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The Mind’s Use-Fullness Depends On The Thoughts Of The User. E-Book or Paperback

“The most important thing in your life is your own be-ing. Without knowing the essence of your being, your heart will always remain empty and dis-satisfied. Without recognition of who you are, without inwardly awakening you stumble like a drunkard through a maze of meaningless limitations.” Quote from The minds use-fullness depends on the thoughts of the user.

Alchemy for Self Transformation - Self Healing - Self Motivation - Self Realisation

Alchemy for Self Transformation – Self Healing – Self Motivation – Self Realisation


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Inspire and uplift your own life with this simplistic yet life changing Positive Power and Motivational book.

Inspire and uplift your own life with this simplistic yet life changing Positive Power and Motivational book.


The Master’s Sacred Knowledge E-Book or Paperback


This is the story about a wise old Master who comes across a young man who was about to end his life by hanging himself to a large tree. The wise old Master asks the young man to spare him some of his time before he hangs himself. This the young man did and by doing so the wise old Master passed on a Sacred Master Key to him along with some of his Sacred Knowledge so he could open the doors to Divine Living.

This did not only save his life, but helped him have a total rebirth which transformed his life from being negative, living in despair as well as living in fear into that of a wonderful, colourful, uplifting, positive and joyous life full of beauty and Unconditional Love.

This book is dedicated to all young masters in the making.


Book - The Master's Sacred Knowledge by Allan Rufus

Book – The Master’s Sacred Knowledge by Allan Rufus


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Step 20

Welcome back to the threshold of the sixth dimensional expression of our Arcturian Corridor. It is from this frequency/expression of our Corridor that you can re-enter the sixth dimension to rewrite the holographic projection for your current third dimensional reality. You have heard the “theory” that your third dimensional world is actually a holographic projection.

The Truth is much greater than that, but a “holographic projection” is, indeed, a good metaphor for third/forth dimensional life. From our perspective in the eighth through tenth dimensions, which flow and intermingle as ONE, we perceive the fourth dimension as the “aura” of your third dimensional reality. Hence, when we speak of the third dimension, we include the fourth as the etheric emanations of the physical world. This fourth dimensional etheric reality connects you to the higher worlds of the fifth dimension and beyond.


The process of raising your Kundalini and opening your Third Eye activates your pineal gland, which is the hyper-dimensional stargate built into your human physiology. Kundalini activation is the result of balancing all of your chakras and raising the feminine force of Lady Shakti from your Root Chakra into Divine Unity with the masculine force of Lord Shiva in the Crown Chakra. This blending and balancing of your feminine and masculine energies, known as the Mystical Marriage, opens your Third Eye and fully activates your “pineal stargate.”

With the opening of your pineal stargate, you can accept the multidimensional, torsion waves directly into your daily consciousness and earth vessel. Furthermore, different DNA is turned ON or OFF by different frequencies of light. The third dimensional spectrum of light turns ON the 2% to 3% of your human genome DNA, which runs your Third-dimensional Operating System. This Operating System is based on the illusions of separation and limitation that arise from a strongly polarized reality. This system can only accept, integrate and utilize light that is limited to the small spectrum of the physical reality.

Since the fall of Atlantis, and especially during the last two thousand years of the Piscean Age, the higher dimensional light has been lost to most of humanity. However, now, you are entering the Golden Age of Aquarius and Gaia has moved into the flow of torsion waves emanating from the Galactic Center. These torsion waves of multidimensional light turn OFF your 3% of human genome DNA and turn ON your 97% of “Junk DNA” as they enter through the small quantum vortexes of the Junk DNA.

Once the multidimensional light is accepted and integrated into your earth vessel, it turns ON your new Multidimensional Operating System, which is stored in your Junk DNA. Then, the multidimensional light slowly takes precedence over the physical spectrum of light and the Third-dimensional Operating System of your 3% DNA begins to turn OFF. This is why so many of you have an ever-decreasing interest in the third dimensional reality and deeply long for the multidimensionality of the fifth dimension and beyond. Fortunately, during your transition, both Operating Systems will be operational, allowing you to simultaneously live in both realities.


Before the Mystical Marriage of your inner feminine and masculine energies and the opening of your Third Eye, your earth vessel can only perceive, integrate and utilize the limited light spectrum of the third dimension. Your First, Root Chakra accepts and reflects the spectrum of red light, which connects and grounds you to Earth. As your Kundalini rises, this red light merges into the orange light of the Second, Navel Chakra, integrating the frequencies of red and orange light. Then, as your Kundalini rises into your Third, Solar Plexus Chakra to merge the red and orange with the yellow frequency of light, you combine and integrate your “Lower Chakras.”

The combined frequency of light of your Lower Chakras then enters your Fourth, Heart Chakra to intermingle with the green frequency of light. Via your Heart Chakra, you connect your Lower Chakras with your “Higher Chakras.” The light of the first four chakras then moves into your Fifth, Throat Chakra to intermingle with the blue frequency of the third dimensional light spectrum. Your Kundalini then moves into your Sixth, Brow Chakra to unite the red through blue expressions of light with the indigo frequency of this chakra.

The Seventh, Crown Chakra resonates to violet light, which is the highest frequency in the third dimensional light spectrum. This violet light serves as a bridge to connect the white light, the unity of all colors of light, into your earth vessel. With Lady Shakti awaiting her groom in the Sixth, Brow Chakra, Lord Shiva in the Seventh, Crown Chakra calls forth the opening of the Pineal Gland Stargate to accept the multidimensional light of the higher through quantum frequencies of reality. The multidimensional light enters your Crown much as the groom (masculine, Lord Shiva) walks into the Chapel to await his bride (feminine, Lady Shakti).

image2The bride then walks down the aisle (through the pineal gland of the Brow Chakra) to join her groom at the Marriage Alter (third ventricle of the brain) to enter into in their Mystical Marriage. With this Marriage, the seven octaves of the physical spectrum of light (Shakti’s Bride’s Maids) unite with the multidimensional light of the ONE to join the Spirit of the ONE into the Matter of your earth vessel, as well as the earth vessel of Gaia.

This Mystical Marriage of your inner masculine and feminine energies opens your Third Eye and High Heart, which have been latent within your earth vessel since your birth. This opening then allows you to begin the gradual unveiling of the illusions of your third dimensional reality. With the opening of your Third Eye and High Heart, new brainwaves come online in your computer/brain that can access and utilize your Multidimensional Operating System. Furthermore, because of your Mystical Marriage, you can now accept and integrate multidimensional light, which commences turning ON the Junk DNA in which your new Operating System has silently been stored.


As your Multidimensional Operating System comes online in your computer brain, it is your new brainwaves, which allow you to consciously understand and utilize the multidimensional light that invisibly swirls into and through the third dimension. One of these newly accessible brainwaves, Gamma brainwaves (40 cps), are associated with the brain function that creates a holographic synthesis of data stored in various areas of the brain to fuse them together into a higher perspective. It is this higher perspective that allows you to consciously perceive the fifth dimension and beyond, while still wearing a human earth vessel.

The extremely high brainwaves of Hyper Gamma (100 cps) and Lambda (200 cps) and the extremely lowEpsilonbrainwaves (0.5 cps) are associated with higher states of SELF-awareness. This awareness encompasses the ability to access superior levels of information through insight, psychic abilities, and out-of-body experiences to assist in the brain’s holographic packaging of information into coherent images, thoughts, and memories.

Hyper Gamma, Lambda, and Epsilon frequencies are linked together in a circular relationship. Hyper Gamma and Lambda brainwaves are so fast that they appear to be embedded in the extremely slow Epsilon brainwaves. Simultaneously, the extremely slow Epsilon waves are so slow that they appear to be riding on the crest of the very fast Hyper Gamma and Lambda waves. In the same manner, your multidimensional senses are embedded into, and piggybacked onto, your third dimensional five senses. These brainwaves allow you to use your expanded perceptions while you are in your mundane consciousness.

The higher dimensional realities have always existed, but they were beyond the perceptions of your Third Dimensional Operating System, because the expanded states of consciousness of your Multidimensional Operating System were not yet “online.” Therefore, these dimensional realities were forgotten. Fortunately, your potential to perceive these dimensions remained latent within your biological computer brain, awaiting the activation of your Multidimensional Operating System.

At first, both the Third Dimensional Operating System and the Multidimensional Operating System will both be online. Eventually, the Multidimensional Operating System will be the main system, which means that your primary reality/consciousness will be in the fifth dimension and beyond. Yet, you will still be aware of the third and fourth dimensions. This process has already begun for those of you in our Corridor, although you may not be fully aware of it in your mundane states of consciousness. From the sixth dimension, you will be able to read the holographic projection of your current reality to assist in updating your computer/brain to the Multidimensional Operating System.


The rise of your Kundalini, Mystical Marriage, activation of your Pineal Stargate, expanded consciousness, and the recognition and integration of your Multidimensional SELF, expands your consciousness enough to encompass the sixth dimension. It is from the sixth dimension that you can write, or edit, your holographic program for your third dimensional, grounded self and/or selves. To better understand what we are saying, let us divert from our journey long enough to explain to you how a holographic projection is created.

* FIRST a single laser beam is split into two separate beams.
* The first beam is bounced off the object whose image is to be recorded.
* The second beam is recorded on a mirror and allowed to collide with the reflective light of the first beam
* THEN the interactions of the two beams are recorded on a piece of film called a holographic plate or matrix.
* The PATTERN that is recorded on the plate looks like chaotic swirls and concentric circles until another laser beam is used to illuminate the film. It is then that a hologram of the original object occurs.

In other words:

* The light of your Soul/SELF copies a portion of its light from the unity of the ONE to become two sixth dimensional beams of light.
* This FIRST part of the sixth dimensional light beam is bounced off the object, thought-form of your Multidimensional Soul/SELF, whose image is to be recorded.
* The SECOND beam of sixth dimensional light is recorded on a mirror and allowed to collide with the reflection of light bounced off of the “object” (your Multidimensional SELF).
* Then the interaction of the two beams (light wave interference) is recorded on a piece of film called a holographic plate (matrix of third dimensional Earth)
* The pattern that is recorded on the plate looks like chaotic swirls and concentric circles until another laser beam is used to illuminate the film.
* This “other” beam is your fifth dimensional SELF’S intention to observe your physical ego/self.
* It is then that a holographic projection of your original sixth dimensional SELF occurs on the Holographic Film Plate as a physical reality.

To summarize, in order for your Multidimensional SELF resonating within the ONE to observe it’s reflection in a third dimensional form, it had to split its light into “the observer” and “that which was to be observed.” Therefore, your Multidimensional SELF needed to create a Divine Ideal for the form it wished to observe in its holographic projection of life in the lower dimensions. Consequently, your SELF created a thought-form of a human body, which became the object off which the first beam of light would reflect.

Then, the second beam of light was infused with unconditional love and multidimensional consciousness so that once it reflected off the mirror and intermingled with the first beam (human body) on the holographic plate, the purity of the multidimensional light and unconditional love would be maintained.

Then the projections of light needed to be unified on the holographic plate (planet Earth) to manifest as a member of that physical reality. At this point, your Multidimensional Soul/SELF needed to observe you so that the swirling circles of energy could become form. In this manner, your form was held and the illusion of your physical reality was maintained.


