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The Wesak Channelling 2013 – 04

Ascended Master Kuthumi (& Celestial Companions)


25 May 2013

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

Durban – KwaZulu Natal

South Africa

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

**** **** ****

I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a divine blessing of enlightenment.

Greetings beloved ones.

A: Greetings Lord Kuthumi

MK: It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you here firmly within the heart of the Buddha and we sincerely bless you and treat you to the most iridescent, exquisite rays of the Divinity and Love and place you very safely upon the Hands of God.

A: Thank you.

MK: Blessings be with you.

Beloved ones as you gather together to celebrate the birth of the one that you refer to as the Buddha, it is indeed all of that which this channel has shared prior to my visitation and of course on a very grand scale much, much more, in fact there is no easy way to explain that the much, much more for in a sense it is indeed much, much less. Of course as you know divine paradox exists within the worlds that we the Ascended Masters find ourselves within, in such a beautiful and calm and blessed way whereas the paradox that exists for you in your world, you find it rather confusing for as I have said and shared with you many, many times, the world that you live within and that which you exist without is a world of great simplicity, but for some reason humanity feels the need and desire to ever so increase these energies and create great confusion for themselves. As I have often said to my enlightenment, you create drama where there is none, and that is a human condition. Therefore it is during this time, the complexity of this energy of great divinity, is about keeping it very simple. It is about celebrating life and enlightenment as you know it on every level of existence by sharing, by caring and of course by gifting humanity, your fellow brothers and sisters with gifts of love, unconditional love and of course Divine wisdom which is as I have mentioned the energy of the new Golden Rays.

Beloved ones, the celebration of these energies that you are experiencing at this time is naturally about self-growth, personal expansion, and of course about forming or creating a support system that will and is forming a grid of light around each of you that is able to at a very simplistic level tap into a very simplistic yet complicated energy of the grids of light around others and this plane. It is for that very reason why we have often suggested for you to work with your energy field, to increase your energy and to increase the rate and the pulse at which you vibrate, in other words by increasing your own divine frequency or the flow of energy within your own system you are able to collectively tap in to the same or different levels and other energies that exposes themselves to you, bringing an awareness, the word is awareness, to you, so that you may acknowledge and respect these energies on that very plane of existence that presents itself to you. Sounds terribly complicating, no it is not, all it is or what it means, is at this time you receive divine codes of transformation that are assisting you in many, many ways to bring enlightenment into your world in a very simple and simplistic way so that you may be able to go forth and share this with another without creating the usual complications around it.

Beloved ones you have been exposed to a number of teachings and a series of this work over many years yet you know deep inside of you that growth is an on-going process, it is a process of self-discovery, in other words that which you continuously work at and that which you continuously share out as part of project human, as part of “project whoever you are”.

Now when you glance back at the year so far you will discover that even though we have at the end of last year terminated a three year series with the transitional portal gates of your 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 and we did address the teachings that I Kuthumi have shared with you over this time and we did mentioned that a new series will begin but it will automatically fall into place, do you recall that?

A: Yes.

MK: Now thinking back, if you go back and shall we say recap that which we have shared with you this year you will instantly become aware of a very simple, uncomplicated format that has been exposed to you and it is all about you, that is what this system is all about, it has always been all about you, but it is even more so all about you now. And in the mirror that I am holding up to each of you today I wish for you to look into and to stare into and within that by bringing forth that which you know you were blessed with, the talents that you have been gifted with, to do that in such a, shall we say, unselfish manner that you find not only the true gifts within your own heart and consciousness but certainly that within your fellow man, that within that which you share with the people that you love and the people that you enjoy sharing time with. The gifts of unconditional love beloved ones must at first be recognised within, for if you cannot or not able to, no judgement, thus recognise the gifts of unconditional love in the self – you will not be able to extend these to others, do you follow?, any questions about that?

A: No.

MK: Therefore believe me the process or the experience of unconditional love is the single most challenging experience you will ever come to face in this on this planet, there is none greater than that in the lessons that you have come to learn.

Have you ever tried to practice unconditional love, just for a minute of your time, have you?

