The Balanced onset of Intense Change – Master Kuthumi – Chanel Lingenfelder

The Balanced onset of Intense Change


Stargate of refined Crystalline Frequency of Unconditional Love

Frequencial Stargate – Crystal Grid Activation

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Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

Special Thanks to Brandon for Transcribing

*** *** ***

I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a blessing of confidence, a blessing of prayer, a blessing of abundance and a blessing of recognising these qualities within the self.

Greetings beloved ones.

A: Greetings Lord Kuthumi.

MK: It is with great joy and pleasure within our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you here firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Listen to your soul – 10:10:10

Beloved ones, it is a great honour and privilege to be able to come together with you on this day, to hold hands with you creating a new wave of love and enlightenment, a wave that will transform the energies on this plane immensely and as one of the most powerful of the recent ascension waves the energy of the triple ten ascension wave will give to you a brand new journey in the sense of understanding the process of the self in a better way and being able to integrate the different facets and aspects of you as human in a more refined and beautiful way. And all of that very much has to do with creating a safe haven within the human mind and of course perceptional structure of what you believe yourself to be and who you think you are within the vibrational world that you live within, that you walk within, that you work within and that which you share out with your family and friends and all of the beings including your animals that is a part of your life, for you see the awakening of this new ascension wave which breaks unto your shores this day and has been going for a number of hours already, it is about bringing the self into the divine alignment of understanding the self at basic levels, having a basic understanding of you in human form and therefore through those basic understandings of the simplicity of your reality, to transform that into quite an advanced energy where you will be taken through various levels of initiation and teaching transforming yourself very much into the magnificent one, into the crystalline one, into the beauty that you are, into the wonderment that is you, into acknowledging yourself as a divine god being.

Beloved ones, the triple date energies as you know is very powerful. The energy that is created through these vortices are of immense importance and therefore it pleases us tremendously so to see these groups gathering around your globe, to see various groups coming together and creating a whole new wave of energy by embracing the true influx of the now supreme grounded Christ Consciousness.

Humanity at this time is faced with immense changes, changes taking place faster than the speed of light. Many of you within this group and those that may come to read these words have personally been faced with immense challenges and changes over the last while, not so?

A: Yes.

MK: You are never given more than what you can handle take that from me, and I have inside information.

A: Laughter.

Be a Prophet in your own land.

MK: Through every process of growth comes true awakenings, comes new understandings and therefore as you very well now, the easiest way for you to go through immense growth and changes, is to accept the challenges in your life, but not as stumble blocks, not as true challenges but rather see these as waves of change.

There is a grand awakening taking place upon your plane, there is a beautiful energy unfolding , an energy so exquisite and detailed like the most magnificent flower that unfolds one petal at a time and as the final petal makes its turn and the entire flower opens up and embraces the light of the Sun, something happens. Now be it that that flower has a lifetime journey of a day or three weeks, it truly doesn’t matter, what matters is that it unfolded and through that process of unfoldment it paid homage to the One that created it.

Beloved ones, it matters not how long you will live, in divine ascension what matters is the fact that you are unfolding, what matters is the fact that with each new day and each new breathe you grow and you expand, you learn, you embrace new energies, you understand yourself better and in the same way you embrace that which is given to you as your god given right in a beautiful way. That of which I speak is termed creation, create ability.

If you could but understand for a moment your power in all of this you would be quite astounded, if you could but for a moment see yourself as the immense powerful beings that you are and truly understand your ability to create and what that means – you would be humbled by it.

There is a call and it’s a call of love, it’s a call that comes from every corner of your world, it is a call that comes from the mountains, it is a call that comes from the rivers, it is a call that comes from the forests, it is a call that comes form deep within the core of your earth, it is a call of help, of need. These calls are also being sent to you from others around you, from those that you may or may not be able to come to grips with, from those that you may or may not be able to get along with. There are various calls and they are coming to you, and often these calls are seen as rejection. What I am saying is as you open yourself and your heart to the world that you have come to live within, Mother Gaia, so too beloved ones open your heart to those that are around you and that are close to you for very often that which you may perceive as antagonising, that which you may perceive as creating conflict is indeed a call of desperation, of help.

The 10:10:10 energies now asks you to integrate all of that which you believe in, in such a way that you will give yourself the permission with each new day to start living it, living it and being the prophets in their own lands, to shift that paradigm, to change that focus and through that to allow a whole new resonance to come into being, the resonance of the beauty of you, acknowledging that within the self, not needing to look to others for their confirmation, for their agreement, or their acknowledgement.

