SaLuSa 25-November-2011 – Mike Quinsey

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SaLuSa  25-November-2011


For those of you who follow what is happening in the world, you cannot have failed to notice that our predictions as to the outcome are becoming your reality. The massive banking and financial problems are clearly heading for a crash, and there is no way to prevent it. You are living in a world that is in a state of chaos and steadily heading for an implosion. People now see what has been wrong with the old set up, but up to now have no real answers that will completely deal with the problems. A number of governments have collectively agreed to support a new approach to banking, but it remains to be seen who can galvanize them into action. This situation presents us with an opportunity push our allies forward, who with our help can outline what is necessary to move onto a new path that will solve your problems. There is also consideration to be given to the Abundance program that will follow such changes, so we are working hard to bring some semblance of order into being. Much of what is waiting to come out is tied in with the announcement of Disclosure, and that is ready and simply waiting for a firm date to be agreed.


As each week passes the need to get started with the changes becomes more pressing, but we do not want jump the gun after patiently waiting for so long. There would not in fact be any gain by commencing too soon, as our action must be co-ordinated with you to ensure a path to smooth success. The Galactic Federation continues to closely monitor the activities of the dark Ones, as although their set-up is in disarray, they can still be a threat. However, we have taken away from them the ability to cause a major disaster and prevented them from interfering in the Middle East. Countries there have to sort out their own problems, and as far as possible act on the demands from their people. In the past the West has deliberately set their sights on the oil fields, and often instigated trouble and wars to weaken them and take over. Colonialism took away countries and their wealth from the natural inhabitants, and that will be addressed when peace is restored.


There has been so much that has happened to leave you in a state of imprisonment, yet pretence that you are free which is far from the truth. True freedom will be restored once we have removed the dark Ones, and new governments observe the Constitution. Many laws made in recent times that were illegal will be made void and restitution made where people have been penalised or imprisoned. These changes will occur with our assistance to ensure that you are re-instated as Sovereign Beings. All of these actions will prepare the way for greater things that will come with and after Ascension. So you can see that a busy time lies ahead, and one that is very fulfilling.


By now most of you who follow the various sources of reliable information, will have grasped what a wonderful time approaches. That should make your journey more bearable during the changes, which with our technologies will run smoothly and quite quickly. Our plans are updated immediately changes become necessary, and we are ready to go into action once the necessary preliminaries are in place. Everything is that close to completion that we know very little time is required before we can actually get going.


Be brave and stand your ground when faced with attacks on your beliefs, as when some people realise that the world is changing permanently they will be reluctant to give up what they have. They will know in their hearts that they cannot stop evolution, but try to argue against change because of the fear they feel. If invited to help them understand, then go ahead without overpowering them with your knowledge – simply give as much as is required to get them over the block on their road to understanding. Some souls are here to experience Ascension at a distance, having no desire to actually be involved. However, all experience helps move you along, and often as a result seeds are set that will grow into an opportunity to acquire great knowledge.


Freewill operates whatever choices a soul makes, because it is known that if there is a negative situation involved you will always bounce back. After all, your life is infinite and you are mortal, and the Creator places no demands upon you having accepted you as one who desires to experience outside of the Source. Every soul grows from the collective experience and consciousness levels rapidly increase. As above so below, and on Earth you are all lifted up by each others increasing levels of consciousness. You are as One Great Soul and with your present awakening you are able to “feel” the Oneness that you exist within. It is true that what you do to one, you do to all others. When you reach this level of understanding you accept more responsibility for your thoughts and deeds, realizing that you are creating energy that affects others.


With many of you preparing for the end of the year festivities, it is a welcome distraction from the daily gloom that the media focuses upon. Take the opportunity to enjoy a coming together, when families unite and renew the love that exits between them. Giving is good for the soul when carried out without the expectation of receiving something in return. It is a great pleasure particularly where children are concerned, and you see their expressions of joy and happiness. Normally they do not weigh up the cost involved, and often get great satisfaction from presents that are of a simple nature. Adults sometimes take a different view, but as ever it is thought that counts and it should be appreciated.


Depending on your degree of awareness, this year you will have more to celebrate than usual as 2012 is almost upon you and will be quite extraordinary. It will be most unlike any other year but all for the best of reasons, and we give thanks to those of you who have come to Earth to spread the Light. It will be one that is remembered for a long, long time to come and spoken about throughout the Universe. The fact that you have overcome the dark Ones, and Ascension is assured is the upliftment that ensures the Universe is safe and that Ascension will be completed throughout.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel most privileged to work with such beautiful souls. I bless you all and send out my love to you.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.