A: Yes.

MK: And you know how challenging it is, it is very difficult for the human condition is always about me, what about me, what have I done to deserve this, yes?

So here we are saying to you it does not matter what you have done to deserve this or not deserve this at this time of Wesak, even if you cannot do it personally but in your own time and space communicate with those around you and unconditionally gift unto them that which you have received. And what are the gifts that you have received, hence the list? For you see I cannot ask you as an Ascended Master to call up at random your gifts and talents, but by God I have been trying to do that for years and I am still nowhere, hence put pen to paper, write it down, for unless you write it down you are not convinced about it, correct?

A: Yes.

MK: And even when you do write it down you are still not convinced about that correct?

A: Yes.

MK: Yes, which is the very reason why I Kuthumi have asked this channel to ask you to bring an envelope with your address on it and your name for what we are going to be doing in a minute or so is great fun, you like having fun don’t you. So at the time of Wesak as everything has to be in sharing unconditional love onto the planet to bring enlightenment in an unselfish way, I am going to ask you to take your gifts in hand and we will do a quick revision on that as we go along, we are going to that in a minute.

The reason why beloved ones we have asked you at this time to bring to your attention your gifts, now is there anyone in this circle that has not done this.

A: I have done it but I don’t have it here.

MK: Very good, grab a paper and pen, no excuses what so ever, manifest it by now sister, from the world of unseen into tangibility like that!!! (Flicking of fingers)

You see how quick you manifest it, if you have a piece of paper that is going to lie on your lap like a limp leaf then I suggest you get a backing to support your writing, even if you have done it, make yourself comfortable to write some more!

Now for those of you who have not got your homework here as I put it during the last transmission I wish for you to quickly make a list of your gifts and talents. Before you run off and create a major traffic jam within the memory fields of the collective of this energy, quietly write down what you believe to be your gifts and talents, gently, just allow it to flow while I address you. Or you may pick another (write down some more talents) whilst I address you, for believe me I have said this during and before the previous transmissions your gifts are multiple didn’t I yes?

A: Yes.

MK: Multiple means what sister?

Sister: More than one.

MK: More than six, more than six, you are a multidimensional being so up until the sixth chakra everything is very much focused on that which you can smell, taste, see, touch, hear, therefore your multidimensional, multifaceted senses begins after that so I want more than six at least, to begin with.

And if you do not know what they are just draw them from the ethers around you, the answers are all about and believe me they are plenty, in fact there are so many gifts and talents in this room it is quite unbelievable.

Now the reason why beloved ones I have asked you to do this at this particular time was to confirm the journey that you have been on, and for our sisters that have not previously experienced this you may do this in your own time, you are more than welcome, but what I am referring to is the previous lessons for believe me beloved ones the first thing, or rather ‘what was the first thing that I asked you to address in this manner’? The very first thing I asked you to do six to eight months ago.

A: Your gratitude list.

MK: Your gratitude list, now have you done your gratitude list?

If you have not done your gratitude list I am asking you to sit down and take the time to do it, for there is no greater gift that you can give yourself than to acknowledge that which you are grateful for and in receiving the internal and external bliss extended through gratitude you are able to extend this to others. So your first is the gratitude list, and is to create a list of that which you are grateful for.

What does a gratitude list gift onto you?

A: Truth, a revelation, appreciation.

MK: Yes, how about ‘stock take’ for it is the realisation of where you are at…

So the gift that you give yourself and that which you acknowledge within yourself allows you into a state of realisation. I have shared previously on the power of realisation for in realisation lies a true sense of awareness, a state of the AHA and of course a state of consciousness that you share. So in realising the gifts that you were given and the gifts that you are enjoying the important thing here is to realise that each being that have been placed on this plane at this and any other given time in the history of Earth and the future of this planet all are given a multiple selection of gifts and correct again if your gifts at first are the ones that you note that are not tangible then certainly you are on the right path. If you first noticed your curtains and your diamonds and your husband then I will say……think again.

