Well, good evening everyone! It is so delightful to be here. Ah-Aloha! They did it.

Never had we any doubt, but we must recognize, and we do, the fact that this was quite a mission, quite a move, a transition, change, whole new lifestyle, new missions and oh busy, busy, busy. We have so many exciting, exciting moments ahead. Oh yes, they’ll have some time to rest too. You cannot be in a place like this without being inspired to just be very mellow and be very joyful. For those of you who live in places where it is a bit dark in the world now, hang on, we are here, and we will be able to make the adjustment in the world’s weather that we have promised. And they are coming very soon.

As a matter of fact you may be aware of the fact that there is a weather station, well it has been used not entirely as a weather station in the past, but it will be, it’s pretty much neutralized now, and its next life will be as one of the monitoring, shall we say keeping everything on even keel, stations. It’s on top of the sacred mountain called Haleakala. And we will be helping from that point. The Kumaras will be there making sure that the world’s weather is a nice sunny 72 degrees or thereabouts everywhere in the world where people want it to be. This is going to bring alive the desert because they won’t be cooking any more; they will be conducive to the growing of many crops.

The ground itself, the earth, that which you might call the sands of the desert will become fertile growing ground for all manner of wondrous fruits and vegetables and grains and what you call the sustenance of life, and cities will grow up in these places that are barren and they will be alive with joyful sounds of happy Lemurians living in the gardens of abundance and plenty for all. Communities will spring up where there have been no communities before, and those communities which have been somewhat crowded, will be able to spread out. People will be called, just as these ones were, to different parts of the world, for the experience, the expression of whatever they have passion for and just for the joy of living the Lemurian lifestyle. Now we have spoken of the Golden Age, we have spoken of the Aquarian Age. Well, those are nam es and lifestyles and they are all meaning the same, and because we have a focus here in this land of Lemuria, this part of Lemuria, this heart of Lemuria, we can also refer to it as the Lemurian lifestyle.

Now the Lemurians had technologies that far surpass most of what is in place on Planet Earth today because they had their own built in what you call replicators. They could create whatever it was they chose to create. They were highly evolved masters who came to Planet Earth, and it was a Garden of Eden as you call it, and it was plentiful and abundant and everyone was happy and dancing and singing. But as you know the volunteers brought about what you call the lowering of the veil because they had mission and purpose and it was not to have this high dimensional lifestyle forever and ever upon Planet Earth. It was the experience that brought you down in vibrations of being a spiritual being in a human body that was so dense that people often lost touch with who they really are. That is until they laid down their bodies and came back t o the other side of the veil. And these volunteers, well let’s just say they are you and you are they, Beloved Ones, because every single one of you has been Lemurian in the past and you have within your wondrous beings the soul memories, the soul of the soul memories, the heart memories of what it is to live this Lemurian lifestyle, this Golden Age. And if you are feeling down in the dumpies, not quite feeling that you are high vibe Lemurians, just be patient with yourselves and understand that you are in a process, you are on a path and the path is the Ascension high road. You maybe just have a little more experiencing to do, a little bit of a pothole in the road, as you call it. And that’s all it is. You are not buried in it, and you will not be buried in it. You can leap out of it, you know that guy in the cape? He can leap tall buildings in a single bound and so can you, and you can certainly leap up and out of a pothole. But it takes focus, it takes concentration, it takes, Beloved Ones, your heart and your wisdom self, and that which you call your higher self, and your inner child and all the wondrous parts of you that you are, all of your bodies and let’s not forget that wonderful part you call your ego. If you have your ego doing a little bit of a tap dance on you, then stop and give it a hug. Be grateful because your ego often times sounds an alarm for you. It often illuminates where you are, and helps you to see with more clarity exactly where you are and then you can clearly point yourself in the direction of where you want to be, if you are not totally pleased with where you are.

And so we suggest to you that if you are feeling a little unclear, a little down in the dumpies, get with yourselves, and with the wondrous guides and angels that you have there for you and if you have not introduced yourself to your team, do it. You each have a marvelous team and because you are who you are Beloved Ones – Volunteers – who’ve been here many times, who have lived all of the different experiences you could possibly cram into a thousand or so lifetimes, you are ready and you have understanding. You have understanding of the experiences and the emotions that have come about, or shall we say, have guided you through these experiences, and so you have the love-based emotions, and you have the fear-based emotions. And you have all chosen, we’ve done some scanning you know we always show up a bit early, and while a ll of you were saying ‘hello’ and coming on to the call, we did a little scanning and we want to tell you each and every one of you is headed for Ascension. There’s no doubt about it. And you are all beaming, Beloved Ones.

