Earth Chakra “The Changing times of the White Flame”. Part 1

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Earth Chakra “The Changing times of the White Flame”. Part 1

Ascended Master Kuthumi

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

 The Changing times of the white flame.

Join us this day for the first of our 13 Chakric System Recalibration and as with everything in life no construction will ever last the test of time unless its foundations are set to perfection and in our case, Divine Perfection.

During this transmission we shall be given the first opportunity to ease out the creases that formed within the garments of our childhood which includes a releasing meditation that can be used by healers.

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not add, change or alter any of its contents .

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please.

This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessing beloved ones of a brand new earth.

Greetings Beloved Ones Greetings Lord Kuthumi

It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you, each and every one of you firmly within the Heart of Christ and securely upon the Hands of God.

Beloved ones, beloved earthlings know as you find yourself within this current period of being in a time of earth reality, it has taken many cycles of change to reach this point in the time of evolution, it has taken a quantum leap of consciousness for you to have reached your current state of euphoric comprehension.

It has taken you many a lifetime’s beloveds to prepare yourself for the task currently at hand.

You have walked through many different avenues searching for a way to bring forth an understanding that was coherently ingrained within you; an understanding dear ones that you never need convincing anyone of or even felt the need to back-up your experiences with explanations.

As far as those from the Higher Realms are concerned many of us too have walked this journey many times, most of us having experienced the human experience, no matter the choice of our masterhood and its journey be that ascended or not therefore beloved brothers and sisters of the light know we have been with you through many a journey.

We have held your hands as we uplifted your spirit, we dried your tears and with that have changed your proverbial nappies many times. During the last transmission we suggest for you to have more clarity on that which you choose to wear not so?

A: Yes

MK: We reiterated that it is time for you to step out of the nappy stage and as you do so know that we know the extend of your years in the nappy stage as we have changed them lifetime after lifetime and beloved ones the nappy. I am currently referring to is not your earthly nappy that your babies wear but rather an etheric protective shield placed within the base of your existence that had to absorb all of the imbalanced energies that was experienced within your base center lifetime after lifetime for only now humanity has reached the levels of consciousness where you are actually able to begin to grasp a new understanding of issues you were previously unable to.

You have walked so far journeying for 1000’s of years swimming within the rivers of unconsciousness before your awakening to the factual reality of this changing world, and with that if this journey of your changing world is about awakening and changing, then so too must be the consciousness of man upon it.

After each experienced journey we had to remove on your return the proverbial nappy which in fact is a rather dense shield that could be related to a similar vibration to that which you know as the element copper.

These discs are there to filter through all of the unfinished business acting as a divine basin of sorts filtering the energy etherically collecting that which you weren’t able to have closure of, or unfinished issues that you were confronted with time and again, yet were unable to bring to fruition thus unable to put to bed.

Beloved ones these elemental discs which not much have been shared about will bring to the fore a greater understanding for you on the complexity of spirit and its matter.

These discs also serve as a shock absorber of sorts similar to that within your motor cars that eases you across the humps and bumps whilst traveling, easing the jolts as your earth and the car tires meet creating friction between them, thus preventing your back side from banging too hard (laughter) thus etherically it also prevents you from intensely seeing your back side every time when leaving the planet (laughter) all depends how you look at it.

Beloved ones seeing your back side as you look back, is what happens to a great extend as much unresolved trauma is accumulated on average during most lifetimes thus trauma that is formed through your experiences of all sorts of energies, many created through paradox, judgment, blame, and so on.

These energies that kept you within its fear/anger/blame trauma state then filters through the base chakra into this clearing energy basin which many of us then work with assisting you in clearing some unresolved issues once your earth experience is done.

Your current lifetime differs from other lifetimes beloved ones for when you leave from here and before I continue: let me make myself clear the words being shared with you is very much a personal process as not everyone here and those that may come to read them aligns with what is being said, so in generalizing be that addressing some of you present or some that may come to read this: understand that if you are on the lightworkers journey your return Home this time will be different and infact to be truthfully honest as I Kuthumi can only be, when you leave this planet this time around you will leave your etheric nappies behind within the ethers of transmutation as you are destined for a new world.

You are now in process of reprogramming the etheric safety net which I relate to the copper element ‘basin’ capturing and filtering extreme energies within your root systems as you shall no longer have to clear outdated paradigms as previously, thus you no longer have to transcend disastrous challenges as before for beloved ones the challenges that you have to face within the root, or base chakra or Muladhara are the challenges that most likely causes the greatest conflict within your lives.

Thus that which you have to face within the roots of your system are usually the most challenging in fact the challenges within the basis of your forming years called foundations are so intense beloved ones, that not many and we mean not many (on a macrocosm universal scale), evolves fully through the balanced base into a evolved sacral solar or heart centre and so on and so forth, and the reason for this is conditioning.

Conditioning is a human addiction. Without conditioning humanity almost feel as if they don’t belong. They don’t feel comfortable because for many the conditioning that was suppose to form a safety base was not present, an amazing paradox for without this conditioning no matter how restricting it seems many can’t cope, you either find that many of you on this journey of actually rewiring your own energy fields in the process of getting you ready for the waves of ascension for the purpose of your evolving consciousness, for the purpose and sanity of humanity and naturally without saying for the absolute survival state of bliss and beingness of lady Gaia, had no conditioning or were over conditioned.

The truth is that you came forward this time assigning yourself as a light worker, a light bearer and a scared light warrior for the greatest good of all that is, was and ever can be.

You might find that you are drawn apart by one of the following two conditions:

You will either find that some of you long for conditioning whilst others try to get rid of it.

This is what is creating a tremendous subconscious blockage within the base centre for many beings that are rather evolved for the question is then; if you are so evolved then how come are you not able to move on?

The answer is because ‘there is war down-under’ (pointing to the base) (laughter).

The war in your base centre thus is created by conflicting energies between that which you strive to be conditioned by and that which you are, creating a polarity effect within your root system which at a subconscious level creates a most interesting unsettledness.

The challenging situation within this evolving center is created through energy that constantly pushes and pulls which frustrates you as you either yearn for a parent or peer that can guide you or could’ve guided you or alternatively that they drowned you with conditioning with the result that you feel suffocated to some extend, you can’t breathe and thus life becomes a dual pathway of despair.

This is why one of the other energies that causes tremendous problems within the unevolved or unstable base centre, is the fact that when things go as you say horribly wrong down under it pushes the energy up towards the heart and most commonly the heart attacks the person.

Why is this? I can read your minds, forget about the stress, cholesterol levels, anxiety, let us for a moment even though we shouldn’t forget about the intake of substance that may create heart blockages, why do you think the heart retaliates and attacks?

A; Unable to forgive

MK: Sure

A: Inaudible. personal issues.inaudible

Mk: What often causes the heart to attack you, to tremor you or shake you out of complacency beloved ones is that which is caused by fear.

