Throat Chakra “The Sapphire Flame of Projected Truths” Part 5

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Throat Chakra “The Sapphire Flame of Projected Truths” Part 5

Ascended Master Kuthumi

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be
made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not
add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations,
simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be
undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for
your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by
your higher self for your greater good.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to
greet thee at this time, and to bring unto each and every one of thee
the blessing beloved ones, of being able to express the self fully
without hurting or harming anyone, by claiming your truthful ingrained
inner understanding of the power of the spoken word and to use this


A. Greetings

MK. It is with great joy and great pleasure within our hearts that we
gather with you upon this day, as we hold each and every one of you
firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved brothers and sisters of the light, your planet has over the
last fortnight faced tremendous challenges. Challenges that have taken
many of you, and the likes of you on quite a wild goose chase. Not so?

A. General mumbling agreement

MK. The underlying energy here is, however, to come to the truthful
understanding of life. And truth be told as we are gathered here this
day to study and venture further into the teachings of your major
truth centre which is the throat, let truth be known, because of the
variable changes that are active within the earth’s atmosphere, when
it comes to shifting consciousness nothing can ever be set in stone. I
have repeated these words at least a billion times to this group
specifically, not so? When are you ever going to believe me? NOTHING
is set in stone.

Beloved ones, deep within the human heart there is a yearning, a
yearning for the child within to be put at rest and at ease to be in
peace. For inside each and every one of you there is a little child
needing your attention. The child may play-out the act of the insecure
or unsure, or the child may play the act of the erratic, or the brat.
The child may play the ever searching, the doubting Thomas, or the
child may play the neurotic part of the personality type it matters
not. When it comes to the child archetype within there are many facets
and different avenues that actually allows the personality of these
various children to come out and play. The only difference is that the
child within finds it extremely difficult nine times out of ten to be
able to play with the 3D adult, for the 3D adult is in constant search
and yearning for confirmation, for answers, for proof of existence,
existence of the self, existence of the self on a higher level and
existence of all that is, constantly. The mature self, shall we say,
or the human aspect of the self, which is you, finds it extremely
difficult to trust the inner voice within. And therefore, more so
often than not continues questioning everything that the human voice
within presents to the outer, or shall we say, human self.

In between the higher self and what we shall refer to now as the lower
self, in other words the human/personality self, there are various
other aspects of the self that all come in to create part of what is
known as the overall personality self. One of those that run
absolutely amok with your mind is the insecure and unsure child
aspect, and it is the insecure child within that always questions
through the unsure adult, that always searches, that never trusts,
that needs to search. THAT is the questioning child. But there is the
other aspect to the child or the sacred child, and that is the inner
innocent child that always knows of better ways, that steps back and
trusts, that understands that a far greater level of creation is busy
playing itself out here. Yet it is in creating a bond between these
two levels where the human self, or the lower personality self usually
comes to face great conflict. It’s like the tippling scales between a
naughty child and a very sweet child, or you have a very wise
all-knowing child oppose to an insecure brat child.

Because of all of these aspects within the human psyche the need
remains to have reassurance, affirmation, commitment thus always need
the answers and not only the answers, you want to see the videos and
the pictures too, don’t you?

Mumbled agreement

MK. That is the questioning part of the insecure child within.

Beloved ones, understand and know that in times to come, in the years
ahead of you, the years which you have truly planned and opted to be a
part of, a totally different energy is coming to play itself out
within your playground. This is the energy, as we have mentioned
before, of fifth dimensional consciousness. Fifth dimensional
consciousness is a consciousness level that will take you into a brand
new understanding of not only yourself, but every aspect of the self
that always questioned. When we did the initiation of the solar plexus
we introduced you to the various aspects of the self. During the last
transmission in the activation of the heart centre, we brought you
very specifically aware of betrayal and awareness of non believers. We
very specifically brought to your attention and re-aligned it when it
comes to the aspects of judgment, of blame, of victimization and shame.

During this initiation for which we have granted our energy fields to
be present in this way upon this plane and within this space, the
focus is moving from the heart, the high heart to the area of the
throat. Quite a while ago during one of the initiations we’ve shared
with you the power of the spoken word, does anyone recall it?

A. Yes

MK. We explained how the sound of a word travels through empty space,
and how it eats everything in sight, and spits it out, spits it out
either as a word that has meaning and power and is positive, or a word
that is damaging and negative. The aim here today is to bring a great
awareness of the power of the word to you.

In the beginning there was the Word. The Word created all that it
expressed. We keep sharing with you information that in the current
times of your preparation, or training so to speak, to activate and
become alive within your fifth dimensional bodies of light, you need
to take this phrase very seriously, for every word that you utter has
the ability to either create or destroy. That is the exact power
behind the word. Before the Word there was the Thought. The Thought
thus has exactly the same power if not more, for the Thought has to
first think of itself and then again express from itself as the Word.

Great confusion reigns when it comes to Creation and the fact that in
the beginning there was the Word, in this Act, the Word and the
Thought was One. For within the essence of the Most Holy, a thought
and a word is as One. You cannot differentiate the two and, beloved
ones, within each and every one of you, in the very deep aspect that
IS you, lie exactly the same quality if you but realize it. So in
other words as you were created in the image of the One that created
you, so too is the power behind your thought and word great enough to
be as One. Humanity of course finds this extremely difficult to
understand, for they cannot understand how an actual “non-resonic”
vibration like a thought can create so much power that it can shift
atoms, but it can. Therefore they need to express the voice, in other
words they need to hear themselves to be able to find within
themselves some or other way of claiming their power, of being their
own true divine self.

As we have shared with you before all of this is based on the fact
that you do not believe that you are able to create or be the worthy,
or be the great most wonderful person that you truly are, unless you
hear it. When someone takes this very energy and they pen it down on
paper it means even less to you, doesn’t it? Yes. But the moment you
hear it, it changes everything. For humanity needs to hear something
through the power of the expressed word before they are able to
actually take that and integrate it in their truth centre which is the
throat. If not, what happens is, it sends them into having a coughing
fit, not so? When any one is uncomfortable, what is the first thing
they do? (Clears throat) Clear their throat, don’t they?