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Law of Attraction and the Mind’s Use-Fullness Depends On The Thoughts Of The User

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Law of Attraction and “Mind’s Use-Fullness Depends On The Thoughts Of The User”

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The Minds Use-Fullness Depends On The Thoughts Of The User

“The most important thing in your life is your own be-ing. Without knowing the essence of your being, your heart will always remain empty and dis-satisfied. Without recognition of who you are, without inwardly awakening you stumble like a drunkard through a maze of meaningless limitations.” Quote from The minds use-fullness depends on the thoughts of the user.

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The Master’s Sacred Knowledge

Book - The Master's Sacred Knowledge by Allan Rufus

Book – The Master’s Sacred Knowledge by Allan Rufus

A key to your inner treasure!

This is the story about a wise old Master who comes across a young man who was about to end his life by hanging himself to a large tree. The wise old Master asks the young man to spare him some of his time before he hangs himself. This the young man did and by doing so the wise old Master passed on a Sacred Master Key to him along with some of his Sacred Knowledge so he could open the doors to Divine Living.

This did not only save his life, but helped him have a total rebirth which transformed his life from being negative, living in despair as well as living in fear into that of a wonderful, colourful, uplifting, positive and joyous life full of beauty and Unconditional Love.

This book is dedicated to all young masters in the making.

Excerpt from the book

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Art of Living

The old wise man was walking down a dusty dirt road on his way to the sea thinking happily to himself what a beautiful fresh morning it was, with the sun just peaking over the mountains he had just left behind shining and warming his back and casting his long shadow in front of him. “Greetings shadow self, nice to see you again, I trust you are well this morning and we shall continue to be at peace with each other like every other day.”

The birds were chirping and singing sweet songs, and flying around in search of a tasty meal at the beginning of their day. The buzz of the insects flying past and the flutter of the butterfly from flower to flower, as well as the hum of the bees collecting pollen to turn into honey were every day events that the old wise man liked to see, hear, smell and to feel what was going on around him. How amazing this all is, he thought to himself again, what a wonderful creation I am privileged to be a part of.

As the wise old man was going around the bend in the road, he noticed a young man standing on a stump by a tree holding a rope, part of the rope was tied around a high branch and the other part was a noose which was in his hands, which he was about to place around his neck.

The wise old man gently and quietly walked up to the young man and greeted him.

“Morning young man,” said the old man. “May I humbly interrupt you please for a moment? It looks to me that you are about to place that strong rope around your neck to hang yourself. If this is the case then please allow me to interrupt you for a few minutes of your time, so I can tell you a few things before you do, some things that may help you change your mind. Things that are important to the way you can look at life, things that will change your life for the better and will inspire you to love life, then I will be on my way and then you can carry on doing whatever you want to do!”

The young man looked at the old man with sadness in his face, and smudged tears around his eyes. The young man did not say anything except nodded that it was ok for the old man to say what he wanted to say.

“Please, sit down awhile on your wooden stump young master if you will,” the old wise man said in a gentle and kind voice pointing to the stump the young man was standing on. “It seems that you are not having a good day, maybe a good week or even a good year, but I would like to pass something onto you that can change that and then maybe you can still hang yourself, but this time by your feet and not your neck. This way you can still stay alive and be part of this wonderful world in which we live in, and this will help you to look at life from a completely different angle and with a very different view.”

The young man thought about it for a few seconds, then he sat down on the chopped bark-less wooden stump.

“I would like to pass on to you some Sacred principles in the Art of Living and Dying, and to share some Sacred Wisdom with you that will really change your world around if you would be willing to give it some consideration, and then slowly implement it in your daily living,” said the old wise man. “Sacred principles that will take you from a world from outer doing to that of a world of inner being.”

“We are all on a journey of self discovery, and it is not the end destination that matters right now, but what does matter right now is how you are in the present moment, the here and now, what you are thinking and feeling now, what your deeds and actions are now. That is what is really important to you today, and then in each moment of every other day is just as important. It is all about the now and the step-by-step you take in your journey to your destination that matters and determines your future and what you will also encounter in your future, as how you feel in the now will be your future. So don’t live life aimlessly and without purpose or the small insignificant things or problems will start to erode you away. I will call you young master because everyone is a master in the making, until you become the Master. Can you understand this young master?” asked the old man to the young insecure boy.

The young boy nodded.

“I can give you a Master Key that can open many doors, but you need to unlock the doors and walk through them by yourself. Unlocking the doors and going through them will release you from your-self created bondage and prison cell. That I cannot do for you. I can only pass on this Master key to you, and what you do with it is up to you.”

The boy nodded after listening, and he was happy that someone cared for him, and was taking the time to talk to him. He was also now very curious as to what this old man was going to say to him.

“Young master, what good is knowledge if you don’t put it into practice! Young master, what is knowledge?” the old man asked, but not waiting for an answer. “Knowledge is all the things and lessons you have learnt along your path up to this point in your life, and you will continue to learn more as you keep moving along your pathway to your destination. So, look at the greater picture of all your life and look forward to all the days that will come in your future, learn from your past and most importantly live positively in the NOW, in this present moment, which is a gift from the creator, and get your mindset balanced to be truly happy.”

