Chakra 12 “The Supreme Golden Flame of Oneness” Part 12

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Chakra 12 “The Supreme Golden Flame of Oneness” Part 12

Ascended Master Kuthumi

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

(Firmament of the Dove)

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be
made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not
add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations,
simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be
undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for
your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by
your higher self for your greater good.

*** *** ***

I am Kuthumi, and I come forward from the rays of love and wisdom to
greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a blessing of
enlightenment, illumination, world peace and being able to understand
the self individually and in so doing support the transformation in
others by allowing them to be their own individual self.

Greetings beloved ones,

Greetings Lord Kuthumi,

It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we
gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you here firmly
within the Heart of Christ, and securely upon the Hands of God.

Beloved ones we gather yet again in this spaced space as one, in fact
truth be told we gather every time as one, yet many aren’t able to see
and perceive this as oneness.

The only way to understand at a grand cosmic level the truth of your
reality is to see the self as a oneness energy part of the earth-
global experience. You are often told that even though there are many
personal experiences that differ there are only one-singular human
experience, indeed this is true for the singular human is part of
beingness and this is part of everyone occupying this earth space and
experience you refer to as humanness, taking on a lifetime as a earth
being. Beloved ones, over the last couple of years and more
specifically ever since the great change took place during the
harmonic convergence in 1987 all of us from the realms of
enlightenment have made it a point to bring forth the truth and
underlying understanding of the importance of your oneness. It has
been extremely difficult to explain this theory to some at times, for
many weren’t and aren’t able to comprehend the Grace of it all and the
very reason for this mostly is because of your inability to embrace
the grace of the self and therefore you find it very trying to accept
yourself to be a very unique and individual unit yet as part of one.

Indeed the time is before you where you are being asked to shift your
own vibrations into a whole new way of thinking. Over the past few
months we have taken you through the activation of your higher thus 12
chakric system which will be simplified for you in a oneness energy
during the next and final session as part of this series. This
information is not new, it has been delivered by some, yet not before
using this vessel in this way. Beloved ones, as previously explained:
you cannot run unless you learn to walk, cannot walk unless you learn
to crawl, cannot crawl unless you realize that you as a oneness being
is part of the unity of all that is.

By being human embracing the self as a divine being, you take on the
knowing and responsibility of claiming your part of the Divine, as a
divine earthling. May a time these and many other words that are
shared with you through many other vessels or channels or mediums or
what ever you wish to call these entities, somehow gets lost within
the ethers of confusion and the reason being many a earthling has not
quite realised the truth behind their oneness.

It is rather a vast subject, an incredibly powerful subject as many
beings aren’t able to grasp the fullness of this as they are still
unable to embrace themselves as a divine spark of magnificence.

Judgment and fear are the two energies that rob you of your divinity
holding you back, preventing you from becoming or being the best that
you can be. The key in overcoming these lies in the knowing that these
energies are presented to you for you to transcend them, thus the
limited to the limitless, and very big words from the finite to the

Beloved ones within the 12 chakric energy system comes the knowing of
your divineness as part of the One which makes up all that is. Fact
even though there are many names for the Energy that you refer to as
God, the understanding of the of this Energy lies beyond your normal
limiting parameters which cannot be anything but All That Is. To even
begin to touch on this subject and its vastness one has to have some
idea of what it feels like to create. Each and every one of you has
some experiences on creating something, haven’t you?

A; Yes

MK: Anyone wishing to share what you have created?

– quiet –

MK: Don’t feel shy, it’s only me here (laughter). Let’s randomly pick
someone. Our lady over here please?
A; Inner peace

MK: Beloved sister this is a milestone to create as inner peace is the
most powerful energy that every human strives to create; it’s not all
that simple. What did it take you to achieve this milestone?

A: Lots of lectures from you telling me the same thing over and over

Mk: Very good then, perhaps the reason for repeating is the fact that
obviously it hasn’t hit home yet! (laughter). Do you know what the
underlying meaning of this expression is? Where is the greatest aspect
of you anchored?

A: Home

MK: Thus the most beautiful aspect of your physical reality meaning
you, hasn’t tap into the Home-ness (knowing within higher self), in
other words you haven’t as yet allowed the present self to connect to
the knowing of the higher self for the knowing hasn’t hit “Home” yet.

Beloved ones, creation is part of the earth experience with its powers
gifted to you for you to understand your ability to manifest from
yourself that which you desire, or like our sister a blessed inner
peace energy – which is so profoundly amazing for a human to even
think of inner peace before their rands (dollars/pounds/currency etc)
not so. (laughter) Indeed many a rand or dollar in hand does bring
some into a state of inner peace.

The essence of this and all that was shared with you so far,
especially that which we brought forth during the month of February,
was all about abundance thus consciousness. Beloved ones deep within
the inner realms of the inner earth and within the outer realms of the
inner planes within this galaxy, we all gathered as forces of light
with a multi-dimensional underlying message of your right to an
abundant life, your right to an abundant life filled with inner peace,
paved by tranquility. Yes many of you have experienced creating many
things on many levels. We do understand that the human aspect of
shyness steps in and with that many of you seem unable to express and
share that which you should be so proud of creating. Then there is the
guilt aspect which is over shadowed by doubt, flamed by assumptions of
greed and with that you often don’t claim your creations, just as some
go into the opposite of this energy which is egotistical, many of you
don’t claim your worth, your creations.

Being alive in a earth body is an amazing creation, being alive at
this time tapping into the fact that you might be awake is incredible,
being aware that the possibility exists that you might just be
conscious, this is what we term as awesome. Therefore standing as an
individual yet part of the one, this is what we term cosmically
phenomenal. Each of you that give of your time and energy to work on
the self at deep levels transcending energy that have limited you are
now moving ahead, for in many ways you have surpassed that which
prevented you from moving forward thus the various unknown subjects
which prevents many from exploring because of the fear and doubt
aspects, all of this is moving into a whole new plateau as a direct
result of all of the grids surrounding your planet, of which humanity
has become increasingly aware of, even the unaware knows there’s
something brewing ‘out there’ as some grids like the human
consciousness grid receive new-found sparked public interest. The 144
crystalline many of you have been part of in reinforcing thus
creating. When I asked previously what you have created not one of you
that were present at these activations thought of this, why not? Lack
of self worth? You say: “Little me am I good enough to send of my
energy in support of reinforcing thus creating a few-found grid
energy?” – Yes you are.

Beloved ones, the Christ Consciousness is you, you are carriers of
this energy. Each of you that are in some sort of an awakened state
cosmically as well as planetary do carry aspects of the Christ Energy
which you anchor as Consciousness, aspects of this return Christ
Energy is found deep within your RNA/DNA.

