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Key of Knowledge



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Book Back Cover - The Master's Sacred Knowledge

Book Back Cover – The Master’s Sacred Knowledge

Soul purpose and Man reading book to find out his soul purpose

Sacred Master Key with symbol meanings

Sacred Master Key with symbol meanings

Know Thyself

Know Thyself

Rainbow - At the end of a rainbow you will find a pot of gold

Rainbow – At the end of a rainbow you will find a pot of gold

Sandwich - Is yours tasty or sour?

Sandwich – Is yours tasty or sour?

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A key to your inner treasure

A key to your inner treasure

Books worth reading

Books worth reading

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Smiling Eyes - Sacred Master Key

Smiling Eyes – Sacred Master Key


The New Earth Energies April 2013 – Archangel Michael – Celia Fenn

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The New Earth Energies April 2013
a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Celia Fenn
22 April, 2013

Beloved Family of Light, in this time of intense Shift and Change, and Emergence, you are feeling the Turbulence of the Birthing of the New Galactic Human within the New Golden Rose Galaxy. You are becoming accustomed to the New Energies and the Frequencies of the New Reality. We would like to say to you that coping with this New reality is very Simple if you remember just One Thing – that Everything is Energy and Frequency!

It’s All About Frequency!

Finding your bearings in this New Reality and finding Peace, Harmony and Abundance is a Simple Matter of Frequency. It is a matter of Aligning with and Resonating with the Frequency of Divine Love and Compassion, the Frequency of Divine Creative Intelligence that flows from the Divine Heart.

This is not something that you have to work hard to achieve, or to study for, to suffer for or to be good enough for. You do not have to heal yourself or remove blocks, it is your birthright and you simply have to make a Choice and Step into It! It is a Frequency that is Within You, and you simply have to find it within your Heart and align your being with this Frequency.

All the mind “chatter” about wounding and being fallen and blocked and “not good enough” is simply your mind attempting to justify an inability to align with the Frequency of Peace and Abundance, as if it were very difficult to achieve. “There must be something wrong with me”, it says, and then spends time trying to find out what is “wrong”. Beloveds, nothing is “wrong” when you drop out of Frequency. Do not judge yourself, simply find your way back! Stop! Breathe! Ground Yourself, connect with your Higher Aspects, and return to the Frequency of Peace and Abundance. It is there for you!

So, you might ask, what is this Frequency of Peace and Abundance, and how do I make this connection?

As We have explained to you before, it is the Flow of Divine Love and Compassion from the Heart of the Cosmos, the Heart of God, the Divine Creative Intelligence. It issues forth from the center of All That Is, and is transmitted to You via the Sun at the Galactic Center. In the past, these transmissions of Light Codes and Information from Source were of such High Frequency that they were diverted via Sirius and the Pleiades, among other Suns, and then transmitted to you by the “Frequency Keepers”, Higher Dimensional Angelic Beings of Light who were charged with the work of Assisting the Development and Evolution of the Earth. Now, since the 2012 Transit, the Earth is fully “Re-connected” to the Galactic transmissions and has no need of intermediaries. The Transmissions are received directly from the Galactic Center via Solaris, or your Sun. You, as Awakened beings, are now receiving the frequency transmissions directly from the Divine Heart into your Hearts and Light Bodies.

This Full Reconnection, Beloved Ones, has created a Turbulence that we call “Dimensional Instability” or “Dimensional Imbalance”. The Earth is now situated in the Fifth Dimension and is aligned with the incoming Light Code Transmissions, mainly through Multi-Dimensional individuals who can hold these energies in their Light Body fields, and also through some Sacred Sites and Spaces where the Energy is held and transmitted by the Site or Space itself. In this way, the Flow of Divine Peace and the Frequency of Abundance is anchored on the Planet. This Frequency is Powerful, Pure and Clear, and when you are aligned with it, everything in your life flows with Grace and Ease.

But, in the present time, most people are unable to find this Frequency fully, seeking for it outside of themselves, and not in the Heart, where it is anchored and from where it Flows. This external seeking creates anxiety, stress and projection dramas, which means that people “fall” away from the Frequency of Peace and Harmony and Oneness and “drop” into the “illusions” of the past, duality and fear and judgment. This creates an unstable environment that is explosive and “flammable”. That is why, Beloveds, you are seeing so much instability and anxiety, because the external “anchors” of the Third Dimension are gone, and people are still learning how to anchor themselves in their own Sacred Space within the Heart and to manifest this in a Grounded way on Earth.

Beloved Family of Light, it is simply a Frequency of Energy that you seek, and that is located within you. The Divine Light is not an external force that you must seek because you are separate from it. Know that Divine Light lives within you in the Sacred Temple of your Heart. When you Align your being with this Light, you can anchor yourself in this Flow and transmit and project these Light Codes. You become an Anchor and Transmitter of Galactic Frequency, of the Heart and Love of the Divine Intelligence.

Beloved Ones, it is simply a matter of being Aware, Awake and Empowered, and of choosing to align with the Frequency of Divine Love and Compassion. You will feel that Frequency within and you will manifest and experience Peace, Love and Abundance in the New Reality.

Galactic (Re)Connection Vortices

Beloved Family of Light, each of you who is Awakened and Conscious becomes a Galactic Connection Point, a living and breathing Point of Light on the Grid of Living Hearts of the New Earth. Your Light Body becomes a Transmitter of Galactic Codes and Frequencies. The Sacred Spaces that you create, both within and in your Environment, become Anchor Points for Divine Light and Wisdom, beyond Fear and Duality.

But, also at this time, many points on Earth are being activated, or reactivated, as Galactic Connection Points. In the past, many of the guiding Star Civilizations created Galactic Vortex Points, or Stargates, where they could link the Earth with their own home Stars and assist in the Evolution of the Earth according to the Divine Plan as expressed through the Light Codes. These Vortex Points included Ancient Egypt (Sirius), Iran and Iraq (Nibiru) and the Aegean (Andromeda), as well as many other Galactic Reconnection Points.

Now, the Earth has ascended into her New Reality Grid, and these Connection Points are being reactivated as “direct” lines of Communication to the Galactic Center with the assistance of those who created them in the service of Divine Light. Also, many new Galactic Connection Points will be activated to assist the Earth in her Ascension to a full Galactic Entity in the Golden Rose Galaxy and a Full Member of the Galactic Council.

Many of you will be called to assist in this work of Galactic Connection and with the Establishment of Galactic Connection Vortices on the Earth. These will be your connection and communication points with the Galactic center and the Galactic and Solar Councils of Light. Some will also be called to be Ambassadors of Light to the Solar and Galactic Councils.

The Galactic Human Evolution 2013 and Beyond…..I AM/WE ARE…..

Beloved Family of Light, in this Turbulent time of Change you might ask “What is ‘human evolution’ and what does it mean to me as an Awakened Being of Light?”.

We can explain, briefly, that “All That Is” is in a constant state of Evolving and Becoming, according to the Energy or Consciousness of the Divine Creative Intelligence. These impulses of Evolving Consciousness are transmitted to All Creation via the “Light Codes” that carry the Imprints of Divine Consciousness. As All That Is evolves to new levels of Awareness and Being, so also Humanity evolves and Becomes in its Journey through Time and Space in the Fifth Dimension. Most recently, Humanity has evolved from the Third Dimension of separation and duality and into Multi-Dimensional Purpose and Oneness of Being. The Planet has begun to become aware of itself as “one” through the Consciousness and Interconnection of Humanity.

In this Shift into the New Reality, Beloved Ones, you have moved from the old “stories” of victimhood and disempowerment into a new sense and perception of yourselves as Human Angels, Empowered beings of Light who co-create reality with the Divine Creative Intelligence. In this new space of Power, you connect fully with your I AM presence, the work of your Soul, and the Flow of Divine Abundance.

But, Beloveds, what is new is that this Transformation is not only about you and “I Am”, but also about the Global Community and “We Are”. It is a fine point of Balance between individual Soul Expression and the needs and creations of the Collective Community, the “We Are”. Seeking only your own Abundance and Highest Good will not bring Joy, it is only when this Journey of Self-Expression is undertaken within the complexities and challenges of the Global Community that the Soul finds its true expression of Divine Love and Compassion.

Beloved Ones, this is why many of you seek and yet do not find. Your Higher Self seeks to express and create within the Community of Light and not just for yourself. Beloveds, if you look at those beings who are most Joyful and Successful in the New Reality, you will find that it is those who have found the point of balance between I Am and We Are, between knowledge of the Self and Knowledge of the Self within a Community, a Global Community of Interconnection and Oneness.

In this New Reality, it is indeed true that what you do to others, you do to yourself, for your actions have repercussions and reverberations in the wider community that will come back to you on the same frequency as they are put out. If you work on the frequency of Love, Peace and Harmony, so It Will Be. If you work on the frequencies of Dimensional Imbalance, you will experience turbulence,anxiety and stress.

Your work, Beloved Ones, is to hold that Frequency of Balance and Alignment in yourself and to Anchor It for the Wider Community. To Flow with Harmony and Abundance, and not to allow others to pull you into Dimensional Imbalance and Illusion.

Beloved Ones, the past is behind you and the future is yet to come. Now is the moment when you can anchor he frequency of Peace and Abundance and serve as a Galactic Connection Point and Transmitter of Light Codes for the Global Community. In so doing, you are aligning with the work of the Earth Keeper Council and the Council of Elders, who serve to focus Divine Love to those places where it is most needed to being the Community into Balance and Alignment with the Frequency of the Divine Heart.

Beloved Ones, our message to you at this time is to stay focussed and committed to the Frequency of Divine Light. Be powerful and Strong, be Clear and true to Yourself and your Vision. Remember that you have evolved into a Multi-Dimensional Being of Light that expresses I AM and WE ARE. What you were before is not what you are now! It is a New Day and a New Reality. We wish you Joy and Abundance as you Evolve into your New Reality as Galactic Humans and part of the Galactic Communication Grid.

© 2006-12 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global – You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author.


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2013 Allow the light to guide you in your journey

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Welcome to the GOLDEN AGE 🙂 in 5D


I would like to take this time to wish all my WP friends a very happy and prosperous New Year, and may your 2013 be blessed in love, joy, laughter and great friendship. May the angels of peace and abundance sprinkle their magic on each and everyone of you this year.

May the Golden Age of 2013 bring enlightenment, peace and unity to all peoples of this Magnificent place we call home

Lots of love, light, peace and gratitude.

Allan Rufus

Namaste ♥




The Master’s Sacred Knowledge by Allan Rufus

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This is the story about a wise old Master who comes across a young man who is look at life very negatively. The wise old Master asks the young man to spare him some of his time before he harms himself. This the young man did and by doing so the wise old Master passed on a Sacred Master Key to him along with some of his Sacred Knowledge so he could open the doors to Divine Living.

This did not only save his life, but helped him have a total rebirth which transformed his life from being negative, living in despair as well as living in fear into that of a wonderful, colourful, uplifting, positive and joyous life full of beauty and Unconditional Love.

This book is dedicated to all young masters in the making.

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Smiling Eyes - Sacred Master Key

Smiling Eyes – Sacred Master Key


“Love has many facets” – Kryon

Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown

Greetings Dear ones for I am Kryon of magnetic service.

We’d like to say how beautiful and wonderful it is to be here in Devon, England, this afternoon, for there is much love, softness and tenderness in the air. The energies are changing not only for you but for the entire planet and a new world is coming, and a fantastic new point of view. We tell you that you are only dreaming, there is a whole new world coming, a world filled with love and joy and freedom; it is an honest world filled with integrity. As you release whatever you need to release to set yourself free from whatever binds you, you come closer to the divine and you come closer to the very truth of who you are.

Allow the love to flow. Close your eyes and go inside and feel the love flowing through your hearts. Love is not a new energy, but to allow love to flow easily is quite a shift for humanity to make, and there are new varieties of love on the way and there will be love flowing through you and flowing into your inner child and family constellation. This will dissolve issues very quickly and the closer the planet gets to 2012 the easier and easier love will flow through you and dissolve whatever resistance you have to love.

Forgiveness will flow easily and you will let go of what you need to let go of, for clinging onto things is the root of all human suffering. If you cling onto something that is old and decaying it does not allow you to connect with the new you, the part of you that you came here to this earth to experience; to experience the truth of yourself, your authentic self, for that is what we are doing here today; allowing you to let go of what is not authentic and allowing you to connect with your Spirit guides and with the energies of love and deep divine connectedness. The more deeply you connect to the divine the easier you will find life; you will be guided more deeply, and at the same time that you the receive your guidance, the fear, the anger and the resentments will also be let go of and these feelings are what stop you going forward into your truth and into a new world.

As we have said before, Britain has a very divisive and colonial past within its psyche and Britain is moving towards a rebirth, a new way of living, a new state of being, but first of all come you who are here to do the work for your nation, not only for your nation but for the planet. To bring back ancient knowledge that was here two thousand years ago but has been lost; this wisdom is being reignited inside all of you here today this day, this wisdom is powerful, it is true Christ consciousness.
We are here to expand this energy, so we ask that you drop down deep within yourselves and look within yours hearts for that spark of Christ consciousness. We are here today to expand that consciousness and dissolve the fear and whatever stops this consciousness being acted upon. So just go to this space where you can see this spark of light, the love light, and the light of Christ within your hearts; and even if you can’t see it, just feel it. Feel the light and feel the love and stay connected with your circle, allowing love to flow from you to everybody in the circle, and receiving that love and channelling that love into Christ consciousness and into what blocks you seeing and what blocks Christ consciousness flowing in your life. Just allow yourselves to feel the love and feel the oneness and feel the connectedness. Feel the connectedness with Stonehenge, and allow the feeling of Stonehenge to flow through your hearts and into this Christ consciousness, allowing Christ consciousness to be energized within your bodies and dissolving any obstacles in its way. Christ consciousnesses will once again be on this green and pleasant land and that connectedness and that movement into Christ consciousness is happening here in Tinmouth in Devon. There are many portals and gateways into the new energies, here and in this moment these gateways and portals are open and you have the opportunity to walk through them and access more of the truth of who you are.

