” The Law of Attraction” – When and How it Works and Why it Sometimes Doesn’ t – Archangel Metatron – James Tyberonn

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Inspire and uplift your own life with this simplistic yet life changing Positive Power and Motivational book.


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Book – The Master’s Sacred Knowledge by Allan Rufus


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Archangel METATRON  Channel

Parts One & Two of Three

” The Law of Attraction” – When and How it Works and Why it Sometimes Doesn’ t – Archangel Metatron – James Tyberonn

Part One

Dear Ones, you create your reality, and there is no other rule. You are here in
the University of Duality, to learn how to responsibly create. Now, there are many
texts that speak about the concept of how human beings create their perspective

We offer this caveat: it is not thought that on its own, is creative, rather it
is BELIEF …. belief expressed in thought in a clear mind.

So to clarify syntax, let us say that in the Law of Attraction, it is wise to substitute
the word Believe “for “Think”, because while positive thought can encourage new
belief, until you believe what you think you are not generating new reality. Belief
generates reality. This is logical.

So understand, beyond the syntax, that thinking positive thoughts can only manifest
if they are in sync with your beliefs. For example, if at your core, you BELIEVE
you are unworthy of abundance, or in your core mind, believe that the accumulation
of abundance is materialistic and therefore wrong, you will not manifest abundance
by merely thinking about it. If you believe money is the root of all evil, the LAW
of Attraction will not work for you until you change that core belief.

If you believe that you are poor and will always be scraping to make ends meet,
then your very belief will create that experience. No matter if you work 2 or 3
jobs, your core belief is generated, projected into dimensionality and indeed will
be manifested. You will struggle economically.

If you believe you are not ‘very smart’ , your brain will take on that belief and
you will be limited. If you believe you are not attractive, you will project that
image to all around you telepathically.

You constantly project your beliefs, and their manifestations constantly “meet you
in the face” when you view the world around you. They form the reflective mirrored-
image of your realized beliefs. You cannot escape your beliefs. They are, however,
the method by which you create your experience.

In kind,if you believe, in very simple terms, that people mean you well, and will
treat you kindly, they will. And, if you believe that the world is against you,
then so it will be in your experience. And, if you believe that your body will age
and begin to weaken at age 40 , then it will. Do you catch our ‘drift’ ?

You are in physical existence to learn and understand that your beliefs, energetically
translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions, cause all experience. Period. Now
your experience can change your beliefs, and at any time you are in control of what
you choose to believe. The key is to form BELIEF through ‘over-soul’ Mer-Ka-Na aspectual
conscious choice and not by unconscious programming.

Now, let’s take this concept into multi dimensionality.

Imagine that you have a number of lifetimes as a monk or priest where you have taken
strict poverty vows. You have shunned the ‘material’ and adhere strongly to the
BELIEF that money is ‘the root of all evil’.

All lifetimes are simultaneous in the eternal now. In the present lifetime there
is the focus on creating your reality. You have need for abundance. You realize
money is not evil, it is simply energy, and that it can be used for many positive

You have read all the books, read all the articles on how positive thinking triggers
the ‘Law of Attraction’, yet you are still not bringing in abundance.

Could it be that you are multi dimensionally ‘outnumbered’.

If you have a dozen ongoing lifetimes in their NOW moment simultaneously shunning,
rejecting what they BELIEVE to be ‘material things’ and one lifetime trying to create
abundance, which effort contains the most energy projection ?

You have the ability in NOW mind in Mer-Ka-Na to change the seeming past and create
a unified harmonic of that which you desire and believe. And Dear Ones, money is
not evil ! It is energy and in the new paradigm you are required to learn to create
in responsible loving manner. You CAN have what you want, what you need, but the
Belief must be harmonic in multi dimensionality.

It is not as simple as “Ask and it shall be given”. It must be projected in clear
harmonic mind. And mind is above brain. Mind is multi dimensional.

Part 2

Now, the multi-dimensional aspect of human experience is quintessential to your
understanding of the mechanics of the ‘Law of Attraction’.

A key part of understanding your multi-dimensionality is that your higher self ,
the part of you above physicality, scripted certain of your ‘life growth challenges’.
…and that these cannot be avoided or wished away. Rather they are ‘required’ courses
in the curriculum of the ‘University of Earth’ that you yourself have chosen to
complete for higher good. And you can’t skip the classes.

They will come to you because you enrolled, they are a part of the ‘Law of Attraction’
from higher mind, and cannot be repelled.

