Chakra 13 “The Angelic Flame of Divine Mystery” Part 13

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Chakra 13 “The Angelic Flame of Divine Mystery” Part 13 

I am Kuthumi, and I come forward from the rays of love and wisdom to
greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee blessings of emotional
maturity, spiritual understanding, of cosmic realization and the
blessing beloved ones of an inert awakening of your connection to the
planet earth.
Greetings beloved ones,
Greetings Lord Kuthumi,
It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we
gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you here firmly
within the Heart of Christ, and securely upon the Hands of God.
Dear ones of this magnificent planet earth, it is extremely important
for ones such as you to make a point of being aware of your human
self, your emotional and metal self, and also your spiritual and
etheric self. The urge is there to say the time has come, but in fact
it has gone for these words have been repeated for too long and now
the time for transformation is here. The time has come and gone, gone
where? To the same place where the figments of your illustrious
imagination wont allow you to be, nowhere. Time one earth has move
into a different sphere of reality and thus for this very reason most
of your limited ones I.E 3D find it extremely challenging to stick to
their set time schedules which they find so frustrating as they aren’t
able to keep to time constraints the way they used to or were able
One of the reasons why humanity finds it so frustrating to keep
control of their own time is because according to them time is money
not so?
A; Its true
MK: And herewith comes the huge awakening that if time was money the
planet would be bankrupt for sure.
There is a new vibration upon this plane, active and excited to be
part of the new earth, it is the vibration of the goddess energy which
you were first fully introduced to during the years 2003/4 more
intensely. Now make no mistake that indeed this energy has been active
long before these dates but as with most things humanity takes their
own sweet time in catching up not so. No judgment.
So during these years many of you came to be in a new way much closer
to your feminine self because of the goddess energy, prior to which
you probably would’ve still been stoned to death, even these days to
some extend the word goddess raises fear in many. This energy is
becoming so prevalent and alive thus in the not too distant future
some of your very strict and controlling churches will be kind enough
to utter the word goddess.
Beloved ones, the way we see it from our angle, realm, understanding,
thus from our spiritual enlightening and humanely understanding point
of view, for many of us have been here on this plane, lived as you do,
loved as you do. The way we see it is like a freeway (fast lane)
that’s been build around your planet and the speed you are allowed to
travel at is unlimited providing you are able to stay on the track. If
you go too fast, thus exceed your current capability consciously, you
might just take off from the track and end up in the trees not knowing
the wood from your own trees in that state, therefore the suggestion
always is for you to be present, to be conscious about your
experiences hence the blessings that I gave unto you: the blessing of
understanding the self emotionally, of being physically present, of
connecting to your reality of being part of the earth, embrace the
cosmically reality and truth of your star origins, thus you as spirit
having a human earth experience. It is important for you to take in
the words being shared with you, and today, I Kuthumi have requested
that this kind channel (Chanel) and myself work together calmly to get
these words across to you in a clear and gentle way, slowly, so that
you can hear and understand all that is shared with you for every word
I share with you this day is of great importance.
So we observe you traveling at various speeds on your speed way
encircling the earth, and with the blessing of your grids especially
your earth anchoring gravity grids you wont take off even if you are
on the upside down part of the planet (smiles) so your chances of
leaving in a hurry are little, there is a light at the end of the fast
lane tunnel though and that is if you work with yourselves intently,
if you are able to activate a connecting presence to your light field
then you can take off. Though you will not be able to do this unless
your light field is fully anchored, and for this to be you your higher
self need to give its stamp of approval for a better word. The higher
self beloved ones is the part of the self that cosmically connects the
complete self (Monad) to the reality of the lower self. The reason why
we express it this way is humanity would more times than not rather
think of themselves filled with lack and unworthiness than as grand
and wonderful. We shared this with you during the last transmission,
do you recall it?
A; Silence
MK: May I ask how many of you sitting here really take these
initiations seriously?
A: Some answer yes
MK: I do not require an answer from you dear ones, but rather posed so
that you can answer the self, a reality check. How serious are you
about shifting your vibrations? Again not a question that lies in
judgment but a reality that will either allow you to fly through the
fast lane or head for the trees. So the answer here is simple, the
dedication require when it comes to consciousness is simple:
Then I hear you say but Lord Kuthumi, I have a life you know incase
you didn’t notice! (Laughter) and I’ll say to you dear one this true
but by embracing the emotional and mental aspects of brain capacity
you will through your own inner self awareness accept yourself as
wonderfully living consciousness. You will whilst drinking your cup of
tea claim your magnificence, whist having your cake, cooking your
meals, making love, partying under the night sky, through anything and
everything you do, you are now asked to claim yourself as
magnificently divine and to do so without judging the self or others.
