Goddess Diana – Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

23rd January 2010 – Durban South Africa

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

** ** **

I AM Diana, I AM the Goddess of beauty, I AM the Goddess of power, I AM the Goddess certainly of love, I AM the Goddess as you very well know of the feminine energy, the energy which gives inspiration from the moon, your moon, and therefore I too, am the Goddess of inner balance which you receive from being in touch with your femininity, and that goes obviously without saying for the male as well as the female energies, the man and the women of your planet, greetings.


I have been asked by the legions of light to bring to you the very first greeting or a lecture to this group and specifically through this channel because perhaps of my most profound ability to stay focused. You have experienced some teachings on the art of being focused that was expressed through my sister Artemis. But I Diana, am also known for my ability of an unwavering eye. The ability of this focused eye to create such a fine tuned energy that through its most amazing spiral effect is able to connect at precise levels between the target and the one that carries the wish to connect to the target. The pathway of the inner self or the ability to connect to your authentic ness certainly is a very long and tedious for some journey which shouldn’t be for its the most exciting event that could happen to you, infact I will even go as far as to say that very few of you actually truly understand the profoundness of the self and how fortunate you are to be able to have this delivered to you through various teachings, be that through the transmissions given to you or be that through your own internal radio waves which are connected of course to your main broadcaster which is your higher self and your own frequency. The fine tuning of your own internal shall we say frequency of light truly rests upon the self to acknowledge this and to take this in some way through the aspects of the heart connecting with the higher self and of course as we are always suggesting to be the surrogate for others that are perhaps at this time unable to express them selves within full awaked state. So the ability that I have as a Goddess in showing others how to stay truly focused how to not remove your eye off your goal or your target is what I and those assisting me today is here to share with you, and we are giving you this energy and we are blessing you with this energy not to only through the activation of infact your own bow and arrow but indeed through the awakening within the inner self to realise that each of you are being blessed continuously with energy. Be that as intentive energy or be that as collective energy. To be more specific be that as energy which you are connecting to or be that as energy that is connecting to you and of course the difference between that is very often you are more conscious of the energy you are connecting to but very much unconscious of the energy that is connecting to you. You have recently experienced much trauma on your planet with the shaking of Lady Gaia (referring to the earthquake in Haiti), that is energy that was given to you, it come to you, now if you could but see this at a different level and if you could but try to understand it, which of course if the purpose behind this training, at a different level you would understand that all of the time energy is being beamed towards the planet, energy to transform lives, energy to transform your beautiful planet, energy to transform you. All of this as you very well know is the because of you that have inquired this or required this to be. You have asked for these shifts and the changes to take place and certainly as we have explained to you many a time, you can not expect to create something new with something that is old. You have to renew it you have to have a rebirth of some sort to be able to transcend that which is in limitation to that which is absolutely sublime and without question extremely powerful. So while you are sitting here in your circle you are being targeted by the angels, the angelic energy and those of the higher realms to receive much light and much love, to receive much frequency vibrations for you to be able to integrate and understand that which is shared with you, so let us make this very clear that from the moment you sit down with intent we are starting to work on you. Some of you are very aware of this, not so, yes.

A: Yes

GD: Indeed, and some of you perhaps aren’t, some of you only become aware towards the beginning stages of your group energy, and some don’t, but the truth is you are being, shall we say, rewired for a better word into a new frequency of light the moment two of you come together or more of you come together with the intent to change and shift your energies. So you as a group collectively are working on specific energies which we will share with you, is very much similar to that which is being experienced throughout your globe. Teachings which are being shared by many a other teacher passed on into various sectors of light, for all of you very specifically serve in given locations, there is no accident that you need to be, where you need to be, trust us on that. So even though perhaps some of you may feel at times, an unsure energy even in that unsureness is truth, the truth that you need to be there for that specific time. The warriors of light which you are, that have come to create shifts and great changes, you certainly did not decide to put yourself in a situation where there is only placid ness, where there is only harmony, where there is only peace, for if you have then why would there be any meaning to what you have come to do, you could have just come all together and sit under a tree and drink tea.


But you are given specific tasks, and some which you may find very challenging at this time, but dear beautiful beings understand, that as you will come to know your self, as the great spiritual warriors of the new earth, you will also begin to understand that the situations that you have been placed within, within your past up until this point and even perhaps including the present time, is very, very much important, and it is very important for you to understand that there is a great meaning for you to be exactly where you are at. So in that light understand that there are no mistakes as you very well know, and therefore there are no mistakes in what your experiences are to be for this lifetime, for this time, for this period of your time.