When you were young children, most of you could still see the world from the consciousness, belief, expectation and perspective of your Multidimensional SELF. In other words, you believed that you had full control of the creation of your reality. You had this belief, expectation and perception because your Multidimensional Operating System was still fully activated. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to maintain the expanded state of consciousness that activated this Operating System while incarnated in your third dimensional form.

Overtime, your consciousness lowered, your Multidimensional Operating System turned OFF, and your Third-dimensional Operating System took precedence over your beliefs, expectations and perceptions of reality. Then, you accepted the collective belief that you were a separate being living in a dense, physical world and expected hardship and limitation. Consequently, that is what you perceived. Your childhood world of magic and imagination still surrounded you, but it was just beyond the limitation of your third dimensional perception.

This limitation created a strong inner yearning to “go Home,” but you soon forgot where Home was. You just knew that something was missing, and that some day you would find it. That day is NOW. However, in order to return Home to your true Multidimensional SELF, you have had to find a way to connect with your SELF while still in your third dimensional form. Fortunately, you learned that if you expanded your consciousness beyond the confines of the physical reality, you could perceive your Multidimensional SELF from the perspective of your third dimensional self. To accomplish this task, you had to break the chain of illusion.

It is through your observation of your Multidimensional Soul/SELF in the ONE from the perspective of your ego/self in the third dimension that you have broken the chain of illusion to see your self (projected light) as your SELF (light united in the ONE). When YOU (the holographic projection) can observe your Divine Matrix in the sixth dimension (your SELF in the ONE) while still holding your holographic form, the third dimensional veils of illusion are released. You can then eternally commune with and return to your SELF who lives eternally in unity with the ONE.

It is at this point that you fully remember why you have chosen to “log-in” (project your SELF) into the third dimensional hologram. The ONE does not want to extinguish its many expressions of light. Instead, it wishes them to return to the full awareness of their Multidimensional BEING while maintaining their sense of individuality. In this manner, “Individuality within Unity” is created.

This process of maintaining your Personal Consciousness within the ONE begins with the maintenance of your personal earth vessel while you fully grounding your Multidimensional SELF into your third dimensional holographic self. Therefore, your unity with the ONE begins with your unity with your physical reality. Through uniting with your third dimensional reality, while observing and communing with the ONE, you learn the power of manifestation in your physical reality.

This power of manifestation is based on the Knowing that YOU are your Multidimensional SELF. Then you, Multidimensional/SELF, remembers that you, ego/self, have the innate ability to observe the many swirls of light on your holographic plate to create your reality of form. Hence, when your Multidimensional SELF is fully grounded in your ego/self, YOU create your reality by the simple act of observation.


The above youtube is created by some of today’s most awakened minds.
Some of their most important points are outlined below:

The ocean of consciousness is the source of all matter.
There is no matter.
All physicality around us is the result of a frequency of resonance.
If you amplify the frequency, the structure of matter will change.
This self-contained system is a “super hologram,” and everything within
it is an expression of that hologram.
Since reality is a hologram, every particle is a vision of the whole.
In other words, the entire whole is contained in every particle.
We can’t find one particle, as it is a reflection of ALL particles.
If we change any small component of the hologram,
it is reflected in the whole.

The substance of the Universe is Consciousness.
Fear-based consciousness holds the belief that the substance of the Universe is matter.
If the Universe is matter, then the believer needs possessions and riches.
Remember that all physicality is a frequency.
Fear is a slow, dense vibrational state.
If we hold fear, our consciousness lowers and the frequency of our reality is dense and slow.
Within a holographic reality, what you believe, you create.
Reality is built out of thought.
Every thought is like a spider, spinning a web in the holographic matrix.

The Matrix of a hologram is information.
When you put information into your hologram, you create fractals, unending and
ever-repeating patterns, in your matrix.
These fractals change your matrix.
When a system becomes highly destabilized, there will be random shifts that
suddenly self-organize into higher states of complexity.
At a sub-atomic, quantum level, reality organizes according to the expectations of the observer.
Everything in the Universe is composed of sub-atomic particles, whirling at lightening speed around huge empty spaces.

These particles are not material objects; they are fluctuations of energy and information in a cosmic void of energy and information.
When you change the field that the atoms are in, you change the atoms.
We are made up of these atoms.
Our feelings change the field of our atoms to literally alter our physical reality.

Our BODY is a biological computer.
WE are Consciousness.
Our WORLD is a tiny frequency range within infinite ranges of frequency.
LIFE is a holographic television station.
Our consciousness creates the channel, frequency, of the REALITY we experience.

We can’t imagine a reality that exists without us because…
The act of our observation allows us to create-as-we-go a participatory Universe.
We may never find the edge of the Universe or the smallest particle because…
Everywhere our consciousness explores with the expectation of perceiving
something, there it will be, for we have created it.
We are building the Universe as we go!

Consciousness is the programming language of our holographic Universe.
We are consciousness conductors.
Consciousness comes through us and emanates from us.
Therefore, humanity has the ability to create a new reality.
If we switch OFF our brains and hook our consciousness into the mainstream media of illusion, we are manipulated in a certain way so that the creation of our reality is not ours—but the reality of someone else.
Therefore, we need to take control of our reality at a quantum level.

The world is just a ride, but we forgot that fact and began to believe that the ride is real.


Dear Ones, now that you have awakened, you realize that the third dimension is a ride, a stage for your play, a virtual reality game, and YOU are the conductor, director and programmer. Once you regain this multidimensional knowing, you are free to conduct, direct and program your Path Home to SELF. Now, the creation, you, are ready to unite with the Creator, you, to become “the hand drawing itself.” On your Path Home to SELF, you travel the vertical “elevator” up into the higher frequencies of reality on the horizontal planes of existence.

image5On each of these planes you find a form of your Multidimensional SELF. These forms were created on your first projection down from the ONE and into the planes of illusion and separation. Each form/container is a construction of the resonance of the light particles of that dimension/plane. In the case of your earth vessel, light is so slow that it becomes physical matter. In the realities higher up the vertical scale, your container is of a higher resonance.

Do you realize now what a great accomplishment you have completed? Do you realize now how truly magnificent you are to observe your SELF from the form of your self that your SELF is observing? It is much like the famous picture by Escher of the hand drawing itself.


We will now resume our inter-dimensional journey through the Arcturian Corridor. As you step onto the threshold of the sixth dimension remember that Consciousness is the language that programs your hologram. Through the recognition and integration of your Multidimensional SELF, as well as your experiences in our Corridor, your consciousness has expanded from Personal to Collective to Planetary to Galactic Consciousness. When you participated in the opening of the sixth dimensional frequency of our Corridor (archived Multidimensional News, January 26, 2010), your consciousness expanded to Cosmic Consciousness.

Now, before you take part in the expanding of the Corridor into the sixth dimension, remember, if you can, when you were a young child and KNEW that Faeries and Angels were real. In fact, you knew that you were a Faerie, a mighty Dragon, or a beam of Light soaring through the sky. You knew these things to be true, to be real. Unfortunately, over time, you wanted to be like “others,” so you pretended to just be “regular.” Then, bit-by-bit you began to forget what you knew as a child, and the memories of your Multidimensional SELF began to fade from your mind and leave an empty space in your heart.

One day, your great Multidimensional Consciousness deflated so low that you found you were a victim. You were a victim to the demands of others and the rules and regulations of a world that limited your creativity and made you work hard to be good enough to get lots of money to buy stuff. You needed the money and the stuff because the ache in your heart had become a painful longing for a place you once knew and a person you once had been. Nonetheless, you put your head down and tried to do what others wanted. However, each victory that you achieved was empty and only fed your longing.

You began to discard the beliefs and expectations of others and sought to regain the peace and joy you knew when you were free to be alive in your imagination. Then, gradually, or all at once, you began to remember your SELF—the one who flew and fought for love and light. This knowing made you feel independent and gave you a strong sense of your own Personal Consciousness, which allowed you to release being a victim.

At first this new person, this SELF, was a secret. Then, the loneliness returned, and you knew you had to be your SELF in daily life—no matter what the consequences. To your surprise, the consequences were wonderful. As you came out of hiding, you found others who were also coming out of hiding. You opened your heart to these people, and your consciousness expanded from Personal to Collective Consciousness.

You, and the collective of awakening beings loved Gaia, for your Soul told you that She was you Mother Earth, as well as the higher dimensional expression of your Collective SELF. This love for all life expanded your consciousness to Planetary Consciousness. Via your Planetary Consciousness, Gaia whispered to your Soul about Her portals into higher worlds, and many of you found your way to our Corridor. You joined other awakened ones, and Gaia Herself, to journey through the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension to clear your tunnel of light and enter your fourth dimensional reality.

You then entered your fifth dimensional reality to connect, commune and integrate your Multidimensional SELF. With this return to SELF you were able to recognize and begin a relationship with your great Galactic Family, which expanded your Planetary Consciousness to Galactic Consciousness. With your first visit to the sixth dimension (See Multidimensional News January 26, 2010) your consciousness expanded to Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness is the state of consciousness that allows you to fully perceive, accept and integrate the torsion waves flowing from the Galactic Center. Furthermore, from the perspective of your Cosmic Consciousness you can easily see through the third dimensional illusions of separation and limitation. You KNOW that YOU are the creator of your reality because you are a reflection of your Multidimensional SELF in the ONE who cast the reflections of its Light onto the holographic matrix of your present incarnation.

You also KNOW that this incarnation—log-into the 3D Game of Separation—is special as it is the life in which you are to experience the joy and victory of raising your planetary reality into the fifth dimension. You will live within the Collective ONE and experience Being a planet, reunite with your Galactic Family and take charge of your reality at the quantum, sub-atomic level.


See yourself at the threshold of a holographic matrix that directs you into and through the ribbons of Light Language, which moves into and out of your potential form. Take a moment to find one of the ribbons, and attach your consciousness to it with the intention of entering the vortex. As you surrender to the feel, color and tone of multidimensional light, its resonance of unconditional love pulls you into and through the vortices of light. Faster and faster, you travel into and through myriad possible, probable and even “impossible” realties.

Beyond the speed of light, you now flash past planets, solar systems, galaxies, nebulas, black holes, white holes, voids and universes. All that you perceive is real because you have chosen to observe it. It is the act of your observation that has created these realities, although they were always there as potential. Logical thought and human emotions cannot adhere to your consciousness. You are too expansive and too small.

You are your thoughts made manifest, while your emotions hone your course towards your present life, the one you had before you became pure light. As you enter that matrix, the force of your unconditional love intertwines you into the sixth dimensional holographic projection of your present life. From the perspective of the sixth dimension, you see your grounded self on third dimensional Earth.

Using the Cosmic Consciousness of your programmer SELF, you send a beam of unconditional love and multidimensional consciousness from your sixth dimensional SELF to the heart of your grounded one. Allow this beam of light and love to create a constant communication between your programmer SELF who projected you into your reality, and your grounded self, who is returning from a long journey into polarity.

Now, take a moment to review the files of that life. Then, any fear-based virus can be erased by your unconditional love, while the light of your great Cosmic Consciousness can raise your resonance beyond the polarity of fear. See the “file” your “child of knowing.” EXPAND this file with your unconditional love, and SAVE it with your Cosmic Consciousness. As you do so, you feel your Multidimensional Operating System begin its download.