MK. Very much so, it is because of the obstructions that are here in
this centre. For here in this very centre is where you as a person
begin to claim the outward expression of your own divinity, or
yourself, or your incompetence, or whatever you prove or think
yourself to be. It is quite irrelevant, for whatever you choose to
understand for and of yourself, in other words whatever you have the
courage to accept of yourself, THAT is what happens in the throat. And
therefore very often, more so than not, when an obstruction happens in
the throat, when someone is unable to express themselves, they
inevitably end up with one or the other form or illness or disease
relating to the thyroid. Within the thyroid what happens is it creates
a blockage between the thyroid and the parathyroid. In other words it
won’t allow any of the energy to be transferred from one to the other,
and with that an illness results. As we have mentioned before, illness
not only results because of physical medical conditions but very much
because of a psychological, thus mostly an etheric and so on
condition. Now the thyroid is the part of the self that actually
controls the body’s metabolism, not so? So it very much depends on the
healthy section of the throat chakra as to what your metabolism is
like. Are you able to express yourself, or aren’t you. The question is
do you continuously have to put the self down, have to close up this
centre just for the sake of others, be that your spouse, be that your
career, be that your friends, be that your family, it matters not.
Every time the brain sends a thought trigger down to the throat that
says “Don’t say it”, KNOW that there’s a problem.

Therefore when you are unable to express it creates a huge setback. As
we have shared with you previously it is not so much that you are
unable to express, because you can express anything, but it’s HOW you
express it. In other words, instead of judgment you need to have
discernment. Instead of vocalizing your judgment, you could have
discreet discernment, you could express it in a way that it becomes
non offensive to the other person, or not AS offensive as possible.
For many upon your plane often don’t think before they talk. They
talk, talk, talk and then of course once the other person has received
what they have expressed in vocal form and have laid their claim
against the reaction that they give, that is when the person that did
the expression or the initial communicator realizes what they have
said and as we have shared with you previously, that is when you
actually think to yourself “Now did I really have to say that”. This
is of course when the higher aspect of the self works with the evolved
part within the solar plexus which then comes forward tugging at your
heart strings saying “Now did you truly have to say it like that,
couldn’t you have said that in any other way?” But as humans you enjoy
expressing, and very often expressing without thinking.

Beloved ones, the power of the spoken word cuts like a knife. It has
enough power to cut through any bit of energy contained within any
space, no matter the situation. When you express a word it travels
beyond the space of its immediate auditory field in other words beyond
those that may hear, it traveling as far as the voice can travel even
beyond what you think is possible. For as you express what happens is,
pockets of photonic energy that exists beyond the spaces within the
immediate area where the voice box is able to be heard or to be
active, takes that energy in photonic form and it shifts it in
vibration and in frequency passing it on onto the next section of
space so to speak. This is why you are able to speak or say something
quite loud and it echoes for a number of seconds even minutes before
it eventually returns and boomerangs. And on the same principle as you
give out the word or the spoken energy expressing to another
regardless of what you are saying, the law of cause and effect creates
a reversible action. In other words that is when the laws of cause and
effect takes this energy that is expressed by the voice box, the
larynx, attaches it to photonic energy vibrations which then drifts it
away, carries it until it reaches a etheric type sound barrier which
then bounces it back, and with that the sound returns whether you are
in an echo area or not. And on the same principle, as you speak of
another, so that energy comes back to you. Do you need any more proof
that it’s true? Yes? No? Very good. So we’ve sorted that one out.

For the moment. Laughter.

MK. Thus KNOW As you share and express it returns to you.

Beloved ones, a huge part of the current unfolding process upon this
planet is about recalibrating the truth zones within your energy thus
your mental frequencies or capability or ability for that matter.
Light workers, as we have said, for those of you that may or may not
recall this during the last transmission, would have every one of
their proverbial buttons pressed for eleven days after the
transmission, do you recall that?

A. Mumbled yes.

MK. And?

A. Mumbling

MK. (Sighs) It’s all about learning, beloved ones, it’s all about growing.

It is within the throat centre that you need to now come to the full
acknowledgement of your growth process, for this is where you now need
to use the discernment that’s been planted within the heart. Use the
boundaries that have been activated within the solar plexus by
becoming a lot more aware of what your thoughts are when it comes to
truth, when it comes to will power, when it comes to communication and
very importantly, the choices you make in life.

The choice is ultimately yours. This is the planet of free choice, so
it’s truly up to you, without any judgment and without any expectancy
whatsoever of what your choices in life will be. It is usually here at
this level of the physical body where the world begins to weigh you
down, or alternatively you overcome many of your back problems. Has
anyone ever suffered from back problems and they miraculously
disappeared, instantly? Yes?

No not really…..

MK. This often happens when you start working with the throat. For
the throat chakra also carries the brunt of the shoulders. As it works
with expression, as it works with thought and communication about your
will, about your willpower, about your beliefs, it opens up and with
that transcends lower vibrations of the physical reality when it comes
to the portal of insight within the third eye. The throat centre then
actually creates a connecting portal to the third eye, and when that
activates and opens up, this is when the weight that is on the
shoulders lifts off the physical person, lifts off the reality of the
person which happens as a result of working through the heart, and
with that issues of trust comes to face you next.

The third eye is the part of the self that opens up a world of
possibilities. The heart centre is the part of the self that gives
access to the quality of those possibilities. The throat centre is the
centre that then either expresses in absolute truth, with honesty and
integrity, or alternatively shuts itself off, claiming to know nothing
and from that “non point of view” you may become extremely ill, as the
lower mental continues to poison the rest of the body.

When the throat centre begins to feel poisoned or rotates at a very
slower, opposite or a more dense vibration it immediately starts
affecting the heart, and when the heart is affected, it influences
everything else.

Beloved ones, it is extremely important to be able to express from the
heart. It is extremely important to be able to express from the mind
without the questions, without the contradictions, without the
judgment, the blame, the shame, for these are all lower mental
vibrations, therefore it is extremely important for you to begin to
practice expressing what you believe and what you think and what you
know and what you feel inside of you.

When one doesn’t express or when one over expresses, as I have said,
it causes tremendous harm within the physical reality, yet it also
affects everyone else within that quantum vibrational field – the
field where all of those ears are affected by that which is said, the
field where all of those energies are affected by that which is now
being boomeranged back, for it is one and the same thing. That is why
if you have a problem with hearing, hard of hearing or born deaf, you
are not any different from anyone else. You still have the same
feelings, you still, in actual fact have far greater sensitivity
levels active within your senses because of your inability to hear,
but know that energy affects you just the same no matter if some
senses are malfunctioning. The throat chakra is the chakra that allows
you to begin hearing at a much more intense level. In other words it
is the centre that activates your ability to be able to hear “in
between the lines”, let alone read in between the lines. It is from
this centre that you begin to fine tune the instrument of the voice,
also begin to ‘speak’ and communicate with another on a telepathic
level without using the voice. Therefore over expression and under
expression in this particular area of the body is just the same.