In many cases you are unable to become your own person thus you allow the trauma of indoctrination and conditioning to force you to walk along a pathway of life you never planed, for the greatest challenge that you set up for yourself prior to birth is to find your own way out of a preconditioned situation, thus discover the self, stand up for the self from the basis of your own beliefs, thus you set the intent to have your life mapped out and with that to be able read this map etherically which you know inertly will birth your authenticness, just like you read a world map.

You said come hell or high water I am going to be my authentic self.

What happens is – you are born, a beautiful baby so soft, plump and cuddly, so gentle, smelling so sweet, your parents love you, and should it be the case that your parents gave you away those that eventually replace them loves you.

So you have love, the question is; is this love connection born out of guilt or desire?

Beloved ones, most of the indoctrination within the base center that causes the stabs within the heart are created by parents that are initially not sure.

Parents that created a situation that facilitates an incarnation and when this manifests are many times not absolutely sure if that’s what they truly wanted at that particular stage.

Well look, let’s face it, they got you, there is nothing they can do, they can give you away, and should they keep you they have to look after you, feed you, clothe you, educate you, take care of you until the time you are able to do this for the self.

Now is this done because they want to or because of their ‘response ability’ reflected through guilt?

This is the question.

We suggest you rather take this particular scenario and reverse it thus instead of looking at this through your earth lenses rather see it from a spiritual perspective.

You are here no matter how difficult the pregnancy was, no matter how active it was, no matter how much you kicked and screamed when you arrived here be that through natural birth, caesarian, water birth it matters not, you are here.

What does matter are the emotional scars that this process and that of transition leaves within your psyche but let us not stretch your minds too much.

You wanted to be here no matter the reaction of your parents which is very much a combination of their and your lessons which you were fully aware of prior to incarnation.

Any questions on this?

A: No

MK; So because of your own levels of cosmic awareness you are very aware from a spiritual perspective what is transpiring; so here you arrive as a little one on the planet with your mother loving you so much she cant stop feeding you syrup not noticing you get ill just smelling it, or alternatively she cant find time in the day for you, for you weren’t actually what she planned at that time or simply didn’t want you altogether.

The situation here is quite irrelevant at this stage for it was your choice to experience it the way it unfolded.

Although it may have caused you to experience much hurt then and now, what truly matters is for you to get to this stage of understanding the drama behind it all seeing it from a fresh perspective.

No matter your vocation what you come to face here is perception, reasoning and understanding which all are birthed within the basis of your foundation which you were fully prepared prior to your planetary arrival.

Thus you either face one of two situations at this stage:

Either you swallow all the control dramas and energies that keep you trapped within the clutches of indoctrination or alternatively there was none which births the two energies of passion and compassion within the flames of the heart from where it usually becomes too heavy to carry and once this becomes too painful for the heart, it attacks you be that out of pity for the self due to rejection caused by others or the self.

The first symptoms is usually indigestion for when the heart area burns on a psychological level its cause may very well be the discussed facts which also affects the Ph levels of the blood, the digestive system and so on.

The next thing due the acid levels it may cause extreme bile and with that the stomach gets upset, creating a sore you call an ulcer.

You have a sore eating at your stomach because you are stressed and not loved.

The same goes with an upset tummy; this too is often caused by rejection.

So here we are within the basin of your drama, the base chakra which demands you overcoming your indigestion that is created within the solar plexus because of the lower ego which then moves you into a false environment which you experience as comfort zones, thus you are in a zone of comfort often because you are too indoctrinated by over caring and soppy love often stretching into late adulthood, thus your mother’s still changing your nappies at a very late age and therefore your systems are retaliating which creates acidity as a result of feeling victimized.

You feel so terribly sorry for yourself so much so that your heart attacks you.

So besides your cholesterol and other external influences your heart attacks you if you are too much for the self, or for others.

Being too much for the self is when your comfort zone has got your ego in such a tight grip that you wont allow others to be themselves thus presents a problem when you pass on the same concept to your children not allowing them to let go of their attachments, the stuff you have indoctrinated them with.

This is when the child ‘never wants to be like my parents’ and inevitably they are, at least until they come to grips with their reality and with that shift their comforts into new zones.

It all becomes too much for the self when the children then enquire if your finances and funeral policies are in order and where your ‘last will’ is kept and within the same breath assure you of their love.

The roots within the base chakra records all this, your insecurity about their surety plans.

This is when the child in the unevolved state actually starts a countdown for their departure in fact this is quite common amongst many.

So the basin of your drama, the base chakra, is where all this unfolds as it did for your parents and peers.

It is the seal of consciousness which is the way we refer to it that carries your grounding, thus grounds you into future situation.

So your grounding is either formed by an over active or under active situation which forms the basis for your being.

Once you arrive and the umbilical life giving cord has been cut and you take your first gulp of air from your lungs and with that your screamingly loud first reaction to be back on earth (laughter) screaming because you cannot actually believe you are back here, thank heavens the ones that do feel like this only realize this much later in life.

Nonetheless you grow up forming a foundation according to that which control you or that which you control.

So did you as a colic baby decide to control your parents in that way?

Makes you think doesn’t it.

Thus you decided before birth to give them a hard time pushing every one of their buttons thus here in the very beginning thus the basis of your life is where all this information begins to impact on the rest of your life according to that which forms the foundations of your beliefs rooted within this center.

The preparation for an incarnation from the first thought to the first scream takes between 26 -36 of your human months depending on the intensity of the experience at hand which includes the usual 9 months in waiting.

Truth: you are the one waiting and not your mother for you cannot wait to be here, cannot wait to arrive, yet once you arrive this excitement tends to wither with time especially when the experience becomes too heavy for your base to spin healthily.

The base and crown always works together as we have explained previously the crown functions at a fast rotating frequency before birth transferring energy into the base which is located in the perineum thus between the scrotum/vagina and anus.

So initially at an etheric level the base begins to awaken to impulses being transmitted from the crown yet its programming begins at conception initiating the outcome of the drama of your life according to your grounding root systems, thus will you evolve through it, or stagnate because of it.

Grounding in this sense means that which your parents have exposed you to, taught you, allowed you to experience.

This is the first energy that forms the roots of your opinion of self thus grounds you to the planet, the way your parents treated you, loved you, wanted you.

The common expression phrase for this center is ‘I want’.

There is another scenario at play here and that is the unknown history recorded during the months prior to birth.

Every single thing that your parents expose you to from the moment of conception has an impact on your eventual life.

Once the subconscious begins to form, all that your mother is exposed to is being recorder in your unconsciousness, thus shapes you (therefore contained here is the way you bond with your mother).

Thus that which you initially are not aware of, impacts immensely on that which you become.

This is a golden clue for the new energies and that is for the mother to be to become aware of the unaware so to speak.

The moment you become aware of that which you previously weren’t, you become a conscious being.