When did that knowing disappear? What were the fear-based emotions that caused you to forget your SELF? The antidote for fear-based thoughts and emotions is unconditional love. HIGHLIGHT that fear and DELETE it with unconditional love. Then, SAVE that change with your Cosmic Consciousness. As you do so, your Multidimensional Operating System comes online.

When did you realize that you had become a victim? Use your unconditional love to AMPLIFY that moment of awakening. Remember the fear that created your becoming a victim and DELETE that file with your unconditional love. With the language of your Cosmic Consciousness, change your programming from “I can’t control my life,” to “I am the creator of my reality.” SAVE these changes and feel a moment of joy as you catch a glimpse of reality through your Multidimensional Operating System.

When did your awareness expand to Personal Consciousness?
Review this return to SELF and AMPLIFY it with unconditional love, as you use your Cosmic Consciousness to SAVE these changes. As you do so, your Third-dimensional Operating System gradually begins to switch OFF, while your Multidimensional Operating System gradually turns ON.

When did your awareness expand to Collective Consciousness?
FEEL the Collective Consciousness of humanity about you. With the force of your unconditional love, DELETE all fear stemming from this Collective and SAVE those changes with your Cosmic Consciousness. Take a moment to send a ripple of unconditional love into that collective reality to assist others to DELETE their fear. Now, merge your Cosmic Consciousness with the Collective Consciousness to assist in raising the resonant frequency of all humanity.

When did you embrace Planetary Consciousness?
AMPLIFY that process and share it with Gaia. Then, use your unconditional love to DELETE the fear and heal the damage that has been done to Her planet, as well as to your personal earth vessel. Use your Cosmic Consciousness to raise the resonance of personal and planetary bodies, as well as to SAVE those changes in your earth vessel and in the area of Earth in which you live.

When did you embrace Galactic Consciousness?
Use your unconditional love to welcome the closest members of your Galactic Family into your daily life. Using your Cosmic Consciousness, SAVE that connection on the “Desktop” of your Third Eye and High Heart. “Back it up,” on the hard-drive of your Junk DNA to expedite your process of returning to Lightbody.

FEEL your Cosmic Consciousness as it begins to close down your Third-dimensional Operating System and fully activate your Multidimensional Operating System. SAVE this shift with your unconditional love. Take some “time” each day to acknowledge the great change that is ongoing in your consciousness and, hence, in your reality. Vow, again and again, I AM my SELF.

With the programming language of your Cosmic Consciousness, you have programmed your Third-dimensional Operating System to turn OFF and your Multidimensional Operating System to turn ON. Since your new Operating System is multidimensional, it functions for the third, as well as for the higher dimensions. Therefore, you will still experience the third dimension, but will no longer be limited to it.

With you Cosmic Consciousness, which is inherent within your Multidimensional Operating System, you have access to all the files of third dimensional illusion, as well as the files of multidimensional awareness and perception. Unfortunately, the virus of fear has entered the computer brain of your grounded one and needs to be continually purged. Nonetheless, your Multidimensional Operating System can use its sixth dimensional component to purge these fearful illusions, which will reveal the Truth to of your expanding perceptions. This System will then SAVE these changes to your Third Eye and High Heart.

Your Cosmic Consciousness and unconditional love may need to go deeply into the ones and zeros of these files to clear the many lives and parallel realities in which your grounded one suffered under the illusions of hard work, limitation, fearful thoughts and emotions, as well as separation from your true, Multidimensional SELF. Fortunately, with your Multidimensional Operating System online, all you need “do” is:

Be still within your mind, and open in your heart.
The Path of ONE may seem alone, but only at the start.

Each day you walk along this Path, you KNOW it’s filled with love.
This love resounds from deep within, as well as from above.

Reach down inside and all around, to see what you desire.
To find the life that you’ll create, and BE who you admire.

Accept this life and give it thanks, each day and every hour.
Then, just relax and watch the show, as your new life comes to flower.

It may take some third dimensional “time” for your grounded one to be aware of your shift. Therefore, with the unconditional love of your Cosmic Consciousness, you whisper into the heart of your grounded one,

“NOW, you are awake. You are your SELF!
Separation is an illusion. Limitation is a state of mind.
YOU are the creator of your life.
Consciousness is the programming language of your reality, and
YOU are Consciousness!”

We are The Arcturians.



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The Energies for March 2010

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

The Gardens of the Bahai Temple in Haifa, Israel

Beloved Family of Light, you are truly passing through energies of
deep Transformation and Change. Since the activations of the Sacred
Rose Grids and Portals on the 11:11 of 2009, and the powerful Lunar
and Solar activity of the first two months of this year, you have
indeed felt the Acceleration of the Cosmic pulse as it is received on
Earth. This is affecting the Magnetic grids of the Planet and the
weather patterns in both hemispheres. This is a powerful shift, and it
brings in its wake great blessings, even if it is being experienced
right now in ways that are stressful and difficult for many of you.
These times will pass, and at least by the Equinox of March you will
have regained your inner and outer balance after this intense wave of
Cosmic energy.
Beloved Ones, the March Equinox will be something of an “Emergence”
in the next steps of your spiritual and physical evolution. Many of
you will benefit from the ongoing activations and transformations that
have been experienced at the Pineal Gland, in the Brow and Crown
Chakras and within the DNA. You will begin to notice that you are
entering into new perceptions and new and deeper gifts and abilities
as your Light Body receives more Light and this is transmitted to the
physical structures of the Brain, the Pineal and Pituitary glands and
the Heart, especially the Thymus Gland and the High Heart Chakra. This
will expand and intensify your ability to see, hear and communicate on
the Higher Dimensions and with increased intuitive ability.

This means, Beloved Ones, that you will become able to access your
gifts of empathy and telepathy more clearly. You will begin to
communicate more with the Heart and the Feelings, with intuition, than
with words. As you enter into these intuitive modes of being, you will
still appreciate the gifts of language and words, but you will become
more aware of the energy behind words, rather than the “meaning” on
the mental level only. Silence will become as important as words. The
ability to be in silence and to feel the energy of Love in that
silence will become more important in this New Energy that you will
enter into after the March Equinox.

Indeed, Beloveds, at this March Equinox, the energy of the Sacred
Rose will become stable and open, and will be Shimmering and Radiant,
and will illuminate the Planet in a Golden Light. This is the Golden
Light of Ascended Unconditional Love, that which we call the “Christ
Consciousness”. This is the Perfect Balance of Heaven and Earth,
expressing the Divine Love of Source through Human Form. We would
indeed encourage you to join together in Sacred Ceremony on this date
to celebrate this grounding of the Cosmic Christ energy and your own
rapid ascension or acceleration into new ways of Being.

Those of you who have activated your “Grail Codes” and become
recepticles for the Golden Light of Unconditional Love, will also have
intensified abilities to manifest and to heal. The opening of the
Sacred Rose and the Crown Chakra will intensify the ability to see and
hear on the Higher Levels. The Gates of Perception will be fully
opened to those who are awakened and ready to emerge to this new level
of being and living. Beloved Ones, you are the pioneers, the ones who
will access these new abilities so that all humanity might also
discover their birthright as the “Holy Grail”, the Physical Vehicle
for the Light and Love of Spirit.

Beloved Ones, we in the Angelic Realms ask that you become more
conscious of what you Are. As Human Angels, you do indeed have access
to great personal power that flows from the Divine Light within. This
is a power that can only be used for the Highest Good of All. It is
the power to Love, to Heal, to Manifest, and to Nurture. We ask you to
Accept and Receive it, and to Honor it and to treat it with Great
Respect and Gratitude. This is the gift that has been two thousand
years developing within Humanity, and is now being birthed in You.

Soon will emerge a real understanding of the New Humanity and its
Gifts of Love. These gifts are gifts of Beauty and Love, for there is
nothing to fear. Many of you have been hesitant to embrace your
abilities because of past life echoes of persecution for the
expression of such gifts. But know, that in this time, it is the right
time for you to accept that the ability to be a channel for Divine
Miracles is the purpose of the New Earth Human Angelic physical form.

**The Elemental Synthesis : March 2010**

Beloved Family of Light, in this last acceleration of the Light
Frequencies, you have experienced many extremes of weather and earth
conditions and movements. There has been chaos in the Elemental Realms
as the energies have surged between the Cosmic Heart, the Solar Heart
and the Earth itself. The Elementals have responded in their own way
with a desire to cleanse and heal and celebrate.
But, Beloved Ones, we would suggest most kindly that it is time that
more of you took up your responsibilities as Earth Keepers and entered
into partnerships and working relationships with Nature and the
Elemental energies.

At the March Equinox of 2009, you celebrated the Elemental
Reconnection that would allow you to co-create the New Earth in
partnership with the Elementals and with Nature. But, so few of you
are as yet working with that partnership. In the New Earth, you will
find Oneness with plants, animals, minerals, as well as fellow humans.
Your gifts of communication and healing will be exercised in
partnership with these other beings who share the planet.

Beloveds, each one of you can create what we call a “biosphere”,
even in your own home however small that is. This is a “sphere” of
energy that is devoted to your relationship with plants, animals and
minerals. It can be as small as a pot plant and some crystals, that is
your Sacred Bridge to the Elemental Kingdoms, or it can be a Garden
that celebrates the dance of the Elemental Energies of Nature.

There have been many examples of those beautiful souls who have
learned how to communicate with Animals and Nature, and to grow plants
with love for pleasure and for food. Also, in the past, all Sacred
Spaces and Temples were graced with beautiful gardens to celebrate the
working partnership between Spirit, Humans, Angels and the Elementals
energies. You have forgotten this because many of you visit Sacred
Sites as tourists, and you do not see that once these sites were
places of great sacredness where Nature was held sacred as well.

In your modern cities, you have forgotten nature, and you see
growing trees and plants simply as food or resources. But, these
Living Beings were created to experience Joy and to bring you Joy in
Sacred partnerships.

Know, Beloved Ones, that when you fully enter into Sacred
Partnership with Nature and the Elemental energies, you will have the
ability to communicate with them. This will mean that you will know of
extreme weather patterns and you will be able to modify such patterns
through Elemental and Human co-operation. This will be a loving
co-operation and not an aggressive manipulation in the name of
“science”. Your scientists are perceived by the Elemental Kingdom as
aggressive, hostile and lacking in respect for the sacredness of life.
Is it any wonder that this is what you see in the mirror when you
contemplate so-called “natural disasters”. Is it not time to begin to
show respect, sanctity, and love, so that these energies may be
reflected back?

Beloved Ones, creating a “biosphere” energy allows you to create a
small sphere of energy where Nature and Elemental energy are respected
and loved, and where Human enery and Elemental energy thrive together.
These various “spheres” will begin to resonate together and will link
up in a grid of love that will provide the foundation for a more
loving and peaceful relationship with nature and the Elemental
energies. Each of you can contribute, and at the March Equinox
celebrations it would be good to invite the Elemental energies and to
celebrate a year of Partnership and Love in the New Earth.

**Sacred Union and Partnership in the New Earth Energy**

Beloved Ones, in the next two years you will be increasingly focussed
on the energy of Partnership and Relationship, and especially Sacred
Union. This will be because as you enter the Fifth Dimension of Light,
you will become more aware of what we will call the “Fractal Pattern
of Oneness”. This is the Original Template of Creation, where the One
becomes Two, and the Two become One in order to create. Yes, it is a
wonderful paradox that describes the Pulses and Cycles of the Dance of
So, you will perceive that the Essence of “Oneness” is expressed in
Diversity and in Co-operation through Partnership. Only by
experiencing partnership can the Power of the One be achieved, whether
through Inner Partnerships or between those expressed in the Outer
Reality as a Mirror for the Dance of Life. So, you will be
increasingly focussed on ways to express Partnership on all levels and
how to be in Partnerships that are a true expression of your Inner
Essence of Divine Love.

