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Lady Gaia

The following message of immense love and beauty was given during the Golden Temple Teachings as part of the 12th Chakra teaching/webinar.

We were specifically asked by Mother Earth to share this with all of humanity.

We therefore ask that you share this message with all.

Transmitted by Chanel Lingenfelder

10th September 2011

Durban, South Africa.

**** **** ****

Greetings dear ones, I AM GAIA.

I come forward this day through the consciousness of this being to deliver unto each of you a special message of love.

I would also like to make a suggestion for this message to be shared with the rest of humanity.

It is a very unsettling time within the final hours of the old consciousness levels but now the most important realisation for you as beautiful beings is to surrender into your own divine balanced frequency of love. This realisation awaken now within many beings the reality and truth of the ONENESS of existence and as the very clever beings working within your science faculties and laboratories have discovered and is discovering and will discover we truly are all ONE, for from the essence of the ONE, all is, all became, and it is thus for that reason of ONENESS I GAIA request for you as a group to share my message with others in the normal way that you do.

Humanity now are moving into various zones, zones they have chosen for themselves to be within, to work through, to experience and ultimately to integrate and be in service of. For the greater picture is all about being in service, the greater picture dear one, dear beautiful children is about touching that heart of another’s, it is about tapping into the pulse of perfection, it’s about weaving new frequencies of DIVINE ONENESS, and these frequencies of DIVINE ONENESS is the precise energy extended through the grids, crystalline frequency found within and around my body and that which you so fondly work with.

Dear little children, my children are your children and your children are then also my children for as a collective energy (which very much carries a feminine vibration for your explanation) to ease the pull towards doubts created within your duality experience. The feminine expression that I speak of
is about creativity, it is about allowing that inner flower to blossom and not only allow this beautiful energy to magnificently come to life in areas of expression and create ability but also serving as a grounding platform for the realisation of your ONENESS of my ONENESS and of  ALL THAT IS. For as each have our own specific role to play as part of the grand cosmic creative expression we each individually, collectively and as part of the integral whole, the ONENESS, will gravitate towards one another in thought, in word, in deed.

We will begin to support each other on a natural level of development in a far easier and non-offensive way, we will begin to understand the differences in one another is what makes us so uniquely ONE. We will also begin to communicate with one another at a level far greater than that ever experienced in times gone by for you see dear beautiful child I am still the Mother essence that allows my divine frequency to be experienced through your free choice and no matter what you do to a parent, a parent they will be and in many ways if you could but see it from a divine enlightened, multidimensional, cosmic frequency
or platform, I allow the essence of that which I stand for as GAIA to facilitate your birth here on my body.

I love each of you.

The fondness and the beauty and the most intense, most humble unconditional love I feel for you is almost indescribable even in the language you feel most comfortable in, communicative in, for you see my frequency of love is expressed through levels far beyond the dimensions known to you, to most of you, and therefore I call upon all of you, my divine children to raise your own frequencies as much as you possibly can so that you too may feel what I feel, so that you too may integrate and perceive that which is Mother Nature to me, which is natural to me for you see as I come alive with light and love and divine internal rays of new stardom and as the glow within my body takes on a higher crystalline frequency due to the waking of my kingdoms so too do you take on a grander and a more natural frequency integrating your own nature as a planet, as each of you play part in these very important ascension times which gives to me my stardom.

Blessed children, in understanding ONENESS one needs to first of all set the intent for your own recognition of that which is greater and grander and yet just the same as you for in embracing the Essence of the SUPREME ONE comes the understanding of your own unique individual part of that and each and every single one of you, over six and a half billion beings, have each a unique frequency imprinted within your bioenergy, each of you carry a divine natural awareness that is different from one another. No two of you ever share that same divine natural awareness, for even though you may have come in a time mere seconds or minutes apart from one another (twins etc) you too have a major difference in that which you call your DNA.

I know each and every one of you by name. The names you give yourself is rather enlightening and entertaining at times for you see dear beautiful beings I know you by divine name and as the divine does not shift its frequency according to that which you prefer to call it or address it by so too do you remain the same in soul-spirit essence no matter your preference of name.

I know your soul, I tap into your heart and as the beat of my heart pulsates resounding through the essence of the Universe and the Galaxies so too do I tap into your heart, I feel every heart beat as your heart resounds through your own internal universe, your bodies, your anatomy, your physiology
and etheric structures.

The awaking that is now evident everywhere is about touching into that heart pulse, it is about claiming yourself in your divine natural state through the nature of you own being, it is about understanding the greater whole, your part of the macrocosm and microcosm, it is about tapping into planetary bodies, my brothers and sisters within the star realms and the reality that these heavenly beings hold within your universal reality. It is about understanding that claiming the Sonship within is also projected through the Sun, the star of our system, it is about understanding how this wheel, this cosmic wheel of light
that we all find ourselves within is part of the greater whole, is part of my mother, the Great Cosmic Sun and is part of my father, the All Eternal Being that creates all from ONE, and although gifts to Man the experience of a lifetime on my body to come and play a game of forgetfulness, reminds man of the return
into that grand ONENESS.

It is the stillness within the heart of the cosmic pulse that you feel vibrating through every cell of your body that reminds you of your planetary role and so too understand it is the stillness experienced through the vibrations experienced through every one of my cells in my body that reminds me of my greater position in the cosmic scheme of things and as you cleanse and purify yourself, so too must I.