So you have the exposure prior to birth, then that which you are exposed to after birth all playing a vital part in your foundations.

The first couple of months especially are vital for the formation of the basis of your foundations where the programming of the root system is extremely active for this centre especially within the first 6 month or so.

In other words as the subconscious mind could be related to a sponge simply absorbing all it is exposed to, so does the base center, for as you know the first few years you are rather helpless.

Sure you have a forming personality; some of you are quite sweet whilst others play the role of the dramatic controller.

You are either healthy or not depending on your contract specifications and that which you are exposed to, this all forms part of the earth blueprint.

All this comes together in a tiny package called baby, and with that the baby grows up as and this happens the rest of the centers become active with the next one up being the sacral which is the powerhouse of your emotions which starts to influence your reality from about 18 months or so, according to its programming, but as the base is incredibly effected by that which you are exposed to prior to birth and the first couple of months of your life in which you are actively within the base, it then begins to form a subconscious programming of the sacral, thus that which is to follow, do you follow me?

A; Yes

MK: very good, thus no one lost and no maps needed to find you way back which are located within the root system under earth directives.

Who can read a map easily?

A: some

MK: Reading a map with ease means a natural connection with the earth, thus reading a map or related information is also grounding.

Reading a map and with that locating direction is a big issue within the base and related to the rest of your psyche within the base it reflects you being in touch with the map of your own life thus having direction.

This is taught by the parents and/or peers, thus did they teach you or encourage you to read a map thus knowing how to find your direction or not?

If they didn’t, did you do this by yourself or did you simply surrender into the poor me, feeling sorry for your directionless self.

This is where another aspect of the war syndrome is rooted.

Are you at war with others or the self which births one of the biggest challenges within the base, the victim.

Beloveds I cannot stress the importance enough of stepping out of victimhood, for this energy is so powerful because of the negative effect it has on you as a being, it actually enables you to organize others attacking you without you being aware of it, and this is far reaching.

Feeling so sorry for the self, thus look at me I have nothing.

Now the basis of your survival within the roots of your foundations is what creates all needed for you to face the challenges of the self on every level and this is fuelled by fear which is rooted firmly within the base centre, all fears.

Now there are various types of fear as there are various centers within the body.

Beloved ones within the old energy in other words the older thought paradigms this energy was unable to shift easily as many hoarded their fears under one mantle of expression where as nowadays this is changing as many of your chakras are currently forming supporting minor chakras within the original vicinity or next to it.

Within what is referred to as your native chakras you will find a new energy forming on either side which is in support of the original helping you overcome your blockages and with that eases the increase of its vortex spin.

Thus the new energies that are formed in this way can almost be related as helping hands lifting you from a dense to a lighter vibration, lifting you out of despair.

See the similarities within a blossoming lotus flower floating upon the lake, yet if you look down you will find its roots firmly planted within the thickest mud which is from the soil of the earth, and thus this is your base center.

So on either side of the base two new energies are being activated which will support you in overcoming the heaviness of your drama, the trauma of your childhood, and the indoctrinated outdated barter-system.

Yes two new very powerful energies which shall help you overcome thus be-in peace.

Strictly speaking the average person’s barter system up until now either controls through their sexuality or their wallet.

This means by being your egotistical rich self you are able to barter any situation out of control, all part of your subconscious relation to victimhood supported by greed.

As a child you take on all of the issues that are formed between your parents, thus your current life is a expression of previous experience for the greatest part of your brain capacity is filled by your unconscious, the subconscious being far more powerful than most realize as it too takes up mega brain space, the average ratio being 70/30.

Thus know what a most profound impact you as parents have on your unborn.

Now the new energy that forms a support system for the earth chakras have been in action for some time, much of which is supported through the Indigo children’s presence upon your planet.

The Indigo’s bring to you a new way of defining which shifts grounding perceptions.

Thus they present to you the fact that the greatest part of your beingness need’nt be your unawareness but rather your consciousness because of your willingness to change and move on.

Thus they share with you the reality of still having the most beautiful Lilly floating on top of the waters of life presenting you with the purest white flower, with its roots still grounded into the earth yet the waters of its consciousness can be clear.

This is the indigo’s whom have come to lessen the anger of the father’s and to help lessen the victimization of the mother’s and in so doing you have awakening on either side of the masculine base a more balanced sensitive energy, which shall support the lifting of your heaviness into a lightness of being and in so doing stimulate the inner core to evolve by increasing its vibration which ignites the inner core flame within its centre and in the case of the base it is the flame of purity which supports your evolution.

It is this exact awakening flame that will wake up your authentic power which you so yearned for and in so doing will support you in surviving indoctrination.

It is this exact energy that will give you the power to ground the white flame of purity within all of your bodies and with that deliver to you a personal clearing of issues without having to relive the psychology of your history.

Good not so?

A: Yes, very good.

You have come this lifetime to ‘make waves’ be that as a forerunner, a indigo, a warrior or catalyst it matters not, and waves certainly is what you are creating, and we are so very proud of your efforts no matter your personal insecurity on your impact.

The base centre which is the foundations of your perception and understanding, is what creates war within your psyche and often it is this very war which is repeated when older and for many of you serve as a sacred warrior yet your families do not understand you, can you relate?

A: Yes

Mk: Its all part of the plan, it may initially cause some hurt but as part of your plan and set out program, it will be overcome. Thus the inner cushiness of your base filters this with time as it separates the unsure from that which you understand.

Yet on the other hand victimization beloved ones is an energy that often precedes authenticness.

Therefore being a victim is what every single one of the families that are not in support of your process needs to experience to form a new basis for their understanding, thus all experience a similar process in many different ways.

Therefore the two new energies that almost cusp the lotus of your birth, thus that which challenges every single belief-system you will ever entertain, and the challenges of your planetary exchange system called money, then there is the challenge of your insecurity which is linked to your sexuality, also the challenge of your bonding with your parents – for the overruling energy within the base can be rather forceful in its aggressive masculinity, because of the great influence of parents dominance within their children’s lives for its only recent that some parents think of allowing their 6 year old to eat what they want.

Thus for your whole life long you had to eat your peas where as now you have a choice, especially if they’re processed. (Laughter).

It has taken a while to get here beloved ones, but you have arrived and with that we are about to take you further along one of the most amazing journeys of all of your lives, because you asked for it.

The best part of this is the fact that you shall venture on this journey without baggage as we hold your hand steering you into a new vibration that is just so special, something that you have yearned for and that being to live happily through the balance of the masculine/feminine process of which the foundations are set within the first two chakras.

With this you shall entertain a new understanding of what your lives are truly about and with that dig new foundations of Light without the mud, thus to ascend in consciousness living in a state of enlightenment and with that discard all control issues.

You are control freaks aren’t you? (Laughter)

A: Yes

Mk: You feel secure within this because you were taught it to be safe, and if your parents and peers didn’t manage the friends that you grew up with and played with did.

