Taking stock of your Gifts – Lord Kuthumi – Chanel Lingenfelder

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Lord Kuthumi

Taking stock of your Gifts

 Through Chanel Lingenfelder

The activation part of this channelling will continue with the next session with Saint Germaine as the activation serve as a foundation for the next

and very much a reinforcement of the current series

It’s truly an awesome activation. Also some was shared on Egypt, and the crystal energies. Enjoy!


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 Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

 Special Thanks to Brandon for Transcribing


I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time to gift unto thee a blessing of beauty, a blessing of compassion, a blessing of personal freedom and a blessing of divine perception.

Greetings beloved ones.

A: Greetings Lord Kuthumi.

MK: It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you here firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, beloved Earthlings, yet again we gather in this magnificent circle of light where each of you are given the opportunity of embracing a refined and more polished state of being. Of course naturally you have worked effortlessly and endlessly to create this not only during this life time but very much during all of the life times that have preceded this. Indeed you as hu-mans have come a long way, you have travelled and journeyed through many experiences, all which now support you in claiming yourself as that divine mystical being. All of that which gives unto you the honour of wearing your name tags with pride, the honour of claiming yourself as an authentic individual being.

Now believe me when it comes to authenticity it is a challenge, it is quite a challenge for most of humanity and when I say most of humanity I am going to gather together the masses in a beautiful bow and tie it with a wonderful collective tag of about 6 billion people. Most of humanity are in a two way struggle during most of their lifetimes, yearning and searching to find that innate self, that which they know exist, that which they have trained for in awakening to during past lifetimes, that which they too during this lifetime came to explore and very much come to give birth too.

Authenticity is quite an achievement. Being authentic means to claim the individual self at such a profound level that no matter the influence from the outside the core essence of beliefs, of truths, of understandings will always remain, and they do so blasting forth through the flames of salvation, the flames of embracing a totally new refined and more advanced perception of the lower ego, of understanding the Self and yet believe me I am not saying this with any intention of judgement as you very well know but once again during this lifetime many of those that have initially planned for themselves the birthing of the authentic self (for that is why they came) have receded, they have gone into recess. They collected all their juries and they have recessed in a collective energy where they are now back to the drawing board creating more discussions about this lifetime.

Authenticity carries a beautiful acknowledgment of being proud of the self, of being strong in the self and of loving the self, of loving the self to such an extent that you wish to embrace the self and hug the self and never judge the self for that is not what it’s about.

Now you and those that may come to read these words, the lightworkers you call yourselves, the light warriors, you are the forerunners in this process of releasing the New Grids of Authenticity onto the Planet, for believe me where many of those that have gone into recess will awaken, many of you will stand and you will be guiding these beautiful beings, you will be showing these awakening souls the journey of the splendour of the magnificent authentic self. It takes guts as you say to be authentic; naturally, for being authentic means that you can stand up for yourself. Its means that you can stand for yourself, it means that you can stand.

Can you stand alone, yes?

A: Some say yes, some mumble.

MK: Pillars of light that’s what you are. Lightworkers who are pillars of light, that holds the structure of the Divine in a completely adaptable space, if you like, pillars of the Divine.

Beloved ones, as you know the frequency of your planet is speeding up, it was discussed during the last transmission, it is being discussed through many transmissions upon your planet, you will now begin to see things unfold like you never dreamt will happen. You have recollection of the recent events that unfolded on your very continent. You have an awareness of what is happening throughout many places on your globe, politically. You see there is a revolution going on, it’s called – we call it the evolution of the authentic ones. You call it the revolution of the awakening ones, whatever, the evolution of the authentic ones, for you see a revolution creates reaction doesn’t it?

A: Yes.

MK: An evolution creates evolvedness doesn’t it?

A: Yes.

MK: So, if you can evolve why do you need to start a revolution, you could start an evolution, a peaceful resolution to the revolution.

What is taking place within the inner self at this particular time is very much an awakening state of the combination of all of the divine essences and frequencies that you have exposed yourself too, not only during this lifetime but in all the lifetimes that have gone by, for this lifetime is the one awakening lifetime where you have said to yourself this time I will remember and are you?

The rule of authenticity is to claim for the self a most magnificent divine individual platform of new beginnings where you are able to create a new fresh approach to life as you knew it, now that fresh approach is very much what is taking place around your planet for you see you where told not once but maybe one hundred times about the effect that you have as an individual on humanity out there haven’t you?

