The 3rd Eye Chakra “ The Emerald Flame of Inner Sight” Part 6

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The 3rd Eye Chakra “ The Emerald Flame of Inner Sight” Part 6

Ascended Master Kuthumi
Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder
Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be
made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not
add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations,
simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be
undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for
your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by
your higher self for your greater good.

I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to
greet thee at this time, and to gift unto thee a magnificent blessing,
beloved ones, of love and unity, of trust and openness, and of being
able to take care of the self, and in so doing to be a pillar of
strength for all of those within your lives and within your ways. I
give unto thee a blessing, dear ones, a blessing of being able to
transcend the limitedness of your minds, and with that, to find peace
in that for which you yearn and constantly search for, for it is
already done.

K. Greetings beloved ones
A. Greetings Lord Kuthumi,
K. It is with great joy and great pleasure within our hearts that we
gather with you upon this day, as we hold each of you here firmly
within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved
ones, beloved beautiful brothers and sisters of delight, you are
indeed quite a delight, I’m sure you are aware of that. Perhaps at
times you need someone else to bring this awareness to you and at
other times we hope you observe this, especially those times when you
pass your proverbial mirrors along the way of your wonderful corridors
of search and find in the games that you play, that you might pause
for just one little moment in time and recognize the beauty in your eyes.

We also hope, and hope beloved ones, as you know, is an energy that
brings eternal grace, for hope is a sign that there is still something
to hang on to, something for you to yearn and live for. We hope that
when you are indeed in transit in those wonderful corridors of your
time and space, traveling between the distances of your reality, that
you take a small break, have a minute pause within the presence of
your time, and with that glance upon another and give unto them too,
that immaculate smile.

Dear ones, today is indeed a day of celebration and joy. The
activation of what you refer to as your third eye, or your brow
centre, or in actual fact the Ajna centre, is a celebration of seeing
beyond that which you choose to, or perhaps seeing beyond that which
you perhaps prefer to not see, or be, within the limited boundaries of
your visual minds.

Beloved ones, it is indeed a very important activation, and it is
indeed a wonderful celebration to be able to reach this stage of the
journey of the evolving soul. To be able to squeeze yourself through
the truth in the throat and to have the power in your will and once
the throat is activated to come and stand in your own greatness within
the corridors of your time. And today we ask you, in actual fact, we
do not ask you, we urge you, to take charge of yourself and to smile
at each other. Will you do that please?

A. Mumblings
MK. Will you smile at each other? Lighten up!
A. Much laughter
MK. Lighten up. That is what you are here for, not so? To lighten up!
A. Mumblings and much laughter
MK. Yes! The world is not going to end…at least not right now!
MK. Beloved ones, the third eye is about light. It is about vision. It
is about that which you so yearn for. Every single thing that you have
ever desired, every single thing that you have ever thought of or have
dreamt of experiencing, all of that are located within this centre,
for here, as you know within many of your scriptures, is the time when
the two eyes become one, and once you take away the illusion of two
eyes having to give you a third, which is a third dimensional
perception of the holographic picture that you project into it, then
you’ll be able to see with much ease. For then you will be able to
separate yourself from the illusions that keep you trapped within your
own mind which is fear based visions, fantasies and dreams.

Beloved ones, even though the solar plexus is perhaps the most
commonly known of the chakric points on the body when it comes to the
general consensus of humanity out there, the third eye is the most
active part of all of the chakras, all of the time. The reason being
it is the one focal point out of the entire existence of energy, of
lattices, of grids and of points of creation where you cannot detach
from. It is where your mind works from. It is where your mind was
working from. It is where your mind is going to work from. It is the
most challenging centre in the sense that this is the particular part
of this journey where you are asked, each and every one of you here
and those that may read or come to hear these words, that now the
times has arrived for you to actually let go of your illusions.

Illusions dear ones, because for the most part you are your own worst
enemy. More so often than not when energy is shifting, or energy
arises that doesn’t feel incredibly comfortable, what happens is you
feel out of place yet you have created most of it. At present dear
ones, as the earth is facing tremendous challenges and changes, so are
you, each and every one of you. The challenges that you are facing at
the moment, are here because you requested them. The reason for you to
come to the understanding that how are you able to truly step into the
power of your divinity if you still hang onto your shortcomings? How
can you move on, and believe me, move on you will let us be sure of
that, how can you move on and take yourself into a completely new
dimension where there is no time, space, distance, where there is no
limitation in thought, in process, in being and doing. How can you
then remove these jackets that have absolutely kept you entrapped,
that have kept you tied up that have kept you limiting yourself to the
extent that you are unable to believe in your own ability? For all of
this has to shift, it has to move on for you to be able to step into
your complete brightness, and with that come to see how bright you
truly are. This is absolutely and utterly amazing. This is the energy
that we are absolutely in awe of every time we but merely think of
you, or glance at you, for you as humans are just so beautiful.

You are so bright, beloved ones, you have an essence of star quality
within you that sparkles with the most exquisite, almost indescribable
colour. You give off the most intense vibrations of light. When you
see each other passing in your corridors of time, what you do is you
observe others one person to the next, what that person may think of,
or perhaps you observe the interaction between you and them when it
comes to a personal relationship, be that a work relationship, be that
as a colleague or a distant friend or a family member perhaps, but we
from the realms on the other side of the veil that you created, we
view you as bright sparkling lights. We view you as glittering colored
diamonds offset on the most blackest of skies, for in our worlds the
expression of a black sky is purely an expression of depth, because
light is never ending and ever present therefore there is no darkness.
There cannot be. There is only darkness in the eye that beholds it.
Usually when two eyes cross and they are unable to create the focal
point that the third one crosses through, you are unable to reflect
from that point the true vision of what you truly want to or must see.
Therefore what happens is due to the duality of the vision it creates
a triangular energy, thus from the vision of the one eye and the
vision of the other eye, it creates the two sides of your pyramid of
light that instead of opening up the third eye, the two sides of this
pyramid energy reflects back onto each other the vision that you so
desire to see. And therefore you often are the one that closes
yourself off completely, for you are often not ready to see. You are
often not able or not capable to see because of your own limitations
dear ones, which you have placed upon yourselves, and because of the
heavy scales that you carry, because of the heavy buckets of
consciousness that you constantly have to weigh up on your shoulders,
because of that which you dream of and that which is expected of you,
you very often find that the burden and the load becomes too
challenging to balance.

What happens then is all that you are experiencing is this incredible
weight on your shoulders. What happens physically is, it pushes the
body forward, it distorts the posture of the upper part of the body
and because it does that dear ones, what happens automatically, can
you see the direction of my third eye? (Kuthumi shows all)

MK. It’s pointing down, not so? Therefore those that carry the world
upon their shoulders are very often unable to lift themselves up and
to see for themselves ahead of themselves that which they are prepared
to allow themselves to see.

So the question then is what is there that you do not allow yourself
to see. On the other end of the scale… there always has to be
another side to the story, not so? What happens is you are asked a
question dear one, and that is, most beings…well, when we say most
beings, we are generalizing, but many beings upon your planet
absolutely proclaim to have a closed third eye, not so? You cannot see
anything not so?

Yet if you cannot see anything, how would you have known what to do
when you were driving down the road and decided for some strange
reason to slow down so that you are able to catch the traffic light in
red to avoid an accident one block further down the road. Yes?