Beloved ones, the 12th chakra is about coming to a time in your life
that requires of you to be very still, asking you to be conscious
within your stillness, to be centered within your grandness, and with
that if you still have emotions or feelings of doubt, disbelief, and
unworthiness about this, then how can you come to this space of
stillness, this place that humbly shows you your supremeness allowing
you to bathe in your grandness for this is what this energy create
within the 12th level of your cosmic awakening.

Beloved ones, the greater part of some awakened ones can barely
swallow on the first 7 chakras, let alone the higher centres yet some
of you have walked this journey of activating the upper chakras
allowing your energy fields to expand. Some of you have actually given
of the self to awaken within the self the truth and the reality of
your cosmic Christ knowing. This is indeed brave.

The 12th chakra is the energy centre that normally allows the entire
body to come alive in a golden glow in preparation when leaving this
planet, the time when your life-time upon this planet comes to an end.
What happens on an energetic level is the 12th chakric golden flame
actually gives way as the silver cord of life is anchored through this
energy as one, which then allows the life-breath to be released from
the body, brain, lungs, and every cell and thus take ‘living
consciousness’ with it, like a hen gatherings her chicks, ushering all
earth life energy out of this dimension into the next, excitedly so,
for this is inert excitement that the soul knows of, that is overseen
by the spirit, beloved ones this excitement is what gives unto you the
peace of being at Home as it awakens back into your spirit-soul-cosmic
reality all that you knew before. It’s like a bell ringing allowing
you to understand every language be that earth or universal it matters
not. This divineness this ultimate peace that lights up the golden
flame within the most sacred space of the upper energy centers is what
you feel within every sob of your saddest tear, within every grasp of
air during your most deepest cries of laughter, it is what you feel
when reading between the lines of that which was never written. It is
a love unexplainable yet in the deepest part of your earth reality a
knowing and understanding that naturally becomes part of you again,
this time not simply in death, but in awakened conscious life. It is
generally for this very reason that at the time of general physical
death there is no fear, even though you may experience shock due to
being unprepared for leaving, in which case there are many 1000’s of
beings ready to help you transcend the shock waves embracing the love.
By being at one with the self and others whilst living you certainly
will be at one with the self and others when leaving. It most
certainly is about surrendering into inner peace, embracing all
aspects of the self in high knowing.

Have you ever experienced the most incredible turmoil yet seemed
unaffected? Have you ever experienced energy bombarding you from every
conceivable aspect, direction and corner of life yet for some reason
you felt not part of it? This is the spark within the golden flame
that places you within a protective space of non-reaction, it also
delivers to you inner peace, a place guarded by tranquil shields of
knowing that you are and will be fine. In fact all of the seals of
consciousness beyond the lower 7 prepare and train you to incorporate
this explosion of Light and Peace, love and enlightenment with
abundant acceptance, all released within this oneness energy of the

It is beyond the body of the lower 7 chakras that you come to the
understanding that it matters not whether others think you have lost
the plot, you are just fine. Lets face it you have a lot to content
with enroute to consciousness, you have within the 8th chakra your
many archetypes to deal with, then as your consciousness expand your
connection to the angelic, archangelic, ascended masterhood and space
realms, and here within this 12th level of your awareness you are
asked to be still and know that you are part of God. It is from the
illuminated flame held within this supreme part of your consciousness
that you are asked to now fully accept the love that God has for every
one of you, for every one of us, it is from this level that you now
finally begin to piece together your very intricate puzzle of life
with the knowing that the cherry on this cake is indeed a very sweet

It is at this level of your consciousness that we implore you to
become quiet and still, and within this hour of stillness feel what it
feels like to be a leaf, leaving a tree as it sweeps in the winds
drifting towards the ground soil for its new stage as part of the next
level of creation. It is from this still point that you can feel the
presence of your fellow animal sweeping across the lands in herds;
animal next to animal tightly bundled together. It is from this every
part, that you truly tap into a far greater understanding of your
human-ness and how to embrace this fully simply by just being, how to
allow this by accepting Is-ness, and how to embrace the Grace and Love
of God by claiming it as part of the self.

It is also from here that you seriously begin to communicate to the
various aspects of the self wanting to embrace the self through
balanced love instead of fragmenting it. Beloved one, by igniting the
sacred flame within this centre you acknowledge being part of God part
of Christ Consciousness. It is within the stillness of this energy
that you become comfortable within your skin as you accept your
divinity, as a mystery part of the wonderment of creation.

The evolution of life is anchored here, as it is also from here that
you truly and deeply feel the pain of a falling tree, it is from here
that you intently reach out for the survival and reinforcement of life
within your forests and oceans, it is from here that you participate
in bringing balance and healing on a planetary level, all which in
some way fuels your fire of claiming the self as part of your own
grandness being at one with the Divine Whole. If you are unable to be
still, unable to draw into the self your godliness by recognizing the
self as part spark of the Divine One, then why care less about the
ocean or trees, about the planet or its ozone, therefore when you
begin to recognize your part as part of the whole, that is when the
light finally glows illuminating this centre shining light on your
cosmic reality and truths, therefore you now claim this, by being it,
be in it. You cannot be it, unless you there is some understanding on
a vast level of how this affects you and with that how your reactive
response affects everyone else.

It is at this level of your chakric ladder that you come to understand
your part in the greater cosmic scheme of things for it is here that
the seriousness within rings true to your earth experience and with
that you are asked to claim your humor no matter your seriousness.
More so often than not we find some within the earth realms over
serious and even sour, very much a lower energy without lightness of
being. You sometime seem to take yourself and life over serious and
thus if everything in your life doesn’t flow like clock-work there is
a problem and often even if there is no real problem your tend to
create one not so (laughter) This is humanness, for most of you cannot
not be not OK (cracks of laughter) for when things go smooth sailing
you often call upon the winds of drama to increase so it can be fixed,
that naturally excludes the inner self (laughter).

Dear ones, indeed this is a journey of ‘fixing the self’ and the aim
is at doing this with laughter and joy which reveals to you the truth
and the reality of your uniqueness, which you can either find most
incredibly funny that you are so amazing and love yourself and others
through it, or your ego could leap this up. Inevitably a part of those
that have chosen the repeated experience of earth evolution always
questions ‘When is it going to end’ and the answer is when you allow
it. Unless you decide to take on various paths of experience as part
of the evolution of the human soul, when the ego takes over you take
on challenge after challenge, here the key is not to train the ego to
think big but rather to love the ego by not allowing it to run away
with you. Beloved ones, the ego is a very important part of the human-
make-up, though not expressed through the lower mind, thus when you
come to face the mirror of divine reflection within the 12th chakra
you see only beauty, kindness and love, thus godliness within the
reflection that stares back at you. Given the same mirror within the
lower centres especially within your egocentric centre, the lower
aspects of the solar plexus, you often won’t be able to see the self
this way for 90% of the time you only see the outward thus
scrutinizing the shade of your mascara oppose to removing your masks.
You are so busy seeing that your beard is acceptably barbered or that
your hair style will be approved by the ones that sets your trends,
thus you are unable to see the true beauty of the magnificent being
that hides behind the artful exterior of short-lived bliss and having
said this: It is not wrong to look good, to want to look beautiful, to
wear fashionable shades, to moisten your lips with a favorable colour,
what is wrong is not claiming this beauty within. This is the
continuous pull and push between the lower and higher or soul ego, the
greater part of the lower ego is contained within the lower aspects of
the solar plexus, where as some of the higher aspects of your mental
capability is located within the lower aspects of the 3rd eye with the
heart overruling the greater aspect of the higher or soul ego. Your
God-Consciousness ego is anchored first into the 12th chakra and from
there it connects to the crown and so on. The 12th centre awakens your
part of the One-Unity-Consciousness.

