2012 by Archangel Metatron – Natalie Glasson




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2012 by Archangel Metatron

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 08-01-12

My beloved light bursts, it is such a delight to reconnectwith your energies in this way once more. I have much to share with you aboutthe changes that are occurring within the inner planes, upon the Earth and inyour own reality. For many of you reality seems much the same which may be truefrom a physical perspective but there is much occurring right now energeticallyand will continue to develop throughout 2012.

This time has been long awaited by every soul upon the Earthas you have all contracted to walk upon the solid foundations of the Earth duringthis period of evolution.  There is aneed to ask yourself why you are here at this time. I can explain this to youbut it is important that each soul has a knowingness or an understanding of whythey are upon the Earth at this very moment. If an understanding is gained then you will find that you are able touse the energiesof 2012 to boost your growth tremendously. Many people uponthe Earth now are feeling more connected to the Creator and the spiritual planesthan ever before but there are some who feel more lost than has previously beenexperienced. They understand the magnificence of the energies and know their ownmagnificence but still they are uncertain what they need to achieve upon the Earth,whether it is in their physical reality or their spiritual growth.   Some people who are feeling this way didn’tcontract to be here at this time originally in their current lifetime but have developedthemselves profoundly and their soul wished to continue this pathway of growth ratherthan upon the inner planes or upon a distant star. Others have changed theirsoul contract with the Earth several times because of their growth and so needto reconnect with their own energies and lay down new plans.

We knew that the year of 2012 would manifest but we didn’tknow when or how long it would take to come into fruition. This may seem astrange sentence as of course 2012 follows 2011, but the speed of time can bealtered significantly to progress at the speed of humanity’s growth. Severalyears can be achieved in a small space of time while a few days can be drawnout significantly, but to those upon the Earth the time seems to pass normally.Some souls at the beginning of their birth on the Earth didn’t know whetherthey would experience 2012 in another lifetimes or their current life times. Thismay seem that the soul encounters a level of uncertainly but the soul isconstantly making new plans and contracts throughout  its embodiment on the Earth and the universeis far more flowing in energy than you can imagine. You may often be told to gowith the flow whether it is energy, circumstances or experiences, this is extremelyappropriate to the soul who becomes a flexible beacon of light. Many peoplewish for the Creator’s universe and inner planes to be structured but it truththey are not, we are all growing as are you and so growth requires flexibilityand trust in the will of the Creator. As we exist in 2012 I wish for you tounderstand that allowing yourself to be flexible and to follow the flow ofenergy (albeit the appropriate flow of energy) is now more important than everbefore. Change is occurring every moment within your being and upon the innerplanes, this may cause some to feel tired and others to feel insecure but ifyou can adapt your mind to this reality and realise that each and every daycould be different, miracles can occur and the unexpected could manifest, thenyou are able to be more flexible to move with the energies that are anchoring. Theenergies of the now are quicker and more connected to the Creator, this meansthat everything is able to manifest at a quicker rate but it also significancethat your manifestations must be aligned to the light of the Creator. Somepeople are discovering difficulties because they haven’t truly connected withtheir soul, an aspect of the Creator, to follow its guidance. Of course ideasfrom the mind and personality will manifest but in order to achieve powerfulmanifestations these ideas must be brought forward by the individual’s soul.The Earth and your soul are more aligned with the Creator now, there is a needto change your understanding of yourself so that you work more fully with yoursoul. This is why I asked you at the very beginning of my message why you havechosen to be here at this time in the year 2012. You truly have chosen to behere now and there is a reason for this decision but it is only your soul whocan share this with you. The reason is unique for every soul, it can besomething truly simple or maybe there is a pathway for you to take. In truth Iam not asking for you to discover your true purpose, this comes with time andgrowth, being revealed to you only when you are ready. I am asking you to discoverwhat this time means to you, to your soul. Ask your soul, ‘What does 2012 mean to us?’ let the answer flow to youwhen the time is correct. This will help you tremendously along your spiritualpath and anchor great security in a time of change and flexibility. I also wishfor you to realise that the answer is completely appropriate for you and notfor any other. If another person revels a different answer, your answer and there’sare neither incorrect nor need to be judged. Acceptance is the key and theacknowledgement that we are all the same energy of the Creator with differentpathways even if you walk on the same street or road. We may see many explanationsof the energies of 2012, all are appropriate and valued because as a civilisationthere is a need for complete respect from one person to another. Your path isyour own and there is no need for you to judge or deny the path of another. Ifeel this is appropriate to share with you now as it is the Era of Love that wewish to manifest upon the Earth, the heaven on the Earth, and so with theenergy of love we see the manifestation of complete respect.