“The journey to the centre of your heart is a challenging one, and there will be many trying moments when you will want to give it up, but each moment is there to teach you something, and it’s how you approach each of these moments which decide your highs and lows and your future and all our futures. We all reach different levels of understanding at different times, and the information that each of us comes into contact with will mean different things to different people, depending on their consciousness. We are all on different cycles, and paths which are leading us back to the Creator Source and it is up to us as individuals the direction we choose to go in, the people we choose to be with whether it’s forward, backwards, or even around and around and around. So choose these things wisely young master so as not to chase your tail!” said the old sage looking at the boy gently.

“The sculpting of our self is a never ending process. You decide what you want to look like by chiselling, moulding and trimming your shape, your personality – your Tree of Life. You have the power to add or subtract the traits you like and dislike. It is a process of moulding and carving the soul seed which you are to your liking. This seed grows to be the big you. You water the seed with knowledge as it grows, it takes years and years to get big, we all have to start as a seed, then turn into a seedling and then into a mighty tree if that’s what you want to be. The wisdom is your fruit which others can live off, and the seed can be replanted to go and bring life about again, a never ending process, the circle of life!” explained the sage.

“This tree you have chosen today is a very old tree, it has gone through many different seasons, good and bad yet it is still here, big, strong, tall and graceful, just like you can become over time. Look at the colours of the leaves, they are changing and will soon let go and be released to carry on their own journey, and the tree will be left bare yet still living patiently waiting for its spring to come around again and then it will rejuvenate itself to that of magnificent glory. We all need to let go of that which we no longer need, or no longer serves us at any given point in our journey, just like the tree letting go its leaves or parts of itself, the things that it knows would be detrimental to its survival at a certain times of the year, knowing well that it is part of the cycle of life. It just releases parts of itself, it does kill itself, and this is something you may want to consider young master.”

“See that negative engraving on the tree trunk?” said the sage pointing to a carving in the tree. “That has been engraved on the trunk by someone who is not looking at life in a positive way, and it will be with this tree for the rest of its life, it cannot get away from it, it cannot release or change what someone else has done to it, but you can, you have the power and consciousness to get rid of negative engravings you have allowed others to carve in you as well as the ones you have created yourself. You don’t have to carry those engravings with you for the rest of your life. You just need to become aware that they are there, and you can transmute them out of your being. You have the power and ability to let them go!”

“You have the power young master, you have the power!” explained the master confidently and pointing to the seated youngster who looked up.

“The changing point in my life was with my motto – as long as I learn something every day, it doesn’t matter how small or large that something is, it’s something that I didn’t know before, and have learnt and added to my knowledge and character. The wisdom only came later when I started putting it into practice,” said the old man delightfully. “It takes time, but gives you something to focus on. Focus and work on you young master, as you really matter in your life. I also went through a very bad time like you are now, but I decided to take the steps through the phase I was going through, and I eventually saw the clearing and found direction again. It is like walking in a dense forest, and you cannot see the way, which way to turn, no sunlight to help you get a direction, you feel lost, helpless, insecure, unhappy, sad, unsure, but then all of a sudden you come to the edge of that scene and you come to a clearing where you can see things at a….(To read the rest of this positive and inspiring book, click on the EBook or Paperback link below)

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The Master’s Sacred Knowledge by Allan Rufus on Paperback Book, for a Limited Time Price of ONLY US$9.95

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You may have said “Please send me a person who can change my life for the better.” Well the teacher will appear when you are ready.


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The Master’s Sacred Knowledge – A key to your inner treasure.

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Smiling Eyes - Sacred Master Key

Smiling Eyes – Sacred Master Key

Enjoy your journey to your destination… :-)


In love, light, joy and peace. This is my journey of Self discovery…

SO, it’s up to you what YOU want.

Knowledge is power, so have the wisdom to use this knowledge daily and correctly.

“Learn to let your eyes smile, and the rest of you will follow”. 

 Allan Rufus

SaLuSa 14~November~2011 – Mike Quinsey.

Who AM I ? -Self – Personal – Spiritual – Growth – Help – Awareness – Discovery – Realization – Motivation – Teaching – Information – Angels – Ascended – Masters – Enlightenment – Love – Rebirth


SaLuSa  14~November~2011

The big Love Wave has peaked and that is not the end as it continues to lift the vibrations upon Earth. From hereon the levels of consciousness will noticeably rise, with individuals experiencing it in there own way. The whole affect is to bring more harmony and balance into being, thus lessening the need for changes of a catastrophic nature. You cannot help but have noticed that in spite of dire predictions of a physical nature, they have not been as far reaching or serious as you have been led to believe. We are responsible for keeping the outcome to a level that does not have serious results.

