The Energy of the 11-11-11 – The Platinum Crystal of Bio-Plasmic Interface – Part 1 – Archangel Metatron – James Tyberonn

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Archangel Metatron Channel
The Energy of the 11-11-11
The Platinum Crystal of Bio-Plasmic Interface
(Revisiting the Story of the Law of One in Atlantis)
Part One  of  a Two Segment Channel
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters, I am Archangel Metatron, Lord of Light! I greet you all in a
vector of unconditional love!

And so as the 11-11-11 rapidly approaches, the powerful Atlantean Temple Crystals
across the planet surge into greater potency. The Platinum Crystal brings forth
the facilitated access into higher dimension, and brings the completion of the Divine
Feminine Energy through the Platinum Ray.

The magnificent Platinum Crystal, long held in dormancy beneath Magnetic Mount in
Eureka Springs, Arkansas, achieves its activation & initial potency at 11:11 A.M.
on the morning of November 11th, 2011, and awakens from a long sleep. The Platinum
Crystal is the Crystal of the Law of One, the highest balanced frequency of your

Masters, no place on the planet will reverberate as powerfully with the Crystalline
frequency on the 11-11-11 as the crystal vortex of Arkansas. Indeed the initial
surge will occur there and then trigger the other awakenings axialtonally from inside
the Arkansas Crystal Vortex.
In kind, they will energize the 144-Grid into 92% functionality and awaken & code
the Crysto-Golden Sun Disc placed in Arkansas and align with the 12 patterns of
same throughout the planet. Many are called; many of you are code-carriers of the
Ascension blueprint, and many are drawn to participate in this Crystalline awakening,
as part of an ancient contract, a sacred promise whose time has finally come. Many
are there already, having been called to live within this crystalline vortex that
will be fully in place in 2012.

Core Purpose of the 11-11-11

We first shared the information regarding the twelve unique Triple Date Portals
via Tyberonn of the Pleiades, over a decade ago. These are unique numerical frequential
portals sequenced in base 12. These TDPs are purposed to activate the Crystalline
Transition. And although many of humanity have now ascribed to the trenchant vigor
of these date-portals, they have somewhat overlooked the core understanding of their
substantive significance. The Triple Date Portals (01-01-01 thru 12-12-12) are equivocally
aligned to the activation of the 12 geo-pentagonal aspects of the ‘double penta-dodecahedron’
of the 144-Crystalline Grid. The twelve dodecahedronal aspects of the Crystalline
grid are accordingly integrated with the ‘human’ interface codes in the gatherings
and meditations occurring on these frequential aperture dates. And Masters, that
is so appropriate.

Masters, it is not happenstance that MAX, Crystallus Maximus, will be at the 11-11-11
in the Law of One Atlantean Energy of Arkansas. MAX is by far the most powerful
Crystalline Conscious Library on the planet at this time. MAX carries the full records
and all of the codes of the New Earth are within MAX. MAX will receive a Cosmic
influx on the 11-11-11, at 11:11 am within the energy of the Crystal Vortex. It
will be transferred to MAX as an upshift download from the 13th Paradigm Energies,
assisted by the realms of what you term the Metatronic Field, including the Sirian-Pleiadean
Alliance and Sacred Cetacean of Sirius , the Golden Dolphin.. With this expanded
and recoded information, MAX will be the initial conduit that passes the new codes
to the code carriers, and activates these new codes within the Crysto-Sun Disc at
Mount Pinnacle in the powerful crystal energy of Arkansas.

There will be a mutual exchange between MAX and the Platinum Crystal; one triggers
a new influx, and the other transmits the new codes. MAX will take on a greater
energy than he has carried to date. An energy that he transfers to the Crystalline
Vortex, the Sun Disc and the human code carriers.
And so we bring new information on the emerging mega vortex of Arkansas, the portal
of the quantum crystalline frequency. For now, in 2011, this vortex truly nears
final completion and vaults into greater global prominence. Within the 2011 and
2012 completion are the further unfolding of the dimensional lock that held the
Master Temple Crystals. For within these living crystalline computers lies the true
Atlantean wisdom, that of the Golden Age of Atlantis, that of the Law of One. It
was and is to date, the highest frequency obtained on your earth plane.