It is only when you reach such beautiful levels of self love with your
eyes glittering as diamonds at the very thought of your own beauty and
bliss that you can embrace all as one for it is here truly when the
divine part of man awakens that you are able to shine forth with a
golden glow all of that which God represents to you. It is from here
that God sees Itself in your eyes. It is this oneness that spark your
presence into divinity, that awaken this within every one of your
centres, levels of consciousness or chakras, to such an extend that
the only thing that is reflected from these are their evolved state
oppose to their lower unevolved state. When you can finally let go of
the limitations of your judgmental mind, of scrutinizing your
physicality and outer obsessions, of having the own that luxury
vehicle because of…, this is when you will come to own it and drive it
with love through the power of your God-Consciousness as One. The
other reality that truly becomes very evident as time goes by, is that
through all of this materiality, none truly is yours. You are a part
of it, it is not yours.

So here you awaken to the fact that the only thing that you do own is
your spirit-soul, these two belong to each another and you (the
personality) is an expression as a result of these. These two energies
are overseen by your Monadic Spirit, with the soul directly overlit by
the lower aspect of the higher self. All of this energy culminates as
the 13th chakra. The energy of the Essence that is you, owns you, as
you are a reflector of this radiance. You reflect light, which is
another reason why it is often easy to detect when someone is not
well, when your friends comment on you not looking too bright. This
may even be at times when you outwardly laugh and smile, yet the
absence of inner bliss very prevalent. Thus through these energies you
reflect out into the cosmos all that you represent. The essence of
your body, mind and soul through the aspects of the various bodies
that you embody all come together, reflecting a luminance that
‘speaks’ for you as one. Your humanness is a small part of your
wholeness nonetheless a very important part, it is part of many other
fragments that also join forming your greater whole therefore it is
within this one unity consciousness centre, the 12th level of your
cosmic awareness as human part of your greater whole, that you now are
asked to embrace yourself as a true individual yet part of the greater
whole, the oneness. Beloved one, each and every one of you is a very
beautiful and most intelligent being playing an important part as part
of the cosmic wheels of change.

Many of you, especially those that claim your lightworkership often
have to go through huge changes and growth to come to the realization
that your life might just be of value. Often you ask ‘but why am I
here, for what then is the purpose behind my being, I must go to see
someone to foretell me what then this purpose must be’ we find this so
humorous for many of them do not know what their own foretell is let
alone yours. The 12th centre foretell that the only time you shall
reach with clarity into the knowing of what your purpose is, is when
you see yourself individually as part of the ONE, thus embrace your
part of the cosmic chain and because of your own agreeableness be the
part of the great shift that you set out to be.

Ascension is a time shift plan set out eons ago, yet for many years we
were unable to share info regarding this due to variable situations.
Now that it is a fixed plan and if anything can be called as such then
ascension certainly is marked as such an event on your calendars in
time to come. It is what you have been working for and towards over
many lifetimes and now at this time, as man, as evolutionary
lightworker you have come to face this energy making yourself
willingly part of the ascension program, which is a light program for
a better word which very much light’s up the 12th chakric system as a
whole within its golden glow of Light that overlit you, allowing you
to come alive sparkling like a fraction of the Greatest Spark of the
One That Is.

Ascension is the acknowledgment of your part of the oneness; it is a
process of enlightenment you are journeying through and as time unfold
it will be made known exactly what your whole purpose is within the
scheme of things even though many of you doubt your importance in
this. It is within the stillness of this most supreme cosmic centre
that you come to terms with your divinity, your part of the God Spark
for here it is only the Supreme God Energy that will allow you to see
this in its truth state.

Beloved ones, the further you move away so to speak from the lower
centres the more the emphasis is for you to be very aware of your
energy field, thus when venturing into the higher aspects of your
energy you are asked to embrace the higher truths to your reality.
Here you will come, as we have done, to celebrate your cosmic origins
no matter how complicating this may seem for many, thus embrace your
cosmic seed birth within the seas of this earth reality. We have
shared with you your brotherhood connection, we have awaken within
your angelic reality and your journey beyond this plane but it is only
now at this level that you are truthfully asked to face your godliness
and to do so by humbly claim your part of the greater oneness.

The greater oneness denotes of you to understand that you are divinely
guided and protected at all times; some accept this whilst others
flatly won’t or do so half-heartedly with skepticism, dubious and
doubtful to make the connection no matter their curiosity. To
understand this, be at one with the self in the knowing that you truly
matter, and if this is true for you, then surely its true about
everyone and everything else that matters too, no matter their

When opening the sacred heart you do this by allowing the supreme
golden energy within the 12th centre to unlock allowing the love and
wisdom emanating from the Supreme One that Created you to flow towards
you, every part of you, and all others. You open your heart by
allowing Grace to be part of you by claiming this within you,
accepting this gift, claim it by being it (be in it). Without this
Grace, life is impossible. With intent, this claim then awakens your
deep understanding when it comes to oneness. By aligning the self as
part of this graceful Oneness how can you then not be guided and
protected? If all else fails do you not think if your mate is
protected and you believe not to be that by sharing a space with her
and her guides warns her about possible danger they won’t include

It is at this level of aspiring to understand God in Its infinite
Oneness, Wisdom and Love that you are at one with all life therefore
when you embrace the goodness that comes to you though this oneness,
this is when the ego completely relinquishes its control by allowing
the heart centre to steer the human vehicle. The heart allow the
questioning mind to find a place of stillness, the questioning of what
this journey is all about, what this lifetime is all about, what your
purpose and part of all this is, what is the purpose of this oneness?
These are niggling uncertainties of the questioning mind that never

The reality of incarnations are extremely complex, many ask why they
still at times harbor ill feelings towards others, creating much
conflict for the self. It is important to realize that at times you
were unable within this and many other lifetimes to bring certain
aspects of the self into a peace treaty or to heal this completely and
thus you will find that those that you find yourself opposed to, often
reflect the ‘unfinished’ aspects of the self which reflects these
conflicting situations for you to work through and heal. In other
words what ever you feel provoked by or upset by is inevitably that
which you haven’t as yet worked through. So in this level of oneness
the understanding is that if there is an aspect of the self that still
finds it terribly upsetting to deal with certain aspects of others
then truly now is the time to bring into the stillness of your mind
every intention for you to ease and overcome this, and do this by
embracing it. This is what is meant by loving it until it goes away,
for when you oppose energy, any energy, friction forms between the
atoms that separate these. What does friction do? It aggravates
things, makes it bigger, louder, stronger, more prominent not so, thus
instead of diffusing it with love which has no opposition by removing
the friction, by harping on it (what upsets and irritates you) you add
to its friction thus you are fueling its fires.

