Goddess Artemis – In Light of a New World.

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

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Goddess Artemis’s energy came through as very powerful, assertive with a very dry sense of humor and strong Greek/European accent.

I am Artemis greetings to you

A: Greetings

GA: I am most delighted to be here with you, to speak with you once more, if I recall it was not so long ago in your time that I was here to speak with you (Artemis recently channel to our group).

It is for me as a goddess of power and love, of insight and perception a most honorable experience to return to you at this time. You have now entered the last part of your year, the section where you truly have now come to release the energy of the past year preparing for the year to come. You see you are still bound by linear time and therefore you still have to face your Gregorian calendar on a daily base whereas for us this is not desired. So with the new energy now active and firmly grounded we suggest that you prepare for the year to come. One truly need not get all excited and jump up and down on the 31st (December) with a big bang, for in fact the energy of the new year is already integrated some the months before, even as far back as October/November new energy waves bring through the preparation of the new year. Also it is only the year ending and a new one beginning as you perceive it perhaps to many other cultures they have their own new year so as you can imagine we from the realms of light stand back with great confusion (laughter) for indeed you have plenty of new years, and celebration as you say, is always good.

The lightworkers in 2010 will come to face a much more refined energy, although more powerful as you know is expected, for you cannot expect energy to go into reverse, but only forward. So now in the time of November the 21st, I ask that you bring into your consciousness the year gone by, the processes that you have worked with, some you experienced clearing and others needing more work, you know all this. I am here to remind you that it matters not how you feel you should work with this energy, but what matters is that you work with it in some way (unfinished issues). The direction you take on working with this energy doesn’t matter, but more so the intention as you open yourself up to the changes allowing yourself to integrate the changes now and in time to come. Certainly it is a time of great change, this goes for every one of you, us and lady Gaia as we prefer to call her spirit body.

What is very important for you dear friends at this time of the closure of the 2009 energy is to bring to yourself a picture of all of the energies that you have set out to work with this year. When it comes to making promises for the new year, the things that you will and will not do, that is one thing, for what it offers is a challenge for you to take on new things to ease uneasiness out of your life, which is the truth behind your new year’s resolutions and plans, but most times humanity finds it too challenging setting for themselves unrealistic tasks and when they don’t, can’t or are unable to enjoy the task set out the real fun begins as they create a most damaging energy depleting themselves of their own self worth. Beating themselves up as they are unable to release that which they ‘promised’ damaging self worth with the biggest thing being the sharing of this to a friend, telling them of your plans and when you aren’t able to give up x,y or z on the 1st of January you resort to failure. These feelings make you feel like you have failed and not able to bring about that which you set out for whatever reason which is not important, but what is, is for you to now at this time make sure what it is you would like to change and shift in the year to come, take down the vibrations of the new year using numerology, keep this in mind allowing the self to rewrite your own future, thus by understanding where you are at presently projecting where your future should be without making empty promises. If you truly intend to do so by all means, but then shift your focus, do not entertain your friends keeping truthful to your wishes because of them, for this creates a boomerang backlash 2-3 days after the strike of midnight of the old year for the reasons were unfounded.

This year we ask you not to get too excited about this, but instead we suggest that you through the process of all the information that has been shared with you through the many years through various transmitters to come to a space in your life where you can truly understand who you are which is simple. We have given you the informational process now you need to integrate these understandings and believe me your own self follows an act of divinity, divineness.

The energy that we ask you pay attention to is to rather do an evaluation giving yourself an over evaluation of who you are for I tell you now as Goddess Artemis even your greatest wishes and highest expectations could not meet your command, you are even greater than that too. We understand the human experience finds this difficult which is why you are given many tools to aid you, one being your ego which humanity pulls out of proportion bursting your bubbles. When planning your events or projected experience for 2010, give unto yourself this time with complete love, compassion and grace a real meaningful projection of what you intend. Look back on 2009, take a look at the experiences of 2008, then take a look at the events that repeated between these years also take note of unhappy times and the cause of it, for this is what you need to shift and to enable this, you have to make friends with it. Do no treat this with hatred and anger for this makes it worse, treat it with love thanking it for the experience it has given you then you are on the up and up. You have the upper hand. When you feel someone is not treating you well and they have power over you, more so closer to home or to the bone for the lightworkers is the truth that many of you still in this day and age are unable to share with your friends and close family your true feelings for various reasons, and we understand, in which case share with the self that you are not able to share with others, the honesty with the self heals anything and in this way you can come to a mutual beautiful space where you can meet and greet accepting everything as right and form this platform of truth from whence you can share with everyone the fact that you love them, and in this love lies all the answers for love truly conquers all for if you are not truly able to communicate with them sharing some personal experiences then certainly share with them your love. Make them aware of your love, make them understand this, and know this, for in this knowing and feelings of your love comes a beautiful energy that erases all of the wings of doubt that cause them to still feel in some way detached from you. One of the most prominent current energies working its way through your planet is the constant conflict within lightworkers and their families, it is discerning for you, yet also one of the greatest lessons for you for in this lesson come the true experience of your divine alchemy.