Our activities never cease, and we are involved in a constant monitoring of many occurrences whether natural or man-made. Mother Earth will however need to push on with her own cleansing, but again we are involved to ensure that all goes as smoothly as possible. We would stress that the souls who find themselves in what prove to be dangerous areas, are where they planned to be as part of their life contract. Often these situations are a means to an end, so that they may exit the Earth before the end time comes. We know it is hard to understand the thinking in such circumstances, but moving out of your body and passing on from Earth is little more than falling asleep. Clearly we know that where illness or accidental death are concerned, there can be pain before the end. However. immediately you are out of the body you are released from it, and any emotional affect is quickly overcome. You will feel free and elated as you will have thrown off the yoke of the physical body, and the burden of carrying it around with you.

When you reach our stage as you eventually will, the body is much less physical and not subject to the ills and other problems you experience that you have now. It does not age or need the degree of attention that your present one demands, even to the point that it absorbs energy rather than your need to feed it. However, we do enjoy what you would call delicacies and juices that are extremely tasty and satisfying. Your path will soon take you towards natural foods, and chemical additives will be a thing of the past. In fact they will be unnecessary, as when foods are grown in the correct environment you will find that they are far more tasty and nutritious. Yes, you have heard of food replicators and you could view them as an interim measure, until your needs are properly provided for.

We find you are slowly getting used to the idea of change, and ready to set your life on a higher level. Much of what you enjoy now is in many ways harmful, and why you suffer so much illness and discomfort. Strictly speaking, even now you should be able to go through life and maintain a healthy body at all times. It has been entirely your choice but you also have to experience the consequences of them. We must however admit that your dark Ones have followed a plan to keep you in an unhealthy state, through adulterated food and waters. Plus the immense degree of drug use, with the attempted elimination of natural healing methods. You have in fact coped quite well in the circumstances, and proved that you have immense willpower and wonderfully adaptable bodies. Much valuable information has been obtained this way, so your experiences are not wasted.

As you are beginning to realize, the changes ahead are numerous but all to your advantage by taking you into a new level of existence. But for the fact your progress has been held back, you would by now already be enjoying many of the benefits and life would be so much easier to deal with. The dark Ones have effectively kept you in a 3D time warp, whilst secretly using and enjoying them for their own advancement and military purposes. By doing so they have made you continue to toil and work hard for what is often a meager existence. Now you know why it is so necessary to rid the Earth of the dark Ones power and influence. Their day is all but finished, and you will not have much longer to wait before you see proof of what we tell you.

Knowing what awaits you should enable you to handle the present period of chaos, by seeing it as a necessary and unavoidable time of discomfort that must precede the New Age. Fear is as ever the biggest stumbling block to a smooth transition, and this is where those of you who are informed and aware of what is happening can be of great help. There are bound to be questions asked and few in authority will have the right answers, but you will. Without imposing your knowledge on other people, try to guide them onto the right path of understanding. A few words here and there can set off a line of thought that will lead people on to the right track. Understand that most souls already hold the answers within their subconsciousness, and just need waking up to it.

In the seeming turmoil around the world people recognize the urgent need for change, and when the right leadership emerges they will have no difficulty getting support. Our input should ensure that all proceeds well as at some stage disclosure will have been made, enabling us to help and advise the newly emerging government personnel. We oversee such appointments, as we obviously have the means to know all that needs to be known about any individual. Most importantly, we know the spiritual level at which people operate and their true intent in what they are engaged in. In doing so we observe the privacy necessary to avoid delving into your private life.

Dear Ones, you are wonderfully loyal to those you respect and we are pleased that many still hold President Obama in high regard. That is in spite of continual attempts by the dark Ones or those who do not understand his position, to show him in a bad light. Be aware that he is a great Being of Light, who is having to play a role that requires him to “play” along with the dictates of those who advise him. He has achieved a degree of success even although he has faced opposition all along. He needs your continued support and love, and you will see him blossom and take charge once he can fully implement his own policies without interference.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and bless you again for standing solidly against the attempts to divert your attention away from your path to Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.


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11-11-11 Energy Wave and Activation by Archangel Metatron, Lord Merlin and Lady Portia – Part 1- Natalie Glasson

Who AM I ? -Self – Personal – Spiritual – Growth – Help – Awareness – Discovery – Realization – Motivation – Teaching – Information – Angels – Ascended – Masters – Enlightenment – Love – Rebirth


Sacred       School of Om Na and Wisdom of the Light

11-11-11  Energy Wave and Activation by Archangel Metatron, Lord Merlin and Lady Portia- Part 1

Channelled  through Natalie Glasson- 07-11-11

A  wealth and abundance of energy flows into your being now as we the souls upon the inner planes gather to connect with you and support you through the 11-11-11 activation. We are the combined energies of Archangel       Metatron, Lord Merlin and Lady Portia. Archangel Metatron, being the leading light at this time, Lord Merlin is a powerful soul accustomed to transitions, assisting in all viewing the magic within this special time, while Lady Portia is acting as a representative of the Goddess light of transformation and growth. There are numerous beings anchoring their light now, such as Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, Lord Melchizedek,       Lady Nada, Master Kuthumi, Master Serapis Bey and so manymore. All wish to express their love to you and to support you in any way they can.

