Chakra 8 “And so Then, Who are You?” Part 8

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Chakra 8 “And so Then, Who are You?” Part 8

Ascended Master Kuthumi

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be
made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not
add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations,
simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be
undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for
your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by
your higher self for your greater good.

Closing extract from pre-meditation…

Just relax – if you prefer to sit back and open your eyes you may do
so. All that is asked of you here is that you recognize this energy as
sacred, and with that keep the flow of this energy by not leaving the
room, just be still and quietly communicate to the higher aspect of
yourself, and with that feel the love of spirit within you. Feel the
love of your spirit within you, and so be it.


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to
greet thee at this time, and to gift unto thee dear ones a blessing of
the most wondrous year ahead for you!

Greetings beloved ones

A. Greetings

MK: It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts
that we gather with each of you upon this day, as we hold you firmly
within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Happy
New Year to you!

Happy New Year!

MK. Beloved ones, it is indeed a most joyous occasion when so many of
you delighted beings come together to celebrate with grace and with
love the re-cog-nition of who you are, for that is indeed what this
celebration is all about, it is a realization of the truth of your own
magnificence. Now isn’t that wondrous?

A. Yes

MK. I’d say so indeed.

Beloved ones, 2009 is a time of preparation, preparing you for the
most extreme and intense energy that you will be exposed to during the
years of 2010, 11, 12 and thereafter. 2009 for many is a year of
completion for they relate that to the 9 aspect within numerology, and
the 9 aspect of numerology as you know, upon this planet, brings all
into divine ending, yet in truth very much also a divine beginning.
And that is why if you truly want to understand the complexities, the
intensities, and the true magnificence of this year, see it as a 9/11
year, for it is. Do you recall what happened on this day you refer to
as 9/11? Yes?


MK. Yes. This year, 365 of your human days upon this planet is going
to be in a 9/11 state. Now isn’t that wonderful?

A. Mumbling

MK. I sense some nervousness

A. Laughter and some mumbling

MK. And so you should be

A. Laughter

MK. Beloved ones, 9/11 was indeed a day of great catastrophic
happenings here upon this plane. It is the day that you think back to
and refer to as the falling as what you know as your Twin towers. Yes.
But in reality, behind the scenes of, shall we say the veil of your
own illusion, much transpired which we will not go into detail of
right this minute or perhaps for that matter this day, for time is
very limited, and many of you conclusively know all of these answers,
don’t you? Yes.

9/11 was a day of tremendous shifting of old energy upon your plane.
It was indeed a day, beloved ones, where every single person upon this
plane was immensely shocked out of their complacency, not so? Many of
you even agreed that perhaps there is an outbreak of war, not so? Yes.
Many of you feared that war aspect inside, and as you watched your
television screens across your globe with the enfoldment of all the
drama and the state of emergency that took place, and the confusion
and shall we add the immense cover up of the most horrific lies ever,
you will come to think back of this year, the year that you are
starting now in the month of January, as an energy that is very much
parallel to that of the 9/11 day in your history.

As you know you cannot move ahead in your lives unless you are truly
prepared to let go of that which keeps you back, which binds you. And
yes, we understand that for 85% of humanity it is a very difficult
process to be able to let go of comfort zones, because of the aspects
of fear that humanity hangs onto. But then again you may ask why fear?
And the answer very clearly is – better the devil you know than the
one you don’t know, not so?

A. Yes

MK. Yes. So you feel more comfortable in that which you fear opposed
to that which you need to experience. So your 9/11 year, this year,
the Christed year 2009, is the year, beloved ones, where each and
every person upon this planet will be faced with every aspect, be that
daunting, be that daring, be that magnificent, be that known or
unknown of their personalities, unlike anything that you’ve ever
experienced before, and again, the only reason why these energies come
forward for you to work with, to deal with, and to absolutely put into
a whole new divine perspective, is for you now to let go of the
baggage. And by letting go of the baggage you finally are able to face
the many aspects of your personalities you never thought you had. Or
did you? Do you know yourself? Do you know yourself? We don’t even
know you (joking)

A. Laughter

MK. And we know a lot.

Beloved ones, to enable yourselves as beautiful, divine, magical,
magnificent, mystical beings, to go ahead and claim the aspects of
your mastery this year, you need to be extremely good friends with
yourselves, and that I’m afraid to say, many of you aren’t, for you
continuously run away from the many aspects of the self that you now
should take a very good look at. And as we eavesdropped before this
transmission began, we heard the words that judgment comes as a part
of your game plan, in actual fact beloved ones, often judgment is a
part of your daily living and breathing not so?

A. Yes

MK. Yes. You wake up in the morning and what is the very first thing
you do? Anyone to share, Brother?

A. Negative thoughts

MK. Negative thoughts. Especially for those that first stand in front
of the mirror and wonder why they ate that cake yesterday, not so?

A. Laughter

MK. Yes, yes. And of course being the start of the New Year you have a
pinching budget don’t you so you can’t often go out and get yourself
all newly dressed up can you? But this year you will. It is the year
of mastery. It is the year of emergency mastering – that is what the
9/11 is about.

It is the year beloved ones where you are going to learn to integrate
every most wonderful part of yourself, even many of the aspects of
yourself that you believe to be not so wonderful. Wonderful indeed you
are, and the awakening to your own divine self and the magnificence of
all of the different aspects of your personality, that is indeed what
you should applaud yourself for at the end of every day and that’s
what I wish for you to do, to remember this. At the end of every day,
beloved ones, from now on, no matter what you did previously, no
matter what you preferred to study, or no matter what you preferred to
boggle your own minds with, from this day forward make an absolute
point of applauding yourself before you retire for the evening.

By saying this I mean become aware of your day, become aware of what
transpired throughout the day, and when all of this is put in place,
dear ones, be very, very grateful for your ability to go through this
day within the realization of your God self. And that is part of the
magnificence of the self which will now begin to wake up at a speed
second to none, for you to begin to realize the absolute depth of your
magnificence, and the total truth of the reality of who you truly are.


A. Mmmm

MK. You don’t look it!


MK. Beloved ones, 2009 is indeed a year of challenging every aspect of
yourself and I can read your minds – there Kuthumi goes again, saying
that we have to challenge ourselves, we have to speak to ourselves, we
have to gather the aspects of ourselves we know and find the ones we
don’t, well I’m going to tell you something – this is indeed the year
when you will come to know every single aspect of yourself – the good,
the bad and the ugly of course. It matters not for it is all
beautiful. No so?

Beloved ones, if you could see ahead of time, and if you could but
glance beyond that which you call linear time, you will see a forest
in your imagination that is just so exquisitely beautiful. You will
also see within that forest a most amazing life playing out, fairies
dancing- yes, children laughing – yes, adults loving – yes. You will
see all that, you will see the most wonderful planet in balance. You
will see that every aspect of what has been held or handled in that
time, that projected time ahead across this linear bridge, that no
matter what you deal with in that time, it will be to the greatest
good of yourselves. It will indeed be to the greatest good of all that
is as all are ONE.