These teachings you have heard over and over, that the importance of
you ending the journey of judgment be that of the self or another
cannot be underlined, stressed and highlighted enough for you. At the
end of the day when your freeway comes to an end having finished
working through your planetary experiences you will glance back one
last time to take in all that you previously were unable to as you
glance back from your heavenly lane contained within a magnificent
field of light, when all come to rest sister, there is no one that is
ever going to lay a claim of judgment on you, or you, or you, or you,
or you brother, or you sister….(Kuthumi went around the circle looking
everyone in the eye making deep personal contact with each person)
………..But the self. One of the first gems that I would like to bring
again to your attention is (Kuthumi shares some chatting and humor
with the group on how we drag things out and need to have it spelled
out for us – laughter)……if you can deal with your judgments (whispers
to group) within your mind before you leave this plane it
automatically places you within a much higher vibration once you leave
here, anyone not get that?
A: No
Anyone that works with their personal judgments in other words works
with the energy that limits and prevents your expansion and evolution
at the time when it is most active during the earth experience, wont
need to face the beautiful sphere’s of Light that will reflect your
earth experience once you leave here, thus you wont have to repeat
these issues through the act of bitterness and denial and victimhood
feeling sorry for the self having to repeat it all over again. I
suggest for you to become increasingly aware if that which you judge
yourselves by. I am not going to elaborate on this much more for this
will be under discussion during our next meeting. For these are the
issues beloved ones which some may see as trivial and others are not
even aware of, that hinders you flying on all cylinders so to speak,
preventing you from free flying on your freeway of light surrounding
the planet having fun as you do so.
So the feminine energy which is an extremely important energy for you
to be comfortable within and embrace, very much repeats itself within
your energy systems. It firstly introduces itself within the area of
the sacral, then the heart, and from here it very much works alongside
the masculine energy embracing the higher centres. When it comes the
energy field contained within the 13th chakra the decision to keep it
majority female was for you to come to a relaxed way of understanding
the self better, not only through the symbolism of the 8th chakra, the
claiming of your lightworkership and grid keepership in the 9th
chakra, not only through claiming your connection to your angelic self
through the connection of the angels, archangels and ascended masters
within the 10th centre, not only through claiming your star connection
with your star origins within the 11th centre, or through the oneness
shared with you during the least transmission in keeping it all
together but very much to anchor within your energy field a soft
flexibility so that you are able to steer yourself into the various
directions needed for you to grow, to evolve, to learn by experiencing
Beloved ones, it is not possible for you to take yourself through such
an intense series of initiations being prompted by the higher aspect
of the self be that experiencing one, two or all of the teachings
presented to you over the last couple of months, for you not to open
your heart energy which is why it is so important to bring your
emotions and feelings into balance. As you may know your feelings are
projected through the heart whereas the emotions are projected through
the lower part of the solar plexus and the upper part of the sacral
for the sacral is the overruling emotional centre for it deals with
your connection to the world out there and the solar plexus deals with
your connection to the self. The past few months also served to make
you aware of the different aspects of your emotional body and your
mental body thus to understand yourself from a more balanced state
oppose to from a more fluttering female and the inflexible male
aspect, the female fluttering all over the place and the male too
stubborn to move (laughter).
We understand your efforts, on your journey so far you had to learn to
push and pull between the male/female subservience/dominance in
creating balance and heaven forbid you are now asked to believe that
you are a light bearer, a grid keeper, you are being told your origins
are not of the earth, you are exposed to such intense energies that
asks you to believe you are a master in training, no wonder the masses
didn’t join us in here for they aren’t able to digest this for they
will not allow themselves to, because of the fear aspects that
controls them not allowing them to believe that they are good enough.
This unfortunately is a very rigid paradigm that needs shifting, which
most of humanity has been exposed to and been indoctrinated with, yet
the paradox is the fact that these very thoughts wont allow them to
truly grow (up).
For the brat child within don’t allow the beautiful explorer within to
experience and have fun as it prevents the self from acknowledging its
treasures of being divinely mystical because its other friend called
the ego shouts from the side that it knows better and off you run
again from your freeways of Light into the woods.
Beloved ones there are many teachings of light that we will discuss in
time to come. It was appropriate for this group and those that come to
read these words to understand the concept of the energy field. To
begin to touch on what is truly beyond the lower 7 centres and to have
a slightly deeper knowing of the emotional and mental aspects of these
centres. The human energy field when it comes to the paradigms of
indoctrination set out by those who thought they were doing their best
and they were at the time, is now also expanding itself further in its
various levels of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields
of the human self. It is for this very reason that many of your
scientists in the not too distant future will discover the impact that
energy has on you, on your matter (all that’s physical) and your
biology. In other words these scientists will provide your doubting
Thomas’s with conclusive proof of your reflection of energy for you
are the mirror within to all that’s without, and without to all that’s
within. You will also become very aware of how to use energy to the
best of your ability. This may sound far-out to most of your un-known
slumber beings whilst for many of you that have taken on the journey
of discovering the self in a more profound way, to you all of this
will be as natural as eating.
Beloved ones many of you are being trained as ambassadors of light to
become the representatives of the new earth. Many of you are even at
times unable to truly comprehend what is being shared with you and
this too is fine to a degree for your memory banks are being stirred
and with time slowly but surely your entire concept of thought is
being changed thus shifting your electro-magnetic force field from
limiting upon the earth plane to limitless with infinite
Many of you, with permission, are being trained during your sleep
states as directive ambassadors for specific tasks, you see whilst you
go about living lots are happening behind the scenes not only
cosmically and inter-galactically but right here under your very nose.
