies which will make way for them.

Britain is no longer at the centre of its empire but it is still at the centre of many aspects of the world. It needs new ideas and new ways of doing thing, but these can only happen through pure love and true ethics. The banking system, if it does not become ethical will collapse. Money is an important commodity and is useful, but it is rather wiser to allow the financial system to become ethical than let it collapse. Spirit needs mediums to work through and money is a medium. If too much of this medium is diverted into the wrong areas then Spirit can’t use it and Spirit won’t use it. Spirit is all powerful and all mighty and if Spirit deems fit to stop using the financial system as it is today then it will collapse, make no mistake. It is for everybody to bring ethics into the world of finance and bring ethics into their hearts, money is not love; money can be a reflection of love but it is not love. Love is love and money is money, money won’t make you happy, but when you are happy you are likely to get money which will keep you happy. Love is love and love is what makes the world go around. Don’t let yourselves be mistaken about this, everybody needs money to live but everybody needs love, love is far more important than money; if you don’t receive love through your hearts you die.

Love is a very powerful energy and an energy that you fear, or, there would have been times that you experienced love and that love was taken away. Remember you gave yourself that love and you took that love away from yourselves. We ask you once again to let it flow, remember those times that you stopped loving, step by step of the way let them come and let them go. You are much older and wiser now and you won’t make the same mistakes once the love starts to flow again. Sometimes with age comes the fear of making the same mistake again. A mistake is a gift and a lesson; you won’t make the same mistake again, you might make another but not the same, so let go of your fears of making mistakes and allow the mistakes to happen until you get it right, until the flow of love continues to flow through your hearts incessantly with a force and with a power.

Love is the answer, love is the only answer. Love is your connection to the divine. Love is your journey into oneness, for you will find love; we have spoken earlier of consciousness and unconsciousness. Unconsciousness is made conscious by love, by loving actions and deeds and energies. Observe your behaviours and see to it you act with love and care and kindness, when you are being kind to yourself, you are loving yourself. Whatever is given is given to yourself.

Dear ones let the journey begin and let it continue. Go deeper and deeper and deeper into your own hearts and find our what is in your heart that you are afraid of; where is this fear of love, what is it? Let it come and let it go. The paradox is that love can dissolve the fear a little bit like the song of amazing grace; “once I was lost, and now I am found”, but it is amazing grace that lost you and found you. It’s the same energy flowing through you, you become lost and you become found, you became connected then disconnected.

So allow the love to flow, just let it flow like when you were a child, let the love flow for this is the energy of the new age, the energies of Christ consciousness and love flowing from eternity till eternity from infinity to infinity. Just know that there is new world coming; you are the new world you are on the cutting edge of the new world. Bring love and healing to your planet and your community. There is freedom, there is will, there is joy, and there is ecstasy to come. You wil feel yourselves becoming stronger and stronger and stronger. Allow these energies to flow through you into the darkness that is hiding your gifts and allow your gifts to energize and manifest.

Dear ones without these gifts here on earth, the new age can’t begin. This is what we are waiting for, you are not waiting for Spirit, you are waiting for yourselves. We are waiting for you to manifest your authenticity on planet earth.

Allow the love to flow, feel yourself in the flow of love as if you are sitting in the middle of a river feeling the love like you feel the water against you. Feel it and the resistance you have to this love, and allow the resistance to dissolve into the flow. Allow the resistance to dissolve, just take your time, be patient; allow the love to dissolve the resistance, and see that your heart becomes more deeply connected to the divine and that your gifts manifest here on earth.

Go well, God bless and take care, for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you.

Copyright © David Brown.
All rights reserved.

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“Needed Science for the Times”


This live channelling was Given in Albuquerque,New Mexico
February 14, 2010

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto, to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. Again we are here in a way that may seem strange to many. I want you to get used to hearing this voice and understanding the reality that is here. Perhaps you might ask yourself, “Is this real?” You might say, “Kryon, I’m having a hard time believing that you’re really channeling, that the voice comes from the other side of the veil. It’s just so difficult!” If that’s what you’re saying today, Human Being, I will say that you are blessed to be so honest with words coming from the struggle to work out of the three-dimensional box you are in.

Dear one, if you ask the right questions of your own Higher-Self, of your own belief, of your own psyche, you then start have things revealed that you didn’t expect. For it indeed is a quantum experience on the other side of the veil. My partner [Lee] and I are linearizing this conversation for you. This is a quantum experience and that means that language is only a small part of it. The audio that you hear and the words seen on the page are only a portion of it.

In the past, we have spoken of something called the third language. This third language, identified some time ago, is not a language in linearity. It is instead a language of the catalyst of the three. We use the three in numerology to represent a catalytic action number. That is to say that all of you have the ability to receive what is being given at a level which is quantum, and not a language such as words on a page. Even the reader of this particular message can ask for a quantum experience and then be in the session with those who are in the room in real time.

We’re going to give you some science. We’ve chosen, perhaps, an odd place for that [Albuquerque, New Mexico]. But we really haven’t, for we think in a quantum way. We wanted to come to this place and honor those who built this building [The Indian Center]. We want to honor the ancestors who are here, listening. We’ve come to a very quiet place in the stillness of the southwest in order to give a message of clarity, and purity, so that others will also receive it in this fashion.

Science for today

When we give a scientific message, I ask my partner to go very slow. Some of the things we speak of now have been revealed to him, and some have not. So I asked him to proceed slowly, for it will be heard and read clearly and much will be seen around it. For what follows in this message is not just esoterics. There will be practicality presented and there will be physicists looking at it… and that makes my partner nervous.

This is not going to be complex, for even the one sitting in the chair who doesn’t understand science will still receive what they need to receive through the third language. They will understand why these things are being given and appreciate them. All through this process, the entourage who has poured into this place, who represents the ancestors of all of you, resound with it all. Even the ancients who are here, and who are wrapped into this building, into this place, where my partner gives a message of science, are pleased.

Reassurance about Global Warming: what is happening?

This message is not necessarily a long one, but one which you have to hear. It’s about the environment and science. So let us start with some assurance and positive news. Let us review one more time that what you are seeing in weather changes on this planet have not been created by Humans. What you have called global warming is not global warming at all, and I say it again: It is part of the cycle that always was. This information is not new, and we told you these things some years ago when the idea of warming first was presented, and fear was the result. We also called out the weather changes you are seeing now, back in 1989 when my partner began this journey with me. Long before the idea of warming was popular, I was telling you to expect this cycle.

The North Pole has melted several times and come back several times. It is waxing and waning. The water evaporation cycle [what Kryon called the water cycle] is the way Gaia works. However, this time it appears to be here sooner than expected, and that is alarming to many. If you were to ask Gaia right now to come in to this place, Gaia would give this message: “Humans have not caused this.” Could it be any clearer? I give you this information so there would be no alarm sounded regarding it or actions taken that might be in response to a false idea.

However, at the same time I tell you that there is a mandate to change how you create your energy. What you put into the air is significant, for it is a hazard to your health. What you put into the air hurts Humanity, not necessarily Gaia. Gaia is far more resilient than you think. Gaia adjusts in ways you don’t expect, and faster than you expect. Your contribution to pollution is insignificant compared to just a few natural volcanic eruptions of the past. Gaia takes care of Gaia, and the process is not new, or a surprise. However, for humanity we say, “Clean up the air and you will live longer.” It’s not about stopping a weather cycle that you have created. Hardly! It’s about common sense for life.