You have been taken, for those of you that have been a part of this specific group, and I am including many that follow these teachings through this specific channel at this time, on the series of integrating your chakric system into a more multidimensional aspect, you have been taken through a process of actually integrating various aspects of the self without going into old energies, without shifting into the usual paradigms of blame and judgement and victim and all those things, but rather instead to be the spiritual warrior that you are and to go forth in your life and spread love victoriously. Now through these teachings you now need to come to a place and space within your heart where you integrate all of this by living it. Be the prophet in your own land, there is no such thing anymore that you need not be a prophet in your own land, claim yourself and live it, live it. Execute your divine will; be the master that you are, you are already that. When you are together and you speak the language of love, you stand up masterfully, yet when you are apart you crumble before it and now having received all of the gifts of armour as you have for those of you that have, and for those of you that haven’t you may go back into these teachings and study these words and integrate these energies for believe me as I Kuthumi am sitting here in front of you this day, each and everyone of those lessons will give you even a greater understanding if you go back there in time to come.

Each time you go back into these teachings you read something new in those words don’t you?

A: Yes.

MK: Yes, I wonder why, maybe we playing with the words at night.

A: Laughter.

MK: You never know.

Beloved ones, awakening to your divine consciousness is not a duty, it is a gift, it is a gift that each of you are given to enjoy, to have and to hold, to embrace, to master and to share. When you have something and you keep it for yourself there is only you that has extreme benefit from that, not so?

A: Yes.

MK: But if you share it with someone else what could be more beautiful than to see that same adoration in their eyes. What could be more beautiful than to have an expression of love in your heart and to share that with someone, and therefore throughout the new energies and with this most recent ascension wave which is breaking on the shores of your consciousness as we speak comes the understanding that for you to practice unconditional love you have to learn to be it.

Humanity loves that word don’t they? I wonder if they know what it means, unconditional love. Have you ever tried removing all the conditions from your love?


And if everyone does this it would be a different world. You see the natural instinct of the lower ego is to place conditions on your love as far as it involves you but when it involves someone else perhaps you are a little reluctant to.

Grid Work & Crystals

You have in front of you a crystalline grid structure, (referring to the grid Brandon set in the centre of the room containing everyone’s crystals that they brought along) in fact the layout of this energy I downloaded to this channel some four years ago while she was sitting at her dining room table brewing over life. I stood next to her and I gave her a bit of a whacking against the head and said do this, and I am very grateful to say that many of you in this group have been part of this incredible project. The reason why I have given her this specific template is because nothing in life happens to chance or by accident. I am not referring to accidents, accidental cause of trauma because of someone else’s ignorance, what I am referring to is that as you have created these grids over this beautiful province of yours called KwaZulu Natal, these very grids were created many, many years ago in fact aeons ago, one of the times when these grids were most powerful in activity and in use was back in the times when I Kuthumi walked as a man on your land called Moses. You see the crystalline energy that you have used here, the rose quartz crystal was chosen initially, in fact two years prior to the downloading of the project through Ashtar, the love crystal project, you were asked to use the rose quartz energy to create an awareness within the earths structure so that the energy of these crystals will begin to create a powerful communicating energy with all of the other crystalline energies on your planet. Now rose quartz is one of the most abundant of all crystals found on your planet and in fact it is probably the only crystal that is not frowned upon so easily by those you term the 3D’s than any other crystal, so it is easily accepted, it is easily brought into life and of course for those of the beings that still have immense fear energy attached to a crystal, are still prepared to tolerate it if they put a light inside it, yes. (crystal Lamp)

A: Laughter.

MK: The rose quartz energy represents unconditional love and the love crystals that were downloaded first two years ago and again recently carries the energy of unconditional love and if you could but have anything tangible within your world that will relate the most to unconditional love it certainly would be the rose quartz.