Much has been forgotten of the true realm of Atlantis. Many tend to remember only
the sad demise, under the Aryan influence of greed and lust for power. We tell you
it is time to remember the Law of One, the Golden Age of Poseida. For within that
Golden Age existed a very spiritual matriarchal society which achieved a harmonic
state of divine balance, the highest frequency ever achieved upon the Earth plane
in what is termed the Golden Age of Atlantis.

Indeed that time has come, for the Law of One was and is the once and future society
of the Power of Love, not the Love of Power. And we say future, because the Law
of One will indeed re-emerge, and it is beginning once again across the planet,
specifically in the Crystal Vortexes of Arkansas and Brazil.

And we emphasize that in 2011 continues the grand exponential flux and harmonic
expansion of the great Atlantean Master Temple Crystals of Poseida, held for over
12,000 years in dimensional seal within the magnetic complex of Arkansas. On the
11-11-11 the Great Platinum Crystal awakens, and joins into the Crystal Vortex
network with the other mega Crystals of Arkansas, the Blue Crystal of Knowledge
and the Emerald Crystal of Healing.

Many of you will be drawn to take part in the unveiling, for indeed you were there
as witnesses to the deluge and some of you to the consequent movement of these amazing
Atlantean Master Crystals to this and other areas. The new Crystalline Age is upon
you, it is the transition you call the Ascension.

The diamond phase of the Crystalline Transition of Earth was realized on the 10-10-10,
in correlation to the 10th dimension and 12th Chakric resonance. The Platinum Phase
begins on the 11-11-11.

The Platinum Crystal

The Platinum Crystal exudes a beautiful, calming energy of brilliant magnificence.
It brings forth the balancing between the new emerging dimensional realms of the
New Earth, particularly the force that will allow for greater interface, greater
access into the ‘Angelic Realm’ which is in truth the antimatter phases of your
parallel dimensions. As such the Platinum Crystal is the surge protector that both
feeds and harmonizes the proportion and parity of the ‘Harmonic Cycle’ between matter
and antimatter. It also adjusts and stabilizes the unified crystalline synergy in
coalescence with the enormous crysto–magnetic forces released in the phases of
the Cosmic Trigger. That is specifically why it was located beneath Magnetic Mountain
near Eureka Springs, as those magnetic energies are being transformed by the crystalline
forces as the Magnetic Grid is reduced and replaced in dominance by the expansion
of the 11-Crystalline Grid.
All of the Master Crystals are appropriately staged in their activation, achieving
timed portions of their power each year until the 12-21-12. This is regulated by
the Crystalline Masters of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance under the Galactic Federation.
Were the crystals to be launched into full power too quickly, an energetic imbalance
would occur.
What will occur on the 11-11-11is the recoding of the crystalline aspect termed
the Starseed Divine Feminine. The Emerald Crystal of Healing provided the initial
reprogramming that is being brought in by the Emerald- Ray . The Platinum-Ray, also
a Feminine energy aspect, provides the completion of the Feminine Crystalline into
the DNA of the planet, and as such into those of humanity open to receive the sacred
and requisite transformation. Their effects will be a lessening of the arc swing
of polarity between that termed the masculine and feminine aspect. But also through
the Platinum, there will be greater ease to enter into higher dimensional realms.

Accordingly will polarity-balance be more easily achieved and obtained in human
expression of the Divine Equity on the planet of duality. Indeed will it bridge
the gap in the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and of the conscious-ego
mind to the supra subconscious of Divine Mind. Understanding of soul path, of priorities
in life and indeed the process of decision making will be greatly clarified. Requisite
aspects of nurturing, kindness and brother-sister hood will be far easier to manifest
into reality on both the micro and macro levels. That termed ‘Unconditional Love’,
previously untenable in the third dimension will be closer to the reality of each
on the path, as the fifth thru seventh dimensional resonances are drawn closer.

Coherent Energy

The ‘Crater of Diamonds’ in Arkansas is now releasing coherent energy of diamond
resonance into the Crystal Vortex. On the 11-11-11 this expands into the Platinum
Ray and further connects to the Sun Disc, in their shift into Coherency of the Crystalline

Dear Ones, Crystalline energy is an omnipotent power source that has implications
far beyond humanities current understanding. Crystalline structure is formed by
an essence of frequential light resonance that is multidimensional and coherent,
existing in matter and antimatter.