Much that cant been seen and heard by many, especially since those
that you refer to as your press wont allow you to see and hear much of
what is happening behind the veils of illusion. We have shared
numerous teachings on the information that is shared with your
governments and heads of state, much brewing is taking place, all in
preparation of the new planet earth, therefore it is very important to
understand that if you have been called to certain tasks sharing
information with pockets of people, be that general or specific, it is
your chosen field that you need to share. The other energy that you
have to come clean with and clear out is the energy of doubt. It is
really important be at peace with that which resonates with you and
letting go of that which don’t without judgment.
Knowing what this is, is every much an inner effort for believe me if
any one of you at the end of the day are going to try and take any of
your material possessions with you, you shall be faced with quite a
task. You take with you consciousness, growth, lessons; you take with
you the understanding of it all for you had to apply wisdom to gain
The feminine energy will now increase in its gentle assuredness as it
creates new freeways for you to venture upon, thus this energy denotes
embracing the self on every level which means being able to
communicate with the self. When are you not in communication with the
self, anyone?
– Silence
A: Always
MK: Beloved sister have you lost your plot (laughter)
A: No I mean we are always in communication with ourselves
MK: No not quite, millions, infact billions are not communicating with
A; they are not aware
MK: Correct, now I am asking you to think about it, everyone
experiences this directly, think? (Kuthumi shares some personal
chatting with the lady sitting next to me)
A: In anger
MK: correct, give her a hand (all starts clapping). In conflict, when
you are not congruent with your heart, your mind and emotions, this is
when you are not communicating with the self, thus when you loose the
plot like I thought our sister next to me did (laughter) but sister
(Kuthumi turn to face lady next to me) you are so attractive I am sure
someone will help find your plot (laughter)
A: Thank you lord Kuthumi
MK; you are welcome
A: May I also say something (someone else from audience)
MK: beloved sister, do go ahead
A; is fear also due to miscommunication?
MK: very much, for fear is an unbalanced emotion, thus an emotion
without solid foundation, it’s a control tool used by outside forces
or the lower mental (and lower ego) through the controlling archetype.
So at the time of great fear should you but try and communicate with
the self at a deep and sacred level the inner child steps forward and
communicates to the soul and/or personality through the grace of your
heart and your evolved energy centres, and with that the peace of
knowing that you are always taken care of rises and peace or inner
trust prevails by letting go, (and Letting God). For as I have shared
with you during the last transmission; that not even during the time
of fear within your darkest hour can you be alone. There’s always a
safety net of beautiful angelic beings surrounding you and if the
worst comes to the worst and you as you say die, well then what a
fabulous prospect (screeches of laughter) or do you fear it?
A; No
MK: oh very good then, we are relieved.
Beloved ones death to you which is life to us beyond the veil, is the
most beautiful and sublime place you could ever imagine. It is a place
of such love and such tenderness, such supreme divine oneness that
once you get back you will stamp your feet on your proverbial cloud
saying now why didn’t I come back sooner! (laughter). This is part of
the problem in keeping you here on earth.
Beloved ones from the shield of light that is created in what you term
your 13th energy field, we ask you from a soft, gentle and feminine
point of view to embrace you magic, your angelic reality, as a
magnificent human being. Embrace yourself as a kind and gentle multi-
dimensional field. At this stage we prefer you to reflect on the 13th
centre as a culmination of the intermediate higher chakras thus a
protective shield that allows the upper 5 centres to balance in a
perfect hologram, in other words placing all of the upper centers 8-12
in a sphere of Light. At this 13th level of your earth-cosmic
understanding you are asked to tap into your multi-sensory ability
thus play with your imagination and intuition and with that dare the
self to awaken your psychic self, which you all have the ability in
doing, yet some prefer to block this out and make for the bushes. Many
that are still in slumber either see the psychic side as evil which is
fear based or as fortunate, excuse the pun, for all they want of these
is to have their fortune foretold (laughter) so they label these as
either fortunate or fearful but either way they stay well clear of
you! Well these I hate to say are indoctrinations that are supported
by the superstition archetype dating centuries back so far back it’s
outdated. You all know that within the accepted sects of the Christian
religion and other set sects of religious practice that there are
‘under ground’ operations, conglomerations of the elders that together
decide the fate of others as they run organized institutions in the
name of fear very much like a business, you know the ‘hush hush’ codes
that exists amongst these.