It’s going to get colder. That’s one of the subjects of today. You’re going to need more energy to combat the cold, and we have given you advice in the past regarding this, and one of them we wish to revisit today. For it is time for you to think out of the box of three dimensions when it comes to some of the things that we have discussed with you.

You think in a straight line. You don’t necessarily think past certain concepts, but rather you assume things that then create straight line thinking. At the same time I give you this information, I will also tell you that this particular concept is already known on the planet. It is the way of it. We do not give you something that has not already occurred to a Human Being. Free choice is what we have told you is the operative word. So in order to honor this free choice attribute, the things presented today must have already occurred to a Human Being before we will deliver a message like this. This creates a situation where the Humans are manifesting it, not just using hints from Spirit.

When these insights are received by humanity, they normally land as inspiration on the planet in more than one place at a time. That is to say, epiphanies of discovery happen all at once, usually three to four places in order to assure that they will not be lost. It’s like this: The vibration of the planet is like a big door that opens and closes with the vibration of an enlightened or non-enlightened humanity. If you chose to close this door by creating a low vibration of the planet, then information, invention, and discovery are lost. They actually go away, since humanity doesn’t even care to look! However, when the vibration becomes higher, the door opens and discovery and invention just “lay there” ready to be seen. So Spirit does not dole out inventions, but rather the system you have created allows for it. For high science is always there no matter what, but the Human Beings on the planet temper how much of it becomes available by how high the planet vibrates with human consciousness. This explains how you have lost so much science in the past 50,000 years. There were societies who actually were far more quantum thinking than anything you currently have today.

There is an actual irony here in that you have higher tech inventions today, but far lower conscious of understanding. You have marvelous computing power that only is programmed for 3D! Later this will be funny to you.

There is tremendous energy available to you directly from the earth, and it’s free. It is not what you call free energy, for you have to build an extractor to get it. But it’s everywhere; its forever (you don’t use it up) and it’s called geothermal energy.

New ways to obtain geothermal heat

It’s all below your feet, not really that far away and its natural heat. It’s hot enough for you to drill down and create steam. If you can create steam through natural process of thermal energy, then you can drive steam turbines and create electricity. That will create the power you need to survive some harsher winters and to heat your homes. Electricity may not be the most efficient method to use to heat a home, but it may be the cleanest in comparison to the methods that pollute the air. If you can create the electricity itself in a very efficient way, it becomes far more viable for everyday use.

Using steam, there are other ways to create electricity as well. Humanity is fond of very elaborate steam engines, and you’ve been using them a very, very long time. Today’s nuclear reactors are simply very expensive steam engines. You heat water using nuclear reactors and create steam with that heat, which then drives your turbines. So we’re giving you something to think about. For nuclear power, as clean and good as it is, has bi-products which are dangerous and you know this. Geothermal, although very clean, can also be dangerous. So now we open the discussion of something new.

If you can drill approximately five kilometers into the earth, you will find enough heat to make a steam engine work. Now, five kilometers to you is not all that far as measured in a straight line along the surface of the earth. Many of you actually walk that distance to school and work and realize that it’s not that far. But if you’re going to drill that distance, technically it becomes difficult and dangerous. It’s not just dangerous for the driller, but can be dangerous for the planet. On the way down through the crust of the earth to the five kilometer mark, you go through pockets of attributes… releasing gas perhaps; releasing fire, perhaps; releasing water, perhaps. If nothing else, sometimes you interrupt what we will call the integrity of the lubricant of the shale itself. What I’m saying here is you might even advance the potential of an earthquake, all by drilling down only five kilometers.

So now I’m going to give you the answer of how to make steam without drilling so far down, and it requires thinking “out of the box” of what you have always assumed. All along you’re thinking that you’re going to drill down and put a pipe in the earth with water in it. You put water in, and get steam out. However, what if I told you that you only have to drill down a fraction of that distance, and you will find enough heat to boil fluid! You’d say, “Impossible.” This feature exists over the hot spots of the earth, which have heat very close to the surface, but those attributes don’t exist in most of the places we’re asking you to drill. The answer is not to use water. It’s time to marry the highest technology that you have on the planet, with things you didn’t expect to marry them with, and this is thinking out of the box.

This is the kind of thinking that is becoming a little more quantum, seeing the entire picture instead of just seeing what you think it should be, or what you are used to. There are solutions here, and some already know what they are. There is elegant chemistry that will boil at a fracture of the temperature that water will, and this is the answer: Learning to use those substances and those fluids with this chemistry within a geothermal closed system machine, which doesn’t have to drill down five kilometers. How about two kilometers? Using this known chemistry it will be possible to drill only a fraction of the distance, and get the heat you need for steam.

So we tell you this because you’re going to need to do this. If you heed this advice, you’ll find that the timing and the synchronicity of discovery is at hand. That is to say, you will understand it all and realize that the elements will fall together and you will get your steam engine. And it won’t take five years to build and it won’t be dangerous and you don’t have to cover it with a shell. Much easier. It won’t belch smoke. It won’t pollute, and you don’t have to worry about being next to it. Think about it… natural heat from Gaia that is forever! It will create electricity you’re going to need to heat homes and businesses… because eventually it’s going to get colder. That’s number one.

What Humanity needs the most right now

We’re going to give you one other insight: This is not new, in that the following information was known, then inappropriately sold and pocketed by industry. Since the idea is already known, I’m going to give it to you here so that the public can see it and anyone with synchronicity who listens to, or reads this message, will understand it. Even you sitting in the chairs will understand the concept, but the scientists and the physicists will then have to implement it. We would not mention it here unless it were very timely.

The resource that humanity is going to need the most as the population grows, as the weather changes, is what you probably already had guessed: Fresh water! Already it’s becoming scarce. You will notice the snow is falling more and more in the wrong places, and often in areas that have no infrastructure to capture the runoff. The reservoirs and aqueducts are built for the old energy with the old weather patterns. As the population grows, water will be the issue.

The New Desalinization Answer

Here is one immediate answer. It is a profound thing when the earth is mostly water, yet you cannot drink it! The answer is to use the sea and the ocean, and convert it. The ocean, of course, is not fresh water, so you have to ask how to extract the salt.

Desalinization exists today in a very inefficient way. Large amounts of water have to go into vats of containment and sit there while heat is used in various ways. There are various systems, some of them steam, some of them not, all requiring heat to take out the salt. It takes a long time. It’s expensive and not efficient. Therefore it is not tenable to desalinate for an entire city. Instead, only places that simply have no fresh water at all have a system like this. It becomes a necessity of inconvenience and expense instead of a good solution.

Now, I’m asking you to think out of the box and I’m going to give you the answer of how to desalinate water in a new way. My partner, I want you to go slow here.

Most of the largest cities on earth are on the coastlines of the ocean… very near water. This is because over time those coastal areas were the places where trade could happen with ships and ports. So you end up with the largest cities being on the ocean. It’s a good place to start, is it not, to get water for them, from the source which they can simply look at and use? The answer is not that difficult, but it requires something that has not been considered.