A. Mumbled yes
MK. Why would you have taken a different journey if perhaps there was
a great obstruction or a backlog in traffic? All of these energies
which you refer to as telepathy, which you refer to as mental waves or
intuition, all of this, beloved ones, is programmed into the body
through the third eye. The third eye as I have said, being the most
active part of your energy: once you’ve grown up and you are able to
take yourself into the next level of your adolescence called adulthood
if you are able to go there, you come to a time in your life where you
actually have to make peace with your third eye. One of the reasons
why a lot of the teachings of the third eye was taken away from many
of the mystery schools of light and enlightenment and many of the
practices even dating back way beyond Lemurian Atlantis, beloved ones,
is because of the immense power that it gives onto you, not just unto
you as a person per se, but absolutely unto everyone. This is once you
are able to lean into and step into this energy and able to embrace
this energy, as I said earlier without the pressure from the other
side of the scale representing the questioning mind.

What will it take for you to truly believe that you have extra vision,
that you are blessed with extra senses? More so often than not this
disbelief is due to skepticism, because of superstition, due to your
fear factors located in the throat you are unable to step through this
level and in so doing unable to take on with pride the next. Beloved
ones while you are looking at the world around you through both your
eyes you are never going to be able to tap into that which you so
desire. It is often shared in practical teachings and methods that you
need to take your eyes out of focus to be able to perceive the rest of
the vision beyond that. Not so?

A. Mumbled yes
MK. Very much. This is the beginning, yet perceive what is actively
going on within your third eye centre without having to open your
eyes. I want you all to close your eyes…if you will.

(All closes their eyes)
I want you to imagine in the very centre of this room a most
magnificent flower. It is a daisy and it is white. Now how many of you
picked up those words before I uttered it? Sure there were quite a
few. Go on…

A. Mumbles and yes
MK. Yes…anyone else? How many of you saw the flower…before you knew it
was a daisy, and then saw the white before you knew the
colour?…Because you did.

(Many confirm)
Beloved ones I want you now to stare at his flower, now that you all
have this image. With your eyes closed, remember there is absolutely
no stress on you and incidentally if you feel uncomfortable doing this
exercise you may sit back and keep your eyes open. No stress, no
judgment. Visualise in this room in the very centre where you have
this wonderful collection of art, and crystal beings, visualise a
magnificent pure white daisy. Now I want you to see how the petals of
this daisy being plucked off, one at a time, mysteriously by the wind.
Can you see that?

A. Mumbling yes
MK. Can you go around the daisy and in a clockwise direction, remove
the petals one at a time and let it fly into the wind…yes?

A. Mumbling
MK. Can you follow that? What are we left with?
A. The centre
MK. Correct, and anyone else? What are we left with?
A. A yellow crown
MK. What do you see in that? Seeds. And what do those seeds do? Go
deeper into that seed. We’ve picked the flower, we’ve let the petals
go, we now left with the inner yellow, and we have the seeds beyond
that. What do the seeds do?

A. Germinate
MK. Can I tell you what it does? It does what each one of you saw
within your minds; another plant growing, didn’t you?

A. Mumbling…some yeses’
MK. Did you?
A. Yeses’ and no
MK. Yes?
A. Yes
MK. Anyone that didn’t?
A. No I didn’t
MK. You didn’t.
A. No
MK. Well sister, then relax into that.
Some of you saw the process. You may open your eyes again thank you
very much. You see the process of activating the third eye is to
extend your vision beyond that of the limited mind. In other words, to
be able to allow your mind to go, to flow and with that to allow the
natural flow of life thus energy guide you and with that dictate for
you the journey ahead. For you know that as the petals fly away, you
are left with the inner core, most often than not it is yellow in
colour, if not it begins to fade in to light mustard. You know that
when you go beyond that there is a seed and what happens in the third
eye which is all activated by the right side of the brain, is to go
beyond that and see these daisies growing up in a magnificent bush
again, and many of you saw that didn’t you? Yes. That is an activated
third eye. Beloved ones, a lot of frustration goes with this centre in
general because of humanity’s inability to let go and to actually
thrust beyond the borders that create the limitations, in other words
the left hand side of the brain that prevents the right hand side of
the brain to actually go ahead. The secret in creating great success
with anything in your lives is to absolutely keep your eyes focused on
the goal, and when your eyes are in focus of the goal all you see is
the end result. The methods of reaching that goal as you well know,
become quite unimportant, or irrelevant, for seeing the end result is
what gives to you the ability to manifest that goal, thus claim it.
So if you take this and we relate it back to the example that I have
used with the flower and then the seed, it actually stimulates the
mind to perceive levels where it can actually begin to recognize a
whole new creation being formed right in front of your very eyes, even
though you know that it’s not true. That is how every single one of
the mega business people in your world have done it, dreamt it and
created it. You know what is the one prerequisite beloved ones for
unstoppable success? Anybody wants to share it?

A. Imagination
MK. Having nothing to lose.
A. Mumbles
MK. Once you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain and
very often, more so than not, when you look at the lives of many of
your business people of whom you term the super rich, these beings
when it comes to manifesting in their lives have had nothing to lose,
and with that everything to gain. So therefore one of the most amazing
and easiest techniques for you to begin to adapt in your lives, is to
visualise that which you desire, knowing you’ve got nothing to lose.
How amazing would that be?

A. Mumbling
MK. And isn’t that a truth and a reality in itself?
A. Mumbles
MK. Yes
A. Mumbles
MK. Yes, of course it is. But the limited aspect of the human mind,
dear ones, continuously tugs at your hem, urging you to play it safe,
to be safe and to create some sort of a secure boundary for yourself,
just in case. Just in case what? Just in case you create your own
disaster? Yes? Not so?

A. Mumbles
MK. Yes. Very true.
Manifestation and the third eye goes hand in hand. Beloved ones, the
proper name, or should we say the preferred way of addressing this
centre is as the Ajna which means command. The Ajna commands that
which you desire, but not only that which you desire, dear ones; often
that which you don’t desire because the law of attraction within this
centre is always in action.

The third eye or the visual centre, the brow centre, your command
centre, this is the part of the self that always keeps track of where
the self wants to be. It may not always keep track of the self in the
present moment as that is the unconstructive side of this energy. It
very easily and very quickly sweeps you out of the present now and
puts you into an absolute useless past or a probable future. When it
comes to this centre of the body, what happens is, the body or you as
a being, as a human have had tremendous growth and excitement in your
lives from the day you were born, until your present day in time, and
through these growth stages, or as we also refer to them as seals of
consciousness that you evolve through, or those of you who study
various other denominations, through these maps of your life, you get
to discover and learn certain things which always and truly should be
about the self as you go along, thus if there is anything that you can
have, well let’s be realistic about this, let us be completely honest
shall we? What shall it be?

Most things you can handle at most levels. Yes, perhaps you might
close the door on three quarters of it while we speak to you, but most
times you are prepared to venture into just about every aspect of
yourself to a certain degree. When we introduce you to the levels
within the base or the foundational energies of your life, and we
introduced you to the challenges that happen there, you thought yes
sure you can overcome that, you can move on. We introduced you to the
foundations and how the emotional foundations in your life actually
determines where your mind starts traveling to, and you thought yes,
perhaps we can have a look at that, and we can work through that. Then
we introduced you to the scales within the solar plexus, and you
looked at the various aspects of yourself to understand that you now
finally have a choice and you can claim yourself as an individual or
centered being, and you said sure, let us look at that. Let us
understand what is happening there. Then we introduced you to the
heart, we introduced you to the lower aspect of the heart, the higher
aspect of the heart and indeed, you looked at both those aspects with
the thought that, yes sure let’s surely discuss this, this time going
a little slower. And then we introduced you recently to all of the
work that needs to be done at the level of the throat and you nearly
ran away didn’t you?

