Sacral Chakra “The Violet Flame of Emotional Illumination”. Part 2

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Ascended Master Kuthumi

Sacral Chakra “The Violet Flame of Emotional Illumination”. Part 2 

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

Join us this day for a recalibration of the foundations of our
emotions. During the first session we were shown how outside forces
controlled our outcome. During this channelling we will be taken
through a clearing of our emotional baggage using the goddess flame of
illumination which will be presented through the Energy of Lady Portia
and Saint Germain.

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be
made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not
add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations,
simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be
undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for
your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by
your higher self for your greater good.


I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to
greet thee at this time, and to bring unto thee a blessing from my
heart, blessing beloved ones that will support you in each and every
way to overcome every obstacle which still binds you to the power of
your unbalanced emotions.

K. Greetings beloved Ones

A. Greetings Lord Kuthumi

K. It is with great joy and great pleasure within our hearts that we
gather with you upon this day, as we hold each of you here firmly
within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved
brothers and sisters of this magnificent planet earth we welcome in
this presence the energy of St Germain, and his female counterpart,
Lady Portia.


The alchemy of consciousness is what the evolution of man is about in
this century at this particular time. As you are aware some of the
masses aren’t yet able to relate to the subject as easily as others,
with most gathering within smaller study groups, thus those following
the path of enlightenment, ascension and spirituality, yet Beloved
ones if you look at the word alchemy and you look at the word
consciousness, these are two expressions within your earth terms that
everybody at some level become aware of. These are two words within
your English language that most people understand, or so it would
seem. Perhaps better they are able to comprehend them, and in saying
that: vaguely though not truly. For you as light workers, as bearers
of the light of the new planet earth, to walk within the alchemy of
consciousness it means something altogether yet again. It means the
awakening of your own awareness to the extent that you are able to
realize your full potential. That is what it means.

To be able to get yourself to understand it at that level and to be
able to get you to come and be at peace within quantum consciousness
you had to open up to the alchemy of the cosmos. This is another way
of saying ‘becoming aware of that which you have been striving to work
towards, learning and study towards’.

Humanity on the whole Beloved ones, no matter how restricting it seems
are playing out their part. They are living out their life experience
as they have planned, and that is to be present upon this planet at a
time of such immense changes, and yet, some still are not able to
grasp the truth and the reality behind the alchemy of their own
consciousness. This is a choice that some humans has chosen to
experience thus come to live with, within and through. The reason why
I, Kuthumi, wish to address this with you this afternoon, at the very
beginning of this afternoon’s transmission, is for you to finally pave
a way by understanding that it matters not where the mass
consciousness is at for you as light workers, but what does matters is
that you as light workers continue working in the light, with the
light, for the light. Continue allowing the light to work for you and
in so doing continue to create chains of consciousness, and those
chains, Beloved ones, will awaken links of new energy which will
eventually stretch out into unlimited space, and with that has to
influence every part and particle of the collective unconscious.

The mission that you have taken on as a light worker is to be on this
planet at this particular time doing what you are doing. And
therefore, at this crucial time of awakening, this particular time
that you are within, the month of September, which always proves to be
one of the most intense months of your year, each and every one of you
must make a point to keep your concentrations on unity and
togetherness, oppose to the constant search for confirmation and with
that create uncertainty within the self for that is what you do. You
prod in areas where there is absolutely no need, as these are the
areas where empty pockets of thought is formed challenging your
reality with remarks such as ‘the collective unconsciousness will
never wake up to the extent that it should’ and so on, well I tell you
it will.

At this particular time, it is extremely important, Beloved ones to be
aware of that which you entertain within your minds. It is extremely
important for you to stop questioning how and simply accept it as a
done deal. Much is happening in and around the earth. Various forces
of light are all working together as one united force and with that
the programming for the final cornerstone is done, and by that I mean
the final awakening is here. This is done in a way that will enable
every man, woman and child upon this planet to look at this planet and
it’s energy in a different way, in the way of an ascending planet, in
a way of shifting consciousness, in a way of a cosmic transcendence
and in so doing realize that all of that which is contained in this
Universe, and every other Universe will never be the same. For that is
what everybody has strived towards it is what you came to do. The
energy that fights against it, or the energy that often prevents
humanity from truly stepping in to their own power, is the energy of
doubt. Doubt, Beloved ones, is one of the first energies that keep the
sacral area of your body under its controlling unsettling powers.

You have come to terms with the fact that control is rooted in the
base. Now you will come to understand that by taking the control
within the base and allowing it to grow a little it then connects you
to the control within the sacral, and the issues of control in the
sacral is mainly caused by doubt, which is fed from the sacral via the
solar into the heart. Doubt, beloved ones, is an empty energy that
creates confusion, and doubt is the very energy we spoke of earlier.
In other words the energy that your planet is being faced with at the
moment and it is doubt that at the end of the day convinces others
that it might never be. Therefore whatever the situation is in your
life, or in your working situation, or in your living situation or in
your personal lives it matters not, be very careful when words of
doubt are expressed for what happens is it plants a seed, sure it may
not grow, or it may depending on how much water you give it (conscious
attention), for this is the planet of water and water relates to
everything upon this planet. Anything and everything is somehow
involved within the water component of the planet. Doubt is an energy
as many will understand that will actually destroy your foundations in
many ways. So in other words, instead of giving your power and your
strength to that which you wish to have transpire, what happens is,
you allow the insecurity of others to plant doubt in your minds, and
doubt, beloved ones, is the one thing that you as light workers cannot
afford to entertain at this particular, or any other stage of your lives.


The energy that hovers just above your earth plane, the energy that
plans for you a future, the energy that creates a way for you to move
on and to change is an energy that is constantly bubbling, it is
constantly moving. As it’s physical components bubbles and moves about
it changes its element, it changes its characteristics, for it has to.
Therefore you have to become aware that your future, and by that I
mean four and a half minutes from now, depends very much on where your
constant thus current state of thought is. Now your constant state of
thought, although grounded and secure need to allow a way for you to
bring in an energy of change enabling you to shift and move on. The
energy of change that helps you to create anew, to find anew, that,
beloved ones, is an energy that you need to explore, and when
exploring allow the doubt that prevents you from actually getting
through that essence, the essence that blocks you, to go, allow it to
dissipate. Allow the energy of other’s doubt to be where it is
supposed to be instead of grounded within your foundations. For the
foundations in your life very much works on the principle of stairs,
if you like. For you have the first level, then the next level, and
then you have the next after that and so on and so forth. The higher
you climb the more every one of those stairs that you’ve left behind,
or that you’ve stepped on as you moved along, serves as the foundation
for the level where you are at. In other words although the base
chakra serves as a foundational platform for all of your chakras as it
contains your roots systems and that of your issues, it also serves as
a foundation and platform for the energies that prepare you to be able
to move up into the sacral.

Now the sacral in its way serves as a platform for the solar plexus
and so on and so forth. So here at the emotional foundations of your
life, beloved ones, it is time for you to separate that which you
believe from the doubt within your questioning minds. We have spoken
about your belief systems, we have spoken about that which you believe
or you don’t believe, yet, now we are going to show you how to change
this by changing your thought. And that is, you have to begin to erase
the doubt within your emotional foundations. What is doubt? Doubt is
the inability to believe, not so. Therefore, why do you have to have
the constant assurance that indeed you are on the right road, along
the correct journey for is this not being insecure?…but then again
at times humanity feels comfortable in zones that feels unsure.
Therefore they need the constant reassurance that they are on the
right path, that they are doing the right thing and that they are able
to move ahead in their own planning and their own lives. The one thing
you need beloved ones, anchored within every cell of your body to be
able to ensure yourself laying foundations for your future growth, is
vitality. Vitality of course is contained as one of the overruling and
major energies of this navel area. Vitality is expressed through
everything that you are. What creates vitality? Vitality is created
through your foods, it is created as a result of your state of health,
it is created through expression, and importantly it is created by all
of that which you share with the self and others at any and all times
this is what TRULY creates vitality.

But as you move along this amazing staircase awakening to the journey
of the self you will come to realize what you are actually doing is
preparing yourself as an alchemist, awakening to new consciousness.

