Chakra 9 “The reality that in Truth we are not alone” Part 9

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Chakra 9 “The reality that in Truth we are not alone” Part 9

Ascended Master Kuthumi

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be
made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not
add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations,
simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be
undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for
your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by
your higher self for your greater good.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to
greet thee at this time, and to bring unto thee a blessing of hope, I
gift unto thee a blessing of understanding, Beloved ones I gift unto
thee a blessing of divine perception and certainly I gift unto thee a
most kind and sincere blessing of allowing yourself to embrace
infinite wisdom from beyond the borders of this Universe, from beyond
the borders of your restricted minds and with that finally be able to
dust yourself off and swiftly move along this journey of discovering
the magnificence of yourself.

Greetings Beloved ones.

A. Greetings

MK. It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts
that we gather with you upon this day, as we hold each of you here
firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, beloved brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of the
light it is indeed as always an amazing pleasure to be able to step
forth from the realms of enlightened knowledge to come here, in this
space, serving from this side of the energy matrix, bringing forth an
understanding of enlightenment and wisdom to each and every one of
you, in such a way that you are able to understand this and integrate
it at some level that you can finally go forth, and in so doing be
able to find that small needle within your haystack, which is usually
caused by the cluttering within your incredibly busy minds. Not so?
Yes, indeed.

A. Mumbling

MK. Beloved ones, the energy you are being prepared for this day or
the activation that you have come forth to experience this day, is
indeed an energy that will transcend, or shall we say, or rephrase
that, is transcending anything that you have previously experienced
meaning, what happens during a gathering of light such as this you
allow another which speaks from a different level of consciousness to
come forward and communicate in this way beloved ones, is in fact, you
expose yourself to levels of consciousness you never knew existed. For
during these times, now and back then, are truly able to tap into the
reality of your multi-dimensional self, and the reason why I say then
and now is for you to be able to begin to understand that life, in the
way that you are living it, should no longer be seen in the past,
present or future state of being. It simply is a state of existence.
So with that and with the integrating with these incredibly high
levels of understanding yourself from a multidimensional perspective,
comes the fact that you now need to embrace yourself fully in your
awareness of living in your now.

Living in the present now, beloved ones, is truly all that you have.
We have shared information and teachings on this on numerous
occasions, explaining the fact that the great difference that occurs
metaphorically and metaphysically within the energies of the past and
the future leaves you in one and only one state that is truly and
fully valid of every breath that you take, that of being the present
moment. Do you follow me?

Therefore it is very important to understand that for you as a group,
although some of you have entered this energy today for the very first
time, many others, in fact many thousands that will come to read these
words, have taken themselves on the journey of discovering the self
and in so doing activated various levels of their earth consciousness
to be able to transcend themselves up the ascending levels of
perception and understanding for which there are many different names.

Now, beloved ones, by taking yourself up this ladder of consciousness
by allowing yourself to experience new levels of energy, thought and
matter, especially that which you thought never mattered, that is what
will take you into a whole new way of being, and that new way of being
shall we say at this particular stage is what is referred to as your
multi-dimensional self. Now isn’t that exciting? Yes, indeed it is.


MK. It is time now for humanity as a collective energy to understand
the truth and reality about being multi-dimensional. Multi-dimensional
energy is very much an energy that works through the energy that you
refer to as your ninth chakra. Beloved ones, as you know there are
various levels within the chakric system. You have of course first of
all the seven chakras which control the major functions and workings
of your body, be it the biology that it is involved in, or the
physiology or the psychology which forms again the holy trinity of
your earth reality. For these energies shapes the various sections of
who you are, eventually, or shall we say hopefully. Yes. Not everyone
gets to that level, not at all, for it takes a lot of search and
research within aspects of your soul you never knew existed.

Therefore as we have always said we indeed salute you, and all of
those that come together in any way, to bring light, to bring love and
to bring enlightenment and understanding onto this planet, be that
from a personal perspective, as a person, or be that from a group
energy in wanting to shift this reality into a whole new concept of being.

Beloved ones in the energy area that you refer to as your ninth
chakra, you begin to tap into completely different levels of energy,
vastly different from that which you could relate to up to the 8th
chakra, and as you know, over the years for those of you who have been
working really hard and diligently, focusing on shifting your
spiritual perspective, at awakening your spiritual bodies, at
balancing your emotional and mental aspects, you have experienced a
tremendous amount of change in general haven’t you?

A. Yes

MK. Yes, yes, so you are yet again at shall we say the entrance or the
doorway of a whole new shift of energy, because from the ninth chakra
onwards, the energy levels of the various chakras increases with such
intensity that you will hardly not be able to feel the difference in
your bodies.

When you take your concentration and you place it within various
levels of the lower earth chakras, what you feel dear ones, is very
much your connection to that particular part of the body. For example,
when you take your hands and you place them on the basis of your
understanding within your base chakra, inevitably you will be
confronted by your sexuality or your lack of money, not so? If not you
will be confronted by the dominance of your families, not so? Yes.

Therefore if you take your hands and you place it on the highest area
that has been activated thus far within the eighth chakra above your
head, which we worked with during our previous gathering of light for
this group, you will indeed feel a very powerful energy, an energy
that reveals to you aspects of yourself you refused to look at up
until now. Not so? Indeed, that is what transpired during the last
transmission. Not so?
A: Yes

MK: We shared that indeed there is absolutely no need for anyone to
have any odd feelings or ill feelings, or sad feelings, or embarrassed
feelings about any aspect of themselves, no matter what.

I used a very strong example of the killer and why they go forth doing
what they do, and indeed although that perhaps raised some eyebrows,
that kind of energy is sometimes needed, just to shake humanity a bit
out of their complacency, not so?

Beloved ones, in the eighth chakra you had to come to terms with the
fact that there are many aspects of you within one unity. You indeed
had to embrace every aspect of yourself as a different part of the
self, yet still very much a part of the whole. Are you with me?

A. Yes

MK. In the eighth chakra you also had to embrace the understanding
that the different facets of your personality that controls the
various parts of your anatomy and physiology at times are OK. You had
to come to terms with the fact that darkness is not always what it is;
it sometimes is just simply the absence of light or ignorance. You had
to see things in a different way so that you can actually identify
with the various archetypal energies and influences within your
personality type, so that you now can finally stand up with all of the
controlling aspects of your personality, and with absolute pride and
love from the heart centre and not the ego centre claim, very
powerfully, who you are, and do so with love.