It is the Metatronic divine template that sources all creation manifestation, and
forms the very matrixial composition of every plane of existence. It is the enzyme
of reality and the vitality spring of the Cosmos itself. The very thoughts you have
must rise to coherent crystalline format in order to become manifested. Coherent
light is crystalline energy, the very vitality of which forms the integral nature
of all worlds and realities. The crystalline structure forms the apparent boundaries
and divisions between dimensions, planes and the matter / antimatter flash of consciousness,
in parallel and probability. All is crystalline.

The graduation of your planet, that termed the Ascension, is in effect the critical
mass conversion of this Earth’s receival capacity template from, in your vernacular,
analog to digital, black and white to color. The Crystalline Conversion through
the antennae of the 144-Crystalline Grid is vastly increasing your earth’s dimensional
reception from 3d to 12d and beyond. It is akin to your television changing from
the archaic antennae to satellite reception. It is the Crystalline Age.

For within these time-sequences, the 11-11-11 and 12-12-12, the 144-Crystalline
Grid completes into full conscious projection, and that projection is indeed a tool
of and for your own expansion. Such it is with the crystalline grid, you see; it
too is a system that will allow your nurturing into a higher resonance, a higher
more fulfilling expression.

For that you call the Ascension is upon you, and in but a wink of the cosmic eye
it will be done! In our  realm it has been done already you see, and indeed it
is a wondrous event, one heralded throughout the Universe and observed by many on
this realm and others.
What then remains for the Ascension program in 2011 and 2012 are specific astrological
gravitation refinements and frequential boosts needed to complete & polish the Crystalline
Grid and refine the Crystalline Transformation of the Earth as it reinforces the
spanning of humanity into great and greater dimensionality consciousness, and that
is indeed Crystalline Consciousness.

The 12-Primary Sun Discs

We have told you that Arkansas will be one of the most powerful vortex-portals on
the planet by 2012, and it is indeed happening. The Crystals are tuning the Sun
Disc and in kind the Crystalline Grid.

The Golden Sun Disc emerged in the time of LeMuria. These were placed by the Sirian-Pleiadean
Alliance at specific places on the earth in order to program and network energetic

The ongoing reprogramming of the Sun Disc serves in assisting the ability of the
Earth to regenerate and reform itself, becoming in aspect the DNA pattern or blueprint
of the New Earth as it expands its dimensional field into crystalline aspect. The
discs emit energetic spirals. They are truly more spiral than disc, but they do
appear disc- like when viewed.

There are 12 major ‘Discs’ on the planet, and some of the previous patterns and
locations have shifted. Each of the 12 carry specific purpose and code, and each
of the 12 feed 12 satellites…the 12 connecting to the 144 in a complex geo symmetry.

The Cosmic essence of the sun discs is ‘coded’ crystalline coherent light, the light
of higher dimension. The energy of ‘home’. The terrestrial essence of the Sun -Disc
frequential harmonic is crysto-electromagnetic but is synergized with the human
theta grid. One creates the other and the other supports the first. Both offer essential
gateways of enhancement to human consciousness and are key elements of the Ascension
up shift..

The more that humanity understands that its own higher consciousness is based in
paradigms of sacred geometric light-codes, the more the geometry becomes multi
dimensional and so the geometric expression of these will up shift in the Mer-Ka-Na
field. This is happening now, you see. It will become first one, then the other,
just as the Earth is now the 3rd dimension and then the 5th and then to 12.

What is it that will move it to the 5th? To the 12th? Not static consciousness but
the dynamic activation of higher consciousness. The activation of the consciousness
is enhanced through the understanding of the grid and the activation of that grid
which in turn complements the cosmos, and is reflected back again via the Sun Disc.
We realize this is complex, but we assure you that in your source higher perspective,
you understand the workings quite clearly. So myriad factors play a role in this
terrestrial to Cosmic shift.
Now of the Sun Discs, only two are purely Crysto-Disc. The first to be recoded is
in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas. This will occur on the 11-11-11. The 2nd is in
Minas Gerais. Brazil, and it will recode on the 12-12-12 and the Global Network
will reformat on Dec 21, 2012. This will be an incredible event combining the awakening
of the Master Crystals, the completion of the 144-Grid and the complete global networking
of the Sun Disc Crysto-Lattice.
Locations of 12-Primary Sun Disc:

Arkansas – Pinnacle Mountain
Brazil – Saint Tomas des Letres- Minas Gerais
Bolivia – Lake Titicaca ( Near Island of the Sun)
Scotland – Roslyn Chapel
Russia -Ural Mtns
Russia – Siberia-Lake Baikal
Egypt – Giza
Africa – Kilimanjaro
China – Xi-an Pyramids
French Polynesia – Moorea
Australia- Uluru
Sri Lanka

Again we emphasize that each of the major 12 discs support 12 satellites. Each of
the 144 satellites are strategically placed, some of which are greater in pulse,
greater in frequential range, according to the energy grid and node in which they
are located.