You see the first gift that anyone can wish for is the gift of health, health of mind and body and soul for without that you are not here are you. So if you are of sane mind and you have a defect within your physicality then there is a problem, what is the use of having the most fantastic physique yet be mentally unstable, so the combination of sanity, physicality and all of these things to give you the gift of healthy mind and body and health of your emotions, the psyche, that certainly is the number one gift that you could ask for and from that extends all of the other gifts, the gifts that you believe you have been gifted with, but KNOW life is a gift beloved ones. Each of you have lived through lifetimes on this plane, in other words, you have experienced the process of birth, enlightenment and death many, many times. Each of you have experienced many, many experiences called lifetimes in which you went through the process of birth and rebirth, in which you experienced the flow of life through the River of Life that guides you, that carries you on its graceful hands through life and of course the flow of the River of Love which carries you through its graceful hands through death or the “other side” as you refer to it. As I made mention of previously as an Ascended Master that no longer am in physical reality unless I speak through someone, all I am experiencing is continuous bliss, I know not of the process of death, I only know of the living, and life is for the living not so, whether you live here or whether you live it there, it is all a state of consciousness with the only difference being ‘tangible touch’

But in true reality as the forces of the mind and the brain combines in true godly effect all you need ever have is?

A: Love

MK: Consciousness, correct?

Your love will give you consciousness for where there is no love there cannot be mindful consciousness. Love equals consciousness. Therefore for you to be able to begin to extend from yourself a vibrational frequency of unconditional love and divine wisdom onto others at a time like this you need to recognise this within you, hence the list of gifts and talents.

What is the most important energy that is created through this?

A: Realisation.

MK: Realisation, very good, a round of applause for the lady. As I have said in simple terms….stock-take.

So as you look at your gratitude list realising that ‘even though I have been an absolute moan bag about this and that and this is not good enough and this I don’t have’ look at what I do have, yes. The same as with your gifts and talents, yes perhaps beloved ones, you may not be able to do this as that one does or that as this one does, but each of you have an amazing and unique and uniquely shared list of gifts and talents that are multiple, that are not singular as I have said at the beginning of this year.

Now this is your mirror, your writings, your scribbling’s shall I say, is your mirror for this is what you are holding up to yourself and in doing so what is the words that you utter, the golden words?



Who are you…….I AM such and such, I AM such and such, it is the great I AM. And that I AM you will only realise in its whole potential once you release the ego. Whilst the ego is at play you ain’t got any fringing idea of who you are, and that is simple. Whilst your ego dictates your personality you don’t know who you are. How do you know who you are? How can you write down a note or list of blessings and gifts if someone else or another party decides this for you thus what is important and what is not, do you follow me, do you all follow me?

A: Yes.

MK: Any questions on that?

A: No.

MK: Very good.

So being this sacred weekend of Wesak and having decided to come together in this way and to celebrate the energy of enlightenment, what would be more enlightening than sharing your gifts and talents?

A: Using them.

MK: Using them, sharing them, and therefore what we are going to do is when you leave here you are going to find a sacred time in which I wish for you to impart the water and the crystals to bless one of the areas on your planet. Preferably to be placed in an active river so that it may share the gifts that you have gifted it with the rest of its flow.

What are the other gifts I have asked you to share previously, the list of?

A: Forgiveness.

MK: Forgiveness, very good. I would like for you to create a list of forgiveness.

Sister: Forgiving ourselves or others, or both.

MK: Beloved sister, forgiveness is certainly a dual energy for if you can forgive someone else why can you not forgive yourself, therefore my famous words; everything begins and ends with the self, correct. Begin by working with forgiveness towards the self, about the self, for the self, caused by the self, towards the self, and then extend that to forgive others within your life, be that in your immediate or wider circle that you share your life with. Forgiving yourself for what you may have caused them, forgiving them for what they may have caused you so that there is a forgiveness energy interplaying on every level of your consciousness, of your awareness, of every level of your understanding, for when you understand the process of forgiveness you will also understand compassionately what the act of forgiveness is about and therefore you can have someone that you had a gripe with or that you have wronged or have wronged you over however many years, days or moments that you feel the need or you may not feel the need to but your consciousness is telling you….aha… I am here, forgive this and move on. And that does not necessarily mean you need to pick up the telephone and call them and become best friends with them, but that energy is released from your energy field. There is no stipulation that states that you have to be a part of their lives ever again, but the energy of forgiveness allows you to release the emotional attachment and entanglements of these wrong doings which in turn poisons your system bit by bit and therefore we are clearing the energy, clearing the slate bit by bit. Do you recall the channelling “Clearing the Slate”?

