Message from Archangel Michael

Beloved masters….
what is it that you…
are most concerned with at this time?

What is it that you cannot seem to overcome
or find an answer that will explain the
stressful situations that constantly plague you?

For those of you,
who have been on the path of awareness for sometime,
it seems as though you are at a dead end
and no matter what you do or don’t do,
you cannot get past the persistent obstacles
that are creating so much dismay.

We have emphasized many times
that you are in the midst of an intense,
very important transformational process.

Many of you have moved into a cycle whereby your
strongest core issues are rising to the surface
so that, once and for all,
you can neutralize the discordant energies
& thought patterns that are causing such turmoil,
so that they can be transmuted back
into their original form of pure Light Substance.

The path of ascension has many stages and initiations
which can manifest as periods of intense study,
growth and expanded awareness,
followed by times of assimilation
when it seems as though you have moved
into a null zone of stagnation or back into chaos.

The pulse and heartbeat of our Father/Mother God
create cycles of varying degrees,
and every living thing is attuned to rhythmic cycles
of some kind or another.

As you move into the formulation of each higher
sub-dimensional environment, you will find that
the cycles of experience and manifestation
are speeded up considerably.

More and more Soul groups
are coming together on Earth at this time.
it is important you understand that a group of Souls will consist
of people who are at various stages of en-Lighten-ment,
and each person has gifts of varying degrees
to contribute to the whole.

Each group comes together for specific reasons.
Some have been and are being reunited with close members of his/her Soul family
in order to give and receive support.
Many are brought together because of group missions
they have assumed.

Time and time again,
while on your journey throughout the universe,
you have answered a clarion call to unite with
greatly diversified group of Souls
in order to assume an important mission
at some future time and place.

Some of you are fulfilling more than one important mission
during this special time on Earth.
For others,
it is somewhat of a reward lifetime,
whereby… seemingly novice initiates are being supported
and assisted by the more advanced members
and are given the benefit of the group’s wisdom
and Love/Light.

Be assured that those dear Souls
have given the same service in the past,
and at a Soul level they have already met the
requirements of an initiate on the Path.

Possibly, they need only a little nurturing,
training and assistance
in order to remember who they truly are.

Some progress so swiftly that they are given
a Divine Dispensation of Love/Light
so that they may quickly step into their
true roles as Self-masters, teachers
and wayshowers.

Some groups go quietly about spreading
Love/Light and wisdom amongst their family, friends,
neighborhood and local areas of influence.

They spread and share their loving energy
as they tranquilly go about living
and being examples for others to emulate.
While other groups become leaders
and talented teachers
and are destined to have a broader range of influence,
possibly even worldwide.
The more diverse a group is, the greater their potential influence
those around them will be,
they embody a well-rounded range of experience
and wisdom to impart to others.

those of you who have climbed the great mountains of life repeatedly,
and traversed the diverse valleys filled with shadows,
tests and trials
are now bringing forth into your consciousness
the deepest core issues from within your Being.

Before you incarnated,
you were determined to resolve these issues in this lifetime,
for you knew that in order to attain Self-mastery
once more, you must gain a certain level
of balance and harmony within.

Remember, you are not being punished
and you are not doing anything wrong
if you are endeavoring to do
and be your very best.

Once you awaken to the God Spark
within your Sacred Heart,
you will never again be placed in circumstances
which are insurmountable.

You will always experience tests,
challenges and circumstances
to help you awaken to the great potential within
and to move beyond the illusion of the lower planes.
You must always strive for the highest and best solutions.

We understand
that one of the most difficult tasks
is gaining control of your feeling nature and emotions.
It is important that you clear the atmosphere
around you of discordant vibrational patterns every day
so that you can stay empowered within your Sacred Heart
and Solar Power Center.

You are creating a new chapter
in your ledger of life each day.
Will that chapter be on the positive
or the negative side of the ledger?

it is permissible and important that you blaze
the Violet Flame of transformation back through
the history of your lifetime,
thereby erasing cause, core,
record and memory
of any discordant energies of the past.

The Violet Flame
is the gift of transformation
and will help you move
from the wheel of Karma
into a state of Grace.

Diligently use the Violet Flame
to erase all negative actions,
or you must face and rectify your own miscreations
via cause and effect situations.

Learn to love your miscreations free.
Force or resistance will only
strengthen any negative thought forms.

Follow the nudgings of your Soul and Higher Self,
and do not be swayed by popular opinion.

You must strengthen
and learn to listen
to your own inner Divine sense.
Your body is a sounding board.
It is a tuning fork on a certain wave length,
which makes up your Energetic Signature.

If your life is filled with chaos and painful events,
raising your consciousness
will lift and harmonize the wave patterns
of your Energetic Signature,
and your life experiences will also become more balanced,
satisfying and enjoyable.

Beloveds, you are in the critical times which have been
foretold for many ages.

However, there is also more help available
to you than ever before.

The heavens have opened
and the precious elixir of Life
is pouring forth upon all Creation.

This may seem like an impossible concept,
but we tell you,
you do not have to make this journey of life alone.

Keep your eyes focused on the mountain top,
as you stay centered within the God power of the moment
and you will not be led astray.

You have the potential to become physically vibrant,
emotionally fulfilled, mentally aware,
financially abundant and spiritually en-Lighten-ed.

It is your Divine Birthright to experience your life’s journey
in the physical realm to the fullest.
You were designed to savor and enjoy life each day
with passion, to experience physicality
with full awareness and conscious intensity.

Your earthly sojourns were not meant to be filled with pain,
suffering and deprivation.
It is your choice
whether you experience life on Earth
as a heavenly place
or as a hellish nightmare.

Allow us to show you the high road
and Light the path before you.

You are loved most profoundly.

~I am Archangel Michael~

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