We are asking you to now expand your energy out to the world in such a way that you will begin to touch humanity in a much grander way on a much bigger scale than what you previously were able to. The only way to do that was to bring an awareness to you of your great power. Your great power lies in understanding the self, for the only time things truly as you say, go wrong, or as we say indifferent, in your life, is when you are unable to truly understand your self, now understanding yourself is being able to communicate with your self and sometimes perhaps even that communication needs to take on a great big fight, perhaps sometimes it is not a bad idea to scream at yourself, to be angry with yourself, for a short while. Sometimes it is maybe not a bad idea to be disappointed or sad with your self, for a short time, but then to reverse that by embracing yourself as true divine being. It is called communication. At the refusal to acknowledge such energy comes too the understanding that you are sweeping it under the carpet of cosmic sublime ness. Cosmic sublime ness for energy really changes itself and it is used elsewhere, so what ever you refuse to use is put at good use else where, but when it comes to the issues of the energy I am certain that you understand that, that does not leave you, unless you leave it, yes.

The way to leave it, is to heal it, that is why it is so important that if you are struggling with something in your life , if you are struggling to release various aspects or certain targets in your life, which seems to hinder you or upset you the best way to over come that is to love it. How do you love it, you make friends with it, you are nice to it , for rejection creates an energy of magnetics and in that magnetics it is because of the law of attraction you end up attracting to yourself that which you don’t want and you do that because you over extenuate it, you speak about it too much, you reject it, so what the law of the human averages is, opposites attract, not so, you know about this. So if you want to give up something and you keep rejecting it, it creates the opposite of that which you are and of course there is the attraction, you understand, do you understand?

A: Yes.

GD: Very good. Now that attraction, the congruency of that attraction is what we are trying to bring into balance for you also at this time. Which is very much what today’s lecture is about. It is about understanding where you are now in your life, and truly coming to peace with where you were, for that is the energy out playing itself upon your planet at this time, for humanity to begin to put to rest all of these issues, and I am so sure that you are so tired of those words but you are going to hear them a lot more times, especially this year. This is a very, very powerful year, and infact this year you will come to know many more beings that you never knew existed within the realms of enlightened cosmic consciousness. You will also come to meet many beautiful and very, very powerful aspects of yourself you never knew existed. A lot of the personality aspects of the self as you well know, was splinted up at the time of your birth. It was also affected at the time of the other extensions of your energy fields birth, for all of you certainly did not come into this world at the same time. Each of you play an individual role and each of you need to raise your energy and your consciousness to the extent of getting it into a balanced or shall we say, a more congruent level of thinking. The outplay between the conscious and subconscious mind often is because of external interference, very often because of the fragments of some of these other extensions of you, that brings that into play. It may be a bit difficult for you to grasp at this time but as you will come to understand yourself as part of a 12 level extension, you will come to realise a different way of understanding yourself and at the end of that, you will be able to be congruent with your multidimensional aspect of self.

The importance here is for you to understand that all of the complications of your life not only rest upon your shoulders, it rests upon many other shoulders, and you, each of you here sitting in this circle of light at this time, you are the most aware aspect of all the other aspects of yourself. The most aware or the more conscious aspect of the other aspects of yourself is usually the aspect that spirit directs to very intently. Although the possibility does exist for other aspects of yourself to be in a higher or more enlightened state, so having said that, you need to come to the understanding that life is a great game, playing out the energy of complexity, very complex energy, and the easiest way for you to actually come into a peaceful understanding of all of that is for you to be at ease and peace with the self. Therefore having shared all that with you, the aim and the focus of you, is on YOU, it is truly not important where the other aspects of you are, who they are and if they are still in, incarnation or not. Very often, infact more often than not you run into them quite often.


And you know it, for there is a connection. Some of you even go into relationships with other aspects of yourself; you are like mirrors aren’t you. Do you know mirrors in your life?

A: Yes.

GD: Yes. Walk wisely around them, for they may be there to teach you great things and you may be there to teach them great things. Sometimes you may even find that you look alike.

Have you experienced that?

