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2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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The understanding that you have is correctly, the physical elements on earth are changing as this is what supports the ascension within the physical body for each living being upon earth.

The change is also happening within the gravity field around the earth as this is being changed into a more electromagnetic field.

This is required as the physical cell structure is changing into a higher frequency, but in effect is also getting heavier in the physical world.

This is barely noticeable, but requires a change in the field as the gravity that is there now would put too much of a strain on the physical body. The higher frequency is also affecting the gravity field as it means that the electrons within each physical cell are in a way spinning more. This has the effect that gravity becomes less reliable, not in a way that you would be floating off the earth, but in a way that it doesn’t allow for the frequency to be raised to higher levels at one point.

Your scientists have been working on this for a long time as the changes within the physical elements are becoming more clear at this moment and they have noticed the changes within the frequencies of each cell-structure.

For your understanding, when we explained the changes from a physical structure to a spiritual structure. Meaning from cells that have a certain weight within the physical world, into cells that don’t weigh anything within the spiritual world, even more is happening there.

Remember when we explained to you about the change within each chakra to electron, this is mentioned in the book the keys of Enoch as you later found out.

The change within the chakras is very important as this is what allows for an even greater change within the physical cells.

To complete the change within the physical body for full ascension into weightlessness cells a different change is needed than when you are going into the 5th dimension.

This is why the chakras are changed into electrons and this is why we showed you how the physical cells are changing on the inside but not yet on the outside.

The inside of each physical cell is becoming more and more weightless, the outside however has an extra layer around it, like a protection shield made by electrons that are attracted to the cells through the spinning of the chakra/electrons.

Each cell has certain electrons and protons and when they are equal they do not spin. The frequency within each cell does not change.

When the extra layer is built around the cells, the cells will have more electron than protons and start spinning allowing the cells to go into a higher frequency.

The change of the chakra into electron brings in a magnetic resonance actually producing more electrons than protons within the physical body.

The magnetic resonance within each cell attracts these electrons to the outside of each cell, the layer or shell built around each cell starts to contain more and more electrons compared to protons. This shell will keep on attracting more and more electrons until it is full and cannot receive any more electrons. This is the point where the complete cell changes into just a spiritual cell, or light, weightless energy.

This would normally comparable to the change to a sort of inert or noble state in the physical world, but when you add the higher frequencies that are presented through the magnetic field and the spinning, the changes into higher dimensional frequencies, the cells will not be physical as the spinning and frequency within the cells are raising them out of the physical appearance into the non-physical, or energy appearance.

This happens when you reach the frequencies above the 12th dimensional level within each cell.

However within the gravity field around the earth at this moment, you need to reach a point where the spinning of the electron shells have reached the zero point. A balance of the frequency within and the frequency of the electron shell. This is where the alchemical change takes place into non-physical.

This is the process of the physical body and this process is not just supported by the change of chakras into electrons, but also by bringing in the energies that are your so called spiritual bodies into the physical cells.

This is what changes the spinning within the cells, as the spinning outside of the cells is changed by the attraction of more and more electrons into the outside shell or layer of each cell through the chakra/electrons.

This process is the process of cosmic ascension or complete ascension.

For those moving into the 5th dimension the changes are taking place on a physical level into a more silicon/crystalline structure.

The change into a magnetic field around the earth is to support these changes of the physical structures within human and all life upon earth.

The change of chakras into electrons is a change not needed for the 5th dimension, only if one chooses to do so to reach higher frequencies within.

The changes into 5th dimensional cells/frequencies are taking place already and this is an automatic change for everything and everyone upon earth.

The earth herself is changing on the outside into a more crystalline/silicon structure, however on the inside she is changing in a different way.

As you have seen the new magnetic field around the earth, this is her protective shield, her electron shield is just underneath it.

This shield is what is right between you as humans and the earth.

It is like a protective cocoon allowing for her to complete her process without outside interference.

This is the basic alchemical transformation of the physical body as it also involves the changes within DNA within the physical and spiritual structures. Clearing of lower energies out of the physical body and more.

The option to transform the physical body into light, energy, non-physical is one of the options available but requires a personal responsibility as far as bringing in the needed clearings, spiritual energies and more.

As this is a free will world and the path to Cosmic Ascension is a personal step.

The changes from the 3D to 5D are automatically evolving cells at this moment as we are nearing the Cosmic Spine and are the effect of the changing energies of the Sun and the energies of the Cosmic Spine combined.

As you might understand a physical change like that takes place over a long time and cannot be done within a couple of months, this change of the carbon structure into a crystalline based structure has been taking place over thousands of years and the process should be complete as the time comes for the earth to ascend.

The cosmic ascension alchemical change relies upon different changes and can be done at this moment but it is becoming more difficult as we are nearing the cosmic spine and time is running short.

You can however decide to take this path now as it will give you a head start moving into the 5th dimensional reality allowing you to move through the 5th dimensional reality with more ease and allowing you to move through to the path of cosmic ascension and move into higher realities of consciousness with more ease.

The process of cosmic ascension will take more time again, but when you are already in a higher state of consciousness and frequencies it will be easier to move further through the physical state into a non-physical state on the new earth.

The new magnetic field around the earth is being built and will be complete at the time of the ascension of the earth.

This will be the substitute for the 3D gravity grid that is around the earth at this moment.

The crystalline grids have been removed out of the earth and the new crystalline grid around the earth is complete.

The sounds that people are hearing are hoaxes, the only sound that can be heard would be the heartbeat of the earth and the energies that are now starting to flow freely in higher frequencies at this moment as the energy systems within the earth are being cleared and repaired.

This is a sound that will be heard and felt within you, not outside of you.

The new crystalline grid is a pure energy grid, and just that, it is not filled with anything as it is up to you how to structure the new grid.

There is no history, emotion or anything else that can influence you.

You have the choice in how to live upon the new earth.

Some think this grid is based upon certain energies, like love, it is not, as it is up to you to follow through on your reality of the new earth, and the choices are yours as how to use and connect to this new crystalline grid that is the building block for the new earth.

We leave you for now with this information as we will return with more.


Through Petra Margolis

January 22, 2012


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