Beloved ones, now the rose quartz energy, the pink rose quartz, for as you know you do get other variations of rose quartz, not often but you can, the pink rose quartz energy is to remind you of a similar vibration that exists within you, it is a vibration of sound and light and colour that is recorded within your heart chakra and of course has been with you since the time you first put your foot on this planet, since the time when you first gave your signature breathe, your voice to the planet, since birth, and this energy is what guide you to become that unconditional love that you strive for, for believe me it matters not who you are but within every human there is the need and the desire to be unconditional love. The energy of the crystal grids has an immense effect on your planet; in fact for those of you that are sensitive to energy you can feel the vibration of this. Now imagine this far greater, much further and in greater power and then remember that in between every one of these energies exists a divine communication a telepathy. All of these energies link and together shift the vibration of planet Earth and humanities consciousness. These energies come together and they shed new light onto the planet, new love onto the planet and it is for that very reason we have asked for these grids to be grounded in KwaZulu Natal, and then of course these grids also where linked to other grids that were done throughout your planet on every continent.

Today you have the celebration of a new life and a new energy and through that the understanding of a new world. I wish for you today to feel the love that is you, to absorb that as part of you and as you connected in the premeditation to the energy of the crystals that you have charged (connected to everyone of the love crystals) as your own love vibration I ask you to relate that to the power of your heart and through that to allow your petals to unfold and as your day progresses and there may be obstacles, not to see them as such but rather see them as opportunities for great change.

Be the Change that you wish for

Beloved ones, one of the most powerful realisations that this day brings is to understand that to enable your world to become anew you have to be that too. To enable your world to be transformed from limited into infinite energy, possibility, bliss, love and wisdom, you need to be that too. So with today’s teaching on the 10:10:10 energies comes the understanding that you are indeed a Christed being and for you to integrate yourself as such you need to be able to recognise this in others. Now that is where we take the blame and the judgement out of the way, we let these energies go for in time to come the teachings of the future is very much about creating just that, balance and harmony and beauty and a much higher understanding of the self and in those none of the old energies can survive, in fact you may even be quite aware of it that many of the species of your floral world, the flowers of your land is changing. Many of them are disappearing and there will be new flowers shooting up giving their love to the planet. A lot of new discoveries will be made, in fact it’s what you term new, it is already in existence you just haven’t seen it. That is being multidimensional, awakening to a whole new frequency of integrating energies and that is how we ask you now to deal with your life, to deal with those close to you, your friends and your family, to integrate all of these teachings by being the prophet in your own land, and how do you do that, any ideas bright sparkling ones? What is the most important energy on the planet?

A: Love, love one another.

MK: Love, I explained to you how you evolve and how you blossom as a beautiful petal, as a flower one petal at a time until eventually they all open up and smile unto the heavens, for a day, a moment, or a month it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you unfolded, you become the best that you possibly could be and that is where we are steering you slowly towards, to being the best that you possibly could be and by that you have to remove all of the lower frequencies and limitations from your world. It has kept you back for so long, it has prevented you throughout so many lifetimes, now don’t you think it is time to let it go.

A: Mumbles and giggles.

MK: I’d say so.

Now integrate something new, be something new. Not simply to love one another sister, love everything, let everything love you, love life. It is indeed a great gift you know. I wish you would realise what a blessing it is to be here, and even a greater gift, I wish you would realise what a great blessing it is for you to be in this lifetime, sitting here. You prayed for this, you begged for it, you died for it, and here you are all muddled (up because of it)

A: Loud laughter.

MK: Beloved ones, now is the time to step into your own power, with love. To be the consciousness that you have trained yourself to be, to share that with everything, for I tell you even if I have to get my crystalline whip out….

A: More laughter.

MK: I will be behind you and I will drag you across the borders of ascension. You have prayed for this, now be it. Love everything and if that love is not returned to you in some way then bless it and then let it go. Don’t hang onto it, hanging onto that which may or may not have been creates immense bitterness and of course you know what is one of the first causes of bitterness in your world in direct manifestation do you, diabetes. Why, they lack sugar, or have too much sugar. The bitterness is there and of course the cancer steps in.

So have you fought lifetimes and lifetimes to sit here and die of some disease that is made by man, NO!!! have you?

A: No.

MK: Then let the bitterness go, embrace the love and be the change that you want to see in others, you be it, you be the prophet in your own land. Embrace the love that you are and don’t expect anyone else to compliment you for it because that is egotistical. Who gives a continental hoot if they see it or whether they don’t. What difference does it make to you as a being whether you are acknowledged as love or not, nothing. It certainly is not going to give you a brownie point, and you know where I come from brownie points mean nothing.

Beloved ones, it is time to get light, to be light on your feet. I say that to all of the heavy ones here too.

A: Loud laughter.

MK: Maybe it is time you collectively get lighter as your world gets lighter, maybe its time everyone follows suit. In fact the Earth would be lighter wouldn’t it, you would remove all the excess weight, the heaviness from her and from you.