The Ark of the Law of One

The areas currently termed as Arkansas and Brazil, were colonies of the Poseidon
‘Law of One’. They were specifically chosen because these two regions contain the
planet’s largest mineral deposits of quartz crystal strata. Hyper dimensional tunnels
were constructed with the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance from Poseida to Arkansas and
Brazil for the maintenance of the massive crystal beds there. Because of its radium
waters, natural caves and magnetic lodestone, Arkansas was chosen as an area to
program fast-growth processes within its caverns. Many savants of the spiritual
scientist priest, the Atla-Ra -Law of One, worked within these caverns to imbue
specific patterns into the crystals.

Three Atlantean Wisdom & Healing Crystals that once beamed magnificent light and
celestial energy in the Temple of Healing, the Temple of One and the Temple of
Knowledge on Poseida were placed in dimensional lock in the Atlantean Crystal Fields
of Arkansas.

Indeed these now energize the Golden Sun Disc placed in Arkansas and align with
the 12 patterns of same throughout the planet, and with the paradigm of the 12 crystal
Skulls , in forming the sacred 13 pattern. That of the 13-20-33, you see.

In Arkansas then, many are called, and many will come to participate in this awakening,
as part of an ancient contract, a sacred promise whose time has finally come. Many
are there already, having been called to live within this crystalline vortex that
will be fully in place in 2012. And so on the remaining Triple Date Portals, those
of the Law of One are called, for this time the Crystals will not be misused, they
will not be taken from you by forces of dark greed.
Now, it is not for you to activate the crystals, it is not for you to anchor the
vortex, rather it is for you to align yourselves within this completion, within
this activation, within this celestial anchoring of the quantum crystalline field.
Those Scientist priests, Crystal Masters of Atla-Ra and Poseidon Temple Guardians
of the Law of One are called.
Masters, you have waited eons for this time, for this completion, and those of the
Atla-Ra, those of the Crystal Temples of Poseida will hear the clarion call. The
Master Crystals of the Golden Age of Atlantis now are opening the rainbow of dimensional
access that accelerates your planetary and personal Ascension. It is a promise kept,
a sacred completion.
Indeed you may access the benevolent energy and wisdom of the Atlantean Crystals
of Healing & Knowledge etherically. It is not fully necessary for you to be there
in physical embodiment within the Arkansas vortex for you to receive and take part
in this activation. Yet there is benefit for those of you receiving the call to
visit the vortex and walk the crystal fields. Those of you choosing to visit the
sacred lands of Arkansas will be able to find a personal crystal imbued with the
energy of the Golden Era of Atlantis. Indeed permission is granted and the crystals
offer themselves to you for this and myriad purpose.
Those guardians of Sirius, Arcturus and the Pleiades, are even now preparing the
stage, and await you to join them. Send your energy; send your light and intent
of highest good to what is termed the Platinum Crystal of Bio-Plasmic Interface,
Crystal of the Platinum Ray. The Ray of Balance & Knowledge. It once reigned in
wisdom and light in the Temple of Poseidon, and so many of you will again see it
clearly in your mind’s eye, indeed you will feel it in your heart, amid tears of

Atlantis – The Master Temple Crystals of the Sacred “ARK”

Atlantis is indeed the missing link of Pangaea, located in mid Atlantic. We will
share with you its story in detail below. But be aware Masters, not all of the
great Temple Crystals of Atlantis were lost. Indeed some of you were involved in
their rescue.