That is part of 5th dimensional consciousness, which is very much part
of taking this energy into a new level, that which you have been
working so very hard at, working with the self and as I have mentioned
a moment ago, getting to know the self at yet another level of
consciousness. When you can see this projection that lies ahead of
these incredible linear rivers that clouds your consciousness and your
vision, you will then feel the excitement we feel as we know fairly
well of the prospects that lies ahead for you. It is indeed a time of
great excitement, though with any excitement there may be some
challenges. The challenges, not to particularly put a spoke in your
wheels, are there for you to grow well and exceptionally good through
that which previously caused you to wobble off your journeys somewhat.
The energy of the 8th chakra hovers about 10, 12 to 15 centimetres
above your head and although the energies are separate above the head,
they very much interlock and interplay for here there are less
distinct separation as is the case with the lower chakras, and as time
unfolds you will come to see how all of these energies that interlock
allow you to see clearer pictures and images of and about yourself,
this is truly the exciting part. But to enable you to understand this
we had to bring you through the level of understanding the lower
aspects of the self, from levels 1 to 7.

Beloved brothers and sisters, indeed, beloved masters, when looking at
the energy of 2009 that lies ahead of you, it would be very wise for
you to relate to the energy of the eighth chakra in very much the same
way. The reason for this is that this is the year where the archetypal
influences in your life are going to press your buttons. Previously we
very gladly shared the fact that your buttons will be pressed, not so?
This time we will tell you there are not only going to be buttons
pressed but levers pulled, archetypal levers. Yet know beloved ones,
there is not one button or lever that you cannot handle.

You have an expression that says that God never shares that with you
which you cannot cope with, not so? Have you ever heard of this?

A. Yes

MK. It is very, very true. It is very true. Have you ever been in any
kind of situation in that you couldn’t cope or handle?

A. Mumbling

MK. – You are so bright and right!

Beloved ones, when you think of the issues that seems to hang heavily
over you, these are the issues contained within this energy centre
which hovers above you, and as each and every one of you feel some
sort of insecurity when you look at this year ahead, understand that
that insecurity is the aspect of the self that has not been taken care
of in the eight chakra, which now needs to come to the fore and needs
to be revealed. In other words needs to be worked through.

For this very reason we share the extreme intensity of this year that
lies ahead for you. In fact, hasn’t every year that passed so far been

A. Mumbling yes

MK: We simply never mentioned that it would be, but it was. Now we
feel that you are grown up enough – remember the nappies – the factory
closed not so? And now with that nappy factory closed we feel, in
actual fact, we know that you are totally able to walk your walk and
talk your talk. That is why we now share with you the truth of the
intensity of this time that lies ahead of you. As you know we do not
allow our energy fields in any way to support anything that to you
might be too challenging to begin with, yet through the biggest
challenge comes the best growth, not so? Yes. Therefore understand
that each and every one of you here and many, many thousands, and
perhaps even millions out there, and those that may read or come to
hear these words will grow in leaps and bounds through this year. Yes.
This is the year of putting on your warrior suits that you’ve been
prepared with, and going out there claiming your divinity and with
that, with your only weaponry of love, go out and create amazing new
energy fields everywhere you go, be that with the people that you
meet, be that at you work, be that at home, be that in your parks, it
matters not. But this is the year where especially those of you who
have been exposed to these teachings over time, will recognize your
own armor as the only shield you’ll ever need, the power of
unconditional love expressed through your higher heart area.

Unconditional love, beloved ones, being in the present moment, THE NOW
and honesty, are the only keys that will see you through this year,
easy like a breeze. We have discussed many of these issues previously,
but in this year, the Christed year of 2009, you will come to know as
I said, the hidden aspects of the self, some of which you have placed
in your beautiful closets for many a year – haven’t you – some of
which you’ve packed away in your beautiful drawers, didn’t you – yes.
Yes. Some packed away so properly you can’t even remember where you’ve
placed them, not so – yes.

Well 2009, the 9/11 year, is going to open up all of those avenues for
you, and you will find every object that you’ve hidden from yourself
without even being psychic for this is what the 2009 energy brings. It
brings to you the ability to begin to understand yourself through
symbols. It will also awaken within you a wonderful understanding of
geometry and the geometry that is you.

Beloved ones, when you journeyed through the lower 7 chakras, or
sacred seals on consciousness as we prefer to refer to these, you had
to first of all grow through that which you’ve come into the world
with. You had to experience all the domination and the force fields
that were placed within and around your energy field by those who you
chose to be with. For that is truth.

Then you grew up into a wonderful being that is now able to
communicate. Communication and integration of other people and beings
in your life is very much what you experienced during the awakening
evolution of your sacral chakra. Once you understood this you moved up
into the solar plexus, at which point you were challenged to see the
divinity in yourself for the very first time. Of course the greatest
obstacle at that level was your minds. Not so?

A: Yes.

In your hearts you knew certain things, but many of you, and this is
not in judgment at all, had to first get to understand much of the
energy of the challenging heart before you trusted yourself, before
you could believe yourself, let alone some strange entity from some
far off place, not so?

A. That’s right

MK. Yes.

In the solar plexus the divine solar self started creating for itself
a wonderful little personality to work with, to be with, to play with,
and to act and reenact. The personality of the self formed and from
that level you were exposed to the different levels of the heart, you
were exposed to the jealousy, the greed and the malice in the heart.
Most of you were exposed to as much ugly energy as good, thus the
love, the beauty, the harmony, the growth, the evolution and so on.
Then finally you went through, if you were lucky, to the levels of the
throat where you had to begin to voice your beliefs, your
communication, you had to begin to understand what it is that you are
sharing with others from a vocal perspective, from a speaking
perspective. You had to bring into your reality your communication
ability not even to mention the will and the power behind your will.
As time went on, you evolved further and were fortunate enough (as
many of you that are spiritually awake at this time) to experience the
awakening of your third eye area without having to have some sort of
an evil connotation to it.

Beloved ones, the only reason why many a being upon your planet finds
the third eye energy very intimidating is because they are not ready
to see what is out there. Many of you are and many of them are not and
it’s all fear based. But for those of you that survived this and went
through the teachings of the third eye, the Ajna centre, which
commands sight, you began opening yourself to the reality that
perhaps, perhaps there are certain things around that you cannot see
with the physical eyes. Perhaps there are certain things that you
cannot quite put in place, and through the mystery of all this you
allowed yourself to ascend and with that creating better balance
within the crown centre from whence you, from your belief systems
aspect, allowed yourself to be anchored through the grace of God by
recognizing the God within as with out, within you, within everything
and outside of everything.

In fact it is not possible, dear ones, to take your fingers and place
them together in the air and pull a string of energy apart like this
from another (Kuthumi demonstrates pulling energy apart in the air)
without knowing the God in you. If it was, you would not have been
able to recognize your beauty and your love. If it was possible, none
of you would’ve been sitting here and that’s truth. The truth is that
when you are ready to take yourself into such advanced levels of
understanding the concept between science and matter, and religion and
spirituality, then, and only then, would you be able to move on beyond
the limitations of this lower energy field and transcend yourself into
something that will take you on a much better and a much more intense
and a much more incredible journey than that which you have
experienced up until the present moment, and that is very much the
energy of the transcendent 8th chakra.