A. Laughter
MK. Yes. And here you are speechless at the third eye.
A. True
MK. True. Beloved ones, the proverbial expression that spirituality is
not for the faint hearted definitely becomes of true meaning here at
the level of the third eye. For this is where you come to face great
choices in your life. You have been through the preparation of your
belief systems…yes. You’ve been through the preparation and the
understanding of the things that you need to experience, and why, you
even got the concept that perhaps all negativity is not just bad, that
perhaps black is good. And now here, this is the part of the body, as
they always say, that hits you right between the eyes.

A. Much laughter
MK. Not off centered but right between the eyes. Because this is the
part of the self that tugs onto the memory of the self, and it
says…So, where are we going? What are the choices that you have made?
Not the choices that you were going to make or that you were thinking
of making. No beloved ones, those choices you faced at the sacral.
Those choices you matured into at the throat. Here it is all about
what those choices are. What is the outcome? For this is the part of
your life where the journey of spirituality comes alive, and if not
then religion definitely will rule your life. This is the make or
break choice. This is the opening or the closing of the crossroads.
Have you ever heard of this?

A. Mumbled yes
The opening or the closing of your crossroads, right between the eyes.

Mumbled yeses’
MK. Absolutely. Beloved ones, the third eye centre is where you are
asked as a being to begin putting an end to all conflict in your
lives, and as I speak these words as Kuthumi, I can hear your minds
very busily clattering (whispers) but what is going on?

I will tell you what is going on. At present, beloved ones, many
people upon your planet are facing huge, huge levels of conflict. You
are facing a lot of inner turmoil. You are facing a lot of drama
within your lives, aren’t you? Yes?

A. Exactly…mumbling
MK. Absolutely, and as we expressed with you earlier this is all part
and parcel in preparing you to step into a new light and to be able to
carry this new light of consciousness with absolute pure thought. So
what you are going through at this present time is very much a
clearing of the energy that actually created a lot of density around
the levels of your third eye. For the third eye is the part of the
self that knows the truth, therefore if your third eye is active then
you are open to suggestions. When your third eye begins to spin at a
very healthy and active octave and vibration, that is when you are
able to look at life differently without having to have all of the
rules that others have put in place being enforced upon your energy
field, or shoved down your throat, so to speak.

When the opening of the third eye is activated what it actually does,
is it gives you a sense of freedom to be authentically who you have
strived to become, who you’ve always wanted to be. And it is here at
this level where you loose your inhibitions, for this is where the
truth inside of you, that has been put together by the process in the
heart, that have been balanced by the challenges in the throat,
actually takes this energy and pushes it into the third eye, because
from here onwards there is a united energy that will demand of you to
be in your command.

Beloved ones, in time to come there will form a connecting energy that
will link the vibrations of the third eye and crown centres of the
earth body’s chakras. That, as we have expressed previously, will not
be the case with everyone, but rather according to the way you have
journeyed, how you have grown as a being, in other words simply put in
a language for you to understand, the more work that you do with the
self taking in consideration your circumstances and life plan, is what
determines this outcome in general. Because of the act and power of
love there is a unity consciousness forming. There is a unity
consciousness forming above the throat, and that unity consciousness
is what carries the fifth dimensional stamp for you. For the fifth
dimension, the dimension of unlimited potential, which you are already
actively within and will be fully actively a part of in time to come,
demands that if you are able to see certain aspects of yourself, then
so too must you know those aspects of yourself. In the crown you’ve
got the energy of divine knowing. In the third eye you’ve got the
energy of vision. So how can you have vision if you do not know? How
can you know if you don’t have vision? Do you get my drift?

A. Yes
MK. Very much. Very much.
Beloved ones, this is the same way the link forms between the solar
heart centre, because how can you be yourself if you cannot relate to
love. How can you know if you cannot see? How can you see if you do
not know?

I want you to close your eyes again…if you will.
I want you to visualise the following: Take your pointing finger and
place it directly between your eyes, between your two brows. The
pointing finger of your right hand for arguments sake. You got that?

A. Mmmm
MK. Then you take the pointing finger of your left hand, put it on the
top of your head, and then run it down the back of your head opposite
the pointing finger in the front, if you would like to glance and open
your eyes, run it down the back of your head so that the two energies
meet. You got that.

A. Oh yes
MK. Very good. Now I want you to concentrate on the point between the
two eyes and I want you to concentrate on the point at the back of
your head. Pause. What happens automatically when you do this? Anyone?
I’m talking about a physical energy. You can’t help but think where
the two will meet. Not so?

A. Yes
MK. Correct?
MK. You got it! Open your eyes. You have located the matrix of your
third eye haven’t you?

A. Mmm
MK. Yes. It is quite low down. It is exactly behind there, you take
that across, you can feel the energy and if you could allow those two
to meet which you automatically did, not so? (Kuthumi Showing)

A. Yes
MK. This way you can actively pinpoint the core, the very centre of
this area, for beloved ones, truth be told, the third eye is an actual
physical area within the ventricles of the brain. In actual fact it
takes up the space between the upper and the lower ventricles. It
forms an exact geometric equilateral triangle. So there are three
major points. Those three major points link up in the centre, thus if
you could take those three major points, and square off another line
halfway between these at a 90° angle to meet …are you with me?

A. Yes
Then that is exactly the point you felt a little while ago. Are you
with me?

A. Yes
MK. Very good. If you wish to increase the energy within that centre
it is a very good exercise to begin to do a visualization finding that
exact point and then begin to send light radiations out from that
centre point. Like taking a stone and dropping it into a pond of
water, watch how the reflection increases. Every time you are dropping
another stone there are more ripples not so? In that way keep dropping
little fragments of light in this centre and with that allow your
hologram to grow, not so? Beloved ones anything in life as you have
been taught from a young age takes dedication, not so?

A. Yes
MK. Yes. It doesn’t always take hard work, I have to disagree there.
Hard work is a human concept of labor that makes humanity feel that
they are deserving. Why do hard work if you can do dedication? But
then again dedication is hard work, not so? You give up half the way
through. You throw your arms in the air and you are unable to see, you
are unable to do anything. Yes? And you give up because it’s not true.
Yes? Not so. Beloved ones as we have said it is truly up to you to
decide what you want to do with this information. It is truly up to
you to decide for yourself how powerful your links are, your
telepathic links. How powerful your intellect links are. You need no
convincing that it is true, yet you need reaffirming all the time.

It is here at this level of your belief systems that you begin to
stand very firm in your true beliefs. We have preached this at least a
hundred million times just this year alone, for you to stand firmly in
your shoes, and it is here that you are asked at this level of your
thought and perception, so what size are your shoes anyway? No judgment.