This then is an area in which duality thinking, of trying to wish away a seeming
obstacle, seems to defy the ‘Law of Attraction’. You may find yourself in an uncomfortable
scenario at work, find that all the ‘positive thinking’ applications seem to fall
flat. That is because there is a lesson here that must be faced, and until it is
faced it will repeat over and over again, until it is completed…because you have
attracted it to you from higher mind, and duality -aspect brain is unable to avoid
it. It is only completed when you master it.

Accepting the Challenge

While it is true that your thoughts and beliefs create the reality you experience
in duality, you in higher aspect thoughtfully and carefully compose and create the
challenges that you face. These have great purpose. Whether you truly believe it
or not, you write your own tests. So while ‘positive thinking’ is a key frequency,
positive thinking is meant to help you approach your life lessons and does not circumvent
the learning process itself. You cannot just ignore or wish away the growth lessons
you script for yourself in order to expand. That is because your chosen set ups
are in most cases outside, beyond the ability of the duality aspect of ego-brain
to remove or will away. You will face them, because you have in divine self, willed
it from higher perspective. In higher mind you have scripted your challenges.

We assure you that there is nothing more stimulating, more worthy of actualization,
than your manifested desire to evolve, to change for the better. That is indeed
each of your lifetime missions. It is not enough to meditate, or to visualize the
desired goal being accomplished if you do not act upon the inner voice , the drive
from which your meditations and visualizations arise.

Intent, focus and meditation must absolutely be teamed with action. Becoming impeccable,
and eventually achieving your enlightenment does not mean, as some religions indirectly
imply, that you are suddenly in a blissful state of oblivion, or in some distant
state of nirvana. Masters, we tell you that you are as much a part of a nirvana
now as you ever will be, you simply need to discover it within you.

There will indeed be cycles within your emotional state; that is part of being human.
There will be times in which you feel apathetic and depressed. Not only the problems
you face, but even certain astronomical gravities can be the source of such despair,
on their own. All of these must be faced, and can be surmounted.

So be aware that ‘Nirvana’, in your vernacular, is achieved attitudinally, and not
through avoidance, ignorance or escape, but through impeccable confrontation of
the reality projection that surrounds you.

Earth experience, duality mastery is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the
greatest truths of duality, and one commonly misunderstood. The study and mastery
of life requires work. You can’t simply put the text book under your pillow and
sleep on it, it must be read and understood a page at a time. Moment by moment.

So then your full understanding and accepting that your life is a construction of
‘set ups’ that you planned in order to enable your spiritual growth is an even greater
truth. You see when you accept this noble truth, you have the opportunity to transcend

That which you term ‘destiny’ is in truth the situations you preplanned for your
life lesson. And Dears Ones, that very self scripted ‘destiny’, in your terms,
will assist you to both face your challenges and then manifest your desires, but
not because you protest what you do not like. In order to experience the light
of your desire, you must ignite the passion that will free it from the stronghold
where it has been closely guarded. The greatest path is to accept the challenge
of self purification by being a living example of your own light rather than protesting
the darkness that still exists within the world in 3d, or choosing to insulate yourself
from it.


Masters, by accepting that you are here to face challenges, then you can more robustly
create the energy needed to face them. Because once it is accepted, the fact that
life can be difficult no longer scares you, rather it motivates the spiritual warrior
into resolve.

The greatest issue you have in accepting ultimate ownership and responsibility for
your actions lies in the core desire to avoid the pain of the consequences of that
behavior. But we tell you that it is the confrontational courage of impeccably solving
problems that provides and indeed nurtures meaningful growth in your life.

Facing your problems is the serendipitous cutting edge that distinguishes between
success and failure, or better said, between growth and stagnation. Problems call
forth your best effort to resolve and refine courage and wisdom within the impeccable

It is categorically because of stressful predicaments and obstructions that you
grow mentally and spiritually. It is through the pain of confronting and resolving
life-puzzles and ‘set-ups’ that you learn the greater meaning of the science of
love. Dear Hearts, the candid fact is that some of your most poignant accomplishments
and indeed greatest growths are spawned when you are placed in the troubling crossroads
of conundrum.

Your greatest trials and revelations take place in times when you are outside of
your ‘comfort zone’, feeling bewildered, unfulfilled, or even in a state of agonizing
despair. For it is in such moments, propelled by your discomfort, that you are compelled
to burst out of the confining cages and seek a better, more spiritually satisfying
way of life.

Impeccability – The State of Grace

What then is impeccability? We are not understating the base premise, when we define
impeccability simply as ‘ always trying your best’. To remain impeccable requires
more effort as the scope of your gained wisdom and consciousness expands. The greater
your consciousness, the more you ‘know’ . The more you know, the greater the responsibility
to live accordingly.