To assist this process, the Celestial Body of Saturn in your Solar
System is passing through the Seventh House of Libra, and will be
there until the end of 2012, with a brief retrograde into Virgo from
mid April to July of this year. The Seventh House is the place of
Partnership and Sacred Union, of Harmony and Balance. Saturn is the
agent of Restructuring Energy, and in this upcoming two year period
you will indeed experience a complete restructuring of the ideas of
Union and Partnership to a frequency of Harmony and Love beyond that
of the old energies of Power and Sexual Exchange.

All partnerships in the Fifth Dimension will resonate with the
“blueprint” or pattern of Sacred Union, in Love, Balance and Harmony.

Those who actively seek the intention of Sacred Union in a Twin
Flame partnership will find this easier to achieve. They will be
supported by the Flowering of the Sacred Rose energies, and the Energy
of Restructuring that will finally dissolve the old patterns and allow
for the establishment of New Patterns of Love, Commitment and Joy in
the Light.

Indeed, Beloveds, this is a Blessed time of great change, and you
are seeing all that you have desired and worked for beginning to
manifest into Physical Form. But, there is still much to come, and we
ask you to continue to hold the Light in Joy, Peace and Love.

You are the Light of the World!

**The Energies for March 2010**

The Sun will be in Pisces until the 21st if March, when it moves into
Aries. The March Equinox, Spring in the North and Autumn in the South,
falls on the 20th of March.
The New Moon is on the 15th of March, and is in Pisces. At this
time, when the energy is ruled by Neptune, the planet of Higher Love
and Ideals, it is a good time to reaffirm your commitment to serving
the Light and the Highest Good in the year that lies ahead.

The Full Moon, on the 30th March, is in Libra, the House of
Relationship and Partnership. Now is the time to create a Sacred Space
of Meditation to begin your own Process of Restructuring your
Partnerships and Relationships into Alignment with the Balance,
Harmony and Love of the New Earth Energy.

We wish you Joy, Love and Peace in the Month of March!

C 2010-11 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

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Grid Activation – Archangel Michael.

It is indeed an honour to be here at this time with each of you as we together with the realms of light from all dimensions of time and space become one. It is indeed a great honour and pleasure for myself in the capacity of the Archangel Mikael to be present with you this day. Indeed beloved ones it is an honour to be part of this event in honour of the planet Earth, greetings beloved ones.

A: Greetings.

AM: Dear Ones, humanity now faces a time where they will all come to face great choices and great changes within there personal and extended lives, that which involves their personal social lives, that which involves their professional lives and that which involves their commitment to the life they share on planet earth. Indeed it’s a most wondrous time upon your planet where pockets of human energy is awaking to the divine sensation of being awake and that as you know have not happened in many thousands of years upon your planet where now as you now move into the crystalline frequency of Mother Earth and each of you take on your own personal crystalline energy, the commitment and the responsibility of earning, working and keeping your light-worker- ship falls very beautifully upon the shoulders and the hands and hearts of beautiful light worker souls such as you.

Much activity is taking place all around the planet not only here within your current location of the southern tip of the African continent but certain throughout your world and your globe and dear ones the energetic grids or the crystalline matrixes that are anchored at these various strategic places combine and their energy links creating an internal crystalline matrix network of light unlike anything seen before. Now when you go back to times gone by of Atlantis and Lemuria we agree that consciousness back then was already at a highly evolved level of perception and fine tuning much as you are now again moving towards, but dear ones the difference being you now have woken up and are waking up from a long deep and arduous slumber, a slumber which awakens now in The New Earth as part of the new paradise codes. Now the paradise codes that I am referring to is you. Each and everyone of you within your DNA carry an imprint of divine matrix and divine energy and that divine energy is what is now being transferred onto the planet, for truth be told if you are the keepers of the consciousness grids, which you are, then certainly the vibration of light that you share within your heart with your fellow man and that of the rest of the planet is what is imprinted onto the planet, hence you coming together in such a way today.

The realisation of this thus the awaking of humanity’s consciousness now begins to take shape and the shape that I am referring to is very much a independent and personal choice of the one that carries it, therefore understand that you as an individual have the ability to shift your own energy in which ever shape you would like to be. Now with consciousness fresh within your mind within the awakened humanity now stepping forward standing up for the planet Earth and all She embraces, you will begin to realise that certain energy imprints within your personal divine matrix is shifting and the reason for that is because of the inner being that now releases from deep within their core all of the entrapments that have prevented them from magically stepping into their new skins so to speak. //////////That imprint of light which you now give out to the world as the picturesque imprint of yourself in divinity is what you have come here to give today. Each and everyone present at this particular activation very much forms a part of this energy and that is the reason why you feel so emotionally attracted to being here, to being at some of the previous events and would like to be part of some of the future events, because you see beloved ones, what you are creating here right now is magically divine, it is love so beautiful, unconditional love which you have stepped forward this day to express, not only to lady Gaia with your presence being here but certainly to each and everyone of your fellow man sitting right next to you and the billions that aren’t able to see you create such beauty, such magic.

The earth as you know is now shifting into a brand new energy matrix belt. The crystalline consciousness unfolding upon your plane is what brings forth a wonderful new presentation of light, a presentation beloved ones that embraces everyone that is a part of this in such a way where you will begin to learn and understand and live through the process, the actions and effects of unconditional love unlike anything that you have experienced before. It is for that very reason that a lot of the dark energies and dark matrixes lifted from this planet to enable this new energy to enable it to anchor itself. We very easily could have smashed and crashed a lot of these energy grids perfectly easy, but instead the gentler approach is the lasting approach, because the most densest of all of the darkest energies that this planet has ever faced or had to entertain is that of the limited human mind, let me tell you. And to break through the densities around some of the human perceptions when it comes to energy and matter let alone crystalline functioning energy and matter at times have proven to be rather challenging, but we sincerely, myself as the Archangel Mikael and all of my brothers and sister within the Archangelic league of the light as well as those of the higher and other orders of light we honour you indeed for the work that you have done, and the purpose that you have put behind your actions even so much so as to take the time to be here and for that we give you a magnificent ray of sunshine.

(It was raining softly through out the grid activation except at this moment when it stopped raining, and for approximately 1 minute the sun come out strong and hot, and then the rain continued)

I rest my case……..

Dear Ones we now give you a chance to really expand your energy and your mind and your heart and take you into the world of crystalline magic. We ask you to just be quite and you need not close your eyes you may keep your eyes open but just to become quiet and to place yourself into a divine and reflective energy. For a moment I wish for you to just become aware of your life where you are at, at present. Bring a picture into your mind of love, of gratitude, and now take these two energies of love and gratitude, two of the most powerful energies upon your plane and put them together in beautiful package and keep that package in your heart, in other words dear ones what I am trying to ask you is, to create unconditional love and light within your heart centre. See your heart chakra light up into a beautiful pink energy and now we will give you a few seconds to convey that precious love energy that you feel within your heart to the planet Earth, to tell Her from your heart how you feel about Her.

Long pause.

Dear ones, I now wish for you to visualise yourself inside a beautiful pink bubble of light, just a beautiful bubble of light covering your energy field putting you inside this magnificent pink energy. I want you to feel the pink unconditional love energy around you. I now want you to take a few seconds of silence and to listen…..listen to the response that Lady Gaia has for you. So in other words take some time and listen to how she conveys Her love to you. Listen to any messages that She tells you or any requests that She may have for you. I leave you for a few seconds.

Long pause.

We now ask for each of you that represents one point of the outer 12 points of this crystalline energy to out loud tell us, tell all of us who you represent and then with that to place your paper that you are reading out into the earth, and we will ask one specific person that can be the water carrier if there is anyone that is doubling up that can be the water carrier for us to follow my words as I speak, to follow the group and to rinse the crystal energies that has to be placed into the Earth with the sacred waters. Do you follow me?

A: Yes.

AM: We will begin in a clockwise direction with the person on my left to read who you represent place your paper into the earth and then your crystals to be rinsed by our water carrier and of course to be placed into the Earth.

Please continue….

Sister: I represent the constellation of Cancer, the ruling planet Moon, the element Water, and the attribute of trust.

AM: Very well sister. Next….

Sister: We represent the constellation Gemini, the ruling planet Mercury and Pluto, the element Air, and the attribute of Truth.

AM: We bless that into the Earth. Please continue.

Sister: I represent the cardinal point North, the constellation Taurus, the ruling planet Venus, the element Earth, and the attribute Peace.

AM: Very good.

Sister: Representing the constellation Aries, the planets Mars and Earth, the element Fire, and the attribute Courage.

AM: Very good.

Sister: Representing the constellation Pisces, the ruling planet Jupiter, the element Water, and the attribute Compassion.

AM: Beloved sister, speak up, speak out, slowly.

Sister repeats her representation.

AM: Very good.

You must remember, you are invoking the energies of these representations into the planet and that which you share with us that you have on your little papers certainly is what you represent in grounding into this grid, so it is very powerful. So give us that POWER!!!!

Brother: We represent the cardinal point East, the constellation of Aquarius, the ruling planet Saturn, the element Air and the attribute Wisdom.

AM: Very good.

Sister: Representing the constellation Capricorn, the ruling planet Saturn, the element Earth and attribute of Humility.

AM: Very good.

Brother: We represent the constellation Sagittarius, the ruling planet Jupiter and Uranus, the element Fire and attribute Harmony.

AM: Very good.

Brother: We represent the cardinal point South, the constellation Scorpio, the ruling planet Mars, the element Water and attribute Passion.

AM: Very Good.

Sister: Representing the constellation Libra, the planets Venus and Neptune, the element Air and attribute Beauty.

Sister: I represent the constellation Virgo, the ruling planet Mercury, the element Earth, and attribute Love.

AM: Wonderful.

Sister: I represent the cardinal point West, the constellation Leo, ruling planet the Sun, the element Fire and attribute Unity.

AM: Very good.

We shall now move to the centre, not the centre point but to the three outer points.

Brother: I represent the beautiful Pleiades and attribute Hope.

AM: Beloved ones, these three energies create the triangle and the triangle here within this circle is what represents the complete grounding of truth.

Brother: I represent Sirius and the attribute Faith.

AM: Very good.

Brother: I represent the Orion Belt and attribute Understanding.

AM: Very Good.

Brother: Representing the Great Central Sun, the element Ether, the attribute of reverence for God. As above so below.

AM: Very good.

Dear Ones now that you placed within the earth part of the essence of who you are because you are the carrier of consciousness and so are the crystalline energies and as you know the quartz energy carries the most powerful energy of transferring and relaying and connecting energies and of course the rose quartz the most powerful crystal of unconditional love and thus we have asked to create these grids with the unconditional love structure and of course the rose quartz crystal which connects to every other rose quartz upon the planet Earth and of course the most commonly found of all crystals upon this planet so indeed by forming this grid you too form part of the energy that connects with every other grid as well as every other crystal specifically more powerfully so every other cluster of rose quartz found upon this planet.

