Personal Growth and Spiritual Growth Books

Enjoy the journey to your destination....

If you need to know something, get to know something about yourself

“Your inner strength is your outer foundation” Allan Rufus

If you are interested in Personal Growth and Spiritual Growth, and know others who are, then these 2 books will be a great investment in your own Self-Transformation and make great Christmas gifts for someone else’s transformation.

Personal Growth and Spiritual Growth Awareness is fast becoming important in one’s own life, as the outside world becomes more unstable and uncertain.

Your inner worlds stability is a way to help bring balance and control in what is going on in your own life, in your own world. It is something you can change and take control of through the power of your mind.
What is on your mind will reflect outwards in your thoughts, actions and deeds.

Two GREAT TOOL we have at our disposal is AWARENESS and IMAGINATION. We cannot change something if we are not aware.
Once we become aware, we can change our lives by using our imaginations.
In these 2 books, I bring you awareness so you can use your imagination to uplift and inspire your own life. Become your OWN Life-Coach Today.

The Mind’s Use-Fulness Depends On The Thoughts Of The User
A philosophy and photographic coffee table book

Alchemy for Self Transformation - Self Healing - Self Motivation - Self Realisation

“The most important thing in your life is your own be-ing. Without knowing the essence of your being, your heart will always remain empty and dis-satisfied. Without recognition of who you are, without inwardly awakening you stumble like a drunkard through a maze of meaningless limitations.” Quote from The minds use-fullness depends on the thoughts of the user.

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Today…We are going to fly high

Inspire and Uplift your OWN Life with this SIMPLISTIC yet life changing Postive Power and Motivational Book.

“Transform your life by acting differently.”
“Re-write your thinking to change your life
for the better.”

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Self Discovery is something we will all need to do some-time in our life