A: Yes.

MK: Yes, Goddess Diana.

So you are clearing the slate so that you may become completely focused.

So what we are doing at the moment in this new, shall we say, series of teachings is we are preparing you and readying you to be strong enough to stand on your own divine crystalline platform, securely within your own consciousness, in your own boots, knowing who you are, understanding the gifts that life has gifted you and at the same time be able to share all of that with those you feel necessary, with those around you and thus in that way you are playing an active part in making this world a much better place than what you think it may be. By starting with the self and sharing it out with all else and once that is done then we can now become completely focused on that which we feel we should.

So what we are doing at the moment is we are actually clearing the last of the cobwebs that you have hunggggggg…… onto so passionately over the years.

A: Laughter.

MK: We are force feeding you crystalline syrup of enlightenment, one spoonful at a time.

Thus you have the forgiveness list, you have the gratitude list, and then you have the gifts and talents list. Now what I would like for you to do is I would like for you to understand that the gifts that you have been gifted with expands and it extends way beyond that which you so limitedly acknowledge or humbly perceive and to prove that to you we are going to play a little game and create a physical exercise for my entertainment and your enlightenment.

I would wish for you now to hand your gifts and talents list to the person next to you, write your name at the top, and move in a clockwise direction.

Sister: For us to read yes?

MK: No don’t be so snoopy.

A: Loud laughter.

MK: Sister we inspire you to live in a world of Oneness so it really doesn’t matter, you may read it for there are no more secrets are there? I better not divulge on that one.

Beloved ones you now have the sisters or the brother’s list next to you. Now whether you know them or not I wish for you to close your eyes for a few seconds and then to draw from the ethers one more gift to gift that person with. Tap into their energy field, see their face in front of you or if you are not able to, open those pretty little beautiful eyes of yours and look at the person physically or look at their energy field and feel what their energy field is telling you about the gifts that they are not seeing in themselves. Now you are not reading their gifts, so they may have already listed it, it matters not, feel their vibration; this is all about giving and when you are ready write that down on their list, you continue with their list.

If you are finding it difficult, open up your mind and your heart and ask for the answer to come, it could be one word or it could be a sentence, anything. This is called communicating with the unseen world not so, boooooooo.

A: Laughter.

MK: You all want to work with your higher selves; you all want to work with your guardians, now it is your time. If you are stuck, phone a friend, call in some help, say give me the answer I don’t know this person, or I don’t want to know this person but what are their gifts, give it to me.

Are you there?

A: Yes.

MK: Very good, now pass it along again, and so you continue until your paper arrives in front of you again.

Long Pause.

Now while you do this I am asking you to feel the vibration of sitting within the Halls of Wisdom and as an Angelic Being and as an enlightened being, opening your heart and your mind, sacred mind and sacred heart and with that pass on the gifts of enlightenment to another and in so doing allow a very gentle flow of energy to swirl into this room and with that embrace all of the crystal bodies and the water that you have placed here to continue spreading the love and the light once you leave here.


Feel the vibration of this being and write down a deep compliment for them.


Share unconditionally, a gift of love to them.

Beloved ones when someone opposes you in conflict compliment them. Complimenting another means bringing them into a state of realisation of that which they usually are unaware of. You will usually find that when you compliment someone they will deny it. Oh I love that which you are wearing…..oh this old thing, even though they bought it that morning. Humanity always has to drag their feet first.

With this exercise we are bringing you into a state of gratitude, we are encoding you with the diamond frequency of awareness drawn from the energy field around you, attracted into the God particle which then realises this frequency into your body as you sit here.

Have you all complimented each other…..continue complimenting.


