Solar Plexus Chakra “The Ruby-Gold Flame of your Solar Divine” Part 3

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Solar Plexus Chakra “The Ruby-Gold Flame of your Solar Divine” Part 3

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time, and to gift unto thee a blessing of eternal peace, a blessing of unlimited abundance, a blessing of fulfilled inner grace, and a blessing, beloved ones, of beauty, of kindness and care that will awaken within you every possibility of recognizing these unique and most beautiful aspects that I have blessed you with within everyone upon your planet.

Greetings, beloved ones

A. Greetings

K. It is with great joy and great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with you upon this day, as we hold each and every one of you here today firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved brothers and sisters of the light, it is indeed an amazing time within the evolutionary phase of your lifetimes, it is indeed a most wondrous gift for each and everyone upon this planet to be here at this exact time. We do understand that due to the levels of evolving consciousness, not everyone has taken on a journey of awakening within this lifetime, and that too is as it must be.

But as for the light workers upon this planet, you certainly have come to give of yourself to transform this planet, bringing new life to her, as you view it from beyond the planes of this very restricted third dimensional reality that you live within. For you know life, inherently you understand the essence and the consciousness of life. You understand the meaning behind the expansion of reality, not only within this level of consciousness, but also on many other levels. Even though, perhaps, at times you find it rather confusing when information is being presented to you in some or the other way, deep within you there is an essence that carries the seed of peace, that brings a little hope of peace into your reality no matter how stormy, like dropping a little droplet of water upon a lake and watching it’s ripples expand from that first initial contact reaction.

This ripple reaction reflects that which happens between the bubble and the water, thus also reflects what happens when a droplet of water becomes one with its origin, for if you take water and you scoop some of this water out of a lake, or a dam or anything, it does not separate in formative consciousness, for it can’t. Thus, as you have taken a droplet of water and separated it from the sea of eternal consciousness, and you release it back to become one again, then so too do you have within you a very intriguing, intense and intricate system of energy that guides you to stay on the path of your journey, or alternatively gives you nudges reminding you of ways to awaken to the guidance and the understanding of your awakening experience. The particle droplet that we are speaking of, beloved ones, is an essence of Creator Consciousness that’s fixed within you. The location of this essence, although more related to the heart and higher heart aspect, is quite incredible because of the effect that it has upon the area which is your solar centre, your solar plexus, or in other words your Manipura centre.

This essence of peace is now generally being reinstalled upon this plane, and by saying that, not reinstalled at the levels that it was previously, for in fact the truth and the reality is that the current unfolding peace and that which is to come has in fact never been experienced upon this plane in this way.

Some of you have a fairly good idea of what to expect in time to come, others think they have a fairly good idea of what to expect in times to come, but the factual reality is, beloved ones, there is a world of such beauty and such grace and such wonderment awaiting you, unlike anything you can ever imagine at this particular time.

The essence of the energy of peace that is within you (thus the essence that allows you to transcend all fear factors for fear is the opposite of this energy which creates an irritation within the quantum force fields of peace) won’t allow you to vibrate or gravitate close to this energy, or close enough for you to be able to understand that you are a droplet of God Consciousness, as one drop of water forms part of an ocean, or a sea or a lake or a bucket or a cup of tea, then so too do you as a human form part of a level of consciousness that can never be separate from the greater part of God Consciousness which is installed within you and cannot be anything else but you.

We find it quite ironic that the planet earth is finally waking up to the reality of what consciousness truly is, and with that, that the awakening human are able to push their mental barriers to the extent to accept and believe they are not the only ones with consciousness. That is a great thing! This is an amazing energy, for to find something and present this to those that believe that they are the only species that carries consciousness, and to bring this energy to an understanding for them thus to take this understanding and grow within it, this is quite a challenge wouldn’t you say?

A. Yes

K. And you’ve done very well, wouldn’t you say?

A. Yes

K. Yes you have. Beloved ones, the reason why, or should we say the greater part of the reason why humanity are unable to claim their own divinity as part of God Consciousness, the reason why they are unable to claim within them that peace Excalibur, the matrix of S upreme Divinity, is because of the fear factor.

It is because they are unable to truly grasp their own pure potential. For the reality is that within every person upon your planet, although no one is alike or the same in any way, every person upon your planet, every man, woman and child, strive to be something. They strive to find a way in their lives to stand out from the rest of the crowd, to be acknowledged for being authentic and unique and different. Yet, give them half the chance and nine times out of ten they are unable to take the chance because of other energies that comes into play creating fear and insecurity.

Now we have taken you on a little journey through the essence of the base or the root centre in the very beginning of this series, we then moved that energy up and we introduced to you the creative side of the sacral. We then introduced you, some of you to this new energy called the sun energy within the sacral, whilst for others perhaps it was not quite that new. Now the solar levels the journey of the awakening soul within will inevitably take you on a wild goose chase. It has to, for the evolution of the soul, or mankind for that matter is, in fact is a very powerful process of birth and rebirth on every level. The level of birth that we introduce to you this day within your solar centre is in fact the real first time since we have initially created this energy for you to study through, that you will be able to stand up for yourself and claim who you are, for that is what the energy of the solar plexus is all about. The solar plexus, beloved ones, is the only chakra that humanity easily claims expression to not so?

A: Yes?

Have you heard them speak about the solar plexus within your third dimensional worlds? Have you?