So here at the level of divine oneness come the understanding that
there is only one true way for you to embrace the total true divinity
that is you and that is for you to love yourself as all others, with
that love your neighbor as you do yourself, love the aspects of the
self that stirs the self, love every obstacle that you feel blocks
your way for the more love you give towards it the less friction it
will cause, thus the more love placed within its vibrational field the
smaller it’s controlling roots will be and in time it shall give unto
you a way of embracing that which you oppose in the sense of oneness
thus eliminate that which hindered your progress.

When you are in denial about something you create friction, the moment
you shift this as I explained you take its power away and when
searching for ways to eliminate friction you must tap into the supreme
oneness of your being, as part of the whole.

Beloved ones be still – as I suggested a mere hour and ten minutes
ago, be still and know that you are God. When looking at this phrase
the understanding is not expressed from the ego of being so ‘cool’
that you can be God, but rather from a humbleness that knows God’s
Omniscient Presence within the Omnipotence of All that is. Know this
from a truth that rings inside of your reality every bell that
reverberates your divinity, every bell that rings loud your joy, love
and excitement in your recognition of your godliness. The supreme
oneness within this centre allows you to awaken to the humbleness of
the golden rays of love and wisdom that beams down towards you
illuminating your way forth, and for you to wisely share these
insights with others.

We shared many years ago some insights on how to heal your own
poisons. We shared then that one of the many and most potent ways for
you to heal the envious mind is for you to practice the “acid test of
forgiveness” meaning that within your meditations (or in person should
you have the need to) you take that which you desire for the self
gifting it to those that oppose you most, your so called enemies,
doing this is also an acknowledgement of your singular part of the
greater whole.

Beloved ones, as mentioned it is from this very centre that the
supreme or sacred heart energy is further activated, and this
awakening rings the clear and soothing bells of your divineness, for
it is only from this most supreme and enlightened space that you are
fully able to embrace every aspect of the self not from a earning
deserving state but rather from a state of being. It is from here that
the spirit stirs the soul for the lower self to accept higher truths
and realities. These higher pearls of wisdom then incorporate the
lower earth life ‘negatives’ as experiences oppose to failures. For
this reason we have often suggest the importance of being still in
nature for the natural flow of energy within nature allows you to
easily tap into the nature of your being, thus your nature becomes
part of earth nature.

Beloved ones you cannot feel the true pulse of your nature in front of
your television sets, cooped up in 4 walls busing the self with the
chatter of your over active minds, being involved in organizing every
one else’s lives around you. No this stillness and acknowledgement and
grace you will easiest feel at one with within nature. It is important
to be in nature as often as you can for this is the nature of your
origins, always being part of nature. Your origins were not part of 4
walls and a television therefore for you to be able to embrace the
nature of your oneness you are asked to spend time often within
natural surroundings connecting to the pulse of the earth, connect
from your sacral, from your heart, from your higher centres to her
pulse, and feel this connection linking the energies of father sky and
mother earth with you acting as a conduit and transformer for that is
what you are.

Here within nature you will come to find your beauty and enlightenment
with ease which will also allow you to recognize your part of the

Many of you at many a time seem to think that a greater part of your
life drags itself across the nature of your existence where in fact
these are the times when most of the learning takes place. The common
nature of many a earth human is to be busy at all times, as you feel
at ease when scurrying between pillar and post for this is the time
when you blank out your blissfulness replacing it with numbness. So my
request to you this afternoon before we go into the activation part of
this transmission is when you do experience this, to become still even
for just a moment, and with that become aware that at this very time
of self-inflicted disruption, there is some evolution at hand if you
but allow it. Be still and listen to your inner call, know when things
seem to drag, that it is so for a reason, there’s a message of growth
in there somewhere.

Beloved ones if you heard it once you heard it a million times: The
Kingdom of God is within and it is by claiming this Kingdom of God
within that you truly come to realise your big part in the cosmic

Many of you at times are unable to embrace yourself as carriers of the
Light, carriers of the Love, so within this 12 centre, thus the
illuminated aspect of your godliness the time has arrived for you to
be still in the knowing that you too are a part of Creation. You are a
part of the Energy that created everything and even though you are an
individual which you truly so must be and embrace, you can never be
anything else but be a part of the Greater Whole.

Every body has an energy field around them, some know it as the Auric
field, thus you have an energy make-up that surrounds you, that guides
you in some way, which also protect you and guard you. Some are
conscious of this whilst others aren’t. The more conscious you become
of this the more powerful it becomes. The lesser your awareness the
least it can do for you. By activating an energy field that surrounds
you which some know as the Merkaba or Light Body, you are giving
yourself permission to transcend your consciousness. By consciously
specifically activating this energy field, you have to naturally claim
yourself as part of The Oneness therefore I shall say to you very
importantly that if you have been unable to claim yourself as part of
the God-Spark-Oneness you will not be able to successfully activate
this energy field of Merkaba as this energy field can only come to
life once you allow it to be recognized as part of the Oneness. If
there is any lower ego involved, in any way or form whatsoever, you
will not be able to activate this vehicle of Light for you to do
interdimensional traveling, to transcend your consciousness, to enable
yourself to tune into higher frequencies, some even light-years away.

Beloved ones as some of you might know the Diamond Energy that is
emitted by the Diamond Ray is supremely overlit by the Christ Jesus
and this is the Ray that awakens the higher aspect of the heart
energy. This is also known as the sacred heart or high heart. In the
awakening of this scared high heart comes the realization that within
you is a Love that is part of the Whole, yet individual in expression
for if there was not this individuality which at the same time is part
of the oneness link that knows you to be part of All That Is, you
would not indeed be able to claim your own talents, would you?
Therefore when ever I ask “what your talents are” some of you become
very shy about the recognition thereof, which is because the higher
aspect of the heart energy is being shut off by lower doubt which
renders you unable in the knowing of just how fantastic you are, thus
you need someone else to inspire you to believe this through their
outer recognition, and with that I am asking everyone of you to open
your high heart and let us for a moment do a exercise together,

Place both your hands on your sacred heart, just above the heart. I
now ask you to venture on the journey of unveiling the god-self by
claiming within every part of your psyche your talents. What do you
think to be your talents, what do you believe you are talented of?
Claim this, then feel this, feel the heat instantly accumulating under
your hands that cusp your sacred heart. Anyone?