But let us not get too excited about this as it will put you in a state of adult victimhood and boy that can be ugly for it surely confirms a state of loss.

So the control dramas within the base set the stage for your growth and with that you will have to come to face all of them again within the solar plexus.

But at the basis of your understanding you will find its roots.

So fundamentally within this centre you have the victimization, indoctrination, fears, greed, you have the basis of understanding how the negative in your sexuality can become your security, you have lust consciousness, you have the basis of your beliefs, you entertain how you can be controlled by money and the power of others, you are faced with each and every fear you have ever entertained, every single obstacle is thus somehow rooted within the base and when it flowers within the higher centers, this is when you overcome for the biggest gift of this centre in its evolved state dear ones thus when you are able to uproot the basis of your foundations and reset them in the most beautiful surroundings called purity and love.

Thus allow the roots of your insecurity to blossom, giving life to the most beautiful flowers within the crown and solar for if you take an energy like your belief systems it either blossoms within the crown or poisons it.

Thus all you were taught eventually shapes your beliefs when it comes to your deserve ability.

Thus if you are not able to be congruent with this energy best you pack your baggage and head on down to the basis of your existence within your roots and with that, clear the blockages from the root up, one step at a time.

Beloved ones, the choice of evolution is not set at the becoming of age, for many elderly are still trapped within their base chakras never allowing the self to venture beyond this, because of the issues within this centre all which shares the foundations of power, as mentioned either the power of sexuality or money.

Thus their concentration is so heavily upon that which they try and escape from or erase from their lives without overcoming, that it distorts their internal direction and with that become lost within the seas of denial which then surfaces again within the evolving solar plexus for survival within the base has to meet up and dance with the survivor within the solar plexus for you to finally cut the cords of control, all which is sealed at the level of the sacral reflected as the sacred warrior defending the internal war of your emotions.

Thus those with fluctuating personalities very much have a distorted root system and for the healers; if this is the case begin by activating the new support systems within the root.

Corruption is a base experience for this is when greed meets denial and war is declared against integrity.

Even though the future energy will be without greed, the challenge to let go of it will continue until put to bed and with that as mentioned challenges wont disappear yet the tools on how to overcome them will be shared with all, thus instead of taking the fear within the base and according to the power of your anger declare war, in the evolved state you will decline all power struggles which is the action of the evolved sacral.

It is the roots of your anger that needs healing, for this is the root of every one of your insecurities as it is the centre that speaks for itself, for the base chakra no matter how involved and evolved you become, cannot fool.

It is the one centre that cannot hide its beliefs or bury its issues.

Your first impression is your base expression.

Your anger years, your suppression, depression, inability to flow with life, all this repeats itself at the solar plexus which causes indigestion on some level which you then either work with or suppress and thus become de-pressed.

As a child many of you weren’t allowed to express which caused depression therefore the new energy centers as with the 7th Dimensional chakras now has to create a whole new flow of light to filter out stagnation, and supporting the base you have a garnet basin that transcends consciousness within this center.

As you progress and work with this new energy you will become much more aware of the two connecting energies that connects you to the gravity of the planet which is filtered through the your garnet basin and the magnetics of your masterhood which creates a halo effect over the crown opening up the higher centers of your consciousness.

All this is done by raising your vibrations and as has been the case with many of you in raising your vibrations higher than the 5th Dimension therefore you beloved ones, beloved brothers and sisters, beloved friends and beloved aspirant masters have now reached a stage where only you can decide where you are going with this.

Are you going to let life control you because you feel it has done you in, indoctrinated you with all sorts of garbage or will you through the acknowledgement of your divinity awaken the gifts extended to you, and in so doing live your life authentically transcending consciousness, for only you have any part in creation this.

Victimization is no longer a part of your vocabulary do you understand this?


MK: Very good.

The next issue that needs discussing is suspicion.

There are various issues beloved ones that keeps you rooted into your beliefs and this may either be experienced through the strive towards 7th dimensional perception contained within 5th dimensional consciousness that allows you to move on through the process of understanding forgiveness removing the blockages from your power-houses, or alternatively you can hang on to the roots of your denial rooted so deep within the murky waters of victimhood which keeps you anchored to victim, poverty, lust, greed and control which includes conditional love consciousness.

These are the main issues humanity struggles with in general and all of these energies carry the stamp of suspicion.

You are so suspicious about each another, not so?

A: Yes

Mk: It’s a naturally thing wont you say?

A: Yes

MK: NO its not!

It’s been indoctrinated. If suspicion was a natural thing we would be never have come to this universe knowing that the possibility exists we won’t find our way back Home (laughter).

Suspicion and superstition are both incredibly powerful energies that you have been ingrained with, both of these energies are in the process of change for neither of these exist within the higher energies of the new earth.

Both keep you trapped in fear, caught in blasphemy, thus unable to understand authentic truth.

The base chakra is your biggest challenge to overcome as it is the most active part of earth reality having been with you the longest, thus as with any addiction that which has been with you longest is usually the hardest to overcome, thus you tend to survive within the clutches of control because of zones of false comfort.

We understand this, besides the fact that we have a cosmic perception many of us were once human too, much like you therefore we understand that much pain is caused by something that is absolutely of no value like suspicion, caused by something that is intangibly ridiculous like superstition.

We understand that those that are trapped within the victim of poverty consciousness find it difficult to move ahead because of blame and self shame, and because of our understanding we are never able to lay judgment against anyone or anything.

We understand that some aren’t able to simply let go of issues they hold their parents and others responsible for, yet by now you as lightworkers must.

Because of the shift in consciousness beloved ones the two lobes of the brain is changing, the energy that separates the two are also changing its functionality and it is this corpus callosum that acts as the veil between the un-and-conscious.

Once this energy is fully transcended which may take up to anything from 5-15 years depending where you are at, thus the speed at which you decide your evolution will follow, which incidentally is also a base chakra experience, then the separating forces between your un-and-consciousnes s will be so minimal that the greatest part of true unawareness will be minute.

The shifting base chakra will bring with it a brand new awareness of your unaware state, it is about shifting and changing perceptions of that which has controlled you for most of your life for you to be able to stand up for the self with that decide on what you feel your future should be.

Thus by giving up your nappy within the basin of your existence you will come to be blessed with wearing the jewel crowns within your consciousness with pride, and with that base the foundations of your understanding rather in something as precious as garnet, oppose to glass made towers that will tumble, as mentioned the base centre is the one centre that is totally and fully transparent as it reveals your root connection to life, to the earth and that which you stand for – all revealing your connection to the material world.

Thus are you able to look at money as a earth exchange form or a power play barter system, are you able to recognize the righteousness within the self instead of being self-righteous for that is what this is all about, thus let go of interrogation and being the victim of its residue, for this is what causes the building blocks of your future to tumble.