The 8th chakra hovers above your head like a pure golden pyramid – a 4
sided pyramid of light and the first thing you need to understand is
that this pyramid of light, no matter how bright or dim, is
continuously in communication with the Great White Brotherhood and

It is like an electrical fuse box so to speak, that hovers above your
head, and within the triangular area there are many etheric fuses,
some that are up, some that are down, some that you put up and down,
thus most of them that you put in now wants out, but they there. These
are called your archetypal plagues. These are the issues that you have
chosen to come into this life with, come hell or high water, At the
moment I’d say you are in emerged in high water.

Beloved ones, hovering above your head is this golden etheric pyramid
of light. You have in front of you a pyramid; you cannot mistake the
shape of it. (referring to pyramid in room) Is there anyone who does
not know what a pyramid of light looks like? Very good – are you all here?

A. Yes

MK. Inside this pyramid of light there’s a very intricate network of
energy and electrical communication that takes place, as I have
mentioned, very much like fuses. It’s the easiest way to bring forth a
description for you in a language that is just so limited and very
much in a language that is understood by this being that I speak
through at present. So you have this electrical fuse box floating
above your head. Now let it be known also at this stage that every
single communication device in this Universe has some relation to a
pyramidal shape. Question: What is probably the best known
communication tool that you know of that is also in a pyramid shape?

A. Inaudible

MK. Third eye brother

A. Pyramid of Giza

MK. It is your third eye bother. The energy of your third eye flows in
a pyramidal shape for what happens is through the combination of these
four equilateral sides on a solid base joined by pointing The Way,
comes the ability to communicate. One of the most profound aspects of
communication for you on this planet, or should I rather at this
particular stage say interstellar communication, was of course the
communication that took place through the capstones of those very
pyramids you speak of, of which the most known are found in the land
you call Egypt.

Within this Universe which we shall not elaborate on at this
particular time there are many way stations, most shaped like
pyramids. The pyramid above your head, which you refer to as your 8th
chakra is where all of the little avenues of electricity that comes
into this massive fuse box is overseen, and as I mentioned shall we
say serves as a control room for all of these different influxes or
impulses of information, moods, excitements, addictions, fears, wants,
in fact every single thing that you can imagine in your life, has to
come through this ‘fuse box’ before it is distributed into the body.

Therefore the second most important thing that you need to understand
is, that the 8th chakra is in direct communication with your body
every single second of your breathing space like it is in direct
communication with the Great White Brotherhood no matter what, no
matter where you are, no matter what you are doing or not doing, no
matter whether you are on holiday or unconscious in one of your
clinics for 10 years, that pyramid of light is constantly aglow in the
most exquisite golden colour that you have ever seen, and it
communicates on a different level of thought with the Great White
Brotherhood and Sisterhood. It relays information by passing on
thought similar to a neuron, serving as a etheric neuro transmitter
between your biology and psychology, therefore in this way know that
you are constantly in communication with the Great Brotherhood and
Sisterhood. Aren’t you?

A. Mumbling

MK. Did you feel that? Do you know that? Do you accept that?

A. Yes.

MK. Very good, for doubt is one of the other energies that runs havoc
within this control room, always.

Beloved ones, one of the most profoundly challenging tasks for the
human on this planet is to believe in themselves. One of the most
profoundly challenging tasks other than that is for the human to
believe others, not so? The doubting Thomas is indeed an archetype
that many of you share. Each and everyone that decides to take on a
lifetime upon this planet, shall we say being extended the gift of
being presently here on this planet, comes through into this energy
field that you call earth with many a issue to work through and many a
situation to deal with. Now it is also important to understand at this
particular stage that 99% of you all share the same challenges, but
it’s how you deal with these challenges that separates them and
differentiate between your challenge and the lady’s next to you. There
may be detailed differences between the lady and the young man’s
challenge, but the overseeing challenges are very similar. In fact if
every single archetypal challenge was a different story God would have
been very busy, not so? Yes. Thank goodness that didn’t happen. What
happened instead was to confuse you.

A. Laughter.

MK. That was easy.

A. Laughter.

MK. Beloved ones, confused or not, what I need you to understand very
clearly is that, for many of you there are many challenges about life,
the complexities, the intensities and how tough it might be, or how
good it might be, or how smooth it might be or how rough it might be.
But I want you to understand something now, this minute of this hour
in this day on your beautiful planet and that is that, no matter how
challenging life may seem to you, it is all in the perception of that
challenge that the answers lie. And this is the other thing that
happens within the 8th chakra.

Have you heard of the spiritual expression ‘you know the answers to
all your questions’?

A. Yes

MK. This is where it happens, for in the 8th chakra when this
intricate network of light or electrical puzzles are all plugged into
some way that the conductor of this energy can run down etherically
through the body and spread the message of joy, excitement, happiness,
fear, anger, pain, it matters not, that is when you begin to react to
these energies, and believe me the only thing that prevents any one of
you from answering your own questions is your fear. Why then fear?
Because of the fear of failure.

Therefore as humans you constantly need to be assured. For example you
want to ask someone a question about your life, and so you go off to
someone that very interestingly predicts the future of your time, if
there is a possibility in doing that, this being then tells you the
intricacies and the answers. You pay this being X energy currency,
because what is money but energy, yes, (which is another issue we will
address with you, but not presently). You leave there, you go home,
you call your partner in or perhaps your brother or sister or sibling,
it matters not. You sit them down, you make yourself a very tasty cup
of coffee or tea, you explain to this person what you experienced at
this experience of this other being telling you what they think is
going to happen to you. You then ask your friend, or your bother or
your sister or your husband “Do you think it’s true”?

A. Extreme Laughter

MK. Don’t you?

A. Laughter

MK. You do! Let alone the ten other people you’ll meet that day asking
them ‘so what do you think of this prediction?

Humanity needs constant assurance of what they think is right, even
though it’s wrong. Paradox – we love paradox, life is a paradox. So
understand that when you become quiet, when you are able to still you
mind, your self, your heart and your life to such an extent, dear
ones, that you are able to sit quietly within your own space for just
a short while, that there will not be one question in your life that
you will not have the answers to. Therefore there is no need to chase
after these answers every day. Rather chase after the silence in your
heart, rather that.

So by growing up and awakening to the reality of life beyond the
limited borders of your earth mind, you will come to find within the
8th chakra (which is also referred to as the Overself seat of the
personality) all you need to know. From the 8th chakra energy
influencing the personality usually first lodges itself within the
solar plexus before it is transferred elsewhere. Then from the solar
plexus which is also known as the lower seat of your personality, it
is dispersed into the heart or into the throat or down into the sacral
and then into the base and so on and so forth. But when you make
friends with yourself, in other words, when the day breaks that you
are able to look at the different aspects of who you are, without
judging those aspects, that is when you will find all of your
questions answered, and the reason why is because of this illuminated
energy that constantly connects your reality to the reality beyond the
veil of the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood who then bring
through immense and intense guidance and support for you.

Beloved ones, you can never be alone. There is no problem in your life
that you cannot find a solution for, it is not possible. And then
there are the ones that say “oh yes look at you Lord Kuthumi, you’re a
fine one to chat from where you come from” – well we can because it’s
true. The most important aspect of this centre demands you take a very
good look at the self. We shall not discuss the archetypes that are
contained within this energy field separately in much detail, apart
from mentioning a few important pointers for you to understand for the
effect of its cause is vast.