You may now please begin to cover your holes if you have placed all of your crystals within the holes, your personal crystals for those of you that brought personal crystals you may place those in as well, and we then would suggest for you to pass around the spades to fill the holes. We ask that each representative of each point cover their own hole as this too is very much part of your energy that now activates this grid within the planet Earth.

Long Pause while everyone closes up the holes.

Beloved ones, once again be aware when you do this, be aware what you are doing, be aware of the most powerful energy that you are transferring from yourself into the earth consciousness giving back to the earth and also be aware that perhaps in another couple of 100 000 years or couple of million years from now, this very site might just be a rose quartz ridge or mountain, unexplainably so.

Long Pause as everyone completes the closing of their holes.

Again we ask that you bring your attention onto that which you have just experienced. We ask you to bring your attention onto that which you have just expressed and that which you have just acted out.

Dear ones also in this hour of gratitude know that the heart of Mother Earth is bursting at the seams with gratitude for you coming together to put back the veins in her body to help realigning the rose quartz crystalline frequency. So instead of the usual raping of her body, instead of the usual most obnoxious and unconscious blasting of her body to break free aspects of her heart in crystalline consciousness specifically the rose quartz consciousness often trading these in a blasphemous way, you have come together to reverse that process and to give something back to the earth, something which you all so eagerly take from her and believe me we are not scolding you in any way what so ever for your crystalline energies but merely reinforcing the need for the awareness of these energies and in truth the overall understanding in the grand perceptive plan that you are a part of her too as is these crystalline bodies, somewhere somehow even the most tiniest of your crystals were released from the perfection of her spherical body for your own pleasure or for the vision of another due to the unconsciousness of some.

We now wish for you to close your eyes and to move your chairs above the crystals that you have just buried or if you can form a straight line in a circle with every single person sitting inside or on top of the circle. I will give you a moment to rearrange yourself.


That is just for the outer energies. The three triangles in the very centre the three beings in the triangular energies, you may now face the very centre of this grid, to our brother representing that.


And all of the beings on the outside, on the twelve pointers now become almost a solid circle all inside or on top of the grid. Do you follow me?

Beloved ones, I wish for you now to anchor this crystalline energy into your heart by creating a link between your heart chakra and the crystals you have just buried in the earth beneath you. Visualise a magnificent pink energy forming between your heart and the crystalline energies in the earth. Now visualise the crystalline energies that you have planted or seeded within the earth, the rose quartz and of course the Amaru crystal within the very centre of the grid as well as our triangular representation within the centre of the grid, all connect your energies from your heart chakra to the crystals and from the crystals to the core of Mother Earth.


Now visualise from your heart chakra a magnificent crystalline energy, a clear crystalline energy connecting from your heart energy to the heart of the Creator.


Now release that energy, and you do that by focusing your attention (with your eyes closed) on the very centre of this grid. Visualise the crystal within the very centre of this grid, the Amaru and rose quartz crystal and now link your crystal energy to that of the crystal within the very core of this grid. Now visualise an energy connecting from the very core of the grid to the three anchors within the inner circle. And now visualise the anchors within the inner circle connecting to each and every one of the twelve outer points creating a magnificent crystalline imprint, a very intricate print of crystalline energy. Do you follow me? Do you all follow me?

A: Yes.

AM: can you feel the complexity of this energy.

A: Yes

AM: So you visualise every one of the three energies surrounding the epicentre of the grid connecting to every one of the twelve points of outside of the grid.


I now ask that you visualise a perfect energy, about twelve meters up into the heavens and twelve meters below the earth, connecting to the core of the grid.


Now visualise that point twelve meters up away from the earth and twelve meters into the earth connect to your heart centre and to the crystals that you have buried or seeded in the ground, so the bottom point of that grid connects to the crystals that you have seeded and the top end of this grid connects to your heart energy and from your heart to the crystals that your have seeded a connecting straight line, are you with me?

A: Yes.

AM: In that way you now create the energy of the double terminated crystal. Do you follow that?

A: Yes.

AM: See yourself as the most powerful transmitter and receiver of energy as we now ask you to reflect from your heart chakra to the centre of this grid a magnificent pink ray towards our brother holding the centre of the grid and we ask our brother to send from his heart chakra into the very core of the earth and the heavens above all of this energy.


We now ask you to visualise from the core of the earth and from the heart of the Creator this energy is being reflected back to each and every one of you on the outside of this circle creating yet another triangular diamond imprint in this area. Then allow the flow of unconditional love to now create an energy matrix connecting the crystals that you have seeded also with the core of Mother Earth and of course the core of the Creator, creating another triangular diamond imprint over this area.

We now ask that you visualise from your heart chakra a magnificent beam of light and beam this up into the heavens above, shooting it down into the earth below, visualising these crystalline pillars of light forming the exact size or diameter of this circle which is twelve meters in diameter with twelve points forming a link between your internal matrix or DNA and that of the planetary 144 crystalline grid system.


For beloved ones as you are part of eleven other extensions of yourself so is the twelve points representing the outside of this circle part of another twelve points created on the planet, major points. These twelve major energy areas will be revealed to humanity and the light workers at the right and given time, once the energy is fully anchored upon this planet. Some of you are aware of these and some may not be but know that every grid that you have created in any way connects to these twelve major portals and these twelve major portals also in their own way allow each and everyone of the smaller grids to anchor a full energy vortex or portal of light into the specific area where it is located as is with where you are finding yourself at now.


We now wish for you to extend your love to the person opposite you on the outside of the circle only. The three brothers in the very centre extend your love to our brother that holds the epicentre or the matrix of this grid, and we ask our brother in the very centre to send out twelve fragments of light from his heart chakra connecting to every one of the twelve outer points of this grid.


So we ask each and everyone of you now not only as part of the point, the representing points, but beloved ones as beautiful, beautiful loving kind beings to also now extend from your heart in every single direction that you can imagine for 144kms an energy matrix that will ground and connect this grid to all other existing grids upon this planet. So visualise a pink ray of light being beamed out from your heart into all directions for 144kms in all directions at first.


We now ask you again to visualise from your crown chakra a magnificent violet energy and to beam this out into all directions from your crown for 144kms out into all directions.

Become aware of the energy matrix forming within this grid as each of you send out a ray of light in every conceivable direction that you can imagine and with all of you sitting in this circular form become aware of the most intense geometric shapes being formed within this site, this sacred site.


We now wish for you to do exactly the same thing within your base chakra, to use a magnificent and powerful red energy and to send that out in all directions for 144kms.


We now ask that you bring your attention back to your heart. Now visualise our three brothers and our centre brother, in the very centre. Visualise these three beings as Mother Earth. All of the beings on the outside of this twelve pointed star for a moment beam your energy into this Mother Earth energy represented in the very circle. So in other words visualise a miniature Earth floating here amongst you as you beam your love and gratitude towards Mother Earth.

And we now ask that the three brothers representing the three main gateways begin to spin your energy in a counter clock wise direction, in other words visualise a circle forming between the three of you spinning in a counter clockwise energy, whilst our brother in the very centre holds up the powerful crystals he has brought with him this day. We especially ask for the Calchelsite be held up into the sky above stretching his arms way up above his head holding up the Calchelsite which connects to the crystalline grid frequencies, with the three brothers spinning your energy in a counter clockwise direction. We now ask for the outer circle, the rest of you to spin your energy in a clockwise direction.


I am going to ask you to increase your vibrations, spinning the energy much faster for our brother in the centre to visualise the crystal that he is holding becoming brighter and brighter and brighter and for all of you on the outside spinning your energy in a clockwise direction to spin that faster and faster and faster and at the count of three I am going to ask you to release all of this energetically blasting it into the heavens above as it explodes in a powerful explosion of light raining down upon the planet covering the entire planet with the energy that you are creating here this day.

Are you ready….. ARE YOU READY?

A: YES!!!

AM: Very good. So now begin increasing your spin. For those of you on the outside see your energy spinning in a clockwise direction, for the three of you on the inside visualise your energy spinning in a counter clockwise direction and for our brother in the very centre visualise your crystal energy shining brighter and brighter and brighter, and let us now help you to spin this a little faster……..

Let us ask those of the angelic realm to help you increase your vibration of light even faster and now visualise at the count of three that you send your energy up into the heavens as it explodes and rains down on the planet…

ARE YOU READY!!!!!!…….?

A: YES!!!!!


And do that silently for a bit please.

Long Pause.

Dear ones we now ask you to visualise this grid in its crystalline format connecting with every other grid upon your planet. We now ask that you all visualise from the very centre of this grid where our brother holds the matrix point an energy is spun around the planet into every conceivable direction you can imagine. So in other words all of you visualise from where our brother is an energy is spun around the planet and back to where our brother is, can you follow that? And if you see it from your own point of view it would create a divine matrix, that looks like this…(Archangel Michael shows everyone), now visualise it, connect this grid, this crystalline grid to every other grid structure upon this planet.


Dear ones now visualise this grid expanding in size and diameter until it envelopes your entire province of KwaZulu Natal, visualise this grid expanding to cover the entire continent of Africa, visualise it expanding until it covers the entire Southern Hemisphere and then expand it to include the entire Earth, south, north, east, west, as above so below, and now expand this grid so that it forms a grid matrix up into the heavens above 144kms away from your planet up into the heavens taking on the geometry of the 144 crystalline grid system. Are you with me?

A: Yes.

Now release the energy and let it be as we ask you to draw your attention back to this specific grid here and in closing we ask you to please stand.


Our three anchors of the stellar energies face our beloved brother in the very centre, our beloved brother in the very centre sit down please. Our beloved brother we ask you now to visualise yourself in the very centre of this grid as you hold this bubble of light in this specific anchoring place. We ask for the three energies holding the stellar energies within this grid to visualise another smaller bubble of light as the three of you anchor the inner core energy protecting the Divine matrix of this grid and as for the rest of you we ask you now to turn and face outwards with your back to the centre holding your hands out beaming from your palms unto All That Is all of the love and the gratitude that you can imagine that you would enjoy for yourself. Open your heart dear ones as we ask you to bring an awareness to your brothers and sisters, those that may be of the light worker family and those that may not be yet of the light worker family, of the Divineness of the plan of Mother Earth as we ask you to bring a gentle reminder to each and everyone that you know to be kind to the planet, to become kind towards the planet, we ask that your love brings a new energy to the fore so that you may awaken everyday to your own magnificence and Divineness.

Now open your 3rd eye and beam from your third eye out into every conceivable direction a magnificent clear, perfectly clear energy of crystalline consciousness, as we ask you to tap into the invisible realms of light and thus to take on the Divine awareness of your magnificence and in doing so to embrace your own journey as part of the Divine plan of Mother Earth.

We ask you now from your sacral chakra those on the outside, to visualise a magnificent crystalline energy going out into the world into All That Is, bringing forth a Divine emotional grounding for you to accept yourself as part of the unfolding Divine plane and to do so with pride, to be in charge of your emotions by letting go of them, surrendering into the emotional matrix of Nature, of Mother Earth.

Release this with love and then turn around and face again the inner circle in the centre. We ask you to visualise a magnificent vortex of light now extending powerfully into the heavens above and the heavens below creating a crystalline portal of light, a most powerful vortex within this specific place as we remind you that the energy that is grounded here this day is a sacred vortex and we also remind those that are the care takers of this vortex to invite everyone and anyone into this space of light.