Herein lies the awakening of your own divine beauty your internal eternal love, the place within that needs no explanation, needs no backing up, no repeating of forgiveness, no must knows, ignorance or arrogance. So now with the year ending we ask that you also end all of your attachments that makes you feel unworthy, for in the time ahead lies such a great beautiful experience of divine love enfolding all over your planet into your lives. For you in time to grasp this you need to now begin integrating this understanding, see yourself on a different level, understand yourself from an open level of possibility and divine perception, so in light of the new world and the new truths you need to integrate your new energy field as a great star seed, this needs no-one’s approval, for here lies your power to lovingly mount your own horse and become the true warrior of light that you are, letting things be without having the need to defend or offend, for in truth of the light of who you are you need to be completely truthful to who you are and if those that shares your life cannot accept your truths then at least allow them to agree to disagree as you say. In this neutral space that you all come together with your armor some may bring the armor of anger, others guilt, some pain others might drag along the dead bodies that held them back through guilt because of another’s needs, but you as beautiful friends lightworker friends, you only support armor of love, divine love, as you hold your head on high, draped in your divine cloak of perception which we shall introduce to you in a few moments from, this a your divine cloak of multidimensional perception along with the tools you have been blessed with, thus use it the way you are supposed to without any ulterior motive for if there is one thing that you do not need anymore it is to prove yourself for this is what is being called being in your light, which means not having to prove yourself and the more you do (reassure) the more this energy repeats itself (having to defend) because of your insecurities, being insecure about being perfect, wonderful and accepted in the eyes of all that you know and love, and for this you are even prepared to leave some of your truths behind for you to be accepted and integrated into their various social and otherwise circles. Yet are they prepared to leave any of their truths for you?
A: No”
GA: So what is the difference? You are the doormat? Is that why you came here? You decide it is up to you, and once you do, clear these entrapments with love by creating beautiful surroundings where all of you could come together (you and your family/friends etc) in love, divine love. From this platform of divine love comes the true understanding that respect for the self is of utmost importance for if you respect yourself you certainly will respect someone else and in this respect lies space and place for everyone even if you cannot agree to believe in the same way of life you certainly can agree to live in love and share this love. Now this is really and truly very important for you, it is through these limited portals that link past experiences that you loose yourself within become entrapped within unable to crawl your way out of it for you are too busy trying to find amicable pleasure and love or understanding and in truth just because your thinking is different do you really have to be the one to always step back? No, unless you find pleasure in this, then you can’t complain. The effect of your new year’s resolutions won’t become more powerful if you continuously lie down for the sake of another.

2009 has taught you many lessons many experiences even for us from the realms of enlightened experience, we from the dimensions on high beyond what you know as the 12th dimension, even for us there are many changes. I myself have not been in frequent communication as I am doing now but I can certainly promise you in time to come you will hear more of my words. I am a goddess of hunting, a goddess of the warrior archetype which is why I was asked to step forward this day to address you and those reading this now. I am here to support you in clear cut ways of seeing where you are leaking your energy, where you are cutting your own tail in the hope that it grows again but that is not a promise God made to all creatures (laughter) so be careful. Don’t get the tail end of a story just because you want to hear some excitement but rather be the one to spread the beautiful stories oppose to carrying old stagnant energy. So now that you have come to see yourself from a different platform knowing that your doormat archetype is the one that the warrior can’t cope with know now that it is time for you to take on new archetypes so I shall ask you which archetype are you going to take on for 2010?

A: Healer.

