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This month the group had a message about the Earth and the magnetic fields that we
all live within. They explained how it would affect humans in general and how we could
prepare. They said the magnetic field has lost more than 10% in the last 100 years. The group talked about the cycle of the Earth shifting magnetic poles about every 500,000 years and how we are now overdue. They did say the Earth will not shift poles as we
have already changed that, yet there is still a lot of work to do and the Earth will go through magnetic fluctuations which may cause strange phenomenon and be felt emotionally by sensitive humans. Oh, how fun!
They said that this decrease in magnetism is a contributing factor to the overall human enlightenment now taking place, and that there was something special about the three years before and the three years after the final dip which will be in the year 2012.


Big hugs. Have a great month!
Greetings from Home
This day there is magic here in this room. You have created an anticipation that is absolutely magical. In fact, it could be called ‘magnetic,’ for you are creating magic with every breath you take by breathing into a body that lets your spirit shine through. This day we wish to give you some ideas of the larger picture that will be helpful for you in the years and even the days ahead. We have already shared with you many of the items that are happening and changing for all humans everywhere. We have also given you some ideas of those things you can let go of and what you can start reaching for. The idea is for you to stand in your full power in the true magnificence of who you are, while you are still in a physical body. Today we are going to tell you how you fit in with this little tiny place called Earth. We are going to share a little about how it works, because some of those things are also starting to change.
Four Very Important Items for a Soul’s Journey
Many of you will feel these changes in your physical being, but first you will feel it in your emotional being and that has already begun. Many people are starting to feel strange, odd emotions and do not know where they are coming from. It is not about male or female imbalances; it is not about love or fear perceptions. These are simply different emotions that you are unfamiliar with and have no label for. Let us show you what is taking place, so you can help to hold the door open for those who are following behind you.
Let us speak first of the birth process. We have mentioned this before, but there are four important items that a soul considers when they are ready to enter the game for an incarnation:
1. One of these is their name. It is a vibration they live under everyday and has a vibrational effect on their entire journey. They spend a lot of energy prior to birth trying very hard to place this chosen name in their parents’ thoughts. Sometimes the parents listen, and other times they name them after a movie star. The reality is that you are in full control and you can change your name, which happens often in these rooms as you reach higher vibration. You begin to choose your own reality.
2. The second one is the instant the soul crosses the veil, because the moment you are born you cross from infinity to finite-ness. Yes, the Keeper is asking us if that is actually a word. We are not sure and we do not really care—he has these internal dialogues going on all the time and most of the time we ignore him. It is okay, he understands. So, what happens when a soul crosses the veil is that it picks up magnetic imprints which it carries during the entire time it is in a physical body. You do not think of yourselves as magnetic, for you are not metallic nor ferrous metal. But you are magnetic in much bigger ways than you ever learned to measure. It is not measurable in Gauss; the entire magnetic spectrum is much greater than currently known. Very subtle magnetic fields lay beneath the surface magnetism of everything on planet Earth. These grids are a different wavelength than you have yet to measure, and they are the way in which you interact with the world around you. We have labeled this the Universal Energy but it has many names on Earth. It is the base energy that exists when all ambient electromagnetic frequencies are removed from a vacuum. Many of these will surface in the next seven to ten years.
As you cross the veil and become finite, you receive a magnetic imprint that stays with you for your entire life. It gives you certain attributes, or strengths and weaknesses as you often refer to them. You choose that imprint very carefully because it can play perfectly into your life lesson and purpose. When anyone does an astrological or numerological reading or anything that is based on the moment you were born, they are actually reading those imprints.
3. So now you have your name, the time you were born, and the third item is the birth order within a family. This is a very important piece, as it plays into the family constellations and dynamics as the soul grows in the most formative years. The only child, eldest, youngest, middle, surprise, twins, and more are all possibilities.
4. The fourth important item is the moment the soul dies. Since it is carrying magnetic imprints during life it is helpful to leave them behind when the soul crosses over to return Home. This can be easily done at specific windows of time that you set up prior to birth. When those windows come along the soul has an opportunity to re-turn Home. Yet since the soul is on the planet of free choice it may choose, in unison with all eleven dimensions, to stay. If the choice is made to stay, the human experiences what we call a Phantom Death. In that instant the soul goes through a dark night and emerges re-born with a focused direction. (From Steve: This is a short version of an important subject. There is much that the group has written over the years about the Phantom Death; the book Spiritual Psychology includes the most complete discussion.)
Magnetic Universe ~ Harmonic Magnetism
The purpose of our speaking of these four items this day is to show you the importance of magnetism in your life. Of the four important items, two are about magnetism. You are living as magnetic beings; although you are not metallic in nature, you are electrical. Any time an electrical current flows there co-exists a matching magnetic field. In fact, they are one and the same. You are all magnetic, chemical beings. When you have a thought, a chemical is produced that helps the electrical charge to travel through parts of your brain. Because that is how you function, every time you have a thought you change your chemistry and therefore your magnetic field ever so slightly. That subtle and as of yet immeasurable magnetic field that each of you have is directly connected to the Universal Energy upon which the Universe sits. Every time you have a thought, you send a magnetic imprint to the Universe. Activation of the pineal gland greatly amplifies this connection and all thoughts flowing through it.
The time lag which was used as a safeguard from random and potentially harmful thoughts is rapidly diminishing. The magnetic Universe changes and shifts slightly when you have a thought, and it always returns your request with the same answer: “And so it is.” In this way the Universe is a mirror which reflects back harmonic magnetic patterns of thought. That is how you have manifested everything, including the Universe. It can be said that this is done through harmonic magnetism. Harmonics reflect energy back in different patterns, and this is why most of the time creations sent out come back giving you what you wanted but usually in a slightly different way.
Many humans are asking for things, saying they want more of this or that. Do you understand that asking for anything at all is actually a statement of lack to the Universe? Be aware when you ask for anything that you literally are expressing that you are limited. You are expressing lack. So, what is the opposite of that? It is to find things to be grateful for. More importantly, for all of those things you want give thanks and hold in your heart that you already have them. Move things forward on the timeline and they will work. Now, here is where we are going to tell you where this fits in even more than ever before. Because you are magnetic beings, you are creating and interacting with each other magnetically as well. This is what is happening when you see sparks fly between two people. It is magnetism that actually creates these connections; it is what you consider sparks and human magnetism that pulls people together. But it is much more than that. Not only does it magically pull lovers together, it also magically creates the space for contracts to be fulfilled and pulls Spiritual Families together. In fact, that is exactly how this message reached you. You have a magnetic connection to the Earth and all things connected to her. We are speaking to you on a much deeper level than simply what you can see or hear, and it is accomplished through that connection. The magnetic connection gives you the ability to play on an even playing field. Thus far its use has been mostly unconscious or at least semi-conscious, but it is one of your greatest assets and the base of your abilities of creation.
Magnetics in Motion
Many of you are aware that the magnetic fields of Planet Earth are in constant motion. It is very fortunate that years ago you discovered much of the technology you use today for navigation, which no longer relies on Earth’s magnetic fields. You have learned to bounce radio waves off satellites and triangulate your position; you call it GPS. The reality is that you have learned how to do things in a different way. Once again humanity adapted at the perfect time and the magnetics of planet Earth are about to go through a shift.
Pregnant Earth ~ Loosing the Pull
We have mentioned before that the Earth is not sick; she is pregnant. She is about to give birth and just prior to that birth, there will be a lot of changes within the mother. Major energetic, emotional and physical changes must drastically alter a body in order to house this beautiful miracle called birth. Only 100 years ago, there was 10% more magnetism on this planet than there is now. The Earth’s gravitational and magnetic field has been slowly reducing over a period of time and drastically over the last 100 years; 10% of the magnetism that was pulling you is no longer there. This change in the Earth has greatly aided in the human enlightenment process more than you know. Earth is a part of you and reacts to the Universal Energy field of the collective of humanity. This is the reason that so many people all over the planet are starting to wake up and say, “This was a wonderful game, but now what is the next step?” Humanity is starting to ask bigger, more important questions and this began the next evolutionary step of humanity. People are just starting to accept truths and beginning to see more new possibilities than they ever have before, partly because they are not limited by the magnetism that held them firmly grounded up to this point. Even though humans resist letting go of polarization those magnetic fields are also reducing.
This is also the reason we have said from the beginning of these communications that the Universal Energy supports blending and resists separation, and that this would become stronger and more important as humanity evolved. Separatists and those ideals may leave barking loudly with a banner of fear, but leave they will. These resulted from the heavy field of duality that was caused by the strong gravitational magnetic pull of earth. It is time to empower all humans everywhere. The Earth has been freeing you to evolve, for it is the only way the new energy will support you.
At this point it may be helpful to know that the strength does not lie in numbers of mankind, but rather in the number of unions of mankind. This will be on all levels, personal and collective. For instance, the governments of Earth have only grown strong when they blended with others. This has occurred in the lower vibrations of humanity by overtaking them with force, and later as the collective vibration rose through agreements and unions. Restrict or stop that blending action and even the strongest economy will falter. Even those of you who take it upon yourselves to form unions and connections with like-minded people for personal growth or fun will still make great advances in the evolution, communication and education of all humanity. We have previously suggested the formation of Empowerment Groups. This is similar to planting the best seeds in the most fertile ground at exactly the perfect time of year.
Polar Shift ~ End Times?
The magnetic fields of planet Earth have been shifting over a very long period of time, and during the last ten years they have moved even more quickly. Approximately once every 500,000 years the magnetics completely change from north to south. We have mentioned this before and have told you that it has happened five other times throughout the history of planet Earth. The signs of a pole shift are very simple yet specific. There is a weakening of the magnetic field of planet Earth that precedes each pole shift. Readings from the layers of Earth show a substantial weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field just prior to a polar shift. This has been in preparation, for this was to be the end of planet Earth. Earth is far overdue for a pole shift and all the signs are now appearing.
Let us explain. The game on planet Earth was originally scheduled to conclude between the years 2000 and 2012. It was going to take about 12 years to kill this beautiful planet of yours, but at the very last moments of the game you shifted the outcome. You wiped the sleep from your eyes and began to ask why and how. You began to take responsibility for yourselves and thus drastically increased your power. Humanity began to move past the markers of the end times that were predicted by so many, with the final marker being 2012. Very slowly at first but then more quickly, humans all over the world began to rub the sleep from their eyes and awaken from the dream. Then one magical morning all humans will wake up and begin to see things from a higher perspective. It is magical to see that process unfolding on Earth right now.
So, how is this taking place? The Earth is rapidly decreasing magnetically and gravitationally. However, you will NOT experience a pole shift because at this stage humanity no longer needs the strong pull back into density and heavy gravitational magnetic fields to evolve. In place of a rapid shift there will be a slower and much more gradual leveling off, along with a slight return of some of Earth’s magnetism. Earth’s full magnetic fields will return over time, but humanity will have evolved and the physical bodies will easily be able to transform these fields to create enlightened and empowered societies. This has been heralded as the greatest of advancements throughout the Universe. Many adjustments are needed and that is beginning now. During the time when the least amount of magnetism is on the planet, you have the greatest opportunities for individual growth in all areas. Consider it a launching ramp of the new humanity. The bottom of the magnetic field is roughly the three years before and after the year 2012.
The events that are now beginning were originally going to be the last piece that ended Earth. Earth was schedueled to go into a sixth and final pole reversal. All weather patterns would change, 95% of all life on planet Earth would disappear, either to be re-born at lower levels or to have turned into a planet very similar to Mars. None of these are going to take place because you have said, “I am awakening from the dream and I am taking my power.” We are so very proud of you. It was our greatest hope that even a glimmer of re-membrance would happen on planet Earth. We had to wait for eons of time before the sparks started to show up, but here you are igniting all over the planet.
Light Grounding
Let us tell you something that is going to take place, because it might help when you hit this bottom point. The Earth herself will experience anomalies with the overall energetics and magnetism of planet Earth. What will happen is that where you have always had steady magnetic fields you will now have fluctuating magnetic fields. This is part of what you are feeling. It is only a temporary situation and will probably last only a few years, but will mess up a lot of your electronics on planet Earth until you learn how to ground your equipment in a different way. You will learn very quickly for all humans adapt. That is what you do really well. For even though the magnetism will increase on Earth, the density will not re-turn because once you know something you cannot consciously forget it. Once you are elevated from having this weak density and pull, you will never go back to density again. It is part of the human re-wire now underway as your physical bodies are changing to hold more Light.
Watch the Sun
Also watch the sun as it plays out a new role. Originally the sun was scheduled to shift its poles simultaneously with Earth’s. This would have given Earth the magnetic harmonic push needed to spin her poles and quickly shift completely to a new starting point. Without this cosmic assistance from the sun, the Earth’s shift could have taken too long and permanently disturbed its rotational patterns. This magnetic harmonizing action is how these shifts have been accomplished in earlier times. Now, even though the timeline has been pulled forward the poles will not shift on Earth. The sun, which was scheduled to shift its own magnetic poles in late 2012, is still close to being on its original schedule. Here is the sun’s new role: When the solar sun of Earth shifts magnetic poles this next time it will coincide with the lowest point of magnetism on Earth. This is a magical time to be a human. Dear ones, you have earned what is about to happen. A miracle is at hand.
Dear ones, enjoy this ride. Yes, of course there is going to be change. Yes, of course you are going to feel strange, odd emotions. You may find yourself acting like a three-year old for no particular reason and it is wonderful. All we ask is that you not judge yourselves. Know that it is happening to every person on the planet and that when you find yourself feeling emotional and afraid for no reason or having negative thoughts, it is simply these twisted magnetic fields that are not providing you with the comfortable base you had during the transition of this birth process. Stray negative thoughts create very little, but judging yourself for having them is very destructive.
Is It a Boy or Girl?
What is the mother birthing? That is a question for many. Does that mean there will be another Earth? No, she is birthing a new human…and here you are. She has been birthing a new human by reducing her magnetic field in a different manner than ever before. She is re-creating herself now to house the new humans, her children.
Here you sit asking what you can do. You have been here over and over and over these lifetimes trying to make your mark, trying to help humans. Sometimes you have been incredibly frustrated living a life where you had information that you could not share with other people. Here you are now and they are starting to listen, and it is working. It is all coming together the way you dreamed from the very beginning and now the magic is unfolding. You will see the energy of Home anchoring itself on Earth in a different form, because you are evolving during this process and your physical body is beginning the shift. This will open the door to using the new human templates that are now on Earth.
We hope you have nothing more than a beautiful, human experience. When you arrive Home, we hope you have marks and scars on your body and your soul where you have had beautiful human experiences. They will be worn as proud badges when you re-turn Home. Dear ones, we will greet you with open arms. You are our heroes. You are doing something that we have only dreamed could have been possible. Here you are, acting it out every single day and we are so very proud of you. Even though we stop this message, we will never leave you. We are always here and we are so very honored you give us this chance to connect so directly.
We ask you to treat each other with the greatest of respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. Re-member it is a beautiful game and play well together.

The group

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Welcome to Awaken NOW and Multidimensional News

February 2010
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We, the Arcturians, are always with you on your journey to full awakening because we are always with you. How could we leave you for we are ONE? Actually, we are ONE with all of our grounded ones, even though their mundane minds are often unaware of this fact. We wish to remind you again that it is important that you do NOT perceive us as some form of God Beings who are more evolved than you. We do NOT perceive reality in terms of more or less. In fact, when you are ONE with your Multidimensional SELF, neither do you.

We wish to take a short intermission from our journey into the sixth dimensions to make sure that you are grounding your Corridor experiences into your everyday life. Of course, we observe that you are definitely doing so, but now you have new challenge. What was once the world of your imagination and the real world are blurring together, causing your physical brain great confusion.


It used to be that the third dimension was in your present and the fifth dimension was in your future. Now, more and more, you are experiencing the reality that you have known as the third dimension to be moving into your past, while the reality that you experience as the fifth dimension is moving into your present. There is no future, for when your consciousness moves into the fifth dimension. There is only the NOW.

Furthermore, your energy is pulling away from the mundane actions of the physical world, and you only feel energetic when you engaged in an action, with people or in places that resonate to your fifth dimensional consciousness. Nonetheless, this coming attraction that you feel just beyond your reach still alludes you. What is actually happening is that what you are feeling, wanting, predicting is integrating into your daily life. In fact, it is integrating into the daily lives of all who can accept this frequency of light.

Indeed, what you are experiencing is a frequency of light that has always been beyond your perception. However, now that Gaia is being released from the shackles of the old darkness, Her humans are increasingly joining the ranks of Her plants, insects, animals, elements and Elementals to journey into the fifth dimension. Those of you who have opened your minds to the process of awakening are beginning to absorb this higher frequency light. Actually, the light is not higher frequency for it is multidimensional. Hence, it contains all frequencies, including the quantum, zero frequency.

It is with the fifth dimension and beyond, as well as the zero point, energies that humanity is challenged. You are challenged because these energies are new to your five physical senses. The expanded perceptions of your Multidimensional Soul/SELF can easily perceive the cosmic waves of torsion energy streaming from the Black Hole in the center of the Milky way and out the now open portal of the Galactic Center. On the other hand, these waves are a unique experience for your ego/self who is struggling to receive, translate and integrate these frequencies of light/information, even when your Soul/SELF gives it the green light.

The reason for this struggle between your self and your SELF is that you ego has been assigned to protect your earth vessel. These waves of torsion energy, are turning ON old codes in your Junk DNA that have been shut off since the fall of Atlantis, and turning OFF certain codes in human genome DNA. For over 12,000 years, your earth vessel has been limited to 3% of your DNA and not had access to this new genetic information. Therefore, your earth vessel cannot recognize it, perceives it as an intruder and tries to attack it.

Because of this struggle, you are having an antibody war in your earth vessel, which creates great exhaustion. Fortunately, when your consciousness extends into the fifth dimension, you are so distracted by the feelings of unconditional love, gratitude, peace and calm, that you can easily ignore the conflict in your earth vessel. Normally, one would begin their ascension process at this time. In fact, many of the members of the Planetary Ascension Team have had the experience of ascension in one or more of their parallel realities.

However, in these other realities, you died and abandoned your physical body in order to soar into your true Home in the higher dimensions. In your present reality, you have volunteered to stay on earth in your earth vessel to assist with planetary ascension. Hence, your consciousness is in one dimension and your body is in another. It is through consciously closing this gap that you assist with the planetary ascension. Your consciousness forms a bridge of light that connects these two worlds. Now, this bridge is beckoning you to cross.