A. Mumbling

MK. Very good sister, do it with love. Beloved ones, now here at the
energy of the ninth chakra…first of all before I go ahead, I need to
explain something and share something with you, and that is that the
lower seven chakras, and for the moment I will exclude the energy of
the eighth chakra, the lower seven chakras have an influence on your
physical reality, because you create this energy as you evolve. The
eighth chakra is usually semi-dormant until you reach a stage in your
life where you are able to or wish to address the self, bringing all
of the aspects of the self that was in the dark into the light, and
the reason why I’m saying that is, it is not easy to bring forth the
aspect of the self which you are shy or embarrassed about, but that is
what the eighth chakra does as it brings forth a way of balancing all
of the shall we say, darkened aspects or lower vibrational aspects of
yourself, bringing it into a multi-dimensional platform of light which
is overseen by the Great White Brotherhood that connects with each of
you every minute of your day, that assists you in connecting the
correct fuses within your complexed mind for you to finally let go of
all of that which kept you back for so long.

Now would you not say that that is an amazing growth process?


MK. Yes indeed it is…yes. Therefore once you’ve reached any level in
your life where you want to be able to move along and move beyond the
eighth chakra into the ninth chakra, that is when you begin to realize
that there’s much more to you than you thought there were, so in other
words in your language, this is where we will separate the men from
the boys. (chuckles)

Beloved ones, jokes aside, the awakening of the spirit self within, is
one of the most beautiful and most sacred experiences any human can
ever experience along their earth pathways on this planet. This is the
awakening of the inner flame of salvation which reveals to you your
own sacredness, revealing your own truths, as it reveals the basis of
your ingrain passion which is spirit-based; this is absolutely one of
the most incredible experiences a human can experience. It does not
happen to everyone just like that (flick fingers) in fact you are the
very ones that say “there are so few of us” not so? Yet believe there
is absolutely no need to have millions and millions of light workers
upon this planet, for the job that is at hand (the shifting of
consciousness and the awakening of the New Earth) – Not at all, in
fact a million or so light workers is more than enough to oversee 6 or
more than 6 billion people on your planet.

Beloved ones some of you may recall and some of you may not, but about
18 months or so ago, I, Kuthumi, channeled information through this
channel on the 9th chakra. Some of you may want to go back into your
archives and read about it, and if not perhaps, since you all look so
wonderfully dumbfounded…

A. Laughter

MK. …perhaps we will ask this channel to as you say e-send it, the
previous manuscript as well as today’s transmission, would you like that?

A. Yes

MK. It would be very good for there is almost no reason to repeat
something that’s been said before. Not so? But what I need to say
here, what needs to come to your understanding is, as we have
discussed it back then, it takes one person in consciousness to light
up a small city.

Beloved ones, by standing at your windowsills and gazing across these
beautiful valleys that you have in this most wonderful city that you
live within, or be that in your own city wherever you come from, it
matters not, by simply standing and sending your love from your heart
to this area and to these people, you are able to reach them
incredibly fast at refined levels of communication and vibrational
frequency, more than what you currently can comprehend. All of which
is facilitated via the grid systems that surrounds your life.

I also shared much information previously on the grid systems,
although information was and is being channeled through Lord Metatron
specifically regarding the grid systems, but, what we will share with
you on this day is energy that you need to hear again and understand,
for very often when we eavesdrop, we hear how you refer to not only me
as Kuthumi speaking through this or other channels, but many other
beings of light repeating ourselves or having a repetition of certain
phrases and thoughts, not so? And why would that be?

A. Mumbling – inaudible

MK. Absolutely to reinforce it, and why? The impact was not felt at
first and simply put the importance is rather important.

Beloved ones, as we have mentioned many a times, the Ascended Masters
are not there to simply guide you, we are there to protect and watch
over you. You also have your angelic team, your guides to closely
guide and help you. They are they with you every step of the way, and
as I have explained previously you have no less than 12 guides around
you. Some even 14, 16, 18 guides around you to help you depending on
your need, depending on your vibration, depending on what you need to
do to enable yourself to move ahead in your plan of your life. But
inevitably there always has to be a spoke in the wheel and usually
it’s you.

Great laughter

MK. Beloved ones, beloved masters of the light, you have around your
planet an amazing grid system…just to recap very quickly on
information that was shared during that and at other transmissions…you
need to understand that first of all, around you, you have a
collective unconsciousness and you have a collective consciousness
which both carries ‘the sheep’ archetype, serving those that simply
follows moving along. The collective unconscious is extremely powerful
and the energy that most profoundly and easily influences that grid is
the energy of negativity. Negativity actually transcends through the
positive grids as it lodges itself very firmly within the collective
unconsciousness as a negative fragmented energy. Now when a negative
fragmented energy comes together and it begins to interlock, what
happens is, the mass, because of the density, becomes so heavy that it
eventually creates cracks within this grid system and ultimately you
are having released upon yourself all of that which you have
programmed into it. It is on that principle that the law of cause and
effect brings onto you that which you think, say and believe, not so?

A. Sure

MK. Therefore, from an energy point of view and from a metaphysical
point of view, the more energy you fire into these grids, as you like
to say, the heavier they become, the denser they become. Why not make
it good?

A. Mumbling

MK. Why not? Why not make a point of making it positive? Beloved ones
why not take a stand and let it be amazing? And let it be
fantastic…why not? Why does it have to be negative? You know why?
Because you love the drama. Yes…and there’s nothing wrong with
drama…you love the drama. As I explained during our last transmission,
what happens in the 8th chakra that creates one of the biggest
problems for humanity is the fact that you have to shoot yourself in
the foot so that you can apologize to yourself and with that feel
better about yourself for your ability to apologize.

A. Laughter

MK. And this creates a continuous pattern, yes, so then understand
that you have two to three meters above your head an energy called the
collective grids, the collective unconsciousness and the collective

The collective consciousness, beloved ones, works very much along the
lines of the gravity grids. Now the gravity grids are the grids that
are contained from within the core of the planet up to about 30 to 50
000 ft above your earth, a huge area which also allow through its
processes to bring to you all of that which you desire. By reinforcing
negative concepts, by reinforcing lack, by reinforcing poverty, by
reinforcing your inability to create that which you need, you are in
actual fact reinforcing and making damn sure that you will have that
delivered onto you which you repeat, which in this case happens to be
bull not so? Absolute non-sense. Now to aid transcending this into the
positive from a larger perspective you as light workers are stepping
forward carrying the energy of the grids of this planet within your
DNA, and thus within all of your bodily and etheric systems. Each and
every one of you now needs to realize the power behind your ability.
By realising the power behind you ability you are going to have to
become very friendly with the gravity grids.

The gravity grids also contains that which known as the
electro-magnetic grids, which is the next level up on the
consciousness ladder referring to your collective consciousness and
unconsciousness which very much is the energy that you directly (3D)
live within. It is the energy that you can almost cut with a knife it
being just so heavy that you can actually feel when somebody speaks
about you. It is also the energy that draws your awareness into its
thought forms, the laws of telepathy, which allow you to know when
someone is about to call you, or contact you or telephone you.

A. Mumbling

MK. It is also the energy that warns you when something is not good,
in other words these are your guidance antennas. As we mentioned
within the 8th chakra, at the end of the energies you have an amazing
network of light that connects you from various levels into the
understanding of the 8th chakra. You have a pyramid which is your
telecommunications portal that connects you to All That Is through the
essence of the Great White Brotherhood.