Beloved ones, what the 8th chakra says (and so does the energy of your
9/11 year 2009) your year of mastering, is take a very good look at
yourself. You have had numerous teachings on the mirror effect haven’t
you? You’ve had the Goddess Ishtar breathing down your neck in your
mirrors, didn’t she? Yes…for those of you that know her and for those
of you that don’t, be aware. So that is what the 8th chakra will
enforce upon you this year of mastery, asking you to be unbiased, to
truly get to know yourself. Smile, smile…smile. I want to see happy

A. Nervous laughter

MK. If you refuse this then doesn’t it make you a natural victim? And
victimhood is probably the most poisonous thing that you could ever
experience within the human archetype. Beloved ones, there is nothing
on this planet that destroys your life force faster than feeling sorry
for yourselves.


We have an internal dialogue going on here that’s not too good at the
moment. I shall not share the details of this. (Kuthumi and I)


Feeling sorry for the self just recognizes the fact that you are out
of sync and thus must be out of balance. Therefore if you feel sorry
for yourself, and you don’t know how to change this, why do you not
invite yourself to dive into your neighbor’s ice cold pool and shock
the living daylights out of yourselves, instead of moping about the
fact that you cannot do this or they did that to you.

Beloved ones the archetypal families that are contained within this
energy, shall we say, fuse box above your head glows day and night,
awake, asleep, sober, inebriated, it matters not. It glows! You don’t
have a choice of when it glows and when it doesn’t glow! It glows all
the time. Why? Let’s see if you listened.

A. answer inaudible

MK. Very, very good brother and we will give you a proper gold star…on
your forehead. (Audience laughs)

It is because it continuously communicates on a telepathic level with
the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Beloved ones there is
guidance coming for you through this energy influx. Even though right
now some of you here say you do not have any support from the other
side, they are there…your guides are there, the Masters are there and
the Brotherhood is there to take care of you. You have an aspect of
God that allows you to become human. If that wasn’t true the reality
of a human life would not have been possible indeed. Therefore
understand that as these beings are there to constantly take care of
you and guide you in specific ways, by tapping into this energy centre
above your head especially since you have now all grown up enough, out
of your nappies, you will get to know yourself. Scary!(sounds amused)
Not so?

A. Mumbling

MK. It’s exciting, beloved ones, it is truly exciting. For at the
level of the 8th chakra is where you now, and you have been prepared
for this at the level of the solar plexus, where you now can fully
bring in all of the aspects of yourself, bring them out of the shadows
and into the light, no matter how vague or offbeat you may seem to
think they are. But bring them out and put them altogether and discuss
with them that which you feel important or imperative.

Beloved ones when you continuously put yourself down, when you
continuously prevent from opening yourself up to discuss all of the
aspects of yourself with yourself at this level, that is when denial
brings to you a wonderful ring and a clanging sound at you front door
which is the victim that comes to visit. The victim walks in, takes
one look at this denial that’s lying on the floor and the next thing
there’s a big party – why – because you’ve lost control – haven’t you?

A. Laughter

MK. Why do you lose control – why? Because you don’t want to invite
strangers, do you? Well this time we invite you to invite strangers
into your lives, into your homes, into your hearts. And the strangers
I am referring to are the dimmer aspects of the self that you keep
running away from. Some of you might know one of my favorite
expressions which is “Learn to dance with your shadow for if you don’t
you are just going to become very fit trying to run away from it”.

A. Laughter

MK. Yes – have you ever tried to run away from your shadow? Have you?
You should try it sometime – it’s fun.

A. Laughter

MK. We do it inter-dimensionally

Raucous laughter

MK. Beloved ones, at the level of the 8th chakra is where you come to
understand no matter how dim or limited certain aspects of your
personality are, they are beautiful. No matter how, at certain times
you are quite the cat that needs milk to calm down, you are beautiful.
No matter how challenging certain things in your lives may be for you,
know at these and any other time, you are still beautiful, because the
8th chakra brings through the recognition of you as a multidimensional
being, and it is through this interpersonal dimensional portal that
energy travels connecting the lower body with that which is
etherically above and beyond it.

So would you not say then that as the decussating of the pyramids
takes place in the medulla oblongata, that it is within the 8th chakra
you have the crossing of the infinity loop that brings to you all of
that which you desire, bringing the Universal Laws into your reality.

What prevents you from having what you want? Anyone?

A. Mumbling

MK: Doubt and disbelief. So what happens is: if you look at it from a
say non-personal point of view, the 8th chakra which is above the head
is the crossover between the enlightened part of the self and the part
of the self which you seem to think you know. As I said, most seem to
think they know themselves, yet don’t, especially when something goes
wrong and you loose the plot, it is especially at these times you
truly don’t know yourselves. At least if this is the case not to
worry, after all it is all still you, the many you’s – the many
personalities that are you. It is all there. And that is why another
one of the most important functions that happens within the 8th chakra
within this, shall we say control room, etheric control room, is it
separates all of the misconceptions that you have from the truths of
your lives and it is from the 8th chakra that you take all of this
information with you as a soul when you leave here. So it is from the
8th chakra that the etheric cord disconnects the link between the
physical and the ethereal, are you with me?

A. Mmmm

MK. Therefore it is very important to understand that at this
crossroads of your lives, and believe us there are many different
crossroads, many different levels of your reality, but at this
particular reality of the crossroads of the 8th chakra – in other
words – you opening to your world of infinity – 8 – did anyone get
that? Yes. Bright as a button, aren’t you.

A. Chuckling

MK. Yes. So at these openings or these gateways, these infinite
gateways to a world of endless possibility lies all of these
archetypes – and again ‘what are their functions’ Anyone?

What is the job of an archetype in your life or an archetypal behavior
or pattern? What is the function of it? Anyone know?

A. Teaching……mumbling

MK. To teach you, but a little more information? Hmm?

A. Guidance

MK. To guide you – yes

A. Develop

MK. To allow you to develop – yes. Yes? But most importantly to
confuse you (highly amused here)

A. Much laughter

MK. And the reason why it confuses you, is because you love being
confused! Don’t you.

A. Mumbling and chuckling

MK. Indeed you do – indeed you do. Beloved ones, that is why it is
very often the case that humanity finds it extremely difficult to
claim their own success. How quick are you at criticizing yourselves –

A. Yes

MK. Yes. How quick are you at complimenting yourselves. No, not very
good. Most of you aren’t. There is always the doubt and the reason why
that happens is because of this missing link between the 8th and the
third chakra, the solar plexus.

Within the 8th chakra you have 2 major confusing and opposing
personalities, one that is created there and the other that’s
unraveled there.

Therefore from the level of the 8th an impulse or a nerve trigger
sends down information into the various chakras, and of course the
only time you will know that your 8th chakra is winning in complete
balance is when you express through your heart. Yes. Now the
challenging part of the heart chakra is the part of the self that can
compliment the self and not mean it. It is very easy for you to be
able to sit within your lives and tell yourselves how amazing you are,
but do you truly believe it? Do you?