Are you expressing what you believe or are you keeping it for the self.

Beloved ones, by over expressing you create the exact same damage as
you do by not expressing. The difference is by over expressing you
affect all that can hear you physically and those that can’t on an
energetic level and by not expressing what you want to express or what
you believe you should express you are affecting yourself the same as
you would anyone else. It is very important to stand your ground. It
is very important to stand up for yourselves. It is very important to
share what’s on your heart, on your minds, and as we have said
recently, to use great discernment in doing so. In other words, do not
express for the sake of your own ego. Do express simply because you
want to hear the sound of your own voice because you like it.

Express with meaning. After all of the trials and the tribulations
that this physical plane has been through over the last two weeks, if
you could but hear from our point of view what was said, you’d be
quite astounded.

It is the judgment of the human mind that expresses itself in such a
low and uninteresting tone that all it does is creates conflict as the
voice carries with absolutely no grace, no truth and no concern for
anything or anyone. It is the human voice in expression when it
offends the self in judgment that becomes quite blasphemous. Therefore
become aware that no matter what happens in your lives dear ones, know
that the power behind your spoken word is what carries you onto the
next level of manifestation. Therefore, having said this understand
that the more you repeat something be it true or not, negative or
positive the more power you give it. We have explained this in great
detail, explaining the damage it causes on a global level a global
scale when it comes to the little human defending itself, and as we
have shared with you previously, the only time the human wants to
defend itself against all odds is when it needs to have itself heard.
It says notice me; as I have explained previously. So instead of
crying out to be noticed within your own lives, why don’t you as light
workers work together, holding hands and hearts and help raising each
other’s vibration to the next level, and the easiest way to do this is
to tap into your clairaudient ability and begin to filter out a lot of
the noises that you hear out there. In other words, when negativity is
being shared or discussed between people, simply walk away. When there
are questions that are being asked and you know the answers, why wait
for someone else to tell you the answers, yet be aware of always
having to prove the self as right, when you know that in truth and
light, there is no right and wrong. It just IS. Why do you ‘have to’
hear the sound of your own voice expressing against another when your
heart TELLS you not to.

Beloved ones, we have made it very, very clear that it’s time to step
out of your nappies. It’s time to move away from the hot stove in the
kitchen when you KNOW it’s going to burn you. It’s time now for you to
claim a much higher level of power, of integrity and of strength.
Therefore it is extremely important for you to claim yourself from new
levels of courage, thus have the courage to stand up for yourself and
your beliefs without having to express it to another just because of
your own insecurity.

Beloved ones, if you could but see the changing of the guards from our
point of view, if you could but for a moment take your consciousness
away from your planet and view it from a totally different aspect, the
aspect of non judgment, the aspect of integrity, of truth, of love, of
divinity, you will come to see that the only thing that is there, that
faces you at the end of the day, is love. The only time when you
oppose that love is when the unsure self has to convince the insecure
solar plexus that it cannot cope with the communication it’s trying to
have between the aspects of the self, its partner, its work, its
family, its friends (all within the sacral) and then to actually take
this energy trying to convince the basis of your understanding within
the foundations of your life that you are true, that you understand
the truth and that you walk your truth. This is why it is so
difficult for many light workers to actually have a communicating link
with their close friends, family, etc and the reason why is because
the insecure part of the self always needs convincing. So then if that
is true and your family needs convincing of what you believe in, why
do you? You don’t need that. Then if you do, what that means is that
you are at the absolute same level as everyone else, and if you are on
the same level as everyone else on the same level of communication,
then accept that too without judgment, for there is no judgment, it
matters not which level you are at. What matters is on which level are
you claiming yourself. That’s what matters.

The point is not, beloved ones, whether you speak from an open throat
or a closed base centre but to be aware of the power behind the
expression thus have the courage to claim who you are and in so doing
combine courage created within the sacral and courage willed in the
throat to do so, for the action of courage is birthed at the sacral
and it comes into full fruition at the throat. The sacral births the
first bit of courage you’ve ever had, or shall we say, probably had
within your initial years, and at that stage probably the most
courageable thing that you’ve done was to speak to a new friend, not so?

A. Mumbling…yes.

MK. Yes? Do you recall that?

A. Mumbling.

MK. When you were three years old and four years old? What courage did
it take to speak to another? When you went to school, your first day
at school, what courage did it take of you to make friends with
others? Do you recall that?

A. Mumbling…yes.

MK. Do you?

A. Yes

MK. Did it take courage?

A. Yes

MK. Yes. And now you are making friends on a different level aren’t you?

A. Mumbling

MK. Yes. And you cannot be introduced to any more friends unless you
are introduced to the main friend first, which is? Yourself! So the
courage to claim who you are is one of the major openings to the
portal of communication within the throat. Now beloved ones, the
courage to claim who you are, inevitably means that you have the
courage to claim who you are not. Not so?

A. Yes

MK. Yes. Very important. Therefore it is more important to claim for
the self it being unhappy in a certain situation, than it is to
pretend to be happy. This is just so damaging for the psyche at this
level of the throat, for that is what causes one of the huge
obstructions, obstructions that prevent you from communicating the
will of the self to all others. It is at the throat where you are
being confronted with the way you feel about yourself, because truth
is one of the major key activators of this level of awareness. The way
you feel about yourself is inevitably the way you speak about
yourself, not so?

A. Mumbling

MK. Or isn’t it

A. Mumbling…some yes…some no.

MK. Therefore, others make up their perception on what you share. And
it’s not as easy to read somebody’s mind as it is to listen to their
words, not so?

A. Yes.

MK. Therefore, it is very difficult to say to your partner at the
office “You know Jack, I’m terribly sorry that you actually came to
meet this personality type, its not really a true one, you should have
seen the mental one before this one’ – Jack is going to look at you
as though you have completely lost your plot. You need to express. You
cannot expect Jack to read your mind. Jack might not be a light
worker. But because of what you say and express, in other words,
ver-ba-lise, that is how people begin to put you in little boxes, the
thing that you should never do to others. Yes…you get my drift?