Now within the 9th chakra beloved ones this energy is being transcend
to the next level. It is being taken to a far more advanced level of
understanding to that which you have been used to up to at this time.
Thus for this very reason it is very important to share with you the
importance of understanding the grids, the grid work, and what you are
actually doing. How many of you partake in what you call fire the grid
sessions? In crating grids? Yes most of you here do, very good. You
have a basic understanding of what you are doing creating that energy,
and beloved ones, I cannot stress enough the importance of these
grids, and the most incredible blessings that is gifted to every
single person that is present there. You have felt the energy, haven’t

A. Yes

MK. Indeed it is incredible. It is beyond anything that you can
actually explain, in fact, even though most don’t show it, it’s a huge
emotional experience for the majority that attend these events. It is
a profound connection between your heart and the heart of Mother
Earth. Therefore I would seriously advise that if you haven’t as yet
experienced this energy, do come along…do come along.

Beloved ones, the 9th chakra awakens what the grid energy is all about
for at the level of the 9th chakra you now have to believe everything
that you have been exposed to before, or shall we say, as we can hear
your minds, be able to swallow it with ease.

A. Laughter

MK. Without spitting it back out again (laughter) Yes. For these
higher centres demands this, the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th chakras as in
the first level reality most only relate to the 12 major, and then of
course the collective energies which are located within the 13th and
above, into the rest of the system. – You need to understand that
this is a whole new plane of consciousness, which at the end of the
day fits into each other like a very well worked out jigsaw,
beautifully so. This energy, once you have completed this system, and
are able to look back, will give you a most amazing and clear cut,
without confusion, actual point by point by point direction on how to
connect to your higher self, for that is the journey that we are
taking you on. Are you with me sister? Very good. The chakric system
in the lower levels connects you to your physical reality. The chakric
system within the higher levels connects you to your interdimensional
reality. And when you take the two and bring them together what do you

A. Mumbling

MK. You have an amazing Jacob’s Ladder that brings together your
multi-dimensional and personal self, don’t you sister? NOW ISN’T THAT

A. Mumbling

MK. It’s absolutely incredible. Beloved ones, to be able to experience
the essence of this energy, certainly is incredible. For you to want
to experience that which is beyond your physical understanding, and
let’s not even venture into that which is beyond your physical
acceptance, and here I’m not referring to those of you that sit here
and the likes of you, but rather referring to the skeptical ones that
opposes you, those that thinks that the 3rd Dimensional reality is ALL
that it’s about. Beloved ones, how limiting, how limiting indeed. But
it is all as it must be. There is no judgment, there is no blame. That
is where they are at and that is where they need to be at, but we just
thank the heavens that you, and the likes of you come forward wanting
to do this work, being part of the ascension team so to speak and
finally waking up to your responsibility in doing so. It’s taken a while…

A. Great laughter – someone answers in audience ‘and it will still
take a bit longer too’

MK. Sister as you say it might still take another while

A. More laughter

MK. But as you say there is always hope on the horizon.

A. Huge laughter

MK. Not so…every dark cloud has a silver lining.

A. Hoots of laughter.

MK. And we are overjoyed because of that. Beloved ones so the essence
of this energy that is just above the eighth chakra, in fact if you
would like to put a physical reality to it as we have previously
explained, it is roughly around about 25 centimetres above the head,
above the top of the head. So it is within this space that you contain
your 8th chakra and directly as part and above it your 9th chakra, and
surprise, surprise, surprise, the rest. But let us not confuse you
completely just yet.

A. Laughter

MK. We see it

A. Laughter

MK. Beloved ones, within this energy of the 8th chakra, slightly above
it is the energy centre that brings to you your connectedness to the
planet. It is an energy that awakens within your DNA every memory that
allows you to sit here. It is an energy that awakens within your cell
tissue all that you ever need to claim yourself to be a light worker.

Understand that as there are various levels so to speak in the light
realms, so too are there are various levels in the physical realms, so
to speak. Not so?

A. Yes

MK. Yes. Therefore understand beloved ones, that once you awaken to
the fuses and the flame, the divine flame and the golden pyramid of
light within the 8th chakra, and once you are able to understand and
grasp that that is a factual reality as it is a part of your being,
you most certainly are a bearer of light, yet not necessarily a light

A light worker is a worker that works with the grids, lightworkers
works with energy and intent, light workers works with perception and
inner knowing or understanding, and a light worker knows that they can
shift mountains, a light worker works through the awakening of their
9th chakra.

Therefore by sending the light or giving light or doing good through
mere mortal thought, you as a light bearer is now ready to transcend
yourself into a more advanced state, so to speak, called a light worker.

A light worker not only works for the light, but more importantly, as
I have shared with you many a month ago, a light worker allows the
light to work for them. Yes.

So in other words a light worker is a being that is finally able to
move beyond all of the limitations that held them down within the
limitations of the 8th chakra, and break through that to understand
and claim your I AM’ ness. And by claiming your ‘I AM’ -ness you will
begin to understand the truth and the reality about ‘IS’ -ness. Some
things just is, not so?

A. Mmm

MK. And when you grasp this beloved ones, you will have no more need
to know, and your demand for explanations will wither away, for you
will begin to understand what we have shared with you within the
advanced levels of the third eye, thus some things you simply do not
need to know. Yes? Anyone recalling this will remember that there are
certain aspects, there are certain things in life, that you actually
do not need to know and this ‘not need to know-ness’ is what awakens
within the understanding of the ‘I AM’ Is-Ness. Does this make sense?

A. some one answers not entirely.

MK. Beloved sister, you have to awaken within your self the presence
of who you are – I AM. Yes. By claiming who you are and your
understanding of who you are, you can then move through the lower
energies. If you recall, I shared with you that every single chakra
contains various levels of understanding and development. Now within
the most advanced part of the third eye chakra comes the understanding
that you do not need to know everything. Are you with me?

A. Yes

MK. Because of the ‘do not need to know everything’, you need to now
in the 9th chakra bring forth and be comfortable with the
understanding that sometimes things just is. There’s not always a
manual, there’s not always a map, it just is.

A. Agreement

MK. And it is here within this extremely refined level of the self in
your elevated consciousness that you will begin to embrace that your
‘I AM’ ness as JUST Is, thus part of ‘The Great Is-ness’ (All That
Is). Are you now with me?

A. Yes thank you.

MK. You are very, very welcome, and blessings be with you.