You are in the process of expanding your vibratory awareness, of becoming a conscious
participant with the soul. You are becoming what your soul is, discovering your
greater identity.

Dear Ones, when you grow spiritually, it is because you have opened to seek growth
and are taking action, working to achieve it.

Impeccability involves the deliberate extension of your Beingness into evolution.

Impeccability puts you in the state of grace. Impeccability does not infer that
you have achieved enlightenment or have learned all you need to learn. Rather it
means you are on the only track, the right pathway to get there.

So we will define Impeccability in two layers, two phase formats:

1) Conditional Impeccability: This is when the entity is not highly advanced, yet
working toward mastery . Doing one’s best. Utilizing knowledge to the best of one’s
ability to do the right thing, even when there may be ignorance and innocent misconceptions.
By that we mean you truly believe what you are doing is the right course, even if
it is not the full or expansive truth . All of you go through such phases. In this
phase if you make a mistake, it is an honest mistake, in which you genuinely believed
you were doing what you felt is right.

2) Mastery Impeccability: This is the phase of the soul in human existence that
is on the cusp of Mastery. One highly advanced, and walking the talk. Having no
inner conflict between what one believes to be the right path, and what one actuates.

Both phases activate what you may term as an accelerated state of grace. Grace is
assistance from the Divine Self to help the outcome of situations when one is trying
their best. It may be thought of as the ‘Guardian Angel’, because in many cases
that is exactly what a Guardian Angel is, your Divine Self serendipitously intervening
in situations to assist you on your path.

If we were to redefine what your religious texts consider as sin, it would not be
in terms of the commandments, rather it would be: “knowledge not utilized”. Taking
actions you know to be incorrect, actions in conflict to your highest beliefs.

Wisdom Is Within

All of you desire wisdom greater than your own. Seek and you will find, and Masters
you can find it ‘hidden’ inside you. And sadly that is often the last place you
look. It takes work. You see the divine interface between God and man is within
what your academics term as the subconscious.

Even your religious texts tell you that God is within you, that you are a spark
of the Divine. The subconscious mind, or ‘back brain’ in your terms, is the part
of you that is God. The portion of your greater self that contains the knowledge
of ‘All That Is’, the part of you that contains the Akashic Records, the soul memory
of everything.

Since the subconscious is the Divine Mind within you, the goal of spiritual growth
is achieved by entering into that sacred ‘Garden of Wisdom’. It is entered by quieting
the ego mind. Meditation has ever been the gateway. It is the key to quieting the
personality-ego narration and allowing the ‘Voice of the Divine Soul’ to be heard.
We say again, effort is required. There are no short cuts.

The re-attainment of God-ness is the purpose of your individual existence on the
polarity plane. You are born that you might become, as a conscious individual,
a physical expression of God. A divine expression in Being-ness.

The challenge is your soul quest, your true purpose, and in physical sojourns, the
clock is ever ticking. Obtaining Godhood in physicality is achieved on time-release,
through immaculate desire that is actuated in the physical realm by merging with
the wisdom of the non physical. Time matters.

In polarity the current shifting of paradigms and energies can throw you off center
rather easily in these quickening times. Your true purpose is often difficult to
subjectively define and your understanding and ballast lies juxtaposed between
illusion and perceived reality. You may feel you are living in a distortion and
that nothing is exactly as it seems. In the process you can become confused and
complacent. You can lose track of time.

Dear Ones, your lives, each moment of your physical life is precious, far more so
than some of you realize. Far more than most of you utilize. Time is a precious
commodity, and it is finite within your duality. Each of you reading these words
will at some point in the future transition out of the physical. In your vernacular,
you will experience death, you will die. This is a condition of physicality as you
know it. Yet so many of you act as though you will live forever. Indeed the soul
is eternal, but you will not ever be the same person, the same personality or expression
that you are now, in any lifetime or in any other aspect of your ‘Beingness’.
You are here to learn Dear Ones, you are here to learn the expressions of your own
Godliness within duality and indeed duality is a gift. Life is a gift. You are here
to learn how to co create, for indeed you are co creators of the Universe, of the
Cosmos. You are here to achieve Mastery, and so many of you are very close, very
near that achievement.

Seize the Day

Masters, until you truly value yourself, you will not be in the grace of impeccability
and thus not be motivated to truly value and optimize your time. Unless you place
great value on your allotted time, you will not do your ‘best’ with it. “Carpe Diem”,
is translated as “Seize the Day”, and this is so appropriate.