What you need to discover along your journey or growth beloved ones is
that one of the greatest issues that prevent you from having fantastic
vitality is your attitude. Attitude is a personality trait that you
find within the solar plexus. Yet, because the sacral forms the
foundation for the platform of the solar plexus, just as the root
forms the platform for the foundation of your sacral, you have to
understand that although your attitude is eventually decided upon by
the self within the solar plexus, your attitude expression, in other
words, your foundations of attitude is found within the sacral and
this attitudinal foundation is what decides, at that level, what your
vitality is about.

You can be a very ill person. You can have a very negative mindset.
You can be miserable. You can be complaining all day long about just
about anything that you can think of. In actual fact, you can be so
bloody miserable that nobody wants to speak to you yet you can decide
for yourself, with your attitude towards yourself how well you truly
are. Yes. Then I ask you, if you are able to shift the state of your
physical health by attuning your foundations of attitude within the
sacral, why do you overdose yourself with excess vitamins?

A. Interesting

K. Correct – it’s very interesting sister, for, if your state of mind
can shift your vitality, why do you have to live within sheep
consciousness thus Flock consciousness falling down, bowing down to
situations and institutions that creates all sorts of things for you
to be, to take, to understand. Yet each and every one of you here and
each and every one of the beings out there have been blessed with an
absolute natural inborn intelligence called God. It is the
intelligence of the creator that awakens your intelligence within,
your intellect and through this power is able to lay the foundations
of your holiness which is formed at the level of the second or the
navel chakra.

The foundations of the spirit-ness that is you, your spirituality,
beloved ones, awakens very gently within the sacral, therefore if you
come across any one of your friends or family that prefers to believe
and live in an indoctrinated religious way and every time you speak
with them, or have a conversation with them and they actually are in a
defensive mode, defending their own religious beliefs, simply know
they communicate from a slow spinning or closed sacral chakra. What
happens etherically is they are closing the door on that which they
are not prepared to express (see), because the second chakra and the
third eye chakra are the two chakras that actually are able to see
things in a different light, the agree to disagree scenario (which
then works in conjunction with the throat chakra for expression of
truth). That is why very often when you start yourself on a journey of
exploration and a journey of tapping into the alchemy of
consciousness, you are able to move quite fast from one level onto the
next, because of that interrelationship between the sacral and the
third eye. The sacral, the expression of your emotions in general and
of course the third eye, the expression of your inner vision thus the
ability for you to be able to visualize something that is not
tangible, in other words something that you do not see right in front
of your eyes (visualization/meditation)

Having said this it is at the level of the sacral of that one of your
most important energies begins taking form and shape, the foundations
of YOUR holy spirit within.

For here at this level is where you begin to understand what your
calling is. It is from this level of the self within the navel, or
below the navel, that you are able to decide for yourself what you
think your future should be. It doesn’t matter if it turns out that
way or not, it is from there that you initially plan it as this is the
major area of birth and gestation. This is the area where you carry
the ideas that will push you into a new consciousness. In other words,
it is from here, beloved ones, that you are able to fuse the doubt of
others, by beginning to give life, thus water, nurturing the roots of
your attitude towards your beliefs. And in that way it forms a magical
loop, linking the base, the sacral and the solar plexus. Do you follow me?

A. Yes

K. Very good

So, your attitude within the solar plexus is what eventually gives
power to your beliefs, whilst your emotional attitude within the
sacral thus your foundations is what decide how you are going to cope
with the changes within your lives. Are you able to move on and with
that how far you will push your boundaries of doubt? How much doubt
are you prepared to swallow to enable others to come to the
understanding of what you mean, or what you say? With that know there
is only one energy, beloved ones, that prevents you from actually
breaking through other’s doubt and that is the doubt of the self, self
doubt. The self doubt in this centre is what feeds the roots of your
superstition. At the first level of the basis of your foundations
(roots) the superstition and suspicious energies were very powerful,
but here at the second level up, in other words here at your advanced
root system called foundations within the sacral or the navel chakra,
is where you now have to come to terms with the fact that you
after-all are superstitious or aren’t you. Once this is established it
then is anchored within the throat with its intensity depending on how
much power you give it.

You have to understand that the sacral and the base within your
chakric system forms the foundations of who you are. In the bases of
your foundation, in other words in the masculine root, you have the
influence that your mother has on your life which to a large degree
determines how the issues within this centre are able to evolve and
move on. In other words, the attitude of your mother towards you or
you towards your mother is what lays the foundations in the roots of
your existence within the base centre. Now at the sacral you have an
overriding feminine energy, thus here you have the conditioning of the
father or the masculine figures in your life that very much determines
the flow of energy within this centre, thus in other words that which
has been ingrained within you planted in your mental field anchored in
your reality through your male aspect it matters not who you are,
whether you are a male or female. Your fatherly peer figure is what
initially determines within your sacral the intensity of your
foundational attitude towards your creative emotions. Now the keys
here to look at are, first of all, the key of creativity. If you are a
creative person and very often you find that you suffer from creative
block, you’ve got all good intentions, you’ve got your papers out,
you’ve got your paints out yet somehow you simply aren’t able to get
started, understand here and now that it is a deep seated blockage
most commonly created by your father or a masculine peer that prevents
you from being your creative self. Go there and find out what it is.
Who is it and why? What prevents many people from doing this thought
is the fact that they are frightened to shed tears which is the sacral
in expression, the waterworks of your emotions. During the last
initiation when we gathered here, at the very end we left you with
quite a charming way of saying goodbye. Can anyone recall what that was?

A. No

K. For those of you that are interested, why don’t you go back and
find out? I’m not simply going to tell you what it is, because it’s
really up to you. Beloved ones, we left you with a wonderful
statement, a statement to bring you into a good state of mind lifting
you from the first level of your foundations to the next.

Lady in A: At this point you need to reveal it to us please?

K. At this point I will not reveal it to you (laughter)

K: Can anyone recall this?

A: Got something to do with if you’ve got a blockage you scribble to
get the creativity to come through.

K. No beloved brother and beloved sister – even though we told you
previously that we are no longer going to change your nappies, I shall
give you one last little bit of thick syrup on a huge saucer. I’m not
going to give it to you with a tablespoon or a teaspoon, but instead
I’m going to give it to you on a soup saucer and ask you to lick the
syrup out, (laughter) simply so that you can relate to the viscosity
of the fluidness of love.

What we shared with you was: If you are unable to put yourself in a
state of believing and a state of understanding your emotions we will
simply come and tickle you until you cry with laughter, for those of
you that remember this, which is of course the energy contained within
the sacral. Within the sacral or the navel level of your perception
exist the possibility for you to either shed tears of joy or tears of
sorrow, but tears there are. So crying with laughter or crying from
pain or disaster is where the choices in the second level of the navel
chakra takes you to, for choice is very much an energy that is located
within the throat yet founded within the sacral.

As we have shared even within the base you have choices, you have the
choice to decide how long you going to be ill for – yes? Yes – do you
recall that? You have the choice to decide what your illness is going
to do to you, not so? You have the choice to decide how dead you want
to be – do you recall that? (Laughter) Correct. So here the choices
you make at the level of your navel emotional centre are what brings
you into a state of change as this is the level of your perception
that is constantly on the move which explains why the nature of this
centre is very much liquid with water being its element. It is also at
this level where things can go horribly wrong as blockages within this
centre often prevent you from working with situations and energies and
understandings within the base, thus lodging them within their
rightful place within the solar plexus which is directly caused as a
result of the rigidity found within the sacral. So in other words the
sacral chakra shuts off, closing the door on your will, and with the
result you are unable to get to a point within the solar plexus to
understand who you truly are. It is the unevolved sacral chakra that
creates denial and with that you become completely bitter about
yourself and life. Therefore even though the root of diabetes is
lodged within the base it is within the sacral that it declares war
against you just like your immune system attacks the base chakra.
Diabetes and other illnesses related to the waterworks of your body,
in other words the kidneys, and anything related to the fluid aspect
of yourself all becomes a part of your reality from the level of the
sacral. Diabetes, beloved ones, is the one illness that results
because of blame.