A. Yes

K. Yes. Have you heard them readily speak about any of the other chakras?

A. Mumble – No

K. Not. Beloved ones, the solar plexus is part of a complex nerve plexus system. For those of you that know or for those of you who would like to know, and it will become very clear in the not too distant future, that the medical scientists of your land and those that work with the patients in person, including those that spend their time within your earth laboratories will come to an agreement, and that is, it will become impossible to separate energy from your anatomy and biology.

The solar plexus is the nerve plexus that gives an insight into that area of the body. Just as the solar plexus supply the nerves within that area, it also links the energy that is contained within the etheric bodies to that physical area, thus on the same principle all of the nerve plexus supplies all their relating organs, as well as linking the etheric energy of that area to the physical organs.

The solar plexus and the crown chakras are your two main ‘general’ connecting entry points into the physical body. These two energies are the energies that hold you almost in a state of grace. For the crown is the energy that holds you in an absolute thought of grace, or disgrace, depending on which way you would like to go with this, and the solar plexus is the energy that takes that grace and allows you to either become it by claiming your authenticness or it pushes you to the extent that you will fall from your grace, the ‘flip-side’ of the solar plexus coin.

Beloved ones when anyone hears the word solar plexus, what is the very first energy they think of?
A. Various words

MK: The ego, you are all avoiding it?

A. Laughter

MK: Its perfectly natural, the denial of the ego-power. The solar plexus is the part of the body that knows beyond any doubt that you are an integral aspect of peace. For it has within its energy field peace triggers, so to speak, that no matter what happens to you in any given situation, for you to know inherently of the divine connection between you and All that Is, as there is a divine connection between you and the world, and the worlds beyond that. S o it matters not how limited or unlimited your thought-waves you have within you an etheric peace energy contained within the area of the solar plexus that subconsciously guarantees your peace, or a eventual peaceful outcome no matter the current conflict.

The base centre and the sacral centre both form as we’ve mentioned the roots and the foundations of your beginnings. The base is a predominantly masculine energy that receives its major influence from female energy, and the sacral which is a female energy receives its programming mainly from a masculine influence to a great extend. Yet as the centre evolves as we have shared with you before, the influence expands and gets complicated: thus the essence of the mother is very much imprinted upon the mature sacral and the father the base. Now within the solar plexus you have a ruling masculine energy once again. The overruling masculine energy within the solar plexus communicates with the masculine aspect within the throat and for these two to have a neutral common grounded area where they are able to communicate without control; they have to meet at the level of the heart. S o the solar plexus plays the major part in your grounding personality, the essence that is you. This is when you begin to realize who you are, what your belief systems are, what you truly believe about yourself, your life, your planet, your dreams and so on. It is the birth of your desires which have been in gestation within the sacral, thus your desires are being birthed there, and once that energy is birthed, the solar plexus then claims its power and its will which it then relinquishes to the centers above the heart depending of course on your faith, depending on your belief systems, depending on that which you have supported through the evolving lower centers.

Now the solar plexus is, shall we say, is the first energy centre beloved ones that you have to come face to face with, to realize that the time for you to make your own decisions and choices have arrived. It is not an energy that you can push forwards and backwards all the time, for what it does when you create a situation like that is it begins to eat off the nerve plexus that supplies that area and thus influences that which you truly need at any and all times, which is your self worth. You need to have a healthy self worth to be able to take the worthiness of the self and place it in the level of the heart and above the heart for you to finally move on and change the direction of your being by acknowledging who you are.

Now acknowledging who you are, as we have mentioned, can either have an egotistical side to it or it could have a worthiness side to it, and worthiness is an energy that most beings upon your planet have a problem with. But now if you look at the opposite side of it, there is a fine line between your ego and your worthiness, not so?

A. Mumbling

MK: How do you know which it is? I wish to ask you – how do you know when you speaking from your worthiness or your ego?

A. Mumbling ….your ego says what’s in it for me and your worthiness asks how I can help.

MK: This is very good brother. The ego says what is in it for me and the worthiness asks how you can be of help, yes this is absolutely true but truth be told, and this goes for everyone, the moment you speak from your egotistical side, in other words from your lower mental vibrations you know it deep down, thus as you utter egotistical words of defense you instinctively know it. Do you know why you know it? For there’s an increase in body temperature…not so?

A. Mumbling

MK. Yes? Immediately. Have you ever experienced this?

A. Yes

K. No? you?

A. Laughter

K. Not you!

A. Laughter

K. Not the earthlings! Not at all.

A. Laughter

K. Beloved ones, the human body, as we have mentioned, is the most intense and most sophisticated creation ever found within any galaxy, or planet, or star system…it matters not. There is nothing within God’s creation that is more powerful than the human anatomy and its physiological functioning. This you know, you do understand when the reality of ‘what is in it for the self’ and ‘am I being in service to another’ comes along, you are quite aware of that. But before that awareness activates the peace energy within you (which calls you to service) it actually backfires onto you saying “Now was that really necessary?” That energy then connects with your higher self, and the higher self through consciousness sends you a confirmation to say “you know you are amazing, now do you really need others to tell you this too?”… This is the conversation that takes place between the lower and the higher part of the solar plexus. The solar plexus, or your ego gravity centre, as it is also known (ego gravity for it pulls you back down to earth very quickly when needed) is the level of the self that needs to relinquish its control to the soul. In other words, this is the part of your being that now begins to claim, through your choices, a whole new possibility of not eating your peas anymore, no matter the reaction of your mother.