You may not feel like a beamer at this moment, you may have a bit of a headache or a tummy ache or you may feel as though you’re down in the dumpies a bit, but you all have your beaming lights on and you all have your loving teams with you ready, ready to step in and connect, communicate and commune with you. So focus in that direction and know that all is in perfectly divine order in your kingdom. Don’t fight it. Don’t say yabbit, yabbit, yabbit. Say “OK I accept and allow that all is in divine order, now tell me what to do. Clarify, communicate with me and by the way, I can use a big hug. So let’s get into the communion state too. I want to be One with the All I AM and with all who are here to help and guide me along my way.” And you know that I, Ashtar, am always ready to discuss with you what it is, well we have a little technology to set up and get set up before the Voice can do those things [since the move to Maui], but you know what, try calling on me outside of this discussion and see what happens. And then if you want to, in a couple of weeks she will be back and able to do some discussions on the telephone from Lemuria. How about that!

Now we have many, many items to bring up tonight. So we are going to do a little bit of skimming over the top as it were. First of all, and you are hearing it here what you have already heard. Confirmed, confirmed, confirmed! Yes! We like to answer the question before you ask the question, but we know you are all asking the question, “Is this for real? Are we really on our way this time? Are you guys really going to get announced before the end of the year (as the calendar flows in your time)? What other questions do we have that we have just answered. Yes, we are looking at big, big changes in the entire financial structure of Planet Earth. They are already in progress. They are already in place. If you could see what we can see. There is a curtain, just imagine a curtain, you are looking at a stage and behind the curtain are all of the banking computers, practices, and oh, lets not forget the bazillions of dollars that are there in the form of gold, silver, platinum and other things that you regard as being valuable. Well they are. They do have value because they enable the shift that is happening. So if somebody calls you up and says “I’m afraid I am going to lose all my dollars in oh, you know, that bank, one of the banks that have been owned and controlled by the dark hats”, please do assure them their money is safe, their dollars will be replaced with dollars that are backed by these things we call the precious metals. It might get a little rough and bumpy and a little cash in a very secret hiding place, and we are not talking about under your mattress, but you know use your imagination, but a little bit of cash for a little bit of time, hmmm, no dat es of course, would not be a bad thing for transitional purposes. But you do not need to panic. You see the thing of it is, because you have given us permission we are here to partner with you, these changes while they may be sudden, while they may take a good part of the world by surprise, but not really because they’re that part of them that they’re not really in touch with now, knows and sees and has already accepted and called for the changes, facilitating Nesara to move forward, and Lady Liberty, hand in hand, and Lady Master Nada is right on top of the removals that have to be taken care of in order to make this seamless – well it’s going to be as close to seamless as we can possibly make it.

So you have been given some information tonight – treasure it. You have a rather unique place in your homes on your telephones that gives you access to this and if you are not buzzing with it, check it out, do your testing, or call upon your group, check it out, be sure that you ask for the highest of truths. Get out Excalibur if you want to and wave the blue, the Blue Ray of Truth, and start asking some questions and verify for yourselves and confirm and then look anyone in the eye who says, “Oh woe is me, the economy is in the dumpster and they are going to toss me with it,” and say, “Let me tell you something, I have some good news for you. I am a Messenger of Truth, and Love and Peace.” And then say whatever it is that you feel inclined to say. Intuition, Beloved Ones. That’s a great word. Intuition. F ollow your guidance, speak your truth. And if you have a question that you want some clarity on, we have just said it, we will say it again, get in touch. Because you need to be in assurance. You need to be standing tall and know that what you are projecting to the world is the very highest of truths. You are Lemurians, Beloved Ones. We are living Lemuria and we are here to stand tall for the world and to beam the lights of Truth and Love and Joy and Peace – Peace that passeth all understanding. It’s your gift to the world. You came here to be in expression of this truth, and no matter where you’ve been in this lifetime or others, no matter how rough you may feel your life is at this moment, remember, and remember that you are loved beyond words and you are never, ever alone. Ever. Be the Joy that you came here to be, and let others be upl ifted by your joy, by your love and by the truth and the peace that you project, and some excitement is perfectly appropriate because these are the most exciting times ever seen on Planet Earth. Planet Earth is accomplishing what it has never been able to do before and it is because of you, Beloved Ones, because you are here and our hearts are full in joy and love with you. And because this is such a happy, happy joyful time for Planet Earth, let’s have a little joy ride tonight, shall we? Now most of you have already been well-acquainted and oriented to your crystal elevators. But we will just start right at the beginning. This is going to be a very interesting exercise. So if you will just take some deep breaths.