At first, the process of crossing the bridge makes you spacey and exhausted. However, as you begin to place your primary consciousness, your sense of self and main control center, in the fifth dimension rather than the third, you will begin to get relief. As the third dimensional reality continues to move into your past, and your fifth dimensional reality moves into your present, your primary consciousness becomes fifth dimensional.

Your primary consciousness is also what your perceive as your present. Hence, Gaia and Her grounded ones are gradually transferring their primary consciousness from third dimensional Earth to fifth dimensional Earth. This process is much like one in which you get a new home, but still live in your old home for an extended time. In this manner, you can slowly and exactingly personalize your new homeLightbodywhile still living in your old homeearth vessel.

While having the two homes, bodies, realties, you can gradually transfer your primary consciousness from your old home/body and into your new one. However, these two homes/realities are quite different, and you will need time to completely make your shift. On the other hand, once you move into your new home, time will no longer exist. Therefore, your third dimensional consciousness is becoming very confused. It has become addicted to the concepts of time and space. Because of this perceived limitation, when your primary consciousness returns from NO-time and NO-space, your biological computer/brain cannot compute these experiences.

Your ego/self perceives this entirely novel reality as possible harm or even death, and tries to stop you from going back to your fifth dimensional reality. Hence, you may feel an increasing amount of fear that needs to be releasedagain and again. You dont understand why you are having this fear, for you have already done so much releasing. Therefore, please understand that your ego/self is quite frightened by the constant influx of the torsion waves that are foreign to it, and fears the imminent loss of its earth vessel.

The best way to deal with this situation is talk to your ego/self from the vantage point of your Soul/SELF. Tell you ego/self that there will be no loss, only a grand transformation from a carbon-based body to light-based body. Show your ego/self how your light form already exists within your earth vessel, and expand your egos duties from just care and maintenance of the earth vessel to include care and maintenance of your inner light body. Surround your ego and earth vessel with the wonderful unconditional love, gratitude, peace and calm that youSoul/SELFexperience every time you embrace the fifth dimensional reality.


The rising of your Kundalini and opening of your Third Eye has activated your pineal gland. Your pineal gland is a hyper-dimensional stargate built in to our human physiology. There are tiny molecules within the pineal gland water called microclusters. These microclusters form geometric shapes that create a resonant gateway or stargate. When “fired up” by means of Kundalini activation, the pineal gland stargate is accessed. Kundalini activation is the clearing, balancing and unifying of all your chakras, so that the latent force of of Kundalini can rise up from the Root Chakra, through all the chakras, and into the Crown Chakra to open your Third Eye. This opening is often experienced as a tickling, buzzing or pressure inside of the head or on your forehead.

The activation of the Kundalini and opening of the Third Eye brings new brainwaves online to allow advanced states of consciousness to integrate into your daily consciousness. One of these is Gamma brainwaves (40 cps), which serve as harmonizing frequency through which the observations of any objects size, color, texture, function, etc. are stored, perceived, and processed by different parts of the brain.

Gamma brainwaves are thought to be associated with the brain function that creates a holographic synthesis of data stored in various areas of the brain to fuse them together into a higher perspective. This higher perspective facilitates the activation of the expanded perceptions of your fifth dimensional consciousness.

There are also extremely high brainwave frequencies above Gamma, which have been titled Hyper Gamma brainwaves (100 cps) and Lambda brainwaves (200 cps). Conversely, the extremely low Epsilon brainwaves (0.5 cps) are thought to be the state yogis go into when they achieve suspended animation and/or complete control of all their biological functions.

All three of these newly discovered brainwaves (Hyper Gamma, Lambda, and Epsilon) are associated with higher states of SELF-awareness that allow conscious access to superior levels of information and insight, psychic abilities, and out-of-body experiences. Theta (Shaman brainwaves) and Gamma brainwaves interact with these new brainwave patterns to assist in the brains holographic packaging of information into coherent images, thoughts, and memories.

Hyper Gamma, Lambda, and Epsilon frequencies are linked together in a circular relationship. Hyper Gamma and Lambda brainwaves are so fast that they appear to be embedded in the extremely slow Epsilon brainwaves. Simultaneously, the extremely slow Epsilon waves are so slow that they appear to be riding on the crest of the very fast Hyper Gamma and Lambda waves. In the same manner, our expanded, psychic senses are embedded into, and piggybacked onto, our-third dimensional five senses. As these new brainwaves come online, our inner perceptions can be consciously perceived while in our mundane consciousness.

It is important to remember that the higher dimensional realities have always existed, but the moment you forget them, you stop choosing to perceive them and exclude them from your possible reality. However, that potential remains latent within your biological computer/brain. Fortunately, the more your primary consciousness becomes fifth dimensional, the more you activate these extremely high and low brainwaves, and the more you regain access to your innate higher brain functions. These higher brain waves will allow you to more easily close the perceived gap between your two realities.


We fully support your in closing the perceived gap between your grounded reality and your multidimensional reality, for it is the core of ascension and of being an Ascended Master. Of course, from our perspective, there is no gap. How can there be a gap when there is no time or space to measure it? Therefore, releasing the illusion of a gap between one dimension and another, one person and another, one time and another etc. is the challenge that forces your polarized, computer/brain into its true state of unity.

We know that you can feel the higher dimensions just beyond your threshold of perception, much as you can feel the rain just before it falls or the light just before the dawn. The secret of closing the gap is actually inside the very earth vessel that you have blamed for separating you from the higher realities. Focus your consciousness, now, deep inside your earth vessel and inside your heart.

See your blood around you and hear your hearts valves pumping it through your body. Feel how your breath brings fresh oxygen into your lungs to be shared with your blood. Visualize how that oxygen is carried on waves of multidimensional light and unconditional love.

Now move into your High Heart and see your ATMA, your Three Fold Flame of life blazing before you. Step into the center of that Flame and see it before you, behind you and around you. Just as smoke rises from a physical flame, your consciousness rise above your Three Fold Flame and into your opened Third Eye.

From within your Third Eye, see how the third/fourth and fifth dimensional realities are actually ONE, constantly interacting and intermingling.
Look to your right and see a magnificent Light Being who smiles in response to your recognition.
Look to your left and see any place on Earth that you wish to experience.
Now, look above you and through the Portal that is between your Third Eye and your Crown.

This Portal is in the center of your forehead at the edge of your hairline, between your Third Eye and Crown. At first, the Portal looks like a mirror with water rippling over it, a wormhole, which indeed it is. This Portal is one of the many areas on your earth vessel, which affords you the opportunity to close the gap between the world of illusion and the multidimensional worlds on the other side of the veil.

Now, with the force of unconditional love emanating from your ATMA, gently blow the veil away from the Portal to see the wormhole open, welcoming your entrance. You will not leave your body, for there is no leaving or coming when you resonate beyond time and space. To enter this Portal you must release your attachment to physical limitations and know that you are everywhere and everywhen.

As the current of your breath totally moves the veil of separation aside, the Portal is revealed in its full splendor. The circular shape morphs to remind you that this Portal is an alive Being. In fact, it is an element of your aliveness, yet independent from you as it is not limited to just you. This Portal is for every person, animal, plant and Being that is the body of Gaia. What you are experiencing is YOUR entrance to this infinite and Cosmic Portal.

The veil of illusion is completely removed now because you were/are able to believe that you deserve entrance through this passageway. What appeared to be water rippling over a mirror that reflected your light, is now revealed as a vast orb filled with liquid light.

The liquid light begins to slowly flow out of the Portal and onto your earth vessel. As the liquid light adheres to your physical form, you become the Portal, you become liquid light, and your consciousness and sense of self extends through the Portal while your earth vessel still remains in your mundane reality.

The illusion of separation between physical and consciousness is released, and you are freed from the perceived boundaries of your previous existence. You know that eventually you will return your sense of self to your mundane lifeeven though you have never left it. You know that when you return, you will seem to forget this experience and become, once again, embroiled in the challenges of your third dimensional life.

But is it still just third dimensional? What about your body of liquid light that infinitely flows, dances, intermingles and communes with All That Is? Will you forget this experience? Will you just be physical? No, you cannot. You cannot return to the illusion once the truth has been revealed. You may temporarily forget the truth, but the illusion has been unveiled. The secret has been exposed and the truth is alive in your Being forever whispering to your sleeping awareness, I am one! I am a Being of liquid light.

Then, when you hear that whisper, you will see the light, feel the unconditional love that is absorbing into your every cell and atom, and you will remember! You will remember your SELF, and you will remember the Portal. You dont go through the Portal, for through denotes that a part of you leaves where you were to be where you are going. But, if you listen to the whisper of light it says, You dont leave or come, for you are everywhere. There is no time. There is no space, There is only HERE and NOW.

You are HERE NOW because the distance between Light and Light is zero. You are physical/matter interacting and intermingling with spirit/light. The liquid of the light indicates that the Flow of the Light is zero distance for all the light. Hence, your third dimensional matter/self intermingles with your Light/SELF that is at zero point to ALL Light. This light flows like a liquid through the entrance of the Portal to commune with the light of your third dimensional self.

Your third dimensional self
Intermingles and flows with your light

Your light intermingles and flows with ALL Light

Thus, the Light of your fifth dimensional SELF
Intermingles and flows with your third dimensional self

You do not leave to become fifth dimensional or leave to become/return to your third dimensional self. Your light holds the third and fifth dimensions as ONE. Once you bond your consciousness to Light, you are zero point form the light of your fifth dimension SELF that intermingles and is ONE with the your third dimensional self. Only illusion separates you from your SELF, as the third and fifth dimensional light is continuous.

While maintaining your connection to your earth vessel who is dedicated to matching the slowing increasing resonance of Gaias Earth, you can expand your consciousness through the Portal to merge with your fifth dimensional reality. Feel the connection in your High Heart, which serves as your grounding point, and your opened Third Eye, which serves as your control tower, for all your multidimensional journeys.

Through merging with your fifth dimensional reality, you can more easily release old attachments to the drama and limitation of third dimensional life and expand your belief that you can live in peace and calm. It is through the peace and calm of truth and love that the gap begins to fill-in with the Knowing of Unity with all life.

Being your SELF

When your primary consciousness is in your Multidimensional SELF, you can consciously experience both of your merging realties. Since your inner Divine Child has never lost the awareness of your Multidimensional SELF, he/she is the gateway to the merging of your imagination and logic. Within the heart and mind of your Divine Child, everything is always possible and alive in your inner worlds. When you can awaken this Child and allow him/her play with the wondrous fifth dimensional perceptions, there is no limit to the reality you can create.

You can walk through the woods and see Nature Spirits fly above you. You can have a tea party in the middle of a stream and swim through a water cave with a gently manatee. You can pull down the Light and see the Portal between water and sky. The colors of your expanding reality will open your heart and heal old wounds of loneliness and sorrow. You will float through these colors in your body of light and fully merge with each moment of your experience.

Remember the innocence of your childhood, no matter how fleeting it may have been, so that you can recapture you ability to KNOW that what you imagine IS real. Imagination is fifth dimensional thought. In order to fully embrace the fifth dimension in which you already exist, believe your imagination. Believe your SELF. Trust your expanding perceptions and allow your inner voice to be louder than fear and self-doubt.

In fact, we Arcturians ask you to take a moment now to put on your imagination glasses as you look around the room in which you are sitting. Just as you would put on your 3D glasses to allow the action on the movie screen to enter the theater, put on your imagination filter to allow the fifth dimension to enter your room.

Look to your right… What aspect of your fifth dimensional reality does your imagination perceive? FEEL the freedom and joy of this perception. Allow your inner child to fully explore this new adventure.

Look to your left… Allow a fifth dimensional thought, which was formerly beyond your conception to fly into your awareness. Accept this thought into your heart and place it forefront in your mind.

Turn around and see all the aspects of your third dimensional reality that you are ready to release… Give thanksgiving for the lessons you have learned as you bless these aspects goodbye. Now, focus your primary attention on the fifth dimensional reality that you are NOW beginning to live.

Turn forward to see your Path laid out before you… What does your Path look like? Where is it leading? See yourself bravely walking this Path filled with peace, calm, confidence and unconditional love.

Now, allow your room to gradually shift into its fifth dimensional resonance. As you look around, what has changed and what has remained the same? How have you changed, and how have you remained the same?

As you go about your day, place your attention on the parts of your self and your life that are already fifth dimensional. For as long as you can remember, see all of your life through the perceptions of your Multidimensional SELF. In this manner, you can consciously experience the merging of the third and fifth dimensional realities.

To BE fifth dimension, remember that, first your raise your consciousnessto open you up to new beliefsthat set your expectationsand dictate your perceptions. Then, the reality that you perceive is the reality that you live.
You must perceive the change to BE the change you wish to create.

We, the Arcturians, bless you for your wonderful contribution to the ascension of Earth, the Solar System and the entire Milky Way. YOU are the Light of the world. You are the multidimensional Light of all reality.
The Arcturians

Click to Play Meditation


Try this meditation everyday for 21 days to break the habit of being third
dimensional so that you can create the habit of being fifth dimensional.

Suzanne Lie

Thank you for joining us in the Arcturian Corridor.

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Anchoring the Creator’s Beauty by Lord Buddha – Natalie Glasson

I am Lord Buddha, I am the Planetary Logos and overseer of the Earth from a planetary level. It brings me great pleasure to connect with your energies and minds as I wish to bring forth some special guidance and insights that will benefit your spiritual ascension and development on the Earth. In my role as Planetary Logos it is my mission and purpose to oversee the spiritual energies and existence of every soul on the Earth, I am one with you, our energies are integrated as one because we are the same; we are all aspects of the Creator. I am so devoted to the Earth and its inhabitants; I integrate my energies with the life force of the Creator that you breathe. I am here as a guiding light, I understand all that is needed to aid your development on the Earth. I hope that you will recognise that there is a unique and deep bond between Mother Earth and myself, Mother Earth inhabits and fuels the physicality of the Earth while I energise and oversee the spiritual energies and vibration of the Earth. It is my purpose to ensure that all grow at a steady rate remaining harmonised and balanced, while ensuring that spiritual ascension and awakening occurs in the most appropriate way, guided by the soul of the Creator.

I now step forward to ask you to exist as an essential energy binding with Mother Earth and I, as a powerful trinity of light. The Creator has most recently extended a source of consciousness and energy that is so magnificent; it is filled with wisdom, inspiration, ideas and enlightenment. It is a great and powerful consciousness held within a source of light that will not only raise the vibration of the Earth but will awaken the hearts and minds of many, both those who connected with the energy and those who do not. Within this source of energy is essential and necessary energy to assist the shift in consciousness and focus of humanity in preparation for a new beginning on the Earth in 2012. In truth the energy source most recently imparted from the Creator is the next stage of ascension, change and the anchoring of love. It is I who holds the responsibility for this magnificent source of consciousness which currently exists within my energy and within the Planetary Logos Ashram on the inner planes. It is akin to a brightly glowing beacon of light. Those who have linked with this energy from the inner planes, explain their experience and insights as pure beauty. It is my belief that this energy will bring an essence of beauty to the Earth, clearing away many false visions and negative outlooks so that they may be replaced by the outlook and vision of beauty. Many people on the Earth accept beauty as a physical manifestation but it is also a sacred energy that is truly divine, beauty is an extension of love. When we see the beauty of the Creator all around us and within us we are appreciating the manifestation of love within everything. There are many who see the presence of fear and negativity within every person and situation around them, we wish to now alter this and let the presence of beauty or love to be prominent, eternally glowing and growing. This source of light and consciousness now existing within my ashram is the manifestation of the Creator’s beauty; it is the consciousness, wisdom, thoughts, emotions, energy and light of beauty. It is not a beauty that we associate with the Earth and may never have been experienced on the Earth; it is the beauty of the Creator’s soul intertwining within everything and everyone. This source of light will assist in raising the vibration of love of the Earth to help the manifestation of an era of love beginning in 2012.

In order to truly anchor the beauty of the Creator it is my belief that humanity must be involved and must act as anchors and channels for the beauty of the Creator. I feel that if we as ascended masters were to send this divine energy into the Earth, as an energy wave, its energy may go undetected, resulting in humanity overlooking many wonderful lessons of growth and the understanding of love. Each person must learn to honour the beauty of the Creator within themselves and within all situations and people on the Earth. This is a powerful way of dissolving false and negative views and thoughts. In truth this source of light holds the purpose of altering your state of mind, bringing your focus from negativity and fear to love and truth. Many may say that such alterations cannot be achieved with the simple presence of energy and light, and that beauty is a manifestation of the material world, but within this energy is the consciousness of the Creator’s beauty, the consciousness of love. We are aware of the power of love as a transformational energy even within the physical world and planes. An alteration of the mind is simply a change of consciousness or a new understanding entering into the mind, which I believe can be achieved by aligning to the powerful source of light now made available and concentrated by the soul of the Creator.

It is my proposal that those who wish to be of assistance, wish to anchor the beauty of the Creator into their realities or wish to embody the beauty of the Creator take some time now to connect with my energy, asking to be made a sacred and divine channel and anchor for the Creator’s energy of beauty now in existence within the Planetary Logos Ashram. If you feel attracted to achieve and experience this energy anchoring and flowing through your being and wish to anchor it into the Earth then I ask that you call on me to assist you. It is an essential and worthwhile service for the Earth as it will nurture and awaken people to the presence of love. Realisation or becoming aware is the most powerful tool for manifestation because realisation is to accept, understand and to believe. I would be deeply honoured is you would allow yourself to be an anchor of the Creator’s beauty, letting this sacred energy flow into your mind to allow your thoughts and vision of the Earth to be aligned to the presence and existence of love and beauty. I wish to now guide you in achieving this wonderful service to yourself, humanity and the Earth.

Allow yourself to sit peacefully, gaining a deep meditative state in your own comfortable way. Focus is needed on your breathing in order to quieten and sharpen your mind.

Say out loud;

‘I invoke my angelic and ascended master guides to draw close to me and to channel your energy deep into my entire being. Please support and protect me, raising my vibration to the most appropriate level so that I may accept the light of the Creator with ease.

I invoke the presence of the Lord Buddha and the Planetary Logos Team, I ask you to pour your light into my being, please surround me in a cylinder of your light and let it seep into every aspect of my being, both spiritual and physical.