Beloved ones, if you can create a vision, you can create a reality. If
you can hold that vision you can hold onto that reality. But it is
only when you accept that vision that you come to be that reality, and
that is what is being asked of you here at this particular level. Here
in this blessed month of November, on a global scale, humanity are
being asked a couple of questions. We won’t completely go into the
detail of it, but we will share something, and that is, the first
thing that humanity is being asked in this glorious month of November
is; so who are you? Anybody ever asked you that? Pause.

A. Yes
MK. Why don’t you do that right now? Turn to your neighbor sitting
next to you and ask them, and so who are you?

A. Great laughter
MK. Go on (more laughter from the audience) and then answer it,…oh no
you feel you cant and you know why? You don’t know who you are (more
laughter) what size are you shoes, in fact are you wearing shoes? (MK
is rather amused at this point!)

Beloved ones, it is a very intense question this but it is a question
that is being asked of you. And yes, we bring lightness into the
conversation this afternoon, for we are always light of being. But now
in this most wonderful time of your lives, in a most glorious month
especially here for those of you here in the Southern hemisphere
reaching into your summer months, with the flowers blooming and the
trees just springing up out of love and joy and excitement, and the
beautiful lawns and the most wonderful, wonderful weather you have
here on this beautiful coastline, we are asking you – who are you?

A. Mumbles…I am who I am.
MK. We have some very, very clever beings here. Yes. Very good. At
least you didn’t need a GPS to find out.

A. Laughter
MK. The underlying question surrounding who are you, is for you to
feel that comfort in your skin and to say…You know, I am this, I am
that. I am a wonderful person. I am an amazing being. I have a few
issues I have to work through (Audience laughter), who doesn’t beloved
ones, but the most important thing here is to be powerfully in your
power through the process of discovering who you are, which by now you
should know, albeit much confusion, not so? Yes?

A. Yes
MK. You should know by now. It’s for you to come now into this time
and be your own truth, to be your own reconciliation commission and
with the process that unfolds through all of this, through all of the
intense energy that you will still have to face in this month of
November have great awareness of who you are. That you are divine, you
are magnificent, you are magical… you are God. That’s what we are
asking of you. So who are you? It is to recognize that God
consciousness within. That is what the third eye opens up, because it
at last allow you to truly put away all of the questions within your
mind, to stand up and to be powerfully in your shoes.

Be aware of this when you are faced with these tremendous questions,
these tremendous energies, especially over the next 3 to 6 weeks, and
by saying this we generalize because for some it may be a week, for
others three days, or it may be not. You are all different, yet one,
so know who you are.

So over this time of cleansing and clearing, as there is cleansing and
clearing taking place on a planetary scale, as there are many powerful
winds of change that sweeps across your lands that brings through new
tides, new waves and new innings, so too is there a cleansing taking
place within you. And what this does is it specifically works with
memory. Some memories prevent one from manifesting that which you
desire. Even at times your most treasured memories and why you may
ask, and I shall tell you. Because if you hang on to a memory that was
so great or so amazing or so fantastic, the to a degree it actually
affirms to the self that presently that is what you are not, not so?

A. Mmm
MK. Yes. Memory. You have been facing various shifts and changes
within your memory compartments from about April this year. If you do
not recall then perhaps go back and read up on it. The changes and the
shifts within your memory have been made mention of through many a
channel upon your planet, through many a vessel of light. We have
explained on numerous occasions how we are working to shift and rewire
and change the hold that the memory has on you, do you recall that?

A. Yes
MK. Couple of months ago…yes?
A. Yes
MK. Well the third eye is where that memory is being changed. That is
why another facet I need to recap with you today which is absolutely
imperative (Perhaps some of you may know this, some of you may not)
become aware that at the end of the day, no matter your illness, there
is only one cure that you need and that is an active third eye.

For every memory of every thing, in this and past lives, all somehow
find themselves lodging into this location between your eyes, right
between your eyes. It is very often the case that you experience
repeated illness in your lives, and whenever you’ve had that illness,
it repeats itself in exactly the same way. For example let us take
your common cold, the influenza. Have you ever had a cold and it keeps
repeating itself at the same time, in the same space of time, in the
same way, with the same effect etcetera?

A. yes some faint mumbles
MK. What happens is, it’s the memory of the cell tissue that won’t
allow you to have that cold in any other way, because you’ve
programmed it. You have instructed the spinning of the third eye
either to be under active or overactive. So, when you hear the
expression “Man heal thyself”, it is from here that you heal yourself.
Why? Because you can see it. Yes? You visualise it. Recently the
majority of the scientists upon your planet have come to an agreement
behind the power within the hidden brain, or the camera reflex part of
the brain that takes the pictures and then shows you what they are
about without developing them, thus the hidden power of the mind.

Beloved ones, within every one of these levels of your consciousness,
or sacred seals, there is always a polar opposite effect at play, a
negative/positive, left/right, up/down, masculine/feminine. Some of
these centres have various energies in excess, and therefore exercise
them that way thus some may be spinning at a predominantly masculine
frequency, whilst others may be spinning at a predominantly feminine
frequency, yet in every one of these centers there always remains an
option and a chance for change. What you need to understand here is
that when your mind faces conflicting situations and the energy or
question as with the initial charge that I gave you on who are you is
presented to the mind, what happens is, it keeps the positive aspect
of this energy foremost within the third eye as it passes the lower
vibrational part of this energy down into the solar plexus which
creates the uncertainly. The idea is to hang on much longer to the
positive or the higher aspect, or the higher mental, whichever way you
would prefer to look at this, whilst others eventually face a brick
wall, for your mind to then convince everything else in your life that
it’s not so.

Usually nine times out of ten this happens rather quickly, rather
easily and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to even formulate that.
For the human mind within its questioning, within its searching’s and
insecurities always finds a way to rather say I can’t than I can, and
that energy within the third eye is what eventually decides whether
you are going to walk into the pathway of creating your dreams, or
whether you are actually going to close the door on that reality and
kiss those dreams goodbye, in which case the energy shifts down into
the sacral, because it has to go through the challenge of healing and
overcoming itself.

Beloved ones, if there is one question I can ask you, this day,
working with this energy, it is to look in the mirrors of your life
and to feel the love that you are, because you are. During this month
you will come to face every aspect of your personality most of you
didn’t even know existed.

A. Laughter
MK. You thought you cleaned out the closets didn’t you? We forgot to
tell you that a few more were delivered in your home when you weren’t
there and you know where they hail from? (Kuthumi and audience
thoroughly enjoying this!) – (whispers) your childhood.

A. Laughter and mumbling
MK. Your childhood, thus what is needed is not general cleaning but
rather spring cleaning as you say, it is spring for you?

A. Yes
MK. Spring is in the air. So this spring, you are being asked to
spring clean yourself. Beloved ones, our hearts are with you. We watch
the pain in your eyes; we feel the compassion in your hearts, but
spring clean you must, As you say, tough luck!

A. Great laughter
MK. The human experience this time around is definitely not for the
faint hearted not so? Yes. The light worker experience especially, for
it is your choice to have yourself spring cleaned, because believe you
me, you may choose to run away from this situation and going to hide
yourself in the bushes down under, but some time the boogey man is
going to find you.