The highest technology you have today has to do with the smallest of the small. You call it nano-technology. It is chemistry and even chemical machines, extremely small, taking form as what you would call robots. These ultra small, molecular sized robots exist today, and are at the pinnacle of your new inventive efforts. Even now, your science is considering how to insert them into the Human bloodstream to seek out and kill disease… as an enhancement to the white blood cells that you currently have. That’s how small the nanoparticles are.

Naturally there are objections to this, since it seems to alter the Human body. It doesn’t, any more than any supplement that is not naturally created, which you have learned can help you with pain, disease, chemical balance, or even to sleep at night. So it joins forces with the kinds of science that has been given to Humanity to help keep you alive. Remember, that although we teach that a Human Being can use their own consciousness to do that, there are millions who will not believe it, or not be interested in that. So science takes up the slack, so to speak, and there is much today that is known to assist the quality of Human life that is not metaphysical. This is a balance, and is proper and appropriate. Still there are those who will let their own child die, rather than use science to help balance a disease. They believe that anything that is not given from God is not appropriate. It’s time to fully understand that good science is simply the discovery and implementation of the way God created the Universe. Used with integrity, it is appropriate, God-given, blessed, and was allowed to be discovered due to a higher-vibrational Earth. In other words, you earned it! Therefore to throw it away or call it evil is to not understand it.

A man is very thirsty. He is very religious and prays for water to be given to him. Along comes another man with water, and offers it to him. The thirsty man rejects it, saying that he expects it only from God and will wait. He dies thirsty, never understanding the synchronicity of God is through other Humans! Learn to appreciate the science that is given to you to extend your life, for this is appropriate and is given to Humanity for this reason.

Nanotechnology is becoming smarter. Science is learning to make the robots intelligent through chemistry, through logic, through electronics. It’s like the logic of a computer, which can cleverly help you to do many things. It doesn’t think for you, but rather it assists you in tasks you can’t do yourself. These tiny smart robots can help desalinate water.

I’m going to give you a task: You’re going to build a desalinization plant where the water never stops flowing, and where salt can be removed in real time, and a by-product created that you had no idea about. The water never has to rest and never has to be cooked. There is no heat involved at all. Using nano-technology, the water goes in one end of the machine, and it comes out the other in a steady flow. In—salty, out—fresh, and ready then for standard purification.

The first stages of the system require that you release enough nano-technology robots assigned to find the dissolved salts and attach themselves to them. Here is the secret, however: every single robot is magnetized! I am the magnetic master, after all.

[Kryon smile]

All of the salt then becomes magnetic, with tiny little nano robots hanging on to all of it. On to the next stage: Flowing into the next area, the water is exposed to tremendous, huge electromagnets, pulling the salt out of the water completely and totally, because the salt is now magnetic! Out it goes. Over simplified, perhaps, but this is the way of it. No heat is involved.

Now, the by-product… you won’t believe it! Oh, and this will be controversial when you discover it. Magnetic fields applied to water often create water that is quite healing. Do you see where this is going? What a device that might be! It would be quantum, you know, because it uses magnetics. There would be those who will say that magnetically treated water is bad for you, since you are altering it in a way that is not understood. They don’t realize the amount of energy that other Humans have gone through to find the healing waters of the earth! Now you get a bit of that while desalinating water! There will be no proof either way of what is happening, so that will make it controversial. All people will know is that fewer people are getting sick!

So this is what we wanted to give you today. This is what we wanted to have recorded today in this way, so that you might hear it and it would be published. I wish to tell you what we see in the future, based on the potentials you have developed. We’re not going to give you a timeframe, for there is none.

The Future of Science

The information I’m about to give you can be two generations away, maybe even three. But it all has to do with quantum invention. Physicists, listen. I’m going to give you something you already know, and it’s possible. It involves another field of science but it opposes everything three dimensional you’ve ever learned. Humans are funny. Even in the highest math and geometry, everything is defined in a straight line. Therefore Humans just love to define a circle as a polygon with an infinite number of straight lines. That’s funny! It’s almost as though a circle didn’t exist in nature, and the Human has to create a formula using a straight line object for it to exist. Interesting, isn’t it? I’m just giving you the Human straight line bias, and its fun to look at. Bubbles have always been around. They’re beautiful, you know? They’re natural, you know? The circle is a natural occurring event in space, as well… think planets. But Humans want this shape to be an infinite number of straight lines.

Like cartoon characters on a page, the stick figures find a few three dimensional properties in their two dimensional lives, and they “prove” them by creating an infinite number of stick figures to explain the shape.

What you already suspect is that gravity and magnetism all naturally bend. They don’t go straight, and they never have. What about light? It doesn’t either. When affected by the other two, it bends also. That should tell you something. Nothing is really a straight line at all! The only straight lines around are the brains of the Humans. [Kryon joke] You’re not using the right kinds of math either, and we told you that long ago. There’s an elegance of math that is quantum and if I begin to tell you about it, even in the simplest terms, it’s going to seem overly complex.

The New Math is coming

Quantum math uses something that is going to be discovered and we’re going to give it a name: influential numbers. These are numbers that do not have empirical values, but instead have values that are influenced by the numbers around them. Four is not a four. Four is modified because of the numbers that sit next to it, as in a formula, or in linearity as in counting. Each time a formula is manufactured in a quantum state, the numbers within it are all influenced by the others around it. This is because all of the numbers in that formula are modified by the numbers that are next to them. They’re influential numbers. If the four is used in a linear way, it is affected by the five, or by the three. They all influence the numbers next to each other, as seen in the conceptual sense. The reason is that a quantum reality is one that is never linear or has the attributes that you think are “normal.”

However complex, it is not random, and there is indeed an elegant system… a beautiful thing when you find out the attributes and see the consistency of the change. Chaos does not look like chaos when you understand the “chaos rules.” Eventually, when you see this, you will then have the formula for a circle being a whole number, not an irrational number as it exists today. It won’t be pi. Instead, it will be “pi solved.” We ask the physicists to work it backwards if you have to, in order to get a whole number of pi. That will give you a hint and what has to be done with the rest of the computations.

Imagine mathematics with influential numbers! For each number is not empirical but influenced by the one around it. I’m giving you high math now, and here’s how it’s going to serve you: Because when you start to understand it, you’re finally going to understand what I’m going to call the Holy Grail of Physics. That’s a Human term [Kryon wink].

In your straight-line thinking, in your bias, you have many 3-D formulas, don’t you? And when you look at the basis of physics, you talk about matter having mass. In those things which have mass you’ve even figured out the atomic structure and density. You are proud of the consistency of the formulas, based on what you see around you, and you think they’re static, don’t you? You think there is a formula for everything, and it explains how things move and react. “If it has a certain atomic density and mass, then it weighs this or that in a certain gravity. You’ve got it all figured out.

Indeed, you have! But only in 3-D. So as soon as you become quantum with these formulas, they all stretch and become different. All this to tell you yet again, that it is possible for you to alter the mass of any object in existence. It doesn’t matter how large or small or how dense it is. You can alter the mass of it, and therefore (pause..) the effect that gravity has on it. There is no such thing as anti-gravity, only the control of mass. So whatever formula you have in 3D that tells you how much something should weigh, can be then changed by controlling the mass of the object in question. Therefore you are not changing gravity (which is really a quantum product of two other forces), but of the mass of an object. And it has to do with controlling the atomic density, or apparent density as seen by gravity.