Lord Buddha, I wish to act as an anchor and channel for the new energy and consciousness of beauty, essential for the Earth’s growth, which has now anchored into the planetary level. I understand that the energy that I am about to align with is of the beauty of the Creator. It is my wish to hold the consciousness of beauty within every aspect of my being, help me to understand the beauty of the Creator, its meaning and influence. Let me feel the presence of beauty and recognise the beauty of the Creator in every aspect of my reality and my own manifestation on the Earth. Assist me in anchoring the vibration of beauty into the Earth so that the beauty and love of the Creator may become the dominate focus of all, eradicating false and fearful beliefs so that all may exist in a reality of beauty, peace and love. Lord Buddha, assist me in sharing the beauty of the Creator with every soul that I meet and connect with in order to assists the Earth’s embodiment of love.

Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos Team and the Creator, I ask that you now align my heart and mind to the source of consciousness and light focused on beauty in existence with the Planetary Logos Ashram. Let the energy of beauty flow through my entire being continuously, settling within my energy bodies, soul, mind and heart. Please align my thoughts, beliefs and general outlook to the beauty of the Creator. Let me now become an embodiment of the Creator’s beauty, radiating beauty, channelling beauty to others and anchoring beauty into the Earth. Assist all of humanity and I in realising and recognising the beauty of the Creator in everything, every situation and person around us. Let the beauty of the Creator manifest on the Earth and within our minds and hearts eternally.

I now allow the Creator’s energy of beauty to flow into my being, from my feet into the Earth and from my heart into the atmosphere and energy of the Earth. I now exist as an eternal anchor for the light of the Creator. Thank you and let it be.’

Take time to imagine, sense or acknowledge the light flowing through your being, allow yourself to comprehend the feeling, vibration, consciousness and colour of the energy of beauty from the Creator’s soul. You may practice this each day to build the presence of Creator beauty within you, within your mind and within your reality, acting as an example of beauty and love to all. A beauty that is so different to any kind of beauty currently recognised on the Earth.

It is important to realise that the energy of the Creator’s beauty is both healing and inspirational to the mind and your energy vibration. Experiencing the energy of beauty can awaken your soul and energy systems bringing a clearing or it may make you aware of your negative thoughts and outlook, encouraging you to focus on the energy of beauty within your mind, in order to bring harmony and peace. As the presence of love can initially create some confusion or a process of releasing so can the energy of beauty, this is due to its high and quicker vibration of light. As you focus on experiencing and sharing the energy of beauty with others, I ask that you concentrate on creating thoughts of beauty within your mind, acknowledging the beauty and love within yourself and all who exist around you. Even in the most negative person or situation you will find beauty, when you search for its presence and discover its energy you will have discovered and connected with the truth and love of the Creator which is within everything but is sometimes concealed.

Allow yourself to search for the beauty of the Creator, experiencing it in heart and mind. I hope that you will assist me in bringing forth this consciousness from the Creator and anchoring the energy that is essential as a gradual awaken for humanity to the beauty of the Creator, the Earth and their manifestation.

With blessings of beauty,

I am Lord Buddha, Planetary Logos

Natalie Glasson, Wisdom of the Light,

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Matthew – Suzanne Ward

Earthquake in Haiti – cause, effects; sending light to dark-hearted individuals; power of negative thoughts; global economy, debts; answers within; vegetarian diets; stargates; no “second Earth”; reincarnation

1. This is Matthew with loving greetings from all souls at this station. As Earth’s ever-accelerating ascension pace takes her into progressively lighter energy planes, we see more and more hearts and minds opening to the light even as turmoil continues. Unwilling to accept that their efforts will end in utter futility, those with negativity at their core still are fighting tenaciously to keep their dwindling strength from disappearing entirely.

2. We see the widespread grief, confusion and massive destruction in Haiti, and we weep. Not for the tens of thousands who died, as those who need special care are receiving personalized attention from dedicated souls in Nirvana, and others are joyful about returning to that wondrous spirit world. No, our sadness is for the millions whose lives are even more desperate now, far worse than their family elders who have endured the pain of impoverishment for many decades. Knowing their soul contracts does not render us immune to sadness about the personal tragedies still unfolding for our brothers and sisters in Haiti, where the starkest evidence of the best and the worst in humankind exemplifies the extremes of duality.

3. The earthquake was not of Mother Nature’s making. It was the intentional work of those among you who have the technology to create such catastrophic planetary upheavals. In this case, it was to cover an attempt to move through Haiti a vast fortune from its discovered hiding place to a secret destination. If there can be a sliver of a silver lining in that diabolical act, it is that no longer is the truth hidden about weather control technology and its wicked uses—the information is on your Internet for all to see. The use of this kind of “weapon of mass destruction” cannot be prevented, and once set in motion, only softening, or leveling out, steps can be taken. As devastating as the earthquake was, without our space family’s intervention that lessened the impact on Port-au-Prince, the death toll and destruction would have been even greater.

4. The best in humankind was the instantaneous compassion throughout your world and the outpouring of assistance. This is creating light to help rid Haiti’s soil, water and air of the negativity that caused it to become the poorest of countries. Despotic dictators who lived in opulence denied their countrymen even basic living standards, thus consigning them to debilitating diseases and virtually no healthcare, educational opportunity or source of livable income. Loans that could have alleviated those conditions and the suffering they caused instead went into the pockets of the dictators, and the peoples felt helpless to improve their lives or their children’s. When those decades of fear and oppression ended a few short years ago, the country was beset with political turmoil, and soon the Haitians’ hopes of betterment were dashed.

5. The souls who chose to embody in those harsh circumstances known of Haiti did so willingly to balance other lifetimes so they could evolve spiritually, the goal of every soul. Many who recently transitioned to spirit life had fulfilled their soul contract choices to complete third density experiencing, and in time they will reincarnate in a fourth density world of their choice. Those who died before completing their soul contracts have the same opportunities to do this in Nirvana, where they have help in accomplishing their karmic lessons and prepare to evolve out of third density.

6. In all instances, these souls are serving their families and friends in two ways: Their leaving reduced the amount of negativity caused by their former wretched living conditions and also prevented the negativity that living in even worse circumstances would have generated; and those souls are beaming light from their spirit home to all on Earth with whom they are bonded in love, and to Earth herself.

7. A positive aspect of the quake and the tremors that followed is that even with “softened” destructive capability, they released a mammoth amount of negativity from this small half-island nation. That reduction in negativity will allow the beaming-in and anchoring of light to facilitate the Haitian peoples in rebuilding their lives and their country.

8. Despite everything they have experienced in the past weeks—grief, injuries, traumatized psyches and desperate circumstances they still are encountering—a resilient spirit still shines brightly. With medical teams and other helpers from many nations coming to their aid, albeit insufficient to relieve much of the suffering or supply all basic needs, the peoples of Haiti know the world has not forgotten them. The light in their newfound hope added to the light of all who are helping—whether directly by their side or prayers or donations from around the world—is far greater than the negativity of combined grief and trauma.

9. The darkest of hearts that created the earthquake have no light except the spark of viability, the life force that is every soul’s eternal connection to God and Creator Source. Their conscience has atrophied from lack of use, and now that their corruption and unfathomable fortunes are being uncovered, they commit heinous deeds to hold onto what they feel is their rightful power and possessions. The dark-hearted ones cause massive harm to produce fear and agony because the energy of those emotions refuels them. We and other messengers of the light have urged you to send light to those perpetrators of unconscionable acts because only light can heal their damaged souls and thus change their deeds. You can send them light by imagining yourselves holding a candle or a flashlight to guide a lost soul onto an illumined pathway.

10. Messengers of the light have told you about those who act in darkness so as to help you break any hold they may have in your lives and beliefs, and the same information will be revealed to the public to serve in that same way. As those truths come forth incrementally, please help others understand that they need not condone any action that causes atrocities and agony, but the light in forgiveness will serve all of you far, far better than the negativity of demanding punishment for the perpetrators. A part of third density mentality is the refusal to forgive individuals who are considered “evil,” and it isn’t consciously known that as equal parts of God, every soul in this universe is eternally interconnected with all others, or that the darkness in any one dims the collective light in the “universal heart,” or that one’s own light is dimmed by judgment and condemnation of those who are bereft of light.

11. Individuals acting with dark intent don’t remember that when Earth life ends, every soul will have to review every minute of it—not only watching everything they did throughout the lifetime, but feeling every emotion exactly as it was felt by every person whose life they touched in any way. The next lifetime of those ones who are lost in darkness will be a hell of their own creation—a punishment, if you will, that is far more severe than any you could ever conceive—and until they accept the light constantly beamed into those dense placements where their lifetime energy output consigned them, there they will remain.

12. We ask that you please keep in mind what is in store for those lost souls as we address other issues in which you have expressed interest. Yes, the recent snowstorms in the eastern parts of the United States are another incidence of manmade technology used for self-serving purposes. Virtually closing down the US government was the main intent because so doing also impacts many other countries. The snowstorms— just like the clumsy “Black Ops” attempt on Christmas Day to explode an airplane by means of a very confused individual operating under mind control, then the devastation in Haiti—are intended to disrupt actions underway to remove the Illuminati’s tentacles on untold wealth and their toehold on the global economy.

13. Previous messages have identified many disparate groups under the Illuminati “umbrella,” the pyramid organizational structure that keeps lower ranking members uninformed about the intentions of those at the peak, and the powerful global network that for centuries has controlled everything that influences life on your planet. We know of the opinions that US President Obama is leading his country in the wrong direction, and we tell you that if only you could know how prudently and wisely he is moving behind the scenes to upset the entire Illuminati apple cart, instead of concerns about his direction, there would be rousing cheers.

14. The larger purpose to be served by assuring you that Obama’s intentions are aligned with the light is of utmost importance. The energy of negative thoughts about his leadership and all other situations anywhere on Earth that are seen as worrisome is flowing out into your world and delaying effective resolutions to tumultuous happenings everywhere. It is the energy of love-light that motivates the spirit of cooperation among peoples and brings an end to conflicts, violence, deception and unjustness. Some of you say, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” YES! The truth in that expression of personal responsibility derives from soul-level awareness that you chose this lifetime specifically to help speed Earth along her ascension pathway.

15. So the individuals who propose that a collective will to make your world a better place will achieve that without extraterrestrial help do make a good point—absolutely you must act, must set the pace toward world transformation, because it is your world. But those individuals are way off track by not acknowledging that without many other civilizations’ immeasurable help that started about seventy years ago, none of you would be where you are because the planet would have died. And we assure you, your space family’s continued help will be welcomed by all except the ones who are fighting mightily to prevent reforms anywhere.

16. We can tell you what is fomenting behind the scenes regarding the truth about the global economy, but because Earth’s energy field of potential is in such wild commotion, we cannot discern what information will emerge first or the order in which other facts will follow. We can say, though, that it cannot be much longer before the “first spill” because all the corruption must be exposed so it can be eliminated and an honorable system implemented. It is possible that the end of the Federal Reserve in its present form will be the first public “news,” and it seems likely that close on its heels will be a new and much fairer system of taxation. The disclosure that the United States’ unmanageable debt is due to the owners of the Federal Reserve banks very likely will include that the system was slyly established a century ago along with a corporate structure that fundamentally has kept the country under England’s dictate. However, because United States’ chaotic economy was the first domino to fall, so to say, and the line of dominoes around the globe swiftly followed, the long history of corruption within all major banking and lending institutions worldwide could be disclosed first. Somewhere along the way will emerge the Bush and Clinton families’ involvement with the Rockefeller Illuminati faction that helped to mortally bleed the coffers of the United States. Did you think it rather ironic that both of those former US presidents rushed to show their keen interest in what was going on in Haiti?

17. Regardless of the order in which that information becomes public, it appears that delaying the televised acknowledgement of extraterrestrial civilizations’ presence until after current upheavals settle down is unavoidable. An announcement of such extremely critical and sensitive nature requires the intricate planning that Hatonn explained [November 19, 2009], and due to the serious matters that have required focused attention and disrupted program planning sessions, final decisions have yet to be made by participating countries’ representatives. Much to the distress of the ones who caused the disruptions via their strategic upheavals, the announcement program will only be postponed, not cancelled as they intended.

18. An issue of great importance being considered by light-filled leaders is: How much shocking information can people assimilate before it starts wreaking havoc within the collective consciousness? You will greet each revelation with rejoicing, knowing that it is a step closer to world transformation and Earth’s Golden Age. But ignorance of that and many other truths—like the various kinds of mind control to “dumb down” your brain functions, and the vast underground laboratories and living accommodations for the “Little Grays” that are funded by the Illuminati’s illegal drug industry—is the lot of most people. Many may indeed be living in honorable ways, but they are asleep insofar as heightened consciousness and spiritual awakening, and those cannot come to traumatized psyches. So truths of startling nature must be an unfolding to the populace, not a bombardment.

19. We must tell you that it is with mixed feelings that we address these issues of most interest as indicated in emails sent to my mother. We do want to dispel the negativity generated by your concerns about information you have heard or read, but we do not want to sabotage one of the primary aims of these messages: That you learn to communicate with your soul-self; ask questions and be still and listen to the answers that come intuitively. Because hearing and heeding the messages from your soul to your consciousness is an essential step in soul evolution and the purpose of our messages is to offer enlightenment and guidance to assist you in evolving, once again we urge you: Seek answers within!

20. Furthermore, even truthful information from external sources can err in omission of some facts, thereby unintentionally conveying incomplete data that readers can assume is the entire story. Let me cite an example that in the Tapestry of Life is insignificant, but still I gave a flawed bit of information. With thanks to all who wrote about the medicinal effects of marijuana, I see the error in my reply [in the January 11, 2010 message] to readers who asked if certain enjoyments, including “social drugs,” could delay spiritual evolution or prevent physical ascension with Earth. In my “Yes” answer, I was thinking of heroin, cocaine and the assortment of synthetic drugs that cause adverse effects on body, mind and spirit. Marijuana does indeed offer medical benefits, and there are no damaging effects from its moderate use in a social setting. Legal consequences, yes, so I surely am not encouraging its use without medical prescription! I am simply stating that with the sensible use I mentioned, marijuana is not among the drugs that form a barrier between the consciousness and the soul and prevent the absorption of light.

21. Now then, animals becoming vegetarians will be a process of their choosing that kind of diet because it is more appealing, just as it will be for Earth’s human residents. As the light intensifies in all bodies at cellular level, humans and animals alike naturally will choose foods that have light properties, and severed animal flesh does not. Without the current food chain, animals will not overcrowd the planet; instead, they instinctively will reproduce more slowly or not at all. There absolutely is no “condemnation by God” for eating meat and seafood, but expressing gratitude for the animals that provide these foods is most appropriate. A strong immune system is the best defense against harmful substances in processed foods and seasonings, meat from animals injected with steroids, seafood contaminated with mercury or other toxins, and genetically altered foods; and the energy of light is the ultimate strengthener of immune systems.

22. We don’t know if a moratorium on all existing debt will be a blanket provision of the planned restructuring of the global economy, but it seems likely during the transition from the old systems to the new. What we do know is that debts incurred by countries due to loans at usurious rates of interest from the International Monetary Fund—money that went to those countries’ greedy leaders in exchange for Illuminati control of natural resources—will be forgiven, and it appears that adjustments in individuals’ debts will be in accordance with circumstances that caused the debts. The purpose of economic restructuring is to fairly distribute the wealth of your world so that no one lives in the poverty that enables others to live in luxury. And the idea that when the Illuminati’s illegal fortunes are recovered, a million or more dollars will be given to every person on the planet is pure fantasy. In Earth’s Golden Age, the trend will be away from money and toward systems of sharing and bartering—the light intensity in souls will let those means of remuneration for services and conduct of commerce become as satisfying between nations as between individuals.

23. No asteroids or comets are being aimed at Earth by powerful malevolent aliens. Even if this were the case, you are surrounded by thousands of spaceships and millions of light beings with the technology to steer away any celestial body that could collide with your planet. Another rumor to create fear, that “Planet X” is on a collision course with Earth, also is a falsehood.

24. What is your sun doing? It is responding to the rapid changes going on throughout your solar system. If your astrophysicists were aware of Earth’s ascension through the “universal time window,” they would know that stepped-up solar activity is a natural effect and that Sol poses no danger to your planet.

25. No civilizations will enter a stargate to take control and keep you from destroying your planet. Let us speak more of stargates, the various views about their purpose: Portals opened in antiquity by civilizations who came to Gaia; openings that motherships can pass through; areas where spacecraft crews observe happenings on the planet; channels through which our space family’s technology operates successfully; safety zones for “walk-ins” from other civilizations to enter; energy vortexes through which light from far distant sources is beamed to raise the vibrations of lands or seas dense with negativity; locations of intensified light that help to anchor light on the planet. There is some validity in each of those views, and we also see stargates as parts of the protective light grid surrounding your planet that serve like beacons for the souls in free spirit and astral travelers between Earth and Nirvana.

26. There will be no “jumping over 4th density and entering 5th”—the laws of the universe simply do not operate like that, and neither does the evolution of any soul. However, the time between Earth beginning ascension out of deep third density and reaching her destination in fifth will be universally unprecedented in its speed. The enormous energetic differences between third and fourth density make that trip unimaginably difficult, and overcoming the darkness that pervades a third density world can take eons.

27. It will not happen on December 21, 2012 or any other date that you will be standing beside two others and before your very eyes, they will disappear into their own “timelines.” Even the usual date of December 31, 2012, will be much like the previous and the following days—that is, except for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The differences between life in this moment and in the Golden Age will be amazing and magnificent, but life will not differ dramatically from one day to the next as Earth continues on her journey through fourth density and on into fifth.

28. Understandably, there is a great deal of speculation about what will happen to whom at the end of 2012. There is no definitive answer because what happens to each soul will be in accordance with the uniqueness of each soul. However, we can say with certainty that the theory of a celestial body appearing as a “second Earth” and becoming the third density home for souls who do not physically accompany the “first Earth” into fourth density is erroneous. You are a soul in a human body. Earth is a soul in a planetary body. Her soul remained in its fifth density origin while her body spiraled into deep third density during the millennia that her human residents were shedding each others’ blood, mass-slaughtering her animals and severely damaging her body. She could have chosen to let her assaulted body die, but instead she chose to have its health restored so all of her residents in their myriad life forms could continue. Moreover the “two Earths” theory accommodates only the people whose lifetime choices would place them in a different third density world. There will be souls whose lifetime choices automatically will take them to first or second density placements; and at the other end of the spectrum are the souls who came from fourth, fifth and higher density worlds specifically to assist Earth in her ascension—when their mission is completed, they will return to their homelands.