And if you will just open your wisdom eye and see in front of you a beautiful crystal elevator. It sparkles and shines so much that you are immediately drawn to it and as you get close you will see upon it your name, right there. This is your own elevator. Each and every one of you have your own private one. So we invite you to come close and as you do the door opens automatically, you don’t even have to push any buttons. And you see inside how it sparkles and shines and you just want to come in. And it is such an inviting space so warm and so beautiful. You may feel a little cool breeze, you may feel a little warm. Just come on it. And feel the joy of being here. You may hear some beautiful music or see some glorious colors reflected from the walls and the ceiling and the floors which are all crystal. No need for any artificial lighting here, not even a candle here, it is so bright and beautiful.

So allow the door to close and just let yourself know how secure and safe you are in this wondrous elevator. Now the elevator knows where to go so you do not have to direct it but you may notice something. Whereas before the elevator normally goes up to access other dimensions, this time it seems to be going downward, and that is interesting, but remember there are other dimensions downward as well as upward, because they’re here, they’re there, they’re everywhere and wondrous beings, inhabitants of those dimensions you call the higher ones, but that’s just a numerical ordering.

And so allow yourself to go in your elevator and just be happy and joyful and kinda getting into a bit of a high vibe state, shall we say, even higher than when you entered the elevator. And now when you open the elevator, it’s a crystal tunnel and you are invited to walk through this tunnel. It’s very short, there is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel. But a door closes behind you which is most necessary, and as you reach the other end of a tunnel, a door opens, and you are in the sea. Precisely under the water of the sea. But you can breathe, and you can swim, and it is a most delightful world, and you can open your eyes, and it is a most vibrant sea and there are all manner of wondrous creatures there to greet you. And they are so delighted to see you, and you are delighted to see them, and you don’ t need your mask and your snorkel and your swim fins or any of that, you don’t need your wetsuit or your little yellow submarine. They invite you to come out into the waters which are the most beautiful shade of turquoise blue and all of the creatures there seem to have a special sparkle, and the colors are beautiful and they seem to be leading you to a very special place. It’s what you call an underground grotto. It’s kind of like an amphitheatre.

And you swim easily over the rocks that form the circle of the grotto and there is your welcoming committee. Your own special dolphin guides are there to greet you, and you can hear the wondrous music of the sea and the dolphins invite you to swim and to dance and even perhaps if you so desire to have a little bit of a ride on the back of one of them. And it is the most joyful reunion because you see the dolphins are family with you as well, and they welcome you because there was a time in that Lemuria long ago when you actually swam and danced with the dolphins quite freely, quite easily and you know them to be wondrous creatures, wondrous messengers and communicators. And they communicate with you and give you messages of Love and Joy and Peace on Earth for they know who they are as they always have known, and they have been on Planet Earth since the beginning . And yes, they have had some difficult times, but they bear witness and they have never ceased their great love for you, their love indeed just grows more and more each day, and that is why you can be close with them and commune with them, and understand them and tell them what it is that you want them to hear from you.

So just take a few moments. Blow some bubbles if you like, bubbles of joy, dance and sing and commune with these wondrous dolphin guides of yours, and be One with them in harmony, in love, and in joy of the moment. And if you have felt a pang of separation in the past, heal it, and so it is. Because now you know of your Oneness with these magnificent creatures, and through them your Oneness with the kingdom of the whales and indeed all of the creatures of the sea and with the elementals who inhabit the sea, the mermaids and the mermen and all of the other wondrous ones that you thought perhaps were imaginary or in a different world, that you have come to meet with them and to commune with them. So they are all here. So hugs and joy bubbles all over. Dance and sing an d celebrate this grand reunion, this return, this homecoming to that part of Lemuria which you have for the most part not accessed for eons of time. And be in joy and know that all you have to do to return to this magical kingdom beneath the sea, is return to your elevator, and so it is. Because you have been celebrated, your coming has been long awaited, and now when it is time to leave this magical place, you know how to get back any time you wish, and so you can assure this wondrous, wondrous family beneath the sea that you will return to dance, sing, love and hug and commune at any time that they call you or at any time that you choose to reach out to them.