When it comes to the animals, the animal kingdom is there to support you. You are not there to support them, as many may believe, therefore we ask you to take great care of your animals. I ask you specifically today as Diana to, when you go home into your lives to look into the eyes of your animal, for that too may be a lower vibrational aspect of your Monadic energy, in the sense that, that animal, usually was with you in past lives, often you find that when two people, or a human and animal live together for a very long time, they begin to look alike, not so.

A: Giggling…yes.

GD: It is because of the influence in the DNA, how else. First the influence in the etheric DNA, through the bonds of love that is created between these two beings, and then of course a unexplainable, unexplainable, communication between the levels of junk DNA of these two beings, and you will often find that the animal aspect of that energy is connected through your Monadic energy by having had many shared incarnations as an animal and its friend. Your animals also are able to connect you to the elemental energies, the fairies and the gnomes, to all of the energies of the elemental kingdom. So, we would like for you to also be aware of that and to begin to ask your animal friends, your dogs, your cats, to sit quietly with you, in the garden or wherever you wish, and then to ask them through communication to begin to use the communication of the third eye with more intent. The ESP as you also know this energy, for those of you who do not understand intuition, is about creating a communication at a brainwave level between the transmitter and the receiver at an unseen level, very much like that of your radio, or your television. Your radio through the radio waves and your television through the frequency waves of VHF etc, and so on, gives to you a communication frequency that translates the message from the transmitter to the receiver, the transmitter is that area or perhaps as you have here one focal of this building that transmits all of the signals for you to see, and the receiver is of course the television gadget, television box, the instrument you use to see, or the radio is the instrument to hear , and you are of course the observer. Did you think you were the receiver…no, no, not really. Can anyone tell me why you are not the receiver and why you are the observer?

Anyone….anyone…..are you here, giggles.

Because of the law of freewill. It is your choice as to what you want to do with that instrument. Do you want to switch it on or leave it off, yes? But the reality is that whether you switch it on or switch it off you are still the observer of that energy, so it is up to you to decide whether you want to become the observer that receives the energy, or the observer that is transmuted by that energy, in other words do you watch your local news and you say to your self.. no that is no good, that is all rubbish and switch it off, or do you watch your local news and straight away telephone your friend next door, frantic about the changing energy and the ending of the world. You see, are you with me?

A: Yes.

GD: So were you influenced by the energy that you as an observer received through the transmission, or were you merely observing that energy, and of course through free choice decided to decline that energy. The awareness of this example that I am giving to you is what I want you to begin to practice between you and those of the angelic realm. Now the easiest way for to bring a physical relation into that is for you to start a communication at much grander level with those of your animal world, for the animal world is far more congruent, easier, or more at ease with the angelic world than you are, for even though on a level of dimensional vibration, their energy maybe lower than yours, they may be from a definite third or even perhaps second level of dimension of thought, for most animals vibrate on the second level of dimension. You have of course your cetaceans which is on the third level and the fifth level of dimension and higher, but most of them is the third level of dimension, the second level of dimension, and they have the ability to tap into the fourth, and the fifth, and the sixth, and some even higher, for your animal kingdom now is becoming a lot more intuitive than what they were. Do you know why? because you are allowing it to be, you were the sceptics, not them. You were the ones that used to say, “Oh no, keep quiet, go out! Now you say, “Boy what do you see?”

A: Laughter

GD: So you are actually, by allowing yourself to integrate the conscious and the subconscious energy in a way of greater understanding, by getting to know yourself, able to support those in the know like those from the animal kingdom, from the elemental kingdom, from the angelic kingdom, and all of the unseen forces of light to help you a lot more than what you have had up until now. The first exercise is to create the communication of the third eye between you and perhaps your close animals, for those of you that have pets as animals or perhaps for those of you that have farm animals it matters not. Obviously some animals do entertain a higher level of intelligence than others, but when it comes to the energy of love, which is very much the theme for this year, especially self love, as you will come to know very intensely. You need not be of a greater level of intelligence to understand the energy of love. Of course there are some animals which vibrates at a lower level, at a, shall we say at the lower half of the second dimensional level, which perhaps you may find it a even more difficult to communicate with, because of their normal nature to attack and retaliate and we are certainly not asking you to go and try and entertain them, but the ones that you can, ask them to bring to you a closer connection to the elemental world. Ask them to connect you to the elemental kingdom, and to those of the various aspects of this kingdom, the fairies, the gnomes and all the other energies that is entertained in that area. The water spirits, the air spirits, all of these energies. And then become aware of the beautiful energy that exists in this world, become aware of the fact that perhaps in your garden, in your house, there are very many beautiful beings living with you, taking care of you, and do so by looking into the eyes of your house animals, or your farm animals, to create a connection for you that goes just beyond that which you can see, hear, taste, touch and so on. Once you have that connection we then ask you to relate that to your life and to bring that back to the teaching of this day.