In Yugoslavia, there’s a famous workshop. Historic it is, for it belongs to the man who thought out of the box, Tesla. In that workshop, there are marks on the ceiling made by the objects that took off from his workbench and went straight up! They shattered, hitting the ceiling hard! Nikola was frustrated, for he had discovered the creation of massless objects and didn’t know how! He thought out of the box… the only one in existence to ever give you a blueprint on how alternating current might work. Oh, it’s more than 3-D. Study it, for it’s elegant.

All of this that Tesla did was created by magnetics, and this was also the basis behind the experiment in his workshop. However, in Tesla’s time there were no computers or any of the finite instruments you have today to measure or create tiny fluctuations in magnetic fields. He accomplished the creation of altering the mass of an object, but he couldn’t control it, and didn’t know exactly how he did it. Frustrated, he was. By the way, he’s back. I’m not going to tell you where. Maybe he will read this and know what to do next?

[Kryon smile]

Clever, it is, how magnetic fields can be arranged around other magnetic fields. Even solutions [fluids] can be magnetized to create clever shaped fields within fields… sometimes at right angles to each other, sometimes not, to give you a condition that will create a change in mass. None of these things are out of the purview of Human development. How long it’ll take? We don’t know. That’s up to you. But do you understand what it will change? Everything! It means that the things of science fiction are finally yours. What you called anti-gravity is simply an object with controllable mass. It’ll float no matter how big. It’s doable. Maybe it’s time to implement it?

“Kryon, why do you tell us about these things?” With this we close. The answer is that we want you to stay here. All of this is given in love. We want you to stay here! And you’re not going to have much luck with that unless you start thinking more quantum, unless you start accelerating the inventions and put some of the politics out of the way. But the countries which must do this are the ones who have the highest technical abilities and they also have the highest influential structures that are in the way of it all. It is time for the population to understand this and turn the physicists loose and not strap them with those things which are political, or industrially or efficiently “appropriate.” Perhaps you don’t know what I speak of, but they do.

In the process of this, there will be life extension; in the process there will epiphanies; in the process you might even find that this message was accurate and true. Somewhere down the line, if you do, then you’ve got a puzzle, don’t you, physicists? Don’t you? If you’re listening to this, you’ve got a puzzle, because who is it who is speaking from the other side of the veil, giving you information that is true and real and scientific? At some level, you’re going to have to say it’s real. At some time in the future you’re going to have to admit that the spiritual and the science is allied, and that the energy that created the earth and the magnetics and the gravity and all of the things you studied, is a piece of you… since the creator is inside of each of you. Then maybe you’ll open up?

It all has to do with this puzzle: Is this real or not? Is Kryon real or not? Is love real or not? Well, some of you know, because you’ve sat in the presence of the creator today who loves you. This family on my side of the veil, loves you. It’s a wonderful Valentine message, isn’t it? So we say to you, dear ones, that all of the things that we talk about, whether they’re scientific, or have to do with your Akash, or your core soul, or a Higher-Self, are given for one reason: to make the life you are living on this planet easier. It’s so you may discover the compassion that is the glue that puts you together with creation, that changes the earth itself, for the shift is upon you.

What you call the 2012 energy is already here, having arrived approximately 1998. Let this be what it is supposed to be, a time of high consciousness, of scientific evolution with integrity, with an economy that is a re-emerging with integrity, with government that slowly changes old energy. There is a new paradigm occurring, with things that you would never put together in the past. This is an oxymoron – cannot exist together – integrity and government – integrity and insurance – integrity with banking. A new paradigm is upon you, and this shift is difficult. We have the warrior and the worker in the chairs in front of me. They know it because that’s why they came: the Akash is alive and well in you, dear ones, and you know who you are. I know who you are. And I celebrate each, each one.

And so it is.


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Loving The Self – Ascended Master Kuthumi – Chanel Lingenfelder

27 March 2010 – Durban South Africa

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

*** *** ***

Special Thanks to Brandon for Transcribing.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to great thee at this time and to gift unto thee a blessing of peace, a blessing of happiness, a blessing of understanding and a blessing of great joy, inner joy.

Greetings beloved ones,

A: Greetings Master Kuthumi.

MK: It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you here firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, we are delighted to once again gather with you within this sacred space and within the intimacy of your own sacred heart for that is truly where the energy emits from. When one come together in a sacred space such as this, in a space which you have created by being ever so present within the divinity of the energy that you create here at this time it certainly most certainly gravitates out from the sacred heart and it emanates into everything else and is reflected back to you, therefore home is where the heart is and that expression is what truly now comes to serve you at a most wondrous level of understanding the self. For in the past two sessions you have been taken through, this group specifically, (and those following this) have been taken through the process of anchoring the self in a magnificent way unlike what you have been taught before and that was to bring a different energy into your own perception and understanding of the being that you are at home and the being that you are at work and to bring these into the energies of action and expression in such a way that you will begin to see yourself as a beautiful magnificent being living in the home therefore expressing and living through the heart, for the heart energy is the energy that you truly feel at home. Now that expression takes you much further and much deeper than the average person could at times understand and that is because the energy expression of home is where the heart is does not necessarily refer to the establishments that you live within, it refers to Home, the energy of heaven, that is the energy that you are most comfortable with and in that divine presence of home is where you find your heart.

It is also for that very reason most beings have this intense longing for home, for their heart, for a return understanding of their heart. These energies you try and duplicate and replicate in creating your home, the home that you live within, for your home reflects everything that you are as a spirit being and therefore you need to look at the reflection given to you from the energy of your personal environment that your refer to as your home as where you are currently at. Now very often the urge grabs you by the throat, usually, to try and clear out your home and therefore in that some process understand that if you are experiencing that, then certainly behind the scenes of your magnificent making you too are clearing the energies of your heart. Clearing, healing, balancing, stabilizing and then a whole brand new projection comes to life at the end of that.

The energy of Home, the Home in as you refer to the Heavens, beloved ones is an aspect of the divine self which never leaves you, it can never leave you. It is a process of supreme divine understanding that is you, and that is-ness of you is what you try and recreate within your immediate home environments. Now many people have this absolute desire never to leave their homes, they become as you say hermits, not so? The important thing there is to go through the process of the home body and to then to analyze as to why that situation is so important, or why that person is unable to actually project through that barrier of security a whole new reflection for themselves so that they are able to be the carriers of their own Home, of their own hearts and that is the ultimate, for when you are able to carry that essence in your heart, Home will truly be where your heart is at. Therefore on that principle you can change your home as you take your steps forward into the mystery of divineness. You can take your steps forward into various processes of learning and exploration and even along any one of those, although they may be very tricky at times or challenging still feel groundedly at Home, for that is where your heart is, do you follow me?

A: Yes.