And so as you dance your way back to that tunnel you see that the door is open and waiting for you, this wonderful tunnel of light, and you go through the door and there you are at the other end where the door opens just as the other one has closed behind you and there you are back at your elevator having had a wondrous adventure. And now you can come back in your elevator to the place where you began loving and savoring this time, this reunion. And thank yourselves, Beloved Ones, for having the courage, the heart and the love to come back to this part of Lemuria and to reactivate the energy of it within your entire beings, you can know it your heart and in your wisdom space. And return whenever you choose.

And so now as you come out of your elevators, just take some time and breathe and relax. This was an expansion for you, a reaching out to another place where you had not been for some time. So just expand with it and for those of you who have had the experience before of swimming with the dolphins know that this was a reunion of even bigger, bigger grandeur, because it solidified your relationships or shall we say reopened them, reenergized them with these wondrous kingdoms beneath the sea. And so come back at any time you choose. And I, Ashtar, thank you for joining in with this and for bringing your light and receiving the love of the kingdoms beneath the sea. And so now we have another speaker who is waiting for you, and so, Beloved Family, I shall say farewell in this moment. But remember that I, Ashtar, and the entire Ashtar Co mmand are with you always in loving service even as you are wondrous beings of love light in service to all of Planet Earth and indeed the universe beyond. And so it is. Salute.

St. Germain

Good evening. It is I, St Germain, and I come to congratulate you all. Well done, citizens of Planet Earth and indeed of the Universe. That which has been spoken of this evening is truth and there is more. You have co-created a marvelous canape of adventures and excitement, of wondrous historical times and of times not so joyful as you have indeed traveled upon Planet Earth and in other places. Your reward is NOW. Your return is NOW. We are speaking of your homecoming. We are speaking of your realization of this citizenship and the honoring of you for all that you have accomplished. You have enjoyed freedom the entire time though it may not seem so from your side of what little remains of the veil. You have all served as slaves, bound in some manner. You have all served in prisons. You have all suffered, been tortured and killed for your expressions, for your beliefs and for your cries for freedom, you have all been at some time or other what you might call Freedom Warriors. And if you think that those expressions were in vain, think again. Because of you, because of your efforts and your actions, you have kept the light of Freedom alive upon Planet Earth. Because you volunteered to be a Freedom Warrior, you are now a Peace Bringer to the planet. Lady Liberty stands ready to come fully upon the stage in all of her luminous glory and she does so with great joy and appreciation to all of you for what you have done.

Now I want to share with you a little bit more of the banking situation. As you all know I have had many lifetimes and identities upon Planet Earth and other places, but what is important now is that I set up this Trust when I could look through the centuries, because when you have an ascended status you see past, present and future all as one. And I could see that I needed to start what I called a Freedom Fund, a way to enable freedom for the citizens of Planet Earth so that they would be free to follow their paths of joy. You see, the Earth evolved in such a way that when Lemuria was in full bloom, there was no such thing as money, nor was there need of it. But there became in actual usage, various mediums of exchange, items that were valued. Salt is a good example, and we are talking about true salt, not what the chemists have given as salt. And you have access to tr ue salt today and it is rich for you. Gold – gold was much prized all over the planet. Not always as a medium of exchange, sometimes it is prized for its beauty and sometimes for its healing powers in a certain state, called the high-spin state, and so on. Gold has been prized upon this planet for a long time. It was the gold of certain ones, bankers and their families, to own all of the gold, and by doing so they felt certain they would own the planet.

So I started a fund. That fund is rich beyond what most of you can probably imagine, and thanks to the Kumaras of Venus and others from other places, we have brought in sufficient gold such that every man, woman and child upon the planet will have so much abundance that they will fast get to a place where they won’t need it any more. Imagine. Just imagine. We have talked about the desert blooming. The people will bloom and thrive and prosper.