The moon is almost full and the moon will take away what emotions do not serve you and allow you to connect deeper and deeper into your true self, into your masculine self and into your feminine self; healing the masculine and allowing the feminine to flow; allowing yourselves to be exactly who you are meant to be for in the darkness of your psyche live the gifts you have brought to this planet to be shared with the rest of the world. Allow yourselves to spend time in the darkness of your psyche, in the places that you’ve never ever been before, and just be inside yourselves, and feel where these gifts that you bring to this earth are. Allow yourselves to channel the love into dissolving the darkness around your gifts, around the success and joy that you seek for your life; as you unravel these gifts on the inside of yourself, that is where you will find your own joy, happiness and love.

Love is the only answer, love is the only way forward, love is the light that shines in the darkness, love is the light that dissolves your problems and love is the light that manifests your gifts. This part of the world is very old and has been known to man for a long long time, many things have happened here; many things have come and gone. Good things, bad things; but consciousness until now has been waning, consciousness will now begin to grow, to expand through your bodies and through this little town in Devon, a new consciousness is on its way and each one of you, as you manifest your gifts, will enhance the consciousness of this small town. You are moving away from mass consciousness into your own consciousness of Christ. There will be even more expanded consciousness to come, there is a completely new world of your own choosing to come.

We ask you to allow your vibrations to rise even more and absorb more and more of the love that is on offer here today, becoming like a sponge soaking up everything that belongs to you, that you need to make your life work, that you need to manifest these gifts here on earth to begin to make this place heaven on earth and to make this a part of the new world; a place of gentleness and kindness, a loving a place where the aggressive masculine is no longer dominant, a place where love an truth thrive, where they make the world a better place not only for yourselves and your children but for everyone in the community who will benefit as a result.

There is a new world coming, a world based in love and as you heal the inner mother, father and child, and you let the past loves come and go you will step into a world you never believed was possible; where you create purely out of love, love not only for yourself but for your fellowman, love is the only answer, love is the only way forward, love is love. Love has many facets but in its most powerful it is very gentle and very soft and very caring, like cotton wool. So we ask you to drop deeper and deeper into your bodies and allow yourselves to connect more strongly to Spirit. Allow the divine guidance to flow through you into your bodies allowing it to connect even deeper and deeper to mother earth and see under the soles of your feet the roots of connectedness going deep in to mother earth.

Feel the energy that surrounds you and observe what you are feeling. As these new energies come in the old ones must leave, and your cells will become more and more activated; your cells will face the light. The more that you face the light the easier your life will become, you will have the energy to do what you want to do with your life, you will have the energy to heal those karmic wounds of the past, and the wounds your families have carried for hundreds if not thousands of years; starting off in Africa and ending up in this lifetime. There is a new world coming and it is up to each individual to do his or her inner work to bring consciousness to their own bodies, to their own communities; but first it is healer heal thyself.

When you understand yourself you know yourself, and when you understand and know yourself, you understand the universe and the solar system and you will understand your neighbours and friends, and you will feel so much freer and more capable of living the life you have always dreamed of, in fact your life will go away and your life will become a dream. It will become like a river flowing into the ocean, your life will flow like a river, there will no longer be the wounded inner child to stop the flow, or your family karma getting in the way of the flow. Your lessons will get easier and easier, you will move into a completely new world taking yourselves into a very special place, feeling much love, your body feeling light and ecstatic as your thoughts will become your reality. Automatically your thoughts will begin got be more and more positive and more and more loving and your reality will become more and more loving. Whatever you give out you will receive back, so whenever you have the opportunity to give, give, for you can only truly give to yourself.

Continue to allow the love to flow; the energy of England doesn’t look too good on the economic front, but out of the chaos always comes order, there will always be somebody who will resolve the chaos and bring order. You have been tested an stretched and new ideas are coming of a new way of living, new ways to power the nation, new energies. This will all begin to happen and there will be a new order moving through England, a new way of government, a new way of understanding. The people and their needs and a recognition of the damage of the last two world wars to the psyche of Britain, this will also begin to be resolved.

Britain stands proud in this world, a solid masculine nation with a very strong structure and that structure is now to be used to allow a different kind of energy to flow through the nation and through the world and that is the energy of ethics and integrity. It will not devalue the nation in any way, in fact it will increase Britain’s power in the world for the divine requires receptive energies to be able to work through and these receptive energies will begin to manifest themselves in positions of power and in fact this has already been happening. These new energies will take the place of the old energies which will make way for them.

Britain is no longer at the centre of its empire but it is still at the centre of many aspects of the world. It needs new ideas and new ways of doing thing, but these can only happen through pure love and true ethics. The banking system, if it does not become ethical will collapse. Money is an important commodity and is useful, but it is rather wiser to allow the financial system to become ethical than let it collapse. Spirit needs mediums to work through and money is a medium. If too much of this medium is diverted into the wrong areas then Spirit can’t use it and Spirit won’t use it. Spirit is all powerful and all mighty and if Spirit deems fit to stop using the financial system as it is today then it will collapse, make no mistake. It is for everybody to bring ethics into the world of finance and bring ethics into their hearts, money is not love; money can be a reflection of love but it is not love. Love is love and money is money, money won’t make you happy, but when you are happy you are likely to get money which will keep you happy. Love is love and love is what makes the world go around. Don’t let yourselves be mistaken about this, everybody needs money to live but everybody needs love, love is far more important than money; if you don’t receive love through your hearts you die.

Love is a very powerful energy and an energy that you fear, or, there would have been times that you experienced love and that love was taken away. Remember you gave yourself that love and you took that love away from yourselves. We ask you once again to let it flow, remember those times that you stopped loving, step by step of the way let them come and let them go. You are much older and wiser now and you won’t make the same mistakes once the love starts to flow again. Sometimes with age comes the fear of making the same mistake again. A mistake is a gift and a lesson; you won’t make the same mistake again, you might make another but not the same, so let go of your fears of making mistakes and allow the mistakes to happen until you get it right, until the flow of love continues to flow through your hearts incessantly with a force and with a power.

Love is the answer, love is the only answer. Love is your connection to the divine. Love is your journey into oneness, for you will find love; we have spoken earlier of consciousness and unconsciousness. Unconsciousness is made conscious by love, by loving actions and deeds and energies. Observe your behaviours and see to it you act with love and care and kindness, when you are being kind to yourself, you are loving yourself. Whatever is given is given to yourself.

Dear ones let the journey begin and let it continue. Go deeper and deeper and deeper into your own hearts and find our what is in your heart that you are afraid of; where is this fear of love, what is it? Let it come and let it go. The paradox is that love can dissolve the fear a little bit like the song of amazing grace; “once I was lost, and now I am found”, but it is amazing grace that lost you and found you. It’s the same energy flowing through you, you become lost and you become found, you became connected then disconnected.

So allow the love to flow, just let it flow like when you were a child, let the love flow for this is the energy of the new age, the energies of Christ consciousness and love flowing from eternity till eternity from infinity to infinity. Just know that there is new world coming; you are the new world you are on the cutting edge of the new world. Bring love and healing to your planet and your community. There is freedom, there is will, there is joy, and there is ecstasy to come. You wil feel yourselves becoming stronger and stronger and stronger. Allow these energies to flow through you into the darkness that is hiding your gifts and allow your gifts to energize and manifest.

Dear ones without these gifts here on earth, the new age can’t begin. This is what we are waiting for, you are not waiting for Spirit, you are waiting for yourselves. We are waiting for you to manifest your authenticity on planet earth.

Allow the love to flow, feel yourself in the flow of love as if you are sitting in the middle of a river feeling the love like you feel the water against you. Feel it and the resistance you have to this love, and allow the resistance to dissolve into the flow. Allow the resistance to dissolve, just take your time, be patient; allow the love to dissolve the resistance, and see that your heart becomes more deeply connected to the divine and that your gifts manifest here on earth.

Go well, God bless and take care, for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you.

Copyright © David Brown.
All rights reserved.

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Keeper of the Soul Keys- Part 3- by Lady Nada-

By linking your mind with your heart chakra and soul and allowing your focus to remain upon the purity
and essence of your soul, you will discover the ability to observe your soul’s light, vibration, guidance and
wisdom. With observation comes realisation of yourself, of your truth and your pathway forward. When we
simply hold the intention of aligning with or connecting with our soul or the Creator presence within us, this
can open our energies further, allowing us to become aware of many insights and understandings which had
been beyond our imagination or which we had been completely ignoring due to fear or emotional issues.
Many perceive that a connection with their soul or Creator aspect is a difficult task to achieve and requires
many years of spiritual development and devotion but the soul will align with your entire being and be
expressed with divine timing. By holding a focus or desire of connection you begin to prepare yourself for
this alignment. Your soul is a truthful and pure expression of yourself, it is unique and so the way that you
express your soul will also be personal and distinctive to you. If you realise your soul as an all knowing and
powerful beacon of love that is capable of steering you through your reality and life lessons on the Earth with
ease, then you will understand the importance of learning to express your soul. When you express your soul
in a way that is personal and comfortable to you then you will build a deeper bond with your soul, allowing a
greater unity and integration to manifest. Expression of your soul can be an empowering experience that
brings feelings of bliss, understanding and contentment, but your expression will be far more intense and
free if you have first taken time to clear away blockages and barriers and observe the essence and energy of
your soul. I believe that in my previous two weekly messages I have assisted you in cleansing your being in
preparation for soul expansion and encouraged you to observe and link into the consciousness of your soul.
It is now my mission and purpose to aid you in expressing your soul and anchoring its energy and
consciousness into your reality.

Expression of your soul is to manifest, communicate, transmit or transfer your energies, consciousness,
light and vibration from the source or well of energy within you into your physical form and current reality.
When we view our soul, we can sometimes feel or imagine that the soul is separate from our personality
because we are not constantly aware of the soul and so can be easily distracted from its presence.
Connecting with the soul for the first time can feel like a new experience, as if we are discovering a new
aspect of our being that we had never realised, but this is simply an illusion as our soul is always present, we
are merely learning to work in tune or alignment with its energies and consciousness. Expression can be
achieved in numerous ways when the mind is focused upon radiance, one can use the act of physical
movement, the voice, creative or artistic techniques, writing, meditation, visualisation and breathing, to state a

When you practice the act of observing your soul then you will discover or realise the way in which you
are able to express or radiate your soul naturally and with ease. Discovering your own expression of your
soul is vitally important as it involves placing trust and faith in the guidance and insights that you receive,
building a bond of devotion to your soul that is unbreakable and continually strengthening, as well as
creating a channel for the permanent flow of your soul into your reality.

It is my wish that you first gain a meditative state that is appropriate for you by focusing on your
breathing and relaxing your body. Simply take the attention of your mind to your heart chakra and affirm or
remind yourself of the connection between your soul and your heart chakra, as a way of ensuring that you
always express the loving essence of your soul. Allow your mind to rest in the energy and light of your heart
chakra and soul; it is almost as if your mind is drinking in the light and consciousness of your soul and so
you may become aware of the presence or insights of your soul within your thoughts. Practicing this simple
process for as long as you feel is essential will strengthen your trust in your soul’s presence and allow you to
realise how to express your soul effortlessly. Even if you choose to practice this for some days or weeks, you
will understand when you are ready to move forward. I wish to share an invocation that assists you in
discovering the most appropriate way for you to express your soul at this stage of your growth.

‘Beloved Lady Nada, Keeper of the Soul Keys, I invoke your presence and energy to draw close to me,
connecting with my soul and entire being. Please ensure my protection at all times and help me to be aware of
your guidance and inspiration as you assist and oversee this process of expression that I am now ready to

Lady Nada I ask that you assist me in connecting with my soul on a deeper level than I have previously
experienced. Allow me to feel as if I am bathed within my soul’s energy and are able to sense its vibration
within and around me. With the attention of my mind anchored into my soul, I now allow the inspiration of my
soul to melt into my thoughts sharing with me the most appropriate way for me to express my soul each day,
in order to remain aligned with my soul and to build the flow of my soul light manifesting into my reality. If this
is not appropriate then I ask that my soul naturally begins to express itself into my body, thoughts and reality
with ease. I understand that I will become aware of this expression and learn to activate and experience it
myself. I am open and receptive to any inspiration, words or practices that my soul wishes to share with me
now. I understand that to express my soul is to integrate with my soul and to accept its energy on a new level.
With deep appreciate to Lady Nada and my soul.’

Allow yourself to sit in peace and stillness, aware of your thoughts and any sensation on your body, you
may gain the simplest way of expressing your soul, and it may even be a word that you can repeat, an image
of yourself as beacon of your soul or a practice that you can achieve each day. Remember that this is
personal to you and so there is no correct or incorrect way, have faith in the insights that you gain.