In the energies of 2012 I see that humanity is and will experiencea greater empowerment, the magical glistening thread of creativity weaves itsway through reality encouraging numerous creative and loving expressions. As ifa new sun is dawning and light is being cast upon everything,  all energies and consciousness that has been aligningand connecting with the Earth and your being to truly slot firmly into place.It is as if the structure has been build but now the final adjustments havebeen made and the structure is now so firm it is unmoveable.  This is one of the reasons for your feelingsof greater alignment, everything has shifted into place, allowing for a greaterenergy to flow with ease and freedom. There is a need to take advantage of yourgreater connections and ability to draw more light into your being because youhave the tools to bathe yourself completely in the loving pure energies of theCreator to heighten your growth. While your guides always bathe you in lightand high vibrations you have now entered a time when you are more responsiblefor your own spiritual growth and reality upon the Earth. This is one reasonwhy some feel lost, the tremendous guidance of their guides will always be withthem but their guides are allowing them to breath more freely and in many waysto become more independent. The reason for this is so that space is given forthe individual to connect with their soul and understand the wisdom of theirsoul more fully. In truth you are not being left alone or given more responsibilitybut you are being placed in the even more capable hands of your soul  with the infinite connections and under that the soul holds. It could beenlikened to changing a  seat in the classroom. Maybe before you liked the seat at the back of the class room where youwere surrounded by your guides, now you have been asked to move to the front ofthe class to sit with your soul. Your guides follow but give your soul space tointegrate. At the front of the class room you can see more, understand everythingwith greater clarity and you have an aspect of yourself helping you at alltimes. It is that transition of moving from the seat at the back of theclassroom to the seat at the front that is the daunting part  and while you are achieving this you have tolearn once more the language of your soul. Many people are experiencing this freedombetween  the guides supportingtremendously to the soul integrating for greater work. This is why someconfusion and fear can manifest. It is important now to connect with your soulwith that understanding that you are now to work with your soul more fullysupported by your guides. You can affirm your commitment to connecting withyour soul more fully. Even those who have long been aware of their soul aremaking or have made that shift at this time to allow the soul to experience aneven greater volume of empowerment.

Commitment is a word that is very appropriate for 2012, itis to commit to your soul and its expression, to commit to your connection withyour monad, to commit to the desires of your soul, to commit to what 2012 meansto you, allowing your commitments to manifest alongside and as new flowingenergy. Remember that commitment although it portrays  a solid focus, its doesn’t mean that itcannot be a flexible commitment.  Adevotion that is strong but not stubborn, a commitment that is detached. To understand this concept brings greaterfreedom when it is placed into your reality. The ability to be devoted, strongand focused but to sway in the flow of energy and to move when the flow ofenergy guides you to, whether it comes from your soul or the Creator.

We could name 2012 the year of ‘Your Soul,’ because it isthrough the greater manifestation of your soul that the Era of Love willmanifest. After all the soul is all the pure energies of the Creator, tomanifest your soul more fully in a flowing expression will signify themanifestation of so many beautiful vibrations into your being, humanity and theEarth.  Imagine the beauty of your soulmanifested before you in all that you see and feel, then imagine every personon the Earth achieving the same, beauty would truly be created.

This year in many ways is a testing ground for your soul,there is a need to allow for the greater expression of your soul and to usethis as a time of experiment.  Focus upondrawing your soul forwards as from 12-12-12 the Creator will magnify all thatyou are, all that you have created and all that you desire. It is important torealise that this is the time that your spiritual development truly begins andmoves to a next stage of growth, as you become at one with your soul. Thetremendous reward at this time of experimenting  and developing with your soul and empoweringyour soul will be a magnification for the Creator.

I wish for you to know that the way forward from this stageof energy shift is for a greater focus than ever before upon the soul, allowingyour soul to guide you. Allow yourself to simply contemplate this, as it willopen a space for a new aspect of your soul to connect with you more fully.There is also a need to surrender to the energies anchoring into your being,you may already notice their influence but this will manifest more fully in thenext few months.

Let us rejoice in this most sacred time and your choice tobe a part of the energies manifesting.

My love is with you always,

Archangel Metatron



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