A. No.

A: Someone in audience talks to Kuthumi (inaudible)

MK. Beloved brother that is absolutely true, unless ego takes over.
When the heart expresses love, the heart feels love. When the ego
expresses love the ego needs love. So when you love yourself from your
heart, you love yourself indeed, flaws and all, don’t you.

A. Yes

MK. When you love yourself from your ego perspective you’ll always
find something wrong, not worth loving. So this is just one of the
great differences in these personality platforms, thus the
communication which is a constant ongoing process between the solar
plexus and the various levels within the 8th chakra.

The archetypes are the prototypes, or personal examples of the many
facets of your per-so-nalities, which delivers to you with each new
breath a different way of looking at yourself – not so? You could
think of a few archetypes that you fit in – can you? Can you – yes?

A. Mmmm

MK. Anybody would like to share their archetypes of what you think
your best archetype is? No?

A. Earth mother

MK. Earth mother, beloved sister that is you for sure. Earth mother
for sure – yes!

Anyone else – teachers….I beg your pardon

A. Deon – inaudible

MK. A nurturer –the archetype of a nurturer – yes.

A. Compassion

MK. Compassion is more along the lines of a personality quality oppose
to a full archetype. So compassion comes through the heart, but you
could have an aspect of compassion which makes you the proverbial
Mother – not so – yes. The pacifier, the lover – yes, yes? Anyone
else? To bring some understanding about this energy – anyone else –
shall we go around in a circle and you tell me what your archetypes
are? I’ll tell you whether it’s right or wrong.

On the other hands, no, rather not as it will cause great war right
here in your country (cries of laughter) so I will not go there but
where we will go is to bring this understanding to your consciousness
whilst you are sitting here awake, hopefully, consciously looking at
me Kuthumi consciously sharing these with you working through the Love
and Wisdom Archetype, and by you being here, you are working through
the human angel archetype. This is the light worker archetype, the
human angel for your understanding as a group collectively and
individually and your perceptions, beliefs and realities of what
humans are and what angels are, differs considerably from that of your
3rd dimensional brothers and sisters. Therefore understand it is at
the level of the 8th chakra where you link to other people’s energy
fields that think like you do, thus it is from here that you actually
connect with as you say the archetype of “Like attracts like”

A: some one answers ‘Intuition’?

Mk: Intuition beloved sister is an energy as with compassion that
comes via the 8th chakra and from there transfers into the rest of the
centres to be awakened at various levels of intuitive thought. The
lowest level of you intuition is at the base chakra, then the sacral,
then the solar plexus, then the…

A: Heart

Mk: Throat then 3rd eye. The heart generally skips this energy to
begin with which is reintroduced again later. Because all of the
chakras have various levels, in other words there are various levels
at each chakra which determines the complexity of the centre, you will
find various issues repeating within various chakras at various
levels, just like you have for example, well the easiest example as
you look a little dumb-founded (laughter) is at the level of the
sacral chakra where you have your first stage of creativity lodged not so?

A: Yes

Mk: so in your language you have a book in front of you, you sit down
with crayons or paints and you create something expressing from the
level of the sacral. Then as time goes on and your talents improve you
are able to paint or create something that someone else wants, this is
when you call yourself an artist thus you express your creativity from
your artist chakra which is the throat chakra (deeper expression).
Thus the throat is the artistry chakra which now needs to be motivated
by your heart to express in more detail thus blessing your passion
with compassion. Then once you are an artist through much practice
bettering the self you will become unique within your field of
creativity thus you are now a master, expressing at maestro levels
from the 3rd eye. You are still being creative yet simply express your
understanding of this at different levels which you evolve into. So
therefore in the same way your intuition through the base chakra is to
keep you alive, your intuition through the solar plexus is the keep
you sane and your intuition through your third eye is to keep everyone
else sane (Screeches pf laughter)

Beloved ones, jokes aside, the various aspects of your personality
sends through and triggers information or energy impulses very much
like a nerve cell traveling through a synapse and synaptic cliffs into
giving life or force to move your arm, to walk, to sleep etc, these
aspects of the personality that are unraveled by that archetypes, each
passes on various information to the various centres upon which you
react or don’t. Inevitably, when you don’t follow this through you
think or say “I should’ve” and what is this but guilt, and what is
guilt but the “poor me” and you end up serving the “lost case”
archetype. (laughter)

So do you understand what I am trying to share with you this day?

A: Yes

Mk: Anyone not understanding what I am bringing across?

A: Silence

Mk: At least we don’t have any dummy archetypes here (laughter). Very
good this is an intelligent group of people

A: Some one from audience says ‘oh yeah’

Mk: And there you go sister, claim this (laughter) be that divine
intelligent person. If no-one else will tell you this is the case,
then you best convince yourself, for indeed you are, and deeply loved
along with it.

Beloved ones by understanding that you are not truly who you think you
are, do you now understand that at the end of the day you might be
some body else? (Screeches of laughter) Yes indeed, is this not what
the 8th chakra teaches you and do you know what is the easiest way for
you to understand this: Look around and see who you associate with.
(Laughter). It is at the 8th level of consciousness that like meets
like. It is at this level of understanding where various people are
attracted to each other because of their shared experiences.

To give a common example; those of you who are addicted to nicotine:
have you ever tried giving it up, and what happens is you avoid all
others that smoke don’t you (laughter) and why, because your 8th
chakra shouts ‘I need help’. If you are an alcoholic you try and get
yourself UN-intoxicate and unto water thus you avoid all that even
drinks socially because in your mind ‘they’ are the problem not so.
The questionable mind, the judgment and so on all fueled through the
repeated habits of the 8th chakra which you now realise needs changing
because you no longer feel uncomfortable in that prototype, that
archetype. You once felt comfortable belonging there but you no longer
feel your place in that sun for when you are there you feel cold,
misty and rainy. It is at that level if you can but see this, that
each and every one of you from your 8th chakra, this hovering golden
pyramid above your head, communicate through your archetypes to every
other archetype out there, so in other words from an etheric point of
view it is the tobacco smoker in you that has a conversation with
every other smoker at an etheric level out there. It is the victim in
you that has a conversation with the victim out there on every level
imaginable, the billions out there all having a massive conversation
on the etheric victim archetypal level which can be rather noisy in a
silent zone.

A: someone from audience say something to Kuthumi

MK: Please repeat that sister

A: It absorbs fear

Mk: Its does not absorb fear; it creates fear, so it actually causes
fear to increase. All archetypal energies that relate to each other
connects etherically at the level of perception because think of this
– how is it done, and this has never been shared in this way, it is
done via the etheric grids and those of human consciousness. As I
mentioned before if each of you is connected to the Great White
Brotherhood at all times, can you see that there must also be some
great crossing of wires at a lower level?