In the retaliating, or lower levels of this centre this is the part of you that no longer adheres to your parent’s curfew. This is when you start to decide for yourself what you ‘think’ you want from life. This centre more intensely awakens from around 8 / 9 years old, up till about 11, 12, 13, though it may even become more active nowadays within your modern world at a much younger age and with that stays active, and when we say active, spinning at a healthy speed, until the age of about 14 or sometimes older, after which the heart energy kicks in. Life is a growth process and to a large degree subconsciously the course at which you grow to begin with, is very often the process of evolution that you end off with. You understand the concept, you know about it. S o the solar plexus is the energy that becomes extremely demanding as you enter probably your most difficult years upon this planet, apart from that which you may be faced with during your troubled elderly or sickly years should this be so, and this is your adolescence years not so?

A. Mumbling

MK: Yes

The adolescent years, or your young teen years are the years where the insecure part of yourself has a tremendous problem making peace with the evolved aspects of yourself. Beloved ones, this is the part of your life where the higher aspects of yourself that are waiting to birth new ideas into the sacral, new ideas into the base and into the third eye, patiently have to stand on the outside and be the observer to see which direction you are going to force your solar plexus into when it comes to its evolvement, will be in the direction of a worthy self esteem, or a lower self esteem, or an overactive self esteem called ego, or simply egotistical. S o this is the time in your lives when your ground becomes extremely shaky and everything around you very questioning. It is a time of many questions, for this is when you question yourself the most, and what you question yourself the most about is one of the issues that faces you head on in this centre throughout its growth, from the very beginning of its activation until the very end when you leave this planet, and that is issues surrounding your social interactions.

How do you interact socially with others, in fact are you able to interact with others socially? Now social is a huge thing. Many of you seem to think that being social is really not a big thing, for some of you prefer to be the hermit personality, in other words to live in the archetype of the loner. But truth and reality is ‘no man is an island’ and you’re not supposed to (pretend) be one. S o know that by being human upon this planet, part of your experience is to socialize and to be social. Now how many of you have a problem with being social?

A. Inaudible mumbling

MK: Yet you say you don’t. No…you are on your way to a dinner party with your partner, you are the one that received the invite for the dinner party, when you get to the dinner party, and about to go in to greet the other guests what do you do? Don’t you push your partner in first? Yes, of course you do (laughter), thus you are creatures of habit and all your habits are formed within the solar plexus. Your habits are formed by your ability to either place a value or de-value yourself; and according to this you decide your worth. Your worthiness, beloved ones, is an energy that also relate very much to the balance of energy and communication exchange that is formed between you and others from a social aspect, and when we mention social let us bring some clarity and that being that social doesn’t necessarily mean having a great party, for you are also social with others in your work space. S ocial and being sociable is very different yet the same words, and their meaning and how you view/judge them is also lodged within the solar plexus.

Once you have walked through the journey of the base and the sacral, and you are on your way to finding out about life, about yourself, to discover the essence of true love in your heart, thus walking through the bushes to discover the love energy within the nature of that which awaits you, you have to come to terms with what takes place in your personality centre, for this is where you, the personality of you is formed, is created. Now think back, if you think you’ve got a wonderful personality, how long do you think you’ve had it?

A. Inaudible

K. I beg your pardon.

A. Five seconds

K. Five seconds – anyone else?

A. Inaudible answer from person in circle….

K. Very good then and you believe you are exactly the same person as you were back then? On the other hand I think we’d rather go with the five seconds, wouldn’t you?

A. Laughter and inaudible mumbling

K. Absolutely beloved ones, for your personalities change as you change your habits, and your moods, yes?

A. Yes

K. thus as far as you are concerned you have a very good stable personality with only your moods that change?

A. Laughter

K. Then what is a personality if it is not a mood?

A. Laughter

K. You have the same personality, you just have different moods. Well the solar plexus is the aspect of the self that actually forces you to bring in all the different parts of your personality which you call your archetypes, sit them down around a massive big table, a round table (round because there are no sharp edges that separates thus all are treated the same) and then you begin to discuss with them that which is on your heart, in other words, that which worries you. The solar plexus is where all of the aspects of the self that creates all of the energy that connects in the same way that becomes what you know as your personality, has to unite as one force and then move forward as one (or more) expression. This is why the solar plexus comes under fire, time and again. You may have grown through the situations in your life, you may have survived through all of the issues within your

Apologies – The recorder dropped off the table, a few minutes of recording was lost….

Part 2 – solar plexus rewire.

Your attitude determines where you will be, as we have shared with you during the last transmission your attitude decides how long you shall stay or remain ill. Do you recall this?

A: Yes

Mk: Therefore it is the personality within the solar plexus that delivers power to your attitude.

It is very easy to say to the self that you are an amazing being with an incredible attitude which you have, but sometimes you need to take stock of your expressions. Beloved ones in fact the energy of your attitude is so powerful and more so often than not you don’t realize the power behind your attitude, the expression of your attitude within solar plexus which creates a link between the throat and solar plexus crossing through the heart for validation. Expressions are birthed at the solar and executed at the throat. Now within the solar plexus you have a multitude of energies that you need to deal with, thus see it as a proverbial stop off point when moving from the base up before continuing the journey to your final destinations within the higher chakras, its like when you go walking in the wild you see ahead of you in the distance a beautiful park yet before you can reach this place you need to cross many hills, thus you have to do some serious climbing to get there, up rock faces, down cliffs, up steep hills, then cross waterfalls and eventually you reach a plateau very high up on a mountain top where the sun shines very brightly and ahead of you looking down you see this most beautiful yet mystical forest which we shall relate to the energy of the heart.