A: Yes

Mk: Simply hold your hands over this area one over the other, if your
hands are semi open your fingertips should touch the thymus gland with
the palm chakras over the area of the high heart. Feel this,
acknowledge this talent that is you, acknowledge the flower
arrangements you are so good at, the pottery making that you are so
good at, running your home which you are so good at, and with that
discern between running and controlling your home for there is a fine

Beloved ones, now in this acknowledgement of the awakening Christ
Consciousness within you and feeling this energy between your palms
and sacred heart I want you, within your mind, to set an intent of
that which you wish to become talented of, share this to the self
within your mind, and in so doing breathe into your existence that
which you wish to be talented of, in other words what are the talents
that you would like to learn and then what are the talents that you
need to learn? Long pause…

Are these the talents of compassion? Are these the talents of self-
love? What about baking, cooking, or gardening? Are these the talents
that will allow you to recognize your magnificence? Are these the
talents that will support you in loving your annoying neighbors?

What are the talents that you would like, breathe this into your
psyche allowing these to settle within your lungs, your body and
heart. Allow this energy to become one with you. Pause. You may now
rest your hands on your laps facing up. Did you connect to this

A; Some say yes

Mk: Anyone that need help with this?

A; No

Mk: Did anyone of you experience the need for a talent you ‘thought’
you already had?

A: some say yes

Mk: Did anyone of you experience the need for a talent you gave
previously no thought to?

A; Yes

MK: Beloved ones, this is the energy of Oneness contained within the
12th centre that inspires you to come alive within your own
brilliance. So it has taken the ego out of the way by anchoring your
energy within the High Heart the Christ Consciousness, by bathing you
within the diamond energy of supreme enlightenment and because of the
sincerity of the exercise you were unable to trick yourself into
something that you do not need or truly want, or something that is
already alive within your talents.

Keep your hands rested on your laps, facing up, excited about life and
Oneness and Beingness aren’t you?

A: Yes!

MK: You all but look it! (Laughter)

A: Same sister as before answers Kuthumi “Clearly an illusion”

MK: Beloved sister with your inner peace I cannot blame you (hoots of

Now close those beautiful eyes of yours, breathe some beautiful air
into your lungs, fill up your lungs and be grateful for your lives,
breathe fresh oxygen fully into your lungs, allow the exchange of
gasses to take place releasing all the old stale air, welcome the new
fresh air and give thanks for your lives.

Give thanks firstly for this sacred space that you have created here
this day, your individual presence as part of the oneness of all that
is. Pause. Give your thanks for your awareness of the cosmic energies
that are unfolding as we speak and shall continue to do so for the
next 21 days of your calendar (Cosmic trigger – Return of the
Firmament of the Dove)

Give thanks for recognizing all of this, beloveds give thanks for your
inner support that is prompted from a spirit-soul-aspect into your
reality. Pause.

I now want you to imagine you are sitting under a beautiful massive
pyramid of Light, visualizing yourself inside your golden energy
pyramid of Light. Pause. Now again, bring into your conscious
awareness that which you are so grateful for, that which you feel you
still need to integrate from a talent aspect and then that which has
made itself known from a talent aspect. Long pause.

Simply be within this calm space sitting exactly where you are at with
your golden pyramid surrounding you. Now bring into your mind the
following: See within your mind a golden energy droplet being released
from the very top point thus the apex of this pyramid of light, see
this golden aspect of consciousness in droplet form fall into the core
of the 12th chakra, which is a golden flame that extends from the
level of the 10th chakra, flaming higher than the 11th chakra
encapsulating it.

For those of you that have followed the journey of the awakening
higher centres at the level of the 10th chakra you were blessed with a
golden spherical disc containing within its centre a silver sphere
with the pearlescent flame. Now from the base of the 10th chakra, the
golden disc, I want you to visualize a massive golden flame which
naturally encloses the 11th Diamond Flame. Pause.

Now with that in place, again become aware of these droplets of
consciousness being released from the apex of the golden pyramid
dropping into the core of the golden flame which is the 12th chakra
impression, drops through the diamond flame in the 11th, drops through
the mother or pearl flame within the 10th, through the platinum flame
in the 9th, through the magenta flame in the 8th, passes through the
12 golden flames in the 7th, through the third eye flame the emerald
flame, through the double sapphire flame within the throat or the 5th
chakra, then flows down into the golden flame within high heart where
it comes to rest. Pause.

Beloved ones, in your visualizations within your own time and space
when you can find the time to be within the quiet space of oneness as
part of all existence, we gift to you this gift to utilize as a tool
for feeding consciousness into your being, to be used in any which way
you feel comfortable with, with the one law which states should you
use this golden droplet consciousness visualization for ego-driven
purposes you are wasting your time. But doing this as you are now,
within the sacredness of your high heart, within the stillness of your
sacred mind, you are given an opportunity to expand your mind, your
consciousness and thus light, in this manner you may wish to breathe
into your being everything that you desire and need to be a part of.
Let this gift be used in support of your soul, mind, heart and spirit.
Let this be gifted as an amazing gift for you to expand from yourself
every possibility of being the most incredible being you can ever be.

Now in this visualization I want you to feel the connection between
the golden flame of supreme enlightenment within your 12th centre and
that of your scared higher heart centre. Pause.

We now ask that you release another aspect of your godliness into your
energy field thus release from the capstone apex another golden sphere
or bubble of light, allowing it travel down through all of the higher
core flames, down into the sacred heart, and now beloved ones I want
you to visualize how this energy is transformed within the sacred
heart and with that released to descend through the lower flames, see
this golden bubble of light traveling through the pink flame of the
heart centre, then through the Rub-Gold flame within the solar plexus,
then through the violet flame within the sacral, and then allow this
golden bubble of light to come to rest anchored within the smaller
golden flame within the sun chakra which is located between the sacral
and the base chakras. Pause. This third singular golden flame is your
flame of innate creativity (the other 2 are contained in the high
heart and 12th chakra)

Now bring into your awareness how the golden flame of the sun chakra
burns brighter and brighter as these two upper singular golden flames
gives life to your creativity, thus feel the connecting link
increasing in power connecting your sun chakra, your sacred heart and
your 12th chakra. Long pause.

Beloved ones when ever you are required to express creatively and yet
feel somewhat stale, off, or dislodged experiencing some sort of a
creative blockage, do this visualization by embracing these beautiful
golden droplets of delight being released from the apex of your
pyramid, into the 12th centre, then into the sacred heart and from
there into the sun chakra. From the sun chakra expand this golden
flame burning brighter as you visualise this flame burning away all of
the limitations that stagnates your creativity. Pause.