Beloved ones, so now that we have clarified that you can be just who
you want to be, that you can simply claim life as IS without BEING
something. You can just vibrate on the Is’ness. In the level of the
9th chakra you have two energies that most powerfully work for you,
and these are the two energies that allow you to tap into the various
grids. The collective consciousness, the collective unconsciousness,
the magnetic grids, the electromagnetic grids, then further up you’ve
got the grids of human consciousness, you’ve got the Christ
consciousness grid, further up you’ve got the higher gravity (Higher
Planetary) grids, you’ve got the grids that work on the Laws of the
Universe, it matters not. But beloved ones, whether it is the
crystalline grid, whether it’s the magnetic grid it really doesn’t
matter, for here at this level these two energies bring through two
profound statements into your complex reality for you to claim and

The first one is, you are a divine being and you are connected to
energy everywhere out there, beyond out there, all of the time. Have
you ever in your, shall we dare to say, heyday, beloved sister,
(audience laughing) gone to visit one of your fun parks and you have
those little cars that you drive around. Sister do not look so
confused, it happened a mere couple of years ago (audience laughing).

A. Dodgem cars.

MK. This is correct. Dodgem cars. You drive your little dodgem car and
there’s no connection except for the connection to the electric grid
that takes you everywhere. On that same principle you are connected
all of the time to all of the grids. So what you need to do is you
need to see the awakening of the chakric system or shall we say energy
recalibration into your Christed seals of consciousness as the
awakening or the discovery that in truth and fact you are a dodgem
car. (Great laughter from audience) All you need to do is trust that
you need no electricity to run on. Why? Because you have a permanent
connection to the electro-magnetic grid. Now the electro-magnetic grid
above your planet which I have explained, also works with these lower
gravitational energies, is the grid beloved ones that works also very
specifically and very powerfully with the Laws of the Universe.

During the 8th chakra we explained to you in absolute detail how your
manifestation worked from an energy point of view. We created within
the equilaterally four sided pyramid a sphere. Enlighten me.

A. Mumbling

MK. But sister what happened long before that? Shall I enlighten you?
Not that you need it… (Kuthumi shares personal joke with the lady
next to him) – laughter.

Beloved ones within this pyramid you first gave birth to a sphere.
This sphere fitted snuggly and tightly into this energy do you
remember? I’ll have to ask your A,B,C’s in a moment …(laughter)


MK. From within that sphere of light, in its centre, in other words
within the very core of that sphere of light, it gave birth to another
energy which was about 2.5 cm in diameter, which eventually became
a…lotus flower, didn’t it?

A. Yes

MK. Do you recall that?

A. So you’ve got your dodgems connected (audience laughing). Very good

From that it eventually became a…infinity symbol, didn’t it?

A. Yes

MK. Didn’t I ask you to relate to the fact that that infinity can
stretch up and down for a better linear explanation yet in all
directions, connecting with the energy above the 8th chakra and below
the 8th chakra, did I not?

A. Yes

MK. I rest my case.

A. Great laughter

MK. So indeed you understand how manifestation works and how you are
interconnected with the Laws of the Universe at any and all times,
which is what you call the Laws of Karma. For the Law of Karma and the
Law of Cause and Effect is exactly the same thing – yes.

A. Yes

MK. Yes, absolutely. Then the Law of Manifestation, wouldn’t you say
that is very similar in character?

The Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Manifestation (according to
your beliefs), the Law of Karma, the Law of Creation, and of course
what is your most popular explanation of exactly the same thing, the
Law of Attraction, the commercial one. Beloved ones, they are all one
and the same thing. They generally share the same energies as they all
work according to the physics of gravity simply put. When you move
above that, now that your dodgem is connected to these grids and you
understand how you influence the collective consciousness and the
collective unconsciousness…in other words…to give you a simple analogy
here…when you arrive at a party, a social gathering and you walk into
a very busy and full room of all of your colleagues having a cocktail
or a cup of tea, it matters not, and they all busy discussing some
other member of your staff, and you join in and you natter, natter,
natter about this person, you call that gossip…yes we call it gossip
too…(audience laughs) when this happens you are actively partaking in
the collective consciousness, because you are consciously spreading
the word, the thought and the deed. Yes. Repetition.

Now when that energy settles and all of you wonderful, most beautiful,
most glorious beings have finally decided that you have placed a
judgment on this particular member of your staff, that energy rises
and it moves into energy bands above your energy field called the
collective unconscious. Why? Because no one is conscious of what is
going on there except the particles of light that separates these
forces, or attracts these forces. In other words where these energies
are held together by the glue of unconsciousness or separated by the
repelling action of consciousness between the puzzle pieces that
attracts to it that which it likes, as like always attracts like, in
the positive or negative.

All this is your connection to the 8th chakra as we explained during
last transmission. Now in the 9th chakra you have to come to the
understanding how your role as a light worker can shift, not only the
energy that creates this collective unconsciousness, but you are very
much responsible for the magnetic shifts too as the earth is currently
facing a process of shifting poles, not so? No wonder you are all so
confused (Audience laughs) some of you especially don’t know left from
right anymore, yes. Or top from down, or north from south for that
matter, completely confused, but that’s good too. It is all blessedly

Beloved ones, above these magnetic grids that draws in this energy for
you to manifest your reality in whichever way you give it the power
to…above that is another grid of consciousness called the grid of
human consciousness. It is also referred to by some of you as the Web
of Love and Compassion, the Web of Love, yet still it is the Grid of
Human Consciousness. We refer to this energy also as part of the
Christ Consciousness Grids, for it’s a grid that humans created.

Beloved ones, it is stated within most of the divine scriptures upon
your plane, a prediction that the earth will come to face a whole new
change in reality bringing forth the Christ consciousness and ground
it specifically onto this plane. Yes, you do recall that.

A. Yes

MK. That would not have happened if you did not take the Christ
Consciousness into your heart. By taking the Christ consciousness into
your heart you created a grid, the Grid of Love and Compassion. This
grid of human consciousness is a man made grid created over 18 months
or so during the years of 2003/2004 and finally completed in 2005.

It was an actual 3 month period at the time that allowed the
manifestation of this to be, but as most other energies that needs to
activate itself into its divine completion as with your sun chakra, it
takes 18 of your human months to bring the 9th vibration forward into
ultimate completion for this to be grounded fully into your reality.

Now beloved ones, at that time, it took a mere 10,000 people to create
this grid. Now you have over a million light workers four years later.
At that time 10,000 people carried the anchors for this energy. Those
initial 10,000 people got groups of people together that eventually
became 250, 400, 600 and then 800,000 people around the world that
somehow all partook in this amazing experience over time which shifted
millions, now see how millions can shift the billions, do you
understand that?

A. Yes

MK. Therefore become aware of the energy grids around the planet for
you participated in creating some them like your involvement in
creating the grid of human consciousness. Beloved ones and even though
we view this as part of the Christ Consciousness grids, you have above
this the crystalline grid which anchors supreme Christ Consciousness
Energy. The energy of the crystalline grid system were dormant for
many a eon, for thousands of years in fact, and that is very much
another part of the realization of the planet earth that you as light
workers and your assistants as light bearers now came to wake up
again, so that the people of the earth can understand the truth behind
the lattices that surrounds them. As you have a lattice energy that
surrounds you that connects with your poles, your south and your north
pole, so too does the earth have a lattice energy that connects her
with her poles in much the same way. The crystalline grids, beloved
ones, or the crystalline 144 as you know it, are the grids that you
have been working on over the last two to four years consciously on a
larger scale as many of you and with time even more become part of the
teams that set this energy into motion and keeping this project going.