MK: The essence of this forms the basis of your true understanding of the self. Now we have taken you through, for those of you that are here and when I say here, I don’t necessarily mean here in person but rather here in consciousness, we have taken you through a process of getting to know different aspects of the self in various situations, we have chosen to present that information to you first of all introducing you to your self at home. We then introduced you to your self at your work place, and the reason why we have chosen those two energies in that particular order beloved ones is because your life span is spent working on average far more than being at home, so to speak. Therefore if you are not congruent within your personality type or other personality types in the establishment where you spend the greatest amount of your time then certainly you have got a problem, you have got a great problem on your hands, and with that come now a whole new energy presentation of self love. It is a whole new, shall we say, bundle of energies as you like to refer to your computer language. We have created a lot of different fuses which now comes together and we are not even selling it to you, we are giving it to you for free, as a great bundle of energy which brings through a new influx of divinity, and it is a powerful influx.

Beloved ones, beloved brothers and sisters of this magnificent Planet Earth, indeed you need to come to terms with yourself, ON YOUR OWN TERMS, and that is why we are giving the teachings through various channels to make humanity aware of their own choice. You have a choice; it is your choice to be who you are. And you may sit here and politely think very lightly of being who you are but let me tell you something right now, to claim yourself within your divine beingness as knowing who you are takes many, many, lifetimes of dedication, many life times of search, of stumbling, until finally the understanding hits you of your super divinity.

Beloved ones, in times ahead in projecting the future if you could but for a moment understand the magnificence of all the peace, tranquillity and divinity that awaits you, you would get only but half as excited as I am right now.

A: Laugher.

MK: And that would be good enough for me, for the other half I will fill up.

Dear ones, getting excited about the New Planet Earth and the new energies certainly gets my adrenalin going. As Kuthumi I am one of the major overseers of this planet, I fill many roles on many levels where I bring through many teachings on different levels bringing forth tons of information in a different way. I work together with my brothers and sisters on the Angelic realm from various dimensional aspects, be that from even the first, right up to the very last, which is unending. All of us come together to make an amazing great and wondrous and spectacularly divine plan work, and so do you. All of you now are given a chance to work together as one united force acting out your own privilege of awakening to your conscious oneness, that is great indeed. For Humanity up until now have been unable to truly get to grips and get to understand what it truly means to be part of a Oneness team, a Divineness.

Now, the first way of understanding that essence is to come to terms with the various aspects of the self for if you are unable to understand yourself at a certain level then how will you able to understand yourself as part of the One at any other level, you can not do that. Therefore the old-old suggestion is to work at the self and to plough very deeply into your own soils and to turn that soil and once that soil is turned to then reach out and grab the most powerful and most magnificent fertiliser that you can ever find and sprinkle it in your base centre. Allow that earth to become rich, to become alive. Allow that earth to bring happiness and joy and abundance to everyone instead of always preaching the negativity, the blasphemy, the blame and the inevitable, and by inevitable I mean the inevitable miss-happenings and rumblings on your earth.

Beloved ones when you pay attention to something it becomes you, its is a law that I have shared with you during my last and prior to that transmissions using many different words but there is only one secret to manifesting that which you truly desire in your life and that is to become it. Now if you want to become something what do you do, you act it out don’t you, you share about it sister, you speak about it don’t you, you live it out. Therefore it is also very important to understand that in the same way we are asking you, in fact we are not asking you, we are telling you to stay away from all negativity no matter what, and when in future you are in any conversation with anyone it matters not who and they bring forth an negative aspect for you to engage in, then simply thank them and walk away, that is of course if you cannot change the conversation and of course naturally if you would prefer to be in that conversation and if not then that is your chance out, for all you have to do is simply say, excuse me sir, Kuthumi says I’ve got to get the hell out of here!!!

A: Great laughter.

MK: And there off you go, off you go. Blame it on me, I am large, I am big and I am a very strong and powerful ‘man’ and I can take it.

A: Laughter.

MK: Beloved ones, now is the time for you to stand firm in your boots, to be strong in yourself and to have your personalities in check. It is for this reason that we have brought forth a different way of approaching these gatherings through this particular channel for each person that brings through various messages from various masters as I have explained previously, all bring through their own divine perception and understand of that particular message or teaching that needs to be shared with the world and all of these together bring forth one massive great light and this great light is what each and every one of you contribute to, what you call ascension.

Now, there is a need, there is in fact a great need, for many people are beginning to wake up and believe me you all are different and all of you are at different levels – different levels of understanding, perception, being and experience, so therefore what is being shared is being shared because of the need for it. Now with this speeding up of the energies around your planet, the speeding up of time and of course the increased vibrations of these very powerful energies you need to now understand that the time is here for you to step into your authenticness. And that is why 99% of the teachings now being presented to humanity through it matters not who, is about your authenticness, it is about claiming that self, that Divine Powerful Self no matter who you are, as magnificent, no matter your faults, no matter your mistakes as you perceive it to be (but we will not go there again we have been there too many times), no matter what you may see yourself to be imperfect about.


It is in you, it is in every powerful cell of your body and that understanding, that knowing of home is who you are, it is what you breathe out, it is what you inhale, as you float on the magnificence of The Divine. The Divine that created you and The Divine that created me.

So now in understanding a bit more of this, in relating to the various topics of the self where you spend 99% of your time, your home and your work you now need to bridge that inner gap, that holiness, that Divineness that spells out that your inner and your outer is but ONE, and in that Oneness is the understanding and the compassion and the knowing of what you know as home, and that home is in your heart, it is deep in your heart and when you sit down and you look at and smell the powerful fragrance off a beautiful flower and you get emotional about it then that is you at home. When you stand outside in your gardens and you look up at the heavens and for no reason what so ever you get quite emotional and you think WOW…that is what you feel when you feel at home. It is what stirs you, that is what motivates you for that is what created you. So now, in that magnificence we ask you to begin re-establishing various parts of your experience here that you refer to as life. We refer to it as growth; for growth is what you truly experience here amongst us, the living…..

Do you think you are alive……? Maybe….

A: Laughter.

MK: Pinch yourself and see.

Beloved ones, the urgency is here.


The urgency is now, and therefore do not walk away from here this day not ever giving these words a thought for only you are the ones benefiting from this and of course once you are able to grace and embrace your divineness by being conscious then the world is your oyster. Who you effect, who you guide, who you share with, be it your neighbour next door, be it the angry person down the road either way makes no difference, or be it in a person or a being that lives on the other side of the world, this world or another galaxy. That is what consciousness gives to you, it takes away the process of time, speed and distance as you know it, those are the clichés within your science, and that science is what you are now beginning to get under the belt into your blood, when you begin to understand that your blood is not necessarily red by accident, no, can you imagine yourself with any other colour blood, no, so that is the way it is, embrace it. Embrace your spirituality, embrace your part forward, research and extend your energy so that you may begin to integrate new energy, new understandings and new teachings without the usual having to question and judge and blame along the way for those are the old energies of two thousand and fine (2009) that we are finished with, that was the year that has past, now within this current year, the year of great manifestations and the year of great understanding and the opening portals that will lead the masses into divine perception in the years to come, understand now and here that you as a light worker, you as a worker for the consciousness of light now need to stand in your shoes, be strong in your beliefs and in your power and know yourself as divine for that you are. The inner and outer are two different aspects of the self that are exactly and identically the same thing. The only difference is you seem to think that one is tangible, touchable, you can feel it and you can connect to it with your senses and the other you can’t but truth be told you know you have your lower senses, you have your higher senses. Your lower senses are the senses that relates to the lower body, the physical. The higher senses are the senses that relates to the higher body, the spiritual, therefore understand that in your twelve sensory system you are truly able to tap into the lower five which culminates for the evolved in the sixth sense which then gives birth to another 6 senses for those that evolved thus became conscious, do you follow me?