MK. Very good. Beloved ones, communication is the most important
energy within the throat. Communication takes place on many different
levels. The human mind only perceives a small part of the truth of
this communication, because of indoctrination, and because of the way
in which you have been brought up. So, in other words, at the level of
the throat, an amazing energy happens, that activates a whole new
level of understanding, and the reason why is because at the throat
you are being prepared for the awakening of the third eye.

As we mentioned in the very beginning of this series, that each chakra
serves as the foundation for the one above it. Do you recall that?

A. Yes

MK. Therefore very much what takes place in the throat is what allows
you to see. Get it?

A. Resounding yes.

MK. Therefore share your truth with yourself, be your truth, live your
truth, understand your truth, claim your truth, and most importantly,
communicate your truth. Not defend for what does defend mean?

A. Mumbling

MK. You’re insecure. You are unsure. There’s no need to be reactive
when you can get creative, I’ve repeated this a hundred times too.
(Laughter) Therefore at the level of the throat the key is to use your
creativity to open up the third eye. As you may or may not know, a lot
of the energies within the chakric system are repeated at various
levels, and here too at the throat. In the very beginning within the
base centre you had your first expression when it comes to will and
power. For there you had to learn through the power or disempowerment
of your tribe, your family, your friends, your colleagues, your
whatever you wish to call them thus all of the people in your lives
that created an energy stamp which is placed within your energy field
and very much supports you to be or not able to become like your
mother or your father and so on and so forth.

You’ve moved through the growth period contained within the solar
plexus, you were introduced to the heart, the balance of the higher
and lower heart and then the sacred heart, now here at the level of
the throat, beloved ones, is where we are asking you to claim and be
your true authentic self. In other words to have the will and the
power yet again to prepare yourself for the way of the truth and the
light, to prepare yourself for that which is to come, for that which
is to come needs you to be in a complete and utter balanced state,
needs you to be within your own self, needs you to be comfortable in
your own skin, needs you to be congruent with your own mental
pictures, the pictures you form within your mind.

Therefore all of these vibrations that we have shared with you over
the last couple of years are energies that now need’s balancing. One
of the ways of doing this is to become extremely aware of what you
say. Although the thought has to be initialized for the word to be
expressed, it is very important to become aware when you open your
mouth that something good and great comes from that expression, that
conversation. And very often it is because of the power contained
within the spoken word that is reflected back to the own inner ear,
where you fall back into the trap of our own addictions. For you talk
yourselves back into your old addictions. You talk yourselves back
into your old thought patterns. Beloved ones, at this level, it is
very important to understand that because of the very close
communication between the sacral and the throat, you need to address
the skeptic inside. You need to address the one that is so skeptical
about everything. You need to address the one that is so superstitious
about everything. You need to address the one that is so suspicious
about everything. So once again you have the artistry level in the
throat which is born from the creative aspect within the sacral, yet
here you come to face the questioning personality again and the reason
is because this is where you are now going to come into your own truth
of do I believe or don’t I. And more so, what do I believe and what
don’t I?

Beloved ones, once you have willed the power of your beliefs into the
throat, you would never need convincing again. And if there is any one
of you here present within this space, or those that may read or come
to hear these words that need convincing of anything, you’ve got a
blocked throat. Hands up…all of you..

A. Laughter…mumbling

MK. Yes…very much…not so?

A. More mumbling

MK. The journey of the evolved human…how humorous.

A. Laughter

MK. Without judgment

A. Oh thank you …more laughter

MK. You are most welcome.

Beloved ones, truth be told, anything’s possible. Why insist on
casting yours in stone? Why insist on carrying that stone in your
heart? Why not embrace the light within and in so doing the light
within will allow you to become much lighter with your words.

One of the major overseeing energies within this centre is Archangel
MichaEL, and Archangel MichaEL is very famous for his?

A. Sword

MK. Yes. His Excalibur sword. Not so? Yes.

A. Mmmm

MK. So therefore when you have a problem in your throat, you must know
who stabbed you.

A. Huge laughter.

MK. Just be thrilled he didn’t cut off your throat.

A. Hoots of laughter.

MK. But then again he does not live in your country, not so?

More laughter and agreement

MK. Beloved ones, Archangel MichaEL is the masterful most powerful
being that works with the Excalibur sword. The Excalibur sword is a
sword that is usually blue in colour, a very deep blue, because of the
immense power that it has, and therefore He is the one that you need
to call upon when you need to find a way of working through your
words, your communication, your willpower, and willpower is an energy
that you have to work at. Most people believe that willpower is an
energy that some people are blessed with and others not, not so?

A. Mumbling.

MK. Not true. Not true. Not true. In the throat, willpower is
something that you need to work at. Therefore what faces you at the
end of the day in a conflicting way between the scales of judgment and
willpower is of course your own ability to overcome your ad –dictions,
not so?

A. Yes

MK. Therefore, in this particular centre, the throat centre, you are
faced with very, very powerful energies. Another one of the powerful
energies, that oversees this centre as the Chohan, is the masterful El
e Morya. El e Morya works with the First Ray, not so? The Ray of Will
and Power. Yes.

A. Yes

MK. The Ray of Will and Power is the first ray that helps you to claim
your authentic self. How does it do that? By cutting the ties to that
which binds you to a lower vibrational energy form. How does it do
that? By using the Excalibur sword.

So therefore, in your meditations connect with this energy for beloved
ones, addictions or an addiction is one of the major, major, major
blockages to this centre, therefore most people or humanity as a whole
don’t have a lot of courage to step through their own limitations
because that is what creates the addiction for them to feel
comfortable in, in not expressing themselves, in not wil-ling their
truth, in not claiming their own power, and in the process they
control the power of their partners, don’t they? They control the
power of their bosses, don’t they? They control everybody else’s
power, because they are afraid to use their own, not so? So here at
this very powerful centre call upon El e Morya and Archangel MichaEL
and ask them to work with you, to help you to cut through these ties
that binds you, that keeps you in such a low vibrational form, for the
way to understand getting through your addictions is for you need to
create new habits. How do you create new habits? By having a new
repeated action, not so?

A. Yes

MK. How do you do that? How do you create a new repeated action? By
doing things or saying things or seeing things differently. Not so?

A. Yes

MK. Yes. Therefore begin at the beginning and that is – pause –
according to you –the Word. Are you with me? Are you with me?