Once you are caught in the negative of your survival oppose to experiencing life, this is when the ego within the solar plexus overrides the power within the base by declaring war to the self and all that blocks your way.

This is why it is so important to heal the issues related to fear, anger, control-dramas, believing in luck oppose to alchemy and so on, therefore if you ever want to experience your base chakra in action step into one of your local casino’s for there you will find the biggest addiction of them all, the addiction to survival.

You may have the addiction to tobacco hanging in the air, you may experience the addiction to alcohol hanging on the bar counters, you may have an addiction to money that wont let you go, but certainly the energy most rife is the addiction to survival for what does the energy tell you within a casino?

It subconsciously tells you that you may have lady luck on your side which is a superstition and if not your suspicion will declare war.

You sit there parting with your coins trying for a return of more coins thus being addicted to surviving the challenge of your luck as you affirm ‘I believe I am unable to pull through unless I am supported by the luck of these tangible machines, they must think I am nuts to believe there are invisible forces of Light that will support me thus let me be as I continue feeding my coins into empty clanging promises’.

This is an energy recorded into the ethers that is formed by suspicion and superstition and with that the addiction to the ringing of casino bells confirm ‘therefore together with my other addictions allow me to be in this space as I can’t give up taking a chance for the energy here keeps telling me that I am not a looser’.

Beloved ones, the base also controls to a large extended the roots of the addiction to food, thus the control that food has on your lives.

It is often overlooked but what are you feeding?

I’ll share something this day the next time you unconsciously find yourself in front of your open fridge at 2am, take a moment and ask the self what are you covering up?

It is truth that humanity needs to eat for food is very much a part of the earth experience, and malnutrition is very much a by-product more times than not caused by poverty consciousness.

Poverty consciousness of the soul, mind and body therefore the next time you find yourself over or under eating go down under and find out what the cause of this pain is, take a good look at your sexuality, find out what you are covering up with the chocolate cake and excess bread, what are you covering up inside the boxes of steak, within the pots of oils for your fries, what are you covering up within the pounds of sugar in your milkshakes, or your complete denial in refusal to eat so once again you have the scales of justness that balances every one of your centers.

What is your biggest enemy within the base chakra does anyone know?

A: fear

Mk: Immunity.

Fear is one of the biggest issues within the base for all of your fears are based in your roots, but immunity declares war.

With the new energy your immunity is also changing as your cells and tissues change from carbon to a crystalline silica vibration thus as your DNA structure changes from a double to a triple helix and from 12th to 13th to mutli strands, thus from 3D to 5D, from 5 sensory to 12 multi sensory, so does your immunity therefore you shall become immune against yourself (laughter).

Immunity is a huge issue for you therefore it will also bring an end to the fast spreading and deaths related to HIV/AIDS.

This dis-ease is rife within the base centre, what do HIV/Aids say to you?

A: Immune system is down,

MK: This we know sister but your immunity collapses because the psyche tells the body’s defense ‘I am not loved’

The same as diabetes is caused etherically about being in denial about the self and everyone else which makes one bitter and feeling rejected thus victimized, HIV/aids conveys the message from the psyche to its body that it is not loved, and the most treacherous thing of it all is that HIV/AIDS is a man-made disease formulated within your laboratories thus stop blaming monkeys.

Let is take a look at the current state upon your planet, look how the world of finances are falling apart, take a look at your economy, see the power struggle of greed between the masculine/feminine in every situation, sure we know that a lot of this energy is being nurtured and healed through the empowered goddess energy playing itself out in a peaceful arena, but there are still many other avenues where the interaction between the two opposite creators is creating strife and war within the base.

Look at your current food crisis, not simply in your country but very much everywhere in fact there is not one country upon your planet where everything sails smoothly and all is beautiful, not even one.

So the bulk of this, thus the challenge that your planet currently is facing is the war zones that are rooted within the base, the planet’s foundation.

But know this will change, as new truths will be revealed over the next year or so, much of which will be revealed through discoveries made when digging within the sands of the land you know as Egypt for it is truth.

There are many diversions of energy not simply one chakric system, but rather a very complex system or network of energy all either working together in support of your evolution, or working against each other according to YOUR command.

Know the planetary equivalent of this energy that you know as the root chakra is held at Mt Sinai in Egypt, thus know as the soils of this land is where the laws of life was given (Moses) this is where the laws of Light shall be revealed from and humanity through an evolved base centre in other words instead of looking at war and strife through man’s perception of the colour red within the base, you shall be able to look beyond that and recognize the purity white flame within its core.

Thus instead of falling prey to the ‘supposed’ anger of red within this center you shall greet the Elohim of Purity within the base, the massive white Flame held by Archangel Gabriel which lights up this center thus each and every one on this planet shall also have to turn their eyes towards the middle east and Europe and embrace the history buried in the sands of those lands.

The entire world’s base chakra is unbalanced thus under fire for all of the issues here and every where else is about power, power for money, for economy, starvation, food, hunger, political corruption, wars, land struggles, displacement etc all which are major issues within the base centre therefore what is happening now as within the self, is your world is busy sorting out its foundations and with that we offer a new way of perceiving it all, in other words a new way of looking at things.

Be different instead of looking at life through the victim within the base complaining how miserable you are, how unhappy you are, how much physical abuse and rape there is on your planet, have you noticed this?

A: Yes

Mk: This is the base centre for the rapists take the basis of their sexuality and build upon it, these things needs to be cleared and everyone of you beautiful souls can play a part in doing so, thus come forward as a new person and instead of the victim claim yourself to be victorious.

Instead of poverty, claim prosperity, instead of lack rather affirm your abundance, and instead of looking at things in the way it is not quite working, rather find a way to make it work.

Find something magical in each day and affirm this.

Each time there is strife between the masculine/feminine processes or within your economy, your business, instead of looking at the bad and blasphemous rather look towards the good within the new unfolding energy of woman taking back their power, of men taking up their femininity.

It seems more challenging for a woman to be comfortable in her masculine side than it is for a man to explore his manhood by being in touch with his feminine side.

Release the energy into the earth, cleanse it, and allow the earth to heal it, the earth knows what to do with the negativity providing you are aware of it.

It knows how to release its poisons for what happens is because of consciousness, because your earth as with every other planet carries consciousness beloved ones, because you are living, walking, breathing consciousness, the imprint of your thoughts has a effect on all other consciousness therefore the state of where you are currently finding yourself at, is a state that you and the likes of you created therefore know the angry state that your planet is currently within by having to realign herself through the process of cleansing and release is caused by you.

This is not in blame, it is you, and it is me, it is every one that ever put foot on this planet that contributed to the current state of affairs.

We of the Angelic Realms has reached a plateau of standing firm within the changes just as you have reached a plateau of new awareness, where we once were.

Therefore as we ascend so shall you for your earth dictate within this galaxy and universe.