Well let me share another truth with you, 9 times out of 10 many of
the sincere preachers that preaches from their pulpits experiences a
very similar situation to what we have here with this vessel
expressing my words, they on the other hand are not able to share when
Spirit works and speaks through them, moving their hearts, as they too
fall in the traps of fear. Some of them admit to their people that
they experience the Love of God as It speaks through them, if then,
what makes that different to this way of communication though from a
specific being through a specific vessel? They too share the love from
Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha in such a way that they touch the nations,
that they touch their nations, and know there is nothing wrong with
their beliefs and their religious preference if that’s their choice,
but the blasphemy that is taught through control. Then you might say
what happens to those that are part of these congregations? Sure they
are followers of controlled consciousness, flock or sheep
consciousness and many know of these forces behind their control, thus
you can believe what you want, but being willingly controlled by
another that’s different all together. You were controlled by your
parents until such time when you were able to run your own life not
A; Yes
Mk: so then what’s different here? You can choose to follow what you
want without fear and judgment and these are the very reasons why so
many aren’t able to break away from many of these control
organizations. They feel that if they withdraw from these they will
loose their ‘belonging’ which is to a set consciousness and if this is
the case they would have to have the courage to break away and stand
up for themselves and be in their own power uniquely without judgment,
thus many are unable to claim their unique magnificence and therefore
the ‘fear and wrath of God’ is what keeps them bound to the ones that
controls, yet the sincere love that is expressed by many of these
trapped ones is adored by God. The Passion of Christ that is evident
in those that follow Him is adored by Him, by Jesus, by God, and by
the Masters. The love of the being that speaks through him that
follows the teachings of any of the spiritual masters be that Buddha,
Mohammed or Sai Baba it matters not, it is all absorbed, for it is the
super Godliness that emanate from the eyes of the beings that pray
through that love, recognizing the overshadowing of The One God, that
is what God adores and love. This love is recognized through many
religious institutions upon this planet, and with that these groups
grow from strength to strength yet the aim must be to recognize their
individual part as part of the wholeness of The One, of spiritual
truths. The judgment, victimization and denial has to go and with time
all of these energies will recognize the sacredness of the self which
is what is needed to bring you into a state of divinity providing it
is expressed from the heart and not the lower mind, solar plexus or
lower ego.
The ego creeps in everywhere; it is anchored within the lower aspect
of the solar plexus and sticks its little beady head out everywhere.
Just when you think you have it in tack it creeps out from your third
eye convincing you of what you did or did not see, or can or cant see.
(laughter), or within the crown creeping out telling you to minister
your self-righteousness (laughter).
Beloved ones, the 13th level of your consciousness experience is about
coming to a point in your life of making an effort to understand
yourself symbolically which either stirs your inspirational fires or
brewing pots located within the 8th chakra.
The 8th chakra plays an extremely important part in this as here you
have your archetypes, the many different types that your personality
has to work through for you to be able to realise your divinity as you
climb up your own Jacob’s Ladder understanding the self from one level
of expression into the next and so on and so forth, flowing without
form. In this truth lies the symbolism of your personality types, for
it helps you deal with self-judgment so instead of placing this
judgment upon the self you will begin to work with the symbolism
behind your actions labeling it as an experience.
(Someone coughing in audience) – Kuthumi turns and say to her “an
obstruction in the throat, a struggle with the truth (laughter) do
drink some water sister. Pause. As I always say when this occurs spit
it out sister but please not over me – (screeches of laughter)
I would like to invite those that will be present during our next
transmission a fortnight from now to join us for a wonderful session
of interactive challenges, thus bring to this round table or shall we
rather say oval table which you were asked to visualise during the
opening meditation before this transmission, which we nearly confused
this vessel with at the last moment, (I was waiting for guidance for
the pre- channeling meditation and was given a few ‘mixed’ visions to
begin with which was quite humorous to me – Chanel) Thus we invite
you to bring to the oval table your challenges and in exchange we
shall gift you with the symbolism on how to deal with it, consider it
a Easter gift though not set in chocolate. (laughter).
The idea behind this and all the other pockets of wisdom that is
shared with you by the many Beings from Enlightened Realms is to help
you shift consciousness, its simple no matter how complicated you want
to make it (smiles).
Kuthumi shares some personal laughter and jokes with audience.
Dear ones, know that with all that is shared with you and that you
have been exposed to and asked to do and experience and learn and
integrate, we do understand the challenges it may present to many, the
complications to others. But having been there done that, we know that
you can do it all. Yes you can, no if’s, but’s, or may-be’s. Yes you
can. Say it to yourself please out loud.
Audience repeats then Kuthumi asks them to stand doing it confirming
‘Yes I Can’ which was very moving yet humorous.
Beloved ones we are here to help you shift your limitations, we are
here to help you fire up your humaneness, we are here by your request
I might add to light a cracker under your proverbial multi-
dimensional…..{backside} (roars of laughter) I never said it.
(laughter). It is time for you to remove the veil that prevents your
cosmic vision keeping you within earth limitations. It is time for you
to move your focus from that which keeps you linear and with that
become flexible by being soft, kind, gentle, stop judgment, see things
symbolically, do the work. If you don’t do the work, these works are
not going to do it for you. Some of you admittedly are major
gatekeepers of procrastination (laughter) for sure, so get on with it.