It expresses internal bitterness and that is one of the other issues
within this centre that is so forcefully destructive as the unevolved
sacral ‘convinces’ you to hang onto the perception and belief that
others ‘need’ you. In this case want and need are the two energies
within the sacral and the base that forms the foundational link
between the two. So the need of others or the need of the self for
others to need them is what creates a lot of problems within the level
of the sacral. For understand this beloved ones, no one, no one has
taken on a lifetime upon this planet simply for somebody else to take
care of them, or for them to need somebody else.

Needing disguises the inability to be powerfully truthful to the self.
Needing is what also causes doubt within the being. When you continue
to express that people need you or they need you, or your parents need
you, or your husband needs you or your work needs you, or anybody
needs you then you best decide where your own insecurities are, for
that is all that it means as I expressed with you previously which is
your inability to understand that you are OK. Therefore you need
somebody else to need you so that you can feel secure in being wanted,
which is fueled through doubt, thus being in denial. Denial fuels
bitterness and bitterness due to the sweet imbalance causes diabetes
unless there is a biological hereditary cause which again reflects the
history of your masculine / feminine time-line roots.

When the female sacral is affected it causes dis-ease within the
female basin thus the ovaries, ovarian cancers, and vaginal cancers
etc. From the male side, it may influence your ability to perform
sexually and then there are the issues relating to prostate cancers,
kidney problems, diabetes and so on all which reflects an imbalance
between the sugar (energy) the starch (endurance) and the proteins
(power) within your lives.

These are all the issues that are directly related to all of the ideas
that are birthed there. Therefore your first level creative centre
which is the sacral or the navel chakra is where you get your ideas
from. Now beloved ones, coming back to creativity, as we have
explained creative blockages at this first level are inevitably caused
by an energy that is indirectly or directly created by your bond with
your father or fatherly peer, in other words, stunting your creative
foundations. Understand that from about the ages of eighteen months
until the age of about seven years or so, this centre is under severe
pressure for you to be able to grow up and to form the emotional
foundations of the self without denial, without blame, without all of
these negative energies, and that is almost an impossibility for most
because of control and indoctrination, which of course was rooted in
the base. But here at the level of the sacral these energies now begin
to move on and they begin to either pay off or they eat you up. Eating
you up is when you are unable to function within your sexuality, and
when they are flowering, that is when your creative side blossoms
through your expression. We have discussed the influence of negativity
on your sexuality within the sexual side of your nature within the
base, thus here at the sacral is where the Kundalini is further
stimulated with a whole gush of new of air being blown into that
energy, transforming it from limited or dormant, or unevolved,
awakening the kundalini’s fire so that it can gently rise and as it
does so, activate creative sensual expression at every level, in every
way, in every direction.

At the level of the sacral your creative foundations are being formed
whilst the insecurity held within this centre is being weighed out
through the masculine/feminine process easing out the irritations
between these two energies and with that the foundations of your
spirituality begins to form or alternatively the rigidity of your
religion begins to build upon itself. This is as we have said is where
the foundations of that which is holy are anchored. It is here that
these lower hands of yours begin to reach out for something that can
create a way for you to understand yourself spiritually, to understand
yourself within a religious way, to understand your thoughts and
perceptions on God, the Holy Spirit, the angels, the masters, the
deities and so on and so forth for this is where you lay the
foundations for your rising spirit, and the rising spirit here at this
level is very much fuelled by passion, and it’s the passion that adds
together with the creativity at this level an energy to your Kundalini
that allows you to become sensuous and sensual, if it didn’t your
kundalini would rise from the base centre without the assistance of
these emotional foundations in which case it would take on the form of
lust consciousness which then drags your kundalini up the spinal
column, from the root up, but guaranteed beloved ones, without the
support of the creative passion at the level of the sacral it is not
going to go very far. In actual fact it cannot go any further than the
solar plexus, unless you partake in various low vibrational and dark
rituals such as the occult and sexual rituals where that becomes an
extremely dangerous and dark energy and nine times out of ten
backfires on those that work with this energy, their guaranteed return
for dabbling within the clutches of the lower astral world. You could
very much relate the levels within the sacral within the body to the
levels of the astral plane surrounding your planet lower, higher,
evolved or unevolved.

The flame of illumination at the level of your sacral which
incidentally is violet in colour, is what determines the evolvement
within this centre which fuels life into the outer area according to
your attitude towards change, whether you still entertain doubt,
whether somebody else has to need you for you to be able to be fine,
or whether you are unable to face any of these, in which case the spin
becomes slower and with that backfires upon itself and shooting itself
back down into the roots of your conscious understanding. Once this
energy is able to rise according to your conscious transformation,
then this is where passion and creativity combines rendering you a
compassionate being which can only be done through the act of self love.

In chakric language this is where the power within the base, together
with the movement in the sacral can get you to light up through the
sun in the solar so that you are able to bathe within unconditional
love emitted from the evolve heart centre and all of this wont be
possible unless there is positive movement within the sacral. So this
is very much where every single thing that you planned in your life is
recorded and kept, in the same way that every thought is recorded and
kept within the ethers, within the etheric laboratories and blueprints
libraries of the planet, so too does every attempt of anything get
recorded at the level of the sacral. I attempt to get up, but I
didn’t, I attempted to become a nun but I couldn’t, you attempted to
become an engineer but halfway through you gave up, you attempted to
become a nurse, but halfway through you decided not to. You attempted
to think for yourself, but halfway through you changed your mind.
Thought is an attempt. You attempted to think for yourself but halfway
through you gave up …why…

Because of doubt, do you follow me? Thus understand even although you
may have moved on physically, the thought behind it is what is
recorded, subconsciously.

Therefore all business that you are unable to finish in your life,
every single project that you started and hadn’t finished, all creates
a blockage at this level, plugging the flow that balances you
emotionally, rendering you unable to express yourself. So what happens
when you are unable to express yourself you become depressed. So the
sacral is where you decide for yourself to create a clearer picture of
the self. Not quite set out in your ways, but founding them. It is at
this level where you need to become quite honest with yourself,
deciding what you want from yourself and why. It will be very
beneficial for you to do a little exercise writing down all of the
things that you didn’t quite finish, or not at all, thus all of that
which was aborted through your thought processes, that you gave away,
that you stopped halfway through, that which you didn’t finish, as
this centre is about movement, and once completed, release these
unfinished items letting them go.

In actual fact it is the primary centre of flow and movement, and
therefore if any energy is being passed on from the base to the solar
plexus or vice versa, or from the heart or from anywhere, if a thought
has to cross these rivers, these fluid rivers in the area of the
sacral and it doesn’t quite reach the other side, in other words
beloved ones… rather as we have given you the example of the nerve
synapse before let us use that explanation again: just as when a
message or thought is unable to pass along a nerve path for it is
unable to cross a synaptic cliff and you end up with one or the other
labeled ‘mental illness or debilitation’ (be it true or not), at the
level of the sacral should the thought or issue not be able to flow
and move on, what happens is it is absorbed into this centre (even
though it may not ‘belong’ there)and with that it begins clogging this
centre severely causing extensive long-term emotional damage, much of
this for many is never brought into balance during their lifetime.

Picture a beautiful river flowing, and then picture every single day
you have builders downloading huge trucks of bricks and stone and sand
on either side of this river even though the propulsion and flow of
the water will take with it on either side some of these energies,
some of these materials, it will eventually begin to clog up the river
banks until all that you are left with is a little stream running in
the centre. Relate this little running stream beloved ones, to the
power of hope of the Holy Spirit within that can never leave you. For
this is the create-ability that is passed on to you from the most high
to your human self via the pathway of spiritual illumination for you
to come to understand your magnificence. The stream within can never
end, it can never stop. That flow can never stop. It’s like the blood
in your body for the blood continues to flow until eventually it is
unable to due to your waste deposits along the shores of its rivers.
So eventually when a massive rock falls from the side of the river and
blocks the complete flow of that water, which is what would happen
within your physical reality when you have a blood clot which prevents
the blood from pumping through the heart and with the result your
heart attacking you and you might die. Relating this to the sacral;
when the blockages build up to such an extent that prana, life force,
or energy of the Holy Spirit is unable to flow through that centre it
stagnates and so does every aspect of you.