A: Yes.

MK: And in that pattern lies all the answers to life, for if you can begin to work with and sit and work through your higher senses you will very easily begin to tap into the higher aspects of your self as you would tap into the lower aspects of your self.

I ask you a question?

When you live let us say a very brave and busy life, exploring it all, doing it all, having great fun, indulging all the time, never taking the time to rest and recover, eventually one day you become tired and you begin to think, maybe perhaps I need a rest, yes.

Do you sit down immediately and are able to tap into what goes on in the various organs of your body?


No, but you should. It is the lower senses. You can touch it, you can smell them. If you good enough you could taste them, if you are smart enough you could see them and if not use a mirror, a multidimensional mirror I might add. And if you are quiet enough you will hear them for those senses are what these organs use to communicate with you. They are giving you insights as to what is going on. Now the good thing is that the human body recreates itself all of the time I am sure you are very familiar with this, although for some of you now stretching on in the years I am sure you are not quite so agreeable on that one, are you sister?

Kuthumi turns and looks at elderly sister next to him

A: Laughter.

MK: Well, where I come from it makes absolutely no difference whether you use a lotion or a potion, or what ever it matters to create a new energy, all you have to do is think it.

So, in the same way if you begin to tune your energy into your upper six senses and the only way that you can get there is to surrender into the sixth sense because the sixth sense is your sixth chakra, and what does the sixth chakra do?

It opens all of the portals to higher dimensions that involves greater insight. So the sixth sense that opens up the sixth portal is where you need to go through, into that void, into that abyss, into that divineness to get to the other side and from that other side you will be able to see and feel the different aspects of yourself at play, which is one of the reasons why we have asked this channel to give you the pre-meditation with the colours and playing with the colour for as you know sound and colour is it, that is what you work through. Those are the two most powerful healing mediums you could ever have.

Beloved ones, in creating that visualisation of colour the essence is to bring an awareness of the reality of your extended bodies which you call your auric field and this of course is contained within your immediate energy field or light body, which eventually activates itself under your command. So all of that of course relates to your consciousness, thus in that first mediation was there any one of you that really and truly struggled to be able to create those colour cones around your bodies, anyone?

You could all see it, brother?

Brother: Yes.

MK: You could all relate to it, yes, you could understand it? Well what we are going to do is in the energy activation that is to follow we are going to expand on that initial mediation, in other words we are going to take it one step further, our way.

Beloved ones, in the simplicity of colour, in the simplicity of your auric field lies too the complexity of your understanding, lies too the complexity of your beliefs, lies too the complexity of your perceptions, the complexity of your knowing, the complexity of who you are as a being. Now unless you have trained and have worked extensively with that energy it is not always very easy to be able to relate to it. For more times than not humanity either runs out of steam before it happens or they loose interest because they are not able to grasp it, and they simply turn around and call it what ever they wish to call it, but not at all the fact that they couldnt hold their concentration for longer than five seconds. You should be able to hold your concentration for a lot longer than that but it is a human condition to bring in the power of the eighth chakra, and the eighth chakra is where your archetypes are at. Therefore you constantly give yourself the challenge, are you able to love yourself? Are you able to hold your concentration for longer than 5 seconds? Are you able to truly forgive the self? Are you able to be your self? All of these energies come pounding in and come pounding in and as they come pounding in they become quite angry in their action and of course that is what provokes within you the reaction and as you react you create the defence, the defence creates an offence and off you go declaring war, declaring war at every single level, from the base chakra up to the crown chakra.

Now although that big challenge of war exists very much in the lower centres it is truly the gateway within the throat and the third eye that begins to give you power and that power and that will that it gives you, is for you to know home.


And when you know your home, in other words when you are able to be at peace within your heart wherever you are you will never have another need for conflict in any way. And that is one of the greatest challenges that the universal energies gives you as the laws of the universe, for you to be able to prove that you can work through issues without having to circum to it, and that is the great sadness and the disappointment that many a being come to face on their last breath here on this earthly plane, is the fact that they weren’t ‘strong’ enough to actually uphold the energy of home. The fact that they lost concentration along the way. They forgot about their divineness, they were too convinced about the fact that they are ‘no good’. All the elements of self-worth came in; it slashed through them like a knife at the throat. Yet had they but just hung on to their Supernal Divineness, to that knowing of Home, to that essence of true spirit that is within them, which is the love that we bring to you, to each of you, and indeed beloved ones consider yourself incredibly blessed and very fortunate to be able to be exposed to all of this, lets get that clear, and thank your Higher selves for pushing you and nudging you on the path of wanting to know more, wanting to do more, wanting to be happy, to be at peace, to want to live an abundant and beautiful life no matter what, happy to be at Home and in that come now into your self and expose your heart to All that is, embracing every single experience of your life as just that. I know it is very difficult believe me, we work with you, you may not always know it, but we are there, we catch your tears and we allow them to sprinkle water across your planet and fertilise the grounds. We take your pain and we twist it and mould it and turn it until it becomes your happiest moments. We are there with every hair that you loose off your head. Every time you are angry or frustrated we hear you. If you believe we don’t……challenge us to it.


Challenge us to it. Now that challenge is where we from the Angelic realm, myself Kuthumi and many other beings beginning with Lord Hilarion and of course the Oracles of Delphi headed by Goddess Diana will work with and through this channel in time to come, challenging you to your divinity and we are going to show you one step at a time how to acknowledge it, how to create it, how to live it and how to be it because by God you can do it!!! You can do it!!! You are ambassadors of the light. You need to now embrace that and live it, and the only way you can do it is to experience it. To be in action not reaction. To express your love instead of your regrets, your anger. To embrace the living God within you which is reflected by your ability to remember Home and to make your Home your heart. To live through the divinity in your heart, and to see the beauty in all of life by living it, by anchoring it, and by spreading it, sharing it, caring, for these are the elements that will bring you to the full balance of your self, and your self you need to work through the sixth chakra to be able to get to the supreme balance of the lower five senses and the upper seven.


You need to work through this. You need to get to the sixth sense to get to the other six senses and once you are through that portal and able to experience those six senses you are able to create and recreate just about anything you want and the responsibly of that is immense, its immense, and that responsibly or the challenge of that knowledge is what challenged you during the times of the Atlantean fall. You took it too far because you knew you could. This time round we are going to show you, yeah you can do it, but we can do better and we do that by being at One with you.

