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A Pleiadian Message About Our Inner Guidance. By, Bella Capozzi. May 12, 2013.

As healers and intuitives, I believe that the some of the most common questions we get from our friends, family and clients are in relation to opening the lines of communication between themselves and the Higher Realms. They want to know why they can’t hear their Angels, or they want to sharpen the skills that they already have in order to understand them better. What most people don’t realize is that they already are getting this information, and they just need to learn how to recognize and interpret it. This type of communication can manifest itself in such a variety of different forms, as is explained in the message from my own team of Guides, below. While I did originally receive the message last summer, the information seems to me to be even more appropriate right now.

Seeking Guidance From Within

Originally received on July 8, 2012.

There is no guidance more trustworthy than that which comes from within. This is the voice which speaks to you from the heart. It is the sudden warning you receive in times of peril, an inner knowing of where to go and how to get there, or an unexpected answer to a nagging question. It is all of those things and so very much more. Over time, you came to know this gentle guidance as Angelic intervention or a loving Guide coming to your aid; and yes, you were quite correct in assuming that it was indeed our voices you were hearing. Yet have you ever considered that this wisdom is not originating only from a source outside of yourself, but also from someplace much closer? Is it possible that this is knowledge that you have had all along, but has been kept hidden from you by the lower vibration and limitations of the 3rd dimension?

Entertain the notion that you are without limits and wise beyond anything you could ever imagine. That you are your higher-self. The higher-self is not some lofty, separate persona existing far away and apart from who you are at this exact moment-you, who are alive and whole and thriving within the confines of the human bodysuit. It is not a finer, happier being living a carefree life across the galaxy, while you do battle on the denser planes of Earth. Not at all. The higher-self is the portion of your being which exists in wait for the time you are able to merge with it as one. Indeed, it is conscious and timeless, and it experiences everything you have ever done. Behind the amnesiac veil is where you will find it, and it is becoming increasingly integrated in your human consciousness with every passing day.

You are seeing this integration in the wider opening of your channels and the newfound effortlessness with which you ease into the meditative state. You call to us and instantly we are there. Visions are clearer, messages are cleaner, and you are swiftly becoming more and more claircognizant. Think about it-do you not just know things, but have no idea how you knew or where they came from? Concepts once considered confusing and beyond your ability to comprehend come easily to you now. You have an innate understanding of Universal concepts and of why you are here and where you came from. Nobody else has to tell you-deep inside, you simply know. You feel that you have always known. Understand with an absolute certainty that this knowing is the voice of your own higher-self come home. And now the challenge becomes not in the receiving of the information, but in the trusting of it.

Yes, of course, we are still here and are eager and ready to help you. We love you dearly. There is nothing that warms the hearts of your beloved Guides more than to converse with you and to assist you in your journey along the pathway to ascension. It is our deepest wish to be of service. However, the time has come for us to loosen the reins a bit and allow you to test your wings. Never doubt for a single moment that we will be here to catch you, should you falter. But we know that you will not.

Look to discover this precious gift, which has been given to you at a time when we feel it you will most need it. You must seek before you are able to find, so go within and find yourself. We advise that you take time often for meditation, and if the silent type is not for you, then do so to the strains of soft music. Delicate tones and vibrations will transport you to the place of stillness more quickly, and is most beneficial in preventing your mind from breaking through with it’s aimless wandering. While at home, try turning off the television and partake of the silence. In a quiet place the voices of your higher-self can be clearly heard coming from within your own consciousness, and you will be amazed at the revelations that materialize before you. Lastly, we strongly suggest that you read and do so often. Reading is a fun-filled and exciting vacation for the senses. Without relying on outside stimulus, immersing yourself in a book requires you to exercise your imagination. You must create the appearance of the setting and the characters, and you must look ahead and wonder what will happen next. Even though the words and the plot are another person’s creation, the unique imagery you give it is all your own. We find this to be a most enjoyable way for you to sharpen your visualization skills.

Be in peace, Dear Friends, and endeavor to know yourselves as flawless jewels in the crowns of the Divine.

Copyright Bella Capozzi. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.


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