We now ask you to extend your thanks and gratitude to your Spirit self your higher self, we ask you to take on your Diamond Crystalline Consciousness. We ask you to visualise only beauty and love and kindness in all that you see, and to understand dear ones that the picture that you are within is the picture that you have planned. We will give you a moment or two to silently give your love to Mother Earth and those of the elements of Mother Earth, the corner stones of Divine Nature as we remind you to awaken each day with great awareness and Divine perception of your part of all this magnificence.

I am the Archangel Mikael, and I give you my love,

I bless you,


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Sananda addressing the March 9, 2010 teleconference:

“Greetings Beloved Family! It is I, Sananda. I come before you to be with you as One, in Family as in Joy, and we have heard how Mother Gaia is accomplishing her own healing, her own balancing, her own coming into oneness with the All That Is, and raising, raising her vibrations so as to be in step with all of you, all of humanity and all of her kingdoms in the Ascension process of the planet. And so it is that we are called upon now to come together in Oneness and to bring messages of Love and most of all Peace to Mother, that she may know that we are with her, that she may know that we know that all is well and that we are One in Spirit, in Love and to tell her with absolutely, total heartbased messages that we understand that she needs to do these changes. And finally, to empower our Love even more to her that she may utilize that to make the changes as peacefully as it is possible fo r her to do.

“Be assured, Beloved Ones, that she has only Love for all, and that she is as joyful as we are at this Ascension process moving forward and that she indeed is ready to take her partnering place with you consciously, sentiently and in all hearts she lives, she breathes, and we will tell you that her breathing has gotten much better with the loving messages that she has already received from you and the loving energies that have come to the planet and so she is ready to co-partner with all, all dwellers of all of her kingdoms, you Beloved Ones, and with all of us who come from the stars to transition as easily and graciously into the world of the higher dimensions.

“And so we ask that you continue breathing. Just breathe. And so we ask that you go to a place, your screening room, if you will. It is a sacred place. It is a place where you see all that there is to see, because you have a wondrous screen there. Indeed, it sparkles and shines and fills the wall that seems to be a crystalline wall and so it can receive the images and messages even as you stand before it. It can radiate messages to you and it can receive your messages and transmit them wherever you direct them to go. So stand in front of your screen. Feel the warmth of its crystalline beauty and let your focus be entirely upon it. It’s as big as you want to see it in your minds eye. It sparkles and radiates the warmth. It is wondrous indeed to feel.

“Let this warmth come into you and fill your being, and direct it down into your heart space and let your heart open. Be ready to send and receive messages, your own pink platinum heart, your crystalline now opens and is in resonance, totally and completely with your screen, and you see that your screen is alive. It has a life of its own, and thus it connects and you connect with it, and you know that you can communicate perfectly everything that you choose.

“Now, from your heart space which is so open and so focused, call forth Mother Gaia to come onto that screen and see how she sparkles her Love for you and feel it come into your heart. And now radiate that Love back to her and just enjoy the communion of hearts, your heart with Mother Gaia’s, back and forth radiating in perfect communion. And you may see representatives of Mother Gaia in that sparkle representatives of some or all of her kingdoms, and that is beautiful indeed, but know that the energy of Mother Gaia is there with you, reaching out to you in Love and perfect Joy. And now begin your messaging to Mother Gaia. She’s ready to hear you. She is alive. She is sparkling, and she is in communion with you, so the connection is total and perfect.

“And so now radiate your messages of Love to her, ‘Mother Gaia, we are One with you, we Love you, and we appreciate you, and we love that you have welcomed us here and that we have made our home here with you. We say to you ‘Ho’oponopono’ Mother Gaia, forgive us for anything that we have ever done in this lifetime or any other that has caused you any hurt or pain and we say to you on behalf of all the human civilization, ‘Ho’oponopono, Mother Gaia’. Please forgive us. We Love you and we know that the time has come for us to facilitate and assist you in your cleansing and we know that it is needed, not just for you. No, it’s not just for yourself that you engage in these clearings – it’s for all of us too, for we are One and we can never really be separate or apart. We are One with you and you are One with us.

“‘And so we ask that you accept this Peace that we bring, the Peace from our hearts to yours, the Peace that passeth all understanding, the Peace that is ours even now, and the Peace that is lasting and grounded and anchored evermore upon this beautiful planet. Share it with us Mother, be One with us in Peace, as we are One with you in Love and Appreciation and Thanks. And let us co-create your healing together, and let us be helpers to you and know that our hearts are open to you to receive your messages and know that we are with you in our hearts, even when we seem to be closed off indoors, or in a place that does not have much element of you. We are with you in our hearts at all times. We think of you with Love, and we ask that we come together in this co-creation, that we co-create your cleansing and your healing. We give permission for mitigations from our star families and we ask that you allow us to join in those mitigations with our Love and our thoughts and our prayers and our emotions and all that we are. We ask that you accept this anchoring of Peace within your heart that we present here and that our connectedness remain intact always and that you let us know if there is something that we can do of a physical nature to help.

“‘Call upon us, your family, your Earth family from the stars, inspire us, inspire us with knowledge, with wisdom that will help you in what it is that you need to do. We’re on this road together, Mother, and we thank you for allowing us to be here at this time. We thank you for welcoming us as partners upon the planet and most of all, we thank you for sharing your Love with us as we share ours with you. So it is that with our hearts open we come together in this offering of Peace for you. We ask that you take it into your heart, and into your entire being and that this be totally, totally the beginning of the Age of Peace with Mother Gaia, with Peace anchored in the heart of Mother Gaia as it is within ours.’

“So stand a moment in this communion of hearts and hear what there is to hear and feel what there is to feel as Mother Gaia responds to this offering of Peace, to this Love expressed. Let it fill your hearts, Beloveds, let it fill your fields of energy and then send it out over all of planet Earth. Wrap the planet in the blanket of Peace and in the Joy and the Love of All We Are, One with Mother Gaia and all of her wondrous kingdoms. Be in Peace and be in Love.

“And so, Blessings to all. We have the roses, as always. Take as many as you wish. My Mother and I and all of this company who comes to be with you in these most special of times thank you, Beloveds, from our hearts to yours. Take the roses from my Mother and be joyful and thank Mother Gaia for these beautiful gifts to take into your heart, for the flowers are great upon the Earth. They brighten the planet and indeed, they sing. They hold resonance and they sing to the planet and they help to create this wondrous Peace that is now. And so Beloveds, take your roses and stay in communion with Mother Gaia. She thanks you, she honors you for your understanding and for your gratitude, and most of all for your Love. And so it is. Namaste.”

Thanks to Deborah Urquhart for this transcription.

© Susan Leland 2010. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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Shades of Light by Archangel Michael – Natalie Glasson

My beloved brothers and sisters of the sacred Creator aspect, it is a deep and meaningful pleasure to bring forth my energies to you today, sharing them with you so openly and easily. I, Archangel Michael, am the overseer of the Wisdom of the Light community, protecting both the channel and arranging for the most appropriate light beings to step forward guided by the will of the Creator to share essential consciousness with humanity. Today I have been guided by the Creator to bring my own light forward more prominently in order to remind you of insights that you already hold but may have temporarily forgotten. As I speak with you I stand behind you and wrap my energy around you, emanating the purest of angelic unconditional love into your being. I am creating a barrier of protection around you with my energy of love with the purpose of maintaining your balance, high vibrations of energy and ensuring your safety at all time. Take a moment to imagine, sense or acknowledge my presence and protection around you and open your heart to my love.

With my energy flowing deep into your being I will allow my consciousness to activate the energy and process of enlightenment.

The Earth is changing so rapidly when your view point is from the inner planes but when you exist on the Earth these changes are not so apparent because of the solid feeling and manifestation of the Creator’s light. The Creator’s light is pouring abundantly into the Earth due to the greater focus of humanity and their concentration of their alignment with the Creator. As we experience the Creator’s energy flowing into the vibrations and energy levels of the Earth and humanity we are able to embark on a valuable development of learning and discovery. We are guided to understand the energy, influence and manifestation of light, we begin to accept that there is not only one vibration of light and one quality of the Creator’s soul but there are numerous. It is akin to believing that there is only one sound or note of music when there is a magnitude of sounds, vibrations and harmonies that can be expressed individually or a united sound. When we become accustomed to anchoring light into our beings and reality we are then able to grasp the magnified, variety and expansiveness of the Creator, similar to experiencing the largest musical choir and orchestra that you could imagine, offering your ears so much to explore, understand, accept and become familiar with. We realise that there are many shades to the light of the Creator which allow us to follow a path that is abundant in insights and enlightenment. It is your purpose and mission to hold the entire light of the Creator within your being but this will take time and will activate a process of evaluation. The more light that you anchor into your being the more qualities of the Creator you will discover, as you anchor light you are blending your energies with the Creator’s soul. In many ways it is simply not enough to hold light you must also understand the light vibrations that you accept as yourself and your truth. Through the integrated procedure of accepting light and experiencing your physical reality you begin to decipher the layers of the Creator’s energy; you may learn to accept and to share the energies such as love, compassion, courage, focus and determination. Realising the light vibrations which may also manifest as emotions will enable you to remember their influence, vibration, purpose and influence, storing this energy so that it can be activated and experienced once more when needed. This in many ways is to take control of your energies and realise that reactions and activations come from within you from the energies of the Creator that you have already experienced. For example, if you were only given one book to read as your entire education then you would draw wisdom, guidance and understanding from this book to help you in your life lessons; it is similar when anchoring light. If you constantly anchor the energy of love then it will be this light consciousness that you will draw from in order to aid your physical reality on the Earth.

It is my wish that you begin to think of the Creator’s light as shades of energy or consciousness that are needed to manifest yourself as a complete aspect of the Creator’s soul. The more shades of light that you accept the greater volume and wealth of energy and consciousness you can activate within you or draw guidance from. When I speak of shades of light I am referring to the many light vibrations, consciousness and qualities of the Creator’s soul both of a higher and lower vibration. The simple process of anchoring light from the Creator’s soul can be examined as a single path to mastery and unity with the Creator because you learn how to increase your sensitivity, develop the ability to decipher or understand energies and their influences, comprehend the purpose and meaning of the Creator through the evaluation of the Creator’s qualities and you eventually embody a complete aspect of the Creator. These are all processes that will lead you on a path of casting aside negativity and false impressions and awakening to the purity and truth of the Creator.

It is the shades of the Creator’s light that are so very important, you already embody and exist as shades of the Creator’s light, now is the time to understand each shade as this will assist you in accepting and dealing with the greater volumes of light that are anchoring into the Earth and your being. In order to be able to understand the shades or qualities of the Creator’s light there is a simple need to focus on increasing your sensitivity to the energy that flows within you. I specify the energy that flow within you because this light will remain pure and concentrated where as the energies around you can be tainted or unbalanced. As I stand with you now expressing my love and protection, simply ask me to clear your senses to the energy within you, dissolving blockages and limitations, activating antenna like senses to assist your mind in comprehending the shades or qualities of light that you experience when connecting with the energy of the Creator or a Creator aspect, as well as deciphering your own energies and current consciousness. Imagine, sense or acknowledge my light flowing through your being and awakening your senses, it is as if a fresh breath of fragrant air is blowing through you. Asking me to achieve this with you each day will assist in furthering your awakening and deciphering of energy but you may also ask me to assist you in comprehending the energy that you connect with throughout the day in order to evaluate the qualities within the light until you are able to achieve this yourself. To remind you of my analogy, this is akin to evaluating a section of a score of music, each energy or light that you experience will have a wealth of qualities and this is because of the expansiveness of our energies as guides and aspects of the Creator’s soul. You will come to realise that the more light you anchor into your being whether from a guide or directly from the Creator’s soul the deeper your knowledge and understanding of energy will become, and so your evaluation of a guide’s energy at the begin may be completely different from your evaluation three months later. When we learn that every light, energy and even emotion is an abundance of consciousness and qualities we realise that there are many energies or shades that you will not come into contact with and this is due to your focus and the path that you are travelling on the Earth. It is in many ways the focus and comprehension of humanity that allows different interpretation of the energies and purpose of many ascended masters and angels. This practice assists in enhancing a person’s faith, trust and belief in themselves and their acceptance of others.