A: More laughter.

MK: Beloved sister we have as yet not developed a magical pill.

A: Laughter.

MK: Sorry to burst your bubble.

You are Everything, All is as You

It is time for you to become aware of your habits; it is time for humanity now, to collectively become aware of what you are imprinting onto the world and how that affects everything else, but in a true reality. It is time for you to if it takes you to scrutinize every word or thought before you utter it to do so, but to become very aware of the power of the spoken word and how that affects everything else around you. The message being sent into the world at this time, especially on this gathering of the 10:10:10 energies of as you say, increased refined frequencies of Omniversal power and love, is to become those masters that you have been trained to become. To step in your leadership shoes, not to be too big for your boots but to let them fit in size so that you can walk well, and to be the leader that you have come to be. To embrace that by living consciousness and being the change that you want to see in others. Be the change that you want to see around you and understand how everything that you do in your world, think, feel, and say touches the energy and therefore you are directly involved in the transformation of the planet and of the energy at this time. You have to be responsible; you have the ability to be responsible, you have the ability to respond yes?

A: Yes.

Do things Differently – Reactive VS Creative

MK: You can react, you can respond, then respond with love but don’t become reactive, become creative, it is one of my favourite slogans. Stop being reactive and instead of being reactive become creative. Do things differently and everything in your life will shift. It is because of the comfort zones that you place yourself within and what many term to be their hum-drum existence that they are unable to break through those paradigms and shift that energy because you do the same things all the time. What is one of my most famous sayings?

If you do what you always do you will always get what you always got.

Now do things differently and in doing things differently create differently. Share the love by being the love that you believe you are and why do you need to have someone else give you a noddy badge for you to understand yourself as ok. Since when in your world did you need the signature of another to give you the thumbs up (acceptance). Humanity seems to thrive on that because of your inability to embrace your own self worth. The inability to be secure in that who you are, therefore at this time throughout your planet, not only on this most auspicious day, but at this time we of the Ascended Realms and the Cosmic Council of Light and the Higher Orders of Light, right down to the very Angels that you work with, all of us, have one purpose and one purpose only and that is to make you aware of your magnificence, to give you the understanding of your transformational abilities of your co-creative rights. It is not a gift given to you because of….there are no conditions here, it is your right and it is your right to a powerful life that now needs to awaken in you the responsibility to be creative, to express who you are. I am not saying defend who you are, there is a great difference you know. There is a great difference between being who you are and having to prove to another who you are, that is offensive and the only reason why you are going to try convince someone else of who you are is because you are insecure. You are not who you are, in fact you don’t know who you are, so by not wanting to convince or not needing to convince there is the beauty of being who you are, it is to claim that self worth and that self love and to bring yourself on the same level as everyone else and to bring them on the same level as you and in that divinity to know that you are god, by loving God, by giving your respects, by understanding that as a divine co-creator you are only a part of it. You are not the end and the be all of it all, but you are not far from it.

A: Giggles.

Go on – Have a laugh!

MK: Beloved ones create humour in your life, stop being so serious. The only thing that you should be serious about is not being it. Have fun, bring laughter into your world and understand that this is a game and each of you have the ability to change the rules as and when you like it, with one overseeing energy we have the trump card (rulers of The Rays) yet we cant decide when or not to interfere in your game, only on your consent. Humanity is very known for shouting the odds about “I want this, help me with that, do this” – but what we are asking you now is to allow your thoughts and your emotions and feelings to guide you to become tunnel visioned about that in such a way that you actually accept it within your energy field. During the last transmission I believe you were given an activation by Pallas Athena to get into your energy field and to expand, anyone remembering that?

A: Yes.

MK: You were also given a symbol to be placed in your third eye and then to expand that into your energy field, yes.

A: Yes.

MK: Now the reason why that specific exercise was given to you at that time is to make you understand that your thoughts can and will create anything, and that is when your thoughts go beyond the matter that it actually disengages and rejoins creating a whole new mould of light (crystallize) and when you work with your energy in that way you will begin to tap into your co-creative abilities in a far more powerful way, and that is for those of you that didn’t understand a word I just said, when you take your eyes off what is suppose to be your goal by not seeing it and allowing it to become part of the plasma of the world that you begin to feel your way through, that which you love, that it actually tangibly starts manifesting for you all around. Did you get that?

A: Yes.