A: Yes.

MK: You have been told many a times that you as a person and as a being affect many others out there haven’t you?

A: Yes.

MK: Yes, you have worked tirelessly to try and create a whole new flow on your individual platform haven’t you?

A: Yes.

MK: Yes, that has gone and flown into the collective unconscious yes, and what you see today as part of that which you call the revolution, as far as we are concerned, the evolution of man, is a direct result of what you have created. You see you not only have a part in the shifts on your planet when it comes to the rumblings of the Earth, when it comes to the shivering and the shaking of her body, you have a direct effect when it comes to the consciousness of humanity, for you play a part in it yes?

A: Yes.

MK: Why do sheep think the same, can anyone tell me?

A: Silence.

MK: Because they work in sheep language.

A: Laughter.

MK: What did you think, Spanish?

Now what we are doing through these groups, through many channels that are delivering energies upon your plane at this time is to teach group consciousness as part of an evolutionary plan, for you see you have the power to influence many at once, many at once.

Now I ask you a question. When you think back of the recent happenings in Egypt, that evolution was started by a small group of people, a very small group of people, a handful of people in fact, that has had enough, and they wanted to shift the reality of that which they have been bound too and they shared this with another small group of people. Now as these groups grew in small groups, my emphasis here is on small groups, the Egyptian Government cut the supply of communication to the masses, they cut the internet service, they cut the major telephone services, they cut the major mobile connections and do you now what happened? The collective unconscious increased against all odds and literally in two days from 20 000, you had 2 million supporters against all odds. I call that consciousness.

A: Yes.

The effect that you have as a lightworker on others is almost indescribable and for that very reason beloved ones, I Kuthumi and many other Masters of Light have been at you to try and steer you in a direction of clear thought, in a direction of clearer understanding and in a direction of crystal clear knowing where you have to know what you know. You can learn to understand; you can learn to guide but when it comes to knowing you have to have a crystal clear knowing, can anyone tell me why, let us see who is the brightest spark in this bunch…

Sister: Crystal clear knowing for a crystal clear reception.

MK: Think about it, we all know that you don’t want a distorted reception sister, get over yourself.

Crystal clear, think about it, I am going to make you very clever today. Crystal clear knowing….now if you look at the two most important controlling energies in your system what are they, what are the two ends?

A: The base and the Crown.

MK: Correct, correct, now those are the two centres that works with your beliefs aren’t they, yes, you are with me?

A: Yes.

MK: The Base and the Crown are the two energy centres that work specifically with your belief systems yes?

A: Yes.

MK: At the base you had your family trying to convince you what to believe since birth, eventually you grow up and out of that and you begin to formulate for yourself your own belief and of course you put this belief in a beautiful big bucket and you move the bucket up to the sacral and at the sacral you add a few beliefs from your society in there, some friends and what they believe and your belief system sort of goes mmmmm, then you put the bucket and you move it up into the solar plexus and in the solar plexus it says mmmmmm, I’m not so sure about that because if I believe that then what is going to happen to my red Ferrari, oh well put that in and mix it, take that in, mix it in the bucket with all this and we move it up into the heart. Once we get to the heart centre you say, ohhhh, here I have got to be nice, do I want to be nice, what is the beliefs around being nice, I have to apply forgiveness, I mean for heaven sake I have to be human. Ok let’s mix this and put it in the bucket, take the belief systems and move it up into the throat and once you get to the throat it all gets thrown around and at the throat centre it is saying to you now…..what is you expression, speak to me, tell me about your beliefs, voice your opinion. And then from there it goes up into the third eye and in the third eye you now have to have all of this and you are asked to begin to see things completely differently to the way you did. So now at the third eye you unpack this bucket with all this stuff that you have placed into it according to your and others beliefs and the third eye says to you absolutely not, you are not going any further unless you can tell me truly what you believe in, because the next level of your beliefs you are going to face in the second level of the crown.

Beloved ones remember there are seven main chakras and each one has seven main levels, each has seven main levels did you get that?

A: Yes.

MK: And each one of those seven main levels gives you a different perception of your personality, so you have gone onto level one with a certain belief from the base to the third eye, now before stepping into the Crown, you need to know what the next level of that belief is because that is manifested in the Crown, so in other words your beliefs in the Crown is the second level of that which you will come to face in the base right?