Gold has healing capabilities as do other precious metals. We have technologies to utilize in the form in which they can help people to heal, in which they can energize the planet, power the planet if you will. And yes, they can be used to create beauty, and just to sparkle and shine. If you want to wear it, if you want to decorate with it, if you want to pave your streets with it, except that there won’t be much left in the way of streets, but rather walking paths. But you can decorate the streets with it anyway. Imagine unlimited gold and other precious items. Your bodies are changing to the crystalline bodies. Does that give you an idea of how precious your bodies are because you prize crystals as well as gold, and they are precious. And many people pay many dollars or gold to possess various crystals and here your body is becoming crystalline.

But there will be no need to weigh you and to say that your value is so much an ounce. Your bodies will be utilizing what you call the monatomic elements in the high-spin state, well let’s just get right down to it, that’s gold and other precious metals in a different state. You will have access to all of this and more. Because the truth of it is, it’s all here. Its like the bank computers behind that curtain that we spoke of. They are all there and they are all ready and it’s a matter of pushing a button and I, St. Germain, have my finger on that button at this moment. Lady Master Nada is leading off with the activities at The Hague. And we ask that you empower these activities in any way that you feel most comfortable doing. Many of you are familiar with the healing of Ho’oponopono – it’s very simple. Many of you are starting to get to your Q-tipping in the Q-tipping way. Q-tipping the Q-tipped areas and you know that you might have a little bit of anger or resentment toward those you call the dark hats or the Illuminati, or their leaving the stage. Long ago Ashtar spoke of the man just at the edge of the stage, back stage, with the hook, to take anyone off the stage that the audience was not appreciating, that is, did not appreciate the actions of the players upon the stage.

Lady Master Nada has that hook, it’s called a shepherd’s hook, but just imagine that it’s big enough to corral all of the players who have insisted upon staying upon the stage, and they are being drawn off gently but firmly. And so as they go, we ask that you give them a final applause, a final burst of love beams, a final gratitude because you are so aware of the differences and the changes that are coming about as a result of the blatant way in which they have acted. The clarity that you have about their actions, to be without judgment but simply to allow them to leave the stage with the grace that you can extend. So take a moment to say, “Thank you. Your darkness has stunned me for life. I give my light to you if you choose to accept it, and I send you off without anger or hatred towards you. You played your par t, and indeed you have over-played your part, but all is well and divine and I stay where I am standing tall, a warrior for freedom, a peace-bringer to the planet, a loving being in full expression and beaming. You go your way, I AM on my path and you have not taken me from it. And I now see the way to Ascension quite clearly, and I thank myself for being here at this time and for being a recipient of the gold and all of the abundance that has been prepared for me during these centuries, these eons of time.” And if you can do that, Beloved Ones, you are living the teachings that I, St Germain, the one you call Jeshua, Sananda, the Buddha and all of the others have brought to Planet Earth. So now get ready, you might wish to give a standing ovation to those who are leaving, and you might wish to leap for joy as the curtain is about to re-open on that which you call the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, Lemuria Living. Thank you, Belov ed Ones, for being with us in this great venture. It is you who have made it possible for the Bank of St. Germain to open in this grand time on Planet Earth.

And so it is. Namaste.

Kuan Yin

Beloved family it is I, Kuan Yin, and I come to add my words to that which has already been spoken. I ask for your Compassion for these ones who are leaving the stage. I ask that you remember that they too came in mission and even though their mission may have been hurtful, painful, and even a terrifying experience for you in many of your lives, you have prevailed, the sun shines bright, and so I simply say, Beloved Ones, forgive and express gratitude for these ones who are so over, done, on Planet Earth. Send them off with Love. They may not want to accept it. They have clung to their programs in defiance of all of the Love Light that you have been generating but you, Beloved Ones, are shining brighter and brighter, and some of them have indeed taken off the hats of the dark and are now shining with the lights of love. Bless them all and if it helps see them as little children even as I see all of you shining pure, I see your inner children and you are all so beautiful, Beloved Ones, and it is such joy to be here with you. We are here now, here on Planet Earth, walking hand in hand with you and joining heart to heart. So let us join together in heartfelt gratitude, love, forgiveness, from our compassionate hearts to reach out and to say farewell to these ones and let us say “hello” to Lady Liberty and Lady Nesara and yes, to the grand opening of the Bank of St. Germain, and to all of the Love and the Peace and the Abundance and the pure Joy that results. Thank you, Beloved Ones, for opening your hearts. We are One Always. And so it is. Namaste.

Many thanks to Deborah Urquhart for these timely notes.

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