29. It also is understandable that reincarnation can be an enigma. We know of your thoughts such as “In another life she was Joan of Arc” or “He was Abraham Lincoln in his last lifetime.” Persons who have the same wisdom, ideals and courage—or maybe the same skills and talents and personality traits—known of greatly respected, admired and loved individuals who lived many years ago in linear time, may be personages, or soul parts, of the cumulative soul that includes those others. The person with whom you “endow” a specific other lifetime may be deeply inspired by that same individual and emulate the qualities that made him or her great, or the person’s high aspirations may attract the powerful energy of souls you call “masters.” A family member may have chosen attributes very similar to those of a “departed” member. Perhaps because of shared lifetimes in the timelessness of the continuum, any person may seem remarkably like someone who lived long ago in your linear time. There are numerous sources of unseen and usually unrecognized influences in every life, but every one of you is and forever shall be an independent, inviolate, invaluable and unique soul even as you are an equally loved, integral part of the Oneness of All.

30. Beings of light throughout this universe are cheering you on during this time of transition into the Golden Age. Keep foremost in your vision the glories of that world that already IS and awaits your arrival!


Suzanne Ward

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Message from Arch Angel Michael

Beloved masters….
what is it that you…
are most concerned with at this time?

What is it that you cannot seem to overcome
or find an answer that will explain the
stressful situations that constantly plague you?

For those of you,
who have been on the path of awareness for sometime,
it seems as though you are at a dead end
and no matter what you do or don’t do,
you cannot get past the persistent obstacles
that are creating so much dismay.

We have emphasized many times
that you are in the midst of an intense,
very important transformational process.

Many of you have moved into a cycle whereby your
strongest core issues are rising to the surface
so that, once and for all,
you can neutralize the discordant energies
& thought patterns that are causing such turmoil,
so that they can be transmuted back
into their original form of pure Light Substance.

The path of ascension has many stages and initiations
which can manifest as periods of intense study,
growth and expanded awareness,
followed by times of assimilation
when it seems as though you have moved
into a null zone of stagnation or back into chaos.

The pulse and heartbeat of our Father/Mother God
create cycles of varying degrees,
and every living thing is attuned to rhythmic cycles
of some kind or another.

As you move into the formulation of each higher
sub-dimensional environment, you will find that
the cycles of experience and manifestation
are speeded up considerably.

More and more Soul groups
are coming together on Earth at this time.
it is important you understand that a group of Souls will consist
of people who are at various stages of en-Lighten-ment,
and each person has gifts of varying degrees
to contribute to the whole.

Each group comes together for specific reasons.
Some have been and are being reunited with close members of his/her Soul family
in order to give and receive support.
Many are brought together because of group missions
they have assumed.

Time and time again,
while on your journey throughout the universe,
you have answered a clarion call to unite with
greatly diversified group of Souls
in order to assume an important mission
at some future time and place.

Some of you are fulfilling more than one important mission
during this special time on Earth.
For others,
it is somewhat of a reward lifetime,
whereby… seemingly novice initiates are being supported
and assisted by the more advanced members
and are given the benefit of the group’s wisdom
and Love/Light.

Be assured that those dear Souls
have given the same service in the past,
and at a Soul level they have already met the
requirements of an initiate on the Path.

Possibly, they need only a little nurturing,
training and assistance
in order to remember who they truly are.

Some progress so swiftly that they are given
a Divine Dispensation of Love/Light
so that they may quickly step into their
true roles as Self-masters, teachers
and wayshowers.

Some groups go quietly about spreading
Love/Light and wisdom amongst their family, friends,
neighborhood and local areas of influence.

They spread and share their loving energy
as they tranquilly go about living
and being examples for others to emulate.
While other groups become leaders
and talented teachers
and are destined to have a broader range of influence,
possibly even worldwide.
The more diverse a group is, the greater their potential influence
those around them will be,
they embody a well-rounded range of experience
and wisdom to impart to others.

those of you who have climbed the great mountains of life repeatedly,
and traversed the diverse valleys filled with shadows,
tests and trials
are now bringing forth into your consciousness
the deepest core issues from within your Being.

Before you incarnated,
you were determined to resolve these issues in this lifetime,
for you knew that in order to attain Self-mastery
once more, you must gain a certain level
of balance and harmony within.

Remember, you are not being punished
and you are not doing anything wrong
if you are endeavoring to do
and be your very best.

Once you awaken to the God Spark
within your Sacred Heart,
you will never again be placed in circumstances
which are insurmountable.

You will always experience tests,
challenges and circumstances
to help you awaken to the great potential within
and to move beyond the illusion of the lower planes.
You must always strive for the highest and best solutions.

We understand
that one of the most difficult tasks
is gaining control of your feeling nature and emotions.
It is important that you clear the atmosphere
around you of discordant vibrational patterns every day
so that you can stay empowered within your Sacred Heart
and Solar Power Center.

You are creating a new chapter
in your ledger of life each day.
Will that chapter be on the positive
or the negative side of the ledger?

it is permissible and important that you blaze
the Violet Flame of transformation back through
the history of your lifetime,
thereby erasing cause, core,
record and memory
of any discordant energies of the past.

The Violet Flame
is the gift of transformation
and will help you move
from the wheel of Karma
into a state of Grace.

Diligently use the Violet Flame
to erase all negative actions,
or you must face and rectify your own miscreations
via cause and effect situations.

Learn to love your miscreations free.
Force or resistance will only
strengthen any negative thought forms.

Follow the nudgings of your Soul and Higher Self,
and do not be swayed by popular opinion.

You must strengthen
and learn to listen
to your own inner Divine sense.
Your body is a sounding board.
It is a tuning fork on a certain wave length,
which makes up your Energetic Signature.

If your life is filled with chaos and painful events,
raising your consciousness
will lift and harmonize the wave patterns
of your Energetic Signature,
and your life experiences will also become more balanced,
satisfying and enjoyable.

Beloveds, you are in the critical times which have been
foretold for many ages.

However, there is also more help available
to you than ever before.

The heavens have opened
and the precious elixir of Life
is pouring forth upon all Creation.

This may seem like an impossible concept,
but we tell you,
you do not have to make this journey of life alone.

Keep your eyes focused on the mountain top,
as you stay centered within the God power of the moment
and you will not be led astray.

You have the potential to become physically vibrant,
emotionally fulfilled, mentally aware,
financially abundant and spiritually en-Lighten-ed.

It is your Divine Birthright to experience your life’s journey
in the physical realm to the fullest.
You were designed to savor and enjoy life each day
with passion, to experience physicality
with full awareness and conscious intensity.

Your earthly sojourns were not meant to be filled with pain,
suffering and deprivation.
It is your choice
whether you experience life on Earth
as a heavenly place
or as a hellish nightmare.

Allow us to show you the high road
and Light the path before you.

You are loved most profoundly.

~I am Archangel Michael~

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THE QUANTUM AWAKENING – Remembering Unfounded Dreams – PART 1



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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted
with Love by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

This newsletter has been in circulation since 1986 and reaches a core group of 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers and births itself into completeness from that point forward

***Time Dances Around You Winding and Unwinding In Precision: The Council of One
*** Remembering Unfounded Dreams
*** Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
***Lemurian Seed Crystals
*** God Gene Crystals

Time Dances Around You,
Winding and Unwinding In Precision
The Council of One
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Invocation to Light before channeling:
We call forth the presence of all that is Light, all that is Holy, and all that is Love. We call forth the presence of the highest aspect of truth and of wisdom. We ask that all that is hidden be revealed to us and that we have the strength and the courage and the conviction to walk through those truths.

We ask to all be clear and perfect channels for the highest light of all that’s holy going beyond the atmosphere of the Earth and the solar system to places that we haven’t ventured before in a long time. We ask that we receive this channeling as a healing and that our hearts and our ears be opened to hear what we need to hear. We ask for the energies of the highest good that benefits this entire group and all that will hear this to come forth and are aligned with the highest aspects of life.

We come forth from the light and the place that has always existed

We come forth from what has always been seen as the Light within the Light. We have existed before you were created. We will exist after this blue green sphere has turned into a star. You hold memories of us within your genetic encodings. We are the COUNSEL OF ONE and each one of us is stationed within a grid point at a sacred entrance and exit on Earth. We align with what has been holy eternally, long before the Earth was birthed. We align with what was holy before your solar system existed. We align with what is holy and that which can never be destroyed.

Throughout time and space, you have ventured into new degrees of experiencing self. You have ventured into placements of time where you have slipped as a sailors knot in and out of episodes of self. You exist simultaneously in a multi-dimensional fashion and it cannot be any other way but you have forgotten the rules and how to play the game as you walk in and out of time, in and out of love, and in and out of light.

All of these experiences both the good and the bad, come forth to show you in precise precision exactly where you need to address yourself in order to become more of what the universe asks you to be.

Within you is a programmed genetic coding to ‘seek’.

You are known in the universe as the ‘seekers’. You ask questions when many others do not even bother to think in that direction. You strive to remember where you have come from, you seek the oneness of love that you know lives as a singular event within your heart and you look for that in the eyes of all that you meet. Time dances around you, winding and unwinding in such precision that a clock master would be jealous. Imagine all the cogs in the wheels that turn in each one of your existences to create events that open you to possibilities that you had not entertained. Imagine that veil being lifted and you can see the inner workings of every human you meet, every reflection in every mirror of every interaction with every individual.

As you move into these time events you will see the many deceptions each person wears, the many dos and don’ts they have given themselves, the many shoulds and should not’s that they still wrap around themselves as a cloak of invisibility. These time lines ask you to not be afraid to see what is a global truth, a personal truth, a universal truth.

These time lines ask you to let go of the fear of death, of life, of love or of succeeding. You have come here voluntarily to this blue green jewel and you have incarnated into the physical tenacities of flesh. Many of you are angry at your humanness. You want to be light and not deal with the flesh but in truth you can be nothing else but light, no matter what form you take in any incarnation. Like a liquid that enters a different container, you hold the same vibration of light throughout existences you just choose to enter different containers.

Remember when you were the pure light in the very beginning. Remember the duality that once lived within the Godhead. Remember the promises broken and kept that you made to yourself and the light. In this existence, it is time for you to let go of what you promised self and embrace in the fullness of time of what you promised the light. Renew the promises and the vows of light that you have forgotten. Renew your joy for a life that seems so thick with mistrust, illusions and falsehoods.
You hold the geometries of what is sacred

You hold the promises that you made before you incarnated. The solar initiations that come are just not of the sun but of the soul and that which comes to dine at the table of light you have set. Imagine the last supper, at the table sits twelve plus one.(13 is a portal) there are many hidden agendas, many promises that will not kept, many ways the 12 turn away from the light and are ashamed to be seen in the presence of master. Sometimes it is easier to agree with the populous. Sometimes it’s easier to just quit and turn your pretty head in another direction.

It is important that for the next two years you hold tightly to the God code/God Gene that lives within you. Your computer systems give to you a pathway that escorts you into the mind of God. It is that aspect and that technical understanding that will bring you forth into places that you thought never existed. For all things now are given homes in a grid work of binary configurations. In the vibration of ten and 2010, the oneness of humanity is represented and the void/ zero of God. Know without a doubt that no matter what the truth will be seen and the darkness will be folded back into the place that it needs to be in order for the earth to heal herself. For when you try to destroy what is dark, you try to destroy a black hole so to speak.

The darkness knows that its time on Earth is limited before it goes back home to the light and it has chosen to experience what is dark in this physical form and that is its choice. When you see it, acknowledge it as such but do not try to change it for at this time you are more responsible for your own grid of light, than for shifting the dark in others. By holding on to the beacon that you represent you will do more good than trying to destroy the dark and bring it into the light.

The darkness does not have a need to be liked and when you interfere in its particular evolutionary pattern, whether it is in person, politics/etc then it will attack you and that is what you have sensed. There are many black holes that surround your planet at this time. It is not your job to clean up the planetary black holes / darkness that holds its form because of the negative and black thoughts of humanity. Nature herself does not have a black heart; she does not wish to harm her children. These storms/liquid & snow/ that come forth to you represent emotional turmoil and the lack of love on the entire planet. Many of them will not respond to sending it heart light, or love, and when this happens and you are in the midst of some of these storms, we ask you to pull in your light to hold your immediate area and that is all.

By sending light to energies that are in a place of real darkness, at this point of time, you do not infuse and free the light – you infuse and free the darkness. So we ask you to sweep in front of your own lives, in front of your own porches, in front of your own dreams and stop trying to change a planet that has to go thru the dark night of the soul to find its light. This is great sadness but it is true. Eventually this darkness will succeed from the union of light and earth.

By the year 2012 there will be a separation of light and dark and all in-between.

Time will change in unique ways for it is shifting every single day with every single thought. You will come to a point of ascension in physical form without trying to take the rest of the planet with you. You are 100% responsible for your life and the lives of your children until they are grown and then it is time to let it be. You must hold who you are through these shifts and not lose yourself to the mayhem that may be happening.

In the next year, they will report of an asteroid comet type situation that will be coming straight to Earth. It will be as if all your science fiction movies have all come to pass but which Earth is it headed for. Is it headed for the Earth that is full of darkness and hate or is it headed for the Earth that seeks the light?

Fifty one percent of your karma needs cleansed in order to ascend to this other side of the fence of light. Each and every day by monitoring your thoughts your words, your reactions to people’s negativity – for it tries to suck you in, does it not. When you are around a negative person you fight so hard to be in a place of peace and this could be someone you love dearly and they bring you into their vat of murky waters.

Every day you are asked to walk in a place of sadness, of anger, of darkness, of hate, because of something that is global news. Imagine yourself as royalty. You have been taught to be royal. As queens and kings, you must hold that royal frequency high, knowing that you are a blue blood, a different bloodline, and that you wear shields of protection and you will not be involved in the downfall of those around you.

You are a living vortex, you are a living light and you are an emissary of the Heavens. More and more everything will try to steal that light from you. The black hole scenario is alive – there are many of them physically forming on the planet at this time. As Earth rises in vibration, she’s in a different vibratory frequency as well and she has many black holes upon here that are sucking humanity’s hope for if you remember correctly, hope was the last thing left in Pandora ’s Box.

When you see an injustice and you can’t do anything about it you feel helpless and you ask, Where is God? Where is the Light? When people do not see the Hope, when they do not see the war ending, when they do not see their loved ones healing, when they do not see their prayers answered they begin to give up. Their immune systems drop, disease increases and the will to live is lost When they believe so deeply but there is no proof that the light is progressing, or winning, they begin to wane in the darkness and their days shorten.

many people on Earth do not hear until disaster knocks on their door in the form of every disaster and negativity there is. As you walk through your days, be aware of these timed doors, these black holes, these energies of distain. You must trust what your body tells you; trust what your intuition tells you. Trust what the heart tells you because there are very few in your life that will reflect that truth and if you are lucky enough to have a family member or a friend or a dear one that reflects that beautiful light then you have a treasure because you will be able to withstand the shifts that are happening in the sands of time. Imagine a very large hourglass and the sands are shifting very quickly through it and then all of a sudden the Universe turns the other way. Just when you thought you were getting it, they turn it upside down and the sands of time shift again and things are different again and what was is not any longer and it ends. Then within three months of getting used to that, the sands of time are turned again. That hourglass is what is happening to you.

Each time you think that you have a grip on your life or your situation, something immediately shifts. Each time you think you have tamed the wild beast in your family, in your boss, in your congress; it raises its ugly snake filled head. Know without a shadow of doubt that when there is upheaval around you that means the light is shining bright within you. When everything is turned upside down it represents that your life is a light that shines grand enough for the darkness, in its form, to notice you. You may have friends where nothing seems to happen to them. They don’t have any instant karma, they don’t have any upheavals, and you wonder ‘why do I get yelled at by the Universe all the time’? Why don’t other people have to pay the karma, pay the debt, pay the insult to another. You are on the proprietary list. You are listed first on the label, and that is why when your light is solid and strong so many energies come to take it away, to stop believing. However, if those like you stop believing there will be no hope for the planet.

You have held the light for so long wading thru this time, this energy, this space and now what you have prepared for will come forth. In this work and dedication, you have accrued goodness in any form that you choose. Imagine having a universal charge card and you have many many monies and credits on it. This energy is there for your use however you choose to use it. You have saved this blessing for end times as we know. Spend them how you wish in accordance to your heart. Do not spend them to get away from the rising waters or the shaking earth or the collapse of the economy because one iota of belief in that will be a drop of poison in a bucket – everything will be tainted. You cannot spend your thoughts in a dark place.

No matter what the proof is, you have to believe in the highest truth, the highest light, the highest frequency on earth no matter how it appears until the very end. The energies of imagining that you are in battle on the battlefield in the days of old and suddenly you stop to pray, like Joan of Arc must have done as she battled what was injustice. Praying and talking to God in the midst of battle – that is what you will be asked to do. To instantaneously go into meditation, to instantaneously bring forth protection from a higher light, for you cannot protect all the soldiers on the battlefield but you can hold your own frequency. You are becoming the singularity, the event horizon, by yourself and no matter how much you love another you cannot make them become that singularly of light. They have to choose on their own. This same repercussion happened during the time of Atlantis when great upheaval happened and you were separated from those you love and you had to believe and you had to trust.

From now until the end of the year you will find yourself in an accelerated visionary capacity
– open eye visions, happening as you are driving, as you are talking to another, as you are just sitting pondering in your bathrooms. This energy, this ocular frequency, is opening up eight separate portals within the eye structure. There are many parts of your eyes that are like a honeybee hive – there are hexagons within them. There are eight portions of these geometric frequencies within your eyes that will be happening around the iris of your eyes and you will notice your eyes will change color. People will speak that your eyes have changed color from one conversation to another. These portals of seeing are coming as a gift for you.

For years some have lost their sphere of visibility. It’s like the cord was cut or tied in a knot and nothing flowed. This time period allows you to see and then hold on to that information as a truth.

As you have the eyes to see again a great responsibility comes forth.

In this responsibility you will be shown how to deal with what you have found to be the truth. We do not ask you to be flustered, fearful and angry over what you see. As the Seers, what you see is not always pretty. See with the eyes of the universe. You are becoming as LISTENERS as well. You hear the thoughts of others, you hear the cries for help and silently you address that. You are so sensitive to these energies, we ask you to lift your senses, lift your seeing abilities, lift your listening abilities, lift your knowing abilities to a place where they cannot be dislodged. How many times a day do you ‘flunk’ in the name of the Light? Imagine all the people that don’t even think about trying, that don’t think about being a better person, or about doing a kindness.