A: Yes

Mk: Have you ever heard the expression ‘all that wires together fires

A: No/Yes

Mk: It means: all that are together usually want to do the same thing,
you don’t want to be the odd-ball out, the spoke in the wheel, and
therefore all of this energy connects through the collective
unconscious just as you have a constant connection to those of Great
Divinity that sits at the Throne of God. Then there is the ethereal
connection through the life cord that gives life to you as an aspect
of God therefore understand that the 8th chakra is your etheric
blueprint, as it has full ability to change and communicate with your
physical blueprint, how, through your personality types. Beloved ones
if you are no longer happy as a physical person, if someone constantly
comes to you every day and tells you ‘do you know you are incredibly
miserable’ do you then not perhaps think that it might be time for you
to change this personality to stop being miserable, and how, you have
to retrain all of the aspects of the personality, to give authority
through sincerity contained within your heart, for it to take the lead
instead of the ego of the lower mind contained within the lowest
aspect of the solar plexus along with the highest aspect of the
survival ego contained within the base chakra. The lowest aspect of
the ego within the solar plexus is of a very low or dense masculine
vibration, the highest aspect of the lower ego within the base is of a
very high or lighter masculine vibration. When the various aspects
within the base and solar interlock as with a transferring message,
they open up the internal fountain of vitality which allows the sacral
to flow.

Now the intuition that is send forth through which ever part of the
personality from the 8th chakra to the solar plexus is very different
from the intuition which is send forth from the 8th chakra to the base
or 3rd eye. The reason being once this energy for example locks into
place at the level of the solar plexus, this means you are actually
prepared to begin standing up for the self. If intuition lodges at the
level of the base this is when others are still very much in charge of
your guidance (survival) for this is the basis of your understanding
that you are not good enough to intuitively trust yourself so you
serve the archetype of denial. The denial of who you are. Every single
time you tell a little while lie, no matter how powdered, it serves as
an acknowledgement of your inability to claim your self worth.
Therefore from the level of the 8th chakra understand that you have
come this time around to give weight to your beliefs for you know better.

Beloved ones the awakening of your spiritual soul thus that which you
were first made aware of when bells rang in your ears and flushes of
heat rushed through your body and flashes through your mind that said
‘wait I am not quite agreeing with you as something whispers another
tune in my ear’ and I am talking about a spiritual evolution here,
that is the first time all of those networks of light that are all
interconnected through your etheric switchboard within the 8th chakra
are more clearly connected. If it didn’t, it will spark off into the
various aspects of the personality type which then like lightning from
the sky flashes through you from the top down sparking every single
challenge that you have ever encountered resulting in waking the most
challenging which is located within the base and why, because the
fragmented unsure personality aspects “decided” this.

So collectively and unselectively this is where you tap into the
various aspects of the self. Beloved ones, you are born unto this
planet with a blueprint, of which the etheric part is stored within
the 8th chakra, what happens is as I mentioned earlier you have the
one etheric blueprint that you came in with, lets say you arrived on
this planet with, with your mother birthing you along with your
father’s support, arriving with a etheric passport explaining who you
are. They usually don’t give much notice to this passport placing it
in the bottom draw of your consciousness (your base), in fact they are
so kind and nice to you because of indoctrination, they actually hide
this identity beneath all your etheric belongings and as you grow,
flashbacks appears to entries which you have made in this etheric
passport that you came into this life with, and that which this
passport has brought with it which says ‘I am Jack, I am a wonderful
kind person etc, I come to this planet to learn various aspects of
myself and therefore I have set up the following situations to enable
this; I will kill at least one person whilst I am here, go to jail for
10 years and learn through that experience because I have to, I will
marry 3 women, divorce them all, abuse my children it matters not and
the list goes on…high-grade karmic or planetary experiences it may be.

Therefore before you judge anyone, be still and know that as with you
they are God within. Beloved ones, we certainly don’t approve any of
the above or other mentioned dysfunctions and irregularities but
understand from a much higher perspective all of the issues that a
person has to deal with during this lifetime is because of an
energetic influx of Light via the 8th chakra, all in aid of you
overcoming controlling personality types.

How close have you been to ‘killing’ someone, your spouses..(laughter)
thus know if you have the clear intent thought you might as well have
done it in person for there is no difference within the etheric realms
between thought and action. We shall not discuss cheating partners
shall we (laughter)

Beloved ones, it is at the level of the 8th chakra that you as a
beautiful spiritual being can share divine love with anyone and
everyone no matter their history no matter their past no matter their
actions. It is at this point of eternal forgiveness that reveals to
you that which you have become, and that which you have become during
this lifetime, is what you return to the spirit realms with, as your
new earth passport which becomes the basis of the next, thus as you
evolve and grow you don’t mind any longer your forgotten passport
buried under the issues of your parent’s past as the projective is for
you to create anew. Did you not think the past of your parents may
haunt you? If not then think again for the questioning and insecure
archetype of the personality says ‘how did I grow up, where did I grow
up, and the inevitable ‘when am I going to grow up’ (smiles). When you
finally decide to grow up this is when the light switches goes on
within every one of your centres on every level as you begin to love
yourself no matter what, against all odds, warts and all, as you say
it doesn’t matter that the lift doesn’t go to the top floor (laughter)
although your authenticity may not suit others. Until this happens
work at it by understanding your worth, and by understanding your
worth do not at any time prostitute yourself at any rate for that
which you believe to be unworthy.

Have you ever heard of the term selling your soul for this is
prostituting your consciousness. Humanity always act according to that
which they believe they are worthy of, therefore it is very important
for you to understand that as with your biological systems when it
comes to energy transmitted through this etheric spark-box in the 8th
you need to also come to terms with the fact that so too is your DNA
being rewired from these exact levels and inevitably the only thing
that prevents you and the likes of you from evolving and moving on and
up into a brand new set level of consciousness is your beliefs about
the self, the worth of the self and the balancing side of this scale
what you ‘think’ you should and must be – for this too is a futuristic
presumption, like when you think back now and say ‘when I was 16 I
didn’t do or say that or this and now I am not able to achieve this or
that, or when I am rich I will be happy, when I have a husband I will
be happy – NO. Its from this level of consciousness that you will come
to understand that if there is anything within your life that is
displaced, is it up to you to go forth and bring it all into
alignment, it is up to you to connect all of the etheric cords of
conduct for you to come to a clearer place of understanding, and the
easiest way it is done is to follow the number one rule which is being
honest with yourself, and as far wide as you can be honest with
everyone else.

Honesty is always the best policy but know to come to terms with the
self when it comes to this most intense energy. I cannot emphasize
with you the importance enough of that which I share with you this
day, the importance of giving this some good thought and no matter
your own perceptions of your faults and mistakes, to know that there
are always other energies at play, very powerful energies that you
have come to live through, are still and will be living through. Each
and every one of you are born to experience and grow through no less
than 12-16 archetypal energies to begin with and look where you are
this day, most working still through perhaps 6 or so, now is that not
a miracle, indeed it is.