By being the observer in the world of frequency in a world of energy waves between the transmitter and the receiver, become aware that by becoming the observer between your conscious and your subconscious mind, you can now embrace a different frequency of understanding yourself, and that is exactly when to pull the string of the guitar that exists within your subconscious so it makes such a beautiful sound vibration that it transforms all of negativity that is stored within the conscious, on a past or future event. Did you get that?

A: Some mumbling.

GD: You are sounding unsure. Would you like me to play for you guitar?

A: Laughter.

GD: I am very in tuned with music.

I will try and say this to you in another way. The picture here is for you as an observer.

You were an observer, observing the television set. The television set was receiving from the transmitter the television programme, you are standing with the remote and you have the choice as to what to watch, you are following me?

A: Yes.

GD: Now I am asking you to use that same energy and to understand that you too as an observer are able to tune into the frequency that travels between the transmitters and the receivers within your mind, the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious is the transmitter and the subconscious is the receiver on the one end of your scale and on the other end of your scale it is the opposite. The subconscious sends out the message to the conscious and when the conscious is convinced of the message, it receives it. How does it receive it, by manifesting tangibly in hand what you desire, that is how it receives it? So begin to play the game of the observer, so instead of getting entangled into the, shall we say, the dramatic mess of many energies in your life, rather take a back step as the observer and became aware of the frequencies that are being passed from one energy to the next, and as an observer know that you are able to change the vibration of that frequency should you not be entirely happy with it, and you do so by changing the frequency within the subconscious. That was the guitar I was referring to. So the guitar within the subconscious plays the note,


It transfers that into the conscious and if you are not entirely happy of that sound, in other words, that frequency that created that sound, know that between the two you are now as the observer able to change that frequency, so that when it arrives on the other side the impact that you wish for it to create is very much in line with that which you wish to receive. Do you understand it now?

A: Yes,

GD: Very good. Any questions on that? Pause. Any questions on that so far?

GD: No…..very good.

GD: So from that space of being the observer I want you to begin to work with the psychic, or telepathic, or intuitive vibrations of the third eye, and I want you to begin to communicate with your animals asking them to introduce to you the world of the elementals, the world of the angels and whoever else you wish to become friends with. Now the reason why I am asking you to communicate with them in this way, is because as the observer between the conscious and the subconscious in changing that which you had in the past, preventing it from repeating itself in the future, like I explained to you just now when you were there, yes. Is to understand that the work that you are doing, is that you are busy erasing the great void, and by erasing the great void you are reducing the film millimetre by millimetre, which separates these two worlds, and if you could but relate these two worlds to yourself, the conscious would be the world that you are living in now physically that you can touch, and the subconscious would be the world that you are living in etherically, that you can not touch as such. I am saying as such because you actually can touch it, because it touches you, but you may not always have tangible proof of it touching you or you touching it, unless you allow the veil to thin, to reduce itself. And the veil that we are talking about it, as you very well know, is the energy that separates the right and the left brain hemispheres, that is of course your biggest obstacle. So by communicating with your animals it gives you a tangible way of getting to know yourself intuitively, getting to know the energy that exists around you intuitively, without having you think that you are loosing your mind, because you have an animal to talk to and they are reacting, they are looking at you, they are crying or laughing, or something. So you can see them. It is not like you are sitting talking to yourself, and you are thinking that you are no longer with yourself.

A: Laughter

GD: What that will do for you is that it will bring for you a clearer way of getting to know yourself better, trusting your intuition. Creating opportunities for you to communicate with the invisible world, and supporting you in transforming your reality, by ultimately transforming the frequency of your reality, the frequency of the transmitter, the frequency of the energy that has been given out by the one that transmits that, by changing the atoms, and therefore changing the frequency that is received on the other end. That is of course, you.

So in this particular case, the world around you sends out frequencies to you, and energies to you. You observe these as we have said in the beginning of this lecture. We send out messages and energy to you as you come together, long before you even sit down, do you remember that?