Allow these truths to escort you into higher octaves of your own DNA patterning. you have played every role thru time and you hold that information within you. We try hard to prepare you with as many vibrational tools as possible. Helping you to move effortlessly in a fluid manner through these shifts. You are the one that holds the light and anchors it. Even when everyone stole every hope that you had, every mustard seed of faith, you came back to the light. You do not know anything but the light and that is who you are. We are the counsel of the one and we are part of your light as you are part of ours. We leave.

PART 2 on its way……

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THE QUANTUM AWAKENING – Remembering Unfounded Dreams – PART 2



Remembering Unfounded Dreams
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As we get closer to the dawn of our new life, that which has been dormant now comes alive. All that we have in hopes and dreams that have been drained and tainted by life’s demands slowly surface within the rising waters of our world. Healing occurs at a high level of joy as one begins the process of remembering unfounded dreams. What has festered as unrequited joy now shows up in your yard demanding your emotional and physical attention. Looking back at your past gives to you the fuel to burn the dross from your life. What still sits in your heart as a ghostly memory now haunts your place of peace.

As these unrequited memories surface, they demand all of your time and attention. Do you receive them or let them pass you by again? Within that choice is a great vortex of power to be spent from this port of energy. Preparing for past dreams to come true takes courage and conviction. As the unrequited dreams smile at you from the sidelines of your life wave your acknowledgement and jump for joy with acceptance. Do what your heart needs to do in order to feel good again.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Words, like seeds have a great creative power. When we speak we are giving life to what we are saying, planting a seed. We are going to get exactly what we are speaking. We are who we are today because of the words we have spoken in the past. All of our words will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Listen to what you say about yourself. Negative thoughts don’t need to become negative words. The moment you speak something outright it takes on a whole new meaning and a whole new energy. If you don’t like what you’re experiencing start changing your words.

We prophesize the future by the words we speak in the now. Our words are always a self fulfilling prophecy. Don’t plant negative seeds – only prophesize the good and the intention of good. You can cancel out the Universe’s best laid plans by your own negative words and negative musings. Death and life are the power of your words. You will have what you say. Your words are going to give life to exactly what you’re saying.

It’s better to say nothing than to say something negative.
Negative words cancel out God’s plan you’re cursing your future

– you’re cursing your life with your every thought and words. You can use your words to curse your life or you can use your words to bless your life. Speak words of faith; declare God’s favor in your light and in your heart. Change the atmosphere of everywhere you go with your words – call in good, call in light, call in love and call in divine help.

Don’t talk about problems, talk about solutions. We are not reporters of our life but we are forecasters of our life. We should call to the invisible as if it already were visible. Call in to that which you desire, call it with faith filled words, call it with light. Change your world by changing your words. Death and life is in the power of your tongue. Are you birthing or are you destroying?

Circumstances line up with every word you speak
– your words are a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You are the creator of your own circumstances. What you have created by your words you can change. When we act negatively to sudden changes and chaos in our life we are delaying the purpose of their creation. If we accept chaos as an opportunity for spiritual elevation then the pain will disappear. We alone determine the rate of which turmoil passes. There are countless futures which exist at the same time. Our own behavior determines which universe we enter in to. Prophecy is seeing the future in our present actions.

‘LEMURIAN SEED’ Crystals from Quantum
All crystals are composed of a special type of matter. They are solid with an internal arrangement of atoms and molecules. Like all “living” things, crystals are “born” from a seed and undergo a deep growth process. Many believe that a crystal is alive only during its growth and formation period. When complete it leaves behind a solid body containing the essence of its inner expression. Although its “life” ends after the crystal stops growing, its spirit or over soul remains accessible within the geometric form it created, and this is available for our use.
Lemurian Seed Crystals are believed to be a gift to the earth from the far off reaches of the Universe brought to earth during the time of ancient Lemurian. The Hall Of Records of Lemuria is held within the striations and cloudy formations of these crystals. Instead of being shiny, they appear frosted and matte like. The consciousness of Lemuria has never left, and has been kept alive within the crystalline seeded records. Lemurian crystals create an interstellar connection between earth and the center of the galaxy. They contain & transmit messages of equality and radiant love from ancient to advanced civilizations

These beauties are unpolished raw and natural just as they were found. They are sure of themselves and have no fore thought of being misused by anything or anyone. As soon as one holds them they begin their work in an effortless fashion that both calms and lifts the spirit. They ask you to go to the place of creating and see your life as you so desire it deep in your heart. And let that heart dream be set free by the soft pristine beauty of these Lemurian Seed Crystals.

Lemurians can be used to open and cleanse all chakras and meridians. They open and expand the Heart chakra. Once open and cleared, the energy of the chakras and meridians can allow one to make timely transformational changes in their life. These Crystals are a blend of “down-to-earth” energy, mystical realms of the past, other presents, and other futures. The energy in Lemurian crystals multiplies and focuses the overall energy of Quartz many times. They contain & transmit messages of equality and unconditional love from ancient advanced civilizations

If you hold a Lemurian Quartz in your right hand while you walk around and encircle something (a person, an object, your house, etc) it will create a circle of light protection. These crystals will be attracted to people who will actively assist in bringing through the anchoring energies that will aid the planet in these times. to be posted on web page soon.

These powerful christalline Masters come to show us a Great Light. They come to remind us about our ‘Parent Light’, that which all in the universe speeds toward. These Gorgeous crystals are navigational markers, allowing time passages to be opened and seen. They come to teach us about our DNA links to and from other universes and time domains.

All of history to come is built into the DNA of man. We of earth hold within us 144 star systems that gave of themselves for the original genetic seeding of earth. Mankind is programmed to remember for a God who never forgets. As certain time doors and dated events transpire (like 2012), an innate remembrance of futures to come is brought to the surface. A sense of déjà vu is included in a future that is unseen but felt on many levels. This gift allows one the divine choice of awareness. They activate a greater ability to integrate with the time paradox in order to receive messages from your past and future selves. These crystalline beings naturally enhance this ability. They direct you to be present, while at the same time accepting energy, and messages from your future and multidimensional selves.

Active participation is needed to shift the time domains into a place that is fearless. By energetically entering the human DNA helix, one is able to consciously change the previous profile creating an instinctive understanding of ones own destination and true nature. You are not bound to DNA contracts that have outgrown there usefulness as time and events have shifted and no longer include them. What once served your earthly ancestors no longer serves you. What once was a disease that changed the dynamics of the human race is no longer a necessary learning in your present world.

The God Gene hypothesis proposes that human beings inherit a set of genes that predisposes them to believe in a higher power. At a certain time in the history of the planet this sleeping gene will be activated and set into motion. We are not just some meaningless product of evolution. Each of us is a thought of God. Before we were birthed into form, we were held with the heart of God waiting for the perfect moment to issue forth from a divine wellspring.

Within the God Gene is an extensive biological indexed library, in this vast place ask for the Master Light within this God Gene Christal to assist you in getting to the heart of the matter. In this ancient and sacred place you can release any and all genetic blocks that have kept you less than.
These include; Blocks to perfect health, Pre-program diseases, Blocks to being healed, Emotional blocks & wounds, Addictive programs, Programs with any type of modern disease. Desire to suffer programs, Blocks to receiving and deserving miracles, self-punishment programs, hate of self programs, pain programs. to be posted on web page soon.
To be added to the Quantum Awakening Crystal List

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Ascended Master Kuthumi – Love at Home = Love in – Chanel Lingenfelder

Ascended Master Kuthumi

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

Love at Home = Love in Action

6 February – Durban South Africa

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

*** *** ***

Special Thanks to Brandon for Transcribing.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to great thee at this time and to give unto thee a blessing of greater understanding, for thee to be at one with thyself and at the same time to be completely at one with those that you love and that you live with. Greetings beloved ones.

A: Greetings

It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you here firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, as we gather yet again in the presence of light and the presence of the Christ, understand that as with everything else in your world it is your choice as to what you do with your time, what you prefer to do in your space and who you prefer to share these blessed truths with. One of the most amazing energies currently unfolding on your plane is about understanding the self. Now I can hear you saying, but Kuthumi, we have heard that so many times before, haven’t you.

A: Yes.

MK: Well you are going to hear it a few hundred times more

A: Much laughter.

MK: The shifting energy and shifting planes upon your would now allows for a greater understanding of your self. As with everything else we can not bombard you and take you into a vacuumed space where you will not be able to understand a single word I am sharing with you, therefore we release these energies so to speak, bit by bit, for you to integrate these thus giving us time to change the spoon as we feed you.

A: Laughter.

MK: They are wearing thin, I must add. Beloved ones if you could look at the over all picture given at this time to the planet to mankind and to humanity you would see something rather grand and beautiful and we understand that there are times in your lives where you find it rather trying or testing to see these pictures, to understand these pictures, and to be able to be part of the grand plan that plays itself out so magnificently. But hear these words you beautiful beings, each and everyone of you here, and those that may come to hear or read these very words, there is a magnificent Godly plan of Supreme Supernal Love outplaying itself into your lives and each of you are a precious jewel of God/Goddess, and what is happening now is for you at an individual level to begin to polish your own stone so that it can reflect your magnificence, which is in your heart.

Getting to know yourself, and I would like to add at this time of the earths unfolding new reality, is a grand experience for it has been thousands of years since humanity last were able to be in touch with their reality as is now revealed to you and to others like you, therefore we can not stress enough how totally and absolutely blessed you are, to be able to be in this embodiment, exactly where you are at in your life and thus the key there is to embrace that. Now you begin to embrace the fact that you are in your lives and you are in a given situation of embodiment yet not always totally understanding the reasons behind all that let alone jump for joy because of the situation that you find yourself within. Challenges do happen and of course the inevitable question marks always play themselves out.

Now, these energies are extremely important for you to be able to face yourself in such a way, that you can now begin to change the masks that you wear, into that of a far more natural flavour, and what I mean by that is, that you as light workers, light bearers, can begin to step forward as working with a united energy, in other words reckoning with a united force of love where you demand to be yourself at any given time, no matter what performance may play itself out behind the scenes, for in the new life, or in the new energy that you are within (which will increase dramatically as time speeds up) you will come to face yourself as not only the player in your life but also very much as the director, as the script writer, you will also be the camera man or woman, in fact you are going to be the entire team in what ever it takes to make one of the most magnificent movies you have ever seen, called life.

Now to enable you, to allow you to play this out into sincere perfection you need to be at ease within your current situation. Now in your current situation where you are finding yourself at, understand that life is a moving constant. Cliché….life’s about clichés aren’t they. Paradox….life is about Paradoxes isn’t it? Therefore the moving constant, the shift in change of polarity within a fully anchored position is what will give you the energy to change. Change you must, for the winds of change is what propels you forward into a direction of new energies and by that you simply have to breathe, in each moment, for you to fully experience it. For each breathe in each new moment should bring to you a brand new life experience. If not you are breathing stale air. Are you? Most people are for they refuse to go forward and take in a new breathe of light in a different direction but rather they prefer to sit within the same environment, breathing in the same stale air, breathing in the same toxins as what they are releasing and therefore are unable to shift and change, thus when you bring the positive and negative, the opposites together in one constant flow of change what you get is a moving constant, and that moving constant is you in the present moment, in the NOW, and if you are in your NOW, NOW then that means that you should be in your NOW a moment from NOW, correct? Indeed, if not you are lost.

Beloved ones, in the moment of now, in the truth of who you are and in the process of this yearning inner self that expresses itself for what ever reason or need, lies the beauty of you in such a magnificent picture or way rather, and that essence or that expression of beauty is what is slowly being revealed to you. Now you may not be aware of it, but humanity at the moment as a whole are experiencing a lot of new energies all the time. Have you found that recently you have been able to connect with strangers much quicker? I am not saying, sitting down and entertaining each other over a cup of tea, but what I am saying is being able to talk to strangers at a quicker level and also to be able to express yourself for who you truly are and blessings be you, find a way of sharing your truth without offending them. Now that is the new energy, it is part of the crystalline frequency that is coming forth, as has been explained to you previously. Everyone is exposed to the changing energies whether they are aware of it or not, and these are very much shall we say the effects, or side effects, or after shocks, or whatever you want to call it of the crystalline frequency, allowing vibrations of light now to come onto the planet where you are able to now sincerely share who you are without;

a) Having to offend the person you are speaking to

b) Convincing them of what you are speaking about and

c) Having to have the full knowing and knowledge that your speaking is true, or what you are sharing is the truth.

So what that means is in a nutshell, behind the scenes, the light workers on your planet are being, shall we say, lifted up into a more refined vibration of light that will increase your frequency of confidence. And in that confidence lays the jewel, the magnificent jewel that you are. In that confidence, if you could but take confidence and package it and put it into a beautiful wrapper, and put a beautiful bow on it, and place it in a beautiful box, confidence would have the most exquisite fragrance. It would. It would be beautiful to look at, it would be beautiful to hold, and that confidence is the energy that is delivered to you NOW, consciously or unconsciously, according to your beliefs. So you are now attracting to the self that which you reflect out. So you are beginning to make friends with yourself, various aspects of yourself and what is the easiest way of getting that energy across to you? To allow yourself introduction to various aspects of yourself reflected by another, and usually a stranger, do you follow me?

A: Yes


MK: We have given this channel a task for this group specifically, and in truth the messages that she sends out to those that is in contact with her throughout the world, that needs to hear this, and that is taking you through a process of love, as the first 14days of February you are being worked on, on a subconscious level by the angelic helpers, your guides as you refer to them, on relationships at home. Now I will share on that in a moment, and for the second half in other words the second 14days of February you will be taken through very much the same process of relationships at work. During the first 14 days you are being shown a way of understanding that relationships at home equals love in action, and the latter, love in expression, and of course the culmination of that on one of the major key dates within one of the first three months of your calendar year.

There is a reason behind everything in life, and there is much reason behind these teachings, in fact I will go as far as to say often much more and far greater than most realise, and still because of the intimidating fear factor more than most want to realise.

Now beloved ones, looking at your home situation. If you look at the relationships that you find yourself within at home I want you to understand that the concept of that energy is very, very wide, as it is with the relationships at work. I will not go into any of that as yet. The relationships that you have at home plays an incredibly important factor in your life, in the sense that each of those persons and beings and energies is a reflection or holds a mirror reflection of you, that goes for your partner, your spouse, your children, siblings, that goes for your animals, and of course having to incorporate all living things literally the plants in and around your house and your garden, for as a conscious being…..


Take note…..I mentioned conscious being, there is hope, there is yet hope.

A: Smiles

MK: As a conscious master in the making, you have the ability to connect to every other living thing it matters not of what vibration or dimensional reflection be that from the 1st up until the unending 144 000th dimension, it matters not. You as a human being, you have the force of life, blood, pumping through your body, pulsed by the heart (the pump of the body) and this energy works along with the etheric side of you, which is your chakric system that acts as smaller pumps for the etheric energy which then pumps it into the rest of your etheric energy system, pumping the prana, the energy, the life force, or whatever you wish to call it, around your etheric bodies until eventually that begins to expand and grow, so from a physical and non physical point of view, you are a living entity.


Everyone in your life, in your immediate life (we will get to the rest later I can read your mind) everyone has an influence on your life and you have an influence on theirs. All of you do have some effect on the etheric grids in and around the planet, on the etheric energy, you all work together to create new pathways of thought therefore you must all share the old, whether you prefer to adhere to those pathways or not. During the last transmission we believe you were given wonderful, wonderful explanations by the Goddess Diana, on energy and the transformer and the transmitter and how that is always ever present whether your television is on or not you are walking through that frequency, do you recall that?

A: Yes

MK: Therefore according to the law of physics, and science, the law of spirituality, matter, antimatter whatever you wish to call all of these laws, there is no escaping the fact that you affect anything that is alive, as that or they affect you, if you allow it. That’s the trick. The human, being the blessed being that you are having received the most amazing blessings from the Creator to spend yet another lifetime upon this beautiful paradise of yours, you are created with far more intelligence than any other living being upon your planet. Well that is how it is supposed to be.

A: Giggles.

MK: It is really and truly up to you if you are going to embrace that or not. So therefore being the planet of free choice which means free thinking, it your decision as to what you allow to happen to you to influence you and what you are going to give off which you would like to influence or affect another with. On that level it matters not what the complex, if you like, situation is within your very busy home lives or relationships, or friendships, or even the relationship that you have with your animals or plants. What matters is what you want to give off, to allow that relationship to blossom and to grow. Because at the end of the day, the most important thing is, that in any relationship where there is two or more people coming together or two or more reflections of one being, the key is that you need to breathe new air into that situation which will allow you to learn new things, or do you keep playing the same song, again, and again and again like a stuck record, or are you singing a new song and then in fact if your relationship challenges you with your partner with your friends it matters not who it may be in such a way that it actually leaves you depleted and unhappy in some way, know that you are breathing stale air. Know that you are reversing back into a old situation instead of stepping into a new experience. In fact make a point of playing a little game with yourself and that is, let us see in your day to day lives if you can get yourself so far, not to complain about the same thing twice.

Give it some thought. Do you think you could get it in your heart not to complain about the same thing twice, because if you do you are going back into stale air instead of breathing in a new experience. And the reason why I am using the example of complaining is because that is one of the grandest tools that humanity use to dig there own holes so that they can continue breathing the same air. They love to complain about themselves and everyone else, over and over and over. We have given you the explanation before of a request unto God, and that it need not be repeated again and again and again, because God has ears you know.

A: Laughter

MK: Well, so does everyone else you know. And there is nothing more terrifying than having to listen to someone complain about the same thing, over and over and over. But that is a human energy, and that is one of the keys we would like for you to work on, for by releasing your attachment to the need to complain you will be able to upstage or upgrade your vibration to such an extent that you will begin to train yourself to breathe in new air constantly, instead of having to go back, to go and fetch oxygen from an area that is completely stale.

Beloved ones it is very important for you to become extremely aware of the energetic relationships that play themselves out at home.


MK: Over the next year or two, one of the grand aspects that you will be introduced to is to see yourself as an observer, and the reason for that is definitely and most definitely not to introduce you to a aloof side or a way out of your already complex and sometimes perturbed personalities, but rather to bring you into the understanding of your own power, and it is for that very reason I Kuthumi have asked you during the last month of the Christed year 2009, to embrace January with a energy that will allow you to be very powerful without of having to force yourself upon others, you do recall that. Now all of these energies take you into a new direction of communication, and the way to do that is to teach you somehow, someway, to become the divine observer of your life, for if you are not observing what are you doing?