MK. Very good. Therefore understand the power behind affirmations.
Beloved ones, affirmations is a repeated pattern of the voice, the
voice which you are most familiar with, which also once again bring in
the scales. The scales of judgment likes very firmly at this level.
Although judgment between you and another lies firmly in the heart, at
the throat judgment between you and yourself and how kind you are to
yourself is what outweighs this energy. So in other words, how cruel
you are to yourself, how open you are or how kind you are to yourself.
It is these two energies that eventually allow you to go on a magical
journey which opens up the portal into the third eye. And of course
judgment of the self is what never allows the self to believe your own
voice. You need so much of convincing, don’t you? You need to hear
your own voice repeating something at least a hundred times before you
believe it, yet if somebody else had come to you, and said to you, x,
y and z, you will say “Oh wow, how is that! Unbelievable, yet you DO.

A. Laughter

MK. Yes. It’s true.

A. It is true.

MK. Yet you do not believe yourself. Therefore you have to first of
all convince your human mind, the questioning mind, that you actually
speak your truth. Not so?

A. Mumbled agreement

MK. Yes. Once you can do that, beloved ones, you will become an
extremely powerful creator. Therefore, if you would like to begin
creating a whole new life for yourself, why don’t you start recording
your own voices on your cassettes or your discs, and listen to the
power that lies in your own words about your ability to create. Once
you can get through that door, you know what awaits you on the other
side? The artist within you. It is the artist inside of the self at
very, very deep unconscious levels, which brings out the ability for
you to claim our own divineness and magnificence with truth. And once
again the reason for that is because you, the lower personality self,
the earth personality always needs convincing of your ability or
capability. Therefore, have courage, have the courage to claim
yourself as a wonderful person. Have the courage to claim yourself as
the being who you perceive yourself to be. And as you know the old,
old phrase..fake it before you make it..Indeed!

Beloved ones, to get over your addictions you’ve got to believe that
they are done. They are no longer there, and once again by confirming,
or affirming the control that they have over you, is by giving away
your own ability to actually claim your own power within the throat.
Therefore you do not have the will, and if the power is gone and the
will is gone, guaranteed the addictions that are going to stay.

Beloved ones, the aim of clearing the obstructions within the throat
is to prepare you for an advanced platform of light. It is to prepare
you to open your mind, to think out of your boxes, by being authentic.
The authenticness of the human self cannot be fully released whilst
the doubt is still there. Whilst the doubt is still fully in control
of the human self, power is not a possibility. Where there is no power
there certainly will be no will. And as I have mentioned, once the
will goes the other side or the weakness side of the personality takes

So be kind to yourself. Stop being so – pause – judgmental of the
self. Stop judging the self. Stop putting the self down. Stop blaming
the self. Be kind with yourself. It’s very important for you to
understand that to enable the self in moving out of the obstructions
at this level, instead of judging a situation, rather have mercy. How
do you have mercy? By allowing the other to express from their point
of view what they feel the situation is about. Therefore, although it
is very, very difficult for many in various situations, when facing a
situation that is uncomfortable, in a situation where you are
actually being asked to judge, in other words, where your proverbial
buttons are being pressed to express the lower aspects of your
personality type, then instead of being reactive and dramatic, rather
see or try and analyze what a different meaning within that same
situation would be. So instead of seeing yourself, your life and your
current situation as absolutely crushed up in pieces, rather outweigh
that energy by thinking and understanding and expressing the fact that
something good must come out of every possible bad, because that is
the way life works. That is the way it is. So begin this day to change
your words. If you begin to change your words you will begin to change
your deeds. When you change your deeds you will begin to change your
repeated actions, with that your habits, and eventually what you will
be left with is everything but that which you were addicted to, for
you no longer need to rely on whichever addiction to be able to stand
up for yourself, to be in your firm self. You no longer need to
support a mass negative consciousness expression just because of being
insecure and unsure. You can be yourself. You can live in your own
truth, in your own light and therefore you can will yourself to be
active in the power of your own way. And one of the ways of rapidly
releasing yourself of that bondage, is to begin to release the power
that you have on somebody else’s will. And in the same way, allow them
to do the same to you, and if they are unsure, gently point it out to
them, for there is absolutely no need any more for anyone to be
controlled by any one’s will.

Beloved ones, you come onto this planet, you take on a life, you live
here for x number of years, and then you leave. You arrive on your own
from a human perspective, you leave on your own from a human
perspective, then why do you need the constant control over another’s
will to make you feel powerful. Why do you need someone else’s power
to have control over you so that they can will themselves into a
better way? There is absolutely no need for it anymore. Therefore call
upon these two beings that I have made mention of thus far, Archangel
MichaEL and the masterful El e Morya and ask them to assist you to cut
through these blockages within the throat. The other issue that is
firmly located here is issues to do with your work. If you have
reached a stage where you feel bitterly unhappy and you are unable to
cope in your job to the extent that you would rather die than go to
work understand that you are busy evolving through your throat centre.
For in the throat is where you truly come to face the vows to the self.

The energy of making a promise to another and a vow to the self is
what you first faced in the heart, now here at the level of the throat
is where this is truly begin to play out its truths and how does it do
this but to challenge you on every single level, in others words you
are unable to express your quality time which should be your constant
time unless you are creatively happy with what you do. Therefore if
you are an assistant within a grocer store or a boutique it doesn’t
matter as long as you are happy, with a reasonably well spinning
throat center there is no need for you to ever leave and move on, why?
For the portal of insight of what you possibly can be is closed so you
happily spin at a lower rate or unevolved throat thus during this
lifetime it is your choice which is fine for there is absolutely no
judgment against it, yet the moment you open up the portals that
shines the light on your mastery, this is when you begin to feel
terribly unhappy in situations that you cannot cope being within.

The only advice then is for you to begin to visualise using
affirmations, the laws, and with that begin to plan a new situation
for yourself and as always stop projecting your dreams in your future
for that is where they will remain. Project them and claim them in the
now time.

It is at this level where you now begin to separate thoughts, words
and actions that are in support of that which you believe yourself to
be. How do you value the self, how do you judge the self, how do you
feed your addictions and how do create the courage to overcome their
hold. Not only yours but also the addictions that other’s hold over
you with their control over you or you wanting to control them or
happy with their control.