The solar plexus is the constant push and pull climbing up and down crossing challenging territory before you can get to the heart. The solar plexus is the part of the self that is in the direct line of fire when conflict arises. When a conflicting situation arises be it vocal or physical where a reaction of the self is required as defense it is done through the solar plexus which also serves as a storage centre for your ammunition. It is where you gather power for defense and conflict as well as store the power behind your values and worth for the solar plexus hosts the round table where discussions take place between the multiple facets of your personalities that finally come together and with that put all their cards on the table as each share their version of what they believe your overall personality must be, thus your reaction which either defend or diffuse. These facets of the personality within this centre will negotiate from here their wants, needs, expectancies and long term investments when it comes to your evolution. For this reason when you observe children, we have our little one in the midst but I am sure he is as good as pie, (little boy in circle), especially between the ages of 8 and 14 they can be rather a handful not so?

A: Yes (laughter)

MK: This is because at this age there are too many conflicting personalities around the table of the solar plexus, thus a difficult age to have a ‘balanced discussion’ with as they do not even know who they are at that stage. How can they understand what you are trying to communicate with them if they aren’t able to communicate with themselves? You have all the different personalities all bartering who they want to be friends with for whatever reason thus it becomes an incredible challenge for anyone to live within their solar plexus which is why you relate this confusion to indigestion when you are not well, because the solar plexus is the main centre of human digestion. This is why you refer to the term ‘gut feel’ as a hunch, or lower mental intuitive thought, for the solar plexus makes you feel in your gut what it knows, acting as your defense or reason centre. Now if you recall the action of war is rooted within the base, especially between you and your immediate circle of family or friends, then at the sacral you declare war against anyone and anything, and at the solar plexus you check out your defense ability for at the sacral you don’t think, you leap into flight and fight, yet at the S olar Plexus you take stock of your ammunition weighing your attack against your worth. Here at the defense centre within the solar plexus is where integrity and honesty is being programmed into your personality type.

At the solar plexus the fragments of your personalities all give their six pence worth yet the peace aspect of the self calls upon the higher self for advice and guidance which is when the peace aspect overseen by the Elohim of Peace then demands of you to create an amalgamated decision involving all the facets of your personality. This choice is either detrimental or in support of your evolvement.

As you grow up and older the solar plexus (your lower metal centre) communicates with your higher mental centre (the brow centre or third eye centre) and then according to the maturity within your heart centre a decision is made on what your overruling personality type is. This is why you might know someone who changes personalities when older as there is a change of heart as you say for the essence within the heart centre has shifted.

The major personality type that eventually is born form the combination of the immature personalities then finally claims a name for itself. It either keeps the same name, or this is when you ask others to call you on a nickname or abbreviate your name or altogether you prefer to change your name for the personality type that was created by all of the fragments within the lower mental may not be happy with the tone image that is created within the maturing solar plexus. There is nothing wrong with this as it doesn’t matter if you change your name at this or any other stage but what does matter is for you to claim the right to your identity and the identity of the self is then what births the new mature aspects of the self which then presents the lessons of value and integrity, of honesty and honor, these lessons then become the actual essence of your ‘true’ personality.

It is also at this level where you work through the energy of promises, because of the internal God Aspect of Peace within the solar plexus promises create either conflict or satisfying conduct for at this level of your digestion you actually face the promises of your life, the promises made to the self, others and visa versa, the kept and the ones that weren’t kept. The foundations of promises are found within the sacral but it is at the solar plexus where you have to face ethics, thus where the real challenge is recorded according to your individual unique personality for it is here where the essence of your personality realizes the higher purpose behind self-love, integrity, honesty and so on which then anchors this energy within your evolving wakening consciousness which as time moves along evolves and with that bare the most beautiful fruits which inturn enable you to pass these qualities on to your siblings and so on.

So the personality types that you face when growing up forms the basis for the eventual personality. These facets of you receive information via the 8th chakra programming the solar plexus with positive and negative traits according to its liking. Once these energies are lodged, the heart then stirs into evolvement and according to the energy within the solar plexus begins its journey of awakening which is usually round the age of 15/16, thus you as a being look in the eyes of another and begin to feel a love desire stirring for them, do you recall this feeling? (Mumbling and laughter). Now the initial desire from within the heart that stimulate ‘the want and need’ of your attachment to another is then also influenced by the diversity within the 8th chakra which creates energetic links between the 8th and the 4th (heart) chakra which labels you. This label of others opinion, is actually ‘created’ by you because of the way you…enlighten me please….

A; Behave
Mk: Because of the way you love yourself. S ome think you are labeled according to the way you treat others which is true, yet the way you treat others is a direct reflection of the value of the self. S o this is when huge conflict arises as the solar plexus can be a very forceful and interrogating centre for some as they grow through it allowing it to evolve into more mature levels at age of 15/16/17, yet on the other hand some never grow into maturity no matter their age. It is from the unevolved solar plexus that the multiple facets of the unstable personality gets reprimanded by the higher self to ‘grow up’. Have you ever heard these words expressed?

A: Yes (laughter)

MK: Thus it is the solar plexus that never ‘grow up’ to express through balanced emotions its mature personality type. This is when the child aspect within the 8th chakra tries to control the already confusing personality within the solar plexus with the result the child archetype rules by throwing its toys from its cot which is another imbalanced human reaction.

Having said this when it comes to your addictions; these energies have minute root systems lodged within the base centre and as time moves on the roots set out and with that really anchors itself within the level of your foundations within the sacral, but it is at the level of the solar plexus that you set these foundations in stone in other words it is here where you as a response able person then take this energy and place the cause due to your actions and reactions effectively within the throat, and at this level because of your habits it creates what is known as an addiction. A repetitive action becomes a habit, a regular habit then becomes a full blown addiction within the throat your truth centre.