You are awake even though you like to slumber, yet you know as with
all human experiences, you at times need to fall into a very deep
slumber so that the roaring of your snoring can wake you up (Kuthumi
snoring loudly – roars of laughter). Embrace your femininity and
flexibility, soar to search and research beyond your solar system,
embrace your sun as the true Light that it is, as the true love that
it is. Be a part of the earth; embrace it by loving it as it is. The
oneness energy within the 12th centre allows you with the help of the
13th sensitivity to experience all, thus even the falling leave is not
dead but merely part of the next cycle of evolution, the fertilizer
for new life.
See yourself as such, be the fertilizer for barren grounds as you
shine your light supporting the awakening of those in deep slumber,
with love.
Beloved ones, we from the ascended master realms which I represent
here, we have a love for humanity that is beyond your limiting
understanding. It is this love, this deepness that I Kuthumi gift to
you this day. I wish to touch you with every vibration that
reverberates from my spirit soul.
A; But you have
MK: Well then we have managed to accomplish some. You are very welcome
sister (Kuthumi squeezes her hand). This is the aim, to touch you with
such love so that you can powerfully love yourself, so that you can
hug yourself, and be so darn proud of yourself being human (again)
with enough courage this time around to shift your consciousness, this
is phenomenal indeed ambassadors of Light.
Through the journey of the chakric system as we have shared with you
the aim was for you to become more friendly with/and relating to your
chakric system. The truth is, there are many systems of light
surrounding your physicality as you have bio and electromagnetic
fields of light surrounding you, some acting as conductors of bio,
electric and magnetic impulses, some dealing with the four lower
bodies specifically or in general, thus as I have shared with some of
you a few years ago, from an etheric angle you look like a very busy
buzzing most spectacular Xmas tree of sorts (laughter) lights on and
off energy moving and shaking and with the new energy even some
vibrations (laughter) it could become rather intense not so, guess
what, it already is. The earth experience is intended to be so, but
hear these words there is one blessing in all this and that was the
promise you made prior to this incarnation as with all the others, and
You promised not too become too involved and too serious, and what
happened? Nothing (laughter). You came to earth yet again, took on the
veil of forgetfulness and here you are all miserable and involved
again (laughter) too serious for yourself, and admittedly as
considered by the masses if you don’t take it seriously thus if you
don’t poison yourself with high-blood-pressure because of your
stressful disappointments you are not normal, if you don’t have a
hernia of sorts then you are considered loony not so, well claim your
loony-ness and enjoy the ‘tunes’ in your head (Roars of laughter).
We come forward from the rays of light to help you uncomplicate
things. When you look at the various systems that the human body
hosts, as with your physiology in other words the functioning of your
anatomy, in the etheric it works very similar. Within the auric field
you have chakric system that links the physical and etheric bodies.
You have also lodged into your reality the symbolism of your origin
thus the geometry that expressed from itself transcending spirit-soul
into matter, biological matter which etherically is recorded as your
Tree of Life, so now become aware of this, and then have fun climbing
your tree from branch to branch creating new branches thus trees as
you grow. The chakric system acts as a conduit feeding the physical
with the non so these two systems work closely together creating an
environment where the non physical can influence the physical to
divert distortions such as lack, fear and so on which prevents you
from going ahead. Should this not be the case, these two systems
instead of supporting each other suffers etheric stress caused by your
ignorance and with that you agedly wither away, or physical ill health
sets in. When illness occurs the physical body lacks belief within its
consciousness, thus tissues. It no longer believes that it can be
well, so it has to be ill. It surrenders to cancers, physical
ailments, not to mention blood and other poisonings.
The human mind which is also termed the brain-box by some, very much
influence the outcome of all this to a frightfully large extend and it
uses the nervous and endocrine systems to mainly influence with force.
The nervous system react to negative impulses from the brain to spread
the confusing and convincing problem around, and the endocrine system
make sure the projected illness is anchored therefore it is extremely
important for you, to understand your connection to your divine self,
to support what you believe for all of that which you repeat and fuel
through the mind, is what you become.
Please repeat after me: All that I think of I am. (all do)
Now sit up close your eyes and do it again. (all do)
Repeat it please. (all do)
Now I want you to repeat it again slowly, with feeling please. (all
Do you notice the moment you think of that which you think of (which
is being conscious) your attitude softens?
A: Yes
MK: Now take your hands and place the tips of your fingers (like
thinking) on your parental lobes (sides of forehead on either side)
and repeat it again. All that I think of, I am. (all do)
MK: Now move your hands and cross them with your palms overlapping
over your heart, feel this love with intent, and now repeat this again
whilst you tap into your soul consciousness. (all do)
Mk: do you notice the difference between mental and soul
consciousness? Anyone wants to share their experience?
All share their views with Kuthumi, All individually asked by Kuthumi
making sure all shared the similar heart experience. Chatting in
person to all.
MK: Correct by working with feeling the emotion becomes real and very
deep, a moving experience. Now stand up again and with feeling tell me
you can!