We are and have already entered into a very special time, a period where humanity will awaken a stage more to the truth that is within their beings, becoming aware of the loving power and wisdom that exudes from their soul and entire consciousness when they allow it to. The energy wave will enhance and develop your connection and awareness of your soul, allowing you to blossom with ease. Many people believe that the new beginning with a heightened awareness will occur in 2012 but it is already manifesting now within and supported by the 11-11-11 energy wave and activation. It is important to remember that the dates of 11-11-11 and 2012 have all been woven into your energy as keys to activate new aspects and understandings of yourself as the Creator. Let yourself open up now to the new energy wave that is anchoring into your being, allow all fears to be dissolved about accepting your power and know that now is the time to surrender to the 11-11-11 energy wave as this will allow for the energies to achieve a complete activation within your being.

It is our wish to encourage you to begin to connect with the new energy wave each day as we lead up to 11-11-11, this will mean that as the energies climax on this date you will have already anchored a certain vibration of       light within your being causing an activation of wisdom and consciousness within you. Your connection with the new energy wave on 11-11-11 will then allow you to accept a higher vibration of light creating a more advanced       activation within your being, a greater knowledge and knowingness. It is important to ask for the energy wave to be connected to your heart chakra as this will ensure a purity of connection. You may also wish to take time       over the coming days to ask Lady Quan Yin, Mother Mary and Lady Nada to work with your heart chakra to clear all unneeded, stagnant, painful or negative energies from your heart chakra so that the purity of your heart       allows for a deeper and clearer connection with the energy wave.

We wish to explain the qualities of the energy wave more fully to aid a deeper connection and embodiment of the energy as qualities and as a whole.

It is important to remember at all times that it is the process of anchoring or accepting light that will cause an       activation within your being, the light is merely a tool of awakening for your being.

Love from Truth

Love is the essence of the Creator, humanity is beginning to realise that love can truly move mountains, heal, manifest and bring forward the perfection of the Creator. This is love from the soul of your being, the love that you give to others without expecting to receive anything in return, the love that naturally pulsates from your being. For such a long time now we have spoken of the power of love and existing in a loving energy,       expressing love at all times, we are beginning to see this manifest upon the Earth now and within the hearts of many. Over stages of growth humanity is being encouraged to discover the depth of the Creator’s love,       experiencing unconditional love, the power of love and now the truth of love. This is an extremely powerful embodiment to achieve and will anchor lessons into your reality that truly allow you to understand the essence of the Creator’s love.

Within the presence of the 11-11-11 energy wave you will discover that you are unable to hide your light any longer, that you are unable to be false, to misinterpret things and to hide your true meaning. Love begins to bring to the service everything that is false, inappropriate or born from fear. Love is seeking out the truth, drawing it from your being and making sure that it is present within your reality and actions. The 11-11-11 love is also encouraging you to love from a place of truth, to question where you are loving from, to question whether your love is truthful and honest or whether it is born from attachment or fears. This is very powerful as it will bring the energy of simplicity to your reality and outlook. You will also find that your love becomes very wise, much wisdom and enlightenment is shared through your simple expression of love from your being. You will       notice that the essence of love within you is a powerful and determined guiding influence that extends from your soul and encourages you to walk the spiritual path that is most appropriate for you. Realisations will dawn that all problems and challenges can be solved or overcome with the presence of love from truth. There is first a need to discover and connect with the truth of  your being, this is your soul, your soul group and the energy that you originate from, it is like a capsule within your being that you can awaken and expand with ease. When you acknowledge your truth from this essence you can activate a very powerful love. You may find that this love is more powerful, compassionate and unconditional than you have ever experienced, filling your heart chakra so completely that it feels too small to hold your love.

With a love born from truth not only is the love originating from truth and so is extremely pure but the love is also carrying forth the truth, wisdom and enlightenment of the Creator. The love born from truth encourages all to exist truthfully within their reality, being honestly to themselves, their energy, abilities, to the people around them and to the Creator. This will manifest an existence where everyone is able to recognise truth       from false expression or intentions, to see the truth within each other and to be spiritually open to each other’s energies.

Allow yourself to achieve this invocation to allow you to accept love from truth.