Now do you see why I am saying that you need to need to have crystal clear beliefs, because see it this way, you have the Crown energy which is the second level of the base, it goes back like a zig zag to the base, now there are seven levels of belief there (crown), there are seven levels of belief there (base), in fact there are seven levels of belief within everyone on these seven centres, yes, do you know where you find yourself at the very top of this?

A: Silence.

MK: Muddled, unless you are crystal clear about yourself.

A: Much mumbling.

MK: Do you understand?

A: Yes.

MK: Are you crystal clear about your beliefs?

A: Silence.

MK: Silence is golden…..

A: Laughter.

Beloved ones, the crystalline energy that is currently unfolding on your plane will bring an immense support to humanity in many ways. We find it so entertaining when you have your friends that blasphemies against your beliefs yet they are afraid of stones, very entertaining.

With the awakening of the crystal reality upon the New Earth in the new vibration of fifth dimensional crystalline consciousness which you will come to embrace a much wider spectrum and fuller perception especially during the latter part of the year to come, will tune consciousness into a new frequency of sound and light and beauty that resonates to beautiful, wonderful, magnificent processes of love. You will come to know love like you have never known love before and because of that the authentic one needs to be in love with it’s self. Not in love from a lust perspective, in love from a love perspective and it is for that very reason we have suggested to this channel for the next transmission who I believe you will be working with the energy of St. Germain, you are asked to bring a pen and paper and quite a tightly packed sense of humour.

A: Laughter.

MK: The crystalline vibration of your planet is taking on the new refined crystalline frequency of all of the crystalline energies contained within your Planet, within the body of your planet and of course all resonates according to the increased frequency projected from the crystalline core of your planet.

Now each and every one of you have within yourself also a crystalline core, you have a crystalline cell of Creator Consciousness that you carry within you that is the charge or carries the charge of the Creator Essence and it is that Creator Essence within you which inspires you to co-create that which you believe as you have co-created all of the various grids around your planet, you have co-created the manifestation of all of the crystalline energies on your planet, you have co-created the anchoring of all of the Love Crystals on your planet, you have co-created the awakening of the new refined crystalline frequencies with every triple date anniversary, you have co-created what happened in Egypt, you are co-creating what is happening in your life and you will find that the more you become completely in tune with your own individual resonance, your own individual frequency of untainted love which you find within the crystalline vibration, the more you will be able to manifest for yourself all of your desires for you have gone against the grain haven’t you?

A: Yes.

MK: None of you have come this lifetime to be part of the sheep, no. You all prefer to be individuals, you are beautiful and so are you, and so are you, and so are you, and so are all of you (Kuthumi looking around the group. Isn’t she beautiful, yes?

Now beloved ones, in that beauty, in that splendour, in that untainted love, in that pure crystalline frequency comes your crystal clear knowing. Now crystals are most commonly used for?

Transmitting energy and receiving energy, sorry I should have said in a third dimensional perspective, I forget you are all so advanced.

A: Giggles.

MK: From a third dimensional perspective crystals are used as ‘electrical’ pulse transmitters aren’t they?

A: Yes.

MK: Yes, now when you take your radio, or your television set and you fine tune into the station, don’t you wish for a crystal clear reception?

A: Yes.

MK: And do you get it?

A: Yes.

MK: Yes, now using the ingrained crystalline consciousness which now is becoming more and more prevalent for you as your biology begins to shift from carbon into crystalline silica, correct. Therefore as you refine your own frequency you will vibrate at a level that is a lot clearer and because your frequency is a lot clearer to yourself it is very clear to others who you are. So if you thought you could hide away think again.

You were told recently that your place is no longer in the bushes do you recall that?

A: Yes.

MK: Well, this is not for you as you have come this time around to shift consciousness. You have come to break down barriers. How can you break down barriers when you go and hide away in some underground bunker sister? How can you shift perception if you are not totally clear about your own reception, so how can you assist others to alleviate confusion if you still suffer from it yourself? So your belief systems need to be crystal clear, and you know there is always a twist when it comes to Spirit and that is to understand that the truth of your belief systems changes.