(All stand up and with feeling shouts ‘Yes I can’ – Truly
The difference is at a mental level you had to convince the self, but
at the heart or soul level, you know it. (All share their moving
Dear ones, at times of struggle, of negativity, place your hands on
your heart, communicate to the self, touch your soul and be with your
spirit. Feel the love that I have for you, from spirit to matter as it
is the same love that your higher self has for you, no expectations,
feel the love that you allow yourself to feel for the higher aspect of
yourself, the all knowing aspect as we say, be in it, do it.
Very long pause.
This intensity becomes addictive not so. Do it in your quiet time,
connect with your soul, communicate with the self, allow your soul to
communicate with your spirit, be inspired, be inspirited. Be inspired
by life, by love, by the all the knowing aspect of the self that is
beyond all limitations of your lower reality, feel the love.
Beloved ones when you react with a tear when observing something that
moves you it is your soul reaction without prejudice, this love you
feel now, this is the same love as if you could touch it, this is the
feeling of the self, the heart and the mind….no, infact as you utter
the word mind the feeling is gone not so
A: Its true!! (some cant believe the reaction)
Mk: Indeed the moment you shift the focus – thus from allow to
control, thus from heart to mind or ego, its all gone. So then would
you not agree that this mind control is an illusion?
A; Yes!
Mk: The heart is the only reality, the true reality but at the same
time know this: The illusion which is the power within the mind is
gifted to empower you, not disempower you by forcing you to live
through its illusional egotistical control instead of feeling the love
from the heart, thus your soul as you allow yourself to be guided and
steered by your all knowing self, the higher self. It is for this
reason that many fall into great sadness, depression and intolerance
in times of challenge as they believe THEY have to sort things out,
they are the only one that know as they are unable to let go of the
control. Instead of saying to the higher self “now you all knowing
part of myself, please guide me across this challenging times” and
then ALLOW IT.
Address your higher self in meditation saying ‘you know more than me,
you know me better for you gave of yourself to allow the creation of
me at this earthly hour, I am just but one fraction of you, yet I know
that like you I too carry a fraction of the One that Created all and I
respect me as such, though I relinquish control to you, I let go, and
I say to you do of this what is best for me. I am going to simply be
in the now space, love myself, and be happy, have fun with joy as I
believe in miracles for I am as ONE’.
I invite you to put this to the test. Play some games, have some fun,
dear ones try something small, put it to the test, for your highest
good. Sieve through your limiting archetypes so that you can come to
relinquish the control, step out of your own way, hand this over to
the higher self by allowing your heart to steer this ship and when
this happens miracles are inevitably the order of the day.
Kuthumi then shares the difference between conscious and trans
channelling and interactive sessions and the importance of being
interactive (communicating) with the self like with others. Also
sharing some humor.
Beloved ones communication is the key to connecting with your multi-
dimensional self. Communicate with the various aspects of the self to
rid the self of your addictions and limitations. Communicate to help
the self grow up, we have worked so hard to get you to this stage even
if I have to personally come dig you from your pits of despair
Communication and interaction spells that you are divinely magical and
mystical with an angelic light force to help you. Most of you have in
some way taken on the teacher/healer or lightworker archetype but now
is the time for all to first apply this to the self, the healing of
the self. We have during the past few months taken you through various
stages of doing just that, step by step. We have even given you
physical visualizations to anchor this within your minds and without
further ado, for the final part of this series, close your eyes, sit
up straight, not for a very long activation at all, yet for you to
enjoy another way of connecting yourself to yourself communicating
through the various aspects of yourself to the all knowing part of the
self. Connect with your breath, expand your lung capacity, exhale and
simply relax. Repeat this a number of times, breathe in lifting the
chest frame, and exhale letting go, feel the love that you are. All
repeat a few times. Pause.
We will this, but this time be conscious of the breath as you feel
your chest expanding with a pause between the in and exhale, be aware
of what you are doing. Pause.
I now want you to imagine with conscious intent on the next inbreath
the pathway of the oxygen bubbles as you inhale through the nose, down
the air passages into the lung sacks, into the lung capillaries, into
the alveoli. Imagine how you inhale thousands of little glittering air
bubbles with your lungs sparkling brighter with each inhalation and as
you exhale release all the stale bubbles, continue until you feel your
lungs transformed. All do. Pause.
Now place your hands on your sacred heart, and feeling this connection
set the intent for these glittering bubbles of light to travel from
the lungs along the arterial pathways or arteries coming to rest at
the area of your base chakra forming a large glittering sphere of
light about the seize of a golf ball resting in the centre of the base
centre. Long pause. Feel from your heart how your light gives life to
the base centre. Pause. Now relax your hands on your lap. Pause.
Keep your inner eye on the crystalline sphere within the base. Pause.