A. screeches of Laughter
MK. And then there’s a lot more cleaning to do than now! So why not
face the music NOW? Why not get over yourself and your personality
types. Beloved ones, the next time you have conflicting situations in
your life, the next time you have great unhappiness within your heart
or within your biorhythms, or within your energy field, take your
hands and hug yourself. Do that for me now please, thus put your hands
just lightly upon your shoulders, you take your fingers; make sure the
tip of your fingers touches the collar bone; you close your eyes and
you have the exact point where your forearms crosses over your high
heart, not so? Yes? (all do this)

A. Yes.
MK. Yes. The term “cross your heart” means to refrain from defending
and in this non defense, I’m asking you to be aware of your own love,
to be aware of your own magnificent self, and to make a full
commitment, that no matter how disturbing your day may be, no matter
how upsetting it may be for you, or even if you have disturbed the
energies around you, to pause for a moment and place your arms in this
position hugging the self by creating a cross point without defense in
the higher space of your heart and to know your magnificence, and to
feel the love that the Creator floods down upon you.. at all times.
And with that to be that love. Thank you.

The third eye is the part of the body that is always completely
involved with you as a being on all levels. It is your vision, it is
your telepathy, it is the changing, shifting, picking up and altering
of your wavelengths of thought. It is the part of self that demands to
be part of the magic and the miracles and the manifestation of this
energy in your lives. Yes. It is where you come to put the cluttering
of the lower mind to bed and being at peace by embracing this at the
level of the Solar Plexus even just for a moment at a time, if not it
will come up again and as with anything that repeats itself in this
area will cause great discomfort, not so?

A. Yes

MK. Yes. You call it acidity, not so? Yes. So don’t let the acid of
your lower mind affect your thinking within the higher mind, rather be
strong in your shoes. Be your authentic self. Be all that you have
been trained to be, and the only way that you can be assured to be
just that is to remove from the self every layer that limits the self
when it comes to the facts of who you are.

It is here in the month of November in this current time of the
Christed year 2008 dear ones where you are asked to stand as a warrior
of light firmly within that which you believe. Complacency is NOT
solid therefore the constant challenge of who you are, what you
believe, where you stand, and so on is what you are facing right now.
Although there is much questioning and ego at play there is much
controversy, and although many may experience some unhappiness during
the many stages of your day – KNOW that it is short lived.

Have you noticed over the last couple of weeks how quickly your moods

A. Yes

MK. From very good to very bad to very good all in one breath? Yes?

A. Yes

MK. Yes. That is the rebalancing of the energy that is now coming to
rest upon this plane, the energy that is here in support of ascension.
It was prepared thousands and thousands of years ago. In fact, dear
ones, it was talked about many, many thousands of years ago. There was
great excitement amongst the earlier races. They all spoke about it
without saying a word. The all carried the thought from one powerful
moment to the next, without moving a finger. They then stood together
and with that created an entire new shield of protection yet it too
was challenged. Those shields, individual shields that created a mass
consciousness shield were destroyed…or so they thought. It merely
shifted. Then through the years that followed, and when we talk about
the years that followed, we talk about between thirteen and a half to
eighteen thousand of your years that followed after that there was
much talk about it, there was much discussion of it, there was much
preparation within the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and
etheric states to create this, and that of which I speak is here.

That energy is the knowingness within the crown that cannot be active
without the vision of the third eye.

Beloved ones, from a medical perspective many questions have been
raised about these teachings and the same goes with the lightworkers
where questions are often raised, and one of these often asked by the
likes of you is: If medically the Pineal gland is the light receptor
of the body then why does it oversee the crown? And the pituitary
which can be seen as the main robot of the brain oversees the third
eye and the answer I have just given you: You cannot enter the knowing
within the all knowing centre (crown) if you cannot hold the vision of
what it truly means (third eye) and because of this it is actually
even now as we speak especially for you lightworkers that are working
diligently to create a whole new shift in your consciousness, become
impossible to separate the action and reactions between these two
centres. For if you have the repeated nagging questions within the
third eye, if you constantly question manifestation, magic and
miracles, and the belief thereof then how can you come to know it? Do
you follow me?

A; Yes

So it has become extremely important to keep the energy flowing
between these two centres and how do you do this? How do you finally
place the crown on Creation? The only way beloved ones is to be able
to understand something, the only way is to have the wisdom to
understand something, and here comes the paradox, you can have
anything in your lives, you could have a thousand different of your
most advance computer programs yet if you do not have the ‘know-how’
thus the knowledge you wont be able to bridge the gap that allows you
to ‘see and know’ which allows you to claim and be. You have got to
carry yourself in knowledge. If you cannot expand your mind by
reading, by studying, how can you learn new aspects of yourself or of
your life? Therefore very often you will find that some of your
beloved brothers and sisters are unable to even remotely understand
that which you have to share with them. Some may think of those as
having a much closed third eye, some may think their third eye not
even existing and all of this is absolutely true to some respect, but
know this: Through knowledge anything is possible.

Beloved ones you can take a library of information, you could read
through it frantically over 40 days or nights, over 40 years or 40
lifetimes for that matter, but you could take this same energy and
with one pure intent hold your hand upon this information and COMMAND
to know its knowledge and so it shall be, instantly. Therefore rule
judgment out of the way, understand that life is about being and
should another choose to be within knowledge by having the wisdom and
understanding it, by having the truth, by carrying the Light and The
Way, then so be it., and if another still have conflicting situations
within their lives whereby they are still ruled by the lower energies
of the continual search and research of their questioning mind and
their inability to be kind to themselves and their inability to let go
of the expectations that they place, then so be it. Know that with the
real-i-sation of this centre activating for you a brand new wave to
see your way forward the need for you to prove yourself is no longer
needed in any way or form whatsoever.

Love is all there is.

Beloved ones it is love that carried this energy for many a thousand
years, of the belief that this day will come that your planet will
ascend in consciousness consciously without destruction or mass
destruction at the time of doing so and that time is NOW. Therefore
understand that if every one of your proverbial buttons are being
pushed at the moment perhaps its time that you give your switchboard a
good spring-clean not so (laughter). Yes, check out to see which of
your lights are operational and which aren’t. Make sure you can
understand the lines of communication. Be the great exchange that
brings change in your and other’s lives and with that go through a
little check to see where the wiring has come loose. What better way
than to press you buttons and besides if we didn’t press your buttons,
then how would you come to know if the intercom is still working?
(Laughter), is that so yes?

A: Yes

MK: No we could simply check your third eye activity.

Beloved ones, from the greatest aspect of love in me heart, there is a
blessing of Light, the 3rd eye is the centre of Light, there is a
blessing of Colour as it is too the centre of colour, there is a
blessing of sound for it is also the centre of sound within the inner
ear and with that the greatest wish that I Kuthumi or anyone of the
ascended masters or higher beings of light or the angels or archangels
or even those that are within the immediate Glory and Light of the One
that created us can give you, it would be a multidimensional feather
duster for you to be able to dust yourself off in any given situation
in life no matter how limiting you may think it to be, and move on.

There is no time to sit down and mope, no there is no time to sit down
and cry unless it is with tears of joy, there is no time to hang on to
anything that REMOTELY connects you to the past, why? For its gone,
one hour is gone, two days ago are gone. What is the power within the
present time that can even slightly change the outcome of that which
you have experienced before? I am asking you the question?