A repetitive action has to be fully lodged within the lower mental thus the solar plexus for it to shift this habit into the throat via the nerve plexus from where it travels along the synapse at regular intervals to the addiction centre at the base of the skull which controls obsessions and cravings, called the hypothalamus, which then passes on these impulses or triggers via the medulla oblongata into the various centers which then relays this to the physical organs involved according to the stimuli, thus a chain of reactions for every action is formed repeatedly all due to the relationship between the hypothalamus and the unevolved solar plexus which then create a whole new personality that demands the addiction or fix, formed due to very complex nerve demands which all triggers impulses with the end result you also being labeled by others according to the way you treat yourself therefore know that in the long run what others generally think of you is what you reflect out, for if you didn’t then why don’t you change other’s opinion about you, which you don’t because nine times out of ten it the reason is due a low self esteem and denial defense mechanisms.

Beloved ones a low self esteem is created through your beliefs of not being worthy. Worthiness is what you reflect out to others according to the way you believe you should be treated thus a low self esteem which develops at a early age as a result of being insecure and more often than not due to an imbalanced masculine/feminine process which often is a direct result of how these energies were projected unto the developer by his/her peers and parents. This is why it is extremely important for you to make sure about how you react to the actions of your children. When you overreact it often causes them to feel under attack which is when they declare war from their base chakra which then sends a message to the solar plexus declaring the self to be unworthy. Over reacting mostly stems from personal un-accomplishments.

So the solar plexus beloved ones is the part of the self that engages in deep conversation with the self on every level which is why the evolved solar plexus or solar self form a permanent desire liaison with the energy of peace. Everyone strives to have peace within your lives somehow, yet the conflicting selfishness or the part of the self that is never happy with the progress of the self wont allow the self to be at peace with the self, creating a constant yearning to create something that is not needed which is what arises when one constantly tries to prove yourself to your family, colleagues and friends and so on. This usually arises in close-knit situations where great conflict is caused by diverse beliefs. Beloved ones also lodged here within this very stubborn centre is your inherited challenges which are passed on from the father or grandfather, the effect which can be traced 7-9 generations back on the father’s side, 7 generations where you can pin point family traits and another 2 further back all playing part in the forming of your personality type therefore do not ever feel alone (laughter) but feel the need to summons these energies in and sit them down around your negotiating table within the solar plexus your power centre and then very powerfully determine your personality type through the act of your will expressed through your heart. When this is determined at the level of the will within the throat it presents another power struggle but at the level of the heart is where the aspects of love within your personality begins to blossom for you.

Another aspect of the solar plexus is about to unfold, as a complete new energy begins to form between the solar plexus and the heart chakra, we have mentioned many times your solar-heart centre. This centre is an amalgamated energy of the solar and heart centers because in time to come there will be no more conflict between personality types for there will be no more war that will flame up the fire within your Light Centre, the solar plexus. Therefore the unconditional love aspect will awaken fully within the heart, and due to one of your most powerful personality traits called compassion you will be able to spread love, joy and happiness to the self as with all others no matter where, when and how. Thus a blending of energies will in time result in the solar-heart centre. In the same way a blending of energies will activate a fully active higher heart centre creating a flow of energy between the heart and sacred heart. In the same way a link will form between the sacred heart and evolved throat centre which will certainly affect the energies of the higher centers. Because of the challenges presenting themselves for you to make up your mind on whom you are, all of the chakras has to become congruent. Thus instead of creating war, anger and conflict you will need to face the masculine/feminine processes within each centre which calls for you to reveal your aspects of power, innocence, majesty, humility, which will support your full evolvement in the new energy especially from next year, 2009, creating masterful aspects of the self with one personality type. The only way this can become a true possibility beloved ones is for the base, the sun, the sacral, the solar, the heart, the higher heart, the throat, and all the way up into your crown to form a communicating link between all of the avenues of your existence and all that is.

This means taking on your multi-dimensional reality and in so doing claim your multi-dimensional personality, thus when new energies will be active within your immediate energy field which will facilitate the full birth of your solar self (light self). This birth is obviously the change over from a carbon originated energy into a crystalline silica being, refining the self within the solar plexus to move on from the limited judgment of the self and others to a much refined solar-heart being. In other words this is when all emotions will be sensible. Once the solar centre begins its evolvement it relinquishes control, let’s go of lower emotions within the unevolved sacral and with that hands over the keys of the personality vehicle within the evolved solar plexus to a higher energy. The evolved emotions or higher emotions within the evolved solar plexus then goes through a reality check of the personality type which then further hand over the keys to the higher mental within the brow. The brow then communicate this change over to the crown where it takes on a whole new explanation and you become a whole new persona or reality for the crown and solar plexus constantly engages in communication stirring the self to move on, to evolve from the lower self to the S henchi or solar self. The solar work more closely with the evolvement of the lower self where the crown works closely connecting one to your higher self and all this must have the approval stamp from the heart, your quality control centre.

The crown is the part of the self that acts upon the rest of the body keeping it in check as within so without as above so below therefore determining whether a 3D or 5D being depending on the advance levels of thought found within these centers which is determined by the level of evolvement and your inner claiming of self-worth.