We have always said never walk behind us, never walk ahead of us but walk next to us and we mean that for not even in the greatness of all existence is there any need for anyone to lead, for you are all leaders. If we are all one then what makes you better and brighter and more outstanding than me….nothing. For even in that magnificence of your brilliant mind and your ability to create for yourself an arms length of educational experiences, nothing can come close to remembrance to who you truly are and only your heart can give you that for you see within the heart is placed a Divine Magnetic Energy, and that Divine Magnetic Energy is what will always remind you of who you are and when one fights with aggression to overcome all the challenges within the solar plexus, in other words when you begin your own personal fight with Mercury, that is when that attraction, that magnetic energy within the heart glows brighter. The gold becomes so magnificent that you begin to realise that that which you refer to as the colour gold on the Planet Earth is but a reflection of what you know as the Divine. You bring your most sparkling, most sparkling gold, you bring your most sparkling and most brilliantly cut diamonds and nothing will come to the energy that you will see in those very reflections beyond this, but beloved ones there is a portal for you that you can work through to claim that, to acknowledge that and that is the portal of self love. For self love, self acceptance and being authentic is the only energy that will allow you to fully open up your divine vision and that divine vision is what will give you the power and the will to have courage and it is that courage supported by the power of the will of the throat that will give you the final boost to absolutely be who you are, no matter what, for how dare one person tell you that you are no good, who in the world gave them the right to write certain words in certain books and call it law? It is preposterous. Yet they look at you as one that has gone insane, where does their knowledge come from beloved ones? I have been here for a very long time. It comes from the same place it has always come from.

Long Pause.

And so they knew me as Moses, and that was beautiful and good and kind, and now they hear of me as Kuthumi and it no longer is…


Please get yourself ready for the energy activation.


Beloved ones, at this time of death and rebirth which is very much the underlying energy of my message to you today, know that even in the darkest hour hope and possibility is always alive.

Allow yourself to become really relaxed. Feel at ease with your breathing, as you breathe in inhale fresh beautiful oxygen into your lungs, allow your lungs to absorb that, to expand and then as you exhale release all of the tension from your body, release all of the pain and all of the suffering that you as with the man that you know as Yeshua Ben Yosef have endured in your lifetime, allow this time of the celebration of Easter to bring to you the power and the will to have the courage to claim your magnificence, to open up the higher portals and to see your self as a part and therefore a spark of the divine.


With every inbreath absorb magnificent, powerful, beautiful new energy and beloved ones with every exhale let go of the past, let go of yesterday, let go of last week, let go of last month, last year, let go of the last decade, the last century it matters not just let it drift.

Understand (claim in your heart) as your physical body renews itself every 72 hours, every cell in your body has a new chance because of the charged and recreated or as you refer to it rewired DNA, that you too have the chance to restore all of your bodies. That as you have a chance to naturally restore and communicate and live with and change all of these energies that may have challenged you within your physical body that you too now also have the ability to set or reset your computer, your personal computer, the very one that asked you to see everything as mistakes by default, reset it by letting go (of old beliefs). You too are given a chance now to open your heart and your mind and your soul and through that embrace the truth of the higher realities of who you are.

Beloved ones, you all have lived many lifetimes and over the last 2000 years or so, many of you here within this circle have taken it upon you to come back to be in support of the everlasting, ever living Christ. To be in support of the truth, the realisation of this truth and to finally be part of the team that is brave enough to come and to express this. For that we honour you and we are truly, truly behind you in what you believe, those of you who have stepped forward this time around to awaken the self to your own Divineness and magnificence, we salute you too. For on this planet of free choice or the University of Life as most refer to it, it does become a tremendous challenge to be able to get through all the stumble blocks and all of the challenges that you as a human have set up for yourselves.

And with that allow the oxygen in your lungs to breathe fresh air into your body, with every inbreath breathe in very deeply please. Feel how the oxygen creates a new flow of energy through your veins. Feel how the oxygen sends new life into your limbs. First of all concentrate now on the energy in your lungs. Now visualise from your physical lungs you breathe out a magnificent red energy. Allow this red energy to envelope your entire body as if a second skin is created. Now if there is anywhere that you feel a fissure forming or there is a lack of the colour over a certain part of the body, again concentrate on the energy in your lungs, breathe new life into your lungs and then through the knowing of the love in your heart ask for the various body parts through the lower senses to heal that gap. And if you need to repeat it, do it again. Some of you may need to repeat it a couple of times, not necessarily those of you here in present, but also those in presence (reading this)

Allow the energy of the love in your heart to bring through the healing essence in your lungs to send forth all vibrations needed to heal the lack of energy.

Long pause.

We are now going to move on. We are going to ask you to bring into your mind the colour violet…asking you to breathe in once again very deeply, breathe the colour violet into your lungs and then hold it for a moment or two and simply allow it to travel through the lungs through the red and to lodge itself on the outside of your energy field creating the outer border of your auric rim.

Long pause.

Now, can you feel that the gap between the violet and the red is much wider than it was previously? (the pre-meditation) Is there anyone here that can relate to that?

Yes, no?

A: Mumbling

MK: Anyone?

Sister: No, mine is melding, there is no gap.

MK: There is no gap. Anyone feel there is a gap? No.

Can you feel that the auric field that you are creating now is a lot more expansive, even though you activated only two colours thus far?

A: Yes.

MK: Very good, then you are all on the same page.

We are now going to breathe in the colour yellow. We are going to bring into your lungs and through the same process expand it from the lungs, past the red into the auric field creating the boundary between the violet and the red. Breathe in please.


Feel the yellow come into the lungs, and then expand your lungs absorbing the yellow, allowing it to gravitate through the red lodging itself in the very centre of the two colours already activated.


Can you feel your auric field is a lot more expansive than it was before?

A: Yes.

MK: Very good, then we are still on the same page

Sister: I am feeling mine quite giddy, is that…..

MK: It is very good sister, for what is being created here is a great and expansive energy but we are going to give you a moment from now chance to truly feel the expansiveness of this energy.


We are now going to breathe in, now bear with me here. It matters not through which nostril you use but through the one nostril you are going to breathe in the colour orange and through the other nostril you are going to breathe in the colour green and you are going to lodge those on either side of the yellow. The orange naturally closest to the skin, and of course the green naturally closest to the violet.

Are you with me?

A: Yes.

MK: Very good.


Breathe in.


Hold those two colours in your lungs.


And let go.

Allow those colours to expand, allowing the orange to fill the gap between the red and the yellow, and the green to fill the gap between the yellow and the violet. If you need to repeat that then please do or if you need to reinforce that then please do.

See if you can within your minds eye begin to visualise one colour in the one nostril and another in the other, and if for some reason you are not able to do that, then simply do it one colour at a time, breathing through both nostrils, through the lungs and into the auric field. I will leave you for a moment to experience that, and physically breathe it in.

Long pause.

Do you feel your auric field expanding even more?

A: Yes.

MK: Now, move your selves so that you are at least an arms length away from the person next to you, almost touching finger tips.

Everyone moves apart.

Beloved ones move right out, out, you are too close. If your finger tips touch then move away so that you have your own space.

Move out and back if you have to.

I love seeing consciousness expand like this.

A: Much laughter.

MK: This is literally an exercise in creating intimacy by being so far apart.

A: Giggling.

MK: Very good then.

Now close your eyes again and bring your focus and concentration back onto your breathing. Still your mind for a moment. Bring back into your focus the colours that you have invoked thus far.


We are now going to ask you to anchor the last two colours of the seven main of your spectrum. We are first of all going to ask you to activate the colour blue within your auric field. We are going to do this a little differently. We are going to ask you that instead of allowing this colour to come through your lungs, allow it to come directly into the throat. So we are going to breathe but we are going to breathe it directly into the throat and from the throat you are going to expand it into your auric field all around you, are you with me.