Your innate creativity which is located within the sun chakra and your
create ability which is located within the high heart as we have
mentioned is supported through the diamond rays and can only truly
evolve into maestro ability when you embrace every aspect of yourself
as a God-Spark, co-creator of your life and all that you stand for
which naturally is lodged within the golden flame within the 12 chakra
glowing high above your head, illuminating your way as this forms the
golden trinity of your creative ability, forming an energy matrix of
truth which will support you in any and every way possible in creating
that which you wish to manifest within your lives, creatively. Pause.

We now wish for you to bring your attention to the 24 earth chakras
contained within the lower part of your energy field, simply
connecting with these. Pause.

Now from your illuminated golden 12th chakra create a link connecting
to the 12 golden flames within the crown centre. Pause. Now allow
these 12 golden flames together with the 12th chakra golden flame to
extend their power creating a link connecting their glow with the 24
golden earth chakras. Long pause. Now visualise every single one of
your 24 earth chakras sending a golden ray of light into the core of
the earth but before you do this first allow the 24 golden earth ray
energies to combine as one about 1,5mt below your feet, and from there
send this joint magnificent golden glow powerfully into the earth,
anchored firmly into the very core of the earth. Very long pause.

Now from the top part of the supreme golden flame within your 12th
chakra transmit a golden energy that travels through the apex of the
pyramid, up into the heavens above and the same as with the earth-star-
grounding-point below your feet, connect first with a bonding matrix
about 1,5mts above your head and from there see how this one cord is
actually 11 separate golden cords bind in a tube-like effect by the
12th as one, disappearing into the heavens above, sparking its light
(s) into the cosmos of All That Is. Very long pause.

Kuthumi recapped all up to here.

From outside your energy field 11 cords of light from the top are held
together (like a tube) by the 12th and about 1,5mts above your head
they join and connect as one with the flame within the 12th chakra,
the 12th chakra then connects with the 12 golden flames within the
crown, the 12 golden flames within the crown then connect to the 24
golden earth chakras which extends down connecting again as one about
1,5mts below your feet from whence it is send deep into the heart of
Mother Earth again joined in a tube-like effect. .

Before this you had the golden godliness activating spheres (bubbles
of Light) which was released from the apex of the golden pyramid
either for your conscious cosmic evolution into 12th chakra, then into
the sacred heart or/and from the apex of the pyramid, into the 12th
chakra, then into the scared heart and then into the sun chakra for a
creative boost.

Beloved ones, now again bring into your mind’s eye that which you have
requested to take on as a talent, that which you wish to embrace as a
new mastering talent. Pause.

Now visualize this energy as a creative spark within your sun chakra,
thus place this dream into a golden sphere or flame within your sun
chakra. Pause. From your sun chakra, I want you to connect to every
one of the golden earth chakras and with that see how every one of
these 24 cords of light allow an aspect of that which you want or need
to master come alive for you, grounding your request firstly into
everyone of the 24 earth chakras and from the earth chakras sends this
request along the already manifested golden cords towards the earth-
star grounding point to meet as ONE, and from there allow this unity
consciousness of ONE to send this energy into the earth’s core.

Now visualise how the earth blesses you in return with this awakening
gift by allowing you to embrace it in your earth reality, use the
power of the emerald flame within the third eye and golden flame
within the sun chakra and bring into your vision thus imagine yourself
alive living your newly acquired talent. In this way you become
actively one with the ‘behind the scene’ energies that supports your
create ability. Very long pause.

Remember it matters not if you prefer a tangible or non-tangible
talent for as long as the golden aspect of Divine Oneness is being
embraced by All That Is, it shall be so. Pause.

Again bring into your awareness your golden pyramid of light
surrounding you. Pause. Now finally from you sun chakra, scared heart
and 12th chakra {Golden trinity of our create ability} send out
triggers of light of your request into the pyramid of light which
releases this into the cosmic seas. Pause. Thus from the most sincere
part of the self put this request forward to the most sincere part of
all that is you too, to have released unto you all that you so desire.
Long pause.

Beloved ones, now in your mind’s eye, I want you to imagine standing
ahead of you is a beautiful being that you know as Saint Germain.

Still within your pyramid of light with the 12th chakra glowing above
you for the moment let go of all the other visualizations apart from
these two, the massive pyramid that you sit within and the golden
flame extending itself from the 10th, incorporating the 11th,
illuminating the way of the 12th. Pause.

Saint Germain within His Violet Flame is standing facing you about
2-3mts away, with his two hands cupping holding a miniature golden
pyramid of light, a upside down pyramid magically balancing on its
point or apex. Pause. Now look closely and observe this to be a 3rd
Dimensional Tetrahedron or as many still think a three-sided pyramid.
Saint Germain now lightly blow this energy off his hand which
gravitates towards you increasing in seize and anchors itself
surrounding you contained within your larger pyramid of light, and
with that another golden tetrahedron forms on his hands, this time
balancing the other way around with its base at the bottom and apex at
the top which he also blows lightly off his hands increasing in seize
as it gravitates towards you superimposing itself over the first
tetrahedron surrounding you, creating a golden 3-dimensional star
tetrahedronal energy field that surrounds you, with you still sitting
within the much larger 4-sided golden pyramid. Very long pause.

Within your mind, now turn to face the opposite side where you will
come to face the energy of Archangel Michael. Pause.

Beloved ones now visualize Archangel Michael holding out his hands
palms facing towards you and radiating from his palm chakras a
magnificent cobalt-blue ray which bathe your entire star tetrahedronal
energy field in the colour blue. Very long pause.

Now with Saint Germain activating the golden Merkabic energy,
archangel Michael the blue Merkabic energy turn back again as to face
Saint Germain and become aware on your left side a magnificent Being
manifest that you know as Jeshua, so turn to face the Energy of Lord
Jesus and with that see that He too raises His hands and emanating
from His palm chakras is a most brilliant magnificent bright white
ray, transforming your Merkabic star tetrahedron into the purest of
white energies. Very long pause.

Again turn to face Saint Germain whom now again raises his hands and
emanating from his palm chakras is a magnificent silver vibration of
light transforming your Merkabic field to take on the energy of liquid
silver. Very long pause.

I now wish for you to turn to the right where you come to face my
energy as Kuthumi, where I too raise my hands emanating from my palm
chakras a most magnificent Magenta ray which blesses your energy field
with unconditional love. Very long pause.