Once you have realised the natural way for you to express your soul then you can practice this each day
or throughout the day when you feel guided to. It is always important once you have practiced expressing
your soul that you always hold the intention of anchoring the energies you have radiated into your physical
reality, as this will encourage your soul to come forth in its entirety to embody your physical body and entire
being. Below is an affirmation that you may wish to use to achieve the anchoring of your soul’s radiance into
your physical reality.

‘My soul is divinely aligned with the Creator; I am a true and pure expression of my soul. With every
energy particle, light vibration and consciousness that I express from my soul, I am a greater manifestation of
my soul. My soul has now anchored into my physical body, being and reality acting as a pure guiding light
and source of inspiration.’

This will assist in drawing forth the energy of your soul so that it becomes a strong presence within your
reality. I hope that you have found my communication to be of benefit to you. I wish to bring forth the final
section to my communication in next week’s Weekly Message; this will be concerning recognising the soul’s
influence and learning to accept the next stage of growth that your soul wishes you to achieve. Allow your
focus to remain on observing, expressing and anchoring your soul into your reality throughout the coming

With sacred Christed blessings,

I am Lady Nada

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“Needed Science for the Times”


This live channelling was Given in Albuquerque,New Mexico
February 14, 2010

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto, to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. Again we are here in a way that may seem strange to many. I want you to get used to hearing this voice and understanding the reality that is here. Perhaps you might ask yourself, “Is this real?” You might say, “Kryon, I’m having a hard time believing that you’re really channeling, that the voice comes from the other side of the veil. It’s just so difficult!” If that’s what you’re saying today, Human Being, I will say that you are blessed to be so honest with words coming from the struggle to work out of the three-dimensional box you are in.

Dear one, if you ask the right questions of your own Higher-Self, of your own belief, of your own psyche, you then start have things revealed that you didn’t expect. For it indeed is a quantum experience on the other side of the veil. My partner [Lee] and I are linearizing this conversation for you. This is a quantum experience and that means that language is only a small part of it. The audio that you hear and the words seen on the page are only a portion of it.

In the past, we have spoken of something called the third language. This third language, identified some time ago, is not a language in linearity. It is instead a language of the catalyst of the three. We use the three in numerology to represent a catalytic action number. That is to say that all of you have the ability to receive what is being given at a level which is quantum, and not a language such as words on a page. Even the reader of this particular message can ask for a quantum experience and then be in the session with those who are in the room in real time.

We’re going to give you some science. We’ve chosen, perhaps, an odd place for that [Albuquerque, New Mexico]. But we really haven’t, for we think in a quantum way. We wanted to come to this place and honor those who built this building [The Indian Center]. We want to honor the ancestors who are here, listening. We’ve come to a very quiet place in the stillness of the southwest in order to give a message of clarity, and purity, so that others will also receive it in this fashion.

Science for today

When we give a scientific message, I ask my partner to go very slow. Some of the things we speak of now have been revealed to him, and some have not. So I asked him to proceed slowly, for it will be heard and read clearly and much will be seen around it. For what follows in this message is not just esoterics. There will be practicality presented and there will be physicists looking at it… and that makes my partner nervous.

This is not going to be complex, for even the one sitting in the chair who doesn’t understand science will still receive what they need to receive through the third language. They will understand why these things are being given and appreciate them. All through this process, the entourage who has poured into this place, who represents the ancestors of all of you, resound with it all. Even the ancients who are here, and who are wrapped into this building, into this place, where my partner gives a message of science, are pleased.

Reassurance about Global Warming: what is happening?

This message is not necessarily a long one, but one which you have to hear. It’s about the environment and science. So let us start with some assurance and positive news. Let us review one more time that what you are seeing in weather changes on this planet have not been created by Humans. What you have called global warming is not global warming at all, and I say it again: It is part of the cycle that always was. This information is not new, and we told you these things some years ago when the idea of warming first was presented, and fear was the result. We also called out the weather changes you are seeing now, back in 1989 when my partner began this journey with me. Long before the idea of warming was popular, I was telling you to expect this cycle.

The North Pole has melted several times and come back several times. It is waxing and waning. The water evaporation cycle [what Kryon called the water cycle] is the way Gaia works. However, this time it appears to be here sooner than expected, and that is alarming to many. If you were to ask Gaia right now to come in to this place, Gaia would give this message: “Humans have not caused this.” Could it be any clearer? I give you this information so there would be no alarm sounded regarding it or actions taken that might be in response to a false idea.

However, at the same time I tell you that there is a mandate to change how you create your energy. What you put into the air is significant, for it is a hazard to your health. What you put into the air hurts Humanity, not necessarily Gaia. Gaia is far more resilient than you think. Gaia adjusts in ways you don’t expect, and faster than you expect. Your contribution to pollution is insignificant compared to just a few natural volcanic eruptions of the past. Gaia takes care of Gaia, and the process is not new, or a surprise. However, for humanity we say, “Clean up the air and you will live longer.” It’s not about stopping a weather cycle that you have created. Hardly! It’s about common sense for life.

It’s going to get colder. That’s one of the subjects of today. You’re going to need more energy to combat the cold, and we have given you advice in the past regarding this, and one of them we wish to revisit today. For it is time for you to think out of the box of three dimensions when it comes to some of the things that we have discussed with you.

You think in a straight line. You don’t necessarily think past certain concepts, but rather you assume things that then create straight line thinking. At the same time I give you this information, I will also tell you that this particular concept is already known on the planet. It is the way of it. We do not give you something that has not already occurred to a Human Being. Free choice is what we have told you is the operative word. So in order to honor this free choice attribute, the things presented today must have already occurred to a Human Being before we will deliver a message like this. This creates a situation where the Humans are manifesting it, not just using hints from Spirit.

When these insights are received by humanity, they normally land as inspiration on the planet in more than one place at a time. That is to say, epiphanies of discovery happen all at once, usually three to four places in order to assure that they will not be lost. It’s like this: The vibration of the planet is like a big door that opens and closes with the vibration of an enlightened or non-enlightened humanity. If you chose to close this door by creating a low vibration of the planet, then information, invention, and discovery are lost. They actually go away, since humanity doesn’t even care to look! However, when the vibration becomes higher, the door opens and discovery and invention just “lay there” ready to be seen. So Spirit does not dole out inventions, but rather the system you have created allows for it. For high science is always there no matter what, but the Human Beings on the planet temper how much of it becomes available by how high the planet vibrates with human consciousness. This explains how you have lost so much science in the past 50,000 years. There were societies who actually were far more quantum thinking than anything you currently have today.

There is an actual irony here in that you have higher tech inventions today, but far lower conscious of understanding. You have marvelous computing power that only is programmed for 3D! Later this will be funny to you.

There is tremendous energy available to you directly from the earth, and it’s free. It is not what you call free energy, for you have to build an extractor to get it. But it’s everywhere; its forever (you don’t use it up) and it’s called geothermal energy.

New ways to obtain geothermal heat

It’s all below your feet, not really that far away and its natural heat. It’s hot enough for you to drill down and create steam. If you can create steam through natural process of thermal energy, then you can drive steam turbines and create electricity. That will create the power you need to survive some harsher winters and to heat your homes. Electricity may not be the most efficient method to use to heat a home, but it may be the cleanest in comparison to the methods that pollute the air. If you can create the electricity itself in a very efficient way, it becomes far more viable for everyday use.

Using steam, there are other ways to create electricity as well. Humanity is fond of very elaborate steam engines, and you’ve been using them a very, very long time. Today’s nuclear reactors are simply very expensive steam engines. You heat water using nuclear reactors and create steam with that heat, which then drives your turbines. So we’re giving you something to think about. For nuclear power, as clean and good as it is, has bi-products which are dangerous and you know this. Geothermal, although very clean, can also be dangerous. So now we open the discussion of something new.

If you can drill approximately five kilometers into the earth, you will find enough heat to make a steam engine work. Now, five kilometers to you is not all that far as measured in a straight line along the surface of the earth. Many of you actually walk that distance to school and work and realize that it’s not that far. But if you’re going to drill that distance, technically it becomes difficult and dangerous. It’s not just dangerous for the driller, but can be dangerous for the planet. On the way down through the crust of the earth to the five kilometer mark, you go through pockets of attributes… releasing gas perhaps; releasing fire, perhaps; releasing water, perhaps. If nothing else, sometimes you interrupt what we will call the integrity of the lubricant of the shale itself. What I’m saying here is you might even advance the potential of an earthquake, all by drilling down only five kilometers.

So now I’m going to give you the answer of how to make steam without drilling so far down, and it requires thinking “out of the box” of what you have always assumed. All along you’re thinking that you’re going to drill down and put a pipe in the earth with water in it. You put water in, and get steam out. However, what if I told you that you only have to drill down a fraction of that distance, and you will find enough heat to boil fluid! You’d say, “Impossible.” This feature exists over the hot spots of the earth, which have heat very close to the surface, but those attributes don’t exist in most of the places we’re asking you to drill. The answer is not to use water. It’s time to marry the highest technology that you have on the planet, with things you didn’t expect to marry them with, and this is thinking out of the box.

This is the kind of thinking that is becoming a little more quantum, seeing the entire picture instead of just seeing what you think it should be, or what you are used to. There are solutions here, and some already know what they are. There is elegant chemistry that will boil at a fracture of the temperature that water will, and this is the answer: Learning to use those substances and those fluids with this chemistry within a geothermal closed system machine, which doesn’t have to drill down five kilometers. How about two kilometers? Using this known chemistry it will be possible to drill only a fraction of the distance, and get the heat you need for steam.

So we tell you this because you’re going to need to do this. If you heed this advice, you’ll find that the timing and the synchronicity of discovery is at hand. That is to say, you will understand it all and realize that the elements will fall together and you will get your steam engine. And it won’t take five years to build and it won’t be dangerous and you don’t have to cover it with a shell. Much easier. It won’t belch smoke. It won’t pollute, and you don’t have to worry about being next to it. Think about it… natural heat from Gaia that is forever! It will create electricity you’re going to need to heat homes and businesses… because eventually it’s going to get colder. That’s number one.

What Humanity needs the most right now

We’re going to give you one other insight: This is not new, in that the following information was known, then inappropriately sold and pocketed by industry. Since the idea is already known, I’m going to give it to you here so that the public can see it and anyone with synchronicity who listens to, or reads this message, will understand it. Even you sitting in the chairs will understand the concept, but the scientists and the physicists will then have to implement it. We would not mention it here unless it were very timely.

The resource that humanity is going to need the most as the population grows, as the weather changes, is what you probably already had guessed: Fresh water! Already it’s becoming scarce. You will notice the snow is falling more and more in the wrong places, and often in areas that have no infrastructure to capture the runoff. The reservoirs and aqueducts are built for the old energy with the old weather patterns. As the population grows, water will be the issue.

The New Desalinization Answer

Here is one immediate answer. It is a profound thing when the earth is mostly water, yet you cannot drink it! The answer is to use the sea and the ocean, and convert it. The ocean, of course, is not fresh water, so you have to ask how to extract the salt.

Desalinization exists today in a very inefficient way. Large amounts of water have to go into vats of containment and sit there while heat is used in various ways. There are various systems, some of them steam, some of them not, all requiring heat to take out the salt. It takes a long time. It’s expensive and not efficient. Therefore it is not tenable to desalinate for an entire city. Instead, only places that simply have no fresh water at all have a system like this. It becomes a necessity of inconvenience and expense instead of a good solution.

Now, I’m asking you to think out of the box and I’m going to give you the answer of how to desalinate water in a new way. My partner, I want you to go slow here.

Most of the largest cities on earth are on the coastlines of the ocean… very near water. This is because over time those coastal areas were the places where trade could happen with ships and ports. So you end up with the largest cities being on the ocean. It’s a good place to start, is it not, to get water for them, from the source which they can simply look at and use? The answer is not that difficult, but it requires something that has not been considered.

The highest technology you have today has to do with the smallest of the small. You call it nano-technology. It is chemistry and even chemical machines, extremely small, taking form as what you would call robots. These ultra small, molecular sized robots exist today, and are at the pinnacle of your new inventive efforts. Even now, your science is considering how to insert them into the Human bloodstream to seek out and kill disease… as an enhancement to the white blood cells that you currently have. That’s how small the nanoparticles are.

Naturally there are objections to this, since it seems to alter the Human body. It doesn’t, any more than any supplement that is not naturally created, which you have learned can help you with pain, disease, chemical balance, or even to sleep at night. So it joins forces with the kinds of science that has been given to Humanity to help keep you alive. Remember, that although we teach that a Human Being can use their own consciousness to do that, there are millions who will not believe it, or not be interested in that. So science takes up the slack, so to speak, and there is much today that is known to assist the quality of Human life that is not metaphysical. This is a balance, and is proper and appropriate. Still there are those who will let their own child die, rather than use science to help balance a disease. They believe that anything that is not given from God is not appropriate. It’s time to fully understand that good science is simply the discovery and implementation of the way God created the Universe. Used with integrity, it is appropriate, God-given, blessed, and was allowed to be discovered due to a higher-vibrational Earth. In other words, you earned it! Therefore to throw it away or call it evil is to not understand it.

A man is very thirsty. He is very religious and prays for water to be given to him. Along comes another man with water, and offers it to him. The thirsty man rejects it, saying that he expects it only from God and will wait. He dies thirsty, never understanding the synchronicity of God is through other Humans! Learn to appreciate the science that is given to you to extend your life, for this is appropriate and is given to Humanity for this reason.