Find the gifts in your heart to gift unto them and you can only do that by discovering the gifts in yourself. By loving the self you learn to love all that is. By finding the gifts within you, you must come to recognise the gifts in others. You have a saying that says sharing is caring; therefore care for them by sharing with them that who they believe they are not. Now isn’t this nice, yes.

By unselfishly sharing with others that which they are not aware of, you gift unto them the gift of enlightenment, you gift unto them the gift of unconditional love and divine wisdom for that is the greatest gift that you can gift the self.


And it is rather wonderful in my current state of entertainment how you as a very unique group, the imprints of the Golden Phoenix, are welcoming new ones in your group who you know nothing about and have to draw forth from the ethers that which to bless them with. As you say God certainly works in strange ways to perform His miracles.

Sister: At some time may you please explain the meaning of the Golden Phoenix imprint.

MK: When the time is right.

I have mentioned previously that you as a group work collectively in the subconscious realms, in the intermediate and higher dimensions in realising negative strains from this earth plane and that is the power that holds the passion of the group together and have done so for so long, it is within your sleep time that you go into your dream state that you work collectively with this energy and therefore if you could but analyse you as individuals and as a group you would paint a very interesting picture of the Golden Phoenix as it spreads its wings and rids the pockets of limitations from creating such control issues around the planet.

It is like the many lifetimes that you have lived, beloved ones there is a reason why the veil of forgetfulness is pulled over you and you are only allowed to remember certain things that happened or certain aspects or fragments within various lifetimes, yes. even when you do regress therapy you remember fragments don’t you, you do not remember everything for you are not equipped to, you will drive yourself dilly if you remember what you shared and done before and previous to that, for you will not be able to forgive yourself or love yourself to the extent that you should, JUST YET, but if that depends on me that will change in this lifetime and if not I will wait for you in the hereafter….

A: Laughter.

Are you confused? No, everything is good? Very good, are you nearly done? Very good, at least you didn’t have to drag your cheeks too much to find something nice to say about someone else (screeches of laughter) that usually could take a while. Continue with this until you have your paper in front of you. Be complimenting, continue until you have your gifts of unconditional love and enlightenment from those that you share your time and space with at this time.

Long pause

Once you have your paper in front of you, do you have it?


Remind me when you do, and secondly if there is anyone not present that normally is a part of this group that would like to participate in this as they should be, may I ask one of you to coordinate this through your internet mail please.

Did you get that?

A: Mumble


Once you have your paper in front of you do you have it?


I don’t want you to read what the rest have said about you….Oooohhhh greedy! (Laughter)

Interaction and laughter

MK: obsessed! (Laughter)

Do not look at what the rest have shared about you…


MK: That is the first thing that the human condition does! “Am I good enough”! (Laughter)

It is exactly what you don’t want to do!

Mumble and laughter

MK: Are you done?

Mumble and shuffle

MK: Do not read it. Are you done, very good then. Now I wish for you to fold that up and put it in your envelope.


Your gratitude list you keep, you keep your mission statement and forgiveness list, you place your gifts talents list in the envelope but do not seal it just slide it in, do not seal it. If you have a few little papers that are stuck together which makes for scattered appreciation, stick them together and put them in the envelope.

Who wrote on a few pieces of paper?


MK: Beloved sister that is a very good comment, what is the difference between gifts and talents?
A: Same

MK: So keep it together

Who wrote on big pieces of paper? Very good

Beloved ones what I wish for you to do now, I will ask for one volunteer of your group to collect these, with your name and address on the front, then to hand this to someone else upside down so the person cannot see who’s it is, now shuffle these around a bit, then we will ask everyone to draw from this one envelope, if you have drawn your own pass it to someone else, I do not wish for you to have your own, just hand it out, draw one as you would do with a deck of cards.  Do this quickly.

The whole idea is to pass it on to someone that you may not be very familiar with, if so give it to another.

We are trying to push your comfort zones. Do you follow me? Yes.