Now within your mind’s eye if there is anything that you feel have
limited you because of the way you were brought up to place this
within that glittering sphere of light, in other words, if you still
feel that after all the work you have done, that due to a certain
ingrained belief system you have been limited in reaching your full
potential to that which you think you should be, then place all of
these energies in this bubble. Place within this crystalline bubble
every issue that you felt have kept you back especially from your
parents and immediate family, a uncle that have always scoffed at you,
a aunt that always made fun of you, a cousin that has never taken you
seriously, that prevented you from being your magnificent self,
release this from your base centre into this magnificent bubble of
light. If you feel that you don’t have anything or there is nothing to
let go of or so it seems, then simply set the intent for this to be
done automatically according to your highest will. Pause. Now release
this bubble to come to rest at the sacral where it increases in seize
by a couple of millimeters increasing with its ascent as we travel up
the chakric column. Now with the crystalline bubble hovering within
the sacral light up the white flame within the base. Long pause.
From here on using your hands, connect with the lower centres thus
place your hands over the area of the sacral while we are working with
it and then move it up as we go along. Your sacral is about 2,5 cm
below the naval. Now at the sacral, place within the bubble any
situations that have created negativity within your life, here include
friends, other relatives, colleagues, lovers, partners etc. Anyone
else that you thought to have caused you any stagnation. Like
previously doing the heart-hand exercise feeling the energy between
your heart and hands as you cusped them over that area, feel the
feelings that you have towards others here at the sacral, clearing
away any stagnation and negativity. Long pause.
Sister are you with us?
A: Yes
Very good.
Now move this etheric bubble into the solar plexus and with that light
up the golden flame within the sun chakra which is located between the
base and sacral and then light up the violet flame within the sacral.
With your crystalline bubble within your solar plexus and your hands
now over that area tap into what this bubble feels like, try and feel
if you can feel anything within the solar plexus as it now becomes
weightier and again a little larger in seize. Can you relate to it?
A: Some say yes.
MK: All of you? If you can’t feel it, don’t stress about it, some of
you might even feel a little rumbling in your tummy, whatever it is,
if you can relate to it, just relax and breathe into it. Now at this
level, I want you to place within this bubble everything that you
thought or did even at an unconscious or subconscious level, that you
have caused yourself that prevented you from being your most
magnificent self. Simply allow this to be transferred into your bubble
of light, all the limitations and expectations that you have placed on
the self, all self inflicted pain and trauma, sadness, anger, anything
at all. Here allow your masculine/feminine energy within your palm
chakras to transcend balanced love into the masculine solar plexus, it
is the palm chakras that releases the bio-photons that is used during
healing through the hands, it matters not what your modality, the
action behind all healing is much the same through these bio-photons.
Go ahead and place within this bubble at this level all your
limitations, all that you have done to prevent your growth. Pause.
With that allow the bubble and your hands to move over and into the
area of the heart and light up the Ruby-Gold flame within the solar
plexus. Pause.
Everyone needing us to slow down a little?
A: No
Do you know how to locate your heart; you place the fist of your right
hand across your chest as if to take a vow with your fist between the
breasts or over breast bone, you will find the tilt indicates the
position of the heart being slightly off-centre.
At the heart or lower heart, or unevolved heart chakra place within
the ever increasing crystalline bubble all that you believe you have
done to another that prevented them from being their magnificent self.
The crystalline bubble is now much larger yet not quite tennis ball
seize. Anything that you can think of and if you feel you have been a
saint then simply set the intent for all negativity at a un/
subconscious level to be absorbed into this bubble of Light. Release
from the self all poisons that you have partly created by troubled
thoughts and deeds towards another. pause.
Now move your hands and bubble into and over the throat and with that
light up the pink flame within the lower heart centre and the golden
flame within the higher heart centre. Pause.
At the throat place within this bubble all that you have been in
denial about towards the self and others that prevented them from
magnificently living their truth, and being themselves, and living
your truth and being yourself. Pause. Place within all that you
believe not to be your highest truth, place all judgments you have
placed upon another for expressing their highest truth. Pause. Now
allow this energy to ascend into the 3rd eye where the sphere is about
a tennis ball seize and light up the double Sapphire flame within the
3rd eye. Pause
At this level place into this bubble of light every belief system that
you have ever entertained that have prevented you from seeing the
light, if you are not sure simply set the intent for this to be.
Pause. Remove all limitations from here. Pause. Now ascend this into
the crown with your hands following as you light up the emerald flame
within the 3rd eye.
At the crown place all personality limitations that have prevented you
from being the best that you can possible be. Pause. Now raise you
hands as if to hold this ball of light over the 8th chakra and with
that light the 12 golden flames within the crown centre. Now simply
move your hands a little higher every time connecting to the 8th, then
the 9th, then the 10th, 11th, and 12th chakra and then rest your hands
back on your laps.
Again bring your attention to the 8th chakra seeing this increased
crystalline light hovering within this centre, simply illuminating it.
Pause. Now gently move the crystalline energy into the 9th chakra
moving up just a little with the crystalline sphere increasing in
seize igniting the magenta flame within the 8th chakra. For
visualization purposes remember the higher chakras are very much super-
imposed within this higher dimensional energy above the head. Here
finally let go of your inability to claim yourself as an earth and
grid keeper. Place all your doubts on this within the crystalline
sphere hovering within the 9th centre, then allow it is increase in
seize and ascend into the 10th chakra and with that light up the
platinum flame within the 9th chakra. Pause.
