Kuthumi-Agrippa and Mary Magdalene – Adam’s Calender, 99 Star Cade Time-Lock Tablets – Michelle Manders

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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Kuthumi-Agrippa and Mary Magdalene – Adam’s Calender, 99 Star Cade Time-Lock Tablets

There is a powerful shield of light being reactivated around the sacred sites in order to ensure those who embody the light are freely able to integrate the languages of light. This is not being released to adults alone, children are integrating these energies too, for they shall hold the codes that are to be released later in the timeline of humanity’s spiritual evolution and revolution.

Mary Magdalene & Lord Kuthumi-Agrippa

Adam’s Calendar Channellings

Channelled through Michelle Eloff©

Channelled in Kaapsehoop, South Africa on 5 March 2011

Channelling at ruins in the morning

I am Kuthumi-Agrippa and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of change, illumination, new direction and group support. Greetings, beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day, as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

The gatherings taking place upon this day are in alignment with the sacred essence of the divine resonance emanating through the heart chakras of Father/Mother God. The Ancient Guardians of these lands welcome you into this place and celebrate this gathering, for now the time is coming closer for the release of the ancient codes stored within this place and the places you will connect with.

The month of November is the activation into the core essence of Mother Earth’s higher wisdom and consciousness, this is also the penetration into the higher wisdom and consciousness of your soul and that of the soul groups who shall come together at that particular period of time. The reason why you have been called to return to these points is because the energy of Moses as you have known it, that of King Solomon, and many of the ancient Kings will gather in great numbers in order to bring forth the ancient keys of higher wisdom. These keys are encoded within the Star Code Tablets, which some of you have already experienced in its original format which is now being transformed to support the dynamic shifts in consciousness humanity is experiencing.

There is a powerful shield of light being reactivated around the sacred sites in order to ensure those who embody the light are freely able to integrate the languages of light. This is not being released to adults alone, children are integrating these energies too, for they shall hold the codes that are to be released later in the timeline of humanity’s spiritual evolution and revolution.

The dynamic blueprint of Mother Earth is transforming, you are all a part of this, and it was Alexander the Great who moved into the realms of the golden essence of fluid love, which opened the sacred chambers embodying the ninety-nine keys to the Star Realms through the world of the Dragon Kings, the Dragon Queens and the Dragon Masters.

All of you are familiar with the energies we are bringing forward. Lord Metatron, Lord Maitreya and Lord Melchizedek enter this space now. The core energy of Alexander the Great is being invited in. Apollo and Zeus, Hercules, Athena and Aphrodite. We bring into this circle St Germain with the Fifty-Five Cosmic Flames – https://www.facebook.com/events/110426035748161/ Your key Master Guardian enters into this place to support each of you.

The Ancient Guardians of these sacred lands ask your permission to align your energies with the ancient codes of this ancient language and wisdom stored within the crystal veins within Mother Earth’s body.

Archangel Michael, Commander Ashtar, Lord Hilarion, Lady Nada, Goddess Ishtar and Inana all gather forming the circles of divinity which shall empower the realms through which you are passing in order to complete your initiations, which you have been called forth to participate within.

Master Yeshua enters. Lord El Morya, Lord Merlin, Lady Guinevierre, Jezebel and Mary Magdalene. The Ancient Ones enter and observe the energies flowing, and with your permission will align these energies with that of the blueprint of the higher realms.

These energies are now being extended to Adam’s Calendar, enfolding the entirety of Kaapsehoop. (www.slavespecies.com)

And the blueprint, the gold print and the platinum prints of the higher realms of wisdom are now being activated and each of you a part of this process, therefore, take a deep breath in now, and as you exhale fully become aware of the elements around you – the wind, earth, welcome fire and water. The winds of change bring forth the opportunities you now require. The element of water will bring you cleansing. The element of fire the drive and action you need. The element of earth for earthing you, in other words grounding you.

Concentrate on your third eye, feel the energy pulsating through this chakra as Alexander the Great comes to stand in the centre of the circle holding a magnificent disc made of gold and platinum. Upon this disc are twelve sacred gemstones, each gemstone aligning with the sacred divisions of the wheel of life. These gemstones align with the twelve steps of ascension, the twelve tools of transformation, the twelve months of your year, the twelve pathways to destiny, the twelve chambers inside of the world Hades that you must pass through which then release you into the twelve holy palaces which form part of the holy mansions of the Heavens.