With a focus of understanding the shades of the Creator’s light you will begin to discover more about yourself, the energies that you need and those that are no longer needed but the volume of energy and inspiration that you have to draw from to assist you in your reality will increase and so you will begin to adopt the nature, consciousness and light of the Creator due to the fact that you will be connecting with a purer vibration of the Creator’s light.

To summaries my purpose of connecting with you, I wish for you to increase your focus on connecting with the light of your guides and the Creator, and as you are experiencing this connection allow yourself to comprehend the qualities, emotions or consciousness that you are feeling or receiving due to your connection. Remember these feelings or qualities and ask for them to be stored within your body and consciousness so that you can draw upon the energy and teachings that all beams of light holds for further use and integration into your reality. Please know and accept that I am here to assist and guide you always.

With angelic unconditional love,

I am Archangel Michael

Natalie Glasson, Wisdom of the Light,

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Arrival of the Universal Timekeepers – Lauren C Gorgo

A great shift in perception, precipitated by recent global events, has created an opening for a new wave of energy to permeate the planet and by which a new group of enlightened souls can now be born into it.

This has great and timely ramifications for the planet and her people, for these souls are the gatekeepers of ascended consciousness. They are the universal timekeepers of new earth and hold the frequency of exoneration for all who are aligned with the new ways of being and existing.

Essentially, this means that the energy of freedom…the kinship with grace…is now wholly available in and around your sphere and holds the fluid field of potential for the bio-energetic ascension of the human form.
Biological Ascension

Those who are activated and aligned with 5th dimensional frequencies and higher are settling into position, preparing on a cellular level to transcend the limitations of earthly form. The cells of the human body, which are mostly water, contain the genetic blueprint for biological ascension. This blueprint is activated when enough of the cell mass is bathed in the light of higher consciousness and the energy vortices have opened sufficiently enough to sustain it.

For those who have adequately increased their light quotient by eliminating fear, this will be a time of transference. What we mean by this is you will be transferring your carbon-based blueprint to the ascended crystalline blueprint necessary to hold and contain the higher dimensional frequencies that you are now operating within.

This moment of transference is one by which the physical body will adapt to in order to upgrade to the workings of the new human form. For those in the process of this biological restructuring, we understand that it is rather taxing on the body to make the changeover, however, there is much more to this than meets the eye.

From a deeper, energetic perspective, what is happening is quite miraculous, for each of you are changing over to an entirely new way of existing and operating within the multidimensional matrix of your holographic realities and points of perception. This new operating system will offer you the ability to do many wondrous and seemingly miraculous things, those which will also be present in the high vibrational children being born on the planet this day and onward.
Birthing, Raising & Teaching the New Children

The purpose of your awakening is not only to clear the way for humanity to follow in the footsteps of the great harbingers of peace, but to be and represent the future of the earth as physical guides to lead the new children who call for you.

The physical activation for those hosts who will be birthing, raising, and/or teaching the advanced souls from this new ray of light will be recognizing an increasing desire for, and connection to, children. This increasing desire marks the clarion call for all those with contracts to care for and protect these precious and openly loving children from the harsh ways of the old dismantling world. In some cases you, the guardians, will introduce these fully connected beings into physical existence on the earthly realm for the first time.

This is not only a great honor given exclusively to those who have earned the level of spiritual maturity to guide these masterful souls, but a great responsibility as well, for their gifts of the future must be well honed and protected from outside influences of negativity and fear. Those with activated contracts to care for these children will intuitively feel a fierce sense of guardianship over these souls, and this is for good reason.

The vibration of earth has risen sufficiently enough for these souls, teachers, and parents-to-be, and you who will be guardians are now safely at the dimensional border waiting at the gate of ascended consciousness to welcome more of your soul family to the earth. This is a joyous time of great celebration, not only for the caretakers of these new children of light, but for the entire human family. These children bring with them many enlightened gifts for the evolution of earth and humanity…rejoice in your accomplishments dear way showers!
The Wisdom Keepers

Furthermore, we would like to make it known that those who have increased their vibration to the advanced level and crystalline bio-circuitry have reached a planetary activation level which was the result of the first and second waves of light who incarnated to clear the grids and to anchor and carry the 5th dimensional frequencies. This planetary activation made possible by this group of souls warrants a true celebration, for it will be because of you that these new children, and thereby the new frequencies, are available to all.

For this great feat of accomplishment, the first wave warriors of light will retire and move up to maintain the collective consciousness as the wisdom keepers. This group has seeded and sealed the planet with light, maintained their soul integrity through great hardships and now that critical mass has been achieved, these masters in disguise will be seen and acknowledged for who they truly are.

At last, those with their soul lights turned on will no longer fear extinguishment in the face of great darkness and resistance to truth.

And finally we would like to make clear that the arrival at biological ascension is something of great magnitude. For those who have followed their inner guidance to this moment, you are the way and the light. There are no words to define your experience, no words to fill the amount of gratitude that is held for each of you by the keepers of light. We would like to extend our heartfelt love and thankfulness for your selfless dedication and service to the One, and we look forward to rejoicing with each of you in the fulfilling lives you are soon to lead.

Indeed, blessings and virtue follow great honor.

Until next time, we are the Pleiadian High Council, bidding you farewell and good tidings.Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo
Copyright © 2008-2010 Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission/article on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), link is provided to author(s) website and that the information is distributed freely.

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As the memory of what was, seems to drift like a dream in the morning, we continue to move quickly down the corridor of time. We are being ushered into time doors that swing both ways. Down hallways that never end into a place that has not been created yet. All of us have seen and felt the difference and the trail of chaos it leaves behind. Time is like a wild horse that bucks the 24 hr system and continues to look for a way out of the dimensional corral.

We all run like hamsters in a clear ball bumping into walls paddling our little feet as fast as we can. Not getting anywhere and exhausted by all the energy it took just to get this far. Time brushes past us like a gust of wind, not asking our permission to do what it was born to do. Life pushes us harder into a corner of limited choices or so it seems, but it is us that has painted ourselves into that corner by our limited thinking. We can just as easily paint a way out if we choose.

Time has shifted as of the last quakes. It has quickened its pace, and all past alignments have shifted as well. Longitudes and latitudes dance to a new beat. Leylines and time markers are off line, sacred geometries are reset. An actual cog in time has been felt as the worlds walk into a new wavelength of Light.

We still biologically walk to the beat of the old drum when the band plays on in a different octave of time and light. Our perceptions are enhanced and we see in and out of time but are still not sure where to place each thought. Seeing between the worlds is not a place for those weak of purpose. One must hold tightly to the tight wire as time doors are opened and possibilities present themselves in a new array of colors. The unexpected is to be expected on a daily basis. People do there best to hide what ails them but actions are louder than any words.

This year of time asks one to get down to the business of picking up the shattered glass and like Alice, going into all facets and fractures of self. Mirrors are a portal of transport to places that can not be seen with the naked eye. The place of mirrors comes to reflect what needs to be seen as one crosses the timelines into places that have not been created and await your first thought as seed.

Seeing into the future is not a place for those weak of heart or knee. As one walks thru the time doors many trap doors make themselves know. Dimensional black holes to other places of parallel time loops can create a dizzying effect in most unexpected places.. Time doors open and close faster than the blink of an eye. Truth and time are individual, and do not present a singular vow..

The unknowable becomes seen in the halls of time. That which has appeared emptied now becomes full, freeing itself from definition. A shift of realm awakens from a long sleep to escort you into the nexus cornerstone where time and space meet. All limitations are transformed in this expanded version of reality. Do you have the courage to leap open-eyed into this fluid point of possibility? Your vessel of eternal self is being purified for the expanded energies and truths of the upcoming shifts from now to 2012. You are an instrument of light that is being fine-tuned to play a new octave. Relax into the Shifts, look them in the eye seeing with the wisdom of a thousand angels. See beyond what you deem humanely possible. Look at all that happens to you in a deeper perspective and with such a deep seeing that you understand the totality of what comes to past before it has happened. Each situation has a million outcomes. It is up to the individual to pick energetically. From that point of wisdom create from your heart in a freeform energy allowing the higher elements of light to take the form they seek to become.

Portal Of Choice

As received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We are connected to everything in the Universe; everything flows through us and to us. Our energies, our thoughts, and our words flow through all of life, on Earth and elsewhere. There is not an end to us, or a beginning, but a continual flow of life, changing form over and over again. We are continually perfecting our form in each and every incarnation, whether that is as an element, plant animal, human, star, or galaxy. We deliberately challenge ourselves to become all we can become. There is no failure in this type of existence only evolution.

You are in a time of birthing yourself into higher light at a different octave of truth. As you sit in the womb of No-time, No-space, you try to stretch, but the walls of illusion, keep you confined in an invisible prison. You push and push but you are not able to stretch into the vastness you innately know yourself to be. When a child is in the mothers womb, the child’s spirit has the ability to reach out past the limitations of the physical womb, skirting about in the parent’s lives, reaching into the past, and future, overcoming space and time.

Your life is similar to that of the unborn child. You feel limitations, as if the very walls of your life grow steeper and steeper each time you try to scale them. You grunt, you groan, you complain as the limitations become more and more animated. You have the same innate abilities as the unborn child. You are living in this dimension of matter and yet you are also living in spirit, in the light on a multitude of levels. Your body seems limited and vulnerable, yet the spirit and light-force that inhabits that vehicle has magnificent and never-ending capabilities.

You enter a promised time where the limited perception of your humanness merges with the vast and all-knowing Spirit of Light. Coming together Merging and then EMERGING into something much more.

Right now you all feel like a caterpillar, in early cocoon stage. You know that you are destined to become more, YET EVERYTHING IN YOUR WORLD POINTS TO LESS THAN !! You feel deep within your being that if you tried, you could fly. Then you take another look at yourself and see only the reflection of density, and human limitation. Yet in your heart you know you can fly past all these earthly limitations.

The Chrysalis shifts and the Cocoon around you thickens and hardens like the crust of earth. There seems no way out! Keeping you confined in a prison of your own thinking. One day out of the blue a small light appears on the horizon coming from a minute hole within the cocoon. Your heart races with possibilities as the illusion of limitation begins to crumble right in front of your eyes.