Remember your auric field is now expanding which is the reason why I have asked for you to move apart, so now let us breathe in the colour blue, and let us be sure to breathe in anything between a pale and powder blue right up to a sapphire blue darkest.

Breathe in, breathe the blue into the throat, hold it there for a couple of seconds and then as you release see how the throat chakra expands this blue energy into a huge circle of light enveloping you in a massive blue egg of life, or for those of you that prefer to see your energy fields in the merkabic energy, do so.


Can you feel the power of that energy?

A: Mumbling.

MK: Let’s do it again. So you are going to breathe in normally and as you breathe in you are going to draw in from all around you the magnificent colour blue into the throat, hold it there for a couple of seconds and then simple allow it to gravitate out into your auric field creating this massive cocoon, with the colours on the inside and of course the violet on the outside of the blue, so the blue is lodged next to the green. And the blue is about at the level of your wrist should you put your arm out, are you with me. Anyone lost? See if you can relate to that then.

We are now going to finally breathe in the colour indigo and as with the blue we are going to draw that energy directly into the third eye and from the third eye you are also going to expand it so that it takes up its format within the violet and blue sphere or upper sphere or outer sphere of your auric fields. So breathe in the colour indigo, into the third eye.


And then let it expand and lodge itself between the crown which is the violet and the throat which is the blue. Can you feel the expansiveness of that energy? Can you relate to that?

A: Yes.


MK: Now open your eyes and as you open your eyes looking around still relate to the power of these colours around you. If you find it too distracting to look at anyone simply keep your focus on the centre of the room, but at the same time become aware of these layers of colour as wide as your arms can stretch, and stretch it out.


And now I am going to ask you to do it again. We are going to do it like this. You are going to take your hands and you are going to put them on you’re your lungs, on your heart because your memory knows that you are…..precious. For you remember the energy of Home, for it is where your heart is at. Now from that, as you move your hands away from your heart I want you to feel if you can feel the various vibrations of the various colours in your auric field. And let’s begin with red.

Go there, about there (Kuthumi showing) about 10cm or so. Now I want you to move your hands back and forth in that area very slightly, I will show you from the side so that there are no mistakes here, like that (Kuthumi shows the group to move their hands back and forth within a 10cm distance from their hearts). You are moving your energy in the density of the red, now I want you to begin to see, if you can feel it. Can you?

A: Yes.

MK: Yes. Can you feel the energy there? Yes, everybody?

A: Yes.

MK: Now, we are going to dare you, I told you we are going to push all your buttons. I am going to dare you to take that into the orange. Now you felt the density of the red, now, did you notice that the red can make you almost a little bit claustrophobic, you almost panicky, is this real, is this not, yes, but I feel it!!!

A: Yes, very true.

MK: Or has he gone mad as usual?

A: Laughter.

MK: Now go into the orange which is the next colour we are going to take it to the next 10cm (past the red thus 10-20cm away from the body). Now you bring it back to where the red begins. Can you feel that energy (feeling the orange expanded aura)? It is still there, it is still energy but it’s different, is it?

A: Yes

MK: Can you feel it being different to the red? You just move it in that 10cm area front to back, front to back, front to back. Now, can this be real?……it is!!!

Now move away and move into the yellow about 30cm away from your body and now move in that sphere of light, can you feel that? It feels different now, it’s got more of a pull almost whereas the first two was more of a push energy, this now is more of a magnetic energy hasn’t it, can you feel that?

A: Yes.

MK: Do you all feel that….brother?

A: Yes.

MK: Now we are going to go into the green, into the heart, we take it one step further…..aaahhhh, that is where we feel the heart and the balance and the joy don’t we?

A: Yes.

MK: Now if you had your partner in your arms wouldn’t your hands be at just about this position? (Like embracing someone) Now you know why you feel so comfortable with them. They make you ‘feel’ yourself, if that makes any sense. Of course that only goes for the ones you love.

A: Laughter.

MK: On the days that you love them should I say.

A: Much laughter.

MK: Now we are going to push that a little bit further out to greet the sapphire energy. Go straight, not completely straight yet. Now can you feel the vibration is lighter, yet it feels almost more stringy, or crystaly, can you feel that?

A: Yes.

MK: Now I am going to ask you to straighten your arms, but not your hands as yet. Keep your wrists out like this (Kuthumi shows the group to keep their arms straight with their shoulders, with their hands bent to touch at the finger tips) right, and I am going to ask you to lean just a little bit forward, away from your chair and then I am going to ask you to open your hands only half way. (Move your hands slowly apart by moving your fingers, keeping your arms straight)

Wow, can you feel that?

There you are in the indigo energy, can you feel how powerful that is?

A: Yes, mumbling.

MK: Right!!! I am now going to….can you feel the pressure it creates on your physical body, can you all feel that?

A: Yes.

MK: I am now going to ask you to open your hands completely and as you open your hands to visualise your hands inside the violet part of your energy field, and then to move your hands around like this (Kuthumi shows the group to move their hands in a circular motion forwards and backwards)

See if you can slice through the violet aspect of your auric field. Can you feel it feels much lighter, but it is still there?

A: Yes.

MK: Can you all relate to that?

A: Yes.

MK: Very good. Now very gently allow this all to come into reverse and as you do so in your mind go through the process in reverse. We are healing the violet and the indigo, right. We are now going into healing the sapphire energy and of course closer and closer our heart and as you begin to come to the heart begin to overlap your hands creating a cross like this (Kuthumi shows the group to cross the hands on top of one another), and now bring that to heal the power of the self, the solar plexus. Bring that closer to heal the emotional body which is about 20cm away for this particular exercise, and lastly touch your heart and know that you are home.


Home is where your heart is, and you are home. You are home dear ones. Home is every where that you are, for you are the aspect of home in physical expression. You are the reflection in Gods eyes.


You may relax your arms.

And know that you are Divinely cared for and protected and guided. Now the activation of this energy was to bring to you the realisation of the reality of what you can create. In the beginning before we actually began this afternoons transmission, this channel asked you to visualise a very similar exercise didn’t she?

A: Yes.

MK: And about how far away from the body did you feel all of it.

A: Very close.

MK: Very close. So now by allowing your self to accept your ability to do anything to change anything by being who you are, you are able to expand that tenfold not so. And thus understand that that is just the beginning, for you are able to even expand that tenfold or a hundredfold or a thousandfold and therefore understand that We are all One.

Our Oneness is within our energies, as you moved away to not be necessarily a direct part of each others experience this afternoon so too know that you can never move away from being a indirect part of mine or anyone else’s experience, not ever.

And thus beloved ones, we urge you to reach out for life and touch, touch yourself, touch the earth, touch others with your experience by living in and through the heart, claiming Home as part of your Divine understanding, therefore whether you are at work or whether you are at home always be in that Divine understanding of your immortality and share this with others instead of scaring them away with all sorts of frantic ideas and strange things. Be yourself, be authentically yourself, stand up for who you are and share your love and your integrity with the world. Be kind to yourself, be kind to your Planet. Don’t ever gravitate away from the possibility to expand on yourself, to learn more, to grow more, to integrate more no matter the challenges that may face you within your work or personal environments for at the end of the day you have entered into this plane butt naked and alone, and so you will go.

I AM Kuthumi and give you my love and my sincere gratitude for your ability to reach out and touch yourself authentically.


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