Again turn to Saint Germain, yet very aware of the other Lords of
Light continuing to pour our energy into your Light Field, Christ
Jesus, Archangel Michael, Saint Germain and I Kuthumi. Very long

Now become aware that the 4 of us simultaneously hold our palm chakras
towards your crown centre reigniting your 12 golden crown flames to
glow brighter and brighter. With these flames becoming increasingly
brighter visualize your 9th chakra coming to life with its crystalline
vibration by visualizing an interlocking star-tetrahedron glowing in
that area. Now bring your attention to the area between the 12 golden
flames and the glowing crystalline star-tetrahedron to the 8th chakra
where you visualize the golden pyramid with the magenta flame glowing
in its core resting above your crown with the 12 flames illuminating
it. (Crown chakra flames light up the 8th chakra)

Now see how the magenta flame within the 8th chakra burns brighter and
brighter lighting up the golden sphere within the golden 8th pyramid
and its infinity loops, and with this become aware that the energy
within the 9th chakra comes to life with the two counter-rotating
spheres that surrounds the star tetrahedron spinning in opposite
directions, see the star-tetrahedron spinning vertically with its
gentle side to side tilt, and its powerful Platinum Flame alive and
vibrant. From here bring your attention to the 10th chakra with the
golden disc above the upper base of the 9th chakra, see within your
mind the liquid silver contained within the very centre of the golden
disc, and the Pearlescent flame alive within that centre. Now move
your attention to the Diamond Flame glowing within the 11th chakra
above this, bring your awareness to the 48 star chakras with their
silvery glow anchored randomly within the upper part of your auric
field, then see the 24 golden glow earth chakras anchored randomly
within the lower part of your auric field and now become aware that
the golden disc within your 10th chakra gently starts spinning in any
direction you feel comfortable with and with that, expanding from this
spinning golden disc within the 10th chakra see the large illuminated
flame of supreme enlightened Oneness encapsulating the 10th
Pearlescent flame and the 11th Diamond flame glowing beyond this in
its golden superiority representing the 12th chakra. Very long pause.

Again see yourself within your 4-sided golden pyramid of Light, then
bring into your awareness your multi-colour Merkabic star-tetrahedron
and if you can bring this into its 3 dimensional form with the upward
and downward interlocking tetrahedrons representing the perfectly
balanced masculine/feminine aspects of you. See the blending of the
various colours if you can, the violet, blue, white, gold, silver, and
magenta all as one most exquisite array of Light and Colour, with the
4 Lords of Light still standing facing you from the 4 directions with
their palms still beaming light into your 12 crown flames which then
transcends life into the higher centres. Very long pause.

Beloved ones, now become aware the 4 Lords of Light surrounding you
shift their vibrations by shining their palm chakras towards your base
centre. Now here visualise the white flame of purity with its
supporting chakras of silver on the right and gold on the left of this
centre. Pause.

Now they move their palms shining Light towards your sacral chakra
giving life to the violet flame contained within this centre, and then
see how the violet flame supports the golden flame within the sun
chakra into its power. Pause.

Now they aim at your solar plexus where you have the Ruby-Golden flame
coming to life with 3 golden spheres of light creating a downward
triangle with the bottom of these (at the apex) encapsulating a
smaller inner silver sphere. Pause.

They now move their attention to your heart where you see coming to
life a magnificent pink flame and with that the golden flame within
the high or sacred heart glows brighter illuminating your way forward.

The energy shifts to the throat, where the double-sapphire flame comes
to life with the lighter sapphire flame being encapsulated by the
outer darker sapphire flame. Pause.

They now beam their palms simultaneously towards the emerald flame
within the third eye and once fully activated they again rest their
focus upon the 12 golden flames within the crown. Very long pause.

The 4 Lords of Light gently release their flow of energy towards you
and with that give your thanks for their presence this day in support
of your evolution, for you to be more flexible within your being and
having said that at the same time for you to feel strong yet comforted
within your flexibility. Pause. Beloved ones for you to be able to be
your truth, to walk your walk and talk your talk by embracing the
unconditional love aspect not only emanating from you, but from All
That Is, and to do this by acknowledging the Christ Light within, and
without, as above, so below. Pause. Now give your thanks to these
beings for their presence this day leaving you aglow in your
magnificence with all of your flames alive, with you feeling the Light
of Magic burning within every aspect of the self. Very Long Pause.

Again within your mind see yourself sitting under your golden pyramid
of Light with your Multi-Colored Iridescent Merkabic Field surrounding
you, if this proves to be challenging simply visualize a Star of David
energy surrounding you. With much practice it will support your
Merkabic Field of light in its formation, and for those that are able
visualize your fully fleshed Merkaba in its 3-dimensional form
surrounding you. Pause.

Beloved ones, again place your hands back unto your sacred heart and
now within this much increased frequency that you find yourselves
within I want you to take a moment to listen to your sacred heart as
it shall now reveal to you the aspects of the self that most urgently
needs healing, listen to it, tap into it, become it. Very long pause.

Can you feel these calls from your sacred heart?

A: Yes

Mk: You may open your eyes now if you wish, and with that move your
hands very gently away from the sacred heart horizontally with your
palm chakras pulling or drawing out of your being through the sacred
heart all that needs healing, do this slowly, pull this out through
the sacred heart, some will feel it as tar, slowing releasing from the
inner being through the outer being all that stubbornly prevents you
from healing the self completely. Very long pause.

Once done cup this contaminated energy, with it resting on your two
upward facing palm chakras and then transform this by visualizing this
contaminated energy as a glowing golden ball of light, thus a sphere
of light. Now from you scared heart pour loving energy into this
golden sphere, filling it with your love, thus transforming the
contaminated aspect of the self which is released through the most
sacred aspect of the self as it prevents the self from being your
magical mystical best. Pause. With that continue transforming this
energy through your sacred love with it disintegrating until there is
nothing left but the awareness of your self-love, and love for All
That Is. Very long pause.

Beloved ones by doing this exercise you are asked to send love into
the parts of the self you find challenging to look at, to be with.
Send so much love until eventually all that you are left with, is
love. And as love is the most powerful energy you would ever come to
meet on this or any other plane, know that this which is dissolved
from your reality into the ethers, transmuted before the Presence of
All That Is, is done to allow you to have freedom, to be love, to live
within your magnificence the best way possible. Love that which denies
you, and then release it, with love. Very long pause.

Bring into your awareness again with your eyes open all that we have
blessed you with this day, do this whilst you ground yourself from
your base into the earth, ground yourself from your crown into the
heavens, and embrace your Christ Consciousness by opening up your
heart so that you may walk as an enlightened being every single day of
your journey that lies ahead, with your head on high, your heart open,
your mind uncluttered, so that you may humbly come to realise your
magnificence in every which way possible, and how do you do that? You
do that by blessing all this unto everyone else; it is the only way
for love is the universal energy that carries your reality within the
cosmic seas from one manifestation into the next. Love is the only
essence that at the end of the day carries any weight at all.