That is what I call the moving constant. There is always the shift in that which you believe and to understand that the easiest way for you truly walk in your journey of authenticity would be to keep yourself as a moving constant. To keep moving and to understand that as you move, as you evolve, so does life, so does realities, so does truths, and sure instead of judging another for their beliefs, rather be crystal clear about your own.

Are there any questions I may entertain you with at this time?

Are you crystal clear about what I have shared?

A: Yes.

MK: Yes, very good.

Do you enjoy working with crystals?

A: Yes.

MK: You should love having them, they love having you. Have you given any thought; let’s take you on a quick journey of thought.

Have you given any thought how magnificent it is for you to receive a collection of the most profound untainted love from various parts of the world and that most of them that have their origins within the rarer commodities are not found elsewhere? Do you know that there are many, many crystals that are only found in one particular cave on the whole planet, in one area? Now if you begin to perceive geology and you understand the formations of the planet then isn’t that Godly magnificent that in one tiny place you find just that. Now that is authentic, that is unique and I tell you that you can take that crystal, you can put it in a display of thousands, of hundreds of thousands of other crystals and yet that uniqueness will always remain, the authenticity of the pure frequency of the belief of that stone remains. See yourself as such for you are all beautiful magnificent crystalline energies, you are now awaking on a magnificent crystal plane where the consciousness of your planet takes on a complete new form, a vibration of authenticity, a frequency of unadulterated, untainted love, and so isn’t it magnificent that those of you who call yourselves the Pillars of light, the Light workers, the Light warriors, isn’t it magnificent that all of you never ever need to waver from that which you call your beliefs. So as you become crystal clear about your beliefs you are asked to let go of everything else that does not support that.

So….. no more fears, no more doubts, no more judgement. Mmmm, think life might become a little boring hey.

A: Laughter.

MK: Humanity loves the excitement of the challenge of these things, but you know what; on the other side of this awaits a new energy, an energy that is so magnificently divine, an energy that you will never get enough of and that is the vibration of crystalline consciousness, the 5th dimensional vibration that your planet is about to give birth too. It is the same vibration that each of you has come this time around to give birth too. And as they say the hour is late and the labour pains are evident.

Please would you get ready for your energy activation? If you like take in some water, straighten up, if you would like to stand up and shake your arms and legs and limbs to wake up a bit please do. If you would like to jump up and down then that is totally fine by me too.


Very well then,

Beloved ones, in view of yourself embracing your own individual authentic honour codes, I invite you to venture with me on a journey of recognising your gifts, of embracing that which you have been so blessed with. Of truly acknowledging the incredible talents that you were given, as the hour is near and with the shift of crystalline frequency on the horizon I ask you to embrace your crystal clear truth, reality and beliefs and with that there is no need for you any longer to question your gifts, but rather to acknowledge them. There is no need any longer for you to step back allowing someone else to take your lead because of your inability to lay claim to that which you have been blessed with so talentedly. Your talents, your gifts and your beliefs all come in a wonderful arrangement called authenticity. For you see even though each of you may share the gift of art, there is no two of you that will ever strike the brush in the same way. You may be given equal portions of ingredients to share but the end result of your making will always differ, that is your authentic signature and believe me as each of you carry this gift of authenticity, the gift of your talents and your blessing and as each of you are greatly different in your authenticity so too are each of you known by name from the Origin of Light. Not one of you have equal amounts of hair on your head and when I say that your hairs are numbered individuality and known by the Origin of Light know that you are loved.

So as we ascend the stairway to heaven, your heaven on Earth. I wish for you now to imagine in your mind and call upon eight Masterful beings of light to create a circle around you, see yourself standing in the very centre.

We are now asking you to invoke first of all the energy of Archangel Michael, Lord Metatron, Lord Melchizedek and Lord Maitreya, to fill the four corners around you, the North, South, East and West, its irrelevant where you place them. Visualise these Masters of Light looking at you.


We are now going to invoke another four Masters of a masculine reflection and we ask them to come and stand in between those four original Masters creating a circle of a masculine vibration around you all standing looking at you in the very centre.


We call upon the presence of the one that you know as Yeshua Ben Yosef.

We call upon the presence of the one that you know as Djwal Khul.

We call upon the presence of the one that you know as St. Germain.

And we call upon the presence of the one that you know as Serapis Bey.

We ask these beings to fill the spaces creating a circle of light around you, are you with me?

A: Yes.

MK: Can you visualise this?

A: Yes.