Nanotechnology is becoming smarter. Science is learning to make the robots intelligent through chemistry, through logic, through electronics. It’s like the logic of a computer, which can cleverly help you to do many things. It doesn’t think for you, but rather it assists you in tasks you can’t do yourself. These tiny smart robots can help desalinate water.

I’m going to give you a task: You’re going to build a desalinization plant where the water never stops flowing, and where salt can be removed in real time, and a by-product created that you had no idea about. The water never has to rest and never has to be cooked. There is no heat involved at all. Using nano-technology, the water goes in one end of the machine, and it comes out the other in a steady flow. In—salty, out—fresh, and ready then for standard purification.

The first stages of the system require that you release enough nano-technology robots assigned to find the dissolved salts and attach themselves to them. Here is the secret, however: every single robot is magnetized! I am the magnetic master, after all.

[Kryon smile]

All of the salt then becomes magnetic, with tiny little nano robots hanging on to all of it. On to the next stage: Flowing into the next area, the water is exposed to tremendous, huge electromagnets, pulling the salt out of the water completely and totally, because the salt is now magnetic! Out it goes. Over simplified, perhaps, but this is the way of it. No heat is involved.

Now, the by-product… you won’t believe it! Oh, and this will be controversial when you discover it. Magnetic fields applied to water often create water that is quite healing. Do you see where this is going? What a device that might be! It would be quantum, you know, because it uses magnetics. There would be those who will say that magnetically treated water is bad for you, since you are altering it in a way that is not understood. They don’t realize the amount of energy that other Humans have gone through to find the healing waters of the earth! Now you get a bit of that while desalinating water! There will be no proof either way of what is happening, so that will make it controversial. All people will know is that fewer people are getting sick!

So this is what we wanted to give you today. This is what we wanted to have recorded today in this way, so that you might hear it and it would be published. I wish to tell you what we see in the future, based on the potentials you have developed. We’re not going to give you a timeframe, for there is none.

The Future of Science

The information I’m about to give you can be two generations away, maybe even three. But it all has to do with quantum invention. Physicists, listen. I’m going to give you something you already know, and it’s possible. It involves another field of science but it opposes everything three dimensional you’ve ever learned. Humans are funny. Even in the highest math and geometry, everything is defined in a straight line. Therefore Humans just love to define a circle as a polygon with an infinite number of straight lines. That’s funny! It’s almost as though a circle didn’t exist in nature, and the Human has to create a formula using a straight line object for it to exist. Interesting, isn’t it? I’m just giving you the Human straight line bias, and its fun to look at. Bubbles have always been around. They’re beautiful, you know? They’re natural, you know? The circle is a natural occurring event in space, as well… think planets. But Humans want this shape to be an infinite number of straight lines.

Like cartoon characters on a page, the stick figures find a few three dimensional properties in their two dimensional lives, and they “prove” them by creating an infinite number of stick figures to explain the shape.

What you already suspect is that gravity and magnetism all naturally bend. They don’t go straight, and they never have. What about light? It doesn’t either. When affected by the other two, it bends also. That should tell you something. Nothing is really a straight line at all! The only straight lines around are the brains of the Humans. [Kryon joke] You’re not using the right kinds of math either, and we told you that long ago. There’s an elegance of math that is quantum and if I begin to tell you about it, even in the simplest terms, it’s going to seem overly complex.

The New Math is coming

Quantum math uses something that is going to be discovered and we’re going to give it a name: influential numbers. These are numbers that do not have empirical values, but instead have values that are influenced by the numbers around them. Four is not a four. Four is modified because of the numbers that sit next to it, as in a formula, or in linearity as in counting. Each time a formula is manufactured in a quantum state, the numbers within it are all influenced by the others around it. This is because all of the numbers in that formula are modified by the numbers that are next to them. They’re influential numbers. If the four is used in a linear way, it is affected by the five, or by the three. They all influence the numbers next to each other, as seen in the conceptual sense. The reason is that a quantum reality is one that is never linear or has the attributes that you think are “normal.”

However complex, it is not random, and there is indeed an elegant system… a beautiful thing when you find out the attributes and see the consistency of the change. Chaos does not look like chaos when you understand the “chaos rules.” Eventually, when you see this, you will then have the formula for a circle being a whole number, not an irrational number as it exists today. It won’t be pi. Instead, it will be “pi solved.” We ask the physicists to work it backwards if you have to, in order to get a whole number of pi. That will give you a hint and what has to be done with the rest of the computations.

Imagine mathematics with influential numbers! For each number is not empirical but influenced by the one around it. I’m giving you high math now, and here’s how it’s going to serve you: Because when you start to understand it, you’re finally going to understand what I’m going to call the Holy Grail of Physics. That’s a Human term [Kryon wink].

In your straight-line thinking, in your bias, you have many 3-D formulas, don’t you? And when you look at the basis of physics, you talk about matter having mass. In those things which have mass you’ve even figured out the atomic structure and density. You are proud of the consistency of the formulas, based on what you see around you, and you think they’re static, don’t you? You think there is a formula for everything, and it explains how things move and react. “If it has a certain atomic density and mass, then it weighs this or that in a certain gravity. You’ve got it all figured out.

Indeed, you have! But only in 3-D. So as soon as you become quantum with these formulas, they all stretch and become different. All this to tell you yet again, that it is possible for you to alter the mass of any object in existence. It doesn’t matter how large or small or how dense it is. You can alter the mass of it, and therefore (pause..) the effect that gravity has on it. There is no such thing as anti-gravity, only the control of mass. So whatever formula you have in 3D that tells you how much something should weigh, can be then changed by controlling the mass of the object in question. Therefore you are not changing gravity (which is really a quantum product of two other forces), but of the mass of an object. And it has to do with controlling the atomic density, or apparent density as seen by gravity.

In Yugoslavia, there’s a famous workshop. Historic it is, for it belongs to the man who thought out of the box, Tesla. In that workshop, there are marks on the ceiling made by the objects that took off from his workbench and went straight up! They shattered, hitting the ceiling hard! Nikola was frustrated, for he had discovered the creation of massless objects and didn’t know how! He thought out of the box… the only one in existence to ever give you a blueprint on how alternating current might work. Oh, it’s more than 3-D. Study it, for it’s elegant.

All of this that Tesla did was created by magnetics, and this was also the basis behind the experiment in his workshop. However, in Tesla’s time there were no computers or any of the finite instruments you have today to measure or create tiny fluctuations in magnetic fields. He accomplished the creation of altering the mass of an object, but he couldn’t control it, and didn’t know exactly how he did it. Frustrated, he was. By the way, he’s back. I’m not going to tell you where. Maybe he will read this and know what to do next?

[Kryon smile]

Clever, it is, how magnetic fields can be arranged around other magnetic fields. Even solutions [fluids] can be magnetized to create clever shaped fields within fields… sometimes at right angles to each other, sometimes not, to give you a condition that will create a change in mass. None of these things are out of the purview of Human development. How long it’ll take? We don’t know. That’s up to you. But do you understand what it will change? Everything! It means that the things of science fiction are finally yours. What you called anti-gravity is simply an object with controllable mass. It’ll float no matter how big. It’s doable. Maybe it’s time to implement it?

“Kryon, why do you tell us about these things?” With this we close. The answer is that we want you to stay here. All of this is given in love. We want you to stay here! And you’re not going to have much luck with that unless you start thinking more quantum, unless you start accelerating the inventions and put some of the politics out of the way. But the countries which must do this are the ones who have the highest technical abilities and they also have the highest influential structures that are in the way of it all. It is time for the population to understand this and turn the physicists loose and not strap them with those things which are political, or industrially or efficiently “appropriate.” Perhaps you don’t know what I speak of, but they do.

In the process of this, there will be life extension; in the process there will epiphanies; in the process you might even find that this message was accurate and true. Somewhere down the line, if you do, then you’ve got a puzzle, don’t you, physicists? Don’t you? If you’re listening to this, you’ve got a puzzle, because who is it who is speaking from the other side of the veil, giving you information that is true and real and scientific? At some level, you’re going to have to say it’s real. At some time in the future you’re going to have to admit that the spiritual and the science is allied, and that the energy that created the earth and the magnetics and the gravity and all of the things you studied, is a piece of you… since the creator is inside of each of you. Then maybe you’ll open up?

It all has to do with this puzzle: Is this real or not? Is Kryon real or not? Is love real or not? Well, some of you know, because you’ve sat in the presence of the creator today who loves you. This family on my side of the veil, loves you. It’s a wonderful Valentine message, isn’t it? So we say to you, dear ones, that all of the things that we talk about, whether they’re scientific, or have to do with your Akash, or your core soul, or a Higher-Self, are given for one reason: to make the life you are living on this planet easier. It’s so you may discover the compassion that is the glue that puts you together with creation, that changes the earth itself, for the shift is upon you.

What you call the 2012 energy is already here, having arrived approximately 1998. Let this be what it is supposed to be, a time of high consciousness, of scientific evolution with integrity, with an economy that is a re-emerging with integrity, with government that slowly changes old energy. There is a new paradigm occurring, with things that you would never put together in the past. This is an oxymoron – cannot exist together – integrity and government – integrity and insurance – integrity with banking. A new paradigm is upon you, and this shift is difficult. We have the warrior and the worker in the chairs in front of me. They know it because that’s why they came: the Akash is alive and well in you, dear ones, and you know who you are. I know who you are. And I celebrate each, each one.

And so it is.


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Everything has a Purpose by Master El Morya – Natalie Glasson

In last week’s message, I spoke of your spiritual abilities and experiences acting as a pathway to lead you closer to the Creator’s soul. It was my wish to help people understand that their abilities as light workers do not define them but are simply stepping stones of learning and acceptance of the Creator. I reminded all that their ultimate goal and focus must be to embody the light of the Creator and to integrate with the soul of the Creator once more. I feel that this was a beneficial message that touched the hearts of many so I have been allowed to come forth once more with another realisation that I believe humanity should be aware of.

As chohan of the first ray of light of a red colour, translator and sharer of the will or divine plan of the Creator I feel a deep connection with the Creator soul, consciousness and thoughts. I strive to ensure that I decipher the will of the Creator in the purest way so that the truth of the Creator may be expressed to souls on the Earth and the inner planes, offering essential guidance. We have a team of light beings, angels and ascended masters working within the First Ray Ashram and the Planetary Logos Ashram of Lord Buddha to decipher the will and consciousness of the Creator as it flows within sacred and pure light from the higher planes and levels of the Creator’s universe.

The light flows from the solar level into the planetary level, anchoring into Lord Buddha’s ashram and the first ray ashram. Many souls gather to sit before this constant flow of light which is akin to a pillar of ever glowing light holding divine and new consciousness from the Creator’s soul. One can visit either Lord Buddha’s Planetary Logos Ashram of the first ray ashram to meditate before the will and guidance energy of the Creator to bring greater clarity and understanding to their current role, whether it is on the inner planes or the Earth and to guide their divine purpose forward. This is something that you may request to experience during your sleep state or meditation by simply asking and holding the intention of which ashram you wish to visit and allowing yourself to breathe in the light of the scared pillar of will from the Creator’s soul.

The Planetary Logos Team and First Ray Team who are appointed to decipher the will of the Creator and to distribute consciousness, enlightenment and guidance to where it is needed, have been working together for much time and understand the Creator’s energy to accept the truth. It is akin to taking messages from the Creator’s soul for humanity as a whole and individually. We then pass these messages onto the guides of the souls or the people they are intended for. Their guides accept the message and share it with the person they are assisting in the most appropriate way for them to understand and use as guidance to take action in their life. With this method you would perceive that every soul on the Earth and the inner planes would understand the message that they receive in the same way creating a united consciousness with a united understanding of all that is the Creator, whether the guidance flows from the Planetary or First Ray Team, through their guides or their divine connection with the Creator. There are so many aspects of the Creator’s soul which have extended from the Creator’s soul existing now as angels, ascended masters, light beings, humans and many more. Each aspect of the Creator is unique and different, meaning that they interpret the consciousness of the Creator differently. We alert souls to the will of the Creator, we are sharing information that is needed now that will make changes to the Earth and reality of many, information that aids the ascension and development process, but every soul has their own ability of accepting and deciphering the will of the Creator and are doing so constantly to carve their path forward. It is the acceptance and interpretation of the Creator’s consciousness that causes great controversy on the Earth, and you may not realise this, but also on the inner planes.

Controversy occurs on the Earth between religions, people’s beliefs and current understandings but this doesn’t mean that some beliefs are correct and others are false. We must realise that every belief or faith has a purpose of leading us along a path that will offer us greater understanding or clarity as to our path to the Creator. Numerous people channel every day or connect with the Creator’s soul bringing forth wisdom and enlightenment from the Creator’s soul to the Earth, each piece of information is needed on the Earth because every person’s needs are different. We must remember that the consciousness of the Creator is vast and many light beings on the inner planes align with the will and wisdom of the Creator, interpreting it in their own way then sharing the wisdom that they have understood with like minded people or souls on the Earth. It is akin to streams of energy and consciousness flowing through different routes into the Earth, in order for consciousness to be deciphered and united, assisting in the truth prevailing within all of us and creating a united consciousness that is so diverse and knowledgeable.