What happens is all your systems start shutting off because you’ve
become so blameful of everyone else, of everything else, that you are
unable to see for yourself that YOU decide on your emotional vitality
levels. When trauma awakens, this is usually when the wounded human
speeds off in search of the truth, and with that I am giving you the
answers therefore you need’nt find an encyclopedia somewhere of cosmic
intelligence that is able to give you some support as I am here. And I
am telling you to go back to the roots of your father or your peers on
the masculine or male side, for that is what blocked your creativity.
It still does. Go back to the unfinished business. Go back to your
childhood between the ages of eighteen months and seven years, six
years, eight years give or take. Go back to that period beloved ones,
and find out what your creative interests were then. Can you think
back to that time quickly?

A. Yes

K. Can you tell me what it was?

Lady in A. Dancing

K. Can you still entertain that same creativity – or is it only a memory?

Lady in A. It’s just a memory.

K. It’s just a memory – for ninety nine point nine percent of the
population on planet earth. Why-because you stopped having fun. You
became too serious about life. You became so serious with yourself, so
much so that you can’t even look at yourself in the mirror and laugh
at yourself, too scared your mirror will crack! (laughter) If not it
is your face that might crack not so (laughter) Yes.

You don’t have enough fun – you base your vitality levels on your
sourness and on your expectations and your blame and the insecurity
and the doubt and the constant questioning, the superstition of your
memory of you not being able to pull it off, to be your creative self.

That is why to be able to enter the gates of heaven, become like a
child – yes – not childish, childlike. Have fun – fun is vitality. Joy
is the other issue that we stressed with you during the last
transmission. Beloved ones, joy is located very firmly in the sacral,
for if you are finally unable to step up to the new level, in other
words, the start of your own Jacob’s Ladder, then how can you find out
what the next level is and there is only one, one energy that can
allow you to transcend consciousness from one level to next very
easily and that is joy. Joy because you are looking forward to it
creating a fun-feeling with anticipated excitement. That is why at the
level of the sacral, very often, more so often than not, great misery
prevents you from going ahead. Mourning – mourning for those who have
left you, mourning for your own insecurities that have left you alone,
mourning for your dreams and desires that you are unable to complete.
So you’re constantly mourning instead of being joyful, instead of
having fun and that is why living in the past is firmly located there.
Living in the past is when you constantly have to live on the memory
of yesterday. When you constantly think back of what you did then and
how you did it and how you overcame it.

Do you have friends that whenever you meet you talk about the past? Do
you – yes of course you do – be honest, most do! That is a sacral
chakra conversation for the two of you are comparing notes about that
which was.

Beloved ones, there are billions of people upon your planet that live
in the past – they either live in their past or they live in yours,
and there is only one way to get through this blockage and that is for
you to begin to embrace your current moment and to stay in the river
of life as you grow with the flow, flowing through the sacral into the
power of your own identity, in other words the birth of your
personality which is located at the level of the solar plexus.

It is very important for you to go back and to clear the blockages of
that which you have not finished. To clear the blockages beloved ones
STILL caused by past dreams which you were never able to pull off or
to get through because of x, y and z, and with that take note there
always is some sort of blame not so? Yes. You cannot embrace or take
responsibility for the self because there’s got to be somebody else
that’s caused that – not so? Has to be! It cannot be you – no (general
tittering in the group) definitely not – no – it’s got to be anyone
else – blame them – yes. Anyone, anything – it’s got to be your work,
your late hours – the reason that you are not creative is because you
don’t have time. You are tired, there are not enough hours in your
day, you are exhausted – the excuses simply continue with the result
you are not able look at the self setting sturdy foundations for your
most amazing, magical and magnificent self, but guess what we do. We
from the higher realms of light, together with the hierarchy and the
Legions of Light, we have all worked together at an etheric level to
help you to get through these blockages, to help you embracing your
own power, and the only way for this to be taken to a new level was
through the re-launch of the goddess energy.

A. Thank you

K. You are most welcome!

The goddess energy, beloved ones, is what will give you the emotional
foundations to be able to find a creative way out of anything and
everything. Therefore you would have noticed since about, probably the
year 2003, 2004, and 2005 a lot of changes occurred on your planet
when it comes to personal and interpersonal relationships – not so?

A. Yes

K. A lot of marriages have come to an end – (laughter) yes – a lot of
new relationships are being formed –yes – a lot of new ways of looking
at relationships are being formed – not so?

A. Yes

K. with that setting in place: You need to create new foundations for
that which was ‘impossible’ to you, I’m talking about your personal
lives – are you with me?

A. Yes

K. Very good. The reason for all that is the awakening of the goddess
within. Well let’s face it – men are powerful but women are loud – yes

(Great laughter)

K. And sometimes you need to make a bit of noise to be understood not
so – so we needed the goddess to come back and to spread her beautiful
wings across this most magnificent planet and to awaken within each
one of you a new energy centre called your sun chakra. Have you heard
about this – yes?

A. Yes

K. Any one that hasn’t heard about it – yes. Some of you haven’t. Do
not be confused for then you shall be completely lost. Ask and it will
be given to you. We will not be able to share too much of this
information as our time here with you in this way is very limited. In
short the sun chakra is an energy centre that is located between the
base and the sacral which also serves as a first level activation for
your new sacral chakra.

The evolvement of your sacral chakra calls for it to vibrate at a new
rate which will be supported through the energetic overseers of that
chakra, in other words the Cohan which is St. Germain and his female
counterpart, Lady Portia. These two energies take the light of the
Violet Flame within the core of that centre and it lights up the
validation within your emotional foundations, so that you can become
very powerfully assured about yourself – not self assured – so that
the doubt can begin to dissipate and end and the sun chakra is what
awakens this new reality within the sacral, the sun chakra energy
which some might know has been dormant for over 20 000 years (26 000)
and is now being reawakened. In fact the last time any of you have had
any recollection about this most powerful and creatively prominent
centre was back in the days of Atlantis. This centre is about your
spiritual illumination and that is what the goddess is about. The
goddess energy, beloved ones, is not about taking over from the male
or becoming masculine at all – the goddess energy has been reawakened
onto this planet by all of those invisible forces that support
everyone upon this planet planting a tiny seed or remembrance between
the base and the sacral. It is located about 3 to 7 centimeters below
your navel if you wish to find the correct spot for it, depending on
your size; on average I’d say about three and a half to four
centimeters below the navel. These energies, the awakened goddess
within the sun chakra, delivers to you the power to claim your
authenticness as a spiritual being. In other words to be able to
embrace the Holiness of the spirit within you, by actually emotionally
being able to take what is given to you and work with it. In other
words to take that which would normally have been at a constant level
pushing it through the rivers of life and in so doing allowing
yourselves to flow along the rivers of alchemy consciousness,
awakening to the magic of the thought within, that’s what it means.
The sun chakra also awakens the reality within that each and every one
of you are far more creative than what you think.

Have you noticed that over the last six years or so, you as a person
have dropped a lot of your emotional boundaries. You’ve dropped a lot
of your creative blockages. Yes. You might even dare to say you never
thought you could be so artistic as some has discovered not so?

A. Yes

K. Yet you tried doing the same thing ten years ago, unsuccessfully
didn’t you?

A. Yes

K. What’s changed? The energy of the sun chakra that’s what’s changed.
It’s a miracle that opens up a flow of life for you. That is why it is
referred to as fluid love. The sun chakra serves as a support system
waking up the stubbornness within the base taking it through the act
of fluid love transporting it into the new system of the sacral, and
this blockage that lodges within the sacral is what inevitably
prevents you from being creative, sticking its ugly head out called
“your ingrained thoughts birthed through your parents or peers
especially from the father’s side” and this is when the goddess within
the sun chakra gently but assertively reaches for her whip and says
‘No Way!… She’s got to move it on” (laughter). It’s about the
awakening of the creative spirit within you, and that exact creative
spirit within you is what either kills or nurtures the next issue
within the sacral called confidence.