The first Temple Crystal saved was the Blue Crystal of Knowledge. It is below the
earth below the crown center of the Vortex, termed Talimena Ridge, in a sacred chasm,
built long ago. The Blue Crystal of Knowledge stands erect, forty-eight feet in
height and twelve feet in diameter. It pulses and exudes a rainbow of silver, turquoise
and cobalt blue as it activates in sacred contract. It holds the multidimensional
wisdom and knowledge of the ages. The second one saved was the Emerald Crystal.
It is now beneath Mt. Maga, the heart centre of the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas.
It is approximately 20 meters in height and 5 meters in breadth. The third Crystal
placed in the Ark was that of the Platinum.

The Platinum Crystal beneath the Magnetic Mount near the area of Eureka Springs
awakens in 2011 on the 11-11-11. The Platinum Crystal is truly clear in color, but
it projects a shimmering field of platinum silver consisting of sub atomic particulate
termed Bio-Plasma. The Bio Plasma is a conscious field, self aware. The Bio-Plasmic
Field emitted by the Platinum Crystal harmonizes the gateway spectrum of physical
matter and anti-matter. You all exist in anti-matter dimensions, and the corporeal
structure is quite different than within physical matter; it is a much higher frequency.
( This has been reviewed in other essays…)
The Platinum Crystal is enormous, over 100 meters in height and far deeper below
the surface than the others. Its reach is Cosmic and its energy by 2012, will encircle
and span the planet, networked with the other crystals and disseminated through
the Crysto Sun Disc

Revisiting Atlantis: The True Legend of the Fall

Dear Ones, these crystals were saved from destruction, and now you are offered the
memory of why. For such magnificent crystal beings offer all of you so much. The
expansion, the sacred completion applies to ALL! It is time to remember who you
were, in order to become all you are in this awakening time, this return to the
Quantum Crystalline Field Atlantis was a Golden Time, a magnificent epoch, that
was betrayed by its unseemly end. And so we tell you the true history of that demise.

You see, Atlantis existed for over 200,000 years. The vast majority of the Atlantean
times were epochs of light! Only the final phase, the period from 17,500 BC to 10,500
BC was in your terms, a dark era, but one rich in lessons.

The Golden Age

We tell you in fact that the Golden Period of Atlantis was the highest level of
Light Consciousness ever achieved on the Earth Plane in any advanced civilization;
higher than LeMuria, higher than Mu, higher than Rama, higher than Ignacious. It
has become somewhat fashionable to consider LeMuria as being the utopian civilization,
and though they did achieve a relatively short lived phase of high consciousness,
most in that era were not truly in physical bodies, rather in Devic-like etheric
states, and did not face the difficulties required of the physical earth stage.
Indeed LeMuria never achieved the highly advanced level that existed in that Golden
Phase of Atlantis from 40,000 BC to 18,000 BC. A time when Gods walked with men,
and all knew joyful expression It was the hallowed time when many of you walked
as Star Children, and later chose biology and the lesson cycles of reincarnation
on the Blue Planet called Earth.

So when you consider Atlantis, DO NOT only remember it’s sad demise! It was but
a short phase of the magnificent antediluvian world, yet it must not be forgotten,
so very much is to be gained by understanding the final phase, and Dear Ones, it
is time to remember.

The Atlantean Hologram

So we speak of once mighty Atlantis, and we speak to all of you, for Atlantis is
a great hologramic lesson, and ones whose time has returned, for the memory of
Atlantis is not just a healing. Indeed, for some it is a requisite healing, a necessary
cleansing, but for others it is also a benevolent empowerment. It recalls a time
when you walked in wisdom and harmony. Regardless of your myriad roles in Atlantis,
and Dear Ones, 70% of all on the planet at this time experienced physicality there,
Atlantis now calls to you.  And the call is not just for those of you of the Law
of One, it is equally called to the Aryans, to the Sons of Belial. Indeed many
of you experienced lifetimes in both ideologies. Does that surprise you?

The Deluge of 17,500 BC – Downward Spiral of the Final Phase

The time is after the second deluge, when the utopian Golden Age subsided and Atlantis
split into 5 islands. The three major islands were known as Poseida, Aryan and Og.
The two smaller islands were under the rule of Aryan, and were known as Atalya and
Eyre. And so in the days after the second break up of Atlantis, the benevolent government
rule by kingdom passed into the phase of a confederation –state governments, in
your terms, that ruled each of the islands. An aristocracy of sorts evolved that
consisted of two opposing ideologies. The two major components of these were the
‘Law of One’, based predominantly on the Isle of Poseida and ‘The Sons of Belial’
based on the Isle of Aryan. The island of Aryan was the most populated and exerted
influence and political control over Og, Atalya and Eyre.