MK: Very good.

Long pause.

We now ask for you to invoke the presence of eight Goddess energies to fill the spaces in between every male.

So we first of all invoke the presence of Goddess Diana,

We the invoke the presence of Athena,

We invoke the presence of Mary Magdalene,

And we invoke the presence of Goddess Isis.

We now call upon the last four Goddesses to come take their stand in between the masculine energy and the other Goddesses as we fill in the diagonal cross of this energy.

We ask for Goddess Ishtar.

We ask for Goddess Mary.

We ask for the Goddess Quan Yin.

And we ask for the Goddess Romania to come forward.


You now have around you eight male figures and eight female figures.


We now ask the male figures to begin to spin in a clockwise direction and we ask the female Goddesses to spin in a counter clockwise direction and as they do so they begin to move apart until eventually they form the vesica piscis with you standing in the very centre of that energy.


Do you all follow this?

A: Yes.

MK: You have the two circles that have moved apart, they overlap creating an eye energy yes?

A: Yes.

MK: And you are standing within that space, the vesica piscis yes?

A: Yes.

MK: Now ask for the vibrations of these beings to help you transform yourself as a true individual into a crystal clear individual and then understand beloved ones that as it is with your individual ‘I’ you will never be able to do it unless you acknowledge the greater ‘WE’. So as you stand within the eye (of the vesica piscis) that you have created claiming yourself as an individual authentic ‘I’ know too that with the current and new frequencies of Light of the new unfolding plan of your crystalline consciousness comes too the realisation that you need to join as groups to be part of various frequencies in support of a whole new shift in reality. The time for being ‘I’ lone on an island is gone, so in this consciousness acknowledge that before you stands the awakening of the Golden Dawn as I ask you to for now release from your energy field the energy that these beings have created for you. Visualise yourself standing within that island, the eye, the overlapping eye that was created for you and see ahead of you a beautiful marble staircase ascending into the distance; you have seven stairs leading to the very top.


Now in your mind give thanks to these sixteen beings that have come forward to be with you this day and release all attachments that you have to their energies in thought, and turn around and face this magnificent marble staircase, ascending up into what you would perceive to be Heaven on Earth.

Ahead of you is an elaborate massive doorway, carved out of pure gold.

I want you to step forward and to stand in this doorway and you will see that as you get closer the depth of each step increases so it is no longer a normal staircase but in fact it is rather seven platforms that you are asked to step onto, each a higher frequency than the one before, each a clearer process towards that which you already know.


Now visualise myself Kuthumi come to stand before you.


I have hanging from my hand a golden basket and in that basket I have a magnificent selection of the most beautiful roses and candles that you have ever seen.


(Some one in the audience was coughing and struggling with their throat.)

We will give our sister a moment to take some water. Cough up the communication sister. Clear the blockage in the throat, clear the communication, embrace the will.


Are you better?

Sister: Yes, thank you.

MK: So you have me Kuthumi standing facing you with this golden basket filled with the most exquisite roses and the most beautiful candles, beautifully carved candles.

I now come to stand next to you as I invite you to step onto the first platform and here you have the presence of Archangel Michael manifesting on this first landing. Archangel Michael hands you a golden seal or a golden coin if you like. Take this Golden Coin and acknowledge the gifts that you have been given in this lifetime, acknowledge your authenticity in such a way that you will do everything in your power to support all others to embrace theirs. Acknowledge this beautiful gift given to you from this Divine Master and I would like for you to place that golden seal within your crown chakra. This golden disc, ethereally placeing it within the crown, as this first seal will help you to break through the final barriers which prevents you from embracing your all crystal clear knowing belief systems. And now I hand you first of all a violet rose and a violet candle and I ask you to place the violet candle on the right hand side of the ascending staircase, to light it and to see this violet flame light up the essence of your crown. And then turn and hand a most exquisite violet rose to Archangel Michael in return for the gift, and with that step up to the second landing.

On this landing you come to meet an aspect of myself, I am going to ask you to greet the energy of St. Francis of Assisi. St Francis hands to you a magnificent golden seal like the previous one or a golden coin of divine transcending consciousness and he indicates for you to place this within your third eye.


And as you do so give thanks for all of your magnificent talents and gifts embracing yourself authentically as an awakening divine being. Give thanks for your ability to know beyond, to see beyond, to experience beyond, coming live this lifetime beyond the norm.