A: Nothing

Mk: none. There is one aspect though that you need to keep in hind
sight and that is projected vision therefore if you do not like where
you have been in the past make sure its not similar to where you are
presently at for this day too shall become your past. If you wish your
future to be very different from your past make sure you are nowhere
near that situation presently. But the other side of this beautiful
coin is what are the fears that keeps you attached to the comfort or
discomfort of that which you experienced, for discomfort can become
incredibly comfortable in the knowing thereof, better the devil you
know (laughter) indeed. So you become very comfortable in your
discomfort, how dysfunctional is that? (Laughter). This is human not
so, indeed thank the heavens restricted to this plane (laughter).

Dear ones, during the month of November you are being asked to dress
yourself in a beautiful way, the way you like to look. You are asked
to face your wardrobe mistress with pride and should you disapprove of
any of the garments that you are asked to wear, change them. You are
asked to be very aware of who you are, you are asked to become
incredibly kind to yourself and in so doing experience the ultimate
which is incredible kindness towards everyone, and this is possible
because this kindness has been carried forth, the Essence of true
Creator Love that ensured you sitting here a few thousand years later
within your path readying yourself for a ride on a wonderful gravy
train called ascension. A gravy train of your own making filled with
sparkling lights and love, joy and happiness, miracles and the
manifestation thereof, filled with unconditional love.

Beloved ones the overlying importance here is for you to get over the
various aspects of your personality self which we have been working on
for a good couple of months and we will continue doing so at the first
approach when we shall meet again in the month of January of 2009 and
that is addressing and making friends with the various aspects of your
personality self, and how to come to terms with them (Kuthumi laughs
out loud), and that’s a heavy one (laughter).

Few people sighing…

MK: The sighs of relief (laughter) that we are not going to do that
this day (screeches of laughter), true but know you are not alone as
we too are relieved (laugher)

Beloved ones, a lot of lightworkers are beating themselves around
their own bushes, by beating themselves up on the head, against the
walls, across the back, stepping on their own thorns, you are injuring
yourself tremendously. Many lightworkers, and I will actually go as
far as saying 99.99% of you (Laughter)…did you imagine the figure to
be any different? Are busy creating much turmoil within your lives and
why? Because of your own levels of expectancy. In other words you are
driving yourself crazy and on this planet crazy is not good (smiles).

Beloved ones the overlying theme for 2009 is self mastery and this we
shall discuss in great depth during our last gathering this year. We
will discuss many avenues of this energy of self mastery and with that
deliver to you guidance, understanding and wisdom when it comes to the
act of mastering the self. This is why we have chosen this day’s
teaching to prepare you in waking up your visual prospects within the
higher mental centre, thus for you to understand through this that
indeed anything is possible. But expectation leads to disappointment
if I have said this once I have said it a million times. I want to
challenge you on something, to wake up every day and to go through
your day without offending the self for that is the ultimate of this
energy for offending the self leads to defending the self which leads
to challenging situations which inturn leads to the judgment between
right and wrong and once this is done it’s like a tug of war. So do
your best within your lives to be A) within your authentic self and B)
Be as non offensive as you possibly can to the self with the great
underlying secret being if you can manage this for the self you surely
will do this when it comes to others. In so doing you will begin to
tap into an inner dialogue with the most comfortable person that you
love being with, the self, instead of the conflicting side which
depress because of expectations.

The time is here for you now to begin to live your lives without
conflict full stop.

Challenging yes, impossible no.

Beloved ones, every one has taken on a journey of finding and
discovering and rediscovering their true self, if not you would not be
sitting here in front of me, nor would you be reading these words.
Understand by using the wisdom and knowledge within you will come to
understand what is, and what is not.

You have been prepared to shift thought, now the time is here for you
to implement this by firstly realizing just how fantastic you truly
are and know that as the planetary relation to the 3rd eye is mainly
anchored within the Himalayan mountains in the region of Tibet think
back of all the conflicting situations it has faced and still does yet
no matter the conflict there is always the projected outcome of
knowing more not so? Yes claim this in the self and stand up for the
self, be comfortable in the seize that you want to be and I am not
referring to your dress seize but rather your shoe seize for you need
to be grounded without blisters. You need to have your spiritual
wisdom anchored within the earth indeed, so look around at your world,
look at the lands I mention and take the energies from them and
understand that as they had to persevere with life to create and make
the most magnificent countries of beliefs and systems of beliefs, so
too are you going through the same process thus the Chinese in you has
to challenge the Tibetan in you for YOU to understand what colour you
are. These are questions that nobody can answer for you, yet are being
asked of you…so who are you?

Long pause.

No matter the answer of who you are because the factual reality at the
end of the day it is quite irrelevant for we are one not so?

A: Yes

MK: what is important is for you to claim your profoundness, lay claim
to your uniqueness and with that stop the questioning within your
insecure mind but rather express the answers of truth in support of
who you are and in the same way help others find the way and the light
that lights up the road that they are journeying upon and above all if
you cannot remember one word that I Kuthumi have shared with you this
afternoon, know that you are loved. Please straighten your spines for
the energy activation.

Beloved ones, make sure you are comfortable with the lower part of
your back against the chair which supports you spine to be in a
straight line, rest you feet gently underneath your chair, uncross
your ankles, hands gently resting on your thighs, back straight, the
pranic tube aligned thus be in this divine connection with the heavens
above as below. Pause.

Be comfortable in your breathing, be comfortable in your lives, and as
you breathe in and take in fresh oxygen into your lungs acknowledge
that you are here this day in person or thought to be part of the
reactivation of your breathing light centre (3rd eye) and with that
you take your Ajna into your command. Pause.

Remember to allow for a short pause between the in and exhale which
allows a balanced flow between the oxygen and carbon dioxide which
will also bring peace between the aspects of the self that you need to
let go of and that which you need to treasure. Pause.

Beloved ones, I want you now to recognize a wonderful energy within
your heart called gratitude. I want you to be very aware of your heart
centre, move the focus from the lower to the higher heart centre. Now
bring into your mind’s eye all of that which you are grateful for.
Pause. bring into your mind’s eye first of all the fact that you are
alive and that you have been given this lifetime as a blessing that
will come to serve you grandly as time goes by, a blessing beloved
ones that presents such a unique and most wondrous opportunity for you
to be your divine self, in your own words say ‘Thank you for my life’

I don’t hear anyone?

A: All repeat out loud.

MK: Now I want you to bring your attention with even more detail into
your heart your childhood. Find a picture somewhere in the busyness of
your visual cortex, a happy picture, a sad picture, any picture that’s
prominent. Now take that vision and put it into your heart. Pause. Now
I want you to take another picture, a picture of you in your teens
between 12 and 16, find a young picture of you and place it in your
heart. Pause. Now take another picture that easily reflects your adult
self and place that within your heart. Pause.

Beloved ones I now want you to imagine your life exactly where it is
at. For a moment raise yourself from your limited mind and with that
view your life from a distance, view you work and careers, your
family, friends and your relationships with those that you are
spending time with, view your interests thus view where you have been
and where you are going and no matter how challenging it may have been
for you at the time or perhaps still is, I want you to understand that
you are your own gratitude in expression.

Kuthumi repeats the visualization up to here.

Now please bring into your attention where you have been through your
life, your young years, your adolescence, your adult experience and
your current now time and with that repeat again after me “I love my

All do.

KM: Beloveds you need to convince yourself not me that you love your
life, thus repeat this often ‘I love my life, thank you for my life’

All repeat.

The third eye is stimulated by gratitude and thus it also manifests
that which you are so grateful for, get it?