Beloved ones as you will come to know, the golden aspect of your
personality is very prominent hence the duplication of several golden
flames within your advance energy field.

Question: How do these flames affect everyone else that are not part
of these initiations or that may not come to read and study these

Answer: The same way it affects you with the difference being
consciousness, awareness, for you have taken on a journey that asked
to be awakened from a deep sleep state before leaving earth again and
here you are. So the flames representing the supreme part, thus the
7th level in every one of the chakras, is the most pure and balanced
part of its energy, which you consciously strive to integrate yet in
others remain dormant. Throughout your life times of being human, thus
the many incarnations that you have faced, you learned about these
energies one level at a time, some of these were conscious learning
and at other times it simply remained dormant within your
unconsciousness, that was or is until you as a being step forward in
the recognition of your own mastery having the need to transcend your
consciousness from the limited into the sublime which most of you
presently touch on and some even experience, and you do this by
acknowledging the beauty and wonderment within your beautiful hearts
for that’s where most of you are presently at.

The silver aspect within every part of your personality is what gifts
you with fluidity. The golden aspect even though supremely divine, can
be static and ever so constant often preventing one from moving ahead
as it reflects the stubbornness of masculine inflexibility. The silver
aspect delivers fluid love, the fluidity. The platinum aspect brings
forth the divine feminine. The diamond aspect brings forth the supreme
Christ Consciousness as part of your reality. These are the most
prominent apart from the mother of pearl with its pearlescent energy
within the upper chakras as well as the lower chakras in their
advanced state. Beloved ones this pearl energy within the 10th chakra
as well as a reflection of this energy contained within the 9th centre
with its crystalline vibration, is a gift gifted to each of you to
know that you do carry the essence of the Supreme Creator within you
as these represent the attributes of the Holy Creator of All That

By creating a spinning star tetrahedron within the 9th chakra you open
yourself to the understating that you too are an integral part of All
That Is. By allowing this energy to spin through the surrounding
spherical energies you bring into your reality the truth that you too
are an angelic being, a divine being. By capping the tetrahedrons as
some might recall you activate the truth that you can attract to
yourself communication between yourself and other existing forms thus
fields of life. By embracing the 12 flames within your crown centre
you awaken within the self the possibility and understanding that you
are only one part of 12 immediate spirit-soul realities and of course
through the 144 numerical imprint presented through the 144, and 144
000 ascended masters that gathered with you during the last activation
you embrace the fact that your 12 soul extensions multiplied and
duplicated makes your extended reality very much part of the sacred
144 codes of All That Is.

Beloved ones, by placing the 4 sided golden pyramid of light within
your 8th chakra you awake to your connection with the Divine
Brotherhood of Light, by igniting the magenta flame you bring unto
yourself a peace energy so that no matter how complicated you may find
certain aspects of your personality types, and lets face it there are
many, no matter how complex these fragments may seem, even how lob-
sided you believe your personality to be at times, that there is an
unconditional love that shines throughout all of these. By embracing
the spherical disc at the level of the 10th chakra and of course the
liquid silver contained within the centre of this energy you open
yourself up as a true divine carrier of Light, a master in the making
and being, you open yourself consciously to connect the energies of
the archangelic league of light and the ascended masters and for these
energies to be integrated within your energy field, this is amplified
through the spinning of this disc as you too shall be part of this
energy, should in time to come be that your choice. The diamond flame
amplifies the 24 earth and 48 star chakras, the former your grounding
to the earth plane and the latter your grounding to your star energy
still anchored within the star realms, through this energy you also
consciously open yourself to the presence of the energies of those
from various other star systems galaxies.

One of your biggest obstacles is claiming your divineness thus the
birth of the golden flame of the 12th chakra from the level of the
10th chakra (which is supported by those from the higher realms of the
angelic, archangelic, ascended master and star orders) and anchored in
the core of the 12th chakra is the 11th diamond flame, your awareness
of The Christ Consciousness, within as without.

Thus combing all this, the key here is to embrace the blessing that I
greet you with at the end of most of our transmissions – ‘To know that
not now or not ever can you be alone’.

This is love, this is Light, this is purity, this is oneness bliss and
with that the understanding of your magnificence. For those of you
that shall join us for the last delivery of this current series of
chakric flame initiations which shall take place a fortnight from
today, in bringing it all together we shall bless you with the ability
to integrate all that I have shared with you thus far in one
magnificent light bubble. We shall also activate in everyone of these
centres from the bottom to the top every possibility to come to the
understanding of your life here and that indeed the only thing you
need to know as to your ‘reasons for being here’ is the fact that at
the end of the day you all have a similar experience within the
Oneness energy of Creation as individual masters of Light.

May you realize just how amazing this journey has been thus far, being
here present within now consciousness with the greatest influx of
Cosmic Light ever anchored on this planet, and at present experiencing
the most powerful influx of light and love from off earthlings (cosmic
trigger march 21 – April 9), thus with this understand the essence of
Oneness yet no two of you are the same even though you breathe as One.
And with that understand that if you are all as one, then there can no
longer be a separation between good/bad or other polarities but only
experience. And if you are all as one then won’t you say that you too
carry the memory of the attributes of our Creator Supreme as do your

The key is in acknowledging all that I have shared. Do your
visualizations, even though some have stumble blocks that seem to
prevent them from allowing their imagination to guide their
visualizations and Merkabic Light Fields, know that all this will
unfold with time, providing you intently allow it.

If you don’t practice this, you wont integrate it, this is not about
reading it from a book thinking its done, not at all and as I have
made mention of before nothing that I or any of the other ascended
masters may do whether able or not can flick a switch shedding light
on your magnificence.

If you do not practice what you preach, stop preaching it.

Beloved ones as time draws close and ever so near for massive changes
to come about on your planet, massive shits setting out change, you
will experience shifting consciousness and vibrations alive in an
ocean of possibilities and thus you need to be at one with yourself.
You can not survive such turbulence if you do not claim the wholeness
of your oneness as part individual expression experiencing a creator

Therefore understand the importance of the grids surrounding your
planet as we cannot stress this fact enough, embrace with
understanding the gifts extended to every one of you through the Love
Crystals, understand the importance of your part in the current
exercise of Light being anchored through various pyramidal anchors on
your planet, understand that all this is very real, you shall come to
hear and see this for tangible proof during this lifetime, and just to
ease your own doubt the ones that doubt the most will point out these
very realities to you, and with that open your hearts, open your
minds, embrace the consciousness of The Christ, within as without.

Walk your walk, talk your talk, and even when you perceive yourself to
be within your darkest hour, know that not even then can you be

I am Kuthumi, I am the Lord and the Master Cohan of the golden rays of
love and wisdom and I greet and bless thee in love, Adonai.

Loadsa Love

Chanel Lingenfelder




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