You all are just now seeing that small point of light, Showing you the way out, the way up and the way home. The caterpillar looks at itself and says “how am I going to get through that small opening’? The caterpillar must walk into a time of surrendering! Surrendering his limitations to the divine spark within him. Surrendering is accepting in the divine process that knows your every whim and need before even you desire it. it is trusting! It is knowing what is truth, when everything else reflects illusion. The hole is small only in the mind of the caterpillar, not in the mind of God. In the mind of God it is large enough to accommodate all the future butterflies of earth.

It is a time of surrendering and trusting your process. The butterfly that you are inside this human caterpillar, is far greater than any illusion. Let go and know that the divine plan will work no matter what. The caterpillar is destined to become a butterfly it can be no other way!

The cocoon would never ever allow the caterpillar to be released, because that is what a cocoon does. it protects, it keeps bound. Earth keeps you as a cocoon until you are ready to set yourself free. The caterpillar knows that it must try, and try again, or it will die. That is the point of reference that each and everyone of you sit at. You feel you must try, or perish in the process.

Your Soul pushes you through that tiny hole into a Higher Light, just like the caterpillar is pushed by instinct. You push back, saying ‘ No, I can’t fit, No I can’t jump, No, I can’t fly, NO I CAN’T !’ Spirit says, “ You can, you must, or you will perish.” Earth is at a portal of choice, there will be a decision made by the mass consciousness. All of God’s creations sit upon this fence of decision. All of life is “in decision”.

As we reach an apex in this level of evolution, we begin to realize just what the effects of our words; thoughts and fears have on this turning point of humanity. We speak haphazardly, we create on a whim, and we prophesize out of fear. We speak like our words don’t mean a darn thing. Seeing them just as words and not realizing that worlds were created by a word, a thought a decree. Seeing not the power we have available to us, to destroy everything or create a utopia, a paradise, a heaven on earth. Sabotaging our own lives, our finances, our health, our marriages, and our futures.

Every thought you have is alive. Every word you speak is birthed into existence. You free it from its internal domain. Just like letting a Genie out of a bottle, your words, your thoughts wait for your command to come into the world of matter and do what they do best, create! All creation is by you, for you, and through you!

The time between thought, and manifestation grows shorter and shorter, forcing everyone’s attention into the mirrored hallway of responsibility. It is there that the reflections shout, “look at what you have created, look at what you have birthed!” We give ourselves wondrous magical gifts every minute of every day just by the very words we speak. No one is out to get us nothing is out to destroy us, every situation is of our own making, a divine creation, a tool to escort us into a higher place of knowing.

We not only do this as individuals, but as countries, families, continents, and also as a world. So many opportunities to learn and evolve and love. It is as children playing with nuclear weapons, not knowing the power of the instrument at hand. We do our best to fulfill ancient and biblical prophecy. Believing on some level that those of the past knew more than we do. Giving our power and our world away to the dried bones of the past. If those same people prophesied today, we would laugh at them as eccentrics, or cult members. Not honoring there words, or there fears.

The external world but mirrors our internal thoughts and dialogue. Life is not something that happens to us it is something that we create, continuously. Knowing that we can and do collectively create everything and anything, lets get busy and create a world of love, of peace, of joy. Where every child goes to bed with a full tummy, and every homeless person cashes in their cardboard home, for a real home. Lets look at our world glass as always full instead of half-empty and halfhearted. All livingness responds to your thoughts and your desires, especially a casual thought, or decree.

Knowing how powerful ours words are 24 hours a day for all eternity, puts a bit of a damper on our joking around. What we may say even in play will ripple out through all space and time. What we decree for another we gift to our self. Our angers, our fears, our jealousies are becoming animated alive and kicking us back to get our attention.

As you love, you attract. You are today where your thoughts have brought you;
you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. You cannot escape the result of your thoughts; but you can endure and learn, accept and be glad.
You will realize the vision of your heart, not the idle wish. You will gravitate toward that which you secretly most love. In to your hands will be placed the exact result you earn no more, no less. Whatever your present environment may be, you will fall, remain, or rise with your thoughts…your vision… your ideal.


As received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We come forth from the watery depths of the river of your souls and the inner abyss of your being. We come forth to help you breathe deep. Forget about your humanness and breathe deep with your heart entering a place of pure joy. you sit upon the shoreline watching the other aspects of yourself play, For too long you keep yourself in suits and zippers and shoes when the very Being within you just wants to be set free.

Many of you have worked in the ‘Temples of the Dolphins in ancient Lemurian and Atlantis. The sea is a part of the very fabric of your being it lives within you. Your blood and glands pulse with the Sea from time immortal. Listen within for the Ancient Ocean breaking on the walls beneath the cliffs Hear the sound of the birds and your heartbeat as we (the dolphins) escort you back into time, a time when you were more fluid, a time when you were bendable, more pliable. Let us swim you into a time when you enjoyed every inch of your body and your life.

The energy of play is something that you have forgotten as you are so busy being grown up, so busy being official, so busy acting the title of your job, the title of your name, but not the ‘title of your soul’. We ask you to strip down and let the glistening essence of your celestial Dolphin come out. Do not come out in fear of being slaughtered or being made into tuna, do not come out in fear of being in toxic waters or toxic shame. Do not come out unless you are willing to be free, free of what haunts you, free of what burdens you, free of what keeps you in between the lines of your life.

Open up your chakras allow us to align them. Imagine one of us from your dolphin star family, standing in front of you, body to body, chakra to chakra, heart to heart, as we blend and become One you are set free from your human constraints. You have forgotten how simple life is, you have forgotten that all of your needs will and shall be met when you fully believe it is so. You have forgotten about all the original love that birthed you, This love is fluid and free moving as are we; it is not to be locked away or boxed up kept on a shelf for a rainy day. It is to be shared with everyone and anyone. You have forgotten to acknowledge your brethren in the same part of the sea that you live, in your neighborhood, in your city in your country, they too are your family.

In Mother Ocean there are no fences, no walls nor doors to keep anything out or anyone in, everything is a part of the One Ocean. We have no enemies in the ocean because we believe it is so. Even those that would like to make us prey, do not – because our intention is as such. We believe we are not endangered from man, from sharks, from the larger members of our own families. And it is so.

We are not here for ourselves, nor have we ever been. We are here for you. Eventually (sooner than you realize) you will come to a point of realization that you are within all species and all species are within you, then there will be no need for us to continue our teachings in physical form. The evolutionary patterns will shift into the next notch. We are the dolphins. We leave from this body, but we stay with you. Remember our words.

A Great Void Buffers Our Energies

As received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As more and more demands are placed upon us we seem to have little time to sit fully in our light and do what our hearts desire. We miss us. we lie stretched out to the limits. So many strings tie us down emotionally and financially as we struggle to keep our heads above the incoming tide. We miss our connection with the Universe/God as we see less and less of who we are and more and more of who we are not. A great void buffers our energies as we try so hard to be seen thru the soupy fog. Everything shouts a different demand Our senses are muddled as if we were sailing thru the Bermuda triangle on a ship of hematite.

The hours of the day seem to plot against us as we seek to spend some time with the person we believe ourselves to be. Demands have stretched our capabilities to a point of almost breaking. Thinking one has a choice seems to be of little value as the choices change their address daily. Life herself is demanding, commander and chief and louder than ever. You are pulled kicking and screaming into other’s worlds and dramas. You shout ‘this is not my karma, my drama, my creation or my responsibility.’ The shouts fall upon deaf ears as the black hole of change pulls you into another universe pushing you past any previous limited thinking.

You look at your life as time unravels dimensionally showing you all of its ebb and flow. Your inner beat yearns to be heard but the band plays on without you. Your light that was once so big has condensed into pinpoint laser precision. Within that pinpoint precision time does not exist.

You are learning how to exist in several layers of yourself simultaneously. The break between time experiences in human form has quickened and there is no parking space in-between. You are being asked to allow this energy to unfold into its own potential. All is happening at once and there is no longer a dividing line. Instead of being beat up by these energies learn to surf them and ride these time waves of change into a new Destination.

More Defined Lines of Manifestation

As received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The financial consciousness of planet earth changes into a higher brighter light exhibiting finer more defined lines of manifestation. In the past you have always looked to others for support and a foot up – now as the worlds face confusion you worry like an old woman, who asks, ‘Who will be there if I fall?’ Fear lines your thoughts.

The question, little ones, is why do you want to fall at all? Are you or are you not in charge of creating your life? Or you just a victim of happenstance? Why do you want to fuel your life stream with such down trodden thoughts and creations? You are just learning to fly, leaving the nest of what was your safe space and building a place even the Angels would be jealous of.

So many of you are ready to leap and risk leaving the nest; so many of you are ready to really learn to fly. No more straddling the razor blade fence of indecision. Grasp what is golden about you and your world and your decisions. Hold on for dear life and swing into a bright shiny future.

Many have learned to play the part of martyr and savior, whipping post and slave – now its time to try on the costume of Deserving. We see within the souls of so many of you how life has hurt you, how you’ve been raked over the coals and burnt. With a higher thought you can whitewash the broken fence of your heart. You have the ability to the heal past all soul scars.

Your Universe, your God does not hold you to your past. the universe lives in the present moment. It is time for you to release your past, for even the very Gods themselves do not hold it against you. Your past is held in a holy repository and you have the only key to open that drawer- even the Creator does not go there. Nothing of divine holy light will ever point out the past to you. Move up and out of what has caused you pain and sadness and anger. Do it thought by thought, decree by decree.

With a flip of a switch in your next thought you can either turn on the light or continue to sit in the dark room developing negatives. If your heart truly desires something, just give it to yourself. First with a thought, a permission and a deserving to have it and then allow the rest to follow. If you want a new car, give it yourself first verbally, out loud. Whatever you speak, the Universe hears and mirrors back to you.


TimeSlip Spiral Selenite Crystals are a quickening device. A crystalline Fibonacci Spiral. Time has shifted as of the last earthquakes. It has quickened its pace, and all past alignments have shifted as well. Longitudes and latitudes dance to a new beat. Leylines and time markers are off line, sacred geometries are reset. An actual cog in time has been issued as the worlds walk into a new wavelength of Light.

Use these hand held crystal devices as you would any tool of light. The spiral is the directional. The selenite is the guardian between the place of light and matter where both peace and chaos dwell. These are natural harmonizers bringing both harmony to the user and the situation the user is pointing the energy toward.

How to use these Crystal devices

1. First, think of a situation that seems all upside-down, a problem you seem not to have any control over. (for me lately that would be the Post office and all the glitches with packages and mailing)
2. Hold the TimeSlip spiral crystal with point out and see a beautiful soft healing harmonizing light going into the chaos/ problem. When the problem seems saturated with light stop and let the energies, begin to do their job.
3. You can use the device as a healing vortex and point it towards the problem area in your body and ask that Divine healing light enter via the crystal into your body dissolving all dis-ease. Stop when you feel saturated with light.
4. you can use this crystal device for sending healing and loving thoughts to another/ person ./place/ situation

Properties of Selenite: Selenite is an ancient stone, a calm stone that instills deep peace. It has an ethereal quality and is said to inhabit the place between light and matter. Selenite wands can detach entities from the aura or preventing anything external from influencing the mind. They can be used for scrying to see the future or to view what has happened in the past. Selenite clears confusion and a powerful disperser and stabilizer for erratic emotions. They help with relief of stress, enhancing power. Can be used to clear and cut releasing one form the connections to people or events past. Often used in relationships to heal a rift, and allow more peaceable end. Selenite is the key that unlocks the doorway to other places and times. To be Posted soon.

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