Again I hand you a magnificent indigo rose and candle. Light the candle and place it on the right hand side of the ascending staircase and hand to St. Francis of Assisi the beautiful indigo rose as a gift.


Now stepping up to the third level.

On this level of your awakening consciousness I wish for you to embrace the energy of El Morya. Here the masterful El Morya again hands to you this seal of consciousness which you are to place into your throat centre, opening up this level of divine awareness and acceptance as you embrace the gift of your divine authenticity being able to express yourself fully, being able to share your truths and to do so with ever increasing clarity of your divine crystal clear perception of your self, of life, releasing all the holds that judgement had on you and to embrace a whole new circle of light within that centre and to do so by authentically sharing with others your divine view point. And then place the blue candle on the right hand side of the staircase, light it up and hand over to El Morya the beautiful magnificent blue rose as a gift.

Now stepping up to the next level.

You have the beautiful and most exquisite Lady Quan Yin offering you the golden seal of divine consciousness to be placed in your heart and with that embrace your divine authenticity by releasing all attachments that you had to all of those that have ever wronged you, release beloved ones and forgive and forget. Embrace the authenticness of your sincere compassion and your gift of being able to share it with others. And in so doing light your green candle and hand the Lady Quan Yin your beautiful green rose.

Stepping on to the third last level.

You have Serapis Bey on your left handing you another golden seal of consciousness, placing this within your solar plexus asking you to embrace the gift of your authentic individual self but to do so knowing the part that you play as the greater picture unfolds to show you your individual necessity within an unfolding group reality. Never loose your individual stamp for it is not meant to be, if it was then all of you would have the same amount of hairs on your head. If it was you would all carry the same signature but because each of you are uniquely shaped in the true reflecting essence of The Enlightened One each one of you are unique and different. Embrace that, love the self and then make a point of sharing with another when it comes to the acceptance of the self. And with that light up the yellow candle and place it on the right hand side of the stair case and hand over a beautiful yellow rose.


Serapis Bey now allows you to move on to the second level of your awakening awareness and on this level you come to meet myself as Kuthumi and I give you a divine seal, a golden seal of individual consciousness and I place this within your sacral as I ask you to embrace the gift of your authentic individual creative ability. Beloved ones the only way to express yourself in the future will be to do it creatively and so begin to embrace every single aspect of your life as such and where you find there is reaction as we so fondly say, rather allow that to be transmuted into creativity. So don’t get reactive with others, get creative. Don’t get reactive with the self get creative, and embracing your divine signature as a masterful creative being light up the orange candle, placing that on the right hand side, handing me Kuthumi your orange rose and step up to the last level.

Here you come to face the energy of St. Germain. St. Germain now hands you a magnificent red rose and within that red rose you find your golden seal of consciousness.


St. Germain indicates for you to hold that on the one side, he steps forward, comes to stand facing you and places within your base chakra the seventh seal of your divine authenticity.


St.Germain now steps aside, you are still holding the rose with the golden seal inside the very core, as we ask you to light and place the final red candle on the right hand side of the ascending stair case at the very top of this landing and in return give St.Germain a beautiful red rose as a token of your love. You still hold onto the red rose that he gave you and within the very core, within the budding presence of that rose you will find the next golden seal of your divine authenticity, the eighth.

Beloved ones, now ahead of you see is a beautiful soft mist. I am going to tell you what is beyond that mist. Beyond that mist is one of the most exquisite cathedrals of love contained within the higher planes, one of the Temples within one of the major Cities of Light, within the planes of unconsciousness, from whence you will be guided in time to come in embracing your authentic self on every level of your being, but for now I wish for you to release that and to turn around, face this staircase that you have come from, see on your now left hand side all of the beautiful burning candles that you have placed, all of the colours, on your right hand side see all of the Masters that you have met along the way, each of them holding the beautiful coloured, exquisite divine rose you have gifted to them. Within each of your chakras you have the golden seal of divine awakening consciousness which is there to serve the next level of your authenticity and you have holding in your hand a magnificent blood red beautiful rose and within the very centre of that rose, within the budding presence of this authentic exquisiteness you have your eighth golden seal.


I now wish for you to remove the golden seal from the rose.