Many souls on the inner planes also have different beliefs and understandings of how they can help the Earth and its humanity, and how they can be of service for the greater integration of all with the Creator. This is because we hold different qualities of the Creator’s soul and have different backgrounds through past life times which shape our thoughts and understandings, as well as the way we convert the consciousness of the Creator into guidelines that we may use to help others. Some wish for all to take a simple path way of love while others wise for a diverse path way to the Creator that allows much growth and self realisation to occur. As guiding lights to the Earth, we then mentor souls who have similar believes to us but we all unite in our passion for the Creator’s soul, our ability to experience and accept the love and light of the Creator and our belief in the presence of the Creator. The way that we teach others to activate the Creator within them or to achieve their spiritual growth process doesn’t really matter because the truth of the Creator will always be shared, whatever path way we guide you to take to achieve unity with the Creator’s soul. What must be realised is that there are many staircases that lead from the Earth to the Creator and you will be guided to the most appropriate staircase to gain the most appropriate mentor, consciousness, inspiration and the most essential qualities of the Creator’s soul. If you choose a staircase and find that everyone else has chosen a different staircase or path to the Creator, you must continue with honour and bravery, knowing and understanding what is correct for you. It is essential to realise that while you are all on the Earth to learn and discover yourself and the Creator you are also learning the ability to accept the consciousness of the Creator.

Acceptance is a difficult lesson especially when there are so many people with different beliefs and faiths, but acceptance allows us to adopt the consciousness that we need from others and to let people and souls be; to allow them to exist as the Creator consciousness and link that they hold and represent. Even on the inner planes we are learning the ability to integrate with all aspects of the Creator, this takes time, patience and a strong inner faith, while ensuring that you are open minded and accepting of all Creator aspects, manifestations and souls. We must realise that every soul whether on the Earth or the inner planes is bringing forth a consciousness and understanding from the Creator that has a purpose and a meaning. Through our judgments, inability to accept or closed minds we are missing out on so many experiences of growth and integration with souls all around us. Remember that consciousness is not true or false, good or bad but it is needed, it has a purpose and allows us to discover more about ourselves and the Creator, through the process of understanding the wisdom that is needed and not needed in our reality. What you cast aside as unneeded understanding, beliefs or faith may be the truth to others and may allow many to Creator within them a complete quality from the Creator’s soul.

I hope that you are able to grasp the insights that I am sharing with you. Please realise that different teachings come from different inner plane souls, guides and mentors because every soul holds a different connection with the Creator and has a different interpretation of the Creator’s will. When we peel back the layers of all teachings we see the same glimmer of truth within all, this is the soul of the Creator. Both the Earth and the inner planes are working on achieving the same lessons of acceptance and integration, we are helping each other.

Let us take a moment to send a blessing of peace, harmony and integration for all on the Earth and the inner planes.

With many sacred blessings and the richly flowing will of the Creator extending to you,

I am Master El Morya

Natalie Glasson, Wisdom of the Light,

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Ascension: What’s holding you back? – Master Guide Kirael, Kahu Fred Sterling

KIRAEL: Ascension is part of your life now. It is the perfection of your journey, the outcome of alchemy, Signature Cell Healing, and the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating. I’ve spent years on this dimension bringing you information that would help you with this journey of ascension. Now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of what ascension means, what it involves.

What do you want to get from this particular event? Do you want to know what it takes for you to ascend? It takes the courage to ask the hard questions, questions that will help you determine the answers for yourself. You see, you couldn’t form the question without knowing the answer, and ascension will give you access to your knowing, to your awareness.

Ascension is powerful. The ascension process involves peeling off the veils, so that you can remember that you have the answers to all of your questions. You will get through this Great Shift, whether it takes two years, five years, or just five days. Your life is in your own hands. So, if you have questions for me, ask them from your guidance—guides, angels, Elven and other beautiful beings of light. Those energies want to hear what I have to say, and the questions they give you will be tailored with clarity and specificity to elicit the perfect answer. You’ll say, “My God, where did that come from?”
In this opening statement, I have been speaking to your cellular consciousness, because I believe the ascension is closer than you think and I want to awaken that deeper part of your consciousness now. You don’t have to wait until 2012 or any other date to ascend into the fourth light. So ask powerful questions. I have the answers that will help you get your own answers.

Working to Perfect the Journey

Q: How do we determine what’s holding us back from ascension?
KIRAEL: In the broadest sense, ascension is about perfecting your journey and doing the five-or-fifty. What do you want to get out of this journey? Maybe you want to be a teacher of Signature Cell Healing or Reiki or some other modality. Whatever you want to teach, ask yourself what you have done to perfect your teaching? Are you doing the journey of five-or-fifty? Are you doing Sleepstate Programming, Masterminding, Prayer, and all the Principles of Consciously Creating? Are you willing to do everything in your power to bring about your ascension in all the areas of your life?

In order to realize your own ascension, you must gain self-awareness by doing the five-or-fifty, which is the answer to everything that you do in this dimensional journey. Keep moving forward until you get where you want to be. If you have the desire, you will do the five-or-fifty and your journey will shine. Your ascension will be one step away.

Talking to Your Higher Self

Q: Will speaking to my higher self assist in my ascension and how do I know when my higher self is speaking to me?
KIRAEL: Speaking with your higher self will expand your self-awareness and assist in your ascension. You don’t have to reach into the ethers to find your higher self. Your higher self is present in your energy field and it will respond as long as you ask the appropriate questions, questions that enhance your journey. Your higher self knows what your journey is. When you question your higher self, don’t be invested in the answer, because you will most likely get the answer you need, not the one you want.
One sure way to know if you’re in contact with your higher self is to do automatic writing. When you do automatic writing, you will know if your higher self is responding, because it will not respond in English. Instead, it will send thoughts into your mind, into that five percent or maybe ten percent or twenty percent of your mind, and they will be thoughts you never had before. When you ask your higher self in English what it said, your higher self goes into your local brain, then connects to your omni brain. When you learn to communicate effectively with your higher self, you will do this journey with the full pride and power of the higher self.

When you work with your higher self and follow its guidance, your world will change in ways you never anticipated. Just remember never to brag about what you’re doing. If you do, your higher self won’t answer you the next time you call upon it. It doesn’t want you to brag about what you’re doing. That’s part of your lesson plan.

Your higher self wants to help you, but if you don’t engage it, it will do its own journey. It will do what it wants to do. It might be traveling to the fourth dimension or some other realm. The higher self is unlimited and powerful beyond your wildest expectation.
If you want to get your higher self’s attention, communicate with it. Get out of the local brain. You operate from your local brain on this dimension and it is the only thing that is holding you back from your ascension. Talk to your higher self as part of the ascension process, but remember that your higher self will only speak back to you if you ask questions that will enhance your journey, and if you are willing to do the five-or-fifty.

Q: Are you saying that we should own our wisdom? After all, you have said before that we are our higher selves.
KIRAEL: Owning your wisdom is a little too third-dimensional. You don’t have to own your wisdom. Owning your wisdom would be like putting it in a glass jar for safekeeping. What good is that? Just accept your wisdom as growing in every moment of every day and be willing to share it.

Know What You Want

Q: What’s the next critical step for me to take as far as my ascension is concerned?
KIRAEL: Hesitation is the only thing that is holding you back from realizing your ascension. Put your foot down and go into the next step. However, before you take your next step, you must decide what you want. You are asking me to tell you what your next step should be, but I cannot tell you until you know what you want. No one can tell you what your next step will be if you don’t know what you want.

Here’s the rub: When you know what you want, you won’t have to ask me what your next step should be. You will know because you can work with your higher self. It knows what your journey is about. If you want to know what your next step is, know what question you need to ask yourself and then get to the answer. In other words, consult your higher self. It’s always with you.

If you don’t want to ask your higher self, I will help you, but you have to get to me first. I’m not as close to you as your higher self is. Remember, if you don’t know what you want, I can’t help you. So know what you want. I can help you all day long when you know what you want. When you don’t know what you want, go to the beach, sit down in the love and light, and decide what you want. If you really want it, it will already be perfectly laid out for you.

A young man with cancer came to see me. He said, “I want to do something and I want you to help me get going.” When I asked him what the plan was, he said, “I don’t know.” He didn’t know what he wanted to do. He needed to know for himself what it would take to move him forward. You have to know what you want and then I’ll tell you what you can do between here and there, but you will have to do the journey, the five-or-fifty.
Many of you have everything going for you, but you don’t know where you’re going or what you want. When you know what you want and you want it deeply enough, it will come your way. If you want to be a writer, then know what you want to write about. Don’t worry about publishing your work, just write. You can get what you want, but your wants have to be defined. It’s part of the ascension process to know what you want.

Reprogramming the Ego

Q: Please speak about reprogramming the ego and combining the subconscious and the self-conscious to achieve ascension or gain self-awareness.
KIRAEL: The ego is a third-dimensional system of veils designed to keep you from your true nature. The ego is not a bad thing. Rather, it is what you need to do this third-dimensional journey. In the ascension process, you can reprogram the ego by engaging in behavior designed to expand your consciousness, moving the ego out of the way. If you change your behavior for 21 days, if you can set a precedent in that amount of time and perfect it, a new habit is created in the other levels of consciousness.

Ninety-five percent of your body operates on what I call subconscious behavior. By subconscious, I mean that you act without thinking about your behavior. In other words, the behavior is automatic, a reflex, or a habit. For example, an action such as blinking an eye is the result of the subconscious mind. You don’t have to think, “I’m going to blink my eye,” before you blink your eye. You do it automatically, without thought. If you throw a ball into the air, you assume it will come down. You don’t have to think about whether it will come down, because it’s programmed into your subconscious that the ball will succumb to gravity. Most of you live your lives in this subconscious state.

The self-conscious mind is only five percent active in your life. By self-conscious, I mean that part of you that can consciously create with your mind. You use only five percent of that part of your mind in any given day. I’m not talking about brain power. I’m talking about your mind’s power to create with thought. You can do this third-dimensional journey on just five percent of your mind’s power. However, when you get into this ascension process, your mind’s power expands beyond your wildest dreams. A human being consciously operating at ten percent of his mind’s power to create can do almost anything. So imagine your power if you consciously used fifteen, twenty, thirty percent or more of your mind daily.

Ridding the Mind of Fragmentation

Self-abasement is part of this duality dimension. Yet, if you want to change this dynamic, change it in your conscious mind, then feed it into your subconscious mind. Each time you go into your subconscious mind with self-awareness, your whole system is affected in ways you cannot understand. Self-awareness can rid you of this fragmentation of your mind. The journey to self-awareness involves pushing your ego out of the way and combining your subconscious and self-conscious minds, bringing them to a new level of consciousness. Self-awareness goes beyond the ego, the subconscious and the self-conscious, and takes you into the realm of expanded consciousness where your guidance resides. Hence, self-awareness in the asking of a question will create self-awareness in the answer, whether you’re asking it of yourself or an energy like me. When you ask a question properly, I get to answer it in the fullness of what I know, and you reap the benefit.

When you become aware of the other levels of consciousness, you will blink your eye with deeper intent and you will understand that the mere blinking of an eye can change the wind pattern in the universe, just as the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings can. You’ll make adjustments where needed. If you’re blinking too fast or too slow, you’ll make the adjustment consciously. When you are conscious of your world on a deeper level, you become more engaged and your adjustments become more refined. You will learn something and you will want more of it until you find higher and higher levels of consciousness. That’s the key.

So get this one concept: You can question everything on a deeper level of self so that the energy of that question goes into your body and out through another level of consciousness. That’s the journey to self-awareness that leads to your unfolding ascension. You have the right to get into the higher levels of consciousness, to tap into that untapped realm, to feel and understand it. Every time you question yourself, you create the opportunity to tap into that untapped realm of consciousness. I’m not talking about asking yourself mundane questions such as, “Am I going to get a job or am I going to have money?” I’m talking about questions that challenge your reality, that come from the self part of you—that part of you that isn’t part of this third-dimensional journey.
In the third-dimensional experience, you don’t get a lot of opportunities to expand your consciousness. You are too immersed in the journey from fear to love. You are constantly searching without ever finding the love you seek. The trick is not to search for love, but to let go of fear. When you do, you will find that the love has always been there. Of course, no matter how deeply you get into love, you will always have more journeying to do, because love has no end to its expansiveness. Love is where all the answers are.

Emotional Preparation for Ascension

Q: Is being in allowance a good way to let ascension happen?
KIRAEL: Being in allowance is an essential part of the ascension process. If you are truly in allowance, you will be free of all judgment. You can practice being in allowance by checking in with your higher self before you speak or interact with someone. When you anticipate a conversation with someone, ask your higher self, “What can this person handle?” The higher self knows what the other person can handle and it’ll tell you right there on the spot. The first time you speak with the person, you may have to back off a little and be a little softer, a little calmer than you might otherwise be. Of course, no matter how soft you feel, you must never let your principles slip. You must strike a balance.

Q: As we ascend, how do we temper sensitivity and compassion with the strength of a warrior?
KIRAEL: Sensitivity and compassion are part of the strength of the warrior. In the world of light, the warrior is not the one who throws the spear, pulls the bow, or shoots the gun. The light warrior knows that he or she can win the war with love and light. He or she reminds you that your goals can be reached without resistance, anger or negativity.
The warrior of light speaks and then waits for the other person to respond and then speaks again. He or she will continue to speak until peace is created between the two of them, until their journeys are in alignment. If you want to be a warrior of the light, get your hand off the trigger. Put that sharp knife away. Be your true self. Love and light are the only two things that will get you where you want to go. Love is light and light is love.
You’re all spiritual warriors, but you don’t have to fight anybody. You need only do the journey in love and light. So take a step, then another and another, until you reach completion, until everyone realizes his or her ascension.