The crystalline 144 grid system that has been reawakened. In fact it
has always been there. Some people believe it not to be, others
believe it to be, but it has always been there. It is a mere
reawakening of these crystalline molecules that now brings forth a
whole new understanding and perception of this grid work. Have you
noticed that over the last couple of years, especially over the last
12 to 15 years or so, there’s been a great tendency towards working
with crystals, and understanding crystals and connecting with
crystals, and the reason being is because of the magnetics of crystal
energy. What happens is the crystalline 144 grid, even although it is
quite an advanced grid and it is at a much higher level and vibration
if you have to bring it into proportional level to the rest of the
grids, actually communicates to every single crystal on the planet.

What happens is the crystals on the planet (because they also carry
part consciousness) communicate to other crystalline vibrations, some
of which are found very specifically within your etheric DNA. In other
words, in the parts of your DNA which are termed dormant or junk DNA.
Therefore you have an inner awakening and an inner strive to work with
and communicate to crystals to understand more, and you’ll find that
people who are totally offensive towards the crystalline energies are
obviously at a level where they are not completely ready to integrate
this truth and understanding, the truth of these incredible energies.
But that too is blessedly fine, for crystals support the reactivation
your full memory of Atlantis and Lemuria. It awakens the understanding
within you that there’s a bigger picture at play here, and this
picture is your connection to the crystalline 144 grid system. That’s
what it means!

The crystalline grid through its supreme crystalline magnetic energy
will never allow you to forget who you are. Therefore as you awaken as
a being to your history, as you awaken as a being to the fact that
perhaps you are not all who you are, that there are many you’s running
around, perhaps then you will start awakening to the reality that in
truth you may not only be an earthling, that you might just have
multi-dimensional star qualities too. These energies stem from your
waking memory within your dormant or junk DNA that sets off a trigger,
a bell that rings inside your 8th chakra, that says let us re-collect
the memory because we know that somewhere out there there’s more to
this world. There’s a bigger picture…and we’ve seen it, we’ve been a
part of it. I cannot pin point exactly when it is, how it is or where
it is, but indeed it is, and when you begin to trust your inner voice,
your inner heart sister, when you take the issues and lower energy of
doubt away, that is when you awaken to the most glorious sound within
your mind and within your heart, and that is the sound that comes to
you from an awakened 9th chakra, that knows that beyond any and all
reasonable doubt you are not alone, you cannot be for it truly is NOT

While you are in denial about this, while you still question, while
you still search for answers that you inertly know the outcome of it
will be very difficult to step out of the limitations of the doubting
archetype, the disbelief and the lower frequency world.

Because in the 9th chakra when you are even remotely able to awaken
this energy within this intense field you must have reached a stage
somehow, that enables you to form a relationship between your personal
crystalline grid structure which is anchored within your DNA and the
DNA of the planet which is anchored within the crystalline grid
structures that surrounds the planet, and this beloved ones is when
the real magic unfolds for you because two pairs of DNA come together
and with that create anew. So at the 9th chakra this is where you
begin to open up inter-dimensional portals through which you can
communicate even to the self at a much higher level and once you can
let go of the doubt and the limitations you will be able to
communicate with who every you want personally, be it the ascended
masters, you higher self, the angels, archangels, the Lords and Ladies
of Light, even your aunty Martha (laughter), it’s up to you.

This energy that you access through the interdimensional portals allow
you to realize why you are here, and how is this done? By giving you
the power to be joyful about the earth experience for you have removed
expectations and fears. Being miserable is not going to get you
anywhere (laughter) but certainly being joyful about your beliefs
will. Expressing your happiness trough your understanding of your
quantum reality can, for sure it can.

Being a lightworker and able to tap into the grid systems, the chakric
systems and energy systems that surrounds your reality, beloved ones
it call for your responsibility to claim yourself as such. There is no
need for you to run around ringing bells for others to take notice of
you, or shout ‘look at me I am a lightworker’ no not at all, therefore
when awakening to this profoundly intense realisation at the level of
the 9th chakra the flight and fight between the mind and heart comes
into play again, because the 9th chakra asks you through all that you
have learned and experienced and brought into your reality (to help
you make some sense of it all), where is your heart and where is your
mind. The 9th chakra also supports you to discover new levels of
transcendent meditation, as it opens to you further abilities when it
comes to transcending your consciousness. It is the first level of
consciousness above the lower 7 and overseeing 8th that actually
demands of you your commitment to transcend your consciousness, and
why? Do you wish to experience this from the level of the lower mind
ego, or the heart? Do you believe in the finite or the infinite? So
here as we previously mentioned the scales of justice comes into play
again. Dear ones throughout that which you have been exposed to within
these teachings (of this series) over the last 18 weeks or so, each
and every level that you experience introduces you to new level of
scales, and like you had to get use to your shadow and your shadow
side and make peace with this through using the scales of sanity
within the 8th chakra, here at the 9th you are now asked to look at a
new concept relating to this which is the concept of just how finite
or infinite are your thoughts, where is your heart energy at? Do you
know about your sacred mind and heart? Do you understand that you have
a higher and lower mental process? Do you understand that you have an
open and closed heart process? So here at this level of the 9th chakra
is where you begin to awaken to your multidimensional reality, thus
you claim your lightworkership, so wear your Noddy badge (laughter)
with pride being a light worker, yes you can light your life up in
flames (referring to current global initiations).

In saying this , you need to understand the two main connections that
this energy works through, which is your connection to energy or
quantum physics which includes your relationship to science, mater,
spirituality and religion, and your inner connection to the world of
spirit thus your soul and earth-spirit-aspect, the angels, guides, and
other Light orders that communicates from the realms of wisdom and
enlightenment, because between these two energies (which is very much
that which you are able to live within and think within and that which
serves as your guiding force) are grid systems that serves to
interlink not only us from the realms of enlightenment but also you
from the realms of limitedness. It is through the interweaving of
consciousness which creates these various grids that we shift our
reality and our perceptions unto you and you release the limitedness
of yours unto us and in this way we both play out our parts of the
cosmic chain of ascension. Do you follow me?

A: Yes

MK: So the grids in mentioning and many more are very much part of the
cosmic chain of events or the cosmic lattice that actually assists in
the flow of the ascension process, and your acknowledgement of the
light within you is what make this a reality and here (9th chakra) at
these very advance levels of thought, perception, understanding and
most of all divine knowing, this is when you now finally lay claim to
your lightworkership.