GA: That’s a wonderful archetype to take on for this world will need all the healers it can get-together.

A: Teacher

GA: Wonderful teach what sister?

A: Teach others to wake up

GA: Sister first you become the teacher to the self then to others for all you need to do to help them awake is to be supportive for there is no want or need to ‘must do’ but rather love and if all else fails a slap against the head (screeches of laughter) well not too hard, a small pat rather (laughter) I have always had a very direct approach to everything (laughter)

So the teacher is very good for infact if you take what my two fellow goddesses have shared (ladies that replied to the question) you will come to know two of the main archetypes that every single one of you will take on to some degree in time to come, the healer and teacher which is your mission for you are going to teach yourself first about yourself, how to nurture and love yourself, loving and nurturing yourself means standing up for your own truths, this is about expressing the self as the divine warrior that you are, this is teaching yourself how beautiful you are. When this is well understood the healer archetype will allow you to heal yourself and humanity by being supportive, thus teach by being supportive which heals. No longer is any kind of indoctrinated teachings required upon your planet. There is a certain lack of organizational skills and lack of the right methods of teaching when it comes to your current education systems, this goes for all countries. The old systems of teaching is no longer acceptable which creates immense frustrations within your fields of education for the teachers are actually also healers which they don’t see (the teachers), so they need to bring healing into their teachings. Many of your educational teachers in fact at least 68% of these on your planet all trained to teach with no clue of the healing that’s very much a part of teaching, the healer archetype combined with the teacher certainly will bring a new energy across to the children of the new earth as most of the children are finding it almost impossible to cope with the outdated methods of teaching for they don’t understand the old processes for you see the teachers of your world deviated from their own internal radar which awakens their inner compassion, love and care for the children, reacting rather to job descriptions and dictation. This causes the child to retaliate even more so as no punishment is allowed. By punishment I don’t mean being reprimanding with physical force. Due to diverse energies brought about by lower thought forms a delayed action is created within the parents for many of them are so busy they are hardly able to take care of their children therefore they find it extremely pleasing that their child faces no restrictions as that takes the heat off them thus they blaming ‘the systems’ for their incompatibility and so a very vicious destructive circle continues with little good, the teachers don’t understand themselves, the child is completely confused, the parents don’t accept responsibility hiding behind guilt and the system is set to collapse.

You see as time moves on into 2010 things will intensify and as from the latter part of the year the energy on your planet will become so different that you will find that there will be incredible changes in education for the current systems will have everyone with their backs against the walls which will create great confusion as nothing will work like the old ways. You as light workers have to integrate energy serving as a filter for the energy which is very much why many of you feel so sensitive at times as you integrate different energies and should you share (with each other) you will come to know although your experiences may differ the underlying feeling is the same as you carry the same symptoms with little differences bar that your origins and personal missions are different thus your accomplishments are different but none the less each of you in some way or another serve as converters of energy, thus you receive influx of light which infiltrates your various systems, which you radiate out as you are exposed to the actions of yourself, humanity and the earth. It is also for this reason many light workers find themselves confused due to changes within your DNA when it comes to the archetype of teacher and healer. You know the famous words “Man heal thyself” indeed you shall come to practice this, then teach it – but how can you teach it if you do not know it.

As the earth is cleansing herself so too are each of you facing a challenging time of internal cleansing for your physical, mental, emotional and spirit bodies held together by etheric threads are all part of this. These are now noticeably inseparable as they become part of one etheric shield, and in essence this is what you represent as one part of 12 extensions within this solar system. Now with integrating the new energy and being a conduit for this also comes fine tuning that needs to take place, thought processes that needs amendment, your habits, diet, protein intake and increased rest as most of you feel very tired most of the time due to influxes of increasingly powerful energies and yet you still always treat yourself the same and so how will you find the extra energy to help you fine tune your energy so that you are able to cope with the increase of light potency do you follow me?
A: Yes

GA: So therefore change your lifestyle, habits and ways and routine which brings new energies for routine although needed in many ways prevents growth also ‘outside negative energies’ knows how to attack you because of your routine. I’ll use a simple example of your children when it comes to your routine, your children knows when to ask you for money don’t they? :oh don’t ask her now wait till tomorrow, we wait until she’s been to buy chocolate and she’s happy (smiles) we ask her when she had something to drink, or after she read the Sunday newspapers and she’s lazy. They know when and how to leak your energy taking this from you for their need although innocent.