(Sit peacefully and simply say out loud,)

In the presence of the Creator, my guides and soul, I now acknowledge the truth of my being. Support me as I connect the 11-11-11 energy wave with my heart chakra, allowing my attention to flow into the depths of my soul and essence to activate and bring forth a realisation of my truth. I realise that I do not necessary need to understand my truth but ask if it appropriate that I am made aware of valuable insights. I now connect with       and draw forward my truth allowing the vibration to align with my heart chakra, chakra column, body and auric field. It is my wish to sit and experience the vibration of my truth while allowing a pure love to activate from this vibration. I now completely and absolutely acknowledge my truth and the love that flows from my truth, asking that this divinely intervenes within my reality guided by the will of the Creator from this moment forth.

(Let yourself sit with your focus upon your heart and allow yourself to breathe into the truth of your being, feeling, sensing or simply acknowledging your vibration of truth.)


The quality of openness is predominantly connected to the heart chakra and encourages a greater expansiveness within the heart chakra. As we enter into an Era of Love there is a need for you to open your heart chakra in       order to experience greater love. Love can exist all around you but if your heart chakra is closed then you will not experience its bliss and sacred influence within your being. It is important to realise that the Era of Love has long been told as a time when humanity create a reality of love from the projection of the love within their beings. If your heart chakra is closed or not open enough then you can hold all the love within you but may find it challenging to project and manifest this love into your reality for you to experience. It is important to focus upon  expanding your heart chakra. As we have said you may call upon Lady Quan Yin, Lady Mary and Lady Nada to cleanse and expand your heart chakra, asking for this each day and practicing imagining, sensing or holding the  intention of projecting love through your heart chakra will allow your heart chakra to open gradually beyond limitations.

The quality of openness also integrates and develops from the quality of love from truth. With the presence of truth within the realities of humanity every person will be encouraged to be more open with their energies,       emotions and even thoughts. For those who haven’t mastered their mind and emotions this could cause some chaos as some people may feel hurt by the openness of others, so the quality of openness holds a great       responsibility but will allow for a greater unity between humanity. When the mind and emotions are mastered then the action of being more open encourages a greater flow of energy therefore allowing your reality to       unfold with ease, it symbolises an acceptance of self and no longer the need to hiding one’s light. Openness can also refer to your own chakras, soul, abilities, skills being more open, expansive, flowing and present.

To access the quality of openness you can call upon the new energy wave to anchor into your being with an intense vibration of the quality of openness. Allow yourself to breathe this quality into your heart, body and       aura, especially your mind. Then ask to be made aware of aspects of your life, actions, reactions, experiences, abilities and opinions where you could adopt a greater openness, flow or expansive energy. Just allow       insights to flow into your awareness. You may find that this comes as you go about your daily routine. It is to also ask yourself when you could be more open to allowing your light and love to flow from your being.


The quality of unity is a powerful essence of the Creator, it is an energy that flow continuously from the Creator as a way of remaining connected with all aspects of the Creator’s being. Unity is built into your vibration; it is something that you are constantly seeking whether it is the unity of a family, the unity of friendship, a unity with guides or with the Creator. Unity is harmony, unison and integration. One of our greatest missions as a soul is to continue to merge our energy with aspect of the Creator as the soul knows that this is a pathway that leads us to complete unity with the Creator’s soul. The 11-11-11 quality of unity is focused upon unity with the Creator       but its predominant focus is for humanity to achieve a greater unity together. Every person on the Earth is a special soul which extended from the same source of light, and yet the focus of many is to experience       separation. Separation is only an illusion that causes imbalance and disharmony. The Creator wishes for the souls’ upon the Earth to recognise themselves in each other and to unite their energies as one. This doesn’t       mean that everyone must agree and live the same way. The civilisation upon the Earth can be diverse but also connected in a bond of love. Again we see that there is a need for love to flow from truth and for each person       to adopt openness as this will allow a flow of love from and to each person on the Earth, creating a network that supports and heightens the vibrations of all. All the qualities of the 11-11-11 energy wave are integrated as one; every quality is present for a purpose to aid a greater existence for humanity.

Simply by accepting the new energy wave and asking for a greater intensity of the quality unity to anchor, you can assist in collecting in unison your own energies thus manifesting balance with a powerful sense of peace and contentment. Then you can allow yourself to express your love to every soul upon the Earth, it only requires an intention. You can ask to reactivate the energy of unity that is within every person encouraging humanity to work together peacefully to aid the spirtyle=’mso-bidi-font-family:Calibri;mso-bidi-theme-font: minor-in’>With love and abundant blessings,