Crystal Charging & Energy Activation Meditation

MK: Beloved ones, in connecting with the crystalline energies this day and creating this grid structure whch is already in place, we will take you through an activation in connecting with this energy, so for that purpose would you like to hold your activating crystal in your hand please.

Everyone picks up their personal crystals for the activation from the crystalline grid structure we created in the centre of the room.

Close your eyes sit back and relax, hold your crystal in your hands, both your hands, relaxed on your lap.


Become aware of your breathing, breathe in, hold it a small pause and then release.

And again a small pause before inhaling again, and out.


Beloved ones, in your heart give thanks for the experience of being here, being part of the global energies that interconnect these crystalline forces. In your heart give thanks for your awakening consciousness, for becoming conscious and for being conscious. In your heart give thanks to the forces of our Holy Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator for this lifetime and for your awakening reality which is indeed a blessing, a blessing that you have waited for, through aeons of time.


Allow all the heaviness to roll from you, to be released from your energy field as you claim your divine ness in this day in acknowledgement of the beauty that you are.

Visualise your crown chakra opening up.


Visualise your base chakra extending into the Earth.


Now visualise your heart chakra expanding until eventually it creates a crystalline film containing your energy field. Allow your heart chakra to expand from itself creating a crystalline sheath on the outside of your auric field, see that in which ever shape you wish to.


Now bring your attention onto this crystalline grid that you have created here in the very centre of this room.


You have on the outside twelve rose quartz energies, you have on the inside three rose quartz connecting to the three major gateways and of course the fourth one which we have always anchored into the seat which is the heart of the Almighty, The One.


I now wish for you to visualise above the ground in the very centre of this grid, right above the centre crystal, hovering at heart level, wherever you find your heart level to be, a magnificent multidimensional sparkling clear quartz crystal. It is a crystal ball, see it as perfectly round and see every one of the facets on it sparkling with light hovering in the very centre of this room.

Long pause.

Now visualise, for those of you that can relate to this, this crystal ball, this crystalline spherical vibration of love that hovers here in the very centre of this room connected to every one of the major crystal vortices on your planet, including the crystals being activated into greater power today, including those that you know as the Love crystals, visualise these energies being attached and drawn energy from every other major crystal bank, crystal ridge, crystal plateau on your planet.


Then visualise how that energy is being transformed and charged in your heart. Now visualise your heart chakra filling up with love, with peace, balance and harmony. Visualise your love chakra being transformed into your unconditional love chakra. Visualise your heart chakra increasing in light and colour, transforming itself from green into pink.


Now take your hands with your crystal up and place it on your heart, just hold it onto your heart, both hands covering each other.


And now connect to the energy that was charged into that crystal prior to my arrival (pre-meditation). Again connect to love that is in that crystal and the love that is in your heart.


When bringing your mind back to times like this, be aware of the love power you have, be aware of your ability to transform conditions into that which is not restricted, where there is no limitations placed when it comes to love, when it comes to peace, when it comes to abundance, recognise the love in your heart and the love in this crystal to be part of that which formulates you – To be the change that you wish to see in others.


You may relax your hands, still holding the crystal.


We now wish for you to expand this hovering crystalline grid of light, this crystal ball floating in the very centre, with your mind connect to this energy, and visualise now how this crystal ball expands and each time it expands we bring our attention to that.


Visualise this crystal ball expanding to include this group and then visualise you as a group in this most powerful crystalline energy, sitting inside this protective energy.


Now visualise this expanding to include the entire KwaZulu Natal, visualise this expanding until it includes the African continent and then increases in size until it includes all of the other continents until eventually it envelopes the whole planet.


Now visualise this crystalline energy expanding way beyond the planet. Connecting into and reinforcing that which is known as the 144 Christ Consciousness Grid.


Beloved ones now visualise yourself as a group floating away from the planet until eventually as you too increase in size in this circle, you as a group float around the planet and visualise the Planet Earth replacing the original floating or hovering crystalline energy in this room. So visualise yourself what it would feel like to be away from the planet floating in space. Visualise all of you forming a circle of light around the planet.


And now visualise using the energy of your own crystal, beaming a shield of light into the core of the Earth, thus visualise from your crystal that you hold in your hand, a beam of light shoots into the very core of the Earth.


All of these beams come together, creates an explosive energy and expands out as we ask you to visualise from the very core of the earth a most magnificent emerald ray of light, beamed out from the core of the planet this emerald ray of light, filling up the earth, the oceans, the continents, the air and then beyond that.