This universe, the Father’s universe very much dictates what happens in the rest.

So with your earth currently experiencing the disaster within its base thus foundations shaking its roots about, understand that beyond this beloved ones is beauty and Light.

Once you are able to lift the dirt of the earth it will be clean with new soils as you shall create new thoughts fertilizing your beingness without moving a finger, as you shall create new emotional systems where forgiveness won’t feature as disaster.

Not long from now you shall again regain respect for your monetary systems for your current system is on its way out, you know this, but through a way of exchange you will come to learn a whole new awareness when it comes to give and take.

Another one of the huge issues held within the basis of your foundations that must change and it will, is your ability to give and receive love.

How many of you feel your parents know how to hug you?

A; Silence

MK: Dream on as you say.

How many of you had to teach your parents how to hug? And again there is no judgment for they too only did what they thought was right.

Beloved ones, look at the earth as your parent for she is now busy teaching you how to love her, she is busy showing you how to help her, how to take care of her and in so doing for you to form a whole new basis within your belief systems for the future of her lives, for the future of her understanding not to mention for your future siblings even though many of you have opted never to come back to this planet and this shall be granted if agreed yet some shall return, for the evolution of man continues as it is part of the earth process for this has been preplanned for at least the next 3000 years or so.

Thus see the anger of the earth, the failing of your economic systems, the disaster of your monetary systems, the anger within her war zones, the total loss of hope within her dying immunity, see the racism that has been created within various groups be that culturally, spiritually, sexually, see all of this as a part of the immunity of the earth healing itself and know that each and every one of you are currently busy reprogramming your immunity, so much so that the time shall come where there shall be no illness or dis-ease on your planet.

Thus with you moving into a whole new system of immunity and with the awakening of a brand new and when saying brand new we are not referring to ‘out of the box’ but rather a rewiring of systems, know none of this happens overnight for it took a long time for you to be able to get here therefore know where you go to from here cannot occur over one night, but having said this here’s another paradox: It might happen over two.

Miracles are abound beloved ones and with that anything is possible therefore it is the last issue I shall address this day although I could probably stay with you for another 40 lifetimes and still not cover all the issues within the base centre (laughter), but we wont go there (laughter).

What you need to become aware of is what most tends to overlook, that is besides the issues that are created by your own deserve ability, besides becoming so sugar sweet that you are attacked by diabetes because you believe someone else have taken your sugar away from you (laughter) this is true for that’s what happens on a physical level, immunity attacks the physical/mental/ emotional/ spiritual aspects of the self as you are in denial loosing faith allowing fate to step in which then either forces you to stand up for your beliefs/disbeliefs, suspicions/supersti tions, all of these energies that are creating such havoc within this system, thus the awareness I am speaking of is for you to recognize in all of these there is the aspect of choice.

It is up to you on how long you would decide situations will take to unfold for you.

Will it be overnight, or over two nights?

This is important for the lists are absolutely endless when it comes to the issues held within this center but one of the most important out of a choice of many is to bring an understanding to you this day that you are the one that ultimately decide how sick you are, how good you are, how poor you are, how grand you are, how great you are, how useless you are, how lucky you are.

Therefore with the changing of your immunity it is almost like it receiving extra terrestrial charge for your immune systems shall become naturally empowered driven by the autonomic system, so you won’t have to think about not getting sick.

You will not be able to concentrate on not being well, it will be a autonomic response of your inert knowing as you reach a stage where you shall become immune to any one of your illnesses, and with that know when these things become a part of your current reality it will be up to you to decide on how long it will take to heal oppose to the current widely known issues within the base, for that is the current blockages you need to face as you have been brought up with this.

When you get married you grow up, you have children, and they grow up as you plan for your old age living day to day for the day you can retire, once your money pays out you die not so (laughter).

Is this not pretty much correct?

A: Yes (laughter)

So it is pretty much up to you how long you are going to be sick for, or how dead you shall become surrendering to your cancers (laughter),may- be dead, half dead, or completely dead (laughter) it is truly up to you.

This is the power that is found in this basic system of your roots that is now changing.

Beloved ones there are numerous beings very prominent within this new changing base energy especially as I have mentioned the Archangel keeper of the white flame Gabriel, be that a male or female version of this entity it matters not for the masculine/feminine aspect of these beings are the aspects you have created within the figment of your own imagination for amongst spirit unlike earth there is no separation amongst sexes.

The other being that features very prominently within this new energy is our beloved Lady Nada for she brings to humanity the aspect of unconditional love for you to heal through, which is very much part of the energy you will come to face in the month of September of this Christed Years 2008.

Then there is the Master that blesses the world with every creative aspect you can think of called Serapis Bey, whom is the master of the birth of creativity.

As you know creativity is lodged within the sacral and as you more recently become aware through the goddess expression you are able to take your creativity and transform all that you do in a new creative way and in this way are able to create anew.

All your roots, no matter what, be that compliments, fears, issues it matters not, are somehow connecting to your roots within the base or sacral.

Serapis Bey for those of you who works with the angels or archangels is the one to call upon to ask him to light the creative flame dormant within your base called.?

A: Silence

Mk: Kundalini.

This is the creative flame based in the foundations of your existence.

Your Kundalini has one of two choices here at the basis of its foundation, either to flower through the angry sparks of red within the unevolved base or to illuminate all in its way through the purity of the white flame (where it truly awakens within the sacral).

The white flame being the opposite energy to the unevolved lust of the outer red vibration within this centre.

Serapis Bey is the masterful being that carries the flame of enlightenment which lights up the creative aspect of the Kundalini yet it is up to you whether you are going to allow this to control you through the anger contained within the red basis of your beliefs or whether you shall allow the white flame of purity to light up your creative side which in that case becomes Tantric.

The tantricness is what awakens that absolute sensation within and according to these reactions and your consciousness you either become sensual or sexual.

Sensual within the purity and light that shines from the white flame activating the scared Kundalini or sexual expressed through the redness, power, anger and control within the unevolved lust aspect of this centre and therefore from this centre you either claim your roots as a complete sexual being, or not, which shall it be?

Sexuality is a part of life therefore if you experience sexual blockages thus are unable to express yourself sexually and with that we are not referring to jumping off the cupboard or hanging from chandeliers (Screeches of laughter) we leave that to specialists (laughter).

Becoming in touch with your sexuality as a being thus being able to look at the self in the mirror of your soul no matter your shape and loving it, this is acknowledging your sexuality beloveds.

When you become extremely creative thus sensual your sexuality becomes one of your greatest compliments and when it swings the other way you go one of two ways, either your go through the victim that takes another’s life for the sake of sex, thus the rapist that needs life force from someone else for theirs are not functioning thus you don’t have any flow of life between the root and sacral thus the life supporting system (creativity) is not flowing thus unable to get through life without harming another, for that is what this obstruction causes, as the base propels energy and life through the power of the rising sacred evolved Kundalini up the spinal column into the rest of the centers into your awakening sensuality, sacred sexuality and spirituality for all is one and the same, it is what you do with it that makes the difference and then there is the polar opposite which I have mentioned and that is when a being has reached the end of the line unable to cope any longer with life, and with that cut their own life cord.