Poseida was the planet’s most potent vortex portal complex at the time of Atlantis.
The Poseida grouping and isle housed the Temple of Healing, the Temple of Sound,
the Temple of One, the Temple of Regeneration and the Temple of Knowledge. Poseida
housed most of the major centers for higher learning. These were placed on Poseida
because of its advantageous location within the geodesic grids and its proximity
to beneficial electromagnetic energies that spiraled upward from the earth’s core.
An incredibly potent healing spring flowed on Poseida, near the Temple of Healing,
and its lore spawned the myths of the ‘Fountain of Youth’ passed down by the indigenous
peoples of Florida. It flows yet into the oceans near Bimini.

The tall ones, the golden race of Atlantis, of Pleiadean seed were centered in Poseida,
these ones averaging 10 to 12 feet in stature. These were a gentle race of giants,
involved in the cultural, artistic and educational pursuits in the heart of Atlantis.
Poseida was also the headquarters and nucleus of the crystalline power grid and
interdimensional tunnel system. The most advanced, complex and beautiful of the
crystals were here. They were of Arcturian and Sirian-Pleiadean construct, a living
amalgam of many crystalline forms imbued with an alloy of platinum and gold.

The crystals were housed in magnificent Temples, some built of marble, others of
crystalline sheets of beryl, corundum and diamond. Poseida was also the capital
city of the island, and was called the Emerald City. ( Its bio plasmic field was
projected into a shimmering glowing Aurora of Emerald Green, visible for miles ).
The Atlanteans had perfected, with Arcturian technology, the ability to grow crystals
of every structure and essence in an accelerated growth within the underground crystal
beds of Arkansas, Tibet and Brazil, all being Atlantean colonies, accessed through
the interdimensional tunnel system.

Poser Fields & The Crystal Satellite
Throughout Atlantis, power grid crystals, called posers, were triangulated and connected
through an alloyed gold-copper rod under a spherical dome that could be angled to
receive specific stellar, solar and gravitational energy waves. This was the system
used to power homes, offices, media, and theaters, manufacturing concerns, medical
centers, schools and businesses. The poser system was received in each structure
by receiving crystal units of various sizes. The poser system was also able to
receive specialized refracted light and feed it into the ley energy system for use
in the interdimensional tunnel system and feed crystalline light into conductive
earth currents to raise the frequency into a semi- aware electromagnetic plasmic
field of benevolent energy capable of retaining spiritual frequencies.
A great crystalline satellite, referred to as the second moon of Atlantis, floated
above in the skies and received, amplified and reflected refined energy back to
the crystals for various beneficial purposes. It served both the posers and the
Master Crystals used in temples. Specialized energy fields were projected into agricultural
and crystal growing areas to amplify and accelerate growth, as well as into universities,
hospitals, schools, offices, factories and work places to create a sense of well
being and invigoration for the workers and students. We will speak more of this
‘second moon ‘later in this assay.
Now, the Temples were astonishing works of sacred geometry and stunning architecture.
Many of the great temples were covered in a dome of projected crystalline amplified
light somewhat like a glowing force field. Others were set within Pyramids degreed
at very specific angles. The energy fields projected above both the sphere domes
and pyramids were of various colors and glowed in day and night like the Aurora.
These were varied according to the purpose of the temple complex, and the colors
were obviously more clearly visible at night.
Some temples projected domes and fields of vibratory light and resonant sound frequencies
that amplified the senses and chakras, others amplified the receptive learning ability
of the mind, and others enabled multidimensional consciousness, communication and
transport. The pyramidal form was used primarily for multi-dimensional receival
and transmission . The dome spheres were used to amplify the fields received for
specific purpose. Most of the major populace areas and cities during the Golden
Age of Atlantis had crystalline power domes of energy plasmic fields above them.
When observed from a distance, these energy plasma fields would appear as if they
were a tangible glass, but they were not solid, rather subatomic plasma and composed
of what is termed bio plasma. These were regulated by the amazing magnanimous glowing
Platinum Crystal of Bio-Plasmic Interface. The crystal itself was transparent but
the field it projected was a luminescent platinum in hue.