Beloved ones, before you can continue even remotely with any higher
level activations you have to claim this energy at this level, be that
consciously or subconsciously. When you look at the energetic make-up
of these energy centres, within the first 7 centres you have a lower
physical expression aspect that resonates with certain symbols because
of the laws of geometry. Within the higher centres this is also the
case yet the more time and energy you dedicate in discovering the
truths of whom you are and work on understanding these teachings, the
better you will grasp that which I Kuthumi share with you along with
all the other Beings of Light through which ever channel it is
presented, it matters not, and with that, the geometry within these
higher centres will become a lot clearer to you over time as the
geometry within these centres are more complex than those contained
within the lower centres. Almost 2 years ago I activated the first
level of the 9th chakra energy through this channel for this group and
those that follow these teachings; some of you may remember this as
some of you here experienced this back then. The reason why we
activated this first level back then is the same reason why we only
activated the 8th chakra recently for this group specifically (and
those who feel congruent reading this), because you will not be able
to understand the complexity of this energy unless we present it to
you in ways which you can relate to, bit by bit taking it in, digest
it, and most importantly know what to do with it. So we probably will
have to reactivate this entire system in two years from now not so?

A: Some from the group answers yes/sure/please



Mk: Definitely not.

Beloved ones, as you grow as a being, as you move through your life
claiming your divinity and mobility as a divine being, in other words
as you begin to understand the dynamics behind your shifting
consciousness so will you with more clarity understand the energy and
power behind these and other activations and initiations. Some of you
admittedly already understand much of this energy, yet others don’t,
and as you know there is no right/wrong judgment yet if you truly wish
to grow into embracing much more refined advance energy, spend time
doing the visualizations and integrate the process of the unfolding
chakric ladder and others systems that are shared with you.

Begin to work with this energy in such a way that eventually you will
easily relate to the complex intense spinning of your 9th chakra.
Beloved ones, up to this stage of your chakric game the majority of
the energetic symbols contained within the centres were still or
subtle moving and uncomplicated especially within the lower aspects of
these centres, but here at the level of the 9th chakra for those of
you that do recall the transmission on this some 18 months ago or so
(or will probably frantically search through your archives this
evening), (laughter), will know that at this level for the very first
time you are exposed to complex shifting or moving geometric dynamics.
This is because you are now beginning to work at much higher levels of
thought energy and perception. So this is the one energy that we have
to break you into gently, the paradox of “moving energy within a
constant reality” thus here it is all about shifting vibrations and
quantum changes which effects energy and matter. So within the 9th
chakra you will feel at least 2 (although there are more) important
energies moving depending on how activated your centre is, thus how
consciously aware you are as this will determine your relation to
these quantum energies.

Beloved ones, even though I am an Ascended Master I cannot stand here
in the midst of you and wave a magical wand to wake your awareness

A; Someone says ‘It will be nice’

MK: Well perhaps sister we need to call on Merlin not so (cries of
laughter). It is not within my ability to do so, but I can guide you
though visualizations that will support this as I have done through
many channels over many years and through this channel over the last 3
of your calendar years. There are many masters and teachers that are
lending their support by giving of their energy, communicating with
you at levels that you can understand and now even at a more
comfortable level of consciously being able to converse with you on a
one-on-one level (Kuthumi refers to the shifting from trans to
conscious channelling) so that you can fully understand what we bring
forth and at the same time dear sister we can try and understand what
you are bringing forth (laughter as Kuthumi jokes with a lady in the
audience that loves asking questions).

Jokes aside, so here is where you begin to work consciously at very
advance levels with the grids, relating to energy and metaphysics as
you more clearly relate to the world of quantum science and quantum
mechanics resonating with many truths that forms the basis of the
world of science and more so where you are able to physically and
tangibly FEEL energy as you tap into the separation of atoms and your
God-Blessed Manna, and what is this? It is your photon energy which is
part of the Earth Ionic Energy all part of new rediscoveries of
ancient wisdom. So by integrating with all of the new energies and
with that understand how they work, you powerfully support a great
awakening to take place within your 9th chakra. Now two very exciting
things take place within your 9th chakra and they are both active,
thus in motion.

First of all you have a 3rd dimensional star-tetrahedron, do you know
what it looks like?

A: Some one answers no

Mk: Brother please would you bring forth an example of this (Kuthumi
asking for the picture of this to be removed from the meditation wall
and show to the people that are new to this) It is very important to
find examples of what things look like should you be unsure, as not
everyone has initial clear creative visualization abilities.

(Note ~ I suggest should you not know this then Google it – Chanel)

A Star Tetrahedron is two interlocking 3rd dimensional 3 sided thus
triangular pyramids which represent the male/female balance within
Creation. Please brother please pass this example on to everyone that
feels unsure. This energy comes alive within this area. Begin by
visualizing a 3rd dimensional Tetrahedral Pyramid of Light pointing
upwards then interlock another downwards, into this energy. Thus
beloved ones you have a three dimensional Star of David Energy above
the head thus see it in all of its dimensions; see it as alive, not
flat. Here at this level we move away from the usual ‘flat’ appearing
symbols to interdimensional. This is the first very important energy
for you here to relate to, this interlocking 3D Pyramids of Light that
brings forth a balanced masculine/feminine energy aspect.

The second thing you need to relate to is that this energy
star-tetrahedron tilts from side to side to a 45° angle as it tilts on
its axis much like your earth. Is there anyone that does not follow?

A: No

Mk: So it has an interlocking star-tetrahedron which very much
supports a masculine feminine balance for you that tilts to the left
and right reaching a 45° angle on either side, and it does this all by
itself you don’t even have to think it into being (laughter)

The next thing you need to relate to is at the edges of the triangle
corners (pyramid caps) you have an interdimensional receptors that
allows you to communicate this energy to All That Is.

It gets better

A: It can’t get better than this

Mk: It does sister; indeed it does (cries of laughter)

Surrounding this interdimensional interlocking tetrahedronal
interlocking energy that serves as a multi-dimensional antenna
connecting you to quantum energy, are two loops of energy. During the
previous activation in 2007 we introduced only one spherical
crystalline energy loop on the outside of this geometry which spins
clockwise horizontally and with that the inner tetrahedron started
spinning vertically with its natural tilt continuing undisturbed. Now
we will advance from this.

Kuthumi slowly recapped all that is shared thus far making sure all

Beloved ones today we ask you to increase the flow of energy within
this centre by adding another spherical energy to the previous
activation, thus another crystalline sphere which also spins
horizontally but in a anti or counter clockwise direction thus you
have 2 crystalline spherical energies which spins horizontally in
opposite directions surrounding the inner tetrahedron which spins
vertically with a natural slow 45° tilt from side to side much like
your planet. Thus by doing this we activate counter-rotating fields of
Light which will increase in intensity as you evolve, are you ready?

A: Someone answers ‘Oh yes’ (laughter)

MK: Very good then, please get ready for the energy activation.

Pause. All get ready.

Straighten your spines and become comfortable within your breathing.
Beloved ones the reason why I have shared with you the intensity of
this particular activation is for you to understand that nothing that
I do, say or think can awaken within you the true reality of this
energy, only you can do it thus make sure you understand the process.