Beloved ones one of the major energies that help you intensely work
through this centre is creativity, being creative is absolutely the
answer to anything and everything. If you have ever wanted to find a
miracle cure for anything its being creative, and here at this level
of the throat is where you begin to pay great attention to the detail
you wish to create within your creation. The reason why so much detail
comes into play here is because this centre serves as the foundational
platform for the insights that is to come, so once you can evolve
through this centre and with that open up the portal to the 3rd eye,
that is when you are then able to claim for the self that which is
yours therefore in your meditations always bring in all of the senses
and with the new energy set the intent for the rest of your
multi-dimensional senses to be activated too if you so wish, for this
which will allow you to reach into super consciousness as you claim
your multidimensionality. This will align you with new power and will
in claiming your divinity and in so doing be able to manifest for the
self all of that which you creatively desire, all is done from the
higher throat communication ability which links you to the 3rd eye

Communicate all to the self, to others, to all. Affirmation as we have
mentioned is an autonomic communication trigger between the various
aspects of the self which is why it is so successful especially if you
can record the sound of your own voice and affirm that. Initially it
might create a bit of a blockage for you to work through for you to be
able to be convinced that you are indeed speaking the truth, your
truth, as you affirm “I am indeed a millionaire”

Beloved ones it is the lower aspect of the self that needs convincing
therefore begin to like the sound of your own voice which we expressed
takes on the sound of the lower chakras, the male in the base, the
female in the sacral, the individual personality aspect within the
solar plexus and then the overall ruling aspect which is expressed
through the heart and between these four aspects you create sound but
the throat is the part of the self that needs to be convinced of the
weight of its beliefs in other words the tone of the voice expression,
thus are you convinced of that which you repeat to the self or not.
The mind, or mental or male aspect within the third eye has to meet
the female aspect within the heart for these two must be congruent
before you are able to express without oppose therefore if you do this
repeatedly it becomes a lot easier for you to convince the self, and
you are the only one that needs convincing for all of us form the
higher realms need no convincing of your capabilities and ability.

Beloved ones it is extremely important for you to lay claim against
your integrity for it is here where the voice gives expression of that
which you believe and in so doing you assign true power unto your will
to change the course of your directions.

If you are not happy where you are at begin to change the way you
think about it, change the way you speak about it and eventually you
will come to face a shift which will miraculously transcend you into
the reality where you wish to be within and it will happen in a flash.
It is to convince the self to have the courage to be different that
matter, the courage to be truthful to the self without harming or
judging another. It is even more so the courage to have the power
active within your will to refuse harm and damage to the self on any
and all levels because of what your ultimate beliefs are about the
self – for the thoughts towards the self, and the feeling thus the
knowing of the self has to come together to allow manifestation
through the throat. That is why it is extremely important for you to
understand the essence and power behind sound, how incredibly healing
sound is, and then colour especially combined, for what this does is
it activates the nerve centres that controls the 3rd eye and throat
centre and the combination of these then awakens an understanding or
acceptance within the heart. Sound and colour, go out and listen to
the sound of nature and be within your own nature, your heart. Then
have the power and the will to confront and face your issues of
addictions with courage and the only way this can be possible is to
love it away for anger only create challenges and challenges thrives
on power, and why give yours freely for no return but the feelings of
disappointment. Don’t allow your obstacles to control you by lashing
back at you through the echoing sound of your own voice within. Rather
beloveds change your expression, change your outlook and do that by
beginning to take note of that which you speak about, thus think
about. Become consciously aware of what you say about and to another
as you become consciously aware of what you think at all times and in
so doing you will notice all that is incongruent will fall away as you
change your ways. The energy within the sacral help bring movement
into the throat because of your courage levels. Stop the judgment, be
kinder to the self and all others.

Beloved ones the throat expression of humanity as a whole at the
moment is very unstable as much noise is all about the planet, noises
flung from politicians, noise creating conflict between various
culture groups all in disagreement due to their own insecurities hence
their strive to control the will of others. It is the silence that
shall eventually deliver to you words that rings true, and know this
is a very deep silence that only one whom are at relative peace with
the self can resonate with, are you truly able to listen to the sound
of the silence within?

On an etheric level this sacred silence is anchored into the throat
centres of the earth through a location you know as Shasta, Mt Shasta.
This area is EXTREMELY powerful thus if you can but attune your
silence to the sound of inner earth specifically, as this send forth
sound triggers that reverberates throughout the earth emanating sound
frequencies of Light and Enlightenment. The sounds that you hear in
nature are the sounds that you should hear in your heart, you should
be able to stand on the noisiest street corner in the centre of one of
your large cities with the most active free flowing traffic and hear
none but your heart. This is when you are able to tap into your
clairaudient ability as you begin to hear the voice within, which is
the voice from the higher aspect of the self as it gently communicates
oppose to fighting for your attention.

Beloved ones, by becoming aware of your expression, your voice and the
power and the will that carries this energy, by making a point to
begin making a difference in your own life and the lives of others,
means taking responsibility for your authenticness, this means
claiming your own creative spirit. By doing this you begin recognizing
your divinity, and with that you open up to the truth of your own
multidimensional personality, and by doing this you begin aligning all
the fragments or light rays that will eventually reveal to you what a
blessing you are to Creation, to the self, your family, your
colleagues, your friends, but above all what a honor it is for you to
as an ambassador of Light come live and be here upon this planet
taking on yet another incarnation, yet this time without control for
the self. By taking this on, wearing this honor, by wearing your
breastplate close to your chest bone, by claiming yourself as a
spirited being, by adorning the self with the most exquisite gems one
need to realize that perhaps it is time for you to mount your horses
and be the peaceful warriors that you are. Perhaps it is time for you
at this particular level of the initiations that we are currently
conducting to come to the truth and the understanding within that the
time has arrived for you to FINALLY claim and communicate your own
authentic truth and in doing so, LET GO OF THE JUDGMENT, finally.

Beloved ones judgment is active within all of your seals of
consciousness or chakras, but by overcoming with discernment and being
kinder, what happens is you pave the way for various new choices,
which wouldn’t have been a possibility otherwise, as the lower energy
of judgment prevents the self from believing in miracles.

So herewith the key lies in the TRUST that ANTYHING is possible and in
reality its probable outcome depends on how much YOU love it, please
straighten your spines.

Very long pause.

Beloved ones, once again become comfortable in your breathing with a
small pause between the in and exhalation as you set the full intent
to breathe new life into your throat with every inhale and with every
exhale to let go of that which has blocked the energy of the throat.
Pause. Thus with every inbreath expand your lungs and draw into your
conscious reality all of that which you wish to create, draw this into
your lungs, (many started coughing) and as you exhale I want you to
bless this unto your neighbor, thus all of that which you wish for the
self as you draw into your life every possibility of being able to
create for the self all of that which you desire, and then release
this same power unto them by willing them to control their own will
and with that bless them so that they are able to create in their
lives just as you are able to create in yours. Very long pause.