Each of the Master Crystals, and there were 12, were networked with a series of
After the second deluge, only the capital city of Poseida had a full crystalline
energy dome, and it was an incredible emerald green color.

Prior to the deluge of 17,500 BC, most major cities, including Meruvia, the Capital
of Aryan had such power domes over the perimeter. The one in Aryan was a soft ruby

In the Golden Age of Atlantis, the Pyramids were three and four sided, depending
on their utility and generally made of marble, granite and complex crystals. The
three-sided pyramids were used as antennas to draw and amplify energies and fed
them into the Poser grid to power homes, factories and create energy fields for
various utilities. The crystalline satellite was used to reflect the angled stellar
energy waves into these triangulated grids. There were over 100 of these triangulated
pyramidal grid complexes.

They were set up in concentric triangulation patterns all over the planet. They
established a hemispheric grid network of crystalline and electromagnetic energy
dividing the areas of Atlantis, America, Africa, Mediterranean Europe and South
America into different demographic centers-for powering population centers, and
to modulate weather patterns and tides. The areas of Mongolia and Tibet were also
part of this complex, connected by interdimensional ley tunnels. But the largest
groupings of these were in the homelands of Atlantis.

The four- sided pyramids were essentially Temple complexes set as full octahedrons
and used for healing, learning, regeneration and spiritual purposes. These were
not triangulated, and generally sat on hilltops or along the coastlines to receive
both telluric and celestial energies. The lands below the center plane were excavated
to allow for the downward pyramid of the octahedron design construct, thus connecting
energetically to both above and below.

The ‘Law of One’ contingency of Poseida were devoutly spiritual people and sought
equality among the people and a unification of Oneness. Their society was Matriarchal
in the sense of nurturing . They were not seekers of power, rather of harmony. They
were a tall race, their skin appeared  toned as a golden hue, but was very translucent.
It was in fact their auric projection that glowed golden.

Their auric fields were visible to all. Thus the stages of spiritual mastery were
immediately discernable by the colors and size of the Auric Mer-Ka-Na . The highest
among the Atla-Ra exuded Mer-Ka-Ra, the energy of the Avatar. They were able to
operate in complete consciousness of multi dimensionality, to manifest and regenerate
at will. As such they cannot be truly compared to present humans, the bodies were
luminous and the degree of physical manifestation was far less dense than humans
in the present paradigm of reality.

In Mer-Ka-Na and Mer-Ka-Ra format, the Masters of the Atla-Ra did not truly consider
themselves of the Earth. The Mer-Ka-Ra field of the Avatar, even in physical manifestation
in 3d, was primarily in Earth via 12d . They required very little food consumption
as their bodies were bio-plasmic in nature. Thus the longevity, for they were above
linear space and duality time. When they did eat, it was of a form of krill.

In their wisdom and nature, they were quite detached from the density aspect of
the Earth. They existed above the polarity, yet were in a form of light physicality.
That detachment above polarity is in part, the reason they did not karmically oppose
the Aryan decline into physical density, as the ‘Sons of Belial’ became engrossed
in what may be termed military-corporate power lust.
Although much technology and quality of life had been lost in the prior two breakups
of Atlantis (the first in 58,000 BC, the second in 17,500 BC) technology still remained
at an advanced level. Yet the harmony experienced in the Golden Age of Atlantis
spiraled downward after the break up into islands in 17,500 BC as the islands grew
into separately governed entities, which held to very differing ideologies in the
initially chaotic and difficult period of reconstruction immediately after the break
up. Poseidon remained the contingency of the Spiritual Law of One, while the people
of Aryan became gradually engrossed in power and materialism. ….End of Part One (For Part 2 CLICK HERE)


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If you would like to support me, you can find my 2 books in print for those interested or if you know anyone who would be interested in Personal and Spiritual Growth.
You can find them at two locations:-

Book 1. The Mind’s Use-Fulness Depends On The Thoughts Of The User – Straight From Publisher OR Straight From Amazon

Book 2. Today… We are going to fly high – Straight From Publisher Or Straight From Amazon

Or if you prefer an ebook format CLICK HERE

My personal book and travel blog with other links to online retailers to purchase my books.

Fine Art for your walls

Thanks for you support. It is greatly appreciated.
Have a Great Day in this most powerful time. Love light and peace as always and in always

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