Beloved ones, even though there are many beings upon your planet, within and around your planet that work closely with the energy of your personal and planetary solar plexus (Kilimanjaro in Africa), and I am sure you know many of them, you have the Cohan of this plexus which is overseen by the energy you know as lady Nada. The archangelic aspect is overseen by the being you know as Uriel, but understand that in each of you there is a beautiful energy imprinted within the solar plexus that also carries the imprint of Mary of Magdalene and Jesus. These two beings are responsible for bringing into this new age a whole new understanding of the masculine/feminine balance. These two beings were on a proverbial pedestal during the Piscean age especially indoctrinated through many of the teachings of various religious backgrounds, but what you will come to know in the Aquarian Age as time unfolds for itself, is the truth and reality behind these beings as you will come to understand that within each of you there is a Holy Grail Energy Code as you will come to share with another not only the supposed male superior aspect of the self which you will recognize as the initial suffering Christ, but also the S upreme and eternally Blissful Christ. S o too will you come to know within the self the often sad and honorably suffering feminine aspect of the Mary of Magdalene and with that you will share with others the powerful freedom being expressed through the inner feminine that shall deliver through the act of liberation a whole new perception and meaning to being liberate.

So these are the aspects of the self that ushers in a whole new energy which is firmly implanted within your personality type through the action of the 6th Ray. The 6th Ray is the ray which powerfully activates the various aspects of the personality into a much more refined energy, this ray works directly with the solar plexus as a Indigo earth ray yet also connects evolved consciousness to the Diamond Ray which is facilitated through the Energy of Lord Jesus whom are currently transcending into much higher planes of consciousness, and as this transpires so then shall everything else follow therefore you need to understand that the time is nigh for you to come to terms with all conflicting energies within your solar plexus as the birth of your integrity and honor codes is what is truly important RIGHT NOW. You cannot move on from here within your 5th Dimensional Body of Light living in a 3rd Dimensional state of mind. You cannot move on from the limited world that you have entertained for eons if you still give your attention to all of the facets of a fragmented personality that kept you there, therefore as the solar plexus is being recalibrated as the element of the S un within you, the prodigal son within awakens to new levels thus understand beloved ones that as we have related it previously to a planetary aspect your planet is undergoing massive solar cosmic challenges, challenges that cannot withstand Light. The consciousness of the planet has to move forward as a united front and it will, no matter, for the light upon this planet to a great degree thanks to you and the likes of you is what will take this planet into its Ascension years. You are the very ones that have come to do this in the way that you are doing and because of this there is no more time left  for you to decipher which aspect of your personality you feel more comfortable with for beloved ones there is only one aspect of your personality that you should be most comfortable with and that is the aspect that radiate out its light and seen as a clear beacon on the brightest day as it spreads its wings as a powerful phoenix bringing unto mankind new answers as you serve as a prophet amongst your own, and in so doing claim the right to be your authentic self as you challenge the self to every promise of the self at every level of the self and with that are able to gather all of the fragments of the personality self reflecting it out to others as ONE beautiful expression called the S olar S elf.

The S olar S elf is birthed when the energies of gravity and magnetics are congruent, thus when you are finally able to embrace the self acknowledging your divinity as you actively and consciously draw upon the photonic energy that is available to each of you enabling you to be the manifesting co-creators of your lives. This is when you can claim the truth of the light that is within you, this is the time when you are able to stand firm in your claim of being an aspect, a sacred aspect of Cosmic Consciousness for you are, thus know this is the time in your lives where you can truly join hands and hearts expressing from levels of true and deep integrity, supporting mankind in all that you do, and do so by keeping the golden flame oppose to tiny sparks of your sun burning within. In this way you support others by lighting up their fire without causing intrusive smoke.

Beloved ones the year 2009 is the year where you shall come to face your own mastery as it is the year where you shall steadfastly shape your mastery. In other words it is the year where you shall be the one that decides on your armor, your breastplate, its value and stones set within, for you shall be the one that will manifest your needs and desires and in so doing you shall be the one that will stand up within the self for that which you do and do not believe, thus take the very sharp scissors of eternal consciousness and create new vows and promises as you decide authentically what your worth is all about whilst you cut away ALL the old of ways. For only you can, and as from the end of this year, the next wave of Ascension Energy that will embrace your planet from the end of this year, you will be required to know these honorary codes within the self and not with judgment but with discernment decide for the self who you are, thus where you see yourself in times ahead, and also decide for the self what you wish to entertain your time with for this is what shapes your attitude and your attitude is what WILL eventually change your habits.

Sit with your back close to the chairs, thus please straighten your spines. (All do it) Pause.

Beloved ones, we’d like for you to become very comfortable with the self, be in your solar plexus self, keep your hands on your lap and just be comfortable, and with that bring your attention to the area that is known as your solar plexus. Pause.

Now do some good breathing, consciously. Thus inhale and exhale deeply and fully with a pause between. Pause. S imply allow a fresh flow of oxygen within and through that area. Very Long Pause.

Now I want you to imagine a golden ball as large as a golf ball begins to form within your solar plexus. Pause. Once established allow this golden energy to grow with every inhale and with every exhale the inner matrix core of this energetic ball becomes purer and lighter and brighter. Pause. With every inbreath allow this energy to expand until you can relate to this soccer ball seize golden energy within your solar plexus. Pause. Now allow this to increase in seize until it fully envelops your entire energy field, holding you within its magnificent golden energy. Long pause.

Visualize yourself very quietly and securely being held within this golden bubble. Pause.

Now from your solar plexus I want you to send down a communicating message to the earth, communicating to the earth how you feel about her, the love you have for her, how grateful you are for all that she has facilitated for you and gifted unto you lifetime after lifetime, communicate your power and will in support of her, much of which you were unable to communicate in previous lifetimes in this way. Pause.