The confidence to have a good look at yourself, to embrace your own
attractiveness as a person, as a being, as an artist. In other words
to embrace the possibility of you being a co-creator of all of that
which you stand for, which you previously weren’t able to do. So you
needed the goddess to come through with a powerful voice to propel
this new energy and with that lodge a whole new energy into the sacral
which says: “Look at me, I’m fantastic, I’m fabulous, I’m wonderful,
Look at me I’m a sensuous being, Look at me I’m exotic, I’m amazing,
I’m exciting. Yes look at me I have a wonderful, wonderful warm
personality, look at me, I shine with light and love, I have joy, I am
vitality”. These are the energies within the sacral that the sun
awakens by allowing you to tap into the Holiness of your spirit
within, also representing your Holy Spirit aspect. For if you have an
aspect of creator consciousness within you, (and incidentally if you
didn’t you wouldn’t be here.)

A. (laughter)

K. Then so too must you have an aspect of the Holy Spirit
consciousness within you – not so.

A. Yes

K. And then so too do you have an aspect of the Christ child
consciousness within you – not so?

A. Yes

K. So then would you not say then that you are then the Holy Trinity
in self expression – yes

A. Yes

K. Correct – yes. And it is this Sacred Triangle that awakens the
solar plexus within its most evolved state, that which I’ve mentioned
which gives you the power and the understanding through the action of
the goddess within the sun to be able to embrace the journey of fluid
love which then takes you on a tour of the alchemy of your
consciousness. And of course as I said it is St Germaine and Lady
Portia through the action of the Violet Flame supporting this
unfolding process, making it a possibility, the opposite of this
energy is self destruction. Do you know of any one that destructs

A. Yes

K. IT is done from here, as they become so caught up with the lowest
of frequencies to the extent that they are unable to even remotely
understand that there’s an awakening goddess within them- let alone a
creative one. Thus it is from there that they become so self
destructive, and it is from there that they will do absolutely
anything in their power to take with them on this downward journey all
that stands in their way irrelevant of what the cause of their effect
may be.

Relating this to you on a planetary level, beloved ones, the awakening
sacral and new sun energy in you is the awakening of humanity’s
emotions. If you take a look around you, you will come to realize that
there are quite a number of people’s within your own circles that
previously were rather unemotional and of late have become rather
talkative, or explorative, or able to discuss. Humanity is waking up
and because of the general awakening in consciousness upon your
planet, it creates a way of balancing the emotional equilibrium within
collective consciousness, within the unconsciousness of your planet,
it matters not. And because of that, the entire planet is busy lifting
out of the rigorous roots of the base into a more spiritual aspect in
the sacral.

If you could relate to this in another way (and believe me when I say
this, all that is said by me Kuthumi and all the masters of light
carries not even one iota of judgment) then form in the basis of your
understanding a picture that says the general fierce religions upon
your planet enjoys war, strife and anger which is the root system
(base chakra) where if you can take this energy and transform it you
would come to the impressions delivered of the original nature of the
country that you call Tibet which is the sacral or foundational aspect
of spirituality. Are you following me?

A. Yes

K. Very good. So it is at the sacral where you will learn to nurture
yourself for it is the nurturing part of you. It is the part where you
could actually sit with the self and love yourself to such an extent
that it allows you to cry from happiness, because you discover the
feeling of truly loving the self. And it’s this love of the self, in
other words the TOTAL acceptance, without having to have anyone else’s
approval in any way or form, beloved ones, that will take you and
cradle you into a very powerful part of yourself, by giving birth,
which is what the sacral does, to the authenticness of the self which
is expressed through your creativity and it does so by delivering to
you a most wonderful security and attitude about your personality self
within the solar plexus, because within the solar plexus is where you
really get to ‘cast in stone your own commandments’ in other words
your earthly process.

You’ve gone through the foundations, you’ve gone through the beliefs,
you’ve gone through the masculine/feminine, but in the solar plexus
that is where you come to terms with who you truly are. It is from
here that start taking note of the value of the self which is also a
massive, massive issue for humanity to deal with most of the time, for
in the sacral your constant strive is to nurture and be nurtured. In
the bases of your foundation the whole issue there was to love and be
loved – I don’t know if you recall that – yes? To love and to be
loved. You were asked when last did you hug your parents – do you
recall that?

A. Yes

K. Correct – or did you teach your parents to hug? Yes? Here you are
asked when last you give yourself a hug – to nurture and be nurtured
is the eventual unfolding process within the sacral chakra which
introduces you to your magically sensuous goddess with a wonderful
crystalline whip, ready to put you into a whole new dimension of
thought which is done by you connecting to your create-ability thus
claiming your creative side.

Relating this once again along planetary lines beloved ones, you have
reached a stage where the entire world is shifting (even though many
light workers in specific as well as others seem to think that very
little is happening upon your planet as you seem to think that things
are not rolling as fast as they should and you seem to think that the
evolvement as a nation is not happening as it should), well we need to
tell you that it is – it’s happening, it’s shifting, it’s moving.
People are beginning to balance themselves emotionally in a much
better way than they were previously able to, or were possible, or
wanted to for that matter. Why? They are replacing the ‘need’ within
needy with ‘want’. There is absolutely NO need for you to be needy
anymore. There is no need for you to feel insecure anymore. There’s no
need for you to be doubtful anymore. Therefore understand the
difference between need and want and with that become aware of this
when it comes to that which you give to the self and that which you
promise to another. There’s a huge difference. What do you promise to
the self and then don’t keep it and what do you promise to another and
still don’t do it?

This too is unfinished business, which comprises some of the main the
energies within the area which prevents growth, but luckily as we have
mentioned, there’s a new goddess awakening within (Smiles). A
spiritually illuminated energy, and be sure to know she carries the
most wonderful crystalline whip with which she will usher you into a
whole new vibration if she must, for it is your choice to assign
yourself to the process of ascension.

The other energy beloved ones that create a huge blockage within the
sacral is created every time you and the likes of you run off to go
and see somebody for some sort of a reading, unjust and futuristic
type more so specifically. Every time you run away to go and speak to
somebody else to give you clarity on that which you inertly know, it
causes a blockage in the sacral. Do you know why? You know our
perception on these things, you know our attitude on this, so we will
not go there, but where we will go is to make you understand that on
an etheric level a lot of energy infiltrates into your system and some
which become quite interrogating – in other words becomes quite
forceful and it is often these forceful energies that attacks you as
you say, below your belt. And where is below your belt – in the level
of your sacral/base – not so – unless you wear your belt on your hip.
Well then you have a problem. (Subdued laughter from group). Beloved
ones what happens is there are two distinct levels where entity
attachment comes into the body which is the crown and the solar
plexus. But the moment an entity attaches itself to you, or a spirit
or whatever you wish to call it – what happens is they need a host to
live on – where do they find that host – in the sacral. So the sacral
chakra becomes the host for all of your hell and misery – not so.
Therefore just as much as these beings come and attaches themselves to
you etherically – when you constantly speak about someone who has
passed on or you will not let go of anyone who has moved on, has gone
through the period of transition or death as you call it, then aspects
of these beings attach themselves to you at this level and what
happens is – guaranteed – they take away your creativity, for they use
your creative expression as their prana thus their ‘life’ support
system. They take your prana away from you and this is where they do
it, and more often than not, what do they do to make you cope is they
release unto you an addiction.

Please, not all addictions are of this nature-not at all- but very
often especially in the case of an alcoholic or a drug addict – in
other words, mind altering substance on a regular basis- in other
words the inability to cope with life on a day to day basis, getting
through the day and night without the help or the assistance of the
numbing agent is very often caused by an entity attachment.

Entity attachments need’nt be all bad or dark either, it may be an
entity attachment that is provoked by a memory that you constantly
bring up – about your aunt that has left, about your father that has
left, your husband that has left, or your child that has left, that
you are unable to detach from – it matters not. Therefore do not see
it in good or bad or dark and light. See it as an energy and when you
know of anyone that cannot cope without a substance that helps them
cope then definitely and most certainly perhaps it would be a very
good idea to have them see someone who is able to help them to remove
these attachments from their etheric bodies, for it is in the etheric
body that this entity attachment happens. The etheric body then
through the nerve plexus connects to the physical body centre of the
person. What happens is the life force or the pranic energy that
leaves from the actual physical area that contains the organ propels
this energy into its etheric replica, the physical then begins to lack
life and what happens when you begin to lack life?