Beloved ones there are various archetypes within your reality that
serves to steer you in set directions, there are various archetypes
that are set to veer you off certain directions, but it truly doesn’t
matter for the action behind this, the eventual growth that follows as
a result of this is what you came to achieve, to experience, to live
and grow through the upsets, to let go and forgive the self for the
blame towards the self, to forgive the self for the inability to
forgive the self, forgive the self for the fact that you believe that
you are living walking faulty towers (laughter). Be who you are,
embrace it instead of scrutinizing it and with that live allowing
others to do the same, to live, and with that move on as you prefer to

Make a list of what you perceive to be your personality flaws and work
with these by crossing their wires, how? Make a list of all of your
good attributes and also of the things about yourself you are not too
excited about and begin to flick the switches crossing these wires. So
if you are good within the baking archetype every time you feel like
killing your husband, bake a cake! (Laughter) if all else fails you
can always smash the cake in his face (screeches of laughter). Beloved
ones humor is a most wonderful quality. The funny archetype is one of
the most amazing aspects of spirituality, never loose touch with the
humor within. We from the realms of spirit are more in touch with
humor than most earthlings as we know humor to be very much a part of
the etheric make-up of that which you term spirit. God is not sour
after all. (Laughter)

So with that which I have shared with you about your personality
traits and the different aspects of the self that you need to be aware
of understand that this year of 2009, your 9/11 year is the year that
you will come learn to be very comfortable with yourself and will come
to take a very good look at yourself in your proverbial mirrors and
above all come to love all of that which you do not like. You can’t
erase it, you can’t pretend its not there, it’s called a shadow (if
you listened) right, did you?

A: Yes

Mk: Good then, therefore that which unsettles you, you have to learn
to love away, and the reason being to heal the worst by bringing out
the very best in you, and more so often than not it takes some type of
shadow for you to see your sparkling light, it takes some type of a
shadow for you to see your own magnificence and brilliance sparkling
like a Ray of Diamonds, to see the beauty and love that emanates from
your God-Spark. Because of the duality process you need a shadow for
you to have perfect balance in the understanding of your own ability
and light quotient, for if this was not the case wouldn’t you simply
become boringly complacent? (Smiles of acknowledgement) there is no
time for boredom, there is too much excitement about, too much to do.

So in respect of all that I have shared it is very important for you
to understand that in this year of mastering the self and your mind
and all the various aspects of you, it is now time for you to hold
hands with the shadow aspects of the self, and be sharp enough to know
when the cousins of your dark aspects come to visit metaphorically to
show them the door, do you get me drift?

A: Yes

MK: Thus when temptations knock on your door, make way for the woods
(smiling). The choice is yours, always yours, thus it is imperative to
know you have a choice and above all know that no matter what you did
and did not do there is no wrong and there is no right, right? So then
who says your shadow is dark and gloomy?

A: Someone answers Kuthumi

Mk: Still bright as a button you are! (laughter). Obviously the heat
is affecting you sister (laughter) luckily for me that is not the case
(screeches of laughter)

Beloveds understand we come forth from the realms of enlightened
knowledge and for me Kuthumi specifically The Golden Rays of Love and
Wisdom to share with you these immense pockets of wisdom to help you
along your way and by any means not ever as a part of judgment, and if
I am sharing this with you this day and telling you it matters not
what you have caused and created in your lives that you will be
forgiven once you have learned the lessons which is at first traumatic
then satifying, then surely now in this year of mastery through your
own ability to claim your adulthood, surely then by now you have all
grown to the extend to hold each others hands instead of kicking sand
in each others eyes, thus you have to now consciously work with the
collective aspects of your personality type delivered through the
realizations within the 8th chakra, therefore now I wish for you to
visualize above your head a most brilliant golden pyramid of Light, if
you will.

All gets read for the energy activation. Pause.

Close you eyes beloved ones and for those of you new here by now you
should be comfortable enough not to want your eyes open unless you
don’t trust me not so (laughter)…I might creep into your energy field
(laughter). Pause.

Beloved ones visualize a most magnificent golden pyramid hovering
about 10-12 cm above your head. Pause. I want you to see this pyramid
clearly with 4 equilateral sides resting on a larger base. Pause. Now
visualize a perfectly round golden sphere about the seize of a tennis
ball and place this within the pyramid so that the 4 sides of the
pyramid touches the edge of the sphere also touching the bottom so it
fits snugly within this geometry. Pause. So you have a golden Sphere
fitting snugly into a golden pyramid hovering above the head in the
vicinity of the 8th chakra. Pause.

I now want you to visualize in the every centre of this spherical
energy egg a whole new energy is being birthed, see this as a golden
energy the seize of a medium seized coin (about 2,5 cm in diameter),
this energy comes alive birthing a sphere within a sphere. Pause.

Beloved ones still in a golden colour I want you to visualize being
birthed from this inner core a most magnificent Lotus flower with the
outer petals touching the larger sphere edge thus the lotus fits
perfectly in the original sphere with the second sphere serving as its
core. Pause. If you could face yourself you would see the flower
facing you (frontal view) thus if you face your partner the two of you
would see this flower facing each other with its core held within the
original sphere. Long pause.

Beloved ones, I now wish for you to imagine how energy would
communicate from the etheric into the physical realms via the 8th
chakra thus visualize the downward and upward petals changing into an
infinity symbol crossing at the very core of this petal. Now see it
expanding with the bottom petal or infinity loop extending into the
crown, whilst the top loop or petal stretches up extending itself into
the energy above the 8th chakra. Pause. I now wish for you to
visualise the horizontal petals on the right and left of this petal
also transforms into an infinity symbol with its loops stretching out
to the sides horizontally, so you have a vertical and horizontal
infinity symbol crossing within the very core of this lotus petal
flower. Then allow the horizontal infinity symbol to extend its loops
on either side beyond the original sphere, thus you have a lotus
within the original sphere with a larger horizontal and vertical
infinity symbol crossing the core. Long pause.

Beloved ones from this balanced masculine/feminine/spiritual/physical
aspects of the self activating this very intense energy above the head
making you intently aware of its powers, acknowledge to yourself your
divinity. From The love aspect of and for the self claim yourself to
be the most wonderful master and a true alchemist in training. From
the aspects of the self being discussed this day understand that no
challenges are ever presented to you that you are not able to cope
with. Beloved ones as you grow as a being improving on the self day by
day then so too allow yourself to extend these symbols of love and
wisdom unto those that you come into contact with. Now I want you to
allow these two infinity symbols to reduce in seize (as you are now
aware of their ability) back to their original seize fitting snugly
within the original sphere of Golden Light. Pause.

I want you to clearly see the gap between the base of the pyramid and
the top of your head. Pause. Now become aware how information is
transferred into your systems, be that a thought, a habit, a
expression it matters not, see how energy is being absorbed into this
pyramid and from there being dispersed into your etheric DNA, which
then carries this energy through allowing it to loge within any one of
your lower chakras. Pause.

Once you have made this connection I want you to understand dear ones
that you are indeed able to change the way you think thus you are
indeed able to change the way your thinking affect the physical
experiences within your lives and should you need to physically relate
to this then relate to the fact that you can actually take information
or data from one aspect of the personality and place it into another,
therefore as you experience challenges within your belief systems for
example know that instead of making your life a living hell within
your base you can give glory to this by placing it within your crown,
the choice is yours and its actions are what you have to follow
through on therefore let go of all preconceived ideas of that which
you believe to be good/bad/day/night/light/dark but rather allow your
heart to guide you dear one. Let your heart expose to you at levels
which only the heart-energy can comprehend and communicate, that which
is an inevitable truth within your being.