From your solar plexus with the stamp of your personality’s approval I now want you to connect to your immediate family and friend circles. Quickly bring their images into your mind and with that give a quick acknowledgement for these beautiful people in your lives even if at times there are conflict and you feel at times unable to communicate with them it matters not, give your thanks for the roles they play within your life. Pause.

From your solar plexus – give your thanks to the Mighty on High for gifting you with the gift on another earth life yet again, give your thanks to the Creator Principle for your awakening consciousness and for reaching a level of understanding within this lifetime of whom you truly are. Pause.

Now give thanks to all of the other beings playing an integral part within your life as they form part of your life team, be that colleagues, acquaintances, it matters not and herewith include the animals in your life, any and all. Pause. Include here all others apart from those which we have mentioned. Long Pause.

Beloved ones through this energy exchange you are creating a cross-energy effect which resembles the current crossroad in your lives, all held within the core of your solar plexus as above so below, as within so without therefore acknowledge beloved ones that by activating this golden cocoon from the level of your solar self within the flame core of this plexus,  you truly give thanks to all of the aspects of the self for this in reality is a connective energy to all that plays part in your life for everything that you see without you realize within. Thus it is here at the cross roads of your evolution that you prepare to enter the levels of the heart and its sacred pathways, thus before you can journey any further to meet the spirit within the heart Essence, understand before you can claim any right to you as a person, in any way, which is made known to you though the act of great humbleness within the evolved crown and sacred ego, you have to face the challenge of being in gratitude with the self. It is here within the very core of the solar plexus where the cross roads of your life demands of you to be at this time in a state of peace which is overseen by the Elohim of Peace within this centre. Pause. Therefore understand dear ones that the challenges of the ceremonies in your lives, thus the gatherings and social aspects of the self together with the conflict that may be created through the many social aspects of the self here at this level, is what gives unto you the power to claim and be one united authentic self. Pause.

Now bring your attention a magnificent being that manifests in front of you, a very powerful and huge Archangel that answers to the name Uriel. Pause. The archangel Uriel is the one that supports you through blessings of eternal power and will to create an authentic journey for the self. Pause.

In your minds eye, visualize a magnificent being that manifests behind you and as she enters your space you become aware of the gentle rose-pink energy of Lady Nada. Pause. Lady Nada beloved ones is the most gentle soul that brings to you great healing and insight in times of turmoil and trouble as she is always there, often making herself known either through the fragrance of a beautiful rose or through the colour rose-pink. S he delivers healing unto the all upon your plane therefore call upon her at these times as she will activate the peace essence within.

Manifesting now on either side of you facing you, is the Energy on your right you know as Mary of Magdalene and on the left the Energy of the Masterful Joshua, Jesus. Pause. Now simply be within this most incredible energy for a while as you feel the Presences of Uriel in the front, Nada behind, Mary of Magdalene right and the Lord S ananda on your left. Longer pause.

Now visualize a linking energy manifesting within the ethers connecting the energy of their solar plexus, in other words visualize an energy linking the solar plexus of these four beings with you held in the centre. Pause.

I now want you to visualize these beings move further away from you stepping away in the direction of where they are held and as they do so they expand the golden bubble that you are held within. Pause. Now the two energies that faces you from the back and front, Uriel and Nada remains still (about 2mt away from you) whilst the Energy field of Jesus and Mary of Magdalene moves away further (4mt away from you to either side). Pause. You will now notice the energy link between the solar plexus of these four beings changing shape into a true diamond shape holding you within its core. Pause. These four beings held within this golden vibration are creating an energy imprint for you which will assist you in understanding and embracing Diamond Consciousness. Pause. Your eyes are still closed yet you feel their eyes fixed upon you for they continue facing you, as they lift their hands towards the level of their mouths (their solar plexuses still firmly linked) and with that a magical golden egg about the seize of your original activating golden energy manifests upon their open cupped palms. Pause. Holding their hands at the level of their mouths (with the golden egg upon it) they step further away from you doubling the width between their energies and yours thus powerfully increasing your immediate energy field. Pause.

Beloved ones at the count of 3 these beings will simultaneously blow the golden eggs or balls of their palm chakras and even though the distances aren’t the same these etheric golden energies will float towards your solar plexus reaching the core of the plexus at exactly the same time igniting the core flame energy of this plexus, a ruby-golden flame.

The energies of Lord Jesus and Lady Mary of Magdalene presented to you this day serve as a reminder that the manifestation of your dreams very much depends on what energy you give it, what attitude you serve with, and bless it with. These powerful beings powerfully ignite the energy within the solar plexus through their service of the 6th Ray, the ray that serves as a reminder for you to re-member devoting your time and consciousness to that which you believe, therefore these two beings through this activation will initiate within you all of that which is needed by the self that will support you in claiming the worthiness of the self from a balanced masculine/feminine aspect. Pause.

You have the energies of these beings, all four of them through this visualization stretching your imagination instead of us keeping your visualization boxed within equilateral constrains therefore allow the power within the self to expand your mental field so that you will reach a stage of recognizing your unlimited potential. Pause. And with that at the count of 3 these beings will release these balls to meet at the same time within the core of the solar flame, thus the two energies from the sides will travel faster than the two energies from the back and front, this facilitates an awakening within your cell tissue of your multidimensional qualities, thus the part of the new personality of the self that KNOW S that anything and everything I S possible, and as mentioned these energies will meet up within the flame of your solar fire, igniting into a golden flame with a smaller Ruby flame held in its core. Pause.

One, Two, and release, Three…very long pause.

Allow this energy to ignite within the core of your plexus, the golden flame initially about 10cm in height with Ruby flame about 3cm both anchored within the core of the solar plexus. Very long pause.