And now, from your heart chakras still floating around the planet beam towards the planet a magnificent violet energy. Beam the violet flame energy from your heart centre to the core of the planet and see how this violet energy fills up all of the skies, the air, the continents the water and the Earth in its totality. And then visualise the emerald and the violet energy intermingling and becoming one.

Long pause.

Beloved ones, now connect with the crystalline grid, see yourself floating around the planet, part of all of this energy and then feel beyond this how the crystalline grid comes into greater power and begins to sparkle like diamonds and how this energy comes to life and how this diamond frequency increases in power and light, transforming humanity.

Now visualise from the crystalline grid, sparkles of light, sparkles down onto the planet and how that multiplies by the trillions with each sparkle being anchored into every living entity on this planet. Then visualise the entire planet sparkling with light from within.


Like a massive glitter ball, and know that you ARE a part of IT.

Long pause.

Claim the Christ energy in your heart by now visualising your heart chakra in the transformational emerald, violet and diamond frequency.


Beloved ones, again see how this crystalline grid around the planet increases the frequency of light on this plane and how that manifests within your own heart as unconditional love, and a bearer of Christ Consciousness.


We now ask that you connect again to your own personal love crystal that you have on your lap.


Once again bring this up to your heart and now visualise the emerald, the violet and the diamond frequency within the attuned heart centre increasing charge within this crystal – the frequency and the power of it.


Now take this crystal and move it about 10 centimetres away from your heart, holding it in front of your heart.


Can you feel the connection between the crystal and your heart?

A: Yes

MK: If not concentrate on it. Can you feel an energy link between the crystal and your heart centre?

A: Yes.

MK: If you can’t then now is the time to concentrate on that love that you are. Now is the time for you to be the love that you pray for, and set the intent for an energy to be activated between your heart centre and your personal love crystal, and then wait for it.


Some of you may need to move your hands a bit further away by now. Feel the connection. Can you feel the connection?

A: Yes.

MK: If you cannot then now is the time for you to truly let go of your limitations and your expectations by simply being, loving the self, loving who you are.


And now you may relax your hands back onto your lap, as we ask you to connect to the grids around your planet and all of the grids that were created in and around KwaZulu Natal, and of course throughout your globe.

We ask you to be at one with this energy for you have the ability to transform darkness into light. You have the ability to transform limitation into absolute success.


Beloved ones, as you hold this energy in your hands and lovingly connect to your reality, gently open your eyes, as you hold onto these beautiful crystals, understand that your connection to the grids in and around the planet is but a thought away. Your connection to the crystals, to your heart, is but a feeling away, and your connection to every one else in your life is but an emotion away.

Be the change that you desire in others, stand firm in your boots, don’t do unto another what you wouldn’t have done to you, and take care of each other, and know that not now or not ever can you be alone. For you see in truth and in light you have many, many tools that have been given unto you, blessed unto you, many tools of transformation which you now can put into action and as you felt the vibration increase and change and shift in this room, know that that too is a true reality and reflection of who and what you are, for you are gods in expression. You are an aspect of the Creator, for you carry an aspect of that consciousness, so now with the influx of this new crystalline wave of transformation and being the change that you want to see in others why not show your responsibly towards your creatorship by being creative and not reactive, and by being creative to create anew. To transform the old world, to let it go, to embrace the new world and do not keep it transfixed in a figmentational mould of that which you think it should be. Allow life to unfold for you as you take every step as you awaken each day, and in that unfoldment – play your part in this game of love, for at the end of the day the only thing that truly matters is your recognition of yourself as a part of that unconditional love consciousness, and that is why you have taken on coming to this journey and as you refer to this earth school of transformation, for you to become lighter and as time goes by, as the years unfold, as you become lighter and lighter, to send these frequencies of lightness of being into the world out there and as you insist on being the change that you wish others to be, allow that to be transformed within them. Recognise your part of the oneness and do everything in your given power every day to recognise the beauty and the love that is around you. And if you for some reason are in some space where there is none, according to you, then create it.

Go forth on this beautiful day and carry this love in your heart and understand as master teachers you have the ability to shift anything that you want, claim that, be the love that you wish others to see in you. Play your games of transformation and never ever, ever, underestimate your part in it all.

I AM Kuthumi, I am the Lord and the Master Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless thee in love.


A: Thank you, Adonai.

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