There are many others that do this and far worse as these wander within the lower astral realms craving your energy for they need your negativity to keep them as positive as can be, and in the lower fourth dimension the word positive is non existent. So they need to have your negative response to keep them as positively negative as can be does that make sense? Yes.

So be very careful of your leakages for this will simply drain you thus be aware of it, do your protection using energy and take good care of yourself, change your routine, change your habits and do something different. Do not beat yourself up about that which you haven’t as yet been able to integrate or unable to shift just yet, but rather look forward to the changes that you have set out to make in the year to come and do so by now being clear on the experience instead of creating your own guilt through someone else’s negativity which drains you because of that which you haven’t managed to keep to therefore do not make a promise to yourself if you know that you have difficulty in keeping it. Why burn out your own energy when you can actually inspire yourself to become creative. Be there in support of each other therefore as you now head for the end of the year be aware of your changing energy field thus know as with every thing else nothing can remain constant thus allow it to flow, try and do things a little different all the time for this too will help supporting your shift. You are helping yourself become use to different vibrations instead of trying to draw power thus energy from that which you leave behind which you then beat yourself up for continuously and even worse allowing all your family and friends to beat you up for it as well. As you come to face the last month be aware of this, as time speeds by and increasingly so even faster which is why the faster time speeds up because of the planetary magnetic shifts the only way you can stay sane is to stay in the now. The moment you are out of your present environment you are creating your own time-warp so if you are daydreaming of that which was or that which is to come you will feel unsettled, uneasy and unhappy. Sure you need to reflect on that of the past which needs fine tuning and receiving recognition for that which you have achieved. In the same way ask for guidance, call upon your guides, the angels, archangels and ascended masters, call upon me if you like to help you create a focused way of seeing the end picture of your desires being in your perfect now. The trick here is to focus on your future seeing yourself living there, being there, by experiencing your now or present moment in full consciousness.

The only you can do this is to be very present within your current experience so make sure that you do not project out that which you ‘thought’ you wanted but rather project out that which you are. Be the change in your life and it will become you.

Live in the moment, in this now, as if your future is already manifest now admittedly there is a fine line between sanity and insanity here (laughter) it is up to you to balance yourself on that line do this by staying real with yourself and close to your own heart and that is why it is so important creating a mutual space in your heart where you could invite all those you are close to, to enter into conversation without any judgment or flying arrows. For the poisoned arrows of your past is what got you experiencing the negative action of your current situation. To take you out of this is to be aware, of what you can do to change your life starting from where you are currently at making changes this day and the only way you can do this is to be truthful to the self (and others) about who you are. Who are you?

You are that which you projected into time for that is your future self having a present experience. If you wish to become your future self then live this in your current now. And so now if you would like to venture forth with me on a magical journey, take in some water, sit back, relax, close your eyes and be in this now space.

Someone says

A: That’s helping me totally understand some things about myself

GA: I am totally overjoyed for you. At least if you can understand yourself a bit better then that is what all this is about, you are so blessed to have this realization.

This is a magical world we are living in and you are a part of it.

Long pause.

Sit back, relax, your back straight, eyes closed, and simply let go as we invite you to journey with us on a magical wonderland journey. We invite you to come along with us to journey into a world of peace, beauty, love and tranquility.

Long pause

Become aware of using oxygen to expand your lungs, and then exhaling. As you practice breathing become aware of that which takes place with the internal exchange of gasses become aware that with every new breath dear friends give thanks for your life for it being such a magnificent journey. As you release the stale carbon dioxide also give thanks for these experiences of your life that even though limiting served as an important part of your growth process. As you become aware of every in and out breath know that this brings you closer a breath at a time to being an absolute divine sacred warrior of light. The sacred warrior is the warrior of healing and teaching that shall bring to you a new way of living and being, this will happen SOON.

AT this time also be aware of your physical reality giving thanks for all the beauty in your life, your physical body, your health, your mind, give your thanks to the One that created you and me for your self awakening at this time into a new way of light and having the opportunity to be here at this given time no matter how challenging it may be for many, to be present at this exact time having this exact human experience for thus truly is the most wondrous blessing. Long pause.