At the level of the 10th chakra release into this sphere of light all
concerning your disbelief relating to the angelic, archangelic and
ascended masterhood realms. With that allow this crystalline sphere to
increase in seize moving up into the 11th chakra igniting the mother
or pearl flame within the 10th chakra. Pause.
At this level place within this sphere of light all of the disbelief
that you entertain when it comes to your starseed origins amongst the
stars. Here the crystalline energy has become quite large about 30-50
cm in diameter, and as it ascends into the 12th chakra it becomes even
larger and with that in place, in the area of the 11th chakra light up
the glittering diamond flame. Pause.
Now with this etheric crystalline sphere of Light in place that
encapsulates all of the upper centres within its energy field, ignite
the supreme golden flame within the 12th chakra as you imagine
yourself contained within a large cocoon of light, the colour mixture
of gold and violet as we ask you to place yourself within a very large
ametrine light body, the combination of citrine and amethyst. For
those that are familiar with your energy field and comfortable
visualizing a star tetrahedronal or Merkabic field that capsulate your
energy and auric field, please ahead and do so. Pause.
Now when you are ready, release this rather large crystalline sphere
of light imprinted over the higher centres into the atmosphere
allowing this energy to flow into the cosmos, and just be. With this
crystalline energy ascending away into the heavens don’t you feel much
A: Yes!
Mk: Do this in your own time within your meditations as this truly
supports your uncomplicated connection to your higher self for your
higher or the all knowing part of yourself knows what to do with all
of this energy you are releasing raising your vibrations, it
transmutes all that you don’t have a clue of when it comes to how to
deal with. Pause.
By doing this you call upon support from your higher self to connect
with your lower self helping to transmute your limitations.
Within your visualizations include the ametrine energy to protect and
support you which is the reason why we have asked this channel to
bring in the gold and violet energy in the premeditation. These are
all tools.
Visualize the following: in the base the garnet energy. Actually if
you can acquire the following stones please do, if this is not
possible do collect some pictures of these which will support your
visualizations. These crystals carry 7th dimensional energies which
aid the shifting of your vibrations from 3D to 5D.
Garnet within the base, citrine within the sun/sacral centre (these
combine in time to come), solar plexus see heliodor and/or yellow
fluorite, in the heart you have emerald and/or pink tourmaline, in the
throat use sapphire, within the 3rd eye tanzanite, and within the
crown moonstone.
Then make a point of connecting with the 44 minor chakras located
within the area at the base of the skull, over the medulla oblongata
as these are your ascension chakras. When connecting with these ALWAYS
place the protection of Archangel Michael’s platinum and titanium
shield over these. These are very vulnerable chakras which connect the
crown and medulla oblongata supporting your personal ascension
During your meditations, also use within the upper centres in general
the energies of mother of pearl, violet, cobalt-blue, amethyst, gold,
platinum and diamond, the purest of all stones, which we believe to be
a ‘girls best friend’ (laughter), which naturally upsets the gentlemen
as you don’t want diamonds to be your girl’s best friend (laughter).
The diamond carry the highest vibration of truth, with the more
accessible being the Herkimer Diamond, also then there is Ametrine
dear ones which is used as a general protective shield for your
increasing vibrations. Within your visualizations always work with the
pure energies of Gold and Silver, and then also use the frequencies of
other metals such as Titanium, Platinum, Brass and Copper which is
more grounding. Beloved ones work with your earth and star chakras as
you have been blessed now with the most exquisite toolbox to aid your
Know that all these and other gifts are gifted to you from the most
pure and sincere aspect of the love that we have for you.
I gift to you my blessings and love for your journey ahead. We shall
again meet in a fortnight through this vessel in this way where we
shall come to work through the mental and emotional aspects that are
still stuck bringing these into a state of healing which will support
your inner child to emerge and be nurtured. This will further support
your growth allowing you to implement these gifts within your healing
practices as you help heal others by healing the self, raising their
vibrations without deflating their energies, show them how to heal
themselves without breaking the self down.
Beloved ones with the celebration of Easter at hand, the celebration
of the death of Christ, we gift to you a most special and sincere
blessing from The Christ for you to remember that the Heart of Christ
is alive within you. Remember that Christ is not a separate entity at
a distance or on a pedestal, Christ is alive, everywhere, within as
without. Know that now the time is here for all of you to hold hands
thus hearts, embrace your estranged families and friends, without
judgment, no matter their opinion and beliefs for in the long run,
there truly is no separation.
So as you taste the sweetness within your chocolate eggs know that
with every bite of delight we are with you. We cannot taste it as you
do, but through the expression of your delightful experience of
enjoying the chocolate bite by bite, we pick up the sweet reflection
recorded within your energy field, and taste this we can. May the
Light of the ever living Christ be within you now and always. I am
Kuthumi, am the lord and the master of the golden rays of love and
wisdom and I greet and bless thee in love, as I gift unto everyone of
you the most special Easter gift of my exquisite golden-yellow Kuthumi
rose. Adonai.
Loadsa Love
Chanel Lingenfelder



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