Good, now what I would like for you to do is, to take that person’s envelope home, and once you have done your blessing to the earth, with the water and the crystal, I wish for you to sit quietly and re-write this list for this person, communicating with their higher self. Another break through, so quietly you will sit, you will go into the Presence of their Higher Self and you will rewrite all they wrote, and all that everyone else wrote about them into a new paragraph, like you are working through their higher self to inform them in fact how gifted and blessed they are. Once this is done, place a stamp on the envelope and post it to them.

Make sure your gifts will get to you. So when you receive this in your mail, I would like for you to see this not in the light of you doing it, but that they did this, and f0r the person writing it the same goes, thus receive it as if your Higher Self did this, contacting you to tell you how fantastic you are, do you understand this? VIP the letter needs to get to you. There is no restriction on when you have to do it and when you have to post it, just do it.

Thus rewrite it and add to it! Communicate, sit quietly ask for this person’s HS and if you do not know what the person looks like in your mind, look at this person now and find a feature that you can focus on and ask NOW, RIGHT NOW, ASK FOR THEIR HIGHER SELF TO ASSIST YOU IN THIS PROCESS THAT IS TO COME SO THAT YOU MAY GIFT UNTO THEM AN EVEN EXPANDED LIST OF GIFTS AND TALENTS some they knew of and others they thought they were not good enough to receive.

With that, with those that are not present I wish for you to do exactly the same you can bounce their comments through what you call the internet, your electronic mail, and then then at the end of the day, to write this down as you are doing here, NOT TYPE…write it down, connecting with their HS, write in ink adding to their gifts and talents so that they feel a part of this, should they wish to be a part of this. So if anybody would like to share this with them, please do.

Now that brings us to the work (letter of communication) that I asked you to do, and that is to begin communicating to your HS didn’t I?

Yes, no-one has done this, NO ONE! Not one person in this group has done it. Perhaps you weren’t quite ready. So now in doing this exercise beloved ones we are force feeding you with the same crystalline spoon and enlightened syrup to understand that your HS can actually tell you how phenomenal you are so shy and undeserving we will even get them to write it down for you. So that when you open the letter you will not feel so shy and embarrassed, seeing yourself through the eyes of another.

The exercise that you have done here and what you will do when you leave here is to gift unto another your love through your enlightenment through your heart.

Please close your eyes.

All get ready for the activation.

Put away papers and pens, and be very relaxed. Be very comfortable.


Imagine yourself standing on a massive crystalline platform. Pause.

Behind you is the massive Cathedral, beautiful massive over the top. Visualise yourself standing on this incredibly massive crystalline platform. In your mind’s eye, you recall that which you have experienced within the Cathedral. The marriage of the self: your sacred self with all of the aspects of yourself integrating the Divine Christ Light and that of your Higher Self. You recall every one of those faces that stared back at you in the cathedral as you acknowledged every aspect of that which you experienced thus far.

Recall back the gift of the golden key within your heart and the ever flowing bright rose essence in the heart as well as the new holographic imprint over that which your inner child placed within your heart.

Again bring into your mind the beautiful sound of the heavenly choirs, the bells of enlightenment and all the sounds you hear.


Ahead of you is an exquisite crystalline platform and pathway into eternity. I wish for you to see nothing on either side of you as I ask you to walk gently step by step, walking away from the Cathedral behind you and that which you have experienced thus far. I ask you to activate the wings of Isis in your 3rd eye, Eye of Horus in the 3rd eye, and the ever growing ever loving ever growing petals of the golden rose in your heart. With every breath new petals are forming also see the inner golden key which is embedded within your heart centre.


You have the golden rose in your heart, unconditional love. You have the imprint of Divine Wisdom in your 3rd eye, now feel the connection between these two energies as I ask you to bring into your mind the most exquisite iridescent coat of many colours, bejewelled encrusted with crystalline that you have been gifted with within the Cathedral. Feel this heavy bejewelled cape or coat hanging loose around you fastened at the neck. Again bring into your mind the exquisite crystalline wand that you hold in your hand that have taken on all of the iridescent multi-coloured colour frequencies that you have been gifted with through all of the fragments of light that you received during that initiation, and lastly the beautiful crown bejewelled crown on your head, it is heavy. Feel the weight of it, yet it is like it is not there, not weighing you down in thought or heart.