A: Nothing

MK: Nothing is a good one, anyone else; there are a few answers to this. One in particular which I would like to share with you and that is, defending. For if you observe there would be no need within that now moment to have to bring a clash of the positive and the negative, the two polarities, for you to see it creates sparks, to have some charge over another, for that is exactly what happens beloved ones. If you are confronted by someone else, or they are confronting you and we are for the purpose of this exercise referring today only the processes within your home life and personal life, as I mentioned it matters not with which being. There is an energy outplaying itself, like between the positive and the negative of a charge, and when these two energies come together, what happens is etherically it creates a spark doesn’t it. When that spark happens that spark is what gives off sparks. Have you ever heard the term ‘and then the sparks flied’.

A: Yes

MK: Yes, the sparks fly in all directions and depending on who is attracting the most sparks gets the most angry, are you following me?

A: Yes

MK: So the person who attracts the most sparks that absorbs the most sparks is the one who gets angriest. So what does the other person do? It has to now defend itself for the person who has now attracted all these sparks are becoming so angry and the more angry they become, the more they need to sustain that energy, that anger, because that anger comes from a multiple other choices which I will share with you in a moment. But for what ever reason the anger is obtained within that person it matters not, the truth here is that it needs to be kept at a changing constant for that person to remain in that anger and that person then needs that anger from you. It needs your sparks to give it life. That’s why it provokes you, and when you defend or offend you are opposing the energy, so you are once again supporting polarity in creating two opposites which then clashes in the very centre, creating more sparks for this person to feed off. Are you with me?

A: Yes.

Mk: Now the key here is to step into the observer seat, but that has became a true art for very often that alone can create friction. Do you know why? It’s because that person feels powerless, absolutely powerless, and it is for that very reason it is so important that when you are having a conversation with someone within your home environment, within your personal life whether it is with your animals or not, to consciously give them your sparks. For if you do, you can control the amount of sparks leaving your energy field thus supporting them. But if you don’t you have no idea how much they are taking from you therefore you have no real control over that which will leave you drained, helpless and sad. And by being the observer stepping into the observing seat if you consciously give them your love and they still react with anger, aggression, with attack, simply love them and walk away. And then do of course a visualization, cutting the cords between the strings that have created the flow of friction between your energy field and theirs and then most importantly place yourself within the violet flame for divine protection, and bless them with the magenta flame, allowing the magenta flame to bring forth the pink flame of unconditional love.

And then don’t complain about them

A: Laughs

MK: Well you can…but only once.

A: Much laughter

MK: Beloved ones, energy on a spiritual (subtle) level take on may forms. As you very well know you are connected to your past through and through, in fact you are far more connected than most of you really know. In many cases you are your past, of course your future, and you are that by being your present, your now. Now when it comes to inheritin, inheriting financial wealth and abundance is a minute and small fraction of what you do inherit. Most of the greater part of your inheritance is usually etheric, and also in your DNA.

You inherited your mothers moods, have you ever heard anybody saying that. Have you inherited your fathers artistic side or you inherited the way your grandfather spoke. How was that possible? It is only possible because of the DNA lineage and of course the ancestral energy which is another great energy playing itself out at this time as part of the clearing process of Mother Earth’s collective bodies, in general.

One of the other avenues that often robs you of your energy so to speak is of course the lower astral plane.

Where daaaarkness looms………..

Only when the light is out, and of course, you are the light, so wherever you are there can not be any darkness. Beloved ones the astral world is a very real world, I was for a moment truly tempted to use the word tangible, but to us it is tangible, and it is a world that most of you are extremely familiar with for as you live your day to day life you are scripting the play of your 4th dimensional experience, now let me explain that in a better way.

As you repeat negative experiences in your life, and I’m referring to harping on bad news, harping on negativity speaking negatively about another, you create a whole new vacuum of energy that starts to spin a vortex of light or darkness depending on how negative you become which eventually will be part of your passage when existing Earth, as the experiences that you will go through then is what you are creating now, let me give you an example, for I see a few of you are rather puzzled. Let us say for example every day you say to yourself,

“One of these days this planet is not going to have enough water, and the world is going to starve being thirsty, look at what they are doing to the water, look at how they are poisoning the rivers, look at this, look at that, look at that”.

You are not doing anything good about it, all you are doing is complaining about what is not there, now that negative experience you will come to face when leaving here, for that negative energy will be part of the experience that you have engrained into your subconscious which has to be part of your passage out of here. That is why it is very important to understand that you create your pass over or cross over, and within every living day you take ownership of your thoughts and your beliefs which will eventually support you as you leave this earth plane and you travel through the vacuum of the lower 4th, higher 4th and into the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th dimension and of course the angelic realm an so on and so forth. So be aware of these negative experiences because it mirrors all within your personal environment, reflecting to you at a changing, moving constant, just how confusing you are, or how negative you are, and believe me these teachings are about supporting you into a new way of life, to take on a higher vibration of light. It is for that reason we suggest that you share this with anyone that may be of interest to this information. For why create a living hell because that is all hell is. It is a figment of your imagination and by telling yourself everyday that all of the world out there is bad, you are creating negativity and badness within your own current situation. For you have the power to change atoms through your thoughts, so by constantly complaining on that which is not you absolutely give no support to change this into something it should be, for you are keeping it back, you do not take a cup of your crystal water and go down to the river and pour this into the river with a blessing for the river, blessing the river, no rather you would continue complaining about how filthy the river really is.

So, the relationships within your home life is what reflects all of these energies, so that you are able to get yourself into a position of such divine self love that you have absolutely no desire what so ever to be the offender, to be the one that has to always pretend, to be the one that has to always defend, but rather to put yourself into the unconditional aspect of love, which is you in your now, as the greatest observer.

Of course everything in life is about balance, and there are always the scales of justice and truth that comes into these energies, and here on the other end of what I have just mentioned is, aloofness. So, how good an observer are you really, without becoming aloof, it is a tough one. Life is a game….…play it, play it, and play it well.

So be aware of this for very often aloofness is what creates huge friction between two people and then the sparks fly, and then if there is not enough sparks it will continue until more sparks fly. If you are faced in any situation from this day forward in any argument what so ever rather freeze the moment with whoever you are having a disagreement about. Forget about the word argue, allow that word to be out of your vocab, and take on the new energy of disagreement. For that is, a just energy. For it is not meant for everyone to be in agreement, it’s not possible, therefore you are shall we say legally allowed to disagree, yes. And then one of your most famous is to agree to disagree not so yes, and that is a miracle on its own, if you could agree to disagree then you are truly a wonderful observer. Observing your own power, observing theirs, giving them your love. Beloved ones, I ask you this, anyone here that has a little animal, a cat or a dog, or any animals for that matter? Familiar with animals? When an animal wants your attention what happens. Please explain sister.

S: They come running up to you.

MK: And what do they do.

S: They jump up, or bark, or nudge you.

MK: Yes, and the moment you give them your attention, they calm down don’t they.

S: Yes.

MK: It is exactly like that with energy so if you consciously give to another as much as you can afford, then they will never be able to take that which you do not have. For that is how energy robbing works when you are with someone that drains you, have you ever experienced that?

A: Yes.

MK: That means they have depleted all of the energy you had available for yourself. So they have taken even as far as your reserves, and your reserve is reached when symptoms physically start showing, for remember, everything that happens physically firstly ultimately happens etherically, so you were etherically already exhausted, long before the physical symptoms start showing, so they have already drained your resources when you start feeling physically ill, and you now physically feel “I can not take this anymore” thus they have depleted you of your reserves. And they now are climbing up the ladder trying to get energy from your higher self, and when that happens it opens the gates for unpleasant entities to enter, because then it is a free for all. It is a big party and everyone can come, and there is a massive blood bath and they can all suck you dry, for you cannot defend yourself in the sense of upholding your energy powerfully within your own right, you are too exhausted, all you want to do is leave, because if you were strong enough you would’ve said….NO MORE. Thank you, I’m out of here. Wouldn’t you?

A: Yes

MK: Only a fool wouldn’t. But then again many a great Master was a wonderful fool at first. So again there is hope. Hope springs eternal.

Beloved ones, in revealing, or rather for some of you recapping what I am sharing with you this day, the objective is to make you aware once again of the many powerful energies at play that you are not aware of, just as you are not always aware of the invisible world supporting you, so too are you not always aware of the invisible world stripping you. And the invisible world I referring to here is more often than not created by someone that is truly visible. It is usually someone that is close to you, often within a relationship, the husband and the wife or the two partners shall we rather say, face a situation where they feed off each other, instead of supporting one another. That is why it is important for you to now understand these beautiful concepts on a grander level and in so doing be in support of your own magnificence and your own growth, and to breathe in fresh air, to take on new experiences and letting the past go. Letting the past go first of all begins with letting the negativity go , because it is far, far more challenging to erase the negative experiences from your memory banks than it is to put new positive ones in. So make a point of becoming a more positive person, and if you wish to express some negativity make a point of knowing what you are saying, being aware of what you are sharing and share it in such a way that you understand that you have something that you need to get off your chest and perhaps it takes 3 times for you to be able to share that to get that off your chest……… but for heaves sake then let it go.

Beloved ones, with the shifting energies of the New Planet Earth, and the far greater awareness of your Cosmic Consciousness comes too, the experience of responsibly and being response able, means being able to respond, instead of react. That is one of my favourite, favourite sayings, so stop being reactive by responding to your self love and in that response give that love to the other person consciously. And then be strong enough to be able to cut the cords should you have the need to do so. Instead of letting them suck you dry to the extent where you no longer have any energy to fall back on, and the only thing that you can do is actually lie down or sleep or be still, because you are so tired you have no idea how to get yourself out of that downward spiral, you know what I am talking about.

A: Yes.

MK: Be aware of this, and when you are aware of these energies then that means you have acted in love. In other words you have now put an action to your love, that is why your home life should reflect your love in action, and if your love is in action then there needn’t be any other reactions. For why do you need to be in a position, to have what you already know reaffirmed to having some unsure person acknowledge that they are wrong.

Only a fool does that….In my books anyway.

Why do you need to have to be the one to be bigger and stronger when you know it matters not where you are from but rather were you are heading towards.

Only a fool would do that.

Why do you have to be the one that knows everything knowing the truth has many faces.


Truth loves to change, shape shift as you say. Truth loves to move because truth is a moving constant. Beloved ones where you are heading towards in your lives, there is no more time for the insecure human, and in that security know that the most important thing you need to do to have your love into full action, is to be able to observe your self form your highest ideal. And that means to allow everyone around you to reflect to you through their eyes your heart. It’s a challenge, but it is one worth winning. It’s one you need to overcome and as I said the interesting part then is for you to then walk through the path of justice without falling under the umbrella of aloofness, the umbrella of blame, judgement, shame and all of that. For those energies are gone now, or that needs go now, you need to put these energies to bed now, we can not keep bringing them back and harping on them, for there are many other lessons waiting to be earned and learnt. Many other great exciting experiences that are at hand. And that’s why we ask you today to never in an argument ever mention the word argue, but disagree rather. Because disagree comes with discernment, and argue is caused by judgement. Do you follow me?

A: Yes.

MK: Very well, please close your eyes, for a brief activation of energy.

Beloved ones, now visualise yourself in your home life, visualise yourself in your favourite place within your house, or your home. Be that in the living room, be that in the kitchen, or the dining room, be that outside within your gardens, it matters not, just visualise yourself sitting in your most peaceful spot in your house, and if you live in an apartment find the most beautiful spot in that apartment that you feel most at ease with. And for those of you living in a place you can not stand and finding it difficult to imagine this, come and see me later, because then there is a problem there.

A: Laughter.

MK: Beloved ones, I now wish for you to connect to your heart chakra. In your heart chakra I want you to imagine a magnificent pink flame. I now want you to visualise this pink flame burn brighter and brighter. And then like sonic vibrations I want you to give off a radiance of pink love travelling from your heart centre in circles, increasing in size the further in travels, until you send a sonar of love, of unconditional love from your heart pulsing through the rest of your property, your house, if you live in an apartment building it will not harm to go beyond the borders, or for those of you who live in urban homes you may go past your borders, allowing this unconditional love frequency to transform all of the energy within your home.

Long Pause.

I now want you to recall within your mind the sound that dolphins make.


Have you got that?

A: Yes.

MK: Now send this frequency in combination with the radiant pink light from your heart centre from this favourite place in your building, in your home, to the rest of your home

Long Pause.

I want you now to concentrate on receiving that same love back. Some of you may have noticed that since you have introduced the two energies of colour and sound together in your visualization it almost feels as though some of the energy has been returned to you. Has anyone experienced anything like that?

A: Some say not yet, some say yes.

MK: Not yet…some?

A: Yes.

MK: It almost feels like you are sending out these vibrations of light and love and sound and they are being returned to you. Did anyone experience that?

A: Mumbling

MK: Yes or No. No, anyone yes?

A: Yes.

MK: Yes, that is what you need to concentrate on now. I want you now again back in your space, your favourite space in your home. Again from your heart centre send out these radiant pink energies from the pink flame of your unconditional love centre, send out these vibrations or rings of love that increases in size the further away they go. Then add sound to that and for this particular exercise I would like for you to combine the sound that dolphins make, and send that out as well. So you’ve got a visual as well as a sonic vibration leaving from your heart out into your home and beyond that. And then eventually some of you may feel that, that energy is being returned to you. If not I want you now to visualise that somewhere out there, and don’t place a limitation on it, this love hits some barrier that reflects it back. And then become aware that these pink vibrations and these dolphin sounds then come back to you and gathers back into the very centre of your heart.


As you sow, so shall you reap.


Whatever you give out to others is what eventually comes back to you.


Now, I want you to create a visualisation within your mind, of you in the same place or same space, some spot within your home. Now invoke all of the people in your life; even the ones that you may not live with, that you are related to. Be that a friendship relationship, or blood relationships, or a dog, or a cat, even if they have passed on, ask for the presence of their higher self to bring forth an energy aspect of them, for the purpose of clearing and then invoke their presence for them to sit all around you creating a circle around you, within this beautiful place, this favourite space that you find yourself within.

It matters not if the distance between you and them is a meter or two or three or more; just get them under your roof, so to speak.


Now I want you to become aware that a few more beings will join your circle, ones you didn’t even think of. Are you with me?

A: Yes.

MK: Is this happening to you?

A: Yes.


MK: And the circle expands, doesn’t it?

Very well then, now set the intent that if any other being would like to be part of this vibration, for them to give their energy to be part of this clearing, even if they are not visually present within your current imagination, or exercise visualisation.


And now I want you to repeat this. Again from your heart radiating a powerful vibration of love like you take a little stone and you throw it into a pond and watch it creating vibration upon vibration creating beautiful circles as the energy clears. Allow your heart to give off these beautiful vibrations of unconditional love, and now bring in the sound of the dolphins, allowing this sound and this colour vibration to travel from your heart connecting to the circle that surrounds you and then allowing them to send that same vibration back to you, allowing this energy to go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, at least three times.

Long pause.

Beloved ones, now simply in your heart set the intent that if there are any ill feelings or imbalanced energy between you and any aspect of yourself within this or any alternate reality for that to be put at ease and utter peace.


Now from your heart chakra, I wish for you to radiate this unconditional pink flame out into the cosmos, out there. Now visualise the same pink flame being radiated from every person that surrounds you’s heart charka, in every single direction that you can think of, as they radiate out this energy to every other reflection they might entertain on which ever level they came into contact with, or might come into contact with, or for any other reality that they are a part of within this or any alternate realities


Now visualise, forming around your body a magnificent golden tunnel of light. Now visualise this golden tunnel of light extending out to the higher self of every person that surrounds you, visualise this in any way or form that you are comfortable with.


Beloved ones, in this way you create a divine connection between you and their higher self, your higher self to theirs, and thus you begin to build a communication bridge stating that you wish to have complete and utter peace within your life, on every level possible and that any energy that seeks you out, or you are exposed to, that will tempt you into an argumentative state be dissolved instantly. And thus, now state very firmly and very kindly, your request to the higher self of all of those beings that surround you, to oversee their immediate processes, and for them to bring forth a healing energy that prevents them from being affected by any other or alternate realties that enviably creates a friction, or a vibration and thus a spark between you and them. In other words let bygones be bygones, and with that invoke the presence of peace into your lives and into your relationships.

Now visualise all of you in a magnificent pure white crystalline energy, in a ball or star tetrahedron shape energy, a three dimensional Merkaba energy. Some of you may see yourself in a far more complex energy, into an Icosahedron, or dodecahedron energy, or a hexagon energy, in any of the platonic solids, but for those of you that prefer to just see a bubble, see yourself and all of those beings in this bubble of light. Now place your home within this bubble of light. Now, if there are any one of these beings that you have surrounding you, for this particular activation that does not live in the same home as you do, extend this bubble of light for them to be incorporated into this exercise or into this activation, even including their own property, even it is happens to be thousands of kilometres away from you.


If you have been to their home previously and you can visualise their home, place their home into this protective bubble, and if not use the power of intent to do so.


Beloved ones, I want you to visualise a magnificent crystalline spark of light above each of their homes and yours, about ten meters above your roof, visualise a glowing crystalline sparkle of light. And now visualise about ten meters below their houses and yours, a golden sparkle of light in the earth, and as you have your soul and earth stars grounding you either to the heavens above as below, you now are asked to communicate through these stars of light above and below their residence for the golden star beneath to absorb all of the negativity and to release all of this into the planet with the planet being able to transmute all of this into the light, and of course the crystalline star above their homes and yours, to draw in new fresh air, new energy, to charge their homes and yours, and in so doing you bring your self as an observer to be a full part of an amazing experience with those that you have relationships with. And we sincerely hope that you have included all of your cats and dogs, and your animals for those of you that have other animals.

Now again, visualise yourself sitting alone in your favourite spot.


I now want you to find a feeling in your heart that you can feel what it feels like to sit within that favourite spot that you have. Get a feeling, feel how you feel that makes you feel so good to be repeatedly sitting in that spot enjoying it for whatever reason. Have you got that, all of you?

A: Yes.

MK: Any of you needing more time….it is important.

Now I want you to release a small fraction of that feeling and plant it into the heart of every other person that was in that circle.