A. Disease

K. Dis-ease – so you become unwell – things begin to rot. Yes. And
what you need to do is to be able to reverse this process is to heal
from the etheric working your way towards the physical. Yes. Therefore
if there is any illness contained within that area it is very
important for you beloved ones, to then go back and recall the times
that you were done in by, by who, where, when and why. Put it to bed,
bring it to the fore, bring it up and heal it, for the sacral is the
area of movement and change. It is where your ideas initially either
happens or is aborted; it is where you get inspiration from,

You are either inspired to do something that is rather amazing or you
are inspired to do something that will end up costing you very dearly.
The choice is yours. Choices are a way of getting the energy to move
from one level to the other. Therefore understand that humanity’s
emotional levels are lifting and changing and the tendency now is to
bring spirituality out into the open instead of closing it behind
doors and locking it within your closets of time. Is to embrace a new
reality and that reality brings a lot of change and that change is
seen in your own personal lives, it is seen in your careers, as it is
seen within the frustrations within your careers. You will notice that
ever since 2005, the month February to be exact, your perception on
your deserve-ability has changed. Your perception on your worth has
changed, because the sun chakra which carries this new energy lodged
between the base and the sacral is what activated all of this, fully
activated to be precise on the 18th February of your Christed year
2005. So thereafter everything shifted and changed, marriages fell
apart, partnerships broke up, ideas went haywire, things changed,
still changing for things are happening and changing and shifting and
moving on, all due to the impact of this new energy.

There are various locations upon your planet that resembles the energy
carried within and around the human body; the Brazilian rain forest is
the main location as the sacral chakra representative site of the
planet. There are various locations that holds the energy for the sun
chakra, but certainly the major activation that was done through the
ladies and the lords of the sun rays, the sun goddesses, Lord Ra, Lord
Soltec and so on and so forth that helped the energy of the goddess to
be grounded upon this planet worked by creating a massive portal on
the African continent in an area that is known to you as the
Drakensberg. The Drakensberg carries the major energy portal of the
sun chakra to your planet. There are other energies that are also
contained upon the African continent that is directly related to this
and that is the areas that you will find further up beyond the borders
of your country, areas currently in great conflict experiencing
tremendous turmoil. Two of those energy areas are the energy that you
will find over the countries you know as Ghana and Angola. These areas
also host the goddess anchors for these countries allowing a
possibility for further goddess portals to open up to ease the
unfortunate immense cultural gaps between the male and female aspects
within tribes. Beloved ones, the time is now for you to take up your
goddess power and to work with it creatively. As we mentioned the
earth resemblance of the water element chakra, the navel chakra or the
sacral chakra is your rainforests. As important as these forests are
to your survival just as important is the healthy functioning sacral
which serves as a link between the masculine base and masculine solar
plexus as it charges the flow of electrical impulses between two
masculine energies using its divine feminine expression and more so in
time to come, its pure goddess essence being sparked alive within the
Sun chakra.

With that eventually the female within (no matter your sex) decides
where the power issues lies: within your roots (base) or within self
(solar plexus).

From a planetary perspective whilst the sacral has to contemplate all
that happens within the rainforests the goddess within the sun chakra
also shines her light upon Tibet as Tibet caries a lot of emotional
scars, and emotional scars beloved ones, is what causes tremendous
drama within your lives, for scar tissue within your biology doesn’t
easily heal, neither does it etherically. Etherically the scar tissue
of this anger will persist until the overlaying energy of the new
planet earth will erase this and other memory through the new
holographic imprints being imprinted over planet earth. In other words
the planet being blessed with new opportunities. It is also for this
very reason that you will find that a lot of beings from this
beautiful land known as Tibet actually can relate very well to self
sacrifice. Of course the other energy that opposes self sacrifice is
self destruction not so…So instead of self destructing there is the
self sacrifice and it is this principle which a lot of the dark forces
use to manipulate personal killings. In other words people that become
suicide bombers, that are trained within the illuminati camps, they
are brainwashed on that principle and that is they totally
misinterpret the difference between self sacrifice and self
destruction, Because of the destruction in the lands surrounding Tibet
a lot of these emotional scars have formed within the ethers of her
time. But it will be healed as will the rain forests upon this planet
of which three quarters is found within the land you know as Brazil
representing the area on the planet that is absolutely most rife with
birth of any kind at any given time, and as with Tibet a lot of
destruction has happened there too because of the surrounding
country’s lack of consciousness. So once again you have an absolute
balance, these two energies on opposite sides of your planet
supporting the birth of a whole new long-term planetary emotional
foundation, all being supported by the energy of the awakening goddess.

Long pause

Beloved ones it is due to the awakening of the new sun centre, in
other words, your sun chakra and the combination of it really working
in a way to support the sacral chakra that the roots of your existence
will be able to find a different way of expressing themselves. A lot
of the changes within the attitudes of your families and colleagues in
time to come are all supported by the shifting of this exact centre of
the sun chakra. Therefore at a very deep level it’s very much your own
personal connection to the creative aspect of yourself which is
spirit, because spirit is co-creative for spirit merely thinks and it
is. Not so. Spirit merely visualizes and it is real. Therefore the
same aspect that opens up those deep levels of the spirit within your
holy foundations within the sacral, then actually opens up a link
which connects you to a much refiner and higher reality of yourself
because each and every one upon this planet is connected through the
sun etheric chord forming a link between the sun chakra and the great
central sun. This link runs directly through sun self which is the
solar plexus. Do you follow me?


K. So it is here that you now begin to form the foundations of who you
really are. That is why, whenever you are limited in any way beloved
ones, use the power of the Violet Flame to transmute that, for the
violet flame is the inner core that rotates this chakra. Now the
violet flame, as we have mentioned is the flame of illuminated magic
and order, so it is teaching you how to rid yourself of that which
keeps you down, keeps you back, or how to blow life into a part of you
that makes you feel needy, this is done by working with magic and
order contained and taught through the seventh ray, the ray of Lady
Portia and St Germain. In so doing you are working with your own
ability to transform your life, creating new magical ways to
understand yourself which is done at the level of the sacral and the
sun combined, and once these two energies work together, once the
goddess in the sun is able to greet her beautiful goddess counterpart
in the sacral and her beautiful male counterpart within the root and
they are all able to work together, this is where birth which is the
sacral, opens up a new portal by giving birth to the uniqueness that
is you formed within the solar plexus in other words the sacral can
fully give of it’s power to birth new ideas, which births a idea of
the new you. It can give its power to create a whole new emotional
foundation for you. It can give its power for you to take up your
scepter and sword connecting to the overseeing Archangel Zadkiel of
this particular centre. You need to take up your bed and walk from
here, because it’s the constant flow of emotion within this centre
that in its evolved state insists you not only plant the seeds of whom
you are, but to water and nurture them into life by allowing your
authenticness to shine through.


St Germain and Lady Portia together with the Lords and Ladies of the
Light that work with this centre, Lord Arcturus, who is the overruling
Elohim energy within the sacral, work by transforming your life
through the power of the violet flame. And the power of the violet
flame will always remind you of the magic in you that makes it
possible for you to be a walking, breathing, living miracle. It all
works to create one new life force. It’s all lit up by the
acknowledgement of the original life force within you, which is found
in the most Holy part of your foundations within the sacral.

The violet flame of transmutation is the flame beloved ones that
allows you new life. It burns away all of that which have limited you
showing the way towards a whole new life support system, – which is
the life support system within the sacral that supports you to
understand that infact you are able to create anything, this is the
magic of St Germain and Lady Portia, teaching you that this same magic
is also contained within this centre, this is the fluid love that the
sun chakra is all about. That is the alchemy of consciousness which is
lit up and awakened in the area of the sacral for you to actually open
yourself up to your birth basin and with that to be able to give birth
to a whole new life – to a whole new being. Understand that magic and
miracles and the manifestation thereof is a gift that is yours for the
taking. It is not some hocus pocus situation, it is very much an earth
reality for if you didn’t believe in miracles for a second then I ask
you, how come you beautiful beings can sit here today or read these
words and claim to originate from one tiny cell that a microscope
cannot even locate?