Beloved ones, by visualizing this golden pyramid above your head
hovering in its magic, glowing in its majestical mystery, understand
that indeed you have power and the will to change every aspect of
yourself that you feel unhappy with, that you feel incongruent with
and with that understand that blame and judgment certainly will not
support the energy that allows you to go forth initiating change. Pause.

Now very gently open your eyes, still with the energy hovering above
your head, the sphere within the pyramid, the lotus within the sphere,
the spirit-matter infinity within the Lotus. I want you to be
comfortable with this energy, can anyone of feel the intensity of this
energy hovering above the head?

A: Yes

Mk: Is there anyone that has a problem relating to this energy?
A: No

Beloved ones, by walking this journey from here on recreating the
aspects of the self into a new dimension, understand that you are now
working with the self etherically and because of this every aspect of
your life and those that surrounds you are influenced by this energy.

I want you to close you eyes again, gently. Pause

I now want you to visualize manifesting in the very centre of this
room is Lord Metatron, allow yourself to create a vision of His energy
any which way you can relate to him. Pause. In your mind, visualize
Lord Metatron walking towards you, he comes to stand in front of you
with his hands cupping each other, one over the other, and within the
folds of the palm of his bottom hand he holds a most brilliantly
sparkling diamond. Pause. He now indicates for you to place your hands
over his with your hands cupping his, it matters not which is at the
top or bottom. Long pause. By placing your hands over his cupping this
diamond energy I now want you to become aware of which hand of the two
are placed where.

MK: Are you with me?

A: Yes

Beloved ones if you have placed your right hand at the bottom, then
the indication is for you to step back from the continuous aggressive
search within your psyche for valid answers, with that allowing a more
gentler aspect of the self to emerge guiding you in discovering new
levels of trust within your inner psyche. If your left hand is at the
bottom then the indication is for you to become a little more
assertive in that which you believe and to imply this by bringing it
into every aspect of your life by just trusting the love you have for
the self, for it is only the love for the self and inner trust that
shall deliver to you the knowing of having true balance within your

Now remove your hands and with that Lord Metatron places this
sparkling diamond into the inner sphere of the 8th chakra, thus he
places this diamond energy that shall allow you to extend your
consciousness to the inner realms contained within and beyond the 9th
dimension, naturally speaking only once you are ready as an individual
to experience this, which will enable you to perceive yourself from a
true multi-dimensional energetic point of view. Allow this beautiful
energy to sparkle within the very core of your 8th chakra. Pause.
Again bring your attention to the lotus flower within the bigger
sphere, see this energy in its full activation with the diamond
sparkling in the Lotus and infinity core and with that give your
thanks to Lord Metatron for stepping forward this afternoon activating
this powerful energy for you this day. Pause.

Beloved ones, now visualize from the diamond within the core of your
8th chakra a magnificent ray of diamond consciousness extending into
your crown chakra, and as it connects with your crown it reignites
your 12 Golden Crown Flames. Long pause.

Now extend this energy all the way down lodging it into the level of
your base chakra. Pause. At this level I want you to imagine it
igniting the White Flame of Purity, the iridescent energy of the
mother-of pearl white flame with the supporting golden sphere on the
left of the base and the silver sphere on the right side of the base
chakra. Pause. Once you are comfortable with this extend this energy
into the earth, lodging it very deeply within the core of the earth.
Long pause. Feel how this energy suddenly grounds you, feel your
connection to the planet, feel how you are anchored to the body of the
earth, and feel how this diamond energy connects you from the level of
your 8th chakra into the solidity of the earth. Once you are
comfortable with this energy, I shall give you a few moments for those
of you who have experienced the previous flame initiations for you to
visualize these waking your consciousness from the base all the way up
into the 8th chakra, and for those of you who haven’t experienced this
simply bring your awareness very gently back into this room, gently,
sit back in acknowledgement of that which you have experienced this
day. If you know the flames allow them to enlighten you, if not simply
relax and ground yourself. Very long pause.

Visualize yourself within a glowing golden cocoon of Light, anchor
this cocoon also into the earth knowing it’s ability of heavenly
contact and before you fully emerge from this experience I want you to
visualize within the very centre of this golden pyramid even with your
eyes open, for its all about consciousness now, a luminous and most
magnificent magenta flame, thus within the very core of the diamond
energy see a flickering magenta flame with the diamond energy
grounding the eighth chakra into the earth as you are also aware of
the golden cocoon that complete enfolds you with a magnificent
protective shield as above so below so. Pause. Still with the magenta
flame glimmering within the diamond core, gently bring yourself now
fully back into the present moment; back into this physical reality
and back into the personality that you are currently partaking in.

Stretch your arms, legs, flex your hands and feet, gently move your
head from side to side moving every aspect of your physicality into a
new reality and be excited about your lives beloved ones, are you
excited about your lives?

A: All shout – yeah

MK: Oh good (laughter) Please drink some water to allow the
consciousness of nature to flow into yours.

Beloved ones we have come to the end of this afternoon’s transmission
and admittedly its quite a lot for you to take in all at once at this
time…(someone opens the curtains)…Yes go ahead and open if you feel
the need for some fresh air. Understand that all that was shared with
you was done to bring you into a new state of value in other words it
is up to you to now make friends with all of the aspects of the self
including the shadow side, the good the bad the ugly the plain its all
fine. The most important thing is, it is not how you move on in your
lives by comparing it to your neighbor and their shifts, but rather
dear ones, to in your awakened state remind yourself of the journey
you are walking and more so the reasons why you are walking this way.
If you cannot find the answers to this or anything else place these
unanswered questions within your light pyramid within the 8th chakra
and allow the ethereal planes to deliver the answers to you, and so
shall it be. It is all about belief, and belief is all about attitude,
and beloved ones, if you greet yourself each day with the right
attitude you can never be anything but happy, excited and charged to
love and embrace your lives, this is the excitement of being alive and
it is this excitement and wonderment that you shall surely miss once
you leave this plane for no longer will you physically and tangibly be
a part of your personality types but instead you would rather think
back of these and with that hit yourself over your etheric head
because of what you could’ve and should’ve done.

Beloved ones, there is no more space within your lives for any of the
low grade thought robbing archetypes, as with the victim, as with one
of your favorites: the fact that you love sabotaging yourselves, you
are masters at this, indeed you mastered this before, you have
mastered shooting yourself in the foot and more times than not, simply
so that the sabotaging child in you can forgive itself, which is a
large part of the human personality and initially until this can be
avoided for the greater part, its OK. Yet be aware of this, and the
victim, the poor me I am feeling sorry for myself. Be aware when one
of the major archetypes, the child rules your emotions, and beloved
ones be aware when the outside influences of others on a similar plane
to yours persuades a smooth sweeping influence to enter your lives
which ends up preventing you from moving ahead by controlling you, and
with that no matter what you do, no matter where you go, always see
the sparkle of Light in one another’s eyes. See the Light of Christ
within all, as the great white brotherhood constantly see this in and
beyond you.

May your world this year ahead be blessed with everything that you
desire, everything and more

A; Thank you

Mk: And may you know that not now or not ever can you be alone. I am
Kuthumi, I am the Cohan of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom and I
greet and bless thee, Adonai.



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