We are Archangel Metatron, Lord Merlin and Lady Portia


The quality of empowerment is extremely important within the energy wave; it is the energy of enhancement and magnification. As we enter into the new cycle of 2012 there is a need to focus on what we wish to create and       manifest physically but also along our spiritual paths. The energy of empowerment will magnify our desires and allow them to manifest with a greater speed. It is important to choose what we wish to magnify and at this time it is essential to remain connected to your soul and the Creator, with a strong awareness of the thoughts and emotions that you are creating. The quality of empowerment offers humanity a helping hand up their spiritual ladder but also offers humanity a greater role in their spiritual growth process. Now you truly have to take responsibility for your thoughts and projections as they will manifest supported by the power of the energy wave. As with the 08-08-08 energy wave which was focused on abundance the 11-11-11 energy wave is also focused upon abundance as it is creating an abundance of what you wish to experience. Now is the time to prepare your being to ensure that what you desire is what you truly wish to experience, observing your actions, reactions and thought to realise any projections that may cause greater challenges within your reality in the future. With empowerment comes the essence of responsibility which encourages you to master your being, mind and emotions. Release all thoughts that are unneeded, ask for them to be erased by the Creator’s light. Focus upon what you wish to manifest when you connect with the new energy wave and you will notice that your thoughts are now fuelled with tremendous strength. It is truly a blessing to experience the energy of empowerment, which you can connect with at any time within your daily routine to enhance your reality but it brings with it new lessons to master.

Empowerment is also focused upon the soul. The new energy wave anchors with the intention of creating a greater sensitivity and awareness of the soul. Allowing the soul to become empowered boosts your connection and experience of your soul, permitting merge with enhanced depth. Empowerment gives confidence to the soul and to your entire being in the process of integration occurring within your being.

It is appropriate to invoke the 11-11-11 energy wave and to ask for the quality of empowerment to surround your heart and soul. Ask that the energy of empowerment seeps gently into your soul and enhances your       connection, understanding and bond with your soul. Then simply sit and allow the energy of empowerment to merge with your soul, gradually building the presence of your soul.


To permit you to embody your soul more completely than you are currently experiencing is the goal of the 11-11-11 energy wave. It is programmed to activate your soul, promoting an embodiment of your soul’s truth, love and wisdom in your expressions, actions, words, thoughts and in all manner of your existence on the Earth. Embodiment of the soul is not only allowing your soul to align with your physical being but encourages you to express your soul in creative ways. This assists in a greater understanding of  your soul and therefore the Creator. Empowerment assists with embodiment; through the quality of empowerment you will allow a process of embodiment. Both qualities give more power and leadership to your soul and withdraw the same from your ego.

The quality of embodiment speaks of embodying or enacting all that you have discovered along your spiritual path whether it is your current path or your journeys in your past lifetimes.No longer can you hide your wisdom or ignore the consciousness of your soul as it guides you. The process of embodiment is acknowledging your inner light and letting it come forward to integrate with your being and reality in a way that is appropriate for you.

The Creator wishes you to embody the light of the Earth and nature kingdoms as well as the inner planes. It is to link your energies, to merge your vibration, to appreciate and to hold light within your being.

Invoking the new energy wave you can ask for the light and quality of embodiment to encourage your soul to flow with greater intensity into your being and reality. Ask that your soul settles within your physical being and cellular level. Then allow yourself to ask or to understand what others energies, consciousness or light you need to hold within your being. Ask for these energies to be anchored into your being so that you may fully       embody and exist as a representative of their energy. Embodiment is also a process of acceptance, accepting energies as your own. After all we are all one, from the same source, it is appropriate that we embody all       aspects of our being and the Creator.


The energy of sensitivity is connected to a greater awareness of the soul, the embodiment of the Creator’s energies, being open and experiencing a unity with all that is the Creator. Sensitivity encourages us to work upon our awareness of energy, emotions, thoughts and experiences. To look closer, to listen with greater attention, to feel with greater patience. Enhancing and developing our sensitivity to our reality, to ourselves and to the       Creator is the goal of the quality of sensitivity. It is to allow yourself to hold a greater understanding of yourself and your reality which is beyond limitations and illusions. Sensitivity may encourage you to be kinder and more loving to yourself, your path and to others upon the Earth thus increasing your unity with your own energies and that of humanity. Sensitivity is the glue that binds these qualities together as one, as each of the qualities is persuading you to be more sensitive, more aware, more awake and conscious. Let the energy of sensitivity encourage you to be conscious in your spiritual and physical reality on the Earth, a conscious connection will allow your complete integration with and embodiment of the Creator.

This quality only needs to be anchored from the 11-11-11 energy wave into your  being as you make a mental note that through your growth process on the Earth you may notice or focus upon your sensitivity to energy, your       thoughts, emotions, actions etc, questioning whether they are appropriate or aligned with the Creator’s soul and your own manifestation of your soul. Let the energy of sensitivity wash away all energies and beliefs that are hindering you from being sensitive, conscious and aware, this can be a deep cleansing process.