Alexander the Great brings forth this time of almighty change, for he stands as guardian of the birth of the first platinum children, two of them, the first male and female have already been born. With the incoming force of these energies, the platinum rays are ensuring that all of you are harmoniously aligned with the divine intelligence of the Sacred Mother, the divine action of the Sacred Father, therefore, relax your body and allow the Ancient Ones to bring forth the energy you require at this moment in time in order to ensure your personal healing and to align you with these keys of consciousness, the keys of illumination, and the sacred codes which shall help humanity remember why it is now time is running ahead of the mind, and everything appears to be moving faster. This is because many parts of the human self have not adjusted to align with the speed at which energy is shifting and moving, therefore the perception of time speeding up is as a result of the forceful empowering and ever changing energies which have been brought forth. The time of revolution and evolution is upon you.

The Solar Archangels make their way to you. With your permission they shall insert a golden citrine crystal into you third eye and heart chakras. These are crystals which have been held by Alexander the Great, Apollo, Hercules and Zeus. These energies bring forth the almighty shift in consciousness humanity requires at this time, and at this point the masculine source of light now stirs. This energy stirs from deep within the Earth and comes from the core of Father Sky.

Breathe this masculine force into your body and allow it to find its natural course through your chakras and open the way for the pathway ahead of you.

Lord Maitreya asks you if you are ready and willing to take steps at this time in your life to continue serving as a Lightworker, to weave the light of sacred consciousness, to embody the truth of your Authentic Self, to give to your dark self the love, the nurturing and the light it requires, the attention and the knowledge it requires to rise above that which has debilitated it so that it may find its feet in the light, therefore, enabling you to absorb higher capacities of light.

St Germain extends the Fifty-five Flames to each of you, these flames igniting a deeper inner knowing in relation to what it is you need to do in your lifetime now so that you may move forward, knowing confidently and fearlessly that you are one with all light, and although your shadow follows you it will help set you free.

Apollo and Alexander the Great now step forward, they have within their hands sacred anointing oils. Frankincense is one, ylang ylang the other. Apollo places the oil upon your crown. Alexander the Great places the oil upon your third eye. Imagine these sacred oils which bless, clearing your chakras, releasing the build up of energy and surrender to the opportunities you are now being presented with.

The combination of the sacred oils with the Fifty-Five Flames afford you an opportunity to experience healing which penetrates the density of the false belief systems which have estranged you from the parts of yourself trapped within the “Shadow Lands,” the authentic parts of you that seek an exit point, that seek the light, seeking your love, your assistance and your recognition. These are the wounded parts, the parts which have been rejected. Welcome these parts of yourself into this place where healing can be received.

The Ancient Ones of these sacred lands open the portals into the worlds of the deeper understanding of light and dark, Heaven and Earth merging, the divine dichotomy of polarity and duality, for this is the sacred lesson coming forth through the almighty teachings and energies of the 11:11:11 (11 November 2011) activation. During the month of November this is the lesson which humanity must embrace, that of duality, the polarities, masculine and feminine, and through doing this, can integrate the energies of the Triple God and Goddess within self (father, mother and child). These three levels of consciousness enable one to embark upon the divine and deeply liberating adventure of exploring the deeper realms of your soul and consciousness, opening yourself to form a deeper relationship with the spiritual natures of the Planetary Spirits which guide you.

The Ancient Ones welcome the return of Lightworkers such as yourself, for you have come because you are ready, you have come because you are willing, and these are the energies that pave the way for the future, pave the way for those to reconnect with the ancient traditions of those who worked primarily with the spiritual natures of the Cosmos and of the Earth, understanding the language of how the elements and all the realms of creation work together. This is what must be remembered, this brings the return to inner sense.

Lord Melchizedek now activates a geometric mandala within your heart, this is a sacred portal into the individual dimension of your unique blueprint. This shall further reveal to you the answers you seek, the powerful light you embody. This will ensure your intuition grows in its strength, however, it is your task to pay attention, to listen to it. As we continue with these energies it will continue to build until we anchor the rest of this energy at Adam’s Calendar, and that is where the merging of these divine energies can complete them self and continue the preparation for that which shall come in the month of November.