Suicide is lodged very deeply within the base issues, rooted there.

The only reason why anyone commits suicide is the same reason why addicts can’t give up and that is their inability to cope with the given situation that they currently find themselves within.

Addiction is NOT a disease or illness, it is a state of being to get over and get on with by loving the self.

The issues surrounding suicide is more so the impact that the one that is leaving have on his/her returning soul, instantly returning soul which is just so devastating and even more challenging than staying alive within the troubled lifetime, for there is no room to breathe between incarnations.

So treat your basis well, heal your wounds, dry your tears, and allow the blockage that prevents the breathing of the base which spins life into your light and world, to be healed for this is what prevents you from ascending along your own ladder for the first step to remember on any ladder is your reason for stepping up to it and that is to have more joy.

You can experience intense and immense misery within the base but by taking your first step up your proverbial ladder of ascending consciousness it delivers unto you the joy of possibilities.

This is what you should strive for, in fact this is what you need to keep within the eye of your mind, the joy because joy is what eventually supports you to let go transcending mourning within the base as it support you to move on and forgive, and with that awaken within you the reality of your authenticness.

Authenticness is a natural life-giving- gift thus if there is anything within the base that you feel you can move on from thus anything I have mentioned over the past 2 hrs or so, I want you to imagine within the very centre of this room a magnificent white flame.


Stay as you are and be at ease.

Long pause.

Visualize the flame growing stronger and bigger with each new breath.


Now out of respect for this energy straighten your spine, sit up straight, keep your eyes closed and again recall this beautiful white flame right in the core of this space.

Long pause.

Beloved ones, I now want you to bring in your mind’s eye yourself standing up, walking forward and come to stand just outside the white flame.


Face this white flame about 15 cm away from you.


This flame is about the length of your hand, about 10-15 cm wide, the flame of purity that burns away the dross of most of that which have kept you entrapped.


Now I want you to visualize opposite you on the other side of the flame two beings manifest.

The one on the right hand side opposite you, you will recognize as Gabriel and one on the left as Serapis Bey.


Now they both stretch out their arms across the flame as they indicate for you to come stand exactly within the very core of the flame thus the flame becomes your core central channel flaming through the very core of your base chakra as with the rest.


Now I want you to visualize this flame growing bigger and bigger, until it eventually grows so powerfully large it encloses you and the two Masterful Beings, holding you within its core.


All of you are contained within this same flame of purity and light.


They now indicate for you to turn around so that all of you are facing the same direction.


Once you are comfortable within this energy you shall notice another energy manifest within the flame right in front of you, you will know him as Sandalphon. Archangel Sandalphon is the archangel that works closely with all earth energies bringing peace, he once walked this plane and when Ascended has taken on a commitment to reprogram every bit of sand on this planet into enlightened consciousness therefore these three beings are the 3 main beings that oversees the base centre.

You have Serapis Bey blessing you with the creative means to make a difference in your lives and the lives of others.

You have Gabriel that assists you in the understanding that through the act of purity hope always prevails, then you have Sandalphon who can assist you by holding you within the basins of His divine protective shield helping you to overcome the issues thus healing the wounds within this centre and in so doing for you to be able to be the a powerful conduit helping shift humanity’s consciousness thus healing their wounds. Pause. Look at Sandalphon with the two beings behind you.

What does his features look like, his eyes, his hair, his skin, visualizing him the way it comes across for you individually.

Now without turning do this with the two entities behind you, what do they look like, Serapis Bey has a great affinity to the colour orange being your most creative colour, Archangel Gabriel who has an amazing affinity for purity as Gabriel holds the white flame of Infinite purity which will support your subconscious release of that which limits you thus Gabriel is assisting you in releasing purity and light into your full consciousness which shall assist in the rewire of your base centre.


Now, I want you to visualize your parents manifest on either side of Sandalphon, if you don’t know who they are then visualize what you think they would look like.

Very long pause.

Now become aware that the white flame that you are standing within creates a white disc-like energy at the level of your base centre.


This is an etheric disc that rewires the old into the new.


Now bring into your mind all the unsettled issues relating to your parents and visualize this energy being absorbed by this disc of purity.

Long Pause.

Visualize all this tainted energies that you recall within this disc begins to separate from the rest of the energy as it ascends up along the inner core tunnel or cord that anchors the purity flame within every one of your energy centers until it reaches the level of the heart. At the level of the heart allow all this anger and disease to hover and then visualize Sandalphon stretching forward with his right hand reaching through your etheric bodies into your physical body and with that withdraws all of this dis-eased energy extracting all of it out from your heart and once all done, turns his hands into the supine position facing upwards with this rotten memory within his palms, he opens his hands and with that releases all that have kept you from good health into the White Flame Energy.

Long pause.

Now visualize your parent’s place within his left hand which he holds out a beautiful golden egg which replaces all of that which you thought they have done you wrong by.


See them transferring into this nugget about the seize of your thumb’s nail all of that which they wish to heal having imprinted it upon you.


Sandalphon now takes this energy lifting it with his right hand off his left palm replacing it within your heart.

The moment this golden nugget is fully stable it simply drifts down from the heart along the centre tube if Light and comes to rest within the core of your root system as it creates a whole new basis for your foundations.

Very Long Pause.

This golden egg or nugget beloved ones shall support the transition of this centre from dubious to divine, from red into white from limit to consciousness.


Now again bring your attention back to the purity disc contained with your base.


Now become aware on either side of your parents begins manifest your brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, workers, colleagues thus every and anyone you have had a gripe with, thus all you were unable to get along with or them with you or have issues with, all appearing randomly on both sides it matters not who and where.

Very long pause.

Now again from the inner core white disc visualize all of the tainted energies that are kept within this centre that involves any and everyone besides your parents separating from the original disc then visualize this stale and constricting energy leaving this centre and travels up the ladder of enlightenment to the heart where Sandalphon again reaches out and with his right hand removes this unpleasantness from your heart, turns his hand, opens his fist releasing all into the white purity flame which simply transmutes all discordant energies into Universal Light.

Very long pause.

Now visualize all of these beings that have caused you strife or that you have mistreated are programming a silver nugget held within Sandalphon’s left hand.

This silver egg or nugget contains all of their apologies, all of the understandings you have been unable to share with others who have hurt you or harmed you in any way.

He again places this into the heart allowing it to gently sink into the basis of your new foundations where the silver begins to blend with the gold.


This energy replaces all of that which has limit you in any way.


Visualize the two beings behind you now move forward where they join hands and with that raising their hands (one on top of the other) holding their hands above your crown chakra.