A: Yes.

GD: So you are constantly being receiving and been given energy on many different levels, as beings, as a planet, as a star system. Some of it you are aware of and some of it you aren’t aware of. Thus in the same way you are sometimes aware of the frequency been given to you by the automatic transmitters called life and that of a specific transmitter. That is why when you are having an argument with somebody and you say I longer wish to hear you, and you walk away, or you put the phone down, or you cut the conversation or what ever you wish to do, then obviously that is your choice, as you choose to switch your television off when you no longer wish to receive that information, but it doesn’t mean to say that, that information has gone away, because it is still there, your neighbour is watching that information. You merely cut the cord to yourself but the information is still there and is still being received, and on that level we are transmitting energy information to the entire planet, whether you want to receive it by opening up yourself through your television set by opening your crown chakra, by taking your remote in hand opening up the various sections of your energy fields or whether you prefer to be like the most of humanity, to switch that channel off. The energy is still being received and along those invisible pathways of thought, very much you have to contend with the exact vibrations I have explained to you now, about the conscious and subconscious with anyone and everyone else. That is why it is ssssssoooooooo important for you to make sure that you are always in the right company, for you are actually exposed to, on an etheric level, to everyone else’s conflicts within their minds, and often you pick this up, and often you wonder to yourself, I wonder what is wrong with them, they are smiling or something but something is wrong. I can not place my finger on it but something is not right, and that is because you are then tapping into the bio frequency between the conscious and subconscious of these people, having a great fist fight with one another to decide which one is going to win and which one is going to lie on the floor. So get out the way. Only allow yourself to be in the vibration of those that you truly feel happy with, and I know what you are thinking, but at work I don’t have a choice, but I have an answer for you for that. This channel already knows that during the month of February you will come to work with two great aspects of self love. As you worked this month with working with the self at a level without having to force yourself to actually claim yourself. In the month of February you will work with the aspects of the self in relationships. First, that transmission will be given to you through Kuthumi, and the second level through Guinevere, and will be the relationship you have with your career or your work, and through those we will introduce to you a new level of your inner self in the beginning of March, yes.

In time for your Easter Celebration. The death and rebirth of the self in the great year of cosmic possibility.

Very exciting things to come…..you don’t sound excited……are you?

A: Oh yes.

GD: Sometimes it is good to share it and to show it, yes. Otherwise you are going to be miserable forever and forever is a very long time, believe me. I am a specialist Goddess in forever.

A: Laughter.

GD: So, have you understood what I have tried to share with you?

A: Yes, thank you.

GD: Did it make some sense to you?

A: Yes, thank you.

GD: Very good, for the energy is increasing with such intensity on your planet, and has already and will so much more, that you can hardly now afford to fall back. And by falling back I don’t mean falling off, for everyone falls off, but the secret is to jump back on, or otherwise the wagon is going to leave without you.

A: Laughter

GD: Yes.

So some of you may run for a while behind while the others are sitting leisurely at the back swinging their legs in the breezing wind connected to the beautiful fairies, the angels and the gnomes, but the choice of your transmission and your frequency is yours, the free will, that you have between switching your internal receiver on or off is entirely yours and that responsibly is only yours, so now having explained that which I sincerely hope you understand, do understand that you will never run to your neighbour and bang on their door and run into their living room and shouting to them to give you their remote so you can switch their television on a various station for them to watch with you. So then who gives you’re the right to go shout out and preach out to them what they should believe. Do you understand that?

A: Yes,

GD: A belief system is something that you take on, and you become, that is why it is called a belief system. So your beliefs usually is a reflection of you. And if your neighbour prefers not to watch the same frequency or hear the same frequency as you, it doesn’t mean to say that their frequency is wrong, it is just different. And in this life time up until that moment in time they prefer to be on that frequency because that is where their lessons are. It is not up to you to convert anyone. You are there merely in the support elements. We always say share the light, share the word. For if no one ever shares the word how are you going to hear about it, but it is not your choice, it is not your duty to force this word onto anyone or to make them want to learn, or to convert all of those that have fallen into the pits of despair. There is no such thing. If they are in that pit, it is because they have desired to be in that pit. Some of them have even designed the pit.

A: Laughter.