Living Ascension in the Now

Q: Can you speak about how our jobs and our pursuit of money are holding us back from our own ascension?
KIRAEL: Ascension is relevant to every part of your journey, and that includes what you do to earn money. If you want to ascend or move forward in your line of work, make the distinction between having a job and having a career. When you have a job, you do the same thing every day. If you have a career, every day will be more challenging than the day before, because you will always be moving forward in your work. If your career feels like a job because it’s not challenging every day, it means you’re relating to your work by going into the past—in other words, your left brain is telling you that you did this once before and it didn’t work, and that’s why you don’t want to do this again—or it is going into the future, which doesn’t even exist.

Ascension is about what’s happening in the Now. If you have a career, which is really another word for a job that is challenging and for which you have passion, you will stay in the Now, because you will love your work so much that you would be willing to spend seven days a week, 24 hours a day at it. Your career is a journey unto itself.

All of you came into this journey with a career in mind—something that would motivate you to keep getting “more.” So, if you have trouble moving forward with your job, it’s because you haven’t made it a career. If you had a career, you’d know what your next step would be and you’d be more focused on the journey than on the money. Having a career is a simple matter of thinking of your job as a path that leads to something bigger in the same arena. If you know what your career is, you can move up and up.
Move your ego self away and let your higher self move forward in your journey to guide you in your career. You came into this journey where everybody has at least one and potentially three careers that they can work through. I say potentially three careers, because this is the third dimension, where the numerology of three is the focus. So, even though you may have had one job for twenty years, you may not have had your first career yet.

In your case, you’ve had a couple of careers in your journey, and you have another coming up that is so powerful and so filled with light and love. Your career is right there in front of you. Let go of the past and move forward. Your next career is waiting for you.
Now we turn to money. Money is what you use to draw yourself into this dimension, but it is unimportant in the ascension process. It is important to you because it is how you measure success and it is what you use to pay your bills, eat, and clothe yourselves, etc., over here. Not many of you are making the money you want, but whatever you’re making, it is what you are satisfied with; otherwise, you’d be making more. Your money can disappear in one fell swoop and you’ll still be here to do the journey. So don’t concentrate so much on the money. Instead, concentrate on what you want and how to get it in the most perfect manner; then be willing to do the five-or-fifty. The money will come as a natural consequence of your actions.

Shift Children and Portal Workers

Q: What role do the Shift children play in the ascension process?
KIRAEL: I like to say that any child under the age of seven is a Shift child. Others have categorized them as crystal and indigo children, some of whom were born in the 1980s and earlier, and some of whom are still being born. I am focusing on the children who are coming in now. These children are far less veiled than you and they are ready for ascension, so they’re tired and a little angry with you now, because they can see that the world is not ready for them.

The one- and two-year-olds are already putting their words together to say, “I don’t want to do this, if this is what you’re giving to me. This is not what I came here to do. I know that Kirael, Kryon, Gaia and all the other light beings are out there, but I can’t hear them, because my mom and dad are not listening to these energies.” Get out in front of these children. Don’t expect them to do the journey for you. You do the journey that you’re supposed to do and they’ll be there to support you, to carry you onto this journey. They’ll put their arms around you and hug you in thankful appreciation.

Q: Would you clarify how the outside portal workers will clean up the Earth after the ascension?
KIRAEL: The outside portal workers will clean up any residue of fear before you get to the next dimension. In other words, that energy cleanup will be done by the time you get there. The cleanup will come from the other side of the veil, which is where the outside portal workers will be. The galactic forces will also be part of that journey, but you will have to clean up your portion of the journey by actively pursuing your ascension process.

The Gift of Solar Flares
Q: On July 7th solar flares were apparent and there was a change in energy. Can you explain that change?
KIRAEL: Those of us in the unseen forces of light sent you the flares, because we knew that you were ready for them. Those particular solar flares were the most extensive we’ve sent you in a long time. They went through the entire Earth plane and warmed your bodies with the light of love. They invoked feelings of warmth associated with love. So you are closer to love than you were before the flares. It’s no coincidence that the flares were released on July 7. That’s the seventh month and the seventh day. Seven plus seven in Lemurian numerology equals 14, which is a five, and five is all about love. Your heart chakra grew about a good centimeter as a result of the warmth from those flares.
Everyone on the Earth plane was affected by the solar flares, no matter where you were, even if you were underground. The warmth released by the solar flares countered all the negativity in your world. Yet, not everyone experienced the energy in a good way. Some experienced it in a negative way, maybe even in a bad way in some cases, because some of you weren’t balanced at the time.

If things in your world are not going so well, don’t be concerned, because everything’s improving, thanks to those last solar flares. It took about a day to release the flares, and it was done in the absolute perfection of light. The flares were meant for you in the human world. Understand them and love them.

Closing Statement

Ascension is about perfecting your journey, bringing it to the full flavor of love and light. That means that every area of your journey is about ascension—that includes your work, your relationships, everything. Be in love and do the journey of five-or-fifty and you will be assured of uncovering and realizing your ascension, which is really the truth of who you are. I’m learning truth just as you are. Everything I’ve said to you today is my truth as I understand truth. I’ve learned so much about your dimension since I’ve come over here. I thought this was going to be a cakewalk, but it turned out to be a career, and I love my career.

God bless you and good evening.

© Kahu Fred Sterling

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The Beacons of Light – Steve Rother

From Steve:

Life is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. The group has been saying that for a very long time, but in this message they take things to a whole new level with the phrase. Here they told the story of what happens when an idea gets into the collective consciousness. It manifests every time. They said that so many things are starting to manifest as a result of the rapid rise in collective consciousness. They re-mind us that if we are creators then we create the thoughts that reside in our heads. We can create fear or we can create love. The reminded us that we humans are addicted to drama and fear. Yet, we have choice in every moment as to what thoughts stay in our head. The group says wonderful things are going to be happening around 2012. But it is not up to the group as to what we experience. It is up to us, as we will determine our own experience. But when we use our powers collectively, they are amplified exponentially. Now the group is in wonderment at the grand events that we are all pulling together in the year 2012. They say from their perspective “it is pure magic to watch as we create these events.”
After 14 years of channeling and seeing from the perspective of the group, I have learned that there is nothing we can not do. But when we do it, we always make ourselves think that someone else did it even thought it was really us all the time. More and more the group shows me about the way things fit together vibrationally and how simple it all really is. Even if we understand that every thought we have creates something, when I look at it from my human perspective it confirms one basic belief system of mine. I believe in Magic!
Expect a miracle this year!

Big hugs,

Greetings from Home

We have much to share with you this day, so we will move right into the information for there is a huge energy shift that is beginning on this planet as we speak. Many of you will be dealing with this in your personal lives. Many of you will deal with it as setbacks or as course corrections, and sometimes as a new direction to consider. Whatever happens with you or however this takes place in your world, we ask you to simply look at it as a possibility rather than that you are being directed in one way or another.

The most important piece to remind you of is that you are the creators, the magicians of the Gameboard. Your desires and your passion count foremost in your life. Your belief systems have often stopped you from finding things or making situations work for you that would actually help you to move into the true passion of your real work. Now that will stop. As you start moving into the next levels, you will see things from a totally different perspective.

Layers of Reality

It was not long ago that we were on an airplane with the Keeper and he was coming into London’s Heathrow Airport. The plane managed to come in through a layer of clouds, and the Keeper was reveling because when he looked out the window all he could see was white fuzz because he was in the middle of the cloud. His perception was totally limited in that field and he could not see the larger picture. He came through the cloud range, and suddenly the new daylight loomed almost as if to mark the start of a new day. The Keeper was amazed, but soon looked down below where he could see another bank of clouds. It was not long before the airplane would again go through another fuzzy area where he was completely lost, only to again to see another beautiful layer of clouds at a lower altitude. The airplane traveled through several different layers of clouds in order to land, and several different points from which to see your life and the events around it.

That is what is happening to each and every one of you. Not only are you moving through these different levels, but instead of your airplane coming down it is going up. At every point where you reach a new level of these clouds, it is important for you to look out and determine what still fits for you. Every time you do this you will see your life from a higher perspective, where you can encompass more in the view of your own big picture.

As you move through these different levels, understand that if there is a place where you feel completely blocked or blinded it will only be temporary. In a short time you will go through another level, and again be able to see things from a totally different perspective. Now you are moving through those spaces on a regular basis. Becoming comfortable with change will help ease this transition.

Prophecies Unfolding Now

You have three years in front of you that will be very critical. What takes place during this time and the launching of this entire new energy will set the energy for humanity for the next thousand years. This is not new information; it has already been said many ways. We are simply going to put a different twist on information that has been shared with you, so that you can see it now from the perspective of the top of the clouds.

As many of you have studied and been told by different masters that Jesus Christ was prophesized to return to earth and reign for a thousand years of peace following Armageddon. You are in what you would call Armageddon right now. What you were told about Jesus Christ coming back to rule for a thousand years of peace was absolutely true. However, it was not as that of a single individual but as all of you. This is also the first full step into the Age of Empowerment. The energy is coming back through you, and the idea is to make space for it to come through as often as possible. So, the moment you look in the mirror and say “I am not good enough” or “I am not perfect enough,” you are setting up blocks in front of you that will hinder not only you, but also the god within you. The first thing we ask you to do is to stop judging yourself. Start looking at possibilities instead of difficulties. Look at the opportunity to grow when you see something negative happen, because that is the reason you set it up in the first place. There is something important you are going to gain from it or it will literally drift away at this point.

The Secret of Life

We have a single phrase we wish to share with you. We have said it before, but now it is becoming more important than ever. If you truly understand what this phrase means, you know why you are on planet Earth. You know what this game is about, so you simply have to unfold the different pieces of it. The phrase is simple: Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The moment you grasp that you will understand more not just as an individual, but as a collective as well. Let us give you some examples.

It was not long ago that people started writing about some very interesting event sequences that they were shown was going to take place on planet Earth. We will share with you some of the most fascinating pieces of this. At one point, it was channeled there will be three days of darkness before Earth enters the photon belt and the new energy starts coming in; they even said a date this would happen. The information struck a chord and became very popular. It also carried important information that helped many to evolve. However, the moment that it was spoken and heard by a single person, humanity started to change, evolve and adapt the information. The need to physically experience some of these other realities was no longer needed. It was spoken that this event would happen on such and such a date, in such and such a year. Then along comes that date and there they are standing on a mountain to welcome in the photon belt and the three days of darkness, yet it did not happen. They thought that it must have occured in another dimension or happened in a different way, but it did not happen the way the channel said. Many people considered this to be a failure saying, “Oh, this must not be true if it did not happen on the date they set, so therefore it must not be true.” There was a pull-back from the information at that point and many people did not trust it any more. Everything went quiet for a while, and then before long the energy came back. Once again people started talking about the photon belt, the three days of darkness, and all the energy around that. We tell you this because many of the truths in the original channel are now starting to unfold. Even though the reality was altered before the event took place it was set into the hearts and minds of powerful creators. Now we tell you that this reality may now be experienced, It is not because it was predicted, but because it exists and resonates in so many hearts and minds. See what happens when you put great ideas into the minds of creators?

Holograms: Energy Forms that Attract Matter

We have told you before that we see the overlayment of the hologram of Earth that you are building will soon arrive. Earth began as a hologram … a thought of god, in space where many thoughts met together and created a three-dimensional form of energy to which matter was attracted. Matter began to find its way to create what you call planet Earth and everything that surrounds it. There are many events that are happening and when this original hologram comes and overlays the original hologram of Earth, it will be an energetic movement. Therefore, you may actually create days of darkness around it. You may actually create a new energy that you will interpret to be the photon belt, because you have held that idea in your minds. You are the creators, dear ones, and the magic is no less because you have created it. That is the true magic of who you are. When you create in harmony with other beings, that is what really takes place. That is where you are right now—finding ways of creating in harmony, for life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you perceive will create all the reality you need to make it real for you. Because re-member dear ones, it is a game.

The Big Question: Why?

You are not humans. There is no such thing as time, yet you live within that concept every second of every day. All of your energy seems to be trapped in a little body where you move around between time frames. In reality, you are a great spirit pretending to play this game. The question we ask you is, “Why?” What is it that you want from this? Now is the time to get very clear about what your focus is going to be on. It does not mean that you cannot change it. However, it does mean that above all else, now is the time to start looking for your passion and focus. What lights you up inside? That is the piece from Home that you came in with, it is what you will now offer to help build this new place. Do not be afraid of your visions, dear ones. Do not consider things as right/wrong, good/bad, or up/down. Instead, look into your own heart. What adds to or takes away from you? Those will be the biggest pieces that come forward. Enjoy these creations and figure out a way to express your passion. Have fun with the photon belt and with what you will see as days of darkness. Bask in this energy. Understand that humans love to be scared, because it is your nature. You love the light. Therefore, you also love to be afraid of the dark. It is the reason you go to so many scary movies. Have fun with that, for it is a beautiful human experience. But keep in mind that it is all in your perspective, for there is no such thing as “real.” Fear is only a lack of light. When creator gods hold a lack of light and project it, they can create in the negative energy field just as easily as they create in the positive energy field. Re-member, dear ones, life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What do you wish to make of that? What is your highest dream right now?