I now want you to imagine you are standing facing a huge magnificent palace; it is huge, very beautiful. Now leading up to the main doors entering the palace there are many stairs. Now before entering I want you to stand at the bottom stair. In your mind look up to the ascending staircase leading up to the massive entrance doors at the top of the landing, 20 or so steep steps ascending in divine perfection to a plateau that will lead you to the new dawn, the opening of new energy, new life. Before you climb these stairs, bring into your mind the things you find you were unable to put to bed. Bring into your mind the things that still make you feel uneasy as we asked you in the last gathering to work with this energy by awakening you to releasing this with the Goddess Ishtar so now we are going to take it one step further. Pause. We are not going to ask you to bring the emotions in but let us say create for yourself self a most wonderful experience as you have hanging on your side (off your right shoulder) a most beautiful bag. In this bag I want you to place every one of your uncomfortable situations, thus place in the bag every vibration you feel not happy about, every experience you haven’t been able to let go of, all that you remotely allow to loose touch with yourself for habitual anger, sadness, depression and being upset thus constant mood changes, this is when you loose touch with your present moment for in your present moment there may be nothing that you can do to change this so why adhere to these false laws. Place all that creates imbalance into this bag, perhaps you will feel the bag become heavy, but fear not for as you in a moment will begin to slowly climb the stairs the higher you climb the lighter the bag will become. Now I am going to give you a few moments to quietly place into the bag all of your perceived baggage. Long pause.

Now slowly begin climbing the stairs, do this slowly. If you find you have to rest for a moment to pick up some pieces please do so. If you have to pause to shed a tear for your inability to meet your agreements or for any other reason do so allowing the tear to fall in the bag hanging off your right shoulder. Allow all energy that no longer is for the greater good into the bag.

Very long pause.

Once you have reached the top landing you come to face the door to the palace. Long pause. Now before you enter, you still have the bag hanging on your right shoulder weighing nothing, turn around and instead of looking down the stairs that you climbed look straight out ahead of you taking in the most exquisite view. Pause. What do you see?

Group shares with Artemis.

You all see a most magnificent sight, you all see the beauty?

A: Yes

GA: So realise that you can at times look back at your past, look back unto that which for many of you has created much grief and conflict but by seeing the different aspects of this past, you come to a different understanding of it so instead of lowering your eyes looking down to the platform at the bottom picking up the heaviness and anger of what’s in the bag you simply lift your eyes to the horizon where you saw only beauty and love, you saw only divinity within that same picture that you have just stepped from. So in the picture of your past paint for yourself a new tomorrow and you do this by realizing where you are today, and today you are standing on these steps about to enter this most magnificent palace and ahead of you all you see is magnificent. It is your perception of the picture that you face that brings you to the experience that you shall ultimately share in. so it is truly up to you what you prefer to experience. Now in the eyes of gratitude give thanks for the ability of understanding what I have shared with you integrating all. Pause.

Before you enter, set the intent that you pass unto all that you are not feeling happy about this same blessing so that they like you will be able to see their world through new eyes and instead of picking up the dirt from the pavement they are able to pick the flowers, the fruit from the trees, enjoy the birds and the bees, smell the fragrance of opportunity by simply shifting their perception looking at the exact picture but instead of allowing that which really drained them in the past to continue sucking them dry, raise their eyes setting their sights on the horizon and with that see for themselves a wonderful new way of being into a complete new light. Pause.

Now turn with your weightless bag still hanging on your shoulder even though the baggage is gone for with every climb of the stairs of your personal ascension process you integrate the power and light to transform your life, and also to share this, and with that make a true difference in the world of another. In this world of others lies even more beauty as you come to realise how far you have walked. Pause.

So now, PUSH OPEN the doors! Be excited, walk into the palace with joy, have a swing in your step, and come to stand in the centre under a most magnificent dome. The entire dome is cut from clear quartz crystal, the sun is shining, the rays of the sun blazes through the quartz dome unto you, and you are feeling excited and happy! Pause.

Now simply be and integrate the rays of the clear quartz crystal dome. Pause.

Lord Melchizedeck now appears in front of you. Pause.