The reason why we are doing this is to make them aware of what makes you feel so fantastic. And with that we would like for you to become more aware of what makes them feel so fantastic. Have you got that?

A: Yes.

MK: Beloved ones visualise once again the beautiful pink flame in your heart. Now extend from your heart consciously, any energies you want to give to anyone else that surrounds your circle if light. Give consciously to them your love. If there are ones you have friction with, give consciously to them your love, and do it in such a way that eventually you see the friction dies off and all you have is a beautiful flower.


Now bring your consciousness back into your now moment. Keep that vibration of love in your heart, and be happy. Ground yourself back into your present time frame, stretch your arms and legs, move about, and for those of you in deep slumber, wake up!

Beloved ones, I sincerely hope that you enjoyed that, there is such a need for you to see your relationships on new levels and believe me the easiest and the only way to do that is to see yourself as anew. Breathe in new air. Let the stale air go, and concentrate only on that which is good and kind and beautiful. And thus by creating, for those of you that was with us (someone fell asleep) the reflection of the crystalline star above the home, and the golden star below the home, if there is any negativity contained within the house that you are aware of, that you aren’t able to resolve if you share the space with others, set the intent for the angelic helpers from the elemental kingdom, to assist you to through the golden star draining and releasing all of the excess negativity, releasing it unto the planet, who then gladly transmutes that for you, without them knowing. There is no need for you to tell them, and in the same way when you do that, automatically set the intent that through the crystalline star vibration above the home you call upon the angelic and those of the ascended realms to bless your home with a whole new vibration of light that simply fills it up like beams of light. The same you way you can invoke this energy to support you through your soul star and your earth star not so, which also has the vibration of silver and gold, not so? So we have now etherically guided you to create that same energy around your home. And when you leave your home, invoke the presence of the elementals and those of the angelic realm, and archangelic realm, and ascended realms and ask them to continue keeping this vibration of light even though you are not present, or even though you no longer reside there. So when you leave, leave the beauty behind, because you can create it elsewhere, leave it for someone else even though they may never know of it. Perhaps they might be in a relationship that is a bit shaky and the moment they move into your house, things change.

Beloved ones, in this way you pass on the love that you are in that beautiful mirror reflection that shines from your heart out to the heart of others, the very reflection that you see through their eyes.

I am Kuthumi, I give you my love and my blessings this day as we have come to the end of this transmission and I ask that you make a concerted effort to go forth this day and be the blessing that you truly are.


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Ashtar addressing the February 9, 2010 teleconference:

Ashtar addressing the February 9, 2010 teleconference:

“Well, Good Evening everyone! This is what you call stellar. And we are so delighted that you have answered the invitation to all of you to be here in this Family Gathering. We have much to do, but first let’s get caught up a bit, shall we? We understand, we know, there are pollsters and tricksters and just downright liars out there telling you that Obama is dark, Obama represents the dark side, Obama is leading the world into slavery.

“Well, the Truth of it is, of course, just the opposite. As you know, Obama is here to lead the world out of slavery. He’s undoing the lies and the tricks, and the deceits, and all of the things that institutions, and yes, even the humans, who have worn the dark hats so long they just don’t know how to take them off, have done.

“How about those Rockies and those Bushes? They’re gone, done. They are disempowered. And across the ocean there is the same kind of disempowerment going on with the families of the Rothschilds and the others, who have been the bankers and the robbers and the thieves and the enslavers. And it even reaches to what you call the royalty and the government leaders. Many, many, bankers are gone now – all that remains are holograms.

“And if you know any top dogs, ones who have been in high positions at the big banks, they are no longer in those high positions, they are disempowered, but they still seem to be sitting in a chair. It’s not real. The reality is that those who are to take their place, if they have not already done so according to the resignation and hiring procedures, they’re waiting in the wings to take formal positions of command. The Truth of it is they’re already running things behind the scenes. This is true in all aspects of life style, particularly within the so called Western worlds, the civilized nations, because it just had to stop. And since they would not stop of their own accord according to the contract that they themselves signed and agreed to, we, with your permission, have been working with ground crews to make all of this come about.

“So where are we anyway, where is this world on the Ascension Path? Well, it’s a lot farther along than it was yesterday. And just wait until tomorrow, because we are going to do something huge here. We’re going to stand for the world. We are going to empower not only Peace on Earth, which is the big result, we’re going to empower all that follows, all that comes with, and perhaps even an event that might precede a world-wide Declaration of Peace, or perhaps will be simultaneous with it, because Peace will already be what you call a happening event.

“There’s no question, no question, that it’s done. From our perspective, where there is no time, it’s all rolled into one big beautiful now moment, and we can assure you that Peace on Earth is reality. War is illusion, it is based in lies, it is based in deceit, it is based in all of the fear-based emotions and attitudes that the dark hats could possibly put together. So we’re going to shed illusion. We’re going to turn the Light on all that is dark in that area, and we’re going to bring Peace to a grounded state upon Planet Earth.

“Now what does that really mean? What am I saying? Do you want to know what I’m saying? I’m saying that without you, this could not happen. I’m saying that it takes you, Beloved Ones, coming forward, and all of those who receive this message in the subsequent days to come, to join in and to acknowledge deep within their own being that their hearts are open, and that they understand that the only Truth is Peace, that which passeth all understanding. Because it doesn’t really need to be stated in words, it’s an understanding of the heart, it’s an understanding that this was the original state of being for all, and that this is a homecoming, and it’s a way of changing all that has been a dark creation upon Planet Earth, below, on and above, where we are in the ships; yes we’ll get it. We’re going with you. We already have the plan. And what happens is that as this Ascension takes place, oth er Planets will utilize the great energies that are radiated forth from Planet Earth to accomplish their own Ascensions. So this is a huge event. We can’t even begin to put in words what this Ascension is all about.

“Suffice it to say, that we who come to be in assistance are here because you have called us forth. We would not be able to assist to the extent that we have assisted had you not given us permission. You rolled out the red carpet is what you did. And you said, ‘Come on, Brothers and Sisters, Star-seeds, come and be a part of this,’ and of course, we answered your call. You may recall that years ago in your time, I, Ashtar, was bringing messages of salvation. I almost sounded as though I was hand in hand with those who were expecting and talking about Armageddon from the churches. That was not the case. I came from a spiritual perspective. But I came to say we have our ships ready, and if humanity does blow itself up again, we’ll come and rescue those who want to be moving up into a higher dimensional life, or body.

“Well, you negated the need for that. We’re not here to rescue you, we’re here to partner with you, to hold you hand in hand, to hug you, and Love you, and to remind you that you’re really one of us, and we’re a part of you. And we see the God within each and every one of you, and the Goddess too. And we want you to know that you are as Divine as we are. There is no difference, except that you, Beloved Ones, are the ones who have taken the most difficult path, because you volunteered to come into the human bodies.

“And we know you’ve suffered. And there from time to time have been great teachers wanting to lead you onto a higher path of Light and many of you came to that higher path. But now you have come to have the greatest understanding that you have had since the veil was lowered, with your permission, and at your request, so you could experience all of the dark times that you’ve experienced, and the Joy times as well. If you hadn’t had some Joy somewhere along the way in your lifetimes, how would you know the difference? How would you know the difference between Joy and sorrow, between Love and hate, between Courage and fear?

“So you have done a most wondrous job indeed of holding the Light, coming to it yourselves, and opening your hearts to express yourself as the wondrously Divine Light Beings you are, and then to share it with the world. These are the final steps that we’re taking now. You see, this is a partnership – we’ve told you that all along. And yes, there were times, when just like in the poem, you couldn’t see your own footprints, because you were carried, but this is the final march, if you will, into the Golden Age. We are here beside you. It is you who are leading the way.

“And it is you, Beloved Ones, who are standing here to represent the human, and we understand, yes, we see there are some doggies and some kitty cats, and some other beloved kingdom members representing the Animals, the Plants, and yes, the Crystals and the Minerals tonight. It is where the kingdoms all come together and speak with one voice.

“It is where we declare that now is the time for Peace, and now is the time for all of the soldiers to return to their homes, whether it be down the road or across the world. And this will have a huge effect. It will raise the consciousness of the world, and it will raise it to focus upon Peace. There are other events which will do the same, but the ground work is laid, and so now we can go together these few final steps to anchor the Golden Age upon Planet Earth, because it’s here. Some of you are living in it more than others of you are living in it, but it is here.

“So be in Joy at that. And know that all you’ve waited for. Oh yes, we know, some of you have been waiting since 1992, and some of you have been waiting longer than that. Some of you have been waiting all of your lives. And some of you have been waiting all of your past lives for this grand moment. Is it not joyful that Lemuria and Atlantis are coming more fully into view? Is it not joyful to feel the connections that you have, to feel as though you are being welcomed home? There’s no grander feeling in the whole wide world, we promise you, or in the universe, then connecting with home.

“And so we welcome you as you have welcomed us to this Golden Age, to this reunion with Family, and the places that you’ve been long ago in the time of Planet Earth, and places beyond Planet Earth. We know that you’re starting to get messages, vibrations, buzzies, and all kinds of messages within your beings. Some of you are hearing the Language of Light. And it’s new, but it’s not, and you know it. You know it’s ancient. You know it’s within you. As your DNA opens, as your brain opens more, you’re getting more and more messages. Well, Valentine’s Day is approaching, and some of you are getting in touch for the first time or hearing from your Twin Flame. How about that, Beloved Ones? Is that not delightful? Indeed yes! And, this is the month of Love. Let there be Peace on Earth and in the Universe beyond. And let Love be the greatest power, emotion, thought, word and deed from now on, in each of your lives. Teach it to others in any way that is comfortable, and that you have great passion for.

“We all have missions after the announcement of NESARA and what is now being called the Disclosure Announcement, because as we have said before, First Contact is really kind of past, is it not? Most all of you have already made some kind of contact, whether it be a voice from home within your heart, or whether it be a ship blinking at you at night in your starry skies, or whether it be a cloud ship; and suddenly the clouds part a bit, and you look up and you see, you see what’s really there. Hello! We’re waving at you, we’re greeting you, we’re here with you, we’re for real. Oh yes, and the world is just about to know that.

“So why are we all triple parked? And by the way, you may think that we’ve got our parking brakes on, and our motors turned off, but that’s not the case. We have already started our engines, and we’re ready. We’re ready for the biggest event the world has seen yet. You’ve heard of Air Shows. We’ve got a dandy. Hah, hah, hah! We’ve already had the dress rehearsal. Let’s just say, we’re ready to roll. A few more steps need to be taken, and most of them can be implemented by you, our Family, and the other Lightworkers of the planet who know what’s coming. So let the Joy flood through your beings, especially those of you who’ve been waiting a long time to start your projects, to get ’em really off the ground, so to speak.

“Now you have received a message already, one message, you’ll get more, about this organization called the Living Lemuria Foundation. That is to be inspiration to you, Beloved Ones! Here you have five sisters who came around the world, or half way around the world, to settle in a new place, which they recognized as being Lemuria after all, to start an entirely new venture, which none of them have ever really done before in its entirety. And we have been working with them, and they will soon have the center up and running, perhaps a bit sooner than even they think, (we’ll just let it [the thought of sooner] sit there for a minute, shall we? Ah, yes, smiles!) because it’s a prototype, because it will teach the world, and because you’re all invited. When that center’s open, you’ll know. And you’ll know when it’s time for you to come. And there will be great laug hter and celebrations ongoing, all the time. There are some of you already who know that you want to come and be a part of it. And we shall be inviting many more who want to come to participate in all of the services and Joy that is there.

“So we put this forth to you so that you will know, so that you will say, ‘Well, I can do something too; I feel the imminence of my beginning on this project, on this new way of life, on this freedom to express my passions in whatever way I choose to express.’ And that is exactly perfect, appropriate, and the only way to feel at this moment. So get high on it. Get inspired. Start your planning. Start your visioning, and start your creating from the I AM perspective, because the train’s in the station, and you have a reservation, so you might want to climb aboard.

“Well we have others here with us this evening. So we’re going to change the topic a wee bit. We’re going to suggest to you, that if you have not had an opportunity to be listening to Obama, and the other tellers of Truth in the news, this is a grand time to get started on it. You know, we just Love those guys, Keith, and Rachel, and Amy, and yes, Tom, and the others who bring you truthful news.

“And if you are in doubt, by the way, we recommend that you test, test, test – check in with yourselves. Go down in your heart and ask, ‘Is this really happening? Am I really hearing this,’ you know? If you need a reality check, go within. Don’t call up somebody at Fox News and expect them to tell you. Although they’re starting to get the message, and the other news people are starting to get the message. And they’re even calling for such things as arrests of the bankers. Can you believe that? Oh, yes! And they’re calling for more careful scrutiny of the drug companies. And they are calling for their own voices to be heard in so many ways. We’re not saying you need to go to a tea party. They haven’t quite got the full picture yet, but they will. They will. So if you want to check in, and see what’s going on, just listen to the ones, Beloved Ones , who tell the Truth, because you’re going to feel a lot better. Yes, they may express some anger.

“How about that Supreme Court decision? Do you really think that the lobbyists are going to be able to buy the elections from now on? No! Obama is going to put the lobbies out of business, and he said so! And if you’re not listening to Obama this would be a good time. And if you think that Obama is working for the dark hats know this – he had to be a double agent. He had to be appearing to cooperate with Kissinger. How did he get a name like Kissinger? Huh! Interesting is it not? Perhaps there’s a spark of Light there somewhere after all. And working with the Rothschilds, and the bankers of Europe, you know, the secret government, and all of that, of course the Rockefellers, and the Bushes, and even Madame Hillary herself.

“But, if you listen to the State of the Union, it was most refreshing. And if you haven’t listened to it we strongly encourage you. Get the energy of it. Find it on your internet and listen to it. Watch Obama. Watch the State of the Union Address. The Union is in a completely different state, and that goes along with the State of the Earth that we like to talk about, which we have just been talking about. Obama has put on the white hat, or shall we say, removed the dark hat, and the white hat shines beneath. Of course, there were those who always saw him with the white hat, and they were true and correct. The dark hat disguise, you know, for being a secret double agent has been totally transmuted. It’s gone. The white hat may appear to be somewhat shining and crystalline as the days go by.

“Here you have a world leader who talks about Love in public. Here you have a world leader who has not been corrupted, bribed, or threatened into cooperating. Oh, for a while they thought they had him threatened pretty well. There were daily threats upon his family, and numerous attempts upon his life and that of his beloved family. But he’s come through it. Do you know why he’s come through it? It’s because he knows that you love him. And you know that he loves you. It’s because he knows that we’re all Family. And he knows he’s star-seed, and he knows he has been in preparation for this assignment, this mission, as has his beloved Twin Flame, his wife.

“Without your support, Beloved Ones, and the support of the Lightworkers world-wide, and without your partnering with us, this would not be happening. There would be a different reality upon the Planet. So rejoice! The secret is out! Obama is of the Light! Obama brings the Light even more to partner with you! And, yes your voices are being heard!

“Now we wish to report on something of a recent event as far as what was created there. You all know, and we know that you have been keeping in touch with the earthquake and the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. What has happened as the result of that is the consciousness has risen even higher, because the hearts of the people of Planet Earth were more in tune, more at oneness, more in unison, and more high vibe than at the time of the 9-11, and so the consciousness raised itself up, more than 9-11, more than the tsunami, more than the other events of Planet Earth, whether man-made or natural. And there has been a grand coming together, and a grand amplification of the Light which is already upon Planet Earth. And so now Planet Earth is ready for the next step, which we are taking in this Family Gathering, in this beautiful, beautiful company.

“I, Ashtar, may be the speaker identified at this moment. There stands beside me and with me a grand, grand company. You, your Guides, your Angels, and all of the Angelic Kingdom of Love, the Elementals, the Devas and the Fairies, and all of those beings who have been, for the most part, hidden in a slightly higher dimensionality of existence, but nevertheless are here all over Planet Earth, and joyfully joining in with this exercise we shall be doing.

“The Ascended Masters, every one you can think of and more, are here, and of course, all of your Star-seed Brothers and Sisters representing Home, representing Love, and representing all that you are, Beloved Ones. This is a huge company, infinite numbers if you will. So we are joined here in mission and purpose to anchor Peace, and the homecoming of the soldiers for Planet Earth..”

( part 2 continued with the exercise here: )

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Dear Ones,
We, the Arcturians, welcome you again to our Corridor. We see that you are making progress in being fifth dimensional. It is glorious, indeed, to see your consciousness expand in such a manner that you are releasing your old bondage to third dimensional illusions and limitations.


We perceive your confusion, as your collective minds ask, “What reality are we in now? Are we actually fifth dimensional, or are we only fifth dimensional in our consciousness.” Our response to that question is that “only in your consciousness” is REAL, for ALL reality is a state of consciousness.” We understand that inter-dimensional travel can be very tricky. One minute you may be happily experiencing a lovely fifth dimensional day. Then, in the next moment you are stuck in traffic in a third-dimensional city. However, one thing you have learned is that being somewhat out-of-control in your inter-dimensional travel is much better than being trapped in the limitations of your physical world.

Fortunately, the third dimension is becoming more comfortable, as you have learned the laws of attraction and gained more mastery over your thoughts and emotions. Hence, you are gaining more control over your physical life and are no longer choosing to be victimized by the lies of the dark forces. You know that there will be many changes, but you are not exactly sure what will change or how. Nevertheless, you are increasingly ready to move onto the next level of your 3D Virtual Realty Game in which you return to your higher dimensional realities.

Despite the many ensuing changes, you KNOW that you are ONE with that which you love. The forces of Darkness in this 3D Game of polarity have made love so scarce and surrounded by fear that you have learned to unconditionally cherish what you love. In fact, you feel confident that the people, places, activities and even things that you love are staying with you throughout your transition into the “unknown” of your planetary ascension. Furthermore, you realize that on the fifth dimension you can easily manifest any “thing” that you have loved in your sojourn into the physical world.

The instant manifestation of the fifth dimension, which you are beginning to experience, may seem like a roller coaster ride to you. You think of what you want, then—instantly—it manifests. On the other hand, one second of doubt, fear and anger and—instantly—your manifestation disappears. Fortunately, you are realizing that it is all about your state of consciousness, especially raising your resonant frequency.

If your resonant frequency is third dimensional, then even fourth dimensional consciousness can be difficult to maintain, and fifth dimensional consciousness is out of the question. Of course, Earth has largely been fourth dimensional since the turn of the millennium.