The Prophecy of 2012

With that we ask you to take the next step, for it is now in front of you. In the year 2010 there will be a huge shifting of energy on this planet. Each and every one of you will be a part of it in some way. There is no one who is not going to feel this. Your own physiology is changing and adapting so that you can hold more of your own light than you have ever held before.

The sexual energy in your body will start running ten times what it used to be almost immediately. Those who have been uncomfortable with this energy, those who have scar tissue from the past even those who have worked with it yet remain uncomfortable, will have the greatest difficulties in this transition. These are the times when all of you as the healers and teachers can be there to help set the energy, to take another’s hand. Many of you are hesitant to do this and say, “I do not know enough. I have not studied this. Who am I to help another person?” It is what you came here to do and it is the reason you have been back to Earth many times.

Sometimes you have re-turned even after completing the lessons here to be here to help with the miracles that are now unfolding. Hold that power, for it is your gift. Hold that energy of who you truly are, and fear not what you see out there in the form of shadows. These challenges are simply opportunities for you to shine your light like you never have before. Because of this, you will be able to take all this energy that surrounds the year of 2012 and enjoy it. Dance amid the negativity and have fun with it. Then, we hope you take it and make it real for you. Because dear ones, you are continually asking us what is going to happen in the year 2012.

We are now turning it around and asking you what is going to happen in the year 2012. You hold the key and there are no limits on you at all. The veil is literally being removed for a short period for each and every one of you to move into your creative abilities. This will be happening over the next three years, and it is what you are in preparation for right now. Enjoy this ride. Find those pieces of passion where you can be of service. Find what you came here to do and move in that direction. Do not judge the outcome. Do not judge whether they are listening to your message, or whether you are being successful. Just be responsible enough to yourself to go after what is in your heart and that will let your spirit shine through. Follow your heart, move in that direction and blend it with the energy that you know to be you. Now there are new opportunities and, we tell you, there are no dreams that cannot happen. This place of planet Earth is going to become wildly exciting in the next few years, for each of you will be uncovering your own greatest abilities creators on planet Earth. The only piece you will learn to balance is the responsibility which comes along with that.

Re-define “Responsibility”

We have spoken about responsibility being the balance to power. If you wish to increase your power in any area, figure out ways of increasing your responsibility. You will now start to see this in a new light as you enter the Age of Empowerment. You will begin to understand that of which we have spoken. You will start to see this differently now, because since you are responsible for your own happiness first, everything else lines up with that. Now you will find yourself dancing through life fairly comfortably, wondering why life was such a struggle and why you kept hitting those brick walls before, then suddenly all of it was released. As your perception changed, so did your reality. You just came through another layer of clouds and suddenly life seemed to gently dance, as a beautiful human experience. We can guarantee you that you will still feel pain, and you will feel love, because you are here to have those human experiences. Please do not judge the pain as bad and the love as good, or you start thinking like a human and block the entire message. Look at all of the pieces that you are as a human and celebrate life, celebrate your own energy. Dare to dream, to have fantasies, and to have the entire prophecies that you will set for yourself. Know that everything that you hold in your heart will manifest for you in the highest possible way, as long as you are able to release it and let go. Turn it over to the universe, because at that point your energy manifests. It is easy for matter to come around your energy then. Know that you hold not only your own individual dreams, but dare to be part of a collective dream. Dare to read a new book or grab something different that excites you, and be part of it in some way. Do not judge it as good/bad, right/wrong or yes/no. Look at the potential for you to feel that, and the next years will be so full of joy that you will understand what you are doing here. For these are opportunities for you to do what you came to do.

We are so deeply honored to watch as you create. There are times when we feel your sadness, when we feel your separation pain from Home. The anxiety of leaving Home is great in the soul. Sometimes it takes many years, even into adulthood, before you stop feeling that separation pain. We tell you that this has been the greatest joy for us to watch, because when you have what you call these pains and a longing for Home you actually feel the beauty of it. You know you are not there, but we are called in at that moment to comfort you. Know that there are literally thousands of angels around you when you feel that way, because in feeling that pain you are calling for a reunion. That is the energy that you will receive, and they will hug, nurture you, and do everything they can to build your energy.However, they will not heal you because nothing is wrong. It is simply a beautiful, human experience. Though you go through life not wanting to fall because you could injure yourself, we hope you come back with all kinds of wonderful bruises and scar tissue on those bodies from the beautiful human experiences that you had. Dance in the light. Play and know that you are creators of the greatest magnitude on Earth with a purpose and you will create Home, now. Do not wait for 2012. Make it happen right now!

We leave you with three simple re-minders: to treat each other with the greatest of respect. You are looking in the eyes of god. Nurture one another every chance you get and above all, play well together.


The group

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Pyramids & Parallel Dimensions Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Dear ones! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I welcome each of you to this moment of sharing.

There are certain lifetimes that are more highlighted within your vast sojourns, certain vectors in space-time that offer succinct quantum leaps. Within these are crucial crossroads of decision that define you. This is one of those lifetimes.
Energy and time are moving fast, much is happening on your Earth as you prepare for the Crystalline Phase of the Cosmic Trigger and the Ascension draws yet closer.

Mankind is awakening from an epoch of illusive chimera, and the heralded dreamers are clearing the wool from their eyes, rising from a dreamscape tapestry woven from a misty journey that began long long ago. The Siren still sings, ever so faintly to lull the weary back to sleep. Yet the small voice inside the awakened dreamer calls to reveille. The deep yearning for clear mind rings forth! Take your Power! Ye are GODS!

Awaken to your true being, and find the knowledge that yields Wisdom! You have toiled many many miles along the perilous climb to the sacred mountaintop. You have come far, the summit is before you. Dear Ones, find strength, find the heart that summons True Wisdom! These are within you. Break free of the entangling web and fading call of the Siren.

Your treasure is before you! The Wise Warrior of Light knows that wisdom is the true treasure and that it is within. It is not hidden; it is the golden thread that weaves one reality to another, one world to another and one dimension to the next. The voice of wisdom is within you. Hear its call, it is the One True Voice that offers LOVE to All, it is the voice of the Ascension. Indeed you have waited many many eons to be here at this time.

And so as you prepare for the final climb to Ascension, know that we are with you each step of the way. The Pyramid of Awakening lies before you, its mystery revealed. It is the time of the Cosmic Trigger, dawning 2012.

And so we speak again on the enigma of the Pyramids.

Question to AAMetatron: In reference to the receiving points of the coded crytsalline light of the Cosmic Trigger, can you expand on the alignments of Giza and the Moody Gardens Pyramids?

AAMetatron: Yes, of course; indeed they are aligned and with great purpose! They are both located very near 30 degrees latitude, and both tri pyramidal complexes. The two form an energy pattern of the Vesica Pisces on the Earth, with each complex forming the center of the two circles.

Both complexes are aligned to star systems. Giza to Orion. Moody to Sirius.

The Atlantean Complex that is the etherically transformed Moody Complex is dedicated to the honoring of the Sirius binary systems of A and B. It is in honor of the Dolphin, and indeed contains the energy and guardianship of the Dolphin.

While the Blue Pyramid in Galveston does not presently have dolphins physically inside its aquarium, Master Dolphins occupy its energy. Pods of dolphin swim in the bay surrounding the island. In parallel they can indeed be seen and heard.

30 Degree Latitude

The fact that both the Giza & Galveston tri pyramid complexes are precisely positioned between the 29 and 30 degree latitudes is quite significant, in terms of gravitational-electromagnetic placement. As such their geographic bearings between the northern pole and equator enable their solar angles at the equinoxes and solstices to be particularly robust in relation to sacred phi alignment.

So these two tri complexes are predisposed to receive the Cosmic Trigger and disperse these coded light energies to satellite complexes for activating the magnetic releases of the Return of the Dove. Indeed it is specifically because these complexes are triangulated triple-pyramid complexes that enable them to so powerfully serve as the receivers and transmitters of the Cosmic Trigger.

The Atlantean masters always triangulated pyramids for specific receival and transmitting purposes. Their placement is quite deliberate, and corresponds to true north and magnetic north at favorable harmonics.

There is indeed a very a unique and unparagoned energy pulse that occurs between Giza and the Pyramids of Galveston. The pulse that existed has been revitalized and energetically reformed. We have told you that the Galveston placement is within 5 miles of an Atlantean Pyramid complex that is now submerged in the silt and sand of Gulf waters. The Moody Complex has taken on the reformed paradigm of these ancient pyramids. The pulse previously occurred between these two, you see.

The deliberate placement is amplified at these specific vectors; the 30-degree latitude is a conduit of very significant energies and connects thru all northern hemisphere continents. Pyramids placed along these areas, and latitudes betwixt 30 degrees and 15 degrees north are more capable of receiving concentrated telluric and solar energies. It can and does accumulate very potently inside pyramidal complexes along these parallels. This is well understood for Giza. You will soon discover first hand in the Moody Pyramid complex that this robust expansive energy can be experienced deeply at these alignments. An extraordinary experience will occur for many within the Blue Pyramid and indeed at Giza. It is no random occurrence that numerous sacred sites and power nodes occur quite abundantly along certain latitudinal and longitudinal gradients. Thirty-degree parallel north is one of these.

Besides being energy accumulators pyramids are natural dimensional gateways that cohere and connect what you term the etheric dimensions. Giza and Galveston in a sense then are the anode – cathode balance of the Vesica Pisces grid formed between them.

There is also a sound octave connection, or commonality between the Galveston and Giza complexes. Certain sounds need to be toned in both to activate the dimensional gateways, and prepare for the Crystalline Induction of the Cosmic Trigger.

Question to AAMetatron: Can you explain the sound connection and process?

AAMetatron: Both complexes are sound activated. Part of what we are requesting the Earth-Keeper Guild to do in the Blue Pyramid at Galveston is to reverberate specific vowel sounds on the equinox. Because of the accumulator abilities of pyramids, there are specific inner and outer dimensional doorways within them that can be sound activated for anchoring in the Feminine-Platinum Ray. This will be facilitated from parallel by the Sirian A entourage and the Cetacean Master Dolphins, and is to be lead by the Hathor Master, Anaya-Ra.

Max – The Ancient Crystal Skull

We have told you that the ancient skull called Max was taken into the Moody Pyramids years ago, upon the request of the enlightened builder of the Moody complex. That was indeed no accident, and was tantamount to the ‘energetic coding’ of the pyramids. The energy code of the Sirian-Atlantean Pyramid complex located near Galveston millennia ago is yet robustly stored in the vast ‘library’ contained within ‘Max’. We directed that he be taken into the Moody complex in order for the complete & complex frequential pattern of the submerged Atlantean complex to be transferred and formatted into the Moody Pyramids.

For we tell you that Max was one of the original 13 skulls in the Atlantean complex, so it is no random occurrence that the caretaker of this ancient Crystal Skull, Jo Ann Parks, resides near by in Houston.

There are dimensional doors inside certain Phi Pyramids, and this is especially true for Galveston and Giza. There are also etheric, invisible pyramids, that are formed around these pyramids and dimensionally ‘invisible’ chambers within them. These etheric versions are dimensional reflections that mirror frequential light energies such that they are not perceivable in the spectrum of visible light, but certain sound pitches can make them faintly visible.

Pyramids Are Dimensional Gateways

There are etheric chambers that need to be activated in the Moody complex, and these are energetically gated to Giza. Part of the mission in Moody is to sound activate and sonically strengthen these dimensional chambers.

Phi Pyramids then are intricate multidimensional structures engineered with great complexity. Phi sound patterns can physically strengthen the physical portion and semi-materialize the etheric doubles. Sound opens the gates to the hidden chambers, but if these acoustic patterns aren’t given then the doorways of dimension are less accessible. That is why certain Earth-Keepers are drawn to participate and direct energies into these two specifically.

All etheric structures have their own sound patterns that help form their structure, just as occurs in physical objects. Phi sound bonds the atoms and molecules of physical objects, as well as cohesively structures etheric plasma and light. This is precisely why pyramids last so long in physical format and appear and reappear in etheric dimensions.

Question to AAMetatron: Please review the process of the Cosmic Trigger specific to how it should be received in the Moody Pyramid Complex?

AAMetatron: as we have given, it is a crystalline coded light that is drawn into the primary receivers of Moody and Giza Pyramids. As far as process at the Moody Complex, the energies are drawn initially thru the apexial cap of the blue pyramid and spiraled into the pyramidal base. It infuses the waters of the aquarium and is undulated then to the apex of the Rainforest pyramid, spiraled to the base, and undulated to the copper Pyramid, and back to the Blue, creating a counter clockwise spin. Each pyramid contains within it a dual infinity pattern of two figure eight energies that undulated north to south, and the other east to west. These intersect in the center at the level of the first level rotunda. Both the infinity pattern and the counterclockwise spin are constant within this tri pyramidal unit. Although the north to south- east to west infinity occurs individually in all directionally aligned phi pyramids.