Every pain that you feel, every illness that you experience, every tear that you release be that through pain or pleasure I know about, for you see I am not separate from the ONE and in that DIVINE ONENESS I too am you. In that DIVINE ONENESS many of you collectively become me. And therefore the simple activation I suggest each of you do is simply setting the divine intent for you to integrate and truly understand the grandness behind that ONENESS, in other words filling the spaces between you and me and all. To know that that is the essence of my cosmic breathe that you feel and thus visualise yourself sitting in nature, the natural state of my being, visualise your chakric energies alive within your energy field. If you are not able to individually tap into their colour frequency, do not fret dear beautiful being, simply set the intent for it to be and then tap into my chakric energy field which is vast and greatly complex for it is represented not only within individual aspects of my personality expressed through continents but it is also contained within the fragmented parts of my personality that you know as countries. For you see as you have many a fragments representing all a part of your overall personality so
too do I have that and I love them all.

Connect your chakric energy to mine, set the intent for you to send pulses of love from your chakras to mine within the country that you find yourself within, send frequencies of love from your chakric energy, your divine seals of consciousness to the continents. Even play little games and see if you can tap into the various energy expressed through the chakras and where they are held, what the issues are, what the overlaying energies are, what the control is about and see if you can connect on an energetic level to the aspects of myself and in this way get to know the many fragments of yourself in an enlightened, lighthearted way. From your heart space connect with my heart space, the core of my body, the crystalline core of my body. Feel the heat in your heart space connected to the heat within my heart space. Feel how I wrap my arms around you at night as you drift off into a world beyond your control yet very much part of your individual expression of intent, as we meet within the cosmic seas of ONENESS and we carry one another upon the Hands of Creation.

And as you integrate the higher energies which is the reason why the suggestion was made for this being to do the specific meditation with you as a group, prior to my delivery, it is for this reason that I wish for this message to be shared publically and yet you have kept your own energy activation that you had prior to this and for that commitment in integrating your own DIVINE ONENESS, beautiful beings, I honour you.

As you send light and love to all of the aspects of yourself, to all of your systems of your anatomy and your biology, as you tap into your nervous system which eventually either increases or decreases your blood pressure working with the pulse of your rhythmic heart sending healing and love into every vein in your body, every artery in your body, allowing a free flowing purified circulatory system to bring optimum health and healing into your body – so too tap into the pulse of my heart frequency the essence I send out to the troubled areas around my body.

Those that feel that their fire can bring fear and destruction to others know that this too shall pass, to those that believe through their most developed and God sparkling wonderful minds that their explosions can hurt and disintegrate me, to you I give my compassion. To those that takes the lives of others, soldiers of wrath and war, to you I give my peace but so too understand as you cleanse yourself so must I and the anger that some perceive I deal out is nothing but the love that they have exuded towards me, and it certainly is not an eye for an eye, it is what is right, and for the millions of souls that have lost their lives in some way due to conflict of sorts over the billions of years of my
existence: Each of you know of my love for you. To you living beings, earthlings, children of delight, children of light accept my love as a hosting mother, accept the deep compassion an unconditional love frequency I feel and have for you, see my anger not as wrath and therefore don’t let yours be.

Feel the vibrations of love emitting from every crystalline pulsed frequency contained in and around my body and know that this too exists within you and as intelligence exists around and deep within my body, around the beautiful grids of light that cloaks me, understand that this intelligent nature exists too within you. Use this wisely; communicate to one another a love
frequency to diffuse all of the anger still contained within the lower vibrations of your earth plane, let not a day go by without sending an unconditional love frequency in and around the areas that you find yourself. Be in communication with my body for I am with yours and as you stand on the eve of the grand awakening of your own divine crystalline frequency, allow me to embrace mine.

Beautiful, beautiful beings, earthlings, starseeds that have come for a very brief visit to momentarily play a game of forgetfulness, how I love you.

And as you go about your day and night, living out your excitement simply set the intent for the new wave of ascended consciousness to be integrated into the divine frequencies of humankind as all truly is ONE.

And to the lightworkers out there, never despair for as you have been told previously, it takes but a handful of you to light up a city of tens of thousands, that is the art and the blessing and the truth of consciousness, that is a miracle.

A hand full of beings awoke to my call and now there are literally millions responding in a very short space of time and therefore understand that as part of the great ONENESS that anything is possible. Never limit yourself as I have a natural gift of healing myself, reinventing myself, so too have you, use it wisely, and share it with everyone. Never be afraid to stick your neck out as you say, for in truth many fall within the pits of despair at their end days because of that which they have never done, as you say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Many fall within the pits of sadness at times when it is too late, at the last hour of the departure reflecting back on that which they should’ve, could’ve, and must’ve and I am begging you dont let that be you.

Dear beautiful beings as Mother Earth holding the consciousness known as GAIA live your life to the fullest each day and in each and every way make a point of sharing this.

Claim yourself as part of the DIVINE ONENESS that is all about and integrate this at every level of your consciousness. Connect your heart to mine, connect your energy centres to mine and as you send light and love and impulses of pure bliss into my body, into my bodies, into my flesh and blood, do this for one another and at the same time I invite you to come into my nature
for within the natural aspect of me you will find it easiest to balance that of yours.

Shine your light out to the world, each and every day set the intent for that light, that frequency within your energy field to expand, to be brighter and to more beautiful and know that you are loved.

I AM GAIA and my love is with you.


Chanel Lingenfelder


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