The Palace of Peace awaits, the dimension of fluid love is with you.

Be still for a few moments, allowing these energies to settle in your body. Part of your spirit has already extended itself to Adam’s Calendar and awaits you there, and that is where we will complete today’s activation.

We thank you for gathering with us. The beings of these ancient lands bow to you in gratitude. Take a deep breath in, exhaling fully, as you draw your consciousness back into your physical body. Allow your body to feel the energies which have been extended to you and all the beings who are present will be present at the next part of the activation.

So go in peace now, trusting that you have received all that you require. It has been our honour to activate this first level. May the light of your truth always guide you.

I am Kuthumi-Agrippa, adonai.

Adam’s Calendar Site Channelling

I am Mary Magdalene and I greet you and I welcome you into the divine presence of this sacred place. Welcome.

Many cycles of evolution have passed and now the time has come for the Ancient Ones to reconnect with the souls who have agreed to stand as the pillars and anchors for the sacred language of Mother/Father God, which emanates through the Stellar Rays of the Cosmos and re-ignites the divine codes inside of Mother Earth’s body and the sacred codes which have been stored in this sacred place for eons of time.

It is at this place we anchor the feminine energy, the divine intelligence of the Sacred Mother, the sacred feminine, enabling those who embody the creations of the future to be held in the power of the nurturing energies the Divine Cosmic Mother extends to all who seek her protection and sustenance.

These codes belong to the children of your world. The time has come for the seeds to awaken within the guardians of these children, and the children themselves are reconnecting with those keys which open the doorway to the inner realm of the divine cosmic energies, the sacred codes embodying the language of light.

The 99 Star Code Tablet Time-Locks are crystalline in their essence – https://www.facebook.com/events/276213372437661/ These codes were first activated in this place twelve years ago. This energy resurfaces at this crucial time because its vibrations are ready to be received. This is why many Lightworkers are being called from all over the world to reconnect at this place, for here the dualities of your world can merge and become one divine expression of the unified masculine and feminine.

In the future many will choose to merge their light with the higher aspects of themselves through the process of understanding the divine marriage, the nature of the sacred marriage and union of the many aspects of duality inside of self, and reflected back by the external world. The reason why I, Mary Magdalene, stand here delivering this message is because the sacred feminine must be accepted as much as the sacred masculine has been accepted. Although both have been abused, both must now not be confused with the earthly definition and understanding of masculine and feminine, this must come from the inner understanding of the masculine and feminine within yourself.

We are also preparing for a very important celebration where the divine masculine and the divine feminine, the Triple God and Goddess will merge their light. This will be conducted through a magnificent process of heavenly activations merging with earthly activations. This brings the momentum of energies flowing from Heaven to Earth and from Earth to Heaven to a whole new level of expression and emanation.

The union of the divine masculine and feminine through the Triple God and Goddess reveal to all who are willing to open their hearts, their eyes, and their ears the power which lies within the true nature of love, for love is what enables true evolution to unfold, bringing forth the power to experience the revolutions which inspire the dynamic leaders of the light to stand in their power, to stand in their truth and shine the light.

Today you are also preparing the way for many levels, many layers of the Illusion Matrix, in other words the matrix of illusion we often refer to as the Illuminati Matrix, to crumble even further. Do not fear these changes, do not fear the processes which unfold as more and more governments are challenged, more and more leaders of the false world are brought to their knees. Upon our channels return from Russia, we said the power will be returned to the people, this is what you witness, but you are also bearing witness to those who do not understand the nature of power, they do not understand the responsibility which comes with true freedom, therefore, the energies being anchored today in preparation for the month of November 2011 and beyond that date is inspiring and challenging all to understand the true nature of liberation, the true nature of freedom, to relinquish control to the higher parts of one’s higher aspects – the parts of self which are enlightened, which know the truth.

All of you have been called to this point because you are guardians, this you have known. This sacred site is being realigned with the divine cosmic resonance of the almighty vortices of true power, freedom and love. This shows you how to walk the path as a leader of light without losing yourself. The process of remembering who you are is always challenging because you are required to drop those parts of yourself which form part of keeping the matrix of illusion alive. All your false belief systems, all of those parts of yourself trapped in an illusion feed the matrix of illusion, therefore, the blueprints of illumination are strengthened by all of you becoming illuminated in relation to trusting yourself, and merging with ALL of your true self.