It is very important for you to understand as with anything else the
more you get involved the more intense the experience so the
activation of this energy is indeed a very intense experience and
should you prefer not to partake in this please be my guest and with
that simply relax and be at ease, and rest into this space and for
those brave souls that wants to expand your consciousness relax and
become comfortable in your breathing.

(Note ~ There were a few newcomers hence this above statement from
Kuthumi – Chanel)

Beloved ones the activation of this chakra, the first level which we
have introduced some time ago and now bringing to you a new-found
awareness of the energy within this centre which clearly denote your
acceptance of the fact that you need to trust that you are not alone,
to truly understand that indeed you play a great part in the creation
and recreation of the new earth. You are indeed an angelic supporter
human angel and simply through the movement of your wings allow a
whole new holographic reality to unfold for this earth of yours. The
activation of the energy this day will also support you in time to
come to fully integrate the 8th chakra which was recalibrated a while
ago and then 10th chakra which will be done in a fortnight or so.
Beloved ones the 8th chakra is about your relationship with yourself
from every aspect of the self. The 10th chakra is about every aspect
of your relationship with the angelic worlds. Now bringing these two
together as we invite you to lay claim to your multidimensionality as
a keeper of the grids, as a keeper of the flames of Enlightenment as a
Light Worker, thus come to a fuller understanding of the occurring
shifts by opening up the protective films that have shielded your
vision from the portals of your imagination, thus that which never
allowed you to trust in your own inner guidance and with that never
allowed you to trust in the communication with your angelic self and
others from the angelic realms.


I want you to visualize you are sitting in the most beautiful garden,
become aware of the most exquisite greenery that you have ever seen,
as you take in the colour vibrations of the trees and gardens
breathing this into your lungs very deeply, beloved ones absorb all of
the oxygen and thus love available to you in this world. Take this
deep into your lungs as you allow your lungs to expand with this
beautiful energy, releasing the old energy with the natural exchange
of gasses tacking place within the lungs, therefore set the intent
that energetically you take in all of that which you desire and at the
same time you let go of all of that which you no longer desire or it
no longer desires you thus in this way there is a balanced give and
take and not a blame and judgment issue. Simply let go of all of that
which keeps you limited and embrace all of that which supports and
allows you to be the beautiful being that you truly are. Pause.

Again bring your attention back to the garden, yet this time move the
focus and visualize yourself sitting in a garden that is familiar to
you be it your own garden, a friend’s garden that you love and can
relate to, or your botanical gardens it matters not as long as you can
relate to it, feel comfortable within it. See the trees around, feel
the texture of the sand or soil beneath you, smell the fragrance of
the flowers or the herbs that surrounds you, relate each and every one
of your senses to this, pinpoint smell, sight, taste, sound and touch
(feeling) as you bring reality into your imagination. Very long pause.

Sitting here feeling what it feels like to be in peace, I want you to
imagine above your head floating just above the 8th chakra a
crystalline star-tetrahedron energy and the way we are introducing it
is to first visualize a upward pointing 3D triangle thus a 3 sided
pyramid if you prefer with the base at the bottom and the point away
from the head. Pause. For those that that wants to relate to actual
physicality this is round about 20 cm above the head, it’s a
crystalline energy which is like combining iridescent mother of pearl
and clear quartz which is more of a vibration than a actual colour.
Now visualize another pyramid forming interlocking into this pyramid
forming the top part of this 3 dimensional energy with its base
interlocking at the top and its apex pointing downward towards the
head, extending into the 8th chakra which we shall explain in a
moment. Very long pause.

Beloved ones, I wish for you now to visualize a crystalline spherical
loop manifest around this inner 3rd dimensional star-tetrahedron.
Pause. I now want you to visualize the star-tetrahedron energy begins
to move very gently tilting slowly from side to side to a 45° angle
before gently returning to the other side. Pause. Beloved ones by
becoming aware of this energy you will begin to relate with greater
ease to your own cosmic tilts, you will also begin to have a much
better understanding of and relating to the apex and bases of your
nature which you know as the equinox and solstice energies. In a 3rd
dimensional reality whilst your earth rotates and spins, it also tilts
on its own axis which brings the changes in your seasons. Thus allow
this energy to bring forth a peace and understanding within your
hearts that no matter the changes of climate within others; embrace
this as part of the natural change of seasons as it occurs
universally. Beloved ones by relating to this energy understand that
you and nature are one and that you have the power to shift
crystalline energy, you have the power to shift electro-magnetic
energy, you have the power to shift thought and vibrations therefore
you too have the power to communicate with the natural forces that
surrounds the planet. Long pause. (The tilting energy is natural not a
forced feeling)

Now I want you to visualize the outside crystalline spherical loop
begins to spin very gently horizontally in a clockwise direction. The
more comfortable you will become with this spinning energy above your
head the more comfortable you wil become with the star-tetrahedron
that now begins to spin in a vertical direction (whilst it still tilts
naturally with extreme gentleness from side to side, very slowly)
allowing you to tap into your cosmic nature. Very long pause.

Beloved ones, being a bit more comfortable within the intensity of
this energy I now want you to visualize a second energy loop or
magnetic sphere forming, a duplicate of the first yet this sphere
spins in the opposite direction to the first one thus it rotates
counter-clockwise. In your own time I want you to become familiar with
these two counter-rotating magnetic crystalline spheres. Can you feel
the intensity increasing above your heads?

A: Yes

MK: Anyone struggling with this?

A: None

Very good then, simply allow these two counter-rotating
electro-magnetic fields to go about their business beloved ones as
these two energies serve as your personal antenna’s connecting you to
the angelic, archangelic, and ascended master realms which will
facilitate the opening of a more refined energy portal which you refer
to as your 10th chakra. Very long pause. Thus if you have a problem
with this visualization, and unable to tap into this energy especially
for the new comers whom much of this might make no sense at this
stage, know that you will only integrate as much as your soul aspect
allows you to. Pause.

Beloved ones, I now want you to visualize at every one of the tips of
the two interlocking pyramids are energy caps much like the capstone
of a pyramid. Pause. Visualise these capstones in an even brighter and
more iridescent mother of pearl as you take a crystalline energy add
some soft rainbow colours to that which will bring to you a more vivid
rainbow crystalline vibration. Pause. Allow these rainbow crystalline
vibrations that cap everyone of these corners to now activate an
inter-dimensional communication for you supporting your communication
within divine levels of understanding unlike anything you have
experienced before, simply see sparks of Light forming between this
energy and the Energy that creates ‘The Is-Ness’. If you have a
problem relating to this, simply relax and over time you will become
much more familiar with this. Pause

Beloved ones, I want you now to let go concentrating on the
counter-rotating fields as well as the fact that the star tetrahedron
is spinning vertically, and also let go of the star-tetrahedron’s
tilting fields, as all of this will continue naturally especially as
you with time will feel more connected to this energy field. Simply
bring into your mind the 3rd dimensional star-tetrahedron. Pause. Are
you comfortable with this?