You must seize each moment! So many of you, despite your good intentions, allow
yourselves to be tranquilized into complacency at certain phases or within certain
conditions of your chosen sojourns. Many of you waste time; misuse time and lifetime
after lifetime can be squandered. What you do not face, what you do not resolve
in any one moment or lifetime, will resurface. You will repeat the set up until
you successfully solve it, and that is indeed a great truth.
Masters, utilizing your time in duality is quintessential, and that is a complex
undertaking for it necessitates that you seek impeccability. It requisites love
of self, for until you genuinely value yourself, you truly do not value your life
and time. And until you value your time, you will not be compelled to maximize how
you spend it.

It is natural Discipline that is the basic set of tools to solve life problems.
Without discipline it is difficult for you to have the driver required to focus
on the work of solving your problems. Simply stated, you can become immobilized…apathetic,
complacent or lazy. On the ‘Ladder of Ascension’, you are moving up, sitting still
or moving down.

In third dimensional physics there is a law that states that energy that is highly
organized will naturally degrade when not in dynamic state. It is easier by natural
law to be in a state of complacency in the physical plane, than to be in an upwardly
mobile condition. That is clearly logical. It is the Law of Love that motivates
all souls into greater consciousness, and that requires dynamics…work! Laziness
is in a real sense one of your biggest obstacles, because work means swimming against
the tide. Seize the Day!

Perfect Order
Some of you say and feel that “Everything works out as it should, all is in perfect
order”. But Masters, that concept is something of a paradox, and like a face card
it is upside down either way you look at it. Do you understand?

From the higher perspective all is in perfect order, but from the perspective of
humankind within duality, it is not! If it were there would be no need for

lessons, no need for what you term reincarnation.

One need but take a look around and know that the plight of humankind on the planet
Earth is far from being perfect. Indeed it will NOT work out as it should, until
you make it so!

Unresolved Energy Blockage

Masters, on the final walk of Mastery, most of your major issues have been dealt
with, and we honor you for that. What remains may however be elusive to confront.
And it is important to confront any and all unresolved issues and energies.

We say this without judgment. We point this out in order to assist you. For in time
all must be dealt with. The more advanced you become, the more difficult it can
be to sweep up the last remaining bits of unresolved issues, because they are often
well hidden. The unresolved energy, the final issues can become polarized and repelled
outside your mental field, forgotten in the residues of many lifetimes. Dear Hearts,
take time to self review in multidimensional, Mer-Ka-Na aspect. Please determine
what is left to be worked on.

Polarity Physics – The ‘Law of Opposite Attraction’

Masters, the closer you get to light, the stronger you attract the dark. Light attracts
bugs ! The more you advance, the more criticism you will draw, and that requires
wisdom to deal with.

The polarity aspect of the ‘Law of Opposite Attraction’ herewith comes into play.
From a state of detachment what takes place is electromagnetics. Pure positive energy
has the greatest ‘magnetic’ attraction to negative energy. So as your light shines
brighter, the magnetic to polar opposite increases. It can be managed, but you must
have the light, humility, the strength and discipline to deflect it.

So dealing with affronts, the hard energy of jealousy, hatred and anger are an important
piece of the puzzle in achieving the Master level of Impeccability.

How do you deal with this? Don’t take anything personally is perhaps easier said
than done, but it is quite true. Your bible talks of turning the other cheek. But
this doesn’t mean you apologize when someone steps on your foot. Part of the paradox
is indeed standing up for your truth. But it does mean you don’t step on the feet
of others, intentionally or otherwise. Do you understand?

Standing in your truth is peaceful action. It is a benevolent expression of aggression
that allows grace and dignity to be retained on both sides of any conflict or attack.
It sends the attacking energy back to its source, but without malice and with love.
Each of you has an opportunity to stand in impeccability within any conflict. You
can deal with conflict, without engaging it. Do you understand? Deal with, face
it from a stance of emotional detachment, as the observer, and that is not easy,
yet it is the way of the Master. It is how you ‘Don’t take anything

personally’, you detach from the emotional reaction.
Each of you has an opportunity to be impeccable every day. The scenario in which
you recognize your own failings, your own conflict with integrity, is the day you
encompass Mastery level Impeccability, and indeed it is a journey. Likewise the
day you stand in your truth with willingness to recognize another person’s truth,
you encompass integrity.

The divine mind is only achieved, only accessed through crystalline Mer-Ka-Na resonance,
within crystalline thought waves. Crystalline thought is above emotion, above petty
feelings. It is achieved in detachment. It is the crystalline lake of Shamballa,
of true Nirvana, as smooth as glass, no waves distorting its mirrored visage.

End of Part 2

Part 3 to follow in October



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