I want you to imagine that you are within the most beautiful
cathedral, the roof or ceiling is a massive dome, extremely high as
you are sitting very quietly and humbly on your knees with your feet
tucked in underneath your bottom simply resting in the very centre of
this cathedral. Pause

I now want you to visualize that a magnificent bright blue light is
being beamed down from centre of the dome shining through all of your
energy centers. This light is about 20cm in diameter beaming down
through the crown out the base into the earth. Long pause.

I now want you to imagine coming towards you from the other end of the
cathedral are two Masterful Beings, facing them you have Archangel
Michael on your right side and on the left side you have the masterful
El’Morya. Once they reached you, they stretch out their hands reaching
for yours as they indicate for you to stand up, stand tall and simply
feel the power emanating from this luminescent blue ray that anchors
you. Pause. They let go of your hands as they step back simply
watching you with love, as you allow this powerful Blue Light to bathe
you with the energy of will and power, powerfully illuminating your
crown shining all the way down through the rest of your chakras into
the earth. Pause.

Now again visualize how this energy is being reflected from the inner
earth back into your base, up through your crown out into the heavens
above reinforcing this powerful blue energy. Pause.

They now indicate for you to turn around so that all 3 of you are
facing in the same direction and with that they manifest out of the
Ethers the most elaborate chair you have seen indicating for you to
sit down with them standing behind you, with the three of you facing
the same direction you have the masterful El Morya on the right hand
side behind you and beloved Archangel Michael on the left hind side
behind you. Pause.

Now from ahead of you thus the opposite side to where the two Masters
entered a beautiful most beautiful Lady enters and makes her way
towards you, she wears a most magnificent pale peach colored dress
with a overhanging robe and cape all in one soft ivory in colour,
draped to the floor which is girdled at the waist with a gold cord.

She comes to stand right in front of you connecting with the two
powerful beings behind you. Pause. She now takes both your hands into
hers, feel the softness of her skin, the gentleness of her energy and
with that a communication link activates between her throat centre and
yours as she beams from her throat into yours a magnificent sapphire
energy which will eventually fully support you to live within your
sapphire flame. She beams towards your throat all that is needed for
you to be within your own honor, to claim your own truth, to be active
within your will and therefore to claim the power that you own over
your will and therefore to have the courage to claim the choices you
have made in your life to create changes, to manifest shifts and to
bring a new awareness into the level of your throat. Pause.

Beloved ones, whilst this energy is being transferred from her throat
to yours she looks intently with depth into your eyes, and this Elohim
of Purity, Lady Purity that oversees your evolution into purity within
your base centre gives unto you a gift by transferring the energy of
purity from her being activating new levels of purity within yours.
The activation of the purity flame within your base in conjunction
with this blessing will awaken within you the truth and the reality
and the absolute possibility of living within your own truth. Pause.
This will also support you in claiming full understanding of what it
means to be within your own authentic self. Long pause.

Once the activation is done she releases the contact between your
eyes, her energy field subsides, she gently rubs your fingers with
your hands still within hers as she gently leans forward kissing you
lightly on the 3rd eye. She steps back, smiling, and without saying a
word she communicates for you that it is time for you to claim
yourself in your full authenticness and with that she makes her way
and at the same time two beings appear on either side of the outer
entrance, one on the far right and far left making their way towards
you. Pause.

Beloved ones these two beings are the representations of your father
and mother, representing your biological parents, your peers or anyone
that you feel that carries a parental image for you that have guided
you along this journey. Pause.

Kuthumi briefly recap up to this point. Long pause.

Your parents now join hands with the two masters as well as taking
each other’s hands with you sitting in the midst of this energy. This
energy link facilitates for you a further boost in being able to fully
communicate your truth. Pause. This facilitates cutting of the ties
that have kept you from communicating your truth and so facing your
parents with the Masters behind you I now want you to visualise a
magnificent Sapphire Blue Flame being activated within the core of
your throat, make sure you have your eyes open within your mind’s eye,
as your parents release their hands form the Masters and with that
they emanate from their palm chakras towards your throat a blessing
beloved one to grow stronger within your own power in each new day.
Your parents reflect to you with power the ability that you have in
changing your will, in creating new levels within your will. Pause.
They reflect towards your throat all that is needed for you to finally
let go of old outdated belief-systems and outdated old thought
paradigms. As their energy flow increases so does the flame within
your throat burn brighter and brighter in others words the Sapphire
reflection becomes clearer and clearer as your parents continue
radiating a powerful energy towards your throat that allow you to
understand that at the end of the day it is up to you to claim your
truth as authentically yours, it is you who claim yourself to be an
individual that expresses your creativity with courage through the
choices that you make in your life, and this truth awakens within the
real-i-sation that as you are a individual being so too do you allow
others to lay claim to their authenticness and with that you are
finally ready to let go of the judgment of the self by showing the
self mercy, compassion, by bringing understanding into your life, by
changing the blame within the foundations of your life. Very long pause.

Now is the time for you to make your own mind up, to have your own
choices, make your own decisions about your own beliefs, about your
integrity, your honor code, about your beliefs oppose to blasphemy. Pause.

With that accept these gifts in this way from these two powerful
angelic beings and your parents for their combined efforts activated
the sapphire flame within the throat which supports you in trusting
your truth without judging all other and probable truths, so that you
can work flexibly with your personality type, and instead of creating
limitations by judging others to rather go within beloved ones, and
with that accept this gift with grace and honor from the two beings
that created the possibility of the truthfulness that is you. Pause.

Allow the Sapphire Flame to burn brightly for you, illuminating the
way of understanding the self at a new level of thought and in so
doing to open up the communication portals to your 3rd eye’s
activation. Pause.

Once the activation is done, the energy begins to subside from the
palm chakras of your parents until eventually it comes to a complete
end. Pause. They both step forward hugging you in a warm embrace.
Pause. Now you take their hands, and I want you to communicate to them
beloved ones how grateful you are towards them for all they may or may
not have done for you. Give unto them the blessings that you desire,
forgive them for the ‘wrong’ choices they have made within their lives
and how that affected yours. Forgive them for all that they were or
are a part of that ‘willed your power away’. Very Long Pause.

Now thank your parents for stepping forward creating a lifetime for
you to lean into. Pause.