A; Yes

MK: Now focus on the downward pointing tetrahedron and move this
gently down so that the bottom tip touches the base of the upward
pointing 8th chakra 4-sided pyramid which was previously activated.
Pause. Are you comfortable with this?

A: Yes

Mk: Are you still comfortable within your beautiful gardens?

A: Yes

Mk: Now very gently open your eyes and look at the person opposite you
in the circle, take your eyes slightly out of focus and now see if you
can see any energy or geometry above their heads. Try and visualise
with your eyes open the 4-sided golden 8th chakric pyramid of Light
with the interlocking 3rd dimensional crystalline star-tetrahedron
superimposed to interlock into the 8th chakra. Pause.

A: Someone responds….Its not so easy

MK: Neither is sanity sister (screeches of laughter). At least try
stretch your multi-dimensional focus a bit. Beloved ones by trying to
see this energy consciously within another’s energy field it also
expands yours, as you tap closer into your magnificent
multi-dimensional self; please close your eyes again. Pause.

Again bring your awareness to the 8th chakra, those that are familiar
with this, you have the golden pyramid, sphere, lotus, infinity with
the magenta flame within its core. Pause. Now if you can visualize
again the 3 dimensional star-tetrahedron interlocking into the 8th
chakra. Beloved ones if you seem to struggle with this visualization
then simply visualize for the time being a most brilliant white light
within the area just above the 8th chakra, and then spark a platinum
flame within this brilliant white light and for those of you who can
visualize the star tetrahedron ignite the platinum flame within its
core. Pause.

Now bring your awareness down into the level of your crown chakra
where we ask that you bring into your visualization the 12 golden
crown flames and once comfortable take yourself through the journey of
the chakric flames the way its has been presented to you thus far, all
the way into the purity of the white flame within the base and for
those of you who have not experienced these activations simply sit
back and relax and breathe deeply, and be comfortable within yourself.
The rest of you now ignite all the flames down from the platinum in
the 9th all the way into the base.

Very Long pause.

Beloved ones please make sure you are thoroughly grounded once you are
done. Pause.

Once you are ready, be sure to ignite a ruby-red flame within the base
and extend this into the earth to ground you into the body of the
earth. Pause. Feel the connection between your base and the basis of
the planet grounding you very firmly into the body of Gaia. Make sure
you are thoroughly and properly grounded.

Beloved ones before we end this transmission it is very important to
make sure you are fully grounded.

Bend down place your fingertips on top of your toes whilst bending
(from seated or standing position) and with intent anchor this energy
travelling through your fingertips anchoring your toes into the earth,
thus send energy down through your feet like a invisible web that
connects you to the planet. Pause. Then move your fingertips next to
your feet unto the floor doing the same anchoring exercise, and then
if you can place your palms flat on the earth as you set the intent to
be nailed back into the magnetics of the earth plane. Pause. Visualize
your legs becoming powerful magnets anchoring you into the solidity of
the earth fully balanced. Pause.

Kuthumi assists some people that need support in doing the grounding

Now give thanks to yourself for being here this day or taking yourself
through this experience when reading this, thanking yourself from a
higher aspect for taking the time out of your busy schedules to spend
this time with yourself in raising your consciousness. Beloved ones
give thanks to this beautiful planet for allowing you residence upon
her body. Give thanks for being able to visualize the most beautiful
gardens that you find yourself within and for being able to relate to
living and being in such a natural space. Above all give thanks to the
awakening of your consciousness, divine human consciousness that is
taking you on the journey of discovering your true self.

As we move ahead with the energy of 2009 integrating the masterful
energy that is you, beloved ones understand that you must never be too
hard on yourself, humanity loves punishing themselves. Do not be too
hard, remember what I explained earlier, on the collective un and
consciousness and how the collective unconsciousness actually imprints
itself back onto your consciousness, how the cracks appear due to
heaviness and density and eventually returns to you all that you
reflect out through the laws of magnetics, the laws of gravity, the
laws of intent, the laws of cause and effect and therefore also
understand that with this energy activating new levels of awareness
within your consciousness, beloved ones you are giving yourself
permission to shift realities and should this be not what you desire
then what is the point of shifting your consciousness. Shifting
consciousness must shift realities for you cannot live within the one
paradigm that you were once comfortable in when there is so much more
that you create as you evolve, for it is two worlds that can never
become one, that of old stale energy and the new fresher approach.

Part of the reason why you are activating counter-rotating fields
within this higher perception within the 9th centre is for you to draw
towards you the support from the angelic, master and archangelic
realms which are very much in support of shifting your consciousness
into shall we say a much higher gear, a faster speed as you now need
to catch up to the already faster frequency speed so that you are
congruent with the faster and more refined flow of energy of the
planet so that you can vibrate at the same rate as the planetary
frequency, for you are the keepers of the planetary energy as you have
come this time around to make a true and lasting difference and
therefore you are the very ones that shall go forth from here laying
the most powerful foundations of all that we speak of, in support of
everything that is ever needed to shift this world fully into a whole
new multidimensional perspective. A multi dimensional perspective that
has been active for eons yet were never consciously part of man’s 3D
reality perspective, the same energy that each time came to a
crescendo and you yet again set into motion to deliver unto man the
new world.

Instead of in the past bringing the ice age and heat forms into being
to shift drastic consciousness you shall now do it consciously and
beloved ones there are many beings out there walking within your world
that are very afraid of this new shifting energy, they are too afraid
to embrace sussing the reality of the changing planets, they are even
afraid to discuss the truths and realities that are presented to them
by the ones you refer to as your scientists no matter how conclusive
their research therefore take heed: Love yourself, love all others,
and do not allow any judgment to stifle your growth. Do not allow any
part of comparison to bring doubt, to deliver limitedness and with
that place a non-flexible ceiling upon shaky foundations and walls,
especially with you knowing it needn’t be there. Claim the love in
your heart, light up your magnificence; work at awakening your
multidimensional reality, indeed it may for many not happen in one
blinking moment, yet embrace it as that which you work towards,
therefore it is truly up to you to create the reality that you
truthfully desire.

Beloved ones, through the awakening of these advance levels of
consciousness within your being, whether you are in the beginner’s
stage, or the most advance stage it matters not. What truly matters is
for you to recognize the Flame of The Christ within you, as the Christ
within you recognises Christ Consciousness within all. When there is
Christ Consciousness within all, there has to be balance, there has to
be joy, there has to be peace and all of this is supported by HOPE.

When the energy of hope is active within your lives, somehow,
somewhere there has to an understanding of LOVE. It is this
understanding of love sisters and brothers that will open up every
level of perception for you to embrace yourself as a magical mystical
divine being, and this is what shall support your transition from the
lowest aspect of that which you thought you were, to the highest
aspect of that which you never dreamt you’d be.

I am Kuthumi, I am the Lord and Master Cohan of the Golden Rays of
Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless thee in love, Adonai.



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