The problem has been that whenever you, person and planet, enter the fourth dimension you, have to create your “tunnel of Light” through its Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension. The fact that the Darkness is losing most of its power over others now, indicates that you, people and planet, are putting the final touches on your tunnels of light. And you are just in time, for now you can use that Light to reveal the Truth that has been hiding behind all the third dimensional illusions. One of those truths is that darkness cannot attack light; it can only expand your own inner darkness. Hence, once you rise beyond your own darkness, which is some form of fear, you are beyond the reach of external darkness.


The main illusion that you are releasing is the illusion of separation. You now realize you are NOT separate Beings. You are all ONE, no matter how you look, what you do and how, or where, you live. Most importantly, your cooperative effort with others, or with Gaia, to create your tunnels of light has changed your Consciousness from Personal to Collective to Planetary. As you become increasingly fifth dimensional, your consciousness will easily expand into Galactic Consciousness. Then, when we enter the sixth dimension, your consciousness will expand into Cosmic Consciousness.

On the other hand, your expanding consciousness also contributes to your confusion about “What reality is this?” The best way to determine your reality is by trusting your emotions. In the third and lower fourth dimensions, you need to be separate as a means to protect yourself from all the darkness and fear that you suffered—and have BEEN—in your many physical incarnations. However, when you get a taste of fifth dimensional reality, you feel such peace, calm and unconditional love that you have NO desire to be separate. You want to merge with the love, peace and calm, as well as with the people, plants, animals, places and things that emanate these fifth dimensional qualities.

You are discovering that certain objects, which you have formerly labeled as “things,” serve as capacitors to hold fifth dimensional energy. These objects have become enlivened by your creation or use of these objects during your strongest creative and healing moments of unconditional love. Therefore, crystals, art objects, homes, bridges, chairs seem to take on a life of their own. You have also found that if you diminish your intention and attention towards these objects, they return to being “just things” or they get “lost.”

Actually, these things are not getting lost. Instead, they are returning to a lower resonance/dimension, which matches the frequency of that matter. In other words, they become matter without consciousness. It is helpful to know this fact about objects, for it also holds true for your earth vessel. When you hold the intention of peace, calm and unconditional love, the resonance of your earth vessel rises into the fifth dimension to match the frequency of your consciousness.

What will happen next remains to be seen, for your ascension process is a “create as you go” endeavor. Eventually, you will transmute into Lightbody. You have all read many physiological, scientific and metaphysical version of how this transmutation will take place. However, this Planetary Ascension is YOUR creation. Earth has always been a planet of myriad forms of life and people. Hence, owners of different earth vessels may become Lightbody in different manners. Likely, the first ones for each form of transmutation will assist others who are drawn to make their transition in the same fashion.

Either way, you, people and planet, have myriad adventures ahead as you move into your year of 2010. We, the Arcturians, as well as the many members of your Galactic Family, lovingly observe you and are eager to assist whenever you call. In fact, it is now time to heed your call to be taken into the sixth dimension.


The sixth dimension holds the Divine Matrix, which is projected into the lower worlds of third/fourth dimensional realities. It is in the sixth dimension that you can write, or re-write, the blueprints for your third and fourth dimensional holograms. The fifth dimension is not a hologram. Holographic realities are places for learning, schoolrooms, in the lower worlds of the third and fourth dimensions. Conversely, the fifth dimension is a reality where you integrate all that you learned in these lower worlds, as well as a format from which your SELF can assist your grounded, earth vessels.

Once you allow your Kundalini to rise into your Crown Chakra and download and integrate your Multidimensional SELF into your grounded earth vessel, your Personal Consciousness regains its expanded perceptions. As you experience reality through the multidimensional perception of your Soul/SELF, your “family” expands beyond the third dimension and into the fourth and fifth dimensions, to include your Galactic Family.

We are now accelerating our Corridor to the resonance the sixth dimension, so that you may merge with your sixth dimensional SELF. Yes, YOU have a component of your SELF on every dimension, but in the sixth dimension you will only contain your consciousness in a form for certain purposes. In the sixth dimension, you may choose to “put on your form,” as you would “put on a jacket” in your material world.


When Gaia first enters the fifth dimension, you will likely wear your form/body at all times as a means of comfort. Comfort often comes from what is familiar, such as wearing a form. In fact, you will likely choose to wear a form of gender, as that is also familiar. However, you will remain on the fifth dimensional threshold until you have recognized and united with your Divine Complement. Your Divine Complement, also known as your Twin Flame, is the completion of your SELF that split into a gender when you first took form in the third and fourth dimensions.

Since you are united with all life on the fifth dimension, there will be no effort in connecting with your Complement. Because there is no time or space in the fifth dimension, all you will need to “do” is to put out the call for your Twin Flame, and instantly, you will be united. You will know that this union has occurred because you will feel complete bliss and total unity. Many of you are already in contact with your Twin Flame/Divine Complement in your grounded reality, but you may not know it, as your Complement may be a child, a best friend, or a parent.

In fact, throughout your many third dimensional incarnations, you and your Complement have met in many differing forms of relationships. (see Reconstructing Reality by Suzan Caroll) Fortunately, the instant manifestation of your thoughts in the fifth dimension will allow you to instantly perceive your Complement. On the other hand, if your thoughts and emotions become fearful, your resulting lowered consciousness will immediately return you to the lower dimensional realities.

This return to the lower realities is in no way a punishment. It is simply a matter of resonance. Your reality is a result of your state of consciousness. In order to maintain a state of consciousness that resonates to the fifth dimension, your thoughts and emotions must be based on unconditional love, unconditional acceptance and unconditional forgiveness. We know that your grounded self may find unconditional love to be impossible to maintain. However, once in the fifth dimension, unconditional love fills the ethers, and you feel totally safe and united with all life. With more frequent experiences of the fifth dimension, it will become easier to maintain that state of consciousness.

Your Multidimensional SELF is preparing you now for this shift by showing you how quickly your thoughts and emotions create your reality. You are also being shown any remnants of your ego attachment and service to self. You are brave spiritual warriors to confront your ego and fears again and again, so that you may regain your full Mastery of Energy (thoughts and emotions). It is because you are becoming a Master of Energy that you are able to navigate from one reality to another.


The “fuel” for your inter-dimensional travel is unconditional love. Unconditional love raises the frequency of all it touches and is the force that will expand the Corridor to encompass the sixth dimension and beyond. As the force of your collective, unconditional love touches the perimeters of the Corridor, its resonance will escalate the frequency of the Corridor into the next dimension. In this case, it will extend the resonance of the Corridor into the sixth dimension. Do you see how we are having you participate in your journey now? We no longer need to guide you, for you are fully awakening. Hence, we now give you the tools and allow you to experiment with your expanding perceptions and powers.

Remember that the fifth dimension and beyond is free of time and space. Therefore, it takes no time, nor do you travel across space to enter the sixth dimension. Instead, as the frequency of the Corridor oscillates, it raises its inhabitants into a higher dimension. Because of the tremendous force of unconditional love emanating from the many different ones who are now united in this Corridor, we can easily make our transition into the sixth dimension. Remember, since there is no time or space in the Corridor, it does not matter “when” people tune into this experience or “where” they are located.

The force of unconditional love oscillates us up and down the different frequencies/densities via the “elevator” of vertical reality, where we can open the “elevator door” to enter the “floor” of the horizontal realities on each density. The constant oscillation of Flow of unconditional love up and down the different dimensions greatly increases its power. Therefore, we ask you to oscillate your energy/consciousness from the third dimension to the fourth dimension and back to the third dimension.

Then, oscillate your consciousness from the fourth dimension into the fifth dimension, then back to the fourth. In this manner, you will gather momentum to expand your resonance/consciousness from the fifth dimension into the sixth. After you have practiced moving your consciousness up and down the vertical realities, “fuel up your consciousness” with unconditional love. Now, again oscillate your consciousness up and down the vertical reality, but FEEL how unconditional love is the force that drives you. You are creating a huge engine of unconditional love, which is the Cosmic Force needed to promote a higher state of consciousness, thinking, expectation, and perception.

Every possible reality is always with you in its own resonant frequency. In order to experience each reality, you must raise your consciousness up the vertical realities to match your resonant frequency to that horizontal reality. You will remain in that reality as long as you can maintain that resonance. Since there is no separation in the fifth dimension and beyond, you are always in all the realities all the time. However, the remaining attachments you have to the third and fourth dimensions make it difficult for you to experience more than one reality at a “time.”

Your multidimensional SELF is able to connect with and experience all your realities in the NOW of the ONE. When you are perfectly aligned with your Multidimensional SELF, you, too, can have this experience. However, you will need to release your attachments to your physical body, as well as your ego’s beliefs, illusions and expectations. Most important, you will need to release your attachment to fear. You may think that releasing fear would be easy, but it has been your companion for many third and lower fourth dimensional lives.


As you progress into the sixth dimension and beyond, you will repeatedly return to the fifth dimension to ground your primary consciousness, not in the third dimension, but in fifth dimensional Earth. Fifth dimensional Earth shall be your Space Station (Home) for all your inter-dimensional travels. It is the frequency of unconditional love that will allow you to remain HOME in the fifth dimension.

You may ask, “How is unconditional love a frequency?” To answer your question we remind you that All That Is vibrates to a frequency. As a famous earth scientist, Albert Einstein, said, “Even matter is a frequency, but it is vibrating at a very slow rate.” Conversely, unconditional love is vibrating at what you would call an “infinite frequency,” for it is a frequency beyond measure. How can you calculate something that is beyond time and space? Unconditional love is assessed like all love, according to its manifestations. Since unconditional love manifests virtually everything, it is certainly “beyond measure.”

Not only does unconditional love create all life, it transmutes all life. Of course, since everything already exists, creation IS transmutation. For example, a great art piece transmutes light placed onto a canvas with paints into an art form and music transmutes sounds into music via breath and or manipulation of instruments. However, the art was not created. Instead, elements of a lower frequency were blended together along with the unconditionally loving intention of the artist to transmute these elements into a higher resonance.

Yes, everything always IS in some frequency. In the same manner, you are not creating the sixth dimensional portal of the Corridor. You are using the great force of your unconditional love to transmute the Corridor into its sixth dimensional expression. Actually, we, Arcturians and humans, are using unconditional love to call forth that which has always existed in a higher frequency.

When unconditional love is used to heal, it calls forth the perfect health that already exists in a higher frequency. Since your thoughts and emotions create your reality, negative thoughts and fear call forth/create illness and discord. However, when unconditional love governs your body, you bring down the energy pattern of your perfected body that already exists in the Divine Matrix of the sixth dimension.

In the same manner, you will use the power of unconditional love to call your Lightbody into manifestation. Of course, since your Lightbody resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, the Lightbody, which you call down to your frequency, will simultaneously lift you up into the fifth dimension, which is the resonant frequency of your Lightbody.

When we say, “lift you up,” we do not mean the YOU of your earth vessel. We mean the YOU of your multidimensional consciousness that already exists in every dimension. In other words, much like you now decide to “change your clothes,” you will decide to “change your form/body.” Your clothes cover and protect your body, whereas your body covers and protects your consciousness. With the proper clothes you can go out into a hostile environment and survive. In the same manner, with a proper body you can go into the hostile environment of the third dimension with a better ability to survive.

Just as you call down your Lightbody to take you Home into the fifth dimension, you will call down the sixth dimensional Corridor, and it will lift you up into the sixth dimension. Remember, dear ones that up and down are third dimensional space terms. In our multidimensional reality, “down” means a lower frequency dimension and “up” means a higher frequency dimension. Ever since our journey has taken us into the fifth dimension, we have been beyond time and space, and ALL is HERE NOW. Hence, we don’t go “up” to create; instead, we transmute form into a different resonance.


Unconditional love is the creative force of all life. All life is light, and all light is consciousness. Unconditional love is the Light Language that is innately within your multidimensional consciousness. Third dimensional light is polarized into light and dark, whereas third dimensional love is conditional and programmed to adapt to a polarized, light and dark reality. On the other hand, unconditional love is a zero point energy field and designed for the none-polarized fifth dimensional light. Unconditional love is a great force that serves as your “fuel” for inter-dimensional travel, whereas Light Language is your “steering system.”

While in the sixth dimensional Divine Matrix, your force of unconditional love will assist you to use your Light Language to program the release of all your perceptions of illusions of separation, limitation and polarity. Without these illusions, your ability to perceive the fifth dimensional reality in which you already exist will be greatly enhanced. All around you are moments, feelings and visions that resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension, but you cannot see them through the veil of illusion. Once that veil is gone, you will be able to see the many ways that you are already fifth dimensional.

Take a moment now to merge with your Multidimensional SELF…

Using your innate Light Language, commune with and communicate with your SELF to feel the unconditional love that forever emanates from that expression of your SELF…

As you commune with your SELF, you receive the Light Language symbol of Unconditional Love…

Place this symbol in your Third Eye and High Heart and extend that force of Unconditional Love out from your Third Eye and High Heart to meet in an arch over your Throat Chakra…

Breathe the Light Symbols of unconditional love into your High Heart to “start the engine” of your Merkaba…

FEEL how your Merkaba amplifies your energy and extends your unconditional love into our Corridor to escalate its resonance into the sixth dimension…

Share your unconditional love with every consciousness in the Corridor to raise the resonant frequency of the Corridor…

Extend this Collective Consciousness down to third dimensional Gaia, so that She may ground and participate in your journey…

Feel your consciousness expand to Planetary Consciousness, as Gaia joins you in the Corridor…

Focus your Personal, Collective and Planetary Consciousness to expect to perceive the sixth dimension…

Gradually, you begin to perceive the sixth dimensional quality of the Corridor…

Light Ribbons of Possibility dance about the Corridor and beckon you to follow them.
See the Light of each Ribbon moving into and through the Corridor. Hear the Cosmic Choir emanating from each Ribbon of Light.
Touch them, as gently as you would touch a butterfly’s wing.

Take long breaths to expand your consciousness to embrace both the highest frequency of your Multidimensional SELF, as well as the smallest particles of your quantum reality…

Allow the sixth dimensional light and unconditional love to enter into every cell and atom of your being. Planetary ascension begins with the complete and total infusion of Spirit-into-Matter, Light-into-darkness, on every atomic, cellular, etheric and spiritual level.

FEEL the Ribbons of Possibility enter your form, which no longer appears to be human. The vessel that houses your consciousness has become a body of light with light projections of unconditional love emanating from the back of your heart that appear almost like wings. Above your heart is your Third Eye encased in a force field of pure intention.

Your arms are also projections of light emanating from your heart that change form depending on their purpose. From below your heart, your body flows down into two trails of light like the trains on a wedding gown. You have no feet at this point, as you do not need to walk. Instead, you float or you are simply “there.” If for some reason you desire to walk, emanations of light will appears to be legs and feet.

As you look at you hands, you see that your fingers also appear to be offshoots of light. There are no joints or fingernails. Your body is liquid light, and it can morph into any shape that you desire. Upon discovering this phenomenon, you experiment with this form.

First, you so expand your form that you become the Corridor. Then you compress your form into a spec of light so minute that you are pure consciousness. Finally, you become pure unconditional love. You have no head and no limbs. You are a pulsing portal of light. You ARE the Arcturian Corridor! Simultaneously, you are Earth.


The Corridor has opened to the sixth dimension. You are now ready to experience the threshold into the sixth dimension. Feel the Corridor around you, opening into a strange, new world. As you set your intention to stand upon this threshold, you again see myriad Ribbons of Light. Each Ribbon represents a different parallel reality that YOU created. When you stand upon this threshold, every thought and feeling that lingers in your consciousness will dictate the reality to which you will be attached.

You see that there are, in fact, millions of realities, as well as billions of possible realities. Your resonance will attract the reality that you enter, at the same time that it simultaneously creates it. It may be difficult to project this concept into your third dimensional brain, but spiritual growth is based on experience first and understanding second. It is the experience that allows you the wisdom of understanding. Experience is precisely why you decided to live in the third and fourth dimensional realities.

Feel the unconditional love of the Corridor push your towards the very edge of the sixth dimensional threshold. But, wait. Hold back a moment, and allow your resistance to build the oscillating force of unconditional love as it pulls your back into the Corridor, then pushes you out onto the threshold…

Again and again, you move back and forth, as your momentum grows stronger and stronger…
Feel yourself becoming the Corridor, becoming the threshold, becoming a new dimension, a new reality…

Now let go.
Let go!

Yes, you are there now. You are a being of pure light floating in a reality that looks somewhat like a lightning storm, only without the rain or thunder. Through the flashes of light, you see worlds, planets, stars and galaxies.

Suddenly, you are pulled into one of these flashes of light. Feel yourself traveling through a long corridor that is more like a glass matrix. You can see each “possible reality” as it extends off from your tunnel, but you stay on a steady course.

Over, under, around and through you, realities co-exist in harmony and peace. However, you do not stop. You have set your intention for the reality in which your consciousness is currently grounded on third dimensional, ascending Earth.

You will choose any given reality with the power of your attention and intention. Hence, you view your many alternative worlds with detached compassion to remind you that no distraction will interfere with your journey.

Ah, here you are. You have arrived at the “programming station” for your current grounded reality. This life is very important, as it is the one in which you chose to participate in the planetary ascension. You realize that many of the lives that you have passed on your journey to this “station” have been preparations for this planetary ascension life.

Feel yourself now without form. When you entered the sixth dimension, you become pure consciousness, and pure light. Send your Great Light and Love into the matrix of light of this reality so that you may login to your sixth dimensional SELF.

Within this matrix you feel your awareness flowing through many shapes and channels. You realize that there is a hub, or a heart, but you start at the periphery and flow inwards following the lay lines, the spiritual, electrical circuit board of the matrix for this reality.

You have entered a huge puzzle of light, traveling from all directions inward towards your center. Your pure Light and Love, the essence of your Creator SELF, is gradually merging inwards until it has filled each lay line of the Divine Matrix.

NOW, you have entered the Great Central Hub,
the heart, the core, the center, the ONE!
The All in ALL!

All the worlds, planets, stars, and galaxies, which you passed on your journey greet you in the NOW. Once you are in the NOW, you are EVERY-WHERE and EVERY-WHEN.


You ARE the Universe that you observe
You ARE the Galaxy that you observe
You ARE the Planet that you observe
You ARE the Person that you observe

You ARE your SELF, silently observing your self!

Thank you for joining in the Arcturian Corridor.

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