GD: Your job is just to show them that there is another pit on the other side, a beautiful one with tranquil waters, and turquoise skies.

A: Laughter.

GD: On that note of energy, if your neighbour comes to you and they knock on your door and they say to you, I want to see if your television is showing the same picture as mine, then by all means say to them, let me put my batteries into your recorder. Then you will see clearer and brighter and quicker. But still do not force it, simply give them the choice of free will, by having the batteries charged with your energy, so that their remote can switch them into that station in the same way as your remote does, so that they may come to your frequency just the same. And remember that all of this happens with love, and therefore there is no need to go and shout it out to the world. The world knows about it, they just prefer to put their frequency off, or they are preferring to look at another frequency which you are not.

Long pause.

I will take you through a very quick activation, a charge of energy as I like to refer to it.

A charge of energy.

Long Pause

I want you to visualise you are standing on a beautiful crystal, circular slab, a clear quartz crystal slab, floating in the air, with the universe all around you.

Can you feel it?

Can you relate to the stars, and the planets? Visualise yourself magically appearing on this crystalline disc. If you want to see a size, I would imagine about 2-3 lengths of your body.

So you are comfortable on this disc. You have in your hands a bow and arrow, a crystalline bow and arrow. Now I want you to take the bow and arrow in your hand, pull back the arrow with your one hand, whichever hand you are feeling more comfortable with and with the other you pull forward the bow. The elastic which gives you the flexibility and ability to propel that arrow.

I now want you to feel comfortable with your bow and arrow, ready to attack, ready to shoot.

Rest in that position.


I now want you to tune into the frequency of your target and you do that by visualising, floating around you is a beautiful star system or a planet, within this universe of light around you, and I want you to see that which you would desire in your life or that which you feel you would wish in your life, that which your like, in that star system or planet, keep your eye on that goal. Now focus on that planet or that star system and see in the stars that which you wish to create for yourself or that which you like. If you are attracted to living in a beautiful house, see that house. If you are attracted to having a beautiful partner, see that partner in the house, whatever you wish. Just create some sort of a target for yourself in the distance in the stars.


Now, I want you to transform all of those images into a symbol, any symbol that you can imagine.


Have you all got a symbol? Is there anyone of you that does not have a symbol? No, for sure?

So you have taken your desires and that which you wish to manifest and you have transformed it into a symbol, can you clearly relate to that symbol?

A: Yes.

GD: Very good.

Now, I want you to leave that symbol floating in the universe, and I want you to bring your attention now to the arrow that has been pulled back, resting in your shoulder, hold back by your other hand. Can you all relate to your arrow?

A: Yes.

GD: Now I want you to tune into the frequency of the arrow. And I want you to either tell me or your friend next to you, or your self if you are embarrassed, about any negativity that comes from that arrow, any reasons why that arrow chooses not to hit the target of your intention. I give you a while.

Anyone wants to share anything.

It is just between us.


I am sorry, I am being reminded by Kuthumi that these lectures are being printed out and shared with the world.

A: Laughter.

GD: So it is between us and the world!

A: Laughter

GD: Anyone? Anyone having difficulty. Anyone needing help here?

Silence from the audience.

GD: You are all so wonderful. Beautiful warriors of light. Can anyone of you feel or hear some negativity come form your arrow. Be honest. Can you?

A: Yes

GD: Yes, can you? Anyone?

A: Yes, not being able to hit the target.

GD: Correct. Anyone else?

A: Fear of failure

GD: Fear of failure… Anyone else?

Come on, we are all grown up.


Can I share with you what is the collective fear here?

A: Yes please.

GD: Your dreams never becoming a reality.

A: Mumbling yes.

GD: Tell me I am lying.

A: No.

GD: Anyone else wants to admit this, that some where on the back, there was some little, as you say, devil on your shoulder, whispering…that will never happen, yes.

A: True.

GD: True.

Now get rid of it. How do you get rid of it?

A: Love it.

GD: Exactly, you are so bright. How are you going to love that which apposes your dreams?


A: Put it into the light.

GD: Put it in the light is a very good idea, but the answer I want to give you is, be inline with it. And how are you going to be inline with that which is the opposite of that which you desire?


You know the answer, all of you will go, AHA!

A: Laughter.

GD: Stay in the moment!


GD: Exactly! Where are you NOW…..Where are you now, where are you?

A: Here

GD: No, you are on your disc!