Please straighten your spines.

Beloved ones become very easy in your breathing, relax, and breathe
deeply. You should know the rhythm by now – breathe in, wait a moment
and then breathe out and as you breathe become consciously aware of
the exchange of gases. Give thanks to the oxygen; give thanks for the
release of carbon dioxide. Give thanks for the magic and the miracles
and the manifestation thereof in your lives and then also at the same
time give thanks for all of that which has been a part of your life
which you have decided to let go of as there really is no longer
service needed from this. Never look at anything in your lives with
anger and with hatred and malice, but rather see the magician inside
with the knowing that that magician can transform anything, all that
has kept you limited, and the only way this can be done as we have
mentioned is through the act of love. Love can change anything, so
through the love in your hearts, transform that which has kept you
limited, which has kept you trapped. And then acknowledge the sacral
in your body; give thanks for the water element that allows this
energy to flow. Bring into your minds your sun chakra; visualize it as
a beautiful golden sun stone. Visualize your sacral chakra in the
colour orange and the violet colour on the inside which is the core
colour, and then visualize your base chakra, the entire base chakra in
a magnificent mother of pearl.


Beloved ones I want you to imagine that you are walking through a
beautiful park, with immaculately kept lawns, beautiful trees and a
vast array of flowers. It is very calm, it is very peaceful.

You’ll notice in the distance there is an estate, and this estate has
the most beautiful boundaries that surround it. Huge massive trellis
lattice work that creates a beautiful boundary surrounding the whole
estate. At the very heart of this estate in the far, far distance is a
magnificent mansion, a beautiful cathedral like place. Now come to
stand at these massive entry gates to this estate. Look at these
beautiful boundaries, massive, massive lattice trellises all around
between the trees and now from your third eye send out an energy
towards this gate asking for entry into this sacred space. Pause. Once
entry is gained these two gates will open and as the gates open you
will notice on either side inside the property there are two beings
coming to greet you – St Germain and Lady Portia. The gates close
behind you as they both come forward embracing you one at a time
welcoming you into this absolute sacred space, welcoming you into one
of the portals for their consciousness held here within these sacred
gardens. Once you’ve done your welcoming and greetings they turn
around and that the three of you walk towards the massive mansion-like

The closer you get to it the more you realize how this mansion begins
to transform into a proper temple. They indicate for you to walk and
to come to stand on a marble slab facing this temple about 100 meters
away or so. They stand on either side of you just facing this
beautiful massive temple, pause, then they indicate for you to close
your eyes, and to visualize in the very core of your third eye a
picture of where you see yourself moving towards within your spiritual
life, where do you see your future to be within your emotional lives,
and what do you intend to explore within your creative life. Create a
clear picture of this and keep it lodged within your third eye. Long

St Germain and Lady Portia let go of your hand now as they indicate
for you to open your eyes and when you do so, you will notice that
they have disappeared on either side of you and have manifested in the
very centre of the temple which is no longer a regular temple but
rather 12 violet flames that are flaming up at regular intervals
creating a circular energy. Pause. So in other words what you come to
face instantly in front of you is St Germain and Lady Portia
manifesting in the very core of this violet flame temple. The mansion
was transformed into a temple and the temple is being transformed into
twelve violet flames, massive violet flames, bursting forth into the
heavens. Pause. They now indicate for you to join them, to walk into
this temple and come to stand in the core of this temple. Beloved
ones, St Germain comes to stand on your right hand side and Lady
Portia on your left hand side with their arms touching you on the side
and they ask you to again close your eyes and as you do so the twelve
flames that surround you grows bigger and bigger and bigger until
eventually the individual flames join up rendering all of you being
held within one massive violet flame, the three of you in the core of
this massive flame that surrounds you.


Now Lady Portia leaves your side and she comes to stand in front of
you and as she does so St Germain come to stand behind you with his
back touching your back, shoulder to shoulder, back to back with Lady
Portia standing in front of you, facing you. Pause. Lady Portia now
suggests for you to communicate with her through your third eye –
remember you are all held within this massive, beautiful violet flame
– now see how a golden connection begins to form between your sacral
chakra, your sun chakra and your third eye. Pause. Now become aware
how a connection begins to form between your third eye and the third
eye of Lady Portia. Pause. Now Lady Portia takes both of your hands in
hers while this energy flow is activated, and she asks that you begin
to release unto her all of that that has ever made you the doubting
Thomas that you’ve become. Pause. Take this energy, just simply let it
be released from the sacral in support of the sun, allowing it to
ascend though this golden chord into the third eye and from your third
eye, be released into her third eye. Long pause.

Release all the doubt that you have ever entertained, release all of
the blockages that have been caused through your fears and
insecurities about your future, caused through your spiritual duality
beliefs. Pause. Beloved ones, release from there all that that
prevented you from changing and moving on. Pause. Release from this
area all issues relating to indoctrination that was done to you by
your father, pause, and release all your issues that were created
during your years of bonding with your father or your inability to
bond with your father or the masculine peers that shaped your beliefs.
Pause. Release from this energy of the sacral the skepticism, pause,
Release from here the political control, pause, Release from here all
of your social fears. Pause. Release from here all of the fears that
you attach to relationships, to your sexuality, all that feeds your
illnesses, pause, release from here all the etheric aspects of all of
your illnesses, the impotency, the ovarian cancers and cysts and so
on. Pause. Release from here all of the blame, the denial that have
created such bitterness in your lives. Pause. Release from here all of
the ideas that you have entertained that you were never able to
complete. Pause. Release all of your past life experiences that you
haven’t had completion with. Pause. Release all stagnation from your
energy field through there. Pause. Release all of your control issues,
your inability to make decisions, allow it to flow out. Release from
there every limiting belief system you’ve ever entertained about
healing yourself. Long pause.

Now set the intent for the rest of the issues that you are unsure
about to come to the fore revealing their origin and location. Pause.
Now release all etheric energy attachments from here, pause. This is
the area that often contains the memory of your past lives although
you must understand that your past lives are also all contained within
every one of your vertebras. Understand too that this is the area that
creates blockages which prevent you from allowing the fluidness of
unconditional love to open up the infinity portals within the eighth
dimension, bringing to you a way of actually grasping the reality of
your create-ability which prevents you, as a masterful being, from
becoming your best supporter, from being your best fan, thus release
all this limitedness to Lady Portia. Pause. I will give you a few
moments in silence as Lady Portia communicates to you on an etheric
level perhaps deep rooted issues that need to be released at this time
– that which you are not sure of – and then also set the intent if it
is your wish and your will for this rewire to continue at an
unconscious level even within a sleep state.

Long pause

Lady Portia now releases her energy field from yours, she brings her
hands together, you bring yours together and you give thanks for her
serving as a surrogate here this day to help you overcome all of that
which has kept you so trapped in your unconsciousness. Pause. St
Germain now turns and comes to stand in front of you and Lady Portia
now moves to stand with her back to your back, back to back, together,
with St Germaine now standing in front of you.

For a moment simply look at him. What do you see? Can you notice his
magnificent Velvet Violet cloak, can you notice the most exquisite
gold embroidery on this cloak. Can you notice all the stones within
the collar and the front opening of this cloak? Can you notice the
garment he has on under this cloak – do you notice his most charming
smile? Do you notice his most charming attitude, being assured within
himself and comfortable with his own sensuality? Pause. He is the
keeper of the violet flame which burns brightly in the sexual still
point of who you are within the sacral. Pause. He takes your hands,
and projects into you a vision which we are asking for you to keep
within the area of your third eye as with the vision we asked earlier
for you to create within the area of your third eye. Pause. We ask you
now to recall that vision. The vision of this beautiful place, the
vision of this beautiful mansion, the vision of the beautiful
boundaries that are set around this beautiful place, the vision of all
that greeted you beyond its beautiful borders. Pause. Now within your
mind’s eye in the region of your third eye bring into sight all of
that which you would like to replace the issues with that was drained
from the area of the sacral. In other words we shall give you a moment
to once again use the blessing of your creative foundations and create
for yourself a picture of where you protectively see yourself at. How
do you perceive your spirituality to be? How do you perceive your
emotional foundations to be, to carry you, to hold you, and where do
you see yourself in times ahead of the now. Project all of this into
your third eye.