Place the rose at the very top of the stairs behind you where the mist begins and the doorway to the future unfolds and now place within your eighth chakra, the eighth golden seal. It is hovering above the head, above the crown centre. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this energy just visualise a pyramid of light floating above your head, about fifteen centimetres above your head still within your auric field, you have the eighth chakra.


Visualise a golden pyramid of light and now I want you to step down, back to where you started at the bottom of the stairs and with each step we take down I wish for you to release the golden seal within each chakra transcending it into the eighth chakra and as that happens, leave an etheric copy of that golden seal within the remaining chakra. So in other words as we stand on the top of the stairs you release the golden seal from the base chakra placing it in the eighth chakra, leaving an etheric copy of that seal of consciousness in the base, stepping down, release that from the sacral, placing it into the eighth, then the solar plexus stepping down, releasing that golden seal placing that within the eighth, stepping down, stepping into the heart, releasing that placing that within the eighth. Down into the throat, releasing that and placing it into the eighth, down into the third eye, releasing that and placing it with the eight and again down to very bottom, into the crown, releasing that and placing it into the eighth.


So you now have a duplicate copy of your golden seal of divine authenticity claiming your magnificence as an individual playing its part of global consciousness in each of your chakras and you also have within the eighth chakra, eight of those seals of golden consciousness.


Now visualise these eight seals of golden consciousness, this energy expands and you have within your eighth chakra hovering above your head, eight golden discs at the level of your eighth chakra.


Now visualise these eight discs descend and as they descend they increase in size until eventually you are standing in a circle of eight golden discs around you.


Now enlarge that circle, make it much bigger and then ask for these eight golden discs to divide creating another eight golden discs. So you now have sixteen golden seals of your authenticity around you, sixteen golden discs surrounding you as with the Masters to begin with and once you are comfortable with that, ask for the masculine and the feminine of this to divide from itself moving apart again creating the same vesica piscis that you began with in the beginning, it is only this time you are in the very centre where the two circles overlap back in your golden ‘I’ consciousness.

You have the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine all contained within the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom beamed forth towards you from the higher planes for you to be able to embrace yourself as a divine authentic Master of Love and Wisdom.

I Kuthumi now come to stand before you and from my heart chakra I beam a golden ray into every one of your seven chakras, charging the etheric golden seal that you have left behind with its original power. Now release from your mind the eighth seal so that all that you have within your energy field is the original seven seals of Divine Golden Authentic Consciousness. Release the imprint of the two golden circles, creating the divided vesica piscis. Release the attachment that you have to the masculine and feminine vibration held within the Divine Golden Consciousness of the Ray of Love and Wisdom.

Release me from this meditation as you give thanks to all of the Beings of Light that have come forward to assist you this day with this very powerful and most important foundational initiation. Give thanks to your self for claiming your authenticity. Give thanks to all of your guides and guardians for assisting you to be within this vibration of light and with that bring your awareness back into your physical, gently begin to ground yourself onto the earth plane and as you do so give thanks to your awakening crystalline awareness of that which is true to you, for that which you believe in and all of that which you stand for.

Make sure that you are firmly grounded back onto the Earth plane and as you gently open your eyes coming back into this environment acknowledge the golden seals of divine consciousness within you at every level of your chakras.


Gently come back.


It is all about the power of love, get used to it. It’s all about the power of love.

Beloved ones, during the next activation, St. Germain will introduce you to the Divine Temple beyond that which you have experienced at the top level in the mist. St. Germain who was the last Master that you come to meet will open to you the doorway of your divine authenticity like never before, so don’t forget to hurry along with those pads and pencils.

A: Giggles.

MK: In light of a New Earth, in light of your true authentic self I wish for you to go forth and embrace this, be this energy, enjoy yourself, have fun, don’t be too serious, as you say….it may never happen.

It is truly important for you as lightworkers to become crystal clear about that which you believe in, it is truly important for you as evolving souls to let go of the revolution of the mind, of the body and rather to support the evolution of your unfolding consciousness for truth, as you leave this lifetime to embrace the next you take with you all of that which you have mastered and you leave behind all of that which you haven’t. For as you return the next time you come back and as you say, you pick up the pieces where you left off. There is no need for unwanted and unfinished business where I come from, so let your earth things be on the Earth and don’t forget to enjoy this life, it is what you come for.

I AM Kuthumi, I AM the Lord and Master Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless thee in love.


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