A: Loud laugher.

GD: I am too clever for you.

A: Laughter.

GD: Stay in the moment. You are on the disc. You are about to shoot into your target and now we have given you some couple of examples here so please again I am asking you to focus on the arrow, and you have got to pull back, watch me. And you are ready to let go.

Now here, what that energy behind your ear is telling you? And I am guaranteeing you it will be negative.

Not so?

Now make friends with it. If it tells you it can not happen you will not reach your target, then tell it, then so be it.

If not I will create another target. It is not the end of the world, for you are in the….. moment! And in this moment you are on the….

A: Disc!

GD: Earth!

A: Loud laughter.

GD: Just some small humour with you dear Sister.

You are on the disc, on the Earth.

Are you listening to your inner self creating a vibe between your conscious and unconscious, are you? Can you hear the negative chatter?

A: Yes.

GD: Now release that negative chatter.


How do you release that? You bring to your awareness, what would happen, what is the worse thing that could happen to you if it didn’t happen?

A: Have to try again

GD: Have to try again. Let us give you an example. You are wishing to find some wonderful partner. Now what is worst thing that could happen to you when you do not find the wonderful partner?

A: Silence.

GD: Answer me…… come I’m waiting.

A: There is nothing bad that will happen.

GD: No sister, I want to know some real answers.

A: Laughter.

GD: And you’ve got them.

What is the worst thing that could happen to you when you do not have this wonderful partner?

A: Much mumbling

GD: You can be alone!!!!……….. Right!!!

Aren’t you most frightened of being alone…..yes you are. 99.9% of you are. Aren’t you?

This is reality TV!!!

A: Laughter.

GD: What is the best thing that could happen to you when you are alone?

Now I want you to answer me again….

A: You could be with yourself

GD: No, you could invite many to be with you!

A: Loud laughter.

GD: Of course, be with yourself. I am just making some small fun. A little humour has never killed anyone.

Not yet. It depends on who has got the bow and arrow.

I am very good.

A: Laughter.

GD: So, now again bring your attention onto the arrow, behind you.

Now visualise this arrow in pure crystalline. Then visualise a beautiful white impulse of light being released from the very centre of that arrow, of the handle of the arrow, not the point in front, the handle at the back, being released like sonic vibrations into the rest of the arrow, and transform this until eventually all you can feel and all you can sense is this crystalline arrow, and no more negativity comes from it. Can you do that for a short while please?

And share your experience with me……. Anyone?

Can you feel the arrow being transformed? Can you feel when you concentrate on the impulse of white energy or the white light of purity, to be transformed into that, you actually are consciously re-wiring your subconscious negativity and the other way around, are you with me…..are you all with me?

A: Yes, thank you.

GD: Are there any questions on this. Can you understand that by focusing on that which is pure and of the light, it can transform anything else, so that, that may take on whatever vibration you prefer to give it. Are you with me?

A: Yes.

GD: Very good

How is your arrow feeling? Are your arrows ready to shoot?

A: Yes.

GD: Anyone that says no. That feels their arrow not to be ready.

Anyone that thinks I have gone delusional.

A: Laughter.

GD: Who cares?

So now bring your attention back onto your target. What was your target?

The dream that became the symbol, not so?

Now bring your eye back onto this symbol, which is for the sake of the exercise, of this lecture, a floating ball within the seas of cosmic energy around you, for you are standing on your….disc, your clear quartz crystalline disc, with your bow and arrow, your crystalline bow and arrow in your hand.

Now, I want you to aim at this target, your symbol.

And then, I am going to count to you, to 3, and at the count of 3 I want you to release your arrow, and steady your bow, and allow that arrow to travel according to the pulse of your bow to the destination that you are intending it to reach. On literally the count of 3, for this will happen within a fraction of a second, as the arrow reaches the target which is your symbol, I want you to see your symbol explode in light, into trillions, and trillions of little aspects of the same symbol, and then visualise all of that raining down onto the earth, while you still float on your disc, away from the earth, in space. Are you with me?

A: Yes.

GD: So get ready. I will tell you now why we are doing this.


On your marks.

One…..focus, take the mind away from all the distractions.

Now take your mind off the arrow completely. All you see in front of you is that destiny.

Get set….Two.

Take your mind off the bow, feel nothing in your hand, and at the count of three, when I say go, see your target exploding so fast, that you do not even realise that you have let go of the arrow.