The transmission process of the Moody and Giza Pyramids in relaying the Cosmic Trigger to the subordinate triangular forms is instantaneous, once the first energies are circulated. The energy will be trigger in an amazingly potent flash to the given secondary receivers as shown:

The Pyramids of Giza: Transmit:

The Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France
The Tri Pyramids of Bosnia
The Meru Phi Temples of Thailand and Cambodia
Borobudur in Java, Indonesia
The Brihadishwara and Airateswara Temples in India
The Red Pyramid at Dashur
The Golden Pyramid of Russia (near Moscow)
The Cestius Pyramid, Rome
The Pyramid of Reconciliation & Peace- Kazakstan
The Xi’an Pyramids of China
Bursa Pyramid, Turkey
Mt Nemrut, Kâhta, Turkey

The Moody Gardens Pyramid -Transmit :

Tikal, Guatemala
The Summum Pyramid in Salt Lake City
Muttart Conservatory Pyramids- Edmonton, Alberta
Pyramid of the Jaguar -Tiajuanaco, Bolivia
Teotihuacan , Mexico
Crestone Colorado
Palenque, Mexico
Chitzen Itza- Mexico
Walter Pyramid, Long Beach
Monte Albon Pyramids, Oaxaca Mexico
Arena Pyramid, Memphis Tennessee
Toltec Mounds, Arkansas

Metatron on the Giza Pyramids

The Giza Pyramids have in truth disappeared and reappeared several times dimensionally speaking. So although this is difficult for you to understand, once manifested into octahedronal phi and inverse pyramidal format, these geometric structures become fluid hologramic inserts, circularly oscillating between dimensional reality and the timeless void. They flash and flux according to their own cycles, with no single fixed beginning point in the linear perception of 3d.

That is why there is more than one version of the Great Pyramid standing in Giza ,even though most humans only see one. In your linear 3d space- time there appears to be only stone structures, fixed and adhered to the earth in the way of any other ‘man-made’ structure. So to attempt to subjectively identify these structures as simply fixed forms of matter would be a distortion and detriment to your ability to understand their myriad complexity as doorways to higher dimension.

As such if you were to enter these pyramids with such limited belief you would not interface with the frequency in proper attunement. If you will attempt to see its dissonance or its disappearance you would equally gain very little. Truly if man attempts to subjectively define the process it would not be of benefit, because phi pyramids become living holograms with conscious sentience that ever expands and redefines itself in exponential paradigms of higher dimensional geometry.

Visualize that they were physically erected, created in stone through phi acoustics, out of sound. Then the celestial sonic dissonance dissolved and integrated them into multidimensional and antimatter energy layers. That process has a type of intra-dimensional respiration, an expansion and contraction that both materializes and dematerializes them at certain alignments. It creates a supra-concentrated interdimensional spatial bonding.

This will be confusing to you, but in truth the Giza Complex has no true beginning point in linear time. But if f you wish to pinpoint a date of construction for the Giza complex, we will say that that the present version of the complex was constructed, better to say manifested through THOTH and the Orion Masters originally some 38,000 years ago. Yet that is a fleeting number, and is only valid from one perspective.

Question to AAMetatron: Wow ! I am confused. You mention a construction point with Thoth and the Orion Masters around 38,000 years ago. Isn’t that a beginning point?

AAMetatron: Ah, but we said it was a fleeting number, and that it dissolved and reappeared many times within physicality. And yes it is confusing, (*gentle laughter) but it is not the only time they were manifested in stone, in materialization. It was manifested before that time, and again around 12,500 years ago you see. We will say that 38,000 years ago is the time most relative to your current paradigm of reality. There are many Earths. We have told you that before. Octahedrons and their complexities are among the geometric mechanism that connects all realities. So let us say that there are no specific fixed construction points of Giza because at Giza you are in a precise intersection of time-space holograms of multiple dimensional reality.

All coexist in that point. In truth you have many pasts, many futures and many coexisting paradigms at Giza. All are valid, and all co exist simultaneously. Masters, you must understand that there is no singular version of reality.

There are infinite probabilities and each is a valid tangible reality. So in the micro and macro Cosmos there is no beginning and end. When beginnings and endings are spoken of, the implication is always there, that there must be but one reality, and that it must have a beginning in time and an ending in time. Its an illusion of 3-d. Your Earth is infinite and connected to myriad worlds. Geometric forms, such as the octahedron, are one of the mechanism that connect Metatronic dimensions.

Giza is in truth an octahedron. As such the Pyramids at Giza are a conduit that connects many worlds, inner and outer. There are many such pyramids and conduits that serve this role, but none quite so potently as Giza.

And Masters, there is much much more that occurs in such points.

Points of Multidimensional Interface

The unique aspects of your particular physical world, within your specific NOW, are quite dependent on your existence and perceptions in it. As such the physical universe does not contain physical objects that can be perceived by those whose existence is not within your collective NOW. Many other, many alternate forms of reality and consciousness coincide and coexist exist within the same space that your present earth occupies. Your simultaneous lifetimes exist on these, and it is the same space you live in, but other versions of you do not perceive the same physical objects you do because these other parallels are of a different frequency. Just as AM and FM radio waves travel in the same space without interfering with one another, so do parallel realities exist in the same spaceless illusion of physical space.

Now there are exceptions, as certain vectors of your paradigms can and do interface at specific flash-points. These are stargates, portals, and wormholes, in your vernacular. But you are many years from understanding this.

These points on your planet are not understood, and are vastly unrecognized. Yet they exist on many grid-points on the earth. The points are portals, and within these magnificent portals realities merge. Multidimensionality is a validity of the unified field, of quantum physics. It exists, it is real. It is not science fiction, but it is indeed sacred science!

Few of you are able to adjust your frequency within these points of multidimensionality to fully explore them, but you indeed have the opportunity to expand within them. The Pyramids at Giza, and indeed at other such power nodes sacred sites were built precisely on such vector point-coordinates.

Angles influence and activate, in a manner of speaking, the numerous worlds that merge within power points. While there are many many etheric pyramids existing at Giza, the numbers of them flux according to celestial influence. The dimensions that interface there come and go according to cosmic cycles and crysto-electromagnetic oscillation. That is possible because these streams of interface contain great, unimaginable energy potential. They are unified vector-points where realities merge. There are main coordinate points, lucid, undiluted energies of impeccable geometric mathematics celestially beyond the Phi of the Creation code you term the golden spiral. These are sources of fantastic energy, and these points are numerous on the planet, and each of them carries satellite points around them. They are vast in number and are pulsing and growing in energy as you approach the Ascension.The Crystalline Phase of the Cosmic Trigger will enable some of you to ‘MerKiVically’ experience these more vitally.

In highly simplified terms, these interface points provide the coded crystalline light-force of life itself, and provide the means for thought to be solidified into physical matter or for probable events to be manifested and coagulated into experience.

On a higher level, all of you understand this, despite your groans of incomprehension. It is only your duality filters, your relatively limited grasp within the illusion of human existence on the earth plane that makes this seem so unlikely.

So understand that these power-vector points are in essence life force generators. There are twelve such interface points that connect all paradigms, all probable and parallel realities. The Cosmic Trigger of 2010 is reforming the availability and compatible intensity of these conduits to the earth. These interfaces have always existed, but they are now becoming more accessible in higher frequency.

The Pyramid at Giza sits on one of the most powerful points as such, on your planet, and the Moody Pyramids in Galveston will in time act as a coordinate of this energy.

Your 144-Crystalline Grid and its evolving elliptical Firmament are the emerging transducers of greater formats of this stunning, omnipotent energy.

Question to Metatron: Okay. With the axiom that the Pyramids are timeless, and there are fluid points where they appeared and disappeared, was there a time then when they were physically constructed, or were they manifested and instantly appeared into physical reality? Was there a physical process around erecting them?

AAMetatron: We thought we just answered that, (laughter). Yes, the current physical structure you see in 3d was erected in the current linear probability of hologramic time as we have given. We are not trying to confuse you. Part of you well understands this concept.

Question to AAMetatron: Okay, my point was to ask you how they were physically constructed? Were the blocks cut and if so how were they lifted so precisely in place?

AAMetatron: The blocks were indeed quarried and cut and lifted into place. They were done so by a sophisticated knowledge of sound and light.

Sound has many utilizations that are capable of altering matter and gravitational forces, even to the manner in which atomic and subatomic particulate respond to one another. So the lifting in place of massive tonnage of the pyramidal rock employed these sophisticated techniques, using sound and precise mathematical calculations synergized with focal mental process.

In other words, matter, in this case the granite blocks were manipulated on an atomic level, and lifted through sound. This was done by THOTH with the Atla-Ra Masters and the Pleiadian-Sirian Alliance as we have fore mentioned, utilizing a sort of crystalline tuning fork that became activated by chanting specific frequencies. The frequencies created an energy field that could be directed.

Then with processes of thought manifestation using theta level visualization in tandem with deep vowel-hum pitches at extreme octaves, they charged the stones and indeed the very space where the pyramid was to be placed.

The Masters of the architectural guild used extreme focal thought to construct specific angular junctions in the ethers and bonded them in a cohesive manner. They employed a type of instrument that is similar to a tuning fork, though far more sophisticated than what you think of in the present as a tuning fork. The complex instrument was activated thru sound made in unison toning, toning that at intervals was not audible to the human ear, and at other times quite piercing. The tone would reverberate so intensely that energy broke down matter and superimposed extreme gravitational and antigravitational forces and then it was directed and focused directionally and dimensionally.

The energy encompassed the blocks and they could be lifted with it. The savants then guided them. Men, savant arch priests were used in teams to operate the instruments and meditatively put the stones in place and guide them, but not to lift or carry them. The tuning fork, as mentioned, once activated (and indeed activating them was no small feat) had an amazing cohesive effect that bound atomic particulate as well as surrounding them in antigravitational plasma. (It was the a similar process that the Atla used to ‘float’ the Crystalline satellite of Atlantis, called the Second-Moon of Atlantis) .

The Thothian Atla-Egyptians were helped by the Arcturians and Pleiadian-Sirian Alliance as to how to manifest the Phi Pyramids into both physical and etheric, into linear and circular time-space.

Sound you see is capable of changing atomic structure and the way electrons and protons react to one another. It was the same process that could make metals float, that was used to lift the stones. It became known as the art of alchemy, but that concept is greatly misunderstood, and isn’t exactly what was used here, you see. The Phi Crystals you call Vogels, are capable when teamed with certain sound frequencies of incredible effects on matter. They are also capable of healing broken bones faster, and rejuvenating certain organs within the body physical.

Thus, crystalline sound in specific octaves of phi has an effect upon both organic and inorganic matter. Sound is a causal force in every dimension. As such it can be used not just to lift matter, but also to bond structures more securely, as such it can be used, to cohesively reinforce structures. This is why the pyramids cannot be destroyed. You see the 3-d physical world that you daily perceive is made up of an invisible matrix template, of energy prints or patterns. These patterns are somewhat liquid or formless. So while they indeed exist, their final form in matter is a result of probability, consciousness influenced probability. Models were projected into antimatter and manifested afterward in physical matter.

There are myriad important properties of pyramids that are not as yet understood by mankind.

This is especially true in the Giza complex, where the pyramids are energetically attuned to specific light-sound octaves. Many of the hieroglyphic symbols etched on the walls and chambers of the Egyptian Pyramids are instructional guides revealing specific sonic pitches that when sounded activate them into greater dimensionality. The phi octave sound triggers reverberations that automatically open up myriad gateways leading to fantastic and as yet undiscovered mysteries, ancient alchemical knowledge. But this is for those who are true seekers, those who thirst for knowledge and are willing to work to attain it. These secrets are for all, all who have the necessary light quotient to learn and understand the use of specific vibratory sound octaves.

The Archetype of Soul Growth

There are certain lessons that each density teaches mankind, which each of you must pass through in order to achieve the vibratory level necessary for the next level.

Each vibratory level, then, could be likened to an archetype for a specific lesson that needs to be learned, for each of the trinity components of your BEING: Spiritual, Mental, and Physical, Body, Mind and Soul.

So do not expect to walk into a Pyramid and land on the steps of Peters Gate. If you are unwilling or unable to employ the disciplines of breath, tone and meditational mind, you may simply be sitting in a building.

Your religious scripts write, ” All Things Cometh to He Who Waiteth”

A wise man added, ” If He Worketh Like Hell While He Waiteth”

There are no free rides, no short cuts to enlightenment. But Dear Ones, you have toiled up the mountain in many lives. You have laid the work, paid the dues. It is time to finish the job. You are powerful spiritual beings, pretending to be human. You are a species with amnesia, having forgotten your Divinity. You can do this, you can Ascend.

Through proper focus, the pyramid can & indeed will expand you beyond your wildest expectations. It is not a mere geometric structure, Pyramids are doorways to Crystalline Light of unimaginable energy.


Now, we will close with one more sharing. The power nodes that exist on the planet are in essence white holes, areas where renewed energy is flashed into your universe.
Pause and consider what we are saying.

These coordinates, these energy conduits connect to all parallels, dimensions and probable realities! The Giza Pyramid sits upon the most centralized and powerful of these twelve supra white holes.

The energies these create are capable of more readily solidifying thought into matter, but also to solidify desire, or prayer into experience. All Phi Pyramids and all power nodes draw from these white holes and become subordinate points of them.

When you enter into these spaces, Dear Ones, think with deliberation. Hold only noble thoughts. Mentalities of hate, fear and lack never serve you. We wish you life abundant, and challenge you to create it.

You draw to yourself; you draw into your experience those things you mentally dwell upon. It is the Law of Attraction. All thought is amplified exponentially in power nodes and pyramids.
Pray for what you want in your God Mind, not the simian brain of ego personality…In God Mind.

And remember this: Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. It is exponentially greater than hate. So if you want to end war, you will not end it by hating war, you will end war by loving peace. Think on this concept, and apply it to all aspects of your life. Enter the Pyramid of the Cosmic Trigger accordingly.

I am Metatron and I share these Truths. You are Beloved.

And so it is.

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