Release them allowing them to disappear from your energy field whilst
all you can feel is simply the most powerful rays of love between the
3 of you, and with that Archangel Michael and Lord El Morya come to
stand in front of you. Archangel Michael places his right hand over
your high heart area in the front (your sacred heart) and places his
left hand on the opposite side on your back at the dorsal external
sacred heart portal. Pause. El Morya comes to stand on the other side
placing his left hand on the front of your throat centre and his right
hand on the back of your throat centre. Long pause.

Now allow this powerful flame with the increase of this energy
activation to burn brighter and stronger allowing your sapphire flame
to increase its will. Pause.

They now release their energies from your heart and throat as they
come to stand one in front of you and the other behind you it matters
not who is where it’s up to you. Pause. These two Masters now raise
their palm chakras as they beam towards your throat a very powerful
energy that ignites another Sapphire flame within the original that is
a lighter shade of sapphire. Pause. So you have a lighter sapphire
flame burning within the darker sapphire flame in the throat, you have
the golden flame burning above the heart within the sacred heart, you
have the pink flame within the heart, the ruby gold flame within the
solar plexus with the downward pointed triangle energy within the
solar plexus created by the 3 golden sphere’s with the bottom sphere
encapsulated by the silver sphere, you have the violet flame within
the sacral centre, you have another golden flame within the sun
chakra, you have the white flame of purity within the base with the
golden and silver sphere on either side activating the divine
masculine/feminine balance within the base. Pause.

Archangel Michael and El Morya now come to stand facing you and one at
a time they step forward embracing you and as they do so give your
thanks to them for lending their energy and support to the activation
of your double-sapphire flame within the throat. Long pause.

El Morya, is a very powerful being that will help you work though all
of that which is needed for you to claim your power, to will your way
into your truth as he works specifically with the 1st ray the ray of
will and power as mentioned. Archangel Michael, the powerful Michael,
blesses unto each and every one of you a direct connection with his
Excalibur sword of Truth so that at any and all times when every you
feel the need to have your own truth powerfully willed in a way of
open and descent honest communication beloved ones, to call upon him,
and with that request him to cut from your energy field all of the
lower attachments that still tries to drag you down when it comes to
your beliefs, when it comes to your deserve ability, when it comes to
trusting, when it comes responsibility, when it comes to understanding
the self, and with that bless you with the knowing that all of this
can only manifest when you lay full claim to your response ability for
the self. Pause

They now make their way from your energy field and as they do so you
once again become aware of the beautiful dome above you with the most
exquisite blue ray being reflected down and through you from its
centre surrounded by this beautiful cathedral, become aware that the
whole cathedral becomes brighter and lighter with the core ray beamed
down towards you also becoming lighter, and as the surrounding area
become brighter, the ray becomes paler, until eventually the ray
beamed from the dome becomes a pure white Light with brightness all
around. Pause. Now allow the core white light ray to grow in seize as
it increases in diameter becoming wider and wider until eventually it
enfolds you complete and with that again allow the light to become
even brighter and as this grows expanding light by kilometers, 10’s,
100’s, 1000’s of kilometers away from you and now bring your
consciousness back into this room, bring your awareness back to the
double sapphire flame within your throat, the pale within the core of
the darker sapphire flame, slowly connect with this time, as you bring
back life into your limbs, slowly beginning to rotate your ankles,
wrists, neck, flex your hands and feet, and gently yet fully ground
yourself back into this time, and space, and body. Very long pause.

Beloveds with that recognize the light in you, truthfully claim
yourself as an authentic being and as the blood within your body
begins to speed up again we ask you open your eyes fully and be back
in the present, yet within the quietness of your awaking being,
reflect back to this activation and give thanks to all that supports
you to powerfully will your way back by you making the correct
choices, by understanding the only difference at the end of the day
between unsatisfying choices is a conflicting mind. Very long pause.

Now stretch out, push your arms into the air above you, stretch out
and open up your throat, beloved ones have the courage to reach out
for your truth, to live out your honor, and have the courage to begin
seeing the choices within your lives simply for what they truthfully
are, another magnificent experience.

Are there any questions we may assist with this afternoon?


Beloved ones, truthfully and honestly understand that it is time for
you now to claim your own worth, by claiming your own worth you most
certainly lay claim to your own power. By claiming your own power you
add value to your own will, by adding value to your own will you erase
judgment from your choices. By removing judgment from your choices you
open yourself up to new experiences with great courage, which is the
way life is intended for you. To live each day with great courage, is
to share and experience things in a wonderful way. Instead of judging
the self, be kind to the self. Instead of judging another, be kind to
each other.

Beloved ones, the journey of quantum consciousness or the alchemy of
consciousness, is a journey towards understanding the self at every
possible level. Truth be told that in itself is quite a hefty
experience, as you say a tall order. You as light workers did not opt
to come and be on this planet this time around to live life in the way
that others intended for you, you have come this time around to
truthfully be able to express yourself by communicating your will,
truth, power without laying claim to another’s, therefore understand
that although in life many a times one may face disappointments and
disillusionments, at the end of the day one of the reasons for this
inevitably is a better outcome that lies ahead. We cannot reiterate
enough for you to stop playing your games of wrong and right, of good
and bad, of black and white, of day and night, but instead playfully
embrace the game of ‘is-ness’.

By birthing the beauty aspect within (heart) one begins to see things
and feel things in a different light. So instead of finding fault with
how ugly things may be rather praise the one that created it, be it by
design, thought or communication. Judgment is a most harsh energy and
instead of judging another for the sake of the self, rather create a
way for the self to live your life in peace and happiness and joy and
in so doing be responsible in creating the same energy for others.

The alchemy of consciousness is about being aware, it’s about creating
awareness within. It is impossible to create awareness within unless
you can begin to understand the self the way it is intended. By
understanding the self beloved ones, you need to pay close attention
to the laws of geometry for everything in life is about geometry for
you need to come to the understanding that you need to make peace with
all of the aspects of the self for you to be able to rise up from the
clutches of that which control you and to do so by having the courage
to acknowledge your choices as perfect without judgment, blame or denial.

In light of the energy of truth, in light of the energy of
understanding, in light of the energy of trusting the process of life,
in light of growing in its flow, embrace all of the Light and
blessings that are bestowed upon you from the realms of Light and
love, and know that by activating the inner aspects of the evolved
throat, the time has now finally arise for you to accept your own
divineness. I am Kuthumi, I am the Lord and the Master of the Golden
Rays of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless thee in love, Adonai.

Loadsa Love
Chanel Lingenfelder



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