Once this energy stabilizes you will notice a most exquisite energy of iridescent Mother or Pearl pour from their hands held above your crown (you are all still held within the White flame) and runs down into the 3rd eye where it fills that area and then seeps into the next chakra down the throat, once the throat is filled it will seep into the heart and so on and so forth right down to the base.

Very long pause.

Once the base centre is sufficiently flooded with this most exquisite iridescent mother of pearl fluidity two new support centers forms, one on the left and the other on the right of the original root chakra.


Visualize the inner core of your base centre being transformed from white into mother of Pearl.

The two new supporting energies will assist the evolution of your foundations.

One is gold, the other is silver.

The right hand side supporting base chakra is silver in colour and the left hand side supporting base chakra is gold in colour.


Beloved ones all of these beings begin to leave your mental imprints as you withdraw these scenes from your imagination.

Let them all go, all that have joined here to assist you in your evolution and growth.

Eventually with all of them gone you are left standing within the core of the 3 entities all within the white flame as they serve as anchors for your truth foundations by creating a equilateral tetrahedron imprint around you (Triangle).


They now bring their hands together in the Namaste’ position and give thanks to you for honoring them in this most powerful way by allowing them to support you with your awakening consciousness.

Firstly give your thanks to the being immediately ahead of you Archangel Sandalphon, then turn around and thank both Archangel Gabriel and Lord Serapis Bey for their love and support.


These 3 beings now disappears from your energy field, as they do so the magnificent white flame that you are held within begins to retract burning smaller and smaller, narrower and lower, until it eventually it again becomes its original seize, that of the length of your hand 10 – 15 cm in width.


Now bring into your mind’s eye two energies that begins to manifest one above the crown and the other below your feet, 1,5mt above your crown and 1,5mt below your feet as they join up to form either a cocoon or star-tetrahedron shape it matters not, simply place yourself in the core with this Lightbody effect forming around you.


Now visualize the white flame begins to shrink from both ends of your polarity the top and bottom until it eventually all that you are left with is a flame the width of your pointing finger about 2,5cm in length contained within the very core of the mother of pearl iridescent base centre being supported by the masculine feminine aspect of the self, represented through the masculine gold and feminine silver energies anchored within its core.


The shifting of your belief systems are being supported by these two energies becoming one creating a most blessed mother or pearl aspect of you, thus creating a most treasured image of your desires anchoring all within the core of that which has prevented you up to now from moving forward embracing new knowledge.

This also releases the hold others have on you by not understanding you and with that limits your growth.


Know that the gold and silver beloved ones present to you the gift of flexibility yet the power and the will to remain truthfully strong in your own knowing and beliefs.

With this white flame within your base burning brightly, with the mother of pearl that surrounds this core of the base and the two activating supporting foundational systems on either side of the original base centre which you will come to know more about as time moves along, ground yourself properly, open your eyes, stretch out, flex what can be flexed and be excited about life!

A; Yes!

Mk: Beloved ones are there very urgent questions that we may assist with this afternoon?

A: Yes please master Kuthumi we have been told about some earthquakes here in South Africa please can you share with us on this?

MK: Beloved brother we have shared extensively with you about the rumbling of the earth. The most important thing to understand is probably what you don’t want to hear and that is no matter what happens you will be fine you will always be taken care of. The extensiveness and effects of this rumbling at this stage is not clear cut as nothing is set. In fact as with everything else the possibility exists of overriding the effects of this rumbling therefore it is not absolutely sure and certain to say that this will take place, when, how extensive, and what likely damage to be encountered for two reasons, both of which you are aware of. Firstly life is an evolving experience that vibrates along the Cosmic Lattices of change and because of that nothing can remain constant thus anything is possible, so if it is possible for the earth to lash out because of her anger and her need to shift, then so too is it possible for her to forgive humanity to the extend that she wouldn’t need to express such destruction. Secondly much of this information has been twisted, turned and blown right out of proportion as it fell unto the wrong ears of darkness, the very ones you refer to as your illuminati brothers therefore take it with a pinch of salt and with that understand that as with everything in life: what must be, shall. You cannot run and hide your heads in the sand for what is set to be, is written in your contract. You cannot change your projected future because of your fears for that wont work as all is set out, but then again as with everything else, set ideas may also change therefore you can have a impact on the outcome of many of the ideas, in other words if you are putting together a play of your life and all your promotional material is printed in the colour yellow you might decide last minute to change the background effect to red which will give the Yellow a far greater impact, yet the production remains the same. Do you follow me?


Therefore we shall not support any outright predictions of any kind in any way or form because of the negative impact that it sets off, created most of the time by those that harbors ill feelings and not good intentions, does this answer your question?


Any other questions?


Beloved ones, beloved brothers and sisters of the light, we have shared with you very little infact we haven’t even shared with you a fraction of the information contained within the basis of your understanding, yet we shared very briefly some of the very important pointers, some old and some new.

We have guided you through a quick yet very powerful release within the white flame for this is given to you to be used as a tool, thus the healers, therapists and aspirant healers in the room, and those that will come to read this, use these tools and work with them for we wouldn’t pass this on if it didn’t, would we now?

Therefore allow the white flame of purity and de-lite to burn brightly within the aspect of you that hosts probably the most difficult energy for you to face, to heal, to get through and to overcome.

In fact nothing actually exists that will present more challenges for you than your base centre, no thing exists anywhere that can be more of a challenge to you than your evolving foundations, for this is where you get stuck and once so instead of being charming and sensual and exotic, you take lives be that of others or the self and when doing this you release the soul from its umbilical connection to life, to earth, thus pulling the plug etherically.

Understand beloved ones within the average mental state of being you are very often living in the denial of not wanting to know, and in this way too you are pulling the plug on your possibilities.

Thus you won’t give up, let up, and with that deny the truth that you are indeed a divine being, a blessed multi-dimensional being thus the choice is yours of what you prefer to entertain within your roots, which then acts upon your reactions forming a whole new foundation.

To do this you have to let go of the guilt, the pain, the anger, the conflict, the sadness, the war, the strife, the constant need to prove that you are OK when you are, and will always be more than OK, the constant need to have the approval of others because you are too insecure to accept that you are OK.

This is the unconscious part of killing the self for you are not living within your truthful self, you are not living through your heart, as you are merely existing on the residue of someone else’s perceptions.

May this flame burn brightly within you, now and ever.

May you recognize this energy as the birth foundations of the Christ within.

Beloved ones, I Kuthumi, along with many other beings, hundreds of thousands apart from the mentioned ones, are all in support of you, guiding you, as we hold your hands wiping your tears, and if all else fails will tickle you to such an extend that you will end up crying with laughter, I am Kuthumi, I am the lord and Master Cohan of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless thee in love, Adonai.



Thanks for you support. It is greatly appreciated.

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Have a Great Day. In love light and peace. 🙂


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