It is important to realise that the energy of sensitivity may influence you by allowing feelings of being vulnerable, insecure or unsupported to arise. These are simply energies from the past that need to be released, because with the acceptance of all other qualities you will realise a deep seated strength rising from within you.


The quality of liberation could be recognised as a cleansing energy as it encourages you to create a freedom within your being and reality. A thought process and reality that is free from limitations that can be expansive and generous. Freedom is the existence that can be experienced in meditation, a freedom with the chattering mind and a focus upon the light and energy of your being. The presence of liberation can offer a sanctuary for you to retreat to, nurturing and nourishing your being but predominantly encouraging you to create an existence focused upon clarity, exploring your spiritual being and insights with depth and flow. As the quality of openness speaks of a flowing energy so does the quality of liberation, allowing all your energy to flow expansively. It is a release of unneeded energies and development of the essence of your being. We see that all qualities are focused upon the sensitivity to the soul, we are encouraged to love from the soul, open our heart chakra to express the       soul more fully, unite our soul with the Creator and aspects of the Creator on the Earth to enthuse a journey of enlightenment. As well as empowering the soul and embodying the soul, therefore offering the soul more freedom to express and communicate its truth, love and wisdom. By liberating the soul or offering the soul more freedom you will liberate your enter being and reality.

You can call upon the quality of liberation from the new energy wave to inspire your soul’s expansion and to free you from limitations and hindrance connected to your spiritual path. Asking to embody the energy of       freedom from the energy wave during meditation can assist you in glimpsing your truth and essence as you are taken away from your physical reality to sit within your truth and love.

While we have taken time to explain the qualities of the energy wave and how you may connect or use them in your reality it is important to realise that a simple connection is appropriate. The main purpose is for you to       experience, accept and understand the new energy wave flowing through your being. Over the past weeks we have shared with you practices, these will advance your spiritual growth and heighten your experience at this time but it is essential that you follow the guidance of your soul as to what is appropriate for you to achieve at these special time of empowerment.

Anchoring the 11-11-11 Energy Wave

Below is an invocation that you may use to assist your experience of anchoring of the 11-11-11 energy wave,

I call upon Archangel Metatron, my Community of Guides, my Angels and Archangels as well as all light beings wishing to share their love and to aid in the anchoring of the 11-11-11 energy wave. Please surround me and       bathe me completely in your love and high vibrational light.

I call upon Archangel Metatron to stand at the front of my being, Archangel Raphael to stand on my left side, Archangel Gabriel on my right side and Archangel Michael behind my being. I ask that Archangel Zadkeil and       Archangel Amethyst stand either side of Archangel Metatron adding their energy and support. Enthuse my being with angelic light of unconditional love. Allow me to accept and to radiate love in preparation for accepting       the 11-11-11 energy wave.

I call upon the Ascended Masters of love and enlightenment to surround me and to assist in the activation and mastery of my being.

I call upon the Goddess beings of light to surround me completely and to support my intention of connecting with and embodying the new energy wave.

I activate my soul, allowing my soul to radiate its light brightly from within my being into my body, aura and reality.

I call upon my soul group to connect on a deeper level with my soul and to surround me in your unconditional love. Assist me in experiencing your presence around me and your alignment to my soul.

I call upon the energy of the Creator to flow over and through my being, pouring the most appropriate vibration of light into my energy.

From the source of the Creator I ask that the 11-11-11 new energy wave descends and flows deep into the Earth, its many energy levels and consciousness. Let the 11-11-11 energy wave of the most appropriate vibration and       intensity flow into my entire being, flowing from all directions to connect with my heart chakra. Let the light flow deep into my soul as I breathe the light into all aspects and areas of my being.

I now accept, experience and embody the 11-11-11 energy wave within my being and soul allowing new activations to occur within me that heighten my spiritual advancement.

As I accept the qualities of light from the energy wave, I project and anchor them into the Earth also.

·I accept, experience and embody the quality of Love from truth

(Sit and breathe this light into your being, noticing any insights or colours, achieve the same for each quality.)

·I accept, experience and embody the quality of Openess

·I accept, experience and embody the quality of Unity

·I accept, experience and embody the quality of Happiness

·I accept, experience and embody the quality of Empowerment

·I accept, experience and embody the quality of Embodiment

·I accept, experience and embody the quality of Sensitivity

·I accept, experience and embody the quality of Liberation

I now allow the 11-11-11 energy wave to integrate within my being and merge with my soul, allowing me to become more sensitive to the presence of my soul, empowering and embodying my soul with ease.

I now sit in acceptance of the 11-11-11 energy wave and the activations that need to occur at this time. I know that everything is divinely guided by my soul and the will of the Creator.

(Sit for as long as you feel is appropriate, breathing in the light.)

With Love and abundant blessings,

We are Archangel Metatron, Lord Merlin and Lady Portia


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