He stands about 2-3 mts away from you, his arms slightly folded with a big grin on his face, a grin that expresses the love he feels for you for journeying so far, to have made it so far, for you have travelled through so many life experiences and now being here in this time facing him with your perceived issues on your shoulder, the chip on your shoulder. Pause. He now asks that you take off your perceived baggage, opening it up pulling it open with both hands as he drops inside the bag a magnificent clear quartz crystal and instantly the bag disappears along with the crystal, all transformed into light. Pause.

He walks forward and in some cheeky way he raises his eyebrow as if to say “So?” in a fun exciting and cheeky manner. He says to you “Dear one before you enter into the gateway that will allow you complete entry into the new wave of thinking for once and for all let go of your baggage, let go of your chip on the shoulder, and leave all that you don’t feel like taking with you into the new light behind. Do this with such love and beauty that the only process that you will claim benefit from is your multidimensional self in your now moment” Pause.

Lord Melchizedeck now communicates to you without saying in words that for you to integrate higher aspects of yourself you need to become a bit more attuned to geometry, become aware of energy and the effect energy has not only on you but very much everyone and everything else for geometry is a integral part of all energy, even more so the new energy and for you to understand in some small way about it will benefit you immensely in time to come. He asks as a divine alchemist, one that has come forth this time around to transform your life and other’s to know that you are a divine most beautiful special being and you are able to change any situation you feel fit. When your direction takes you into a whole ascending wave of energy to never look back always seeing the same picture, but rather raise your eyes to the heavens and see for yourself a new picture as part of the old experience. He asks that you now turn with your back to him as he comes to stand very close behind you. Feel the power this most powerful angelic being. Pause. Lord Melchizedeck is a very big being; he is tall, strong, most powerful and completely charming. Pause. Feel his energy as he now takes his hands placing his right hand on your right shoulder and his left hand on your left shoulder. Pause. He sends forth vibrations of light from his palm chakras into your shoulder joints asking you to let go of beating yourself because of past mistakes. Let go of the need to have reassurance of forgiveness of that which you may have wronged, and that which you thought you should have done, in other words instead of brining in the negative vibrations of your past and future self into the now moment, focus on your intentions. He now grips your shoulders even tighter with love and passion! Feel this love vibration in your shoulders, into your joints as he whispers in your ear that you are truly a most beautiful and loved being. That the time ahead of you 2010 is indeed a time of releasing the final shackles that has bound you to old disturbed experiences. He whispers now in your other ear that it is time for you now to work very much on loving yourself and best to love yourself as you are. Pause.

Standing here in the midst of this beautiful palace of Light Lord Melchizedeck gifts to each of you the power of the magic of clear quartz so that you are able to transcend your limitation by allowing even the empty baggage’s of your past to be released from a very old wounded chip you carry on your shoulder, the right shoulder for this shoulder carries your stubbornness that does not easily let go for it’s constant need to be assured. Now with this gone, Melchizedeck embraces you urging that you embrace your divine self with full power and light. Pause.

Lord Melchizedeck now raises his arms up towards the dome and appearing between his outstretched arms is a most magnificent golden cape or cloak. Pause.

He now hangs this cloak around your shoulders, and for a while become very aware of the cloak, feel the texture of the fabric, the embroidery around the collar and hem, feel and see in your mind if your cloak is encrusted with emeralds or diamonds or perhaps other stones, do you have other crystals stitched into your coat, what does the buttons look like, does it have buttons or is it loose, see the coat in detail.

Very long pause.

Now turn around and face Lord Melchizedeck, throw your arms around him very excitedly giving your thanks to him for blessing you with this golden cloak of divine perception. Be excited about it. Give him another embrace!

He now steps back and gifts to you another gift, one amethyst crystal and one clear quartz asking that you place these into the two pockets of your cloak to support you in times of need for the violet energy which acts upon the violet flame is truly most powerful in helping to transcend your limitations and the clear quartz the most powerful receiver and transmitter therefore as you are a transmitter of energy you now have another gift to act with you to receive information thus energy and to transmit this, and together with the amethyst transcend anything that needs shifting and with that turn around and hop and skip out of the palace but as you reach the door, turn and wave giving your thanks to Lord Melchizedeck. Pause.