A: Very good.

I want you to visualize within the centre of this room right where the
crystalline energies and expressions of art are, a magnificent Emerald
Flame. (Our meditation room has a collection of crystals and pictures
of the Masters in the centre). Pause. Visualize this flame burning
brighter and brighter and with that increase in seize to about 3mt in
diameter. Pause. Now, join us if you will into a magical mystical
journey beloved ones, by within your mind’s eye stepping off your
chair and walk into and come to stand within the core of the emerald
flame. Pause.

I want to ask each and every one of you what do you feel, how do you
feel? One answer, one word, thank you very much sister next to me in a
clockwise direction

Group present answers:

Peace, warmth, healing, quietness, hot, content, anticipation, joy,
cleansed, serenity, love, love, wisdom, abundance, gratitude,
anticipation, love, excitement, liberation, joy, love, freedom,
healing, peace, peace and peace.

Beloved ones I now want you, standing within this Emerald flame, to
place the word you have just expressed into your third eye. Visualize
placing this word into your third eye. Pause.

Now bring into your vision within the area of the third eye a star
tetrahedron, a 3dimensional star tetrahedron that takes shape
encapsulating this word. Pause. Now with the power of your mind spin
the tetrahedron that contains the word you have placed into the third
eye horizontally in a clock-wise direction, thus spin this shape of
intelligence clock-wise very fast for a while. Pause. Now gently bring
it to a halt. Now all shout at once what you see in that 3rd eye space

All share with Kuthumi, everyone either answers Light or Love apart
from one person.

Anyone struggling with that? No. Could you see the transformation of
the word, could you relate to it?

A: Yes.

All’s well except for our one sister that still feels the anticipation
not so. Sister, the anticipation within your mind is as a result of
the many questions that hang around your brain structure. The many
questions you will never allow yourself to answer. It is due to the
fact that in reality you find it extremely difficult to be within the
peace and quiet of your divine knowing and with that needing the
constant reassurance of what is right and what is wrong, what’s
good/bad, black/white not so?

A: Yes.

MK: Exactly. Most information that you place into this centre and
spins into a new vibration as we have just done transforms into a
different energy of a higher vibration. Above all it is to show you
the ability that you have in transforming your own thoughts and thus
life. None of you are any different than any other; the only
difference is the boarders that you create within your individual mind

You are still within the emerald flame, be calm and centre yourself.

Visualize yourself sitting in the Lotus position within this emerald
flame. Pause. Picture yourself sitting on a huge comfortable luxurious
cushion, perhaps with large incense burners surrounding you, perhaps
for some there are flowers surrounding you, some may find themselves
within a exotic tent surrounded by soft blowing fabrics in the breeze,
some may be all cropped up with a most amazing exotic fantasy playing
out all around them. It matters not – form within your mind a most
exotic detailed imaginary fantasy situation. Very long pause. Keep
visualizing the 3mt diameter emerald flame with you sitting in the
core of this energy. Pause.

Now please within your mind see yourself aligning your energy centres
thus sit up straight to allow a free flow of energy. Pause. Now send a
bright beam of light from the point we awakened within the lower
ventricles of the brain (matrix of third eye of previous exercise)
earlier on (do you recall, yes) into the heavens above and into the
heavens below. You might feel a little off-centered. Anyone feeling a
little wobbly?

A; Yes

Mk: Centralize yourself even though it might feel a little strange.
Very long pause.

I now want you imagine this chakric alignment tube of light increasing
in width to about 7cm still reflecting out above and below. Pause.

Now let go of the central focal point within the third eye and with
that retract the light again until it’s about as wide as your thumb,
allowing this light to flow through your centre, it may seem that its
moving slightly off-centered yet immediately you should feel balanced
and aligned again not so?

A: Yes

Beloved ones it may seem confusing for more so often than not one
would imagine the human body to be completely straight-up yet this is
not the case. By aligning all of the chakras this way you also bring
attention to your connection to the star chakras above and earth
chakras below contained within the auric field. By stimulating the
inner matrix point of the 3rd eye it brings you into a whole new
understanding and experience of being centered. You had to experience
being a little off-centered to feel what it feels like to be
re-centered not so.

A: Yes.

MK: This is one of the greatest functions of the third eye.

Bring your attention back to your fantasy world sitting on your comfy
cushions and simply BE. Bring into your mind the surrounding emerald
flame with all other energies dissipating. Very long pause.

Beloved ones, now imagine standing ahead of you just outside of your
emerald flame a magical being you will know as Lord Merlin. Pause. For
a moment create a picture within your mind of what you think he should
look like. Pause. Lord Merlin now sits opposite you but still outside
of your emerald flame. Pause. He reaches into his pocket and takes out
a magical dream in the form of a crystal which he places on his right
palm. He relaxes his left hand on his lap and with that stretches out
his right arm offering you this dream crystal without touching the
emerald flame energy, holding it out to you, offering you this gift
containing your dreams. Now close your eyes within your mind, and
bring into your third eye with clarity the dream of yours that’s
contained within this magical crystalline dream catcher. Visualize
detail please. Long pause.

Are you with me? Yes. Are you all within your dreams? Yes. This is
important so please paint your picture with clarity whilst being fully
in the present moment.

Now project from your 3rd eye all you still feel to be inactive,
incomplete or missing in your dream catching game. Pause. Project
everything and more of what you desire. Very long pause.

Once this picture is complete visualize Lord Merlin using his left
hand removing this crystalline energy off his right hand and with that
stretches forward as if to place this energy into your third eye but
the moment his hand stretches into the emerald flame his energy field
that crosses into the flame disappears and you become your dream, thus
see yourself actively within your dream, alive and living it. Long pause.

I want to ask you a question now being here within your dreams and
that is how did you get there?

A; Projected vision, imaging it…some more answers…

MK: The answer I am looking for is ‘it doesn’t matter’ (laughter)

Long pause. Be in your dream. Pause. Peace and silence.

Mk: Now again reduce your dream by stepping out of that reality
bringing it back to the original seize of the crystalline dream
catcher and place it into your 3rd eye. The shape and type of crystal
is irrelevant. Place this energy firmly into your higher thought
centre, snuggly so. Pause.

Beloved ones now again as with the tetrahedron spin this crystal in a
clockwise direction faster and faster until eventually all you are
left with is a clear geometric imprint within the 3rd eye. Can you all
relate to this seeing the shape?

A; Yes

Mk: Now increase the speed spinning it so fast that you are unable to
pinpoint the inner matrix of your 3rd eye and with that expand your
3rd eye area to fill up your entire brain structure. Pause. Some may
feel some pressure within the brain cortex, but simply breathe into it
as you allow this small dream to expand your thinking and intellect

Lord Merlin is still sitting observing on the other side as he cannot
reach into the flame for the moment he does his energy disappears. Now
stretch out your arms and hands towards him, as your energy can
withstand both the inner and outer flame energy. Reach out and take
both his hands in yours, you are both with eyes open looking intently
into each another’s eyes and using his 3rd eye and sacred mind he
implants another symbol into your third eye, can you relate to this?
Take your time. Pause.

MK: Is this the same shape as before?

A: No

MK: Can you differentiate between the two?

A: Yes

Mk: Are you all with me?

A: Yes

Mk; Anyone struggling?