The Divine Masters of the Great Cosmic Council come to gather amongst you, their energy embracing you and enfolding you in the sacred resonance which activates these codes. This sacred resonance extends through these sacred lands and this area. This place embodies immense light and is one of the most sacred and ancient parts of the sacred land of your world. The energies which these rocks embody have been used by many ancient, ancient cultures and beings of other dimensions to encode Mother Earth in order to protect her.

We have activated the energy at this point for each of you to receive the healing and the energies which shall help support you in tuning into that which you must now align with, this will continue to prepare you to deal with the energies over the months that lie before you in preparation for the ascension wave coming in the month of November and which shall continue thereafter.

Much more is to be done, much more is to be shared, and this we will give to you at the right time, the information that is. For now just allow yourself to soak up these energies, to merge with the wisdom of these sacred lands, to allow the Ancient Ones to guide you, to remind you of who you are and what you came to do.

The divine marriage we have spoken of will embody many levels of release for humanity, it will release all the trapped aspects of individual’s souls who have become entangled in the mesh of misguided love. The return of the true nature of union is what shall replace it. So celebrate, be at peace, for there is much to look forward to, there is much preparation to be done, but you are all more than capable of doing this.

We thank you for your presence, for you participation, your patience and perseverance. The Palace of Peace enfolds you in its magnificent scintillating magenta and gold wings and will hold you until it is time to move into that dimension of recognition and illumination.

I am Mary Magdalene,my love is with you and we celebrate with you. Au revoir.


I am Kuthumi-Agrippa and I come forward with a brief transmission to remind all of you of the power of your light and the reason for you all being at this sacred place at this time.

As you well know, sacred sites embody not only powerful positive energy, many of ill will often go to a sacred site in order to try and seal the grids so that the light cannot be released. At this time you are present because you are also part of helping to release the darkness that has been trapped in this area. The pillars of light which are in this earth embodying those sacred codes can now begin to stir, to be revitalised and come back to life.

This is vitally important, for Africa is one of the most important aspects of the collective consciousness embodying the ancient wisdom. Mother Africa is the divine intelligence of the Sacred Feminine upon your planet and embodies the most powerful, holiest, as some might say, and most sacred of keys and codes on your planet. The original codes of life where anchored on the African continent and this is one of these sites.

Prepare yourselves for many changes. Know that these changes are of a positive nature, allow yourself to trust the flow of life and retreat into nature as often as you can. You will find, those of you who live in the bustling city, it will become more and more difficult for you to withstand the intensity of that frenetic energy, the velocity of that negative energy will impact heavily on you, nature is the place where you can revitalise your energy. The city is like a giant vampire sucking your energy out, the vortices of fear within cities have now become increasingly intense and the intensity depletes sensitive Lightworkers such as yourselves.

The more sensitive you are, the more prone you are to being thrown off of your centre by negative energy, as much as you are more sensitive to higher vibrations, you are even more sensitive to negative vibrations.

So precious ones, bear this in mind, know that this is an important time of preparation. Again we reaffirm you have much to look forward to, great times of change, and you will be surprised where you find yourself by the end of this year.

I am Kuthumi-Agrippa, King of Solar Archangels, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom. My love and blessings are with you and all of us who are present with you, all the beings of light, will remain present with you until you return. We are light, you are light, we are one. Adonai.

This transcript has been published free of charge by IP owner Michelle Manders and the Palace of Peace in support of people seeking healing, clarity and peace. Therefore, we appreciate the Law of Integrity being honoured, and ask that no person, group, or organization, or any body of any sort under any circumstance alter any part of this document, or publish it in part or in full for personal financial gain.


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  1. Dear friend, I was going through your blog as I am looking for a channel for Mother Mary’s monthly messages. Would you be able to guide me? Gratitude and blessings in abundance to you.

    In Love and Light.


    • Hi Vi

      I don’t have a link to any monthly messages from her, but I would love to get one if you do happen to find a site that does chanel our beautiful mother Mary.

      But here is a site with a gew messages from her. http://www.circleofintention.com/MaryMother.html

      Thanks for looking over my blog and hope you have gained something from all the wisdom that has been so kindly shared to us by the GREAT ONES!

      Lots love light and peace.

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