Beloved ones, now still within your golden cocoon give thanks to these beings whom have stepped forward to assist the activation of new levels of self-awareness for you. Take your time, as you address each of them thanking them for allowing their energy within the avenues of your mind in support of the unfolding process of the awakening solar or cosmic self. Long pause.

Now I want you to visualize the following: keep the ruby flame burning within the solar plexus but expand the golden flame to meet with the energies of the heart and sacral, pause, once done allow this golden flame to retract back to 10cm, then allow it to retract further with the golden flame burning about 3cm and the ruby flame within the golden flame core about 1cm high. Very long Pause.

Beloved ones now become aware of another two beings that manifest ahead of you still within your golden energy field, both facing you. These beings will differ from person to person, for these angels are also here in support of the evolution of the self, activating deeper understanding of the self and in so doing grounding new levels of value within the self, your views, opinions and expressions, embracing self worth, letting go of the self-ish-ness, to discern oppose to judge, and to embrace the truth of the Presence of the Elohim of Peace within, which is there to support the link or cross over between your lower and higher energy centers which will assist you in being a individual authentic being yet appreciate all as ONE.

These two beings now hands to you a gift, two golden energy eggs or balls which they insert etherically on either side of your solar plexus about 3cm in diameter. I now want you to visualize these golden balls increase their vibration and with that increase the Light Quotient within your solar plexus. Now visualize pulses being emitted from the chakras of these two beings meeting at the core flame of your solar plexus and as this happens it births another golden egg which lodges itself between your sacral and solar plexus, the same seize as the first two energies. Now become aware of another frequency forming, linking these 3 outer golden egg energies creating a downward triangle imprint over the solar plexus. Pause. Visualize this frequency increasing which firmly imprints the triangle and with that another energy forms encapsulating the bottom golden egg (between the solar and sacral) silver in colour twice as big as the golden energy thus about 6cm in diameter. Pause.

Thus to recap the last part, you have 3 golden eggs 3cm in diameter that supports the solar fire within, 2 on either side of solar plexus, one between the solar and sacral creating a downward triangle imprint over this area in support of the ruby-golden flame, then another egg, silver and much larger forms around the lower egg about 6cm in diameter which encapsulated the lower golden egg.


– Kuthumi then recapped the entire initiation…. –

So beloved ones with that you now have burning within the ruby-golden flame within the solar plexus, the violet flame within the sacral, the golden flame within the sun and the white flame within the base. You have the supporting gold and silver energy within the base, the new sun energy which is awaking a wonderful real-i-sation within the self about your create-ability using your creativity, you have the activation of the S un within your solar plexus which delivers unto you a power unlike anything you have previously experienced.

The energy activated so far beloved ones support the foundational aspects within for you to create anew and thus to claim your birth right as a powerfully strong magnificent being, authentic in your knowing, and fully compassionate within your caring. Now with that at once open your eyes, and be back in this room, and fully ground yourself at once. Pause

MK: Challenging not so?

A: Yes

Mk: Its called being multi-dimensional. (Laughter). This is where you will begin to learn to separate the part of the self that runs and hides in the bushes from the one that runs ahead scouting in your honor.

Beloved ones are the any very urgent questions that we may assists with this afternoon as we have extended our time.

A: I don’t have a question but would really like to thank you Lord Kuthumi for all that you have done as you have taught me over the last 3 years so much, and I hope that you and all the other light beings will follow me to Zambia where I am moving to, to carry on with this work.

Mk: Beloved brother we are already there preparing the way and building a place for you to live in (screeches of laughter as he apparently have to live in a tent)

A: I’ll have a double bed thank you

Mk: The greediness of the ego (screeches of laughter) were you present this afternoon? (Laughter)

A: here and in Zambia

Mk: Evidently so. Beloved brother you have taken on a journey to explore the self beyond the normal boundaries, and with that know that boundaries are another huge energy found within the solar plexus, thus the need to put them in place and learn to live within, yet without limits. Boundaries set the various aspects of the personality in place, so with this personality type that you have taken on to go and venture into the unknown wild, we gift to you a sincere blessing from our hearts to yours with the knowing that you can never be alone, no matter what. Beloved brother we wish for you a journey ahead of peace, and during the rocky times that lie ahead, know to call our names for we are with you, always in all ways, blessed be you.

A: Thank you.

Beloved ones, beloved brothers and sisters and beautiful little one of the magnificent planet of the S ON, from here on the journey of the awakening essence of the self will speed up in vibration as you have to become more familiar and at ease with the multidimensional aspects of the self and others. S o in other words this is the stage where we combine all the fear-based issues within the self sending them on an everlasting vacation (laugher) for from here forward, there is no more room within your energies to entertain any aspects of fear in anyway, or entertain any aspects of lack of any kind.

You are the ones that shall venture from here and in some way pass these messages unto your people therefore you are the ones that needs to be upgraded and recalibrated in such a way that it will allow you to take the teachings of Light and share these with another, in this way share the passion of the self with another and more so do this in such a way for them to fully understand what you are getting across, for that is where things gets tricky, when there is no understanding.

If you take fear out of projected thoughts all you are left with is a mutual, balanced and peaceful understanding, and this is ultimately where this planet is heading and ultimately and inevitably where every one of you are heading and with that claim the power of your solar self, be the son and the daughter of the One that Created you, fully, push your boundaries, live your lives, expand your dreams, and live each moment as if it were the last. I am Kuthumi, I am the Lord and the Master of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless thee in love, Adonai.

A: Adonai.



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