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Empowering Your Reality With Your Third Eye Chakra by Lord Melchizedek

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 15-04-13- http://www.omna.org

It is with an extended wave of love that I step forward to greet you; I bathe you in the universal light of
the Creator showering golden blessings of remembrance upon your being. I am the overseer of the
Universal level and light of the Creator’s universe. I am a Christ which is a label signifying that I hold
within my embodiment the consciousness of the Christ Consciousness. It is the love of the universal
level and the Christ consciousness that I share with you and embed into your being at a quicker
vibration of light if you allow me to.

My purpose of connecting with you today is to speak of empowerment. The reality that you now exist
within is diverse and different from your reality before 2013. In the past you have been striving to
allow yourself to develop and quicken in vibration as well as collecting divine wisdom and
realisations. In this new reality it is time to experience the process of embodiment which is to allow
your entire being to transform to hold energy vibrations and consciousness of the Creator.
Embodiment is often recognised as holding energies within your physical being and body but it is to
allow the divine current of the Creator to flow through your being constantly allowing your physical
body to divinely express the light and consciousness of the Creator. Embodiment is the divine
expression in all forms of the Creator in creative and everyday ways. No longer can you believe that
light, consciousness or the quick vibrations of the Creator are held and stagnant within your physical
body. In order to exist in oneness with the Creator there is a need to open up to the reality that the
Creator’s vibration is eternally flowing and you are a vessel through which the Creator can be
expressed. If you begin to acknowledge embodiment as expression you allow yourself to discover or
feel guided in expressing the Creator through your thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, reaction
and so forth. With the manifestation of a constant expression of the Creator from your being into your
reality you allow yourself to experience embodiment but you are not actually retaining the energy
within your being as this even with a high vibration of light can cause stagnation and blockages.
As you devote yourself to focus upon expressing the divine aspect of the Creator in your everyday
life you begin to empower yourself, your reality and spiritual being or Creator aspect. You are giving
yourself opportunities to connect with the Creator, to feel supported, loved and inspired by the
Creator’s light. With your focus on the presence of the Creator you are empowering your truth. If you
empower your personality, ego or character this can give a false sense of security and support,
when you empower your truth, soul or Creator aspect you are connecting with truth that is ever
present within everything, therefore empowering a foundation for further growth and expansion.
Empowering your essence allows you to accept nourishment in all areas of your reality.

Embodiment is to express the continuous current of the Creator which empowers the presence of
the Creator within and around you, therefore experiencing a greater sense of oneness with the
Creator which can be felt as embodiment, as your entire being continuously transforms.
Empowerment of your truth, your oneness with the Creator and focused experience of the Creator is
essential at this time in order to accelerate your spiritual ascension. Awareness of the truth brings
forth empowerment and realisations which moves you beyond illusion and into clarity. This is a time
of discovery, manifestation and integration of the Creator and the Creator’s expression through your
being. The Creator’s expression through your being is vital at this time, the way in which you choose
to express the Creator will shape the reality you experience and the reality created upon the Earth.
The reality of the Earth is in a unique position where it can easy transform and alter. The aspects of
the Earthly reality that no longer serves humanity can be easily erased and dissolved while new
creations can be simply manifested. It is as if the energy of the Earth and also your being is
extremely malleable at this time, meaning that with your choices and divine expressions stemming
from the truth of the Creator you can create major shifts in the vibration of the Earth and therefore
humanity’s experience of the Earth. I wish to also make you aware that focus upon love and
expression of love will preserve and protect this most unique energetic time on the Earth.
Due to the energy being extremely malleable you have the ability to manifest with greater speed and
perfection with the ability of divinely influencing your reality. If you connect and focus into the energy
of the Creator with greater devotion then you can divinely influence your reality with the purest
essence, divine will, healing, awakening and perfection of the Creator. Therefore your reality and
entire being becomes the true vibration of the Creator thus you experience empowerment and
embodiment. In order to assist you in bestowing the divine blessings of the Creator into your being
and reality it is beneficial for the third eye chakra to be active and divinely aligned with the heart
chakra and soul. For some people on the Earth it can often seem as if the third eye chakra is
blocked or inactive, this is often not the case but there is simply a need to understand the third eye
chakra, focusing upon its energies in order to build an experience of familiarity with the third eye
chakra. The third eye chakra can assist in bringing a clear understanding, expression and
interpretation of the divine will, consciousness and light of the Creator. It can be a tool of
manifestation and projection as you transmit from the soul and heart into the third eye chakra. The
third eye chakra creates amplification and can divinely weave energies and intention into form,
matter or experience on the Earth, thus empowering your reality with the light of the Creator. There
are a few basic practices that I wish to share with you in order to assist you in empowering yourself
and reality with the Creator therefore divinely, appropriately and perfectly influencing the ascension
and evolvement of the Earth.

The first practice is to imagine, sense or acknowledge that there is a source of light at your heart
chakra which is your soul, essence and truth. Imagine that each time you exhale slowly, the light of
your soul flows up from your heart chakra into your throat chakra, resting in your third eye chakra at
your brow. You can practice this for as long as you wish until you begin to feel the third eye chakra
becoming energised, which can be a subtle or intense experience and is unique to every person.
This is working to build the connection between the soul and the third eye chakra as well as allowing
you to become familiar with the sensations of your third eye chakra. This practice can attune the third
eye chakra to the soul to promote clarity in the mind, spiritual visions and the greater interpreting of
spiritual guidance. This can be practiced for a number of days and can bring forward the feeling of
the third eye chakra activating when you are simply developing an understanding of or familiarity with
the third eye chakra.

The second practice which is a continuation of the first practice, allows you to empower your
physical reality with the truth of the Creator. It is to ask your soul to project energetically coded
symbols of what your soul wishes to manifest to be of service to your current reality. Your soul
understand the divine will of the Creator for your reality on the Earth and can project tools, intentions
and concentrated consciousness or wisdom into your third eye chakra in order to bring a clear
understanding of your soul and the Creator as well as to assist manifestation into your reality. You
are therefore empowering your reality and being with the truth of your soul which is the truth of the

Begin by practicing the above breathing technique until you have the sensation or knowingness of
your third eye chakra being energised.

Then say out loud or in your mind,

‘My soul is at one and is a divine expression of the Creator within me. I affirm the attunement of my
soul with my third eye chakra, my soul light, consciousness and love easily flows into my third eye
chakra. I ask my soul to create energetically light coded symbols from my soul light holding the
consciousness and intention of energies, situations, manifestations, wisdom, clarity or anything that
will serve my spiritual growth and empowerment at this time. Beloved soul, please transfer the
energetic light coded symbols into my third eye chakra so that they may be energised and manifest
with perfection within my reality, while offering new insights and understandings to my ascension
process. Thank you.’

Imagine sense or acknowledge that as the light and energy flows from your soul into your third eye
chakra, symbols created by your soul are embedded into your third eye chakra, as you continue to
focus in this way the symbols will be energised. You do not need to understand the meaning of the
symbols, if you are able to visualise them you may be able to record them, working with them to
connect more fully and gain new insights.

Let your soul and the Creator empower your reality through the sacred tool that is your third eye

In sacred empowerment,

Lord Melchizedek


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