Very Long Pause

And then keep this vision in your third eye

Long pause

Lady Portia now steps away from your back as St Germain lets go of
your hands. They each walk away about two and a half meters on either
side of you (back and front) with you standing in the very centre.

Now if you are a woman in this lifetime, turn and face St Germain, and
if you are a man in this lifetime, turn and face Lady Portia, with the
other one simply standing on the opposite side.


Beloved ones now imagine how this massive violet flame that you are
contained within, begins to shrink and become smaller and smaller
until it eventually runs right on the edge of where St Germain and
Lady Portia is, with you in the very centre, so the diameter of this
violet flame is about five meters, two and a half meters all around
you thus 5mt diameter across with St Germain and Lady Portia standing
on the periphery of this energy. Pause. St Germain and Lady Portia now
open their arms to the side. They turn their palm chakras out to the
side, so that their palm chakras begin to form an energy or a light
body effect that creates a new geometric shape that keeps you safe. So
from his right palm chakra to her left, from her right to his left
they create a circular geometric shape that creates an abundance or
magical portal for you to visualize yourself within a violet flame of
this proportion if you have a need to let go of anything or a need to
create anything. Pause. Lady Portia and St Germain begins walking
towards you, whichever one is closest to you, it matters not, the
closer they get to you the circle shrinks, the violet flame shrinks,
until eventually they come to stand right close to you. Pause.

Now whichever you visualized facing you need to reverse creating a
polarity effect within this violet flame held within the sacral. Thus
if you visualized Lady Portia in front of you, now visualize St
Germain in front of you and Lady Portia standing behind you so all
three of you are contained within a very close-knit circle. Their
hands are still joining, her right hand with his left and his right
hand with her left and you in the centre anchoring the periphery of
this violet flame. Pause.

Now visualize yourself inside this magnificent violet energy as you
close your eyes and in your mind’s eye from your third eye give thanks
to these two beings for facilitating this flame of enlightenment
activating this new energy within the area of the sacral. Pause.

Their hands are still energetically connected as their energy fields
begin to spin. They spin in a clockwise direction eventually so fast
you no longer are able to decipher which is which. All you see is this
magical violet flame spinning lightening fast around you, turning and
turning and turning faster. The faster it turns the smaller it becomes
until eventually the flame recedes until it is about five to ten
centimeters in width. Pause. Now it becomes smaller and smaller until
from that five to ten centimeter width it becomes as narrow as your
thumb traveling right through you. Pause.

Now from either side of your energy field, a meter and a half above
you and a meter and a half below you see the flame shrinking until all
you are left with is a violet flame about two and a half centimetres
in length burning very brightly in the level of your sacral chakra.
Long pause.

The moment this happens the twelve flames become alive again on the
outside of this temple, burning as twelve massive individual violet
flames. Pause. Become aware that another being manifest behind you.
Turn around and you will come to face Lord Soltec. Next to Lord Soltec
you will come to face the Lords and the Ladies that work with the sun
energy, we have the sun goddesses and Lord Ra. Pause.

These beings now begin to activate a golden energy from their sun
chakra to yours. Pause. Lord Soltec is straight ahead of you, the sun
goddesses on the one side and Lord Ra on the other side sending an
impulse of the purest of golden light activating a most intense energy
within your sun chakra which ignites, explodes out, and as it calms
down and dies off also leaves you with a flame of about two and a half
centimetres in length, a golden flame burning in the area of your sun
chakra. Very long pause.

With that become aware that those of you that were present before or
went through the initiation distantly should have the white flame of
purity burning within your base, the golden flame of your
create-ability within your sun chakra, and then the violet flame of
all possibility and transmutation within the sacral allowing to you to
create magic and miracles within your lives by following the truth of
the ceremonial magic and order of your own life, all burning brightly
in support of you. Pause.

Now give thanks to these beings as their energy leaves your energy
field. Pause. Now make your way back out through these twelve violet
flames, back onto the marble slab where you stood facing this temple
and as you do so become aware that Lady Portia and St Germain have
re-manifested on either side of you, and the twelve flames of their
sacred portal that gives access to the violet flame onto the planet is
again transformed into another magnificent temple, a massive temple.
Pause. The three of you turn around and make your way once again out
towards the exit point towards the beautiful gates, again become aware
of the exquisite lattice that surrounds this beautiful place. Once you
reach the gates, bring your hands into the Namaste position giving
thanks to these beautiful beings for welcoming you into their portal
which facilitates planetary access to the violet flame, helping all
transmute all of the stagnant energy within the sacral supporting you
to claim yourself as a magnificent evolved person within your solar

Give thanks to them and then turn around and look at the temple and
become aware that it’s become a mansion again, a massive beautiful
house, a mansion of your dreams. And then give your thanks to this
beautiful energy; make your way out of the gate. The gate closes
behind you, turn around and face this beautiful mansion, walk away and
then every now and then turn back and look at this wonderful grand
estate with this most fantastic mansion as you become aware that the
energy of St Germain and Lady Portia has also disappeared completely
as they have returned to their ascension seat connecting with your
energy in the sense that they left part of their flame within the
flame of your create-ability.

And with that beloved ones, know that in this way you are blessed to
act as a responsible being, thus take on any and every opportunity
that presents itself to you. For opportunity is what awakens in you
your right as a wonderful being, as a magnificent person. Opportunity
is what replaces all of the energy that causes you to stagnate and
therefore know that through every change that takes place in your
lives there is either turmoil or opportunity and with that know that
even in the greatest turmoil there always is the chance to birth a new
opportunities. In your own time ground yourself, back in your chairs,
back in your bodies, straighten your spines out, flex your fingers,
your hands, flex every part that you can flex, stretch up from your
waist up, put your hands in the air, stretch up, reach for the stars,
and in so doing open up the portal of your new birth channels, which
is located within the combined sacral sun centre.


Beloved ones, comfort zones are also very much an energy that prevents
your sacral from spinning at the correct frequency. Therefore when you
get stuck in the zones of your comfort, be that in your base or your
sacral, understand that you are not meant to stagnate, you are meant
to grow, you are meant to evolve as a being and as an evolving being
you are meant to blossom in every way giving birth to new creative

Understand that all of this would not have been possible at all if you
were not prepared to look at the aspects of yourself and others that
needs nurturing and more so the aspects that you are now able to
nurture. Just as you had to come to terms with the trials and the
tribulations within your tribal aspect, in other words the roots of
your system within the base, by coming to terms with the amazing,
massive feminine essence that your mother or a female peer had
imprinted upon your lives especially during pregnancy and then
intensely the eighteen months to follow that, allow this to take you
into a whole new energy, the energy of completion. The first nine
months and then the following eighteen months is what takes you up
into the completion stage of actually reaching a point in your life
where you can now move on from the basis of your experience into the
birth of you as a creative being, which is in the sacral. This then
takes you from the ninth aspect of completion into the seventh aspect
of illumination by embracing the fifth aspect of great change. The
number five represents movement and change, and with that you are
blessed by the beings of light that oversee all of this, that gives to
you a way to bring magic, miracles and manifestation in your life in
some way or the other transmuting the old stale and limited,
transforming yourself into a magnificent being.

You are blessed with the Elohim of this energy Lord Arcturus and of
course his female counterpart which you know as Victoria and of
course, the angel that brings though for you the power through the
scepter and the sword, Archangel Zadkiel helping you to transform that
which you need to transform, so that the goddess within the sun need
not take up her crystalline whip when working with the male aspect
within the solar plexus, so the energy within your evolving solar
plexus need not decapitate you to rid of your stale expressions.

I am Kuthumi, I am the Lord and Master of the Golden Ray of Love and
Wisdom and I greet and bless thee in love – Adonai.


Chanel Lingenfelder





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