Aaannnd, GO!!!……..

And now let the fragments of that rain down onto your planet. See your entire planet absorbing all of the trillions of little splinters that have all become little symbols. The symbol of your dreams. Allow these to be absorbed into the planet realm.

Are you with me?

A: Yes.

GD: Very good. Now you may, still on your platform, your disc, relax your bow on your side nicely, your arrow is gone, your dreams are everywhere on the earth. And now set the intent for this magical disc to disappear, and ground yourself back into this room.

Ground yourself into your physicality after this short and very powerful exercise.

Long pause.

Are you with me?

A: Yes.

GD: Good. Now, the reason why we have removed your energy for this particular exercise, away from the planet, is for you to become at ease with being the observer, to observe what is happening in your life, from a distance, and to understand that you even from a distance have full and total control over that which transpires. By targeting that which you have created within your mind as a visual and for the sake of working with it much easier, converted that into taking on the energy of one symbol, and you being very far away from it and letting go of the negativity of the subconscious mind which is reflected in the arrow, because you see, when ever you are trying to aim at pointing an arrow at something or if you are playing some sort of game where you have to aim and shoot something into a target, a specific target, where the problem goes wrong which is exactly the same within your world of manifestation, is because in instead of keeping your focus on your target, you keep your eye on your target and your focus on your negativity, which is your subconscious, which is the arrow. The bow, it matters not because you are the bow. Because according to the frequency of the bow, the arrow reaches the target, right, so therefore according to your beliefs, your frequency, that you give out, your belief systems, your expression. You are creating a distance between that which you desire and that which you let go of. That which you let go of should be everything in your power to make that which you desire come true. Do you follow me?

A: Yes

GD: So, allow the flame, or the energy of purity, the white flame to transmute the negativity grounded in the repetitive subconscious which then influences the conscious and then the other way around. The repetitive conscious which then convinces the subconscious, it will never happen. Do you understand? Because the one convinces the other, and the other convinces the other, and that is how it happens. Of course the secret is for the subconscious to become so convinced that it doesn’t allow the conscious to show it any difference. Right. And therefore that is why it is important for you to release your focus from that which you wish to let go of, from your negativity, from the arrow and simply keep it on that which you wish to penetrate, and then to trust, through the law of instant transformation, it is manifested. And then to take it one step further. We asked you to splinter this into a trillion pieces and then for each of these aspects to rain down upon your planet. And the symbolising in that is for you to now, wherever you go, recognise in your physical conscious reality the things which you wish to cerate in your unconscious realty, thus let me give you an example. If you wish to create for yourself a beautiful house, now begin to see what you are going to furnish that house with, so when the time of the house comes, you know exactly what you want and where you want it, and why you want it. How do you do that…you communicate with the animal kingdom. To help you to communicate with the elemental kingdom, so that you may release the veils that have been placed over your mind, in other words, so that you may release yourself from the illusion of your life, and you do that not by looking at your target, but rather so by focusing on it. Are you with me?

A: Yes

GD: My time with you is up, I am afraid. It has been a true honour for me, the Goddess Diana, to be with you today and to share with you some insights, and some wisdom. I truly hope that you have received this is in good faith, and that in some small way, it will bring you closer and closer to embracing your authentic self.

A: Thank you.

GD: You are very welcome.

Do you have any questions for me before I take my leave?


No, very good then.

I ask you to become aware of yourself at deeper levels, dear beautiful beings. I ask you to use symbolism as a part of your life, as I have given you in this small exercise now. To keep your eyes, your focus and your intent on your target, and through the power of your intuition, to accept it as done. To stop worrying about that which holds you back, or your nervousness in letting go of the arrow which will penetrate that which you desire , but rather to allow your frequency to be at ease and at peace, and in that way also allowing your neighbour, your brother and sister, to choose their own frequency, and if ever, should they want to listen to your station, to invite then across, to pour them a beautiful, loving cup of tea and then to show them the world that magically transformed you.

I AM the Goddess Diana, I most certainly will return a couple of times in this year, to share my energy with you, for various reasons, but for now I wish to take my leave in honour and in gratitude for you for coming this day, to spend some time with me and my wish is for you to be in this awareness and to understand that if you take yourself out of being the target, you are the observer, and from the point of observing you truly live by the laws of freewill and choice.

Until we meet again.


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