In your mind’s eye open your eyes and see this crystalline platform ahead of you to the side of you as far as the eyes can see, feel this in your heart and in your mind as far as Thy Eye can see, slowly still moving ahead walking into eternity. Leave behind that which you feel ordained with and into as you now come to realise that two beings have manifested on either side of you.

On the right side you have the Essence of the Christed Being Jesus Yoshua Ben Joseph and the left you have the Essence of Lord Buddha, gently walking along, slowly strolling, enjoying the moment as you feel the power of this divine ordination bring you into a state of regal, humbly, of enlightenment, content, of confidence and love.

Beloved ones as we tap into the Essence of these two divine masters they stretch out their hands, Lord Jesus places His left hand on the back of your heart slightly higher than the heart, the sacred heart, and Lord Buddha places His right hand on the back of your head in area of the lower brain, the sacred mind and you continue walking, walking with grace and ease feeling this electric charge that travels through you as you receive the gifts bestowed upon you from these two beings. Feel yourself becoming elongated in your meditation and in the very seat where you are finding yourself sitting at this time. Feel your energy field expanding increasing with each breath, and become very proud of yourself dear ones.


The masters now indicate for you to slow down coming to stand still.


Now for a moment feel a tingling sensation as these two divine beings release unto you diamond light codes charged through your adamantine field, being absorbed into these divine areas through the heart and the 3rd eye centres into the sacred mind and the sacred heart.


These two beings now swap so that Lord Buddha comers to stand on your right and the Master Jesus on your left.


They swap their hands, Lord Buddha places His Left hand on your heart and Master Jesus places His right hand on your mind, the heart and the 3rd eye, the 6th chakra.

Again they facilitate divine encodings as these diamond-light frequencies are being filtered into your being and done in such a way so that both these masters have facilitated through both their hands all of that which serve to recalibrates the lower heart and mind into the sacred mind and heart.


These two beings now embraces you one from the back and the other from the front as they seal your energy field with a divine shield that places a protective energy around you, yet will allow an exchange of energy to take place to bring you into a state of greater awareness when it comes to your deserve ability, your consciousness, when it comes to that which you deserve through your gifts and talents. Beloved ones no-one will remind you of the negativity that you represent but you and therefore we of the ascended realms together with the Christ Jesus and the Christed Buddha comes forward this day to bless you of all of that which you truly are. And the gift that we gift unto you, unconditionally, the gift of realisation: and as with most other things in your lives the only time you pay great attention to this would be through the eyes of another.

Lord Buddha and Lord Christ release their energy now from your energy field and you have been encoded with these codes that have been pulsed through their hands into your sacred mind and heart.

You now have manifest in front of you your altar. You have on that your candle that you brought this day with you and with that we will suggest for you to light your physical candles.

Pause. All light their candles

So in your mind’s eye you have your Wesak candle burning in front of you. In your pocket or in your vicinity you have the envelope of someone else that you will gift and bless with many more blessings that they can imagine with the help of their higher self. You have your gifted water, you have the crystal that you shall gift to the earth. So you have the essence of earth, water, fire, air and thus in your mind’s eye back in your initiation… I now wish for you to physically and in your mind’s eye, bring your hands with your palms facing towards the gifts that you were bestowed on upon the table in front of you and in your mind and from your palms as well as from your heart and 3rd eye beam an iridescent ray of Light into the water and into the crystals that you have in front of you.


Feel this energy being pulsed through your palms, from the sacred mind and the sacred heart, also feel the energy being released directly from the 3rd eye and heart centres and then set the intent beloved ones for this energy to be received and seen as a laser energy, in other words as you beam this it refracts into someone else’s water and crystal.

If you would to now open up your eyes, I would like for you to move palms, heart, mind all consciously around the table as you bless everything and everyone else around this table with this spark of your truth, your divinity. With this spark of who you are.


Thus you acknowledge your part of unity and oneness. Bless unto another all of that which you desire for the self.