A: No

Mk: Very good then, now from your heart to his heart I want you to
relay to him how grateful you are for all of the magic and
manifestation of miracles that he’s come to impart unto you whilst he
simply smiles the all-knowing Merlin smile, he squeezes your hands,
removes his from yours and with that disappears from your energy field
completely leaving you again relaxed within your imaginary world
within your emerald flame and with that immediately behind you beloved
ones a magnificent Being appears so turn around and face the Energy of
Lord Jesus.


As you face the Energy of Lord of Lord Jesus you feel the Energy of
another great Being manifest behind you, Lord Buddha. Now whilst you
sit here within this Emerald flame of Divine and utter belief I want
you to imagine these two masterful beings also sit down one in the
front (Lord Jesus) and Lord Buddha behind you. They too rest their
arms on their laps comfortably. Pause. The two of them now activate a
connecting link between their third eyes and in the process link your
3rd eye with theirs on either side (back and front) are you there, can
you feel this, the link between Lord Jesus 3rd eye, Lord Buddha’s 3rd
eye linking yours?

A; Yes

Mk; Now move this energy down shifting this power into heart levels
linking Lord Jesus heart, Lord Buddha’s heart and your heart. Long pause.

Can you feel the energy (Extremely powerful LOVE energy so much so
that I got emotional during the session yet it seemed that it wasn’t
me – Chanel)

A; Yes

MK: I am going to ask you again, connect with the Heart of the Christ
Jesus beaming towards you from the front, and with the Heart of the
Christ Buddha beaming towards your heart from behind, move the focus
and connect with your own heart energy, thus bring the two Energies of
these Great Beings into your heart and anchor it there. Pause.

Now with your eyes still closed, thank these two beings for this
energy activation as they stepped forth this day Energetically to help
you trust in your own ability and with their support helping you in
believing in that which you see with your inner and outer eyes.

Now concentrating on your heart and the activation of your 3rd eye
through the Christ Buddha, and the Christ Jesus, the activation of
your higher heart yet again through this Energy I want you to move
your attention to your high heart, visualize the Flame of Golden
Enlightenment within the high heart. Pause.

Now move your attention to your throat where you will see the double
sapphire flames with the outer flame about 2,5 – 3cm high and the
inner contained within the outer about 1-1,5cm high. The outer flame
is a darker sapphire than the inner. Pause.

Now in the area of the 3rd eye visualize an Emerald flame at least 5cm
even 10cm high reaching into the crown. Pause. Now in the area of the
crown visualize a golden energy that births a golden halo effect
within the area of the crown. Pause.

Now reduce the emerald flame within the 3rd eye until its about 2,5 to
3cm in height. Pause.

Again bring into your 3rd eye all that you truly desire within your
dreams. Are you there?

A: Yes.

MK: Now bring into your minds eye the very first geometric symbol that
you were given. Have you this?

A: Yes

MK: Now bring into your vision the second geometric symbol that was
implanted by Lord Merlin. Are you there?

A: Yes

Mk: Very good, bring your focus back down to the double Sapphire flame
within the throat, then the golden flame within the sacred heart. Now
before we continue, at this sacred level I want you to truthfully
express or acknowledge how you feel from the depth of your eternal
gratitude. As mentioned you need’nt express out loud but I shall give
you a while for you to communicate this to the Forces that BE from
within the Realms of Enlightened Intelligence. Communicate this to the
Creator of All That Is, communicate to our Mother/Father God all of
that which you are so grateful for and whilst you do this beloved ones
I want you to become aware that the outer emerald flame retracts from
a 3mt diameter until it eventually is the same seize as your Pranic
Tube about the width of your pointing finger and thumb combined. Very
long pause

Visualize the magnificent iridescent white-blue flame of your pranic
tube connecting with all energy as above so below. Also visualize the
Emerald energy within the pranic tube. Pause. Visualize this
stretching way beyond the crown and feet. Pause. Now allow the emerald
energy to retract (the pranic connection ALWAYS remains) until all you
are left with is a reinforced emerald flame within the 3rd eye about
2,5cm in height. Very long pause.

Give thanks for all that you are. Pause. Give thanks beloved ones for
the challenges within your life for that truly shows your quality as
it teaches you your worth. Pause. Challenges reveal your ability, give
thanks for the hardships and stumble blocks for this too supports your
growth as a being, give thanks for your ability to visualize all that
you are able to this day and give thanks for all of that which you
will be able to visualize from this day forward with greater ease. Pause.

In your minds eye bring your attention again to the magnificent golden
flame burning brightly within your high heart. Pause. Move your
attention down into your lower heart as you come to see the Pink flame
burning brightly. In the area of the solar plexus visualize a
magnificent ruby-golden flame surrounded by the 3 golden eggs of Life
with the lower one being encapsulated by a silver energy which grounds
the divine masculine/feminine within your authenticness, the 3
energies anchoring the Mother/Father and golden child image. Pause.
Bring your attention down into the sacral where the magnificent Violet
flame of transmutation burns brightly. Pause. Below that you have
within the newly reactivated Sun Chakra another golden flame
supporting your create ability and then within the base centre you
have the magnificent flame of purity and Light, the iridescent mother
of pearl bright white flame with the new golden masculine and silver
feminine balance within the roots of your existence supporting this
challenging centre in keeping you in true balance.

Ground yourself properly, stretch out your arms and legs, be back in
your bodies, be comfortable with yourselves and with that welcome
yourselves back from a most wonderful multi-dimensional experience not so?


MK: As mentioned this is not for the faint of heart (laughter)

Beloved ones, please know that nothing in life is intended to upset
you deliberately. Nothing in life is intended to rattle your cages as
you say for various reasons which are not truly founded. Nothing in
life has been placed in your way to test you (Kuthumi laughs out loud
with compassion), in ANY way, there is NO SUCH THING. The only one
doing any testing, is you. It is rather humorous when observing some
of these situations that humanity finds themselves within at times,
where more so often than not the most logical outcome is for them to
be the one that ‘is tested’. How sweet you are (laughter).

Beloved ones, please know that I Kuthumi along with many, many
thousands of the Masters of the earth are with you. We are with you by
day and by night; we are with you throughout sunshine and rain. We are
right beside you at times you may think we deserted you; times when
you think we are leaving you to be for we have ‘tested’ you and you
failed. What an entertaining perception (laughter) no offence.

Know through the journey of discovering the self, comes a true and
underlying understanding of the magnificence of the self and true
mastery will take you along this journey of truly embracing the self
with all of the facets of the self in place and hopefully in no time
at all you will be able to embrace all of these most wonderfully
challenging aspects of the self as simply another most incredible
experience. (Kuthumi smiles)

Expectation leads to disappointment, but being in your fairness
towards yourself will lead you to BE in your own power of true justice.

Being in the true power of your own justice you too in the not too
distant future will come to realize the way of your Light. You will
come to know that every step that you take, takes with it the magic
that it took for you to create the current situation that you are
within. Every movement that you make takes this possibility implanting
it into the Universal Cosmic Brain and that Engine of Light and
Unconditional Love makes sure that the energy that is being implanted
by your truth and your realizations are passed on, so that everyone
out there in your world will come to know that none of us are any

I am Kuthumi, I am the Lord and Master of the Golden Rays of Love and
Wisdom and I greet and bless thee, Adonai.

Thank you Lord Kuthumi, Adonai.



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