Once out the door, happily hop down the stairs you stepped up from happily dance through the garden becoming aware of the beautiful sounds of nature, the birds, the bees the flowers, the movement of the wind, the sound of the trees blowing in the wind, feel alive in your life, feel and smell the fragrance of the new earth and be very excited as you dance around with your beautiful golden cloak blowing in the wind with the two gifts in your pockets, all from the High Priest Melchizedeck. Know that you are now certainly on your way to becoming what you always intended to be, a multidimensional expression of divine light, a true spark of Creator Essence as part of the One that created you, that created everything. Pause.

Now bring yourself back into the present moment, back into your body, back into this space. Visualise the energy leaving your feet anchoring you into the earth grounding you properly. Pause. Feel steady and solidly back on the earth.

Open your eyes, stretch your arms and legs, drink some water and be grounded.

Long pause.

I hope my sharing with you today you will bring some things into a better understanding than previously. I certainly hope you will now begin to see the all importance of preparing yourself for times to come but to do so not in sadness doom and gloom but rather to see things from a different perspective, see things differently within the same picture, do you get me drift?

A: Yes (laughter)

It is really important for you to understand your power my friends, and in this power to claim for yourself a new way of being, be in a lighter way of being, and you do all this by simply accepting yourself in a divine state surrendering to the process of life instead of it controlling you, you remain in the flow.

Are there any questions we can answer at this time?

A: After that I feel I shouldn’t ask as I should have all the answers however, expectations?

GA: However go ahead

A: How does one deal with expectation in a relationship?

GA: The law of expectation is two fold, first of all there is the energy of expectation that brings through a lower vibration for what it does is it actually takes away the experience of your own energy for in this case you rely upon another to give you what’s missing so you expect someone to give you something that you could have created yourself or you expect somebody to give you something that you believe you should have yet unable to give to yourself, so the law of expectancy on the one hand asks that you do not rely on someone or something for this is not acceptable and on the other hand you may expect to have a fantastic future for this brings you unwavering happiness as it delivers you to the correct energy of your future for you expect it. If you expect trouble you will have it (laughter) so in this two fold situation on the one hand make sure that that which you expect you will get, and reliantly you truly shouldn’t expect anything. But if you believe you are deserving why not expect the best? You are very welcome.

A: ON that point there this experience has just made me realise just rely on yourself

GA: Dearest beautiful lady, naturally it is important for you to rely on yourself because if you are expecting something from someone else you need to ask yourself which aspect of you is expecting it. Is it one of the ‘poor me’ scenarios within the needy archetype of feeling sorry for yourself or is it one of the wonderful award-winning archetypes of your wonderful dramatist personality that says I expect only the best. Do you follow?
A: Yes

GA: But in general the law of expectancy can be a wonderful energy for you to spend time in, but inevitably unless you are very strong-minded it can get you into the ‘look at me I am so sad’ personality. Look at me feel sorry, I expect you to help me because I am…cold, hungry, because I am your mother – now I am still not your mother (Screeches of laughter) I told you this before do you recall this?
A: Yes

Dear friends, with that I am as Artemis totally delighted to have spend this time with you sharing some insights on enlightenment, clearing some issues, bringing some new understandings. I hope today in your activation you experienced feelings of joy, did you?

A: Yes!

GA: That’s what it was aimed at to get some excitement back into your life, so sister expect to be excited (Laughter) and you will.

And so, I shall again address you as a group in the New Year. I will work with the energy field of this channel often, I have been asked to oversee her energy directly as Artemis, as I along with the other goddesses of light will work even more intently with her energy field especially over the first 6 months of next year. Also working with us will be the energies of other Oracles of Delphi that will come through, as well as the energy of the Goddess Isis, Goddess Diana to mention a few and of course as we all work very much shall we say under one spiritual umbrella of light we shall all be present all of the time, to guide over all of you. Until we meet again, I give to you sincere blessings from my heart to yours and of course remember as you mount your golden horse make sure your golden cloak fits nicely all around you, hanging beautifully. Be sure to keep in your pockets the two gifts Lord Melchizedeck gave you today, hold on to this energy to the best of your and everyone else’s ability and in the process of the changing of the years at midnight to take the new year on not under the law of expectancy, but rather the law of intention, intending to do what you need to do. And throughout all this make sure you wear your golden cloak of divine perception with pride, hold on to the gifts gifted to you in your mind, heart and every aspect of who you are and with that ride out into the wind scared warriors of light and know that in your defense nothing can overcome the light of love. I am Artemis, good-bye.


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