As you beam forth from your own energy, the Diamond Christ Light Codes to encode not only your divine frequency with or that of the gifts which you have brought along to extend to the earth, now freely gift this to every brother and sister present within this circle of Light.


Beam this love unto their gifts.

Long pause

Once done, relax your hands and bring yourself back unto the divine crystalline platform of light. I now wish for you to imagine you ascension chakras come to life from the 1st to the 13th. For those that are not sure about this visualise an iridescent ray of coloured light stretching from the medulla oblongata from the base of the skull at the back of the head up into the crown like a Mohawk seeing this reflection sparling in your energy field connecting with your entire chakric system your entire chakric column.

Now place around your energy field the titanium platinum crystalline mother-of-pearl crystalline protection as this energy area is very sensitive.


Now bring into your awareness the key in your heart and the activation of the 3rd eye.


Now see a double sapphire flame in the throat give life to both the 3rd eye and the heart as above so below, into the scared mind and the sacred heart, within as without.


Now see the crown chakra and the solar plexus come to life connecting with the relating ascension chakras, the 8th as well as the second, the 9th as well as the 1st, then feel again how your energy field elongates stretches higher bigger more as you open up the 10th, the 11th, the 12th and the collective 13th chakras – in other words the gold, platinum and the diamond frequencies which combine. See a continual downpour if light frequencies in the shape of little diamonds being poured into your energy field through the higher centres into your auric field, see how these little diamond codes are being slotted into your physicality, see how you become an iridescent force field of light transformed into diamond frequency as you integrate these divine light codes into your physicality as well as your physiology as well as into your psyche.


Feel your energy field alive, glittering, expanding, exquisite, with the gifts of your cloak, wand and crown, feel the presence of your energy expanding , and expanding even more so as you acknowledge your humbleness with enlightenment.

Now visualise your Higher Self on the other side of the altar standing facing you with this candle, this familiar candle burning between the two of you.

Beloved ones acknowledge in your heart and mind that you have through the act of pen and paper released unto this realisation list, the list of acknowledging yourself, the gifts and the talents that you believe is yours and that you have done so in humble way, extent this to your higher self and then surrender completely allowing your higher self to extend these gifts unto someone else for them to put in down in a tangle way for you to read it, to accept it, to understand it and ingest it.

Long pause

You higher self now releases itself from your energy field as you allow your gaze to rest upon the candle and the gifts you brought forth this day to share in an unselfish way, beyond that which includes only you as you bring your awareness back very gently into this room accepting the awareness of your inner child and your totem animal that is with you, with you on the crystalline slab, with you in this space.


Your inner child gifts to you the gift of innocence and your totem animal gifts to you the gifts of strength and durability. Give thanks to these beings as you gently open your eyes and once again allow your gaze to rest upon that which you have manifested before you.


Beloved ones, give the gift of life, give the gift of love, and do so unselfishly. Extend to another that which they dream about and so will yours become a part of you. Widen your horizons, expand your frequency and live your dreams, for that is the gift that life can give you. Don’t allow the limitations of past experiences set the pace for future trails.

Cover new ground, like I say learn something new every day. Understand that the gifts of enlightenment , love and healing bestowed upon you are gifts that are to be shared with all of Creation, it is up to you, each and every one of you to now stand together and in so doing bless one another with these gifts of love and thus at this time as you receive these divine codes of light which will continue to be infiltrated into your energy field over the next couple of days, know to open your heart, expand your mind, the sacred mind and know that you can never be alone. LISTEN to the words of wisdom shared through the inner planes coming from your inner child, feel the frequencies of unconditional love extended to you through your totem animals. Venture forth and bless every being on your plane into eternity.

May you be blessed eternally for the sacrifice and service you give to others, and may this be returned to you a million fold through the recognition of the great I AM.

A: Thank you

MK: You are welcome.

May the Light of the living Christ Buddha and Jesus shine upon you always in all ways

I am Kuthumi, I am the Chohan and the Master of the Golden Rays of Unconditional Love and Divine Wisdom and I greet and I bless each of you into eternity and back. Adonai





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